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Joining Trident Homes helps builder grow business ten-fold

‘Trident Homes has tried and tested systems for managing all these aspects, with exclusive software and specialised training for recruiting staff and bringing them up to speed. As Shaun has discovered – they work!’

Exceeding expectations Shaun joined Trident Homes in 2018 and rapidly expanded to complete 16 homes in his first year. ‘I was led in the right direction by the franchisors and I did everything I was supposed to do,’ he laughs. ‘It proved to me the value of a great brand coupled with a great system – by following the formula and getting on board a construction manager and sales staff all focused on their particular jobs, I was enabled to go out and grow the business.’

Symone and Shaun Hurley


haun Hurley is on track to be building 40 homes a year. That’s a dream come true for the Ashburton-based Trident Homes franchisee. ‘I could never have achieved that without a really good franchise system behind me,’ he says. ‘When I was an independent builder, my best effort as a sole trader was just 3 homes in the year. My advice is simple – if you want to stand out from the pack, join Trident Homes while you can.’ Shaun had several years’ experience as a sole trader in the Canterbury town but, as he put it, ‘I wanted something a bit different, so I decided to do a bit of research into franchising. I could see those involved in building franchises were achieving volumes beyond my wildest dreams. It was clear they had big advantages in terms of national buying power, marketing and contracts, as well as a lot of support – things an independent just doesn’t get.

Growth has been so impressive for Shaun that he recently purchased the adjoining franchise area of Timaru. ‘In terms of numbers, there hasn’t been a goal I’ve not met,’ he smiles, ‘but even I’m impressed with how fast things have gone. This franchise well and truly exceeds my expectations. It has allowed me to be far more competitive than I ever could have previously. If you have some building experience, are willing to adapt, keep an open mind and learn from the franchise – it works!’ Neil concludes, ‘Trident Homes is keen to hear from anyone who has the skills and desire to succeed that Shaun has demonstrated. The franchise fee of $50,000 +gst gives Advertiser Info you access to our unique designs, training, support and systems that are Trident Homes both efficient and profitable. www.tridenthomes.nz ‘If you are a trade-qualified builder or an experienced business manager with industry experience, and you’re looking for an opportunity to go to the next level, contact us. We have franchise areas available in many parts of the country.’

Contact Neil Hawker M 0275 321 191 nhawker@tridenthomes.nz David Pickles M 021 330 732 dpickles@tridenthomes.nz

‘I investigated a few promising franchises and I immediately gelled with Trident. They were completely professional, absolutely transparent from the word go, and keen and enthusiastic to support me. We were on the same page – and that gave me confidence.’

Systems that work Trident Homes is a New Zealand-owned company with a relentless commitment to excellence. ‘We pride ourselves on building innovative modern homes with customers’ needs front of mind,’ says franchisor Neil Hawker. ‘There is so much to consider when building a new house, so Trident Homes makes the process easy. ‘Our affordable designs and custom-made house plans can be tailored to suit any family’s requirements and budget without sacrificing quality. They are all flexible so if the client wants to bring in an architect, or do a design and build, or custom draw on a particular section – we can do it. ‘With many years of building experience behind us and a fully tradequalified workforce, our mission now is to improve the quality of the nation’s homes by recruiting more franchisees to cover the country. For small operators like Shaun used to be, life can be very hard: you have to organise the marketing, quoting jobs, design plans, contracts and admin, chase unpaid invoices – all while managing contractors and suppliers and the actual building.



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