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Diamond Anniversary Edition

60 Years of Style

The Palm Beach 20: Local Legends


One-piece bathing suit. Swing, ÂŤ petit h Âť workshop. Giant scarves in summer twill. Silk twill scarves. Palm Beach 240 Worth Avenue (561) 655-6655





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828 W. Indiantown Rd Jupiter, FL 33458 561.747.4449

331 Clematis St. West Palm Beach, FL 33401 561.833.7755






the Palm beach 20 A look at 20 Palm Beachers who have impacted the last 60 years.

108 ciao bella Explore your inner starlet with these glamorous looks. Photography by Gian Andrea

di Stefano

118 Crystal Clear Nadja Swarovski gets recharged at her family’s Vero Beach home. By Lola Thélin 126 quick study  Palm Beacher Tom Quick hosts a stylish Ultimate Dinner Party. By Liza Grant Smith 134 retro glam Area interior designers create fabulous 1950s tablescapes. Photography by Jerry Rabinowitz 140 A Stylish tribute Creative ways local designers mark PBI’s sixtieth anniversary 142 cool as ice Celebrate our diamond jubilee with amazing diamonds.

gian andrea di stefano

Dress, feather wrap, Ralph Lauren, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; jewelry, Betteridge, Palm Beach.




©T&CO. 2012 800 843 3269

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Contents v MARCH 2012

63 49

64 71

153 30 from the publisher





editor’s letter

64 baubles Keeping track of time

36 seen

66 vanity Get a close shave


68 TASTEMAKERS Handbag designer Be Inthavong

49  3 questions The hilarious Martin Short 50 insider The best of Palm Beach 52 players Intriguing personalities





153 dish Citrus punch

the look Crystal clear accessories


FIRST CLASS Discovering Botswana

74 high road Audi’s new coupe





Contents v MARCH 2012

171 219

172 158 154 pour Classic cocktail comeback 158 Taste Palm Beach favorite Testa’s 162 dining out PBI’s restaurant guide

HABITAT 171 Rooms Contemporary dining 172 elements Add a retro touch

AGENDA 219 CULTURE Painting with light 24


220 CALENDAR What to do and see this month 227 SEEN Hot parties, beautiful people

FINALE 232 Personal style The fabulous Carson Kressley


Photographer: Gian Andrea di Stefano Model: Heide Lindgren, Muse Management, New York Clothing: Naeem Khan beaded caftan, special order, Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach and Boca Raton; headscarf, Louis Vuitton, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. Jewelry: Betteridge, Palm Beach Hair & Makeup: Luis Beltran, Ford Artists, Miami




I L L U S T R A T E D Publisher Ronald J. Woods Associate Publisher Randie Dalia


Photo by David Lominska /

Grand Champions Polo Club is the home club of the Audi Polo Team.

Editorial Director Daphne Nikolopoulos

Managing Editor Michelle M. Havich

Associate Editor Jennifer Pfaff

Online Editor Stephen Brown Fashion Editor Katherine Lande Food & Wine Editor Mark Spivak

Travel Editor Robert Ragaini

Automotive Editor Howard Walker


Design Director Olga M. Gustine Art Directors Reynaldo Martin, Diana Ramírez Associate Art Director Jorge Márquez Digital Imaging Specialist Leonor Alvarez-Maza Contributing Writers

Paul Rubio, Liza Grant Smith, Lola Thélin Contributing Photographers/Illustrators

Sig Bokalders, Gian Andrea di Stefano, Robert Nelson, Michael Price, Jerry Rabinowitz Social Photographers

Janis Bucher, Lucien Capehart, Davidoff Studios, Mort Kaye, Lila Photo, Paulette Martin, Studio Palm Beach

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A. Lange & Söhne congratulates Hamilton Jewelers on 100 years as a family-owned business

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Associate Publisher, Naples

Executive Director, Marketing and Special Projects

William R. Wehrman

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st uA rt


eve ly n a nd A r t hu r 3764 se ocea n Bou le va rd Ha rbou r Bay Pla za st ua r t , f l 34906

balance: healthy living in naples The jewel of palm beach: The Mar-a-lago Club

v ero Be Ach

Traditions: The Breakers

tw ig sw i m A nd spor t 3213 ocea n Dr ive ve ro Beac h, f l 32963 772-231- 4 472

Reflections: Longboat Key Club Neapolitan: waldorf astoria naples and Edgewater Beach Hotel

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“Almost every day here is fun; today has been more fun than most.” That’s what one of the members of our team said about the day we finalized the cover for the sixtieth anniversary issue of Palm Beach Illustrated. He was absolutely correct. It was a terrific day. Each month, the Operating Committee (our six department heads) and members of the creative team of our two flagship monthlies—Palm Beach Illustrated and Naples Illustrated—meet via video-conference to look at options for the upcoming covers. They offer opinions, argue for favorites and try to guess what will appeal to our subscribers or will jump off newsstands. “Guess” is the operative word. While we view our covers as pieces of art, correctly picking what will appeal and what will sell is certainly more guesswork than art, and it definitely is not science. Any veteran of this business will tell you the covers that create the most buzz, or sell the most magazines, often are a surprise. Endless research, industry analysts and dozens of “cover doctors” all lead to the same conclusion for the gray beards in our industry: No one knows what works. The founding editor of People, a wonderful guy named Richard Stolley, who was the editor of Life at one point, developed 10 “rules” for covers. No. 10 was to never, ever, put a penguin on a cover. He and his team at Life had what they thought was the best images from Antarctica ever and put on the cover what they deemed the most delightful, energetic and fun wildlife photo. It bombed. That was it for penguins. Stolley’s Rule No. 1 is: “Recently dead celebs.” They do wonders for magazines. It’s rather macabre, but think John Lennon, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. People thrives on those. Stolley ruefully noted, however, you can’t depend on one every week. Thankfully, Palm Beach Illustrated and Naples Illustrated have a different mission. Our brand signature is fashion on the cover, executed with a creative vision and by a talented crew of photographers, models, stylists and design experts. Add top-quality paper and printing to the mix, and you have a beautiful, hopefully iconic, representation of the luxury lifestyle in our markets. Anniversary issues always present a special challenge. In this case, a lively debate went on much longer than our cover meetings normally last. The creative team presented some amazing options, prompting the “today has been more fun than most” remark. Go to and search “anniversary cover” to see the options for our cover selection. Feel free to tell us which one you would have picked. And be assured, you won’t see any penguins or the dearly departed. That wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.




robert nelson

The Art of the Cover

Town Center at Boca Raton 561.368.1493


Sixty years young


n 1952, when this magazine was founded, Palm Beach was a very different place—the pace was slower and the mood one of perpetual leisure. A few family dynasties, many with household names, dominated the scene. You could actually find a table at your favorite restaurant and a parking spot on Worth Avenue (if you drove at all). But some things haven’t changed. Then and now, Palm Beach was the epicenter of social activity in the winter, churning out a whirlwind of parties, one more glamorous and exclusive than the next. In the ’50s, Palm Beach was an American legend—and still is. Sixty years later, we celebrate Palm Beach, past and present, and our role in chronicling the glamour and gaiety of this great American playground. This issue, our diamond-anniversary edition, is a nod to the Palm Beach that was and a tribute to its considerable evolution. We begin with our signature feature, “The Palm Beach 20.” This year, we feature some local legends—persons who have made an indelible mark on the local scene—as well as individuals who are shaking things up now, setting the stage for the next 60 years. Turn to page 84 to see who made this year’s lineup, and check out some behind-the-scenes shots below. One thing that has been enduring since the first cornerstone was laid is the locals’ appetite for gorgeous jewelry. Because it’s our diamond anniversary, we focus exclusively on the queen of all gemstones. See the glittering array of some of our favorite diamond jewels in “Cool as Ice,” on page 142. Crystals may not be diamonds, but they can be oh, so chic in the hands of the Swarovski family. We visit Nadja Swarovski and family at their compound in Vero Beach’s Windsor for a glimpse at their Florida lifestyle. Though the living is quiet and carefree, the home itself packs a major “wow” factor. See for yourself in “Crystal Clear,” on page 118. There is much more to love about this issue—a classic Palm Beach dinner party and entertaining tips by beloved islander Tom Quick, a 1950s-inspired fashion story photographed at a local mansion by fabulous Italian photographer Gian Andrea di Stefano, midcentury design vignettes by local designers, and the list goes on. Enjoy every page of it—and join us as we celebrate this momentous milestone.

lauren lieberman/LILA PHOTO


Daphne Nikolopoulos Clockwise from top: On the set with Dan Ponton, Lesly Smith and Alex Dreyfoos






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Venue: CafĂŠ Boulud, Palm Beach Benefiting: Everglades Preparatory Academy and Glades Academy Elementary Schools 1. Emilia and Jose Pepe Fanjul 2. Lourdes and Pepe Fanjul Jr. 3. Roman and Helena Martinez IV 4. Gerry Seay, Pauline Pitt 5. Vanessa and Mila Mulroney 6. Percy Steinhart, Cynthia Boardman 7. Christopher and Grace Meigher, Llwyd Ecclestone

6 7



et h o s handwoven from recycled sari silk

delray beach 561 279 7777 new york 212 647 1144







lucien capehart


POLICEMEN’S BALL Venue: The Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach Benefiting: The Palm Beach Police Foundation 1. Kayla, Annie and Gigi Falk 2. Donald Trump, Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart, David Foster 3. Anne Surovek, Congressman Allen West, Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio 4. Ramona and Mario Singer 5. Veronica Webb, Chris Del Gatto 6. Howard Bernick, Nancy Brinker 7. Tim Moran, Palm Beach Police Chief Kirk and Tasha Blouin, Eileen Burns, John Scarpa 38








HOSPICE EVENING Venue: The Breakers, Palm Beach Hosted by: the Palm Beach Membership of the Hospice Foundation of Palm Beach County 1. Cater and Alice Randolph 2. Rebecca Jobo, Boaz Mazor 3. Jackie and Beau Breckenridge 4. Oscar de la Renta fashion by Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach 5. Jack and Cathy Flagg, Helen Messic, Amanda and Chuck Schumacher 6. Sharon O’Neil, Lynn Homes





lucien capehart


TONS OF TOYS Life here is reserved for quality time with friends and family on 2,400 private acres dedicated to enjoyment. Club features and amenities include: Our Camo Bell 407 Helicopter, Horses, Fitness Cottage, Swimming Pool and Sundeck, Barbecue Pavilion, 5-Stand Range, Trap Field, 200-yard Target Range, Pheasant Release Tower, Endless Acres of Quail Fields, Archery Range, Italian Shotguns, Jack Nicklaus Putting Green, Quail Aviary, Zip Line, Swamp Buggies, Sports Field, Bridle Paths, Mountain Bike, Canoeing and Nature Trails, and of course our very own Master Chef.

Great People, Good Friends, Good Times and Lots of Toys — It doesn’t get any better.

Sales and Information: John Reynolds, (561) 346-9365 23721 NE 48th Ave / Okeechobee, FL 34972 /



lucien capehart



PALM BEACH OPERA GALA Event: 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee Concert and Gala Venue: Kravis Center, West Palm Beach 1. Alvaro Martinez-Fonts, Hillary Matchett, Jonathan Diamond, Brad Deflin 2. John, Mac and Zelda Schwebel 3. Zach, Cathy and Marc Solomon 4. Sherrill Milnes, Maria Zouves, Daniel Biaggi 5. Mari and Jon Secada 6. Robert Nederlander, Frayda Lindemann, Patricia Cook 4





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Caring for Palm Beach’s communities

At Wells Fargo, we believe we can only be as strong as the communities in which we work and live. That’s why we’ve provided a broad range of support to the Palm Beach-area charities and causes listed here. In addition to volunteer time, we’ve committed more than $11 million to Florida nonprofit organizations in the past year. In this spirit, we salute all of these organizations for their tireless efforts to enhance the quality of life for people living in Palm Beach and the city’s surrounding communities. © 2011 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. ECG-702368

211 Palm Beach/Treasure Coast Achievement Center for Children and Families Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness Alzheimer’s Community Care American Association of Caregiving Youth American Cancer Society – Boca Raton American Heart Association – Greater Southeast Affiliate American Lung Association – West Palm Beach American Red Cross – West Palm Beach Andrew S. Roddick Foundation Animal Rescue Force of South Florida Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Foundation Aspira of Florida Bartons Boosters Bethesda Hospital Foundation Big Brothers Big Sisters – West Palm Beach Big Heart Brigade Boca Helping Hands Boca Raton Museum of Art Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation Boy Scouts of America Gulfstream Council Boynton Beach Faith Based Community Development Corporation Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County C.R.O.S. Ministries Cancer Alliance of Help and Hope Caridad Center Carver Middle School Center for Technology Enterprise and Development Childrens Healing Institute Children’s Healthcare Charity Citrus Cove Elementary City of Riviera Beach Weed and Seed Program Club at Admirals Cove Charity Foundation Community Back to School Bash Community Caring Center of Boynton Beach Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties Community Land Trust of Palm Beach County Compass Community Center Consumer Credit Management Services Credit Card Management Services Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Dori Slosberg Foundation Dots Success Academy

Dress for Success Palm Beaches Easter Seals Florida Education Foundation of Palm Beach County El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center Families First of Palm Beach County Farmworkers’ Children’s Council Farmworkers Coordinating Council of Palm Beach County Fisher House Foundation Florence Fuller Child Development Centers Florida Atlantic University Foundation Florida Fishing Academy forgotten Soliders Outreach Friends of Green Cay Nature Center Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization Gratitude House Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce Charities Gumbo Limbo Nature Center Habitat for Humanity of South Palm Beach County Habitat for Humanity Palm Beach County Hispanic Human Resources Council Holy Cross Catholic Preschool and Center Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation Housing Leadership Council of Palm Beach County Housing Partnership International Society of Palm Beach Jack the Bike Man Jerry Thomas Elementary School Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches Junior League – West Palm Beach Justworld International Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation – West Palm Beach Kind Foundation Kings Academy Lake Worth Community High School Band Lake Worth Street Painting Festival Leaders In Furthering Education Against Drug Abuse Leadership Palm Beach County Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County Little Smiles Locks of Love Loggerhead Marinelife Center Lord’s Place Manatee Elementary School March of Dimes Foundation – West Palm Beach

Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County Milagro Center Mima Foundation Neighborhood Renaissance New Hope Charities North Grade Elementary School Northwest Community Consortium Norton Museum of Art Olympic Heights Community High School Operation Homefront – West Palm Beach Operation Hope Opportunity Inc. of Palm Beach County Orthodox Zion Child Development Center Palm Beach County Cultural Council Palm Beach County Gator Club Palm Beach County Sheriffs Foundation Palm Beach Day Academy Palm Beach School for Autism Palm Beach State College Foundation Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of the Palm Beaches Potentials Charter School Rooneys Golf Foundation Roosevelt Middle School Royal Palm Beach Elementary School S.E.A.R. Foundation Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary Sari Asher Center for Integrative Cancer Care School of the Arts Foundation Schoolhouse Children’s Museum & Learning Center Seagull Industries for the Disabled South Florida Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure South Florida Science Museum Speak Up! for Kids of Palm Beach County Suncoast Community High School T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society Temple Torah of West Boynton Beach The Soup Kitchen Tri County Humane Society Turning Points Academy United Way – Palm Beach United Way of Palm Beach County Urban League of Palm Beach County Urban Youth Impact Vets Helping Heroes Waverunners Girls Basketball Team West Palm Beach Library Foundation YMCA – Boca Raton YMCA of the Palm Beaches Your Bosom Buddies II

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v Martin Short

One of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, Martin Short’s career spans television, movies and Broadway, with plenty of acting, singing, writing and producing along the way. Known for his fearless comedic performances, Short created iconic characters such as

Saturday Night Live’s Ed Grimley, a triangle-playing nerd obsessed with Wheel of Fortune; Franck Eggelhoffer, the flamboyant event planner with a mysterious accent in the Father of the Bride movie series; and Jiminy Glick, a heavyset and patronizing celebrity interviewer who knows very little about pop culture. These days, Short is the voice of the titular feline in the TV series The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, has a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother and is a judge on Canada’s Got Talent, which airs this month. As part of a nationwide tour, he is coming to the Kravis Center on March 28 to perform a one-man comedic show in which he’ll bring many of his characters to life. —Jennifer Pfaff n You’ve created so many well-known characters

and starred in so many recognizable roles. What is your favorite or most meaningful? I don’t have a favorite. It sounds pretentious, but they become your kids. You like them all. You’ve created them all. I usually let people tell me what they like. Comedy is a very subjective animal. So what one person might like, the other person might despise. But that’s all okay. n Can you tell us about Franck Eggelhoffer’s

background and his accent? Where is he from? I never determined that. I felt that he was born in Eastern Europe but he’d summered in France and he’d wintered in St. Barths and he’d been on yachts, and so his accent was so filled with pretention that at times he’d say, “Yes,” and at times he’d say, “Yah.” n What is your life motto? To be happy. Everything happens to people, and you just have to figure out a way to still find happiness and joy in life, because it’s not a rehearsal. This is it. | March 2012 49

forwardvinsider In Design New York City-based interior designer Celerie Kemble, who hails from Palm Beach, will appear at Pioneer Linens in West Palm Beach on March 28 to sign copies of her new book, Black and White: And a Bit in Between. Stop by between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. to meet the designer and snag your copy of this hardcover home decor inspiration. (561-655-8553)


PBI’s Garden Party The Gardens Mall will celebrate 60 years of style with Palm Beach Illustrated from March 1018. Promotions include customdesigned Palm Beach Illustrated reading lounges throughout the mall, special offers and a Facebook contest with a fabulous grand prize courtesy of The Gardens Mall announced March 18, all in honor of our Diamond Anniversary. palmbeachillustrat

Fresh Finds Palm Beach is known for its bright resort wear—which is why Asquared Fashion and Design Lounge doesn’t carry any of it. The El Cid boutique, at 319 Belvedere Road, offers a refreshing assortment of fashion, art and home decor gems from up-and-coming designers, including Poor Cat Designs jewelry and locally based Allegra Fanjul accessories, Axi Mines watches and Tony Arruza photography. Southern belles Angela Koch Stockham, owner, and Allison Wilder, manager, both from Louisiana, compiled a neutral-colored palette of lightweight apparel and classic yet edgy accessories like hand-stitched leather handbags and python skin clutches. Linger and chat in one of the boutique’s two plush sitting areas, and you’ll feel right at home in this carefree shopping space. (561-318-5987,

Language learning As a multilingual speaker, part-time Palm Beacher Caryn Antonini wanted her infant son to learn another language at an early age. When she couldn’t find adequate teaching tools, she created her own. Antonini’s Early Lingo DVDs present a mix of animation and live-action footage as native-language speakers narrate the playful experiences of Jojo and Lulu, an animated monkey and bird. Importantly, there’s no English translation, so toddlers as young as six months absorb the language by watching and listening. Now, Antonini’s 2-year-old son babbles in English, Italian and Spanish—not your average toddler talk. The DVDs, available in six languages, are sold at C. Orrico, Palm Beach.



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forwardvplayers Swing King

In Good Taste

instruction at The Breakers, the biggest mis-

competitive Top Chef: Texas was a stark con-

takes golfers make occur before they ever step

trast to her peachy days of youth, spending

foot on the course. “They try to take in too much

summers on her grandfather’s peach orchard.

information and set expectations too high,” he

“I never realized how competitive I was be-

says. “After watching golf on TV, you expect to

cause I never played sports growing up,” she

perform at a certain level and see more than

says. “I found I was able to think under the

you do.” He incorporates these philosophies into

Top Chef pressure, even though I’ve never had

his teaching style, which is a simple yet custom-

my heart race so fast or wanted to throw up

ized approach. While he instructs the gamut of

every minute.” While filiming is complete, at

players from corporate groups with beginners to “It’s a lot of work but devoted members, he loves helping juniors learn it’s way better to have

press time the West Palm Beach chef was still

According to John Webster, director of golf

Lindsay Autry’s time on Bravo’s intensely

the game. “They pick it up so quickly and get so this career than to sit in an office all day, so I’m much enjoyment out of it.” —Liza Grant Smith really fortunate.”

Webster arrived on the scene in 2005, bringing with him the perfect cocktail of private club (Caves Valley) and big resort (Doral) experience to quench The Breakers’ golf program needs.

Wake-Up Call

Raimi Merritt was ultimately too “board” to

follow in her father’s (bare) footsteps. Inheriting what seems to be a genetic disposition to the water from her father Steve, a former world champion and professional barefoot water skier, Merritt found her passion in the burgeoning sport of wakeboarding. A pro since 2007, Merritt, 18, has toured the world and garnered virtually all the major accolades the sport has to offer, including five consecutive Wakeboard World Cup titles, and is a two-time “Female Pro Rider of the Year.” Merritt divides her time between Lake Osborne in Lantana, and Orlando, working with an entourage of professionals, including a fitness trainer, a trampoline coach, a rail coach and a coach for behind the boat. —L.G.S.



in the competition as it aired. Her mantra? “I’m always trying to be creative but stay true and hold integrity to the ingredients I use.” —L.G.S.

Autry’s cooking style has always been a fusion of her Southern and Greek roots, travels to Mexico and experiences with Argentinean and Caribbean cuisine.

MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

now accepting Fashion is all about options palM BeaCh

BoCa Raton

foRt laudeRdale

Bal haRBouR

CoRal GaBles


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Be what s’ next


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THE LOOK v clear cut Transparency is the word.


photo montage: Leonor Alvarez-Maza

By Katherine Lande

Hot pink and clear heel with ankle strap, Christian Louboutin, Miami; Oscar de la Renta leather and PVC lace-up heel, similar style, Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach and Boca Raton; crocheted and clear handbag with chain strap, Dolce & Gabbana, Bal Harbour; Plexi-stud minaudière, Valentino, Palm Beach. | MARCH 2012 63

style v baubles one to watch stay ahead of your time while expressing your personality. By Michelle M. Havich

M-I-C-K-E-Y Y? Because we love this Happy Mickey watch ($41,430) in gem-set steel, with three moving diamonds and a Mickey Mouse head set with white and black diamonds. Chopard, Palm Beach (561-805-5710,

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Twinkling Stars The Lady Diver Starry Night watch ($30,600) by Ulysse Nardin features a black dial set with 27 diamonds in an 18-karat rose gold case. It’s water resistant up to 100 meters. Boca Raton (561-9888600,

An Important Date Carl F. Bucherer’s Manero CentralChrono chronograph watch ($7,100) features dials for seconds and minutes on its face, so you will never be late again. Provident Jewelry, West Palm Beach (561-833-7755, providentjewelry. com), Jupiter (561-747-4449) and Boca Raton (561-488-7737) 64


Under the Sea The Hublot Oceanographic 4000 watertight titanium watch ($21,800) features a black rubber strap and can be worn on dives as deep as 4,000 meters. Palm Beach (561-8338588,

Greater expectations. Few expect a hybrid to be luxurious. Maybe it’s time we all expected more. The 2012 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. The most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in America.* 41 C ITY MP G

It’s not just luxury. It’s smarter than that. Find out more about fuel-efficient Lincoln vehicles at L i n c o L n . c o m . *EPA-estimated 41 city/36 hwy/39 combined mpg. Actual mileage will vary. Excludes diesels.

style v vanity shaving grace


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The morning shave has become more of a ritual than a chore. Luxurious shaving creams, skin-prep products and accessories that harken back to the old-fashioned barber shop days are de rigueur for the sophisticated male. We love The Art of Shaving’s fine badger brush, shaver and customizable stand from the Power Shave Collection ($450, set) and Sandalwood Essential Oil Shaving Cream ($22, Saks Fifth Avenue); Jack Black’s crueltyfree Pure Performance Shave Brush ($85, Sephora); Anthony Logistics Pre-Shave Oil ($20, Ulta, Wellington); and Omega super-rich shaving cream and brush set, made in Italy ($20,

Prepare to be Dazzled...

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style v tastemakers Be Inspired Handbag designer Be Inthavong was born in Laos but grew up in Texas, where his family emigrated when he was 8. Like many young immigrants, he vowed to live the life of a westerner, but upon revisiting his homeland after college, he reconnected with his roots in a powerful, unexpected way. Soon after, he began a career in design, spanning the gamut from jewelry to hair accessories. Eventually, he answered a calling to handbag design, forming Be & D with partner Steve Dumain. He left that company in 2009 and launched his own signature collection of bags, using an original technique inspired by Laotian weaving traditions with a modern twist. The bags, made of microstrips of leather woven with silk and presented in an array of resort colors, are carried exclusively by Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach. —Daphne Nikolopoulos

PBI: How different is your signature line from the work you did for Be & D? INTHAVONG: Completely different. The DNA behind my namesake brand is based on my personal history and journey of my heritage craft of Laos silk weaving. The aesthetic also is different—the shapes are cleaner and extremely lightweight. How has Laos influenced your aes-

Your line is bringing awareness to

Your silk and leather material is so


the Laotian culture and creating

unique. Tell us about the weaving

I am using Laotian silk looms to weave

jobs for the people. How important


my leathers. However, I remain more

was it to contribute in this way?

I cannot go into too much detail since I

western with my aesthetic. I have

Since I was given the opportunity to be

have a patent pending on the process.

learned to modernize the traditional

raised as a proud Laotian-American, I

However, I can share the concept

sensibility of Laos by combining it with

want to bring awareness to my heritage

behind it. I take leather and laser-cut

my global influence of leather goods

as much as I can. I hope to work with the

it extremely thin, like leather threads.

from Italy and the rest of the world.

Laos Ambassador to the U.N. to preserve our heritage craft (silk weaving).

Then I modify the silk loom in Laos that has been around for 500 years. I

What inspires your color palette?

add the leather and weave into the silk

For the spring 2012 collection, one of

How do you spend your time when

loom. As a result, the leather is held

my main color inspirations was coral.

you are not working?

together strand by strand by silk.

I found a flower in Laos while I was

I spend my time with friends, because

out jogging. It was the exact shade I

they are like family to me. There is

wanted. I took the flower and hand-

nothing more inspiring to move forward.

dyed the color into the threads using an organic dying process that allows

Will we see more of you in Palm

the ability to capture colors found in

Beach this season?

nature, which chemical dying cannot

I hope to be in Palm Beach in March,

achieve. Also, I used turquoise in my

launching my bespoke collection. Cus-

collection. The look of the leather and

tomers can customize their bags with

silk weave is more vibrant and has an

special trimming materials and new

almost lacquered finish that cannot be

leather and silk weaves, which I will be

achieved in leather tanning.

bringing. I just started the new weave process and it looks beautiful. u



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diversions first class v UNTAMED SAFARI Experience Botswana’s rich wildlife away from the madding crowd. By Paul Rubio

A wonderland of prolific floodplains, dense woodlands and nutrient-rich semideserts, Botswana’s landmass is a recipe for wildlife prosperity. With fewer than two million people in a nation the size of France, this precious tract of planet Earth is ruled by the animals. And the adventurous traveler is handsomely rewarded for taking southern Africa’s road less traveled.

courtesy &beyond

Tented luxury at Chobe Under Canvas in Botswana’s remote Chobe National Park. | MARCH 2012 71

paul rubio

diversions v first class

Clockwise from top: Watching the elephants cross the Zambezi River; the living room of Nxabega; gathering by the fire at Chobe Under Canvas; an elephant close encounter.



Botswana’s game-rich north headlines the safari diaries of the globe’s savviest wildlife enthusiasts. The remote safari camps of the Okavango Delta pepper the breathtaking floodplains, reached exclusively by small, light aircraft, which are required to traverse the undeveloped terrain. Lodges here are categorized as either “wet” or “dry,” depending on proximity to the permanent flood zones, thus determining if a road vehicle or a boat will serve as the primary method of transportation after touchdown. Though located on a dry edge of the wetlands bordering Moremi Game Reserve, &Beyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp showcases the best of the delta’s dichotomous offerings. Extensive dirt roads weave through the 19,800-acre wildlife concession Nxabega calls home. With exclusive rights to this stunning swath of land, Nxabega doles out Africa’s most candid wildlife moments without competition from other vehicles or lodges. This exclusivity trans-

lates into intimate, hours-long sessions with prides of curious lions, foraging herds of elephants and boisterous baby hyenas at your own pace and with no other humans in sight—a far cry from the more typical crowded safari experience. To complement the game drives, the Nxabega team capitalizes on the crystal clear channels defining the delta, offering the splendidly romantic mokoro experience—a leisurely boat ride along the papyrus-lined banks of the floodplains in a dugout canoe, where 360-degree immersion in the delta’s beauty of low-lying islands completely ambushes your senses. Back at the camp, an oasis of alfresco luxury awaits. The Nxabega enclave consists of nine exclusive tented suites and a number of common dining and social areas, all of which unassumingly blend into the wilderness. The tented suites feature luxurious bathrooms, private verandas overlooking the floodplain, and just enough canvas to keep you feeling se-

Tea time at Nxabega (left); the Nxabega dining area in the midst of the Okavango Delta drylands.

changes from one of serenity to one of explosive encounters in the animal kingdom. No two days—or two hours—are the same. Though more hard-core and demanding than Nxabega (while still in the realm of luxury), Chobe Under Canvas is the ultimate untamed wildlife experience and the supreme way to experience Africa in the raw. u cure when you hear the elephants snoring and the leopards hunting come nightfall. Whether served in the privacy of your suite, by candlelight in the bush, or in the atmospheric outdoor dining room, each meal falls nothing short of experiential, featuring exotic farm-to-table ingredients and unbelievable fresh baked goods that could impress top French chefs. From the suite butler to your personal ranger, the on-site team demonstrates tremendous pride in both culture and work. Camp staff members often join guests after dinner to engage in traditional song and dance. No matter what time of day or night, the constant smiles, effortless hospitality and unwavering diligence elevate Nxabega to a category of its own. Africa teems with gorgeous lodges and majestic wildlife, but few places have yet to master this level of service. Nxabega’s culture of excellent service extends to its sister &Beyond camps beyond the delta. At &Beyond Chobe Under Canvas, a team of two dozen works tirelessly to facilitate exclusive “glamping” within the boundaries of Botswana’s renowned Chobe National Park. Though fewer creature comforts are offered in the spacious mobile tents, the wildlife experiences at Chobe are exceptional. And camping inside one of the most wildlife-intense national parks in the world conjures an extreme sense of adventure and excitement. Not only is Chobe home to one of the largest concentrations of elephants on the continent, its riverbanks and interiors are loaded with zebras, pukus, buffaloes, sable and roan antelope, eagles, lions and Nile crocodiles, too. Given so many species in such close quarters, the scene quickly

does your

kisser need a

tune up?

Ask us how. Call today.

1500 N. Dixie HigHway, Suite 304 weSt Palm BeacH, Fl 33401 n tel. 561-833-4022 | MARCH 2012 73

diversions v high road


Audi’s dazzling new A7 four-door coupe is a feast for the eyes and just as breathtaking to drive. BY HOWARD WALKER

There’s a reason why so many new cars these days have all the visual excitement of a Maytag washer-dryer. Rules and regs on everything from bumper height to hood angle, from headlight size to grille surfacing—all in the good name of safety—will stifle a designer’s creativity as quickly as downing a pint of novocaine. Throw in the need for cars to be aerodynamically optimized, so as to cheat the wind and guzzle less gas, and you tend to end up with shapes spit out from mega-gig Dells that possess all the bold, angular tension of Play-Doh. Yet once in a while, a car comes along that breaks all the rules. A car so achingly gorgeous, so classy, so stylish, so darned sexy, you wonder whether it’s not some wild auto show concept never destined for production. But the stunning 2012 Audi A7 is up for grabs right now and grabbing more awards than Clooney on Oscar night: Autoweek Best of the Best, Esquire Car of the Year, Automobile of the Year. Word has it that it will soon be starring in its own reality TV show. What we have here is a big, fastback four-door, or four-door coupe; a variation on the theme created by the groundbreaking Mercedes-Benz CLS back in 2004. But the added surprise and delight the Audi provides is the addition of a giant, high-lifting tailgate and a cargo area equaled only by a PODS storage container in its 74


ability to swallow “stuff.” Never has practicality looked so pretty. Climb aboard and the coolness continues with a cabin that melds hand-stitched leather and awesome matte-finish veneer luxury with more cool technology than the inside of an Apple store. Most of the interior fixtures and fittings are sourced from Audi’s flagship A8, including the 8-inch full-color LCD screen that displays stunning Google Earth images. Sign up for T-Mobile and the Audi even becomes a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, supporting as many as eight devices. Then there’s the optional ear-bleeding 1,300-watt Bang & Olufsen stereo with über-cool motorized tweeters that levitate from the corners of the dash. And how cool is the A7’s magic touchpad on the center console? Instead of tapping buttons to input an address into the nav system, you simply draw the letters with your index finger on the small pad. Of course, the tradeoff of having a roofline that resembles a ski slope is that headroom in the back is a little tight. And getting into the two individual rear buckets requires care not to whack your head. But who says form really has to follow function? For such a biggish sedan with such athletic lines, you might expect to find a muscled V-8 under the hood. Instead, the Audi gets its considerable motivation from a 3.0-liter 310-horsepower supercharged V-6 coupled to a swift-shifting, super-responsive eightspeed automatic.


It’s a jewel of a motor, delivering rapid 0-to-60-mph sprinting in 5.4 seconds, yet averaging a socially responsible 28 miles to the gallon on the highway. But where the A7 excels is in its mid-range thrust, its 325 pound-feet of torque making light work of scything past slower traffic, or punching out of a tight on-ramp to join interstate traffic. And with Quattro all-wheel drive expertly and efficiently distributing all those torques among each of the wheels, the Audi feels beautifully balanced and nimble when scooting through tight curves. No complaints, either, with the steering, which has all the sharpness and precision of a Nip/Tuck scalpel. Yet despite the car’s sporty genes, the ride is surprisingly smooth, serene and composed, with just the right amount of firmness to remind you that you’re driving a German thoroughbred. You’ll pay a whisker over $60,000 to drive off in a new A7, though with a few must-have additions—like that $5,900 Bang & Olufsen sound system—it’s not too difficult to top $75-grand. But this new A7 would seem a good value at $100,000. In my book, a car that looks this delicious is pretty priceless. u

© 2012, RHMI

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as d br help dde can ria




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Palm Beach Illustrated celebrates local legends and fascinating

people shaping the local landscape.



The Advocate HARVEY OYER Photographed by Michael Price at the Trapper’s Cabin at Yesteryear Village, West Palm Beach

Harvey Oyer is a true renaissance man—prominent attorney, archaeologist, author, community advocate and conservationist are all titles he has earned and roles he juggles. The West Palm Beach resident, who traces his lineage to some of the county’s earliest inhabitants, including the legendary Barefoot Mailman, has been instrumental in preserving local history and educating future generations about it. His first children’s book, The Last Egret, is now mandatory reading for every fourth-grader countywide and has won five awards. He is justifiably proud of that contribution, though he’s had so many more. His most current projects include setting up nature habitat conservation banks throughout Florida and shepherding the completion of the 12,000-square-foot addition to the South Florida Science Museum, where he serves as a board member and pro bono lawyer.

The Power Couple Jack and Barbara Nicklaus Photo courtesy of Jim Mandeville/The Nicklaus Companies

Jack Nicklaus is hailed as one of golf’s greatest players, having won 118 professional tournaments in 50 years. Off the green, he and his wife, Barbara, who have lived in North Palm Beach since 1965, have captured titles together for their contributions to children’s health services. In 2005, they established the Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation, which has raised more than $15 million. They were inducted into the Ambassador David M. Walter International Pediatric Hall of Fame, and also have received The Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizens Award and the Francis Ouimet Lifelong Contributions to Golf Award.

The Pioneer Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau Vintage photo courtesy of Lilly Pulitzer

No one has done more for Palm Beach style than Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau. It’s a familiar story: In 1959, then the young wife of media mogul Peter Pulitzer, she opened a juice stand in Palm Beach. To disguise the citrus stains on her clothes, she began making her own brightly colored dresses, which eventually attracted more customers than the juice. Pulitzer’s spunk (she still has it), with some help from her friends, including then-First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, catapulted the brand to the fame it enjoys today. There is no question that when people think of Palm Beach, they think of Pulitzer’s cheery prints. Though she’s sold the company, her original vision still informs the design more than 50 years later. That’s what we call staying power.

Lilly Pulitzer, circa 1960s, in her Palm Beach boutique | MARCH 2012 87

The Lifesaver NANCY BRINKER Photographed by Robert Nelson at the Brinker residence, Palm Beach

A promise to her sister has made former U.S. Ambassador Nancy Brinker the savior of millions of women worldwide. Brinker created the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation in 1982, after the 1980 death of her sister. The name changed to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2007, but the mission remains the same—to find a cure for breast cancer. To that end, Brinker travels around the world wearing her pink ribbon to bring the cause into the forefront. Each year, more than a million people participate in Race for the Cure events in more than 120 cities around the world to help raise awareness and, most importantly, funds that go to research and programs.



The Arts Aficionado Alexander Dreyfoos Photographed by Robert Nelson at Dreyfoos Hall at the Kravis Center, West Palm Beach

If it weren’t for Alexander Dreyfoos, West Palm Beach may have never boasted the acclaimed cultural offerings it does today. The founder of Photo Electronics Corp. had a vision to build a world-class performing arts center in the city, and although the idea was scoffed at more than once, his perseverance never faded, and he formed the Palm Beach County Cultural Council in 1978 to generate support. His fundraising efforts paid off in 1992, when the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts opened its doors. Since then, countless ballets, operas, symphonies, Broadway shows and more have graced the stage, and two venues have been added. But Dreyfoos didn’t stop there. In 1997, he donated $1 million to the Palm Beach School of the Arts, the largest education contribution in state history, prompting officials to rename the magnet high school after him. Today, Dreyfoos remains a lifetime member of the Kravis Center’s board of directors. | MARCH 2012 89

The Next Generation Kent and Loy Anderson, Tara Tobin, Chris DiSchino and Hilary Jordan Photographed by Robert Nelson in studio

There’s something to be said about a great party thrown by a group of energetic, bright young things. But when the party also has a purpose, so much the better. The next generation of Palm Beach philanthropists has found its calling with the Paradise Fund Casino Night, one of the season’s hottest parties. The people who are making it happen—brothers Kent and Loy Anderson, Tara Tobin, Chris DiSchino and Hilary Jordan—care more about doing good than partying it up with trust-fund babies. Their goal is to raise funds and educate their peers on social issues facing the community and the world. Past beneficiaries include St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Turtle Nest Village and Homeless Coalition. Next month, they head to Haiti to help communities still suffering from the earthquake of 2010.

Left to right: Hilary Jordan, Loy Anderson, Tara Tobin, Kent Anderson 90


The Giver LESLY SMITH Photographed by Robert Nelson at the Smith residence, Palm Beach

Lesly Smith’s resume gives an overwhelming testament to her passion for giving back. She has helped support numerous local nonprofits, including the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, the Society of the Four Arts and the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach. Last year, she received the Distinguished Community Citizen Award from the Town of Palm Beach United Way, and the Garden Club of Palm Beach named a landscaping award after her. Currently, she is president of the Fortin Foundation of Florida and the Fortin Child Care Foundation. Smith was a member of the Palm Beach Town Council from 1993 to 2000, serving as council president from 1995 to 2000. From there, she ran a successful campaign for the mayor of Palm Beach, a position she held until 2005 and one about which she remains modest. “I myself had no great accomplishments,” she says. “Everything I achieved was due to the town council and wonderful staff of the Town of Palm Beach.”



The Perfect Host DAN PONTON Photographed by Robert Nelson at the Ponton residence, Palm Beach

Oh, the stories Dan Ponton could tell about Palm Beach society—yet he doesn’t. As the owner of Club Colette for 30 years, he has seen the island’s social fabric evolve, embellish and unravel many times over, and through it all he has remained the consummate host—polite, effervescent, generous, discreet. He brings the same energy to his philanthropic endeavors here and worldwide. Through his Daniel E. Ponton Fund for the Neurosciences, which he launched after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, he helps bring innovative neurosurgery to Africans. Don’t let that polished image fool you; he rolls up his sleeves with the best of them. Each year, he travels to Africa (this spring he’ll be in Tanzania) to support the medics performing spine and brain surgery. | MARCH 2012 93

The Developer E. Llwyd Ecclestone III Photographed by Michael Price in front of the Regions Financial Tower, West Palm Beach

The landscape of Palm Beach County has changed quite a bit since E. Llwyd Ecclestone III arrived here in 1965, and he’s responsible for a lot of it. In addition to developments like Lost Tree Village and Old Port Cove as well as The Forum and Regions Financial Tower office buildings, he helped start the Benjamin School in 1974 and brought the PGA to Palm Beach Gardens by developing PGA National Resort & Spa. These days, when he’s not building student housing in Arizona, he loves to be on his sailboat, Artemis, which is docked in the Caribbean. Ecclestone has no plans to retire any time soon. In fact, he’s under doctor’s orders not to. “He said, ‘The best thing for you is don’t retire.’”



The Philanthropist PATRICK PARK Photographed by Robert Nelson at the Park residence, Jupiter

If you, like all good Palm Beachers, are out and about on the charity circuit, chances are you have seen one name appear over and over in event programs. Just this season alone, Patrick Park has supported the local American Cancer Society, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Cleveland Clinic, American Heart Association and Palm Beach Opera, among others. He is, hands down, one of the most generous souls in this community. He gives because he’s never had any illusions about his blessings. Wealth (his came from steel-related industries and private equity investments) is temporal, he says; sharing it serves a higher purpose. Whatever the motivation, he’s helped improve quality of life in Palm Beach by funding medical research, health care, culture (he is also a classically trained pianist) and the arts. | MARCH 2012 95

The Original Mimi McMakin Photographed by Robert Nelson at the McMakin residence, Palm Beach

It is rare, in this town of transplants, to find a born-and-raised Palm Beacher, let alone a fifth-generation Palm Beacher like interior designer Mimi McMakin. Her great-grandfather actually brought a house here by barge from New York in 1891. It’s still standing, right next door to McMakin’s home, which is in the island’s oldest church building. The founder of Kemble Interiors, whose design signature has practically become synonymous with Palm Beach style, loves the fact that she has lived here her whole life, “living barefoot” and riding around with the top down on her father’s white Cadillac. Palm Beach, she says, has always had a nice small-town attitude. “It may be more grand, there may be bigger cars, but I think there is a genuine spirit of caring in this town and of appreciation that we’re all here. It’s beautiful. There’s nothing more we could want. Perhaps a little more rain.” | MARCH 2012 97

The Chronicler LUCIEN CAPEHART Self-portrait by Lucien Capehart in studio

A hundred years from now, someone will be rifling through the archives of Palm Beach in the late-twentieth and early-twenty-first centuries, and remarking about the iconic images of island society. Chances are, the photo credit on most of those will read “Lucien Capehart.” The quintessential society photographer of his time (he’s been at it for 38 years), Capehart has chronicled many of the moments that have shaped Palm Beach’s history. For that, he was one of five photographers honored by the Historical Society of Palm Beach County during its Archival Evening last year. In his rare spare time, he supports the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens through his efforts with the Gentlemen of the Garden, of which he’s been a member for the past 20 years. 98


The Fabulous Iris Apfel Photographed by Michael Price at the Apfel residence, Palm Beach

“The idea of doing this at my tender age, I’m just thrilled,” says fashion icon Iris Apfel, 90. “This” includes creating a line of accessories for the Home Shopping Network, designing a line of glasses for Eye-Bobs and being a visiting professor for the University of Texas, taking students around the Big Apple through a program called “UT in NYC.” That caught the attention of filmmaker Albert Maysles, who is doing a documentary about the part-time Palm Beacher, who splits her time between Florida and New York with Carl, her husband of 64 years. Apfel also inspired a line of makeup for MAC with bold lipstick colors like Pink Pigeon and Scarlet Ibis, all of which have sold out on the company’s website. She shows no signs of slowing down, but she is loving every minute of it. “I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it.” | MARCH 2012 99

The Tastemaker John Loring Photographed by Robert Nelson in studio

John Loring is a creative genius, as a designer, artist and author of 23 style and entertaining books. He is the design director emeritus of Tiffany & Co., a title he assumed in 2009 when he retired as the jewelry company’s design director. Retirement certainly has not slowed him down. “I only retired from going to meetings,” he says. He still does work for Tiffany, most recently on projects to celebrate the company’s 175th anniversary. Loring also is a trained artist who creates collages and prints, some of which are in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum, both in New York. He spends most of his time in Palm Beach, having grown tired of New York winters, and is working on his twenty-fourth book, this one about himself. But don’t expect juicy secrets. “Those will be in the sequel,” he says. | MARCH 2012 101

The Champion Chris Evert

Photographed by Tom DiPace

One of the biggest names in all of tennis, Chris Evert has called South Florida home all of her life, and she’s been making it a better place for at-risk children since her 1989 retirement through her Chris Evert/Raymond James Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic held each fall. Evert, who holds 157 Singles titles and 18 Grand Slam titles, still loves the game, playing with kids at her eponymous Boca Raton academy and at various events. While she considers her biggest achievement her three children, when it comes to tennis, “the fact that I helped to inspire and encourage young girls to play the sport and set goals is most rewarding.” 102 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

The Provocateur Bruce Helander Photographed by Robert Nelson at Helander Studio, West Palm Beach

Bruce Helander brought a touch of rebellion to Palm Beach in 1982 when he opened a contemporary art gallery on Worth Avenue. For 13 years, Helander Gallery showcased cutting-edge, provocative exhibits by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and Duane Hanson. In 1985, Helander removed the windows of the gallery to bring in six seven-foot-tall John Chamberlain sculptures made of wrecked cars. Yet the biggest shock value came from a John De Andrea piece called “The Sphinx,” a realistic statue of a nude woman displayed in the front window for five weeks. “We went through a case of Windex in a week,” Helander says. The curator also was an outspoken member of Palm Beach’s Architectural Commission, fighting to preserve existing architecture on the island while allowing for more modern estates to be built. Helander, known for his pop art collages, now is editor-in-chief of The Art Economist, a contemporary art magazine. | MARCH 2012 103

The Historian Jim Ponce Photographed by Michael Price at The Breakers, Palm Beach

A living throwback to a more genteel time, Jim Ponce is a fount of information about the history of Palm Beach and its grandest hotel. Ponce, 92, gives weekly tours of The Breakers, where he started as a front desk clerk in 1952. He regales visitors with historical facts mixed in with his own 60 years’ worth of memories, including when gentlemen wouldn’t dream of coming into the hotel lobby without a coat and tie, and everyone dressed formally for dinner. “I think people appreciate that a lot of the things I am mentioning are things I am speaking of from experience,” he says. 104 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

The Gentleman Michael McCarty Photographed by Robert Nelson at Michael R. McCarty’s, Palm Beach

Michael McCarty was 18 years old and living in New York City when he first visited Palm Beach in 1973. It was love at first sight when he set foot on the relaxing, quaint beach town. He returned every year before eventually becoming a permanent resident, and then opening a restaurant in 2002 that has become the place to see and be seen on the island. Michael R. McCarty’s captures the essence of a cozy, intimate Palm Beach, with its British Colonial decor, tropical terrace and home-cooked American fare. At night, the establishment turns into a real-life crowded Cheers, where socialites frequent the bar and everybody knows your name. The lively yet casual restaurant epitomizes McCarty’s fond feelings of his first Palm Beach experience. His favorite item on the menu? “Fried green tomatoes. I just think they’re fabulous,” he says.

The Preservationists Kit Pannill and Talbott Maxey Photographed by Robert Nelson at the Pannill residence, Palm Beach

The bond between mothers and daughters can move mountains—or, in the case of Kit Pannill (right) and Talbott Maxey, build communities. For her part, Pannill has helped preserve and beautify Palm Beach through her involvement in the Preservation Foundation, the Garden Club, and the Society of the Four Arts and its gardens. She also is a horticulture judge for the Garden Club of America, an honor reserved for only the most knowledgeable garden experts. Her green thumbprint has helped educate a new generation of horticulturists, and has made the local landscape a little richer—for the benefit of all. And the proverbial apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. Maxey is carrying on her mother’s legacy though her own involvement in the Four Arts (she is a founding member of the Contemporaries young-friends group) and Preservation (she is on the executive committee). She enjoys being involved “in the things toward which my mother has steered me,” but also has an agenda of her own. She is co-chairing the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital gala and has chaired the dinner for the Community Foundation, where she started a donor-advised fund for gifted musicians. While her mother is more laid-back, Maxey sees herself as a “connector,” bringing together people and groups that can benefit each other. That, she says, is the best part of giving back, for it takes on a life of its own.


Donna Karan black elastic racer top, select Saks Fifth Avenue locations, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; cashmere briefs, Louis Vuitton, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. 108 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

CIAOBELLA pbi recreates the glamorous lifestyle of midcentury palm beach, the era of divine leisure. Photography by Gian Andrea di Stefano Jewelry provided by Betteridge, Palm Beach

Oscar de la Renta chartreuse fan scallop silk crochet short sleeve dress, Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach and Boca Raton; leather belt, Jimmy Choo, Palm Beach. Opposite page: Colored block dress, Max Mara, Palm Beach; leather belt, Jimmy Choo, Palm Beach; heels, Prada, Bal Harbour; scarf, Louis Vuitton, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; sunglasses, Bottega Veneta, Palm Beach; crocheted handbag, Dolce & Gabbana, Bal Harbour. 110 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

Jason Wu citron silk coupe blouse, print chiffon skirt, Outfit, Wynn Las Vegas,


Black and white cotton embroidered cap sleeve dress, Douglas Hannant, Palm Beach Opposite page: Bodysuit with superposĂŠ embroidery, Prada, Bal Harbour; gold crystal suede and ring strass pointy toe pump, Christian Louboutin, Miami. 114 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED | FEBRUARY | MARCH 2012 115

Christian Dior silk chiffon long dress, special order, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton Opposite page: Embellished bustier, Dolce & Gabbana, Bal Harbour Fashion Editor: Katherine Lande Design Director: Olga Gustine Model: Heide Lindgren, Muse Management, New York Hair & Makeup: Luis Beltran, Ford Artists, Miami Photography Assistants: Fernando Sanchez, Rush Zimmerman Gian Andrea di Stefano is represented by Gian Photography, Location: PBI would like to extend a special thanks to Rob and Linnette Miller for their generous hospitality; Ragtops Motorcars Palm Beach, West Palm Beach,; and Shuly Collection, New York, Property listing agent: Paulette Koch, Corcoran Group, | MARCH 2012 117

Crystal Clear

Nadja Swarovski has a strong grip on family life, work and pastimes, but a trip to Vero Beach always refreshes her mood and creates a clearer vision.

Make up: Frank Llana, Clarins

by Lola Thélin | photography by JERRY RABINOWITZ

Nadja Swarovski relaxes on the patio of her family’s Vero Beach home, in jewelry by Mary Katrantzou from the Atelier Swarovski collection. Foreground: Marble Rocks by Arik Levy Opposite page: The decor consists of black and white and wildlife themes.

Here is the Old Florida people dream of—a fusion of citrus groves and palm trees with the ocean wind whispering through, dirt roads and wooden walkways leading into elegant yet old-fashioned bungalows with an eerie sense of peace and quiet. For some Florida residents, the dream is a reality called Windsor, a 400-plus acre community eight miles north of Vero Beach founded more than 20 years ago. Equally mesmerizing as the vast greensward are the homes expressed in Anglo-Caribbean architecture. Windsor is a juxtaposition of the city life, whether it’s New York or London, which hap-

pens to be the home base for Nadja Swarovski; her husband, Rupert Adams; and their three children, Rigby, 7; Thalia, 6; and Jasmine, 4. “My children are different people when we are at Windsor. Their energy is more profound. They are more outgoing,” says Nadja. “It seems like London makes them shy, and I often wonder what the pollution is doing to my children. In Vero Beach, they can run around, enjoy the fresh air and truly be kids.” Yes, Nadja is a Swarovski, of the world-famous Swarovski crystal empire, the same crystals that have sponsored Council of Fashion Designers of America | MARCH 2012 119


(CFDA) awards for the past decade and the same crystals that those sparkling accessories and cute little animals are made of. Her Austrian great-greatgrandfather Daniel founded the enterprise in 1895, and today the fifth generation operates the crystal company. Nadja serves as head of communications and is a member of the executive board. The family’s footing in Vero Beach isn’t as puzzling as it seems. Nadja’s maternal grandfather served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and joined an influx of retiring military members to Melbourne. Her parents, Helmut and Danna Swarovski, purchased a home at John’s Island in Vero Beach. At that time, Nadja was working for Eleanor Lambert, founder of the CFDA, and one of Lambert’s clients was Windsor. Lambert insisted Nadja’s parents meet Hilary and Galen Weston, the owners of Windsor, and the rest is history. Helmut and Danna hired local architect Clemens Bruns Schaub four years ago to build their Windsor abode. The two-story villa is airy with open spaces that all look toward the house’s focal point—an open-air courtyard that holds a pool, hot tub and shaded terrace. “Hot tubbing is my kids’ favorite activity,” adds Nadja. Upstairs are Nadja and sister’s wings. “The decoration is my mother but I contributed to the layout. I wanted to have a working station, which is next door to my bedroom. That’s one of the things of working in a family business—where does business stop and private life begin?” says Nadja. Nadja’s wing is decorated with her choice of art. In the bedroom is a Kaikai Kiki Flower Plush Ball by Takashi Murakami tucked behind an armchair to prevent her children from playing with it and Tai Ping blue carpet designed by Arik Levy. Don’t forget the twentyfirst century portraits of Jasmine at nine months taken by Adam Fuss. Downstairs, hints of the family business are blended into Danna’s decor, which consists of black and white and wildlife themes as well as Greek and Roman antiquities and Sing Dynasty artifacts. Crystal candlesticks adorn the wooden dining table in the living room, and Osmosis Crystal Lava, black

The home’s focal point is the open-air courtyard; Swarovski crystal pieces are throughout. Opposite page: Black dot paintings by David Escobar of Brazil | MARCH 2012 121


Nadja is wearing a necklace by Joseph Altuzarra from the Atelier Swarovski collection. Opposite page: Crystal candlesticks line the dining table. Painting by Natasha Zupan.

crystallized giant “rocks” designed by Levy, are positioned in front of the fire. Two long crystal curtains, used at the Academy Awards two years ago, frame the main door leading into the courtyard. “It’s wonderful to be here together as a family. I love my parents, but it’s not my house so that is a challenge. When I’m here, I’m the child, and their rules are different,” says Nadja. “When my kids run around and yell—in my opinion, that’s what kids do at ages 4, 6 and 7—my parents don’t have the tolerance for it anymore, so we tell the kids, ‘We are in the grandparents’ house; respect their rules.’” Despite being a Swarovski, the equivalent of a Rockefeller in Austria, Nadja has a deep sense of individualism. She continued her family legacy at the German boarding school Schule Schloss Salem, which she adored, but life seemed too easy for the young Swarovski. “Okay, perhaps in hindsight I would do things differently,” admits Nadja. “I thought I needed more of a challenge.” She transferred to a New England boarding school as a second-semester sophomore, and it was nothing like the prep school in the 1983 movie Class she’d watched. She was ridiculed for being Austrian and bullied for the country’s involvement in World War II, despite her being halfAmerican and her grandfather serving as a top gun in the U.S. Navy, taking out German submarines. Afterward, she attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, motivated by the company’s then-recent purchase of Zale Corp., whose headquarters was based in Dallas. An art professor became a beacon in Nadja’s life, encouraging her to delve deeper into the world of art history. She launched a career at Sotheby’s, then Gagosian Gallery and finally with Eleanor Lambert, all in New York, before bringing

her knowledge to the family company. Nadja’s main objective with the family business is to repurpose crystals as a medium used in jewelry and art. She launched two programs—Swarovski Crystal Palace, which challenges lighting designers to reinvent the chandelier to twenty-first century standards, such as Tord Boontje’s Blossom chandelier that hangs in the house, and Atelier Swarovski, which celebrates and collaborates with up-and-coming fashion

designers to create luxury crystal accessories. “What it really required was working with the world’s most incredible visionaries—Zaha Hadid, Arik Levy, Alexander McQueen,” says Nadja. “I give full credit to McQueen for reintroducing Swarovski into fashion because the minute he used our crystals, all the other fashion designers wanted to use crystals.” The programs stimulate the creative industry by increasing the aesthetics and | MARCH 2012 123

good designs within functional products, architecture, decorative objects such as chandeliers and certainly accessories. In a way, Nadja is furthering her Austrian grandfather’s vision—he worked with designers Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and the Hollywood crowd even though his generation was more about the crystal animals. One could say he helped shape the eccentric Liberace. After meeting on an airplane, Liberace was promised free crystals for life. “Liberace took him up on that offer. My grandfather gave him the crystal piano and cape,” says Nadja. “He took me to a Liberace concert in New York around 1985. It was an inspiration. I told him, ‘Opa, we can do even better.’ I just thought [what we were doing with crystals] was already amazing back then.” Nadja’s business sense doesn’t stop with designers, and this is where her life seems like a juggling act. There is a new cosmetic license with Clarins, the recent launch of fragrance Aura, a Hollywood collaboration, a film business, the creation of a foundation as well as improving the company’s corporate social responsibility, opening new offices in Tokyo, Dubai and New Delhi, and consolidating the entire 124 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

communications effort of Swarovski so that the company speaks with one voice. On short business trips, her children remain in London, in their home co-decorated to Nadja’s modern aesthetics and Rupert’s traditional taste. With the right support team—a nanny and a housekeeper who’ve become family— Nadja remains calm, cool and collected while away from her children. She says, “My children are peas in a pod, and that makes it easy to do my job; they have each other.” u

Nadja’s room features a photo of her daughter Jasmine by Adam Fuss, Kaikai Kiki Flower Plush Ball by Takashi Murakami and Tai Ping carpet by Arik Levy. Below: The courtyard features a pool, hot tub and shaded terrace.

African antelope skulls adorn the wall of Nadja’s workspace. | MARCH 2012 125

Quick Study

Palm Beacher Tom Quick knows how to throw the ultimate party. By Liza Grant Smith | photography by JERRY RABINOWITZ


Hors d’oeuvres included raspberries with crispy brie on a port wine pipet and smoked salmon with a saffron potato chantilly on a crispy parsnip. Opposite page: Dinner tables are set on the loggia poolside. Centerpieces by Tom Mathieu adorn the tables. | MARCH 2012 127


Tom Quick in his traditionally appointed dining room, where he often entertains guests. Right: The loggia at dusk.

ntertaining, particularly in Palm Beach, is more art than science. Hosts employ their own preferred medium and style for the parties they throw. Some tend toward an oil painting approach, applying layer upon layer of detail, refinement and alteration to produce the event that guests will ultimately enjoy. Tom Quick’s entertaining style is more akin to watercolor. With seemingly effortless brush strokes, he is known for creating soirées full of beauty and a welcomed airiness often absent at more overworked affairs. Tonight is no exception. Quick has opened his home to 20 guests as part of the nineteenth annual Ultimate Dinner Party for the Children’s Home Society of Florida, a cause he’s supported for the past decade. Patrons of the event attended a cocktail party at the home of Michele and Howard Kessler before dividing up into smaller groups to enjoy gourmet meals prepared by chefs in some of Palm Beach’s most gorgeous homes. If Quick is feeling any competitiveness from 128 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

being one of several hosts for the evening, he doesn’t show it. This is hardly surprising, given his mastery in entertaining. “It basically goes back to when I was president of Quick & Reilly in New York,” he says. “Our family entertained employees and clients throughout the year and all over

the country, anything from 12 to 1,000 people. It comes sort of second nature to me.” Quick has spent the bulk of this day in the office. He is so confident in the execution of details that it is 5:30 p.m. before he first walks in the door. Far from flustered, he appreciatively assesses the decorated surroundings, thanks to friend and event planner Tom Mathieu, and advises the waiters what wines from his personal collection should be used to supplement those provided for the event. It is this relaxed demeanor he carries with him to the party

that is quickly adopted by the guests in attendance. To be fair, Quick does have some powerful tools in his arsenal when it comes to hosting events. The first is the stunning built-in setting provided by his Palm Beach home. For tonight’s party, Quick has tables set on the loggia to create an intimate atmosphere while allowing guests prime viewing of the pool and tropically landscaped backyard. Yellow and white floral centerpieces of Mathieu’s creation adorn the tables but

take a bit of a backseat to the stunning array of tableware Quick has selected for the evening. “I think people come to appreciate nice things,” he says. Quick has brought out some of his favorite pieces, including hand-painted Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica plates. Quick’s fish plates are exquisite and more unique than the botanical images the luxurious porcelain collection is known for. Continuing in the wildlife vein, places are set with Tiffany & Co. Audubon flatware. Each piece | MARCH 2012 129

HOSTING HINTS Tom Quick shares his soiree strategies. Use the surroundings to establish the tone. Quick varies the setting of his events between the dining room, loggia and pool area based on the mood he’s trying to create. Develop a list of trusted resources. Quick has established relationships with everyone from his event planner and chosen caterer to the waiters he uses. His history with them means they have knowledge of the venue as well as his preferences and tastes. This makes outsourcing responsibilities much less stressful and more effective. His favorite go-to people: Tom Mathieu, event planner and florist (561-833-2179) and Charlie Crawford, The White Apron Catering (561-585-2985). Insert your personality. Whenever possible, Quick uses his own pieces. It’s an easy way to individualize the event and showcase his style. Don’t be too quick to adopt perceived trends. Forget dainty bites. “I think people still love comfort foods,” Quick asserts. Relax. Your guests will, too.

Guests mingle before dinner. Opposite page (clockwise from top left): Quick uses his own china for a more personal touch; Yamasa Gulf shrimp; chocolate and caramel decadence.


was inspired by nineteenth-century Japanese bird paintings and features an exotic bird on the front, complemented by its own Japanese flower on the back. To finish, guests will be sipping from William Yeoward crystal goblets with a hand-cut palm tree design. The true guest of honor of this evening’s affair, however, is the food. This is the one area in which Quick has had no involvement. However, after nine years of hosting this annual event, he has nothing but confidence in the culinary offerings that await him. Chefs from

the Palm Beach County chapter of the American Culinary Federation, with assistance from Lincoln Culinary Institute students, team up to create their version of the “ultimate” dinner. Quick’s chefs include Mitchell Pagan, executive sous chef at Mariner Sands Country Club; pastry chef Cassandra Appleman; and Roderick Smith, founder of Farms to Chefs and executive chef at Little Harbor Club in Michigan during the summers. Each chef is responsible for creating one part of the meal but also collaborating with one another to ensure a fluid progression. The result is a menu abundant in layers of flavors, innovative techniques and salivation-worthy offerings. Guests begin their culinary journey | MARCH 2012 131


Guests enjoy the gourmet meal; The crystal features a hand-cut palm tree, perfect for Palm Beach; the salad of Wellington Farms lettuces. Opposite page: the main course of roast tenderloin and Florida lobster.

with a smoked Yamasa Gulf shrimp with sticky rice and napa cabbage, and shiitake stir-fry, served with an Asian vegetable wrap, black vinegar glaze and edamamewasabi puree. The salad features Wellington Farms lettuces, with heirloom tomatoes, pistachio-encrusted goat cheese and an Anjou pear compote dressed with essence of Ramos Port-balsamic reduction and fennel pollen. The visually enticing entrée for the evening is a duo of olive oil poached Florida lobster tail medallions and herb-crusted roast tenderloin, served with wild mushroom ragout and a variety of seasonally prime vegetable offerings. For those who have somehow managed to save room for dessert, Chef Appleman has created what she deems chocolate and caramel decadence. Layers of bisquit chocolat, caramel fleur de sel and crème brûlée are layered with chocolate mousse and garnished with chocolate and macaroons. For Quick, the creator of the evening, the party represented yet another masterpiece in his portfolio of work. But it’s much more than that. The proceeds from the evening will benefit CHS’s programs for at-risk young people. And that is always in good taste. u

The Ultimate Dinner Party was the inspiration behind Palm Beach Entertaining, a coffeetable book showcasing parties and recipes by some of Palm Beach’s most illustrious hosts. Released September 2012 by Rizzoli, book proceeds will benefit the Children’s Home Society of Florida. | MARCH 2012 133


In the 1950s, Palm Beach parties were all about color, sleek glamour and even a little bit of kitsch. Five designers recreate the vibe. photography by JERRY RABINOWITZ

CLASSICCORNER Patrick Killian | Patrick Killian Inc. This 1950s-inspired vignette began with a roll of vintage wallpaper—sitting in a storage room for years—that Killian fabricated into a folding screen. Pairing it with a small writing table of his own design, inspired by a ’50s French Moderne piece, created a bold color scheme to build on—turquoise and cherry red, two emblematic colors of the 1950s. Modern flatware and crystal blend perfectly with the Harvey Probber chairs, a faux bamboo lamp, dinnerware, a sculptural plaque and other objects from the period. The finishing touches—caviar, cigarettes and petit fours—reinforce the idea that life in the ’50s really was a bowl of cherries. Folding screen, The Sunflower Room, Lake Worth; chairs, Objects in the Loft, West Palm Beach; crystal, serving pieces and silver, Mary Mahoney, Palm Beach; writing table, side table, vintage artwork and accessories, Patrick Killian Inc. 134 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED | MARCH 2012 135


For decor ideas inspired by these tables, turn to Elements, page 172.

PetitDejeuner Leta Austin Foster | Leta Austin Foster & Associates Inc. The theme for this table was “breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrightsman,” and Foster hoped to invoke the social couple’s beautiful house—one of the truly great houses of Palm Beach, built by Maurice Fatio and decorated by Henri Samuel and Jansen. Faux bamboo chairs and the beautiful pale blue embroidered tablecloth from Noel in Paris set the scene, while the Luneville china—which the Wrightsmans did actually have—was (and is) de rigueur in Palm Beach life and provides a wonderfully colorful canvas for the fruit. Chairs, Brass Scale Antiques, West Palm Beach; tablecloth and china, Leta Austin Foster Boutique, Palm Beach; flowers, Christopher Cope Event Florals, 136 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

BLUEHAWAII Chad Renfro | Chad Renfro Design The 1950s calls to mind America’s fascination with and exploration of Hawaii, our fiftieth state, which was welcomed to the Union in 1959. To honor that, Renfro created an island-themed table, complete with tiki torches and umbrella drinks. The lush backdrop of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach creates the perfect atmosphere for a tropical party. You can almost hear the strains of Don Ho or Elvis. | MARCH 2012 137

SLIMBRUNCH Katherine Shenaman | Katherine Shenaman Interiors An homage to the photos of Slim Aarons, this casual poolside brunch features vintage tableware and lovely champagne coupes, creating the perfect combination of elegance and kitsch. And with the hostess serving up homemade cornbread muffins, all we can say is, “Pass the Champagne, I’m going to work on my tan.” Shot at the Palm Beach home of Mrs. James Jenkins; linens, Pioneer Linens, West Palm Beach; glasses, plates and silverware compliments of Mrs. Jenkins.


COCKTAILCOUTURE Brandie Herbst | L.Y.F.E. Interiors Vintage cocktails are enjoying a return to popularity, and Herbst loves to entertain and invite people over for drinks and conversation. Attention to detail goes a long way toward making guests feel welcome, like serving a carefully crafted cocktail in clever glassware. Herbst blends midcentury furnishings and barware with some contemporary pieces such as the DVF green martini glasses, Monique Lhuillier cocktail shaker and slanted Nambe highball glasses, creating an exciting barscape that is a distilled version of what cocktail hour was like in the 1950s. Folding bar cart, Cocktail Culture; green martini glasses, tray, cocktail shaker and highball glasses, Bloomingdale’s; roly poly glasses and ice bucket, Left Hand Louis, West Palm Beach; Champagne bucket, Z. Gallerie; pitcher, | MARCH 2012 139

A Stylish Tribute Local designers and tastemakers create custom items in celebration of PBI’s sixtieth. PAPER GREETINGS


Jason Arbuckle of West Palm Beach stationer J. Falkner surprised us with a trio of adorable cards inscribed with anniversary wishes. All three are in the classic Palm Beach pink-and-lime-green motif with fun imagery like flamingos and sunglasses.

Palm Beacher Sasha Lickle gathered her inspiration from the sea, as she does for all her jewelry. She began with “a few of the things that drew people to this beautiful island in the first place”—seashells, sand dollars, starfish and seahorses found on our shores. She dipped everything in 24-karat gold to make a fun charm necklace.

AND NOW, A TOAST Ever since its inception in 1989, the Leopard Lounge at the Chesterfield Hotel has been a classic Palm Beach hangout—as much for its spot-on cocktails as for the people watching. The bar crew at the Leopard has come up with a new classic, the Leopard’s Tale, inspired by the countless tales overheard over 23 years of history. Cheers to that.

The Leopard’s Tale

A LITTLE SOFT SHOE Del Toro Shoes, founded by Palm Beachers Nathanial Wish, James Bohannon and Matthew Chevallard, has been getting a lot of attention lately, and this slipper, made especially for PBI’s anniversary, demonstrates why. Acid-washed pink canvas gives a modern edge to a traditional design. That carefully balanced mix of classic and contemporary is a signature of Del Toro—and of Palm Beach Illustrated, as well.


1.5 ounces white rum ½ ounce amaretto 2.5 ounces orange juice 1 ounce pineapple juice Squeeze of lime ½ ounce cream Dash of grenadine Pour grenadine into bottom of tall glass (hurricane or pilsner). Place remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into glass. Garnish with a tuile (optional) and slice of orange.


Enter to win a Palm Beach Island bracelet by Jordann Jewelry at

IT’S A CHARM To commemorate a special anniversary, Jordann Weingartner looked to the place where it all began. Palm Beach is celebrated in her “Palm Beach Island” necklace and silk-cord bracelets, featuring a round pendant with a cutout in the shape of the island, designed as a tribute to Palm Beach Illustrated. Simply charming.

“I loved the idea that the magazine was turning 60; I thought you were just young kids,” says Palm Beach designer Alfred Fiandaca, who created this aqua taffeta confection with a draped skirt and bodice and a sweeping two-toned train. He handpainted the number 60 in gold for a little extra dazzle. “I thought it should be young, flirtatious and fun,” he says, “just like the magazine.”



This custom-designed shade by island beauty doyenne Deborah Koepper equally captures the modness of the 1950s and the iconic shade of Palm Beach in celebration of PBI’s sixtieth. Koepper aptly calls her creation “DK Pink.”

OCEAN’S FINEST Joanna Schmidt, owner of Jupiter-based Product Body, has crafted a custom bar of soap with all-local ingredients: water collected from the ocean off the Palm Beach coast, coconut milk, banana and mango extracts, and an array of exotic oils. She calls the scent “a light breeze with hints of ripe cantaloupe and succulent lily petals caressing an untamed shoreline.” If you look closely, you’ll even see a bit of bling on top—so Palm Beach.

SWEET SUCCESS In 1952, when the magazine launched, the Jell-O mold dessert reigned supreme. Jennifer Reed, aka The Sugar Monkey, crafted a modern version of the vintage treat in honor of PBI: pink grapefruitMoscato gelée with tropical fruits and a bit of gold dust. | MARCH 2012 141

Cool as Ice

Nothing says “Happy Sixtieth” better than a major diamond. Sortilège de Cartier collection bracelet, platinum, brilliant-cut diamonds, Cartier, Palm Beach and Boca Raton Opposite page: Palo Costagli baroque diamond pavé earrings, Betteridge, Palm Beach; Les Ardentes flower ring in white gold with 136 brilliant-cut diamonds, Louis Vuitton, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; Red Carpet Collection necklace with 247 diamonds set in 18-karat white gold, Chopard, Palm Beach. 142 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED | MARCH 2012 143

Tiffany & Co. archives-inspired diamond butterfly brooch set in platinum, Tiffany & Co, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton; 8-carat emerald-cut diamond ring with side trapezoid diamonds, handcrafted platinum setting, Hamilton Jewelers, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. 144 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

White emerald-cut, baguette and round diamond art deco necklace, Graff Diamonds, Palm Beach; Diane von Furstenberg by H.Stern Power Ring in 18-karat white gold with diamonds, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Beach. | MARCH 2012 145

Gem quality necklace with 115.66 carats of diamonds, David Morris, Palm Beach; Ashok Sancheti Kite earrings handcrafted in platinum with 17.76 carats of diamonds, A.R.T., Palm Beach.

Asscher-cut diamond ring with 3.30 carats of diamonds set in 18-karat gold, Provident Jewelers, West Palm Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton; “Feuilles et diamants� clip with round and baguette-cut diamonds set in 18-karat white gold, Van Cleef & Arpels, Palm Beach. | MARCH 2012 147


HARVEY K. LITTLETON (American, born in 1922-), Ruby Orange Mobile Arc, 1982, blown, cut and polished art glass, 14 ¾ x 18 ½ x 2 ¼ inches. Permanent Collection 2008.8.2A, B. Gift of the Estate of George Epstein

Contemporary Glass focuses on unique objects by today’s leading glass artists, including Dale Chihuly, Dan Dailey, Michael Glancy, Harvey Littleton, Concetta Mason, William Morris, Jay Musler, Toots Zynsky, and others. Organized in conjunction with Habatat Galleries, West Palm Beach. This exhibition is supported by a grant from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass.

501 Plaza Real Boca Raton, Florida 561.392.2500

Sponsored in part by:

How Do You Define


“The food is just wonderful and the presentation is 5-star quality. My daughter loves to visit me so she can have lunch in the restaurants!”

Devonshire at PGA National defines Choices as the ability to enjoy endless options in all areas of your life. Whether you’re all dressed up or simply casual, Devonshire’s choices are available for you to live your life, your way.


350 Devonshire Way Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation

Gala Host Committee Chairmen: Heath and Karly Randolph, Liz and Matt Fifield, Allison and Stuart Haft, Afsy Pottash

The South Florida Science Museum Presents

Featuring Dr. Robert Ballard one of the most accomplished and well known of the world’s deep-sea explorers, best known for his historic discovery of the R.M.S. TITANIC Friday, March 30, 2012 6:30 Cocktail reception | 7:30 Dinner and Presentation The Circle Dining Room, The Breakers Honorary Chairmen Mrs. Jeffrey Fisher | Mr. Matthew Lorentzen | Mr. John Niblack Host Committee Chairmen Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fifield | Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Haft Dr. and Mrs. Carter Pottash | Mr. and Mrs. Heath Randolph Stewardship Council Chairmen Mr. Dale Hedrick | Mr. Harvey Oyer Corporate Partners PNC Wealth Management | FPL | Betteridge Palm Beach Illustrated | Saks Fifth Avenue

For more information contact Marcy Hoffman at (561) 370-7738 or

Honorary Chairmen Matt Lorentzen, John Niblack, Frances Fisher with Lew Crampton, SFSM CEO

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APB 11-009C 07/31/12


DISH v the big squeeze We love all things citrus, so we’re thrilled at the notion of a “citrus sommelier.” The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach has added some new zest to its Sunday brunch at Temple Orange by introducing the sommelier, whose job it is to create citrus-based cocktails, smoothies and creative juice combinations. Mom always said, “Get your vitamins.”

Passion Mimosa (front) and Palm Beach’s Freshest Margarita (rear)


diana c ramirez

Enter to win brunch for 4 at Temple Orange at | MARCH 2012 153

palate v pour

The classics The cocktail culture renaissance recalls the heyday of the 1950s. By Mark Spivak

In 1952, when this magazine was launched, the cocktail culture was experiencing a Golden Age. America was riding a wave of postwar prosperity, and wine consumption was virtually nonexistent. Prohibition had finally erased the gender barriers around consuming alcohol in public, and both sexes were enjoying cocktails publicly as well as privately. As it happens, we know exactly what people were drinking back then. In 1951, Local 15 of the New York Bartenders Union conducted a survey on the most popular libations, and the results were tabulated from responses submitted by bartenders across the United States and Canada. The No. 1 cocktail of the era was the Manhattan, followed by the martini and the daiquiri; rounding out the top 10 were the whiskey sour, old-fashioned, Tom Collins, Bacardi cocktail, Cuba libre, brandy Alexander and stinger. 154 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

The pattern of where these drinks were consumed was very different than the present day. In major cities, chic and elaborate cocktail lounges dominated the nation’s social life. People drank in restaurants, of course, but the number of dining options was limited 60 years ago. Then as now, Palm Beach was not particularly known for its nightlife, and most of the entertaining occurred in luxurious private homes. “Back in 1951, people came down to Palm Beach from the Northeast and brought their drink preferences with them, just as they do today,” says Charles Steadman, mixologist at Echo in Palm Beach. “There was no air conditioning, so the emphasis was on refreshing drinks that could be consumed in the heat. Many cocktails were served in silver or pewter cups to keep them cold.” While the Manhattan may have been the favorite of displaced New Yorkers, Steadman believes that “the

230A Sunrise Avenue, Palm Beach | (561) 282-3317 | In-home catering and Echo-to-go available. Echo-to-go now available online.

palate v pour classic gin martini has a historical and nostalgic connection to Palm Beach.” He also cites the Southside cocktail as extremely popular; containing gin, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, soda and mint, it was more or less a gin mojito. Also in vogue were the gin rickey and the brandy crusta (brandy, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, gum syrup and maraschino liqueur). Ta-boó opened in Palm Beach in 1941, and quickly gained a reputation as a watering hole for the rich and famous. Legend has it that the Bloody Mary was invented at the bar one morning as a hangover remedy for Barbara Hutton—a good story, but probably untrue, because actor George Jessel and bartender Fernand Petiot also claimed to have originated it, in 1939 and 1921, respectively. Current Ta-Boó bartender Cindy Mariacher cites the Champagne cocktail, rusty nail and Singapore sling as being emblematic

of the period. She also believes that cream drinks such as the grasshopper and brandy Alexander were extremely popular (remember that people were less concerned about calories in the ’50s than they are today). Another favorite of the period was the zombie, a cocktail first concocted at Hollywood’s Don the Beachcomber restaurant in the late 1930s and popularized at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. Composed of brandy, fruit juice and three different kinds of rum, it came with a limit of two per customer. Reading through the ingredients and recipes for these classic cocktails, we tend to marvel at how intricate they were to compose. As we go through the current renaissance of the cocktail culture, though, today’s bartenders are constructing drinks every bit as interesting and complex. There’s little doubt that that they will be the classic cocktails of the future. u

With age, comes

Wisdom. and perks.

Classic cocktails evoke a more elegant and sophisticated time.

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John A.P. Rimmer, M.D. is a board certified

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210 Jupiter Lakes Blvd., Bldg. 5000, Suite 202 • Jupiter, FL 33458

(561) 748-1242

palate v taste

Island Favorite Almost as old as Palm Beach itself, Testa’s is serving up comfort food at its best.



Shrimp Pomodoro is one of Testa’s popular Southern Italian dishes.


The Testa family arrived in Palm Beach in 1921, 10 years after the town was founded, and opened a small soda fountain. They survived the hurricane of 1928, the Great Depression and World War II, and moved into their present location on Royal Poinciana Way in 1947. In the midst of their ninetieth season, they operate the oldest restaurant on the island. Once past the spacious outdoor terrace, the interior is decorated with paddle fans and original woodwork. A long wooden bar occupies one side of the dining room, and most of the remaining space is taken up by booths that resemble church pews. Ferns and planters add warmth to the decor, and the walls are festooned with vintage pictures of sunbathers luxuriating in the Gilded Age. Additional seating is available in Via Testa, the courtyard that adjoins the restaurant. Don’t expect to find the latest culinary trends at Testa’s. Instead, regulars come here for hefty portions of Southern Italian cuisine, occasionally rendered in such a way as to remind us why this style of cooking was once considered an art form. The menu is large, almost encyclopedic, offering a collection of dishes that qualify as Italian comfort food. Whatever you do, begin with a bowl of the wonderful cream of crab soup ($7.95). Rich and creamy, packed with flakes of crab and tasting of an intense seafood stock, it is redolent with the nutty flavor of sherry and a hint of black pepper. Eggplant Testa’s ($9.95) arrives in a small casserole, containing paper-thin slices of eggplant somewhat overwhelmed by mozzarella and ricotta cheese—satisfying, if not inspiring. The roll call of entrées includes steaks, chops and various renditions of veal, as well as a battery of fresh seafood dishes, but something about Testa’s makes you crave a bowl of noodles. The Tuscan pasta ($24.95) consists of linguine combined with sweet sausage, shrimp and fresh spinach in a sauce of white wine, olive oil, garlic and a chicken

Palm Beach Civic Association Presents Tom Brokaw The Palm Beach Civic Association’s 2nd Annual Awards Luncheon March 5, 2012 The William J. “Bill” Brooks Community Service Award A Palm Beach resident whose contribution to the Town of Palm Beach has significantly improved the quality of life in the community. Alexander W. Dreyfoos The Gen. Alexander M. Haig Global Impact Award A Palm Beach resident whose work has made the world a better place to live. Leonard Lauder on behalf of Evelyn Lauder PRIVATE DINNER PARTY Sunday, March 4, 2012 Seven O’ Clock p.m. Director’s oceanfront home

For Tickets, call 888-926-7688 or visit

AWARDS LUNCHEON Monday, March 5, 2012 at Noon at The Breakers Palm Beach

Palm Beach Civic Association Improving Life in Palm Beach Since 1944 A n n u a l A wa r d s E v e n t C o - S p o n s o r s


Event Chairperson Michele Kessler Annual Awards Dinner Underwriters Michele and Howard Kessler

Exclusive Event Magazine Sponsor

Special Annual Awards Event Underwriters Henry R. Kravis Lewis M. Schott Special Thanks to The Breakers Palm Beach

palate v taste demiglace; the pleasantly earthy taste of the sausage infuses the dish, and the addition of cannellini beans thickens the sauce nicely. Shrimp Pomodoro ($23.95), recommended by our server, features perfectly sauteed jumbo shrimp over angel hair in a small ocean of tomato sauce—creamy and tart, studded with fresh tomato and just the right amount of garlic. If you’re going to have one dessert at Testa’s, indulge in the legendary strawberry pie ($7.25). It is simplicity itself: Fresh, whole strawberries are placed on a short and crisp pie crust, napped with a strawberry glaze and topped with real whipped cream. Further doses of calories and nostalgia can be had by ordering the coconut cake or root beer float. The wine list is short and basic—perhaps 30 selections, with an emphasis on commercial labels. Most are available by the glass, and the Bertani Pinot Grigio ($10.95/$37.95) provided enough acidity and body to stand up to the dishes we ordered. Service is provided by cheerful young ladies in black outfits, who do a nice job of calibrating themselves to the needs of their clientele. They can be chatty when required or keep their distance if the situation demands it. Inevitably, at the end of the meal, you find yourself wondering where people will be 60 or 90 years from now. If some of them aren’t at Testa’s, it simply won’t be Palm Beach. u


TESTA’S WHERE: 221 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach (561-832-0992, testas OPEN: Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-9 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.10 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. ATMOSPHERE: Old Palm Beach FOOD: Southern Italian SERVICE: friendly and helpful RESERVATIONS: suggested in season PRICE: moderate DRESS: casual

The Whisper Lift

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Anita Mandal, M.D.

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palate v dining out Welcome Bacchus This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Boca Bacchanal, and organizers are pulling out all the stops to make it the best ever. Scheduled for March 23-25, the festival kicks off Friday night with the Vintner Dinners, held at six private residences. Participating vintners will represent wineries from France, California, Argentina and Italy and will be matched with chefs, including Pano Karatassos from the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, which includes Chops Lobster Bar and City Fish Market, both in Boca Raton. Tickets are $300. Saturday brings the Bacchus Bash at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, where guests will enjoy by-the-bite signature dishes and wines from the previous evening’s chefs and vintners, followed by a multicourse dinner by Executive Chef Andrew Roenbeck. Silent and live auctions will add to the fun of the evening. Tickets are $250. The Grand Tasting will finish up the festival Sunday afternoon at the Mizner Park Amphitheatre, where 30 area restaurants will offer up bitesized tastes of their popular dishes, and 140 wines will be available for tasting. Tickets are $85 in advance and $100 at the gate. All proceeds from the Boca Bacchanal will go to the Heritage Education and Historic Preservation Programs of the Boca Raton Historical Society. In addition to individual event tickets, Patron and Grand Patron packages are available. For more information or to purchase tickets, contact the Boca Raton Historical Society. (561-395-6766,

zach’s back Since leaving Café Boulud last summer after nearly 13 years as the chef de cuisine, Zach Bell has joined the Addison Reserve Country Club as executive chef. Addison’s clubhouse recently underwent an $18-million expansion project and renovation, including the addition of new restaurants, all of which Bell will oversee. These restaurants include: Trattoria, an upscale Italian restaurant that will take the place of the Grill Room and Bar; Taste, a seafood and chophouse, which will serve as the club’s flagship restaurant; a new gourmet wine room, Vault, for private dining; and Styr, which will be a sports bar by day and an intimate tapas lounge at night. Delray Beach (561637-4004,


The Beauty of Bacon It has been said, “Everything is better with bacon.” They are really taking that to heart at West Palm Beach gastro pub Gratify. Executive Chef Fritz Cassel believes it so much he’s actually making his own bacon in house. Cassel uses his own blend of spices, which he developed through experimentation, to cure pork belly for five days before smoking it with wood chips. Then the fun begins as he creates dishes that are particularly delicious with bacon. The bacon with Brussels sprouts will make you want to eat your vegetables, with house-made bacon aioli tossed with the pan-fried-then-roasted veggies, and garnished with bits of bacon and some crispy fried Brussels sprout leaves. The Florida rock shrimp and grits comes with a corn salsa and, of course, bits of bacon. There even is a bacon dessert, but don’t miss the red velvet zucchini cupcakes if they are available. Starting with fresh, quality ingredients is key to creating delicious dishes, and Cassel uses as many housemade ingredients as possible—like the ricotta cheese that tops a burger made of Gratify’s own special meat blend—to create interesting versions of comfort food. The menu is constantly evolving, depending on available ingredients and Cassel’s mood. For those who are not into bacon, or even meat for that matter, the heart of palm cakes are a must. Owner Gene Playter says a vegetarian customer stopped him, worried he had been served actual crab cakes by mistake. The heart of palm version is so good it’s hard to tell the difference. (561-833-5300,



To Us, They’re Badges of Honor. Recently, Jupiter Medical Center was ranked among the Top 10 Hospitals overall in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Metro Area. We were also honored as a “high performer” in five medical specialty areas. That’s what happens when a hospital puts patients first. It’s also why Jupiter Medical Center is ranked #1 in likelihood to recommend in Palm Beach County* – and to us, that is one of the greatest honors of all.


1210 S. Old Dixie Hwy., Jupiter, FL 33458 • 561-263-2234

palate v dining out DINING AROUND THE COUNTY Palm Beach 264 The Grill

BY HOWARD WALKER Palm Beach Illustrated’s Automotive Editor

264 S. County Road, 561-833-6444 ANGLE 100 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-540-4924 Bice 322 Peruvian Ave., 561-835-1600 BISTRO CHEZ JEAN-PIERRE 132 N. County Road, 561-833-1171

Visit “Blogs” on

BUCCAN 350 S. County Road, 561-833-3450 Café Boulud 301 Australian Ave., 561-655-6060

Infinite Luxury Lifestyle.

Café Cellini 2505 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-588-1871 Café L’Europe 331 S. County Road, 561-655-4020 Charley’s Crab

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456 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-659-1500 Chesterfield Hotel 363 Cocoanut Row, 561-659-5800 THE CIRCLE DINING ROOM 1 S. County Road, 561-655-6611 Cucina Dell’Arte 257 Royal Poinciana Way, 561-655-0770 ECHO 230A Sunrise Ave., 561-802-4222 Hamburger Heaven 314 S. County Road, 561-655-5277 THE LEOPARD RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE 363 Cocoanut Row, 561-659-5800 palm beach grill 336 Royal Poinciana Way, 561-835-1077 Palm Beach Oceanfront Inn 3550 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-582-5631 PALM BEACH STEAKHOUSE

ISLAND DERMATOLOGY LASER & ANTI-AGING INSTITUTE Dr. Layne D. Nisenbaum, D.O., F.A.O.C.D 50 Cocoanut Row, Suite 120 | Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-832-1950 |

Call for your FREE consultation 2009© All Rights Reserved. Santa Barbara Medical Innovations is the exclusive U.S. Distributor of ZERONA,

191 Bradley Place, 561-671-4333 RENATO’S 87 Via Mizner, 561-655-9752 THE RESTAURANT AT THE FOUR SEASONS 2800 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-582-2800 The Seafood Bar at The Breakers 1 S. County Road, 561-655-6611 Ta-Boó 221 Worth Ave., 561-835-3500


Flagler Museum Programs & Events palate v dining out

TEMPLE ORANGE 100 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-540-4924

West Palm Beach Brewzzi 700 S. Rosemary Ave., 561-366-9753 Cabana 533 Clematis St., 561-833-4773 CaFe Sapori

Flagler Museum Music Series:

Whitehall Lecture Series:

Joanna Marie Frankel Violinist

“Panama Fever: The Battle to Build the Canal”

Flagler Museum Music Series sponsored by:

Whitehall Lecture Series sponsored by:

7:30 p.m., March 6th

3:00 p.m., March 4th

205 Southern Blvd., 561-805-7313 CITY CELLAR WINE BAR AND GRILL 700 S. Rosemary Ave., 561-366-0071 Gratify 125 Datura St., 561-833-5300 Il Bellagio 600 S. Rosemary Ave., 561-659-6160 JADE KITCHEN

Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Roll

Children are invited to hunt for 5,000 eggs on the Museum’s South Lawn 9:00 a.m., April 7th

Bluegrass in the Pavilion

Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers and The Boxcars 3:00 p.m., April 14th

422A Northwood Road, 561-366-1185 La Sirena 6316 S. Dixie Hwy., 561-585-3128 Leila

Call (561) 655-2833 or visit for tickets

120 S. Dixie Hwy., 561-659-7373 PISTACHE FRENCH BISTRO 101 N. Clematis Street, 561-833-5090 RHYTHM CAFÉ 3800A S. Dixie Hwy., 561-833-3406 ROCCO’S TACOS 224 Clematis St., 561-650-1001 RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE 651 Okeechobee Blvd., 561-514-3544 Stresa Italian Restaurant 2710 Okeechobee Blvd., 561-615-0200 SUSHI JO 319 Belvedere Road #12, 561-868-7893 TOP OF THE POINT

See who’s been out and about.

777 S. Flagler Drive, East Tower, 561-832-2424

Palm Beach Gardens 51 Supper club Downtown at the Gardens, 561-622-3500 Anthony’s coal fired pizza 2680 PGA Blvd., 561-804-7777

Visit on

Brio Tuscan Grille 3101 PGA Blvd., 561-622-0491 Café Chardonnay 4533 PGA Blvd., 561-627-2662 THE CAPITAL GRILLE

Infinite Luxury Lifestyle.

11365 Legacy Ave., 561-630-4994 | MARCH 2012 165

palate v dining out IRONWOOD STEAK & SEAFOOD

Yard House


400 Avenue of the Champions, 561-627-2000

Downtown at the Gardens, 561-691-6901

217 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-266-9898 Cabana

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro 3101 PGA Blvd., 561-691-1610


105 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-274-9090

ra sushi


CaffÉ Luna Rosa

11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave., 561-340-2112

2145 S. U.S. Hwy. 1, 561-744-0543

34 S. Ocean Blvd., 561-274-9404

The River House

Gazebo Café


2373 PGA Blvd., 561-694-1188

2151 Alternate A1A S., 561-748-5878

213 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-272-0220



CUT 432

11611 Ellison Wilson Road, 561-625-5852

311 E. Indiantown Road, 561-746-6283

432 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-272-9898

Spoto’s Oyster Bar

Little Moir’s Food Shack


4560 PGA Blvd., 561-776-9448

103 S. U.S. Hwy. 1, 561-741-3626

52 N. Swinton Ave., 561-330-3232


Too Bizaare Wine Bar

Fifth Avenue Grill

7100 Fairway Drive, 561-691-5662

287 E. Indiantown Road, 561-745-6262

821 S.E. 5th Ave., 561-265-0122 Henry’s

III FORKS 4645 PGA Blvd., 561-630-3660

Delray Beach

16850 Jog Road, 561-638-1949


32 East


4350 PGA Blvd., 561-691-3130

32 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-276-7868

523 S.E. 5th Ave., 561-265-0600

Waterway Cafe



2300 PGA Blvd., 561-694-1700

1000 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-665-4900

169 N.E. 2nd Ave., 561-381-9970



Celebrity Galas • Concerts • Social & Corporate Events • Recording & Production Sessions • Radio/Television/Film Palm Beaches • Miami • New York • Los Angeles • (877) FLA-BAND • (561) 963-5056 166 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED


Arturo’s Ristorante


201 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-276-3600

6750 N. Federal Hwy., 561-997-7373

2350 Executive Center Drive N.W., 561-998-3881

Old Calypso

Bistro Provence

Renzo’s of Boca

900 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-279-2300

2399 N. Federal Hwy., 561-368-2340

5999 N. Federal Hwy., 561-994-3495

Sundy House

Bogart’s Bar & Grill


106 S. Swinton Ave., 561-272-5678

3200 Airport Road, 561-544-3044

112 N.E. 2nd St., 561-347-6260

Tramonti Italiana Ristorante


Sushi Ray Japanese Restaurant

119 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-272-1944

171 E. Palmetto Park Road, 561-338-1703

5250 Town Center Circle, 561-394-9506



Table 42

4 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-921-0201

101 Plaza Real S., 561-395-2675

399 S.E. Mizner Blvd., 561-826-2625



Taverna Kyma

290 E. Atlantic Ave., 561-278-9570

501 E. Camino Real, 561-447-3640

6298 N. Federal Hwy., 561-994-2828

Josephine’s Italian Restaurant


Boca Raton

5751 N. Federal Hwy., 561-988-0668

200 W. Camino Real, 561-338-9692


Kathy’s Gazebo Cafe


2200 W. Glades Road, 561-447-0024

4199 N. Federal Hwy., 561-395-6033

499 E. Palmetto Park Road, 561-393-6715


La Villetta Ristorante Italiano


5150 Town Center Circle, 561-620-3754

4351 N. Federal Hwy., 561-362-8403

351 Plaza Real, 561-391-0755

The addison

Max’s Grille

Uncle Tai’s

2 E. Camino Real, 561-395-9335

404 Plaza Real, 561-368-0080

5250 Town Center Circle, 561-368-8806 u | MARCH 2012 167



Atlas Party Rental Atlas Party Rental has been a leader in the event rental industry for more than 27 years. Family owned and operated, the professionals at Atlas understand the need for top-quality merchandise and unparalleled customer service. Specializing in fashion-forward product offerings, Atlas offers the perfect selection of chargers, chinaware, glassware, flatware and linen. 131 Commerce Road, Boynton Beach 561-547-6565 |

Jupiter Medical Center Foundation The 36th annual Jupiter Medical Center Foundation Ball, themed “Love, Laugh, Luau!,” scheduled for March 31 at The Club at Admiral’s Cove, promises to be an enchanting evening in Polynesia. Short on speeches and long on fun, the evening will feature the sights and sounds from the South Pacific, complete with gourmet dining and spectacular entertainment. Proceeds benefit the Anderson Family Orthopedic & Spine Center at Jupiter Medical Center. 561-263-5728 |

Wholesale Facial Scrubs The latest in fighting wrinkles are peptides. They are faster and safer than retinol. Peptides signal your skin to manufacture more Collagen. “Let’s Face It Peptide Plus Wrinkle Cream” is safe to use daily all over the face, under the eye area and on the neck and is safe for all skin types. Fragrance-free, not tested on animals, parabenfree. Palm Beach Illustrated readers save $10.

Daniel L. Kapp, M.D. Dr. Daniel Kapp, a board-certified plastic surgeon, performs a wide array of both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. He works closely with each patient to develop an individualized plan of treatment. Dr. Kapp is dedicated to helping you achieve a natural post-surgical look. 1500 N. Dixie Hwy., Suite 304, West Palm Beach 561-833-4022 |


Gazebo Cafe Family owned and operated, Gazebo Café offers a fine-dining experience in an elegant, newly redesigned atmosphere with a French flair. British Chef Robert Gregson CEC CCE recently joined the culinary staff and will introduce some English traditions during the season. The extensive wine list adds an ideal companion to any meal, with selections from California, Oregon, France, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. 2151 S. Alt. Highway A1A, Jupiter 561-748-5878


arr ied hm an fif t

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us redraw your lines. Trust the husband & wife team Advanced credentials. Beautiful results.

Plastic surgery & MedisPa Life is filled with great experiences, but your body doesn’t have to reveal all of them. If the lines of your body aren’t quite where you want them, let Dr. Brian Hass put his artistry to work with cosmetic breast surgery, liposuction and tummy tuck your body is as beautiful as it can be.

Andrea Hass, MD

Board Certified Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon

Brian Hass, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Call 561-624-7777 today for a cosmetic consultation. 2401 PGA Blvd., Suite 150 • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 •



WXEL TV/42 “Dames and Divas” is the theme for the 9th annual Women with Wings and Wisdom Luncheon, scheduled for March 13 at The Mar-a-Lago Club. The luncheon will feature a silent auction, a gourmet lunch, an exclusive fashion show presented by LUCA LUCA and keynote speaker, literacy advocate and world-renowned author James Patterson. 2012 Women with Wings Award Recipients: Dr. Elizabeth Bowden, Daphne Nikolopoulos, Michele Jacobs and Dorothy Sullivan. WXEL Palm Beach Leadership Committee

561-364-4428 |

International Polo Club Palm Beach

3667 120th Ave. S., Wellington 561-282-5334 |

Lila Photo

The world’s elite come to Wellington every season to enjoy polo—the sport and the lifestyle—at this well-known, well-appointed destination. With eight manicured fields, private boxes and viewing stands, tennis courts, a croquet lawn, a state-of-the-art spa, a lushly landscaped pool deck, après polo celebrations and a fabled gourmet Sunday brunch, the attraction is obvious. The 2012 Palm Beach polo season ends April 22.

Robert Stevens

The Society of the Four Arts The Society of the Four Arts is the Palm Beach destination for art exhibitions, music, notable speakers, workshops, films, children’s programs and more. Features include: the Gioconda and Joseph King Library, the Four Arts Children’s Library, the Campus on the Lake cultural education program and beautiful botanical and sculpture gardens. “Recapturing the Real West: The Collections of William I. Koch” will be on display until April 15.

Pine Creek Sporting Club Phase I cabins have sold out at Pine Creek’s 2,400 acres of pristine woodlands and hunting fields. This exclusive membership club consists of 40-acre ranches, lakeside cabins, a member lodge, a sporting clays course, stables, nature trails and more. The club recently unveiled its final 20-unit bungalow featuring a fully screened porch with a fireplace, three bedrooms, a loft and architecture by Roger Janssen. 23721 N.E. 48th Ave., Okeechobee 561-346-9365

2 Four Arts Plaza, Palm Beach 561-655-7227 |

View of the Four Arts Campus, Palm Beach

Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy is founded and operated by Virginia Philip, a wine, beverage and hospitality industry veteran. With Philip’s strong background in wine and beverage retail and in beverage and service education, the company is spearheaded by one of the most accredited Master Sommeliers in the country. Philip earned the titles Master Sommelier and “Best Sommelier USA” in 2002 by the American Sommelier Association. 101 N. Clematis St., Suite 150, West Palm Beach 561-721-6000 |


rooms v White Hot

Barry Grossman

To achieve an ultra-contemporary decor, Lichi-Zelman Style Interiors integrated complex lighting schemes, decorative wall and ceiling treatments and high-luster materials that play out against silver and white Venetian plaster walls and mirrored white-tile flooring. Zelman custom designed a silver lacquered base for the dining table and added a sterling silver chandelier to the cove ceiling that repeats the damask glass of the foyer’s panels, ensuring a cohesiveness of the space. Woman with Pearls by Ngurah looks over the dining area, where custom-designed chairs covered in silver damask surround the table, making this luxurious, open expanse an ideal and welcoming space for entertaining. Lichi-Zelman Style Interiors, Pompano Beach (954-726-0899, | march 2012 171

habitat v elements fifties flair inspired by our designer tablescapes, these items add a bit of retro fun to your table. By Michelle M. Havich

Leafy Greens A throwback to the Lettuceware tureen on Katherine Shenaman’s table, ceramic artist Barbara Eigen has created the Farm Stand serveware collection, featuring these individual artichoke tureens ($48, set of four). Williams-Sonoma, Palm Beach Gardens (561-799-2425, williams-sonoma. com), Wellington (561-333-3149) and West Palm Beach (561-833-0659)

Cocktail Time Check local antique shops for vintage barware for your retro party. Brandie Herbst found hers at Left Hand Louis, where we picked up these highball glasses. Set of eight, call for pricing. West Palm Beach (561-835-2121)

Tropical Dining Start a luau party like Chad Renfro’s out right by setting the table with natural elements, like these handcrafted woven placemats ($35) by Calaisio, which are made of water vines. Pioneer Linens, West Palm Beach (561-6558553,


For tablescapes featuring similar elements, see “Retro Glam,” page 134.

Bamboo Bites Adding a natural touch to Leta Austin Foster’s elegant breakfast, bamboo utensils by Juliska ($150, five-piece setting) are fabulously ’50s.


Take a Seat The Harvey Probber X-base chairs in Patrick Killian’s vignette are sleek and simple, with a mahogany frame ($12,500, set of eight). Objects in the Loft, West Palm Beach (561-659-0403,

Established Stuart Neighborhood. Beautifully designed 4 bedroom home plus an office and a one bedroom guest apartment on over ¾ of an acre. Formal and informal living spaces all flowing together with ease and style. Spacious outdoor living area with pool and spa in a private $999,000 backyard setting. Community dockage.

Oceanfront in Sailfish Point. Come home to this exquisite residence directly on the Atlantic ocean with 9,000 sq. ft., 5 bedrooms, 4+ car garage and expansive patio and pool area just steps away from the beach. Comfortably elegant interiors that reflect the seaside elements $5,995,000 create the perfect ambiance.

Sewall’s Point Riverfront. Striking sunsets, room for easy living and entertaining, private yard for relaxing and swimming, deep water dockage and near the inlet! Located on a quiet street in South Sewall’s Point with four or five bedrooms, five and one-half baths, marble floors and $1,999,995 spacious rooms throughout.

Palm City Waterfront. Enjoy the peace and quiet on this 1.67 acre estate with ocean access. Gorgeous home with Old Florida charm overlooking a peaceful preserve. This spacious residence has six bedrooms, four and a half baths, three car garage, pool and dock with lift all $1,375,000 tucked away in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Sailfish Point Waterfront. With four bedrooms, three full and two half baths this home has water views from every room. Multiple patios and a 46 foot long swimming pool provide the perfect setting for taking in the soothing sunsets. Deep water protected dockage and only $1,995,000 minutes to the inlet!

Hutchinson Island Waterfront. Island Colonial estate with deeded ocean beach access, wide water views throughout, and dockage for multiple boats. Custom built in 2008 with 5 bedrooms, guest apartment, office, billiard room, summer kitchen with fireplace, pool and patio $3,349,000 all overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway.

Debra Duvall

3727 S. East Ocean Boulevard, Suite 100 | Stuart, FL 34996

Direct: 772.288.9020 Office: 772.283.3330

open house

Island Elegance OVERVIEW This early 1960s French Colonial

SETTING Direct Intracoastal waterfront on

cast-stone mantelpiece; enclosed loggia;

home in the heart of Palm Beach offers more

Palm Beach

butler’s pantry; wine cellar; gym; elevator;

than 150 feet of water frontage.

SIZE 8,674 total square feet

Crestron entertainment center; Lutron lighting

ADDRESS 534 Island Drive, Palm Beach

BEDROOMS/BATHS Four bedrooms, four

system; Panasonic phone system; French


baths, two half-baths

country kitchen with custom cabinetry, granite

ARCHITECT Jonathan C. Moore of Smith and

INTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS Circular stairway with

countertops, decorative tile backsplashes and

Moore Architects Inc., West Palm Beach

a wrought-iron railing; marble tile and African

professional-grade appliances; breakfast room;

BUILDER Simmons Building Corp., Jupiter

rosewood floors; handmade solid plaster mold-

family room with tin inserts and built-in media


ings; custom gold leaf trim; library with pecan

cabinetry; French doors; balconies; exercise

Interiors Group, Jupiter

wood paneling and built-in custom bookcases;


ASKING PRICE $12.495 million

wainscoting; bay windows; fireplace with

THis estate, totally renovated nine years ago, offers unsurpassed beauty. EXTERIOR HIGHLIGHTS 140-foot dock with 24,000-pound boatlift; pool; summer kitchen; rose gardens featuring bronze sculptures. FOR MORE INFORMATION Jason T. Corrigan, Fite Shavell & Associates, Palm Beach (561-313-4067,



eaching Connoisseurs Connoisseurs of of Life. Life. eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Custom estate residence Jupiter on over Farms 2 acres with deep-water access Extraordinary 3rd floor oceanfront residence offering 4 BR, 5 BA withinLittle Ritz-Carlton Estate Wellington P.B. Ranches Ritz-Carlton Wellington - P.B. Little Ranches Farms offering over 7,000 AC/SFJupiter with 7 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half baths, 4,355 AC/SF & 5.5 private elevator. Spectacular andColonial Intracoastal Privately gated, 4 Estate BR, BA estate home on 5th oceanfront Georgian custom equestrian estate, 5 BR, Charming 10 acre ranch with guest house, 6 BR, 5 Privately gated, 4 BR,Stokes 5.5 BA- 561.714.2399. estate home on$2,795,000. 5th Georgian Colonial custom equestrian 5 BR, Charming 10 acre ranch with guest house, 6 BR, 5 $5,875,000. dock, and estate, large guesthouse. Mark - 772.418.1312. Dean fairway.views. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399. $3,895,000. 4.5 BA. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $1,499,000. BA. MikeGriffin Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,795,000. fairway. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399. $3,895,000. 4.5 BA. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $1,499,000. BA. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,795,000.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Ritz-Carlton Residence Frenchman’s Reserve Old Marsh Golfwaterfront Club views of the Charming Residence custom home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking lake & 2ndReserve hole, Spectacular 3 BR residence featuring expansive Ritz-Carlton Frenchman’s Marsh Professionally decorated, 5 BR, 6.5 BA with water/ Open/spacious Carrington model, 5 BR, 5.5 BA plus Old Custom estate,Golf large Club lot with recording studio/guest recentlydecorated, remodeled with6.5 exquisite finishes, kitchen is Florida Intracoastal. Completely including impact glass and 4 docks Professionally 5 BR, BA with water/ outdoor Open/spacious Carrington model, 5 BR,$1,238,500. 5.5 BA plus remodeled Custom estate, large lot772.285.6637. with$1,500,000. recording$3,100,000. studio/guest golf views. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399. $1,995,000. library. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. house. Mike Galleher lifestyle its finest. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,250,000. with no fixed bridges. Richard Hutton - 561.236.2066. golf views. DeanatStokes 561.714.2399. $1,995,000. library. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. $1,238,500. house. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $3,100,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Steeplechase Custom Residence - Private 5 Acre Estatecustom 5,334 Frenchman’s Reserve Internationally renowned equestrian facility with Caloosa 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage This beautiful SF estate home features 5 BR, 6.5 BA with Steeplechase Residence Caloosa - Private Acre Frenchman’s Reserve Beautiful 5 BR,one 6.5Custom BA with 5,334 AC/SF on on 1.12 Gated custom home, BR, 4 BA Estate with 4,301 Enjoy AC/SF.the pool Casa&Bendita 3 BR, 4 BA on preserve Arenas covered, eight Paddocks 11.25 acres. Fully booked for 3 5 many upgrades. summermodel, kitchen. Very private on 1.12 in culBeautiful 5 BR, 6.5Grieco BA with 5,334 AC/SF on 1.12 Gated custom home, 3 BR, 4acres. BA with 4,301 AC/SF. Casa Bendita BR, 4 BA on preserve in culAcres. the Christine 561.371.1830. $999,999. Christine Grieco 561.371.1830. $1,199,999. de-sac. Lauriemodel, Seltzer3 561.685.9316. $1,215,000. 2011-2012 season. Hillary Oswald - 561.312.2545 $2,050,000. Christine Grieco - 561.371.1830. $1,089,000. Acres. Christine Grieco 561.371.1830. $999,999. Christine Grieco 561.371.1830. $1,199,999. de-sac. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. $1,215,000.

Coastal Sotheby’s International International Realty Coastal Realty Coastal Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty +1 561.694.0058 || 11601 11601Kew Kew Gardens Gardens Ave, Ave, Suite 101 || Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 | ||+1+1 561.694.0058 Suite 101 PalmBeach Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, Florida 33410 © MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s © MMX MMX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC.A A Realogy Realogy Company. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® isis aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s © International Realty Affiliates LLC. If your property is presentlyCompany. listed with another brokerage, please consider this advertisement a source of information and not aSotheby’s solicitaInternational Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. IfIf your your property property isis presently presently listed listed with with another another brokerage, brokerage, please please consider consider this this advertisement advertisement aa source source of of information information and and not not aa solicitasolicitaInternational tion. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. tion. All All information information isis deemed deemed reliable reliable but but not not guaranteed. guaranteed. Each Each office office isis Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated. tion.



eaching Connoisseurs Connoisseurs of of Life. Life. eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Custom estate residence Tequesta on over 2 acres with deep-water access Extraordinary 3rd floor oceanfront residence offering 4 BR, 5 BA within Seminole Landing - Premier Waterfront Parcel Old Marsh Golf Club Seminole Landing Tequesta - Premier Parcel over 7,000 with 7 bedrooms, 6 fullWaterfront and 2 halfparcels baths, Old Marsh Golf 4,355updated AC/SF &Mediterranean private elevator. and Intracoastal Spectacular oneSpectacular plus acre oceanfront acres & no fixed bridges. Adjacent availClassic custom estate Club with 3offering BR, 4.5 BA with 4,123AC/SF2.2 Spectacular updated Mediterranean one plus$2,795,000. acre 2.2 acres &Van no fixed bridges. Adjacent parcels avail$5,875,000. large guesthouse. Mark - 772.418.1312. Classic estate with 3 dock, BR, 4.5and BA$1,449,000. with 4,123 views. Dean Stokes - 561.714.2399. estate. Richard Hutton 561.236.2066. $5,495,000. able. GailGriffin Brock 561.694.0058. $5,275,000. AC/SF.custom Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. estate. Richard Hutton 561.236.2066. $5,495,000. able. Gail Van Brock 561.694.0058. $5,275,000. AC/SF. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,449,000.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Ritz-Carlton, Jupiter Jupiter Island - The Carlyle Ritz-Carlton, Charming custom home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking lake & 2nd -hole, Spectacular 3 BR residence Ritz-Carlton, featuring expansiveJupiter waterfront views of the Ritz-Carlton, Jupiter Jupiter Island The Carlyle Fully furnished, 2 BR, 2.5 BA with golf views. Mike Spectacular ocean & Intracoastal views, 3rd floor, 4 Exquisite décor, 4 Jupiter BR, 4.5 BA with golf & lake views. recently remodeled finishes, kitchen ocean is Florida Intracoastal. Completely including impact glass andgolf 4 docks Fully furnished, 2 BR, 2.5$1,195,000. BAwith withexquisite golf views. Mike outdoor Spectacular & Intracoastal views, $2,795,000. 3rd floor, 4 remodeled Exquisite décor, 4 BR, 4.5 BA with & lake views. Galleher 772.285.6637. BR, 5 BA. Dean Stokes 561.799.2399. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,595,000. at its finest. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. with no fixed bridges. Richard Hutton - 561.236.2066. Galleherlifestyle 772.285.6637. $1,195,000. BR,$1,250,000. 5 BA. Dean Stokes 561.799.2399. $2,795,000. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,500,000. $1,595,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Juno Internationally Beach - Therenowned Oceanfront - IDA Farm Beach5-BR, Intracoastal equestrian facility with Wellington 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage This beautiful custom 5,334 North SF estatePalm home features 6.5 BA with Juno -floor The Oceanfront Wellington -renowned IDA North Palm Beach -3 Intracoastal 3 BR, 5Beach BA, 3rdone unit, 3,955 private el- acres. Internationally equestrian facility on 11.25 No fixed bridges, 4 docks, BR, 2 BAon completely reArenas covered, eightAC/SF, Paddocks on 11.25 Fully booked for Farm many upgrades. Enjoy the pool & summer kitchen. Very private 1.12 3evator. BR, 5 the BA, 3rd floor unit, 3,955Hillary AC/SF,Oswald private- elInternationally renowned equestrian facility on 11.25 - 561.371.1830. No fixed bridges, 4 docks, 3 BR, 2 BA completely reTrish Blanchard 561.339.7010. $1,650,000. AC. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $2,050,000. modeled. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $1,500,000. 2011-2012 season. 561.312.2545 $2,050,000. acres. Christine Grieco $1,089,000. evator. Trish Blanchard 561.339.7010. $1,650,000. AC. Hillary Oswald 561.312.2545. $2,050,000. modeled. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $1,500,000.

Coastal Sotheby’s International International Realty Coastal Realty Coastal Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty +1 561.694.0058 || 11601 11601Kew Kew Gardens Gardens Ave, Ave, Suite 101 || Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 | ||+1+1 561.694.0058 Suite 101 PalmBeach Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, Florida 33410 © MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s © MMX MMX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC.A A Realogy Realogy Company. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® isis aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s © International Realty Affiliates LLC. If your property is presentlyCompany. listed with another brokerage, please consider this advertisement a source of information and not aSotheby’s solicitaInternational Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. IfIf your your property property isis presently presently listed listed with with another another brokerage, brokerage, please please consider consider this this advertisement advertisement aa source source of of information information and and not not aa solicitasolicitaInternational tion. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. tion. All All information information isis deemed deemed reliable reliable but but not not guaranteed. guaranteed. Each Each office office isis Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated. tion.



eaching Connoisseurs Connoisseurs of of Life. Life. eaching eaching Connoisseurs of Life.

Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Custom estate residence PGA on over 2 acres with deep-water access Extraordinary 3rd Custom floor oceanfront residence offering 4 BR, 5 BA within Seminole Landing Estate National Old Marsh Golf Club Seminole Landing Custom Estate PGA offering with National 7 bedrooms, 6 residence full and 2with halflake baths, Old Marsh Golf Club 4,355AC/SF AC/SF private elevator. Spectacular andcustom Intracoastal Over 7,000 &&guesthouse, deep water access oceanfront 4 BR, 3 BA & golf Gorgeous estate, 3 BR, office, over marsh7,000 & golfAC/SFSpectacular

Over 7,000 AC/SF &Stokes guesthouse, deep water$2,795,000. access Spectacular 4 BR,-Collum 3772.418.1312. BA residence with lake & golf $5,875,000. dock, and large&guesthouse. MarkMadison Griffin Gorgeous custom estate, 3 BR, office, marsh golf views. Dean - 561.714.2399. & dock. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $5,875,000. views. 561.309.2924. $675,000. views. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,475,000. & dock. Mark Griffin 772.418.1312. $5,875,000. views. Madison Collum 561.309.2924. $675,000. views. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,475,000.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Juno Beach - The Oceanfront Evergrene Old Marsh Golf Club Charming custom home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking lake & 2nd hole,Oceanfront Spectacular 3 BR residence Evergrene featuring expansive waterfront views of the Juno Beach The Old Marsh Golf 4 BR, 4.5 BA, floor unit,Intracoastal. 3,955 AC/SF,Completely private Montereyincluding model, 3impact BR + den, BA, 42,600 AC/SF, on Recently remodeled 3Club BR, 4.5 BAexquisite with golffinishes, & lake outdoor recently remodeled with kitchen is 3rd Florida remodeled glass4 and docks 4elevator. BR, 4.5 BA, 3rdStokes floor561.714.2399 unit, 3,955 AC/SF, private Monterey model, 3Seltzer BR + 561.685.9316. den, 4 BA, 2,600 AC/SF, on Recently remodeled BR, 4.5Mike BA with golf 772.285.6637. & lake Dean $1,650,000. preserve. Laurie $498,500. views. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,250,000. lifestyle at its3finest. Galleher $1,250,000. with no $1,650,000. fixed bridges. Richard HuttonLaurie - 561.236.2066. $1,500,000. elevator. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399 preserve. Seltzer 561.685.9316. $498,500. views. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. $1,250,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Frenchman’s Reserve Internationally renowned equestrian facility with Evergrene 62 Stalls, 4 Dressage This beautiful custom 5,334 Evergrene SF estate home features 5 BR, 6.5 BA with Frenchman’s Evergrene Evergrene Playa Riente 4 BR, 3.5eight BA with 3,600on AC/SF. 4 BR,Fully 3.5 BA, private with lake Well&maintained residence with 3 BR,on 2.51.12 BA, 1,610 Arenasmodel, oneReserve covered, Paddocks 11.25 acres. booked forguesthouse/office many upgrades. Enjoy the pool summer kitchen. Very private Playa model, 4 BR, 3.5 $1,199,000. BA with 3,600 AC/SF. 4views. BR, 3.5$2,050,000. BA, private guesthouse/office with lake Well maintained residence with 3 BR,$235,000. 2.5 BA, 1,610 LaurieRiente Seltzer 561.685.9316. Richard Hutton 561.236.2066. $419,000. AC/SF. Dean$1,089,000. Stokes 561.714.2399. the 2011-2012 season. Hillary Oswald - 561.312.2545 acres. Christine Grieco - 561.371.1830. Laurie Seltzer 561.685.9316. $1,199,000. views. Richard Hutton 561.236.2066. $419,000. AC/SF. Dean Stokes 561.714.2399. $235,000.

Coastal Sotheby’s International International Realty Coastal Realty Coastal Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International Realty +1 561.694.0058 || 11601 11601Kew Kew Gardens Gardens Ave, Ave, Suite 101 || Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 | ||+1+1 561.694.0058 Suite 101 PalmBeach Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, Florida 33410 © MMX Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. A Realogy Company. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty® is a registered trademark licensed to Sotheby’s © MMX MMX Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC.A A Realogy Realogy Company. All All Rights Rights Reserved. Reserved. Sotheby’s Sotheby’s International International Realty® Realty® isis aa registered registered trademark trademark licensed licensed to to Sotheby’s © International Realty Affiliates LLC. If your property is presentlyCompany. listed with another brokerage, please consider this advertisement a source of information and not aSotheby’s solicitaInternational Realty Realty Affiliates Affiliates LLC. LLC. IfIf your your property property isis presently presently listed listed with with another another brokerage, brokerage, please please consider consider this this advertisement advertisement aa source source of of information information and and not not aa solicitasolicitaInternational tion. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Each office is Independently Owned and Operated. tion. All All information information isis deemed deemed reliable reliable but but not not guaranteed. guaranteed. Each Each office office isis Independently Independently Owned Owned and and Operated. Operated. tion.



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Seminole Landing Carlyle Jupiter Island Condo Sprawling Golf Bear’s Club Cottages Custom estate residenceThe on over 2 acres with deep-water access Golf Course Masterpiece Extraordinary 3rd floorEstate oceanfront 4 BR, 5 BA within Sprawling Golf Course Estate The Bear’s Club Cottages Sprawling GolfCourse Course Estate residence offering The Bear’s Club Cottages Golf Course Masterpiece Golf Course Masterpiece

This 666full half residence Two beautifully furnished Club Cottages available offeringoverlooking over 7,000 AC/SF with 7 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half baths, Three estate 4,355 AC/SF & and private andcustom Intracoastal This bedroom, full and one half bath residence Two beautifully furnished Club Cottages available This555bedroom, bedroom, full andone oneelevator. halfbath bathSpectacular residence oceanfront Two beautifully furnished Club Cottages available&&& Three acre custom estate residence overlooking Threeacre acre custom estateresidence residence overlooking $5,875,000. along 6th $5,000,000. offers 444BR, 444BA $1,995,000. dock,Upon and large guesthouse. Mark Griffin - within 772.418.1312. 4th Request. views. Dean Stokes - 561.714.2399. $2,795,000. along the 6th fairway $5,000,000. offers BR, BA within 3,225 AC/SF. $1,995,000. alongthe the 6thfairway fairway $5,000,000. offers BR, BA within3,225 3,225AC/SF. AC/SF. $1,995,000. 4th green, 15,000 total SF. Price Upon Request. 4thgreen, green,15,000 15,000total totalSF. SF.Price Price Upon Request.

Old Marsh Golf Club North Palm Beach Charming home with 3 BR, 4.5 BA overlooking & 2nd hole,Villa Spectacular 3 BR residenceBear’s featuring expansive waterfront Custom Golf Course Estate Bear’s Club Golf Golf Villa Custom Golf Course Estate Bear’s Club Golf Villa Bear’s Club Golf Villa Custom Golfcustom Course Estate Bear’slake Club Golf Villa Bear’sClub Club Golf Villa views of the

recently remodeled with exquisite finishes, kitchen is Floridadecorated Intracoastal. Completely including impact and 4444BR, docks Exquisite custom estate on golf offerNewly professionally villa 444BR, Fully 2-story Villa offering Exquisite custom estate home on golf course offerNewly professionally decorated villa offering BR, Fully furnished 2-story Villa offering BR, plus office, Exquisite custom estatehome home on golfcourse course offer-outdoor Newly professionally decorated villaoffering offering BR, remodeled Fullyfurnished furnished 2-story Villaglass offering BR,plus plusoffice, office, lifestyle atwithin its finest. Mike Galleher 772.285.6637. with no fixed bridges. Richard Hutton - 561.236.2066. $1,500,000. ing 6.5 6,482 AC/SF. $3,499,000. 6.5 BA 5.5 4,277 ing BR, 6.5 BA within 6,482 AC/SF. $3,499,000. 6.5 BA within 4,907 AC/SF. $1,995,000. 5.5 BA within 4,277 AC/SF. $2,600,000. ing444BR, BR, 6.5BA BA within 6,482 AC/SF. $3,499,000. 6.5$1,250,000. BAwithin within4,907 4,907AC/SF. AC/SF.$1,995,000. $1,995,000. 5.5BA BAwithin within 4,277AC/SF. AC/SF.$2,600,000. $2,600,000.

Wellington - IDA Farm Steeplechase Club Villa Estate Lots Internationally renowned equestrian facility withCustom 62 Stalls, 4Estate Dressage This beautiful custom 5,334Bear’s SF estate homeGolf features 5 BR, 6.5 BA with Bear’s Club Golf Villa Bear’s Club Golf Villa Estate Lots Custom Estate Residence Estate Lots Custom EstateResidence Residence

Fully furnished offering BR, 5.5 Multiple Estate Homesites offerings available featurThis course offers 6.5 Arenas covered, eight Paddocks 11.25 acres. Fully booked forestate many Enjoy summer2-story kitchen. Very private444on 1.12 Fully furnished 2-story Villa offering BR, 5.5 BA Fully& furnished 2-storyVilla Villa offering BR, 5.5BA BA Multiple Estate Homesites offerings available featurThis new golf course estate home offers BR, 6.5 Multiple Estateone Homesites offerings availableon featurThisnew newgolf golf course estatehome homeupgrades. offers444BR, BR, 6.5 the pool within $2,500,000. ing golf, &&&preserve views. From BA 6,448 the 2011-2012 season. Oswald - 561.312.2545 $2,050,000. acres. Christine Grieco - 561.371.1830. $1,089,000. within 4,277 AC/SF. $2,500,000. within4,277 4,277AC/SF. AC/SF. $2,500,000. ing lake, golf, preserve views. From $1,595,000. BA within 6,448 AC/SF. $3,945,000. inglake, lake, golf, preserve views.Hillary From$1,595,000. $1,595,000. BAwithin within 6,448AC/SF. AC/SF.$3,945,000. $3,945,000.

The Bear’s Sotheby’s International Realty Sotheby’s International Realty The Bear’s Club Sotheby’s International Realty TheCoastal Bear’sClub Club Sotheby’s International Realty ||| +1 561.514.6948 | 103 Bear’s Club Drive | Jupiter, Florida 33477 | +1 561.694.0058 | 11601 Kew Gardens Ave, Suite 101 | Palm Gardens, +1 Florida 33477 +1 561.514.6948 561.514.6948 || 103 103 Bear’s Bear’s Club Club Drive Drive || Jupiter, Jupiter,Beach Florida 33477 Florida 33410 © MMXSotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC.AARealogy RealogyCompany. Company.All AllRights RightsReserved. Reserved.Sotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty® Realty®isisaaregistered registeredtrademark trademarklicensed licensedto toSotheby’s Sotheby’s © ©©MMX MMX MMXSotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC.AARealogy RealogyCompany. Company. All AllRights RightsReserved. Reserved.Sotheby’s Sotheby’sInternational InternationalRealty® Realty®isisaaregistered registeredtrademark trademarklicensed licensedto toSotheby’s Sotheby’s InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC. IfIfyour yourproperty propertyisispresently presentlylisted listedwith withanother anotherbrokerage, brokerage,please pleaseconsider considerthis thisadvertisement advertisementaasource sourceofofinformation informationand andnot notaasolicitasolicitaInternational International InternationalRealty RealtyAffiliates AffiliatesLLC. LLC. IfIfyour yourproperty propertyisispresently presentlylisted listedwith withanother anotherbrokerage, brokerage,please pleaseconsider considerthis thisadvertisement advertisementaasource sourceof ofinformation informationand andnot notaasolicitasolicitation. All Allinformation informationisisdeemed deemedreliable reliablebut butnot notguaranteed. guaranteed. Each Eachoffice officeisisIndependently IndependentlyOwned Ownedand andOperated. Operated. tion. tion. tion. All Allinformation informationisisdeemed deemedreliable reliablebut butnot notguaranteed. guaranteed. Each Eachoffice officeisisIndependently IndependentlyOwned Ownedand andOperated. Operated.

601 Island 601 Drive Island · Palm Drive · Palm Beach 601 Island Drive · Beach Palm Beach 601 Island Drive · Palm Beach 6 Bedrooms/6 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/2 Half-Baths Baths/2 Half-Baths · 8,542± sqft · 8,542± 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/2 Half-Baths · 8,542± sqft sqft 6 Bedrooms/6 Baths/2 Half-Baths · 8,542± sqft $18,900,000 $18,900,000 $18,900,000 $18,900,000

305 Hibiscus Avenue · Beach Palm Beach 305 Hibiscus 305Avenue Hibiscus · Palm Avenue · Palm Beach Hibiscus Avenue · Palm Beach 4305 Bedrooms/3.5 · 2,468± sqft sqft 4 Bedrooms/3.5 4 Bedrooms/3.5 BathsBaths · 2,468± Baths sqft · 2,468± 4 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 2,468± sqft $1,995,000 $1,995,000 $1,995,000 $1,995,000

Island Drive · Palm Beach 601 601 Island Drive · Beach Palm Beach 601 Island 601 Drive Island · Palm Drive · Palm Beach 77Bedrooms/7 Baths/3 Half-Baths · sqft 12,115± sqftsqft 7 Bedrooms/7 Baths/3 Half-Baths · 12,115± sqft 7 Bedrooms/7 Bedrooms/7 Baths/3 Half-Baths Baths/3 Half-Baths · 12,115± · 12,115± $27,500,000 $27,500,000 $27,500,000 $27,500,000

136Woodbridge Woodbridge ·· Palm 136 Road Palm Beach 136 Woodbridge 136 Woodbridge Road Road · Palm Road Beach · Beach Palm Beach Bedrooms/4 ·· 5,268± sqft 66Bedrooms/4 Baths 5,268± sqft sqft 6 Bedrooms/4 6 Bedrooms/4 BathsBaths · 5,268± Baths sqft · 5,268± $3,499,000 $3,499,000 $3,499,000 $3,499,000

Dunster House · 360 S Ocean Blvd, 2B · Palm Beach 227 Ellamar Road · West Palm Beach 2 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 3,200± sqft 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths 6,342± sqft Beach Dunster House · 360 S Ocean Blvd, 2B · Palm Beach 227 Ellamar Road · Palm West PalmPalm Beach nster House Dunster · 360House S Ocean · 360 Blvd, S Ocean 2B · Palm Blvd,Beach 2B · Palm Beach 227 Ellamar 227 Road Ellamar · West Road ·· West Beach $3,490,000 $1,899,000 2 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 3,200± sqft sqft 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths · 6,342± sqft sqft 2 Bedrooms/3.5 2 Bedrooms/3.5 Baths · 3,200± Baths sqft · 3,200± 6 Bedrooms/6.5 6 Bedrooms/6.5 Baths · 6,342± Baths sqft · 6,342± $3,490,000 $1,899,000 $3,490,000 $3,490,000 $1,899,000 $1,899,000 420 Royal Palm Way Suite 300 Palm Beach, FL 33480 561.899.2400

420 Royal 420 Palm Royal 420 Way Royal Palm Way Palm Suite Way 300 SuitePalm 300 SuiteBeach, 300 Palm Beach, Palm FL 33480 Beach, FL 33480 561.899.2400 FL 33480 561.899.2400 561.899.2400

historic oceanfronts

MAGNIFICENT OCEAN TO INTRACOASTAL ESTATE Palm Beach. Marion Sims Wyeth Mediterranean 10 BR residence sited regally on over 1.4 acres. Spectacular sunrise to sunset views from every room, Il Sogno, “The Dream” offers 11,627 total SF and boasts magnificently planned terraced and sculpted gardens, an Intracoastal Har-Tru north/south tennis court and putting green, beautifully landscaped pool area for grand entertaining and full house generator. Sunset views from most every room. $27M WEB# 6424 Shari Murriello 561.762.1828, Jim McCann 561.296.8760

PRISTINE OCEANFRONT FATIO ESTATE Palm Beach. Distinguished 13,000 SF landmarked residence is updated and fresh. One of Fatio’s best works in Palm Beach, the property is exquisite and well preserved with architectural details that capture the grace of its original era. It offers all the luxuries of its recent updating, 6 guest suites, and a master wing. Enjoy the convenience of an interior tunnel to the beach and oceanfront cabana. Staff suite, elevator, 3-car garage, and refrigerated wine storage complete this magnificent offering. $22.5M WEB# 5980 Jim McCann 561.296.8760



The Corcoran Group is a licensed real estate broker. Owned and operated by NRT LLC.


Fite Shavell & Associates Luxury Properties


British Colonial style 7BR/8.2BA Palm Beach home. Located directly on the Intracoastal with deep water dock. Separate 2BR/2BA guest wing includes living room with kitchen. The cabana includes bathroom and kitchen. Web ID 977 $15.5M Betsy Fry  561.909.8908     Mia Morrison 561.379.7691


Magnificent Oceanfront opportunity. 3.26 acres. Rare 17 ft. elevation with 206 ft. of frontage. Web ID 205 $11.495M Craig Bretzlaff 561.601.7557


6BR/6.5BA waterfront estate with dock. Superb finishes. Pool with spa. Minutes to Ocean access. Web ID 993 $4.49M Bill Quigley 561.346.3434


5BR/6.5BA Mediterranean estate with 6,000 SF & Ocean views. Lowest priced oceanfront in Manalapan. Web ID 512 $5.2M Bill Quigley 561.346.3434

561.655.6570 101 North County Road Palm Beach, Florida 33480 © 2012 Fite Shavell & Associates


Sunny 2BR/2BA with direct Intracoastal views from all rooms. Pet friendly building with pool. Web ID 960 $899,900 Furn. Sonja Abrahamsen-Stevens 561.573.9198

561.694.6550 11237 US Highway 1 North Palm Beach, Florida 33408











Please Join us at the Palm Beach International Boat Show!







248 Ft. Lürssen NORTHERN STAR





151 Ft. Hakvoort ALLEGRIA

223 Ft. Lürssen KISMET


164 Ft. Westport HARMONY



191 Ft. Trinity UNBRIDLED





March 22nd - 25th in downtown West Palm Beach Contact our office for your VIP tickets today!



147 Ft. Feadship MADSUMMER * Not offered for sale or charter to U.S. residents while in U.S. waters.

1300 SE 17th St., Suite 204, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316 Tel: (954) 768-0707 • • N EW P ORT | F ORT L AUDE RDA LE | MOSC OW

The Very Best in South Florida Waterfront Living

Polo Drive, Town of Gulf Stream

Deepwater Estate set in a Tropical Paradise! Relaxed yet luxurious and great for entertaining. 5 bedrooms, six and a half bath. 5,600 sq ft under air. Highest quality construction, completed in 2008. Walk to the pristine beach and golf courses. Truly a ONE-OF-A-KIND home! Offered at $5,750,000. Call Jeremy for your private tour.

3565 N. Ocean Blvd. Gulf Stream, FL • 100 feet of direct oceanfront • +- 20 foot elevation offers panoramic views and ocean breezes • Build your custom home up to 7,300 sq. ft. • $4,950,000 Best Price on the beach in Gulf Stream 3565 N. OCEAN BLVD. GULF STREAM, FL The Very Best in South Florida Living!

JEREMY STEWART, Broker Associate P: 561.819.6958 / C: 954.937.7212

PALM BEACH BROKERAGE Our Results Speak for Themselves

Lakefront estate | $38,000,000 7 Bedrooms, 8 Baths, 5 Half Baths Cristina Condon 561.301.2211 WEB: 0075170

Jupiter isLand | $17,995,000 6.2 Acres of Land Jay dewing 561.601.2585 WEB: 0075629

sunrise to sunset | $14,900,000 7 Bedrooms, 9.5 Baths denise segraves 561.762.3100 Cristina Condon 561.301.2211 WEB: 0075618

Sotheby’s International Realty was the leading real estate firm in Palm Beach for 2011.

doubLe r-ranCh | $12,300,000 4 Bedrooms, 6.5 Baths doc ellingson 772.229.2929, d. ellingson 772.801.8837, k. Gustafson 561.346.6917 WEB: 0075674

CharMinG tusCan paLazzo | $5,750,000 6 Bedrooms, 6.5 Baths Carole ruhlman 561.329.9372 WEB: 0075686

With a world-renowned brand, a tradition of expertise and sophisticated marketing, and a team of 58 knowledgeable and experienced agents focused on Palm Beach, it’s no wonder that our 2011 sales volume on the Island exceeded that of any other firm in the market.*

MaJestiC reGenCy estate | $8,995,000 5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Baths Wally turner 561.301.2060 WEB: 0075230

* Source: Palm Beach Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service data queried on January 15, 2012 for Palm Beach Island areas #1- North End, #2 - In-Town, #3 - Estate Section, and #4 - South of Sloans Curve for single family, condominium/co-operative, townhome and land transactions that closed from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.

frenChMan’s | $5,200,000 8 Bedrooms, 11Baths, 3 Half Baths Carole koeppel 561.329.0019 brett koeppel 561.310.8494 WEB: 0075616

LoveLy Mediterranean | $3,250,000 4 Bedrooms, 4.5 Baths patricia Mahaney 561.352.1066 WEB: 0075472

PALM BEACH BROKERAGE || 561.659.3555 Follow us

Sotheby’s International Realty, Inc. is owned and operated by Sotheby’s International Realty . Sotheby’s International Realty is a registered trademark. ®



Lil Rapunzels

“Cosmetic dentistry is my love, I have trained hard for it and now have the opportunity to give my patients ‘their’ very best smile every.” Richard Steckler DDS, PA

251 Royal Poinciana Way, Palm Beach 561.659.3131




AREAS OF EXPERTISE Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry • All Porcelain Veneers • Crown & Bridge Mini Implant Dentistry • Eliminate Dentures Permanently • Regular and Perio Cleanings


1001 W. Indiantown Road, Suite 106 • Jupiter, Florida 33458 Call for a free consultation: (561) 747-7111



CARYNA NINA Haute Couture Designer

What’s Haute

General, Restorative & Cosmetic Dentistry





32 Via Mizner, Palm Beach, FL 561-655-3655 ___________

All designs are One-of-a kind when in a print. Designer works with mostly designer Italian fabrics such as ETRO, PUCCI, Roberto Cavali... Custom orders welcome.

Greenwich, CT ___________

Register for classes at 1609 S. Dixie Hwy, WPB 561-659-4646 First class COMPLIMENTARY!

Martha’s Vineyard

What’s Haute

420 Clematis Street West Palm Beach, Florida


Did you know?

Peptide creams

are faster and safer than Retinol.

I’m concerned about wrinkles on my face. I don’t want to get Botox. Answer by Dr. OZ show: Yes. To help reduce wrinkles try peptide creams. They get through the surface of the skin and plump up collagen, to give your face a more youthful look.

Let’s Face It... PePtide Plus Wrinkle Cream

Order direct and save $10 off your first shipment.

1-800-931-5962 A PArAben Free Product




American Eclectic style menu created by celebrated Executive Chef, Michael Rolchigo We feature an award-winning menu, Extensive Wine List and an “A” rated service team Open 7 Days from 4pm-close

561.746.6283 | 311 E. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, FL 33477 | Reservations Recommended

Have you seen our newly redesigned dining room?

Private Room Available *Perfect for Your Next Special Celebration* Dinner: 7 nights a week starting at 5:30pm | Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 2:00pm Online reservations and customer reviews:

561.748.5878 | 2151 Alternate A1A S., Suite 100 | Jupiter, FL 33477



A True Fashion Experience


Palm Beach gardens PGA Commons East 4580 PGA Blvd, Suite 105 561.691.8883 Mon-Sat 10-6 stuart Cedar Pointe Plaza 2861 SE Ocean Blvd 772.287.2845 Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30

Damien Hirst Tyloxapol H: 36.5” x W: 48” Wood block print on paper

Shoe Salon and Boutique

Opening in the Spring

BLooMfieLD HiLLS/BirMingHAM, Mi

Modern & ConteMporary Fine art

What’s Haute

Katz Lichtenstein

Hockney Dine

Stella Warhol

Sultan Wesselmann

Minter Wool

fine footwear, clothing, accessories


Fort Lauderdale,Allyson FL 33301 • Park City, UT 84098 Massey By private appointment only, call or email at

Harbour Bay Plaza Sewall’s Point 772-221-9973 3385 Ocean Drive Vero Beach 772-231-2772

1318 E. Las Olas Blvd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954) 557-0675

Decorators Re source Decorators ESTATE Resource FURNISHINGS


our Shouldn’tgyet the best friendtreatment? f best kind o ecialty hospital gency and sp 24 hour emer Critical Care, ine, Surgery,

5401235 5401235 5401235 5401235

ic rdiology, Internal med oroscopy, Ca aging - CT/Flu y ap er th Advanced im e oiodin ncology, Radi Neurology, O

ESTATE FURNISHINGS •PRE-OWNED FURNITURE •WE BUY AND SELL ESTATE •PRE-OWNED •WE BUY ESTATE FURNISHINGS FURNISHINGS •PRE-OWNED FURNITURE FURNITURE •WE BUYOneAND AND SELL SELL 333 US Hwy. 4088 PGA Blvd. 333 US Hwy. One (Between Northlake Former4088 Loehmann’ PGA Plaza 333 US Hwy. One PGA s(Between Blvd. Heron) 4088 Blvd. Northlake & Blue 333 & US BlueHwy. Heron)One (I-95 &PGA PGA sBlvd) (Between Northlake Former Loehmann’ PGA Plaza Northlake Former Loehmann’ s PGA Plaza Lake Park, FL (Between Park Palm Beach Gardens &&Lake Blue Heron) (I-95 && PGA Blvd) Blue (I-95 PGA Blvd) 561-845-9688561-845-9688 561-630-6434 Lake Heron) Park Palm Beach Gardens Lake Park Palm Beach Gardens 561-845-9688 561-630-6434 561-845-9688 561-630-6434 Open 7 Days • Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 • Sun. 12:00-5:00 Open Open 77 Days Days • • Mon-Sat Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 9:30-5:30 • • Sun. Sun. 12:00-5:00 12:00-5:00 7 Days • Mon-Sat 9:30-5:30 • Sun. 12:00-5:00



(561) 625-9995 4019 Hood Road Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Fonts: VSH = Eurostile Extended Two Veterinary Specialty Hospital: Univers 55 with 113% Horizontal Scale

Colors: Black: 100% - 60% - 30% Red: 100% Magenta and 100% Yellow



w e a lt h i e s t ILLUSTRATED

f lor id a’s



The Home & Garden Issue

Honeymoons in the wild Beach wedding essentials

An artisan’s story Gorgeous gardens



Balance: Healthy Living in Naples

Palm Beach


Best of the resort collections Jewels to covet


p ub l is he r


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Palm Beach Illustrated • Naples Illustrated • Weddings Illustrated Palm beach Charity Register • Naples Charity Register • Balance the jewel of palm beach: the mar-a-lago club • traditions: the breakers reflections: longboat key club & Resort neapolitan: Waldorf Astoria Naples and edgewater beach hotel







SMOOTH SAILING Trevor Moore sets a course for the 2012 Olympics









the jewel of palm beach


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inf o rm at io n




The Ritz-Carlton Residences Singer Island, Palm Beach

2700 N. Ocean Drive, Singer Island On-site sales gallery: Suite 1004A 561-259-2700 |

Perfectly situated on 8.8 acres along the pristine waters of the Palm Beach

coastline, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Singer Island, Palm Beach present a private oasis of serene luxury and sophistication. Rising 27 stories and offering panoramic ocean views, the unique property offers residents unparalleled service and attention to detail.

The Residences are one of only six unique, stand-alone Ritz-Carlton Residences

in the world. Owners will experience the privileges of ownership while being treated as honored guests through impeccable service for which The Ritz-Carlton is renowned. From the 24-hour gatehouse and valet parking to the dedicated concierge, owners will appreciate five-star living at its finest.

Each of the two towers is perfectly designed with its own expansive amenities

similar to those found in the world’s most exclusive clubs. Residents can relax ocean-side in a tropical oasis featuring an oceanfront lagoon pool and lap pool, two whirlpool spas, a poolside grill and 375-feet of white sand beach. Inside, a private resident social room, complete with a catering kitchen and billiard table, and a cinema-style screening room are perfect for entertaining guests. A state-ofthe-art fitness center and business center further enhance the luxury lifestyle at The Ritz-Carlton Residences.

Residences range from 1,725 square feet to 7,445 square feet of under-air living

space and offer expansive balconies and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway and surrounding cityscapes. Many feature private elevator foyers, and all offer luxurious appointments, including gourmet kitchens with granite countertops and Italian custom cabinets as well as generously sized baths with designer fixtures.

The Residences are ideally located near the celebrated Worth Avenue, PGA

golf courses and Wellington’s horse country. Owners will also enjoy the many dining, shopping and cultural offerings just minutes from this seaside location.

Premier Sales Group Inc., a licensed real estate broker, is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for Lionheart Capital. The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Singer Island, Palm Beach, are not owned, developed or sold by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC. 2700 North Ocean LLC uses The Ritz-Carlton marks under a license from The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC. Sales Group Inc., a licensed real estate broker, is the exclusive sales and marketing agent for Lionheart Capital.


culture v Lightpainter While more traditional painters may prefer working with oil, Stephen Knapp is contributing to the art world in a big way for his invention of a new medium he calls lightpainting. Knapp begins by mounting on a wall or panel pieces of glass filters that act like prisms. The pieces are precisely arranged so that when a halogen light shines on them, they create the brilliant colors and lines the artist intended. “Most of us are looking for that quiet place in our lives to go sometimes when all the noise around us stops,” Knapp says. “Although these are bright and colorful, what I give people is a place to go to and dream and imagine for a little bit.” Inner Vision, shown, “is autobiographical but talking about the fact that we have incredible colors and feelings,” Knapp says. “There’s a layer of depth inside that you know is there but don’t see it.” Although the installations look dazzling in the dark, they’re just as captivating in a sunlit room. “These aren’t meant to be in dark caves. They’re meant to be lived with,” the artist says. Five of Knapp’s lightpaintings, including Inner Vision, will be on display at the Vero Beach Museum of Art through June 3. He also has a 64-foot-wide lightpainting permanently installed in the Riverside Theatre. —Jennifer Pfaff | MARCH 2012 219

agenda v calendar

March 2012

Chameleon, Amy Roper Lyons

Daisy waistcoat and Hacking jacket (far right)

British designer Katherine Hooker will host a trunk show at Muses and Visionaries in West Palm Beach on March 22. The invitation-only event will showcase her warm weather collection, created with Palm Beachers in mind. (561-366-1206) GOINGS ON 1 Delray Beach International Tennis Championships, Delray Beach Stadium and Tennis Center, Delray Beach, to March 4, $12-$250. (561-330-6000, yellow The Mad Hatter’s Luncheon, benefiting Armory Art Center, Club Colette, Palm Beach, $250. (561-832-1776, 2 Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach Annual Gala, The Breakers, Palm Beach, by invitation only. (561-832-0731, 3 20th Anniversary Season Gala, benefiting and held at the Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $375-$750. (561-833-8300, Bethesda Ball, benefiting Bethesda Hospital Foundation, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $350. (561-737-7733, bethesdahospi Café Beaux Arts—Where Life Imitates Art, the 48th Annual Beaux Arts Ball Affair, Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum and 220 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

School of Art, Tequesta, $275. (561-7463101, Celestial Gala of North Palm Beach, benefiting the American Cancer Society, The Club at Admiral’s Cove, Jupiter, $250. (561-650-0142, Opportunity Dinner Dance and Auction, benefiting Opportunity Inc. Mary Alice Fortin Early Childhood Center, The Beach Club, Palm Beach, $250. (561-7129221,

The Palm Beach Fine Craft Show brings unique and inspiring works to the Palm Beach County Convention Center From March 2-4. Call for ticket prices. (203254-0486, crafts

7 6th Annual Festival of the Arts Boca 2012, Mizner Park Amphitheater and Cultural Arts Center, Boca Raton, to March 18, tickets start at $20. (561-3688445, No Excuse for Abuse Luncheon, benefiting Alpert Jewish Family and Children’s Service, Cohen Pavilion at Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $150. (561-684-1991,

4 A Family Affair, benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida, The Mar-ALago Club, Palm Beach, $175, children $100, table $1,500. (954-967-9474, 5 Palm Beach Civic Association’s Second Annual Awards Luncheon, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $300-$5,000. (561655-0820, Enter to win two tickets to the Festival of the Arts’ Opera Goes to the Movies performance at

Celtic Crossroads Performs at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre on March 2. Tickets cost $40. (561575-2223,

Spinnaker, Ronald Tinney

Meghan Candler Gallery will show Indian River, Marine and Still Life Paintings of Ronald Tinney, Linda Arnold and James P. Kerr from March 1 to April 30. (772-234-8811, meghancandler 8 Liezl’s Tea Party, benefiting Els for Autism, the Els home, The Bear’s Club, Jupiter, $200. (561-625-8267, The Old Bags Luncheon, benefiting Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County Inc., The Breakers, Palm Beach, $350. (561-616-1257, Painting Fountains and Flora of Palm Beach in Watercolor, workshop, Pannill Pavilion, Society of the Four Arts, Palm Beach, to March 9, $120. (561-805-8562, The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary 23rd Annual Hearts of Guild Luncheon, The Sailfish Club, Palm Beach, $150. (561-686-3530, salvationarmypalm 9 A Pair To Remember, luncheon and fashion show benefiting Easter Seals Florida, Grand Court of The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, $125. (561-4711688,

I Hold All Indians in My Hand, Anselm Kiefer

10 50th Anniversary of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $500. (561-515-1527, bascom Newman Night 2012 “A Night in Havana,” benefiting Cardinal Newman High School, Cohen Pavilion at Kravis Center, $195. (561-471-0241, 12 22nd Annual Book of Hope Luncheon, featuring Elizabeth Smart, benefiting Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, Boca Raton Resort and Club, $125. (561-218-2929, 13 Palm Beach Opera Guild Annual Luncheon and Saks Fifth Avenue Fashion Show, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $275. (561-835-7569,

Eaton Fine Art presents “Gallery Selections: Featuring Anselm Kiefer, Dennis Oppenheim and Bernar Venet” to March 24. (561-833-4766, 17 33rd Annual Hatsume Fair, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, to March 18, $5-$12. (561-495-0233, Palm Beach Dramaworks’ 12th Annual Gala, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $600. (561-514-4042, palmbeachdrama

Midnight, Will Barnet

WXEL 9th Annual “Women with Wings and Wisdom” Luncheon, The Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach, $275-$350. (561-3644402, 16 Alzheimer’s Community Care Annual Palm Beach Gala, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $650. (561-683-2700, Boca Raton Museum of Art displays “Will Barnet at 100: Eight Decades of Painting and Printmaking” from March 27 to May 20. (561-392-2500, | MARCH 2012 221

agenda v calendar Special Thanks to our 60th Anniversary Partners Henry Morrison Flagler Museum Christafaro’s The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach Xquisite Events | Atlas Party Rental Hy-Lite Productions | Marcia Mitchell Music Lucien Capehart Photography Palm Beach Parking Virginia Philip Wine Shop & Academy Premier Beverage featuring

Grey Goose | Bacardi | Villa Sandi Byron | RouteStock | Decero | Mohua


18 Doggie Ball, benefiting the Tri County Humane Society, Boca West Country Club, Boca Raton, $200. (561-482-8110, Il Circolo Italian Cultural and Language Scholarship Organization’s 36th Anniversary Gala, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $275-$300. (231-278-2852, Enter to win tickets to the Palm Beach Boat Show at 22 27th Annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, West Palm Beach, to March 25, $12-$14, children 6-15 $3-$5, children 5 and younger free. (954-764-7642, 24 Jazz at the Zoo, benefiting Wheels for Kids, Palm Beach Zoo, West Palm Beach, $185. (561-752-0799, 25 Mounts Botanical Garden Spring Benefit, private residence, Palm Beach, $150. (561-233-1757, 27 Palm Beach Round Table’s 80th Anniversary Celebration, The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, $225. (561-832-6418, palmbeach 29 Center for Creative Education’s 13th Annual Luncheon, private residence, Palm Beach, $250. (561-805-9927, 30 Love of Literacy Luncheon, benefiting Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County, Kravis Center, $125. (561-279-9103, What Lies Beneath: An Evening of Nautical Mystery and Adventure, benefiting South Florida Science Museum, The Breakers, Palm Beach, $500. (561-370-7738, 31 Barefoot on the Beach, benefiting Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County Inc., The Breakers, Palm Beach, $300. (561-6833287, Gratitude House Gala, The Four Seasons, Palm Beach, $300. (561833-6826, Jupiter Medical Ball, benefiting Jupiter Medical Center Foundation, The Club at Admiral’s Cove, Jupiter, $300. (561-263-5728,



PERFORMANCES 1 Arias: An Evening with Palm Beach Opera, Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, $25. (561-575-2223,

The Genius of George and Ira Gershwin, Palm Beach Pops, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach; March 2, 5 and 6, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton; March 3, Eissey Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, $29-$89. (561-932-7677, The Music Man, Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach, to March 18, $36$70. (772-231-6990, The Unexpected Guest, Lake Worth Playhouse, Lake Worth, to March 18, $23-$65. (561-586-6410, 2 Debby Boone, Crest Theatre, Delray Beach, to March 4, $42. (561-243-7922, Johnny Mathis, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469, 3 Chris Botti, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $25. (561-832-7469, Chris MacDonald’s Memories of Elvis in Concert, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $25-$40. (772-461-4775, Lily Tomlin, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, to March 4, $75. (772-286-7827, 4 Jerome Kern, Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, Lynn University, Boca Raton, $25-$40. (561-237-9000, Vince Gill, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $59-$69. (772-461-4775, 5 Dudu Fisher, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469,

Experience total mind-body pampering with our world class aestheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians and holistic practitioners.

Maurice Hines, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, $45. (772-286-7827, lyricthe 6 Itzhak Perlman, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469, Joanna Marie Frankel, Flagler Museum, Palm Beach, $60. (561655-2833, New Shanghai Circus, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $30. (561832-7469,

2100 NW Boca Raton Blvd. Boca Raton, Florida 33431 Tel: 561-395-7733 | MARCH 2012 223

The JOY of Giving! We donate 5% of your purchase to a charity of your choice

agenda v calendar 7 Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469,

Bill Cosby

9 Giselle, Miami City Ballet, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, to March 11, tickets start at $19. (561-832-7469, La Boheme, Teatro Lirica d’Europa, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $45-$55. (772-461-4775, sunrisethe The Simon and Garfunkel Songbook: An Evening of Songs and Stories, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $25-$30. (772-461-4775, sunrisethe 11 Jerusalem String Quartet, Walter S. Gubelmann Auditorium, Society of the Four Arts, $15. (561-805-8562, South Florida Symphony Orchestra, Crest Theatre, Delray Beach, $55. (561243-7922, 12 Ariel Quartet, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $30. (561-832-7469, 13 Come Fly Away, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, to March 18, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469, Hello, Dolly!, Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, $43-$60. (561-575-2223, jupiterthe

233 Royal Poinciana Way Palm Beach, FL 33480 561-833-4JOY (4569) Shop On-Line at Find us on Facebook Joy PalmBeach 224 PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED

14 Nordwest Deutsche Philharmonic with guest cellist Amit Peled, Walter S. Gubelmann Auditorium, Society of the Four Arts, $40-$45. (561-805-8562, 15 Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $49-$55. (772-4614775,

Bill Cosby Brings his humor to the sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts on March 10. Tickets cost $56-$69. (772-4614775, 16 Kyman Entertainment presents: 50 Years of Doo Wop, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $39$75. (772-461-4775, The Woolgatherer, Lake Worth Playhouse, Lake Worth, to March 22, $15-$20. (561-586-6410, 17 Florida Grand Opera Young Artist Series with Lynn University Philharmonic Orchestra, Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, Lynn University, Boca Raton, to March 18, $45-$65. (561-237-9000, 18 Tony Bennett, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $95$125. (772-461-4775, 19 Three Phantoms in Concert, Crest Theatre, Delray Beach, to March 20, $42. (561-243-7922, 20 Bob Newhart, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $55-$65. (772-461-4775, 22 Brian Culbertson and David Benoit, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $35-$39. (772-461-4775, sun

Navah Perlman, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, $55. (772-286-7827,

to March 25, $35-$50. (561-237-9000, lynn. edu/tickets)

23 Debbie Reynolds, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $45$49. (772-461-4775,; also March 29, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $15. (561-832-7469,

25 The Color Purple, Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts, Fort Pierce, $50-$60. (772-461-4775, John Pizzarelli Quartet, Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, $50. (561-575-2223, jupi

28 Martin Short, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $20. (561-8327469, Menahem Pressler, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-8327469, 29 The Magic of Broadway, Palm Beach Pops, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, to March 31, $29-$89. (561-932-7677,

Lucia di Lammermoore, opera, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, to March 25, $20-$175. (561-833-7888,

26 Diana Krall, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, $35-$150. (561-832-7469,

Pilobolus, Duncan Theatre, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth, also March 24, $39. (561-868-3309,

Jay and The Americans, Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, $50-$65. (561-575-2223,

Mostly Music: Schumann, AmarnickGoldstein Concert Hall, Lynn University, Boca Raton, $20. (561-237-9000, tickets)

24 Philharmonica Orchestra #6, Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, Lynn University, Boca Raton,

27 Richard Stoltzman, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-832-7469,

30 Atlantic Classical Orchestra Series IV, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, $55-$60. (772286-7827,

Welcome to Our Universe Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches is a co-educational, independent high school where students fall in love with learning through engagement in academic and community-based projects that speak to their talents and interests, spark their curiosity and inspire their passion. Outstanding teachers, a rigorous, project-based curriculum and a broad range of artistic, athletic and service-learning activities combine to create an education that is truly life-defining. Generous financial aid is available to ensure a diverse and exceptional student body.

Now enrolling for the 2012-2013 school year.

Schedule a tour!

Join the conversation on

3151 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 | | 561.972.9600

Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. | MARCH 2012 225

agenda v calendar Neil Sedaka wrote and sang some of the catchiest tunes of the early 1960s, including “Calendar Girl,” “Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen” and “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.” The pop star also had success writing hits for other popular artists, such as Connie Francis, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Tom Jones and The Monkees. On March 28, Sedaka will perform at the Sunrise Theatre for the Performing Arts in Fort Pierce. Tickets are $56-$69. (772-4614775, PBI: What were some of your favorite moments in your career? SEDAKA: Receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Having a street named after me in Brooklyn. Reaching No. 1 of the U.S. charts three times, thus solidifying my part of the history of American rock ’n roll. n Which one of your songs are you proudest of and why? “Laughter in the Rain.” It was responsible for my remarkable contract thanks to Sir Elton John’s help and his belief in me as a contemporary artist. n What would you consider your personal successes? My family. I’ve been happily married for 49 years and blessed with two wonderful children and three precious grandchildren. n What’s on your iPod? Evgeny Kissin. Adele. Stevie Wonder’s album Songs in the Key of Life. And I still go back to the McGarrigle sisters [Kate and Anna McGarrigle]. —Jennifer Pfaff


Author Breakfast, featuring William Kuhn and John Burnham Schwartz, Café Boulud, Palm Beach, $100. (561-366-4301)

Elaine Baker Gallery, Boca Raton. “Jun Kaneko,” to April 7. (561-241-3050, elaine

Romeo and Juliet, ballet, Eissey Campus Theatre, Palm Beach Gardens, to March 31, $22-$32. (561-207-5900, palmbeach

Flagler Museum, Palm Beach. “A New Light on Tiffany: Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls,” to April 22. (561-655-2833,

31 The Beatlemaniacs, Keith C. and Elaine Johnson Wold Performing Arts Center, Lynn University, Boca Raton, to April 1, $45-$65. (561-237-9000, tickets)

Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum and School of Art, Tequesta. “Realism: A Stringing Together of Abstractions,” to March 24; “Member Show and Sale,” March 29 to April 25. (561-746-3101, light

Center Stage: A Night of Entertainment, benefiting Whole Child Connection, Lyric Theatre, Stuart, $60. (772-2867827, The Joffrey Ballet, Kravis Center, West Palm Beach, tickets start at $25. (561-8327469, GALLERIES Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Palm Beach. “The Art of Edwina Sandys: A Retrospective,” to April 1. (561-832-5328, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach. “Armory Art Center Student Showcase” and “Artist-in-Residence Exhibition,” both to March 24; “Curved: Herbert Mehler Sculptures,” to April 6. (561-8321776, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton. “American Treasures: Masterworks From the Butler Institute of American Art,” “Martin Schoeller: Closeup” and “Natura Morta: Photographs by Patrizia Zelano,” all to March 18. (561-392-2500, Cornell Museum, Delray Beach. “Diana Nicosia: The World of Color—Italy, Brazil, France and Kuwait” and “Burlini: Pop Pluralist,” both to April 15. (561-243-7922,

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach. “Old Techniques, New Interpretations: Japanese Prints from the Paul and Christine Meehan Collection” and “Mariko Kusumoto: Unfolding Stories,” both to May 6. (561-495-0233, Norton Museum of Art, West Palm Beach. “Jenny Saville,” to March 4; “Cocktail Culture,” to March 11; “The Corning Museum of Glass Hot Glass Roadshow,” to March 25; “Tacita Dean,” to May 6; “Beth Lipman: A Still Life Installation” and “Studio Glass: Works from the Museum Collection,” both to May 27. (561-832-5196, Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens. “Chromatic Cool,” to March 15; “Forms in Metal and Glass,” March 1-31. (561-3558061, Schmidt Center Gallery, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton. “Surfing Florida: A Photographic History,” March 17 to May 12. (561- 297-2966, leries) Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach. “Matthew Gellar: Woozy Blossom,” to April 29; “Beyond Reality: Hyperrealism and American Culture,” to May 13. (772231-0707, u




peter gorman photography



we’ve got elegance Event: Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s ninth annual gala Venue: The Breakers, Palm Beach 1. Allen and Joan Bildner, Sue and Bob Shaw 2. Jack Hayfick, Karen Cohen, Rodger and Betty Hess 3. Ross and Susan Johnson, Ted Hartley and Dina Merrill Hartley (seated) 4. Milton Maltz, Harvey Golub 5. Sal and Kim Tiano 6. Roberta Golub, Marcia Cohn 7. Diane and Jim Perrella, Bonnie Osher


5 6

7 | march 2012 227



lucien capehart




Caron Gala preview Venue: Tiffany & Co., Palm Beach Hosted by: Jeffrey Sabean, director of Tiffany & Co., and Petra Levin, chairman of the 2012 Caron Gala 1. Karen Swanson, Joan Yanow, Sonja Stevens 2. Ted and Cindy Mandes 3. Jeff Bateman, Petra Levin, Jeffrey Sabean 4. Sid Goodman, Amy and Drew Rothermel 5. Joan and Stuart Schapiro 6. Richard Lambertson, John Truex 5



1 2

lucien capehart





AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY KICKOFF Venue: The Mar-A-Lago Club, Palm Beach Honoring: Chairmen of the 2012 American Cancer Society gala 1. Rob and Julie Reveley 2. Nikita and Paula Zukov, Patrick Park 3. Peter and Pam Dupuis 4. Joanna Ballarini, Donald Scott 5. Patty Myura, Tom Quick 6. Jamie and Mac Zahringer | march 2012 229





1. Denise and Daniel Hanley and Michele and Howard Kessler at the Sixty-Five Roses reception benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at The Breakers, Palm Beach 2. Sue and Fred Menowitz and Mary Weiss at the Sixty-Five Roses reception benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at The Breakers, Palm Beach 3. Jana and John Scarpa at the Sixty-Five Roses reception benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation at The Breakers, Palm Beach 4. Eileen Burns and Tim Gannon at an event to honor the 2012 Palm Beach Zoo gala chairmen at David Morris, Palm Beach 5. James Berwind and Kevin Clark at an event to honor the 2012 Palm Beach Zoo gala chairmen at David Morris, Palm Beach 6. Bridget Koch, David Morris and Darlene Jordan at an event to honor the 2012 Palm Beach Zoo gala chairmen at David Morris, Palm Beach 2


5 davidoff Studios/lucien capehart



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10 obsessions 9


1 Fashionable, flamboyant and fabulous Carson Kressley burst onto the scene as a star of Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Since then, he has launched his own fashion collection for QVC, Perfect by Carson Kressley, and has written Off the Cuff, a style guide for men, and the children’s book You’re Different and That’s Super. Kressley also is an accomplished equestrian and philanthropist. He will be the guest speaker at the Center for Family Services’ popular Old Bags luncheon, which will be held March 8 at The Breakers, Palm Beach. 2

2 3

Go-to hostess gift: Votivo candles. Everyone loves them. Travel spot to keep returning to: South Beach. I love the eclectic vibe of old-school art deco architecture, fun people from all over the world and great hotels, clubs and restaurants. And you can’t beat the sun and surf.


Favorite accessory for spring: Color! It could be colorful cotton socks for men (Marc Jacobs makes really fun ones) or a lightweight linen scarf for the ladies in hot pink, purple, lime green or coral. They can dress up a white T-shirt and jeans so easily.

5 6

Most recent coveted purchase: Tom Ford sunglasses

7 8

favorite Pastime: Competing with my American Saddlebred show horses


Favorite designer: I adore Ralph Lauren. I worked for him for many years before I started my TV career. His designs, whether for ladies, gents, kids or the home, are always in perfect taste, are beautifully made and last a lifetime.

Hot spot in Palm Beach: Palm Beach Polo on a Sunday afternoon; it’s glam and there is great people-watching. It’s hard to beat watching a match with friends in the clubhouse while sipping some Veuve.

Must-have travel product: I always bring tons of magazines, an iPod loaded with great tunes, my Emergen-C, facial moisturizer, orange-scented disinfecting wipes, organic peanut butter cups and a small Ralph Lauren cashmere travel blanket and eye mask. All that together makes me invincible. Must-have item for entertaining at home: I make almost everything in my Le Creuset Dutch oven. In winter, coq au vin, and summer, steamed clams. Music to dance to: Vintage Blondie

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