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What We Do For the past 35 years, the Community Foundation of Collier County has been connecting people who care to causes that matter, growing their charitable legacies, and funding nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life in Collier County. From the environment, education, and the arts, to seniors, veterans, and economic development, our knowledge and expertise help our donors maximize the impact of their giving. Our proven track record of sound investments can enable their generous gifts to continue creating meaningful change into the future. We are a collection of charitable funds established by individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to help address critical needs and improve the quality of life in Collier County. ● We work with families, individuals, attorneys, and estate and financial planners to devise plans that fit every economic situation. ● We receive charitable gifts and ensure they are used to the fullest benefit and impact. ● We place gifts into funds, manage the assets of those funds for growth, and make grants from those funds. ● We offer several types of funds to help donors achieve their charitable goals while also meeting community needs. ● We make grants to nonprofits and special projects in our community. ● We identify needs, stimulate resources to address those needs, and help Collier County prepare for the future. ● We have a volunteer board and experienced staff who are committed to understanding donor needs and representing their charitable interests. We expertly handle complex gifts, wisely manage philanthropic funds, and leverage a wealth of community knowledge to increase charitable impact. ● We serve as a hub for collaboration between philanthropists, public and private foundations, nonprofits, local government, and other funding organizations across the community.


The Community Foundation of Collier County’s dedicated, experienced, and professional staff can help you make the most of your charitable giving. We are here for you, your family, the nonprofits you support, and the community we all love—for good and forever.

Community Foundation Staff Eileen Connolly-Keesler President/CEO Laura Bidireanu Director of Education/Scholarships Dawn Grundeman Grants Administrator Lisette Holmes Chief Financial Officer Eric Kingsley Accounting Manager Marsha Lewis Donor Information Specialist Meredith Nassif Director of Donor Services


Deborah Olson Coordinator of Scholarships Fran Reiss Executive Assistant Laura Simmelink Senior Director of Programs Lindsey Touchette Vice President of Community Engagement Julie Van Tongeren Vice President of Development Cindi Withorn Director of Marketing

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CHANGING LIVES Your Passion. Your Collier targets critical issues


ON THE FRONT LINES The community's philanthropic first responder


HOUSING RELIEF Innovative housing solutions for essential workers

WOMEN'S INITIATIVES Sheltering vulnerable women









THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF COLLIER COUNTY 2019-2020 COMMUNITY REPORT TEAM Design, Printing and Distribution: NAPLES ILLUSTRATED Publisher: Kaleigh Grover Creative Director: Olga Gustine | Art Director: Airielle Farley Board, Select Story and Staff Photography: Nick Shirghio Photography Other story photography: courtesy of Collier County nonprofits and organizations Story Author: Cathy Chestnut Project Director/Content Author: Cindi Withorn

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MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR AND CEO Dear Friends, As we reflect on the past year, never could we have imagined that 2020 would bring life-altering change for our community, country, and the entire world. At the start of our 2019-2020 fiscal year, our thoughts were on our upcoming thirty-fifth anniversary, looking back on what we have accomplished and, more importantly, what we have yet to achieve. But then we were reminded that even the best-laid plans are subject to change beyond our imagination and control. We were blindsided by what no one could have predicted: a global pandemic that has transformed life as we know it. Like many of you, we had to rethink our direction and pivot to serve our nonprofits and our community best—and we didn’t do it alone. We witnessed the teamwork, collaboration, and outpouring of support that emerged as our community came together for the greater good. In this issue of the Community Report, you will read about how we acted as the community’s philanthropic first responder to ensure that those who needed the most help amid the COVID-19 crisis were not forgotten. You will also read about a long-coming project that will provide hope for our essential employees, as well as CFCC’s plans to make significant and lasting change into the future. We ended our last fiscal year by distributing $35 million in grants and scholarships, almost double the 2018-19 amount. As we kick off our thirty-fifth year as your trusted foundation partner, we now manage more than 750 funds, work with hundreds of nonprofits, and have assets that totaled $223 million by the end of our 2019-20 fiscal year.

Thanks to our donors’ generosity and compassion, our Collier Comes Together Fund for Coronavirus Relief raised over $1.5 million for local aid. As of this writing, about $1 million, along with an additional $389,000 granted directly from Community Foundation Donor Advised Funds, has been distributed so far. On behalf of our entire board and staff, we want to thank and celebrate you for all that you are doing to support CFCC and our community. Whether you have given funds, served on the front lines in health care or essential services, donated food, made masks for health-care workers, or helped out a neighbor in need, you have made a difference. You are what makes Collier County so unique and a place we all love. Together, we will get through this difficult time and emerge stronger than ever. Until the day we can join together again, know that the Community Foundation is here for you, for good and forever. With great appreciation,

Jerry Tostrud, CFCC Board Chair

Eileen Connolly-Keesler, CFCC President/CEO


OUR MISSION: Working with donors, we inspire ideas, ignite action, and mobilize resources to address community needs in Collier County. For Good. Forever. The Community Foundation of Collier County is governed by a board of trustees and committees comprised of local community leaders and philanthropy enthusiasts. The Community Foundation is administered by a full-time professional staff. Operating expenses are paid from management fees, through grants and partnerships with local and national foundations and organizations, and from gifts designated by donors to cover Foundation operating costs. Front Row: Mary Beth Johns, Allyson Richards, R. Robert Funderburg, Jerry Tostrud, Patricia Aiken-O’Neill, Mary Lynn Myers, Jorge Camina, Lynn Martin. Back Row: George Abounader, Michael J. Schroeder, David Watson, Todd Bradley, John K. Paul, John M. Costigan Not Pictured: Brad Galbraith, James F. Morey, Marsha Murphy, Bradley G. Rigor, Myra Williams

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For a complete listing of funds and grants, please visit

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Your Passion. Your Collier. Take a seat at the table and choose your passion. How do you want to support our community?


or 35 years, the Community Foundation of Collier County has been at the table for every significant conversation happening in—and about—this community. Pull up a seat. What are the big issues in our community that activate your passion? Whether you live in Naples part-time or year-round, you surely have ideas about what needs to be changed and addressed. A few years ago, the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation undertook an initiative with the Community Foundation and 30 other community partners to listen and respond to needs voiced by our community. Together, we completed a comprehensive Community Needs and Assets Assessment, which paints a clear picture of the obstacles our residents face and gaps in support services. As a direct result, the Community Foundation has launched the multimillion dollar Your Passion. Your Collier. campaign to address issues that were raised in the assessment. “Studies are pointless unless followed by action,” said Community Foundation President/ CEO Eileen Connolly-Keesler. “It’s vital that both full- and part-time residents take ownership of making a difference in the community we all love.” Campaign co-chairs Cathy and Rob Funderburg, a Community Foundation board trustee, agree. “Our community is very fortunate to have a wealth of resources; however, Collier County is still challenged by significant socioeconomic needs,” he said. The campaign “allows donors to align their philanthropic interests with specific areas of need throughout our community.” In good times and through disasters, the Community Foundation connects with hundreds of local nonprofit agencies that work tirelessly, day in and day out, to make Collier County a better place. It creates public-private partnerships, supports strategic plans, and conducts significant studies that lead to real change in the community. Here are the critical issues that will be funded by Your Passion. Your Collier.: Mental Health and Substance Abuse: The treatment system is overloaded. In 2019, for every 1,050 residents, there was only one mental-health-care provider.


Whatever your passion, the Community Foundation has listened and responded with a campaign to address critical issues.

“We need to bring awareness to the ongoing and lasting behavioral health issues impacting our community and how to get help. DLC is blessed that CFCC understands the importance of having good mental health for individuals, families, and communities and the needs of our most vulnerable citizens.” –Scott Burgess, David Lawrence Center “If you have a mental health crisis, you don’t want to rely on jails for treatment… you want a professional team.” –Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk

Hunger and Housing: The average single-family home sale price in Collier County has skyrocketed 61 percent since 2017. Nearly 43,000 households are cost-burdened, spending 30 percent or more of their income on housing. Essential employees—law enforcers, firefighters, medical professionals, and teachers—can’t afford to live in Collier County. High housing costs reduce access to other essential needs. The Community Foundation has “been a guiding angel to us all along.” –Liz Pecora, Our Daily Bread Food Pantry “We’ve got our hands full as a community.” –Michael Overway, Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County

Education and Employment: Half of all young children in Collier aren’t ready for kindergarten, and 30 percent of high school seniors don’t know what they’ll do after graduation. High-paying jobs that lift people out of poverty require advanced education and training. “The goals for education in Collier County can only be accomplished when we all contribute.” –Susan McManus, Champions For Learning

Environment: Changes to land use and climate patterns affect our delicate ecosystem and raise serious environmental concerns about impacts from changes in wetlands, storm-water drainage, sea levels, and water quality. “Hurricane Irma was a game changer. With the Community Foundation’s support and leadership, we are building awareness and action to make our community more resilient and sustainable.” –Rob Moher, Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Community Foundation of Collier County |

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Veterans and Seniors: Seniors over 65 make up 32 percent of Collier County residents. By the year 2050, they will comprise 46 percent. More than half of all local veterans are 75 or older. The current wait for affordable senior housing is three to five years. “Many of our seniors are dealing with isolation and loneliness and lack access to adequate resources. Increased partnership and additional funding from the Community Foundation to support these services are critical in enhancing the quality of life of older adults.” –Tatiana Fortune, Golden Gate Senior Center

Community Crisis and Disaster Relief: The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as recent hurricane, red tide, and wildfire crises, underscore the need to be prepared for disaster today, tomorrow, and 30 years from today. Our community must consider how we will meet the unforeseen challenges for our future generations in their estate planning. “Unrestricted funds are absolutely vital for sustaining the community through a crisis. Once a disaster hits, you need to be able to move quickly.” –Eileen Connolly-Keesler, Community Foundation of Collier County

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Alleen and Jerry Tostrud, board chair and campaign co-chairs, “feel blessed to be a part of this important work. As a family, we believe in giving back to the communities where we live. We’ve taught our children to do the same.” We are living in unprecedented times, but the Community Foundation began planning Your Passion Your Collier. long before COVID-19, which has unquestionably amplified long-needed services in Collier County. Find your passion and take your seat at the table today to be part of the solutions.

CHOOSE YOUR PASSION! Contact us for more information Eileen Connolly-Keesler President/CEO

Julie Howe Van Tongeren VP of Development

Call us 239.649.5000

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Philanthropic First Responders Generous donors spring into action to ensure the Collier Comes Together Coronavirus Relief Fund is first on the scene to respond to community needs


hile health-care workers battle on the front lines of COVID-19, nonprofits face an equally acute emergency: meeting the basic needs of unemployed and furloughed residents. Hunger skyrocketed in Collier County in the wake of the pandemic, with several local food pantries managing an increase in demand that was triple or even quadruple the norm. COVID-19 has been a fast-moving catastrophe from the onset. When it became clear in mid-March that a severe economic crisis was unfolding, the Community Foundation of Collier County responded by reactivating the Collier Comes Together Fund—this time for coronavirus relief. The Community Foundation has collected more than $1.5 million and distributed about $1 million in grants from private donations and businesses, along with an additional $389,000 granted directly from Community Foundation Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), to about 40 nonprofits to support local relief efforts. Disaster response is not new for the Community Foundation, which initially created the Collier Comes Together Fund when Hurricane Irma targeted Southwest Florida in September 2017. The fund has also been used to support those affected by the 2018 red tide crisis and the recent Golden Gate wildfires. The Community Foundation has become what president and CEO Eileen ConnollyKeesler calls “the community’s philanthropic first responder.” Connolly-Keesler noted that the Community Foundation prioritized medical, food, and rental assistance in its aid response to nonprofits associated with the Richard M. Schulze Foundation, Naples Children & Education Foundation, and United Way of Collier and the Keys. “The community has rallied to support and pro-


tect its community by making sure there are resources, no matter where the needs are,” she said. “It’s heartwarming and humbling to see so many donors come forward.” After addressing immediate needs, the CFCC grantmaking process was modified to focus on unrestricted operational grants to help nonprofits stay afloat. St. Matthew’s House president/CEO Vann R. Ellison was relieved to receive a $10,000 grant in April to buy and store shelfstable food. By this point, it had become the norm for hundreds of people to wait in line for hours at food distribution sites because they were “so anxious they wouldn’t get food,” Ellison explained. While his agency worked with up to 70 families each week who were teetering on the doorstep of homelessness, St. Matthew’s was also providing food assistance to 2,500 families per week in July. The soup kitchen, which offers daily hot meals to residents in the addiction-recovery and homeless shelters,

Community Foundation of Collier County |

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Above: St. Matthew’s House employees and volunteers provide food to residents in need at their mobile food pantry in Collier County. Opposite page: An NCH Healthcare System frontline worker gears up to treat COVID-19 patients.

had crowds that once numbered from 500 to 700 rise to a daily influx of 1,000. Meeting the widening food demand as the nonprofit simultaneously lost 65 percent of its operational revenue seemed insurmountable. “We’re on the front lines,” Ellison said. “We can only do it because the Community Foundation helps us with resources. We’ve seen a stream of miraculous happenings to equip us to get us through this.” And while Marco Island is perceived as a self-contained, affluent coastal city, Liz Pecora saw food insecurity explode at the island’s Our Daily Bread Food Pantry. “We started the year helping 2,500 people per month, and that rose to 12,000 people by June,” she said. “It was like an avalanche.” Pecora founded the food pantry in 2016 after learning that a high percentage of public-school students were receiving free or reduced lunches. The 501(c)(3) also serves families in eastern Col

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lier County in the neighborhoods surrounding Manatee Elementary School. Pecora said that the Community Foundation has done more than provide financial support; it has imparted technical assistance and guidance. “They’ve been a guiding angel to us all along.” As part of Collier Comes Together, the Community Foundation launched the NCH Healthcare System Matching Grant Challenge and provided the initial $25,000 grant. Matching grants and donations totaling $273,825 were earmarked for protective equipment for frontline medical staff, testing supplies, ventilators, and critical but expensive sanitizing robots. “We were surprised and thrilled,” said Jim Mahon, NCH’s chief development officer. “We value our partnership with the Community Foundation and are grateful to them for stepping up to help with the challenges of this pandemic. We’re well-equipped now for whatever might come down the pike.” Community Foundation of Collier County |


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Priced OUT An innovative public-private partnership will enable essential workers to live in the community they serve


here seemed to be no relief in sight for people who wanted to stake their American dream in Collier County, where the cost-of-living index is more expensive than both state and national averages. Now, a new public-private partnership with the Community Foundation provides hope to essential employees, enabling them to not only work in Collier County but to live here also. Rising housing expenses have been a long-simmering issue in Collier County, where the cost of housing comes in at 143 points on Sterling’s national base scale of 100. Since 2014, three major studies have sounded the alarm that essential workers—teachers, law enforcement, paramedics, and health-care personnel—are unable to even afford rent here, forcing them to commute from surrounding counties one or two hours away. In 2018, 45 percent of Collier County Emergency Medical Services employees and almost 18 percent of Collier County Sheriff’s Office employees lived outside of the county. Long commutes are an obstacle for recruiting new employees and also for recovery efforts in the wake of a natural disaster. In general, lack of workforce housing weakens the fabric of the community and the economy because commuters don’t live close enough to participate in civic and educational activities. They may not shop locally, and they don’t pay property tax here. “Our essential workers are a big concern,” said Collier County Commissioner Andy Solis. “We want them to live locally and not commute from other counties.” In 2018, the Community Foundation of Collier County commissioned a study of potential workforce housing projects on countyowned property following the 2017 Community Needs and Assets


Aerial view of the future affordable housing site at the old Golden Gate Golf Course

Assessment. Now the Community Foundation, Moorings Park Foundation, and the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation are in conversations with the county to convert the defunct Golden Gate Golf Course property into financially viable workforce housing. The county purchased the 167-acre site through the newly established Workforce Housing Land Trust and has approved the nonprofit Rural Neighborhoods to develop the 350-unit apartment complex, with 10 percent devoted to limited-income seniors and veterans. The Community Foundation, along with the other local foundations, are raising $10 million toward the project to defray costs so that rents won’t exceed 30 percent of the residents’ income. “We see this project as a gold standard for what can be done for seniors and the essential workforce that serves seniors and the greater community,” said Moorings Park CEO Dan Lavender. This public-private partnership is the first of its kind in Florida, notes Community Foundation of Collier County President/CEO Eileen Connolly-Keesler. “It could be a model for the state. Nothing like this has been done before in Collier County.” Both Connolly-Keesler and Solis are optimistic that this project will lead to more public-private housing solutions. “This is what makes Collier County such a wonderful place—the outstanding philanthropic part of our community,” Solis said. “When we join forces, it helps the county leverage funds to really make a difference.”

Community Foundation of Collier County |

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Gimme Shelter A vital program of the Women’s Foundation of Collier County helps rehouse and restore dignity to women who have lost their incomes and their homes When the Hunger & Homeless Coalition of Collier County identified 74 homeless senior women in its January survey, the Women’s Foundation of Collier County (WFCC) immediately jumped into action. It provided an initial grant of $5,800 in April 2020 to rehouse these vulnerable women— many of whom were on the streets for the first time after losing their incomes. Eking out their existence in parking lots and public restrooms, the women “are in shock and awe,” said Michael Overway, the coalition’s executive director. “We’ve got our hands full as a community.” Overway explains that there is a combination of factors that often intermingle with untreated mental illness or dementia and lack of basic needs, leading to this disheartening surge. Collier County’s high housing costs and lack of affordable housing are a challenge for low-income renters. Many live month-to-month—without a formal agreement—so evictions are commonplace when rent is overdue. According to the World Health Organization, women typically live longer than men, by six to eight years on average. Widows’ incomes dwindle as their husband’s pension and Social Security benefits dissipate, and a costly emergency

The Women’s Foundation of Collier County’s vision and mission: Vision: A community where all women and girls thrive Mission: To be a catalyst for change in the lives of women and girls in Collier County through grantmaking, advocacy, and education

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can shatter finances. It costs $2,800 to $3,200 to rehouse an individual, Overway notes, and the Women’s Foundation’s first grant early in the year spurred other donations. “The injection of funding from the Women’s Foundation definitely kicked the project off” to prioritize these seniors. Women’s Foundation Chair Donna Messer said the grant aligns with the organization’s focus on supporting the unmet needs of women and girls. “In Naples, you don’t think about women living in their cars. It’s scary stuff.” Messer is a volunteer for the Junior Women of Initiative (JWOI) Mentoring Program, an initiative of the Women’s Foundation that connects teenaged girls with mentors to broaden their academic, personal, and social horizons at the Boys & Girls Club of Collier County. The initiative, chaired by WFCC Board Member Althea Irving, is a recipient of annual grants from WFCC, and this year received $7,100. Messer has witnessed firsthand the program’s transformational impact. “When you see a shy young woman in the fall, at the beginning, and at the end you see a different person, it’s amazing.”

LOOKING AHEAD 2021 marks a renewed focus for the Women’s Foundation of Collier County, with a three-year strategic plan guiding its new mission and vision. “We are excited to see our plan in action and make a significant impact,” said Women’s Foundation Board Chair Donna Messer. Its six goals include: Optimizing the community impact of its grantmaking Substantially growing its financial resources and endowment Increasing visibility and recognition of the Women’s Foundation through marketing and partnerships Expanding fundraising activities through community data and proven metrics Developing an advocacy and policy plan based on research and emerging trends Strengthening the board’s governance

• • • • • •

The Women’s Foundation is a fieldof-interest fund established in 1996 and administered by the Community Foundation of Collier County. As it transitions into an even more potent force for lasting change, “it’s an exciting place to be,” added Messer.

WOMEN’S FOUNDATION OF COLLIER COUNTY 2019-2020 Board of Directors Jackie Pierce, Chair (In Memoriam) Donna Messer, Vice Chair Brenda O’Connor, Secretary Denise Zutz, Treasurer Bev Cherry, Governance Chair Bette Aymar Anne Fleming Christine Flynn Robin Hamilton Trisha Hare Stacey Herring Althea Irving Jinny Johnson Kate McGinnis Sondra Quinn Allyson Richards Karen Ryan Sharon Treiser Ann Westerfield Eileen Connolly-Keesler, CFCC President/CEO

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ASSETS Current Assets







Loan Payable



Agency Funds







Long Term Assets

The Community Foundation of Collier County adheres to the highest standards to operate in the public view and public interest. Our most current financial information is updated quarterly and always available for review on The last three years of our financial statements, Internal Revenue Service Form 990 and Form 990-T and our Letter of Determination are also available for public inspection. You may also visit GuideStar at for more information about the Community Foundation.


Payables & Accrued Expenses Total Liabilities NET ASSETS With Donor Restriction





Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities & Net Assets



Without Donor Restriction

FISCAL YEAR 2019-2020 (JULY 1, 2019 - JUNE 30, 2020)







4.6% 4.3%

2.6% 1.7% TOTAL GRANTS









4.3% 30.0% 4.6% 33.0% 22.3% 1.5% 1.7% 2.6%

Agency $62,921,230 Deferred $570,072 Designated $22,730,155 Donor Advised $84,647,927 Field of Interest $7,264,722 Scholarship $7,412,540 Supporting Org $5,710,468 Unrestricted $32,506,669


TOTAL $223,763,783

Community FoundationofofCollier Collier County | Community Foundation County |

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$1,521,982 Arts $10,582,707 Education $1,622,443 Environmental $11,655,491 Health $7,875,906 Human Services $510,153 Foreign Affairs Community Impact $589,527 $928,599 Religion

10 10


30.0% 0








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2019-2020 CFCC COMMITTEES 2019-2020 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Jerry M. Tostrud, Chair James F. Morey, Chair-Elect R. Robert Funderburg, Jr., Secretary George Abounader, Treasurer Mary Lynn Myers, Immediate Past Chair Patricia Aiken-O’Neill Todd Bradley Jorge Camina John Costigan Brad Galbraith Mary Beth Johns Lynn Martin Marsha Murphy John K. Paul Allyson Richards Brad Rigor Michael J. Schroeder David Watson Myra Williams 2019-2020 TRUSTEE EMERITI Ann E. Berlam Jane Billings Dolly Bodick Christopher P. Bray Dennis C. Brown T. Robert Bulloch Cornelius P. Cacho Joe B. Cox Alison K. Douglas Jeffrey R. Erickson Linda Flewelling Christine Flynn Marion T. Forte Dottie A. Gerrity J. Dudley Goodlette Laird Grant Groody Kevin C. Hale Bradley Havemeier Mana A. Holtz Alan M. Horton Thomas E. Ingram Patricia Jilk Kim Ciccarelli Kantor Kathleen Kapnick Kathleen Kircher Frank L. Klapperich, Jr. James B. Lancaster, Jr. William D. Lange Suzie Lount Linda R. Malone Ramiro Manalich Brian V. McAvoy Thomas D. McCann John J. Morgan, Jr. J. Richard Munro John M. Passidomo Alan D. Reynolds James T. Rideoutte Deborah Russell Ned R. Sachs Thomas G. Schneider Beverly A. Smith

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John F. Sorey III Duane Stranahan, Jr. William E. Thomas Mario M. Valle Jennifer B. Walker Gordon R. Watson Joanne S. Wyss Harold L. Zink 2019-2020 PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR COUNCIL Pat Antonetti, Antonetti Capital Management, LLC Kevin E. Aizenshtat, Gulf Coast International Properties William Banfield, Moran Wealth Management Gregory T. Barkauskas, SunTrust Investment Services, Inc. John Paul Bratcher, Hahn, Loeser, & Parks, LLP Christopher Bray, Bray Capital Advisors Dennis Brown, Bond, Schoeneck, & King, PLLC Tracy Burke, Conrad Siegel, William M. Burke, Coleman Yovanovich Koester, PA Preston Came, J.P. Morgan Private Bank Kevin Carmichael, Wood, Buckel, Carmichael Joseph L. Charles, FineMark National Bank & Trust Marcie Charles, Grant Fridkin Pearson, PA Kim Ciccarelli Kantor, Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc. Gary Crisci, Crisci Private Wealth Management Mitchell Dannenberg, LTCi Marketplace Robert Davis, Northwestern Mutual Derrick DeHays, Huntington Wealth and Investment Management Joseph S. De Sena, Ameriprise Financial Advisors Robert DiBenedetto, Clifton Larson Allen Serge Ecityan, BMO Wealth Management Curt C. Edwards, FineMark National Bank & Trust Jeffrey R. Erickson, Abbot Downing Julie Farah, GenSpring | SunTrust Private

Wealth Management Brad Galbraith, Galbraith, LLP Nancy Gibbs, Skrivan & Gibbs, PLLC Lisa Goddy, Wollman, Gehrke, & Associates, PA Jeannine Hagedorn, Naples Trust Company Amy Hale, BMO Private Bank Otto Immel, Quarles & Brady, LLP David M. Jones, David M. Jones & Associates, Inc. Adam Kerlek, Bond, Schoeneck, & King, PLLC Charles Kerwood III, Waller Financial Planning Group, Inc. Ryan Kinser, Oley Kinser Concierge Wealth, LLC Blake Kirkpatrick, Wood, Buckel & Carmichael Andrew Krause, Hahn, Loeser, & Parks, LLP A.J. Krause, Oberon Securities, LLC William Lange, Regions Private Wealth Management Lester B. Law, Franklin, Karibjanian, & Law, PLLC David Legus, Meristem Family Wealth Laird A. Lile, Lile & Hayes West McCann, The Naples Trust Company Myles McHale, Wealthcare Advisers, LLC Lisa K. Merritt, J.P. Morgan Private Bank Mark Matos, HBK Wealth Advisors Brian McAvoy, Roetzel & Andress Libby McHugh, Wasmer, Schroeder, & Company Kyle Mordew, Hahn, Loeser, & Parks, LLP Jim Morey, Bond, Schoeneck, & King, PLLC Donald Nealon, Wells Fargo Advisors Jerry F. Nichols, Brown & Brown Insurance Brett Oley, Oley Kinser Concierge Wealth, LLC Kimberly Philbin, Vision 360 Capital Partners

Gregory D. Podolak, Saxe, Doernberger, & Vita, PC David Port, The Naples Trust Company Gary Price, Fifth Avenue Advisors Bradley Rigor, Quarles & Brady, LLP Walter Schacht, Regions Bank Michael Searcy, Searcy Financial Todd Shelbaugh, Insurance Insights William R. Slepcevich, Slepcevich Financial Group Richard F. Swider, Richard F. Swider & Associates Sharon R. Treiser, J.P. Morgan Private Bank Curt C. Todd, Wells Fargo Advisors Jonas B. Weatherbie, Wilson & Johnson, PA George A. Wilson, Wilson & Johnson, PA Edward Wollman, Wollman, Gehrke, & Associates, PA

Mrs. Diane R. Garesche



Mrs. Betty Lee Gates Mr. and Mrs. James R. Gibson, Jr. Mrs. Christine Ginos Ms. Nina A. Gray Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hall Dr. Mana A. Holtz Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Horton Mrs. Robert Hurd Ms. Nancy Reed Ickes Mr. Michael Isermann and Mrs. Penelope Isermann Mr. and Mrs. David M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Kant Dr. Charles M. Karpas Mr. Patrick E. Keesler and Ms. Eileen Connolly-Keesler Mrs. Joyce H. Kempton Mr. Dennis Kilcoyne Rev. Dr. Kathleen L. Kircher Mrs. G. Edna Krentz Mr. and Mrs. Ben J. Lancashire Mr. William R. Lindsay Mrs. Alice Ross T. Martell Dr. Mary McLearn Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Mrs. Mary Lynn and Mr. Stephen Myers

Members in this group provide an ongoing annual gift of $1,000 to provide CFCC with critical support to sustain our mission and operations. Mr. Narendrakumar and Dr. Renate Chevli Ms. Pamela F. Clayson Ms. Geraldine A. Moss Mrs. Mary Lynn Myers and Mr. Stephen Myers Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sprow III Mr. Thomas A. Sully

Mr. and Mrs. Noel Osborne Mr. James D. Proud Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Rosenzweig Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Schmelz Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Schueddig Mrs. Joan C. Shipman Ms. Laura Simmelink Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson A. Simpson Mrs. Nancy Sineni Mr. and Mrs. Erland P. Stevens, Jr. Mrs. Helen Strong Mr. Thomas A. Sully


Dr. and Mrs. Donald Ullrich

Ms. Patricia Aiken-O’Neill

Wayne T. and Loretta N. Umetsu

Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo A. Alvarez Ms. Bridget Bannon Mrs. Jane Billings Ms. Huguette L. Castaneda Mr. Ansel M. Chandler Mrs. Patricia A. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. James F. Derham Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Dingerdissen Ms. Susan H. Earl Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Finkelstein Mrs. Patricia A. Forkan

Mrs. Barbara J. Van Dorn Dr. Myra Nichol Williams Mrs. Miriam Wolfson Shuler Mr. Bob Young Mr. Dietrich E. Zimmerman Please let us know if CFCC is in your will or other estate plans so we know your intentions and can ensure your bequest is correctly worded. Please contact us at 239.649.5000 or visit donors/planned-giving for more information.

Dr. Howard L. Freedman

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Literacy Volunteers of Collier County

The Shelter for Abused Women & Children

Community Impact Fund (Changing Needs Fund)

New Horizons of Southwest Florida

St. Matthew’s House STARability Foundation

Program & Operations Fund (CFCC)

Pathways Early Education Center of Immokalee

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Basic Needs Fund

Saint Ann School Foundation


Disaster Relief Fund

The Immokalee Foundation

Collier County 100 Club

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Naples Junior Woman’s Club

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Naples Lions Club

Everglades Foundation

The League Club

Friends of Rookery Bay

The Rotary Club of Naples


Naples Botanical Garden

ANIMALS Humane Society of Collier County


Celebration Community Beach Church

Alzheimer’s Support Network ARTS/CULTURE

East Naples United Methodist Church

Avow Hospice

Big Cypress Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

Moorings Presbyterian Church

Cancer Alliance of Naples

Naples Jewish Congregation

Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples

David Lawrence Foundation Mental Health

Temple Shalom

Florida Lions Eye Clinic

Gulfshore Opera Marco Island Center for the Arts Music Foundation of Greater Naples Naples Art Association

Foundation of Collier County Medical Society


Golisano Children’s Hospital of SWFL

Women’s Foundation of Collier County

Hazelden Betty Ford-Naples Help a Diabetic Child


Naples Concert Band

Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida

Children’s Advocacy Center of Collier County

Naples Historical Society

NAMI of Collier County

Naples Players KidzAct

Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida

Opera Naples SWFL Symphony Orchestra and Chorus

Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida

United Arts Council

Protected Harbor



Able Academy

Baby Basics of Collier County

Bentley Village Foundation

Catholic Charities of Collier County

Books for Collier Kids

Collier County Florida Special Olympics

Champions For Learning

Dr. Piper Center for Social Services

Collier Child Care Resources

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida

Collier County School District Entrepreneurship Program

Greater Naples YMCA

Community School of Naples

Harry Chapin Food Bank

Culinary & Hospitality Education Foundation

Laces of Love

Friends of the Library of Collier County Foundation

Lighthouse of Collier, Inc.

Fun Time Early Childhood Academy

Naples Senior Center at JFCS

Naples Community Orchestra

Habitat for Humanity of Collier County

Gargiulo Education Center

Meals of Hope

Grace Place for Children & Families

Pregnancy Resource Center of Southwest Florida

Guadalupe Center

Project Help

Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida

Collier County Junior Deputies League, Inc. Friends of Foster Children Forever Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc. Girls on the Run Southwest Florida Naples Children & Education Foundation

The funds listed above are owned and managed by the Community Foundation of Collier County (CFCC). Your gift will be invested in an endowment fund to support the agency. The CFCC retains the explicit authority to redirect the funds to another beneficiary without prior approval if the agency ceases to exist or if distribution to the organization becomes unnecessary, impossible or inconsistent with the needs of the community. A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE 1.800.435.7352 WITHIN THE STATE OR AT WWW.FDACS.GOV. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY THE STATE. 100% OF EACH CONTRIBUTION IS RETAINED BY THE FOUNDATION. CFCC SOLICITATION REGISTRATION NUMBER IS CH327.

Funds received by the Community Foundation of Collier County as of June 30, 2020. For more information, please call 239.649.5000 or visit


Community Foundation of Collier County |

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10/19/20 2:45 PM




SANDRA LEE BUXTON, RN BSN MA LHRM Director of Community Engagement 7900 Arlington Circle, Naples, FL 34113 Main 239-307-3000 | Direct 239-307-3058

AMY L. HALE Managing Director, Florida and Georgia 801 Laurel Oak Drive, Suite 600, Naples, FL 34108 239-592-2470



JIM MOREY, Office Managing Member 4001 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 250 Naples, FL 34103 239-659-3800

KIM CICCARELLI KANTOR, President & Co-Founder 9601 Tamiami Trail N. Naples, FL 34108 239-262-6577

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Community Foundation of Collier County |


10/19/20 2:51 PM




GARRETT S. RICHTER President and CEO 3560 Kraft Rd., Naples, FL 34105 239-325-5700

DAVID CALL, Regional President Jeff Robinson, Director, Private Bank 999 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Naples, FL 34108 239-449-7002



ADRIA D. STARKEY President, Collier County 800 Laurel Oak Drive, Suite 101, Naples, FL 34108 239-963-0700


BRAD HAVEMEIER, President 4100 Goodlette Road, Naples, FL 34103 239-261-3646

Community Foundation of Collier County |

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10/19/20 3:04 PM



KALEIGH GROVER Publisher 3066 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 102, Naples, FL 34103 239-434-6966

CHARLIE MUELLER, West Florida President LINDA FLEWELLING, Market Executive, Southwest Florida MOKEY SHEA, Senior Managing Director, Naples 4001 Tamiami Trail N., Naples, FL 34103 405 Eighth Street S., Naples, FL 34102 239-262-8800 |


SPECIAL THANKS to our media partners

MICHAEL J. SEARCY, ChFC®, CFP®, AIFA® Leadership Collier Class of 2020 239.777.0018

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Community Foundation of Collier County |


10/19/20 3:16 PM

At the Community Foundation of Collier County, we are passionate about environmental causes and sustaining our natural resources for the next generation. That’s why we are celebrating our 35th anniversary by giving away 3,500 native trees, in partnership with Naples Botanical Garden, to our community in order to help preserve the beauty of Collier County, improve air quality, create shade, and support wildlife. Like these trees that will provide a legacy for future generations, the Community Foundation of Collier County builds donor legacies to ensure a thriving future for the community we all love. Thank you to our loyal donors, philanthropic partners, and nonprofits who have helped us make a difference over these past 35 years. We could not do what we do 1110 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34108 P: 239.649.5000 F: 239.649.5337 |

without your generosity and devotion to our mission. We are here for you, Collier, for good and forever.

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10/19/20 3:46 PM

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