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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who’s the Good, Bad, Ugly? Exclusive Senate Executive Interviews

Photos by Martin Sirakov

One of these men will hold the position of Student Senate President for the 2009-10 academic year. David Jacome, Anthony Fiumidinisi, and Noel borges (from left to right). By Justin Roberts News Editor, ‘10

On Tuesday, April 7, I had the pleasure of interviewing the three men running for the Student Senate Presidency about their

hopes, plans and ambitions. Here is what they had to say: Pauw Wow: If you are elected, what are your plans for next year? Anthony Fiumidinisi: First, I plan on creating a committee to ensure the

equal distribution of the money collected through the Student Activities Fee. The committee will be comprised of senators, administrators and any regular student voted onto it by the Senate. PW: A lot of people think that the

Student Senate is ceremonial, little more than a popularity contest. Would you agree? AF: Not at all. Right now, I am working with Dean Yam to extend the library’s See Interview on Page 5

Housing Shortage Demand Increase Causes Residence Life to Seek Alternative Housing Solutions By Rozen Pradhan Managing Editor, ‘11

The Office of Residence Life recently postponed the Room Selection Lottery, originally scheduled on the 4th of April. This announcement, made on the 1st of April, was first deemed as an April fool’s joke by many of the resident students, but was later quashed by the Office of Residence Life. Many students were furious about the postponement of the Room Selection Lottery while others wondered why ResLife had done this. Rumors surfaced that ResLife had done this because many of the sports teams were leaving for their games that particular weekend and would be unavailable. Others said that the Room Selection Lottery was postponed because the school was closing down, an April



fool’s joke, courtesy of the PauwWow’s Editorial Staff. In order to find out more about the Room Selection Lottery, the PauwWow contacted Michael De Jager, Coordinator of Operations, at the office of Residence Life. Mike’s response was plain and simple. The Office of Residence Life received a huge number of applications from returning students who wanted to live on campus. In order to reasonably accommodate all these applicants, ResLife had to push back the date so they could explore every possible option. According to Mike, “We are doing our best as an office so that all students who want to live on campus gets an opportunity to do just that.” Currently, the Office of Residence Life is closely working with the Office See Housing on Page 9



Cars Get the Boot

By Michael Murcia

Contributing Writer, ‘09 The parking situation at Saint Peter’s College has been the topic of an ongoing debate. With the college’s location in the middle of Jersey City’s urban West Side district, it is not hard to believe that parking has always been


a hassle. Lately, the college has worked very well to provide parking lots to faculty, administration, staff, residents, commuters, and evening students. The re-opening of Parking Lot #3, located next to the Yanitelli Recreational Center, between Kennedy Boulevard and West Side Avenue, has helped increase the See Boot on Page 7



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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Passing The Torch At first, I recoiled when I was told to write a good-bye editorial by the Pauw Wow’s new Editor-inChief, Frank DeMichele—to me it screamed of senior year nostalgia. But I also realized that—they need filler and the Editorial page was blank. So I will take this opportunity to say a bit about what I have learned during my time as Editor-in-Chief and (mainly) to thank the folks that made this year’s Pauw Wow happen. The first and most important thing I learned was never to underestimate people’s willingness to work. Pride is an important motivator in the minds of people, and seeing one’s name beneath the title in a printed paper is always something to be proud of. No one on our editorial staff gets paid, and everyone put in long hours and took heat for some of the things we did. Many of us have no desire to become journalists or editors, but this experience has taught us how to better analyze the printed media, even as it appears to be dying out.

This brings me to my second major lesson: a person’s major does not matter much. Our staff contains students of Biotech, Computer Science, Political Science, History, Philosophy, and many other majors. Freshman, if you are reading this, unless you want to enter into the hard sciences, almost everything in the humanities will treat you fine. Just be exceptional at it. Enough with that, time to treat the most important people who made this newspaper happen. First, Frank DeMichele (the future chief) and Shishir Khadka are both consummate professionals in their design of the paper. They were of equal measures creative and hardworking. Often I went off to bed, leaving them with a mountain of text, some pictures, and the next morning I awoke to find the paper complete, beautifully designed, and ready to be sent off to the printers. Frank and Shishir pioneered the Pauw Wow’s first forays into the realm of Web 2.0—our blog at

Besides these two exceptional editors, our copy editors made sure the articles were printed sounding as crisp and clean as possible. They managed, on top of all their other reading, to read through each issue multiple times, usually in a two day span. To them, I owe a great deal. The other major figure I am indebted to is our advisor, Dr. Paul Almonte of the English Department. He offered leadership and counsel, especially when I was uncertain how to proceed. His guidance and suggestions improved the paper immeasurably, and when necessary, he gave us the constructive criticism we needed. To him, all of us, and especially me, owe a great debt. There are many others without whom none of this could happen, and I hope that none are offended that I was unable to mention them, but space and time considerations prevent it. Your absence from this page is not an absence from my thanks. Thank you all, and keep reading.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sodexo Shuts Down

Resident Students must find other food during the four day break By Paul Lazaro

Opinions Editor, ‘11

Illustrator | Jake Thompson, The Daily Illini

Senate Discourages Disclosure By Paul Lazaro

Opinions Editor, ‘11 “Marko Crespo is a huge loser with bad teeth and a bad attitude,” libelous statements like this are what the student senate was afraid of, when they passed a law into motion banning the use of electronic campaigning. Candidates are banned from reminding students to vote via text message, create groups on

Laws prohibiting speech via the internet only limits the election conversation to those in the know, and protects candidates from libelous criticism that that they should already be mature enough to shrug off. Myspace or Facebook supporting their campaigns, or sending emails to eligible voters. Witnessing the student senate pass such archaic laws helps remind me why such a small majority of our school population votes. Sure, allowing candidates to campaign on the internet gives irresponsible candidates and supporters the opportunity

to spread rumors regarding opponents, but they do that anyways, through word of mouth. For example, last year when I ran for reelection rumors surfaced that I prefer the Heel-Toe dance over all other dances. Of course the rumor was false, anyone who is familiar with me knows I prefer to Chicken Noodle Soup over any other urban hip-hop dance. In the end, measures discouraging technological campaigns quells freedom of speech, and discourages the responsible, enthusiastic campaigner. If campaigners were given the freedom to use the internet we could expect three major changes to the current campaign. First, it would broaden awareness regarding the Student Senate and E-Board by reaching students who usually have little to do with campus activities. Second, it would allow for interesting and thought provoking dialogue between candidates and their supporters. It would give candidates the opportunity to clarify their position to all students, not just those interested enough to watch 12:00 pm speeches. Lastly, it would increase libelous statements on the internet. Libelous statements, that a true candidate would shrug off and an informed voter would dismiss. Overall, laws prohibiting speech via the internet only limits the election conversation to those in the know, and protects candidates from libelous criticism that that they should already be mature enough to shrug off. If candidates are unable to deal with rumors, maybe they should not run for public office.

The Drug of Dependence We need to break this cycle; we must relearn personal responsibility, because America no longer sets the pace. By Chris DePizzo Staff Writer, ‘09

In the drug trade they call them “testers”, in today’s U.S. government they’re referred to as “social-welfare programs”. Regardless of name, the idea is none the less the same. When you give a person something for free long enough and soon they are willing to pay for it, work for it, or vote for it. So as drug dealers toss vials of crack on inner city corners, U.S. politician’s craft policy, and give eloquent speeches on the stairs of the capital. And while their locations and the attire may differ, the results of dependency are eerily similar. Today, American’s depend all too much on the supposed altruistic, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent Uncle Sam. Whether it is for social guidance, healthcare, education, retirement, or jobs in unproductive industry; today’s America has led itself to

A break from the Hudson Room would seem like a welcome relief to students all too familiar with the cafe’s Turkey and yellow Gravy. Yet, for many students staying at school for break, the Hudson room closing only served as a burden on their wallets. It’s sad that many resident students, who are coerced into purchasing meal plans in the first place, must also pay for meals out of their own pocket during break. Students paid upwards of 70 dollars on food over the four day period. While that may not be much to some, it certainly is for students who have recently suffered work-study hour shortages due to budget cuts. One could understand a closing on Sunday for Easter, but Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as well? Isn’t it a little embarrassing that our school cafeteria has worse operation hours than the Federal government? Next time Sodexo decides to close for a break, when students are permitted to remain on campus, they should either stay open, provide students with stipends for meals, or just stop making us pay for food that all too often is just turkey and gravy.

the public teat. Rather than back away like an engorged binger on Thanksgiving Day, we move closer, nestling close from birth ‘til death. We need to break this cycle; we must relearn personal responsibility, because America no longer sets the pace. We need to live within our means (rent when we must, save what make, and drink when we can). We need to realize the opportunities we have (in college and in America), and we must understand that we are not entitled to prosperity. Every American must live by the slogan, “Prepare for the worst, and work for the best.” I am preaching to you, because as a graduating college senior, I don’t know how to respond to America’s rapid transformation from stalwart Capitalist Center to Western European Social Democracy. I could react like John Galt, the internal protagonist in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, who fights on, trying to correct the problems of societal sloth against all odds, or I could just relax and curl up in the tender arms of a new larger Uncle Sam. I hope I choose to fight, but as I look around America today I see how fast Laissez-faire can become woe is me.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Candidates Speak Out to the Voters Anthony Fiumidinisi Class of 2010 Political Science Major, Business Management Minor Marketing Manager for Sodexo 2006 to Present Resident Assistant 2007-Present Student Senate Vice President of Administration 2008-2009 Campus Safety and Faculty Senate Liaison Pauw Wow Writer and Staff Photographer Gannon Debate Society Manager Analyst Leadership Awareness Conference Marketing Coordinator My name is Anthony Fiumidinisi for those of you who do not know me I am a junior and a Political Science Major here at the College. I am seeking the seat of President of the Student Senate, I currently serve as Vice President of Administration of the Senate and I am assigned to multiple committees such as the Faculty Senate, Campus Safety Committee and Academic Affairs for the Board of Trustees. Through all these committees I see the day to day

operations of the school and learn how all the different departments of our college function and work. Through these positions I have dealt with issues that come up on a regular basis and I am the voice of the students in getting these issues rectified. My experience doesn’t stop here though: I am also a Resident Assistant in VMC 150, Delta Sigma Pi Brother, and writer for the Pauw Wow and work as the Student Manager for our food service provider Sodexo. Through all these areas I work closely with not only Administration but students as well, to achieve goals in the best interest of the students. With that being said my ticket consists of 4 individuals of the same work ethic and knowledge of the school. Michael, Christina, Katie and James are involved in campus activities ranging from Student Senate to Argus Eyes. These 4 are highly qualified and will work to accommodate any student’s needs. One of my personal highlights of serving as the Vice President was being able to establish an ongoing relationship with “Habitat for Humanity”. This is a project I would like to work on further and continue the theme of service at our school which is part of the Jesuit ideals. With that being

David Jacome

Noel Borges

Class of 2010 Secretary of SPC Chapter of Society of Physics Students 06-07 President of SPC Chapter of Society of Physics Students 2007-Present Director for the Local Organizing Committee of the American Physical Society Treasurer for Philosophy Club 2007-2008

Class of 2010 Political Science, Latin American and Latino Studies and Sociology Major President of L.A.S.O. 2007-2009 President of Class of 2010 2006-2008 President of E.O.F. Student Association 2006-2008 Resident Assistant 2007-2008 Summer Orientation Leader 2007-2008 GEMS Mentor 2008-2009 What is the Student Senate? Chances are you don’t know, but it’s not your fault. The Student Senate usually consisted of an “elite” group of friends, but luckily that is gradually changing. Now it’s time to take it to the next level, and elect an Executive Board that will work tirelessly to ensure that your voices are heard and your concerns are dealt with. This time, you will be in the driver’s seat! We have a few questions for you: Are you concerned about maximizing your college experience? Of course! Do you want more activities? Have you ever experienced difficulties when dealing with the Financial Aid Office and/or Enrollment Services? Do you enjoy the food in the Hudson Room or Jazzman’s Café? These are only a few of the many questions students often discuss among their friends, but now it’s time to actually do something about it. We urge you “to be

said another project I want to undertake as President is bringing more service trips to our school. I have traveled multiple times with our school through different organizations to places like Georgia and West Virginia as a worker for Saint Peter’s. These are some of the highlights and experiences at the College, and I think it would be great project to get more students to partake in such great causes. This past year in the Senate we have been working tirelessly on the Student Activities Fee for the day population of the college. I have sat in multiple meetings and made many presentations. I can promise you I am very well versed on the subject and I think if I were to be voted President I would be a great asset for the initial implementation of the fee. I will work diligently to make sure the fee is being utilized properly and in the manner that the students would like it to be used. I would like to also mention that my door is always open for any input or suggestions you may have on anything, or anything that concerns you as a student. The Senate is designed to serve the student and I believe as President I will be able to work for you the student. Feel free to contact me anytime at

As President of Student Senate, I will do my best to inform all the organizations of current events. Also, my responsibility is to keep

connected with everyone on campus and to make things easier for all organizations trying to put together events. Working with club officers, we will plan fun events, meetings, and workshops for the community. As President, I will listen to all those who make suggestions and promote outreach to the younger generation. Aside from all these things,it’s my job to put out a hand and work together with the adminstration to promote many activities around campus.We will work together, and chance the rules so that clubs can do more, achieve more, promote membership, and establish good leadership.

realistic, and demand the impossible!” Vote for Ticket 2! We listen, think, and then act. But best of all, we are a Student Senate Executive Board you know. “Ticket 2 wants to change the school. You can help us do it!” Vote Ticket Two President: Noel Borges VP of Administration: Josephine Milfort VP of Activities: Brandon Hightower Treasurer: Stephanie Pompilus Secretary: Tripp Weir

Vote Today and Tomorrow 10 am -5 pm In Jazzmans

Photos by martin sirakov



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Individual Candidate Interviews Interview from Pafe 1 hours during Finals Week. We are also trying to buy more textbooks for the library. Also, as the Senate’s Security Liaison, I have been trying to make sure the security staff do their jobs courteously. I have seen security guards asleep in the booth and banged on the glass to wake them up. Of course, we have a long way to go, but with the relationships I have developed, I think we can make some progress. I have worked with Sodexo, I know a lot of the administrators, and have good relations with a lot of the people who can help the students. PW: What would you like to say about the other people on your ticket? AF: I carefully chose the other members

“Noel has good ideas but he’s does not have enough experience in the Student Senate.” - Fiumidinisi of my ticket to ensure that a diverse combination of qualifications could be put to use for the students. We have accounting major Jim Dillon and two former Senators in Mike Massey and Katie Ensor. Christina Clarke, a nursing major who can represent the concerns of the large number of nursing and biology students Saint Peter’s has. The two standards I had for choosing my running mates were experience and qualifications. Everyone on Ticket One is active in the SPC community. Like our slogan says, “Experience is the Way.” We have the experience to get things done. PW: What do you have to say about your opponent? AF: Noel has good ideas but he’s does not have enough experience in the Student Senate. His leadership style is misguided and a lot of people in the Administration see him as a nuisance. Noel has tried to say that the people on my ticket are spoiled, elite kids. The truth is, we all have a strong work ethic. We have earned our good reputations and the offices we hold in the SPC community. I am very big on accountability and I think hard work is

“The Senate is about serving the students, not fulfilling personal dreams or ambitions.” - Fiumidinisi rewarded. It is our hard work that will best serve the students. Noel is all talk and no results. I am the opposite. I am all work and I do not talk too much. The Senate is about serving the students, not fulfilling personal dreams or ambitions.



PW: What are you planning to do, if you get elected? Noel Borges: Me stating concrete goals would be complicated. My ticket has decided to release a survey to find out which issues the students really care about. Although the survey is anonymous, we are also collecting demographic information like race, major, resident or commuter and year. We have released 250 now and plan on distributing another 250 before the beginning of next year. Based on word of mouth, though, we are thinking of trying to extend the range of the shuttle to 2 miles to better accommodate the needs of

“My campaign is devoted to fulfilling the will of the students and not simply our own opinions. We want there to be a feeling of openness.” - Borges commuter students, to introduce SPC T.V. with student made shows, and to make game rooms in every dorm. We might also introduce chat rooms on Blackboard like they have at Rutgers and also computers in Jazzman’s and the Hudson Room to improve the cafe feel. My campaign is devoted to fulfilling the will of the students and not simply our own opinions. That is why we have the survey. We want there to be a feeling of openness. Most of all, we want the students to make themselves heard and to make ourselves accessible to them. My example is the Student Activities Fee. The current Executive Board pushed it through regardless of what the students wanted. My opposition to it was not so much to the idea itself but to how it was introduced. I wanted to have more dialogue. PW: How would your administration approach the implementation of the Student Activities fee? NB: You mean if it gets passed? Well, we would make sure that it would be


Saint Peter’s restricts campaigning, these elections will continue to be a joke. If we want to produce quality students, to produce presidents like a Georgetown, Saint Peter’s has to allow students to develop their skills. The Student Senate’s Constitution does not allow for that. What’s going on here is an elite group of students keeping people from campaigning so they can maintain power. Sure, the campaign is kind of a popularity contest and my ticket is more popular. But we will use our popularity well. If the elections were unrestricted, the campaigns would become more dependent on popularity, but that might wake people up and get them more involved. PW: A lot of people have commented

distributed as evenly as possible. We would give more money to the clubs that are more popular and whose events are more successful. I would like to create an oversight committee that will monitor how clubs spend their money to ensure it is spent wisely. This committee will also help those clubs whose events are not working to improve them. If it does not get passed, we will release a survey to see if the students really want it before making any other moves. PW: What do you have to say about your running mates? NB: I chose them with two criteria in mind. First, popularity because, let’s face it, popularity matters. The second factor was competence since, obviously, after they are elected they will have to serve the students. They are active in many different clubs, have held many officer positions and represent many different racial groups and graduating classes. Brandon Hightower, Josephine Milfort, Tripp Weir and Stephanie Pompilus are great people. PW: A lot of students would say that the Student Senate is only ceremonial. Would you agree? NB: Yes PW: So you think that the Student Senate is just for show? NB: Historically, it has been. I think very gradually that is changing. My old ticket, the ones who were elected last year, have done a relatively good job, but they have only done what the Constitution allows them to do. For example, take the survey I have released. They would never have reached out to the students like that.

“I chose them with two criteria in mind. First, popularity because, let’s face it, popularity matters.” - Borges

“Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible.” - Borges

PW: If you are elected, what plans will you have for next year? David Jacome: I feel the president’s responsibility is to stay connected with all officers of other clubs, and come up with a way to improve performance within the organizations. There are students on campus who are actively involved within the clubs, but over the years the Senate has not helped these students at all. This will change if I’m elected. Also, my duty as president is to promote the college. Some ways to do so is by organizing meetings with club officers to increase membership within many organizations. Also, by planning for events, attending national workshops, and working with other colleges/universities our reputation will better. It’s taken 3 years to restore the society (Society of Physics Students), and to promote science outreach. With the help of the officers, we’ve managed to Continued on the following page.

(Note: this is the slogan for the Young Socialist Democrat Party.) We don’t need more Senate meeting that people dread to go to. We need engagement between the students, the faculty and the administrators. PW: You mentioned your old ticket. Now, we have to talk about a sensitive issue: your disqualification last year. NB: Well, like Martin Luther King said, “An unjust law is not a law at all.” At other schools, students really campaign. They spend up to $10,000 doing so. As long as

on your slogan. Did you come up with it yourself? NB: Actually, our ticket met and began brainstorming. Then we decided on “Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible.” (Note: this is the slogan for the Young Socialist Democrat Party, we Googled it.) PW: What do you have to say about your opponents? NB: I think they have good intentions, but I would say to them what President Obama said to McCain in a debate. They care about the students but do not understand how to change. They just don’t get it. They are cliquish and no representative of the student body. PW: You have said your campaign is devoted in directly expressing the views of the students and not your own views. What would you do if you thought that the students wishes were unwise? NB: That is a good question. I think that we will have to take that on a case by case basis.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Individual Candidate Interviews Continued from the previous page. visit so many places, present our research ideas, update our webpage, and to build relationships with others. I’m glad to say that we’ve put Saint Peter’s College on the map in many places. We are not afraid to bring change, we promote change PW: I have asked the other two

“I did have running mates. Good ones. But, I forget to add them on the application. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned them out in your head.” - Jacome candidates to tell me about their running mates. What would you like to say about you’re running alone? DJ: I did have running mates. Good ones. But, I forget to add them on the application. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned them out in your head. But, if it comes down to me running

alone, it’s no problem. I could be running alone, but will not work alone on the problems that need to be addressed within the Senate. PW: A lot of students think that the Student Senate is just ceremonial. Do you agree? DJ: I think that the Senate is an important part of the college. They have a huge responsibility to meet with club leaders, and make decisions on behalf of them. The Senate is there is assist the clubs with carrying out the events, and making things easier for everyone. Each person in the Senate has his/her duties, and together they make sure that things are fair for all. They are looked upon for help, and should represent the college in a good way. Therefore, it’s not just ceremonial. Perhaps, over the years many students feel this way because they don’t see more of the Senate. The Senate doesn’t reach out to these club leaders, and they abandon the vision that we all share to promote the college. PW: What do you have to say about your opponents? DJ: I happen to know Noel Borges, and can say he is a strong leader. Since my coming to the college, we have both shared similar views. If he’s elected, I do know that the Senate will be in good hands, and I will do my best to work closely with him. We have never really had the time to sit down and talk about our plans. The two of us are always busy planning for events, his president of LASO, and I’m president of Society of Physics Students. I do wish him the best of luck in this election. PW: What is your campaign slogan?

Res Wife!

Photo Courtesy David Surratt

Sorry ladies, Daivd Surratt is taken. The Director of Residence Life married Tasha Pargali and recently returned from his honeymoon.

DJ: “Keeping in mind who we are, what we belong to, and graduating from SPC always connected as a family, this is my vision”. It is also “The Vision and Passion to Bring Change.” PW: What do you have to say about the Student Activities Fee? DJ: I don’t agree that students should pay a student activities fee. I believe that the funds are not being used correctly. There are many ways to raise money, and have it in handy for emergency use.

“I don’t agree that students should pay a student activities fee. I believe that the funds are not being used correctly. .” - Jacome Together with students we will work to improve this concern. In planning for next semester, we will write down the costs, and find a way to raise money in advance. PW: What issues do you think need to be addressed for the students? DJ: 1) Students need to see more of the Senate 2) More events must be planned to benefit the students

3) Science and technology needs to be improved, and events organized to promote this 4) Cleaning SPC – “Going Green”, implying ways to save paper, and creating projects to help students become aware of Global warming 5) Stay connected with other organizations at different institutions 6) Webpage improvement – Keeping things organized and updated. 7) For disabled people, helping them out, making it safer on campus. Giving them some kind of security and making them feel like a part of SPC 8) Fixing our budget spending habits – organizing the paperwork the right way, checking out what organizations are active, and doing what. Saving money by selffunding, partnership opportunity, applying for some funding aid. 9)  Outreach – to younger kids, and promoting the college. 10) Improving the technology on campus, slow-internet for students with laptops, classrooms with bad computers, dirty bathrooms, and other things that need to be addressed. Working with the administration to implement a plan and work to fix these things for our students. 11)  Parking for students, working with Parking Authority so students who can’t afford parking permits can park near the college. Many students have gotten their cars booted, and/or ticketed; this is not fair at all. And there are perhaps more concerns I can’t think of that need to be addressed. I promise to take care of these things if elected.

City Converts Glenwood into Residential Only Parking Zone Boot From Page 1 available parking spaces, but has not made up for the recent parking restrictions on Glenwood Avenue. In November, 2008 the Parking Authority of Jersey City officially enforced permission to the parking spaces on Glenwood Avenue (not including the parking lots) to city residents only. Upperclassmen, residing in the apartment buildings down the hill, can now park their cars in Parking Lot #4, located on West Side Avenue, between Montgomery Street and Glenwood Avenue, as well as Lot #6, adjacent to Durant Hall. Unfortunately, both lots are not spacious enough to accommodate the cars of all the resident students of SPC. Another conflict both students and faculty face is the use of Glenwood Avenue’s Parking Lot #7 by cityresidents. Faculty members and commuters often find Lot #7 mostly, if not fully, occupied by the cars of residents of Glenwood Avenue who are not Saint Peter’s College students. Considering the difficulty of finding available parking spaces, members of the college community often have no other choice but to park blocks away from the college or on meter-running spaces found on Montgomery Street and Kennedy Boulevard. Students and faculty have often complained of the unfair regulations of the parking meters. The Parking

Authority of Jersey City makes sure to write tickets the minute a meter runs out of time. Some students have even gone as far as to suspect conspiracies in which parking meters run out of time earlier than the allocated money’s worth. Whatever the case may be, it is a shame to have students worry, especially during classes, about the time left in their meters or to have faculty members sit through the day, wondering whether their cars on Glenwood Avenue will be booted because parking was not available in the morning. Some students are unable to afford the parking permit fees, leading them to take everyday risks. It is unfair to have members of the Saint Peter’s College community face these problems when the college has done its share of giving back to the city. Through community service, fundraisers, blood drives, benefiting walks, peer service, and justice awareness, Saint Peter’s College has unquestionably made an impact on Jersey City. Saint Peter’s College is one to enrich the lives of its students from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds by providing education that will benefit their future. The parking spots lost due to the new restriction set in place by the city have not been replaced by the college.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Argus eyes presents

A Musical By Cole Porter

Roy Irving Theatre April 15th- 19th Showtimes: April 15 - 18 @ 8 PM April 18 - 19 @ 2 PM

Stick a Fork in Us, We’re Done 12pm - 2pm , Thursday, April 23 Students of the Fine Arts Department display graphic art and photography pieces in this Senior Thesis exhibition. Featured artists include Andrea Bader, Aldrin Buniel, and Vanessa Pangikas.

Blood Drive

CLASS WARS 12pm - 1 pm Wednesday, April 22

(McIntyre Lounge) Wed, April 15

Party with a Purpose

Thursday, April 23, Roy Irving Theatre 9pmDid your class win in the class wars? Your entry to the party is for free! If not, dont worry!..You can still rep your class colors at the party! All money raised will be going to a charitable cause.

The Art of Stillness

(Ghandi-King Room - Saint Peter Hall) 4 p.m., Thursday, April 16


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Running out of Room

Mountain Top Removal Strip Mining

Housing From Page 1 of Business and Finance and Dr. Eileen Poiani, VP of Student affairs, in order to explore all viable housing options. When asked whether the huge number of applicants was a good thing, Mike De Jager commented, “This unprecedented number of applicants speaks volumes to our office about students’ interests in continuing to live on campus.” The Office

Students travel to the site of the controverial coal mining

By Mariya Marinova Copy Editor, ‘10

Have you seen the Gates of Hell? I have. And I have walked through them. Behind them a cemetery world is revealed. Treeless flattened hills wrapped in clouds of dust where once forested peaks had been, and nothing but the sound of machines and thunderous booms. This is the audacity of the destruction caused by mountaintop coal removal in Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia. Students from Saint Peter’s College and Canisius College witnessed it first hand during our trip there for spring break and walked through the gates that lead to one of the many sites where mountaintop removal takes place, called the Gates of Hell by the local people. We learned from former miners and people in the community that mountaintop coal removal is a method for extracting coal by demolishing mountains and blasting them apart from the top instead of drilling into them. Coal companies are dismantling peaks that are millions of years old and obliterating forests by chopping them down and burning the trees in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Extensive digging is required to reach a small yield of coal seams in Appalachia but it is considered to be of a very high quality. Coal companies in the region, in particular Massey Energy, pour millions of dollars into the industry. Projects yield one ton of coal for every 16 tons of terrain displaced according to John McQuaid, the co-author of Path of Destruction: The Devastation on New Orleans and the Coming Age of Superstorms. In an interview, Roger Horton, a representative of United Mine Workers Union, says that typically a project descends across 250 vertical feet before reaching a layer of high-grade coal used in manufacturing. The industry in West Virginia jeopardizes tourism and most importantly the ecosystem and the health of the people who live and work there. “There are more kinds of organisms living in the southern Appalachians than in any other forest ecosystem in the world,” says biologist Ben Stout in an interview in January, 2009. Coal is a consequential factor to air pollution and the demolition of trees is magnifying these negative effects because the trees absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, by 2012, 11.5 percent of the forests there will be destroyed and 1,000 miles of streams will be buried under the waste dumped into the valleys and hollows. According to a Federal study, 1,400,000 acres, a swath one mile wide from New York to California, will be affected by 2012.

Then they move to the next peak scheduled to be decapitated. The waste that the trucks dump into the adjacent valleys contains chemicals such as lead, aluminum, manganese and selenium. These compounds remain in the coal and rock. Biologists have also found barium and arsenic contaminating water sources. These appear to be factors in increased deaths for chronic lung, heart and kidney disease and elevated cancer mortality. In Mud River in southern West Virginia, scientists have found deformed fish larvae. All streams and lakes in West Virginia are contaminated with mercury from the burning of coal. West Virginia is the nation’s thirdpoorest state. Mountaintop removal employs half as many people to produce the same amount of coal as an underground mine. It does not benefit the community for a big part of which traditional coal mining has been the only industry and source of income. A Federal study reported that there are 100,000 less coal jobs than in 1950. Former federal mining regulator says that none of the sites operate in compliance with the federal environmental laws. Critical parts of the Clean Water Act have been weakened. “But if we got to see the full scope of those plans, then mountaintop removal would stop,” says mayor Hobbs of Ansted in an interview. President Obama suspended a coal company’s permit in March to dumb waste into a valley and stream in West Virginia, and promised to review 200 more permits waiting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ approval. If you are still wondering why you should be concerned, just take a look around in your home. Almost fifty percent of the utilities nationwide use coal-generated electricity. The efficient and profitable mountaintop coal is feeding the high demands of our energy-savvy way of life, high oil prices and increasing United States coal exports. According to McQuaid, Massey energy which is responsible for most of the projects in Appalachia, is expecting to increase exports of coal to China. In 2007, he adds, mountaintop coal in West Virginia accounted for approximately 42 percent of all extracted coal. People whose homes were destroyed by mountaintop removal asked us to bring our knowledge about it and bring awareness when we go back to our homes. They asked us to be active because people in West Virginia cannot stop this on their own. Other schools that also witnessed it and got passionate about it, like Santa Clara University, already took action by asking their school to divest of the stock it owned in Massey Energy.


of Residence Life has no information to offer to the students at this particular time, but will release the information when they get it. The new dates for the Room Selection Lottery have been set for the 22nd and 23rd of April by appointment only. For more info or if you have any questions, contact Mike De Jager at or call the Office of Residence Life at 201.761.7130.

Photo courtesy St. Peter’s college

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Cooking with Tom

Courtesy of


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Fried Pork Chops with Grilled Vegetables, for Two! By Tom Cleary

Food Columnist, ‘11 This is another easy dish to make although it requires a little more preparation work than some of the other dishes. I like it because if you plate it the right way it looks a lot fancier than it really is, and food that looks good always tastes better. This dish is ideal for making dinner for two because its something that you can easily do a few steps earlier in the day, such as cooking the vegetables and coating the pork chops, and then do the last minute frying and plating to show off your cooking skills. Of course this is a flexible dish so you can add whatever vegetables you want to the grilled vegetables part and the pork chops can really be made with or without the bread crumb-egg coating and just fried with the herbs and spices to flavor. Ingredients • 2 pork chops • 1 cup of bread crumbs • 1 egg • 2 peppers, preferably two different color peppers • 1 red onion • 1 potato • olive oil • butter • salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, oregano, etc.

Preparation for Grilled Vegetables -Preheat your oven to about 350o F -Cut onion and peppers into decent sized strips and cut the potato into thin round slices then place them all on a oiled up baking pan. - pour a little olive oil over the vegetables and generously sprinkle them with spices and herbs - place pan into oven for about 15 min or until the vegetables look semi shriveled and tasty . Preparation for Pork Chops -Mix the bread crumbs with some spices and herbs in a shallow plate -Crack and beat an egg in another plate -Heat up a frying pan to medium heat -Take a pork chop and dip both sides into first the egg and then into the bread crumbs, Rinse and repeat for the second pork chop. -Put a pat of butter onto the frying pan until it is melted and spread evenly -Place the pork chops onto the pan and let each side cook for about 3-4 min or until the juices of the meat are clear. Be careful to not overcook the pork chop otherwise you’ll end up with a piece of shoe leather. Here the cooking times change drastically depending on how thick the cut of meat is, the thicker the meat the longer it is going to have to cook. Finally take the cooked vegtalbles put them in a little circle on the plate and put the pork right in the middle of it. Serve with rice or pasta and maybe a glass of red wine if you’re up for it.

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Album Preview ALBe BACK “Hi.” 4.20.09 Album brought to you by student Jaleel Kindell’s Moon Six Communications By Stephanie Danis, Arts Editor, ‘11

If you haven’t heard ALBe Back before, now is your chance! I got my hands on his debut mix-tape, Hi. thanks to St. Peter’s College student, Jaleel Kindell, whose company, Moon Six Communications, has partnered up with Mick Boogie and Digiwaxx to promote the free album release online on April 20th. Jaleel’s company, Moon Six, is acting as a record label for the release of the mix-tape. The company handles all aspects of the release from the marketing, promotions publicity,

management and booking, to the creative direction and art of the project. The artist ALBe Back has been recognized on HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry and co-starred along rapper T.I. in Will Smith produced movie, ATL. ALBe is forging on his quest to establish himself as a prominent wordsmith. The album, Hi. has some big guest features such as Kanye West, Mos Def, KRS-ONE, Fabolous, and MC Lyte. The album will be available for FREE download on April 20th 2009 at www. and albemusic!

Movies To Watch For “17 Again” (April 17,2009) “State of Play” (April 17, 2009) “Obsessed” (April 24, 2009) “Fighting” (April 24, 2009) “The Soloist” (April 24, 2009)

Music To Listen To Bow Wow “New Jack City II”

(March 31, 2009)

Death Cab for Cutie “The Open Door EP”

(April 14, 2009)

Depeche Mode “Sounds of the Universe”

(April 21, 2009)

Rick Ross “Deeper Than Rap”

(April 21, 2009)

Bob Dylan “Together Through Life”

(April 28, 2009)


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The Evolution of: “Dragonball Evolution”

By Chris Kenner Staff Writer, ‘11

Dragonball Evolution is an American film adaptation of the Japanese anime series Dragonball. The Dragonball Series has a strong American following so naturally those fans are afraid of how this adaptation will reflect the original. Dragonball fans are cautious in deciding if they should see the film or not, and that is understandable considering that American adaptations of foreign films are not great. As a fan of the series I found myself at a standstill because I normally do not see movies that I know are going to be bad. In short I ended up watching the film, and in truth it is not that bad. My reasons why will follow a short background of the film. Dragonball originated as a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. It later was created into an anime, that is most commonly known as the predecessor to Dragonball Z. The first arc of Dragonball introduces Goku, a strange boy with the affinity to fight. Goku was given a strange orange ball with four stars by his grandfather that he later discovers is a dragon ball. He was raised by his grandfather until he was a pre-teen, his grandfather suddenly died and Goku then began a quest to seek out Master Roshi.

Master Roshi is the man who trained his grandfather who was a skilled martial artist in his own right, Goku sought him out to become a pupil of him. Along the way he meets Bulma a sassy tech-wiz, Krillin a rival who becomes his best friend, and Yamcha a street bandit who also becomes a good friend. Bulma is notable for being the one who

interrupted by the introduction of Emperor Pilaf, a tyrant who also wants to collect the dragon balls and use his wish to dominate the planet. Goku, Krillin, and Bulma set off to find the dragon balls before the Emperor. The film follows the first arc somewhat, up until the introduction of the villain, and did I mention that Krillin is not in the film? Emperor Pilaf is replaced by Piccolo, which is understandable because Goku does battle him later in the Dragonball series, and his offspring is an ally in the Dragonball Z series. Krillin is not in the film, and after seeing the film; I do not feel that he is needed. The film also alters the story a little more but not by creating storylines themselves just by intertwining the arcs of the series. Chi-Chi, Goku’s wife in Dragonball Z, is inserted as his love interest; which is okay because she is introduced in Dragonball. Overall the film Courtesy of is not bad, it has great special effects that capture the feel of initially explains the dragon balls to Goku. the anime, the fighting is almost Dragon balls are seven orange balls, all identical to the anime, and the actors speak numbered 1-7 by the number of red stars in in similar voices that the characters did in the center and when all seven are collected, the anime. I recommend this film to anyone the collector will be granted one wish. He who loved the anime and is searching for promises to help Bulma find all seven the something new to bring nostalgic feelings dragon balls if she helps him find Master of their childhood Roshi. When they find Master Roshi, he trains Goku for a while and the training is

The Beatles: Across the Universe, All You Need Is Love By: Kim Ferraro Staff Writer, ‘11

Across the Universe presents a unique collaboration of Beatles songs and numerous plots that connect throughout the movie. Although fictional, this movie offers an interpretation of Beatles songs and works it into a plot. The movie was well liked by many; however, people might disagree since it was a misinterpretation. The story is set in the sixties. There are two main characters the movie focuses on first: Jude, played by Jim Sturgess, and Lucy, played by Evan Rachel Wood. Lucy is a young, upper middle-class woman facing the challenge of having her “love of her life” miles away from her fighting in Vietnam. Jude is a young man from England living with his single mother. He is the bastard son from World War II. He separates from his loved one too at this time and sets sail on a ship for America to find his father. Gradually throughout the movie, the characters are drawn together through a sequence of events while the Beatles songs guide their fate through musical numbers. There are of course couples other than Lucy and Jude that develop

throughout the movie. Appropriate to the Beatles, there is a consistent theme of love present throughout the movie. As my father says, “the Beatles are unique because there is an aspect of love present in almost, if not, all of their songs.” However, there are some who find that the fictional part of the movie is exactly why they do not like it. Some find problems with the fact that it’s a misrepresentation of the Beatles music. The most common complaint is that the songs are re-makes of the Beatles songs, and not as good as the originals. However, the majority of people I encounter generally like the movie and oddly enough some, who have not even seen it, still enjoy the musical soundtrack. If you enjoy a musical that isn’t corny, this movie is enjoyable. It’s interesting to see pieces interpreting era’s of historical significance because it allows you to explore yet another interpretation of the legendary era, in this case the sixties. The movie is a creative and contemporary musical that give the viewer the chance to float back in time to a melodious soundtrack, and so it is different and potentially more enjoyable than many other more popular movies.


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