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Business & Commercial Kerry Woods: ‘It’s amazingly rewarding’

ActionCoach franchisees enjoy a variety of challenges and significant returns


ccording to Statistics NZ, in February 2020 New Zealand had 557,680 business enterprises. Small and medium enterprises make up 97 percent of that figure, which means there are a lot of owners and directors looking to grow and improve their businesses. That makes the ActionCoach franchise opportunity hugely appealing, as Auckland-based Kerry Wood explains. ‘When looking for a coaching franchise I searched far and wide,’ he says. ‘I spoke to ActionCoach franchisees in both New Zealand and Australia, and what I found was a passion for the role and a real-world desire to create positive outcomes for business owners. It turned out to be the most challenging and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.’

Reputation and experience ActionCoach began life as Action International in 1993 and commenced franchising in 1997, launching in Australia under legendary entrepreneur Brad Sugars, then quickly spreading to New Zealand and around the world. Sugars is rated as the world’s number one business coach, while Ismail Davids, the Regional Area Manager for New Zealand, has a Master’s Degree in Business and 20-plus years of experience in international business directorship, consulting and entrepreneurship. ‘ActionCoach offers business clients a variety of programmes to grow their businesses through advice, mentoring, coaching and training,’ Ismail says. ‘Our strategies, processes, systems and collateral have been proven and tested for more than 27 years, and we work with more than 18,000 clients every week across a variety of industries. ‘Our bespoke One-to-One coaching programme delivers specific education and high accountability for participating clients. There are also Group Coaching and Executive Coaching programmes, along with workshops, events and other useful services, and resources including a Command Centre which provides tools to help franchisees grow their clients’ businesses. ‘With Covid-19 adding more complications for business owners than ever, they need advocates, counsellors and professionals who can help them build their dreams and continue to thrive more than ever. That’s why ActionCoach has never been in greater demand – and why we are offering new franchisees the opportunity to start your own business while giving back to a part of the economy that desperately needs you.’

Kerry also believes the ability to listen is important: ‘To hear what’s actually being said, because the “good oil” often lies in what the client is not saying.’ Kerry admits coaching is not for the faint-hearted. ‘On any one day you could be working with multiple types of businesses, and owners, all with their own commercial and personal idiosyncrasies and different views of what success looks like, and what they want from business and life. You’re their guide; you have to listen and really be a part of their journey.’ He enjoys constantly learning about different businesses, industries and commercial situations, and the challenges they bring. ‘There is great personal growth that comes with that. As a coach you deal with all the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly in business – ranging from expanding businesses with exciting marketing plans, to rebuilding businesses that have been knocked about, perhaps by another company’s liquidation or a major family disruption. ‘It’s tremendously challenging, but amazingly rewarding.’

Financially and personally rewarding Kerry describes the training and support offered to franchisees as, ‘Very thorough. You have to be on your game because the training really works you hard, but you come out of that with all the tools needed for the job.’ He explains that the support team is not just the franchisor, but all the other coaches in the ActionCoach network – around 1000 people worldwide. ‘That’s a lot of brainpower and experience on your side,’ he points out. And it pays off. The investment required for new franchisees is from $75,000 +gst, and the company reports that the average revenue per coach is currently around $18,000 per month, or $216,000 per year. Franchisees could expect to have their entire investment returned within 12 months and, as Kerry says, ‘The income level will match your input and how well you follow the process.

‘Great coaches are business builders with a passion for influencing the strength of their client community – people who succeed by creating success in others, and are excited at the thought of building their own vibrant business.

‘When you look back at a day when you’ve created a couple of new employment opportunities in one business; shown a young business owner how he can buy a house using a mortgage broker you know; sat in on a social media marketing meeting; then finished by looking at the processes of a manufacturing Advertiser Info plant, knowing that your activity added percentages ActionCoach Business to the bottom line, all while Coaching earning well in your own business, that’s a great day! Contact

‘They are entrepreneurs who have gained valuable skills and knowledge during their own careers and are ready to put that knowledge to work, to turn their experience into profits.’

‘If you want that too, call Ismail at ActionCoach and find out more.’

Not for the faint-hearted The company’s recruitment process ensures that only applicants of the highest calibre are chosen to be an ActionCoach. As a franchisee himself, Kerry Wood explains what it takes. – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Ismail Davids M 021 0286 9636


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