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Sonny Adlakha: ‘I feel truly blessed’

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE As a Paramount franchisee, you’re never short of support – or customers


shok (Sonny) Adlakha was struggling to make headway in his vehicle and parts import business, constantly frustrated by low returns and squeezed margins. Fortunately, a friend introduced Sonny to Paramount and, after checking out other options, he and another friend decided to invest in a Paramount franchise in the Rotorua and Taupo region. ‘We found Paramount very professional, and their people were very easy to deal with, especially when it came to services and training,’ says Sonny. ‘Best of all, we realised they were people who wanted to help people succeed.’ Proof of that came on a very special day in August 2009 when the two families followed Paramount director Bill Wu’s car down from Auckland to Rotorua and Taupo to begin their new business. ‘Bill had been our first contact at the Paramount head office, and he literally went the extra mile to settle us in personally,’ recalls Sonny. ‘He was always keen to help us, and did so many times in those early days, including helping us work out how to finance the business.’ Sonny had ‘absolutely zero’ cleaning experience when he first started out, and he’s still grateful for the high level of training that came with the franchise. ‘Thanks to that, we got off to a great start and have built a very strong business over the last 12 years. Covid caused some ups and downs, but Paramount is famous for its high standards, so we were kept busy helping clients to continue operating smoothly and stay within the required health guidelines. ‘Now I have a whole team that enables me to take on bigger jobs – in fact, I’m in the process of tendering for one of the biggest projects in Rotorua, and the Paramount franchise team has been supporting me throughout the whole process.’

Helping franchisees build a better life One of the advisers who helps makes Sonny’s life easier is Murray Hamilton, Paramount’s National Manager, one of the best-known names in the commercial cleaning industry. Murray’s career dates back to 1974, when he took on a temporary cleaning job to supplement his income as a lab technician. Fast forward almost 50 years and today he is a highlyrespected member of the Paramount support team – and a mentor to franchisees like Sonny. Murray’s role involves wearing many hats across the course of a day. It spans sales and customer relationships, working through any HR or technical issues, and supporting franchisees country-wide. ‘For our franchisees, business growth comes through developing a solid relationship with customers and thoroughly understanding what their needs are,’ he says. And Murray loves the people aspect of the business. ‘To be a good – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Murray Hamilton

performer in this industry, you must have a love for people, and everything we do as a company is based on that. It’s our people, our franchisees, who make us who we are, and it’s the way we help and train them to service their customers that makes them so successful. ‘As a franchisor we’re very serious about the support we provide to our franchisees. It’s not just delivering the support they need, when they need it – it’s also about building the confidence of franchisees – helping them to work more efficiently, take on additional cleaning contracts and, ultimately, build a better life for their families.’

Big demand, guaranteed turnover All across New Zealand, Paramount has both large and small franchise opportunities available. New franchisees can start by keeping their day job and running their own business after-hours, or take on enough contracts to create a good income from day one. Paramount handles invoicing and debt collection, guaranteeing turnover to franchisees. ‘Right now, we have particular openings across Hawkes Bay and the East Coast, the Hauraki Plains and the Far North, but if you are interested in other areas, give us a call,’ says Murray. ‘There’s growing demand for Paramount everywhere, as customers appreciate the value of an efficient, economical commercial cleaning service now more than ever.’

Words of wisdom Murray’s advice for anyone considering a commercial cleaning franchise is to carefully check what’s involved. ‘At Paramount, we are very open and transparent with anyone looking at a franchise for the first time, to ensure you get all the necessary information to make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed. We encourage you to talk to our existing franchisees to find out what’s involved and, if you are taking over an existing area, there’s usually the opportunity to talk to the outgoing franchisee. ‘Our aim is to ensure there are no surprises when you join the Paramount family,’ Murray says. ‘We want you to know exactly what you’re getting – that way, you know what you need to do in order to succeed.’ And after 12 years, Sonny agrees. ‘This business does take hard work, but it’s worth it. I’ve met so many friendly people within Paramount Services who have made my life easier – if I named them all, it would be a very long list. I feel truly blessed in joining Paramount, and can only say that it’s a great opportunity for anyone.’

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