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Seasons Art Class offers franchisees a full-time income from a part-time business

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Seasons Art Classes bring people together – and they keep coming back. That means franchisees can enjoy a lifestyle business which offers an executive income


hile many businesses have suffered in 2020 as we’ve gone up and down the lockdown levels, Seasons Art Class has benefited from the year’s uncertainties. It’s a business with no leases or wages to pay; there’s no stock and few fixed costs; and as people found time on their hands and an urge to do something creative, franchisees enjoyed a surge of enquiries. ‘Combine that with an opportunity that offers you the chance to work one day per week, manage your business from home, and make a smart return on a low initial investment, and you have the right opportunity at the right time,’ says David Craggs. ‘Franchisees can make up to $45,000 annual nett profit after expenses, and once you’re established that could increase to $135,000.

increasing their capacity either by additional classes or booking another venue for an extra day, which has been great.’ David says there is no limit to the number of classes a franchisee can organise, ‘And the really satisfying thing is that some students are already coming back for their third or fourth course. This shows how much people value their classes, and the relationships and connections that they make. During lockdown, we stayed in touch with all students, tutors and franchisees, offered free online classes and kept those connections going. As the curriculum changes every three months, people always have something new to learn – and, with the right numbers, a franchisee can make back their investment inside a year.’

‘For some people, this could be a stand-alone business; for others, a perfect second income that offers a substantial earnings boost for your family.’

Seasons has areas available throughout most of New Zealand. ‘We’re ready to appoint franchisees in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington right now, with more areas to follow,’ David says. ‘The investment is $57,000 +gst, which ensures your exclusive operating area.’

Easy to operate

Bring your accountant

David and his wife Moira are the New Zealand master franchisees for Seasons Art Class. A proven franchise in the UK for over 10 years with over 150 branches, Seasons is a step-by-step art class that provides a place for students to discover themselves, learn techniques in a range of media and develop their skills in a sociable, relaxed setting. ‘Seasons Art Class is an easy business to operate part-time if you are well organised and enjoy people,’ David says. ‘Franchisees dedicate one day a week to be present and engaged in their class, with a few hours of business administration at home. They employ a qualified art tutor to run the class, and act as a classroom assistant themselves. ‘The tutors are sourced for them by Seasons: we supply comprehensive curricula four times per year, provide all the marketing material and guidelines, and look after everything from stock, advertising and recruitment to venue and training.’ That marketing is very effective. ‘We launched in New Zealand in April 2019 and hit the ground running, then we had a bit of a lull in February so we tested a social media marketing campaign they’ve perfected in the UK and bookings went through the roof.’

Fast growth ‘We originally told new franchisees when they started that they could expect a certain volume within 18-24 months. Well, two who started earlier this year have reached those volumes in just 6 months, and the remainder are showing a similar trend. Just about all our franchisees are franchise.co.nz – PUTTING PEOPLE IN BUSINESS

So what sort of people make good Seasons Art Class franchisees? ‘It’s good to have a delight in bringing people together and an interest in art, but you don’t need to be an artist yourself,’ David promises. ‘If you want a part-time business, are facing redundancy or are about to retire, this can be an excellent opportunity which offers you a genuine income and the ability to grow. Yes, it’s a lifestyle business, but in the right hands it can reward you with an executive-level income. ‘For only one day a week, an achievable profit of $45,000 or more is an excellent reward – and if you have the ambition to run additional classes, extra days or venues then it gets even better. All you need is a bit more time and energy. ‘We now say to potential franchisees, “Bring your accountant to the meeting” because the figures looked so good that people were under the impression we were hiding something! I have to say, those people who actually did bring Advertiser Info their accountant have all joined Seasons Art Franchise NZ Ltd the franchise,’ he laughs. www.perfectparttimebusiness.com ‘After only just over a year in New Zealand, territories are going fast. Call me to find out more – and don’t forget to bring your accountant!’

Contact David Craggs P 0-9-636 0099 M 021 293 5652 david@seasonsartclass.co.nz


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