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Paul Inouye

Portola Valley CA, United States

Paul Inouye emphasizes the significance of entrepreneurs selecting a trustworthy investment banker, highlighting the reliance on such professionals to guide them through the intricate business selling process. He advises opting for a banker with specific experience in the entrepreneur's industry to maximize the sale price and avoid common risks associated with business deals. An expert in core business and financial due diligence is essential, he underscores. Furthermore, he points out the importance of assessing the scale of transactions handled by the investment banker or their firm. He suggests choosing a firm that regularly deals with transactions of a similar size to ensure the deal gets the proper attention and avoids being sidelined in favor of more significant discounts. He stresses the importance of a firm that can provide attentive and capable handling of the company's needs. His workdays are characterized by variety, which he finds particularly engaging in his profession. A typical day could include various activities such as client consultations, making marketing calls, conducting analytical work related to due diligence, collaborating on active projects, researching industries or businesses, and developing new pitch materials. Each activity requires a distinct set of skills, which he finds intellectually stimulating. His approach to maintaining productivity revolves around keeping an organized calendar with dedicated time slots for critical daily tasks. He wraps up each day by planning the next day's schedule, accommodating any new meetings or essential tasks, and keeping a tracking sheet for items needing follow-up. This systematic approach, though traditional, has been highly influential and instrumental in his success.