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We don't need holy wars. What we need is tolerance and brotherhood and simple humanity. - Arlen Specter Tolerance can be defined as a fair and objective attitude towards those whose lifestyle differs from yours. Thanks to the tolerance we can respect, accept different opinions or behaviors to those established by their social environment. But, Is tolerance the moral value born of our spiritual part? In these modern times, everyone is concerned about respect and tolerance among individuals; even it is something that we demand of others as one of our human rights. The marriage is an example of tolerance excellence, is the union of two people with different upbringings, different customs that come together to start a new family. How often our partners do not ask us to "tolerate" a relative who displeases us, by rude, dirty, or loose. Being tolerant does not mean being permissive. Do not misunderstand this word. Being tolerant means allowing, for example, that your brother listen to the music you like, although you will displease, but if you put the volume so high that you hurt the eardrums, ask to turn down the volume is not intolerant, provided when the request is made in a respectful manner. On the one hand, the virtue of tolerance is forged during childhood and adolescence as part of a belief system and more complex values, and implies the fact listen and make the effort to understand the thinking of the other, and fundamentally, to accept as being as valid as ours. Parents and teachers have a crucial role in this regard.


The conclude is that there is not doubt in it that tolerance is the most necessary quality of our everyday life. If we culture tolerance, we will be free from all the pain of envy within ourselves. Then our soul will live in peace and happiness. Children from their early childhood should develop the habit of tolerance. The elders should guide them in this respect. Bibliography


Plants and trees So green so green The kitchen is the leaf And the root is the chief

They are give us flowers to decorate Also for celebrate They are give us paper from their wood And they are found in the woods

With their help we can make whatever we want From a rubberband to a pants We don't need to pay taxes or fees To borrow from our lovely trees

They protect us to diseases That would make us wrong All the carbondioxide They always take in


Always There by Ryan C. Wilks You're always there. When I am sad, mad or just having a bad day, You're always there. Doesn't matter what mood I'm in, You're always there. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I love the friendship we share but most of all I love you. You're always there The sound of your soothing voice is like the sound of a chorus of angels that fill my heart with joy No matter how far or near, You're always there Forever in my heart you will be for years and years. Through thick and thin we will stand. You're always there We will always be friends forever and ever You're always there When it comes down to it, I will always be there for you And You will always be there for me


Lucero was a cheerful and playful child, one day she went out to collect firewood with her father in the forest near her house, at first her father held her hand but as soon as she reached a fallen and dry tree she let go of the hand His little girl and told him to stay there while he and his ax were in charge of cutting that tree into pieces. Lucero obeyed, at least for a few moments, but like every curious and restless child fixed his little brown eyes clear on an insect that walked on the ground, his father noticed the fact and came to see and make sure there was no danger, The father took the insect in his hand and gave his daughter telling him it was harmless, Lucero asked what it was and if you could eat, the father laughed, and said that it was not edible, because it had a taste bitter Lucero: And how do you know it has a bitter taste, ¿Dad? Father: ah well, esteee ... good because .... is an insect and .... good thing is that I have been told. Lucero: And what's your name? Father: it is a firefly, a bioluminescent insect. Lucero: How’s that biolumi ... bioluminicent? Father: Bioluminescent, an insect that can generate its own light. But what will he do for this area and at this hour? Lucero: Looks nice can I have it? Father: Yes, I suppose so. When the conversation was finished and the father's work was finished, they went home, the father carried the longest and most heavy logs while Lucero carried the lightest and the shortest, and in his left pocket he kept the firefly.


Already at dinner, the mother asked the workers how it was, both father and daughter nodded in that it was very good, and also asked his daughter if he was leaving his firefly tonight to continue looking for his way to home.

Father and daughter looked at each other, surprised at what they had heard, they both made gestures wondering how he had noticed, if both had not told him anything, or who had betrayed whom, and the mother just stared at them both, And told them that there was nothing to hide and that this time they were forgiven for not having informed before and pointed out that Lucero had to leave his insect.

Lucero was for a moment groggy the surprise that his mother was aware of his bioluminescent insect was short-lived, what most caught his attention was the fact that how his mother knew that insect was looking for their way. He was not asked, he only claimed that he would leave his firefly as soon as he finished praying that very night. The family finished dinner and departed to their respective enclosures, the parents said good night to their little one reminding to him that he had to thank God first of all. Already in the parents room, Mr. Oliver who was the name of Lucero's father and Lucero's mother and mother, Mariam talked about what had happened at the table. Oliver: How did you realize that we had hidden from you the firefly and how did you know it was a firefly? Mariam: I know my family very well, I know very well when they tell the truth or when they are hiding something, ah my love you know that I have very good hearing, I could hear the firefly, you know they have a special sound. Oliver: If I had forgotten, I might say that you can hear a pin dropping on the floor, and that the firefly has to go home, why did you make that up?


Mariam stopped combing her hair and stared at the mirror that projected the image of her husband, looked directly into the eyes of his beloved reflected in the mirror, he also stared at her - What is it that worries you? - he said, he insisted saying the same words she had said a while ago, that he also knows his family very well and knows when they are hiding something, then she replied. Mariam: (with a somewhat sad voice) every time you go out, every time you go to do your labors, every time you retire or leave your home leaving them both alone, I fear that something bad happens to you, as the hours pass the agony increases, (Tears come and his hands start to tremble) apologize, but that is what worries me. Oliver: (soft and delicate voice puts his hands on his shoulders) and brings his cheeks over his left shoulder) I will always be close to you and for nothing of the world I will leave or abandon, God is my witness and I ask, and always I ask that you take care of them, I could not live without you. Mariam: (looks around and holds him tightly) I could not live without you either, I love you too much, they are everything to me. This ended the conversation between mother and father, while in the room of his daughter, Lucero asked God to kneel to take care of his parents, and his firefly find its way. Lucero was where his window between open from where he left his firefly so he could fly and retreat to his home. The firefly stayed there, seemed not to want to retreat, but sleep and fatigue led Lucero into the arms of Morpheus, that is to say the dream, and retired to his bed to sleep at last, while the firefly was still on


The window in the direction of star. This ends the day for all the protagonists. The next day about eight in the morning, Lucero woke up and the first thing he did is go to the bathroom, before he wet the bed, and then immediately went to his window and saw that a crow was in it, done With a pair of chu chu and the bird retired and realized that his firefly was not there, he wondered if he had retired during the night or if the crow had eaten it. She rushed to call her parents but only her mother answered, she immediately and gently drew her attention because of the scandal at such an early hour, the girl apologized and asked if the crows eat insects, her mother knew then what His concern and the reason for the scandal, then he wisely replied that the fireflies used their bioluminescence to scare off their predators and that the firefly would most likely be gone at night and that crows do not hunt at night or devour fireflies. Lucero was calmer and asked about his father, Mrs. Mariam told him that he had left very early to hunt to return early to repair the well. Lucero was a little distressed because she wanted to accompany her father but her mother reminded her that both had to do a lot of things and hurry before Mr. Oliver arrived. The hours passed, it was close to noon, Mr. Oliver was supposed to be at home, Mariam was beginning to worry, his daughter kept asking for her father. That crow appeared again, but on the ax with which Mr. Oliver used to cut wood, Lucero again began to drive the black bird away, his mother saw what he was doing and had a bad feeling, so I do not wait any longer, for A moment he thought to leave his girl in the house while she went to look for her husband, but he did not.


Lucero no matter how he drove the crow this one was not leaving, Mariam ordered his little girl to leave the crow in peace and Wrote a note to his father telling him that they went in search of him while his mother loaded the shotgun. As soon as she finished writing the note, Lucero went to her mother. She was waiting outside the house with a shotgun in her hand and they went to the forest in search of Mr. Oliver, they both shouted for him, in the forest the sound of two Anguished women screaming Oliver, where are you, and where are you? But there was only the sound of the wind blowing on the trees, the sound of the birds and the river, the river! She thought, it was where the river, maybe there was or found some clue of it - hopefully not - said to himself, hopefully he will find nothing and return home imagining that he is waiting for them, but near the river bed, Mariam found nothing, Walked long, near the shore, with his daughter in mamo, Lucero saw something on the ground in the opposite direction, turned his eyes and saw that firefly. Lucero: Mom, it's the firefly, it's on the other side, maybe she knows where this dad is. Mariam: Please Lucero, pay more attention to what we do, that we are looking for your father. Lucero: but ... this crow back, it seems to follow us. Mariam: What thing? Lucero: the raven is in that tree, turns and looks


Mariam began to worry more, the crow's repeated presence disturbed her, turned around and noticed something strange on the floor, it seemed all removed, went where that place and realized that the leaves removed came from above, Some more clue, while Lucero was looking for his firefly found some leaves with blood stains, immediately notice his mother, she ran and even more began to despair, I try to keep calm so as not to frighten your little one, although in the background There was already tremendous restlessness. It was too late, the sky began to appear at night and night began to show in the dark, Mariam thought of returning home, knew the dangers that could lurk in the forest, if she was alone she might stay Lucero seemed to guess the intentions of his mother and fixed his eyes on his mother's eyes, with those innocent eyes and Tender and wanting to cry and told him Ubi is, dominate? - that was what Dad said when he needed help, but that means Mom, which means Ubi is, dominate? Mariam: Where are you, my lord? That means daughter, where are you, my lord? Lucero: Then I tell you the same, Ubi is, Dad? And I know that he is also telling us the same thing in any part of this forest, please continue to look for Mom, if you want I stay here waiting for you not to bother you But keep looking for Dad. Mariam: That never, You will not leave me, and we will find your father together, we will not leave him a second time. So mother and daughter agreed to continue looking for their loved one, Mariam remembered the words of her husband when he needed help from God, he always repeated in his prayers Ubi es, dominate?


With this phrase in the head but more than All in the desperate heart, took some strips of her dress to make a torch, a light in that darkness and darkness, with her heart in her hands and convinced to find her husband down the river, Mariam had a vague idea of What had happened, if the leaves were removed from above is that from there had slipped Oliver, if the leaves were with blood was because it was maybe was wounded, the wound should not be deep since there is not much blood left, But the trail ended in the river, then the question is Why? Why did not Oliver stop and return, why did he continue with the river currents? Why?

There were many questions or hypotheses. But what had happened to Mr. Oliver, and where he was. If indeed the leaves revoiled and the blood in those leaves were his. The truth is that if it was, and besides was very badly injured and something far down the river, where Lucero and Mariam were, he needed help as soon as possible.

iMr. Oliver hunting a hare was attacked by a pack of wolves who caught him from behind, had bitten his arms and legs, and his shotgun was not much use because it had locked, only used to hit the beasts but

Nor did they leave him in peace until he had to run to the river, but one of the biggest and fierce wolves reached him by biting his heel, and Mr. Oliver fell abruptly down the river, wounded in hands and legs, dragged by the And could grasp a trunk before it drowned, but the worst thing was that the pack followed him downstream, it seems that they did not want to leave it until he saw it finished, Mr. Oliver in his almost unconsciousness thanked the trunk in the river, he was so lucky , But the wounds caused made it difficult to


continue holding even more as the flow increased and the river flowed, to vary so much time in the water Mr. Oliver could die of hypothermia, that is when the body begins to lose heat from the cold And the heart stops beating The symptoms of the first phase were already beginning to feel (contracted muscles, intense cold, dilated pupils, etc.). This situation was a struggle of the wounded or injured man against the beasts and nature, the only hope would come from the persistence and faith of two women, Lucero and his mother Mariam, both followed the course of the river, neither the night and its gloom Did not stop both women. Mr. Oliver was becoming very sleepy and just when he closed his eyes given fatigue and hypothermia, but began to open his eyes and pray to the lord, begging him to give him more strength to be able to resist longer - Ubi is, Dominate ?, do not leave me please, my family needs me, do it for them and not for me, Ubi is, dominate, in your hands my strength, in your will my hope and your grace my love, my love ... But those eyes of the same color that his daughter had had began to close again, and at that moment the wolves began to be restless fireflies appeared, the most wolf of them made a weak growls and barks, which were so weak as to To hear Mariam, who walked with her daughter very exhausted and desperate, and without anyone noticing that they were heading directly to the danger of the fierce wolves and but also walked directly to the salvation of Mr. Oliver. One of the fireflies stood in the hands of Mr. Oliver, and a voice was heard inside Ubi, Oliver? They're waiting for you, get up, Oliver, get up and save them." It was light or the sign of hope he needed and once again opened his eyes and with the strength of a wounded lion roared, saying


- Thank you my lord - and began to rise trying to leave the river with his whole body lacerated by wounds and trembling by hypothermia, was his last forces for the salvation of him and his loved ones, had to fight for them and So to notice that he was not alone, even with the firefly in his hand, he raised that same arm with all his strength professed - Go and tell them little friend that I am waiting for them, go, go, fly high my little friend, as high as you can, fly my little friend ... - And as an angry and wounded lion began to repel the beasts. From not far from there Lucero looked up and saw a firefly, he immediately told his mother but she did not see it through the fronds of the trees that prevented her from seeing the firefly, but what she could not see if she could To hear, and it was the squawking of the crow in the direction of where the firefly was and where that was at hand, of Mr. Oliver and the wild beasts, the raven had given them that last signal, Lucero was thrilled and hurried to his Mother, she thought that the raven was attacking her husband, but it was just the opposite the crow began to revolt around the wolves, and these began to bark louder so much that they were finally heard by Mariam, who stopped the passage for some Seconds. Lucero: Mariam What happens, Why do we stop? Mariam: They are wolves daughter, they must be near where your father is. Lucero: Then shoot up, to scare them. Mariam: Yes, that's it, I'm going to shoot up, cover your daughter's ears. Then we'll keep running to save Dad.


He shot two upwards that scared the wolves but they were not enough for one of them was perhaps the biggest and the most aggressive, the same that made Oliver fall biting his heel, the crow that witnessed everything began to squawk louder As if to warn the women to hasten their pace, Mr. Oliver was about to faint because he had already exceeded his limits of strength, so he fell on his knees and just as the great wolf struck him, the raven flew straight at him and With his great beak struck in one of his eyes, the beast howled with pain and with his powerful claws hurt and shot the crow to the ground, but still had one eye and with this could see his prey on his knees, and then a shot In his tail finally made him give up his fight and cruelty and ran with the tail between his hind legs, getting as far away as he could until he was lost between the trees and the night. Immediately afterwards Mariam and Lucero attended to their loved one, they made a bonfire to give heat and they gave the first aid to him, still had pulse and his heart still throbbing strongly. There they stayed the three or five, until the day after they took Mr. Oliver home and after a few days and recovered from that moment the first thing they did is to pray together, thanking them for having helped them and for those creatures they sent to help To Mr. Oliver.


But where were these creatures, the firefly and the raven, nothing was known of those creatures since that day, Lucero always looked attentively to the ground or up but did not find his little friend, even leaving his window between open for some day Appeared, but nothing, Mrs. Mariam always left some maize on the roof for the crow, seeing that he did not take them always changed it for new ones the next day, until one day at dinner some fireflies appeared from nowhere revoled by The table and they left, Lucero jubilantly dismissed them, the next day when Mrs. Mariam wanted to change the maize on the roof, they were gone, then the family understood that their little friends would always be near them even more when the danger appeared, God acts, you can not see it and even if you are in danger and you can not see it, it will always be there and if you do not give of your part you will never be able to help yourself, nor can you reach beyond the limits of your own Strength, hope and love.



E motion feeling when you approved your quiz C ould be a big satisfaction O ffer up a lot of deafferents kinds of doors in your life student

N ever give up even if you don't understand anything about the subject

O ften could be so hard My dear student you always have to do the best of you


You be able to get all success if you want.


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