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n the UK, between 5 and 8 people per million die in workplace incidents each year. In Australia, the figure is 15 deaths per million. In New Zealand, says Worksafe, the figure is a horrifying 26 deaths per million – and it’s not because New Zealand has higher risk industries than others. ‘Each of those deaths is a worker who won’t be going home to their family ever again,’ says Treena Myers. ‘And when you add in many times that number in injuries, and time off work caused by workplace accidents, the social and economic cost of poor workplace practices in New Zealand is enormous. It’s an area where ASWEFA franchisees can make a real difference. ‘No matter your age, if you get on well with people and want a nonphysical role where your years of workplace experience can really make a difference, we want to hear from you.’

Train to be a trainer Treena and her husband Henry are founders of ASWEFA, which stands for A Safe Working Environment For All. ‘We work with companies of all sizes around the country to train their equipment operators in the classroom, in the workplace and online,’ Treena explains. ‘Our courses cover forklift operation and licensing; equipment with wheels, tracks and rollers; transporting dangerous goods; and the use of elevated work platforms.

If you have years of workplace experience, like people and want a non-physical role, talk to ASWEFA

happen, one of the first questions the investigators will ask is, “Has the operator been trained in the use of this machine?” Companies know that, which means we have a large range of clients across all sorts of industries, including national contracts and local operators. ‘Through the NZQA Unit Standard system, our courses also enable trainees to earn extra Level 3 credits, which give schoolkids a real head start when it comes to achieving the National Certificate. There’s a lot more emphasis on practical skills these days, and of course government contracts can provide an additional level of security for franchisees.’

Safe and secure business This range of clients means that ASWEFA can offer franchisees a safe and secure business opportunity. ‘Our in-house Customer Support Centre takes care of bookings and handles credit control, helping to ensure payment to franchisees,’ says Treena. ‘It also has the expertise to advise customers about different equipment and licences, and refresher course notifications, which is a big help to our trainees and customers. ‘The Customer Support Centre is also a big help to our franchisees, taking away a lot of the hassle of administration, providing professional sales and admin support and helping to generate repeat business. As a result, franchisees can make a very good income while enjoying a wellbalanced lifestyle.’

‘Our franchisees don’t have to be operators themselves, but will ideally have some experience in workplaces which use this type of equipment. We train them to be trainers themselves, including a three-month national programme leading to a certificate in adult education. They also learn to use ASWEFA’s own programmes and systems, then we provide full support as they get established in their own area. There’s a sales person to help them build the business, and a shadow instructor to help ensure standards are met as they get comfortable leading classes.

And Treena points out another advantage. ‘Unlike, say, a cleaning business, it’s time-consuming and costly to set up as a trainer, which deters competitors. ASWEFA brings many years of experience, wellplanned programmes and systems, and a well-established reputation to your business.’

‘And while they are learning we provide a guaranteed income of $5,000 a month for the first six months. Once fully trained and established, we would expect them to earn considerably more than that.’

With two Auckland branches already established, ASWEFA is looking for franchisees with good people skills to open new centres and deliver training in city centres and other industrial areas around the country. Many existing clients operate national businesses so franchisees will find a ready demand wherever they go.

Not an optional extra As Treena says, health and safety training is not an optional extra for companies these days. ‘The law requires that staff must be trained and competent, and legislation increasingly makes directors and managers responsible for that. If an accident does

Treena Myers: ‘You can make a difference’ franchise.co.nz – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

Turn your experience into a rewarding business

The investment is around $70,000 +gst, with an additional $50,000 +gst required for training and certification, if needed. ‘If you already have all the necessary qualifications, you could get started from around $90,000 +gst,’ Treena suggests. ‘Remember, $30,000 of this is returnable as guaranteed income in your first six months. ‘By joining ASWEFA you can take your skills and experience and turn them into a rewarding income and a rewarding outcome – teaching people to stay safe and, ultimately, to save lives. If you have the skills and personality we’re looking for, we’d love to tell you more. Call us!’

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