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To d a y c o m p u t e r s a r e i n d i s pensable for this life so accelerated, extremist; most of the time looking for technology and other world to live. Te c h n o l o g y i s a n i n d i s p e n sable tool for professionals, design students and amateurs, the main task of design is to translate and communicate abstract concepts through images.



virtual adj 1 having the essence or eect but not the appearance or form of a virtual revolution 2 (Physics) being, relating to, or involving a virtual image a virtual focus 3 (Computing) of or relating to virtual storage virtual memory 4 of or relating to a computer technique by which a person, wearing a headset or mask, has the experience of being in an environment created by the computer, and of interacting with and causing changes in it 5 Rare capable of producing an eect through inherent power or virtue 6 (Physics) designating or relating to a particle exchanged between other particles that are interacting by a field of force

contemporary art









Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society and the issues relevant to ourselves, and the world around us. Contemporary artists work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world. Their art is a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition.

hybrid hibridos

producto de la suma de diferentes naturalezas

producto de la suma de diferentes naturalezas

producto de la suma de diferentes naturalezas

producto de la suma de diferentes naturalezas





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n g possibilities universes o s deformation irrational t i o n canones



pret to interpret again; a new explanation

specif, to give or exposition

The point that what we establish with works of art goes beyond understanding them. There are multiple possibilities that are worth exploring.



La définition de la réalité virtuelle provient naturellement des définitions de «réalité virtuelle» et de «réalité». La définition du «virtuel» est proche et la réalité est ce que nous expérimentons en tant qu’êtres humains. Donc, le terme «réalité virtuelle» signifie essentiellement «quasi-réalité». Cela pourrait bien sûr signifier n’importe quoi, mais cela fait généralement référence à un type spécifique d’émulation de réalité. Nous connaissons le monde à travers nos systèmes de perception et de perception.


three-dimensional model that displays a picture or item in a form that appears to be physically present with a designated structure. Essentially, it allows items that appeared flat to the human eye to be display in a form that allows for various dimensions to be represented.

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he solution of a problem

en- ALGORITHM a logical arithmetical or computational procedure that if correctly applied ensures t

art of copying or imitating closely; mimicking nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nonsense nons

amorphous without definite or specialized structure, as some lower forms of life mimicry the act or

la fuente de marcel duchamp

cinema 4d Cinema 4D (stylised as CINEMA 4D) is a 3D modeling, animation, motion graphic and rendering application developed by MAXON Computer GmbH. It is capable of procedural and polygonal/ subd modeling, animating, lighting, texturing, rendering, and common features found in 3D modelling applications.

autodesk maya Autodesk Maya, commonly shortened to Maya /, is a 3D computer graphics application that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux, originally developed by Alias Systems Corporation (formerly Alias|Wavefront) and currently owned and developed by Autodesk, Inc. It is used to create interactive 3D applications, including video games, animated film, TV series, or visual eects.

shall the water not remember my hand’s slow gesture, tracing its mirror my half-imaginary portrait? My only belonging is my beauty, which I take away and then return, as love of teasing playfully the one being whose gratitude I treasure moves me. I live apart from myself, yet cannot live apart. In the water’s tone, that brilliant silence, a flower whispers my name with such slight moment, it seems filament of air, the world become cloudswell. ASHLEY *FAKE I That I All A Pure And That In And I Of In In Which Echo In Of Blessed For And Whispering And







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Ember of airy longing ache of unbeing. Is your heart not stone? Hour, light fare well.


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swear, more, world own. of pleasure, harmony. forever, Sundays. forth, richness heavens, life imaginable. inevitably, more sounds matrimony. tongue gold, angel, dreams, clouds.

O u r l itt l e pi g l e t d ov e i nt o a mu d - l a k e l o o k i n g a rou n d t o s e e w h at h e c ou l d t a k e he s aw band-aids, candybars, and a pu r p l e p op s i c l e I see p ot e nt i a l in ever ybody Ev e r y on e c a n b e g re at e r t h a n t h e y k n ow You r t r u e p a s s i on i s w h e n n o on e i s l o o k i n g . s om e t i m e s my “t r u e s e l f ” i s re a l l y c o o k i n g an d it tu r ns out u nd e r- d on e or c ompl e te ly bu r n e d dogs g oi n g to c hu rc h b e c au s e t h e y h e a rd a l l d o g s t o t o h e av e n w e l l n ow I k n ow a l l m e n w i l l g o t o h e av e n w e l l n ow I k n ow t h e y s e n d a l l w om e n t o h e l l but w h at t h e y d on’t s ay i s h ow c o o l h e l l c a n b e I w e a r a l l w h it e w h e n I’m f e e l i n g g o d l y so I can feel closer to he.

Group Exquisite Corpse Tiese A., John C., Dr. Crawford, Lynne S., Paige B.





Le Dictionnaire abrégé du surréalisme donne du cadavre exquis la définition suivante : « jeu qui consiste à faire composer une phrase, ou un dessin, par plusieurs personnes sans qu’aucune d’elles ne puisse tenir compte de la collaboration ou des collaborations précédentes. » Ce jeu littéraire a été inventé à Paris, au n° 54 de la rue du Château, dans une maison où vivaient Marcel Duhamel, Jacques Prévert et Yves Tanguy1. Le principe du jeu est le suivant : chaque participant écrit à tour de rôle une partie d’une phrase, dans l’ordre sujet–verbe–complément, sans savoir ce que le précédent a écrit. La première phrase qui résulta et qui donna le nom à ce jeu fut « Le cadavre – exquis – boira – le vin – nouveau ». Il fait partie des créations inspirées par le concept d’inconscient, souhaitant explorer ses ressources.


c a d a vre exquis

biblio phy


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D on, i s s

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dt, Departm har en t

efinitions .



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Cinema 4D,

rperCollins Publishers 2015

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a l l g r ap h i c c ont e nt a n d v i s u a l d e s i g n , by Pau l i n a Ay a l a , ( p e r r it a s a nt a )

¿Do you wanna freak?  

“¿Do you wanna freak?” g g gxx
 Me gusta mucho el surrealismo, esta corriente artística donde la mente humana ocupa un lugar oculto llamad...

¿Do you wanna freak?  

“¿Do you wanna freak?” g g gxx
 Me gusta mucho el surrealismo, esta corriente artística donde la mente humana ocupa un lugar oculto llamad...