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Hello! I'd love to photograph your family and spend some time with you!



You'll find in the next few pages all you need to know about your photo session. The most important thing is knowing that the photo session is fun and that you are going to enjoy yourselves!

All Lifestyle Photo Sessions are £190 and include: • Up to 3-hour photo session in one or two locations of your choice (which can be your home, or at an outdoor location such as a park nearby or a place you love to go to with your family.) • Pets and grandparents are welcome! • A relaxed chat/email to prepare the session (with tips on what to wear and what to expect.) • A password-protected online gallery to download your photos. • An app where you can easily see your photos on your mobile. • Paula’s exquisite high quality post-processing techniques.

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After your photo session, you can choose from a range of digital images and printed artworks.

There's no minimal purchase and no hard sell.

Loose Prints 5x


............ £90



............ £150


............ £250

5x matted

Digital Collections You'll have flexibility to print your photos where and how many times you want. 10 photos ............ £450 20 photos

............ £530

30 photos

............ £610

All photos ............ £730

Bespoke Frames Small


............ ÂŁ240

Medium 16x11'' ............ ÂŁ310 Large

20x16'' ............ ÂŁ395

* image size (frame size depends on the frame width.)

I work with a team of art-oriented framers and printers, who use certfied wood and the finest quality materials. I will gladly help you find the best frame style and size for your photos and your home. This is part of the personalised service I love to offer and there's no extra cost.

Storyboard This very popular multi aperture frame couldn't suit lifestyle photo sessions better as it tells a story, showing multiple aspects of your family life. Children absolutely love it! There are not only many frame styles but also different layouts. Quote depends on the size and number of images, and the starting price is:

2 3 4 5 9

images images images images images


from from from from from

£250 £350 £390 £450 £620

Fine Art Album I absolutely love these eco-friendly UKmade albums. The printing quality is a joy sharp and warm - each spread feels like a work of art by itself. For the album cover, you can choose between a smart contemporary leather range or a wide range of bold and pastel fabric colours. It includes a beautiful box, with a minimum of 50 printed photos over 30 pages. 8x8'' Fine Art Album............... £590 10x10'' Fine Art Album............ £680 Grand parent's 6x6'' copy...... £90

Packages There's a 15% discount if you combine a

10 digital photos +

digital collection with any of the items shown above.

20 digital photos +

All digital photos +

Medium 16x11'' Frame


Storyboard - 4 photos


10x 12x8'' Matted prints


Medium 16x11'' Frame


Storyboard - 4 photos


10x 12x8'' Matted prints


Medium 16x11'' Frame


10x 12x8'' Matted prints


Storyboard - 9 photos


What should I expect from the photo session? We will have a chat by email or phone prior to the photo session so you can let me know any details I should be aware of: any favourite plays and characters your children may like, any big no-no's, any questions we need to address before the photo session, location preferences, clothing tips, photoshoot ideas etc. We will be working together to make you and your family feel comfortable! How do I book? Just send me a message and I’ll get back to you with the available photoshoot dates. The photo session date will be confirmed after the payment is processed and a simple portrait contract is digitally signed. You can pay by card or

bank transfer. When will I have my photos? You will be able to access your online gallery approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the photoshoot. Then, you will have 10 days to carefully choose them. After the gallery is closed, we can schedule an optional post photoshoot consultancy over the phone/ skype where I can help you with any questions you may have and also offer guidance on frames, storyboard layouts and other art wall options that best fit your style. You can place the order after the portrait consultancy session or you can skip it completely and place the order online or over the phone as soon as the gallery is closed. You do what suits you best.


After the order is completed, the digital files will be ready in 2-4 days. Print products will be available in 4-5 weeks max, but usually sooner. How long does the session last? Around 3 hours.I will be photographing while you are having fun with your children (there will even be enough time to accommodate your children’s mood – just in case you are worried about your little one having one of their unpredictable days…!) How much does the session cost and what is it included? It costs £190 and it includes: •

A 3-hour photo session.

• • •

Travel time and costs (within London.) Editing time. Creation of an online password protected gallery, with a minimum of 40 photos, from which you will be able to purchase the photos you want to keep.

The photo session doesn't include any prints. Prints and additional digital files are available to buy separately. How many photos should I expect to choose from? Around 40-70 photographs, sometimes more. They will be presented in a combination of black and white or colour toning, with different crop sizes. Can I purchase individual digital photos or individual prints?

Yes, but the lifestyle family photo sessions are a bespoke service and therefore they work best when you have a budget to purchase either a digital collection or a set of beautiful printed artworks. Individual digital photos cost £75 each. Individual 10x8'' fine art matted prints cost £50 each and are only availale after a minimum of £200 purchase. You can also purchase 10@ 10x8'' gift fine art matted prints for £400. What if my child is ill? I offer a reschedule with no extra fee due to illness. Please note that the booking fee is not refundable and further reschedules are subject to a new

booking fee. Where does it take place? In a location of your choice. The session can be split between your home and a place your family loves to go, such as a park, tennis club, an urban forest, an allotment, a tour of the neighbourhood backstreets… You can always opt for a nearby town or a family holiday home (additional fee might apply.) The Lifestyle Family Photo Sessions are bespoke and are perfect when you are looking for those extra special personal touches. Can you give some examples of the activities we could do with our kids? Sure! Here we go: Breakfast in bed, a pillow fight, playing and snuggling in bed, tickling, a tea par-

ty, climbing trees, board games, peekaboo for the youngest, story reading, bathtub time, spinning, throwing kids in the air, dancing, baking, role play, gardening, colouring, riding a scooter/bike, rope jumping... You name it! The important thing is that your children already enjoy the activities we'll be doing during the session, so they can feel comfortable straightway and just enjoy it. This is the best way to capture their beautiful facial expressions and your lovely family interactions. How about the weather? You won't have to worry about UK weather at last! Lifestyle Photo Sessions are planned so we have your home as a backup (or as the main location if

you so wish.) I can capture your family with your home as the background, which will immediately help you and your children relax as you will all be in your most familiar environment. Many of my clients think their house is not beautiful enough, or is a little bit on the messy side. Please don't worry, as I will guide you to find the best rooms to take photos and we will adjust them to your liking and to the best available light. I will also give you many tips on how to prepare your home and make the most of your time (remember, we don't need to photograph in every room, or show everything!)

Paula Siqueira Photography Brochure