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S Opportunity: Business & Commercial ‘Our job is to help people create small businesses and help them to grow,’ he explains. ‘Some of our franchisees started as part-time, built up to full-time and moved on to employing teams. Others have chosen to stay part-time, or manage their Jani-King business alongside other interests.’

Keeping it simple Harold says that starting your own business and finding customers could be scary for many, ‘But for us it was never a problem. Jani-King bring us clients, complete with costings and work schedules, and they also handle the usual time-consuming headaches of administration, payrolls, invoicing and chasing up payments. That means we can focus on doing the work well, building the business and training our staff.


Buying a Jani-King franchise was the second-best decision ever for proud new Kiwis


ven before boarding the plane home to China after their holiday, Harold and Lin Han promised themselves they would return to make New Zealand home. Eight years later, they achieved their dream – and went on to create their own successful business as Jani-King franchisees. Harold had an established career in IT and Lin in retail management, but it was when they started looking for opportunities to increase their income in Auckland that they discovered Jani-King. It’s one of the world’s biggest commercial cleaning brands with over 13,000 franchisees, including 360 in New Zealand. ‘We had day jobs so we wanted regular night work, and that suggested commercial cleaning – which also introduced us to franchising,’ explains Harold. ‘My IT background makes me very thorough, so we contacted a number of commercial cleaning companies. Jani-King was easily the best – we contacted their head office, learned about the franchise, and talked to existing franchisees and clients. ‘They gave us a genuine understanding of the Jani-King business model and the way it supports franchisees, and our impression was of a very professional, people-orientated and caring franchisor. There was no pushing or hard sell, and having guaranteed work gave us a lot of confidence to invest our time and money into a Jani-King franchise in Auckland. ‘In the beginning, all we really wanted was extra income – we never imagined that the business would go so well. After just two years, we left our careers to focus full-time on running our own business. Now we employ 20-30 staff and are four-time winners of the Jani-King New Zealand Franchisee of the Year Award.

‘Being a multi-national brand also means Jani-King franchisees are kept up-to-date with the latest cleaning technologies and methods. With Covid-19, this has become even more important – clients are now far more aware of how important professional cleaning and cleaners are for the safety of their staff and customers. Actually, the lockdowns added another level of business growth for us – our clients rely on us to do a good job and now need their premises cleaned more than ever.’ Harold says that if you’re one of the people whose job is uncertain because of the pandemic, it’s definitely worth looking at Jani-King. ‘We say buying the franchise was the second-best decision of our lives.’ Only the second best? ‘The best was deciding to settle in New Zealand,’ he laughs. A Jani-King franchise starts from $31,000 +gst which includes all training. Franchisees are required to purchase their start-up kit in addition to this. There are also regional master franchise opportunities with Advertiser Info investment from $70,000 to as much Jani-King as $500,000 for an established region www.janiking.co.nz/ generating a turnover of $1.5 millionfranchise-opportunities plus. ‘You can start as small as you Contact want and grow as big as you want,’ P 0800 526 454 says Roger. ‘Do what Harold and Lin reception@janiking.co.nz did – call us and find out more.’




Build on an already well-established business with existing franchise owners, customers, and guaranteed income streams.


You would be expected to have business management experience as you will be responsible for your staff and growing your existing territory, however, commercial cleaning experience is not a prerequisite.


Jani-King will assist you with training and provide the tools and guidance you require to support and grow your business.

‘The fact is that right from the beginning, Jani-King exceeded our expectations. We now know for sure that Jani-King goes way beyond what most franchisors do for their franchisees.’

Lots of benefits Roger Washbourne, the managing director of Jani-King NZ, says that the benefits of becoming a franchisee include: • Full training • Monthly billing at all levels • Positive lifestyle change • Work schedule flexibility • Operational and administrative support from local offices • Financial independence


Sub Regional Master Franchises also available in Wairarapa, Taranaki, Manawatu, Bay of Plenty, Nelson, West Coast, Ashburton, Central Otago, and Southland.

0800 526 454


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