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After two years, this Seasons Art Class franchisee has full classes with demand for more


Blanka Ros: ‘There’s no doubt that this concept works – we’ve just gone on growing’


he last couple of years haven’t been the easiest of times to establish a new business but Blanka Ros and her husband Jeremy certainly have no regrets. In 2019, the couple returned to New Zealand from India, where Jeremy had been setting up a large IT team, and Blanka started looking for a part-time business to run alongside her family life and charity work. ‘Having spent many years in the marketing departments of NZ corporates, with considerable stress and pressure, I was keen to find something more relaxed,’ says Blanka. ‘We also wanted something profitable, vocational and with a clear long-term future. That’s why we got into Seasons Art Class, and it has been a terrific journey ever since. I run three classes a week and they’re all full, with demand for more.’

Proven concept Seasons Art Class is a UK concept that has brought joy to thousands of people around the world since 2012. Launched here by Moira Hall and David Craggs two years ago, it’s a step-by-step art class with a wellproven curriculum and qualified tutors that provides a place for students to discover themselves, learn techniques in a range of media and develop their skills in a sociable, relaxed setting. ‘That is its appeal, as well as the key to its success,’ David explains. ‘The franchise arranges tutors, programmes, advertising, recruitment, venue and training, while franchisees promote and run the classes. As a result, the business model can deliver up to $45,000 nett profit for working just one day a week – more, if you want it! That’s why we tell potential franchisees, “Bring your accountant to meet us!” As Blanka and Jeremy are finding, Seasons really delivers.’ And it’s fun, too. ‘What all our franchisees have noticed is the enjoyment participants get out of it. If they’ve never done anything similar before, they imagine they are going to struggle – yet within a short time they have created a piece of art. You can see them change their attitude as they realise they may be quite good after all. It’s very powerful, and you see them forming friendships very quickly, too – a great bonus of the programme.’

No time like the present Blanka and Jeremy started their classes in Takapuna just in time to be shut down by the first Covid lockdown in 2020. ‘It was an interesting time,’ she laughs. ‘But very quickly we decided to carry on as soon as possible because many people realised that if they had always – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

wanted to do art, there was never a better time than the present. All our participants came back as soon as they could, and told their friends too. I’m in marketing and I know word-of-mouth is the proven, cheapest and most efficient way of selling. We have so many friends of friends in all our classes.’ Like most Seasons franchisees, Blanka originally started offering just one weekday class, which soon filled up. ‘Then so many people were saying, “I want to come, but I work,” so I added a weekend class, then a third – we’ve just gone on growing. Many young people and students come at the weekend, while the weekday classes are made up of those who don’t have to be somewhere by 3pm. There’s a fair division of the sexes, too. People come for different reasons – some want to pursue art seriously, while others are there more for the company. We make sure we cater for all their needs and ensure everyone gets something out of it.’

A huge success Blanka says her classes are limited to about 20 a time, encouraging individual tuition and the growth of friendships and support. ‘Classes start at just under $700 for a 14-week session, which works out probably a little cheaper than yoga or exercise classes for an equivalent time. There is no doubt that this concept works – I have people who have returned for five or six classes now, and I’m having to turn people away at present. I could most certainly run more, but I have children and I run an environmental charity as well, so it’s a matter of balance.’ David Craggs says that Blanka and Jeremy have embraced the essence of Seasons Art Classes and made a huge success of it. ‘This is a proven, successful concept that has brought joy to many participants and works in many centres, from urban Takapuna to provincial towns. It appeals to a lucrative, mature demographic which is continuing to grow.’ Seasons still has exclusive territories in New Zealand available for an investment of $57,000 +gst, ‘But they are going fast,’ warns David. ‘There aren’t many opportunities that can generate a nett profit of $45,000 from one day a week, and once an area is gone, it’s gone. Contact me right now to see if this is right for you.’

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