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Coastal Virginia makes a perfect vacation destination for those seeking clean beaches, outdoor recreation, fascinating history, fine arts culture, thrilling events and festivals, abundant shopping and coastal cuisine. Many people do not know where the James river ends. there is a magnificent, wide channel of water that connects the James river with the Chesapeake Bay called the Hampton roads. the combination of the words as “Hampton roads” was recorded as the channel linking the James, nansemond and Elizabeth rivers with the Chesapeake Bay in an act of the Virginia general assembly in 1755, and they are the main tributaries of the Hampton roads. the U.s. Postal service changed its postmark for “ tidewater, Virginia” to “Hampton roads, Virginia” beginning in 1983.


the Coastal Virginia region is comprised of the cities of Chesapeake, Franklin/southampton County, gloucester County, Hampton, isle of Wight County, James City County, newport news, norfolk, Poquoson, Portsmouth, suffolk, Virginia Beach, York County, Williamsburg, and Virginia’s Eastern shore. all are accessible by a major interstate highway system, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel, and two major airports in norfolk and newport news both served by low fare airlines.

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Christopher Newport University

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Hopefully, you’ll enjoy learning more about Hampton roads as you peruse the pages of this magazine. By the time you get to the end of it, you’ll realize what the locals know all too well — “Coastal Virginia-Hampton roads” is the Best Place for Business and Family to “live, Work and Play” in Virginia’s exploding #1 destination.

the norfolk southside has the naval station norfolk, the largest naval base in the world. the peninsula’s northside has the newport news shipyard, the birthplace of many of our naval aircraft Carriers and submarines, and the Historical greater Williamsburg triangle. also, the Virginia international Marine terminals composed of newport news, norfolk and Portsmouth are very important to the area. the Hampton roads is one of the world’s largest natural harbors — a “roadstead” or “roads,” as applied to a water channel. it is, generally speaking, between the Monitor and Merrimac and the Hampton roads bridge tunnels. it empties into the Chesapeake Bay leading to the atlantic ocean. Depending on the sources of information, the Hampton roads meets the Chesapeake Bay at points between old Point Comfort on the north side and sewells Point to the south. the beautiful, historic Fort Monroe with its magnificent view of the manmade Fort Wool, are mentioned as meeting points to the Chesapeake Bay, which is the largest estuary in the world.

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This year I agaIn welcome the Virginia Peninsula Chamber as a partner.  a portion of the proceeds will be awarded to the chamber’s Foundation, in support of their continued efforts to create new programs that promote and support the businesses within the community in which it serves.


2 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 introduction: ThoughtsPublisher’s

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4 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 ribute:t PresidentCNUJr.,TribleS.Paul

To all of you: Thank you. Thank you for embracing The dream ThaT , working Toge Ther , we could creaTe ano Ther grea T universi Ty for america. Toge Ther , we have made ThaT audacious dream a reali Ty .

President Paul Trible announced he will step away from his position and take on a new role at the university.

Paul Trible

Below is a transcription of his September 2021 video message to the campus community. today, i told the Board of Visitors that i wanted to bring my tenure as president of Christopher newport to a close at the end of this academic year. over the past eight months, as i’ve supported and en couraged rosemary and her recovery, i’ve been reminded that life is fragile, and how precious are the members of our families. in my case, rosemary, our daughter Mary Katherine and son Paul and their families, Barrett and Brit, and especially our grandchildren, lochlan and truitt, and Camden and Carrington. this is the 26th year that rosemary and i have served Christopher newport. in December, i’ll be 75 years old. time is racing by and i don’t want to lose, for the second time in my life, the opportunity to be with the people whom i love the most in this world. You see, when Paul and Mary Katherine were growing up, i was a young United states congressman and senator, intent on saving the world. i missed so many special moments with them and rosemary, and i don’t want to let that happen again. as you know, rosemary and i have poured our hearts and minds into this wonderful place, and we have been blessed beyond measure. We’ve been blessed by our students, the extraordinary young women and men who have graced this campus through the years. We’ve been blessed by a dedicated and distinguished faculty, and are honored to call them colleagues and friends. We’ve been blessed by a staff that has sprinted from the crack of dawn until late at night, day in and day out, to encourage and support our success. We’ve been blessed by our alumni, our parents and our many, many friends who have so generously shared their time, talent and treasure. to all of you: thank you. thank you for embracing the dream that, working together, we could create another great university for america. together, we have made that audacious dream a reality. indeed, few schools in america, if any, have come so far so quickly. together, we built rich and rigorous academic programs, a superb and committed faculty, a magnificent campus, vibrant student life, and students who have brought our beautiful campus alive with their energy, their enthusiasm, and their intellect. Most importantly, we’ve enriched the minds and stirred the hearts of over 20,000 young people. i shook their hands and gave them their diplomas. rosemary congratulated them with a hug. and together, all of us sent them out into the world with hopes and prayers that they would live lives of meaning and consequence and purpose – a life of signifi cance – and make our world a better place. so i will serve as Christopher newport’s president until the end of this academic year, and we have so much to celebrate in this 60th anniversary year. rosemary and i look forward to every moment of every day that we will be together with you. Please know how much i love this place, how much i cherish each of you, how deeply grateful i am for you giving me the most extraordinary, meaningful moments in my life. and how confident i am that Christopher newport’s best years lie ahead. go Captains!

PHoto By KatElyn JaMEs alsoP

reprinted with permission from the office of Communications and Public relations of Christopher newport University: the Publisher of Voyages - Winter 2022 magazine.

Paul Quillin Darden CnC/W&M class of 1974 alumni President 2000

“rarely in the civic life of a community does an indi vidual emerge that has done so much to transform an institution, a place, a locality, and a region. Paul trible is such a person and the Virginia Peninsula is a better place because of his vision and leadership.”

Joel Rubin rubin Communications group

“ the Ferguson Center for the arts has immensely enriched the cultural life of our region and it was all due to the vision and boundless energy of Paul trible. on behalf of all our citizens, we thank you Paul and wish you ‘fair winds a following sea’ .”

Sheila S. Noll Chairman, york County Board of supervisors “Paul trible’s contributions to education are astounding. His legacy is knowledge and progress. We are grateful!”

“as both a political and Peninsula reporter i am sure i was one of the first reporters to interview Paul when he announced that he was going to seek the republican nomi nation for Congress in 1978. Because he was a young com monwealth’s attorney from Essex County in the northern part of the first district, no one gave him much of a chance. But he was aggressive, pretty brash but very charismatic and worked very hard, not just to get the nomination but also to win the election. it was stunning. i continued following and reporting on Paul throughout his career and always enjoyed it. i was a bit surprised when he got out of politics and took the CnU job, but what a difference he made there. in the history of our Commonwealth, certainly in the last two centuries, there have been no greater public servants and entrepreneurseducationallikehim.”

Rebecca Kleinhample Executive Director Virginia living Museum “Paul and rosemary trible put Christopher newport University on the map! through pouring their hearts, their time, their reputations and their lives on the line and dedicating themselves to the students and the community, they completely reinvented Christopher newport!”

“Paul trible has been Christopher newport’s big gest cheerleader since he stepped on campus in 1995. We have been blessed with his commitment, hard work and vision in leading this university to the thriving and vibrant campus it is today. it has been an honor and privilege to have worked with him through the years. all of us at oyster Pointer wish him a well-deserved and happy retirement.”

Sylvia Weinstein Craft oPublisher/EditorysterPointer

Neil morgan County administrator york nFormerCountyCityManagerewportnews

Greg Garrett garrett realty Partners “as a graduate of Christopher newport and former alumni President, i fondly remember the times Paul and i shared together. He has been, and will continue to be, remem bered as an honorable leader of respect and andHamptonpheraccomplishmentsawesomeforChristonewportUniversity,ourroadscommunitythestateofVirginia.”

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 5

Hampton roads is linked to domestic markets by one of the country’s most modern interstate and state highway systems. interstate 64, a major east-west route, encircles the metropolitan area. Due west are the principal north-south interstate highways, i-85 and i-95. the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel gives coastal highway traffic direct access and saves 145 kilometers of highway distance to the new York/new Jersey corridor.

Greetings introduction: Greetings

Harbor cruise passing Historic Fort Monroe

Virginia beach Waterfront

the Hampton roads region is located in southeastern Virginia along the eastern coast of the United states. the region is the birthplace of Colonial america, merging centuries of history with rich culture, beautiful waterfront landscapes, livable communities, modern technology, economic prosperity, a thriving maritime industry and a strong military presence.

6 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

Hampton roads has much to offer in terms of quality of life. residents enjoy the best of city, suburban and country living, and can take advantage of expansive shorelines, museums, opera, festivals, sports, Colonial cities and towns, state and national parks, and many retail and residential options. in addition to being a great place to live, Hampton roads is a top place for doing business. the region’s excellent business environment is built upon its skilled labor force of almost 800,000 people. add competitive infrastructure, six federal research labs, the expansive Port of Virginia, twelve educational institu tions, and a low cost of doing business to the mix and it is easy to see why so many businesses choose to operate in Hampton roads. •

“We have a website, www.windsdays. com and social media pages but most important, a weekly newsletter called it’s WinDsday where we showcase our allies who are helping us promote the value of a green environment, clean energy, and the power of wind,” says rubin. “go on the website and learn how to get involved. offshore wind is going to change how the world sees us in Hampton roads. let’s work together to make it successful.” • We’re Turning Wednesdays into WINDSdays WinDsdays is the day of the week when businesses of all kinds, schools, media partners, government agen cies, arts groups and any other organization that interacts with the public in Virginia Beach and Hampton roads talks about clean energy, a green environment and the power of wind. a growing list of residents and supportive companies are develop ing creative events, partnerships and communications aimed at engaging the general public and making “wind” top of mind in the region. Want to help turn Wednesdays into WindSdays? Join the WinDsDaYs movement

the Virginia offshore Wind landing is a collaborative space where companies interested in establishing a presence in Hampton roads can become part of the region’s maritime network and growing offshore wind industry. it provides a platform for companies to work, connect, and access resources. the purpose of the landing is to develop a cluster of offshore wind companies and foster the growth of Hampton roads and Virginia as an innovation and supply chain hub of the offshore wind industry.   there are just two test but working turbines out in the atlantic twenty-seven miles off the coast of Virginia Beach now, but come 2024, Dominion Energy intends to begin constructing 176 more. if all goes as planned, the wind will be generating enough electricity to power 660,000 homes across Virginia, part of the utility’s mandate to switch from fossil to renewable fuels. already major interna tional companies like orsted and siemens gamesa have announced plans to bring manufacturing and other facilities to Hampton roads, and more should be on the way, thanks to the region’s geography, ports, workforce, and general maritime capabilities. But we need to be ready. that’s why Dominion retained rubin Communications group and its president Joel rubin who created WinDsdays, a campaign to raise awareness of what’s coming. WinDsdays has recruited a host of volunteers from throughout the busi ness, non-profit and educational commu nities to share the news, through events like state of the City lunches and Ynot WinDsday parties (coming June 15, ironi cally on global Wind Day, at the sandler Center in Virginia Beach), as well as smaller ones at restaurants, schools, museums, and other places. retail partners post WinDsday Partner stickers, it’s WinDsday messages on signage and even have WinDsday specials or branded drinks.

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 7


Virginia department of Mines, Minerals, and energy, and openSeas technology innovation Hub Announce Virginia offshore Wind Landing.

introduction: HighlightsVirginiaCoastal Virginia offshore Wind landing

f ra N kli N Mayor Frank Rabil “Home to just over 8,000 residents the small but resilient City of Franklin is driven and focused on diversifying our local economy. located between two major metro areas, the City of Franklin provides convenient access to Highway 58 and interstate 95. the City’s well positioned location makes a trip to the city, the beach or the mountains a breeze. We invite you to come enjoy our local charm, explore our scenic rivers and experience our business friendly environment.”

“newport news is a city of opportunity –where science and innovation intersect, international commerce abounds, and arts and culture bring about global understanding.  in a region bustling with premiere amenities and attractions, newport news is different.  We stand out.  newport news is a place where entrepre neurs can live their dreams and students of all ages can explore and grow.  Where guests can enjoy unique experiences and residents receive the support they need to thrive. transformational projects are taking place from one end of our great city to the other and are attracting invest ment from those who want to be a part of the energy and excitement in our city.  i invite you to revisit newport news to experience our unique spirit and one-ofa-kind community.”

Newport News Mayor McKinley L. Price, DDS

“Poquoson’s unsurpassed quality of life includes an enviable combination of outstanding schools, a civically-engaged citizenry, and a dedicated group of City employees. our citizens enjoy a variety of shopping and dining opportunities in a conveniently accessible business-friendly corridor and the City is home to excellent recreational facilities. given these attributes, our City is the perfect place to live, play and work. Encompassed by 87 miles of beautiful shoreline, Poquoson honors its rich coastal history while moving resiliently forward to a bright future for its community of 12,500 residents. We encourage you to visit us soon and learn more about this jewel of Hampton roads.”

Chairman Rudolph Jefferson “isle of Wight County has long been known for its ‘local roots and global reach’. located in the heart of Hampton roads, we are committed to accentuating our agricultural and rural assets while providing easy access to urban conveniences. We enjoy an excellent quality of life that is the driving force in attracting and retaining businesses and residents. We invite you to experience our local charm and to discover why we are a Community of CHoiCE that CarEs!”

p oquoso N Mayor Gordon C. Helsel Jr.

“For more than 300 years we have served as Coastal Virginia’s cultural and economic center, mixing ideas, connecting people and creating new businesses and experiences. For more than 100 years, naval station norfolk has served as a critical partner for the City of norfolk and we are the location of choice for facilities supporting operations for every branch of our armed services and nato norfolk is a regional leader in health care and technical education. transformational projects including the Main, Waterside District, norfolk Premium outlets, the glass light Hotel and iKEa are attracting new visitors who are excited to experience norfolk. spend the day at Harbor Park enjoying a norfolk tides game, or an evening at the scope enjoying norfolk admirals hockey. our evolving waterfront city is among the most connected cities in the country. We have passenger rail that connects us to other major cities on the east coast, the only light rail system in Virginia which connects our diverse and unique neighborhoods, an airport less than 20 minutes from our downtown that has direct connections to the west coast, and a cruise terminal steps from our city hall that connects travelers to Cuba. We are home to colleges and universities, world class art, theater, festivals, opera, the Virginia Zoo, norfolk Botanical garden, more than seven miles of beachfront, a growing innovative economy, and a resilient spirit that is creating the coastal community of the future.”

Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander

h ampto N Mayor Donnie R. Tuck “Hampton’s motto, ‘From the sea to the stars,’ showcases how our historic assets continue to reflect our life in Hampton today. seafood and boating remain local businesses and recreation, and we have repeatedly been named one of the most affordable beach towns in america. our city is at the forefront of the state’s coastal resiliency efforts to deal with climate change, and Virginia tech has greatly expanded its seafood center here. stars represent our military at langley air Force Base and our city’s prominent role in nasa’s missions to the moon and, now, to Mars. We are proud of the diversity found in our people and our neighborhoods, just as we are proud of our 100 percent accredited schools and the 19 times we have been named a top 10 Digital City. now we have restaurants and bakeries in Phoebus attracting national attentions, and a new aquaplex set to open in august 2022, that will join the Boo Williams sportsplex as a destination for young athletes and their families. Hampton remains the region’s best place to live, work and play.”



Gloucester cou N ty Chairman Robert J. Orth “gloucester County continues to grow in ways that are both attractive to its residents and people that want to visit that highlight its history in the growth of our nation, as well as businesses looking for a thriving community to locate. With the addition of a federal park recognizing the location of Chief Powhatan’s primary tribal location, and the opening of our new state park, Machicomoco, and the many other historical and recreational opportunities, gloucester is truly ‘the land of the life Worth living’. ”  c hesapeake Mayor Richard W. West “leaders in each municipality will likely proclaim their unique and rich contribution to our region. Chesapeake is no different. We are proud of our history and our place in the evolution of Hampton roads. But if we are ever going to realize our enormous potential as a region and acknowledge that we need one another we cannot truly be economically competitive. We must continue our joint effort.”

i sle of w i G ht cou N ty

James c ity cou N ty Chairman John J. McGlennon “Home to the first permanent English colony in america established in 1607, James City County is a place in which many cultures and histories have intersected to form the rich tapestry of our premier community. Whether you are looking for great schools, outdoor adventure, culinary delights or history, you can find it all in James City County. We take pride in our exceptional public services, high quality education and fiscally efficient government. From multi-million-dollar companies to small start-ups, we are open for business. James City County is leading the way and we would love to have you stop by and see for yourself.”

8 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 9 oU r lE a DE rs

“York County, america’s Future since 1781, is located in Virginia’s Historic triangle.  With 200 miles of coastline, York County is home to the Colonial national Park, the historic village of Yorktown, the world class american revolution Museum and riverwalk landing which is a destination for thousands of tourists each year. our residents’ exceptional quality of life is reflected in our neighborhoods, wonderful parks, schools and a citizen friendly workforce. the Board of supervisors takes pride in protecting and enhancing our citizens’ standard of living by providing a safe community, excellent schools, low real property tax rates and environmentally sensitive development. We like to say that “York County is open for business”. our staff and economic development professionals stand ready to guide and assist new businesses through the process of getting established and, once up and running, offer ongoing support to ensure success. We invite you to make York County part of your future!”

w illiams B ur G Mayor Douglas G. Pons ”in 2022, Williamsburg, Virginia was rec ognized in southern living’s sixth annual south’s Best awards as one of the Best small towns. We are an internationallyknown travel destination and a central hub for culinary and visual arts, education and business. While Colonial Williamsburg continues to inspire new and returning visitors with interactive programming and adventures, visitors and locals alike are enjoying a multitude of emerging eclectic art galleries, shops and eateries that pro vide farm-to-table cuisine and local dishes not to mention a craft brewery and beer hall, distillery and even a meadery. as the home of the second oldest university in the nation, the City values the students and faculty of William & Mary, encourag ing them, and many others, to start or grow their families and business ventures here in the City. Williamsburg is known for its legion of awards and designations for open government, outstanding regional planning and for innovative green pro grams. We are not just the best small town, we are a thriving community rich in historical precedence with our eyes on the future.”

“From the first explorations of Captain John smith in 1608, to the town’s establishment in 1752, Portsmouth has played a pivotal role in the history and development of our country. Portsmouth’s historical and nautical significance makes us a major contributor to the nation, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Hampton roads. We are home to the nation’s oldest and largest naval shipyard, and home to america’s oldest continuously operating naval hospital, Portsmouth naval Medical Center. Portsmouth is also home to the largest privatelyowned marine container terminal in the United states, Virginia international gateway, on the Elizabeth riverone of the deepest working harbors in the world. as a regional partner in a fiber optic network project, that will provide high-speed internet connectivity for businesses, schools, libraries, hospitals and governmental agencies, our future is full of economic potential.”

With an ever-increasing population and influx of new industries, we keep an eye on growth and thoughtful planning, while remaining committed to our values.  it truly is a good time to be in suffolk.”

“there are a multitude of reasons so many people and businesses are calling suffolk home.  For many, it’s the small–town charm, rich history, eco-adventures, and abundant natural resources.  our city is also proud of our strong schools, aaa Bond rating, and robust community support of independently owned businesses.  the Downtown District is inspiring locals and visitors to continue to explore our unique shops and eateries.  Businesses such as amazon, target, and Massimo Zanetti Beverage Usa, have invested in suffolk in part due to our ample commercial land opportunities, capable labor force, and ideal central location.  of course, the food and beverage industry  has long been an important foundation of suffolk’s business core, with legacy compa nies such as Planters and lipton employing a large portion of the workforce.

“southampton County is the quintessential blend of pre serving tradition and engaging in the future. our area is surrounded by both picturesque farmland and crucial transit corridors connecting you to the entire East Coast. southampton is a beautiful place to visit, live and work. it offers outdoor activities: kayaking, fishing, hunting and the like and provides limitless business opportunities. We are committed to dreaming boldly, planning stra tegically, investing sacrificially and working faithfully to create and sustain a robust and diversified economy.”

s out h ampto N cou N ty Chairman Dr. Alan Edwards

s uffolk Mayor Michael D. Duman

Vir G i N ia Beach Mayor Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer

p ortsmouth Mayor Shannon E. Glover

”Virginia Beach is a City of the future.  Whether serving as a digital port for technology giants like Microsoft or google or paving the way for new and emerging indus tries to thrive, we are constantly working to improve the quality of life for our residents, visitors and businesses.  We are powered by the will of the people and are grateful to our citizens, who help us improve the services provided by the City.  named the safest metropolitan City in the United states and one of the best places to start a business, there’s never been a better time to be in Virginia’s most populous City.”

Past collaboration efforts have resulted in the consolidation of several government functions under the management of public authorities: trash disposal, sanitation, bus service, airport management and port services. Today, Hampton Roads’ leaders are addressing a myriad of regional issues by actively participating in or providing oversight to a variety of commissions, boards and committees focused on fostering economic growth, improving the region’s competitiveness in the global economy, workforce development, education, transportation/ congestion management, emergency response, water resource and storm water management, senior services, health services, cultural enhancement, and conservation coordination, to name a few.

y ork cou N ty Chairman Sheila S. Noll

The leaders of Hampton Roads’ cities and counties are dedicated and diverse individuals who work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in their respective communities. Yet, they share a common vision and commitment for the future and recognize the value of collaboration on matters of mutual concern. And, while they may work independently to serve the needs of their constituents on some issues, they understand the interdependencies of their individual municipalities and work hard in transcending traditional boundaries to strengthen and enrich the larger economic unit, the region, to succeed together where each individually can not.

the Best of Coastal Virginia Visitors untie sail at Jamestown Settlement

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 11 BEACHES • Buckroe Beach Hampton • Huntington Beach Newport News • Oceanfront Virginia Beach beach-oceanfront • Sandbridge Beach Virginia Beach • Yorktown Beach Yorktown CRUISES relax on the waterways that both enhance the spirit and ease the mind, through educational and historical endeavors. Climb aboard and experience a stir in your heart and feed your sense of adventure while you take in the enrichment of “america’s First region!” • American Rover – Norfolk • Carrie B. Harbor Tours Norfolk • Miss Hampton II Hampton • Schooner Alliance – Yorktown • Victory Rover Naval Base Cruises Norfolk » fAmILy ATTRACTIONS Families know that the attractions Hampton roads provides are too numerous to do all in a few days, let alone weeks! Whether you are young, or young at heart, enjoy the variety the region offers whatever strikes your fancy! Choose from history, amusement, pure educational fun, sports and more... no age limit binding! • Children’s museum of Virginia • Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center – Williamsburg • Rudee Inlet Cruises Virginia Beach • Virginia Living Museum – Newport • Water Country USA/Busch Gardens :optonAMHrAdS VirginiaCoastalofBestThe American Rover - Norfolk Sample a few of our our areas abundant offerings... irginialiVingMUsEUM,oliViatrisKa-2010 Busch Gardens, Williamsburg Virginia Living Museum Bay Aquarium, Newport News

HISTORICAL SITES the essence of “america’s First region” would not be where it is today if the past was not preserved. relive the importance of historical sites, reflect upon yesteryears, take part in the remembrance of fallen heroes, and guide others to visit! • Emancipation Oak Hampton • First Landing Cross Virginia Beach • Fort Monroe Hampton • MacArthur Memorial Norfolk • Victory Arch Newport News . erected in 1919, the Victory Arch is a memorial to those who have served America in war time. • America’s Historical Triangle Hampton Roads • Mariners’ Museum – Newport News • Nauticus Norfolk • Virginia Air and Space Science Center Hampton • Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Virginia Beach • Virginia Zoo Norfolk mUSEUmS Museums are the guardians of Hampton roads’ collections, providing the journey between the then and now. Explore the great institutions of all kinds, and take away from the experience more enlightenment and wonderment plus a hunger and thirst to learn more! ortoityosyCoUrtEFCFnEWPnEWs old point comfort Light, built in 1802, is the oldest standing structure at Fort Monroe. Fort Monroe, Hampton CVBtonosyCoUrtEFHaMP Virginia Air and Space Science center 12 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 13 :optonAMHrAdS VirginiaCoastalofBestThe • Newport News Park Newport News • Waller Mill Park Williamsburg PARKS green spaces are gems of the Hampton roads communities and so many to choose from! look no further for uniqueness and diversity. Fly a kite, hike or jog, take your dog for a stroll, have a picnic, or find recharging solitude. Yorktown Victory Center Continental Army Encampment Mr. Peanut at the Suffolk Visitors Center • City Park Portsmouth • Mount Trashmore Virginia Beach • New Quarter Park Williamsburg,recreationandtourism/ParksandFacilities/newQuarterPark.aspx the children’s Museum, portsmouth newport news park oortosyCoUrtEFnEWPnEWstUrisM

14 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 so much to sea... experience the endless possibilities norfolk Waterfront Historic Hampton Carousel Pirate Adventure Cruise at Riverwalk Landing, Yorktown

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HARBOR CRUISE this 3-hour Harbor tour departs from the Historic Down town Hampton waterfront and proceeds out the Hampton river, passing Hampton University and Blackbeard’s Point, where the notorious pirate’s head was displayed on a pike after his capture off the coast of the outer Banks. Entering the Hampton roads Harbor, you will be sailing the waters of Capt. John smith and the First settlers. Your tour continues past historic Fort Monroe and the old Point Comfort lighthouse. after an awe-inspiring view of the magnificent Chesapeake Bay the cruise will stop for a 45-minute guided walking tour of the Civil War island of Fort Wool (weather permitting). the highlight of the tour is an in-depth view of the massive warships at the norfolk naval Base, home to aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines, and various types of support ships. the return trip to Hampton features a captivating review of the famous Battle of the ironclads, as we sail across the waters of the battle site. Miss Hampton ii – Hampton

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WILDLIfE WATCHING Wildlife conservation is one of the keys to healthy ecosystem maintenance between nature and cities. take a break from the day and tune into the sounds of the outdoors! Many places, large or small are undiscovered jewels of visual delights and are never far away even from one’s own backyard! • Huntington Beach Newport News • Bells Mill Park Chesapeake • Back Bay National National Wildlife Refuge Virginia Beach • Grandview Nature Preserve Hampton • Great Dismal Swamp Wildlife Refuge Suffolk • Norfolk Botancial Garden – Norfolk • York River State Park James City County :optonAMHrAdS VirginiaCoastalofBestThe




the Board of Directors and staff of the Virginia Peninsula Chamber invite you to visit, navigate and discover the magnificence of the Virginia Peninsula and its amazingly diverse business community. if you are a visitor or recent arrival to our thriving and gifted community, you will quickly discover the great joys of the Virginia Peninsula… its welcoming citizens, its rich history, its exciting entertainment venues, its wide-ranging business opportunities and much, much more. if you are already a resident, take the time to look around and experience the ongoing and dynamic revitalization of the 757 region. the Peninsula is truly on the rise and turning opportunities into reality! We are pleased to bring you this annual publication, highlighting the Virginia Peninsula’s commerce, culture, heritage, military presence, educational assets, tourist attractions and the many great places to dine, stay and play. the Virginia Peninsula is a great place to live and visit, whether you have come here on military orders, are visiting family and friends, or permanently reside here; there is something for everyone! the Peninsula is a diverse community, from its people to its businesses and industries to its recreational opportunities and entertainment venues. it is a region very rich in history and culture, but it also offers contemporary attributes, including a very vibrant science and technology scene with nasa langley research Center, the thomas Jefferson national accelerator Facility (aka Jefferson lab) and newport news shipbuilding. the Virginia Peninsula Chamber serves nearly 1,400 members and affiliates with over 84,000 employees located in the cities of Hampton, newport news, Poquoson and the counties of James City and York. the Virginia Peninsula Chamber is the most influential business advocacy organization on the Peninsula and takes great pride in assisting the Peninsula business community develop and grow to help the Peninsula be the best place to live, professionally develop and grow, and relax. the Chamber’s mission is to “connect business with opportunity” through facilitation, advocacy, communication and education - all at the speed of business. to learn more about the virginia peninsula chamber visit:; or follow us on twitter at: vpcorg, and like us on Facebook at: va peninsula chamber Tom Cosgrove Chair of the VPC Board of Directors, newport news shipbuilding, a Division of Huntington ingalls industries

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VPC A NNUAL P ARTNE R S W EBSITES BayPort Credit Union Bank of America Bon Secours Cox Virginia ferguson Enterprises Newport News Shipbuilding A Division of Huntington Ingalls Industries TowneBank ITA International Hampton Roads Workforce Council Old Point National Bank Virginia Natural Gas W.m. Jordan Company financial Security Group Riverside Health System Sentara Healthcare hampton-roads-virginia/ Thomas Nelson Community College VersAbility Resources Science Systems and Applications Inc. James River Audio Visual Services

Bob mcKenna ChamberVirginiaPresident/CEoPeninsula

Forward means understanding how helping neighbors helps us all.

The communities we serve aren’t just where we work — they’re where we live, too. That’s why we invest in ways to better them — like extending bill assistance to customers in need, contributing to local organizations offering pandemic recovery and providing grants to support local Historically Black Colleges and Universities. After all, part of moving forward is about giving back. We’re fueling forward so communities can thrive. Learn more at

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the Virginia Peninsula is a great place to live, work, play, raise a family and visit. the team at the Virginia Peninsula Chamber would like everyone to experience the great opportunities presented by our home. We have a very rich historical aspect, obviously, with the Historic triangle (Colo nial Williamsburg, Jamestown settlement, Yorktown Battlefield) and Fort Monroe. We have great museums and cultural institu tions that highlight our rich history and culture. We have a strong military presence represented by four installations, all five services and newport news shipbuilding, the only place in the world that builds nuclear aircraft Carriers. We have three great universities and a highly respected Community College. in addition to all of that, we have a vibrant and diverse busi ness community, an exciting entertain ment scene and a superb hospitality and restaurant presence. take some time to explore our Penin sula. We’re here to help you navigate your way to whatever you’re seeking with our new mobile application – navigate the Virginia Peninsula! this app interfaces with the updated Virginia Peninsula Chamber website allowing users to browse our Member Directory, register for upcoming Events, and join the Chamber! the map feature provides enhanced visibility for our local businesses and highlights resources in the community. Download it today to access all informa tion this app has to offer! •


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WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 19 Follow us OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF CITY OF HAMPTON 1928 W. PEMBROKE AVENUE HAMPTON, VIRGINIA 23661 757 926 2540 ph 757 926 2537 fax WWW .HAMPTON.GOV/SHERIFF Apply Now! Full Time Deputies Full Time Accreditation Manager Full Time and Part Time RN’s & LPN’s Full Time Certified Medical Assistant and Medical Technician Part-Time Control Center Operators Part-Time “COURTS” Security Deputies: (Must be DCJS Law Enforcement or Corrections Certified) Additional openings are located on our website under career opportunities Benefits  Health, Dental & Vision Insurance for full time employees  VRS Retirement Plans and defined pension plan  Promotion Opportunities  On the job paid training  Pay increase after 12 months for Sheriff`s Deputies  Selective Annual Awards (Monetary)  Paid Legal Holidays for Full Time Employees  Annual leave and Sick leave is accrued by permanent full-time employees on a calendar month basis  And more… THE SHERIFF`SHAMPTONOFFICEISHIRING! A N S W E R T H E C A L L T O S E R V E VPC B USINESS D IRECTOR y S EARCH advertising & Media arts, Culture & Entertainment automotive & Marine BusinessBrewery & Professional services Computers & telecommunications Construction Equipment & Family,ContractorsCommunity & Civic gFinanceorganizations&insuranceovernment,Education & individuals Health Care industrial supplies & services llegalodging & tsssrrPublicPetsPersonal&Manufacturing,travelProductionWholesaleservices&Care&VeterinaryUtilities&EnvironmentealEstate,Moving&storageestaurants,Food&Beverages-upplieshopping&specialtyretailports&recreationransportation

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Aerial view of Hampton Hampton roads takes its name from the area’s first royal governor, the Earl of southhampton, and the nautical term “road” which means safe harbor. For over 400 years, Hampton roads has referred to the place where the James, nanse mond and Elizabeth rivers pour into the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay form ing the world’s largest natural harbor. today, it is a name that also depicts a close-knit group of Virginia communities that share a rich heritage going back to Colonial times and an equally rich vision for the 21st century. since 1983, the U.s. office of Management and Budget has considered Hampton roads as one Metropolitan statistical area (Msa). today, it has grown to become the country’s 37th largest metro area just ahead of nash ville with 1.7 million people and the 9th largest in the southeastern United states. Unlike many metropolitan areas, Hampton roads’ population nucleus is not confined to one central city, but is spread among several growing cities and counties of significant size. there fore, Hampton roads has come to refer not only to the harbor but the entire surrounding area. the greater Hampton roads of today is comprised of seventeen communi ties—ten cities, one town and six counties. of the locales to the north of the James river, the cities of newport news, Hampton, Poquoson and Williamsburg and the counties of York and James City are referred to as the “Peninsula,” while gloucester is known as the “Middle Penin sula.” the communities on the other side of the river—the cities of Chesapeake, Franklin, norfolk, Portsmouth, suffolk and Virginia Beach, the town of smithfield, and the counties of isle of Wight, south ampton and surry—comprise an area called the “southside.” • Sharing a Rich Past and Commitment to the Future

CoUrtEsyoFsoUtHaMPtonCoUnty CoUrtEsy oF HaMPton CVB roocMMunitypFiLeS: CountyGloucester roocMMunitypFiLeS: LifeofQuality blackwater outfitters nottoway river Guides in Southampton county Communities

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 21 YOU’VE GOT THE BUSINESS. CHESAPEAKE’S GOT THE SPACE. NOW DEVELOPING THREE OAKS INDUSTRIAL PARK! RATED NO. 1 TIER FIVE SITE IN VIRGINIA BY VEDP Chesapeake, Virginia is a dynamic community powered by its talented workforce, strategic location, and viable resources — a great place to do business. Last year, Chesapeake grew $390.1M in capital investments and created 2,925 new jobs in the area — making our city one of the strongest business climates in the Mid-Atlantic region. Three Oaks Industrial Park is an exciting new 90-acre development opportunity strategically located in Hampton Roads that includes all utilities on-site, PUD Zoning, and Light Industrial Zoning • One mile from I-64 (Connects Chesapeake to the Midwest) • 30 minutes from the Port of Virginia • Within 750 miles of two-thirds of the nation’s population and industrial production • Proximity to a regional hub of transportation, including on-site Class I rail access • Local and state workforce and investment incentives available Download our 2021 Annual Report today to learn more about our diverse and thriving business community. (757) 382-8040 :rounityocMMpFiLeS Chesapeake

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Recreation Gloucester is bound by over 500 miles of shoreline for exceptional watersports and recreational activities. The community boasts five marinas with over fivehundred boat slips and amenities to meet all your docking needs - and no boat tax!

Gloucester Point Beach, located on the York River, features two boat ramps, a fishing pier, a playground, a pavilion, and an interpretative walking tour detailing the history of the area. Throughout the County are five rivers that offer exceptional saltwater fishing, boating and paddling. Beaverdam Park, located in the center of our community, features a 635-acre freshwater lake offering a host of activities including fishing, boat rentals, picnic areas, trails, meeting/event facilities, and much more! We are excited to have Werowocomoco, a national park, managed as part of the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. While not yet open to the public, Werowocomoco will serve to further the understanding of the Native Tribes in the region. Gloucester is also home to Machicomoco S tate Park which is located approximately 10 miles downriver from Werowocomoco. The landscape of Machicomoco along the York River was most certainly associated with Tsenacommacah and Powhatan’s extensive Chiefdom.

It’s Right Here in Gloucester! Dandriv experience the vibrant economy and quality of life in e over the beautiful York River on the Coleman Bridge

Gloucester Village on Main – is quaint, historic, and the center for government and retail activity. Fox Mill Centre – is a newly developed shopping center with a mix of national and local retailers. Health C are Gloucester is home to Riverside Walter Reed Hospital, Riverside Cancer Care Center, Sentara Medical Arts, and Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters Pediatric Center Size 218 sq. miles Population 37,362

Gloucester. It has become a destination of choice for visitors of all ages looking for that exceptional vacation, residential location or to start a new business. We are a growing community with numerous historic attractions, exceptional dining, shopping, and a relaxed environment. Gloucester is home to the world-renowned Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS).

Shopping Districts York River Crossing – is a 161,351-square foot shopping center located on U. S. Route 17 (George Washington Memorial Highway) in Gloucester.

Our annual Daffodil Festival is a two-day celebration of spring. The family-oriented event is a long-standing tradition and has been held for over 35 years.

History and Heritage Notable historic places in Gloucester include Tyndall’s Point and the Gloucester Point Archaeological District. The Gloucester Courthouse Historic District is one of the most charming and sophisticated colonial court houses ever built in Virginia and is one of the oldest continually operating courthouses in the United States, dating back to 1766. The community is also proud to be home of Walter Reed’s Birthplace, and the remnants of Rosewell, arguably one of the finest mansions built in the American colonies sitting alongside the beautiful York River. We invite you to visit our historical, vibrant community and see what Gloucester can offer you.

MEDIAN Household Income $70,537 Government Board ofAdministratorSupervisorsandCounty Major Industries Medical, Retail, Education,RecyclingTourism,Technology County Information (804) www.gloucesterva.info693-4042 School Information (804) Visitor Information (804) 1-866-847-4887693-0014

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WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 23 s ize2 16 sq. miles p opulatio N 12,528 me D ia N h ousehol D iN come3 $107,494 Go V er N me N t City Council and City Manager m a J or iND ustries Service-Commercial, Marina, Eco-tourism, Restaurants c ity iN formatio N (757) 868-3000 s chool iN formatio N (757) 868-3055 an enviable combination of low crime rates, outstanding schools, civic-minded citi zenry, a variety of recreational opportunities, and conveniently located shopping areas, firmly position Poquoson, as a quality-of-life jewel in Hampton roads. in recognition of these attributes Poquoson was included by CNBC on its U.s. list of “10 perfect suburbs”. in 2022 poquoson was recognized as #12 among safest & most peaceful places to live in virginia by, and the Population Health institute acknowledged Poquoson as the 11th Healthiest locality of Virginia’s 133 counties and cities in 2020. Poquoson’s business corridor is home to a variety of shopping and dining opportuni ties framed in a relaxed, unhurried setting, making it a perfect day trip for visitors. in fact, Poquoson’s natural market area includes nearly 40,000 people, and many of these patrons utilize the City’s library, DMV, and service/commercial area for its timesaving convenience and quality of offerings. in the past few months, the City has been very pleased to welcome a number of new businesses to the business corridor, includ ing Farm Fresh grocery and CVs Pharmacy, further enhancing the community’s variety of service commercial offerings. Poquoson boasts 87 miles of shoreline and its coastal areas are home to abun dant wildlife and beautiful marshes. these inviting and navigable blue ways serve as popular trails for both kayakers and paddle boarders. the City’s free public boat ramps provide quick, convenient access to the Chesapeake Bay. Poquoson is also home to year-round boat slip rental opportunities, outstanding marinas, and its popularity as a coastal home is heightened further by the fact it is a tax-free boating community. the City’s public school system routinely ranks as one of the finest in the state of Virginia. a number of Poquoson students, clubs, and athletic teams compete with much success in state and national com petitionsPoquoson’sannually.attractiveness for residents, visitors and businesses alike is heightened further with its convenient proximity to the Hampton roads transportation cor ridor. Both i-64 and the newport news/ Williamsburg international airport are typically within 15 minutes travel time. to learn more, please visit us on the web at or contact the Economic Development & Community rec reation Department at 757-868-3580. We look forward to speaking with you soon. • CoUrtEsy oF angEla CostEllo 16311975 •1952 :rounityocMMpFiLeS Poquoson poquoson is the place... And you’re invited.

Hampton is home to many exciting attractions. Begin your discoveries at the Hampton History Museum, which is also the site of the Hampton Visitor Center. once armed with information, head to the Virginia air & space science Center, the official visitor center for nasa langley, where aircraft seem to soar overhead and hands on exhibits reveal the mysteries of outer space. Fort Monroe national Monument is the site of the first landing of africans in English north america in 1619. Hampton commemorated 400 years of this history in 2019. the Fort Monroe Visitor & Education Center interprets this history and orients visitors to Fort Monroe. the Casemate Museum, a free attraction that houses the cell where Jefferson Davis was detained at the conclusion of the Civil War, reveals the critical role Fort Monroe has played throughout its his tory. Hampton University, a dynamic institution of higher education, is home to an incredible collection of 9000 works of art at the Hampton University Museum. Hampton highlights also include the antique Hampton Carousel, langley speedway, ocean Eagle chartered Bay-fishing trips, the Peninsula Pilots for Coastal Plain base ball, and many other experiences that enrich the quality of life for regional residents and ensure a visit to Coastal Virginia will be soon repeated. •

vate setting, as it is a short hike from the main road, but ideal for water lovers who yearn for tranquility. For those who want to explore the region’s historic waterways, the Hampton Queen, operated by Hampton roads Harbor tours, provides a two-hour tour that includes narrative about Fort Monroe, Fort Wool and norfolk naval Base.


24 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 CoUrtEsy oF HaMPton CVB © 2014 glEnn FaJota ProDUCtions s ize2 52 sq. miles p opulatio N1 133,637 me D ia N h ousehol D iN come3 $55,919 Go V er N me N t City Council and City Manager m a J or iND ustries Aerospace, Homeland Security and Defense, Medical, Communications, Manufacturing and Retail, Tourism c ity iN formatio N (757) www.hampton.gov727-8311 s chool iN formatio N (757) 727-2000 V isitor iN formatio N (757) 727-1102 or 800-800-2202 Hampton, located at coastal Virginia’s geographic center, is home to nASA Langley and Langley Air Force base, and has a rich, 410-year history that extends from the Sea to the Stars. roocMMunitypFiLeS: Hampton


LIVE, VISIT AND PLAy there are abundant dining and nightlife options in Hampton and within a short-distance of the convention center. Hip, new establishments in Downtown Hampton, Phoebus, and at Fort Monroe appeal to guests of all ages. Whether you are venturing out with family or a foodie in search of the latest trending dish, your palate will find pleasure in Hampton. For craft beverage explorers, Hampton presents sly Clyde Ciderworks, st. george Brewing Company, Capstan Bar Brewing, Bull island Brewing, 1865 Brewing Company and oozlefinch the Vanguard offers tours of both distillery and brewing operations, as well as a unique concert venue unlike any other in Coastal Virginia. the beach scene here is also uniquely Hampton, with Buckroe offering a family friendly setting with a playground, water sports rentals, food trucks, fishing pier, and free parking. additional free Chesapeake Bay beachfront at Fort Monroe presents vistas of the awesome Hampton roads harbor. the Paradise ocean Club charges admission to enjoy both beach and swimming pool with onsite cabanas, bar and restaurant. grandview nature Preserve offers the most pri

mEET IN HAmPTON at the crossroads of interstates 64 and 664, boasting 344,000 square feet of flexible event space, the Hampton roads Convention Center adjoins the 295-room Embassy suites. they share a campus with the iconic Hampton Coliseum arena. the city is also home to the Hampton Virginia aquaplex, Boo Williams sportsplex and the Hampton University Convocation Center. an array of lodging accommodations serve the needs of event venue guests, as well as those of federal, military, corporate and leisure visitors.


the offices @ two Five & J ribbon cutting s ize2 68 sq. miles p opulatio N1 186,247 me D ia N h ousehol D iN come3 $44,087 Go V er N me N t City Council and City Manager m a J or iND ustries Huntington Ingalls Industries, Riverside Health System, Army & Air Force Exchange Service (Dan Daniels Distribution Center), Canon Virginia, United Parcel Service, Ferguson Enterprises, Jefferson Lab, High Liner Foods, Inc., Liebherr Mining Equipment, Printpack, Fairlead Boatworks c ity iN formatio N (757) 926-8501 s chool iN formatio N (757) 591-4500 roocMMunitypFiLeS: NewsNewport

real estate investment firm, is com mitted to sustaining the development as the premier mixed-use business and residential center on the Virginia Peninsula. the principals are hands-on and wholly committed to expanding the entertainment and retail venues of City Center to build and continue the community’s vibrancy.

Ferguson Enterprises, the nation’s largest distributor of residential and commercial plumbing supplies and pipe, valves and fittings, celebrated the completion and occupancy of the company’s third headquarters (HQ3) building in 2021. standing eight stories and 260,000 square feet, the structure offers a bold, commanding presence and reinforces City Center as the Peninsula’s Central Business District.inDecember 2021, CCoP, llC ac quired a nine-building office and retail mixed-use portfolio in City Center at oyster Point. CCoP, llC’s acquisition includes 574,466 square feet of office and retail space, which was originally developed as a master-planned, publicprivate partnership between the City of newport news and nine local founding partners. CCoP, llC, a Florida-based With a vibrant community and storied past, newport news has limitless potential. this year, the city has undertaken projects to fully realize this potential and make newport news a magnet for visitors, residents and business.

Jefferson lab, a world-class national laboratory specializing in particle physics, has called newport news home for over 30 years. to help in crease visibility and engagement, the Department of Energy is considering the applied research Center (arC) as a new extension for Jefferson lab, offering more space for employees, a visitor center, and a stEM education programming center for local schools and colleges. adjacent to Jefferson lab is the tech Center research Park,

Where Great Things Are Happening the Peninsula’s anchor 26 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

PHotos CoUrtEsy oF City oF nEWPort nEWs

newport news transportation center Groundbreaking

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 27 which will ultimately contain approximately 850,000 square feet of of fice and lab space, spread across 10 buildings, with an estimated 5,500 employees. Construction on the second research facility, Building two, is underway.thenewport news transportation Center has broken ground and made significant progress. this multi-year project is creating a new, central trans portation hub connecting rail service, local and regional bus transit and air transportation. site grading and utility work was completed in 2021, while substantial progress was made on the necessary rail improvements for the project, as well as construction of the main station building and platform. aery aviation is investing $15.3 mil lion to expand its global headquarters in newport news. the company will construct a integration,engineering,aerospaceanheadquarterededtheandwilloDevelopmentCommonwealth’sgrantjobs.willtheandoagainstcessfullycenter.neeringrunwayaccesshangar60,000-squarefootnew,facilitywithtotheairportandanengitechnologyVirginiasuccompetedMaryland,hio,southCarolinaWestVirginiaforproject,whichcreate211newa$280,000fromthepportunityFundassisttheCitytheEDawithproject.Foundin2016andinewportnews,aeryviationprovidesdesign,systemsmodifications,

certification, maintinance and flight operations solutions. these services support critical aviation mission requirements for domestic and foreign governments and select corporations and individuals in the private sector. newport news is investing in a more vibrant Downtown. From new apartments to new restaurants to new events, the City is attracting residents and visitors to the heart of town. the public and private reinvigoration efforts include development, art and even a new branding effort. a new mixed-use residential development project, already in progress, includes 32 one- and two-bedroom apart ment units and space for three new restaurants — a taco and tequila bar, a Benny’s Pizza and a barbecue restaurant.indieDwell, an industry leader in the steel modular housing manu facturing sector, will invest over $2 million to establish its first East Coast manufacturing facility in newport news. With a mission to manufacture healthy, durable, energy-efficient and sustainable modular homes at an affordable price, indieDwell commits to paying a living wage with benefits, profit sharing and ownership for all employees. “Workforce develop ment is one of indieDwell’s guiding principles, and our sincere desire to work with the southeast Community neighborhood to create new jobs and construction trade training was a driv ing force behind our decision to select newport news,” said Pete gombert, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of indieDwell. the new facility and administrative offices will occupy a portion of 520 21st street and will create 220 jobs when fully operational.

City, state and community leaders gathered in June 2021 to celebrate the opening of the offices @ two Five & J, a new coworking resource in the southeast Community, which was made possible by more than $2 million in investments, including a $480,000 grant from the Virginia De partment of Housing and Community Development’s industrial revitaliza tion Fund. this first-class coworking space has a mission to support the creation and growth of locally owned business enterprises and stimulate the neighborhood economy. they do this by surrounding entrepreneurs with business resources, mentorship, idea exchange and networking. Private and shared offices, dedicated desks, hot desks and virtual offices are available to for-profit businesses in newport news and newport news residents actively establishing a business. From business and education to entertainment and recreation, newport news has something for everyone. it is a city of growth and opportunity, where great things continue to happen! •

28 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 roocMMunitypFiLeS: CountyYork s ize2 106 sq. miles p opulatio N1 70,045 me D ia N h ousehol D iN come1 $92,069 Go V er N me N t Five-member Board of Supervisors with County Administrator m a J or iND ustries Defense RetailPersonalMilitaryHospitalityHealthcareContractors&TourismServices cou N ty iN formatio N (757) 890-3300 s chool iN formatio N (757) 898-0300 CoUrtEsy oF yorK CoUnty Water Fun & History Won riverwalk Landing is a picturesque spot for shopping and dining, just steps away from historic landmarks like cornwallis’ cave.

York County is a living part of “america’s Historic triangle,” along with Williamsburg and Jamestown. a visit to our historic sites is a must for understanding our nation’s birth. Yorktown is the site of lord Cornwallis’s surrender to gen. george Washington in 1781—ending the revolutionary War with “victory at Yorktown.”YorkCounty boasts 4,000 acres of battlefields, our state-of-the-art american revolution Museum at Yorktown, and historic Main street complete with 18th-century homes and quaint retail shops. People also flock here to enjoy our beaches, restaurants, art galleries, and specialty shops extending from the riverfront all the way down Highway 17 and out to the Edge District beside Williamsburg and James City County.there’s something to do every weekend, from farmers markets, concerts and art events to segway tours and sunset sails. Be sure to spend a day at one of our water parks—great Wolf lodge and Water County Usa—and an evening at one of our microbreweries, which often feature live music. • For over 375 years, york county has been a desirable place to visit, live, and work. it’s where big-city thrills meet small-town chill. Home to Hampton roads’ no. 1 rated school district (third in the state), york county also boasts excellent amenities that help make quality of life here unsurpassed. casa pearl oyster bar is one of many trendy shops & eateries in the edge district. For more information, visit or

Why families & businesses flock to York County School EducatedRatingsWorkforce HIGH CrimeTraffic LOW Over 200 Miles of Coastline Yorktown Battlefield Public Boat Launches Fifes & Drums of York Town RestaurantsArtisan Two Water Parks YorktownFamousOnions

p opulatio N 94,324 me D ia N h ousehol D iN come3 $79,899 Go V er N me N t City Council and City Manager m a J or iND ustries Sentara Healthcare, Bon Secours Health System, Naval Information Forces, J-7 Joint Staff, Target, QVC, Planters Peanuts, Lipton Tea, TowneBank, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA c ity iN formatio N (757) www.YesSuffolk.com514-4040 s chool iN formatio N (757) 925-6750 for the latest business updates and news releases, and follow us on social media using @Yessuffolk roocMMunitypFiLeS: Suffolk

“Yessuffolk” is the answer to your business opportunities in Hampton roads. abundant com mercial developments, strong small businesses, a growing Downtown area, and an advantageous geographic location are some of the qualities that make suffolk an opportune place for businesses and people, alike. according to the 2020 Us Census, the current population in suffolk is 94,324, showing an increase of 11% over the past decade. Centered in Hampton roads, suffolk is only a day’s drive away from two-thirds of the U.s. population, making it a well-positioned hub for economic de velopment growth. suffolk’s strategic location in the center of Hampton roads attracts businesses due to its close proximity to the Port of Virginia, allowing industrial businesses to trade both domestically and internationally through railways, vessels, and interstate highways. residents and businesses are drawn to suffolk’s quality of life, attractive natural setting, affordable living options, plentiful employment opportunities, and room for growth. Population growth has attracted national retail brands, restaurants, and entertainment venues, fostering the prosperity of the city.

For a variety of reasons, including the abun dance of utilities, convenience of transporting goods, strong workforce, and business-friendly environment, many well-known companies have decided suffolk is the answer to their business’s needs. suffolk’s northgate Commerce Park is the home to amazon’s new multi-story 3.8 million square-foot state-of-the-art robotics Fulfilment Center. target Corporation takes advantage of suffolk’s location with their 1.8 million squarefoot Upstream Distribution Center. recently, coffee producer Massimo Zanetti Beverage Usa opened a 355,933 square-foot distribution center in suffolk’s Virginia Port logistics Park. the build ing, two years in the making, was a $17.5 million s ize 430 sq. miles investment. this distribution center is a short 10 miles from the company’s headquarters and roasting facility in suffolk’s Wilroy industrial Park. Continuously, companies are capitalizing on the investment of saying “Yes suffolk!” there has been a recent influx of mixed-use developments (MUD) in suffolk, including Bridgeport, Peanut Crossing, obici Place, and the Point at Harbour View. these developments offer a central location to live, work, eat, and play. With apartment homes often built above office space, medical facilities, retail and dining options, mixed-use developments can be a one-stop shop in driving the economy in suffolk. these developments also serve as a safe place for recreation, commonly providing walking paths, dog parks, and space for nature appreciation, such as Downtowngardens.suffolk has been catching the at tention of small businesses. With new marketing efforts, a trendy new logo available for busi nesses to use, and frequent, successful events, the Downtown area has seen recent growth in population and businesses, alike. suffolk shows steady growth in both busi nesses and population. this is attributed to the continued strength of our schools, aaa Bond rating, small-town charm giving life to small businesses, appreciation and abundance of nature, and our rich history. the industrial sector continues to thrive, while our Downtown area is showing steady growth in popularity and activ ity. Mixed-use developments are offering a new concept of work, play, and live in a convenient arrangement. Companies such as target, ama zon, and Massimo Zanetti Beverage Usa have proven suffolk’s central location, labor force, and commercial land are worth the investment their companies have made. • Visit

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newport news Shipbuilding ready, Willing and Educated


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Hampton roads is a diverse region of over 1.7 million citizens that includes urban, suburban and rural communi ties. compared to Virginia and the nation as a whole, the population of the Hampton roads region has grown at a relatively slow pace and tends to be younger, more diverse than the population of the u.S.1 one exception is Suffolk, which has experienced a huge 32.8% increase in population over the past decade. one factor contributing to Hampton road’s prosperity is its workforce. the region offers a fairly large civilian labor force consisting of approximately 825,000 people.29 the area is also home to ap proximately 160,000 active duty military and civilian personnel, increasing the estimated total labor force to nearly one million strong. the large military presence also gives the area a unique advantage: with an annual average of 13,000 exit ing military personnel and over 30,000 military spouses,5 Hampton roads has a continuously replenishing labor force.

Diversification of the Hampton roads economy is focused on: technologybased innovation and education from advanced manufacturing and robot ics to nanotechnology; coastal energy solutions; healthcare and life sciences; and environmental distinction. industry clusters are already here in modeling and simulation (M&s), information technology, biomedical, sensors and marine science.

Bioscience includes research developed at local colleges, universities and federal labs as well as commercial entities and extends to organ replacement, marine sci ence and medical devices. over 1,200 jobs paying an average of $65,000 annually exist in Hampton roads.28

Hampton roads is home to innova tive research and development with internationally-recognized facilities including: nasa langley research Center, the nation’s first civil aeronautics laboratory leading and advancing the american aerospace industry since 1917; the Department of Energy’s unique Jefferson lab; old Dominion University’s Virginia Modeling, analysis and simula tion Center; Hampton University’s Proton therapy institute, the latest, most precise cancer-fighting technologies; the national institute of aerospace in Hampton; and liebherr Usa, Co. in newport news. there are active technology transfer offices and several technology business incubators available in the region where entrepre neurs can obtain office space and advice on building their businesses. •


support for innovation-based, highgrowth business within economic sectors is a key component of Hampton roads “Vision.” studies have shown that about 75% of new job growth in the U.s. comes from high-growth entrepreneurial ven tures that start as ‘small businesses’ but are designed to grow, a category where Hampton roads leads the nation.33

M&s, designated a national critical technology by U.s. Congressional leader ship, is supported strongly by military sponsors and has expanded to transpor tation, maritime operations, education and medical. Hampton roads is one of the country’s three leading regions in M&s along with orlando, Florida, and Huntsville, alabama. in Hampton roads, it has become a $640 million industry employing over 5,000 people with an average annual salary of $83,000.36


EDUCATION IS SERIOUS BUSINESS Employers demand workers who can think critically and solve problems. Work force development facilities for career and technical training, professional develop ment and re-employment services include those operated by the region’s community colleges, Virginia Employment Commis sion, public schools, the military and the private sector. an average of 79% of area high school graduates elect to continue their education at two-year or four-year institutions of higher learning or through one of the region’s many vocational pro grams. the public workforce development system’s close working relationship with the region’s educational institutions ensure the local workforce has the skills needed to help keep area businesses and industries competitive. Existing programs, particu larly those in fields related to high-growth industries and occupations, have been shown to lead to improved employment and earnings outcomes. More than 106,000 students are en rolled in Hampton roads’ thirteen colleges and universities and three community colleges. Most of these students are permanent residents, available for partor full-time employment.  their 14,000 annual graduates provide a work-ready talent pool from which to recruit.

• No. 1

Best Business

relocating is buying a home. What home options are available? What type of home do you want? What price range can you afford? Where do you want to live? What amenities are important? these are just a few of the real estate questions that fill the minds of newcomers. Homes that satisfy Everyone’s Taste and Lifestyle

Growth Potential • no. 3

Virginia was ranked among the BEST in the country for Economic Development. for Unmanned Aerial Systems for Climate for Cybersecurity for Potential No. for Tech Norfolk/Hampton Roads, VA is ranked no. 4 in the U.s. among top 10 Cities for industrial real Estate For 2020, the HrPDC Economists expect to see the region’s economy continue to grow. Expected gains in the retail and Construction industries will assist civilian employment in Hamp ton roads. the unemployment rate is likely to continue its slow decline, while increased budget certainty will help pro pel retail sales. Building permit activity and motor vehicle sales are expected to continue to experience strong growth in the coming year.

Economic growth


• No. 2


sales growth

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• no. 5 for Workforce training leaders •

Job Employment leaders •

32 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 Wide open Spaces at Sleepy point, Suffolk CoUrtEsy oF City oF sUFFolK VALSrriAWen: EstateRealResidential

one of

old Dominion University’s E.V. Williams Center For real Estate and Economic Development reported that new con struction in Hampton roads had risen in the double digits. the upward trend has continued in local economy investments into early Homebuyers2020. have a lot of options throughout the region. While singlefamily, detached homes are the most popular, there are also townhouses and a variety of condominiums to choose from. Because of Hampton roads’ long history, new residents can choose old farmhouses with Colonial charm, as well as unique 19th-century homes built in every decade for the last 100 years. one neighborhood in Hampton,for example, features vintage Victorian homes with high ceilings, parlors, fire places in bedrooms and walk-around front porches. a short distance across the James river in smithfield, are numer ous, older historic homes built in the Colonial, Victorian, Federal or georgian fashion. Hilton Village, in newport news, is on the Federal register of Historic sites. its single family and duplex stucco homes were part of the federal govern the most anxiety-ridden of

• Determining what type of housing is wanted.

• Getting financial affairs in order. Develop a list that includes all bank accounts (with numbers and amounts), all debts (including to whom owed and the amount), and all income.

• Determining how important it is to live near work sites and/or near schools.

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 33 BASE RESIDENTIAL TAX RATES* ( tax rate per $100 of assessed value) Chesapeake $1.040 Franklin $1.030 gloucester County $0.695 Hampton $1.180 isle of Wight County $0.850 James City County $0.830 newport news $1.210 norfolk $1.250 Poquoson $1.130 Portsmouth $1.300 smithfield $0.160 southampton $0.895 suffolk $1.110 surry $0.770 Virginia Beach $1.018 Williamsburg $0.600 York County $0.795 * Weldon Cooper Center Virginia local tax rates e-Book ment’s first attempt to provide housing, built after World War i for the influx of military and workers at the nearby shipyard. on the other hand, there are more contemporary homes in newer subdivisions as well as a number of planned communities with various amenities to suit everyone’s tastes and pocketbook. Many of these communities are in suburban and even more rural settings. However, the return to a more urban lifestyle is opening opportunities for downtown living where you can walk to restau rants, shopping, entertainment, etc. those seeking starter and fixer-up homes will also find a number of options to consider. it is still a buyer’s market, and inventory seems to be increas ing although fairly stable. the recovery in Hampton roads is due in large part to the fact the region has a large number of defense contractors as well as a “defense-driven economy”. add to that a mild climate, an ocean front and numerous waterways, plus historical sites reflecting the birth of our nation, and you have a formula for solid growth which keeps new residents coming into theEacharea.individual or family should do some homework before beginning a house search. that homework should include:

:VALSArriWen EstateRealResidential

• Determining how much can be spent on a home. individuals may want to consider pre-qualifying for a mortgage. the greater Hampton roads realtors association (gHrra) and the Virginia Peninsula association of realtors (VPar) are good resources in beginning any house search. Feel free to call either association for advice on the housing market or to obtain a listing of member realtors who sub scribe to a strict code of ethics. Hampton roads realtors association 473-9700 virginia peninsula association of realtors 599-5222

Williamsburg area association of realtors 253-0028


• Determining housing needs and wants. For example, a fam ily may need four bedrooms and want to live near the water.

CommunicationsColumbia1-866-229-3578gasgas-Va1-800-543-89111-888-667-3000382-6352Cox224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966CoxCommunications224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966M-F8:30am-5pm277-9797PersonalProperty382-6730realEstate382-6235CoxCommunications224-1111Verizon1-800-837-49661-800-288-2585622-2312410-7100(804)497-7100 chesapeake (Portsmouth558-4455382-8600382-8080382-6411office)547-0153

Franklin Columbia CommunicationsCommunicationsMunicipal1-866-366-43571-857-233-53291-800-543-8911gas-VaXngDominionFranklinPowerandlight562-8568562-8564Charter1-855-757-7328Charter1-855-757-7328M-F8:30am-5pm562-8545PersonalProperty562-8783realEstate562-4870CharterCommunications1-855-757-7328Verizon1-800-837-49661-800-288-2585562-4900562-4801(804)497-7100562-2475562-8605562-6109558-4455(Portsmouthoffice)569-8111

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James city county Va natural

norfolk 628-3994455-3960683-2700664-7387441-2400 VALSrriAWen: GuideStartQuick


34 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 Hampton

isle of Wight


gloucester (804) 693-2355 (804) 693-5290 (804) (804)865-5800693-2445693-5300

Va natural


Columbia Communications1-866-366-43571-800-543-8911gas-VaCommunityElectricCooperative242-6181Dominion365-6284Charter1-855-757-7328CharterCommunications1-800-572-2328Verizon1-800-837-4966M-F8:30am-5pm365-6230PersonalProperty365-6222realEstate365-6219CharterCommunications1-855-757-7328Verizon1-800-837-49661-800-685-1111357-3502357-2264(804)497-7100357-2291365-6318357-4177558-4455(Portsmouthoffice)357-4393



PersonalCommunications1-866-229-3578259-4040229-6511873-0519Cox224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966Property/realEstate220-6185CoxCommunications224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966M-F8:30am-4:30pm220-6157CoxCommunications224-1111926-10001-888-667-3000(804)497-7100259-3760565-0370594-7300865-5800(Hamptonoffice)603-64008:30PersonalCommunications1-866-229-3578868-3060262-2000873-0519Cox224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966Property868-3020realEstate868-3080CoxCommunications224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966M-Fam-4:30pm868-3070CoxCommunications224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966926-10001-888-667-3000(804)497-7100868-3580595-7387594-7300865-5800868-3055 PersonalCommunications1-866-229-3578890-3376877-5920873-0519Cox224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966Property890-3381realEstate890-3382CoxCommunications224-1111Verizon1-800-837-4966M-F8:30am-5pm890-3440CoxCommunications224-1111926-10001-888-667-3000(804)497-7100890-3500890-3600594-7400865-5800(Hamptonoffice)898-0300


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virginia beach

York county :VALSArriWen GuideStartQuick


PersonalCommunications1-888-1-800-592-2000667-3000742-6233Charter1-800-572-2328CharterCommunications1-800-572-2328Verizon1-800-837-4966M-F8:30am-5pm859-6131Property/realEstate653-3030CharterCommunications1-800-572-2328Verizon1-800-837-49661-800-288-2585562-4900653-2821(804)497-7100 southamptoncounty 653-2692514-7743653-3040653-2100n/a

Jamestown Settlement Susan constant and Virginia company exhibit

Historic museums and sites of interest are everywhere in Hampton roads. that’s largely due to the historical richness of our past. Hampton roads is home to our na tion’s Historic trangle: Williamsburg, Jamestown and yorktown. Here you can experience the story of America’s beginnings at the Jamestown Settlement and the yorktown Victory center. through film, artifact-filled galleries and outdoor living history, these museums engage visitors in nearly two centuries of our nation’s history—from the founding of America’s first permanent english settlement in 1607 to the decisive revolutionary War victory in 1781 and implemen tation of the constitution and bill of rights.


the Colonial National Historical Park stretches from the York river to the James river and is home to Yorktown and the Yorktown Battlefield, site of the last major battle of the american revolutionary War. Yorktown Battlefield is administered by the national Park service, and is part of the Colonial national Historical Park which includes Jamestown and the Colonial Parkway, which connects the Historic triangle of Jamestown, Williams burg and Yorktown. For more information, call the Park’s headquarters at 898-3400, or visit the mariners’ museum, one of the largest international maritime museums in the world, features more than 35,000 maritime items, including ship models, the august Crabtree collection of minia our Heritage

Sentry at Gloucester Courthouse

Still Very Much Alive

Costumed historical interpreters depict the daily lives of the people who lived through these events two and three centuries ago. this is all done in faith fully re-created settings—three replica ships, a Powhatan indian village, and a Colonial fort at Jamestown Settlement; and a revolutionary War encampment and 1780s farm at the Yorktown Victory Center at these living museums, you can grind corn, steer with a whipstaff, try on English armor, enlist in the Continen tal army or assist with farm chores. Call 253-4838 or toll free 1-888-593-4682 or visit


36 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 Science:&torySHi

Colonial Williamsburg is the restored Capital of Colonial Virginia, where history lives so “that the future may learn from the past.” You can explore the nation’s history and learn what it means to be an american while visiting more than eighty original buildings, restored to their 18thcentury grandeur. see how the people lived, from the richest to the poorest. Play the games the children played, watch craftsmen at work, and sample some Co lonial fare. While Colonial Williamsburg’s sites are open year round, many people choose to visit in December to enjoy the grand illumination, an annual spectacle of light and music for residents and visitors alike. Call 1-855-756-9516 or visit on the web at

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 37

yorktown Victory center gallery - declaration of independence

Military Aviation Museum, Virginia beach


u.S. Army transportation Museum, newport news ortoCityosyCoUrtEFtHEFnEWPnEWs

ture ships, scrimshaw, maritime paintings, decorative arts, intricately carved figure heads and working steam engines. the Mariners’ Museum is also the custodian of the artifacts and archives of the Civil War ironclad Uss Monitor. the Uss Monitor Center is a home to the priceless artifacts recovered from the historic ship and a worldwide resource. Call 596-2222 or 1-800-581-7245 or visit the Casemate museum, located in Hampton, opened in 1951 to display the cell in which Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, was imprisoned after the Civil War. since then, the museum has expanded to depict the history of Fort Monroe and the Coast artillery Corps. Call 690-8073 or visit visit/ Virginia War museum in newport news traces U.s. military history from 1775 to the present. several times each year, reenactors stage encampments on the museum’s grounds. Visit www. or call 247-8523. Called the best-preserved War of 1812 site in america, Fort Norfolk is the last of 18 forts built along the Maritime Frontier at President Washington’s request in 1794. this fort, which changed hands twice during the Civil War, is located on Front street in norfolk. For information about guided tours, visit on the web at, just inside the front gate of Ft. Eustis, is the U.S. Army Transportation museum. this museum occupies six acres and is the only museum in the United states devoted to the history of U.s. army transportation of troops and supplies. Call 878-1180 or visit museum/museum.htmmil/museum/ Hampton History museum features 7,000 square feet of exhibit space—help ing shape Hampton’s future while also preserving its past. this beautiful building on old Hampton lane is the newest jewel in Hampton’s historical crown. Call 727-1610 or



Riddick’s Folly House Museum, in suffolk, is just one place in the region on the national register of Historic Places. this greek revival home was built in 1837 by Mills riddick. it has four floors, 20 rooms, 16 fireplaces and a rich Civil War history that includes being occupied by Union general Peck and his soldiers. to day, it is home to a number of permanent and changing exhibits. Call 934-0822.

moses myers House 333-6269

Adam Thoroughgood House 385-5100

Willoughby-Baylor House 664-6200

Below is contact information on many other historical sites and markers throughout the area. For additional information visit


Hampton Roads Naval museum 322-2987

Watermen’s museum 887-2641

Edgar Cayce Visitor’s Center 428-3588

Gloucester museum of History (804) 693-1234

Cape Henry Lighthouse 422-9421

The James A. fields House 245-1991 Upper Wolfsnare 491-3490

Nansemond Indian museum

Lee Hall mansion 888-3371

Seaboard Station Railroad museum 923-4750

Virginia Air and Space Science Center is a dynamic part of the Downtown Hampton skyline. it is the official visitors’ center for the nasa langley research Cen ter and langley air Force Base and chronicles the history of aviation and aerospace research and development, much of which was done here in Hampton roads. there are over 100 interactive exhibits, as well as historical aircraft—including the apollo 12 command capsule and a full-sized model of the original plane the Wright broth ers flew at Kitty Hawk, nC. the 300-seat iMaX theatre presents state-of-the-art films on a screen three stories high. next door is Hampton’s Carousel Park where you can ride a restored 1920 carousel from the former Buckroe amusement Park. For information and iMaX movie times, call 727-0900 or visit the Virginia Living museum exhibits feature animals and fish found in Vir ginia’s rivers, bay, mountains, swamps and caves. this indoor/outdoor attraction also has hands-on discovery centers, boardwalk trail with animals in naturalized habitats, state-of-the-art digital planetarium, observatory, native plant gardens, green living building, plus children’s hands-on “Be a Keeper/Be a Vet” role-playing area and nature playground. Call 595-1900 or visit From the plains of africa to your own backyard, the Virginia Zoo has a world of wild discovery waiting for you. open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. except for major winter holidays. Children under two get in FrEE! Call 757-441-2374 or visit

The Lightship museum 393-8591

St. John’s Episcopal Church 722-2567

Naval Shipyard museum 393-8591


Air Power Park and Museum listing/air-power-park/ 727-8311

Chesapeake Planetarium planetarium/

Norfolk Botanical Garden 441-5830

Endview Plantation 887-1862

Old Isle of Wight Courthouse 356-9016

Hampton University museum 727-5308

fort Wool 727-6348

Children’s museum of Virginia 393-5258

Hunter House Victorian museum 623-9814

Virginia Sports Hall of fame 393-8031

Chrysler museum of Art 664-6200

francis Land House 385-5100

Newsome House 247-2360

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard museum 393-8591

ferry Plantation House 473-5182 fighter factory 539-8440

Railroad museum of Virginia 335-2284


norfolk naval Station, the world’s largest naval base

Virginia Air and Space Science Center 727-0900

Walter Reed Birthplace (804) 693-6688

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 39

Aberdeen Gardens Historic museum 332-4042

Rosewell House (804) 693-2585

Lynnhaven House 460-1688 military Aviation museum 721-7767

The Prentis House 514-4130

Fort Boykin 357-2291

Historic St. Lukes Church 357-3367

Science:&torySHi Museums&SitesHistorical

SCIENCE: LAND, SEA & SKy some of Hampton roads’ most popular museums are dedicated to science. Nauticus, The National maritime Center, is a fun and exciting 120,000-squarefoot science and technology center exploring the power of the sea. it features more than 150 exhibits including interactive computer and video displays, films on a giant screen, live sea creatures in an exotic aquarium, touch pools and shark petting. the permanent exhibits are complimented by various national-caliber traveling exhibits that appear throughout the year. the Battleship Wisconsin, one of the largest battleships ever built, is berthed next door. Call 664-1000 or visit

Boykin’s Tavern 357-5182

Isle of Wight County museum 356-1223

Chippokes Farm and Forestry Museum 294-3439

Nelson House 898-2410

Old Coast Guard Station 422-1587

U.S. Army Transportation museum 878-1180

Hermitage museum and Gardens 423-2052 Hill House 393-0241

Nauticus, the National maritime Center 664-1000

Virginia Aquarium & marine Science museum 385-(F385-3474isH)

Carter’s Grove Plantation 1-800-HistorY

Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage museum 437-8432

Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage museum 437-8432

Norfolk Police and Fire Rescue Museum 441-1526

Virginia Zoological Park 441-2374

Jamestown Settlement museum 253-4838

LiryAitLMiFe: FacilitiesMilitary

the military has played a pivotal role in Hampton roads since the English settlers set foot on this land in 1607. the soldiers who accompanied the first settlers are the predecessors of the thousands of men and women who have donned uniforms to protect the United states of america. the region is proud to house a number of bases associated with all branches of the U.s military. Many of the ships, planes and soldiers actively engaged in america’s war on terrorism call Hampton roads home. the military is an undeniable asset to the region’s economy. over 95,000 uniformed men and women are currently stationed in Hampton roads. of these, approximately 15,000 join the private sector each year, creating a rich pool of skilled and experienced workers. over 10,000 civilians also work at the various bases on the Peninsula. altogether, an estimated 400,000 people in Hampton roads, or 30 percent of the region’s popu lation, have ties to military installations. in 2005, the Base realignment and Closure (BraC) Commission voted to close Fort Monroe and eliminate or move approximately 4,000 military-related posi tions from the area. in addition, certain conditions were met in 2006 for the oceana naval air station and its landing fields to stay in Virginia Beach. While this may decrease the military presence to some degree, it should not significantly impact Hampton roads’ economy.

Langley Air Force jet over Fort Monroe

Cheatham Annex (York County) this base is the bulk storage facility for the Fleet and industrial supply Center in norfolk. its facilities are used for storing supplies for the ships of the atlantic Fleet. in addition to providing storage, the base also houses a naval Cargo Handling and Port group and a branch of the army Veterinarian Food inspection office.

fort Eustis Army Base (newport news) Ft. Eustis is home for the army transportation Center, the 7th transportation group, 8th Brigade and the army transportation Museum. Fort Eustis is also the home to the James river reserve Fleet, which is a “mothballed” fleet of ships under the jurisdiction of the U.s. Maritime administration. the fleet is anchored in the James river opposite the Fort. traDoC, the army’s consulting arm for developing battle plans, commands

mILITARy BASES & ACTIVITy Langley Air force Base, nestled be tween Hampton and Poquoson, opened in 1916 as an experimental air station for testing airplanes and dirigibles as part of the military power. since then, langley pilots have taken part in all conflicts in which the U.s. has had a role. From the 1940s, it has been home to the tactical air Command ( taC). the 1st tactical Fighter Wing was established at langley in 1946. Pilots with this Wing were the first to have a confirmed aerial kill in operation Desert storm in iraq. langley is also home to the air Force’s new air Combat Command, a con solidation of taC with the strategic air Command, formerly headquartered in omaha, nebraska. renovations were re cently completed to provide hangars for the F-22 raptors, the most stealthy and expensive jets in air Force history, which are now flying operations out of langley. its 8,800 military and 2,000 civilian per sonnel draw a combined annual payroll of approximately $624 million. fort Eustis, the Peninsula’s largest mili tary installation located in northwestern newport news, opened in 1918. since 1942, its 8,228 acres have been home to the army’s transportation Center, a key part of the army’s mission to ensure that troops, trucks, tanks, ships and other supplies reach combat sites in a efficient and timely manner. it has also been a key processing point for reservists going to and from iraq. the installation’s 9,516 military and 2,407 civilian personnel draw a combined annual payroll of $765.7 million. across the port of Hampton roads from the Peninsula in norfolk, is the Norfolk Naval Station, the world’s larg est naval base. More than 60,000 military and 10,000 civilian personnel work on the base that is the homeport for more than 80 ships of the atlantic Fleet. the base’s 4,300 acres include Chambers Field, which is home to 16 airport squadrons. the world’s largest amphibious base is also located in norfolk. the Little Creek Amphibious Base has approximately 30 amphibious ships, patrol craft and salvage ships and is home to 80 tenant commands including the naval special Warfare group ii, East Coast home of the sEals and the armed Forces school of Music. Further south, in Virginia Beach, is the Oceana Naval Air Station, one of the country’s Master Jet Bases, which houses F-14 tomcats and other planes assigned to the atlantic Fleet.

Camp Peary (York County) Camp Peary in York County is operated by the U.s. army and the Central intelligence agency. the Cia uses this 10,000 acre camp as a training ground for its agents. For obvious reasons, little is publicly known about this facility, which is referred to as “ the Farm.”

Coast Guard Atlantic Area (Portsmouth) this is the operations hub and headquarters for Coast guard activities from the rocky Mountains to the atlantic ocean. More than 3000 Coast guard and civilians work here providing support and other selected services for units throughout the country.

40 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

Naval Station Norfolk (norfolk) Home to Headquarters atlantic Fleet, CoMnaVBasE norfolk is the world’s largest U.s. naval base. Components of the base are scattered throughout Hampton roads. approximately 80 naval ships are homeported in the norfolk area.

e:FLiryAitLMi FacilitiesMilitary and services for the 21st century and the traDoC army band is now located at Fort Eustis after the closing of Fort Monroe. Langley Air force Base (Hampton) the air Force’s largest major command, the air Combat Command and the ninth air Force’s 1st Fighter Wing, is located at this base. Fighter jets from langley fly homeland security patrols over the nation’s capital daily. in 2010, langley air Force Base and Fort Eustis merged to become a joint base.

Oceana Naval Air Station/ Dam Neck Annex (Virginia Beach) this base is the most sophisticated and critically important air station in the U.s. navy. it is home to 19 squadrons of F-14 tomcat fighters and F/a-18 Hornets—collectively about 290 aircraft. the base employs about 10,000 military and 5,300 civilian personnel. the Dam neck annex, also part of the oceana facility, is home to the Fleet Combat train ing Center, which trains over 1000 students each month. Dam neck employs another 3,700 military and 1,100 civilian personnel. the combined annual payroll is $1 billion.

US Coast Guard Training Center (Yorktown) this is the Coast guard’s key training facility. More than 7,000 Coast guard and for eign troops are trained here each year. its 626 military and 227 civil ian personnel draw a combined annual payroll of $40 million. • norfolk naval Station, the world’s largest naval base

Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story on october 1, 2009, the Joint Expedi tionary Base little Creek - Fort story was established, the first Joint Base in Hampton roads. Joint Expeditionary Base little Creek - Fort story is the country’s premier installa tion for housing and training the nation’s Expeditionary Forces. it is one command with two proper ties: Joint Expeditionary Base East (Fort story) and West (little Creek). the Joint Expeditionary Base is comprised of the former naval amphibious Base little Creek and the army Post, Fort story. Fort story witnessed the humble beginnings of our country at the 1607 first landing site. little Creek began as a dynamic training ground for World War ii amphibious forces. together they comprise the crown jewel of american’s military bases Naval Weapons Station (Yorktown) this is the navy’s premiere weapons facility. over 3,000 military and civilian personnel work on the 11,500 acres of this base, maintaining missiles and other ordinances for the atlantic Fleet.

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 41

Navy Supervisor of Shipbuilding (newport news) the navy supervisor of shipbuilding command at northrop grumman newport news is where navy personnel work with shipyard personnel in building and refurbishing ships and sub marines. northrop grumman has a backlog of carriers and submarines that will ensure work for the navy for several years.


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christopher newport university, newport news College of William and mary was ranked 6th on Kiplinger’s 2017 “Best Col lege Values: Public” and U.s news & World report’s 2017 “Best Colleges: top Public schools”.sinceits founding in 1693, the college has compiled a remarkable list of “firsts” among american universities, including the first honor system, first full faculty, first to become a university, and the founding of Phi Beta Kappa. William and Mary has helped to educate four U.s. presidents, four signers of the Declaration of indepen dence, members of Congress, supreme Court justices, governors and many oth ers in public service. according to a recent U.s. news and World report poll, William and Mary is ranked 6th among all public universities for 2011. the Princeton review ranked it 6th, as well. William and Mary offers more than 40 undergraduate programs and more than 20 graduate and professional degree programs. a number of special programs are also available including specialized seminars for freshman, under-graduate research, and study abroad in more than 1878, Hampton Univer sity was one of the nation’s first schools education has been the cornerstone of life in the region for more than 300 years. over 86,000 students are enrolled in the region’s colleges and universities which include two of the most prestigious and oldest educational institutions in the nation: the college of William and Mary and Hampton university. this is in addition to the students enrolled in campuses sponsored by institutions outside of the area or those enrolled in the many technical and speciality schools located within the region such as ecpi college of technology, Florida institute of technology and embry-riddle Aeronautical university. of higher education for freed slaves. the school was established to train selected young men and women to “go out and teach and lead their people,” and to build a viable industrial system on the strength of self-sufficiency, intelligent labor and solid moral character. today Hampton Univer sity welcomes students of all races and creeds, offering 49 bachelor’s programs, 21 master’s and seven doctoral (Ph.D.). Old Dominion University in norfolk is the largest institution of higher learning in Hampton roads, offering 70 bachelor’s degree programs, 54 master’s degree programs and 42 doctoral degrees. it also sponsors the Peninsula graduate Engi neering Center at the Hampton roads Center in Hampton. this advanced engi neering education facility opened in 1986 for employ ees of many of the area’s high-tech firms. in newport news, Christopher Newport University offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs in business, science and technology. CnU was ranked fifth among public regional universities in the south. although CnU was originally commissioned as a two-year branch of the College of William and Mary, it eventually became a four-year, baccalau reate degree-granting college. it gained its full independence from William and Mary in 1977 and was given university status in 1992. out of 1,100 schools, Christopher newport in 2014 was the only public CoUrtEsy oF CHristoPHEr nEWPort UniVErsity

We hire and train people with disabilitiesApplyveterans.andToday!

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Bryant & Stratton College Virginia Beach 1-800-895-1738 two-year private college offering a a s degree programs in paralegal, medical, business and technology fields.

Norfolk State University (nsU), founded during the great Depression, is one of the largest predominately black institutions in the nation. today, it offers 50 academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. it also includes the Dozerty national institute for Mathematics and applied science whose primary goal is to address the severe shortage of minority scientists.according to Jack Faucett associates, inc., a firm that specializes in economic research and public policy analysis reported for in FY2012, nsU’s budgetary expenditures totaled $129 million, including capital and operating expenditures. in addition, nsU students spent $32 million on housing, trans portation, books, and various personal items. the total spending associated with nsU resulted in an increase in economic output of $248 million in the Hampton roads region. For more than 20 years, Virginia has funded a state-wide community college system with specialized studies leading to associate degrees and certificates. Hampton roads is home to several of these schools, including rappahannock Community Col lege in glenns (gloucester County), thomas nelson Community College in Hampton, tidewater Community College in norfolk, and Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin, suffolk and smithfield.

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 43 university in the nation to be awarded a perfect a by the american Council of trust ees and alumni (aCta). Virginia Wesleyan College, a four-year liberal arts institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, is located on the border of norfolk and Virginia Beach. With a 13 to 1 student-faculty ratio, Virginia Wesleyan is small by design, believing that a liberal arts education is best achieved in a setting where students and faculty know each other well. Virginia Wesleyan offers 33 majors, 22 varsity sports and 50+ on campus clubs and organizations. the col lege also offers night and weekend courses through its adult studies Program. Visit for more information.


Christopher Newport University newport news 594-7448 offers over 50 undergraduate and graduate programs to 5,000 students in the liberal arts, business, science and technology. College of Virginia Beach at Hampton University Virginia Beach 637-2200 College of William and mary Williamsburg 221-4000 gloucester-Va institute of Marine804-684-7000science a public university, established in 1693, is the second-oldest institution of higher learning in the United states. Evening MBa program in oyster Point offered one evening a week.

Everest College Chesapeake 361-3900 newport news 873-1111

Regent University, in Virginia Beach, is an interdenominational evangelical Christian university offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in business, com munication and arts, divinity, education, government, law, leadership studies and psychology and counseling. U.s news and World report recently recognized regent University as a “best” university and ranked nationally as “top 10 best online bachelor’s program, #1 online MBa for faculty credentials and training, and top-ranked online business and graduate education programs overall.” northrop grumman newport news sponsors the Newport News Apprentice School, which provides college-level technical training for qualified students who are or will be employees.

DeVry University Chesapeake 382-5680 ECPI general 1-844-334-4466 newport news 849-0548 norfolk 793-2640 Virginia Beach 517-3903

a joint partnership with lumen learn ing will offer a textbook-free associate of science degree in business administration in 2013-2014. available online and on campus, the student will pay zero costs toward textbooks. instead, the program will use high quality open textbooks and other open educational resources, freely accessible and openly licensed materials useful for teaching, learning, assessment and research, saving the student up to 1/3 the total costs of college.

florida Institute of Technology in Hampton Roads Graduate Center

Hampton University Hampton 727-5000 an historically black university, that is privatelyendowed, co-educational and nonsectarian. The Apprentice School newport news 380-3809 College-level technical training for quali fied students who are or will be employees.

Eastern Virginia medical School norfolk 446-5700 a private medical school that does not own a hospital. this regional institute reaches into all corners of the Hampton roads commu nity through its partnerships with regional hospitals, clinics, institutions and physicians.

Thomas Nelson Community College offers high-quality comprehensive edu cational programs and services including 35 associate degrees, one diploma and 38 certificate programs. its 11,400 students can transfer their credits to most four-year universities with no loss of credits. thomas nelson is in educational partnership with a variety of local businesses including Jefferson lab, nasa langley and siemens.

Tidewater Community College ( tCC) is the second largest of the 23 community colleges in Virginia. (Forty-three percent of the region’s residents who attend a college or university are enrolled at tCC.) the col lege has campuses in Chesapeake, norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach, and offers a comprehensive range of programs from courses of study that lead to associate degrees, diplomas or certificates for over 60 occupational/technical programs.

Cambridge College Virginia Regional Ctr. Chesapeake 424-0333 Centura College Chesapeake 549-2121 newport news 874-2121 norfolk 853-2121 Virginia Beach 340-2121

Fort Eustis (nn) 887-2488 norfolk naval station 440-9005 offers master’s degree in business on military installations for working adults and members of the United states military community. fortis College norfolk 499-5447

Advanced Technology Institute Virginia Beach 490-1241 Atlantic University Virginia Beach 631-8101

George Washington University Hampton Roads Center newport news 269-4949 Has been offering courses in the Hampton roads area since 1958.

Troy University Ft. Eustis (nn), Ft. Monroe (H) langley air Force Base (H) 766-3611 Chesapeake 512-2000 offers graduate degrees in a variety of ar eas including business management and administration, human resource manage ment, education, and criminal justice.

Thomas Nelson Community College Hampton 825-2700

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American Spirit Institute Williamsburg 220-8000

Old Dominion University norfolk 683-3000 the largest institution of higher learning in Hampton roads, offering 65 under graduate degrees, 64 master’s degrees and 21 doctorates.

offers professional training in massage therapy and holistic studies.

Peninsula Higher Education Center Hampton 766-5200 advanced engineering facility sponsored by old Dominion University. Rappahannock Community College gloucester (804) 758-6700 Public, two-year institution offering trans ferable associate degrees and occupation al, technical and workforce development. Regent University Virginia Beach 352-4000 evangelical Christian university offering graduate and under graduate degrees in business, communi cation and arts, divinity, education, government, law, leadership studies and psychology and counseling. St. Leo University Chesapeake 227-4450

langley air Force Base (H) 325-6272 norfolk 440-5078 Virginia Beach 437-8061 offers a comprehensive program in aircraft maintenance and repair. Empire Beauty School Virginia Beach  355-5530

Williamsburg 253-4300

Chesapeake  651-3265

Has offered the latest training in hair design and care for over 40 years.

Norfolk State University norfolk 823-8600 Founded in 1935, this public university is one of the largest predominately black institutions in the United states.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Fort Eustis (nn) 887-0980

Virginia Institute of marine Science (VImS)/School of marine Science gloucester Point (804) 684-7000 Conducts interdisciplinary research in coastal and estuarine science, educates students and citizens, and provides advisory service to policy makers, industry and the public. ViMs was chartered in 1940, and is now a graduate school of the College of William and Mary. it is currently among the largest marine research and education centers in the United states.


Aviation Institute of maintenance Chesapeake 363-2121

Private university specializing in information technology and business-oriented courses for working adult students. Under-graduate and graduate programs in addition to online courses.

Fort Eustis (nn) 887-1166 newport news 249-0390 Virginia Beach 464-6449 a Catholic institution providing educa tional services on military installations for working adults and members of the United states military community. Strayer University Chesapeake 382-9900 newport news 881-5100 Virginia Beach 493-6000

Virginia Wesleyan College norfolk 455-3200 a four-year liberal arts institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church, offer ing a 13:1 student-faculty ratio, 39 majors, 70 student organizations and 19 intercol legiate sports.

Apprentice School of Shipbuilding newport news 380-3809

University of Phoenix Virginia Beach learning Center 493-6300

Alpha College of Real Estate Chesapeake 427-1740 newport news 873-8884 offers courses in the principles of real estate.

The Art Institute of Virginia Beach a branch of the art institute of atlanta Virginia Beach 1-877-437-4428757-493-6700

Public, two-year institution offering trans ferable associate degrees and occupation al, technical and workforce development.

Prepares students for careers in design, media arts, culinary arts, and management in creative career fields by providing an educational environment consistent with evolving technologies and the global marketplace.

Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Graduate Center Hampton 363-3930 offers a doctorate in educational admin istration, a career-integrated master of business administration program and five masters of science degrees in engineering.

Chesapeake Marine Training Institute Hayes 800-642-CMti (2684)

Virginia Institute of Esthetics

Riverside College of Health Careers newport news 240-2229

Virginia School of Hair Design Hampton 722-0211


Tidewater Community College Chesapeake, norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach 822-1122 offers comprehensive programs to meet the educational needs of area citizens, business and industry.

PROfESSIONAL SCHOOLS if you’re contemplating a career change, check the list below of several of the many specialized programs available in Hamp ton roads.

Paul D. Camp Community College serving Franklin, isle of Wight County, suffolk, & southampton County 569-6700 a comprehensive community college offering more than 50 degree and certifi cate programs and an array of workforce/ customized training that can be delivered at any college or workplace based upon the needs of the employers in the region.


Cooperative program between riverside regional Medical Center and Christopher newport University offering advanced training in nursing and associated health occupations.

Virginia’s public schools implement standards of learning, or sols. in an effort to provide clear, measurable goals for all, students and schools are judged by their students’ performance on exams, which are given in grades three, five and eight and at the end of high school cours es. students must pass a certain number of the tests to earn a high school diploma. schools who have a high percentage of students failing the sols can lose their stateHamptonaccreditation.roads’ public schools have been honored by the U.s. Department of

Hampton City Schools K – 12 727-2000

St. Andrew’s Episcopal PK – 5 596-6261

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ChristNORfOLKTheKing School PK – 8 625-4951

AtlanticCHESAPEAKEShoresChristian School Elementary campus 479 1125 secondary campus 479 9598

Hampton Roads Academy PK – 12 884-9100

BethelHAmPTONChristian School Daycare, K – 12 826-7711

Tidewater Adventist Academy K – 8 479 0002

Norfolk Christian Schools K3 – 12 423-5770

Norfolk Collegiate School lower school 325-0471 Middle/Upper school 480-2885

The Williams School K – 8 627-1383

AlliancePORTSmOUTH ChristianAcademy PK – 12 488-5552

montessori Preparatory School PK-K 484-7229

Portsmouth Catholic Elementary PK – 8 488-6744

Portsmouth Christian School K4 – 12 393-0725

Rock Church School K – 12 562 3878


are religiously affiliated.

Norfolk Academy 1 – 12 461-6236


Trinity Lutheran School PK & 2 1/2 – 5 489-2732

Middle school (7 – 8) 653-7273

Gloucester montessori School PK – 3 (804) 693 6455

Lighthouse Worship Center PK – 5 (804) 642 3703 Ware Academy PK – 8 (804) 693-3825

Hampton InternationalRoadsmontessori School 4 – 6 years 873-8950


Isle of Wight Academy PK – 12 357-3866

Denbigh Christian Academy PK – 6 874-8661

Upper school (9 – 12) 653-7273

Warwick River Christian School PK – 5 877-2941

St. mary Star of the Sea School PK – 8 723-6358

mount Pleasant Christian School PK – 8 482 9557

Stonebridge School PK – 12 488 2214

Summit Christian Academy (lower school) K4 – 6 599-9424

Hampton Christian School (mary Atkins Christian School) PK – 12 838-7427


about grades, curriculum, tuition and schedules.

Trinity Lutheran School PK – 8 245-2576

Denbigh Baptist Christian School PK – 12 249-2654

Education numerous times for excellence. almost all public school systems have formed partnerships with area businesses to give students first-hand experience and knowledge about the business world. all school systems teach grades kindergarten through high school. to enter students in public schools, parents must provide: 1. academic transcripts/reports (or have them forwarded from the previous schools); 2. up-to-date health and vaccination records/statements; 3. birth certificates; and 4. proof of residency. a recommended first step is to call the appropriate school administration office. school representatives can provide specific details about what school a child will attend and what records are needed. refer to new arrivals in Hampton roadsQuick start guide for contact numbers. in addition to the regular public schools, Hampton roads also has regional schools like the new Horizons governor’s school for science and technology in Hampton or the Chesapeake Bay gover nor’s school for Marine and Environmen tal science in upper gloucester County. these educational institutions offer college-level advanced studies for high school students. new Horizons also offers technical and vocational programs. Magnet schools add to the list of choices. these schools usually require students to apply or enter a lottery to gain enrollment. local school districts offer various pro grams including art, math, science, technol ogy, communications, aviation, English and environmental science.

Hampton Roads Seventh Day Adventist K-8 and 3-5 722-1221

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 45

Greenbrier Christian Academy PK – 12 547 9595

Calvary Classical School K3 – 5 and 1 – 6 262-0062

SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOLS all of Hampton roads’ public school systems have programs for mentally and physically-challenged students. the fol lowing schools focus on these students. Sarah Bonwell Hudgins foundation Hampton 827-8757 Mental and physical handicaps, residential and day programs. New Horizons Regional Education Center gloucester, Hampton, newport news, Poquoson, Williamsburg, York 767-1100


Orcutt Baptist School PK – 6 249-1280

Southampton Academy lower school (PK – 6) 653-2512

Our Lady of mount Carmel School PK – 8 596-2754

Peninsula Catholic High School 8 – 12 596-7247

Gloria Dei Lutheran School PK – 7 851-6292



PRIVATE SCHOOLS the Hampton roads area has numer ous private schools for pre-kindergarten through high school. Many of these schools a mended first step is to the school information the following list highlights some of the private schools in the region.

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School 9 – 12 467-2881

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Upper school: 229-6026 Ps – 12 Williamsburg Christian Academy PK – 12 220-1978

Hebrew Academy of Tidewater Ps – 8 424-4327

yORK COUNTy Summit Christian Academy (Upper School) 7 – 12 867-7005

Cape Henry Collegiate PK – 12 481-2446

Christian School Elementary school 925-4461 Upper school 809-6606

human services to improve the quality of life in Hamptoroads’ communities. the Council’s Child Care answer line (CCal) makes searching for a child care provider easy. CCal staff will counsel with you over the phone and forward a listing of potential providers and guidelines for evaluating them for a nominal fee. to reach the Child Care answer line, call 627-3993.

St. matthew’s School PK – 8 420-2455


St. John the Apostle PK – 8 821-1100

Kempsville Presbyterian Ps – K 495-4611


Chesapeake Bay Academy K – 12 497-6200


Norfolk Christian School PK – 5 428-1284

fINDING THE RIGHT PROVIDER Fortunately, you don’t have to do this from scratch. the Hampton roads Plan ning Council offers childcare resource and referral services to help parents evaluate the best setting for their children and find appropriate, quality providers. the Planning Council is a not-for-profit, community-based planning corporation. it licenses and trains child care providers among other things as part of carrying out its mission to manage

Star of the Sea School PK – 8 428-8400


First Baptist Weekday School PK – 4 925-0274

Virginia Beach friends School Ps – 12 428-7534

HomeCare is another program of the Plan ning Council that offers parents support in recruiting, hiring and training in-home childcare providers. Under this program, parents are assigned a counselor who can help them to determine the type of care needed, provide a list of state-licensed caregivers and assist them in interviewing and evaluating prospective providers. in Virginia, to be licensed by the state, caregivers must complete an application pro cess that includes health screening, background checks, training and monitoring systems. local community parks and recreation departments and many YMCas sponsor programs designed to provide after-school care. a number of the area’s public schools also have after-school programs that involve academic opportunities so that children are learning while parents are still at work. • N f OR m

Nansemond-Suffolk Academy PK – 12 539-8789



lower school: 229-2642

CHILD C ARE Finding the right childcare provider can be difficult and frustrating for families with small children. You need to know that your child is safe while you work. You need to know that you can trust the provider to ap propriately supervise your child. Depending upon the situation, you may also want this time to contribute to your child’s learning. Hampton roads has an abundance of good daycare centers and childcare options. Many of them are academically driven, offering special programs designed to keep children’s minds engaged in educational activities. the issue is finding the program and provider that’s right for your child.

ISLE Of WIGHT COUNT y 727-20003920,35824:1$11,302 HAmPTON 591-45004229,19722:1$11,191 NEWPORTNEWS (804)$10,0745,639693-5300822:1 GLOUCESTER 569-811131,13214:1$16,298 fRANKLIN 628-38434832,14919:1$10,671 NORfOLK 393-87512614,97120:1$10,848 PORTSmOUTH 925-67501814,24519:1$10,934 SUffOLK 263-10008267,21419:1$11,149 VBIRGINIAEACH 868-305542,10318:1$10,763 POQUOSON 253-67771511,30323:1$11,775 WILLIAmSBURG JAmES CITy COUNTy 898-03001912,54222:1$10,274 yORK COUNT y 653-269272,793n/a$11,487 SOUTHAmPTONCOUNTy

Living Word Academy K3 – 8 867-8024

For numbers of community Parks and recreation departments, see new arrivals in Hampton roads: Quick start guide. The Planning Council www.theplanningcouncil.org622-9268 Information Services 1-800-230-6977 357-439395,50423:1$10,430

S CHOOL S TATISTICS school information total number of schools total enrollment student/teacher ratio spending per student school information total number of schools total enrollment student/teacher ration spending per student 547-01534739,88318:1$10,810 CHESAPEAKE

Atlantic Shores Christian PK – 12 479-1125

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 47 :ubSineSS Transportation

PLANNING AHEAD the Hampton roads transportation Planning organization, the intergovern mental body responsible for planning transportation in Hampton roads, is developing its 2034 long range Plan. also, a transit Vision Plan for Hampton roads is in process and proposes that an integrated, high-capacity transit system will help address some of the region’s social, environmental, and economic challenges interrelated to land use and sustainability and will address bicycle and pedestrian projects as well. Here is a link of upcoming transportation projects in Hampton roads:

PUBLIC TRANSIT SERVICE Hampton roads transit, with over 55 fixed routes and 300 buses, provides » the tide, Virginia’s first light rail system, extends 7.4 miles from the eastern Virginia Medical center downtown norfolk to i-264 at newtown road.

getting Here, going there

“ transportation and connectivity is the key to being competitive. it re lates to quality of life improvements, tourism, port, etc. We must have strong transportation for all of this to work,” said one citizen.

several roadway expansion or enhance ment projects are underway including one to improve intermodal access to norfolk international terminals. Major regional projects completed in recent years include the Pinners Point Connector in Portsmouth, route 17 in Chesapeake, the Chesapeake Expressway, widening of i-64 in Hampton/newport news and the southwest suffolk Bypass. the regions newest south norfolk Jordan Bridge spans the southern Branch of the Elizabeth river and includes a pedestrian friendly sidewalk with quick connections to i-464 and i-264. the fixed, high-rise bridge is the tallest in Virginia and not subject to openings for maritime traffic. it also has been designated an of ficial Virginia truck route without height or weight restrictions. a 15-minute ferry that connects the scotland area in surry County with the Historic triangle of Jamestown, Williams burg and Yorktown is maintained by the state, providing highway commuters a very affordable highway alternative. Per capita vehicle miles traveled has remained relatively stable over the last 10 years, suggesting that commuting distances are relatively short.39

Hampton roads has its transportation issues as does any metropolitan region.

ROADS, TUNNELS, BRIDGES AND fERRIES Because of the abundance of water ways, the Hampton roads’ transportation network is heavily dependent on and uti lizes a number of methods to get around the water surrounding its communities. it is an effective but aging transportation system. in fact, Hampton roads has more tunnels connectiong its communities than any other region in the U.s. tunnels, bridges and ferries enhance Hampton roads residents’ ability to go from one area to the other and beyond. Hampton roads’ interstates form a big loop or beltway around the region. the in ner loop follows i-64 east and i-664 north. the outer loop follows i-64 west and i-664 south. Due west of the region are the prin cipal north-south interstate highways, i-85 and i-95. through southampton County, i-95 is located just four miles west of the region. the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-tunnel gives northeast coastal highway traffic direct access to Hampton roads and saves 90 miles (145 kilometers) to the new York/ new Jersey corridor.

When working together as a region to im prove mobility within tough budgets on all levels, congestion mitigation is the answer, including development of public-private partnerships to add new and/or improve existing bridges and tunnels, growing the use of telecommuting, enlisting technol ogy, considering transit-oriented develop ment and identifying funding models, especially for development of high-speed rail and enhanced intercity rail.

• Amtrak connects the region to other areas of the country with passenger trains departing daily from newport news on the Virginia Peninsula. additional passenger rail service in development for Hamp ton roads will serve five southside cities, three of which have em ployment densities of over 1,000 jobs per square mile (norfolk, the proposed terminus, has 4,000) and 65% of the region’s population.34


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R AIL/INTERmODAL SERVICE Hampton roads is served primarily by one Class i freight rail giant, CsX. the ports create a perfect entry location for the railway for cargo distribution throughout the East Coast and Midwest.  Efficient connections with other rail systems and motor carriers provide easy and affordable access to the rest of the U.s additionally, more than 50 common freight carriers serve Hampton roads, and UPs maintains a local terminal.

• CSX operates on 23,000 miles of track in 23 states, Washington, DC, Montreal and ontario, Canada. it offers a rail-to-truck transshipment Facility in newport news and an intermodal terminal in nearby Ports mouth. in addition, CsX is champi oning the national gateway initia tive, a public-private partnership to create a more efficient freight route linking the Port of Virginia with Midwestern markets, improv ing the flow of rail traffic between these regions by increasing the use of double-stack trains. When the project is complete, Hampton roads will have few limitations for its market reach via rail.

commute.thevidingtraparatransitncludeHandrthroughouttransportationHamptonoads.inadditiontolocalexpressbusservices,rt’sotherservicesin-aferryconnectingorfolkandPortsmouth,service,andFFiX,aprogrampro-alternativestoone-person-per-carin2011,Hrtlaunched“thetide,”Virginia’sfirstlightrailsystemthatrunsinnorfolkandservesasastarterlineforafutureregion-wideintercityrailtransitsystem.WilliamsburgareatransitprovidesbustransportationthroughoutColonialWilliamsburg,BuschgardensandareashoppinglocationstothewestwhiletheBaytransitCompany,whichisaserviceofBayaging,providesbusserviceonweekdaystoallresidentsinthetencountiesoftheMiddlePeninsulaandnorthernneck,includinggloucesterandMathewsCounties. norfolk’sgreyhoundBus service pro vides intercity connections nationwide.

olnoroityosyCoUrtEFCFFK harbor

SSSbuine: Transportation public

VDOT Traffic and Travel Info Virginia Department of Transportation Virginia Port Authority

Williamsburg Area Transport

Light Rail-The Tide Newport InternationalNews/WilliamsburgAirport

PORTS Hampton roads’ businesses enjoy direct access to three major marine ter minals run by the Virginia Port authority: norfolk international terminals, Ports mouth Marine terminal and newport news Marine terminal. Hampton roads is also home to the nation’s first privately developed container terminal, aPM/ Maersk.Currently, over 95% of the world’s ship ping lines call on the Port of Virginia, link ing Hampton roads and the rest of the U.s. to more than 250 ports in 100 countries. Hampton roads has a welldeserved reputa tion for

nections with CsX’s national gateway. the Port of Virginia, the third busiest general cargo port on the East Coast with 50-foot deep channels and an ice-free harbor, is home to some of the largest and fastest container cranes in the world. a long-range master plan that has the development of Craney island Marine terminal as its centerpiece maps out the steps to more than double the Port’s overall capacity over the next few years. • port of Virginia, norfolk international terminal AIR SERVICE the region’s two major airports, norfolk international airport (orF) and newport news/Williamsburg international airport (PHF), are located within a 30-minute commute of most business and residential areas in the region and provide over 200 daily flights to 22 airports, 17 of which are international gateways. these airports are currently handling over 72 million pounds of air cargo per year and almost 4.7million passengers. Currently, an average of more than 400 landings and takeoffs take place

Norfolk International Airport

Reinvent Hampton Roads Toll-free Virginia Highway Traffic Information Dial 511 Updates on I-64 Construction

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 49 :ubSineSS Transportation

each day at the region’s airports. this in cludes passenger and cargo airlines, gen eral aviation, air taxi and charter flights. in addition, the airports often handle military flights when local base runways are under repair.35Breeze airways, a new low-cost airline, will invest $5.2 million to build an opera tions center in norfolk, producing 116 jobs. the salt lake City, Utah-based startup company, which offers service to mid-size U.s. markets, will include norfolk as one of its first four operations bases in the United states.

H ELP f UL I N f OR m ATION Amtrak Passenger Rail; 800-Usa rail (800-872-7245) Bay Transit Company Cruises E-ZPass Electronic Toll Systems Greyhound Bus Service Hampton Roads Traffic Cameras Hampton Roads Transit Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization


Virginia gazette reported that York County is working forward with a planned mixed-use development moved a step forward with a $6.45 million property sale near Victory Bou levard at the York-newport news line. Commonwealth green plans include up to 384 apartments, 96 townhomes and four commercial buildings, according to the developer. Condominiums are planned above three of the commercial buildings. about 50 of the apartments would be in newport news. in addition, the Hampton roads alliance annouced that Cushman & Wakefield/thalhimer has sold the Palace Plaza strip shopping center just off Bypass road in upper York. Polyzos Family investments, llC purchased the approximately 22,600 square-foot retail center for $610,000. the previous owner was C-111 asset Management. accord ing to York County’s property informa tion website, the center is assessed at just over $1 million. it was sold to C-111 asset Management for $680,000.

CoUrtE F City KE

50 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

sy o

regional Vision, global impact


a group of regional organizations and community leaders collaborated together to develop “Vision Hampton roads,” a regional plan with a five year horizon. this “Vision” employs strategies and actions which leverage regional strengths to diversify and grow the economy, positioning Hampton roads as a leader in the global economy of today and tomorrow. in economic development today, it’s important to address who and what is Hampton roads as a region; who lives here and why; what is the region’s busi ness identity; and how entrepreneurs, creativity and innovation are attracted. regions that thrive in the “new econo my” will be those truly educating their workforce, cultivating innovation, invest ing in infrastructure and creating quality places, like Hampton roads. “Vision” planning has placed Hampton roads on a path to regional transforma tion by embedding a working process as we think, live and act regionally. after “Vision Hampton roads” was developed, the Hampton roads Partner ship created “innovate! Hampton roads” as a component of “Vision” that looks to promote local business and tech-based development in the area.


Summit pointe is the newest large-scale, mixed-use community in the dynamic Greenbrier business district of chesapeake

located in the dynamic greenbrier business community of Chesapeake, Va, summit Pointe is the newest large-scale, mixed-use community centrally located within Coastal Virginia. summit Pointe has already become a premier office location with the recent completion of the 510,000-square-foot, high-rise office tower for Dollar tree, inc (nasDaQ: Dltr) in Phase one. representing a projected investment of over $300 million in multiple phases, Phase two emphasizes a new form of urban living, workplace solutions, dining, entertainment venues and shopping options. the construction in Phase two began in June 2019, with the first living spaces delivered in august 2020 and the first retail and office spaces delivered in october 2020.


STRATEGIC LOCATION, GLOBAL SIGNIfICANCE the first rule of thumb for any economic development is location, location, location. Hampton roads, the region, is located in the southeastern coastal tidewater of Virginia in the heart of the Mid atlantic. it is a region that depends on a maritimethe Hampton roads region is a great place to live, work and play. And, it’s only going to get better. “With proper foresight, continuous planning and dynamic economic development, Hampton roads will be recognized internationally as a region fueled by innovation, intellectual and Human capital, infrastructure and a Sense of place.”

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rich geography including all the benefits that come with it, such as commerce derived at its ports, tourism and real estate drawn to its beaches, and the waters that allow it to be one of the most concentrated naval strongholds on the planet. Hampton roads, the harbor, is formed by the confluence of the James, nansemond and Elizabeth rivers and flows into the Chesa peake Bay whose watershed covers 64,000 square miles and all or part of six states and Washington, DC. as one of the world’s biggest and deepest natural harbors, the largest in north america, Hampton roads is home to the world’s largest naval base at norfolk and the Port of Virginia, third largest behind Port of new York and the Port of savannah. it is one of the busiest and fastest growing commercial ports on the U.s. East Coast with products popular the world over from smithfield Hams to suffolk Peanuts to Chesapeake Bay crabs. since the English settlers arrived in the early 1600s, Hampton roads has been an enviable strategic stronghold. the region’s land area covers approximately 2,907 square miles and includes an exten sive system of waterways including the intra-coastal Waterway and enjoys a temperate climate guaranteeing an ice-free harbor. the central location of Hampton roads’ is within 750 miles of three-fourths of the nation’s population and six of the ten largest U.s. population centers. the Virginia Beach-norfolk-newport news, Va nC Metropolitan statistical area (Hampton roads Msa) is made up of fifteen cities and counties, making it the seventh largest Msa in the southeast U.s., the second largest between Washington, DC and atlanta and the largest coastal Msa between new York and Miami in the Eastern U.s.21 the Virginia Beach-norfolk-newport news, Va Msa ranks 37th out of the nation’s 366 Msa’s.22 Hampton roads is one of america’s most popular vacation spots, and boasts something for everyone. it has an expansive 2,600 miles of shorelines, world-renowned museums and cultural opportunities such as the Virginia opera, Virginia international arts Festival, and Virginia symphony, sports organizations and venues, shopping malls, historic cities and towns, amusement parks and state and national parks. Hampton roads’ climate is enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts; recreational activities include boating, fishing, camping, biking, and tennis throughout the hundreds of local parks and campgrounds. the region’s safe harbors, proximity to the ocean and rich history have worked together to form today’s Hampton roads.


INDUSTRy DIVERSITy, LEVERAGING ASSETS the region’s largest employers represent industry sectors like ship building, health care, education, tourism, banking, insurance, manu facturing, telecommunications, and transportation and include: public school systems, colleges and uni-versities, sentara Healthcare, riverside Health system, Bon secours Hampton roads Health system, Colonial Williams-burg, Chesapeake regional Medical Center, saiC, Measurement specialties and gEiCo 38 Hampton roads is an international gateway with a large presence of foreign firms dominated by germany, Japan and UK, including Canon, BaE systems norfolk ship repair, stihl, HsBC-north america, Maersk line limited, CMa CgM north america, Zim-american, Fer guson Enterprises/Wolseley na and anheuser-Busch/inBev.38 Fortune 1000 firms with headquarters or a significant presence in the region include amerigroup, Dollar tree, smithfield Foods, and the largest private employer in Virginia, Huntington ingalls indus tries, inc.38 inc. will build two operations facilities in Hampton Shuford, Jr. & CEO


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Hampton Roads Performs



52 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23

PORT/mARITImE SECTOR in 2016, Virginia ports generated 530,800 jobs, $27.4 billion in wages, $88.4 billion in spending and $2.7 billion in state and local taxes. (10.1 percent of Virginia’s gross state product)

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H ELP f UL W EBSITESroads, creating an expected 1,500 jobs. Both facilities are anticipated to open in 2021.the first facility is a multi-story robotics fulfillment center in suffolk, which will create 1,000 jobs. the second is a 650,000-square-foot processing center in Chesapeake, which will create 500 jobs. the region’s largest financial institu tions include Bank of america, Wells Fargo, suntrust and BB&t several regional banks are also strong financial assets in Hampton roads, the largest of which is towneBank.38 the economic structure of the region is characterized by the strong presence of the military, followed by real estate and rental leasing, manufacturing and shipbuilding, construction, tourism and recreation, and retail. over the past decade, Hampton roads’ population has grown at an annualized rate of 0.64%, slow compared to the nation. since 2001, economic growth in the region has averaged 6.7% annually (3.3% in per capita dollars). Much of this growth is the result of increased Department of Defense (DoD) spending within the region.5

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SECTOR Hampton roads is a popular vacation destination for millions of visitors annually. Each city has its own unique attractions, events and activities. From the surf and sand of the longest pleasure beach in the world at Virginia Beach, to the Historic triangle of Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg, to the convention centers spread through out the region, Hampton roads is an established multi-faceted tourist destination. the leisure and Hospitality industry employs over 80,000 people in Hampton roads. in addition to the hoteliers who depend on tourists to fill their rooms, tourism brings new money

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SECTOR Hampton roads has one of the largest concentrations of military personnel, second only to Washington DC, hence the regional moniker, “Pentagon south.” Hampton roads hosts all five military services with both operating forces and major command headquarters. this includes the only nato command in north america, and the U.s. Joint Forces Command (one of DoD’s ten combatant commands charged with transforming U.s. military capabilities). increases in military pay and federal contracts have significantly contributed to the region’s economic growth. and defense spend ing continues to cushion the region in times of economic downturn.22 thirty of the 100 largest defense firms in the world have a presence in Hampton roads. Hampton roads is also the home to the world’s largest concentration of U.s. Coast guard assets. additionally, thirteen Federal depart ments, administrations, and agencies are represented in the Hampton roads region: Departments of Veterans affairs, agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Home land security, interior, Justice, labor, and transportation.

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Hampton roads is well poised to be the dominant port on the East Coast. the 2040 Virginia Port authority Master Plan is driven by the creation of 600 acres of land and opening of Craney island Marine terminal, improvements at norfolk international terminals and Portsmouth Marine terminals, develop ment at the aPM terminal in Ports mouth and enhanced intermodal rail service.



mEASURING SUCCESS, fOLLOW THE NUmBERS Business, civic and government lead ers in the region use the web-based Hampton roads Performs as their resource for data that shows how the region is performing on key quality of lifeoindicators.pentofull public access, these qual ity of life indicators answer the question, “How is the Hampton roads region Doing?” and the results are used to com pare Hampton roads to other regions.

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 53 to restaurants, retail establishments and government coffers.25 tourism contributes to quality of life through the influx of tax revenue, creation of jobs and improved services and attractions that add to the vibrancy of life in Hampton roads. For businesses in Hampton roads this means improved recruiting and retention and greater quality of life for those employees.26 arts & Culture in Hampton roads serve as a significant component of the tourism industry. the arts strengthen and educate communities, lift spirits and build a better quality of life for everyone. as a billion dollar industry in Virginia, arts and cultural organizations create millions of dollars in revenues for area businesses, attract out-of-state tourism spending, generate millions of dollars in personal income for Hampton roads’ workforce and entrepreneurs and create thousands of jobs for residents in the region.27

E STI m ATED E m PLOym ENT By INDUSTRy SECTOR Rank Industry Sector Employees 1 total, all industries 736,207 2 Health care and social assistance 104,184 3 retail trade (44 & 45) 91,372 4 accommodation and Food services 80,336 5 manufacturing (31-33) 62,325 6 education services 62,249 7 public administration 54,125 8 professional scientific & technical svc 49,779 9 admin., support, Waste mgmt, remediation 43,943 10 construction 36,433 :ubSineSS

Workforce Quality: over 27% of resi dents hold at least a Bachelor’s degree and the number of community college, high school career and technical educa tion awards is increasing.1 business startups: the rate of start ups, a measure of entrepreneurship, re mains high compared to previous years.29 personal income: among peer metro areas, per capita income is grow ing fastest in the Hampton roads area and faster than the rate for the U.s. as a whole.30 a strong economy is character ized by prosperity reflected in improv ing standards of living. unemployment: Unemployment was 4.3% as of December 2016, but thanks to a strong military presence, still well under the national average which was 4.9% as of octorber 2016.

Eukom88h1areasummary.aspx? • the table below shows the distribution of industries in Hampton roads pdc, virginia for the 3rd quarter, 2016.

Virginia Employment Commission, Quarterly Census of Employment Wages


EmPLOymENT the Virginian-Pilot reported that jobs continue to increase at a slow, but steady pace. Port of Virginia is responsible for nearly 375,000 jobs and its economic impact is 60.3 billion a year. navy Cyber Command in suffolk brought 700 military, civilian and con tracting jobs to the area.



54 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 tourism continues to be one of Hampton roads’ most important indus tries, bringing significant outside dollars into the economy, which enables broad based regional economic growth. the tourism industry allows the region to ‘export’ its climate, beaches, and history to the rest of the nation. as with the port and defense industries in the region, the tourism industry developed in Hampton roads because of its unique competitive advantages, particularly its water and historical resources. the tourism industry is well developed within the region, having achieved a high level of maturity indicating that the opportunity for extensive employment growth is unlikely. norfolk’s Waterside District is the “premier dining and entertainment district” in conjunction with the U.s.s. Wisconsin and the norfolk tides.

LOCAL TOURISm INDUSTRy the local tourism industry follows the national and regional economy and thus national consumer confidence is closely followed by tourism professionals on both the Peninsula and south Hampton roads as a strong predictor of regional tourismVirginiaactivity.Beach, Chesapeake/suffolk and the other Hampton roads sub-seg ments were able to increase occupancy numbers, according to recently published smith travel research data. But the Beach held a commanding lead in the category that industry experts say is the prime indicator of hotel performance: revenue per available room, or revPar. revPar is a measure of how much cash the rooms are pulling in on average, factoring in the rooms that are unoc cupied. High occupancy rates mean little if room rates are cheap, and high room rates mean little if only a handful are occupied.

757 Makerspace has expanded its presence at Fort Monroe to better serve the region and more particularly, the Virginia Peninsula. the new Fort Monroe location provides 12,733 square feet of creative space in an ideal setting just outside the moat of the historic fort at 16 Murray street. this has been a great opportunity to partner with the Hampton Economic Development authority (EDa), Hampton City schools, the Fort Monroe authority and the City of Hampton to expand opportunities for artists and makers in the region. Events in Hampton’s venues fill the Virginia Peninsula hotels and are enter tainment hubs for regional residents. riverwalk Landing in Historic yorktown Hampton experienced dramatic changes recently in Phoebus, and downtown Hampton will experience a new wave of redevelopment this year. the new Hampton Virginia aquaplex opens summer 2022. For more details

fIVE DIffERENT mARKETS smith travel research, a major source of tourism data, has divided the Hampton roads’ region into five distinct lodging markets: Williamsburg and newport news/Hampton on the Peninsula, and norfolk/Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, & Chesapeake/suffolk in south Hampton roads.the hotel data (which does not include timeshares) and the tourism employment data fail to capture the full impact on tour ism. this data proves extremely difficult to access, and often estimates are made with surveys or other imprecise tools. While the previous paragraph noted the decline in hotel activity in Williamsburg, it is difficult to estimate how many former Williamsburg visitors now stay in Chesapeake or Virginia Beach and drive into Williamsburg for day trips, or how many of the Williamsburg visitors stay in the area’s 6,000 (approxi mate) time share rooms. the state has made estimates for expenditures by local ity which have some value, but they are based off various tax receipts and thus are necessarily at least a year out of date.regional efforts to market Hampton roads as a destination are coordinated through the Coastal Virginia tourism alliance. Visit on the web •


tourism and the EconomyouritSMHiGHLiGHtS: EconomytheandTourism CoUrtEsY oF YorK CoUnt Y

Bon Secours in Hampton roads also includes the Bon secours Maryview Medical Center in Midtown Portsmouth which opened a new $16.5-million heart institute in november, 2005, and Bon secours DePaul Medical Center in norfolk. the system also includes several physical therapy centers, primary care centers, and the ambulatory surgery and diagnostic centers in suffolk and in Vir ginia Beach, in addition to nursing care and assisted living facilities throughout the southside area.

another major area hospital is the mary Immaculate Hospital, an affiliate of the Bon secours Health system, inc., a not-for-profit, Catholic healthcare sys tem that employs over 4,000 people. the hospital features a 42,000-squarefoot surgical Pavilion. the Pavilion is technologically-advanced, equipped with digital operating rooms. Digital operating rooms use a HErMEs Control-Center that enables surgeons to use voice activation to control surgical equipment such as cameras, lights and tables. the or also includes an image management system that provides high quality, digital images in real-time.

With many medical advancements and expansions, all Hampton Roads health care facilities are developing new and innovative ways of providing care, while keeping a vigilant eye on the need for a personalized approach to patient care.

For many specialized needs for children, Hampton roads citizens can go to Eastern Virginia medical School or the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, the only hospital in south eastern Virginia devoted exclusively to children. For the most critically injured victims, sentara norfolk general Hospi tal features a level i trauma center and the nightingale helicopter service. in addition, the Medical College of Virginia in richmond is just a 90-minute drive northwest.

For years, sentara has touched the lives of thousands of people who are unin sured or underinsured. sentara provides more than $214.5 million in community benefits. of that, more than $183.2 million was provided in uncompensated patient care. Community benefit provided by our hospitals Martha Jefferson Hospital and rMH Healthcare are tallied separately. sentara also replaced nightingale air ambulance with a new state-of-the-art helicopter. the $7.2M Eurocopter EC-145 was partly funded by donations from local governments, corporations, foundations and individuals of that exceeded $3.5M. nightingale operates at a yearly deficit of up to $600,000 due to a high percentage uninsured patients, and sentara maintains the service as part of its not-for-profit commitment to the community. recently the sentara neurosciences institute was formed in collaboration with Eastern Virginia Medical school and other neuroscience experts to advance treat ment for diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles in Virginia.

Heart care in the region has been dramatically improved through sentara Cardiovascular research institute which increased cardiac research and treatment options for area heart patients. sentara also continues bringing care closer to home by enhancing its comprehensive outpatient campuses like sentara independence in Virginia Beach, sentara Port Warwick in newport news, sentara gloucester Medical arts, and sentara BelleHarbor offers north suffolk residents quality health care.

additionally, our life long Health Division has three vibrant continu ing care retirement communities, six PaCE Centers (Program for all inclusive Care for the Elderly), nine long-term care facilities, totaling 1700 beds with skilled, intermediate and home-foradult services, two wellness centers, and the region’s leading home care organization.recognized nationally for quality and innovation, Sentara has a history of bringing medical advances first to the region such as robotic surgery, cancer improvements, and heart and other sur gical procedures. sentara was first in the nation to pioneer lifesaving electronic iCU (eiCU®).

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Founded in 1915, Riverside Health System has evolved from a small hospital in newport news, Virginia, into one of the most progressive and diversified nonprofit healthcare organi zations in the nation. a voluntary Board of trustees governs each major division or facility within this system that now serves over 700,000 individuals across southeastern Virginia and the Eastern shore.riverside is driven by the care designed and delivered by over 500 clinical providers, who function as the riverside Medical group. riverside op erates 941 inpatient beds in five acute care hospitals, a psychiatric hospital, a physical rehabilitation hospital plus our Hampton roads specialty Hospi tal along with an extensive array of outpatient diagnostic and treatment facilities.riverside regional is the health system’s hub for Medical Education, providing physician training through the riverside Family Practice and oB/ gYn residency programs, and the riv erside school of Health Careers which was established in 1916.

Chesapeake Health is another local, independent health organization serving Hampton roads. it’s comprised of Chesa peake regional Medical Center, the W. stanley Jennings outpatient Center and several companion providers that offer a broad range of programs and services for southeastern Virginia residents. it recently opened the free-standing Diag nostic Center of Chesapeake and the area’s only in-patient Women’s Unit.

this comprehensive health system is comprised of 10 hospitals in Virginia, including the region’s only level 1 trauma Center and dedicated heart hospital at sentara norfolk general Hospital. other community needs are met through its nursing and assisted living facilities, ad vanced imaging centers, outpatient care campuses in the region, array of awardwinning health plans, home health and hospice services, rehabilitation facilities, and nearly 400 world-class physicians of sentara Medical group. sentara is also known for its compas sionate care and service to the commu nity, especially for the area’s less fortunate.


Designed and built with a focus on patient-centered care, riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg is a 40-bed hospital and is the pinnacle of riverside’s commit ment to the residents of the Williamsburg region. set on over 25 beautiful acres, riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg offers state-of-the-art care, comfort and convenience.riversideDoctors’ Hospital Williams burg features fully integrated computer technology through patient “smart rooms.” this enables nursing staff and providers to spend more time at the bedside in patient care and teaching. our full-service facility includes: emer gency department with 12 private rooms, inpatient and outpatient surgical services featuring two operating rooms and eight private preparation/recovery rooms, lobby, café and community education area, meditation and reflection area, radiology services, cardio/pulmonary services, outpatient diagnostic services, intensive care unit, pharmacy, and lifelong Health Center to aid in the transition of patients to other settings outside of the hospital.

Riverside Regional medical Center 500 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., newport news 594-2000 riverside regional Medical Center is the flagship hospital of riverside Health system. the Health system started with the 1915 charter for the “newport news general and non sectarian Hospital, inc.”. the original hospital contained 50 beds and was opened on Huntington ave., north of 50th street in 1916. a nursing school was started at about the same time. the hospital was severely strained by a typhoid epidemic during World War i, as well as the influenza epidemic of 1918-19. it was expanded considerably during World War ii. the hospital moved to its current 56-acre location in 1963. it currently has 450 beds and is the primary center for medical care on the Virginia Pen insula. its medical staff is comprised of over 400 physicians in 33 specialties. riverside regional Medical Center has always been an innovative force for medicine and medical education both locally and nationally, from the nation’s first CCU in 1965 to the country’s first web-based, competency-based evalu ation system in 2001. it continues to evolve and improve and current capital projects include a $100 million renovation of the entire hospital. riverside’s special programs and special ties include: Medical education teaching program; Emergency Department and level ii trauma Center; the most advanced operating rooms and only open heart sur gery center on the Peninsula; the area’s only neonatal intensive Care Unit; radiosurgery (‘knifeless surgery’) featuring gamma Knife and synergy s; neurointerventional biplane for brain attack (stroke); bariatric surgery; cardiology; emergency; endocrinology; gastroenterology; general surgery; gynecol ogy; medical oncology; medical weight management; nephrology; neurology; neu roradiology; neurosurgery; obstetrics; oph thalmology; orthopedics; otolaryngology; physiatry; pulmonology; radiation oncology; rheumatology; urology; and vascular.

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital 7519 Hospital Drive gloucester (804) 693-8800

LIVE your life. Let US t your cancer. Proton Therapy...No Hospital Stays! Non-Invasive Precisely targets tumor Healthy Tissue spared Reduced Side effects Hamptonproton.or (757)2 51-680 0g |

Langley Air force Base Hospital langley aFB 225-7630 this 50-bed facility offers comprehen sive care exclusively to military personnel and their dependents. mary Immaculate Hospital 2 Bernardine Drive, newport news 886-6000

riverside Walter reed’s 30-plus acre campus includes the riverside Wellness and Fitness Center, Middle Peninsula Cancer institute,

riverside Walter reed Hospital is a 67bed acute care facility providing compre hensive services and state-of-the-art tech nology to the communities of the Middle Peninsula. the professional and caring staff embraces the riverside Mission of caring for others as we would care for those we love.

Riverside Doctors’ Hospital Williamsburg 1500 Commonwealth avenue Williamsburg 585-2200

mcDonald Army Community Hospital Fort Eustis 314-7500 this 45-bed facility offers comprehen sive care exclusively to military personnel and their dependents.

56 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 tion:duceA OpportunitiesLearning cAHtALHere: HealthFamily


Mary immaculate Hospital is a 115-bed facility located in the Denbigh section of newport news. For the past 50 years, the Bernardine Franciscan sisters at Mary immaculate have successfully carried out their mission to treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit. the hospital is well known for its women’s services such as the Birthplace, which offers a unique birthing experience. other specialties include a Heart Center, orthopedics, the Peninsula Center for Minimally invasive surgery, Bon secours Hernia Center at Mary immaculate and a full service emergency department with a fast track program. throughout its history, Mary immaculate Hospital has maintained a strong commitment to meet ing the needs of patients on the Peninsula by continuously expanding its breadth of service and its numerous community outreach programs.

WWW C oastal V irginia. n E t • 57 re:cAHtALHe HealthFamily Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters is dedicated to the health and well-being of children on the Peninsula. With convenient locations in Hampton, Newport News, Gloucester, and Williamsburg, it’s easier than ever for kids to get all the care they need from our world-class pediatric health system. Our Peninsula services include: • Primary care pediatricians. • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Health and Surgery Center at Oyster Point Newport News Health Center and Urgent Care at Tech Center Newport News Health Center at Lightfoot Marketplace Williamsburg CourthousePediatrics Gloucester Pediatric Associates of Williamsburg Williamsburg PediatricsLiberty Newport News HamptonPediatricsRoads Hampton NewportPediatricsNews Newport News • Urgent care. • Physician specialty clinics. • Sports medicine. All need.carethekids • Outpatient surgery. • Laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging. Health System


one of the medical centers of the Eastern Virginia Medical school is today’s foremost leading reproductive program and was the site of the nation’s first in-vitro fertiliza tion clinic. other centers within the school include: the Center for Pediatric research, the Diabetes institute, the Center for ocular Pharmacology, the sleep Disorders Center and the Voice Center for individuals experi encing speech and swallowing problems.

Sentara CarePlex Hospital 3000 Coliseum Drive Hampton 736-1000 the 200-bed hospital has revolu tionized health care on the Peninsula. orthopaedic Hospital at sentara CarePlex is the region’s only dedicated orthopedic hospital and adjoins the main hospital where some of the area’s most advanced medical technology is available. a fiberoptic backbone spans the campus, enabling simultaneous computer transfer of life-saving information. this and other groundbreaking technology support the following: filmless, digital diagnostic imaging for faster, clearer test results; one of the nation’s first electronic iCUs for uninterrupted monitoring of criti cally ill patients; and surgical equipment so sophisticated it listens and responds to doctors’ orders. this hospital gained national stroke certification, sleep lab accredication and is a certified chest pain center--all advancing care for Peninsula residents. and, the future is even more ex citing because every inch has been built to accommodate new advancements as they become available.

With a staff of over 400 physicians, this 364-bed facility provides emergency, orthopedic, and comprehensive cardiac services, enhanced in 2005 with the open ing of the Bon secours Heart institute in partnership with Columbia University College of Physicians and surgeons. its technologically-advanced diagnostics include Mris, Ct scans, nuclear medicine, mammography and digital radiology. Bon secours Maryview Center also features a daVinci robotics surgical program, the Bon secours surgical Weight loss Center, the Family Birth Center, spine Center, Maryview Center for Physical rehabilita

this 405-bed facility was established in 1870 as the fourth national V.a. center, where soldiers could spend their last days in com fort and receive medical care. it has a strong affiliation with the staff, residents and stu dents at the Eastern Virginia Medical school and provides comprehensive medical, mental health, hospice and nursing home care. in addition, it offers dialysis equipment and substance abuse services. it features several types of specialized care such as that for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Bon Secours maryview medical Center 336 High street, Portsmouth 398-2200


Sentara Williamsburg Regional medical Center 100 sentara WilliamsburgCircle 984-6000 the 340,000 square-foot acute care hos pital has 145 all-private patient rooms, offer ing emergency, surgical, medical, maternal and pediatric care. located on an entire campus devoted to wellness, the medical center is adjacent to many related services and is equipped with some of the latest technology including a 32-slice Ct scanner, electronic intensive care monitoring (eiCU®), “smart” operating rooms, and digital mam mography. the hospital is a certified stroke center and adjoins the Vernon M. geddy, Jr. outpatient Center, which houses an outpatient surgery center, pain manage ment clinic, heartburn treatment center and sentara Williamsburg Comprehensive Breast Center within the Woman’s imaging Pavilion and physician offices. Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center 100 Emancipation Drive Hampton 722-9961

58 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 cAHtALHere: HealthFamily

Eastern Virginia medical School 825 Fairfax avenue, norfolk 446-5600

tion, Martha Davis Cancer Center and the Maryview Joint Center. Chesapeake Regional Medical Center 736 Battlefield Blvd.,

Naval medical Center 620 John Paul Jones Circle,’sthreehospitalsandtheoldestandnavalhospitalinthecountry.ita112-acresiteontheElizabethiverandincludestheCharetteHealthCenterandanew360-bedacutefacilitythatisthemostmodernintheavy.thenavalMedicalCenteroffersarangeofhealthcareforhealthcarebeneficiaries.

Sentara Independence 800 independence Blvd., Virginia Beach 363-6100

riverside Home Care and the riverside Physical therapy suite including nutrition, speech, Hand and occupational therapy. Hospital services include Emergency, inpa tient and outpatient surgery, imaging and laboratory. specialty practices and services include Cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology and sleep Center, orthopedics, ophthalmology, otolaryn gology, Physiatry, Urology, Vascular and Women’s Health and Wellness.

Bon Secours DePaul medical Center 150 Kingsley lane, norfolk 889-5000 this 238-bed facility was established in 1855 and today is both an acute care and teaching hospital. Currently, over 600 physicians, representing a wide array of specialties, enable the hospital to provide a comprehensive range of inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic services. its Midwifery Center was the region’s first and only hospital-based midwife birthing center. other centers associated with Bon secours DePaul include the Bon secours Cancer Center, DePaul Vascular Center, the Joint and spine Center, the sleep Center, the senior Health Center, the Center for Foot and ankle surgery, the Wound Care Center and the DePaul Center for Birth.

re:cAHtALHe HealthFamily

this 555-bed tertiary care facility is located on a large medical campus including a leading medical school, children’s hospital, and sentara Heart Hospital, which consistently ranks among the nation’s top 50 heart pro grams by U.s. news & World report. Expert breast care is provided through the Comprehensive Breast Center. as the first hospital in Hampton roads to achieve Magnet status, norfolk general is distinguished for nursing excellence and offers superior care through regionally- and nationallyknown services such as the sentara Cancer institute, advanced imaging capabilities, a specialized level ii nursery, eiCU®, and minimally-invasive and robotic surgeries. norfolk general is among a handful of Primary stroke Centers in Virginia and home to the region’s only level i trauma Center, burn trauma unit, and solid organ transplant center. also located on the norfolk campus is nightingale—the region’s first air ambulance.

Sentara Princess Anne Hospital 2025 glenn Mitchell Drive norfolk 507-1000

Sentara Norfolk General Hospital 600 gresham Drive, norfolk 388-3000

TOGETHER We are healthier At Riverside, it is our mission to care for others as we would care for those we love. Our comprehensive network of services includes: • Fellowship-trained and board-certified medical providers and specialists • State-of-the-art technology and nationally recognized, award-winning hospitals and facilities • Accredited Stroke and Chest Pain Centers • Urgent and Emergency Care locations, including a Level II Trauma Center • Active senior living communities and lifelong health services We are your partners throughout your journey of lifelong health and wellness.

Formerly an acute care hospital, sentara independence provides a 24/7 Emergency Department and outpatient services, including physical therapy.

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 59

Sentara Leigh Hospital 830 Kempsville road norfolk 261-6700 this 250-bed acute care hospital features all private rooms and specializes in orthopedics, gynecology, ophthalmology, outpatient hand surgery and urology. it also offers specialized care through its certified primary stroke center, joint replacement services, family ma ternity care, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, expert breast care through the Comprehensive Breast Center, and the lifesaving eiCU®.

Sentara Obici Hospital 2800 godwin Blvd., suffolk 934-4000 this 138-bed acute care hospital opened in 2002, carrying on a 50-year tradition of providing suffolk and Western tidewater residents patient-centered care. the hospital is a certified primary stroke center and provides a wide array of inpatient and outpatient health care ser vices from medical and surgery services to intensive care, pediatrics, and physical rehabilitation. Expert breast care is offered through its Comprehensive Breast Center. the hospital offers sophisticated diagnostic services such as cardiac testing, a sleep disorders center, and Mri capabilities. it is among a select group of facilities to offer digital mammography and is the only hospital in the region to offer women imageChecker technology to read their mammograms.

sentara Princess anne is a 160-bed acute care hospital that opened in 2011 to serve residents of southern Virginia Beach and neighboring Chesapeake communities. it includes full-service emergency care, surgi cal and a family maternity center with onsite neonatal intensive care unit. it also features the orthoJoint Center and recently received national stroke Certification. Expert breast services are offered through sentara Virginia Beach Comprehensive Breast Centers. Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital 1060 First Colonial road Virginia Beach 395-8000 this 282-bed acute care facility is among a handful of Primary stroke Centers in Virginia and offers an array of specialized capabilities through

mENTAL HEALTH C ARE Bon Secours maryview Behavioral medicine Center 3636 High street, Portsmouth 398-2367 this 54-bed facility offers a comprehensive range of medical services for those experiencing an acute emotional crisis or the ravaging effects of drug and alcohol depen dency. Medical services include treatment for chemical dependency for adults and psychiatric care for adults and adolescents.

Psychiatric Center is a freestanding hospital offering acute psychiatric and substance abuse services for children, adolescents and adults. spe cialized programs include dual diagnosis treatment, substance abuse rehabilitation, detoxification and the women’s program. adult partial hospitalization is also avail able for psychiatric and substance abuse patients. one of the hospital’s unique components is a Mobile assessment team that can be triaged to local hospitals, emergency rooms, medical offices, schools and businesses for on-site crisis evaluation.

www.Hamptonproton.orgasapatienttreatmentfacility as well as a research and education center, HUPti builds upon Hampton’s legacy of knowledge and innovation. our doctors and researchers are further developing the science of proton therapy to remain at the vanguard of the fight against cancer into the future. HUPti continues to be a catalyst for new scientific discoveries and increasingly accurate, advanced care for cancer patients. Hampton University Proton therapy institute (HUPti) was the eighth center to rise to prominence, and has evolved to become the largest facility of its kind in the world.

reproductive Medicine is the largest, most comprehen sive women’s health practice in the re gion. it offers fertility treatments ranging from diagnosis and basic treatments, such as intrauterine insemination, to pioneer ing assisted-reproduction technologies, such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (iCsi). it also provides care for normal and complicated obstetrics patients as well as for women experiencing menopause and its complications, like osteoporosis.

Bon Secours Health Center at Virginia Beach 828 Healthy Way, Virginia Beach 463-2540 Bon secours Health Center at Virginia Beach offers outpatient surgery and ad vanced imaging services to include Ct and Mri in addition to the in-Motion Physical


Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center 1100 First Colonial road Virginia Beach 496-6000 www.absfirst.comtheVirginiaBeach

569-6100 Established in 1963, southampton Memo rial Hospital is a 221-bed, non-profit facility committed to finding innovative ways of improving health care services. the hospital offers specialties in over 27 different fields, including women’s services, senior care, psychiatry, urology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, obstetrics, long term care and more. in addition, sMH provides 24-hour home health care, hospice and community counseling services, and operates it’s East Pavilion long-term care facility that services 116 residents. there, patients have access to lakeview Medical Center’s satellite facility that provides cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology and rheumatology treatments.

Exclusively dedicated to the health needs of children, CHKD serves as the region’s referral center for the most sophisticated care needed in the management of chronic illnesses and diseases and the routine primary care available through its partner community pediatricians.

Considered to be one of the best sub-acute care facilities on the East Coast, this 296-bed facility is also one of the few in the state licensed to provide both nursing and sub-acute care. it typically provides care for patients who are too well to warrant hospital care but who are unprepared to return home because of respiratory, stroke, sentara Heart Center; expert breast services are offered through sentara Virginia Beach Comprehensive Breast Centers; and intensive care unit featuring 24-hour coverage by intensivists. in addition, the hospital offers access to sentara Cancer network through the Coastal Cancer Center; an accre-dited sleep disorders center; a new inpatient rehab unit, and an expanded emergency depart ment with 40 private patient rooms. Southampton memorial Hospital 100 Fairview Drive, www.smhfranklin.comFranklin

Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute

therapy and sports Performance Center, there are primary as well as specialty prac tices on the campus.

Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters 601 Children’s lane, norfolk 668-7000

Lake Taylor Transitional Care 1309 Kempsville road, norfolk 461-5001

60 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 cAHtALHere: HealthFamily

Jones Institute for Reproductive medicine www.jonesinstitute.orgtheJonesinstitutefor

View 5818 Harbour View Blvd., suffolk 673-5800 this facility includes an outpatient surgery and a diagnostic center which includes western Hampton roads’ only open Mri unit as well as Ct and diagnos tic radiology and non-invasive vascular imaging. other programs and services include in-Motion Physical therapy and sports Performance Center, a gastroen terology center, the Bon secours Center for Colon and rectal Diseases, the Bon secours surgical Weight loss Center, Mid-atlantic Hearing and Balance Cen ter, primary care and specialist offices, a full-service emergency department and the Millie lancaster Women’s Center.

Eastern State Hospital 4601 ironbound road Williamsburg 253-5161 now part of the Virginia Department of Mental Health Mental retardation and substance abuse services system, the 760bed facility provides community-focused mental health care. Riverside Behavioral Health Center 2244 Executive Drive Hampton 826-1007 this 127-bed facility provides 24-hour, 7-day a week free, confidential com prehensive assessments and referral assistance for psychiatric and chemical dependency problems to children, ado lescents and adults. the center offers the immediate options often demanded in crisis situations. it also provides outpa tient services, including special services like transcranial Magnetic stimulation.

orthopedic, cancer or neurological illness. Orthopedic & Spine Center 250 nat turner Boulevard newport news 596-1900 this practice specializes in orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, arthritis surgery, total knee and hip replacements, arthroscopic surgery, fracture treatment, hand and foot surgeries, Mri and Dexascan (bone density and body fat analysis).

WWW C oastal V irginia.n E t • 61 re:cAHtALHe

Sentara medical Group Virginia Beach 395-1300 nearly 400 premier physicians practicing from about 100 sites of care comprise sentara Medical group. spanning from Williamsburg to northeastern north Carolina, the medical group includes a full complement of primary and secondary physicians growing to meet the changing needs of the community.


Riverside Rehabilitation Institute 245 Chesapeake avenue newport news 928-8000 this 50-bed facility offers long-term phys ical rehabilitation by a multi-disciplinary team for victims of stroke recovery, amputa tion, neurological rehabilitation, spinal cord injury, brain injury, and medically complex rehab. We develop unique treatment plans for each individual to help them regain functionality and independence with tasks such as self-care and activities of daily living skills, mobility training, intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy, and more so they can return home with the highest possible level of independence.

sentara Port Warwick is the Peninsula’s only comprehensive outpatient campus. located on 15 acres, this three-building complex includes a 24-hour freestanding emergency department staffed by boardcertified emergency physicians, advanced imaging center, the region’s first comprehen sive breast center including a high-risk breast program, an advanced vascular treatment center, and an outpatient surgery center staffed by board-certified surgeons wellversed in minimally-invasive surgeries that reduce recovery times. Primary and specialty physicians, a laboratory, hyperbaric medi cine, Virginia oncology’s cancer center and endovascular suite offer a full complement of outpatient services to Peninsula patients.

Sentara St. Lukes 20209 sentara Way, 542-1000 now open near the intersection of Brewers neck Boulevard (route 258) and route 10 is sentara st. luke’s, a new, two-story, 52,000 square foot health care

Sentara medical Arts & Urgent Care at New Town 4374 new town avenue Williamsburg 259-1900 sentara Medical arts & Urgent Care at new town, a nearly 50,000 square foot building located off ironbound road, houses several internal medicine and family practice physician offices in addition to new town Urgent Care now open seven days a week. occupational Medicine, coumadin clinic, and a pediatric practice and specialized teen health clinic are also located on campus.

Sentara BelleHarbour 3920 a Bridge road, suffolk 983-0000 advanced health care has come to north suffolk at sentara BelleHarbour, less than one mile from the 664/route 17 interchange. this state-of-the-art outpatient medical center brings quality health services including a 24hour, freestanding emergency department, advanced imaging center, central testing and laboratory, sleep center, occupational medi cine, physical therapy services, and physician offices to nearby residents.

Sentara Gloucester medical Arts 5659 Parkway Drive gloucester (804) 210-1000 sentara gloucester Medical arts, located off route 17 at the entrance of the gloucester Business Park, has a wide array of medical services includ ing urgent care, primary and special ists care, and pediatrics coupled with diagnostic imaging services.

Sentara Greenbrier Healthplex 713 Volvo ChesapeakeParkway 1-800-736-8272 advanced imaging Center 282-4025 Battlefield therapy Center 282-4015 advanced healthcare in a neighbo hood setting is available at greenbrier HealthPlex. included are physician offices, diagnostic services, physical therapy and complete women’s care as well as laboratory testing. Sentara Heart Hospital® 600 gresham Drive, norfolk 388-8000 this $94.5 million, state-of-the-art facility, opened in February, 2006 on the norfolk general Hospital campus. it is the region’s only dedicated heart hospital enabling heart patients to receive comprehensive services-from diagnostics and interven tional cardiology to open-heart surgery and transplantation—all under one roof. the new hospital showcases excellence in heart care building on norfolk general’s successes in developing one of the best heart programs in the nation. the facility has 112 licensed inpatient beds and 45 pre/ post procedural rooms—all private. it also features 5 “smart” voice-activated cardiac operating rooms, the region’s only cardiac eiCU® offering round-the- clock electronic monitoring of heart patients, 6 cardiac catheterization labs, and 3 electrophysiol ogy (EP) labs. in addition, the hospital has the region’s first 64-slice Ct scanner, which enables doctors to diagnose heart disease within seconds and avoid invasive heart catheterization procedures.

Sentara Port Warwick 11803 Jefferson avenue at loftus newport news 736-9898

500 rodman ave, suite 4 Portsmouth 393-6119 301 riverview avenue, suite 525a norfolk 963-5588

aerobics, free weights, indoor pool, in door track, lifecycles, nautilus equipment, racquetball, rowers and stair climbers. Features Cybex and three gyms. Child care provided.

Bally Total fitness Peninsula & southside locations 1-866-402-2559 (40BallY)

The Simon family JCC 5000 Corporate Woods Drive, suite 100 Virginia Beach 321-2338 offers more than just a great gym. Members:

Bon Secours Health Resource Center Mary immaculate Hospital 886-6000 refers specific doctors—who have chosen to be in the service—on a rotational basis. also refers programs offered by the hospital and community support groups. available business hours only. Sentara Healthcare 1-800-736-8272 refers specific doctors—who have chosen to be in the service—on a rotational basis. refers services of bilingual doctors. also refers programs offered by the hospital and com munity support groups. •

62 • Coastal Virginia 2022-23 cAHtALHere: HealthFamily campus. among the services available on campus are: sentara Urgent Care, sentara Family Medicine Physicians (formerly smithfield Medical Center), advanced imaging services, smithfield therapy Center (formerly smithfield Physical therapy), laboratory services, and physician specialists ranging from oB/ gYn to cardiology, gastrointestinal care and ophthalmology.

Free weights, individualized programs, lifecycles, nautilus and Universal equipment, nutritional guidance, rowers, sauna, stair climbers, tanning bed, weight-loss program and whirlpool. Features lifting supplies and supplements. specializes in body building. ymCA Chesapeake 547-9622 Hampton 722-9044 south Hampton roads 624-9622

Verifies doctors’ board certification. Riverside Nurse 595-6363 toll-free r24-hour,,answersinformationquestionsandprovidesreferrals.Freeandconfidential7-days-a-weekserviceprovidedbyiversideHealthsystem.

AmericanREfERRALSBoard of medical Specialties (866-1-866-275-2267asK-aBMs)

7516 Hospital rd., rte. 17 gloucester (804) 693-8888 aqua arthritis classes, babysitter training, childbirth preparation classes, CPr classes, Dietcise, DynaMom, group exercise classes, kickboxing classes, BodyJam, lifeguarding classes, Pilates, racquetball lessons, smoke less tM, spinning tM, summer Fit Camp, swimming lessons, tae Kwan Do, tennis lessons, water aerobics, yoga, Cardiotheater, cardiovascular fitness equipment, climbers/ steppers, elliptical crosstrainers, free weights, strength training, circuits, lifecycles, row ers, treadmills, body composition analysis, exercise consultants, fitness instructors, fitness testing, massage therapy, nutrition counsel ing, certified personal trainers, registered dieticians, sport-specific training, total body conditioning, indoor and outdoor basketball, indoor pool, indoor and outdoor tennis, indoor track, indoor volleyball, racquetball, locker rooms and towels, nursery, saunas, summer memberships and whirlpools. not all services available at both locations.

W. Jennings Outpatient Center 844 n. Battlefield Boulevard Chesapeake 312-6137 this surgery Center, designed for patients who have their procedure and return home the same day, offers many advantages. its award-winning design is one of the most patient-friendly in Hampton roads providing a soothing atmosphere that is an alternative to traditional hospitals. all patient rooms have windows, for example, many of which overlook an outdoor pond and fountain area. Even the four operating suites have windows for natural lighting. Family member needs have also been taken into account, with a spacious, comfortable waiting area that boasts two workstations with phones. Proce dures that can be performed in the surgery Center include orthopedic, gynecologic, Ent, plastic, podiatry and general surgery cases.


Bon Secours ParCourse fitness Trail 2 Bernadine Dr., newport news 886-6000 Chesapeake Health Fitness Centers lifestyle Center-CgH 800 Battlefield Boulevard north Chesapeake 312-6132 lifestyle Center-Western Branch 4626 taylor road, Chesapeake 483-8300 Curves for Women Peninsula & southside locations 1-800-419-9250

Obici Physical Therapy and Wellness route 10/godwin Boulevard suffolk 934-8572

Riverside Wellness & fitness Centers 12650 Jefferson ave. newport news 875-7525

• Comprehensive fitness center and indoor and outdoor pools

• 50+ free group fitness classes per week, including tabata, Zumba, and more

Sentara Center for Health & fitness 4001 Coliseum Drive Hampton 766-2658 the sentara Center for Health & Fitness opened across from sentara CarePlex Hospital and offers comprehensivehealth and wellness services including cardiovascular and weight training, sports performance, and medicallymanaged fitness and rehabilitation.

• Summer day camps for toddlers through teens • Cultural & educational programs for children, teens & adults

Total fitness 6120 Jefferson ave. newport news 827-0629

Dominion Physical Therapy 466 Denbigh Boulevard newport news 875-0861 729 thimble shoals, suite 4C newport news 873-2932 243 Mclaws Circle, suite 102 Williamsburg 564-9628 304 Marcella road, suite E Hampton 825-9446

• Free babysitting while you work out

James City County 200-6070 Portsmouth 399-5511 newport news 223-7925 norfolk 622-9622 suffolk 934-9622 Virginia Beach 456-9622 Williamsburg 220-9622 York County 867-3300

Peninsula Aging and Disability Resource Network 873-0541

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia 461-9481

Jewish family Services of Tidewater 321-2222

As the number of seniors within the Hampton Roads community grows, there are an abundance of organizations and agencies that can provide informa tion and other forms of assistance. senior services of southeastern Virginia is one such group that provides pre-scheduled rides as well as emergency transportation for seniors in need. its nutrition Program distributes meals to seniors at day care centers as well as to individual homes. the Center for aging disseminates information about adult services and benefits while its ombuds man office is a resource for individuals that have facility care concerns. senior services also coordinates volunteer and employment programs for seniors. For more information, call 461-9481 or visit other resources include the Peninsula agency on aging, and the Peninsula aging network that meet monthly.

Great Atlantic Travel & Tour 422-9002 Institute for Learning in Retirement Virginia Beach 368-4160

Portsmouth 673-5025 suffolk 934-4911 Virginia Beach 306-2721 Williamsburg 229-9250 York County 525-3881

Eligibility 1-800-772-1213

Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda (804)

Chesapeake/norfolk 858-6198 Portsmouth 465-4896

Peninsula Agency on Aging 873-0541

Sentara Senior Community Care (PACE Program) Virginia Beach 502-7800 Sentara Village Chesapeake 261-4050 norfolk 892-5200 Virginia Beach 306-2800

medicare general information 1-800-633-4227

Southeastern Virginia Chapter 459-2405

Riverside Healthy Living Community Smithfield assisted living / Memory Care / rehabilitation / long-term Care

VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads 624-2400

American Association of Retired Persons 1-888-687-2277 Bay Aging (804) 758-2386

Elder Care Resource & Referral 627-3993

Peninsula Aging Network 345-6277

fOR Alzheimer’sSENIORSAssociation

Sentara Adult Day Health Care Center Virginia Beach 306-2850

Senior Centers Chesapeake 382-2330 Hampton 727-1601 Historic triangle 259-4187 newport news 591-4850 norfolk 644-6484 ocean View 441-1767 York County 898-3880


United AssociationSeniors 1-800-951-0017

Goodwill 1-800-goodwill / 627-7733

Virginia Center of Aging (804) 828-1525

Mobile Meals of Norfolk 892-5210 mobile meals of Portsmouth 687-6325

Social Security Administration general information 1-800-772-1213 newport news 873-3914

V irginia.n E t • 63 :LiSeniorVinG OrganizationsHelpful

friends of the Elderly Virginia Beach 431-0052 GoldenClub 856-7010

Endependence Center Inc. norfolk 461-8007 family management Services, Inc. Fairfax (571) 748-5429 file of Life 382-8824 food Stamps & fuel Assistance 926-6300 foster Grandparent Program 727-1858

Eastern Shore Area Agency on Aging 442-9652

Riverside Adult Day Services newport news 875-2033

Riverside Senior Care Navigation 856-7030 Retired Senior Volunteer Programs of the Peninsula newport news, Portsmouth, 595-9037

suffolk Sanders Gloucester independent living / assisted living / rehabilitation / long-term Care(804) 693-2000

Disabled American Veterans Chesapeake 545-5679 gloucester (804) 695-1558 Hampton 826-7530 newport news 875-0721 norfolk 426-7100 Portsmouth 465-7300 suffolk 934-2695 Virginia Beach 519-9931

Warwick Forest / The Gardens at Warwick Forest independent living / assisted living / Memory Care / rehabilitation / long-term Care 886-2000

Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health (CEALH) 220-4751

Franklin Downtown Development 562-6900

Sentara Living Williamsburg 1-800-736-8272

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia 456-2366

Christopher Center at Our Lady of Perpetual Help


Social Services Departments Main agency (804) 726-7000 Chesapeake 382-2000 Hampton 727-1800 newport news 926-6300 norfolk 664-6000 Portsmouth 405-1800 suffolk 514-7450 Virginia Beach 385-3200

magnolia manor Assisted Living at the orchard (804) 313-2400 at smithfield 357-0732 meals on Wheels Chesapeake 312-6458 newport news 873-0541 norfolk 892-5210

Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation mathews (804)

Patriot’s Colony at Williamsburg independent living / assisted living / Memory Care / rehabilitation / long-term Care 220-9000

Riverside Nurse 1-800-675-6368

Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office Elderly and Indigent Victim’s Assistance Program Chesapeake 382-6159

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Schooner Alliance, riverwalk Landing, Historic yorktown

Children’sHeAltHCAreHospital of the King’s daughters 601 Children’s Lane Norfolk, VA 23507 (757) (Seewww.CHKD.org668-7000ourad–page 57)

vmUseUmsirginialiving museum 524 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard Newport News, VA 23601 (757) (Seewww.thevlm.org595-1900ourad–page 37)

Chesapeake,deConomiCeveloPmentCity of 555 Belaire Avenue Suite Chesapeake,310 VA 23320 (757) (Seewww.chesapeakeva.biz382-8040ourad–page21) gloucester County 6489 Main (,StreetVA23061693-1415ourad–page22)

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riverside Health system 701 Town Center Drive Suite Newport1000News, VA 23606 (757) (Seewww.riversideonline.com875-7880ourad–page59)

eastern state Hospital 4601 Ironbound Road Williamsburg, VA 23188 (757) (See–page61)

reAl rCenturyestAte/residentAl21nachmanealty 720 Thimble Shoals Boulevard Newport News, VA 23606 Toll-Free (Seewww.century21nachman.com1-800-539-8014ourad–page33)

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It all started in 1993 with the birth of Living on the Virginia Peninsula 1998 The Military Guide to Hampton Roads was brought into service. 2005, 11 years later, Living in Hampton Roads was born. 2008 Bravo was created to support the “Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads”. 2009 Healthcare in Hampton Roads arrived. February 7, 2012 Our trademark was born. The 1st & original Coastal areaHamptonthemagazineVirginia,servingGreaterRoadsofVirginia.

Christopher Newport has become the epicenter of a thriving regional art and theater community that benefits not only students but also the Hampton Roads community and beyond. and the Take a drive down Warwick Boulevard and you’ll find proof; two architecturally extraordinary buildings that offer a multitude of encounters with the visual and performing arts. The newest of the two is the Mary M. Torggler Fine Arts Center. It recently opened its doors after 10 years of planning and a year-and-a-half of construction. The center bears the name of Mary M. Torggler, who along with her husband George, are longtime supporters of arts and education programs. Through their generosity they’ve created unique opportunities for artists in both the performing and visual arts to flourish. The Torggler is a remarkable, 83,000 square-foot building that beckons visitors into its luminous atrium capped by three cascading domes. The domes symbolize the three ships commanded by the university’s namesake, Christopher Newport. Rotating exhibits are featured in its magnificent main gallery. There’s an interactive Art Explorers Gallery for children, a community art gallery, many studio classrooms for academic and public art classes, workshops and camps, and a 150seat auditorium.Adjacentto the Torggler, connected by a curved colonnade that was extended for the project, is the Ferguson Center for the Arts. The Ferguson Center has long been a popular venue for Broadway shows, concerts and world-renowned ballets, as well as a place where students can hone their craft in a variety of exciting ways. As a university-based community performing arts center, the Ferguson maintains a balance between the popular and the traditional, the big Broadway hits and the off-Broadway cousins, the emerging artists with the legendary performers. This eclectic mix has been the formula to its success and helped establish it as the best performing arts center in southeastern Virginia and beyond. As most know, a community full of art is a community full of culture. Research has shown cities that emphasize the arts have more civic and social engagement, better child welfare and even lower poverty rates. The arts also stimulate business and economic growth. The creative industries employ nearly 3 million people and make up around 4 percent of the nation’s business. When you support your local arts, you are doing extraordinary things for your community. You are creating culture, stimulating business, driving tourism and inspiring the next generation of young minds. And just as importantly, you help carry on the tradition of providing exceptional opportunities for our students, who will continue the critical mission of stimulating awareness and appreciation for the arts. Christopher Ne wport un

iver si ty

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