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Linda and Allan Jeffries: ‘This was possibly our best move ever!’

NEW LEASE OF LIFE V.I.P. Home Services franchisees enjoy time for grandkids and a six-figure income


his was possibly our best move ever,’ say Allan and Linda Jeffries. ‘By buying a V.I.P. outdoor franchise, we’ve gone from a stressful life to earning a six-figure income in just over a year – despite Covid-19. We even have time to play bowls and enjoy our grandchildren.’ Matamata-based Allan and Linda were chicken farmers for over 20 years. ‘For the last 5 years we were working 12-hour days, 7 days a week. We really wanted our lives back, especially as we were approaching 60, so we sold that business in December 2018 and haven’t worked a weekend since,’ Allan says happily. But the couple weren’t ready to retire. Wondering how to secure their future, they started looking at businesses for sale and soon came across V.I.P. ‘We had owned an independent lawnmowing business years before, but it can be hard going on your own,’ Allan recalls. ‘But with V.I.P. we knew the franchise’s reputation and everything they presented at our first meeting was, frankly, excellent. We then had an accountant look over the books and the figures – he already knew a couple of other V.I.P. franchisees – and basically he gave the business a big tick, so we had no doubts.’

Safety net A big attraction for Allan and Linda with the V.I.P. package was the paid training period for new franchisees. ‘Knowing we’d have income for our first four months took the fear out of it, and it is a great safety net whilst you get going. ‘We also had confidence in the V.I.P. system and training. We spent an entire month learning the systems and how to be efficient, as well as meeting our clients, which felt quite luxurious, really! And it’s not just lawnmowing – V.I.P. allows you to do everything from gardening to washing windows. It’s very useful to be able to adapt and do some gardening during the season when lawns are growing more slowly – clients are bound to ask you if you can do hedges or trees, and having the right equipment means you need never turn work down. ‘The 0800 number on our trailer attracts attention wherever we go, and the V.I.P. call centre handles and distributes enquiries as they come in, so we never miss out on jobs while we are busy. There’s certainly plenty of work out there!’

Choose what, where and how you want to work V.I.P. offers two different types of franchise: outdoor (lawnmowing, gardening and outside jobs) or indoor (all types of cleaning). ‘You choose the level you start at and enjoy the security of an income guarantee while you are getting established,’ says Estelle Logan, who with husband John is V.I.P’s national franchisor in New Zealand. franchise.co.nz – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

‘Many of our franchisees work together as couples, like Allan and Linda, but there are also lots of opportunities in both franchises for individuals looking for a secure income – whatever their age.’ Linda says, ‘Allan and I have always worked together, we like it. We use the same vehicle and the normal routine is that Allan starts the linetrimming and I start the mowing when we arrive. Then, depending on the job, Allan blows down the paths or adds another mower. It’s been harmonious all along – buying this franchise was a way to get our lives back, and it’s most certainly worked.’

Support when you need it Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Allan and Linda’s journey was the momentous interruption caused by Covid-19. ‘We’ve effectively only had one full season since we started just over a year ago, and this autumn we were all unable to work for six weeks. Despite that, we are doing very well, earning a perfectly good six-figure income on probably only four-and-a-half days a week. We’re certainly home by 3pm each day. ‘Over the lockdown period, Estelle, John and the V.I.P team were superb. It’s obvious they really care for their franchisees, providing support in all sorts of ways not just for the franchisees themselves but their wider families, too – and they waived all fees for the duration. ‘At our age we are very happy to be making a very good income, but there are other benefits too. We don’t want to be the richest people in the grave and if we keep this up we will be fit and healthy for our grandchildren for many years to come.’

Your success is our success Estelle Logan says, ‘Allan and Linda wanted their lives back and now have a thriving business which still gives them time to enjoy their family. They can also choose what to do next; as their business grows, they can expand, employ staff or sell excess business to new franchisees joining V.I.P. ‘V.I.P. franchisees don’t have expensive premises or equipment, there’s no rent to pay and minimal fixed costs. They don’t have to worry about redundancy or reduced hours. Instead, they enjoy a lot of flexibility, and we are delighted the Jeffries have made such a success of it. ‘We care about our franchisees because your success is our success,’ Estelle says firmly. ‘We have opportunities available in your area right now, with a variety of investment levels, so contact us today to find out more.’

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