Franchise New Zealand - Year 31 Issue 01 – Autumn 2022

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TIME TO SHINE Unlock your true potential with Paramount Services – there’ll never be a better time


hen Dan Totty took on the role of Wellington regional manager for Paramount Services five years ago, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge on people, account and project management – much of it relating to the cleaning and maintenance industry. Now he works with a local support team of four, as well as Paramount’s national support team, to assist and guide the region’s 25 franchisees. Dan is adamant that this is a great time to be considering a Paramount franchise. ‘As the old saying goes, as a franchisee you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself,’ he says. ‘This is even more true in today’s dynamic Covid environment where you need support and guidance from a stable, established industry leader. ‘A Paramount franchise is a great opportunity in 2022 because New Zealand’s cleaning industry is short of good people to perform essential cleaning services. We have a range of national and local contracts with excellent growth opportunities in several regions.’ Dan says Paramount’s local franchisees have performed exceptionally well over the past two years. ‘We were well-placed because our clients include a lot of essential services, such as banks, and as they learned to rely upon our professionalism so the relationships we have with them became stronger. ‘Of course, some clients did have to close their doors completely, but that same professionalism meant we also picked up some national contracts to replace them.’

What do you need? Paramount franchisees come from all walks of life, and all parts of the world, explains Dan. ‘What you need to succeed is a strong work ethic, determination and dedication towards achieving goals. It’s also important that you can learn how to deal and interact with people, employees and clients, as well as follow systems and accept guidance from the support team.’ Anything else? ‘Oh, physical fitness is a must, and proficiency in English helps, too.’ Dan says he gets satisfaction seeing Paramount’s franchisees working hard and achieving their personal or financial goals, whether that’s a better education for their kids or a better home for their family. ‘Right now, we have many opportunities for franchisees to grow their businesses,’ he says. ‘A husband-and-wife team, for example, can make good money with the work that’s available at the moment, but it needn’t just be about couples – we have franchisees who started on their own and built up a sizeable business employing a team.’

Your determination, our support When Nirav Shastri started looking for a business to secure his future, opportunity came knocking when he spotted a Paramount-branded vehicle in the street with the message, ‘Franchises available’. He was curious to find out more and requested an information pack. ‘After a couple of meetings, I was soon impressed by the whole transparent process. I learned a lot about the business – nothing is hidden,’ says Nirav, who is a qualified telecommunications technician. After checking out some of Paramount’s client sites and talking to his accountant, family and close friends, Nirav made the decision to invest in a franchise in the Wairarapa region. Finance was no problem, as Paramount has such a good reputation with the banks, and the

Nirav Shastri (pictured at top conferring with regional manager Dan Totty): ‘The business has well exceeded my expectations’


Franchise New Zealand

Autumn 2022

Year 31 Issue 01