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Common Unknown REASONS Why People Fall Or Have Balance Problems. It’s Never Because Of Age... There’s Always A REASON! – Now What To Do About It? By Leading Balance Expert, Dr. Jeffrey Guild, Physical Therapist Are you worried about losing independence because of falls? Are you seeing your friends around you falling and losing their independence? Are you becoming increasingly frustrated with your doctors and kids telling you not to fall (Ok… How?). Here are some common unknown reasons why people fall, and a SOLUTION to prevent it from happening. 1: Vertigo/Inner Ear Balance Problems: Problems with vertigo and dizziness are symptoms that put older people at fall risk. These symptoms are so common that 1/3rd of people over the age of 70 and 50% of people over the age of 85 are experiencing dizziness and/or vertigo right now! These conditions are usually very treatable! 2. The Legs Losing Perception Of Where They Are (Proprioceptive Loss): As a balance specialist I see this problem ALL THE TIME. This is a problem that largely goes unrecognized & people have no idea it’s happening to them. I often see this when people are falling or having balance problems for what seems like NO APPARENT REASON. This is simple to find out and there are ways around the problem. 3. Walking Slowly & Furniture Walk-

ing: Walking slower makes older people less balanced, but this is a common strategy to falls and balance problems. Touching furniture and walls while walking is a sign that something is wrong and immediate action is needed to prevent this from becoming a fall! Want more information & solutions? My new special report provides Actionable Tips that will help you keep or regain your independence. And the best thing is it’s 100% FREE, and you’re under no obligation to buy anything when you call. IMPORTANT: For obvious reasons, my offer to send you this report FREE must come with a restriction on the number I can mail out… so it’s critical that you call TODAY and request your free report now. What To Do Next? Call: (214) 712-8242 (Leave a Message 24/7) & Choose: • Option 1: Have your FREE Report mailed or emailed to you • Option 2: Free Report + FREE Balance/Fall Screen Or Discovery Visit Author Dr. Jeffrey Guild, Physical Therapist is owner of Optimove Physical Therapy & Wellness. You can contact him at (214) 712-8242 or email at J.Guild@OptimoveDFW.com

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Preston Hollow People July 2019  

Preston Hollow People is a monthly publication of People Newspapers, an affiliate of D Magazine, in Dallas, Texas.

Preston Hollow People July 2019  

Preston Hollow People is a monthly publication of People Newspapers, an affiliate of D Magazine, in Dallas, Texas.

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