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“We operate as specialized leaders in the design and engineering of technologies for the food industry, providing integrated solutions made of ideas, innovation and expertise� dr. andrea cavagnis Chief Executive Officer Pavan Group

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile


Local identities, global opportunities

Pavan Group is among the worldwide leaders, in the design and engineering of technologies and integrated product lines for cereal based food: from the handling of raw materials to the final packaging. It provides a full service strategy that goes from the research and development of new products, to the project and design of manufacturing plants, to the final after-sales training and client services. In the years, Pavan Group has strengthened its positioning and brand image thanks to its top quality standards and product performances, which contemplate manufacturing plants for fresh and dry pasta, noodles, ramen, couscous, extruded breakfast cereals, and all types of snacks. Traditional foods originating from the over 130 countries where the Group operates, or new “inventions� distinguishing themselves for their raw materials, shapes, manufacturing processes, recipes or added value services: global opportunities in terms of business, and of a worldwide circulation and valorisation of a

good-eating culture, where Pavan Group is one of the leading technological interpreters. With their over 70 year experience and know-how, their wide range portfolio covering seven different specialized brands, its consistent R&D investments, the Group can fully provide highly sophisticated processes and automation solutions, both for single technologies as for a multi-discipline turnkey approach. The most important and complex industries of the world, work with a tailor-made solution developed by Pavan, with great results from all point of views: cost controlling, efficiency and product quality. A broad minded company committed only to the highest market standards, which allows them to maintain year after year a constant growth and high customer satisfaction rates, thus becoming partners of their clients’ success in the most advanced and challenging markets, which oblige them to an everlasting upgrading of their quality and performance standards.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



A lot has been said, and even more will be written

It was 1946, when the engineers Nico and Mario Pavan, entrepreneurs with a longstanding family tradition in the pasta manufacturing industry, laid down the founding stone of their pasta machinery engineering company, the Officine Meccaniche Ingg. Nico and Mario Pavan. In the 80’s, with the arrival of a new group of investors, led by Angelo Ferro and Andrea Cavagnis, those first manufacturing plants became a great industrial company, with over 700 employees and prestigious clients throughout the world. But even in such a global entity, all the men and women working for Pavan Group know that their commitment and hardworking enthusiasm keep that first pioneering spirit still alive. They will jointly write the future chapters of this great story to continue to be a point of reference in an ever changing market. A challenge that started at the beginning of the past century, but that still has to see its most exciting issues.


Pavan Group | Company Profile



Toresani was founded.

Golfetto starts off.



Sangati was born.

Pavan was founded.

1904 1946 Giovanni Pavan’s sons, mechanic engineers founded the Officine Meccaninche Ingg. Nico and Mario Pavan.





Mapimpianti Spa was founded. The company deals with the development and design of product lines for cereals, snacks and convenience food.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Take-over of Montoni Trafile, Toresani, Foodmac and Stiavelli. The company expands itself, focuses and specializes its offer. In this decade the company strengthens its leadership position, with 35% market share in the dry pasta machine market. Pizeta and Valin are founded.

Dizma, a company specialized in flow pack, is acquired.


2010 In 2010 Pavan Group acquires the assets of GBS, giving birth to the current Golfetto Sangati.

market share


60’s and 70’s

The first semi-automatic press is exhibited at Milan’s trade fair. It’s a real success.

Pavan becomes a worldwide leader of the industry. New manufacturing plants are built.


2007 Pavan receives the “Committed to Excellence” award by the EFMQ.



The company grows, reaching over 90 employees.

Pavan becomes a joint-stock company.

With the arrival of new shareholders led by Ferro and Cavagnis, Pavan gives a further burst to its business, becoming a thoroughly international company, with new branches in USA, Russia, Poland, Mexico, Argentina and Japan.

+50% turnover, 95% export in 130 different countries, Strong R&D investments.

+50% 2010




Pavan Group | Company Profile



A Group that counts on tangible numbers

With its six production plants in Italy and one in China, Pavan Group exports 95% of its production in 130 countries all over the world, giving work to over 700 people. The Group’s client list includes some of the most important food companies in the world. Abroad, Pavan Group is supported by their branches in USA, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, together with a capillary network of agents, covering the whole planet. This is what has made Pavan Group one of the leading companies in the international marketplace. Thanks to its strong experience and to a clear evaluation of its objectives, the Group has carried out throughout the years, a corporate strategy based on illuminated mergers, all related to its core business, the only type of strategy, that in such a changeable market, can still today, guarantee a wide scope future. The constant growth of the company’s performances can only be the result of its correct strategy, of its management’s farsighted vision, and its strong commitment in reaching ambitious industrial and economic objectives, thus enhancing and promoting the prestige of the Italian mechanic industry throughout the world.


Pavan Group | Company Profile

Sales proceeds per product line

13% Packaging plants.

2% Storage systems for raw materials and finished products.

28% Unloading systems, handling and cereal milling plants.

57% Manufacturing plants for pasta, extruded products, convenience foods.

Sales per macro-geographic areas


Million â‚Ź



33% Europe

Africa & M. E.

Production sites


2 Galliera Veneta – Padua, Italy: 40






0 2012











Group Turnover

* preliminary

Pavan, Mapimpianti, Toresani, Pizeta

1 Quinto di Treviso, Italy: Golfetto Sangati 2 Uzzano - Pistoia, Italy: Stiavelli and Montoni 1 Manfredonia - Foggia, Italy:

Golfetto Sangati

1 Beijing, China: Golfetto Sangati

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Outstanding realities with interlacing competences

We are a strong and solid organization, operating in the food industry as global suppliers of industrial solutions, from the handling of raw materials to the final packaging. We operate in the business through all leading brands in the food industry: Golfetto Sangati, Pavan, Mapimpianti, Montoni, Toresani, Stiavelli and Pizeta. These brands have become part of the Group, thanks to a farsighted growth and development strategy, aiming towards a broader service offer and product portfolio. Today, these companies can operate on individual basis or jointly under an interlacing strategy covering all the production process. Pavan Group offers the widest range of solutions for the production of all types of pasta: long and short-cut dry pasta, nest shaped, pre-cooked pasta, couscous, as


Pavan Group | Company Profile

well as machineries for filled, flat, and extruded fresh pasta, convenience food and gnocchi. They can also provide dies, cutting systems, die washing equipment, packaging lines for pasta, baked goods, snacks and the food industry. Thanks to this integrated and highly specialized supply chain, joining technology, flexibility and reliability all under the same name, Pavan Group can give its outstanding engineering services, all tailor-made to their clients’ requirements. All our technological solutions are characterized by extremely creative and highly personalized projects. Today in fact, in the food industry, excellence is not measured only by the product taste, but also and mainly by the company capability in creating innovation and fulfilling their customers’ continuous demand for new, more efficient and more profitable solutions.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Production Processes




Pavan Group | Company Profile










Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile



Golfetto Sangati

It becomes part of the Pavan Group galaxy in February 2010. Golfetto Sangati is the result of the merging between the Golfetto and Sangati Berga brands, that is Italy’s peak companies for the engineering and building of cereal, rice and animal feed milling plants, storage and grain handling terminals in harbours. The brand Golfetto stands out in the history of the milling industry, for its exceptional know-how acquired in over 80 years of activity, building throughout the world, plants that can go from a capacity of 30 to 1500 tons/day. The company has acquired an undisputed technological know-how in the engineering of both new and already existing plants, in the design of completely automated systems from the storage of the raw materials, to the cleaning, milling and final packaging. The Sangati Berga brand, has written some very important pages in the

design and engineering of single machines and complete milling plants, rice mills, animal feed mills, storage silos, and handling terminals for ship loading and unloading. This important merger has integrated the technical, productive and sales structure of the two brands, and today Pavan Group has managed to create the perfect blend between the know-how and the leadership of both companies, forming a great team capable of offering outstanding engineering service, guaranteeing innovative and reliable applications with a wide range of solutions and dedicated services. To this day, we can say that Golfetto Sangati is the only company that can offer a complete service covering the entire manufacturing line from start to finish. In this way, Pavan Group strengthens its national and international leadership, confirming its global player vocation.

Pavan Group | Company Profile





It’s the originating nucleus of the worldwide leading group, as we know it today. Pavan was founded in 1946. The company’s urge of acquiring an ever growing mechanic and manufacturing experience at the service of the food industry field, has always spurred the company to greatly invest in Research & Development, with the only objective of rapidly enhancing its corporate technological asset. A long path that started over 70 years ago, becoming one of world’s leading engineering companies, with a strong managerial spirit, present in all the markets with highly technological products. Within the Group, the Pavan brand is synonym of state of the art machines and manufacturing lines for the production of dry pasta.


Pavan Group | Company Profile

The company designs and builds complete turnkey automated manufacturing lines, TAS (Thermo-Active System) dryers, auxiliary plant engineering, and production line supervisor services, as well as our remote client service. Pavan strengthens every year, its leadership position in the food processing field, thanks to its astonishing capability of translating its clients’ needs into real solutions, and thanks to its vertical know-how in the production, technological and service processes, working hand in hand with their clients to create the best machines for their specific type of production.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile




Mapimpianti was created in the 80’s with the objective of undertaking a systematic experimental, engineering and technological research activity, for the “convenience food” industry: pre-cooked pastas, snacks, breakfast cereals, pre-cooked flours. In those years, these types of foods had a very successful break-in on the market. Consumers were in fact, very glad to find tasty and “traditional” foods in a fast and practical version, easy and quick to prepare.

That’s what the marketplace was calling for. Mapimpianti’s studies allowed to reach the peak of excellence even in this ever developing field. The company became part of Pavan Group in 1990, and today it’s the brand that best expresses its vertical competence in the engineering of machines and complete turnkey automated systems for extruded, pre-cooked and toasted products, special forming machines and drying lines.

Pavan Group | Company Profile





Within the strategy of becoming the leading and most complete supplier for the food technology industry, there had to be a company focusing on the production of fresh pasta. Between 1994 and 1998, Pavan Group welcomes under its umbrella, two historical brands: Toresani, a Milanese company founded in 1904, specialized in the production of fresh pasta, and Foodmac focused on cooling and freezing technologies for the food industry. With its Toresani brand, Pavan Group puts its signature on fresh pasta, conveni-


Pavan Group | Company Profile

ence food and frozen food machines and product lines, multi level cookers, and machineries for the thermal and post-packaging treatment, kneader-sheeters, filled pasta forming machines. Consistently with the diversification strategy of its activities implemented with the sales, technological and know-how synergies of the Group, Toresani is today one of the most important elements of Pavan’s quality chain.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile




Montoni, today a division of the Pavan Group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies for dies, extrusion moulds and cutting systems. Founded in 1924, its dies, have shaped the pastas of the world’s leading brands and have given prestige to all the industry. It has always distinguished itself for the extraordinary quality of its materials, the seriousness and the scientific reliability of its approach: peerless in its field of action, it entrusts its product development only to experts in extrusion, drying and packaging technologies. The company has also estab-

lished an intense relationship with pasta manufacturing companies and with Universities, for the development of new and more sophisticated extrusion systems, in line with the newest food industry trends. The merging into Pavan Group has further valorised the company’s work, projecting it into a more and more global context. Today, Montoni continues its path with even greater flexibility, competence and close compliance to the quality standards that have always been the key elements of Pavan Group’s success.

Pavan Group | Company Profile





Stiavelli is an historical Italian brand, based in Uzzano, near Pistoia. It is specialized in packaging systems for the food industry. The company was founded in 1962 by Giancarlo Cesare and Mario Stiavelli, and right from its first years it distinguished itself for its high technology, always aligned with the fast growing food industry, which required faster, more efficient, and hygienic packaging systems.


Pavan Group | Company Profile

Pavan Group acquired Stiavelli in the last quarter of 2000, embracing the brand within its portfolio, but preserving its engineering and manufacturing independence, and keeping its plant in Uzzano. Here, in the company’s headquarters is also located the R&D department, for the development of new products and advanced technological solutions for the food packaging industry.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile




Pizeta designs and builds storage and handling plants for raw materials, finished food and non-food products, such as dry pasta, pet-food, cereals, couscous, wood pellets and so on. Whether it is an individual machine or a complete turnkey plant, the company equally proves its longstanding experience and its extraordinary inclination towards innovation, supported by a very efficient after-sale customer service. All projects are strictly tailor-made, transforming all their client’s desires into highly functional projects.

By using all the most modern designing technologies, such as 3D rendering, the company can guarantee top quality and long-lasting products, always aligned to the latest technological developments. This is the key to a true excellence, seen not as a static point of arrival, but a continuous effort towards an everlasting improvement. Thanks to this strictly client oriented strategy, Pizeta has become throughout the years the partner of some of the world’s leading companies in this industry.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



committed towards PeoPLe, startinG from ourseLves

Answers are the essence of Pavan Group’s work. But before, we question ourselves what our leading values should be, so to create technological innovation that’s ethically correct and sustainable for the environment. This is why we believe in research, in an eco-friendly corporate conduct, in respecting all our people, in an ethical and transparent behaviour. These are our true company values that guide us in all our decisions. This is not a mere declaration of intents, but a real road map, that has been carefully planned and shared by all the employees and transformed into virtuous practices. A common strive towards excellence, each with its own competences. Because excellence is our final target, for which we all work hard, everyday.


Pavan Group | Company Profile

Research The company invests 5% of its revenues in human resources, plants, machineries and research projects for the implementation of new technologies, or the development of already existing ones. Our R&D team, the Pavan School for Food Technologies and its projects in cooperation with important Universities and National Research Institutes, are a real strategic resource and an important support for our clients, in the development of new food products and new manufacturing processes.

Innovation Innovation is the propelling engine of all our industrial activities: 25% of our present revenues come from technologies that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Pavan Group develops, integrates and provides complete, full service manufacturing solutions, constantly upgrading their engineering and manufacturing processes, to increase customer satisfaction, so that technology can become the key element for new business opportunities, guaranteeing final consumers only top quality food.

Ethics and social responsibility

Our clients before everything

We are aware that all our activities and all our decisions have economic but also social implications. Throughout the world, we adopt a transparent and correct conduct towards all our colleagues, clients and suppliers, respecting people, sharing their social values and fulfilling all our commitments. This is our behavioural code that allows us to establish sincere, long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Our clients are our point of reference. The alpha and the omega of all our activities. 30% of our proceeds are generated by clients that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, or were serviced by our competitors. Satisfying their requests with state of the art technologies, providing only top quality service, is not our only objective. In fact, we believe in helping our clients’ business, by sharing with them our technological and scientific innovation, which is our most important corporate asset.

Giving value to our people

An eco-friendly company

Our human capital is our real corporate asset. The company organizes every year many activities, to develop and improve our employees’ potentials, creating a fertile, stimulating and creative professional environment, offering good professional opportunities for those who deserve them.

Pavan Group operates complying only with ecofriendly standards, identifying any critical aspect and monitoring those that might have any environmental impact. For instance, all our newest plants utilize 25% less energy than those built 10 years ago. The sustainability of all our industrial processes are always guaranteed by strict operative protocols, and by the constant involvement of our staff, each for its own competences, at all levels.





Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile


Technology to feed a growing world

Today, Pavan Group plays a role that goes beyond being a worldwide technology provider. In the last years in fact, the company has decided to help contrast and prevent poverty, developing new sustainable growth models, making its widespread knowledge and reputation in the food industry universally available. In particular it has planned a network of the most active subjects, providing them the training and the tools, for instance by granting scholarships, for the development of a sustainable food and agricultural industry, in their local countries. To reach this objective, it has established a close cooperation with many foundations, institutions, associations and humanitarian non-profit organizations.

Among its many projects we must mention the over 25 year cooperation with some of the most important international foundations: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development) and WFP (World Food Programme). Their joint commitment specifically focuses on implementing projects and feasibility studies for the increase of the nutritional levels and improvement of the quality of life, in Third World countries.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Quality is our daily mission

Quality is a strategic objective that must be pursued to guarantee maximum client satisfaction, and therefore successful business. For this reason, Pavan Group totally complies with the TQM, Total Quality Management, philosophy, a “model of excellence” inspired by universally recognized principles, and completely measurable. Pavan Group has obtained the “Committed to Excellence” certification by EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) in accordance to the ISO 9001:2015 standards. This is the official recognition of the group’s commitment and of the brilliant results that it has gained, such as the improvement of its organizational efficiency and productive performances, the synergic management


Pavan Group | Company Profile

of its corporate processes and a higher specialization of all its human resources. But Pavan Group’s total quality is not limited to its organizational aspects: it also stands for a careful selection of the raw materials, like the stainless steel and special irons used for building the practically indestructible plants, which unceasingly work day and night, 350 days a year for decades. This means assigning a great role to after-sales customer service, ensuring all customers a real-time maintenance service, through PLC and remote systems, thus putting a guarantee seal on a long-lasting investment and on the efficiency that has made all Pavan manufacturing systems a real legend within the industry.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile


Research and development the main ingredients for excellence

Always fighting in first line in the technological challenge that has seen them among the best, right from their very first beginning. Pavan Group nourishes its success through constant and thoroughly organized Research & Development activities, which can rely on a team of 30 people, between process technicians, analysts and mechanics. They have a 2000 sq. m. area fully equipped with 3 pilot plants and four flexible production lines that can analyze the new products under all aspects, and a laboratory furnished with all types of instruments for chemical, chemicalphysical, rheological analysis and nutritional and organoleptic tests on food. The Pavan School of Food Technologies is this division’s flagship. This school provides to all its students (technicians, production and quality control managers, professionals from all over the world) a theorical and practical training on all issues concerning the world of pasta, and in general on all the food supply/processing chain.

Other very important activities are: • The research of new materials, new techniques for analysis, and innovative or alternative processes. • The preparation and participation to Italian and European research projects. • The organisation and management of the courses for the Pavan School of Food Technologies, and other training courses. • The cooperation with Italian Universities and with the international academic world, and Institutions. • The organization of seminars and conventions.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Our people’s value is our best resource

Our people, with their stories, competences and human qualities, are a primary factor of our Group’s success. For this reason we favour the professional growth of our employees, valorising their talents and cultivating a serene and constructive environment, humanly and professionally stimulating. The company, through its Human Resources department, operates a respectful placement policy carefully placing the most qualified profiles, spreading a culture based on performance, carrying a sensible salary policy conforming them to the level of responsibility, developing single competences and encouraging leadership. Following this direction, Pavan Group started out a few years ago a counselling service for its 700 employees, thus opening an important chan-

nel where information and suggestions are exchanged, favouring personal improvement and the fulfilment of common objectives. This is a real cultural turnover, translated into a “Change Management” program, which on one side guarantees the employees a personal valorisation, incentives expressed as benefits and concrete professional opportunities and career advancements, but on the other side, it requires a personal commitment, responsibility, dialogue and transparency, effectiveness and productiveness, which are constantly monitored and evaluated. For Pavan, each person’s skills can generate trust and customer loyalty, helping the company perform at its best, interpreting their clients’ needs, while offering them only valuable solutions.

Pavan Group | Company Profile




Created with the aim of sharing knowledge and expertise on food production technology, The Food Tech Master is a series of professional training courses that Pavan Group has been organizing for 15 years now. Each professional course offers in-depth technological knowhow on the production process of the main technologies provided by Pavan: dry pasta, fresh pasta, snack and breakfast cereals manufacturing. Courses are held by Professors of the Academic community, by Engineers and R&D experts coming from the most relevant food technology companies, and by Process Engineers of Pavan Group.


Pavan Group | Company Profile

Attendees take advantage of a unique training experience composed by theory and practical exercises implemented on pilot plants and completed by organoleptic and sensory assessment tests. This combination allows the participants to get familiar with products and technology and to apply the theoretical knowledge learned during the lectures. To date, over 500 attendees from all over the world have participated in a Food Tech Master. A broad, ever growing network made up by the most forwardthinking experts in the food manufacturing industry.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



Pavan Group | Company Profile


We embrace the environmental cause, everyday

Pavan Group pays great attention to all environmental issues, perfectly complying to all the local environmental rules, of each country where it operates. Our environmental management system applies to many fields, trying to reduce the waste of resources, reduce energy and water consumption and of any other element that might have a direct impact on the eco-system. Energy, methane and water consumption are carefully monitored, and all this attention has translated itself into a dramatic cut down of wastes throughout the years. We operate to prevent pollution and minimize the environmental risks con-

nected to our industrial activities and to the raw materials utilized (steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, metallic and wooden packaging), making forecasts and continuously monitoring the critical parameters, so as to activate specific procedures for a correct handling and waste disposal. The manufacturing plant is not the only one involved in this process, even the offices contribute to the cause, for instance by economizing on paper and printing all advertising and sales materials exclusively on FSC certified paper, the brand that identifies products that use timber and timber derived products coming from socially and environmentally responsible forests.

Pavan Group | Company Profile



desiGninG our future toGether

What types of food will we be eating in the future? Scientists describe an open scenario, where to the food that we regularly consume nowadays, we will prefer new ones, more suitable from a nutritional point of view, and that will better interpret the demographic, economic, life style and biological changes. Perhaps this revolution is not that close yet, but it’s certainly getting closer. The most innovative companies are getting ready to live as protagonists this future, and among these we will certainly find Pavan Group. With its R&D team, the company stands close to its clients sustaining them in the creation and development of new products, helping them define the


Pavan Group | Company Profile

shape, the consistency, the weight, the taste and the colours that better will meet the consumer’s favour, and creating for them the technologies and the manufacturing plants for a top quality large-scale industrial production, generating the best possible profit. All this, starting from the flour milling to the final packaging that the products will wear to exhibit themselves on the stores’ shelves. This was, is and will be the Group’s driving force: to be a technological partner with a great attraction towards the most exciting challenges, the ones that still have to be imagined.

Pavan Group | Company Profile


Pavan S.p.A. Via Monte Grappa, 8 35015 Galliera Veneta (PD) - Italy Tel. +39 049 9423111 Fax +39 049 9423303

Pavan Group - Company profile  

Specialized leaders with 70‐years experience in the design and engineering of technologies for the food industry, providing integrated solut...

Pavan Group - Company profile  

Specialized leaders with 70‐years experience in the design and engineering of technologies for the food industry, providing integrated solut...