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Big brass launches police unit against woman and child abuse


NCEBA DLADLA NATIONAL Police Commissioner General Bheki Cele visited Nelson Mandela Bay yesterday for the national launch of the SA Police’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) Unit at the Raymond Mhlaba Indoor Sports Centre in Motherwell. Together with Deputy Minister for Police, Magdalene Sotyu and a host of other national police brass including National Deputy Commissioner Gen. Bonang Mgwenya, Eastern Cape Commissioner Lt. General Celiwe Binta, Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor Nancy Sihlwayi, Gen. Cele urged men to stop abusing women and children. According to Cele, the FCS Unit was launched in Mandela Bay because the region has a high rate of sexual offences against the weak and vulnerable members of the community. “This is a national problem. While it is true that there have been cases of physical and sexual abuse against men, I have still to see a court case of a serial rapist who is a woman in this country,” said Gen. Cele. He said that the scourge of abuse which is tarnishing the image of this country was perpetuated by those who do not even qualify to be called men. “I urge you as members of the community to assist the police in arresting perpetrators of these ills in our society and I want police to be on fire in dealing with these - Bopha! (arrest). In the same vein, Cele cautioned young women not to become victims of abduction, robbery, rape and murder by being gullible. “Why would you go out to meet someone you have never seen before in a hotel in another city? What do you expect?” asked Cele, referring to a widely publicised case of a serial rapist and murderer who used the internet to lure victims who wanted to become models.

More wards to benefit from hunger campaign


Nomhle’s star shines bright


Former opponents support boxing

Ndosi, as General Cele is affectionately known, applauded the police for the recently released crime statistics which indicated a drop in criminal activities and a high rate of arrest. “This is because of you - men and women in blue. I am proud of you. Continue to do that. Arrest criminals everywhere you see them. Squeeze the area so that they don’t have space

to hide,” said Cele. Speaking about domestic violence, Cele said he hoped the FSC Unit will be manned by women as they are sensitive and understanding when dealing with the victims of this heinous crime. Cele told police never to try and “negotiate” with the abused victim to go back to the abuser as “police are not the negotiators but the arresters.”

National Police Commissioner Gen. Bheki Cele, Deputy Minister of Police Maggie Sotyu and Nelson Mandela Bay Deputy Mayor Cllr. Nancy Sihlwayi were united in song during the national launch of the SA Police’s Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit at Raymond Mhlaba Indoor Sports Centre in Motherwell yesterday. Photo: Nceba Dladla



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Deputy Minister Sotyu commended Gen. Cele for his commitment to dealing harshly with criminals. Sotyu announced that her department has issued the FCS Unit with 20 vehicles to ensure that there is no complaint of scarcity of transport when an arrest has to be made. She urged the unit to help build healthy families who report crime and live by the slogan “It starts with me”.

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The count has started filled in by the residents themselves and returned to enumerators at a later


their utmost to accommodate residents by seeing them at a time suitable

(sex, age, language, etc.), migration (where you live, have you moved),

WHERE were you at midnight on Sunday, October 9?

These two babies were born on Sunday in time to be counted for Census 2011. Babies who were born after midnight on Sunday will have to wait at least five years to be counted as part of the South African population. Here are proud first­time parents, Rykie and Andrew Jordaan, with baby Katelyn in her special Census babygrow given to babies born on Census 2011 reference day, October 9. On the right sits Natalie Henman, PR at the Life St George’s Hospital, with Quade Asher Andrews. Photo: WERNER HILLS stage. As far as possible we tried to get enumerators to work in the areas where they live. Enumerators will do

for them,” said Mpetsheni. The census questionnaire asks about 75 questions on demographics

general health and functioning, parental survival, income, education, employment, fertility, access to serv-


The answer to this question will determine where you are counted for Census 2011, which is currently underway. Statistics South Africa is conducting the country’s third population and housing census from October 10 to 31, the first Census in 10 years. According to Nobutho Mpetsheni, District Census Coordinator for the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, there are 2 198 enumerators working for Statistics SA in the Metro. “Census 2011 kicked off successfully on Sunday evening with the enumeration of the homeless and special dwelling institutions,” said Mpetsheni. On Sunday the statistical agency enumerated people in transit at hotels, harbours, hospitals and army barracks, as well as census babies – children born at hospitals before midnight on October 9. These special babies, who just made the population count, received census-branded baby clothes from Stats SA to commemorate their timely arrival. According to Mpetsheni, residents of a house who did not spend the night of October 9 in their house will not be part of the enumeration when the questionnaire for that specific house is filled in. It will take between 20 and 25 minutes to complete the questionnaire. “We encourage residents to let the enumerators complete the form as it can be a bit technical and they have been trained to fill in the forms,” said Mpetsheni. “For quality purposes we don’t encourage the dropping off of forms to be


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ices and mortality. Census 2011 enumerators can be identified by their yellow satchel with the Census and Stats SA logos, their A3-size book with a map of the area on the first page, yellow bibs with the Census and Stats SA logos and, as an additional security measure, all Census 2011 identity cards – which must be carried by the enumerators – include a hologram-protected photograph. After a recent report in a local daily paper about a suspect in an aggravated robbery case not being able to attend trial as he was undergoing training to become a Census enumerator, Trevor Oosterwyk, Census 2011 Commutations Manager, assured people that enumerators have been screened for criminal records. Although he did not comment about the specific case, he said that in many instances people were only being screened during training. “Training to become an enumerator doesn’t mean one will automatically work as one, as many of the screenings were only done during training,” said Oosterwyk. According to Oosterwyk, one enumerator will visit a household at a time. “The enumerators work in teams and for every four enumerators there is a supervisor,” said Oosterwyk. Oosterwyk said there should not be reason for anyone to be uncomfortable about answering the questions with regard to their financial situation as people will not be asked their exact income but rather indicate in which range of a number of given ranges they fall. “It is important that people answer this so that the poverty levels in this country can be determined. We need a correct profile of society,” said Oosterwyk.

Stay safe during Census INDABA REPORTER ACCORDING to Angelo Haggiyannes, spokesperson for Auto & General Insurance, we live in an age where unfortunately, we have to be suspicious of everyone who comes knocking on our door, no matter how authentic they are, or what the reason for their visit appears to be. “With this in mind, Auto & General Insurance has prepared a list of general safety and awareness tips to keep you and your family safe from criminals who try to impersonate Census 2011 enumerators in order to gain access to your property.” First and foremost, Census 2011 enumerators can be identified by their yellow satchel with the Census and Stats SA logos, their A3size book with a map of the area on the first page, yellow bibs with the Census and Stats SA logos and, as an additional security measure, all Census 2011 identity cards – which must be carried by the enumerators – include a hologramprotected photograph. “If you are not able to confirm the legitimacy of the persons, don’t let them in. If they persist and refuse to leave, notify your security provider and the police immediately. In fact, even if you do manage to get them to leave, inform your security company of the incident so that they can be on the lookout for suspicious characters and vehicles in your area,” says Haggiyannes. Haggiyannes advises that safety and security issues should be addressed with your domestic helpers and your children to ensure that they understand the dangers of allowing strangers on to your premises. Always inform whoever is going to be home when you are expecting a service provider of any nature so that they are aware of the visit. “Homeowners should instruct all inhabitants – from housekeepers and gardeners to children and housemates – never to open the

door for anyone without confirming the visit with you and the company they represent,” advises Haggiyannes. Haggiyannes warns that during the Census 2011 process, no emails will be distributed and therefore, be on the lookout for any e-mail scams or phishing scams which have attached themselves to Census 2011. “Lastly, while the Census Bureau might ask for basic financial information, such as your annual salary range, the enumerators will not ask for credit card details,” concludes Haggiyannes. Mike Byers, Managing Director of ADT Eastern Cape, says while all citizens are encouraged to support the process, there are a few useful hints and tips homeowners can bear in mind to ensure their own personal safety. “We are advising our clients to ask to see the official identification badge before answering any questions. People are also entitled to place a call to the call National Census Poll call centre to verify the particular counter.” Stats SA will not ask homeowners to divulge their identity numbers, credit card or banking information when asking the census questions. They will also not solicit donations. They may only ask for basic household information, such as a household members’ income, employment, and information on household goods. “Although you are obliged under the Statistics Act to provide your household information on the questionnaire, if you do not want to grant the census personnel direct access to your home, you are not obliged to do so,” he says. People may complete the questionnaire in the privacy of their home and then return it to the counters, or they have the choice of giving the information in their yard, over their gate or through a fence. To verify an enumerator’s credentials contact the Census 2011 call centre on 0 0800 110 248 from 7am to 10pm.




More wards to benefit from ‘War on Hunger’ campaign NCEBA DLADLA MORE wards will be included in the ambitious and extremely effective War on Hunger campaign which was rolled out by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality in August this year to provide the hungry members of the community with at least one meal a day. Five wards are already benefiting from this all important programme and the provincial and municipal leaders that visited the feeding sites on each of the five wards on Monday were convinced that the programme – which is the brainchild of the executive mayor Zanoxolo Wayile – is effective. Mayoral committee members including Speaker, Maria Hermans, Chief Whip Feziwe Sibeko, Budget and Financial Planning, Balu Naran and Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Portfolio Councillor Babalwa Lobishe, together with the provincial leadership from the Departments of Social Development and Agriculture visited the sites and were convinced that the programme was effective and already benefiting the needy members of the community. “After paying a visit to these community halls where feeding is taking place, the mayoral committee members and their provincial counterparts realised that there is actually a need for more people to get this meal as circumstances in their households demand it,” said Municipal Spokesman Kupido Baron. According to Baron, the programme was working well in Kuyga, Booysens Park, George Botha Indoor Sports Centre, the

Daku Hall and the Community Hall in NU29, Motherwell. He added that plans were afoot “to intensify the programme to include six more wards before the end of the year.” Baron said this 18-months pilot project was not only aimed at feeding between 5 000 and 6 000 beneficiaries per day, but was also aimed at empowering them with

skills for sustainable development. The beneficiaries are mostly the youth, children from child-headed households, the elderly and people with disabilities. “Our main aim is to empower them with skills to find jobs or create jobs as most of the beneficiaries survive on social grants,” said Baron.

Joyfully preparing food at the George Botha hall in KwaNoxolo as part of the War on Hunger project are, from left, Mandelia Jolingana, Tozama Kona and Miriam Ndamane of the Nomzamo Corporative in Ward 38. Photo: Werner Hills/Foto24

Ward Committee elections on course ­ Baron NCEBA DLADLA ALL sixty Nelson Mandela Bay Wards have responded positively to the call for the nomination of Ward Committees, said Municipal Spokesperson Kupido Baron. Speaking to PE Express Indaba on Monday, Baron said Nelson Mandela Bay residents have taken the issue of representing their interests within the wards very seriously. “Of the 32 Wards that have already had nominations by Friday last week, 20 were unanimous,” said Baron. In these cases there would be no need for elections and the nominated candidates would simply form the Ward Commitee entrusted to look after the interests and developments of the electorate in their wards. According to Baron, there were this week only 16 wards still hoping to finish their nominations and elect their representatives. These elections were rescheduled for 16 - 20 October. Baron denied that there were wards that did not take part in the process; instead, he said the process was just rather slow in those wards. The opposition party, the DA, is, however, seeing things differently. Speaking to PE Express Indaba DA Acting Caucus Leader Jonathan Lawack believes the whole process of ward committee nominations and elections is flawed. “The whole process was totally flawed. At this moment councillors and community representatives do not know what is going on in some of the wards. They do not have the right information. Confusion reigns. Therefore in our view you cannot have effective ward committees when you do not follow processes according to council regulations,” said Cllr. Lawack.

Cellphone safety for children INDABA REPORTER DO parents know what their children are up to when they are online? According to an article by Angelique Serrao which was published in, a website, NetLingo has published the top 50 SMS or online chat acronyms that parents need to know. Some of them are harmless like C-P, “sleepy”, HAK, “hugs and kisses”, and 459, “I love you”. But, others like LMIR (Let’s meet in real life), RU/18 (Are you over 18?), WYCM 9 (Will you call me?), TDTM (Talk dirty to Me), F2F (Face to Face), GNOC (Get naked on Camera), PAW (Parents are watching), are not so harmless. There are many more acronym warnings that state a parent is around. Some of these are: CD9 (Parents are around), KPC (Keeping parents clueless), MOS (Mom over shoulder, P911 (Parent Alert), PAL (Parents are listening) PIR (Parent in room) and POS (Parent over shoulder). Other acronyms refer to pornographic

PE Express Indaba Ombud ACCORDING to the editorial policy of the PE Express Indaba, we invite readers to comment on mistakes in the newspaper and shall correct significant errors as soon as possible. Send info to the ombudsman of Media24’s Community Press, George Claassen, at george.claasen@me-dia24. com or call him at 0 021 851 3232. Readers can also contact the SA Press Ombudsman at 0 011 484 3612/8 or e-mail

acts like GYPO (get your pants off), MPFB (my personal f*** buddy) and NIFOC (nude in front of the computer). But don’t fear. Help is at hand. The link to the NetLingo site was sent out in the latest newsletter by Life Talk, an organisation raising awareness on issues affecting teenagers and parents. Life Talk founder, Izabella Little, said the list was important as parents needed to be made aware of what their children could be getting up to online. “In the old days, it was so much easier to keep track of what your children were doing, but with technology the dangers are magnified because parents are being left behind. Even parents in their 30’s are complaining they can’t keep up with the technology.” She said her forum is picking up many cases where children are landing up in compromising situations because they don’t think about the consequences of what they are doing. The cases of teenagers using their cellphones to video themselves in compromising sexual exploits is rising. Read up more on http:// or

S u p e r m a r k e t s 7 Constitution Road, Uitenhage - Tel: 041 922 4445

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WAYENDIDOBELELA PHANTSI Sasiphila ubomi bolonwabo, sinezinto nabantwana bethu bephilile suka unkosikazi wasishiya. Iminyaka embalwa emva koko, ndatshata kwakhona nalapho izinto zisuke zabheda; ibhanka yayihlutha indlu, imoto nefenitshala. Ndaqalisa ukuba namaphupha amabi ngonkosikazi wam ongasekhoyo. Ekugqibeleni ndizibhaqe sele ndingakwazi kwenza nto. Ndiphakathi kwale nkxwaleko, ngathi ndineedemoni, watshintsha umbala ngoku wathi mandiyeke ukukhwelisa abantwana, andavuma. Kwiiveki ezimbalwa emva koko wandishiya waza umntwana wam wokuqala wasweleka. Ndaqalisa ukufuna isisombululo sale ngxaki indibulalayo. Ndihambele abefundisi namadoda ale dolophu. Ndawa phantsi kubo bonke ndilahlekelwe lithemba de umhlobo wam wandixelela ngale nyangi inamandla , uGqirha Mandla. Yaba nkulu loo mini yokubonana kwam nale ndoda yemimangaliso, zange ndazi ukuba unkosikazi wam wesibini wayendichitha. Wayebeke yonke into phezulu kwengcwaba lomkam encediswa ngugqirha, ilanga landibuyela kwakhona. Enkosi Gqirha Mandla!

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Indaba School News

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Safety starts with small steps

Mfesane High School’s top achiever for grade 12 Thozana Mgcima and her mother, Thembisa with Inbasa Primary headmaster, Vukile Hewa­ na (far left), Mfesane High’s head­ master, Chris Maneli and Noms Ku­ la (teacher). Photo: Selby Madikane

LOOK left, then right . . . Even though their “cars” were of the one-wheeled variety and their traffic snarls were easily untangled by the kindly officers on duty, the children of SOS Village Kindergarten in Port Elizabeth now understand Goodyear’s message of “Safety Together”. The mini motorists and pint-sized pedestrians had heaps of fun learning about the rules of the road when they attended a special traffic safety day sponsored by Goodyear. The Village and its kindergarten have long enjoyed financial support from Goodyear, but this safety day at the Kwanobuhle traffic department was particularly appropriate, because of the company’s global focus on safety together with Goodyear. “The kids loved their specially made Tshirts and hopefully will remember enough from their day out to be able to take care of themselves when crossing the street,” said Lize Hayward, Goodyear Group Public Relations Manager. “However, Goodyear’s message of safety extends beyond the obvious elements of tyre and tar. As a company, we encourage the safety and well-being of humankind, which is why we contribute to the special needs of the children at the SOS Village and other organisations. “The modern world is full of challenges and obstacles. We need to take care of ourselves and each other. We need to be safe, together. If we can drive this message home to the littlest among us, hopefully the world will become a safer, more caring place.”

IMfesane High School iwonge abafundi bayo abagqwesileyo SELBY MADIKANE ISIKOLO samabanga aphakamileyo iMfesane High School iwonge abafundi bayo abagqwesileyo kwizifundo nakwimidlalo kumsitho okhethekileyo nobubanjelwe eMotherwell, eBhayi kutshanje. Isithethi sembeko uNomalungelo Ntlokwana nonguMhlohli kwiDyunivesithi iNelson Mandela Metropolitan udomboze abafundi ukuba baziqaphele izigqibo abazithathayo ukuqinisekisa ukuba bahlahla indlela eya empumelel-

CHILDREN in Nelson Mandela Bay are challenged to read five books in the two weeks between October 17 and 29 to be eligible to win a prize.

Andile Sontshi, assistant superintendent at the Nelson Mandela Bay Traffic Department, had his hands full controlling the one­wheeler traffic at the Goodyear safety day recently. Photo: QUICKPIC





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weni ukuzalisekisa amaphupha abo. Echan’ucwethe ngotolo lo kaNtlokwana uthe, ubomi ngamahla-ndinyuka. “Ubani ke kumele ukuba amelane nobunzima bendlela,” utshilo. Naba abagqwesileyo: Thozama Mgcima (Grade 12); Lukhanyo Mbandeni (ibhola ekhatywayo); Nonkoliseko Mlityana (ibhola ekhatywayo); Xolisamto noVuyolethu Mnyaka (umbhoxo); Babalwa Baxana (ibhola yomnyazi), Zamuxolo Mazabela (kwi-athletiki); Nomahlubi Maqoma (kwi-athletiki); Siyavuya Klaas (kwingxoxo) and Zimkhitha Konzani (kwingxoxo).

Bay kids must read five books in two weeks



Tel: 0 041 503 6111 Fax: 041 503 6220 E-mail:





per kg





per kg

per kg

This is the challenge that the municipal libraries are issuing to all library members between the ages of three and fifteen. Young readers are asked to read five books in just two weeks. Those who

have managed to read five books will be eligible to attend a celebratory party in November 2011. Friends and families of these avid readers will be able to follow their progress by viewing the “brag” boards in each participating library. The young readers will receive a gold star for every book they read or have read to them after they have told the librarian something about the book.




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Indaba School News

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Local learners meet UCT Deputy Vice­Chancellor NCEBA DLADLA UNIVERSITY of Cape Town (UCT) Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Crain Soudien was in Port Elizabeth to address former students at the Marine Protea Hotel in Summerstrand last Tuesday. Prof Soudien told the Alumni Leadership Forum why he believed UCT remained one of the best universities in the country and the world despite its widely publicised, and often criticised, admission policy. According to Prof Soudien, UCT is the only university in the country that is open and transparent with an admission policy that is open for scrutiny. “Though our admission policy has been widely criticised – sometimes by former students through a flurry of correspondence and letters to the newspapers since January this year – we firmly believe that it is still a thoroughly prepared policy which takes care of issues that many people and universities in the country shy away from, like race,� said Prof Soudien. Black students (from the town-

ship) do not perform the same way as White students. This is a sad reality, Prof Soudien said. Although the “sensitive� issue of race is avoided at all costs in the UCT application form, according to the professor, it emerges once the National Curriculum Statements (NCS) matric results are out. But UCT cannot rely on merit alone, he said. “UCT is not dropping standards. Our admission of black students is not reverse racism - as some claim it to be. We remain committed to the country’s constitutional obligation of being a diverse university not only in terms of colour, but also to look at issues of disabilities and socio-economic realities these students come from,� he said. Prof Soudien explained that it’s not only the results that count but that the University Council and the Alumni Advisory Board must be of the opinion that the student has a potential to succeed. Students with potential are admitted even without very good matric results. Financial aid was also available for deserving students. Development and Alumni Department Senior manager Lungile Jacobs kaNyamezele told the gather-

ing that when he applied to study music at UCT in 1989 he did not have a music background from high school or a grade 6 level as was required. “Songstress Judith Sephuma, Selaelo Selota, a jazz maestro and the Limpopo born Pretty Yende who is making waves in Europe through her music - did not have music backgrounds before they studied music at UCT. A matric certificate and a beautiful singing voice were enough for the ladies; and there was no way UCT would reject a talented guitarist such as former mine-worker, Selota, said kaNyamezele. To date, UCT receives close to 20 000 applications every year. While there are only 190 students that can be admitted for first year medicine, Prof Soudien said they receive up to 5000 applications from all over the world. Among the alumni were a group of ten learners from Port Elizabeth high schools Sakhisizwe and Ndzondelelo -who are members of Ubuntu Education Fund in Zwide township. The learners were not intimidated at all by the learned professor and alumni. And when the time came, they bombarded the professor with probing questions that would surely

pave the way for their future academic endeavours. This, both the professor and kaNyamezele acknowledged and applauded. “The engagements were good from both former students and the learn-

ers. I loved it, I think the meeting was a success,� said kaNyamezele about the event. kaNyamezele added that he was hoping UCT alumni would continue to take part in the development of their alma mater.

UCT Deputy Vice­Chancellor Prof. Crain Soudien is flanked by learners from left, Ayanda Nongcwebu, Asanda Matsaba, Sinesipho Nkobo, Khayanani Melane and Phi­ we Phillip at the Protea Hotel in PE during his visit to UCT alumni last week. Photo: Nceba Dladla

Molly Blackburn and Khumbulani pupils technologically advanced NCEBA DLADLA MOLLY Blackburn High School leaners in the Nelson Mandela Bay have won a Provincial Cell C Schools Technology Challenge, with Khumbulani High in second, after creating devices meant to communicate with a blind and a deaf person.

Khumbulani High School teacher Raymond Mali is seen monitoring the work of learners from left, Sandra Kimson, Anelisa Humani, Anda Mabandla and Anita Lagenge. Photo: Supplied

The finals of the Provincial Cell C Schools Technology Challenge were held at Sanctor High School in Port Elizabeth recently. Cell C Media Liaison Officer Vinnie Santu said the challenge involved 100 learners from around Port Elizabeth, East London and King Williams Town and was based on the learners’ Maths, Science and Technology Curriculum. Run in conjunction with the Maths Centre for Professional teachers, the challenge is an innovative technological Corporate Social Investment (CSI) of Cell C. The learners were equipped with a fully resourced toolkit which enabled them to execute the assignment. It started in July this year. Santu con-

gratulated the learners from Molly Blackburn (Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage), Khumbulani High School (Port Elizabeth) and Nyameko High School (Mdantsane near East London) who came first, second and third respectively in the competition for their creative devices. “They (learners) worked in teams to ensure that they are able to present their device and also show how it operates. She also praised the Maths Centre, a Non-Profit making Organisation (NPO) partner that offers excellence in Mathematics, Science and Technology and Entrepreneurship Education. “They equip teachers, learners and parents with learning materials, tools and programmes in order to develop a higher competency and performance in these learning areas for Grades R to 12 in South Africa,� said Santu. Cell C’s CSI Manager Mercia Maserumule also lauded the Maths Centre for a job well done. “Our choice to partner with Maths Centre was deliberate, simply because of their expertise and long standing reputation of proven

delivery of educational projects. We are happy that together we made a difference to learners from underprivileged schools,� said Maserumule. According to Maserumule, education remains a fundamental tool for our country to move forward and one of the developmental areas that form part of the Millennium Development Goals. “Our educational initiatives are therefore, all geared towards helping particularly previously disadvantaged schools improve their quality of teaching and learning for improved and sustained learner performance,� said Maserumule. Khumbulani High School teacher Raymond Mali was grateful to Cell C “for making us part of the programme that exposes the learners to how the exponents they learn about at school relate to the outside world.� Mali believes the programme gave the learners a sense of pride and belief in themselves and he was sure, he said, it has given their learners a much deeper understanding of electronics as a field of study.

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Nomhle’s star shines bright NCEBA DLADLA NOMHLE Nongogo is the newest star rising out of the Eastern Cape.

Hugely talented Port Elizabeth born Nomhle Nongogo is making airwaves with her music on a national stage. She will be launching her debut CD today (12 October).Photo: Supplied

This musical gem from Motherwell in Port Elizabeth will be launching her debut album Ikwezi - the morning star at Basseline, Johannesburg today (October 12). Her Port Elizabeth-based managers On the Rise Productions believes this lady of Afro-traditional funk, with her new sound is going to take the South African music space by storm. Of course, Nomhle is not new in this industry, said On the Rise Productions manager Sonwabiso Nompunga. “Nomhle’s music career kicked off in 2000 as a backing vocalist for a number of well-known and award-winning gospel artists like Kholeka Dubula, Lundi Tyamara, Zodwa Twecu, Andile ‘B’ Bebula to mention only a few,” said Nompunga. Working with gospel giants like Lindelani Mkize, Mthunzi Namba and Jabu Hlongwane, as a member of the celebrated Joyous Celebration, gave Nomhle the edge among her peers. Switching to Hip Hop where she shared the stage with influential figures like HHP, Teargas, JR, and Amu showed this young lady’s versatility. In Nomhle's music there are elements of traditional soul, an influence of South African songstresses like Unathi Nkayi, Thandiswa Mazwai and Asanda Bam. “I have been singing in the church choir since the age of four and later with local gospel groups. And yes, gospel is my first love,” said Nomhle. Having worked with amazingly talented artists in the country and performing for distinctly different audiences throughout the years, Nomhle believes this has taught her respect and tolerance. She has learnt to be humble in finding her feet in this cut-throat business, she said. Her 12-track album was recorded at Itay’ma le Funk Studios and is dedicated to a friend, Nobesuthu Mphothulo. The album tackles social issues and conveys a message of hope. Her collaboration with Zulu Boy in “Ingane” is sure to be a hit.

Tel: 0 041 503 6111 Fax: 041 503 6220 E-mail:

Summer Vibes to ensure hot Sundays this summer THE summer season is about to get underway and PE Summer Vibes – a brand new entertainment concept for Nelson Mandela Bay – will ensure the best DJ’s and hottest artists are hosted in the city during the summer months. It’s a Sunday Thing, in association with Hunters Dry and Von Zipper, will be held every Sunday at Caprice in Humewood. Dynamic and talented resident DJs Pete Larkin, Brad Spindler and Shane Barnes in support, will be featured. Undoubtedly Caprice is the perfect location for the event with the best views and summer setting in Nelson Mandela Bay. Members of the public can catch all of the latest Summer Vibes updates and entertainment at




Send your news to PE Express Indaba at:

Indaba Art & Entertainment BAMA Newcomer auditions this Saturday

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INDABA REPORTER THE search for the Bay FM Bay Music Awards (BAMA) Newcomer of the Year 2012 will kick off on Saturday with auditions at the Cleary Park Shopping Centre.

The Kwanobuhle Trio. Photo: Selby Madikane

Kwanobuhle Trio’s rise to stardom SELBY MADIKANE THERE is a new kid on the music block, and the local music landscape is likely to change forever, as the Kwanobuhle Trio steadily rises to stardom. The trio, comprising Phakamisa Nkohli (tenor), Luvolwethu Mbolekwa (tenor) and Sinethemba Ndeya (bass), was spurred on by Kholise Ngqondi, conductor of the Nkululeko High School choir. According to those in the know, the trio’s enthusiasm, professionalism and incredible sound will stand them in good stead to take the music scene by storm. Singing in Xhosa, German, Italian and English, they choose their material to ap-

peal to young and old, with a repertoire including evergreen favourites like Adeste Fideles, You’ll Never Walk Alone, O Sole Mio and Time to Say Goodbye. While singing together, the three have performed to great acclaim at numerous concerts and major events. Luvolwethu said they are using their performances to create even more opportunities. “When we started out, we never thought we would get to where we are today. Our pianist, Nkosinathi Mabombo kept encouraging us”. He said the youth should harness their energy in a meaningful way. The Kwanobuhle Trio can be contacted on 0 074 289 7248 (Sinethemba), 0 083 800 7877 (Luvolwethu), 0 084 851 0608 (Phakamisa) and 0 083 473 1143.


Gino Lee was the BAMA Newcomer of the Year for 2011. Photo: SUPPLIED

The search will run until the end of November, each week targeting a different area. Singer Gino Lee (15) will be the face of the search as he was the winner for BAMA Newcomer of the Year 2011. “We are calling on up-and-coming artists in all genres from across the Bay area to audition,” said organiser Ashton Prince. “The finals of the search will be in December when the five nominees will be chosen to go through to next year’s BAMAs in March. This will give the public more than enough time to vote.” The auditions at Cleary Park Shopping Centre start at 12pm at the Bread of Life premises, on the first floor. There will be another round of auditions at Cleary Park on October 22. The auditions in other areas are Despatch on October 29, Uitenhage on November 5, KwaNobuhle on November 12, Motherwell on November 19, Western Suburbs on November 26 and Bethelsdorp on December 3. For more info call 0 078 915 9268 or 0 078 038 0763.


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Indaba Art & Entertainment

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Mandela Bay music fans Lira­ted NCEBA DLADLA Afro­Jazz muso Lira performed live in Nel­ son Mandela Bay with her Love Band in celebration of the Boardwalk and Enter­ tainment World and Casino’s 11th birth­ day celebrations last Sunday.

AFRO-Jazz music diva Lira wowed Nelson Mandela Bay fans with beautiful sounds at the Boardwalk Entertainment World and Casino lawns in Summerstrand at the weekend. She performed with her live band, known as the Love Band, as part of her Captured Tour brought in conjunction with the Boardwalk Entertainment World and casino’s Crown Birthday Celebrations. The show was well attended and it was a bomb! PE Express Indaba reporter Nceba Dladla was also there and took these photos.

It was also a family affair for this Fern­ glen couple (from right) Darryl and Ro­ chelle Cassidy who brought along 8 year­ old Dennis to enjoy Lira’s liberating sounds.

Friends Akhona Mti, Mantombi Dondashe, Zintle Re­ vilia, Zoleka Gantsho (all KwaMagxaki) and Awonke Gaqana from Zwide enjoyed the music together.

Stylish trio from left, Mandisa Mpofu from Zwide, Thumeka “TK” Kweyi (Westering) and at the back Zoleka Stokwe from Uitenhage danced to Lira’s Afro­ Jazz sounds at the Boardwalk Entertainment World and Casino.

Nelson Mandela Metro­ politan University stu­ dents from left, Sakhek­ ile Zweni, Nceba Nku­ manda and Mxolisi Fatman enjoyed Lira’s music at the weekend.

Do the dance...(Standing from right) Zoliswa Vumazonke (KwaMagxaki), Daniswa Nteyi (Zwide Township) Siphokazi Mokonenyane (New Brighton) and Dolly Ntete (KwaNobuh­ le) enjoyed Lira’s music. People came in droves to sing along and dance to Lira’s music and the couple who preferred to be called Mr and Mrs Tyobeka from New Brighton were also there to enjoy the music.




Sihlangule’ s needs are the poor’s need for salvation NCEBA DLADLA ZODWA Plaatjie grew up without a mother and father. Without parents, this 35-year old woman from Xhama Street, Motherwell in Port Elizabeth was moved from one place to the other with family friends and caring members of the community providing her with care and support. With a burning desire and determination to succeed and through toil and sweat, she is now a Managing Director and Founder of Sihlangule Aids and Networking Organisation. “I was ten months old when I lost my mother and only two years old when my father died. The community brought me up,” reminisced Zodwa, who was born in Tsomo in the former Transkei. Zodwa passed matric at Ndyebo High School in 1996. In 1997 at a young age she had the courage to become a foster parent to her sister’s child Ayanda (24) who is now a BComm Accounting graduate from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). She then decided with the assistance of her petrol attendant husband, Siphiwe (39), to do something to help the orphaned and vulnerable members of the community by registering a Non-Profit-making Organisation (NPO) - the Sihlangule Aids and Networking Organisation in May 2005. Sihlangule means, “help us”. This successful and award winning NPO takes care of the elderly, toddlers and HIV/Aids infected and affected people making a difference in the lives of many people in Motherwell

where unemployment and poverty are rife. They visit child-headed homes to provide counselling, care and support and help by filling in application forms for IDs, social and other support grants. “Our elderly are kept busy during weekdays by doing sewing and beadwork and some are using the municipal land to grow vegetables which we use for cooking meals twice a week in about five areas where we have soup kitchens,” said Zodwa. They also sell some of the fresh produce to sustain themselves. With the help of eight volunteer teachers Zodwa runs an adult basic education centre (to teach the elderly the three Rs -Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) and a crèche. They do not have financial backing and the teachers are paid a stipend through the school fees charged from the 44 toddlers who attend crèche in a shack they rent in NU29. They have recently been assisted by the Mark Williams Trust owing to the efforts of the Trust’s Qondakele Sompondo and his partner Skosana Mbenenge as well as by students from NMMU. “We saw this woman and her husband who are trying to help make the lives of the poor and downtrodden better and decided to help,” said NMMU Students Governance and Development Society’s Officer Sandile Mpepo who organised a fashion show at the Gondwana cafe in Summerstrand last week to raise funds to benefit Sihlangule. “We managed to raise funds and will buy them something to assist in their endeavours. We hope that others who are better off will come and give more support,” said Mpepo.

Zodwa Plaatjie of Sihlangule Aids and Network­ ing Organisation with some of the toddlers who attend crèche in Motherwell. Photo: Nceba Dladla

HARD WORKER...Zodwa Plaatjie of Sihlangule Aids and Network­ ing Organisation is flanked by Pre­School teachers from left, Funiwe Madlavu and Nomfesane Rulashe. Photo: Nceba Dladla





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Iziphumo zefixture kwi­NEBFA SELBY MADIKANE IBALA i-Oval eNew Brighton eBhayi belizele limi ngembambo ngethuba kuqhutywa itumente yebhola iNew Brighton Football Association (NEBFA)Premier League imidlalo ebitakisa iintlantsi.

Photographer:Selby Madikane

Dodgers beat Pirates 2­1.

Iintshatsheli zeRemax iDodgers FC iphumele ebunzimeni ngethuba iqhwaba iziporho iBoast Pirates FC 2-1. iCity Lads yona ibethe iHUBS 2-0. Iqela i-Eastern Jumpers nelibizwa Iimpompo ngabathandi balo lizibonakalisile nangona liwe phantsi 1-0 kwi-CCX Callies. Ukanti iPE Sundowns itywatyushe iWinter Rose 4-0 kumdlalo obucala-nye. IStinging Bees ibambene ntanganye 1-1 nAmakhosi ngethuba komnye uwafa-wafa iRoaring Tigers ibambene ngonomji 1-1 ne-PE United. Umdlalo phakathi kwe-Bush Bucks neKubs ubumise umzi ngeenyawo. Iphumelele iBucks 2-1.

Young Strikers can’t tame Real Lions SELBY MADIKANE ASTONISHED Young Strikers fans looked on when their side was thumped 6-1 by the high riding Real Lions in a friendly clash at the Veeplaas Community Fields. Lions were very vicious right from the start of the first half. Masibulele Fanyano unleashed a thunderous shot to beat Strikers’ goal keeper to break the deadlock and get the score to 1-0. Masixole Maqoma scored Lions’ second goal to bring his side 2-0 up. Ayabonga Ace Gobelana found

the back of the net to register Lions’ third goal to bring the half time score to 3-0. In the second half, the Lions continued to show the Strikers how to strike goals. Bulelani Ngqungwana’s name appeared on the Lions’ score sheet when he kicked home the fourth goal of the game. Strikers committed serious mistakes in their goal keeper area, thus allowing Siyabulela Matebe to score Lions’ fifth goal. Fanayo rubbed salt into the Strikers’ wounds when he scored his team’s sixth goal. The Strikers’ consolation goal came courtesy of Banana Fundakubi to bring the final score to 6-1.

Photographer: Selby Madikane

Young Strikers.

Juniors clash in friendly matches SELBY MADIKANE HUNDREDS of children converged on the Motherwell NU8 Community Soccer Fields in support of junior teams doing battle for top honours. In the U/11 match, the Scorpions were untouchable as they beat their neighbours, NU5 Young Photographer: Selby Madikane Stars by 5-1.

MOFA U/15 team.

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In the U/13 division, Scorpions again showed no mercy to Young Stars with a 5-0 victory. Tomorrow Stars (U/13) were paralysed by Scorpions who racked up 6 points against zero. NU5 Young Stars (U/13) redeemed themselves when they fought hard in the last match to take victory over Tomorrow Stars by 1-0. In the only U/15 match, MOFAXI earned a sweet victory of 5-2, when they outclassed PUBS.

Cassius “Mr Shy Guy” Baloyi and Anton “The Irish Terror” Gilmore. Photograph: Nceba Dladla

Former opponents support NMB boxing NCEBA DLADLA FORMER great professional fighters Cassius “Mr Shy Guy” Baloyi and Anton “The Irish Terror” Gilmore were in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality last week to encourage youngsters to take up the sport. These former opponents were the guests of the Human Settlements National Department during their official launch of the Multi-purpose Community Centre in Soweto-On-Sea near Zwide township which has a state-of-the-art gymnasium with a boxing ring among other facilities. They gave a boxing exhibition and excited the crowds. Nelson Mandela Bay Recreation and Cultural Services Director Vuyani Limba, who was among the dignitaries at the event, told PE Express Indaba that the timing of the launch of the Boxing Veterans Association scheduled to take place at the Nangoza Jebe Hall in New Brighton Port Elizabeth this Saturday, was perfect. Speaking to Indaba immediately after their mock boxing match, former IBF/IBO Junior Lightweight and WBU Jun. Featherweight kingpin Baloyi applauded the idea of local boxing veterans returning to plough back into the sport. “I hope former professional boxers can use this facility to train young boxers. We did not have facilities as good as this one when we started boxing,” said Baloyi. While he thinks that there is still more fire left in him, the 36-year old Malamulele, Limpopo born Baloyi, who boasts a record of 44 fights, 37 wins (19 KOs), six losses and a solitary draw, stated that he is also involved in the training of amateur boxers in his gym in Joburg. Promoter, trainer and manager of Box Office Gym in Berg Street, Oakdene, Joburg, Gilmore who lost against Baloyi in their fight for the WBU title in November 1997, retired from the ring after he beat the current SA Junior Lightweight champion Thomas Mokwana at the Morula Sun in Mabopane, North West on 29 July 2008. Gilmore entered the professional ranks by defeating Malepa Levi on points over four rounds in April 1991. Born on 28 November 1970 this come-forwardfighter had amassed a record 27 fights, 22 (6KOs), three losses and two draws when he called it quits. Gilmore thanked the Human Settlements Department for giving them the opportunity to come to Nelson Mandela Bay to use their names to attract the youth to the sport. He believes former local boxing heroes should be afforded the opportunity to do that more often.

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2009 HONDA JAZZ 1.4i LX A/T 65 000 km .............................................R134 990 2008 BMW 316i (E87), 32 000 km.................R159 990 2008 VW POLO 1.6 Classic...........................R 99 990 2007 BMW 330i (E90), 37 000 km.................R219 990 2007 HONDA JAZZ 1.4i.................................R 74 990 2006 VW POLO 1.6 68 000km ......................R114 990 2006 TOYOTA RAV 4 2.2D-4D ......................R169 990 2006 GOLF V 1.9 TDi C/Line.........................R129 990 2005 VW CHICO 1.4i.....................................R 49 990 2004 TOYOTA TAZZ 130 ...............................R 54 990 2004 VW POLO 1.9 TDi 135 000 km.............R 79 990 2002 FIAT PALIO 1.2 EL 3Dr ........................R 39 990 2000 M/BENZ C230.......................................R110 000 LDV’s 2009 FORD BANTAM 1.6i XL + Canopy, ........R 99 990 2006 BANTAM 1.3i XL,A/C .............................R 49 990 2007 FORD BANTAM 1.3i...............................R 59 990 2005 FORD RANGER 2.5TD XLT Supercab ..R 99 990 2000 MITSUBISHI PAJERO 3.0 V6.................R 84 990 1B1JJ758G-121011-PX-tvr-auto1

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Indaba Sport

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First game win for Bay Stars Football Club NCEBA DLADLA NEWLY formed Bay Stars Football Club entered into the Second Division Vodacom League with a 2-1 win over Idutywa’s Matta Milan FC at Gelvandale Stadium on Friday evening. All three goals of this nail-biting game were scored in the first half. Leading by example Bay Stars captain John Giannakis opened the score with a brilliant goal that beat Matta Milan keeper flat. This was followed shortly by Leroy van Rensburg’s goal that made it 2 - 0 within the first 30 minutes of the game. But before the whistle ending the first half, Milan got a penalty and Tshepo Ngobeni made no mistake in order to reduce the deficit. The second half also provided the fans with an entertaining football with Stars putting much pressure.

However, even the tactical changes Bay Stars coach Graham Harrison introduced did not make the difference. Milan was more than equal to the task. “Those two early goals helped us. But the game itself, showed there is still a room for improvement,” said Harrison after the match. Asked about the very few fans who came to watch the match Harrison was not worried. “It’s too early to worry at this moment. The thing is, people want to watch a winning team. If we continue to play good football and win our games, people will come in droves to support us,” said Harrison. But, team manager Nicholas Myataza was forthright. “We are happy with the three points, it could have been more. We missed 2-3 more goals but we are happy!” Bay Stars FC’s next game will be against East London’s OR Tambo FC at the same venue this Friday.

We did it...These are happy faces of Bay Stars FC players and management after their historical 2­1 victory over Matta Milan FC at the Gelvandale Sta­ dium last Friday. Photo: Nceba Dladla

Showville shows off against Lions City from the early stages of the clash. In the dying moments of the second stanza, City’s defence was penetrated by Showville’s Thulani Shumpa, scoring the only goal of the match. Both goalkeepers had a busy afternoon, as the strikers kept knocking on their doors. Other SAFANMB Castle Regional League Results: Tomorrow STars 2-1 Morning Stars, Real CIty 3-2 Royal Bucks, Emperors 2-1 Swallows and Real Acres 3-0 Red City.

SELBY MADIKANE THE South African Football Association Nelson Mandela Bay (SAFANMB) reigning champion, Lion City went down 1-0 to Showville during the SAFANMB Castle Regional League in the Motherwell NU Stadium recently.

Ready for the Discovery Algoa Challenge is the Algoa FM sponsored All Stars Team, front row, from left, Philani Juju, Masibulele Deliwe, Athenkosi Marwana, Asandile Gomba, Ntsika Ndyolashe and Arafat Siwisa. Back row standing from left, Achuma Klaas, Sonwabo Belewa, Libongo Vantyi, Simamkele Myathaza (captain), Unathi Gaqa and Siya Gwambi. Photograph: Supplied

As was expected, both outfits displayed outstanding performances

Market Square Commercial

Discovery Algoa FM Soccer Challenge is for all ­ for fun

1 Sydenham Road, North End 041 484 1470

Manager’s Special

2011 Caddy Trendline 2.0 TDI Life

R239 900

2011 Passat 1.8 TSI Comfortline DSG

R275 900

Climate control, 9 782km

Lots of extras, 7 920km Ezimoto zingentla zifana neemoto esizithengisayo.

NCEBA DLADLA SOCCER fun and action for young and old are on the cards at the Discovery and Algoa FM Soccer Challenge, a five-a side football fun day, scheduled to take place at the Dave Weinronk Sports Field at Victoria Park High School in Walmer this Sunday (October 16). “Nelson Mandela Bay Metro needs a soccer culture so we can get into the league and fill our stadium with soc-

cer fans on a more regular basis,” said Algoa FM Managing Director Dave Tiltmann. The Discovery Algoa FM 2011 Challenge, according to Tiltmann, will engage teams battling in three categories including schools, social and championship - all for fantastic prizes on offer. Both Discovery and Algoa FM have entered their teams and are hoping to play in the finals and as Champions walk away with a grand prize of R3 500. The winning social team and school will each receive top quality

Puma products worth R3 000. The entry fee per 10-player team is R550 for juniors, R650 for social teams and R750 for senior teams. “Discovery is proud to be associated with the Discovery Algoa Soccer Challenge. We would like to encourage people of Port Elizabeth to take part in the spirit wellness and healthy competition,” said Discovery Sponsorship Manager, Sandile Mkari. For more information or to register your team please visit or call Donovan0 072 677 7820.


11 Amarok D/C Trendline 2.0 TDI 4x4 Reflex Silver, 14 855km 11 Amarok S/C 2.0 Trendline 2.0 BiTDI Candy White, 4 333km


10 Caddy Maxi Crew Bus 1.9 TDI Candy White, 30 694km 10 Caddy Maxi Crew Bus 1.9 TDI Candy White, 56 434km 10 Caddy Maxi Crew Bus 1.9 TDI Candy White, 66 598km

R339 900

Passenger 11 Golf 6 Bluemotion 1.6 TDI Manual Glacier Blue, 9 979km 11 Jetta 1.6 TDI Comfortline

R244 900

Silver Leaf, 14 528km 10 Golf 6 1.6 Trendline

R229 900

R199 900

Reflex Silver, 58 000km 10 New Polo 1.6 Comfortline

R184 990

R189 900

Pepper Grey, 32 964km 09 Polo Classic 1.4 Trendline

R172 900

Flash Red, 43 170km

R127 900

R277 900

R189 900

e-Market Square Commercial, singakunceda ufumane inxaso kwezemali.

Andrew McNaughton 082 659 2563

Zubaida Schmidt 084 402 7762

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