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Enjoy a successful business with a great lifestyle in the Regions

Franchise owners Maunghla Pan and Mu Ban Peh, who run a proftable CrestClean business in Nelson, enjoy living in a vibrant regional city where everything is close by.

This is the type of lifestyle available to CrestClean franchisees operating successful businesses in the regions. With lower living costs and cheaper housing, now is a great time to make the move. Buy a CrestClean franchise in any of the regions on the map and you can get up to $3000 towards relocation costs. We have fnance options available to help get you started, plus great operational and administration support from NZ’s leading small business franchise system.

We have high demand for new franchisees in these regions

Whakatāne Kerikeri Hamilton Taranaki Nelson Wānaka Timaru Alexandra Cromwell Whangārei
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Many people are realising that franchise business ownership could be the opportunity they have been looking for to reinvent their careers, or live life on their own terms.

Successful franchises rely upon good structures that enable franchisees to succeed and grow. We understand what it takes to turn a thriving business into a viable franchise by laying the legal foundations to help you reach your goals.

Create or maintain your own successful franchise system with legal specialists who focus on getting the legal nuts-and-bolts right - advice on franchise agreements, contractual obligations and fair trading regulations, through to intellectual property, corporate structuring and employment law.

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Do you want to

When we were looking for a cover picture to illustrate the value of a franchise as a long-term investment, Adele Flett sprang to mind. Adele opened her Rodney Wayne salon in May 1990 and today, 33 years later, she’s still running the same business – along with a couple of retail outlets. It’s a great example of how someone with little or no previous experience of business ownership can find success through buying a franchise.

There are lots of other examples of long-term franchisees in this issue, too, and in our cover story on page 6 we look at the reasons why. Back in 1990, franchising wasn’t a well-understood concept in New Zealand, but now we’re the most franchised country in the world – and franchisees like Adele have seen their businesses survive and thrive through all sorts of population changes, recessions, rock star economies and even pandemics. Clearly, if you choose well, buying a franchise can be a great way to secure the future you want.

In the following pages, you’ll find lots of great franchise opportunities, and advice on how to evaluate them to see if they suit your goals. There are questions to ask about buying a franchise (page 22), links to valuable resources on our website (page 64), and suggestions from an experienced accountant and lawyer on how to evaluate a franchise opportunity from a long-term point of view (pages 34 and 58). You can find out about how to get the funding you need on page 40, while our Directory on page 68 has details of almost 300 different franchise brands.

And while 33 years is impressive, how about 70 years? Callum Floyd visited the oldest surviving McDonald’s in the world on his trip to the International Franchise Association convention in Las Vegas, and shares his impressions of the past and insights into current trends in franchising on page 46.

We hope you enjoy reading this latest issue, and find what you are looking for to create the future you want.

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financial aspects to consider when buying a

Welcome to New Zealand's BUY YOUR OWN BUSINESS magazine

6 The Long Game

What makes a franchise such a good choice as a long-term investment?

9 As Clear As Black & White Co-franchising makes getting into your own Black & White Coffee Cartel café affordable

11 Perfect Fit

Anytime Fitness provides impressive returns and an attractive lifestyle for franchisees

13 A Lot To Celebrate Cookie Time celebrates 40 years with long-term franchisees and multiple awards

15 Own Your Future

Tired of someone else controlling your career? Rodney Wayne could be your ticket to independence

16 Updates From Our Website

Our pick of the top news stories from and our newsletter

18 Surging Ahead

Jim’s Test & Tag thrives no matter what

19 Foot To The Floor Flooring Design is a highly profitable opportunity that rewards pro-active people


37 Well-Grounded Columbus Coffee combines local café ownership with national support

39 User-Friendly Accounting Advice

Franchise Accountants help franchisors and franchisees succeed

40 A Guide To Bank Funding For Franchisees

René Artz of Westpac discusses points to help you secure the necessary funding to get started

43 Part Of The Club

After 15 years with The Coffee Club, this franchisee couple tell us what they love about it

45 On Your Side

From Waikato to the world, Botherway helps franchisors and franchisees build business

46 Big Lessons From The Big Country

Callum Floyd rode across the USA to bring back insights from the International Franchise Association convention

51 Get Into Business

For Basuri Modhia, buying a Paramount Services franchise has been a life-changer

53 Living Her Best Life

From student to tutor to franchisee – all with NumberWorks’nWords

Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02

54 Conference Do’s & Don’ts

Tips to make the most of your next franchise conference

55 Southern Comforts Ecomist offers established business opportunity in Otago and Southland

57 Perfect In Every Detail

New Touch Up Guys franchisee finds work ready and waiting

58 Buying A Franchise As A Long-Term Investment Specialist franchise lawyer Lance Hargreaves on legal aspects to consider

61 A Better Life Cleancorp franchisee built himself a whole new lifestyle in just three years

63 Perfect Plan New Speed Queen-equipped laundromat is the ideal sidehustle for local family

64 Start Here Where to find the resources you need to decide whether a business is right for you

67 Potential Fulfilled V.I.P. Home Services franchisees build small investment into long-term success

82 New Deal Helps Franchises Reduce Costs Bunnings Trade PowerPass offers big savings to franchisors, franchisees and affiliates

68 Westpac Directory of Franchising

Comprehensive details and investment levels for over 275 franchise and master franchise opportunities. Also includes advisors and index to advertisers


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makes a franchise such a good choice as a long-term investment? We look at some of the reasons The Long Game 6 People & Profits Big Lessons From The Big Country A Long-Term Investment 34 46 58
Philip Morrison on
Callum Floyd shares stories and insights from the IFA Convention in Las Vegas Lance Hargreaves of Goodwin Turner on legal aspects to consider before buying

12 years

33 years

What makes a franchise such a good choice as a long-term investment?

After 33 years with Rodney Wayne, Adele Flett is one of the longestestablished franchisees in the country – and she still loves being part of the team. ‘We all share lessons and stories and bounce ideas off each other and, although we’re all individual owners, we’re all in this together.’

Jane Merai, who has owned her Columbus Coffee franchise for over 12 years, feels the same. With all that experience, you might think that she doesn’t really need a franchise any more, but in fact she values it more than ever. ‘The benefits for me outweigh everything else. I never feel alone and I love being part of the franchise community.’

Adele and Jane aren’t the only long-term franchisees in the following pages who feel that way. Quin Wang has owned his Aramex courier franchise for 11 years, while Matty and Sally Lovell have owned their Anytime Fitness gym for 8 years. After just 3 years at Cleancorp, Manish Singh is a relatively ‘new boy’, but he’s already enjoying a work/life balance he never thought possible.

You can read profiles of all these people in the following pages. They show that owning a franchise offers many advantages over starting or buying an independent business, and that those advantages often increase the longer you stay with the franchise. That’s why, if you’re investing in a business, think long-term. Over 10 years or so, there will inevitably be ups and downs in the economy, in the market conditions, and in your personal life, but a good franchise will help you make the most of the good times – and support you through the tricky ones.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons to buy a franchise in the first place – and how the benefits you receive can increase over time.

Why start with a franchise?

There are lots of good reasons for buying a franchise in the first place. These include:

Reduced risk

Starting your own business is risky. You need a good idea, the skills to make it happen, the cash to finance it and a whole lot of help to get it right. You need to tell your customers you exist, and give them a reason to choose you rather than your competitors. Buying a franchise means that someone else has already worked all this out for you, so the risk is much reduced.


11 years

When you buy a franchise, a good franchisor will ensure that you are fully trained in every aspect of running your specific business – not only using the equipment but managing people and cashflow, creating your customer database, purchasing, promoting the business, and lots of other things.


As you start to operate your own business, you’ll be given systems to help you monitor your progress, feedback on how you are doing, and ideas for doing even better. At its best, franchising is like having a dedicated mentor and business coach rolled into one.

Buying power

Whatever business you go into, controlling your costs is as important as maximising sales. Being part of a franchise can give you better deals on everything from products and ingredients to equipment – as well as services such as fuel or insurance. Combining your buying power with 20 or 100 other franchisees can make a big difference to your bottom line profit.


8 years

3 years

Having a known name on your van or above your shop will bring in business from day one. With a professional marketing team handling much of your advertising for you, you can concentrate on serving your customers and building your reputation locally.

The net result is that a new franchise can get up and running faster and with less risk than if you try to do it yourself. These five benefits alone will justify the fee you pay to be part of the franchise in the first place – and there are plenty of other advantages, too, that you’ll experience over time.

6 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02


Why stay in a franchise?

Many franchisees stay in their businesses for a long time, and why not? After all, if you’ve found something which you enjoy and it’s working well for you, why would you change? But it’s not just about sticking with a winning formula – here are some of the reasons why viewing a franchise as a long-term investment pays off.

Increasing confidence

Starting a new business is hard work, whether it’s a franchise or not. In the early days, you’ll find yourself working harder than you ever have in your life. But it gets easier as you get used to the systems, are able to do everyday tasks without thinking about them, train up your staff, and so on. Talk to any lawnmowing or cleaning franchisee and they’ll tell you that the first couple of months are incredibly hard work as they become ‘match fit’, but after that they are able to tackle more work faster. The same applies to any business, even if the challenge is mental rather than physical.

Better time management

As you work more efficiently, you’ll find you have more time to work on the business rather than just in the business. In turn, that will give you more flexibility in choosing when you work to fit in your family and the other things you want to do.

Increasing returns

As sales build and efficiencies increase, your profitability will increase, too. Yes, you can treat yourself now and then – and if you concentrate first on reducing debt by paying down any business loan or reducing the mortgage, you’ll have more money to spend on the things you love. By budgeting wisely, you can build an asset that returns more profit and is worth more when you do eventually sell it.

See page 34 for some financial tips.

Ongoing development

When you own your own business, it’s easy to get bogged down in day-today operations. This is another area where franchisees have an advantage – in a good franchise, the franchisor team will be constantly looking at market trends, new opportunities, new equipment or software that will keep your business at the cutting edge. If you’ve ever tried to compare something as basic as phone plans, you know how time-consuming and frustrating that can be. Having someone doing the research and negotiation for you on lots of different topics can be a huge relief.

Staying ahead of the pack

Every new business needs a competitive advantage. As time goes by, you have to find new ways of staying ahead. Because a franchisor needs the whole network to succeed to maintain their own income, it is their job to focus on franchisee profitability and competitiveness. This, aligned with benchmarking (measuring and comparing performance in key areas such as, for example, wastage, power usage, sales per square metre or per employee) helps franchisees stay competitive – and increasingly profitable.

Overcoming store blindness

Run a shop or a café for long enough and you’ll find you become what retailers call ‘store blind’ – you won’t notice deterioration in furniture, signage, uniforms or even habits because they happen so gradually. But with regular visits from the franchisor’s field managers, who will often have a checklist, you’ll find that you can stay sharp and go on treating customers just as well as you did at the start.

Knowing when to change

In every business, growth brings new challenges. When is the right time to buy a new piece of equipment, or employ someone for a particular role? Is it worth taking bigger premises or renewing the lease? They are big decisions, and timing can be critical. Having the support of a franchisor who has seen others go through this stage and has the facts and figures to help you, as well as the input from other franchisees, is a huge advantage. All these things reduce stress and help long-term franchisees make sound decisions.

Compliance made easy

Running a small business has become more difficult in recent years, with increasing employment, health and safety, and other regulations. In addition, legislation in areas such as childcare has become so timeintensive that many small operators are being forced out of business. But with a franchise keeping watch on the compliance side, telling you what you need to do and the systems you need to use, you can continue in a business that you know and love. You’ll still have to comply, but you won’t waste time working out how.

Legal issues are something you need to be aware of from the start, so read the article on page 58 to learn more. The article also covers the length of franchise terms and what is involved in renewing the term, as our featured franchisees have done.

Part of a team

An independent business is just that – on its own. However, in an established franchise you have not only the support of your franchisor, but also all the other franchisees who have been through the stage you are now at and understand the problems. Some of them are certain to become good friends, and there will be franchise meetings, conferences, funny stories, helpful hints … It all helps to reduce that feeling of isolation and prevent burnout so you can go on enjoying your business and making a success of it.

Opportunity to contribute

Just as others share their experience with you, as you become established so there are opportunities to share what you’ve learned with others. Jane Merai sits on the Franchise Advisory Council for Columbus Coffee; Adele Flett trains new recruits; and many franchisees act as trainers and mentors, formally or informally, for newer franchisees. It’s a way to give back, be involved and influence the wider franchise – and it keeps you engaged so you never get bored.

Someone’s always got your back

The Covid lockdowns were a time when a lot of small business owners suffered from uncertainty and isolation. By comparison, franchisees had people to talk to, people who really understood and cared, and who gave whatever help they could. At that time, we ran a series of articles on how franchisors were helping franchisees in everything from finance and fees to mental health and family games – read it at www.

And it’s not just about Covid – we regularly hear how franchises pull together to help one of their number who has suffered floods, or health issues, or bereavement … The lesson is: when you own a franchise, someone’s always got your back.

When the time comes to sell

Finally, no matter whether you remain in your chosen franchise for five years or forty, the time will come when you are ready to sell, retire, pass it over to a new generation or start a new life.

That will be a sad moment. In most cases, though, the business will still have one last gift to give you – the capital gain that comes from selling a successful business operating under the banner of a wellknown brand. The combination should make it both easier to sell and command a higher price than an independent outlet.

Jane, Quin, Matty, Sally and Adele are all profiled in the following pages, along with many others. Read their stories and ask yourself: is buying a franchise a way to build the business you want in the years ahead? If so, turn to page 64 and find out how to access advice and resources to help you make the right choice.

Find out more about how buying a franchise can help you achieve your long-term financial and life goals at

More Information

100% behind Your Local Community & You

Locally Owned. Friendly People. Great Advice.

As a cooperative-franchise, Paper Plus combines the expertise and support of a large, nationally recognised brand, with your entrepreneurial drive and a passion for retail, to create a successful, long term business.

Paper Plus and its members are more than just business partners, together in towns and cities throughout New Zealand, we’re a key part of communities, schools and local businesses.

Member opportunities available nationwide.

Talk to us about whether a Paper Plus cooperative-franchise is right for you

as clear as BLACK & WHITE

Two Christchurch thirty-somethings have a hit on their hands as cofranchisees of Black & White Coffee Cartel, New Zealand’s first and only on-premises micro-roasting café franchise. It’s an approach that the brand encourages to get the right people into business ownership.

Black & White Coffee Cartel grew out of the rubble of Christchurch earthquakes when the brand’s founder arrived in the city to contribute to the rebuild with a series of vibrant coffee shops featuring on-premises micro roasting; the secret to the amazing coffee served in street corner cafés of France and Italy.

The first Black & White Coffee Cartel opened in 2014, and customers came so thick and fast the brand was developed as a franchise by Raphael Garcia and his business partner Alan Win, with Tony Yin as Chief Operating Officer.

The first franchised café opened in 2017 and there are now sixteen throughout the South and North Islands, with five more already confirmed and opportunities for many more. Depending on the location, investment starts at around $350,000 for a turnkey business that includes all training, staff employment and ongoing support.

Contrasting style

So what makes Black & White Coffee Cartel so different?

‘Our franchise business model delivers higher margins than your average café,’ explains Tony. ‘Part of that is down to our on-site micro roasting, which not only gives us a unique point of difference, but also a cost benefit, on average contributing around $25,000 per year to a franchisee’s bottom line. That makes a big difference.

‘In addition, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, we encourage franchisee input: when it comes to food, each café can adapt its menu to its local market and customer base.’

Having met through their respective partners, Alesha and Julie had often talked about going into business together. Having worked at the Black & White Coffee Cartel in Oxford Terrace, Alesha knew how good the franchise was, so when she was offered the chance to own her own café in Avonhead, she combined forces with Julie to make it happen.

‘We bring complementary skills and experience: mine is over 10 years of experience in Christchurch cafés, from kitchen through to staff management, while Julie has the business background you need to stay in control as you grow.’

Freedoms for franchisees

Alesha is a long-time Black & White fan. ‘When the first one opened in Victoria Street, I was immediately attracted to the cool and funky fit-out, and the sight and smell of the micro roasting taking place right there in front of customers,’ explains Alesha. ‘Later, as a staff member, I became aware of the emphasis on ethical business and the freedom for franchisees to add their own flair to both fit-out and menu. I couldn’t wait to have my own one day!

‘The site the team found for us couldn’t have been better. Avonhead is popular with everyone from young families through to retirees, and we are situated near the Avonhead Mall and next door to Merrin Primary School.

‘One of our first contributions to the fit-out was a huge photo of Avonhead’s Memorial Avenue, named in tribute to those who died in the Second World War. It immediately shows our connection to the local community and fits nicely with the amazing and eclectic range of framed photos and prints. Knowing that parents and caregivers would be customers, we included a kids’ play area and, being dog lovers, we created a “puppichino” for visiting pooches.’

Opening in January 2020 turned out to be just in time for Covid, but Avonhead has shown massive support for its own Black & White Coffee Cartel café. ‘We now have 14 part- and full-time staff, and nowadays we’re quite often at capacity with around 100 customers inside and 30 in the outdoor area,’ says Alesha. ‘We’ve even had mayor Phil Mauger say we’re his favourite Christchurch café.’

Co-franchisees welcome

Alesha and Julie say they owe a lot to the support not just of Tony and the franchisor team but also their fellow Black & White franchisees. ‘Our cafés may all be different, but we share a passion for what we do and we phone each other all the time. I think that’s a real plus for any new franchisee, wherever they are – there’s always someone to turn to and someone looking out for you.’

Raphael Garcia is a big fan of co-franchisees. ‘Partnering with friends or relatives is a great idea to help younger people get into a Black & White Coffee Cartel franchise.

‘As well as Alesha and Julie, we have another two couples in a franchise partnership, while in Auckland there’s a team of eight couples who are co-franchisees. We’d particularly love to see more take this approach to investing in a fun, funky and financially rewarding future –especially in the North Island where we have lots of locations planned.

‘Hospitality experience isn’t necessary, enthusiasm is. Contact Tony Yin today for a career decision that really is Black & White.’

Pictures add a truly local feel
Co-franchising makes getting into your own café affordable with Black
& White
Food & Beverage Black & White Coffee Cartel Contact Tony Yin M 022 630 6622 Advertiser Info
Julie and Alesha: creating the mayor’s favourite café
buildings and business premises need regular exterior maintenance. Crest PropertyCare franchisees provide profitable services like Pure Water Window Cleaning, grounds maintenance and exterior cleaning.
franchisees receive a high level of operational and
Identification of key sales drivers Developing sales forecasting models Forecasting cannibalisation impacts Multi channel sales analysis Mobile device data customer tracking Strategic network planning Global BDM Jeff Vassel +61 421 684 444 Director Operations Vanessa Wilmot +61 412 040 916
Like working outside? A Crest PropertyCare franchise could be the key to securing your financial future

Perfect Fit

Matty Lovell has a confession to make. ‘I’d never even been a member of a gym before we bought one! But after eight years of owning Anytime Fitness in Cashmere, I train five days a week now. I feel I’m a better husband, father, businessman and leader if I’m healthy, happy and strong.’

Anytime Fitness is the largest gym franchise in the world, with 5,000 gyms across 40 different countries. There are currently 58 throughout New Zealand, with a number of new locations in development which could be a very appealing investment for the right people.

‘Anytime Fitness provides 24/7 high value training environments with top-of-the-range equipment backed up with an extremely personalised member journey,’ says Cam Ward, the CEO for the franchise in NZ. ‘We cater for everyone: sportspeople; granddads who want to stay fit to play with their grandkids; mums who come in between dropping the kids off at school and starting work ...

‘Every member receives a fitness consultation and a personalised plan with the correct follow ups to keep them on the right path. We have a great footprint around New Zealand to make sure that journey can continue wherever they are.’

This broad appeal means that Anytime Fitness is booming. ‘Membership numbers are at a record high, and we’ve never had better commercial results,’ Cam says. ‘With continuing growth, we have some great opportunities coming up.’

Working together

Matty and his wife Sally have always worked together, having met at MediaWorks in Canterbury. ‘After the earthquakes we decided to go travelling for a bit, and ended up working on superyachts in the Caribbean. That’s actually pretty good training for running your own business – you learn to put in the hard yards, recognise the damage that disruption in a team can cause, and develop a real work ethic.

‘You’re also earning good money and can’t spend it so, when we returned to New Zealand, we decided to start our own business. We had a friend with a gym which sounded interesting, so we started looking at opportunities. We had no experience, but that’s the cool thing about buying a franchise – you get the training and the systems that you need. We talked to some Anytime Fitness franchisees, and then met a multiunit owner who was selling one of her gyms. It was just meant to be.’

Good lifestyle, good return

Anytime Fitness Cashmere was already established with staff in place when Matty and Sally took over in 2015. ‘In the first six months or so, we were both in there six days a week, doing everything from selling memberships to cleaning the car park,’ Matty recalls. ‘We’d learned on the yachts not to ask anyone to do anything you haven’t done yourself, and that way we learned every aspect of the business. Turnover went up and kept on growing.

‘We now have 10 staff, including trainers, and Sally manages the gym while I’ve been developing other business interests. We’re now in our 30s with two girls under 4, and Anytime Fitness allows us to spend time with them.

‘We have a great team and manager, meaning Sally can be in the gym two days a week and work from home another two days, so she gets a good return on her time – in fact, the gym is doing better than it ever has, both operationally and financially.’

We’d do the same again

Matty says that the Anytime Fitness franchise has developed considerably over the years. ‘They are a really good supportive franchise team in New Zealand now, with great management systems and software, and excellent marketing tools. You need to have the discipline to use it, but there’s constant training to help you make the most of the franchise.

‘At the same time, you have the flexibility to explore ideas to suit your own community and membership base – it’s a good mix. There’s lot of communication with the franchisor and other franchisees, and a good collaborative environment. We’re glad we chose Anytime Fitness, and we’d do the same again.’

Investment and returns

Cam says that franchisees can come from any background, as long as they are commercially astute, comfortable with technology and prepared to put real passion into their business.

‘Our franchisees include couples, single owners, business partnerships, siblings and father-and-daughter teams. Many are hands-on owneroperators, while others are primarily investors who want a managed gym as part of their profile. We also have multi-unit owners.’

Total investment levels vary according to location and site, but are generally in the $500-700,000 range including equipment, much of which is generally leased or financed. ‘Generally, we like new franchisees to have 30-50 percent equity rather than stretching themselves too far at the start,’ says Cam. ‘Returns depend on size of outlet and your management model, but 10-30 hours a week can provide an excellent income well into six figures.

‘As Matty and Sally have shown, once established, a franchisee can enjoy both good returns and a good lifestyle, which is why our franchisees tend to stay with us for many years. If that’s the sort of business you’re looking for, contact our National Operations Manager, Sam Cable, now.’

Opportunity: Leisure & Education
Anytime Fitness provides impressive returns and an attractive lifestyle for franchisees
Anytime Fitness Contact Sam Cable M 021 226 7186 Advertiser Info
Matt and Sally Lovell: ‘Turnover went up and we kept on growing’ CEO Cam Ward


Cookie Time celebrates 40 years with long-term franchisees and multiple awards

Katrina Cooke has plenty to be happy about. She’s just been named Franchisee of the Year by one of New Zealand’s truly iconic companies – Cookie Time Limited. And, to make it even more special, the company has celebrated its 40th birthday with its flagship Cookie Time brand being named in the top 10 in the annual Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Awards.

Cookie Time is a proudly family-owned company with a portfolio of some of New Zealand’s top treat and snacking brands, including Cookie Time, One Square Meal, Bumper and Em’s Power Cookies and Bars. The Trusted Brands top ten placement is just one of many awards Cookie Time has won recently for everything from product quality to administration support.

Not that the company is resting on its laurels – it released three 40th birthday celebration products: a supersized cookie, a 1kg Cookie Bake pack and two new Cookie Time Cookie Sandwiches, breaking into a new treat category in partnership with Appleby Farms and Unilever/Streets. All products are proudly made in New Zealand.

‘It’s never been a better time to be a Cookie Time franchisee,’ says franchise manager Dawn Cleary. ‘Franchisees distribute products to retail outlets and earn a margin on every product sold. ‘You grow your business and sales by increasing the range, securing new outlets, lifting promotional awareness of our products in the trade and delighting customers,’ she explains.

‘We’ll train you in everything you need to know, so what we want is effective communicators with a growth mindset and a passion for delivering smiles everywhere you go.’

I can do that!

Katrina is a perfect example, having spotted an advert for franchisees while working in a Blenheim supermarket. ‘I immediately thought, “I can do that!” I didn’t know much about franchising, but I did know the product and how well it sold. I’ve since built a successful and profitable business of my own. I love talking to people, and I love working for myself.

‘The key is to concentrate on customer relationships and have a positive attitude – the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. I’m based in Blenheim and cover the Marlborough region, visiting stores and outlets regularly to ensure they are fully-stocked.’

For the last four years, Katrina has been among Cookie Time’s top five franchisees, and in 2023 she achieved her ambition of being named Franchisee of the Year. ‘My aim is to improve by 10 percent every month and I analyse my sales constantly to keep a close track on how things are running.’

While Katrina concentrates on sales and service, the support from Cookie Time makes it an easy business to run. ‘I put in an order once a week, which is delivered next day,’ she explains. ‘The Cookie Time team are great – we can ask any questions at any time of the day, send emails or just phone for a chat. They always have our very best interests at heart, and there are always rewards or competitions on the go.

‘Like me, many franchisees have been with Cookie Time long-term. It’s not surprising, because this is a terrific company with great products that gives you a great lifestyle. All you need is a van and a garage or storage facility; to enjoy talking to people; and be prepared give it your all.’

Rare opportunities available

Dawn Cleary says that Cookie Time’s iconic status means opportunities to join the company are relatively rare. However, it is always keen to hear from prospective franchisees and currently has runs available in Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and Northland.

Advertiser Info

Cookie Time

‘All these areas have loyal fans and even more growth potential. We have strong systems, much-loved products and a great reputation in a stable industry. Investment levels vary according to location, but are typically from $100-150,000, including goodwill, a one-off admin fee, purchase of a suitable van, home office equipment and uniform.

‘If, like Katrina, you have the right attitude and want to build your own future, give me a call to learn more about Cookie Time.

Contact Dawn Cleary P 0-3-349 6161 M 027 235 0835

Opportunity: Business & Commercial
Katrina Cooke (second left) with her husband Richard (centre) receiving the award from the Cookie Time team
14 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 Join Jim’s Mowing! Jim’s Mowing is a focused family of like-minded people who enjoy the satisfaction of creating their own business achievements. Benefit from our decades of training and support, honed processes and instant brand recognition. Right NOW we are focusing on fantastic opportunities in the Waikato. Hamilton | Huntly | Thames | Te Awamutu South Waikato | Te Kuiti | Otorohanga Also available across New Zealand. Check out the Franchise Opportunities tab on Call 0800 454 654 TODAY! This could be one of the best decisions you ever make! sky-high potential Drones offer Around the world, state-of-the-art drone technology is creating efficiencies across a wide range of sectors as drones develop greater precision and load carrying capacity Become a part of this exciting industry with SkyTech. We offer two franchises: Agriculture and Commercial. Plus there’s exciting potential for expansion with national and local government work. Contact Glen Daniel 0800 SKYOPS 021 280 7773 We’re looking for people with: • Good eye/hand co-ordination • General computer, accounting and management skills • Good people and communication skills • Can follow systems and processes • Business driven and customer focused As a SkyTech Franchise Partner: • You will own territorial rights • No licence or experience is required • SkyTech’s drones are leased to franchisees (meaning no up-front equipment cost for franchisees, reducing the risk posed by changing technology) • We provide a full training programme SkyTech Agriculture Franchises are $85,000 +gst SkyTech Commercial Franchises are $65,000 +gst


Adele Flett knows better than most just how transformational owning a Rodney Wayne salon can be for anyone who wants to control their own career.

Her path had taken her from office work to solo mum in Rotorua before eventually moving to Auckland to manage a thriving downtown hair salon. The owner of that salon just happened to be her brother – Rodney Wayne himself. Having seen the management potential of his sister, he awarded her the very first franchise. In May 1990, Adele opened her own salon in Newmarket and has never looked back.

It’s a lovely family success story, but perhaps the most inspiring thing about it is that, before joining Rodney, Adele had zero experience or training in hairdressing. What she did have was management ability and a determination to succeed – and, all these years later, those are still the most important criteria for success as a Rodney Wayne franchisee.

‘The beauty of the Rodney Wayne franchise is you don’t necessarily need to have any hairdressing experience,’ says Adele. ‘You can run the business with qualified staff, or be your salon’s front-of-house manager. Equally, if you are an experienced hairdresser, you can take on the duties of floor manager. Either way, it’s a challenging yet fulfilling, exciting ride.

‘The other thing you need is social and communication skills, because that’s how you build a large client base – creating a welcoming and professional environment that keeps people coming back.’

Award-winning franchise

Of course, the franchise has changed a lot in the last 23 years. Not only is Rodney Wayne now one of New Zealand’s best-known brands, but it offers franchisees a level of training, systems, operational support and coaching that has seen it named Supreme Franchise System of the Year in the 2022 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. That support extends beyond franchisees to their managers, stylists and apprentices, and ensures that the brand continues to thrive.

The company has also developed the Shampoo ’n’ Things retail stores chain, which franchisees can operate either within their own salons (as in Newmarket) or as a complementary stand-alone outlet within their salon’s territory (like Adele’s second store in Auckland’s Commercial Bay shopping precinct).

Despite all this, one thing hasn’t changed, says Adele. ‘The most successful franchisees are the ones who get totally immersed in the day-to-day running of their business. No matter which role the franchisee takes on, it’s very important that they enjoy working with young people. A lot of apprentices within the industry have not long been out of high school, so you’ve got to nurture and train them and work alongside them.’

Adele says it’s rewarding and exciting to watch new recruits grow to

become talented hairdressers and unleash their creative potential. Often their skills and careers can be encouraged further through styling hair for magazine shoots and hairdressing awards.

Standout benefits

With her unique understanding of the Rodney Wayne franchise model, Adele is clearly an authority on why it makes such a great business opportunity for anyone looking to take their career to new heights.

‘When you become a franchisee, you tap into the formidable buying power that comes with having over 50 salons and retail outlets around the country. It’s such a well-known and well-loved brand that it constantly attracts new clients to your door. And each franchisee’s business also benefits from regular professionally-developed marketing campaigns across a number of platforms.’

Adele says the brand’s success also comes from the quality people franchisees can call on, not just the experts in the franchise team but the other Rodney Wayne franchisees around the country, too. ‘We all share lessons and stories and bounce ideas off each other and, although we’re all individual owners and have a bit of a competitive streak, at the end of the day we’re all in this together, representing the same brand and helping each other.’

Now’s good

Is 2023 the right time for people to invest their career in a brand new business? Having run her salon through all the ups and downs of the last 23 years, Adele has no doubts. ‘It’s an excellent time because, when people face challenges, that whole look-good, feel-good factor comes into play. They like to treat themselves, and hair is top of mind. Look at how everyone missed their hairdressers during lockdown! It’s a quick, affordable personal treat.’

Rodney Wayne has new opportunities available in many areas around the country, as well as the occasional established salon which becomes available when existing franchisees retire. Investment levels vary according to location.

‘Remember, you don’t have to be a hairdresser, just a good manager or experienced businessperson,’ says Adele. ‘As with any business, it’s a matter of meeting customer expectations – it’s just that this business is a bit more fun than most.

‘If you’re interested in owning your future, contact the franchise team, learn more, and arrange to spend some time in a salon to get a feel for how things work. It could be the start of a whole new look – or a whole new life.’

Tired of someone else controlling your career? Rodney Wayne could be your ticket to business independence
Health & Beauty
Contact Advertiser Info
Adele Flett: ‘An excellent time to invest’
Rodney Wayne


Our pick of the top news stories from

Franchise New Zealand is much more than a magazine. To keep up-to-date with news about franchising in New Zealand and interesting stories from overseas, go to, sign up for our free newsletter and follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn. Here’s a summary of some recent stories – read the full articles on the site.

Economy ‘very close to turning point’ as immigration increases

No matter where you are in the world, when you see those golden arches and ask for a Big Mac or a Happy Meal, you know what you’re going to get. What you might not expect is the price. Even within the US, you could pay nearly two dollars more for a Big Mac from one state to another.

Rising inflation has led to sharp increases in prices on consumer goods across the nation and fast food chains are no different, with the iconic McDonald’s burger skyrocketing 125 percent since 1996.

Using McDonald’s global menu prices, CashNetUSA mapped out the countries and US states where the Big Mac and the Happy Meal are the most and least affordable in 2023. It found that New Zealand has the 20th most expensive Big Mac in the world, on a par with the USA, and the 18th most expensive Happy Meals. Read more at

Thanks for helping KidsCan

Franchise team The Bonodleys have said a huge thank you to all the people who supported them on the recent Pork Pie Charity Run. Nathan Bonney writes, ‘Not only did we manage to drive our classic Mini nearly 2500kms from

The Big Mac Index where does NZ stand? In Brief

• A search through the disclosure documents of the top 10 franchise brands in the US reveals some common causes of franchise disputes. It makes interesting reading, giving some specific examples of where things can go wrong – not just between franchisees and franchisor, but customers and governments too. Although the numbers look large, the percentage of lawsuits in the traditionallylitigious US is actually low.

• Simon Bridges, the former National Party leader and CEO of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce,

Paihia to Invercargill; with your support, we were able to raise over $46,000 for KidsCan and were awarded the Most Funds Raised trophy! It has been an honour and a load of fun helping support Kiwi Kids in need.’

has been appointed chairperson of  CC Group. CC Group operates franchises Crewcut Lawnmowing and Crewcare Commercial cleaning and building maintenance, among others. The business has 441 franchisees and is expected to make revenue of between $31 million and $45m in the year to March 2024.

• Restaurant Brands’ total sales for the first quarter to 31 March 2023 increased to $308.6 million. This is up $33.2 million (12.0 percent) over the equivalent period last year, as sales recovered from

In the latest Westpac Economic Overview, the bank’s Chief Economist Kelly Eckhold writes, ‘The economy seems very close now to the turning point we have anticipated was coming for some time. The past few months have seen increasing signs that demand is cooling in response to the Reserve Bank’s interest rate increases over the past 18 months. That gives us confidence that inflation can be brought down from its current lofty levels. Monetary policy is working.

‘The economy likely won’t slow as much as we feared a few months back. Net migration has rebounded faster than expected and population growth is set to rise to its highest level in decades. The world is back on the move after a few years of hunkering down, and New Zealand is one of the places where people want to come to live and work. New entrants will bring valuable skills and experience to a labour market crying out for workers. But this valuable supply will also bring demand that will offset some of the impact rising interest rates are having.

think is required is very much in the vein of “a stitch in time saves nine”.’

Not Authorised for Reproduction

Franchise New Zealand comments, ‘The bottom of a cycle always offers opportunities for those ready to take advantage of the growth to come. In an election year, we can expect politicians of all parties to make a great fuss of any positive and negative figures, and the general media to create clickbait headlines and ‘opinion pieces’ which could make it hard to get a realistic view. That’s why it’s essential for business buyers to do their homework. There is growth to come, and the chance to get in now and benefit as the economy improves – as long as you make the right choice.’

the impacts of the 2022 Covid Omicron outbreak and price increases were implemented across all markets.

• The Pack & Send New Zealand master licensee company has been acquired by parent company MBE Worldwide. Pack & Send was brought to New Zealand by Matthew Everest, who became master licensee for the brand in 2008. There are now 20 centres around the country, with the brand enjoying considerable business growth in recent years.

‘None of this takes away from the point that the interest rate cycle is very mature and the peak in interest rates is near. The extra bit of work we

Find our summary and links to the full report at articles/3644


The latest global ranking of countries by franchise potential shows New Zealand in a top position, slightly out-performing Australia. The long-running ranking chart, from US franchise consultants Edwards Global Services (EGS), is significant because it reflects conditions in 40 countries on an international basis, regardless of short-term media stories.

Interestingly, New Zealand out-performs Australia on two areas: Legal Concerns and Ease of International Brand Entry. We are ranked higher than the USA in these areas, too. We asked EGS founder Bill Edwards, who advises many US franchise brands, what had led to these rankings.

He told us, ‘New Zealand has no franchise law or formal disclosure requirement, which is a ‘1’ on our Legal Concerns for International Brands ranking. The USA has both franchise laws and a formal franchise disclosure requirement which is a ’2’ – still good, but not quite as high.

‘Australia has both regulations and the formal disclosure requirement, along with other forms of regulation which mean that it could be a little less attractive for international companies, despite the larger market size.’

It’s worth noting that comparable surveys over the years have shown that the level of substantial franchisor/franchisee disputes is similar in both New Zealand and Australia, despite the stricter regulatory regime across the Tasman.

16 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02



Franchisees have been in the headlines after careless use of social media created outrage among some Reddit users.

A McDonald’s Auckland Central franchise posted a job vacancy advert looking for night owls for 10pm6am shifts. However the advert specified ‘Any age from 1660’, which breaches the Human Rights Act for discrimination on the basis of age.

McDonald’s told the New Zealand Herald a franchisee posted the listing probably intending the term ‘16 to 60’ to be catchy, but an Auckland store manager said head office made the decision.

Employment law expert Max Whitehead said the ad was a ‘blatant’ breach of the Human Rights Act. ‘If it really is to get a catchy cliché going, it’s a stupid thing to do.’

The ad provoked widespread condemnation on Reddit, and Unite union’s Joe Carolan said the ad raised issues about ageism.

McDonald’s spokesman Simon Kenny said, ‘The reference in the copy was intended to illustrate that people of all ages are welcome. We’ve asked the franchisee to update the copy to avoid any potential confusion.’

In a similar story, an employee of Pak’nSave Porirua posted a giveaway promotion for Mother’s Day of a ‘pamper pack’ which comprised two bottles of Persil laundry liquid, four bottles of laundry scent booster, two Glade air fresheners and a box of Roses chocolates.

Comments criticised it as ‘misogynistic’ and wondered whether Pak’nSave would offer the same gift for Father’s Day.

The employee who wrote the post said that any concept of the giveaway as misogynistic was ‘ridiculous’. He said he was initially going to post just the box of Roses as the giveaway, but thought it looked a bit sparse so added the other items, which were already in his office as samples.

Pak’nSave Porirua later edited the post in response to the criticism, saying, ‘A free giveaway with no hidden agenda or meaning. Sad when people decide to make assumptions or see something that isn’t there.’

It was left to a spokeswoman for Foodstuffs (who own the Pak’nSave brand) to carry out damage control, pointing out that the Mother’s Day post did not reflect the views of Pak’nSave, Stickman, or Foodstuffs.

‘We’ve had a chat to Cory, who’s in charge of giveaways at Pak’nSave Porirua this week, and he genuinely thought he was doing something nice for the store’s Facebook community – but sadly missed the mark with this particular promo.’

As these news items show, when things go wrong, local marketing becomes a national (or even international) news story which can damage both the brand and the businesses of other local franchisees. Given that social media marketing is often carried out by younger or informallytrained staff members, the risk of unintentionally breaching legal standards or causing offence can be considerable.

Andrew Mitchell of Storyteq, which provides social media management software to franchises, says incidents such as these are inevitable and the key is how brands and their local teams learn from them and respond.

‘It’s vital there is a good amount of authentic local content on local pages to create genuine connections with the local community, and while clear guidelines and training should be in place, at the end of the day local staff are less skilled and experienced as marketers so can’t be expected to get it 100% right all the time.’
Call the Coach Stewart Germann +64 21 276 9898 The Franchise Coach, Stewart Germann will walk you through the process of becoming a franchisor from initial enquiry through to opening the doors, including for overseas brands setting up shop in New Zealand. Khushbu Sundarji Partner khushbu@ Stewart Germann Partner and Notary Pubic stewart@ Are you ready to turn your business into a franchise? Recognised in Celebrating 30 Years 09 308 9925 We are widely acknowledged as New Zealand’s leading franchise law firm and can provide you with expert legal advice in all areas of commercial and business law including franchising and licensing. We are passionate about business and franchise law

Jim’s Test & Tag thrives no matter what

Trevor Fenton had little hesitation in spending his redundancy payment from the telecoms industry on a franchise. ‘I’d looked at Jim’s Test & Tag as soon as I heard the rumours of job cuts,’ he says. ‘It fitted my skills, was customer-focused, would give me flexibility of lifestyle, and would get me out of the office onto the road once more.’ Franchisees don’t need to be qualified electricians, with full training and all necessary equipment provided. ‘I made a nice, smooth start and was looking forward to the money pouring in from grateful customers,’ recalls Trevor. ‘There was just one snag – I started two months before the first Covid lockdown!’

The unlucky timing at least allowed Trevor to discover the benefits of being part of a franchise. ‘The franchise was very supportive, and it was good to feel part of a team. There was no work, of course, so they cancelled our fees for the duration and because Jim’s Test & Tag has virtually no overheads, with the government subsidy it was all very survivable … just not good for building a new business!’

A sudden surge

That all changed after lockdown as franchisees caught up with a backlog of work. Jim’s Test & Tag provides testing and tagging services for electrical equipment, fire extinguishers and first aid equipment in

workplaces throughout the country. By law, equipment needs to be inspected at least annually, with building site or workshop equipment requiring 3- or 6-monthly inspection to the relevant standards: AS/NZS3760:2010, or NZS4503:2005 for fire extinguishers. The regulations ensure regular and repeat business for franchisees – and Trevor was quick to benefit.

‘The work poured in. Jim’s Test & Tag call centre ensures if any work is in the area you have bought, you automatically get first dibs,’ he explains. ‘Equally, if you are overloaded, you can mark yourself as unavailable and another franchisee will take it on. It’s a very flexible system – I bought the Hamilton Airport territory, but I work from Thames to Raglan to South Auckland, depending on need.’

Three years in, Trevor says the franchise has been as good as he expected. ‘I knew I’d have to work hard and put myself out there at first, but it’s given me a great deal of flexibility and an easier life. No matter what the economy is doing, demand is ensured thanks to the legislation. The Jim’s Test & Tag support systems mean you can programme regular visits to keep your customers safe and legal, so you’re actually taking a problem off their shoulders while building recurring income. It all adds up to a great business.’

Jim’s Test & Tag NZ is looking for additional franchisees throughout New Zealand to meet ever-growing demand. The franchise fee of $55,000

18 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Fenton: ‘The work poured in’
SURGING AHEAD Opportunity: Business & Commercial Jim’s Test & Tag Contact Peter Mahon Advertiser Info FRANCHISE SALES SOLUTIONS Finding the right franchisee is a time-consuming challenge – a business broker with franchisor experience can MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE We will
with you to sell new locations and/or re-sales
what you need in your franchisee
to all enquiries in
timely manner
prospects to
and close sales Clyth MacLeod Business Sales has a 50 year track record with over 9,000 businesses sold Call NOW! Joanne Bush Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008 021 177 6009 LICENSED AGENT REAA 2008 Affordable Franchise Accounting Financial evaluations – pre-purchase End of year financials GST Returns Fixed monthly pricing Ongoing support and advice | SBA will keep you on track all year with fixed monthly plans, so no surprises at tax time. FIND YOUR LOCAL 0800 999 722
• Work
• Understand
• Respond
• Screen
• Negotiate


Flooring Design is a highly profitable opportunity that rewards pro-active people

Flooring Design provides both residential and commercial customers with flooring solutions from a wide range of carpet, vinyls and timber. When the company was established back in 1996, it was founded on a simple philosophy: to offer customers a great range of top quality flooring products at exceptional prices, all backed by service and excellence you can trust.

That same philosophy was applied when the business was franchised six years later, and today there are 23 Flooring Design shops around New Zealand, with the more established outlets enjoying sales of between 4 to 6 million dollars per year. That gives franchisees access to massive buying power, centralised systems and technology that create a very profitable business model.

We all help each other

Raymond Hardgrave and his wife Julie opened the Kapiti Coast franchise in 2009. ‘I’d been in the flooring installation business for years, and getting off my knees and into the retail side with Julie was the best thing I ever did. Flooring Design has been an absolutely wonderful franchise to be in – which is why we opened a second store in Levin in 2019. This is a very family-orientated business, and we all help each other to succeed.’

Although Raymond himself had previous experience in the industry, Flooring Design franchisees come from a range of backgrounds including sales, retail, IT and trades. ‘With good training, support and a bit of practice, you’ll soon pick up the product and technical side so the most important qualities you need are common sense and people skills,’ says Raymond. ‘As a franchisee, you will manage a team of quoters and installers, and your main role is to work with clients and grow the business.’

Jeremy Yeoman, the Managing Director of Flooring Design, agrees. ‘We can teach you the products, the systems and the IT, but we can’t teach personality – that has to come from within you. If you are driven and proactive, the rewards are certainly there.’

From the ground up

Jeremy knows Flooring Design inside out. As part of the family that founded the franchise, he learned the business from the ground up. ‘I stacked shelves, cut carpet and swept floors, dealt with customers and managed stores before doing a business degree,’ he says. ‘Then

I headed off to Abu Dhabi for a few years to broaden my management experience before returning to New Zealand. It gave me a unique insight into what makes this business work so well.

‘Flooring Design has a number of unique advantages,’ Jeremy says. ‘For a start, there are no ongoing royalty fees – the franchise and support services are funded by percentage rebates from our preferred, quality suppliers. That means you don’t have to pay out of your top line – our franchisees keep every cent of profit they earn. And you don’t have to worry about the accounting side either, as bookkeeping and taxes are handled by our franchise office. That leaves you free to concentrate on growing your business.’

How well does this work in practice? ‘Honestly, it’s wonderful,’ says Raymond. ‘It saves us an entire staff member, and a lot of hassle, too. The franchise office handles all the money, including bill payments. It’s a terrific system, handled by experts, is entirely transparent and, because of the way it’s funded, we don’t have to fork out a big cheque every month either.

‘In addition, the franchise office has a full-time team working for us on things like marketing, product updates and keeping up to date with constantly-changing trends.’

Ideal business for couples

Flooring Design is now ready for further growth, says Jeremy. ‘We are looking to appoint the right people to open new stores in some key areas, including greenfield sites available throughout the South Island, and some sites in Auckland and Wellington. The investment is around $100-200,000, depending on location, and the returns can be excellent.

‘We are looking for owner/operators who are fast learners, enjoy working with people and customers, and are determined to succeed. This is an ideal business for a partnership or couple like Raymond and Julie, who each bring different qualities to the mix and share their expertise with the other franchisees, too.

‘Using our management information systems, franchisees are always phoning each other to ask how one shop achieved such a high sales conversion rate, or low wastage volume, and there are always tricks to be passed on. Our new franchisee in Cromwell has had a stream of calls offering advice and assistance and he’s loving it! It’s that co-operative approach that makes Flooring Design so good, and we want people who want to be a part of that.’

The last word goes to Raymond and Julie. ‘This is a profitable business which has served us very well for nearly 15 years,’ says Raymond. ‘My simple advice to anyone buying a Flooring Design franchise would be to follow the system – it works! Talk to Jeremy and find out more.’

Flooring Design Contact Jeremy Yeoman M 022 602 8482 Advertiser Info
Opportunity: Retail
Raymond and Julie Hardgrave
Rodney Wayne is one of the many New Zealand franchise businesses we’ve helped grow and achieve their goals. Talk to our experts today about how we can help you. Rohann Dobbin 021 942 178 Nick Knight 021 262 3622 Email for more information. Whatever your business, we’ll help you get one step ahead. ASB Bank Limited 56180 19981 0223



When Paul Bayer became a real estate agent, he wanted to find a way of building his name and awareness in the local community. He got talking to the local owner of Coffee News, a free publication funded by local advertising which is distributed around cafés, waiting rooms and other businesses.

When she mentioned she was moving on, he could immediately see the synergy with his real estate work. What better way to start his new sales career than by owning his own effective marketing tool?

‘I saw the value in having something that the community loved to read which, at the same time, would build up my network with local businesses,’ says Paul. He bought the Hibiscus Coast territory for the publication and his idea quickly paid off.

‘I was building my real estate business at the same time, so it was a very busy couple of months for me! The first round of deliveries was so interesting. I walked into most businesses in suit and tie, looking like a real estate person, and quickly learned that most owners were more approachable when I held a copy of Coffee News next to my face as a point of recognition when I introduced myself. This quickly became a fast way to build friendships and trust with a hyper-local network that no other real estate salesperson had access to.’

And with Coffee News also generating income, Paul reckons he’s on to a winner.

Reaching local people

Coffee News was founded in 1988 by Canadian advertising psychologist Jean Daum as a way for small-to-medium businesses to promote their products and services. Its quick-read format of entertainment, trivia, comical stories, horoscopes, positive news and local events is now enjoyed by millions in nine countries around the world.

‘Coffee News was launched in New Zealand in 2001, and I became Head Licensee for the publication here in 2021,’ says Rudy Kokx. ‘While many of our 21 licensees here run their operation as a stand-alone business or a side-hustle to the day job, Paul’s approach was different. As a business broker myself, I know the value of effective marketing – and I could also see the value for people like Paul of being a well-known part of the local business community.

‘When you start out in real estate, mortgage broking, insurance or many other sales-based careers, you’ll find lots of experienced competitors with bigger marketing budgets than you can possibly afford. That makes it hard to establish a steady cashflow to pay the bills.

‘Well-established agents might spend $8-10,000 a year on advertising or marketing. But what if, instead of paying for your advertising and marketing, you

own a marketing machine that gets you out talking to people, connects businesses, reaches a wide demographic (including the ones not glued to social media) – and generates a steady cashflow for you to offset the ups and downs of sales? That’s what Paul understood, and it’s enabled him to make money from his own marketing rather than just spending it.’

Simple to operate

Coffee News is simple to operate. Editorial content is created by a central team of writers and provided in a standard template each week. Licensees buy the right to an edition covering a specific area, set up distribution outlets in the area, and sell the 32 available advertising spaces in the double-sided publication to local businesses – usually for a minimum 4-month term. Any local business is a potential advertiser, especially service businesses, from lawn mowers to lawyers, carpet cleaners to car mechanics.

The adverts themselves are compiled and inserted in the template for each issue according to a standard template, and printed. This can be organised by the licensee direct or arranged by the Coffee News support office. The licensee then delivers the issue to the outlets in their area, creating the opportunity to build relationships, meet people and make new contacts.

‘The financial rewards are dependent on the number of advertisers each issue,’ Rudy explains. ‘One area would be a rewarding part-time business, while three areas would be more of a full-time commitment. ‘Income depends on the number of adverts sold and the price achieved. With all 32 adverts sold at the recommended minimum price of $40 per week, gross income would be $1,280 per week. After deducting direct costs including fees, printing and petrol, licensees can achieve a gross profit of $1,000 per week ($52,000 per year). Once established, most work 5-10 hours per week in the business to generate this income.’

A worthwhile investment

‘For $8,000 +gst you can own your own Coffee News licence,’ Rudy says. ‘That includes full initial training, 80 display stands, our best-ratepossible for printing and sales collateral. There are no licence or design fees for the first three months, there’s ongoing mentoring, and you’ll also have access to the worldwide resources of the Coffee News College website.

‘With Hawkes Bay, Blenheim/Nelson, New Plymouth, Papakura and Manukau having been granted in the last six months, we still have new areas available in Wellington, Hamilton, Whanganui, Gisborne, Taupo, Invercargill, Queenstown and Timaru, as well as existing areas in East Auckland and Dunedin.

‘If you’re looking for a way to make your name in your local business community and establish your own successful small business, contact me now.’

Business & Commercial Coffee News Contact Rudy Kokx M 021 421 346 Advertiser Info
News licensees enjoy uniquely local advantages for a stand-alone or add-on business
Paul Bayer

Why Just

QUESTIONS a franchise

If you are looking at buying a business, it is vital to ensure that it is right for you and your own particular needs. Never assume ‘She’ll be right’ just because you have seen the name around or because other people have already bought in. What you want to find is a franchise that suits your own abilities, ambitions and lifestyle.

When you buy a franchise, you will be relying upon the value of the brand and the quality of the franchise system, product or service to achieve these goals. A lot therefore depends upon the fit between you and the business, and the quality of training and support you will receive.

Many years ago, Franchise New Zealand set out to develop an exhaustive list of questions to help potential buyers evaluate both the franchise opportunity and the franchisor company. The list has been updated annually ever since; established franchisors know it well and welcome enquiries from those who have used it to work out the information they need to know before they make their decision.

Because franchising is so diverse, it is not possible to provide a single list that would be applicable to every type of business. There are well over 250 suggested questions in total, so put a mark against the questions that are most appropriate to your own situation and use them to create your own checklist of what you need to know.

The areas that you will want to examine may be divided into:

Business experience





Selection & training




In this issue, we’re publishing the first four sections (about 125 questions), which should give you a taste of the value involved in asking questions. But you don’t need to wait until the next issue to complete your research – you can find the whole article online at

Business Experience

One of the most important things that a new franchisee buys is the experience of the franchisor. Every successful franchisor will admit that they made many mistakes in the early days, and it is the wisdom and experience they gained through these that they are able to pass on. A new franchisee pays to learn from someone else’s mistakes.

It is therefore vital that the franchisor has experience of running the sort of business that he or she is now offering as a franchise. They may already have successful franchised operations up and running; if not, they should ideally have had a pilot operation running for at least 12 months. This applies equally to locally-developed systems and to franchises brought in from overseas. What works in Australia or the US does not necessarily work here without at least some adjustment. Look at the background of the franchisor company – and the people involved – too. Here are some of the questions to ask:

Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
A Franchise What do you need to know before you buy a franchise? Our updated list of vital questions to ask your franchisor will help you make the right decision
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QUESTIONS to ask about

☐ How many years of experience do you have in this industry? In this business? What is the previous relevant experience of the key people?

☐ How many franchised businesses do you have at the moment?

☐ How many company-owned outlets do you run?

☐ Did you run your own pilot operation in New Zealand before franchising? If not, why not? In the case of a new franchise, how long have you been running the pilot operation, and how successful is it? Can I see the figures? Do you intend to keep running a company-owned business as well as franchising? How many outlets? What guarantee is there that they will not compete with franchised outlets?

☐ What is the extent of your own cash involvement in the business?

☐ Has any franchised business of yours ever failed? Covid-19 affected some types of business more than others, so closures may reflect individual franchisees’ financial resilience rather than a franchisewide issue. Discuss this with your accountant. Also, beware ‘hidden failures’ where an ailing franchise was sold just prior to going into


Although the franchisor should provide you with information about the company and the industry in which it operates, it is important that you check out the quality of this information for yourself.

Ask the franchisor:

☐ What do you see as the future of the industry you are in? How is digital or other disruption affecting it? Where does this company stand in its industry? What do you do to keep up with developments?

☐ Is there a viable market for the franchise’s product/service? Is there still room for growth? What is its market positioning, eg. price, image, quality? How do you maintain margins? How dependent is the business on price competitiveness? How good is the competition? These questions apply in all industries, from retail to lawnmowing.

☐ What direction is the franchise company moving in? For example, is it adopting new technology as it becomes available/affordable? Is this important? How will new technology affect costs

☐ ☐
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☐ Could you outline the process and the likely timing from here to starting operations, eg, assessments/interviews, legal, financing, shop-fitting, training periods with the franchisor and in the territory?

☐ Who finds a site, conducts market research, etc? How is it done?

☐ What initial services do you offer?

☐ Can I have a complete list of your franchisees? Can I contact them by phone and visit them if appropriate? May I choose whom I interview? The franchisor may need to introduce you first – see 50 Questions to Ask Franchisees at

☐ May I look at your bank reference? Can I see the Profit & Loss account for your existing operations? Your balance sheet?

☐ Please name other referees I may approach.

It is important to get a feel for how ethical a franchisor is. Find out about the reputation of the company and its owners and key people from external sources, as well as asking the franchisees themselves. Always ask several sources, and don’t be afraid to take up references – that is what they are for.


Buying a franchise involves various different costs: initial and ongoing fees, training fees, stock, shop-fitting or vehicles, and so on. If the franchisor provides a good disclosure document, all of these will be documented clearly to avoid any potential confusion or embarrassment at a later stage. However, it is a good idea to ensure you have all the following clearly laid down in writing. Ask the franchisor:

☐ What are the total costs? Are they paid all in one go, or in stages? What is the timing? What do the costs include? What capital costs will be incurred in addition to this price, and what for?

☐ How much working capital (ie. cash to run the business, cover wages and other overheads) do I need? See page 34.

☐ Do you provide projections for my proposed business? What are these based on? For legal reasons, many franchisors will not produce specific projections but will provide actual figures for existing operations.

☐ May I see actual accounts which confirm (or otherwise) your projections? How relevant are these to my proposed territory or site? What makes you say that?

☐ Do you recommend that franchisees register for GST?

☐ Do these figures take my salary/drawings and depreciation into account?

☐ Is there any form of guarantee? How much? Does it vary with the amount I invest? How long does it apply for? When will it be paid? What are the conditions? Have you ever paid out on this guarantee? (see

☐ What assistance do you provide in obtaining finance?

☐ Have you already made special arrangements with any banks? Please outline what these are.

☐ What level of cash and/or equity will I need to qualify for finance?

☐ Do I buy or lease the necessary equipment? What are the options?

☐ If I buy, will I own all the equipment needed to run the business when I have cleared off the borrowing from the finance company?

☐ How do you, the franchisor, make your money? This may affect the way the franchisor takes care of franchisees – for example, a franchisor who makes his income from selling franchises may not offer much in the way of ongoing support.

☐ What royalty (or ongoing fee) is charged, and how is it calculated?

☐ Do I have to buy all or just scheduled items from the franchisor? Are there any other fees?

☐ What levels of support or assistance do I get for the royalty? It is important here to assess value for money, not just percentage figures. Talk to existing franchisees.

Wholesale Distributors Limited (WDL) is the franchisor for the FreshChoice group of supermarkets. WDL have supermarkets nationwide, but are always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand throughout New Zealand.

WDL is a division of Woolworths New Zealand (WWNZ). WWNZ in turn is 100% owned by Woolworths Limited which is one of Australasia’s largest retailers.

All our stores are locally owned and operated. Our owners and store teams care about building strong connections to the communities they serve, and are constantly striving to inspire and engage customers. We are proud of the passionate people that represent FreshChoice, and they in turn are proud to be advocates of it.

If this sounds like an opportunity your interested in, please get in touch with Operations Manager David Callaghan from the contact details below:

24 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Buying A Franchise
are you Interested in becoming a local Supermarket owner?
027 494 8361 Franchise opportunities nationwide. Call Nicola on 022 194 8747 Visit For People With An Accounting Background New Business Opportunity

☐ How open are financial details within the franchise? For example, does the franchisor declare the level of any mark-ups or commissions/rebates paid by suppliers? Rebates are commonly used to help fund services, but can be a source of friction if not reasonably calculated and openly declared.

☐ Are the sales figures or financial results of other franchisees shared for purposes of comparison? Benchmarking is a valuable tool for franchisees.

☐ What are the profitability and cash flow projections for my market and others? Look at sales, cost of sales, overheads.

☐ How did the franchisor handle the issue of franchise fees during the Covid-19 pandemic? Were ongoing fees waived, reduced or charged as normal during periods of lockdown? Did franchisees feel this was fair? What did other franchises in the same sector do?

Once you have the answers to the above, you should sit down with your financial advisor (see a list of franchise-experienced accountants on page 78) and ask yourself: What level of income can I make? How much can I take from the business, and when? Does this meet my needs or aspirations?


Marketing is fundamental to the value of a franchise – it is the pulling power of the name above the door or written on the side of the vehicle that should more than justify the ongoing royalties the franchisee pays. Ask the franchisor:

☐ What kinds of marketing programmes do you run for the product or service offered by the franchisees? May I see examples? How are marketing programmes decided on? What kind of consultation is there with franchisees about what they want/need? What is the process for evaluating success?

☐ What dollar value is spent on marketing? How is marketing funded? How accountable is the franchisor for the funds? Am I required to spend additionally on promotions in my local area? How much? Is supplier support available?

☐ Do you have a launch package for a new franchised territory? What experience is this based on? What does it include? Who pays?

☐ What help will I receive in arranging local advertising and promotions? Are there standard promotions (eg, radio adverts) available for my use?

☐ How does the franchise use social media? Are there standard pages or can I manage my own? What assistance/policies are in place to control the use of social media by franchisees?

☐ Please show me examples of marketing material – eg, point of sale material and promotional literature such as brochures, sales presenters, digital advertisements, social media activity, Adwords promotions.

☐ Who pays, and what is the cost?

☐ How do I make sales? How do I get leads? Do you provide an initial customer base? Do I need to cold-call? Do you provide training in this area? Do I need to have sales experience?

☐ Is there a centralised 0800 number for the franchise? How are leads allocated to individual franchisees?

☐ Is there a website promoting the franchise? Is it optimised for mobile phones? Is it GPS-enabled? How are leads allocated? Can customers buy direct from the website? If so, are franchisees recompensed for sales in their area?

☐ Does the franchise carry out database-related promotions to customers? How is the database created and managed? Can franchisees choose which offers are made to which customers?

Next steps

These four areas cover the starting point for your investigation into any franchise opportunity. You can find the other five areas on our website at

Be aware that, although we’re suggesting questions to ask the franchisor, you’ll also need to do some wider research and ask how your proposed franchise will suit your own goals and your family’s needs, too. Don’t skimp on your research, and do use professional advisors. That way, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of success.

is a division of A multi-award winning team Franchising Law is a specialised field so it's vitally important to take advice from a firm with the right expertise The Franchise Law team has over 25 years experience in New Zealand, working with major Franchise brands Thinking of buying or selling a Franchise? Thada Chapman Senior Franchise Lawyer Thada is qualified to practice in New Zealand, USA (California) and South Africa. Franchising is her specialist area of law and she brings extensive experience. • We work with Franchisees • We work with Franchisors
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Make the right Choice... Andrew Lewis, Chief Executive Ofcer M + 61 400 400 036 E John Nicholls, GM - Retail Development NZ M + 64 273 228 679 E
We provide the tools that will make you succeed in retail fooring. Make the right choice...choose Choices Flooring.


Choices Flooring co-operative members combine forces to create a winning business model

Whenever Aussies and Kiwis take to the sports field, you can guarantee a fiercely-competitive game. But imagine how unstoppable a combined team would be. That’s exactly what’s happening with Choices Flooring which, for the past five years, has been quietly growing this side of the Tasman.

The Melbourne-based member group has 145 stores in Australia and 7 stores in New Zealand so far, with a co-operative business model that is both fair and profitable for its franchisee members.

‘We want to hear from people throughout New Zealand who appreciate that model and are ready to use it to build their own successful store,’ says CEO Andrew Lewis, who is himself an ex-pat Kiwi.

Driving customers to your door

Choices Flooring has quickly found favour with New Zealand customers who appreciate the larger floor covering sample sizes, the consistent, clean showroom fit-outs, and the highly competitive pricing thanks to bulk-buying across Australasia. Stores can offer over 3,000 colours, designs and textures across carpet, hard flooring, rugs and window furnishings ranges.

The company also makes clever use of technology to drive customer traffic. ‘Our highly-interactive website gives customers the ability to preview what a flooring choice will look like in their home, thanks to our latest RoomView technology,’ explains Andrew. ‘Once they’ve seen something they like, they go to their local Choices Flooring store to see samples, get a quote and book an installation.

‘We have a studio where we produce our own photo and video shoots and web content. We also create social media and advertising for members. Leveraging our buying power, we provide robust promotional opportunities for over 75 exclusive product lines,’ he says.

Best practice retail model

Building traffic is one thing – turning it into customers is another, especially in a competitive market, and this is where Choices Flooring excels, says Andrew.

‘As a co-operative, we’ve always taken the view that good business is not about the number of retail stores in the group, it’s about the quality that they provide. We look to apply best practice in systems, service and management. That’s why we created an end-to-end purpose-built business operating system to help deliver true customer service.

‘It’s been built for our member stores and developed over eight years to enable them to run highly successful and profitable businesses.’

Previous experience and training unnecessary

With the store fit-out, technology, marketing, exclusive product, and business operating system boxes all ticked, Choices Flooring businesses are turnkey opportunities. That means previous flooring experience, while useful, is not a pre-requisite to owning a store.

‘If you don’t shy from hard work and you understand customers and consumers, then Choices Flooring could be the right choice for you,’ suggests Andrew. ‘Perhaps you’re an ex-salesperson, or maybe you’ve worked in the fashion industry or interior design? If you enjoy visualising colours and textures in a room, helping people create looks and find practical solutions, this is a great opportunity.

‘We’ll teach you the financial management side, and even do the books for you if needed. We’ll also help you build your in-store and installation team.

‘We are the only retail flooring operator in Australasia that has its own registered training organisation and we train our own apprentices, along with our own staff. We already have full accreditation for our apprenticeship programme in Australia and are working on it in New Zealand, too. That gives our members yet another advantage.’

Unique model and culture

All Choices Flooring store owners are members of a co-operative. When they join, they each become a shareholder in the Choices Flooring Group and have voting rights on the board. ‘Operating via the franchise model helps ensure common systems, branding and marketing,’ explains Andrew. ‘It’s very successful – we’re the largest floor-covering business in Australasia in terms of turnover.

‘At the same time, Choices Flooring also has a strong culture of making decisions that are in the best interests of all our owners’ futures. It’s important to buy into that culture – just as you would if you were in a sports team.’

Where to start?

After five years gaining valuable experience in the New Zealand market, Choices Flooring is now ramping up its growth plans on this side of the ditch. For new member franchisees, the business requires an investment of around $200,000, much of which can be financed.

‘Based on our considerable experience and research, we see potential for 26 stores in New Zealand,’ says Andrew. ‘That means 19 opportunities are still available across the North and South Islands. Key areas include Northland, Auckland, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu-Whanganui, Wellington, Marlborough-Nelson, Canterbury, Otago and Southland, as well as Queenstown.

‘To find out more about the opportunities available, contact John Nicholls, our GM - Retail Development in New Zealand. If you have the drive to succeed, excellent customer service skills, and want to be part of a business that’s going places, he’s waiting to hear from you.’

Choices Flooring
M 0061 400 400 036 Advertiser Info


The harder you work, the more income you make.

It’s that simple approach which put Aucklanders Quin Wang and his wife Michelle behind the wheel of their own courier business back in 2012. When they joined Aramex (then called Fastway), the couple wanted to build a better future for their two children. They achieved that and, 11 years later, are still seeing their hard work rewarded with ever-higher sales.

As Quin says, it’s about working as a team and making the most of the constant sales and marketing support that Aramex is famous for. On his daily run, he is constantly looking out for new opportunities. The key is to work on relationships with business owners that he meets through his deliveries. ‘You have to be patient, polite and friendly, and then one day they might become your customer.’

He also passes on details of potential clients to the Aramex sales team. ‘If a customer decides to trial us, I’m confident I can provide a much better service than any other courier company – and that way, my business grows.’

His performance and commitment to service, resulted in Quin and Michelle’s business being judged Auckland Courier Franchise of the Year in 2015, and in 2017 they were named Aramex Franchisee of the Year for the whole of New Zealand.

‘It was definitely all the co-operation and support from the management team that helped make those awards possible,’ Quin says modestly, ‘and the support and encouragement from friends and family, too.’

Stepping up support

Aramex has recently launched a programme across the network to provide more resources, information and education to help franchisees like Quin grow sales.

A key tool of the Courier Franchisee Success Programme is a marketing kit that franchisees keep in their van containing all the material needed to identify and follow up on prospective new customers – as well as provide information to existing customers about new products, services and pricing. There is also access to confidence-building online video content that provides step-by-step instructions on how to grow a business – for example, how to successfully identify and approach new customers.

‘The programme is another tool that Courier Franchisees – and the Regional Franchisees who support them – can use to continually improve the franchise system and help them to grow their business,’ explains Aramex New Zealand CEO Mark Little.

Smooth operation

Quin looks forward to the regular management team meetings, which are an opportunity to exchange ideas and information, as well as stay updated on future plans.

‘Everyone can make suggestions on how to keep our services running smoothly,’ he says. ‘We discuss any issues that need fixing, and meet again after a month or two to review progress.’

It’s not all about sales. The operations manager attends to provide resources should, for example, any volume issues arise with larger clients, and if a franchisee has to plan for time away or their van being off the road for repairs, then solutions are found and resources provided to ensure minimum disruption.

‘It’s reassuring to know that, as a franchisee, you’re backed by a highlyexperienced team right up to the CEO,’ Quin says. ‘Aramex has more than lived up to my expectations, and helped me become a better manager and build a bigger business to help achieve our dreams for our family.’

Sharing the magic

Mark Little says, ‘In the past ten years I’ve seen so many couriers like Quin who’ve worked hard, done well and reaped the rewards of being a small business owner.

‘40 years after we first started providing courier services in New Zealand, there are still opportunities for Courier Franchisees throughout the country to write their own success story. From a business perspective, the growth of e-commerce means there is more delivery density in residential areas than ever before. This makes it even more profitable for the courier on their day-to-day delivery round.

‘Start-up costs are low and franchisees are backed by a regional, national and international network that generates and supports business at all levels. With the Courier Franchisee Success Programme, Aramex franchisees have all the tools they need to attract local customers, while our commercial team identify opportunities to sign up larger clients.

‘Together, these create growth for franchisees across the network. That’s the magic of our model – support and empowerment helps everyone do better.’

Find out more

‘To find out more about becoming an Aramex Courier Franchisee, contact us to arrange a chat,’ invites Mark. ‘One of our team members will take you through the process and explain what’s involved in becoming a Courier Franchisee, as well as discussing any specific territories that you might be interested in.

‘At the same time, we’ll take you through the process of doing your own due diligence, so you fully understand how the franchise works and the business you are buying into. Once you’re happy, we provide full training and all the support and systems you need to get up and running.

‘As Quin and Michelle have shown, Aramex enables you to build a better future for your family and be rewarded for the effort you put in.’

Business & Commercial Aramex
Aramex Advertiser Info
More tools provided to help Aramex Courier Franchisees drive business growth locally
Contact P 0-6-833 6333 P 0508 NZ
CEO Mark Little Quin Wang: ‘Aramex has more than lived up to my expectations’

The National Franchise Conference 2023 will take a refreshing approach to give franchisors and franchisees what they need to meet the challenges and explore possibilities to drive new opportunities.

‘Franchise people are renowned for their enthusiasm and friendliness,’ says Robyn Pickerill, CEO of the Franchise Association of New Zealand, which organises the Conference. ‘Every year we get comments from newcomers who are blown away by the welcome they get, the people they meet and the information they take away.

‘We have built on that with a unique conference format that encourages the open sharing of knowledge and experience through keynote speakers, workshops, interactive discussion forums and networking opportunities. Franchisors and key staff from all franchises or businesses with an interest in franchising from across New Zealand are invited – see

The Conference takes place at Te Pae, Christchurch, from 27-29 August. Some of this year’s highlights include:

International insights. Peter Holt is COO of The Joint Corp and has over 30 years’ multi-store and franchise experience in the USA. Bill Edwards is a US-based global franchise advisor whose monthly

newsletter is essential reading, and ranks New Zealand as one of the most attractive destinations in the world for franchise companies. Both will be attending the conference in person and are keen to meet local franchisors.

Business leadership. Bruce Cotterill led real estate franchise Colliers in both New Zealand and Australia, and has extensive experience helping companies maximise performance and profitability. Bryn Harrison is CEO of Carpet Court, one of New Zealand’s best-known franchise brands. A panel of experienced franchise leaders will also share their perspectives of franchising trends, challenges and opportunities in 2023 in a don’tmiss panel session.

Artificial Intelligence in franchising. With AI and ChatGPT increasingly

30 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
STANDING TOGETHER Franchise Association News
More speakers announced as FANZ brings people together to learn, discuss and grow
• Build a team or work alone • Exclusive territory • Ongoing training and support • Diverse work scope | Call Leon on 027 505 8236 You do not need to be trade qualified but you do need to be handy on the tools and well organised Property Maintenance & Handyman Make a profit on or off the tools HELLO OPPORTUNITY Keen to own your own business? We’ll help you get started! Travel is booming and we’re looking for great people to join our Helloworld Travel franchise. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of an award winning travel network and bring Helloworld into your local community. Contact us in confidence at
Bill Edwards Kari Jones Elsamari Botha

The franchisee’s perspective. A panel of franchisees will share the challenges and opportunities facing them at the coalface, and discuss the types of support which they find valuable and how it contributes to their success.

Protecting franchising. Around the world, the franchise business model is being impacted by increasing regulations. Australia has seen already sweeping legislative changes. NZ is not immune, so learn about the gradual creep into NZ legislation, what actions we should take and how you can support FANZ’s vision.

Legal updates. A panel of specialists will provide key legal updates and a refresh on best practice for franchise systems in important and topical areas currently impacting franchising.

Inspiration. An Afghan refugee who fled the Taliban, closing speaker Abbas Nazari was one of the asylum seekers rescued by the MV Tampa in 2001. Settling in New Zealand, he went on to win a Fulbright Scholarship.

‘The 2023 Conference will be one of the most important yet for franchising in New Zealand,’ says Robyn. ‘To learn more, go to www. and register now to be inspired and supported in the world of franchising.’

Membership matters

A 2022 survey found that 76 percent of prospective franchise buyers indicated it is important to them that their chosen system is a member of FANZ, and 67 percent felt it important that their advisors are members.

‘As an Association, FANZ brings together people who are committed to making franchising a successful and credible business model through advocacy, insight, sharing best practice and celebrating excellence,’ says Robyn. So who should join FANZ? Here’s a list.

Start-up franchisors who are looking for those elements which help them build a successful franchise model where they can recruit the right franchisees. Their primary drivers therefore are on connecting and development, followed by insight.

Established franchise systems who want to connect with others, protect the franchise environment through representation and advocacy, and gain insight into issues and opportunities that affect the whole sector. Affiliates and service providers who are looking for opportunities to interact with franchisors and other affiliates to learn and develop their knowledge of franchising. Also, those who wish to contribute to the growth of the sector within which they operate.

The Association also benefits franchisees of members and franchise buyers looking to ensure that prospective franchisors and advisors are committed to upholding high standards.

‘We welcome enquiries from all the above groups and anyone else who wants to learn more about franchising,’ Robyn says.

New members

The latest members to join are:

• Cookie Time

• Moving On

• SlipSafe

• Spaceworks

• Top 10 Holiday Parks

FANZ members are clearly marked in the Directory in this magazine.

Events Calendar

26 July

27-29 August

20 September

11 November

Auckland FANZ Twilight

Christchurch National Franchise Conference

Auckland FANZ Twilight

Auckland Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards

The event calendar is regularly updated, so for the latest details of what’s on around the country, please visit the Franchise Association website at, email or phone 0-9-274 2901.


Revolutionise your franchise training and onboarding with Bracken.

Are you a franchise owner looking to streamline your operations, enhance employee training, and maximize profitability?

Look no further than Bracken, the cuttingedge Learning Management System designed for New Zealand franchises. With our state-of-the-art platform, you can take your franchise to new heights by providing comprehensive training, ensuring consistency across locations, and empowering your workforce.

Bracken offers a wide range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of franchise businesses. From centralised content management and easy course creation to real-time progress tracking and customisable reporting, our platform puts you in full control.

Seamlessly induct new employees, deliver engaging training modules, and foster a culture of continuous learning within your franchise network.

With Bracken, you can drive operational excellence and boost customer satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and brand loyalty. Join the evergrowing number of successful franchise owners who trust Bracken to enhance their training and onboarding processes.

Experience the power of a comprehensive learning solution that is intuitive, scalable, and designed to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced franchise environment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your franchise business—contact our Bracken team today and check us out at the Franchise Conference 2023. • 03 479 2577 •


Franchize Consultants explain the advantages of franchising and how to get started

Franchising is big business in New Zealand, with some 590 franchise brands representing a diverse range of industries. Around 75 percent of them are homegrown, including MTF (Motor Trade Finance); Columbus Coffee; Four Square, Pak’n’Save and New World; Harcourts; Signature Homes; Green Acres; Burger Fuel; Laser Plumbing and Electrical; Stirling Sports; and Mitre 10.

Some started franchising when they only had one or two local operations, while others may only have franchised after building 20-50 outlets with full national representation. Some franchised the whole business, others just one division or even a particular role (eg. a mobile technician). Some companies retained company-owned operations in one area, while franchising in other locations. All of these are valid alternatives as long as they are underpinned by a solid business concept capable of driving strong returns for franchisees and creating an increasingly valuable franchisor business over many years. Franchising is not a short-term strategy.

Why do companies franchise?

Companies franchise their businesses for a range of reasons. Examples include:

1. Wanting to grow business size and value. Franchisees often generate stronger unit-level sales than managed units.

2. Accessing growth capital for additional units – franchisees invest the capital required for new unit establishment.

3. Releasing capital through the sale/conversion of selected company-owned units to franchisees.

4. Unit-management incentives. Because of their investment, franchisees are often more motivated to make their units successful to build a strong income and business value.

5. Overcoming human resources challenges. Franchisees take responsibility for growing and managing their own teams.

6. Building purchasing advantages, from buying as a larger group.

7. Marketing advantages, from harnessing economies of scale in marketing development and placement.

8. Developing better strategy, by involving motivated franchisees in business model research and testing.

9. Reducing the risks associated with expansion, through franchisee investment and ownership of local operations.

10. Creating internal growth opportunities, by providing high-performing staff with the opportunity to become business owners.

Comprehensive franchising planning

While these are good reasons to explore franchising, it’s not suited to every business. ‘If projected returns aren’t sufficient for all parties to earn a reasonable return, franchising may not be feasible,’ says Dr Callum Floyd, Managing Director of Franchize Consultants, who have been helping small and large companies since 1989. ‘That’s why you need a dedicated and comprehensive planning, assessment and preparation stage led by a competent franchise consultant prior to preparing a franchise agreement or recruitment material.

‘This will help structure the franchise system properly, assess likely returns to the franchisor and franchisees, establish a proper franchising infrastructure and train the franchisor in how to be a successful franchisor. The time to do this is before you start to put time and focus into the project. Get it wrong and you won’t know until your first franchisees are on board. Get it right, and you will have a solid foundation for success.

‘Contact Franchize Consultants to find out how we can help you.’

Franchising a Business Get the right advice. Talk first with New Zealand’s longest established, largest and most award winning team. Work with a company engaged on major projects with many of the biggest and best emerging names in the franchise sector. Find out why. Call Callum Floyd (09) 523 3858 or email Brilliant Commercial Cleaner Six times winner service provider of the year Choosing to franchise your business? Or improving an existing one Get award winning help at every step
Franchize Consultants Contact Dr Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 M 021 669 519 Advertiser Info



Your business is unique. Allow it to flourish with bespoke, targeted legal advice.

We work with a small but select client base enabling us to deliver meticulous advice and strategy designed to meet your commercial objectives.

A: Level 10, 43 High Street, CBD, Auckland

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few years ago, I attended the annual conference of a well-known franchise which offers lawnmowing, gardening and cleaning services. Part of the event included a celebration recognising franchisees who had owned their business for 10, 15 and even 20 years. The speeches from those operators left an indelible impression on me about the long-term benefits of owning a franchise business.

In my company, Franchise Accountants, we have franchisee clients now clocking up 20 years in a range of businesses: food, lifestyle, retail, commercial services, and more. They are resilient operators, earning stable income, and their business is serving them well. So I asked them what they had learned over the years, why they have continued in the same franchise, and what advice they would give to anyone thinking about buying a franchise right now?

Here’s a summary of their answers, which cover both financial and non-

Lifecycle of a franchise business

The lifecycle of a franchisee’s business varies by industry, by franchise brand, and by individual owner. Some franchisees are with the brand for over twenty years, while others may on-sell after just three. Changes in personal circumstances, other opportunities, performance or just not enjoying the business can all lead to shorter terms. However, the average tenure is generally around eight years.

Because most franchises are granted for a period of terms, often around 5 years, it means that the long-term franchisees I talked to were forced to evaluate their business periodically and decide whether it still suited them. That’s a process most business owners don’t do, and it’s a valuable one that requires you to ask yourself some hard questions about the return you’re getting for your investment of time and money, the value of the franchise, and how well it suits your family’s needs and

Financial outcomes

When you first look at buying a franchise, a lot of people will start with the questions ‘How much does it cost?’ and ‘How soon will it make me real money?’ Those are vital questions, of course, but if you’re going to be in the business for eight years or more, it pays to look beyond the first couple of years and consider the long-term value of the business.

Typically, any franchise has to evolve and adapt to the market to remain viable in the long term. This would include refining its offering, keeping up with the times to stay relevant, and re-investing in the business systems, branding and people to stay competitive.

So our long-term franchisees felt some good questions to ask are:

Does this franchise generate a stable pattern of generating recurring

Why do customers buy from it?

• What is the brand’s competitive advantage and is it sustainable?

Established franchise brands can often point to the long-term viability of the network. However, there can be industry disrupters outside the control of the franchise system. Consider the video rental business: Blockbuster, United Video, Video Ezy were hugely successful brands which have now disappeared as streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney emerged. Currently, car dealerships are adapting to massive change with EVs, new brands and direct sales changing the whole business model.

34 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Philip Morrison suggests financial aspects to look out for when planning on buying a
Harshad Shiba is known for his specialist expertise in franchise law having advised many of New Zealand’s leading franchise brands over his 18-year career.


On the other hand, people still enjoy eating out, houses still need cleaning, clothes need washing, packages need delivering and kids need tutoring. By evaluating the industry the franchise operates in, and how well it has adapted to changes in the past, you can assess the long-term viability of the franchise.


One thing I can say for sure about our long-term franchisee clients is that long-term owners operate profitable businesses.

In most cases, they went into business ownership to earn more income than they could in their previous employment. They worked hard over the years and built up a business that generates good income for the owner. In accounting speak, we call this income ‘profit’, and it’s essential for the long-term viability of any business.

Amongst other things, profits fund:

• Returns to owners (income, salaries and dividends);

• Working capital (the pool of money you need to operate a business –buying stock, etc);

• Reinvestment (buying replacement plant and equipment, fitouts and branding updates);

• Reducing debt and building up reserves against the unexpected;

• Research and development.

In any business, how much profit is ‘enough’ will vary according to the owner’s appetite, how hard they are prepared to work, the level of investment, and the type of service or product delivered. In a franchise, many of these factors are relatively predictable. You won’t make as much money as a bitcoin entrepreneur, but you won’t be taking the same risks, either!

Cashflow & working capital

Long-term franchise owners have good financial disciplines in place. Many franchises have good management and benchmarking systems in place, and good franchisees use these wisely.

For example, they put in place a budget so they know where the money goes and how the cash flows through their business. This would include leaving enough money in the business to operate effectively (working capital), setting money aside for tax, and replacing assets as they wear out – only taking out what the business can afford after these things have been allowed for.

For example, if you have a lawn mowing business, you’ll need to replace mowers as they wear out. In the books, that’s allowed for as depreciation. By keeping that depreciation as money in the bank, rather than spending the cash it represents on a jet ski, you’ll have what you need to replace your equipment when the time comes. The jet ski comes from the return to owners.


Long-term franchisees get their money back.

This is often one of the primary financial measures in evaluating any investment decision, including buying a business. Sensible buyers evaluate the ability of a business to repay the initial investment from the earnings of the business after paying the owner a working wage.

Here’s an example. Let’s say the purchase of your chosen franchise requires an investment of $250,000.

The franchise produces an EBITDA figure (that’s Earnings Before Interest costs, Tax, Depreciation and Amortisation) of $50,000 per annum.


EBITDA = Payback (years)


$50,000 = 5 years

In this example, it would take 5 years to repay the initial investment. If tax was factored in, it could extend payback to 7.5 years and depreciation will extend things further. However, it’s more complicated than that, which is why it’s important to take advice from an experienced franchisespecialist accountant.

Return on Investment

This is the flipside to Payback . It measures the return on the initial capital invested.

For example, if you invested $100,000 in a term deposit and it earned 3.5% interest, then the annual return on your investment would be $3,500 (3.5%).

Let’s compare this to investing in a business, using the same example as above:.




x 100 % = Return on Investment (ROI)

$250,000 = 20% ROI

A 20% return is a lot higher than the 3.5% you’d get in the term deposit, but you are taking a greater risk so you would be looking for a higher return.

If you are borrowing some or all of the money to fund your franchise purchase, you also need to allow for cost of finance. If the cost of finance on borrowed money is 8.5%, and the opportunity cost of investing in a term deposit for a guaranteed return is 3.5%, the total cost of finance is 8.5 + 3.5, or 12%. So the real ROI in this example is 20% minus 12%, which is 8%.

Long-term franchisees have generally had greater return on their investment than they would have had from putting their money in the bank, even after allowing for risk and paying additional finance costs.

Creating wealth

While people buy a business for many reasons, the long-term franchisees at that conference I mentioned all said that a primary goal in buying the franchise had been to create wealth for themselves and their family.

By paying the business loans off as soon as possible, their cost of finance is reduced and the return on investment improved even further. Although some re-investment in equipment, fit-out or image may be necessary from time to time (see page 58), that makes long-term ownership even more attractive.

Once the business loans are repaid, then it frees up cashflow to pay down the family home loan, or invest in other areas. They used the surplus cashflow of the business to build their wealth base beyond the business itself.

They had recouped the initial investment, and reinvested the profits into building wealth personally, as well as building the enterprise value of the business – in other words, their business would be worth more when they eventually decided to sell. All going well, when they do decide to exit, they can sell the business as a going concern debt-free, and taxfree, too.

It’s also worth noting that being part of a known franchise also generally makes a business more attractive to potential purchasers than it would be as a small, stand-alone venture.

Non-financial measurements

Now, you might not expect to hear an accountant say this, but return on investment is not all about money – there are also the intangible measures of wealth, such as happiness, family, lifestyle and security. Being able to pay for family holidays, school fees or contributing where


there is need is part of that, but here are some of the other factors that our long-term owners value about their franchises.


If a franchise has a good proportion of franchisees who have stayed within the system for a long time, that’s often an indicator that the franchise has a good, supportive culture.

Of course, there’s always a certain level of franchisee turnover within any established franchise network just from normal life – people looking for a change, facing health challenges or divorce, family circumstances and so on. But if a franchise has a good proportion of long-term happy campers, it’s a good sign.

Peer support and camaraderie

Being in business for yourself can be a pretty lonely experience, which is why one of the biggest advantages long-term franchisees appreciate is belonging to the community within the network. They share their experiences with others working in exactly the same type of business but not in competition with them; instead, they enjoy teamwork and sharing.

For many, this benefit was the most dominant takeaway from the pandemic years – and it encouraged them to stay even longer.

Purpose and meaning

Owning your own business can give some meaning and purpose to your life, as well as the satisfaction of doing a job well. As a long-term franchisee, you gain mastery over the type of business you operate in and have a vault of experience that your clients benefit from. So why do anything else?

In some franchise sectors, the intangible benefits of making a difference in people’s lives are huge. Some obvious examples are tutoring kids in maths and English with after-school programmes; providing transport services for seniors; being a community hub with a popular café; developing skills in sport or the performing arts;

helping people feel good about themselves with fitness or beauty treatments … the list goes on.

And don’t forget that franchises are big contributors to charity, both on a local and national basis. Surveys show that 24 percent of franchise brands contribute over $100,000 each to community support.

Lifestyle & family

Last but not least: the single most important factor that encouraged franchisees to stay in their businesses long-term was the flexibility it gave them to enjoy life with their families, to be there for those important life events.

As some said, ‘What else would I do that gave me this freedom to arrange my time in a way that best suits the needs of my family?’

The long game

While the many variables in business mean that no-one can guarantee success, there is no doubt that buying a franchise reduces the risks involved, and that owning a franchised business can provide a long-term opportunity to build a solid business and enjoy doing it.

If the franchise business remains viable in a changing marketplace, generates sustainable profits, and provides adequate return on investment, it can allow a franchisee to earn good income and create wealth for the long-term. Taking advice from specialist franchise advisors can help you evaluate this.

The secret to this success is choosing the right business in the first place: one that can not only provide the returns you seek, but also one that you will enjoy working in – and be proud to share with your family, friends, customers and community.

About the Author

Philip Morrison is Principal of Franchise Accountants, five-times winner of the Service Provider of the Year Award. The specialist accounting practice has evaluated over 250 different franchise brands throughout New Zealand and worked with over 1,000 franchisees.

36 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
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Opportunity: Food & Beverage


Columbus Coffee combines local café ownership with national support

When Jane Merai bought her Columbus Coffee franchise in 2011, she had no idea she’d still be there and thriving twelve years later.

‘It’s been quite a ride!’ Jane says. ‘I’d never worked in hospitality before – I was in insurance – so I really didn’t know what to expect, but every day I still get up and have the motivation to go to my café because I love the life so much!’

Her passion, focus on community, and delight in building a great team have combined with Columbus Coffee’s expertise to create a recipe for success. Jane’s Auckland Glen Eden café was a big winner at the franchise’s awards in March, including the Franchisee of the Year title and the People’s Choice Award, while long-time manager Phoenix Parata was named Manager of the Year. ‘I was so thrilled for her – people like Phoenix and our wonderful staff are our biggest asset and let me focus on the business and the customer experience,’ says Jane.

‘It’s been really rewarding for our whole team to be recognised at this level. We have a loyal following and our customers were just as happy as we were, which is a cool feeling.’

100 percent Kiwi

Jane says that being part of an established, 100 percent New Zealandowned franchise gave her comfort right from the start. ‘I was able to step into proven systems and processes and learn the ropes while being fully supported by people who knew the business and could work together through challenges.

‘All these years later, I still wouldn’t open a café on my own. There’s such value in being part of a franchise, and the benefits for me outweigh everything else. I never feel alone and I love being part of the franchise community.’

These days, Jane is a member of Columbus Coffee’s Franchise Advisory Council, which includes a cross-section of franchisees from across the country with a range of markets and experience. It’s one of the ways the brand encourages input from franchisees to contribute to further development. ‘The FAC is a great environment to meet other franchisees, bounce ideas around, give feedback, share on-the-ground experiences and be part of trials for new initiatives,’ says Jane.

Columbus Coffee also encourages their 74 cafés around the country to build relationships with the community, supporting sports, schools and other causes such as The PJ Project, Pink Shirt Day and Cure Kids. Jane explains, ‘Our café is very much a local business – I see it as our vessel to give back. The last couple of years, especially, we’ve worked through Covid to stay engaged and keep supporting those who have always supported us. One highlight was a Ride for Hope bikeathon, which we hosted in the café with a local gym franchisee – we raised $15,000 for Gumboot Friday.’

Support that makes a difference

Jon Hassall, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, says, ‘Jane is a long-standing, multiple-award winning franchisee who exemplifies what Columbus Coffee is about – local businesses with national support.

‘That support makes a real difference whether you’ve been a franchisee for two months or twelve years. It includes a team of local consultants to help you build and manage your business; food and beverage training for staff; and year-round nationwide marketing – we won the Marketing Excellence title at the 2022 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards.

‘We support franchisees with a national menu programme, and also encourage some variety through local favourites, which each café tailors to suit their location and customers.

‘We also have a real commitment to developing systems behind the scenes to help improve the customer experience,’ says Jon. ‘For example, we’ve recently rolled out an enhanced digital app to make it easy for customers to order their favourite coffee – from home, the gym, or even just getting a second round at the table without needing to interrupt their conversation to join a queue.’

As Jane points out, ‘It’s invaluable to have centralised marketing and a team of experts to take on initiatives like this. Because they are committed to keeping up with market trends and making improvements across the board, I have more time to focus on day-to-day operations and meeting my customers’ needs so I can grow my business.’

Bringing people together

Jon says that Columbus Coffee franchisees benefit from owning their own local business without ever feeling alone. ‘We really value bringing people together to share stories, problems and best practice solutions, and we have regular regional gatherings, as well as a national conference for franchisees across the country. Our gala dinner, where Jane and her team took home their awards, is always a highlight as we celebrate the successes our franchisees have had in the last 12 months.’

Columbus Coffee has a number of opportunities available now across the North and South Island, including five new cafés in identified growth areas. Investment levels start from around $350,000 +gst.

‘Whether you’re interested in an existing café, a new café we’re already planning, or have another area in mind where you’d like to establish your own franchise, we’d love to hear from you,’ says Jon. ‘As Jane can tell you, you don’t need hospitality experience!’

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Columbus Coffee

Contact Jon Hassall

P 0-9-520 1044

M 028 8500 1300

Jane Merai: ‘There’s such value in being part of a franchise’
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USER-FRIENDLY accounting advice

Franchise Accountants help franchisors and franchisees succeed

I’d recommend Franchise Accountants to any owner/operator in the retail business,’ says Grant Morse of Storage Box. ‘Philip Morrison himself is very approachable and has plenty of tools in his chest to make the accounting side simple, easy and effective. The fact that he understands franchising and licensing inside-out is an added bonus.’

Grant knows what he’s talking about, having been in retail ever since he left school. He worked his way up to become operations manager in several appliance-based chains. ‘Five years ago, I joined the Storage Box co-operative when they were looking for a general manager.’

Grant quickly identified several opportunities at Storage Box, but needed timely – and cost-effective – financial advice to measure them.

‘The accounting company we were using was one of the biggest in Australasia, but that meant we were a very small fish in a very big pond,’ he explains. ‘We didn’t get the service we needed and just weren’t looked after. They would only speak to us in high-level accounting language and expected our owner/operators to understand them.

‘I was attracted to Franchise Accountants because their founder, Philip Morrison, deals with owner/operators all the time. He understands their problems and knows their mentality. In addition, he’s down-toearth, approachable, will always answer questions and has a wealth of knowledge.’

Storage Box made the change in February 2022, and Grant is very pleased with the results. ‘We’re now opening a company store in Wairau Park, which will eventually be sold to a licensee, and Philip gave us all the advice we needed to ensure it was done correctly. He has been closely involved with keeping us on track, and has a terrific team behind him. They provide a whole range of services, such as benchmarking, that I know we will be tapping into very soon. In short, they are “userfriendly” accountants – just what a business like ours needs.’

Helping franchisees and investors

Franchise Accountants are five-time winners of the Service Provider of the Year title at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards. In the last 10 years, the company has worked with more than 1000 franchise businesses in New Zealand and evaluated over 250 different franchise and licence brands, giving the company an unmatchable working knowledge of the sector in New Zealand.

This knowledge is put to use to help business buyers and franchisees, too, such as gym owner John Chisholm. John believes a franchised business needs an accountant who understands the franchising sector.

John’s interest in leisure and fitness led him to the F45 gym franchise. ‘I’ve always been drawn to the business side of the leisure and fitness industry because it does nothing but good for the community, as well as being very profitable. I opened my own F45 centre four years ago, which is run by a manager.

‘As an investor, the brand power and systemised operations of a franchise have particular appeal,’ he says. ‘Knowing you can rely on a system when you are absent is reassuring, but of course the success of any franchise is not guaranteed – so staying on top of the numbers is critical.

‘We were looking for an accountant who understood the unique factors around franchising, including withholding tax and other elements connected to a global brand,’ says John. ‘This is where Franchise Accountants came in. The firm’s specialisation in franchising and the complexities of dealing with the financial side have been invaluable.

‘During Covid, Philip was an excellent sounding-board on the subject of rent, too. There was quite a lot of confusion around what deals landlords were striking, and having Philip’s experience was particularly useful. No wonder the vast majority of his clients came through the lockdowns in one piece! We’ve found Franchise Accountants to be unfailingly useful to turn to for advice when we need it, and they are extremely cost-effective as an out-sourced team for turning round our accounts on time.’

New clients start here

Franchise Accountants always look forward to working with new clients. ‘If you’re evaluating a franchise business for the very first time, make us your first port of call,’ Philip says. ‘We’ll help you to benchmark the opportunity against its peers and determine how it measures up in the three critical areas: viability, sustainability and profitability. We’ll flush out any aspects you may have overlooked, good or bad. Buying any business requires detailed examination – it’s easy for a new owner to miss things but we are experts in the small details that make all the difference.

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Franchise Accountants

‘We also love helping existing franchisees to find the weaknesses and opportunities in their businesses. We have a wealth of experience of due diligence in the franchising sector, and in these uncertain times it is more important than ever for franchisees to have an accountant they can trust who really understands their business.

‘Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, contact us today to find out how Franchise Accountants can help you.’

Contact Philip Morrison

P 0800 555 80 20

M 021 22 99 657

Advice: Financial Matters
Grant Morse: ‘Franchise Accountants are just what a business like ours needs’ Philip Morrison: ‘We are experts in the small details that make all the difference’

A guide to bank funding for franchisees

René Artz of Westpac discusses some points to help you secure the necessary funding to get started

Franchising is a powerful business model which can provide would-be business owners with a proven path to success. A good franchise offers advantages such as a recognised brand, buying power, systems and procedures, training, ongoing support and economies of scale which offer significant commercial and competitive advantages.

As a result, this reduces the risk associated with starting a new business from scratch, and increases the likelihood of profitability and long-term success. For these same reasons, a bank will often lend to support purchase of a franchise, making it a popular way into business for many.

One critical aspect of buying a franchise is securing the necessary funding to get started. Some banks, like Westpac, specialise in providing financial assistance tailored to the unique needs of franchisees. These banks understand the franchise business model and can offer underwriting standards, local expertise and guidance that support the financing process.

Want to join New Zealand’s premium building franchise?

Landmark Homes builds top quality, award-winning, architecturally inspired houses across New Zealand and is looking for highly driven, motivated franchisees to join our fast growing network with opportunities in Northland, Nelson, South Canterbury, Central Otago, Dunedin, and Southland.

Building Landmark homes for 45 years, our reputation is second to none - we provide our clients the best quality, design, service, craftsmanship and value for money, and our franchisees are integral to this.

When evaluating franchise funding applications, banks assess several key factors to determine the viability and potential profitability of the franchise. Understanding these criteria can significantly increase your chances of securing finance approval.

In this article, we’ll examine the factors that banks like Westpac consider when reviewing franchise funding applications.

1 Franchise concept and track record

Banks look at the franchise concept itself, evaluating its uniqueness, market demand and competitive advantage. They also consider the franchise’s track record, analysing its historical financial performance, growth prospects, and any litigation or regulatory issues. These are the same factors you should be looking at, as part of your due diligence. A strong and reputable franchise concept is more likely to attract bank funding.

2 Franchisee experience and expertise

Banks value franchisees who possess relevant experience. While prior business ownership or management experience is advantageous, it is not always a requirement. In many cases, the franchisor will fully train you to successfully operate in the industry; however, demonstrating a strong understanding of the industry and the specific demands of the franchise can bolster your credibility and increase your chances of securing finance.

3 Business plan and financial projections

Developing a business plan and cashflow is key when seeking franchise bank funding, and it is a good idea to use a franchise-specialist accountant to help you prepare these. Your business plan should outline your market analysis, marketing strategies and operational plans which

40 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Buying a Franchise: Financial Matters
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will underpin the assumptions within your financial projections. It is essential to provide realistic and well-supported financial forecasts. The key is to understand the franchise’s revenue potential alongside expenses at a given level of revenue.

4 Personal financial strength

Banks will also evaluate your personal financial strength, to assess your ability to support the franchise during the initial establishment phase. This includes analysing your credit history, personal assets, existing debts, and liquidity. A strong personal financial position, including a healthy credit score and sufficient collateral, will instil confidence in the bank and improve your chances of finance approval.

5 Franchise agreement and legal considerations

Banks will review the terms and conditions, fees and royalties, and the length and renewal options of the agreement. A favourable franchise agreement that aligns the interests of all parties involved will be viewed positively by the bank.

6 Securing finance approval

To secure franchise finance approval, you will need to meet the following criteria:

• Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.

• Have a good credit history.

• Typically provide a minimum 50 percent cash or equity toward the franchise purchase; however, this can vary depending on the brand and industry.

• Be able to demonstrate that you have the skills, interest and experience necessary to run this franchise business after training.

Once you have demonstrated that you meet the criteria, you will need to submit a franchise finance application. The application will include the following information:

• Your personal details.

• Your financial information.

• The full funding request, including the purchase price/set-up, franchise fee, and any working capital requirement.

• The details of the franchise you are interested in, including a business plan and cashflow.

The bank will assess your application and will provide you with a decision, usually within two weeks.

7 Additional advice

Here are some additional tips for securing franchise finance approval:

• Do your research before you apply for franchise finance.

• Ask the franchisor for their input and advice. An established franchise will probably have been through this process before, and will be known to the bank.

• Do consult a franchise-experienced accountant. They will know what projections and assumptions are reasonable.

• Make sure that you include all bank-requested information and documentation.

Remember, banks operate in a highly prudential and regulated environment and don’t like an information void. The more information you can provide to support your application, the better your chances of securing franchise finance approval.

As a leading New Zealand franchise bank, Westpac understands the unique requirements of franchisees and has a team of franchise specialist bankers around the country. Contact them to find out about the financial solutions available to help you into your new business.

About the Author

René Artz is a South Islandbased Commercial Manager – Franchise, Hospitality, Tourism & Retail Trade for Westpac. For more information, contact your local Westpac Franchise and Business Banking Specialist on 0800 177 007 or email:

The information contained in this article is intended as a guide only and is not intended as an exhaustive list of matters to be considered. Persons entering into franchise agreements should seek their own professional legal, accounting and other advice.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your legal needs 09 308 8070 We know franchising like the back of our hands We’re highly experienced and passionate about all aspects of franchise law. ASCO Legal has a long history with franchising and authors franchising resources for a market-leading publisher. We work with people in many different fields to assist them with their franchising needs as both franchisor or franchisee. 6 Uxbridge Road Howick, Auckland 2014 Proud member and supporter

New Zealand’s MOST AWARDED Café Franchise

The Coffee Club Success Story: New Opportunities Available:

Ÿ 63 cafes in New Zealand & 450 worldwide.

Ÿ Continued expansion plans.

Ÿ Flexibility & life balance with an established brand.

Ÿ Excellent training and ongoing support.

Ÿ Preferred bank finance arrangements.

Ÿ National marketing benefits.

Ÿ 6 time winner - F&B Franchise System Award.

Ÿ 2 time winner - Supreme Franchise System Award.

Ÿ 4 time winner - Supreme Franchisee Award.

Ÿ 2 time winner - Contribution to Community Award.

Ÿ Winner of the Media Campaign Award.

Pinehill Central, Auckland

Highbury Shopping Centre, Auckland

Ravenswood Junction, North Canterbury

Northlands Shopping Centre, Christchurch

Omokoroa Village, Bay of Plenty

Fraser Cove, Bay of Plenty

Richmond Mall, Nelson

Yaldhurst Park, Christchurch

To find out more contact Brad on 027 526 3333 or


Part of the Club

If you’re in business for 15 years, you get used to the fact that the economy has its ups and downs. That’s something Verne and Wendy Wilson know well – it was just before the GFC in 2008 when the couple made the decision to give up their day jobs and buy The Coffee Club franchise in Palmerston North. Since then they’ve successfully navigated all the highs and lows, including Covid, and say that the support of the franchise smoothed out the bumps and enabled them to enjoy the ride.

‘The Coffee Club is a global brand with incredible buying power and really strong system processes and procedures,’ says Wendy. ‘They are market leaders and are constantly on top of things such as food trends, technology and IT developments. Their knowledge is outstanding.’

Gone from strength to strength

Verne and Wendy had been keen to embark on a business journey together when they first came across The Coffee Club in Brisbane. They could immediately see its popularity and, when a prime location became available in Palmerston North’s CBD, they leapt at the chance to buy the franchise. Today, even after all these years in the business, Verne and Wendy still get a buzz out of being busy and seeing the café filled with people.

‘We’ve seen too many other cafés in Palmerston North come and go over the years, while we have gone from strength to strength,’ says Wendy. ‘That’s thanks to a number of things: the brand itself; our loyal, hard-working team at the café; our faithful customers; the business support team at The Coffee Club; and the co-directors of the franchise in New Zealand, Brad Jacobs and Andy Lucas. They really care about their franchisees and have backed us every step of the way over the years, including during our café’s refurbishment in 2021.

‘And while we have the experience to handle day-to-day stuff ourselves now, it’s good to know that the franchise support team is just a phone call away if we need to call upon their expertise.’

Long-term approach

What is it really like to run such a busy and successful franchise?

‘You’ve got to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the hard yards to begin with,’ explains Wendy. ‘You can’t master everything overnight, so it’s important to take a long-term approach. With time, the business will allow you to have an excellent lifestyle.

‘It’s also important to support and value your staff because they are your greatest asset. Train them well, look after them and appreciate them – over time, they really do become part of the family. We have team

members who’ve been with us for seven years and customers appreciate seeing familiar faces who know what they like.

‘When you’re closing the café after a busy day, it feels particularly fulfilling to know that you’ve satisfied all those happy customers.’

Community focus

Owning The Coffee Club means that Verne and Wendy have a lot of involvement with the local community. ‘We feel it’s very important to give back to the community which has helped make us successful,’ says Wendy. The strength of their business has enabled them to give back by supporting a number of organisations at a grass roots level including Netball Manawatu, Manawatu Cricket, a local golf club, schools and other clubs. ‘We even backed one of the school robotics teams that went to the World Championships,’ she says proudly.

A positive future

Despite almost reaching retirement age, both Verne and Wendy still enjoy a business which allows them to have such an enjoyable lifestyle. Verne still remembers his days as a tradesman, out working in all weathers, and he much prefers the café’s cosy environment with the smell of coffee and food being prepared by their baristas and chefs.

Thinking ahead, though, they are working closely with the franchise office on a succession plan that will one day allow their daughter, who is already well-versed in the running of the café, to buy into the franchise.

‘That’s proof of just how good this franchise is,’ says Wendy. ‘The entire business is built on rock-solid relationships, between us and our staff, with our customers, and with The Coffee Club itself. If you’re in business for the long term, these are the things that matter.’

A range of options

The Coffee Club has opportunities for franchisees in high growth areas throughout the country, with investment levels ranging from $350,000 to $400,000 +gst.

Advertiser Info

The Coffee Club

Andy Lucas says, ‘As Verne and Wendy have shown, this is a proven, successful business model that can deliver excellent returns and an enjoyable lifestyle over many years. We have a range of options to suit different locations, and are always on the lookout for the right people to join our family of franchisees and deliver The Coffee Club experience to customers throughout New Zealand.

If you have a passion for good food, great service and excellent coffee, and a determination to cater to the needs of your local community, contact us today.’

Contact Brad Jacobs

P 0-9-304 0008

M 0275 263 333

Food & Beverage
After 15 years with The Coffee Club, this franchisee couple tell us what they love about it
Brad Jacobs (left) and Andy Lucas (right) with Verne and Wendy Wilson and their daughter Amy
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On Your Side

From Waikato to the world, Botherway helps franchisors and franchisees build business

In business, getting legal advice isn’t just about looking for potential problems – it’s about building relationships. That’s especially true in franchising. ‘When you have a franchisee and a franchisor coming together, you have two parties that want to work together. The legal side is about making business deals possible while minimising the risk,’ says Damian Botherway.

‘That’s why I like to talk to everyone involved, to get an outcome where everyone has the right foundation for success. Franchising is a long-term relationship, so having the right approach from the start is critical.’

Damian is principal of Botherway, a Waikato-based boutique commercial law firm that has worked with all sorts of franchises over the years: retail, cafés, gyms, fast food, supermarkets, cabins, business-to-business and home services.

‘That experience is important, because it means that we understand what is normal in a franchise agreement and what isn’t, and what all those clauses and fees actually mean in practice. Helping people understand that makes a big difference to the eventual outcome.’

Passionate about business

‘I’m passionate about business, especially in Waikato,’ Damian says. ‘I love to get alongside people setting up businesses, learn what makes them tick and what makes the business model work.

‘We’ve worked with franchisors with a national presence, new business buyers, existing franchisees looking to take on additional units, and long-term franchisees selling and moving on. As a lawyer, it’s very satisfying – you help people when they first get started, work with them as they grow, and then become a part of their success.

‘Having been in business for over 20 years as a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges involved and the help people need. A lot of that comes down to direct, personal contact, and to understanding what people are really looking for. I had someone just this week who had been recommended to me by another client of ours. He said, “You’ve listened to me and got to the bottom of what I want to achieve – thank you.” That’s exactly what we try to do, and what makes Botherway different.’

Local knowledge

Damian says being a local law firm makes a big difference to clients.

‘Waikato is an interesting area, and a fast-growing one, too. It has a great mix of industry and business, meaning plenty of opportunities, but it still has a local feel – and that’s where using a local legal advisor really pays off.

‘You might say we know “Who’s who in the zoo” – we know a lot of the local brokers, agents, financiers and landlords. We know who is good to do business with and who to be wary of. We also know a lot about the background to many situations, the pitfalls of certain locations or the impact of future planning changes, as well as the sort of support that might be available.

‘And we can use that knowledge to advise on more aspects than franchising, including: property and leasing; company, business and supply agreements; employment law; and trust law, which enables new franchisees to manage their business risk and protect their family and assets.

‘All these things add up to create a significant advantage for our clients.’

Kinder on the wallet

Damian Botherway:

Not being Auckland- or Wellington-based has other advantages too, says Damian. ‘We don’t have those big-city overheads to cope with, so I like to think we are a bit kinder on the wallet.

‘We can provide a fixed-fee quote so there are no surprises, and that’s important if you are buying or setting up a new business. At a time when you will be facing all sorts of costs, it’s one less thing to worry about.

‘So if you are Waikato-based or looking at buying or doing business in the Waikato, come and talk to me,’ Damian invites. ‘We know the area, we know franchising and we love making deals possible. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.’

On your side

Advertiser Info


Contact Damian Botherway P 0-7-839 1122 M 021 721 547

Legal Franchise Specialists

Buying or setting up your first or next franchise is a big decision.

Damian Botherway and the Hamilton based team’s personalised approach is focused on understanding your motivations for wanting to own and run a franchise business.

This means the legal advice is not only commercially focused and pragmatic but is also aligned to your goals and ambitions.

Beyond this focused approach, Damian and the team provide fixed fee quotes to ensure that you have a certainty of budget.

Contact Damian on 07 839 1122 | or visit

For a personalised approach, with a fee that allows you to focus on getting your business up and running.

Legal Advice
‘We love franchising and we love making deals possible’

big lessons from

In late February, I travelled to the USA to attend the annual International Franchise Association Convention. Post-Covid, I was keen to compare New Zealand franchising company and sector challenges, priorities and learnings with those from the largest franchise companies in the world. While there, as an ex-Chair I also represented the Franchise Association of New Zealand at a meeting of the World Franchise Council.

The US lays claim to being the home of modern-day franchising. While franchising has European roots involving royalty, land rights, exploration and trade, it is the USA that first combined the franchise concept with industrialisation and increasing mobility to create automobile giants such as General Motors and Ford, fuel station chains including Gulf and Texaco, food and beverage brands like Coca-Cola and KFC, the accommodation networks of Howard Johnson, Marriott and Hilton, and many other now-global brands.

In my mind, any journey to the heart of franchising needs to involve McDonald’s. Founded as McDonald’s Bar-B-Q in 1940 – decades after some of the earliest US franchises – McDonald’s Corporation today is a US$211 billion company with restaurants in more than 100 countries. 35 percent of those restaurants are located throughout the United States.

The oldest McDonald’s

I therefore started my journey with a pilgrimage to Downey, California, to visit the oldest surviving McDonald’s restaurant – first established in 1953. It was (arguably) restaurant #3, and just the second restaurant franchised by the original McDonald brothers. I was keen to see something of franchising and branding from yesteryear.

This particular restaurant is very different from the other 38,000 McDonald’s around the world. The reason is that it pre-dates Ray Kroc and what is now known as the McDonald’s Corporation. While Kroc is often cited as the founder of McDonald’s, he only purchased the rights to grow and franchise McDonald’s in 1955. It was brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald who founded the company, and they were already franchising prior to Kroc’s interest.

This Downey restaurant didn’t fall within Ray Kroc’s control in the original deal he’d struck with the McDonald brothers, which led to years of frustrations for Kroc and his team before they acquired exclusive rights to the name in 1961. It was a lesson to future generations of franchisors on the need to have authority over the total brand and all units.

While Kroc’s team continued to evolve the brand with a clear vision and unrelenting commitment to operational improvements, the Downey unit remained stuck in time. It resisted all of the latest construction, signage, operating and product elements (including the Big Mac) – and there was nothing Kroc could do about it.

46 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02

from the BIG COUNTRY

Franchise Trends

Callum Floyd rode across the USA to bring back insights from the International Franchise Association convention in Las Vegas

McDonald’s Corporation eventually purchased the restaurant in 1990 intending to demolish it. However, local activism resulted in an historic preservation order, meaning it had to be saved. Today, the restaurant continues to operate and has a small museum adjacent containing a few little treasures including old advertising posters, franchise and training manuals, and a Multimixer – the milk shake machine that attracted Ray Kroc to investigate McDonald’s in the first place.

The restaurant is also unique in that it retains the historic signage with the original McDonald’s font and the ‘Speedee’ mascot, later replaced by Ronald McDonald. The original dramatic design also demonstrates the origin of the famous Golden Arches.

Seeing this restaurant, with all the history it encapsulates, served as a good introduction to the International Franchise Convention where McDonald’s CEO & President Chris Kempczinski would be the keynote speaker.

Getting into the zone

Before attending the Convention, I had some centring to do – which I did with the help of five days and an 1868cc Harley Davidson Road Glide. I was keen to get more of a feel for the country, people and culture. Nearly 3,000kms later I’d taken in Death Valley, old towns of Oatman, Kingman and Seligman on Route 66, and Tombstone, Bisbee and then Naco, Arizona, on the border with Mexico.

Along the way, I’d checked out a good range of well-known and wellworn chain names like Howard Johnsons, Motel 6, Chevron, Terribles, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc – to mention but a few.

I gained a greater appreciation for some of the challenges and cultural differences: America is a big country with a lot of open space, big roads and relatively free (and in some places challenging) living. Big cars and some big guns (at times) were on display. Throughout it all, though, I experienced incredible friendliness and great commitment to the customer – and while some of the buildings might have been ageing, the personal interactions were alive, interesting and positive. Gas station toilets were always clean, had soap and fresh paper towels. And even the State Trooper I met after a misunderstanding (on my part) of speed limits was positive, which was lucky because at that point I’d only just started the trip.

The 2023 IFA Convention, Las Vegas

The IFA Convention was held across three days and had over 3,000 attendees. This provided the direct route to contemporary global franchising issues and trends that I was after. Five areas of particular interest were:

• Staffing

• Diversity

• The speed of change

• The need for flexibility

• The regulatory environment


This first burning issue centred on finding and retaining staff – in particular, franchisee staff. This has been a challenge worldwide and topped Franchize Consultants’ Franchising Confidence Index as the number one challenge identified by New Zealand franchisors for 2023. Many franchisors and franchise associations from around the world shared experiences about finding suitable staff and the challenges faced by franchisees. Aligned with this are the challenges of increasing labour costs. Indeed, some franchisors have found staffing such an issue they’ve needed to explore how their franchise model can work (for franchisees and the franchisor) on a smaller unit-level scale with fewer staff. I know this is also a consideration for some NZ franchises, where the labour shortage for some skills is so extreme that some franchisees are regressing back toward an owner-operator format.

And the labour market is moving further still, with many noting changes to labour force behaviour and wants – such as a move toward some employees working multiple jobs (akin to the Gig Economy) across different day parts, and increasingly valuing flexible work. Further challenges have come from long Covid, and general attitudes to work driving absenteeism, particularly on Friday and Monday mornings.

With staff such a foundational aspect of growth and success, there were many approaches to solving the problem. Perhaps no-one put the issue better than John Payton of Dine Brands who noted that, ‘To win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.’ He talked about how strong brands need to attract world-class talent, and how important it is that franchisees and managers see team members as the unique individuals that they are. Accordingly – and slightly contrary to large franchise company standardisation – he noted how important it is that employees can authentically express themselves, including their sometimes irreverent sense of humour.

Chris Kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s, had a label for both identifying their challenge and strategy on finding and retaining staff. He talked of McDonald’s EVP or Employee Value Proposition, asking, ‘Why would someone come to (work at) McDonald’s?’ He noted that it could not just be for the pay and benefits alone – it needed to be more personal, including how employees connect with their managers. That required managers to understand employees’ hopes and dreams and

The third-ever McDonald’s restaurant in Downey, California

relevant issues, and to make employees aware of options and career development opportunities. But even then, it wouldn’t be easy for employers. Quoting Ray Kroc, Chris noted, ‘If you are not green and growing, then you are ripe and rotting.’

Clearly, these companies aren’t looking for quantity of employees –they’re looking for ways to add and retain real employee talent

Drew Breeze knows a lot about winning teams, having played quarterback for 20 seasons in the NFL, including becoming Super Bowl champion and MVP. Now a multi-unit franchisee with multiple brands, and a new franchisor himself with Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, he spoke with authority on developing winning teams. He noted the more you can do from a team building perspective the better, and that genuine time is needed to get to know team members. He said he would attend as many of his teammates’ family and charity events as he practically could – you can sense how this powerful attitude can be applied to any business.


Related to the staffing issue, diversity was also an important theme within the conference. Speakers from Yum! Brands, Marriott and The Goddard School talked about the importance of diversity throughout an organisation, from a franchisor’s board of directors through to franchisees and their staff. They also discussed the relationship between franchisee diversity and customers – including in different markets. These companies explained how they fostered diversity, and how that requires real commitment from the top. In one wonderful demonstration, James Fripp, Chief Diversity Officer of Yum! Brands, explained a reverse mentoring programme whereby their Chief Legal Officer was mentored by an African American employee 10-11 levels down the organisation. All spoke of encouraging diversity throughout all levels by talking actively about career opportunities with all staff.

Speed of change

Franchises around the world have been rocked by Covid, staffing challenges, rising operating expenses, changes in technology (including AI), customer behaviour and so on. But it is not just isolated changes; it

is the increasing speed and magnitude of change. As John Payton put it, ‘Change is the biggest change. It is no longer linear, it is exponential.’

Of course, many franchise companies in New Zealand have done an incredible job adapting their franchisee business and support models to cope with the pandemic and changing reality. However, it is very interesting to hear how the largest brands approach change, given that their changes can involve several hundred or even thousands of franchisees, some of whom may be very well-resourced. Big companies often need a clearer approach.

Different times have called for changes and variants to some established models. Some US experiences serve as a reminder, particularly in food retail where ghost kitchens and ghost kitchen brands have emerged. In the craziest example, franchisees of one brand were producing food for another, mostly virtual brand (eg. Mr Beast Burger). This actually helped not just individual franchisees but whole struggling chains during Covid. There is even a Ghost Kitchen franchise, which produces the food of certain otherwise normally franchised (eg. Quiznos, IHOP and Cinnabon) and other brands for online ordering, delivery and pickup.

A flexible franchising culture

While ghost kitchens may be extreme examples, franchisors talked generally about setting a great franchising culture that is ready for change. One session in particular focused on how collaborative franchisor-franchisee leadership drives system change, now more than ever. As every experienced franchisor knows, you can’t lead with a style of command and control; you can’t manage franchise system change via your franchise agreement. Instead, you need to set the right culture and involve franchisees in the change management journey.

With regard to establishing the right culture, the franchisors involved variously noted the importance of making franchisee success the most important key performance indicator; focusing on mutual respect and staying highly engaged with franchisees; and being very clear on values. Think about franchisees as the most important people in the room. Panellists also talked on being very clear about the purpose for any proposed change. For example, is it going to make the franchise system

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48 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Would you like to convert a combined passion for cars and people into meaningful work?
training and ongoing support, mentoring and systems designed and developed right here in NZ. See for more info.  021 328 435  (09) 443 6574 Glenfield, Auckland  @autoblastnz • Become a PACK & SEND Franchisee PACK & SEND is one of the fastest growing franchises in New Zealand providing a proven franchise opportunity at a great investment level. • New Zealand’s Largest Range of Freight and Packaging Services under one roof • Solid New Zealand Brand & Reputation with Minimal Competition • Proven Business Template & Systems • Comprehensive Induction, Training & Support • Brand Lead Guarantee • Innovative Online Ordering Platform • Unlimited Profit Potential in the Lucrative Freight & Logistics Industry Invest in a Business THAT DELIVERS

better, or is it a change that the government is making us do? If the answer to both is ‘no’, look out! But whatever the reason, franchisees really need to understand the change, including what is proposed, what is driving it, and the potential outcome.

Franchise Advisory Councils, committees and focus groups play a significant role here, as franchisors work collaboratively with franchisees throughout the change management process from ideation to implementation. And, as the panellists noted, it is important to understand the impact or Return on Investment for change from the franchisee’s point of view – which can be quite different from how a franchisor might perceive it to be.

Ever-increasing regulation

Perhaps one of the strongest themes and messages from the conference was the need to protect franchising from misplaced, and sometimes interest group-sponsored, legislation and general regulatory overreach. In the United States, there are several areas of regulation either on the horizon, in-train or already in effect, with key areas of advocacy relating to joint employer standards (which could make franchisors liable for franchisee employees), franchise relationship laws, and independent contractor tests (which could make some franchisees employees rather than business owners).

This is also a worldwide issue for franchising, with many countries reporting similar issues where various laws have been proposed and/ or enacted that in some way impact the reputation, cost and potential value that can be attributed to franchising from both a franchisor and franchisee perspective.

For the USA, the threat is very real. As Chris Kempczinksi of McDonald’s noted with his warm, calm yet blisteringly direct message, ‘The reality is that our business model is under attack … if you are not paying attention to these changes in regulations, you have your head in the sand.’

He also asked the audience (but really the government) to project forward in time and to think about a world in which franchising did not exist, noting the potential impact on jobs and economy. ‘Imagine if franchising went away. Jobs would evaporate. We would lose vital stability.’ It was an important reminder of the impact of legislation for us in New Zealand, too.

This call to action was echoed by the International Franchise Association CEO, Matt Haller, who talked about franchising being at a crossroads, and how they need both franchisors and franchisees to help. Indeed, franchisees in the United States are highly involved in advocacy to help educate and protect franchising.

Final thoughts

Franchising in the United States is certainly big and operating in a different environment compared to New Zealand. Not surprisingly, US companies talked of incredible franchise growth and levels of enquiry – and also great access to capital. There’s a huge trend of private equity firms actively acquiring/investing in several franchising brands. Indeed, at the conference, there were multiple private equity firms both participating in the conference and/or eyeing potential prospective purchases. One such firm, Roark Capital, has investments in more than 50 franchise companies.

Yet despite the obvious differences, many issues and approaches are largely universal. Challenges of staffing, franchise system change and regulatory over-reach are similar, as are many of the strategies to address them. However, franchise size and experience can drive greater sophistication in structures and approaches – something I noted particularly on certain topics, such as the structure and management of franchisee support groups, Franchise Advisory Councils and franchise recruitment.

With our own National Franchise Conference coming up in Christchurch in late August (see page 30), it’s interesting to reflect on the value of such events. Having been to many overseas and FANZ conferences over the years I have to say how valuable and informative our conferences are – and how proud we should be of having such an approachable and supportive environment for New Zealand franchisors, franchisees and service providers.

I look forward both to Christchurch and to returning to the US to enjoy that wider perspective again – and next time, I’ll slow down a little more, honest, officer!

About the Author

Dr Callum Floyd is Managing Director of Franchize Consultants and has advised many new and established franchise systems, as well as facilitating training courses for franchise executives.

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It’s all go, go, go!’ That’s how Christchurch-based Basuri Modhia describes her journey as a Paramount Services commercial cleaning franchisee so far – and that’s exactly how she operates best.

Basuri is no stranger to hard work. Prior to buying her franchise, she already had an impressive track record having completed a B.Comm degree in India and Diploma in Business Management in New Zealand. She has worked in restaurants and meat processing lines, as well as being a cleaner for another Paramount franchisee, and says it was initially her husband Gaurang’s (Garry’s) idea to purchase her own franchise. Garry already had extensive experience in the cleaning industry, and was keen to see Basuri own a business and become an employer herself.

‘I got in touch with Rachael Cameron, the South Island Regional Manager for Paramount, and she presented me a range of opportunities,’ Basuri recalls. ‘We chose Christchurch and the Selwyn district, and with Paramount’s support I have plans to grow the business elsewhere in the South Island eventually.’

For any new business, funding can be the biggest challenge, and Basuri acknowledges that it’s a challenging time right now. ‘But after seeking Rachael’s advice, talking to several financial brokers and some of our Kiwi friends, I was able to secure what I needed.’ Paramount’s reputation and the fact that they source contracts and guarantee contracts for franchisees is a big factor.

Hard work pays off

Rachael Cameron remembers believing that Basuri would be a winner right from the start. ‘She had the business skills to recognise the potential that a Paramount franchise can offer, had relevant experience in cleaning and the hospitality industry, and is great when it comes to dealing with people. Knowing how to treat both your clients and your staff means you are 99 percent there, and then it comes down to applying the Paramount system to help you grow.’

Basuri agrees. ‘Yes, it’s hard work, especially at first – there’s no success without hard work. But it’s also about working smarter, and Paramount teaches you how to do that with great training and support.’

Support all the way

‘They have given me a lot more than I expected when I first started as a franchisee. My initial goal was just to have a small franchise and work on my own. However, Paramount secured a large government cleaning contract which gave me the chance to grow my business way above expectations.’

This was perfect timing for Basuri, as she was pregnant at the time and could therefore be a stay-at-home mum, running the business and increasing her income by hiring cleaning staff – a whole new chapter of business operation.

And when Basuri gave birth to her baby in December 2022, the franchise’s support team took good care of her staff and clients in her

absence, for which she was very grateful. ‘That allowed me to have time off with my new-born at a very precious time while my business continued to do well. I so appreciate their help – you would never experience this in the corporate world.

‘It feels like belonging to one big family who all rally round to help you enjoy those best moments in your life.’

Basuri specifically mentions Paramount’s local Client Relationship Manager. Richard Clifton, who is always happy to go on-site and discuss developments with clients. ‘All this support makes me feel really positive and focused on building the best business I possibly can,’ says Basuri.

Highly recommended

It’s not surprising that Paramount Services franchises come highly recommended by Basuri. She’s had friends come to her for advice on purchasing their own Paramount franchises, and many have gone on to become successful franchisees in their own right.

‘I really value the support from Paramount, how quickly income grows, the satisfaction of contributing towards the local community, and the ability to support family and friends,’ Basuri says.

‘The best advice I can give anyone is to sit down with Rachael or any of Paramount’s Regional Managers, get all the info on the investment, sites, revenues and staffing, and make an informed decision.

‘They won’t steer you wrong. They know their business, know the market and are in very close contact with financial advisers to help you start your own business and achieve your goals – and they’re with you every step of the way.’

Step-by-step process

Rachael Cameron says, ‘If you have the right drive, attitude and people skills, our trainers can teach you how to clean efficiently and build a business. Day or night, you can work the hours that suit your situation then, as Basuri found, use our award-winning, step-by-step process to grow as big as you like.

‘We have opportunities throughout both the North and South Islands, with a range of initial investment levels to suit you. There’s nothing scary about this business – we’ll make you feel welcome and at ease, and my phone is always on.

‘We’re happy to go through some business ideas, and put you in touch with a financial advisor to help you work out if this is right for you.

‘Get in touch and let’s start talking.’

For Basuri Modhia, buying a Paramount Services franchise has been a life-changer Paramount Services Contact Rachael Cameron P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 290 3157
Opportunity: Advertiser Info
Business & Commercial
Get into business
Basuri Modhia: from employee to employer to proud new mum

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Brittany Yeo (above) has been involved with NumberWorks’nWords since she was a child – and she’s only 38 now. It’s hard to imagine a better example of the value that the franchise brings to people’s lives at all levels.

After 20 years in the classroom, Brittany’s dad Arthur felt he had done his dues and it was time to get out with his passion for education still intact. He looked round for new opportunities and, at the age of 11, Brittany found herself sitting next to him on the bus to Auckland to meet the team at NumberWorks’nWords.

‘I was struggling with arithmetic at the time, so while Dad talked business, I enjoyed myself with number games on the computer and doing an assessment,’ Brittany remembers. ‘I think seeing me so engaged was a further incentive for dad to buy the NumberWorks’nWords franchise for Palmerston North. I was his guinea pig!’

Arthur opened his first business, employing local university students as tutors, and Brittany became one of the first students. ‘As teachers themselves, Mum and Dad were very impressed at my progress – they have no doubts that I would never have got 75 percent in School Cert maths had it not been for my grounding at NumberWorks’nWords.’

The start of something big

Founded in New Zealand in 1984, NumberWorks’nWords tutoring centres deliver after-school maths and English extension and remediation lessons. With a strong record of delivering excellent results both for students and franchisees, the company has expanded to Australia and the UK. Franchisees run local centres, employing tutors (often university students) with a ratio of not more than four pupils to one teacher. With the Palmerston North franchise going well, Arthur was so enthusiastic about what the kids were achieving that he’d often pack up Brittany and the computers and drive to Whanganui to run holiday courses. It led to the former teacher becoming the owner of multiple successful NumberWorks’nWords businesses across New Zealand.

Brittany grew with the business. ‘Most NumberWorks’nWords tutors are university students doing literacy or maths degrees who have the ability to relate to children while delivering programmes aligned to the New Zealand curriculum. But I began part-time tutoring as a teenager, and continued for five or six years during which I earned a Bachelor of Education degree at Massey University. Since then I’ve completed a Master of Counselling, as well.

Opportunity: Leisure & Education


From student to tutor to franchise opportunity – all with NumberWorks’nWords

‘Having tutors who may not be much older than the children they are working with is a real plus – kids really look up to them and, because the individualised programmes have lots of fun elements, they bond in ways that have them looking forward to their one-hour, one-on-one sessions.’

Back to the future

Perhaps not surprisingly, given her background, after university Brittany went into full-time teaching. ‘After two years, I left because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t give my pupils the individual attention they deserved. That was the incentive I needed to go on my OE to the UK for three years. In London, I mainly worked as a relief teacher until dad’s powers of persuasion had me returning to New Zealand first to manage and then eventually have the opportunity to become franchisee in Hamilton, a city I enjoy immensely.

‘Between Hamilton and Palmerston North we now have around 30 tutors and 527 five-to-fifteen year olds on our rolls. Interestingly, more than a few tutors do as I did and go on to become managers and even franchisees.’

Brittany is the first to agree that a NumberWorks’nWords franchise provides the opportunity for a financially-rewarding future but says that, for her dad, he was primarily motivated by his passion for educating young people in ways that recognise, respect and value them as individuals.

‘At NumberWorks’nWords, we can meet a child at whatever level they are at, and help them to reach their learning potential – and they can have fun doing it. This is nothing short of life-changing, and is a perfect match for dad’s ideals.’

For people passionate about education – not only teachers

While the Yeo family all have education backgrounds, the business model means that teaching experience is not necessary to become a NumberWorks’nWords franchisee, says CEO Sarah Simons. ‘If you have a passion for making a real difference to children’s lives and future career paths, this could be for you.

‘NumberWorks’nWords has both new and existing franchise opportunities throughout the country. An investment of around $100,000 +gst to set up a brand new centre includes teaching and business software, furniture, fitting out premises and computers, together with an exclusive territory. You need to be a people person and have the ability to run a young, enthusiastic team.

‘New franchisees receive extensive training in everything from business management to programme delivery, with assistance in tutor recruitment and opening marketing,’ Sarah continues. ‘There’s individual support, ongoing training, workshops, e-learning modules and a library of resources. To find out more, give us a call.’

NumberWorks’nWords Contact Jo Powell P 022 519 7632 Advertiser Info
Kids have fun while learning with help from their tutor

Conference Do’s & Don’ts

Tips to make the most of your next franchise conference

It’s that time of year when people are getting franchisees together for the annual conference, and wondering how to make the event both enjoyable and relevant. When planning a conference for franchisees, what do you need to know? Here’s a helpful guide.

1. Establish the true purpose and objectives of the conference

Give delegates a sense of participation and involvement in the conference. Find ways of creatively integrating the following into as many of the activities as possible:

• Stimulating content

• Powerful learning

• Enthusiastic participation

• Fun and excitement

2. Establish a timetable

Create a critical path plan of everything that has to be done - by when and by whom. This enables proper scheduling of sub-contractors and people within your own organisation. The amount of lead time given to organise the conference is critical. Ensure you allow realistic timeframes in your timetable. Always remember - nothing is as easy as it looks, and everything takes longer than you expect.

3. Establish your costs and your income

Having a carefully planned budget is vital for a successful conference. Your initial budget must be revised regularly to reflect changes as delegate numbers vary, firm quotes are received and additional requirements are added. Firm control is essential to ensure costs do not escalate. Ensure you have one person whose responsibility it is to place the orders and pay the bills, keeping budget parameters in mind!

4. Put everything in writing

Make sure everything is recorded in writing, detailed notes of meetings are kept and every supplier phone call or discussion is followed up with a written confirmation. This cannot be stressed enough. If you have written confirmation there can never be any dispute later.

5. Check, double check and triple check

Never assume anything. Always check, check again, and then on the day - check again.

Other general points

Make sure that, as far as possible, your conference dates don’t clash with any major events. All Blacks games are the kiss of death to an evening event. Be sure to take into consideration the mix of

delegates (male/female ratios) or range of age groups when planning entertainment, menus, conference venues.

Make sure you use reputable contractors - audio visual, entertainment, caterers. Check them out yourself.

Make sure the conference venue meets all the requirements of your objectives and programme: eg, size of meeting rooms and facilities, standard of accommodation, proximity to airport.

If you are using apps to keep delegates informed and engaged, make sure that these enhance participation rather than detracting from it with eg. ongoing competitions that distract people from hearing important content.

What activities/attractions/off-site restaurants and entertainment are available at the destination which may be included in the conference programme to provide variety and maintain the interest of the franchisees?

Consider pairing first-time attendees with a host or mentor to help them feel at home and meet those who can help them.

Seek feedback on what people enjoyed, what could have been better, and review it before next year.

Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Franchise Management


Robertson, Ecomist Group General Manager. ‘Ecomist franchisees also gain Level 3 Urban Pest Management qualifications which enable them to handle bigger issues with rodents or insect infestations for both residential and commercial customers.’

Three solid revenue streams

Ecomist provides its franchisees with three solid and recurring revenue streams across both the commercial and residential sectors:

Ecomist offers established opportunity providing essential services in Otago and Southland

David Skelton’s introduction to Ecomist came through his family.

‘Both my siblings became Ecomist franchisees around seven years ago – one in the Bay of Plenty and the other in the Far North.

‘They are huge enthusiasts for the franchise and very happy with how well it works for them. We live in Hawea and love everything Central Otago has to offer – mountains, skiing, running, and so on – so when our local Ecomist franchisee decided she wanted to retire, my wife Jessica and I felt it was an opportunity we shouldn’t miss.

‘We took on the franchise three years ago and have had a great time ever since, getting out and about, meeting people – as well as making considerable profits. I didn’t know much about business before, so the training has been great and I’ve learned invaluable lessons that I will never forget.’

But David has an even bigger passion – he’s a master carpenter and cabinetmaker by trade, and he’s received an offer that’s just too good to turn down. ‘My first venture into business with Ecomist has been really successful, but fine woodworking is my first love and I’m returning to it.’ This means a glorious opportunity for someone with the drive and energy to take over David and Jessica’s area – in fact, two opportunities, because the couple have been looking after both the Southland and Central Otago territories.

‘We’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to people, building a client base and providing an essential service that people and businesses trust,’ says David. ‘My advice to anyone would be give it a go and get stuck in. If you have a personable touch and the ability to run the numbers, then Ecomist offers a fabulous opportunity.’

100 percent Kiwi

Ecomist is a New Zealand company through and through. The company’s range of aerosol-based insect repellents and killers, surface barrier sprays and insect grenades, use chrysanthemum daisy-based natural pyrethrums. These, along with their odour neutraliser and fragrance products, are all manufactured at the franchise’s Rotorua base by parent company Damar Industries and sold via Ecomist to both commercial and domestic customers.

‘Our programmable dispensers help businesses maintain pest-free environments for their customers and staff, and in the case of food outlets are a vital part of their Food Hygiene Certification,’ says Ian

• Customers can order and pay for products online via the Ecomist website, which experienced record sales of pest control products during lockdown. Orders are fulfilled by local franchisees, which provides steady and recurring income while allowing franchisees to develop and nurture ongoing relationships.

• Many franchisees also sell Ecomist products through local retail outlets, with the PureFolio hygiene range providing a valuable new opportunity for them.

• The commercial side of the business sees franchisees (or their staff) providing an ongoing service with the programmable aerosol dispensers that disperse insect killer or odour neutraliser, as well as pest control programmes and services.

Exclusive territory

One of the most appealing aspects of the Ecomist opportunity is the exclusive franchise territories, which mean franchisees support each other rather than competing for business.

‘Franchisees retain full margin on all aerosol and hygiene products sold, and only pay royalties on their pest control work,’ Ian explains. ‘In addition, a levy on the sale of all Ecomist aerosol products goes into a marketing fund to be spent on promoting the Ecomist business nationally and locally. This is targeted at providing franchisees with the opportunity to increase revenue, and reap the rewards of their own efforts.’

Completely supportive

David and Jessica say that from the very start, Ecomist has been completely supportive. ‘Our main training was with Ian Robertson, who has mentored us ever since and enabled us to realise the potential of the area.

‘It’s very much a “person-to-person” type of business, talking to lots of people and providing them with a product and service that is vital. The market is unlimited: cafés, restaurants, fast food outlets, agedcare facilities, child-care facilities, banks and just about everything else! Business is booming, and these territories, which encompass Queenstown, Wanaka, Dunedin and Invercargill, offer massive growth.’

Ian agrees. ‘The opportunity in Otago and Southland is just waiting to be grabbed. It’s an established business that simply needs someone with the right drive and personality to run with it. The new franchisee will need to do a Level 3 qualification in Urban Pest Management but, as David has proved, no prior experience is necessary. You’ll receive full on-the-job training in all Ecomist systems and processes, and ongoing support.’

‘We’re sorry David and Jessica are moving on, but you have to follow your passion and it means a great opportunity or two for the right people. If you fancy earning multiple income streams and recurring sales with the opportunity to generate solid, ongoing revenue growth, give me a call and find out more.’

Opportunity: Business & Commercial
Ecomist Systems Advertiser Info
David Skelton: ‘These areas offer massive growth’
Contact Ian Robertson M 0274 334 513

Make business happen

Access a range of lending solutions up to $500K to help grow and run your franchise business.

• Fast application and decision

• Funding possible within hours of approval

• No upfront asset security for funding up to $150K

T&Cs and standard credit criteria apply.

New Touch Up Guys franchisee finds work ready and waiting

PERFECT in every detail

Shane Stratford admits he was extremely nervous about going into business for the first time. ‘Actually, I was shi**ing myself,’ he laughs. ‘But now I’ve started, I’m 100 percent sure I made the right decision in choosing Touch Up Guys.’

Shane had been involved with his parents’ motel business, but was looking for a change of scenery. ‘My dream was always to be my own boss and I knew a good franchise would give me the tools I needed to run a business. At the same time, I wanted some flexibility in my life as I have three children under six and they are a priority. Being out and about meeting people is what I’m good at, and I enjoy using my hands, but I’ve never wanted to be a tradie. I spent a lot of time researching the market and one franchise that leapt out at me was Touch Up Guys.’

Touch Up Guys is a nationwide mobile service that repairs vehicles by removing the stone chips, scratches, bumper scuffs and other damage that inevitably afflict them. Franchisees also offer buffing, polishing, bumper repair and headlight restoration, servicing both commercial and private customers.

‘I talked to a lot of people in the car industry, dealerships, friends and others in business, and concluded that it was a great idea that was very much in demand,’ Shane says.

See for yourself

Martin Smith agrees. ‘I left corporate life in New Zealand in 1997 to become a Touch Up Guys franchisee, and became the master franchisee here eight years later. In over 25 years, there has never been a shortage of work – our franchisees have a regular stream of jobs from dealerships, not to mention demand from private owners. Being mobile means that a car for sale need never leave the yard or the customer’s home, which is a huge advantage.’

With his family background, Shane knew a thing or two about business –but was still careful to have all the facts and figures checked by a lawyer and accountant. ‘It was all encouraging, and both were impressed with the transparency of the franchise. I also spent a day with the Nelson franchisee and saw what the business involved for myself.’

Full training means no experience needed

Touch Up Guys franchisees all undertake an intensive training course on the Gold Coast, an experience that Shane found wholly positive. ‘I had most of my time with just one trainer and his colleague who joined us for the third week. Having one-on-one training gave me a lot of understanding of the advanced colour-matching technology, the processes and the business itself. I probably asked the same questions a dozen times over, but they were very patient with me.

‘Since I returned and started work, I’ve had a week with Martin in my brand new territory in Upper Hutt, too. The results were more than promising – we visited a dozen car yards, and they were so impressed we had one immediate job on the spot. You have all the equipment in the van wherever you go, so it’s just a matter of having the ability to talk to people and explain what you can do.’

As Shane says, he’s still absorbing the experience of owning his own business. ‘Jaime, my partner, is very level-headed about it,’ he says. ‘She is the other half of the business and handles all the marketing through social media, etc. I was having a negative moment the other day and she said very simply, “What if this is the best thing you’ve ever done and gets you just what you want in life?” She’s right, of course – this is exactly what I was looking for.’

Opportunities around the country

Shane also knows that he’ll have the franchise right behind him as he learns and grows. ‘A lot of our franchisees have been with us for more than 20 years, which only goes to show how stable this business is,’ says Martin. ‘It also offers options: franchisees can build the business themselves, take on an employee to operate longer hours or a second van, or split the territory once they’ve got as much work as they want and sell part of it to another franchisee.’

A complete Touch Up Guys package for a new franchisee including marketing, equipment, training and van costs between $89,000 and $120,000. ‘A van can be leased or bought hence the price range,’ Martin explains.

‘The demand for our services is such that I’m looking for more people all over the country. As Shane has discovered, there’s work ready and waiting on car yards, and we can also service commercial and rental fleets – and even boats.

‘Our franchisees come from all sorts of different backgrounds, and you certainly don’t need to have experience – just an eye for detail and the desire to get out there and work for yourself. If you’ve got that and you follow the system, you’ll find you can build a great business that gives you the lifestyle you want. Talk to me to find out more about opportunities near you.’

Advertiser Info

Touch Up Guys

Contact Martin Smith

P 0800 286 824

M 021 721 430

Automotive Services
Shane Stratford: ‘This is exactly what I was
looking for’

Do you feel like you were destined for greater things?


buying a franchise

Like most business ventures, buying a franchise is a medium- to longterm investment. That means that, right from the start, you need to be thinking about what happens further down the track. In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you need to consider from a legal point of view when buying, renewing and selling a franchise.

Buying a franchise

When buying a franchise, it’s easy to get caught up in the initial flurry of the mission-critical aspects – all the things you have to do to get started. These include pre-purchase due diligence; understanding the franchise agreement; arranging finance; lease negotiations (if the franchise is premises-based); procuring initial equipment and stock; completing initial training and learning the systems; recruiting staff; agreeing launch promotions … all before you actually get the show on the road. While you’ll have the support of the franchisor team, it’s still a lot to think about.

Despite this, though, it is still very important to stand back at the outset and consider the bigger picture, too – what will happen after you have been in the franchise a few years. What are your long-term goals and how can this business help you achieve them?

We’ll help you find the franchise that suits you perfectly

We have both established and greenfield opportunities from top franchise brands throughout the country, so it’s quite likely we have a franchise to fit you perfectly.

Iridium Partners help potential franchisees research, evaluate and navigate the industry to find the franchise that’s perfect for you and your lifestyle.

Contact us today and we’ll help connect you with the franchise brand that was meant for you.

Call Meredith on +64 21 209 9496

You therefore need to look at some of the legal and practical considerations around the tenure and renewal process both for the franchise and, if relevant, lease/occupancy arrangements. By understanding what is involved for remaining in the system long-term, you can factor in future costs and outlays, and know what you will have to sell when you choose to move on.

Obviously, there are many things to consider here, and the specifics differ a lot depending on the type of franchise system you are buying into. Key factors include:

• The type of services and/or products being provided;

• Whether it requires large outlay in terms of vehicles and equipment;

• The length of the initial tenure or term;

• The timing, duration and number of term renewals available;

• Whether the system is premises-based or not.

Is it a long-term proposition?

When carrying out initial due diligence into a purchase, it is important to look for signs which indicate a healthy, happy and prospering franchise network that you’d want to stay in long term. One good indicator would be how many franchisees renew at the end of their first term.

You see, a major difference between a franchise and an independent business is that franchises are usually granted for a fixed term, often with rights of renewal. A common approach might be a 5-year initial term with two further terms of 5 years, giving a possible 15 years in total.

Ask the franchisor:

• Do many franchisees stay longer-term (with at least one renewal), or do they tend to exit after the first term?

• What is the average tenure time from purchase to exit?

• What have been the main reasons for franchisees not renewing?

• If you are buying an established business from an existing franchisee, is the franchisor planning any major systems/branding updates in the foreseeable future? This might require a significant cost outlay on signage, advertising, premises, equipment and/or systems.

58 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Buying a Franchise


franchise as a long-term investment

Common requirements for franchise renewal

Most franchisees do stay in their business for more than one term –surveys suggest that the average period is around 8 years, with many staying for 15 years or more (just look at some of the franchisee profiles in this magazine). This means that, right from the start, you should be aware of what is involved in renewing the franchise term.

Most modern franchise agreements clearly lay out both the requirements and the process involved in renewing. If this isn’t included in the agreement, it could be a red flag.

The requirements usually stipulate that, before a renewal of the term is offered to you, the franchisor will undertake a review of your business for compliance with current standards. This may include field visits, a review of the premises and a check to see if any upgrades or new branding are needed.

Commonly, the franchisee cannot have any outstanding un-remedied breach, including a failure to meet any performance targets. If this is an issue, franchisors may consider allowing an otherwise good franchisee to have a fixed ‘extension’ of, say, up to 12 months to improve performance, with a right to then renew if they meet the targets during that extension.

There might be a renewal fee to pay. This requirement, and the amount should be indicated in the franchise agreement, usually in the schedule of variables.

There is the possibility that a premises or branding upgrade is required, and maybe refresher training on systems for both you and your team. There will probably also be a requirement to formulate a new business plan for the coming term.

The renewal process

Renewals will usually require you to enter into the franchisor’s thencurrent franchise agreement at the time of renewal. Technically, the renewal agreement shouldn’t be a complete rewrite of the ‘fundamental terms’ of your franchise arrangement, but exactly what this means can be a grey area.

It should not change fundamentals such as the ultimate end date of your franchise, core requirements, or primary fee structure. However, if there have been significant operational system or legislative updates during your initial term, then the renewal franchise agreement may reflect the new system and law changes – especially if the initial term was on the longer side (ie. more than five years). In turn, this may affect aspects of the fee structure.

We’d suggest that is likely to be a positive thing, because it means you’re probably in a franchise system that is intent on staying modern and compliant. Renewals will often also include a change of certain variables, such as new performance criteria that reflect a more mature franchise business.

The process for actioning a renewal should be laid out in a specific section of the franchise agreement. As a very basic guide, you’ll probably be required to give the franchisor formal notice that you want to renew (there is usually a prescribed timeframe). The franchisor will then put forward the renewal requirements above, and look to action things such as the premises inspection, review of your new business plan, etc.

It’s common for franchisors to work through this process with their franchisees at the time as part of their support function.

Other renewal considerations

A key point to note is that if a renewal or specified extension is not formalised by the renewal date then, by law, the franchise agreement tenure goes into a monthly “holding over” pattern. “Holding over” means the franchise can be terminated by either franchisee or franchisor on 30 days’ notice to the other. For obvious reasons, if you fully intended to renew the franchise agreement, you want to avoid this.

One other point here: in the past, franchisors often granted quite long individual terms (sometimes in the region of 10 years) before the next renewal. Nowadays, such a long uninterrupted term is uncommon unless perhaps it matches a lease (see below), but again, modern leases tend not to grant such a long unbroken term. That’s partly because we live in an age where regulatory requirements and systems technology can evolve quite quickly, and a franchisor’s franchise agreement and manual must evolve with it.

A renewal is also a good time to review your business, ideally with the help of the franchise support team, including general aspects such as:

• Is your insurance coverage up-to-date and does it cover any emerging threats – such as cybersecurity?

• Will your premises, branding, vehicles, equipment, etc, last for the upcoming renewal term?

• Are your systems as good as they can be and fully compliant with all recent legislative changes/requirements?

• Premises and lease terms

If the franchise is premises-based, then consideration needs to be given to the requirements for renewing both the franchise agreement and the lease. Usually, the term/tenure and renewal dates of the franchise agreement will run with the lease. This makes sense – after all, your franchise business needs somewhere to operate from, and the premises you lease need a business to occupy it. However, it is not always the case that franchise terms and lease terms coincide so you need to be aware of this.

Consider also whether you as franchisee would enter into a direct lease with the landlord or does the franchise system itself hold the head lease?

If you are buying an existing franchise business rather than a greenfields site or territory (where the new business will be set up from scratch), then technically the purchaser takes the remaining balance of the vendor’s term/tenure. If this results in a short initial term and/or limited renewals left, many franchisors may grant you a term extension (subject to retaining suitable occupancy rights, if relevant). This may incur an additional cost.

Your long-term exit strategy

Before you buy, it’s important to think about what you want to achieve and what your ultimate exit strategy will be when you are ready to move on. What will you actually have to sell at the end?

Bear in mind that the franchisor (not you the franchisee) owns all the systems, branding, intellectual property, know-how and customers. The value in the business lies in how well you have used them to build up a profitable and successful operation.

Lance Hargreaves of specialist
lawyers Goodwin Turner suggests some legal aspects to consider

If the business is premises-based, you will probably assign the lease and the sale price should reflect any geographical goodwill you’ve built up. For service franchises that are not premises-based, the initial purchase/ upfront costs tend to be less, but ultimately so is the value of what you have to sell at the end. A key consideration here is whether you have been granted any exclusive territory rights that you can sell. This allows you to price in a loyal customer base in the area that counts as geographical goodwill.

For some systems, you may be able to assign work in progress, leads or a job pipeline to a purchaser. Again, the franchise agreement will set out the sales process but you need your advisory team to look closely at this at the start, and ask the franchisor how current franchisees go about selling.

Technically, most franchise systems will grant a purchaser a new franchise for the remaining tenure that you (in this case as the seller) have left under your franchise agreement and/or lease (so landlords are relevant here, also).

Your franchise agreement should have a detailed section dealing with sale/assignment of the business and your requirements on exit.

Some key aspects for selling

You must notify the franchisor that you wish to sell, and provide them with a sale and marketing plan. It is worth remembering that the franchisor may already have contact with parties looking for an established business, or be aware of existing franchisees looking for additional opportunities.

When you sell a franchise, the franchisor must first approve both the sale and the specific purchaser – they will want to be sure that the purchaser

Easy money Easy work High GP% Low overheads Flexible START NOW

has the necessary skills and aptitude to run the business successfully, just as they would with any new franchisee.

This approval will come with conditions/requirements, and the purchaser will need to provide an application (including personal financial status) to, and be interviewed by, the franchisor.

You will likely have to pay a specified transfer fee to the franchisor; and maybe train the purchaser and/or pay training fees.

You will need to pay the franchisor all outstanding monies owed including final royalties, marketing, etc, and pay all your suppliers out.

Bear in mind also that, upon exit, most franchise systems will bind the franchisee and guarantors to ongoing covenants around confidentiality, intellectual property, restraints and non-solicitation, and ongoing guarantees regarding any issues that arose before the exit.

Be prepared

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when buying a franchise, but don’t let it put you off – it’s more a matter of being prepared and understanding what’s involved so that you make good decisions right from the start.

By taking a big-picture, forward-looking view, and seeking advice from trusted and franchise-experienced advisors, you can put the right foundations in place for building a business which will serve you well and help you achieve your long-term goals from purchase through renewals to exit – just as many other franchisees have done.

About the Author

Lance Hargreaves is an Associate with Goodwin Turner and is a corporate and commercial lawyer with a broad range of experience in franchising and sale and purchase transactions.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as legal advice and it should not be considered or relied on by any reader as such.

Franchises available now. Do you want to earn $100,000+ per year? The amount will depend on your efforts.

Have you been thinking of a career change or owning your own business? Are you tired of making money for your boss instead of yourself? We are offering the right candidates the opportunity to invest in a turnkey franchise business focusing on the huge demand for home building inspections.

We provide complete training and qualification along with uniform, equipment, systems, marketing support and insurance. No formal qualifications or experience are required to join. Although certification is not yet mandatory in New Zealand all our inspectors will be trained and fully qualified to the same standard as the certified inspectors operating in USA & Canada.

We are seeking independent contractors to work in some of our franchises. Become part of an international franchise network of around 200 inspectors.

Call or email us now to request more information. John Goodrum - Regional Master Franchisor


60 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Buying a Franchise


It has taken just three years for Cleancorp franchisee Manish Singh to enjoy a work/life balance he never thought possible. ‘I’m earning well, I work only 20 hours a week, and I spend the morning until late afternoon with my wife and 2-year-old daughter,’ explains Manish.

‘Really, I can’t think of another franchise that, for a relatively low entry investment, provides such a high return as quickly as Cleancorp.’

Since its beginnings in 1998, Cleancorp has become one of New Zealand’s largest commercial cleaning franchises, with over 150 franchisees specialising in offices, early childhood education centres, schools, medical centres, industrial and manufacturing sites, and more.

‘Despite that, we’re barely scratching the surface, and have almost limitless opportunities in Auckland (and especially the North Shore) for people wanting to enjoy the same lifestyle as Manish,’ says Loraine Reinsfield, Cleancorp’s General Manager.

I had to find out more

37-year-old Manish first arrived in Auckland from India in 2013 as a hospitality student. Along the way he met his wife Alka, had baby daughter Alish, and spent a number of years as a manager for one of the world’s biggest fast food brands.

‘Working shifts in hospitality takes you away from family and friends a lot, and you eventually start looking for opportunities with a decent work/life balance,’ says Manish. ‘So when my brother told me about a friend-of-a-friend who was really enjoying being a Cleancorp franchisee, I had to find out more.

‘I met with him and was impressed enough to contact Loraine and her team. They took me step-by-step through how the franchisor and franchisees work together, and the way the support services work. Cleancorp set up all the client invoices online so franchisees just have to add any extra work or consumables and click “Send”. With a monthly income guarantee for the first two years as well, it took a lot of the worry out of my first-ever experience as my own boss. Even better, I could stay in my regular job and start part-time as I built the business up.’

They believed in me

Manish was also reassured by the recruitment and training process. ‘It wasn’t just me asking questions; Cleancorp also wanted to satisfy themselves that I had the customer relationship skills and other qualities I would need to succeed, and it was good to know they believed in me.

‘I also went through the NZQA Certificate in Cleaning Level 2 training programme, and that made me feel a lot more confident. All Cleancorp franchisees must gain this qualification then they have the knowledge to train their staff to provide a truly professional service. Standards are regularly audited by Cleancorp quality control staff to ensure clients are happy.’

Three staff already, more to come

The Auckland territory Manish purchased had previously belonged to a young franchisee who had earned enough to on-sell and go overseas.

‘Cleancorp’s Hana Tamainui introduced me to my new clients, and within a year I turned full time. With Cleancorp’s support I’ve added more sites, most recently a huge concrete company, and I now employ three staff and am looking for more.

‘Being an immigrant myself, it’s great to be able to provide employment in a well-paid and satisfying job. Having skilled and well-trained staff means I’ve been able to achieve an amazing work/life balance and an income I could never have dreamed of in my previous career. I think of it as a reward for all the long hours and hard work I put in in the early days – even during lockdown.

‘During training, we had discussed how clients still need cleaning services even in a recession, but nobody imagined a pandemic,’ says Manish. ‘In fact, because so many Cleancorp clients nationwide were classified as essential services, the impact on my business and most other franchises was pretty small – and Covid has since made clients far more aware of the need for high standards of cleaning for staff and customer health and welfare. Because our processes and procedures were already so professional, it’s actually helped increase our business!’

What do you need?

Loraine says that Cleancorp is looking for people in Auckland who are ready to change their lives for the better. What do you need to succeed?

‘As Manish said, it is hard work in the early days as you get yourself established, so you need an excellent work ethic and an eye for detail, as well as excellent customer skills. We have computer-based systems and procedures to make life as simple as possible for you and help you stay on top of work and scheduling, but you need to be able to apply and follow those processes. As you grow, you’ll also need to be able to teach and manage a team.’

The Cleancorp franchise package starts from $28,000, including your start-up kit with everything you need to start your business, plus training. ‘You’ll also enjoy a guaranteed monthly income for the first two years, enabling you to start with confidence,’ Loraine says.

‘You’ve read Manish’s experience, so why not start your own success story as a Cleancorp franchisee? Call me now – it could be the start of a better life.’


Loraine Reinsfield
304 0599
Opportunity: Business & Commercial
M 021 944 636 Advertiser Info
Cleancorp franchisee built himself a whole new lifestyle in just three years
Manish Singh: ‘An income I could never have dreamed of’


The hardest part of owning a Speed Queen self-service laundromat is deciding how you will spend your “work” day.

If you are looking for a truly passive income with an excellent return on investment, get in touch to fnd out more about Speed Queen laundromats.

0800 77 333 7 |

The plan As built

Walking into Whangaparāoa’s Coast Plaza shopping centre a few months ago, our editor was surprised and delighted to be greeted by a stream of bubbles from a new doorway. Looking beyond the bubble machine, he realised they were promoting a newly-opened laundromat –and it was working. The stream of people heading between the car park and escalator found their attention grabbed – and Stuart Rutley’s new business was on the map.

Three months later, we sat down with Stuart to ask him about his experience of working with Speed Queen to set up his business.

Stuart is a local lad, having been to school just down the road from Coast Plaza. ‘I don’t know if you remember the gumball vending machine that used to be upstairs here, but that was my first-ever business,’ he laughs.

‘I was at school and wanted to make some pocket money, and Dad’s friend had this machine. They did a deal and I had my first taste of semipassive income – I just had to stock it from time to time. I suppose a laundromat is another giant vending machine in some ways, but there’s a lot of automation and your customers do the work themselves.’

Between gumballs and laundry, Stuart did a business degree, got married and, with his wife Leah, developed an online distribution company specialising in maternity gear. With five children themselves, they had plenty of experience, but when they sold it they were looking for a side-hustle they could operate alongside Stuart’s day job as manager of a business selling security products.

Only one stood out

‘Laundromats had been in the back of our mind for a while, so now we started looking seriously,’ Stuart recalls. ‘We looked at three different suppliers of equipment, but only one stood out – Speed Queen. They weren’t the cheapest, but the service and advice they provide is really good, the machines themselves are robust, and the technology is brilliant. Royce Little, Speed Queen’s head of laundromat sales, really listened and got invested in the project with design and costing analysis to maximise the potential of the business.

‘They produced four different floor plans to suit our unusually-shaped space, and a 3D render which showed exactly what they would look like. They were so accurate that I was able to use one for pre-opening promotions – in fact, it’s still on the wall outside. And their advice was spot-on. When I was looking at dropping one machine to reduce costs, Royce said, “Don’t drop that one, it’s the prime earner” – and he was right, it’s our busiest machine of all.’

Technology maximises income

Speed Queen held another major advantage for Stuart and Leah –properly-integrated software that allows the owner to manage and

promote the business remotely. ‘Every equipment supplier does Eftpos, but Speed Queen offers a complete turn-key solution with contactless payment and a loyalty app that allows you to carry out promotions and reward repeat customers – they can see which machines are available on a map of the store and don’t have to carry coins or a loyalty card to get a discount.

‘It also helps them manage their time – they can load their machine and get an alert when it finishes, so they can go off and do their shopping, have a coffee or drop the kids at school rather than hanging around.

‘As an owner, I use the management software to analyse usage and program in promotions. At the moment, for example, I’m running Big Wash Wednesday. On Wednesday morning all the prices drop for the day, and automatically go back to normal for Thursday without me having to do a thing. At any time, if business is quiet I can see on the app and put out a Happy Hour promotion there and then on social media – all without having to go near the store. It’s very effective, and it’s so reliable. I’ve dealt with a lot of computer systems and this one just plugged in and worked immediately!’

After just three months, Stuart says the business is already up to about 60 percent of where he wants to be. ‘I’m probably physically in-store 8-10 hours a week at the moment, talking to people, learning and looking at new ideas, but the laundry itself is completely hands-off. The app means I always know what’s going on, so it’s mostly about building the customer base.’

20-30 percent returns

Speed Queen is not actually a franchise – you operate under your own name, but the company provides all the equipment and assistance you need to get up and running. ‘The return on investment is in the region of 20-30 percent, and some of our owners have done much better than that,’ says Royce.

‘Cash-free operation means no security concerns, and many sites run 24/7, meaning investors are earning a return at all hours of the day or night. A medium-sized investment will be between $250,000 and $300,000, with a cash deposit required of $75-100,000 and finance options available.


Queen Contact Royce Little P 0-9-528 5600 Advertiser

‘It’s the perfect money-making investment – high returns, low involvement and remotely manageable. Give me a call to find out more.’ Info
New Speed Queen-equipped laundromat is the ideal side-hustle for local family

you buy LISTEN

How do you decide whether a business opportunity is right for you? Here’s where to find the resources you need to make the right decision

In New Zealand, there are almost 600 different franchised brands and 32,000-plus franchised outlets. It means that there’s a massive choice available to you, whether you want a brand-new start-up or an existing business; something part-time or full-time; office hours or evenings; mobile, fixed or home-based; working alone, with family or with staff; city-based or regional. The only question is: How do you choose?

Franchise New Zealand has been helping people work that out for over 30 years, and has been named Service Provider of the Year in the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards for the last two years. Here’s our guide to help you answer the big questions and break the process down into bite-size chunks.

1. Learn how franchising works

How does franchising actually work? The basic principle is that someone develops a business format and an operating system which has some advantages over existing businesses. By franchising, this person (called ) then replicates or clones his or her business in other geographic areas by granting the right to another (the franchisee) to operate the same business system under the same name. It’s important to note that this right is usually granted for a fixed term, not forever (see

The franchisor gains income from an initial fee paid by the franchisee to gain access to the franchise brand, training and systems, and from ongoing fees paid by the franchisee. These ongoing fees, which may be calculated in a number of ways, also pay for ongoing training, coaching

Here are some useful articles which explain more about franchising and offer some examples. In each case, enter then the number shown – eg.


Franchising is a powerful way of doing business, but the same forces that make franchising great also create vulnerability and risk. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to respond to the issues that arise.

We help with:




2. What type of franchise would suit you?

If you think that buying a franchise would help you achieve your business, financial and personal goals, then you first have to work out what type of business you want to own.

If it’s something related to your previous experience, be aware that owning your own business is very different from working for someone else, and may mean learning more skills. You might be great at sales, but what do you know of business management, for example? A franchise is a good choice, because it will give you training, support and systems in

If you’re going for a complete change, you might want to follow a passion (eg. for food, fitness or education) or you might be motivated by a change of lifestyle (eg. getting out from behind a desk to mow lawns or moving to another region). You might even be seeking a semi-passive investment opportunity. Whatever the goal, look for a business where your skills will become real strengths.

Here are some articles to help you work your way through the maze:

64 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
What to think about when buying a franchise 568 Ten key stages in choosing the right franchise for you 639 A buyers’ guide to different types of franchises 2890 The advantages of moving to the regions 3398
Auckland Phone 09 303 3764 North Shore Phone 09 414 9800 FRANCHISE LAWYERS
All franchise agreements put a lot of power
Assessing franchise opportunities
Advising on franchise
Franchise sales and purchases
agreements and other

3. What can you afford?

Franchises are available in a huge range of industries, and vary in cost accordingly from under $5000 to over $1 million. You may have savings or investments to draw upon, an inheritance, a redundancy payment or a Lotto win. In many cases, though, franchisees require some sort of additional finance. This could be funding from a family member or a bank.

What matters is not how much you have to spend, but how much debt your new business can afford to service. Don’t try to borrow more than your business can repay – lack of capital kills a lot of businesses.

Decide what your own goals are. If you operate them properly, most franchises should provide a fair wage for the hours you put in, a return on investment and a potential capital gain when you sell them (see page 34). What do you realistically want to achieve in each of these areas? Can your chosen franchise deliver it?

You can only answer all these questions by careful research, and an honest evaluation of your own situation. Here’s how to start:

4. Evaluate the options

After going through the first three steps, you should have a pretty clear picture of the sort of business you are looking for, and the level of investment you can afford. The Directory at the back of this magazine lists almost 300 different franchise opportunities. It’s a great place to start and, to make it even easier, the online version is searchable by:

• Price Range

• Industry

• Company Name

10 financial reasons to buy a franchise 2790 What can you afford? 2397 Funding your franchise business 3616

Here are three articles from our Advice section on How To Buy A Franchise that will help you evaluate the options available to you and avoid disappointment:

5. Will it make money?

Although there are many reasons for wanting to buy your own business, no-one goes into business to lose money. This means looking at lots of figures, which is why you need to invest in a professional advisor to analyse the figures, minimise the risk, look after you, educate you and, eventually, to help you set up the business in the best possible way to suit your individual circumstances.

If you are buying a new franchise, franchisors should be able to provide you with figures based either upon the performance of an existing franchise or company-owned outlet, or with figures based upon an average of stores.

If you are looking at buying an existing franchised outlet, there should be lots of information available on its trading history, including Profit & Loss accounts, a Balance Sheet and a Cashflow Report.

6. Don’t cut corners – get professional advice

Before making up your mind, there’s one further stage to go through: getting the details of your potential purchase checked out by an accountant, a lawyer and, if you are seeking finance, a banker.

It’s important that each of these professional advisors should have franchising knowledge, as it is a specialist area and an inexperienced advisor may either miss or misunderstand some element. Franchise specialists know what to look for, and will probably have background knowledge of the franchise you are considering buying. That could help reassure you, or save you making a mistake. In either case, it will be money well spent.


There are three key parts to having a successful franchise business, and two of them are set in stone before you even open your doors on the first day. These are:

1. Choosing the right business.

2. Having a clear understanding of what the business involves.

If you follow the above steps and follow the advice in the articles referred to, you stand the best possible chance of getting these right.

The third step is making it all work, which will take dedication, hard work, and listening to the advice of your franchisor team – but that’s another story. To read more about that stage, read article 1720

66 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
How to spot a quality franchise 1336 Researching your franchisor 446 Danger signals 622
Will it make money? 40 The beginner’s guide to understanding the numbers 36 Why buy new? 2724
What is due diligence? 2320 Why use an accountant?
Why use a lawyer?

Opportunity: Home Services


V.I.P. Home Services franchisees build small investment into long-term success

Back in December 2008, Colin and Serena Davids appeared in Franchise New Zealand magazine under the headline So Much Potential. At the time, the newly-crowned Home Services Franchisees of the Year were just three years into their V.I.P. cleaning business.

Fifteen years later, it’s fair to say that their business has lived up to their expectations. Having started with almost nothing, the then-new South African immigrants bought their own home and raised their family on the back of a thriving business – and are still enjoying it to this day. We asked them to tell us about their journey.

How can we make this work?

‘We emigrated from South Africa because we wanted to give our young children a good start in life,’ Colin says. ‘We both found jobs here for a couple of years, but what we really wanted was a business that we could work around our children. One day we saw an advertisement for a cleaning franchise, and that’s how we met Estelle Logan who, with her husband John, is national franchisor for V.I.P.’

The couple went to meet Estelle, and very much liked what they heard. V.I.P. Home Services offers two different types of franchise: Outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) or Indoor (all types of cleaning, including commercial), and includes a paid training period so you can earn while you learn the business.

‘We asked Estelle at the time, “How can we make this work with bringing up two children and paying our bills?” She replied, “It’s a flexible business which means you can control your own destiny.” All these years later, we can confirm that she was right!’

The Davids bought a small Indoor business in Howick with the intention of growing it as quickly as they could. ‘Although the expected income wouldn’t be enough in the early months for both of us to leave our jobs, we did anyway! It was like making the decision to emigrate, we just eliminated all other options and concentrated on our goal.’

It really paid off

‘We had bought into one of the essentials in life – every house has to be cleaned, the only question is whether you do it yourself or pay

someone. For us, the key to making it work was to offer the best service consistently. We set out to get to know our clients, their children, their animals then we could always ask them about their lives. In the early days, Serena even babysat for some of the smaller children.

‘Our first clients happily gave us referrals and we went door-to-door in our area offering a free clean to any household. Everyone who took us up then wanted to pay, but we stuck to our arrangement and built our reputation. It put our business on a solid foundation.

‘More growth came as several clients who operated businesses in the city asked if we’d clean their offices too. By working smarter we grew the business, and the office cleaning was lucrative evening work. As teenagers, our boys started joining us in the evenings which was a great way to introduce them to the work ethic and keep money in the family without employing extra staff. The boys understood our focus, and we saved enough for a deposit to buy our first home. Buying the franchise really had paid off.’

Great business, good people

Today, Colin and Serena are on their second home and the boys have left the nest, but the couple are still deeply committed to their clients. ‘We’ve built some superb relationships and we still have many clients that we started with 18 years ago. We may choose to slow down a bit now and not take on additional customers, but we are certainly not stopping.

‘During Covid, we had clients offering to go on paying us even when we couldn’t enter their homes, but we refused, because V.I.P. handled the lockdown so brilliantly. I think that showed us just how good a franchise system we are part of – they did so much to support all their franchisees in all sorts of ways, and it really emphasised that this is a great business run by good people. The V.I.P. franchise has served us very well – what we did wasn’t genius, it was just that we worked hard to make the most of the opportunity.’

Use the system

Estelle is proud of the way Serena and Colin have taken advantage of all the benefits the V.I.P. system offers. ‘From a very small investment 18 years ago, they have built a thriving business which has enabled them and their family to achieve all their immediate goals.

‘We still have both Indoor and Outdoor opportunities available in most parts of the country at all sorts of investment levels, and demand is higher than ever. If you want a proven, long-term business opportunity that will reward the effort you put in while being flexible enough to work around your family, contact me – I’d love to hear from you.’

V.I.P. Home Services Contact Nationwide Enquiries P 0800 84 74 96 Advertiser Info
Serena and Colin Davids: ‘Buying the franchise really paid off’ The early days: Serena and Colin joined V.I.P. in 2005 and were national award-winners just three years later

Franchise and Business

Over 275 different franchises

international franchise operating in 19 countries around the world. The house inspection industry is rapidly growing with pre-purchase inspections, P testing, asbestos testing, maintenance inspections, Healthy Homes and Safe & Sanitary reports. We are now looking for further inspectors nationwide.

Zealand’s leading hire company supplying scissor lifts, cherry pickers and knucklebooms. There are exciting new franchise options available throughout the North Island. A unique opportunity exists for the right person to work their way into a franchise ownership role.

ActionCOACH New Zealand Business & Commercial $70,000 Join ActionCOACH in New Zealand for a fulfilling career as a business coach. Transform lives and businesses with a guaranteed business model and extensive support. Be your own boss and enjoy the rewards.

Active+ Health & Fitness $20,000 North Island-wide chain of physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, offering multi-disciplinary services of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pilates and exercise rehabilitation, ACC rehabilitation contracts, health and wellness services. Operating since 1990. Previous health services experience preferred.

Ali Jamb Home & Building $20,000+ Ali Jamb installs powder-coated aluminium garage door jambs. Greenfield opportunities for enthusiastic franchisees, with full training available. Robust and cost-effective design is increasing demand for supply to building projects across New Zealand. Profitable business model refined over 20 years. Exclusive territories available.

Anchor Franchise 31 Food & Beverage $750,000$1.2m

Anytime Fitness 11 Health & Fitness $500,000$700,000

Aramex 29 Business & Commercial $20,000

Armstrong Smarter Security Business & Commercial

ASWEFA Business & Commercial



Market leader in the sales and distribution of milk products and beverages throughout New Zealand including Anchor, Primo, Zing, Mammoth Supply Co, Fresh N Fruity, De Winkel, Country Goodness, Mainland, Kapiti, CalciYum and Eon. National franchise structure operating since 1992 offering exclusive territories.

Anytime Fitness provides 24/7 high value training environments with top-of-the-range equipment backed up with an extremely personalised member journey. Franchisees need around 30-50% equity, must be commercially astute, comfortable with technology and prepared to put real passion into their business as hands-on owner-operators or investors.

Aramex, formerly Fastway Couriers, is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier and freight services at competitive prices. Over 35 years’ experience, multiple industry awards and franchisees across New Zealand, Aramex is one of New Zealand’s most successful and trusted freight companies.

8 8 Lena Harrington

P 0-3-341 3566 M 021 361 622



12 1100+ Kathryn Daroczy

P 0061 1800 508 364



22 22 Mike Bignall

P 0800 224 486 M 021 1672 888



1 1 Darren Peattie P 027 248 3677


50 50 Shannon Davidson E W

58 5000 Sam Cable M 021 226 7186



P 0-6-833 6333

275 1600

Armstrong for smarter security. Retail and mobile locksmith and alarm specialists. 18 18

ASWEFA provides industry training on forklifts, wheels, tracks, rollers, EWP and dangerous goods. Make a difference by creating “A Safe Working Environment For All – ASWEFA!” The perfect franchise opportunity for a team leader, supervisor, tradie coming off the tools, or someone with HR experience.

At Your Request Franchise Group Home & Commercial $14,000 NZ’s premium home, commercial and lawn service franchise system.



P 0-9-415 0585

2 2 Treena Myers

P 0800 279 332



200 200 P 0800 297


perfected a new method for vehicle underbody rust removal and rust prevention. We are seeking partners who firstly believe in customer service excellence, and who have an appreciation for all things automotive and their aesthetics.

over 30 years of experience, Bakers Delight is a successful franchise business with a growing network of over 700 bakeries spanning across four countries. Bakers Delight has a proven business formula which provides comprehensive training and on-going support.

What’s available? What does it cost? What do they do? How many are there? Who do I contact? company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information
Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 68 9Round Health & Fitness $200,000 Total body results in a quick, convenient kickboxing and functional fitness workout. 10 700+ M 0061 27 672 2312 AA Auto Centre Auto Services $150,000 Become a premier provider in the vehicle service, repair and inspection market. 37 37 P 0-9-966 8704 AA Driving School Leisure & Education $30,000 New Zealand’s leading driver training organisation seeks motivated driving instructor franchisees. 120 120 P 0800 723 239 A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections 60 Home & Building $72,500 Proven
18 200+ John Goodrum M 021 945 140 E W Accessman Home & Building $1,000,000 New
Altitude Pole & Fitness Health & Fitness $125,000 Altitude Pole offers pole dance and fitness-based classes in studios nationwide. 11 11 P 021
880 345
297 Autoblast 48 Auto Services P.O.A. New
1 1 David Kirkham P 094 443 6574 E W Baby On The Move Retail $350,000 Specialising in rental and sales of baby and toddler car seats and other products. 14 14 P 027 472 7040 Bakers Delight Food & Beverage $150,000$400,000 With
27 700+ P 0800 225 388 E W BarberShopCo Health & Beauty $50,000 Join the fast-growing men’s grooming industry. Looking for people and leadership skills. 25 25 P 022 046 3372
Zealand franchise
Opportunities A-B Franchise and Business Opportunities

Directory of Franchising

Franchise and Business Opportunities

68 Specialist Advisors 78 Other Services 81

Looking for a business opportunity but don’t know where to start?

Choose by industry

We have divided all the opportunities into ten main industries. Just look down the third column to select the type of business you are interested in. You can also search the Directory by industry online at

Choose by investment

The ‘Investment’ figures quoted in the fourth column are for guidance only and may not include GST, equipment, working capital or other items unless specifically included. You should confirm such items direct with the franchise concerned.

Choose by type

The description contains a brief description of the franchise and may include information on the type of people the opportunity is best suited to. More information can be found online at

company page number industry investment from description number

Bedpost Retail $150,000 New Zealand’s premium specialist bedding and bedroom furniture retailer with a focus on superior customer service, top brands and expert advice. Looking for motivated owner operators passionate about selling and providing a high level of customer service.


Listing information is supplied by that particular entity. The symbol in the FANZ column denotes a member of the Franchise Association. You are advised to confirm the accuracy of the listing and the membership status of any entity. Neither the sponsors of this Directory nor FANZ nor the publisher accept liability for any omissions or errors.

16 16 Graeme Doak

M 021 665 923



Beds R Us Retail P.O.A. Join NZ’s largest independent bedding group. Franchise opportunities available with full support. 46 46 P 0-9-972 3022

BiForm Solid Composite Decking Home & Building $55,000 BiForm Solid Composite Decking offers an environmentally friendly, low maintenance, alternative to traditional hardwood timber. Strong presence in the industry in a market with growth potential. Offers composite decking, screening, and flooring solutions. Operating successfully since 2004. Full training provided.

Big Fig 54 Food & Beverage $150,000 Wanaka’s hit eatery is seeking enthusiastic, smart people to take ‘slow food, served fast’ to the rest of New Zealand. Delicious food, a unique model, tight systems and continual support from the people who built the business. Every town needs a Big Fig – make it happen!

Bird On A Wire Food & Beverage $450,000 Bird on A Wire strives to be NZ’s number one local chicken restaurant where good vibes are free range only! Our Bird HQ team drives this culture by ensuring all partners and team members are trained and ready to provide the best customer service possible.

Black & White Coffee Cartel 9 Food & Beverage $350,000$450,000 Join the third wave of coffee today. Exciting opportunities to join NZ’s rapidly growing first micro-roasting coffee company franchise. Offering turn-key cafés with a competitive operational model. Full training and support provided. We have brought the independent coffee shop to the masses.


4 Tau Aupa’au

M 021 640 006



1 1 Karen Lahood

P 021 902 6593



5 5 Brad Jacobs

P 027 263 333



18 18 Tony Yin

M 022 630 6622



BoatsmartHQ Auto & Marine Services $20,000 Unique franchise opportunity to manage a fleet of marina or drystack-based boats. 9 9 M 021 173 0938

Bodypulse Fitness, Health & Beauty $160,000$240,000

Bodypulse’s unique selling proposition offers a revolutionary fitness concept combining state of the art wireless Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology and systemised coach-led workouts at our private boutique studios. Thousands of EMS studios have become successful and now the concept has reached New Zealand.

Breakers Restaurant Food & Beverage $100,000$450,000 Relaxed, NZ beach-themed family restaurants. Fast and affordable dining since 1997.

Bricks 4 Kidz 23 Leisure & Education $75,000 Be part of an established and globally awarded children’s education franchise. Over 10 years, Bricks 4 Kidz has developed a unique and inspiring business model. Make an impact on our future generations and receive the support of training, resources and expertise. Come build with us!

Brumby’s Bakery Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 Brumby’s has been part of the New Zealand bakery market since 1995, serving local communities wholesome, natural baked goods. Brumby’s artisan approach to baking utilises only natural ingredients, with no preservatives or additives, and products handmade fresh from scratch every day to our exclusive recipes.

BurgerFuel Food & Beverage $500,000 BurgerFuel is a leader in the gourmet burger market, dedicated to serving high quality burgers in an atmosphere as charged as the food. Combined with fun and irreverent marketing campaigns BurgerFuel creates the perfect environment for franchisees to grow and enjoy their business.

Burger Wisconsin Food & Beverage $150,000$250,000 At Burger Wisconsin, it’s always been about the food. Now is an exciting time to join us, with new sites planned throughout New Zealand and an existing store refresh programme underway. It’s a gourmet opportunity for operators with good taste.

Business Consulting New Zealand Business & Commercial $68,250 Business Consulting New Zealand is seeking experienced and committed professionals who want to help business owners succeed. Highly profitable and flexible lifestyle opportunity with all training, systems and Head Office support provided. Enquire today to find out more about this opportunity.

Caci Health & Beauty $150,000$300,000 At Caci we love what we do! Helping New Zealanders with what we call ‘skin confidence’. Now is your chance to join the team, become a Caci clinic owner and enjoy the benefits of being part of a successful New Zealand business.

2 2 Mitchell Wilson M 021 648 642 E W

8 8 P 0-6-834 0537

8 750 Lorraine Yu P 0800 LEGO4K M 021 222 6033 E W

6 250+ Alistair Boyd P 022 165 6649


56 79 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632


24 24 Brittany Jackson

P 0-9-973 4559



8 8 Julius Bloem

P 027 746 0073



80+ 80+ Penny Chapman P 0800 266 119

globally FANZ get more information
in NZ,
Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at
M 021 959 933 E W Café Botannix Food & Beverage $480,000 Contemporary deli cafés serving organic coffee and organic food options in Palmers garden centres. 9 9 P 021 483 500 Café2U Food & Beverage $82,000$160,000 Follow your dream of business ownership with the support of the world’s largest mobile coffee van franchise in the fast growth coffee industry. Café2U provides opportunities for small business entrepreneurs to deliver great coffee and food to businesses, events, and functions. 11 240+ Andrew Morgan P 0-9-973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W Cambridge Homes Home & Building $150,000 Offering driven, motivated people the opportunity to become a Cambridge Homes franchisee. 7 7 M 021 409 763 Franchise and Business Opportunities Franchise and Business Opportunities B-C

Franchise and Business Opportunities

Carl’s Jr. Food & Beverage $1,000,000 We are looking for enthusiastic franchisees to join the Carl’s Jr. team.

Carpet Court Retail $250,000 New Zealand’s largest flooring retailer. The size of the Carpet Court group means that Carpet Court franchise partners benefit from the advantages of scale when it comes to all aspects of business, including buying power, marketing, product range and other business support services.

Cartridge World Computer $100,000$125,000 The largest, most experienced printer cartridge refilling company worldwide. Franchisees operate from retail premises, refilling cartridges, retailing new cartridges and other printer consumables. Easily learned, full training provided. Includes stock, plant, training and licence fee. We stand behind our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Cash Converters Retail $650,000 Looking for an exceptional return on your investment? We’re New Zealand’s favourite place to buy and sell, the world’s largest second-hand dealer and market leader in short term credit services. With more than 700 stores internationally you’ll be buying a tried and tested, well respected brand.

Central Landscape & Garden Supplies Home & Building P.O.A. Landscape and garden supply yards providing bulk and bagged products. Pick-up and deliveries. Will suit hands-on owner operators with a passion for excellent customer service who take pride in customer satisfaction. Well-established Warkworth franchise currently for sale – enquiries welcome.

Choices Flooring 26 27 Retail $200,000$250,000

Be part of a new flooring retail opportunity in New Zealand where you will become part of an innovative and successful flooring brand. Choices Flooring offers the systems, training, marketing and online support needed to be a successful retailer in the retail flooring industry

offers commercial cleaning franchises. Seeking committed people to deliver great service. We source and acquire commercial cleaning contracts for our franchisees who are provided with full training, ensuring the same professional standards are offered to all customers.

for yourself with the support of our proven processes and systems.

cleaning – no job is too big or too small.

An established, award-winning franchise with nearly 300 franchisees operating throughout NZ. This cleaning franchise offers quality cleaning at competitive prices. Franchisees utilise the well-developed systems and technical expertise to become successful business owners. Comprehensive training, equipment, uniforms and business cards are provided.

Cobb & Co. Food & Beverage $500,000 Welcome back to Cobb & Co., New Zealand’s original restaurant chain. With unbeatable brand recognition, enviable buying power, proven profitability and on-going support from Cobb Group, it’s not hard to see why owning a Cobb & Co. is a special opportunity.

Coffee Culture Food & Beverage $350,000+ Coffee Culture is the South Island’s leading boutique group of coffee shops. We’re currently expanding and need passionate coffee lovers to join us. With over 22 years’ experience, we offer support and training that’s second to none.

Coffee News NZ 21 Business & Commercial

$8,000 Local publication Coffee News has been a staple in NZ hospitality venues for over 20 years. It’s perfect for a small business (or a starting real estate agent) to create positive cashflow in challenging market conditions. Average operator works one day per week.

Coffix Food & Beverage $100,000 Offers exceptional Fairtrade coffee at a fair price. Ethical and environmentally responsible company.

Colourplus Retail $200,000 Colourplus offers a range of top-quality giftware and decorating accessories.

Columbus Coffee 37 Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000 NZ’s premium café franchise. Highly recognised and trusted brand offering customers exceptional coffee and chef-prepared food. Supreme Franchisee of the Year and Food and Beverage Franchise System of the Year 2015/16. Suit owners with passion for coffee, food and the value of customer relationships.

Cookie Time 13 Food & Beverage $100,000 A Cookie Time franchise offers business ownership plus support from an iconic Kiwi company, home to much-loved brands including Cookie Time, Bumper and OSM. A select number of rare opportunities available to become a franchisee distributing snacks and smiles as long-term franchisees retire from business.

$70,000 Cookright, the kitchen hero, saving kitchens time and money. Deepfryer, overhead filter and hood cleaning. Cooking oil filtering. Oil and kitchen consumables product sales. Cookright has significant income potential with minimal competition for motivated, hard-working, practical operators who can sell and are well organised.

is New Zealand’s most professionally driven cab service.

18 1300+ P 0-9-525 8700

57 57 Colin Jones M 027 453 4876 E W

43 1650 Craig Watson P 0061 1300 767 223 E W

28 700+ Colin Mahoney P 0-9-281 7334 E W

9 9 Mike Armour

P 0-9-273 5352 M 0274 506 639



CrestClean 2


PropertyCare 10 Business &

$10,000 Get your work-life balance right with a CrestClean cleaning franchise. If you are looking for a simple business with low risk and a high profit margin, a CrestClean franchise ticks every box. Winners of the 2021 Westpac Supreme Franchise System of the Year award.

$15,000 Grow a profitable business and enjoy a flexible workday with a Crest PropertyCare franchise. Working side by side with CrestClean teams to provide quality outdoor maintenance services through our franchisee network, Crest PropertyCare offers a business opportunity with the flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

Crewcut Home Services $16,000 Crewcut is a lawn and garden maintenance franchise with businesses for sale. For over 26 years we’ve had operators providing lawn mowing, hedge trimming, section clearing, and gardening to Kiwis all across New Zealand. Buy a business with support, strong branding, and values.

Cutshop Home & Building $450,000 Own and manage a Cutshop programming and production team, producing high quality cabinetry for kitchens, wardrobes, garage shelves and more. Cutshop franchisees provide bespoke products in a vibrant new-build and renovation sector where existing trade production can’t keep up with the growing market.

Design Builders Home & Building $160,000 Thriving, established business with an outstanding reputation for our quality of work.

Diamond Fusion Home & Building $50,000 Seeking motivated people with great sales ability and focus. Full training provided.

Donut King Food & Beverage $280,000 Seeking fun franchisees with a customer focus to serve our famous, fresh donuts daily

DrainPro Home & Building $40,000 DrainPro specialise in residential new builds, tank installations and light commercial works, with franchise opportunities available nationwide. Whether you’re an existing business struggling or a tradesman looking to go out on his own, Drainpro have the experience to help you develop a successful business.

Dream Doors Home & Building $75,000 Design, manufacture and supply of made-to-measure kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms for retail and trade customers. Seeking hard-working, sales-driven, computer literate go-getters who are willing to follow a proven dynamic international business model.

Driving Miss Daisy New Zealand Home Services $40,000$45,000

Driving Miss Daisy is NZ’s No.1 companion driving service. Currently we have 80 territories in operation. If you are interested in becoming the next Daisy in this growth industry, call us today. Our NZ franchises are an extremely affordable small business option.


8 8 Ben Gower

P 0-7-281 1197 M 0204 1007 007



20 20 Sacha Coburn

P 0-7-855 3996 M 027 475 0390



22 580 Rudy Kokx

P 0800 22 77 82

M 021 421 346



71 71 Jon Hassall

M 028 8500 1300



45 45

260 260 Pauli Horgan

P 0800 800 286



André Hofer P 0-9-666 0632

021 879 413 E W

M 022 424 6528

5 300+

4 4 Nathan Williamson

P 0-3-342 1278 M 021 217 1616



11 100+ Derek Lilly


M 027 213 5133



117 Jack Harper/Ange Mill

P 021 503 325



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 70
Commercial $22,000+
111 111 Loraine Reinsfield P 0-9-304
M 021
W Clean Planet Business & Commercial $20,000 Work
130 130 P 0-9-622 0828 Clean Rite Home & Commercial $15,000$55,000 Home and commercial
21 21 P 0800 101 216 Cleantastic Commercial Cleaning 4 Business
Commercial $18,000
280 280 Greg Paget P 0800 800 055 E W
7 140 John Nicholls
027 322 8679
944 636
15 15
021 287 2220
29 29
0-9-818 9215
Dawn Cleary P 0800 266 543 E W Cookright Kitchen Services Food
31 31 Steve McMullen P 0800 804 104 M 029 770 0994 E W Corporate Cabs Business & Commercial P.O.A. Corporate
200+ 200+ P 0800 789 789
708 708 Sam Lewis P 0800 273 780 E W Crest
23 23 Sam Lewis P 0800 273 780 E W
10 10 P 0800 456 456
8 8 M 021 234 4170

Franchise and Business Opportunities



EduExperts Education $100,000 Retail

EmbroidMe Business & Commercial

$150,000 EmbroidMe is New Zealand’s largest uniform and promotional products business. EmbroidMe focuses on the business-to-business market providing apparel for uniforms and branding them. Low stock, low staffing, high repeat, high margin, Monday to Friday business. We’re looking for business-minded people, no industry experience required.

At Esquires Café our franchise partners tailor their food to the local market from our extensive menu library. We don’t dictate the menu, we allow the freedom for you to be a true entrepreneur while ensuring you have comprehensive support from our team.

12 14 Jenny Jin P 0-9-520 1800 M 021 229 5378 E W

11 11 M 021 644 405

15 350 Sarah Archibald P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123 E W

28 28 Jeths Lacson


21 100+ Andrew Morgan P 0-9-973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W

25 31 Tony Burnette P 0800 25 25 00 E W Expert Maths Tuition Leisure & Education $30,000 Expert Maths Tuition has


franchise - experts in leather, vinyl and plastic


$150,000 Need a passion for fashion and the desire to own your own business.


23 Jeremy Yeoman

022 602 8482

19 19 M 021 934 080


Jean’s Coffees Food &

$2,000,000 Wholesale Distributors Ltd is the franchisor for the SuperValue and FreshChoice group of supermarkets. All our stores are locally owned and operated and totally community focussed. We are looking for franchisees who are customer-focussed with proven business experience. Opportunities available nationwide.

We build houses for clients all over New Zealand for a fixed price and on a time guarantee.

boasts over 1,200 locations with over 1,000,000 people p/w past our screens.

Gloria Jean’s is proud to be an energetic, international award-winning café brand with a proven business model and support systems. We are searching for franchises with the desire and drive to run a successful, fun business, partnering with us to grow the brand in NZ.


Homes NZ Home &

$20,000 Design and build sustainable, high performing and energy efficient homes for Kiwis.

Habitual Fix Food & Beverage $185,000 Our purpose is to turn the world into fresh and healthy food fanatics.

45 45 Alan Heatlie P 0-9-306 1040 E W

10 10 M

50 Dan




Harrisons Solar Energy Home & Building $40,000$80,000 Harrisons Solar Energy is one of the most successful franchise businesses in New Zealand and is experiencing very high customer demand across the country. We are looking for people passionate about sustainability and technical sales to join our nationwide Solar Energy franchise network.

24 24 Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 71 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. TALK TO OUR FRANCHISE SPECIALISTS TODAY ON 0800 177 007.
Ecomist 55 Home & Commercial $100,000$750,000 Ecomist is an exciting business opportunity, based on both website and face-to-face sales of automated insect control and odour control fragrancing systems and products, to both commercial and residential customers; accompanied by the provision of residential and commercial pest control services. 56 Ian Robertson M 027 433 4513 E W
EduExperts offers a variety of after school tutoring programmes for primary, intermediate and high school children of all nationalities, aimed at helping them excel in their education and overcome any learning difficulties they may have.
$25,000 Seeking people with passion and ambition to be a specialist e-bike retailer
Epiphany Café Food & Beverage $200,000 Epiphany Café are seeking people who are committed to excellence. Our point of difference is unique products such as homemade artisan donuts. This is more than just a business venture, we work hard, enjoy what we’re doing, and know how to have fun while achieving our goals.
021 337 329
Esquires Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000
7 7 P 0800 628 463 W Fibrenew New Zealand Business & Commercial $90,000 Home-based, mobile
restoration. 10 245+ P 0-3-374 3366 Fifo Capital Financial Services $49,500 Provide
6 60+ P 0-9-302 0949 FiSBO Property 60 Home Services $15,000 FiSBO
1 1 Ben Keehan M 021 738 769 E W Fix It Building Services Home & Building $5,000 This franchise
and additions. 11 11 P 0-4-566 0297 Flex Fitness Health & Fitness $300,000$650,000 Flex Fitness
35 35 P 0-7-850 5556 Flooring Design 19 Home & Building $150,000$250,000 Flooring
Exceed Home Services $60,000 We are the largest franchise group providing window and door maintenance services to homes throughout New Zealand. The Exceed franchising model is designed to give our franchise owners every opportunity for success with over 30 years’ worth of tried and trusted systems. W
provided outstanding
tuition to thousands of students.
working capital funding for small businesses.
is New Zealand’s only hybrid real estate marketing company, replacing what agents do with our proven technology and marketing services. We are looking for like-minded people to grow the brand throughout New Zealand. Full training and ongoing support. No real estate licence needed.
takes care of everything from building repairs
a New Zealand owned and operated 24-hour gym franchise.
Design has centralised systems, creating powerful and efficient business practices, leading to profitable franchisees. Full industry and systems training is provided along with ongoing sales seminars for franchisees and salespeople. Successful applicants are driven to work with our systems to drive their new business.
Footloose Shoes
31 31 Julian Smith P 0800 333 499 E W FreshChoice
33 33 David Callaghan M 027 494 8361 E W Fritz’s Wieners Food & Beverage $80,000
7 7 P 0-3-789 5078 Generation Homes Home & Building P.O.A.
14 14 M 0274 908 399 Giggle Entertainment Network Business & Commercial $100,000$175,000 Giggle
16 16 P 0-6-355 3480 Gloria
Beverage $300,000$500,000
P 021
W Green
400+ 400+
6 50 M 027 255 0000
Freedom Companion Driving Services Home Services $32,000 Freedom Companion Driving Services provides transport services for those requiring safe, caring transport. With the population of New Zealanders aged 65+ projected to double over the next 25 years there has never been a better time to own a Freedom Drivers franchise.
Exclusive bratwurst sausages served in a fresh baguette. Excellent return on investment.
800 769
Acres Franchise Group Home Services $24,000 Green Acres was founded in 1991 and is proudly kiwi owned and operated. With 30 years’ experience we are one of the longest running NZ-owned franchise systems. We have over 400 franchisees controlling their own future path. Ask about our Big Business model today.
Jason Hill P 0800 692 643 E W
Guthrie Bowron Retail $250,000 The number one home decorating franchise in New Zealand, specialising in paint, wallpaper, custom-made curtains and blinds, flooring and decorating tools. Franchisees benefit from an established name, a strong support system, central purchasing negotiation and active national advertising campaigns.
027 442 9531
Harrisons Carpet & Flooring Home & Building $150,000 Harrisons Carpet & Flooring is one of the most successful franchise businesses in New Zealand and is experiencing very high customer demand across the country. We are looking for passionate people to join our nationwide Carpet & Flooring franchise network.
4131 E W
Harrisons Curtains & Blinds Home & Building $45,000$70,000 Love fashion, interior design, and have a flair for sales? Own your own business doing what you love, supported by the most trusted franchise network. We are looking for passionate people to join our 20 strong nationwide Curtains & Blinds franchise network.
33 33 Dan Harrison P 0800 102 004 M 021 242 4131

Franchise and Business Opportunities

Opportunity for state-of-the-art therapeutic laser training from leaders in the industry

$70,000+ The Health 2000 group comprises members who have a passion for natural health.

$200,000 A brand with attitude that cannot be missed. Our damned fine gourmet menu, coupled with sophisticated systems and support, make this a wicked opportunity. Hell is looking for new franchisees with a passion for our brand and a willingness to learn. Opportunities available nationwide.

$100,000 Join helloworld Travel, one of New Zealand’s premier retail brands offering fully franchised stores around the country. Combining national and local marketing support, helloworld Travel offers our franchisees ‘best in market returns’ and the opportunity to share our passion for travel with your community.

$50,000 Heritage Homes are NZ’s leading master builders specialising in brand new character homes built for the future and inspired by the past. We need passionate people with good business sense, goal driven, who have good communication skills and are ambitious. Building background not essential.

$60,000 Business training and coaching franchise opportunity, delivering the well-known High Performance programme.

$35,000 Benefit from proven systems and central office support, including designers and quantity surveyors.

Hire A Hubby Home & Building $32,000 New Zealand’s first choice for professional home maintenance projects, building and renovation services. Kiwi-owned Hire A Hubby has built a reputation for being the go-to solution for jobs around the home. Customers trust us with full project management. We offer customer payment convenience with Afterpay.

Hire A Maid Home Services $15,000$35,000 Hire a Maid is an experienced, fully supported and professional provider of high quality home and commercial cleaning services. We are seeking motivated franchise owners who have the drive to provide exceptional services to their clients and be your own boss.

Humitech Business & Commercial $90,825 Simple, effective panels to reduce commercial chilling costs and improve performance.

InXpress Business & Commercial $30,000 Global logistics and freight sales consulting franchise. InXpress allows you to build a successful and profitable business with the security of one of the world’s largest franchisors of global courier services. Proven business model and training provided. Low risk with a strong return on investment.

Jamaica Blue Food & Beverage $280,000$450,000

Bring your enthusiasm, ambition and passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Enjoy world-class training with ongoing support and together you have the ingredients of a successful Jamaica Blue franchise partnership. Opportunities nationwide with a brand you are proud to call your own.

Jani-King 65 Business & Commercial $22,000 Jani-King is known as the world’s number one commercial cleaning franchise company providing full operational sales administration support for franchisees. There has only been one name to turn to for quality and value in the commercial cleaning services - Jani-King, the king of clean.

Jesters Pies Food & Beverage $200,000$280,000+ Jesters Pies are offering new store opportunities on a turn-key basis. We will provide training, ongoing support and the tools required for you to maximise your investment. Seeking passionate franchise partners prepared to work in the business who are committed to excellent customer service.

Jim’s Handyman 41 Home & Building $34,000

Jim’s Mowing 14 Home Services $20,000

Handyman services are always in high demand – why waste good earning time on promotion and admin? Make the most of your existing skills with Jim’s Handyman. We’ll help you grow and move your business to the front of the queue on Google and Facebook.

Mowing/gardening franchise offers an attractive mix of both lifestyle and income. Be your own boss. Choose when and where you want to work and how much you want to earn. Selfmotivated, hard-working, customer-focused people wanted. Excellent training and ongoing support provided.

68 68 Ron Chauhan P 0800 110 095 E


8 P 0800 486 434

8 460 Ryan Bohm

P 0061 405 518 515



8 169 Maree Keane

380+ 13K+

M 027 484 7301



P 0800 526 454



14 40+ Susie Higgins

P +61 8 9309 2200

M +61 402 047 982



20 77 Robert Young

P 0800 454 654


100+ 3000+ Stephen Kirby

P 0800 454 654 E W

Jim’s Test & Tag /

Jim’s Fire Safety 18 Business & Commercial $60,000

The leading provider of electrical testing and tagging services. Are you ready to be a part of this highly successful brand and create a new future for yourself? Jim’s Test & Tag gives you the training, support and systems you need to succeed.

Just Cabins Home & Building $500,000+ Just Cabins provides portable cabins for rent which are just perfect as sleepouts, extra rooms, portable offices, or as storage at your home or business. Long-term cabin rentals provide a passive income, excellent growth and are easily run by one person part-time.

Just Cuts Health & Beauty $170,000$270,000

Just Kidz Educare 22 Leisure & Education $400,000$700,000

Katsubi 83 Food & Beverage $350,000$500,000

Be your own boss and get all the support you need. You don’t have to be a hairdresser to own a Just Cuts, but you do need a passion for people and the ability to follow a proven system that has worked for over 30 years.

Just Kidz is a leading early childhood education brand dedicated to providing high-quality preschool education and care. Franchise and partnership options available for people with passion and commitment to supporting families’ educational and care needs. Offering a vibrant, social, rewarding business within your community.

Make this your winning day, with a chance to join one of the most successful local franchised eateries in New Zealand. With more than 12 years of experience in the food chain industry, Katsubi invites our potential partners to build your dreams and succeed with us.

Kinetic Electrical Home & Building P.O.A. Professionally planned franchise system, fully documented to help you work smarter not harder to reach full potential of your company’s experience and expertise. Kinetic Electrical is a franchise for owners of existing electrical contracting companies with a passion to grow their business.

Kitchen Studio Home & Building $150,000 New Zealand’s kitchen design specialists. Designing and installing custom-made kitchens throughout New Zealand since 1984. Enquire now for details of what location may suit. Join a motivated, professional, well established franchise network.

Kitset Assembly Home Services $60,000

Kitset assembly is our business and demand for the service is extremely high.

Kiwikrane Leisure $50,000 New Zealand’s crane amusement machine franchise. These stand-alone machines contain soft-toys, chocolate and jewellery. Franchisees enjoy part-time, flexible work and operate machines in an exclusive territory. The Kiwikrane franchise also provides advice on how best to locate and operate machines successfully.

Kowhai Roof Coatings Home & Building $20,000 The Kowhai guys have been restoring and recoating roofs in most regions of NZ since the 1980’s. We have a proven and exclusive Kowhai coating system. Experience in roofing or coating systems required. Limited number of areas available now for suitable candidates.

Kumon Leisure & Education $30,000 With over 3.5 million students worldwide, Kumon is the world’s largest provider of individualised mathematics and English programmes. Founded in 1958, Kumon has generous subsidies and low start-up costs. Join Kumon to make a difference in your community by developing students into confident self-learners.

35 185 Peter Mahon

P 0800 454 654



54 54 Fenton Peterken P 0-9-889 8776 E


28 200+ Anthony Lamanna

P 0800 100 114



7 7 Vanessa Henry


M 021 204 3410



25 Zoe Park

M 021 880 278



25 25 Vicki Bambry

16 16

M 0274 852 010



Simon Harkness

P 0-9-815 3000



P 0508 454 873

16 178

51 163 Thomas Felton

P 0-9-846 2800



P 0-9-636 1357

19 19



48 24,700 Leandra Exeter

P 09 302 9172 M 027 512 9608



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 72 HB Laser Skin Clinics Health & Beauty $20,000
6 6 M 027 357 6272 Health 2000 Health & Beauty
52 52 M 021 655 920 Hell
76+ 76+ Mark Hohneck M 021 226 6669 E W Helloworld Travel
35 330 Fergus Clark P 09 307 1871 M 021 745 765 E W Heritage Homes 49 Home & Building
6 6 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747 E High Performance
and Coaching Business
8 9 P 0-9-215-6525 Highmark
6 6 P 021 388 626
Food &
Homes Home &
60 60 Jason Hill P 0-9-845
company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information H-K

La Porchetta Food & Beverage

Landmark Homes 40 Home & Building

Laser Clinics New Zealand Fitness, Health & Beauty

$400,000 Join the largest Italian restaurant chain in Australia and New Zealand. You will love taking part in serving our guests quality Italian food, to order, using fresh ingredients. We are looking for passionate individuals with a strong work ethic and drive to join our family


Landmark Homes is recognised as an industry leader in top quality, new home design and construction. We are searching for highly driven and motivated people (preferably with building industry knowledge) to join our growing franchise network throughout New Zealand.

$375,000 Partner with an award-winning franchise. Laser Clinics New Zealand are proud to be the global leaders in our industry, providing laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, skin and body treatments at affordable prices. With a unique 50/50 business model, we are in this together!

Laser Plumbing & Electrical Home & Building P.O.A. Our multi award-winning Laser Electrical and Plumbing groups have experienced phenomenal growth over the last 10 years. Laser Group’s market leadership position has been earned through innovation, planning, use of quality systems and attention to providing the highest levels of customer service.

A trusted national brand with a family feel and proven rewards.

4 43 Brendan Flanagan P 0061 3 9460 6700



14 14 Gary Woodhouse P 0-7-578 2295



16 165 Michelle Fazzolari


Luxurious Spa & Nails Health &

you looking to secure a guaranteed income and grow with a vibrant company? This is your opportunity to run your own business and be part of one of New Zealand’s residential cleaning companies. Visit our website for more information.

with a passion for our industry

The largest NZ fast-food chain of fish and chips and associated seafood stores.

Lone Star is New Zealand’s largest restaurant & bar concept.

Seeking people all over NZ to join us bringing our all-inclusive 100% vegan, halal- and koshercertified plant-based menu to Kiwis. If you have a passion for ethical business and making a real difference, are a natural-born leader and love interacting with people, we want to hear from you!

$150,000 Be your own boss with Luxurious Spa & Nails, a New Zealand-owned nail salon franchise system in the booming beauty market. Full training and support provided. Great return on investment, with opportunities for franchisees throughout New Zealand.

Mad Butcher Food & Beverage $350,000$450,000 One of New Zealand’s best-known home grown franchises, trading since 1971.

Maintain To Profit Home & Building $59,000

Maintain To Profit is New Zealand’s leading property renovation and maintenance business. It is primarily a sales and project management licence business opportunity. A passion for renovating, property or trade background are advantageous. Contact us for your next business or career move with unlimited potential.

is a premium boutique café brand creating exceptional experiences for locals across New Zealand. With a unique point of difference and a vast range of products available, take advantage of a brand that is bringing something fresh to the industry in so many ways.

highly qualified applicants to apply for our 12-month franchisee training programme.

has established a work-from-home distribution channel for selling and servicing

Fresh has led the Mexican evolution in NZ since 2005. With giant American-style burritos and Mexican beer in a colourful, casual atmosphere. We are recruiting energetic, enthusiastic franchisees with a passion for great food and excellent customer service for our turn-key restaurants.

with a passion for hospitality. Full training and support provided.

Midas – New Zealand’s home of peace of mind motoring. Midas is an internationally recognised automotive repair and servicing franchise. We are looking for franchisees who are ‘drivers’ and truly love helping people. Automotive experience an advantage but not necessary.

Our franchisees work in partnership with the franchisor to build a rewarding business.

experience helping home buyers with their home loans.

Homes delivers a proven and smart franchisee package nationwide.

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at 73 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. FIND OUT HOW OUR EXPERIENCE CAN HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED, ON 0800 177 007.
105+ 250+ Franchise Team P 0800 BUY LASER (2895 2737) E W Latitude Homes Home & Building $150,000
11 11 M 021 286 9007 Lawn Rite Home & Commercial $15,000$65,000
gardens. 19 19 P 0800 101 216 LCF Fun Languages NZ Leisure & Education $2,000
7 5000+ P 027 717 1284 Life Maid Easy Home Services $30,000$50,000
2 2 Maggie Mao P 0-9-909 6560 M 021 372 766 E W Liquorland Retail $300,000 Looking for customer-focussed retailers
130 130 M 027 457 2210 LJS Seafood Restaurants Food & Beverage $190,000$230,000
13 13 Ben Frewin P 0-9-530 8090 E W Lone Star Food & Beverage $400,000$700,000
25 25 P 0-3-374 3208 Lord
the Fries Food & Beverage
7 25 E W
Join the professionals taking care of residential and commercial lawns and
We offer language clubs for children in childcare centres and schools.
Aniket Kumar
20 20 M 021 725 458
11 11 Mark Trafford P 0-9-929 4546 M 0275 736 688 E W Majestic Food & Beverage $250,000
10 10 Chris Cox P 0-3-423 9760 M 021 521 669 E W McDonald’s Food & Beverage $1.5m
170 38000 P 0-9-539 4300 MeloYelo E-Bikes Retail $13,500+ MeloYelo
e-bikes. 18 18 M 021 728 875 Meticulous Home Services Home Services $13,000 Full range of internal and external cleaning services.
franchisees. 35 35 M 021 956 107 Mexicali Fresh Food & Beverage $375,000 Mexicali
12 12 Brittany Jackson P 0-9-973
E W Mexico Food & Beverage P.O.A. Seeking people
12 12 M 028 8500 1300 Midas Auto Services $100,000
12 2000+ Jason Wilson P 0-9-415 0235 M 021 955 969 E W Mike Pero Mortgages Financial Services $20,000
60+ 60+ P 0800 500 123 Mike Pero Real Estate Real Estate $75,000 20+ years’
68 68 P 0800 500 123 Milestone Homes Home & Building P.O.A.
8 8 M 027 220 1377 Mini-Tankers Business & Commercial $75,000$150,000 The only on-site diesel refuelling franchise in New Zealand. 70 70 P 0-9-622 2671 Mister Minit Retail P.O.A. Mister Minit is a shoe repair, key cutting and engraving business franchise specialising in corporate giftware solutions. Franchises are currently open to existing Mister Minit team members who are fully trained in the business. Franchise opportunities will be available in the future for outside recruitment. 37 238 Maria Walton P 0061 2 9521 9100 E W Mizin 65 Home & Building $300,000 New Zealand’s premier portable room hire business providing recurring weekly income with limited labour input. Great extra retirement income and/or an opportunity to buy into an essential services business ripe for expansion, which provides you an immediate financial return via a proven business system. 10 10 Gordon Green P 0800 46 49 46 M 0277 46 49 46 E W Mobile Hand Car & Marine Grooming Auto Services $10,000$39,000 Mobile grooming and detailing service providing professional, environmentally friendly valet services. 17 17 P 0800 803 737 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information Franchise and Business Opportunities L-M
Exclusive territory for

Franchise and Business Opportunities

team of home-based chartered accountants who utilise technology to provide pragmatic accounting solutions to small business owners. Enjoy the support of working with like-minded colleagues with the best tried and tested systems for operating a public practice business.

Home Services $50,000 Moving On is a complete relocation service specialising in assisting those downsizing or moving to a more supported living environment. The preferred supplier of several retirement providers. We pack, relocate and unpack. We care and put the heart and soul into moving challenges.

Green Home Services $20,000 Franchises available in lawn mowing and gardening, commercial and home cleaning, handyman services. Founded in New Zealand in 1992 and still New Zealand owned. Weekly earnings in excess of $2000pw. Low royalties. Many franchisees have been with Mr Green for over 20 years.

sale once and get paid over and over again.

is looking for new owner/operators

Finance are looking for hardworking people with lending and business management experience to join our nationwide team of franchisees operating from Whangarei to Invercargill. Using MTF Finance’s system to market, approve and originate loans, you’ll manage your loan book using our web-based management system.

Build a life you love with Muffin Break! Benefit from the comprehensive training and support from a reliable and trusted franchisor, growing businesses in NZ for more than 25 years. Muffin Break is expanding and we seek enthusiastic and customer-focussed franchisees throughout the country.

34 271 Maree Keane M 027 484 7301 E W

My After School Headquarters (MASH) Leisure & Education $30,000$35,000

Make a difference in children’s lives today with our out-of-school programmes. 28 28 P 0-3-366 9408

MYGuy 30 Home & Building $41,950 MYGuy is New Zealand’s leading residential and small business property maintenance company, with a focus on quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and a healthy work/life balance. No business experience required with full training and ongoing franchise support included. Be your own boss today!

Narellan Pools Home & Building $50,000 Looking for highly talented and passionate people hungry for success.

Navigation Homes Home & Building $125,000$250,000

Navigation Homes are offering an opportunity to own and drive a profitable house-building franchise. Proven management systems, support, and the best national supply prices. Extensive range of designs to offer customers. Get off the tools and build an asset for yourself.

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream Food & Beverage $250,000 New Zealand Natural Ice Cream is a global franchise network based out of Auckland, New Zealand. It operates as the franchisor of the New Zealand Natural ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothie and juice parlours. Level of investment depending on store location and turnover history.

New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty (NZSIR)

Real Estate P.O.A. New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty was founded in 2005 by Mark Harris and Julian Brown. Still privately owned, run and operated, the company holds the exclusive rights to the Sotheby’s International Realty brand in New Zealand. Franchise territories are available.

Retail $300,000 The Night ‘n Day Foodstore franchise, NZ’s leading convenience store chain offers group buying, uniformed image, full staff training, assistance in shop layouts and designs, profit reports, assistance with staff rosters, group advertising and full accounting facilities. New sites and conversion of existing businesses welcomed.

glass opportunity offers a proven business model with a nationally recognised brand.

Are you passionate about teaching but have had enough of the long hours and extra paperwork? A proven after-school tuition provider delivering exceptional results, is looking for education experts to join our expanding franchise network.

Reputable, trusted house inspection business. Quality pre-purchase surveys and multiple income streams.

Oil Changers provide the convenience of drive-through vehicle servicing. No previous experience required.

professional people with transferrable skills to join our brand as franchise owners.

You don’t need to be an optometrist to enjoy the amazing financial and professional rewards of running your own optical business, you just need strong business acumen and the ability to motivate and manage a sales team.

Build your own portfolio of clients, working alongside a highly experienced consulting team.

Pack & Send move and handle local and international freight through a network of retail stores with a professional custom packaging service. A one-stop shop for retail and business customers. We are looking to grant franchises to those who are prepared to embrace our ‘no limits’ culture.

$600,000 NZ’s largest chain of standalone garden centres, helping grow great gardens since 1912.

2 2 Leon Allen M 0275 058 236 E W

19 80 P 0-7-846 8761


11 Aaron Hall

P 0-9-298 5972 M 021 477 506



13 500+ Dipak Chhima

P 0-9-274 6168



21 1000+ Bec Williams

P 021 246 9260



Nicky Gibbs M 027 4737 919 E W

Plus 8

$350,000 100% locally owned and operated, Paper Plus is a co-operative franchise combining the expertise and support of a large, nationally recognised brand with franchisee entrepreneurial drive and passion for retail. We offer full training and support. Franchise opportunities available nationwide.

Para Rubber Retail $150,000$250,000 Iconic New Zealand retailer dominating the market in sales of foam, foam mattresses, rubber, mats, and Para pools. Looking for energetic people serious about customer service and looking to build a successful business through determination. Opportunities available in South Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Dunedin.

Paramount Services 51 Business & Commercial $30,000

Paramount Vehicle Grooming Auto Services $35,000

Pegasus Rental Cars Leisure & Transport $20,000$70,000

A Paramount Services franchise is a safe and affordable way to own your own business. When you become a franchisee we will provide you with enough cleaning contracts to support a stand-alone franchise business. Established in 1979, Paramount Services has 160+ franchisees servicing 2,000 clients.

Mobile car grooming business servicing private and corporate clients. Franchisees need to be well organised and prepared to work hard. You will be trained by Paramount in how to clean a car efficiently and effectively, and how to run your own business.

Offering the best value-for-money car hire in New Zealand for over 30 years.

PeopleCare Business & Commercial $195,000 New mobile workplace health monitoring franchise. Mobile clinics providing lung function, hearing, hand, arm, vibration and occupational vision testing on site at workplaces. Operating with a high standard of ethics is important for us, so naturally we will be seeking franchisees who share our values.


10 Vaughan Moss P 0-9-532 8794 M 021 921 976



160+ 160+ Bill Wu P 0-9-376 7850 M 027 588 3126





Stella Blake P 0-9-376 7850 M 021 912 615




Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 74 M-P
Money Metrics Financial Services $50,000 A
3 3 Cassandra Park P 0800 638 7427 M 0274 544 255 E W Moving
3 3 Katie Fitzpatrick P 0800 000 484 E W Mr
200 200 Mark McIlroy P 0800 MRGREEN M 021 196 2196 E W Mr Rental Home & Building $600,000
17 89 P 0061 7 3622 2888 Mr Whippy Food & Beverage $50,000 Mr Whippy
nationwide. 40 40 P 0800 494 4779 MTF Finance Financial Services $250,000 MTF
47 47 Andrew Fergusson M 021 881 110 E W Muffin Break Food & Beverage $250,000
Make the
Night ’n
54 54
Novus Auto Services P.O.A. Auto
58 2100 M 021 228 7395 NumberWorks’n Words 53 Education $100,000
28 68 Jo Powell P 0-9-522 0800 E W NZ House Surveys Home & Building $26,000$39,000
7 7 P 0-6-354 9194 Oil Changers Auto Services $150,000$250,000
14 14 P 0-3-343 6080 Oncore Home & Building $50,000$75,000
29 29 P 021 443 143 OPSM Retail P.O.A.
Oxygen8 Consulting Business
Commercial $25,000
20 20 P 0-9-215 7186 Pack
21 140+ Nathan Paul P 0-3-982 7252 E W Palmers Retail
12 12 M 021 483 500 Paper
100 100 Carrie
P 0800 727 377 M
& Send New Zealand 48 Retail
M 027 257 4500
2 2 Ian Kebbell P 0800 50 80 30 M 021 629 626 E

the best-tasting, freshest pitas and salad bowls in NZ since 2007.

people ideally from a construction or sales background.

opportunity. Well known for its creation of the world’s first structured career path in franchising, enabling franchisees the opportunity to grow within a single marketing area or to develop a million dollar business with multiple vehicles, retail stores and marketing areas.

Home Groomers is a New Zealand-owned company. We are a cleaning business with a difference. We predominantly clean only new premises cutting out the dirty work. The worst mess you will have to deal with is sawdust shavings and dusty windows.

021 782 853 ProGroup


leader providing world best-practice business management advice to

$39,950 GroutPro franchisees maintain and restore indoor/outdoor tiled areas. Deck&FencePro franchisees, including GrassPro, GaragePro and LouvreRoofPro, turn backyards into amazing spaces. Both franchises suit enthusiastic self-starters comfortable with tools or with strong DIY skills. Low entry cost, low fixed monthly fees, training, systems and support second-to-none.

valuation franchise, customised technology, fantastic business systems, awesome nationwide team.

cleaning business. Wide range of property services. Waikato based business with opportunities in Hamilton city, Cambridge, Te Kuiti and Te Awamutu. Basic package starts at $16,500 +gst. Enquiries welcome.

Propertyscouts is 100% dedicated to providing end-to-end property management. In the industry for over 18 years, our franchisees benefit from clear systems, comprehensive training, uncapped support, and empowerment to achieve business success. There are still opportunities available throughout New Zealand, start a conversation today!

Zealand’s leading supplier of workplace refreshment vending. New and established businesses available.

Balustrade Systems are New Zealand’s leading independent balustrade and pool fencing specialist.

Specialist residential property management. Lucrative business model with coaching and training. Be the best property manager in your region with significant points of difference. Be a part of the award-winning Pukeko team.

Quest Serviced Apartments is the market leading franchise in accommodation for primarily corporate extended stay travellers. Franchisees benefit from a high level of brand awareness, full training, and ongoing support. The Quest franchise also provide franchisees with computer systems and manuals which cover business plans.

A re-spouting service franchise for new and existing homes and commercial buildings. Spouting on the Spot is the perfect franchise opportunity for franchisees who want to keep their hands on the tools. Become a Rainaway Spouting-on-the-Spot franchisee today

a RE/MAX franchise means incredible opportunities with a big brand behind

The only ISO9001 registered, industry assessed brand providing Standard-compliant property reports.

$49,000 Red LBP is a property inspection franchise offering quick-turnaround, comprehensive reports using an online booking system and a report-building software. Minimal computer experience needed, building experience compulsory. Family-friendly, highly supported, a great way to use a builder’s knowledge without early mornings and bung backs.

Robert Harris Coffee Roasters Food & Beverage $450,000 Robert Harris Coffee Roasters operates New Zealand’s best-known and largest chain of retail café franchises. Proven success in cities and provincial centres nationwide. We look for team players with high standards in presentation who have customer service experience plus the ability to work with people.

Rodney Wayne 15 Health & Beauty $100,000 Rodney Wayne is the largest hairdressing franchise in New Zealand. You do not have to be a hairdresser but strong people skills combined with an excellent customer focus and management expertise are all critical elements that make a successful Rodney Wayne franchisee.

Rugbytots NZ Leisure & Education $7,500 Rugbytots is the world’s favourite rugby play programme for 2 - 7 year olds.

Saddlery Warehouse Retail $300,000$460,000

Scratchpad Leisure & Education $120,000

Leading equestrian retailer. Supplying all the items needed for horse and rider.

Scratchpad is a new technology learning centre with the goal to help youngsters love, use, and create opportunities with technology including coding, robotics, 3D design and printing. We are expanding, and looking for future-focused people with a passion for technology to run their own centres.

45 45 Rod De Lisle


P 0800 426 333



51+ Julie Evans P 0-9-358 4644



7 50+ M 021 878 335

7 7 P 0-9-970 1058

5 5 Vijesh Nangia P 0-9-216 9400 M 021 431 930

Select Home Services Home Services $13,000 Select Home Services offers you the opportunity to be your own boss. 160+ 290+



P 0-9-278 4930

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 75 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. WE TAILOR FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR FRANCHISE. Get in touch on 0800 177 007. Franchise and Business Opportunities P-S PERL Plumbing & PERL Electrical Home & Building $10,000 PERL is a professional franchise model for ambitious contractors looking to start their own business or supercharge their current one. PERL provides ongoing superior support and business education, exceptional supplier pricing and discounts, innovative integrated operating systems, and coordinated national sales and marketing. 7 7 Andrew Cochrane P 0800 438 7375 (GET PERL) M 027 616 0433 E membership W W PinkFit Home & Building $30,000 Licensees provide insulation service to new home builders and retrofit existing homes. 19 19 P 0-9-525 9563 Pit Stop 22 Auto Services $100,000 The largest automotive service franchise in New Zealand. Pit Stop is an automotive service and repair franchise which specialises in vehicle servicing, brakes, exhausts, suspension, WOF checks and general auto repair. 45 45 Les Seiler P 0-9-634 3666 E W Pita Pit Food & Beverage $300,000$500,000 Serving
80+ 500+ M 021 355 880 Pizza Hut Food & Beverage $450,000$500,000 A new
from a smaller footprint. 109 1000+ P 0-9-525 8700 Platinum Homes Home & Building $100,000$250,000 Seeking
17 17 M 021 535 031 Poolwerx Retail $89,000 Award-winning
8 350+ Mike Geddes P 0800 888 031 E W Prestige Home Groomers Business & Commercial $30,000$60,000 Prestige
8 8 Kim Buttery P 0-7-543 2090 E W Prime Strategies Group Business & Commercial $27,000 Recognised
SME businesses. 40+ 40+ P
65 65 Duane
Property InDepth Home & Building P.O.A. Residential
25 25 M 021 477 673
Service Franchise Systems Home
19 19 Michael
Propertyscouts Property Management Business
Commercial $22,500
19 20 Ryan Weir M
Provender NZ Food & Beverage $89,000$195,000 New
70+ 70+ P 0800 661 663 Provista Balustrade Systems Home & Building $25,000 Provista
18 18 M 0275 961 264 Pukeko Rental Managers Business & Commercial $18,500
21 21 David Pearse M 0274
W Quest Serviced Apartments Business & Commercial $150,000$600,000
33 150 Adrian
P 0-9-366 9680 E W Quinovic Property Management Business & Commercial $50,000 NZ’s preferred national
management service since 1988. 29 29 P 0-4-801 7880 RaD Car Hire Leisure & Transport $25,000$250,000 Locally owned franchises
services nationwide since 1987. 23 29 M 027 257 4500 Rainaway Spouting on the Spot Home & Building $45,000
10 10 P 0-9-265 2147 E W RE/MAX Real Estate $55,000
32 8600+ P 0-9-393 8478 Realsure The House Inspectors Home & Building $35,000
7 7 P 0508 732 578 Red
11 11 Matt Jull P
to maximise returns
022 477 6477 E W
$16,500 Commercial
0-7-847 2737
022 657 9432
809 534
residential property
LBP Home &

Franchise and Business Opportunities

Shake Out Food & Beverage $400,000 Shake Out is a brand proudly developed in-house by the team behind BurgerFuel. Shake Out serves up a simple, yet premium fast food solution, combining quality ingredients and frictionless technology. Shake Out are looking for new franchisees to become part of their successful network.

Shed Boss are suppliers of high quality steel frame buildings.

Shoe Clinic is NZ’s leading sports footwear retail store. Proven system.

Home & Building $50,000 Manage your own bathroom maintenance business specialising in fixing leaky showers. Tried and tested model. Initial training and ongoing suppport provided. Good margins and low overheads. Would suit plumbers, builders, or a skilled handyman. Locations available throughout New Zealand.

Signature Homes Home &

Network of premium cafés specialising in gourmet coffee and freshly prepared food.

$150,000 Winner of the 2016 FANZ Supreme Franchise System award, we have 34 years’ experience building homes for Kiwis from 11 franchises supported by a National Office. If you have building or construction management experience and are looking for your next opportunity, please contact our CEO.

sKids Leisure & Education $45,000 Out of school care. Established 1996. Now in 100+ schools. Before school, after school and holiday programmes for primary school children. Would suit people who are looking for a change in lifestyle and who enjoy the company of children.

SkyTech 14 Business & Commercial Services $45,000 Agricultural and commercial drone services. Enjoy the independence of your own business and be part of our nationwide team. Purchase a lifestyle franchise with great income and a future asset. If you have dedication and commitment, join us in an exciting and growing market.

SlipSafe NZ Business & Commercial $92,000 Solutions service for slippery flooring surfaces. We specialise in providing industry-leading anti-slip treatments, coatings and compliance testing for residential, commercial and industrial markets. Full training will be given. Operates in 40 countries under different trading names

SmartGrass 50 Home & Building $120,000 The synthetic grass industry is growing exponentially. The SmartGrass brand and solutions are at the forefront. Be your own boss and in total control of your financial future. We’ll support you to grow a highly-regarded, profitable business and you’ll never be short of great projects.

Smith’s Sports Shoes Retail $200,000 Smith’s Sports Shoes’ biggest strength is the relationship between franchisor, franchisee and suppliers. What you can expect from the Smith’s team includes integrity, fun, and profitability. We focus on team building and provide support and training. Seeking people with vision, great attitude and communication skills.

Snap-on Tools Auto Services $52,000 A unique opportunity to own your own business, built on a sound foundation of almost 90 years of experience. Snap-on franchisees are independent business people, controlling all aspects of their franchise and working flexible hours as needed to accomplish their personal goals.

Snap Fitness Health & Fitness $450,000 Internationally recognized brand that proves innovation is the key to brand agility

$10,000$400,000 Specsavers New Zealand are leading optometrists and eye-care specialists. Now also offering audiology services.

$75,000+ Enjoy true passive income with a Speed Queen self-serve laundromat. With our turn-key service, you’ll be up and running in your own profitable business in no time, backed by the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment.

Speedy Signs Business & Commercial $150,000 New Zealand’s largest signs and graphics network uses the latest technology in an exciting industry with huge opportunity. Proven systems and sound business practices with a focus on high quality and excellent service set us apart in the signage market. No prior experience required.

Stihl Shop 40 Retail

Stirling Sports Retail

$400,000 Stihl Shop is a nationwide network of independent, locally owned specialist outdoor power equipment retailers. Every Stihl Shop is operated by friendly approachable people who are passionate about outdoor power equipment. Full training and on-going support. Sites with real growth potential available across NZ.

$340,000 We play to win by delivering world-class retail experiences, inspired by sport, executed with style. Stirling Sports will provide all the training and support to build and sustain your business. Opportunities available throughout New Zealand. Retail experience is an advantage but not essential.

Stonewood Homes NZ Home & Building P.O.A. We are now expanding and seeking builders and construction entrepreneurs throughout the regions.

Storage Box Retail $150,000 The preferred home and office organisation specialists providing solutions to New Zealand customers.

Streetwise Coffee Food & Beverage $155,000 Every day, thousands of coffee lovers buy a Streetwise coffee. Our designer coffee outlets have become symbols of coffee perfection. We’re seeking people nationwide who love the thought of selling fantastic coffees to appreciative customers. Site selection assistance, training and support is given.

Stroud Homes Home & Building $95,000 Stroud Homes offer a fresh approach to building new homes for your customers.


100+ Chris Bartels P 0-9-576 6602 M 021 974 221 E W

2 3 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747




13 Jason Goldfinch

P 0508 754 778 M 021 335 941



4 4 Jack Kennedy

P 0800 887 369 M 027 822 9006



15 15 Chris Smith M 021 733 981



14 5000 Stacey Gilbert

P 0800 762 766



M 0061 435 841 811

56 2000+

52 1700+ Sinead Convery



100+ 1m+ Royce Little

P 0800 77 33 37



27 850 Sarah Archibald

P 0-9-577 4223 M 021 479 123



83 83 Darryl Perkins

M 021 543 576



55 55 Geoff Young M 022 417 3127



19 19 M 021 668 244

20 20

P 0-9-271 1025

24 24 Donna Ferrall

M 027 552 2055



M 027 606 0063

6 36

Subway Food & Beverage $250,000 The world’s largest quick service submarine sandwich and salad franchise. 238 37K+

Super Liquor Retail $200,000 With 130+ branded stores throughout the country, we are represented in many local communities, delivering to them real value and true convenience. We are New Zealand’s most trusted liquor brand offering market leading terms of trade and innovative national advertising and marketing programmes.

130 130

Super Shuttle Business & Commercial $90,000 Super Shuttle has grown into New Zealand’s favourite airport transfer business. 120 120

SuperValue 24 Retail $2,000,000 Wholesale Distributors Ltd is the franchisor for the SuperValue and FreshChoice group of supermarkets. All our stores are locally owned and operated and totally community focussed. We are looking for franchisees who are customer-focussed with proven business experience. Opportunities available nationwide.

Swimart Pool & Spa Services

Retail $50,000 Australasia’s most experienced chain of pool & spa specialists. Swimart commenced business in Sydney in the early 80’s and since that time has grown through the provision of expert friendly advice and superior customer service to be the market leader in the pool and spa service sector.

The Alternative Board Business & Commercial $83,000 The Alternative Board, a leading international franchise organisation, seeks franchisees to facilitate peer board meetings and offer executive coaching to local business owners. With a background as an executive, coach, consultant or business owner, you will help businesses achieve more profitability, productivity and personal fulfilment.

The Cheesecake Shop Food & Beverage $200,000 You don’t need to be a baker, our excellent training course teaches you how.


P 0-9-523 4064



P 0-9-522 5100

39 39 David Callaghan

M 027 494 8361



6 78 Brett Reading

P 0800 928 373



13 300+ Alfredo Puche

M 027 427 9172



33 220 David Reid

P 0-9-475 9634

M 021 625 555



Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 76 S-T
4 4 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W Shed Boss Home
Building $95,000
10 37 P 0-7-579 1525 Shoe Clinic Retail $200,000$250,000
19 19 M 0274 462 997 ShowerFix
3 3 David Howe M 0274 820 667 E W Sierra Boutique Café Food & Beverage $250,000$450,000
32 32 P 0-9-451 9102
11 11 Paul Bull P 0-9-415
Optometrists & Audiology Retail
Speed Queen Laundry Services 62 63 Retail

our team today.

The Interface Financial Group Financial Services $39,000 The Interface Financial Group provides debtor financing service to the SME business.

The Leather Doctor Home Services $80,000 The Leather Doctor is New Zealand’s largest mobile leather and vinyl cleaning, repair and restoration network. Leather Doctors are provided extensive training and can undertake an array of commercial and private work. No previous experience required.

The Office Professionals 24 Financial Services $30,000 The Office Professionals presents an ideal opportunity for those with a finance background looking to supplement their income with a profitable, flexible lifestyle franchise that promotes a healthy work/life balance.

The Shed Specialists Co Home & Building

The Wheel Magician Auto Services

$20,000+ Join a business that is cutting-edge, with a distinct advantage over competitors. Work directly alongside manufacturers and customers to construct custom-made, fit-for-purpose sheds. Highly profitable business model with excellent support systems in place, customers ready and waiting. Investment covers fees, tools and equipment are additional.

$69,750 We have developed a system which provides mag wheel repairs to a very high standard in a short space of times. This means you have delighted customers and complete lots of jobs in a day. Well-established franchise opportunity available for the right person.

Think Water Retail P.O.A Think Water is Australasia’s leading network of independently owned irrigation water services solutions with nearly 50 stores. We specialise in the design and implementation of the most water efficient irrigation and water management programmes for clients.

Tint a Car Auto Services $25,000 Experts in car, home and office window tinting for over 50 years.

Touch Up Guys 57 Auto Services $88,000 New Zealand’s premier mobile paint and bumper repair franchise. High quality car paint restoration services to commercial and private customers. Professional, reliable, cost effective and convenient. No industry experience required. Comprehensive training and full ongoing support provided. Great opportunities are available throughout New Zealand.

Join New Zealand’s largest independent toy retailing group.

Transform Clinic is a well-established, successful appearance medicine, laser and beauty franchise.

$50,000 Trident Homes are offering the opportunity to operate a business which is 100% NZ-owned. Established, recognised and growing brand. Seeking trade-qualified builders or experienced business owners with good people skills who are passionate about home building. Full training and ongoing support.

innovative mobile franchise whose core business is confirming the pregnancy of farm animals using real-time ultra-sonic equipment. Becoming a part of this franchise network enables the franchisee to run a low-cost, high return business in an exclusive territory, using a proven business system.

buffet restaurant seeking hospitality-minded franchisees with drive, passion and energy.

unique opportunity to be part of an iconic New Zealand company and build a real business of value.

home services franchise providing flexible, multi-serviced businesses for 43+ years. Exclusive territories, paid training, established customers, income guarantee. Indoor and/or Outdoor opportunities available nationwide. Actively seeking motivated franchisees wanting to succeed. Multi-award winning systems, ongoing support and business mentoring provided.

designs via 3D CAD design package. Full training

looking for hardworking and dedicated people around New

with 30 plus years of proven dependability. With a profitable work from home opportunity, all you need is a suitable vehicle. Franchisees are fully trained and receive regular ongoing training and full support from our operations, technical, sales, marketing and IT departments.

design, supply and construction of pre-engineered buildings. Limited opportunities in the North Island.

and installation franchises available in New Plymouth and Gisborne.

$500,000 Owned by the BurgerFuel Group, Winner Winner specialises in the finest woodfired and crispy fried chicken. As it turns out, chicken is the fastest growing protein category globally which means there’s piles of opportunity right here, right now.

proven system to establish premium lawns using innovative pre-seeded lawn mats.

Delight workplace espresso machines provide a semi-passive income with life-style benefits.

fresh, healthy and flavoursome Mexican food in New Zealand since 2014. When you join the Zambrero family, you’re joining a fast-growing international Mexican restaurant with a mission to stop world hunger through our Plate 4 Plate initiative.

a nationwide range of quality frozen fruit beverages and alcohol cocktails.

8 100 Kim Bennett P 0061 408 066 950

1 1 Cheryl Roberts / Nicola Bow M 027 280 8599 M 022 194 8747 E W

2 2 Nicola Bow M 022 194 8747 E


14 14 Alan Thomas P 0800 537 233 E


14 14 Liesle Corns P 0800 184 465



8 133 P 0-9-442 4195

13 120 Martin Smith P 0800 286 824 M 021 721 430

Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at company page number industry investment from description number in NZ, globally FANZ get more information 77 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED. Get in touch on 0800 177 007. Franchise and Business Opportunities T-Z The Christmas Heirloom Company Retail $40,000 Providing high quality, luxurious Christmas decorations. A profitable seasonable business. 10 11 P 0-7-839 6209 The Coffee Club 42 43 Food & Beverage $300,000$450,000 One of NZ’s largest café and restaurant franchises, The Coffee Club have a comprehensive menu and offer relaxed dining experience. Take advantage of a proven track record, great training and ongoing support. Ideal if you are passionate about people and building customer loyalty. 65 400+ Brad Jacobs P 0-9-304 0008 M 0275 26 3333 E W The Coffee Guy Food & Beverage $55,000$120,000 The Coffee Guy is New Zealand’s largest mobile coffee franchise system. The secret to our success is ensuring our franchisees have the support that they need to operate a successful franchise. New and existing franchise exclusive territories are available nationwide. Join
29 29 Andrew Morgan P 0-9 973 4823 M 022 419 3156 E W
9 150+ P 0-9-302 7704
Retail $200,000$500,000
27 149 M 021 935 362 Transform Clinic Health & Beauty $80,000
7 7 M 027 355 8115
11 11 Neil Hawker M 0275
E W Ultra-Scan Agriculture $80,000 An
21 21 P 0508 858 727 E W Valentines Buffet Restaurants Food & Beverage $300,000$400,000 Iconic
5 5 P 021 522 720 Venluree Home & Building $40,000 A
16 16 P 0-9-913 4185 Versatile Home & Building P.O.A Your
35 35 M 027 481 5880 V.I.P. Home Services 67 Home Services $20,000
120+ 1200+ John & Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W Wardrobe World Home & Building $20,000+ Buoyant market.
provided. 21 21 P 0-9-270 0278 Wash Rite Home & Building $45,000$70,000 We are currently
31 31 P 0800 101 216 Wet-seal Home & Building $25,000 Waterproofing
6 58 P 0800 436 000 E W What’s Up House Inspections Home & Building $69,995 New Zealand’s
7 7 M 021 952 397 Wide Span Sheds Home & Building $95,000 Custom
7 450+ P 0-9-889 2044 Window
21 21 P 0-3-343 1876 Winner
4 4 Murdoch Ball M 021 954 632 E W Woolgro Home & Building $25,000$50,000 All-natural,
6 6 P 0-9-570 1985 Xpresso Delight Food & Beverage $51,995 Xpresso
17 155 P 021 875 431
15 215 Grant Maycroft P 0-4-213 9594 E W Zexx NZ Food & Beverage $5,000$25,000 Providing
12 16 P 0800 556 022 Toyworld
Trident Homes 66 Home &
321 191
chance to own your own business without the challenges of going it alone.
leading pre-purchase home inspection company.
$30,000 Sales
Winner Food &
Zambrero Food &
$300,000 Serving

Aramex see page 29 P 0-6-833 6333


CrestClean see page 2



Nathan Bonney

M 0275 393 022


Grant McLauchlan

M 027 479 6415


W opportunities-nz

Duck Donuts Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022


Jim’s Test & Tag see page18 Peter Mahon P 0800 454 654 M 021 859 222



Peter Mahon

Jim’s Test & Tag Division

Business & Commercial Aramex, formerly known as Fastway Couriers, is an award-winning franchise system that provides local and national courier and freight services at competitive prices. Over 35 years’ experience, multiple industry awards and franchises across New Zealand, Aramex is one of New Zealand’s most successful and trusted freight companies.

Food & Beverage Chatime have modernised the traditional Taiwanese tea culture. Operating in Australia since 2009, Chatime are fast on their way to achieving 200 Australian outlets. Secure the opportunity to grow Chatime in New Zealand as Master Franchisee or Area Developer.

Business & Commercial CrestClean regional master franchises suit administrators, sales people or managers with people, business and accounting skills who are interested in working in the cleaning industry. Must be customer-oriented.

Food & Beverage The fastest-growing donut shop in the US. Be part of the Duck Donuts family, bringing Duck Donuts to New Zealand. Duck Donuts are seeking a master franchisee who shares their vision and commitment of offering a welcoming, family-friendly and delicious experience to continue growth around the world. Join the growing success story and create sweetness and smiles with Duck Donuts.

Business & Commercial Entrepreneur required to take this fantastic opportunity with passive income and potential to the next level. We are looking to appoint regional master franchisees in Auckland, Wellington and Taranaki to assist existing franchisees increase sales and market penetration, and be responsible for opening up approximately 20 new areas. Full training facilities are provided and back-up and support from Jim’s Test & Tag.

1,600 NZ$100,000

100+ P.O.A.

200 NZ$100,000


Baker Tilly Staples

Rodway Christchurch


Blackler Smith & Co

P 0800 454 654 M 021 859 222



Home Services Regional master franchisees. Lawnmowing/gardening and home cleaning. Your desire to work with people and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will help you realise the potential of the

200 Estelle Logan P 0800 847 496 E W

Franchise Accountants 38 39 78

Assistance with franchise purchases and ongoing accountancy and I.T. support in the franchise area. Over 15 years’ experience in franchising in the SME market, acting for both franchisors and franchisees.

With 16 offices, BDO is NZ’s fastest growing chartered accounting and business advisory firm. Our franchise specialists offer bespoke services in due diligence; structure reviews; appraisals; agreements, strategic planning; full accounting, audit, tax advisory and support services; raising capital and finance. Smart New Zealand business, backed by BDO.

Very experienced and approachable chartered accountants. If you’re buying a franchise, what should you pay for it? Is this franchise any good? How much money will I make? How do I set everything up? I need help from someone experienced. Ben Blackler can help you buy a good business, set it up correctly and run it effectively. Award-winner – Professional Services.

Save time, money and tax by benefiting from our specialist franchise advice and proven accounting solutions. Your success is our business. Ring now 0800 555 8020. Specialist franchise accounting solutions including due diligence, benchmarking, budgeting, valuations, business mentoring, tax planning, cashflow management and reporting software systems.

Inspired Accountants 78 We are chartered accountants who specialise in franchising. Having a look under the bonnet (due diligence) is key when buying a business. We do this and set up robust reporting systems so you know how the business is performing. Inspired Accountants – Inspiring You.

Nexia New Zealand Nexia New Zealand are franchise accounting and business advisory experts with broad experience in all aspects of franchising. If you own a franchise, are thinking of buying one, or want to franchise an existing business, we have all the expertise to help you succeed.

Orb360 Orb360 provides franchise owners and prospective franchise owners with financial support from all angles, helping you stay on top of everything from cash flow and tax compliance to forecasting and future-proofing your business. Our franchise specialist accountants have over ten years of experience.

South Island Jon Robertson/Dave McCone

P 0-3-343 0599



National Tristan Will P 0-4-472 5850



Greater Wellington Ben Blackler P 0-4-555 9090 E W

National Philip Morrison P 0800 555 8020 E W

National Craig Weston P 0-9-309 2561 M 021 309 309 E W

National Scott Travis P 0-9-448 3232 M 021 414 569 E W

National Jay Changlani M 0210 763 762



business. A proven record of people management and sales experience together with sound work ethics honesty and integrity required. Suitable for couples or individuals. 1200 NZ$50,000$200,000+ Ziebart Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E Auto Services Ziebart is the world’s #1 franchise in vehicle appearance and protection. Master franchise opportunity now available in New Zealand, backed by over 60 years experience. Ziebart promise to provide exceptional customer service and the highest-level quality products to exceed all customer expectations. 400+ P.O.A. company get more information industry description number globally investment required Regional and National Master Licence Opportunities - find more at 7 Reasons to Call Us First Call Now 0800 555 80 20 Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards Service Provider of the Year 2011–12 2018–19 2015–16 2019–20 2017–18 You get pre-purchase inspection reports - we leave no stone unturned You minimise risk & protect your assets with the best structures for your business You save time, money & tax with our proven accounting solutions & systems You benefit from specialist advice – we listen, we understand You work with award-winning service provider 2019/20 - Westpac Franchise Awards You get specialist franchise mentoring and ongoing support You’re using specialist franchise accountants with the tick of approval – accredited members of FANZ & CAANZ • Due Diligence (should I buy this business?) • Budgets and Cashflow projections • Financial accounting and reporting systems • Benchmarking reports • Liaising with other advisors (banks, lawyers, consultants) • Tax Advice • Best structure for the business (company/trust etc) Inspiring You! Call us for a no obligation chat on 09 969 7450 | 021 309 309 | We specialise in Franchising and love to help Franchisors and Franchisees with: INSPIRED ACCOUNTANTS Find more info Specialist Advisors company page number description location FANZ get more information

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 78
1000+ P.O.A.
625 NZ$250,000
Business & Commercial NZ-wide master franchisor opportunity. Fantastic opportunity to purchase the master rights for the whole country. 7 incumbent regional franchisors and 40+ franchisees. Many more regions available to sell. Cash flow from day one and great residual income. You have the backing and support of one of the largest franchise groups in Oceania. NZ$375,000 V.I.P. Home Services see page 67

SBA Small Business Accounting 18 Part of a franchise network too, SBA Small Business Accounting provides expert franchise accounting services. With 80 branches nationwide, SBA can help evaluate new franchise opportunities, provide reporting and financial commentary to help get finance, and offer ongoing accounting support and advice.

ANZ ANZ has a dedicated team of business specialists throughout New Zealand to provide support for franchisors and franchisees. They have also developed a range of tools and resources to make your franchising journey easier, including a free ANZ Franchise Guide.

ASB 20 ASB provides a comprehensive range of financial solutions for both franchisees and franchisors including finance, insurance, savings and investment options, everyday banking and more. So if you are thinking of starting or buying a franchise, talk to our franchise specialists on 0800 272 476.

BNZ Talk to us about our wide range of specialist services that we can tailor to meet your needs as a franchisor or franchisee. We’ll use our 145 years’ experience in business banking, giving your business the support it needs to grow and succeed.

CFI Finance CFI Finance provides leases, loans and other financial products that help our customers establish new businesses or grow and develop existing ones. With exceptional service and an easy application, we are faster, more flexible and more able to meet the needs of our customers.

Prospa 56 Prospa is NZ’s small business lending specialist. We’ve helped thousands of small businesses with funds for growth or to support cashflow. Our friendly team of Business Lending Specialists can help you find a solution that’s right for your business with funding possible in just hours.

Silver Chef Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years. Preserve your working capital with Silver Chef, and fuel your growth through our various franchise funding solutions.

Westpac New Zealand Ltd 40 41 84

Westpac is New Zealand’s most experienced bank in franchising and the only bank offering dedicated franchise specialist managers throughout the country.

Westpac has a high level of expertise in the franchise industry; this has been built up over the past two decades by working closely with franchisors, franchisees and industry specialists. The resulting depth of experience enables us to provide you with informed specialist advice regarding franchise funding and franchise specific transactional solutions.

Specialists in franchise financing:

Auckland/Northland - Mike Haigh, Sujam Ratnayake

South Island – René Artz


Franchise Accountants 38 39 78

Franchize Consultants (NZ)

Specialist advice on franchise system development, feasibility studies, recruitment, documentation, manuals, ongoing mentoring, strategic planning and partnering to grow your business.

33 Specialists in franchise development, strategic planning, legal briefs, systems and manuals, recruitment processes and documentation, ongoing mentoring and sound advice on franchising and licensing. Recognised as New Zealand’s leading management consultancy specialising in franchise development. Experience with many of NZ’s top franchised companies.

Tereza Murray Franchising 52 We specialise in developing comprehensive and cost-effective franchise systems for small businesses needing a growth strategy that delivers profit, performance and scale.

The Franchise Coach 80 Comprehensive advice on franchise system development. Feasibility studies, manuals, documentation, legal briefs, franchisee recruitment, exporting and importing, mediation and ongoing mentoring to grow your business. The Franchise Coach has been a major contributor to the success of franchising in New Zealand since 1983. Consultants, trainers and speakers.


ASCO Legal 41 At ASCO Legal we have a fresh perspective on the practice of law, a client-centred one. Our team is friendly, approachable and efficient. We enjoy helping both our franchisor and franchisee clients get the most benefit out of franchising, providing quality pragmatic advice.

Botherway 45 Commercial law firm specialising in franchising and related law. We give you the best possible legal support in your franchised or licensed business. Damian Botherway is our specialist franchise lawyer and also has experience dealing with disputes and the successful negotiation of franchise exits.

Botting Legal Franchise and commercial law specialists. We provide practical legal advice in plain English for both franchisees and franchisors at very competitive rates. Preparation and review of franchise documentation, advice on structuring and IP protection, franchise operation and dispute resolution.

Brookfields Lawyers Expert franchise lawyers. Fixed price packages. Urgent advice is no problem.

Deirdre WatsonBarrister 25 years’ experience in litigation, disputes, court cases and mediation. Franchise dispute specialist.

Duncan Cotterill Enterprising full service law firm with offices nationwide. Experts in franchise system establishment, network growth and international expansion. Covering all your franchise and broader business needs, including distribution networks, supply chains, intellectual property, employment, health and safety, property/leasing, acquisitions and sales, immigration and dispute resolution.

Franchise Law 25 Drafting, amending and reviewing franchise agreements. Franchise sales and purchases. Commercial property leases, sales and purchases.

Gaze Burt 64 Lawyers providing full legal services for franchisors and franchisees including advice and documents relating to franchise development, franchise evaluation, risk management, transactional management and dispute resolution. Our experience is extensive over many years and we understand the important and significant fundamentals required for quality franchising.

Franchise Team P 0800 272 476 E W

National Riaan Wilson P 0800 ASK BNZ E W

National Customer Service P 0800 456 687 E W

National P 0800 005 797 E W

National Nik Mimilo P 0800 453 010 E W

National Daniel Cloete

P 0800 177 007



National Philip Morrison

P 0800 555 8020



National & Worldwide Callum Floyd P 0-9-523 3858 E W

National Tereza Murray P 027 471 7337


National & Worldwide Stewart Germann M 021 276 9898 E W

National & Worldwide Alistair van Schalkwyk P 0-9-308 8071 M 021 0274 2011


National Damian Botherway

P 0-7-839 1122



National Bradley Botting P 0-9-950 3880 M 0274 769 738 E

National P 0-9-979 2109 E W

National Deirdre Watson P 0-9-309 6988 E


National Hamish Walker P 0-4-499 7809 M 027 288 2339



National Thada Chapman P 0800 Solicitor M 021 309 233



National Michael Bright

P 0-9-414 9800



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at 79 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. WE TAILOR FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS TO FIT YOUR FRANCHISE. Get in touch on 0800 177 007.
National Craig Gardiner P 0800 999 722 E W FINANCE PROVIDERS
National Our Franchise Experts P 0800 39 40 41 E W
National ASB
company page number description location FANZ get more information
Specialist Advisors

Gibson Sheat Lawyers 80 Comprehensive legal advice for franchisors and franchisees. All franchise documentation. We’ll sort out issues at the outset, before they become problems. If things have already turned pear-shaped our mediation and franchise dispute specialists can assist.

Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers 3 Goodwin Turner Commercial Lawyers aims to provide a modern, friendly, client-focused and efficient approach to your legal business requirements, with a genuine focus on adding value to your business.

Harmans Lawyers A Christchurch based firm offering comprehensive legal services for franchisors and franchisees including franchise and disclosure documentation, employment, leases, financing, dispute resolution and business structures. Full service legal firm that prides itself on being solution driven. Franchise specialists with a proven track record.

Jackson Russell Lawyers

Your business needs specialist franchising advice and an experienced legal team that covers all areas of business law. Jackson Russell is a full service law firm that will get to know your business, tailor advice to your business objectives and guide you through the process.

Lane Neave Lane Neave is a full service law firm with offices Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. We have a dedicated franchising team experienced in advising both franchisors and franchisees on all their legal requirements. Our clients include large nationwide franchisor chains through to individuals.

MacDonald Lewis Law

Martelli McKegg Lawyers

Mortlock McCormack Law

MST Lawyers

Quantum Law

Expert franchise lawyers who specialise in fixed price packages for legal services. A specialist firm based in Parnell offering sound, practical and timely advice, we can assist with all business legal requirements.

Experienced franchise and business law advisors focussed on helping clients to succeed. All areas of franchising, including franchise documentation, business sales, retail and commercial leasing, licensing, supply and distribution, brand protection, health and safety, immigration, employment and dispute resolution. Advice in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Christchurch-based franchise experts advising clients locally and nationwide. Specialist advice for franchisors and licensors wishing to set-up and operate, and for franchisees regarding all aspects of their franchise. Full range of associated commercially-focused and cost-effective legal services provided.

Full service legal firm established since 1975 acting for franchisors and franchisees in both preparation and entrance into franchises within Australia, dispute resolution and regulatory compliance with the franchising code of conduct and other Australian legislation. Well connected in the Australian market.

34 Specialists in franchise and business law. If you seek prompt and technically-sound legal advice delivered to suit your commercial objectives, please contact us. With a wealth of franchise, business and corporate law experience, you will be in safe hands.

National Mark Sherry P 0-3-352 2293 M 021 524 890


National Darryl King P 0-9-300 6935


National Claire Evans P 0-3-353 8012 E W

National & Worldwide Rory MacDonald/Tim Lewis P 0-9-307 3324 E W

National & Worldwide Andrew Skinner/Steven Lee M 027 705 4598 M 021 728 892 E E W

Canterbury & National

Kent Yeoman P 0-3-343 8453 M 021 517 601



Australia P 0061 3 8540 0200


National & Worldwide Harshad Shiba

P 0-9-302 0070 M 021 407 228



Simpson Grierson Specialists in franchise systems including structuring, documentation, human resources, property, taxation and transactions. National Richard Watts

P 0-9-977 5182 M 021 895 931



Stace Hammond Stace Hammond is a business law firm with offices in Hamilton and Auckland.

Stewart Germann Law Office, Lawyers and Notary Public

17 New Zealand’s longest established specialised franchise law firm with over 40 years’ experience. Expert legal advice to franchisors and franchisees nationwide. Winners of 2022 Global 100 – Franchise Law Firm of the Year – NZ and 2021 Global Awards – Leaders in Law – Franchising Expert of the Year in NZ.

Turner Hopkins A full service firm who can help you with all your legal needs. If you are a franchisor looking to develop a franchise system or a new franchisee looking to purchase a franchise business we can develop fixed price packages to suit your exact needs.

Wynn Williams The Wynn Williams team understand franchising and have global experience advising brand owners/franchisors, master franchisees, investors and franchisees. We are known for our trans-Tasman expertise and can quickly assist you to assess and grow your business in the New Zealand market.

Auckland & Hamilton Patrick Learmonth

P 0-9-306 6874



National & Worldwide Stewart Germann / Khushbu Sundarji

P 0-9-308 9925 M 021 276 9898


National Phil Shannon

P 0-9-486 9575 M 021 485 557


National Katrina Hammon P 0-9-300 2647 M 021 221 8847 E W

Westpac Directory of Franchising and Advertiser Index Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02 80 Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED. Get in touch on 0800 177 007.
Greater Wellington Claire Byrne P 0-4-916 7483 M 029 916 7483 E W
National & Worldwide Scott Goodwin P 0-9-973 7350 M 027 700 7396 E W
Buying or selling franchises
Franchising businesses
Franchising disputes FROM CAPE REINGA TO BLUFF For 20+ years, Claire has advised on: The complete franchise resource Established 1990 We have helped over 150 companies develop their systems and pursue their franchising goals. Phone Stewart on 021 276 9898 We can franchise your business NZ’s dedicated franchise media 0-9-424 8236 Only Franchise New Zealand combines digital, print, online and social media to reach potential franchisees throughout New Zealand – and beyond. Contact us now to promote your opportunity or service. REACH THE BUYERS Find more info Specialist Advisors company page number description location FANZ get more information
Byrne | 04 916 7483


ABC Business Brokers Business Brokers Specialist business sales company selling franchises for 20 years with branches nationwide. At all times, we place the greatest value on confidentiality, professionalism and innovation. Your business is our business.

Bracken 32 Online Training Revolutionise your franchise training and onboarding with Bracken. Bracken is a cutting-edge Learning Management System designed for New Zealand franchises. With our state-of-the-art platform, you can take your franchise to new heights by providing comprehensive training, ensuring consistency across locations, and empowering your workforce.

Bunnings 82 Trade offer Bunnings have an exclusive opportunity for FANZ members to join the Bunnings Trade Powerpass membership programme or link your existing PowerPass account to access a range of exclusive benefits.

Clyth MacLeod 18 Business Brokers With a 50-year track record, Clyth MacLeod is New Zealand’s longest-running business brokerage. We specialise in all sectors and are happy to provide a comprehensive advisory and sales service to franchisors, franchisees and prospective purchasers nationwide.

Crank’d Brand Consultants We are brand experts, combining human-centered thinking and creative with emerging technologies to create exceptional brand experiences. We are a one-stop creative shop specialising in franchise systems and multi-store operations, providing strategy, brand, creative, web and marketing solutions.

Crombie Lockwood Insurance

Crombie Lockwood is one of NZ’S largest insurance brokers. We guide master franchisors on the complex insurance and risk management programmes necessary for successful franchises and provide face-to-face advice to individual members. Protect your business with SMARTpak, our smart insurance solution for franchisors and franchisees.

Cumulo9 Email Branding Cumulo9, digital solution experts ensuring your company communication is consistently and securely delivered. A complete omni-channel solution offering marketing campaigns, transactional emails, compliance, audibility, tracking and data management. A suite of products providing a cost-effective solution for seamlessly branded and deliverable business communication.

Design for Marketers Designers Engage Design for Marketers to obtain design resources for you to market your franchise brand effectively and consistently. Planning, creation and supply of resources for branding, advertising, promotional, recruitment, point of sale etc. Over 30 years’ experience with leading franchise brands. Be seen, be bought, be recommended.

Eftpos NZ 44 Financial Services Eftpos NZ is your complete payments partner. Whether you have one site or 100, we have the scale, expertise and experience to meet all your in-store, online and back-office payment needs. Talk to CK from Eftpos NZ today.

EmbroidMe Corporate Apparel NZ’s largest uniform and promotional products business. We supply and brand quality uniforms, including polo shirts, corporate wear, sportswear, hospitality wear, plus a range of corporate gifts. Contact our national accounts team to help you manage your brand on a national basis.

Excel Digital Printing & Marketing Excel Digital enables organisations to optimise each step of the communications supply chain from strategy and ideation through to creative, print production, storage and re-order. In 2019 Excel Digital merged with Perception Group to become one of the largest digital-first printing companies in New Zealand.

Franchise Association

Franchise Media Training Media Training

The peak body representing the franchise community. Franchise members are required to submit their agreement and disclosure documents to ensure compliance with our codes of ethics and practice before being accepted into membership and biennially thereafter. Affiliate members are suppliers to the franchise sector.

Franchise Media Training has two core services. It helps franchises grow their bottom lines by showing them how to generate their own news media publicity. Secondly it prepares franchises for possible negative media attention that can destroy entire brands overnight.

National Steve Smith P 0-9-630 3004 E W

National Richard Fogarty P 0-3-479 2577 M 027 432 4234 E W

National E

National Joanne Bush P 09 630 9491 M 021 177 6009



National Steve Goldie P 0800 CRANKD M 021 977 979



National David Rayner P 0-4-802 0166 E


New Zealand & Worldwide Chris Hogg P 0-9-377 8885 M 021 345 690 E W

National Paul Donovan M 021 64 45 45



National Chaitanya Kothapalli (CK)

P 04 488 1679 M 022 177 0931



National Peter Smythe P 0-9-577 4223



National Anneliese Theron P 0-4-499 0912 M 027 811 8285 E W

National Robyn Pickerill P 0-9-274 2901 E W

National Pete Burdon P 0-3-420 0300 M 029 200 8555 E W

Franchise Relationships Institute Franchise Research & Development

Franchisee selection systems, satisfaction surveys, recruitment and training for franchise management. Assistance with organisational change and restructuring, conference presentations on managing the franchise relationship.

New Zealand & Australia Greg Nathan P 0061 418 157 701 E W Geotech

Founded in 2003, Geotech provides strategic network and location planning services to franchised businesses across South East Asia. Our particular expertise utilises data and science to help underpin location planning decisions across the retail industry. We have worked with many well-known international brands.

South East Asia Jeff Vassel M 0061 421 684 444 E W

HR Assured HR Management

Iridium Partners 58 Franchise Recruitment

A growing focus on compliance in the franchise sector has increased the need for best-practice workplace management across a franchise system. HR Assured’s combination of HRIS and telephone advice can help every franchisee navigate around complex workplace matters with confidence.

Unique in the NZ market. Experienced franchise recruitment, operational and HR professionals who connect franchise brands and potential franchisees. We work directly with a number of leading brands. Our networks are extensive, our proven expertise extends over commercial property, franchise growth, development and recruitment.

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Retail Leasing Brokers Ranesh and Nilesh at JLL are specialist retail leasing brokers who can provide expert advice to secure a retail location for your business. They have vast experience dealing with national and international brands throughout the country.

LINK Business Brokers 36 Franchisee Resales & Recruitment

We sell businesses. NZ’s most awarded business brokerage. 300+ sales specialists. 30,000+ owners have trusted LINK to sell their business. Whether you’re looking to grow your franchise, sell your franchise or buy a franchise, you’ll want to partner with LINK.

MYOB Accounting & Payroll Software MYOB offers easy online accounting software that has everything you need to take care of your franchise business, including POS and payroll solutions. Whether you’re a small or large franchise, or a franchisor managing multiple franchise sites, MYOB has the solutions.

Spaceworks 28 Retail Network Roll-out

Speedy Signs 12 Signs & Graphics

The Mediator Mediation

New Zealand’s leading full turn-key solution for design, construction and procurement throughout the franchise and retail roll-out sector. We offer fixed pricing solutions that guarantee an on-time, onbudget approach to roll-out. Spaceworks work with some of NZ’s biggest companies, developing and implementing their retail networks.

With 25 years in business, Speedy Signs has the experience, expertise and reputation in nationwide franchise signage. Contact our National Accounts Manager for a complete signage solution, from design to installation, ensuring your franchisees are brand compliant, right throughout the country

Franchise disputes can be resolved quickly and effectively via online or face-to-face mediations, saving your brand and business from potential harm. With 20 years experience in mediation and law, Trish Blyth, ‘The Mediator’, has been on the panel of Mediators for the Franchise Association for 10 years.

Waipuna Hotel & Conference Centre 31 Conferences Hotel accommodation with fully integrated conference centre suitable for small meetings through to international conventions. Full food, beverage and leisure facilities complete the offering. “World famous in New Zealand”, Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre is an icon in the mid-range meetings and leisure market.

National Adam Kemp P 0800 003 752 M 027 202 5137 E W

National & Worldwide Nathan Bonney M 0275 393 022 E


Auckland & National Ranesh Parmar / Nilesh Patel

P 021 502 223 P 021 761 733




National Nick Stevens / Dawn Engelbrecht

P 0800 546 528



National Faris Mikdame

P 0-3-669 8506



National Bradley Keys

P 0-9-551 6020 M 027 700 1555



National Peter Smythe

P 0-9-577 4223



Auckland & National Trish Blyth

Greater Auckland Area

P 0800 02 MEDIATE M 021 677 950



Shelley Trutsch

P 0-9-526 3008



Search the Westpac Directory of Franchising at 81
30 31 36
Franchise Association of
Information Services 10 Network & Location Planning
Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited. TALK TO OUR FRANCHISE SPECIALISTS TODAY ON 0800 177 007. company page number service description location FANZ get more information Other Services

helps franchises reduce costs

Bunnings Trade PowerPass offers big savings to franchisors, franchisees and affiliates

F ranchisors – if you could provide your franchisees with extra benefits that reduce their costs and enhance their profitability, you’d want to know about it, right?

If those benefits could be provided automatically without anything having to be funded from the franchise fees or marketing fund, that would be even better, yes?

And if the cost savings applied to all sorts of your franchisees’ business spend, from fittings to consumables, wouldn’t that be popular?

Finally, what if you could organise all this without taking your support team’s time and focus away from core business?

Sound like a no-brainer? Well, that’s exactly what a new partnership between Bunnings Trade and the Franchise Association is offering.

Helping franchisees fight inflation

The Bunnings Trade PowerPass gives franchisors, their franchisees and affiliates access to discounts on thousands of different items – not just building materials, tools or DIY goods, but everything from plants to bathroom and cleaning products.

‘Bunnings is famous for its everyday low prices on many items, but the PowerPass gives FANZ members access to many more, with a range of discounts up to 20 percent or even more,’ says Rachael Wyeth-Barnes, Bunnings Trade Business & Organisations Account Manager. ‘At a time when everyone is looking to protect their margins, that can make a big difference to the bottom line. It’s a way to help franchisees fight inflation.

‘In addition to the cost savings, our 51 stores are open from 6am to 9pm, including at weekends. That means that we can be your back-up supplier. If, say, a commercial cleaner runs out of product, they don’t need to wait for their usual supplier to deliver – they can still get a good deal that will enable them to get on with the job.

‘And if you want something that’s not in stock, we can get it for you –either from another store, or from one of our suppliers. Recently, for example, we were asked if we could provide a PVC curtain for an inwards goods area. It’s not something we sell in store, but we have relationships with many suppliers and were able to use our buying power to get a good deal for the customer. That pricing structure is unique to Bunnings Trade.’

It couldn’t be easier

Getting and using a PowerPass account couldn’t be easier. ‘Just scan the QR code below to register,’ says Rachael. ‘You can then download the app on your phone so that when you go to the store, you can scan any product and see exactly what your pricing will be versus the shelf price.

‘Using the app to buy means you don’t have to go through the checkouts, either – a real bonus for busy businesspeople. Just show the doorperson your barcode and you can get back to work or back home with your new kitchen or garden goodies.

‘And PowerPass holders also have access to pricing information online for click & collect, or full delivery. Our aim is quick, easy and flexible fulfilment of whatever you need.’

Bunnings Trade also provides account management tools which allow PowerPass users to manage quotes, invoicing and transactions through the PowerPass online portal or app. ‘Each franchisee has their own individual account,’ Rachael explains, ‘so they can enjoy the discounts on both their business and personal spend.

‘And if you already have a Bunnings Trade account, you can easily link it to the FANZ partnership to get even more benefits on a much wider range of items – thousands of them!’

Helping franchisors help franchisees

The PowerPass deal is available to all members of the Franchise Association, including all franchisees of members, individual members and service providers. ‘We are pleased to have been able to partner with Bunnings and offer such a great range of savings to our members,’ says Robyn Pickerill, CEO of FANZ.

Rachael concludes, ‘At Bunnings Trade, we know what a tough time this is for small business. The PowerPass partnership programme with FANZ is designed to help. Just scan the QR code to get started, and franchisors – get the message out to all your franchisees today to help them protect their bottom line.’

82 Franchise New Zealand Winter 2023 Year 32 Issue 02
Bunnings Advertiser Info
NEW DEAL Franchise Management
SPECIALIST SUPPORT TO HELP YOUR FRANCHISE SUCCEED . Whether you’re looking for a hand with business funding or payment solutions, get help from the most experienced franchise bank in the market. Get in touch at 0800 177 007 or JN16787 Terms, conditions fees and charges apply to Westpac products and services Eligibilit y and lending criteria apply to some Westpac products and services Westpac New Zealand Limited.

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