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Fast Forward Opportunity: Home Services

Couple find V.I.P. Home Services is the springboard to a new future


or Chilean couple Ronald and Marcela Sasco La Barca, buying their own V.I.P. business has been rewarding – both for their bank balance and their lifestyle. ‘Of course, starting a brand new business was scary, but three years on we are turning over close to $150,000 and are well on the way to buying our own home,’ they say. ‘Had we stayed working in hospitality, we’d never have achieved this.’ Ronald first came to New Zealand 12 years ago and learned to be a chef in various establishments in Auckland and Taupo. ‘But chefs have to work all hours of the day or night, public holidays and all, so it is a stressful occupation,’ he says. ‘I always dreamed of having my own business and when I returned to Chile I met Marcela, a pastry chef with similar dreams to mine. We decided to come to New Zealand and look for a way to get into our own business – just not as chefs!’

Making it easy ‘We knew very little about business,’ Ronald confesses. ‘We’d always been employed, and this was a new country, so all the legal aspects and other details were unknown to us. Starting with a franchise seemed the best idea as we would have support and guidance, so we did our research. We soon came across V.I.P. Home Services, the cleaning and gardening franchise, and liked what they had to offer. We met Estelle and John Logan, the national franchisors, and they explained all the details we needed to know. ‘We quickly saw several advantages. Because it is such a well-known brand, we knew we’d always have work. Also, they have so many franchisees that there is lots of experience to tap into and you learn to do a quality job without taking too long, which makes a real difference to what you can earn. The franchise also offers an income guarantee while you are getting established, and as we were starting with no clients at all, that was very reassuring – we knew V.I.P. wouldn’t let us down!’

All the work we need Marcela and Ronald started their new cleaning business in Papamoa/ Tauranga in 2018, and haven’t looked back since. ‘V.I.P. held our hands the whole time – I dread to think what it would have been like if we

Marcela and Ronald Sasco La Barco: ‘We knew V.I.P. wouldn’t let us down’

had not gone with the franchise,’ Ronald says. ‘So much of the work had been done in advance by V.I.P. and their marketing and call centre brought in all the business we needed. The reputation of the franchise has travelled far and wide – we’ve had several enquiries from potential clients whose friends in a completely different part of the country use V.I.P. The extensive training all franchisees go through is universal, so clients can expect the best from us wherever they are.’ And perhaps the biggest advantage for this hard-working couple has been the change in lifestyle, as Marcela explains. ‘We have our own business with a mix of residential and commercial clients, and we choose our hours to suit us and match our personal goals. Currently we are working Monday-Saturday, but two days are short days so we can actually have proper family weekends. We really have a life at last – and very little stress.’

It’s up to you V.I.P. offers two different types of franchise: outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) or indoor (all types of cleaning.) ‘You choose the level you start at and go through a comprehensive programme which trains you not just in working efficiently to maximise your earning power, but in goal-setting and business management, too,’ says Estelle Logan. ‘Ronald and Marcela recognised that with V.I.P. they could establish a great business, save up for a home and have a better lifestyle. It’s a delight to see younger people like Ronald and Marcela using the franchise as a springboard to a new future. In just three years, they’ve taken full advantage of the opportunity, and by working hard they are well on the way to achieving their goals.’

Part-time, full-time, indoors, outdoors ‘Both our indoor and outdoor franchises allow you to work the hours you want and be rewarded accordingly,’ says Estelle. ‘Some of our franchisees do very well from working part-time. You can start small and grow big, employ staff if you wish or sell excess business to new franchisees. The V.I.P. system is very flexible – it’s up to you –and there are no expensive premises or equipment, no rent to pay and minimal fixed costs. ‘We have opportunities available in your area right now, with a range of investment levels to suit. Give us a call and find out more.’ Ronald and Marcela conclude, ‘We are just very pleased we chose V.I.P. If anyone asks, we say: “Don’t be scared – go ahead. V.I.P. will give you all the help you need.” We have learned so Advertiser Info much about business, and about what V.I.P. Home Services it takes to be successful.’ Contact Nationwide Enquiries P 0800 84 74 96


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