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Improve Sporting capacity Through Technological Development

Results suggest that 4 weeks’ training using the Powerwall equipment may decrease reaction times and improve fitness in recreationally active participants.

The Powerwall fitness system has been designed specifically to improve an athlete’s sporting capacity. It dramatically and dynamically increases

Reaction Time Agility Peripheral Vision Hand-Eye Coordination Athletic Memory General Fitness in all sports, but particularly Athletics Football Rugby, Netball & Cricket Racket Sports Boxing & Martial Arts

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and it’s also great for

At a Glance: Highlights

20% improvement in Reaction Speed 14% decrease in Heart Rate b/m 15% improvement in Sports Reaction Figures based on a 2009 report by the University of Chester ‘The effects of a 4 week training programme using a Powerwall fitness system on peripheral vision, reaction time and heart rate during submaximal exercise’. Copies of this report are available from the Powerwall team.

Schools & Colleges 16 General Health & Fitness 17

About Powerwall

Powerwall - 05

What is Powerwall? It’s about gaining the edge, and pushing the boundaries of performance...

If it lights up, hit it!


Average Reaction Time

Reaction Time- Seconds

Powerwall improves sporting capacity for athletes at all levels by challenging the user to hit lights that appear in sequence on a training wall measuring 24ft x 8ft

Improves by up to

3 2

Whether you’re an elite athlete, sports team, fitness enthusiast or just want to have fun, Powerwall offers you the complete fitness package. Its a state of the art fitness system that has the technology to email your reactions statistics and even send you updates by text message.

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Based on extensive research and testing, Powerwall has been specifically developed to improve athletic performance through a workout that’s challenging, progressive and fun.





Session Number



The LED touch panels themselves are virtually indestructible, being made of Lexan. The POD is made of sheet steel which is powder coated in matt black. There are twenty one POD’s which are all connected back to the console. User times are stored, emailed to the user, and updated live to the leader board, mounted directly above the Powerwall. It’s high tech, challenging and up-to date - our regulars love the wall, love the workout, and love the challenge.

For all abilities, for schools, for professionals, for sports fitness, for everyone – it’s the future of fitness and reaction training. The software control and monitoring system, which took over 2 man years to develop, sits inside the Powerwall control console. This communicates to the POD software, switching on LED panels and reading the reaction times.

Application Software


Powerwall is designed, manufactured, installed, maintained and developed by a UK based company, and we’re proud to be the leaders in our field. We would like to welcome you to our dedicated demonstration facility in the North West of England, where we have two fully installed Powerwall Systems ready for you and your athletes to come and experience. We really believe that training using Powerwall can improve athletic performance - and an independent study has come to the same conclusion.


Heart Rate Monitor

“Its been a long road from conception to full production. We are very proud to offer the state of the art Powerwall System for sale to our customers.


This is athletic performance training in the 21st century. Give it a go!” MIKE WALTON Powerwall Fitness

Powerwall - 07

Training Modes

Powerwall achieves maximum effectiveness for a given sport through the use of custom training modes, altering the sequence and frequency of which lights need to be hit.

Shuttle A fixed distance mode which allows the Powerwall to monitor total distance travelled, along with heart rate and normal reaction stats.

Static Reaction Specifically design to increase hand speed and hand-eye coordination in single player, or two-player competition mode.

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training is based on the idea that most sports involve short bursts of speed and power, followed by a brief resting period. This is exactly mimicked by the Powerwall with the massive benefit of the entire session being monitored and recorded by the system.

Fluid Reaction Fluid Reaction gives the user a hand speed work out with a quick sprint up the crease.

Originally designed for Team GB Cricketer, Dan Holder

Goalkeeper Goalkeeper mode allows the user to weight the wall, pushing the keeper to the extremes.

Designed by ex-professional goalkeeper Eric Nixon (Manchester City and Tranmere Rovers)

Racket Mode Puts the user through a series of forehand and backhand shots, returning to the middle of the court between each shot. Two players can play virtual tennis across the length of the wall, testing reaction skills head to head!

300 The only mode not to be based on time but on the number of hits - and that magic number is 300! This one is not for the faint hearted and is only recommended for professional sports people or hardened Powerwall users.

Powerwall is the future of fitness and reaction training, using technology to drive improvement Voluptaquo






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Random A completely random mix designed to provide the ideal warm up.

Continuous Improvement When it comes to an exercise routine, one size does not fit all. In fact, the more tailored the workout, the more benefit the user will receive. It’s also possible to record routine parameters to ensure that workout intensity increases with each session. Eric Forster , three times Combined Services Boxing Champion and ABA Semi-Finalist says that Powerwall “Allows me to keep a close eye on my progress to ensure that I’m actually getting fitter and my training regime is working.” Personalised Performance Stats Notepad and pen anyone ? No thanks! All reaction stats, heart rate and distance travelled data is recorded to the Powerwall, allowing you to monitor






and improve your performance over time. For Mark Waldron, Chester University Sport Science Department, a major benefit is that, “I get home after my workout and the email arrives! All my reaction stats, heart rate and even weight - this is the future!”. Strength & Rehabilitation Using the Powerwall in conjunction with a recovery programme from a medical practitioner can help athletes recover from injury and rebuild their speed and strength. “Powerwall allows users to improve their balance, co-ordination, agility and proprioception following any type of injury” - Sophie Adam, NHS Senior Physiotherapist

Powerwall in Fitness Centres

Powerwall - 9

Powerwall is a great piece of equipment for gyms and fitness centres, making exercise fun and interesting and at the same time providing a tough workout.

“we rarely see it free...”

“huge interest from our 3000 members...”

Klick Fitness in Bromborough was the first fitness centre in the UK to install a Powerwall for their members, and the feedback has been exceptional.

Stu Pelling, General Manager of Klick Fitness Bromborough says that “The Powerwall has been a breath of fresh air for all of our members. We have seen a huge amount of interest from our 3000 strong membership base.

It has been hailed as a phenomenal piece of new wave multidirectional heart and lungs equipment which opens up the opportunity for a vast cross section of the exercising public from all walks of life and training orientations to engage in various sequences of challenging reaction based activity in all planes of motion. Not only is Powerwall an amazing talking point, it offers fitness centres a great opportunity to engagement with their members, and provides a chance to prise them away from their singular planar stereotypical pieces of cardio equipment towards something that enables them to challenge themselves on all three planes of motion. • • • • • • • • • • •

New, interesting and challenging Provides a point of difference from other gyms Encourages repeat visits Customisable to each user Modes to suit specefic changing needs Suitable for personal trainers Stimulates social interaction and competition Complements existing equipment Tracks performance and improvement Branded for each fitness centre Competition mode between centres

“With so many very different individuals taking advantage of the new, exciting, captivating innovation that has taken our club and our large freestyle function zone by storm. “The most common feedback that we receive is that it not only challenges their heart and lungs much more than they anticipated, but that it’s so much fun and incredibly addictive, wanting to try and beat your best set of results time and time again or climb up the leader board. “The sports specific element to the wall is superb too, with a wealth of different sports able to benefit from the array of workouts. “We particularly love the adaptive mode which can be use for some very specific areas of attention as well as some of our disabled members. “We rarely see it free in club following it’s installation. Congratulations to Mike and the guys at Powerwall for creating such an innovative, flawless piece of hit that this industry has been crying out for.”

Anyika Onuora Team GB Sprinter “As an Olympic athlete for Team GB, I train with various types of equipment and have recently discovered Powerwall. “Wow! If you’re looking for an all round high or low intensity workout, that’s fresh and fun, Powerwall is for you.” Anyika Onuora knows the demands of high performance athletic training. As a 100m and 200m specialist she needs explosive power allied to balance, posture and core muscles. Achieving an Olympic standard of performance requires dedication, talent and a lot of training! Adding Powerwall sessions to the training mix helps keep workouts fresh and interesting, as well as letting athletes and coaches monitor performance changes.

Designed to improve Athletic Performance

Powerwall for Team Sports

Powerwall - 13

Powerwall gives athletes the edge in reaction time, foot speed, hand-eye coordination and agility. In team sports, milliseconds count, and under pressure is when training pays off.

Enhanced Peripheral Vision

Speed & Reactions

Athletic Management

Training with the Powerwall helps athletes achieve their full potential in a number of areas crucial to team sports.

Peripheral vision, or side vision, is that part of vision that detects objects outside the direct line of sight.

England PD Cricketer Dan Holder knows that “cricket at international level requires exceptional reaction time”, which is why he uses Powerwall, and why he helped develop the Fluid Reaction training mode especially for Cricketers.

Managing an athlete or number of athletes can be extremely difficult.

• • • • •

Peripheral vision is very important within sport as it assists the athlete to see a potential situation earlier than they would have, giving them more time to make a decision or indeed act on it.

Reaction Speed Agility Peripheral Vision Coordination Athletic Memory

Peripheral vision training on the Powerwall has proved very popular. All sounds are removed from a peripheral vision training session, encouraging the athlete to use only their vision and to look further into the extremities of the field of view. Improvement can be striking.

Ut estrumquunt aditatur

A crucial part of this is that as well as being an intense, high-tech, challenging workout, Powerwall is hugely enjoyable, and the experience of competing on the wall brings teams together.

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This improvement in other key areas of sports performance, allied to improved strength and fitness, is why Powerwall is improving sporting capacity through technological development.


Powerwall lets athletes work with their team mates to improve both individual performance and the performance of the team as a whole.

Ryan Gibney, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Warrington Wolves has said that using Powerwall helps his athletes achieve “skill acquisition to its full potential”, including spatial awareness and peripheral vision.

Powerwall facilitates this through an athlete monitoring mode. A coach or manager can log in any number of athletes for a Powerwall session. All data from these sessions is emailed to the coaching staff for analysis.

Making the connection between mind and muscle whilst increasing your reaction time and fitness leads will be seen in your performance on the field.

Analysis of performance data can help make good athletes into great athletes.

We understand that performance does not come from just practicing with the ball. We use a combination of reaction training and the ball, to provide that link between the two.

The state of the art system can also compare two athletes over the same session. Powerwall helps to optimise performance, and get the very best out of the athlete.

With specific modes for ball sports, you’ll soon notice a vast improvement in hand-eye coordination and agility. Making the connection between your mind and muscle whilst increasing your reaction time and fitness can be seen in performance on the field.

Used by netball teams as a training aid, the ‘pass and move’ principle applies to many other sports, where spaces are made when athletes move. Powerwall trains athletes to work much harder and actually concentrate and think tactically.


As well as helping improve fitness - strength, endurance and speed - it also improves a number of key attributes for team sports:


Football and TEAM SPORTS

Powerwall for Individual Sports

Powerwall- 15

Improving sports performance The difference between losing and winning can be mental strength and concentration. Training with Powerwall helps athletes achieve that focus at the same time as building their fitness and reactions.

Tennis, squash and badminton



All racket sports require good flexibility, co-ordination, aerobic fitness, strength and a good mental ability. With specific modes for racket sports, you’ll quickly notice an improvement in your performance on the court.

Rob Anthony, 3rd Dan Karate Black Belt and Fitness Instructor has been training using Powerwall, as has seen a “huge increase in my hand speed and overall fitness levels.”

We know that it’s not really an individual sport, but we also know that goalkeeping is a very specialist discipline!

Recovery between short bursts of explosive movement is key to endurance. Our HIIT (high intensity interval training) mode is the perfect solution to this as it puts the athlete through a series of short exercises with an ever decreasing recovery period. The Powerwall, whilst monitoring your heart rate, will ensure that you are working in the correct zone to achieve maximum cardio benefit.

Used by the boxing and martial arts community alike, the Powerwall has proved extremely successful in the development of hand speed and handeye coordination.

Powerwall uses a specially adapted racket which lets you actually hit the touch pad – replicating an on-court feeling through reaction training with the racket.

Static Reaction mode has been specially developed for any athlete wishing to measure and improve their hand speed. The number of panels is restricted to a smaller range, and the lights come thick and fast!

Athletes can also go head-to-head against a training partner – finding out who’s quicker in reaching the touch panels provides a real motivation to improve!

Powerwall can help build speed, agility and footwork, and the work pays off once you step into the ring.

Designed with ex-Premiership goal keeping legend Eric Nixon, the Powerwall has a mode specifically for training goal keepers, and can be weighted to improve specific areas of a goalkeeper’s reach and reactions. The Powerwall monitors and records the goalkeeper’s reaction stats, indicating their potential weak spots.

Development of reaction time, agility and hand-eye coordination are the keys to increasing the split second decision making ability that defines great goalkeepers. Goal keepers can also train head-tohead which unsurprisingly brings out their completive side! Goalkeeper mode is one of Powerwall’s most focussed and effective training programmes.

Powerwall for Fitness

Powerwall - 17


a fitness machine that tweets!

Powerwall can be just as good for fitness enthusiasts as for professional athletes .

Right at the cutting edge, the state-of-the-art software system has its own Twitter account. It will Tweet you when you make any of the six leader boards. It will also Tweet the person that you’ve just beaten!

Eric Nixon told us that “Having been in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years as a professional footballer and a personal training Instructor, I can honestly say that having worked long term with the Powerwall it has given me and my clients a new lease of life. I find that the Powerwall is very sports specific as well as a cardiovascular and handeye co-ordination tool.” The Powerwall has proved to be very successful with pupils of both schools and colleges. The Wallasey School (seen here using the system) regularly attend the facility. The leader board has proven that the pupils show the completive spirit! The Powerwall provides the ideal environment for the development of kids and young adults. Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore, they actually find it enjoyable, and it has made a huge difference to their confidence. Powerwall is enjoyable but effective for kids, and lets girls and boys compete on an even playing field.

Using social media to encourage intense game play: Best piece of gym equipment I’ve used in 20 years. LOVE IT! @TheEggChef Members are loving #powerwall today! @ICowinPTrainer Fantastic machine, can’t wait to come back! @annyonuora

Matt Gunn, Personal Trainer “It’s great to have another angle to attack the cardio workouts.“ Lance James, Former Head of PE at Wallasey School “It would be highly advantageous for any physical education practitioner or sports team coach to incorporate the Powerwall System in their team’s training programme.”

Captain Kelly Rhodes, British Army “The machine actually encourages me to train.”

Powerwall - 19

GET MOTIVATED! A fitness system that automatically tweets your leader board position at the end of your session (oh, and it also tweets the person that you’ve just beaten #comeandbeatme)! A fitness system that emails your reaction, heart and distance data straight to your account for analysis or storage. A fitness system at encourages you by SMS – “So where have you been in the last two weeks?” We’re ready...Are you? Visit to find out more


There’s nothing like experiencing Powerwall for yourself. If you’d like to try it out, we’ve got a full demonstration wall set up at our HQ in Birkenhead - come down see if you can get on our leaderboard! Email Call 0151 647 7999

Unit 6 Price Street Business Park, Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside. CH41 3PR Tel: 0151 647 7999 email:

Powerwall Brochure  

Based on extensive research and testing, Powerwall has been specifically developed to improve athletic performance through a workout that’s...

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