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FRIDAY JULY 13 - JULY 19, 2018

25th Year


Daring rescue saves all 12 boys & soccer coach from treacherous cave

The last four Thai Navy SEALs give their thumbs up as they emerge safely after completing the rescued mission inside a cave where 12 boys and their soccer coach had been trapped since June 23, in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, northern Thailand. Thailand’s navy SEALs say all 12 boys and their soccer coach have been rescued, ending an ordeal that gripped the world as it lasted more than two weeks. (Full story and more photos on center pages.) (Royal Thai Navy via AP)

2 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


King’s birthday book open for signing at city hall

Mayor Anan Charoenchasri led civil servants and city administrators in being the first to sign their names in a commemorative book to wish HM the King a happy birthday. Mayor Anan Charoenchasri led civil servants and city administrators in being Pattaya residents are invited to wish the first to sign their names in the book HM the King a happy birthday by sign- available on the first floor of city hall. HM the King Maha Vajiralongkorn ing a commemorative book now open at celebrates his 66th birthday on July 28. city hall.

Jetsada Homklin

Christian group asks Pattaya to support charity concert

VOL. XXVI No. 28

Media pressure gets Nongprue neighbors relief from sewage backup Warapun Jaikusol After four years of having their complaints ignored by Nongprue officials, a group of Nongprue homeowners got the media to solve their problem with sewage backups. Chaowali Klinklan, representing the homeowners in Soi Mabyailia 23 development said she moved into her house in 2011, but for the past four years the nearby sewers have overflowed into her yard when it rains. On July 2, the sub-district finally dispatched workers to fix things, about three weeks after she and her neighbors complained in the press. The problem was obvious: Neighborhood drains were clogged and when it rains they backed up, taking sewage with them into the street. The road slopes, so the sewage then ran downhill

After four years of complaining to Nongprue officials about nearby sewers overflowing into their houses and gardens when it rains, local homeowners complained in the press. Three weeks later the subdistrict finally dispatched workers to fix the problem. into her yard and even into her house. She and her neighbors have complained for years about the smelly, unsanitary condition, but all Nongprue officials only told them “we’re looking into it.” On the last day of last month, a work crew installed

new pipes connecting to the drains, ensuring they were laid so that floodwaters would flow downward into a large culvert outside the village. Sub-district officials said they believe the work will resolve the backups, but have to wait until the first big storm to test it.

Massage parlor workers given free HIV tests Jetsada Homklin Pattaya’s Public Health Department offered free HIV tests on a city packed with massage parlors. Nurse Anya Jantrakard led the team that set up July 3. Technicians drew blood from volunteers and sent it for testing for HIV and AIDS. Staffers also counseled the women working in the massage parlors about sexually-transmitted diseases, safe sex, condom use and AIDS prevention. The Public Health Department provides HIV and syphilis testing twice a year as part of the city’s effort to control the spread Pattaya’s Public Health Department offered free HIV tests on Soi Honey. of AIDS and other STDs.

Mayor Anan Charoenchasri met with representatives from the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Rotary clubs, Pattaya Sports Club and the Youth with a Mission Christian Foundation to talk about an event planned for September 5.

Jetsada Homklin Christian and charity groups are asking Pattaya to provide a venue and security for a large fundraising concert in September. Mayor Anan Charoenchasri met July 3 with representatives from the Thailand Convention and Exhibition B u r e a u ( T C E B ) , Yo u t h with a Mission (YWAM), a

non-profit Christian charitable organisation, Rotary clubs, Pattaya Sports Club to gather details of the hoped-for Sept. 5 event. Organizers said a YWAM Together 2018 convention is scheduled to be held at the Ambassador City Jomtien Sept. 2-8 and as part of the activities a concert is also planned which will be open to the public for free

and through donations and sponsorship plan to raise money for the poor, as well as promote tourism for Pattaya. They said the TCEB has agreed to sponsor the event and asked the city to provide a venue and security. Anan said city hall would consider the project and determine if it deserved Pattaya’s support.

Sukhumvit bridge ‘safe’ despite shock claim, Pattaya says Pattaya officials insist a pedestrian overpass near School No. 5 is safe, despite a report that a 10-year-old boy suffered a serious electric shock when he touched a steel handrail. Pokawin Moonkaew lost some skin on a finger after a friend had to help pull his hand off the electrified rail July 5. His mother, Sunisa,

posted a warning on a Line messaging app group that caught public officials’ attention. Provincial Electricity Authority and city inspectors visited the overpass near the Sukhumvit-Central Road bypass tunnel July 6 and found no live current running through any part of the overpass. PEA Pattaya manager Niruth Charoenchob admitted, however, that there were many clusters of unruly power and utility lines hanging near the bridge. If one of the electricity lines touched the bridge it would send current through it, despite the bridge and power poles being grounded, he said. Niruth immediately dispatched technicians to tidy up the chaotic jumbles of wires to prevent any from hitting the bridge. Pattaya spokesman Pinit Maneerat insisted the bridge was safe to use and noted that many other students crossed the overpass at the same time as Pokawin without incident. (PPRD)

A city electrician works on tidying up wires after Pattaya officials insisted the pedestrian overpass near School No. 5 was safe, despite a report that a 10-year-old boy suffered a serious electric shock when he touched a steel handrail.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 3


Navy pays homage to ex-SEAL killed in cave rescue divers to the Tham Luang cave system June 25 to help find the missing 12 boys and their 25-year-old mentor. Sattahip-based SEALs had joined an international force of diving and cave experts from the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and China to find the boys, who had been missing for 12 days

Patcharapol Panrak The Royal Thai Navy paid homage to a former SEAL team diver who died trying to rescue a boys football team and their coach from a cave near Chiang Rai. Saman Gunan, 38, died July 6 when he ran out of oxygen on his way back to the surface after placing air tanks along the 3.2-kilometer route to the 12 boys and their 25year-old coach, the current method for refreshing the air supply in the cave. Navy commander-in-chief Adm. Naris Pratumsuwan had Saman’s body flown to U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya Airport aboard a C-120 cargo plane July 6. Top navy officers and local administrators joined the

Top navy officers, family and local administrators join the procession to bring Saman Gunan’s remains to Sattahip Temple for a royally sponsored funeral. The former Navy SEAL diver died trying to rescue a boys football team and their coach from a cave near Chiang Rai. procession to bring his remains to Sattahip Temple for a royally sponsored funeral. HM the King had his personal secretary Pakdee

Sangchuto bring royal bathing water and wreaths to honor the hero. The body was then flown back to Saman’s home in Roi

Et for the final funeral rites. Vice Adm. Apaporn Yukongkaew, commander of Royal Thai Navy SEAL team, deployed 17 experienced

Sukhawadee House cited again for encroachment deemed to be public land, including landfill reclaimed from the sea. The land included gardens and salas and was encircled by a fence. The tourist attraction also was accused of sealing off a public road and running tourist shuttle buses on a waterfront pedestrian path, heavily damaging the public walkway.

Boonlua Chatree Even as contractors demolish 13 percent of tourist mansion Sukhawadee House for encroaching on public property, Pattaya officials have discovered the operator of the Sukhumvit Road mansion has built another staircase on land it doesn’t own. Deputy Mayor Vichien Pongpanit said July 5 that Baan Sukhawadee, owned by the head of poultry giant Saha Farms, had built steps connecting to a public footpath and placed artificial grass on public land. Land Office authorities were called to the property once again to conduct measurements and confirmed that the coastline along Soi Banglamung 8 is all public

Sukhawadee House has been cited again for encroaching on public property after the operator of the Sukhumvit Road mansion allegedly built a staircase on land it doesn’t own. property. So orders were suspected to be encroachgiven to demolish all facili- ing on public property and ties affected. it is being investigated. There is a large building In January, 11 of Sukhanear the area as well that is wadee House’s 80 rai was

1,000 Pattaya residents unplugged by wire fire Jetsada Homklin

About 1,000 Pattaya residents were left without telephone landlines, internet, and cable-television for three days after wires caught fire near the Sawangfa Temple Bridge.

Utility companies were called out to reconnect about 1,000 Pattaya residents to their televisions and internet after wires caught fire near the Sawangfa Temple Bridge. Telephone, internet and cable-television technicians were summoned July 1, three days after the cables caught fire leaving the neighborhood unplugged. Some techs had shown up the day after the fire, but didn’t finish the job due to continuing electricity outages that even affected traffic lights. The Provincial Electricity Authority fixed the power problems, but it took loud complaints from bored residents to get the utility companies to attend to their internet and cable-TV customers.

in a cave in Tham Luang. The SEAL members were separated into four-man teams, with full diving equipment and machinery to drill through rock and blocked passages. The cave is about seven kilometers long. While the mouth of the cave is open and accessible, it narrows dangerously.

4 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


Belgian loses watch to foreign grifter

VOL. XXVI No. 28

South Korean online gambling ring smashed

Belgian tourist Jean Mubert files a robbery report with deputy inspector, Pol. Capt. Thanin Kanpai at Pattaya police station against Waqar Ahmad (inset).

Urasin Khantaraphan A Belgian tourist said he was robbed by a Middle Eastern man he befriended in a Jomtien restaurant and took back to his hotel room. Jean Mubert filed a police complaint against Waqar Ahmad July 2, a day before he was scheduled to leave Thailand and four days after the Middle Eastern expat in his mid-20s allegedly stole his new Calvin Klein watch and held it ransom for 5,000 baht. Mubert said after meeting

Ahmad at an Indian restaurant he invited him back to the Jomtien Complex Resort and Spa for a swim. Afterward they planned to go to dinner, so the Belgian had his new friend come up to his hotel room. While he showered, Mubert said Ahmad stole the 10,800baht watch and left. The Belgian contacted Ahmad via a messaging app and the suspect offered to return the timepiece for 5,000 baht. Mubert refused. He said Ahmad messaged him again several times begging

for the money, but the victim instead went to police. He also went to the watch store to warn them that the Middle Easterner might try to return it for a refund. Mubert said he didn’t expect to get the watch back before he left on July 3, but filed the police report as a warning to other tourists. He said he spoke to others at a Jomtien bar who recognized Ahmad and said he often targets tourists, inviting them for dinner and drinks before robbing them.

Pattaya police shoot at tires of fleeing truck Boonlua Chatree Pattaya police again are being criticized by online keyboard warriors for recklessly using their firearms after shooting at a pickup truck for failing to stop at a checkpoint. The Rayong-registered Toyota Vigo carrying Ronachai Jewchuephan, 22, and Jirayu Mala, 20, stopped and made a U-turn into wrong-way traffic after spotting a police checkpoint near the intersection of Sukhumvit and Naklua roads July 3. An unidentified Pattaya traffic cop at first pursued the truck on foot, then pulled his service revolver in an attempt to shoot out the trucks tires. He missed both the truck and, fortunately, the many pedestrians and drivers in the area.

Pattaya-area police announced the arrest of five South Koreans in a raid against an online sport-betting operation.

Boonlua Chatree Pattaya-area police arrested five South Koreans in a raid against an online sport-betting operation. Deputy national police chief Pol. Gen. Chalermkiat Sriworakan, flanked by Nongprue, Pattaya and Tourist police and soldiers, announced the

arrests of Chan Jun, 31, Dong Geun, 31, Taeyong Kim, 33, Jungwook Jin, 36, and Sangwoo Kim, 34, July 5. Officers seized computers, mobile phones, betting lists and accounting documents showing revenue of more than 100 million won (3 million baht). Chalermkiat said Nongprue Police was notified by neighbors

that the houses on Nongmaikaen Soi 9 and in the Chokchai Garden Home 3 development on Soi Khao Noi were rented by Koreans who were acting strangely. Subsequent investigation showed they were being used for online betting on the World Cup football tournament and other sports.

Street-racer crackdown nets 203 arrests Boonlua Chatree

The Rayong-registered Toyota Vigo stopped and made a U-turn into oncoming traffic after spotting a police checkpoint. The truck got away at first, but the drivers were picked up later. Both men failed drug tests and said they fled due to fear of being arrested for methamphetamine use.

The incident, however, was caught on video and posted to a popular Pattaya Facebook page, drawing considerable criticism of Pattaya’s infamously trigger-happy police. Pattaya’s police force has a bad reputation for being quick on the draw. Cops already shot out the tires of another speeding truck this year and, in 2015, one injured a Russian tourist when he shot at two teenage bagsnatchers as they ran away.

Regional police arrested more than 200 people for racing or selling parts for modified motorcycles in a province-wide sweep. Provincial Police Region 2 commander Pol. Lt. Gen. Jitti Rodbangyang, flanked by Pattaya-area officials and police chiefs, announced the seizure of 186 motorcycles and 203 people at July 7 news conference at Bali Hai Pier. He said a coordinated crackdown by district administrators, soldiers, tourism police and officers from 23 police stations came in response to orders from the government to crackdown on young motorbike racers and their suppliers. In all, 159 racers aged between 13 and 63 were apprehended. Two of them

Regional police arrested more than 200 people for racing or selling parts for modified motorcycles in a province-wide sweep. failed drug tests and face additional charges. Furthermore, authorities arrested the administrators of two racing-related Facebook pages – Witchayut Riyaphan, 19, and Subsakul Mingphan, 27 – and charged them with

inciting others to race illegally. Finally, authorities raided 97 motorcycle garages and parts retailers, charging 42 owners for selling illegal exhaust pipes and alloy wheels as well as racing helmets and other parts.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

Province shows its green side at plant fair Chonburi showcased its unique plants and trees at a week-long event meant to boost the province’s nursery industry. Deputy Gov. Chaichan Iamcharoen opened the July 1-8 “panmai-gnam aramchon”,

or “fancy plants” event aimed at interior and exterior decorators and developers of condominiums and large commercial buildings. Chaichan said flowers and plants are a great deal in Chonburi and one of the lead-

ing businesses here. The fair was intended to promote the plant and tree industries to other provinces and lift local growers. Activities included competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations on how to raise plants and trees, agricultural activities and advice, school farm competitions, home decor with plants and trees, vases and OTOP products. (CPRD) Deputy Gov. Chaichan Iamcharoen (2nd right) opens the “panmai-gnam aramchon”, or “fancy plants” event to showcase Chonburi’s unique plants and trees.

Chonburi governor donates motorcycles, jet skis to police Chonburi’s governor donated motorcycles, jet skis and safety equipment to the province’s police to bolster safety for tourists. Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai presented the 69 motorcycles, six jet skis, 720 helmets with attached cameras and other safety equipment to Provincial Police Region 3 June 30. The “Rescue Patrol” motorcycle donation includes firstaid training for officers so they can fulfill their mission as qualified first responders in cases of accidents or illnesses involving residents and tourists. The “Sudden Patrol” helmet donation features cameras that record an officer’s interactions with criminal suspects and the public to

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 5


Chonburi’s governor donated motorcycles, jet skis and safety equipment to the province’s police to bolster safety for tourists. improve accountability and transparency. The “Beach Patrol” jet ski donation also includes

emergency-response equipment for use on the water in case of marine accidents involving tourists. (CPRD)

Chonburi recognizes drug-prevention volunteers

Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai presented certificates from the Chonburi Education Institute to the staffers from Wat Kha Pai, Wat Boonsampan and Nantonwit schools for their efforts to keep kids off drugs. Chonburi has recognized volunteers and teachers for their efforts to keep kids off drugs. Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai presented certificates from the Chonburi Education Institute to the staffers from Wat Kha Pai, Wat Boonsampan and Nantonwit schools.

The governor said drugs are a national concern and Chonburi is targeting youths to stem the tide of drugs. It operates a “white education” program to keep schools clean of drugs and participates in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program with the Royal Thai Police. (CPRD)

Happy Birthday HRH Princess Soamsawalee HRH Princess Soamsawalee of Thailand was born on July 13, 1957 at Guy’s Hospital in London, United Kingdom. She is the eldest child of Mom Rajawongse Adulyakit Kitiyakara (her father was an elder brother of Queen Sirikit of Thailand) and Thanpuying Bandhu Savali Kitiyakara (Princess Bandhu Savali Yugala). She has one younger sister, Mom Luang Sarali Kitiyakara, born April 8, 1966. Her father was the second child of Prince Nakkhatra Mangkala Kitiyakara, the Prince of Chantaburi II and Mom Luang Bua Sanidvongs. Her mother was daughter of Prince Bhanubandhu Yugala and Mom Luang Soiraya Sanidvongs. She first attended the primary level at Chitralada School, then moved to Chiang Mai with her father when he was a judge at the Chiang Mai Court. She moved to study at Regina Coeli College, the all-girls academy in Chiang Mai in 1967. HRH Princess Soamsawalee has shown keen interests in public health and social welfare. The following Thai Red Cross Society programs are officially under her patronage: The Reducing AIDS Infection from Mother to New-Born Baby Program; Medical Funding for AIDS

Pattaya Mail joins the people of Thailand to humbly wish Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsawalee a very Happy Birthday Thursday, July 13. (Photo courtesy of the Bureau of the Royal Household) patients; Funding for Reducing AIDS infection from Mother to the New-Born Baby; Milk funds for infants under the “Reduce AIDS effects from Mother to the NewBorn Baby” Program; The Foundation of Professor Dr. Mom Rajawongse Galyanakit

Kitiyakara; The Program of Life Giving to the Parents of AIDSinfected Babies; Funds for Cancer Treatment in Children; The Princess Pa Foundation. HRH Princess Soamsawalee, through her office, is very a c t i v e i n r elief efforts throughout Thailand.

6 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Thailand pledges justice for Chinese victims of boat tragedy Eileen Ng Phuket (AP) — Thailand’s government has pledged to ensure justice for Chinese victims of a tour boat that sank in a storm off the southern resort island of Phuket, killing 42 people and leaving another 14 missing. Tourism Minister Weerasak Kowsurat said the government will “spare no one” as it seriously investigates the tragedy, one of the largest tourism-related disasters in Thailand since a 2004 tsunami that killed thousands. Police were investigating whether the double-decker Phoenix dive boat had been inspected by marine officials as required before it set sail on Thursday, July 5, Weerasak said. The Meteorological Department issued warnings for small ships not to go to sea that day but bigger boats like the Phoenix could sail after inspection. The boat, with 105 people, including 93 tourists, capsized and sank after it was hit by 5-meter waves. Officials said all of the dead were Chinese comprising 13 children, 18 women and 10 men. The age and sex of another body wasn’t known as it was

Rescued tourists from a boat carrying dozens of Chinese tourists that overturned in rough seas and sank off southern Thailand are helped onto a pier Thursday, July 5, in Phuket. (Thailand Royal Police via AP) still trapped under the wreakage. Tourism is a vital part of the Thai economy, with the World Bank estimating the nation generates about 12 percent of its gross domestic product from tourism receipts. Chinese tourists are a key driver of the industry, accounting for 9.8 million of the record 35.38 million tourists to visit the country last year. Local police chief Sorasak Yenprem said the captain of the Phoenix has been charged with “careless conduct leading to death” and could face more than three years in jail.

He said the captain of another boat that capsized on the same day and the manager of a travel agency that chartered the boat have also been charged for being careless leading to injuries. All the passengers from the second ship were rescued. “We will ensure that all those responsible for this tragic incident are brought to justice,” Weerasak said. He and other officials at the news conference then stood up and bowed to apologize to the victims and their families. The government will strengthen security regulatio n s t o p r e v e n t f u t u r e

Homeless grandma given new home

“It makes me feel uncomfortable but we can go. I am not worried,” he told The Associated Press. Thai navy official Rear Adm. Charoenpol Kumrasi said more than 30 divers were involved in an operation to flip the sunken Phoenix to retrieve the body trapped underneath. He said they will need more time and equipment to raise the wreckage, which is sitting some 45 meters beneath the surface. The search for the missing would also continue, he said, with divers and helicopters searching areas around the site and the nearby sea. Nearly a dozen Chinese divers were taking part in the search.

Divers on a rubber raft retrieve a body during a search operation in the water off Phuket, Friday, July 6. Thai divers scoured the wreckage searching for bodies. (AP Photo)

A Chinese survivor related his ordeal to China’s CGTN television. “The waves were really high and stormy; they were hitting the boat constantly. I was with my sister, brother and two friends from school. All of them are dead. I feel terrible,” Huang Jun Siong said. “I only broke my hand. I was climbing up to the top of the boat but stuff was flying around everywhere. A big piece of glass hit me.” Many Chinese have volunteered their services at the hospital to help distraught relatives. “Even though we are doctors, in this situation, it makes us feel that life is so fragile,” said Fang Han Yi, a medical student from China’s Wuhan city, who volunteered at the hospital. She was in Bangkok with her two friends but said they abandoned their holiday plans and flew to Phuket to help out. She said one of the most heartbreaking scenes at the hospital was that of four Chinese students who survived the ordeal but their friend perished. The five, from China’s Guangdong province, just graduated from high school and came to Phuket to celebrate, she said. “Two of the boys held each other so tight and cried uncontrollably,” Fang said. “We cried with them.”

A rescue divers’ ship, right, and a Thai Navy ship are seen during a search mission for missing passengers. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

Patcharapol Panrak The director of the Banglamung Home for the Elderly helped a disabled and homeless grandmother find a new home. Paralyzed from the waist down, Suang Singhaklangpol, 78, had been living with her partially disabled nephew at a bus stop on Sukhumvit Soi 99 when news of her situation made Thai press. On July 5, Surasak Attasara, director of the Pattaya-area nursing home, brought her in for a medical and mental checkup and offered her a room at the facility. Nephew Sarawuth Maliwan, 33, urged his aunt to accept the offer as social workers would not let him continue to care for her as he had been doing since he was 15. Abandoned by his father at a

accidents and intensify efforts to restore trust and confidence in its tourism sector, he added. Officials said families of each victim could receive up to 1.4 million Thai baht in compensation. The disaster didn’t appear to deter visitors, with dozens of Western and Chinese tourists leaving on boats last weekend for diving and cruise trips despite a warning issued by the Meteorological Department for smaller ships not to go to sea. Yi Mao Ling, a 63-year-old tourist from China’s Kunming city, said he was perplexed by the tragedy as he walked up to a boat with his children and grandchildren for an island trip last Sunday.

Suang Singhaklangpol was brought to the Banglamung Home for the Elderly, given a medical and mental checkup and offered a room. young age, Sarawuth lost most use of one leg following a car accident and now makes minimum wage working in a factory. Surasak said the woman will

be allowed to remain at the Banglamung home for as long as she wishes, but that she could go live with a cousin if it can be proven she can be taken care of properly.

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BoT expects continued fluctuations in Thai currency The Bank of Thailand says that the Thai Baht will continue to fluctuate amid a trade war between China and the United States. BoT governor Veerathai Santiprabhob is convinced that Asian currencies will continue to move up and down as long as China and the US continue to take retaliatory economic measures against one another. He also attributed the currency fluctuations to global circumstances, saying many industrialized nations have made significant adjustments to their trade policies including interest rates in response to stiffer tariffs instigated by the US and China. As a result, the value of the Thai Baht is likely to fluctuate in accordance with international developments. The governor also made known that the central bank has revised the country’s annual GDP growth target from 4.1% to 4.4% partly thanks to the vigorous export sector, tourism, and the restructuring of the agricultural industry. (NNT)

BoT governor Veerathai Santiprabhob is convinced that Asian currencies will continue to move up and down as long as China and the US continue to take retaliatory economic measures against one another.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 7


US trafficking report credits Thailand but progress mixed Kaweewit Kaewjinda Bangkok (AP) - Thailand’s military government praised the U.S. State Department’s decision to upgrade the country in its annual report on efforts to fight human trafficking, even as an advocacy group warned that the move was premature. The Trafficking in Persons annual report cited progress but also problems across the region, especially weak enforcement of protections against trafficking and slave and child labor. The report released Thursday, June 28, raised Thailand from a watch list to tier 2, the second-highest ranking. Neighboring Malaysia fell

from tier 2 on the watch list. Hong Kong, China and Singapore were faulted for inadequate efforts to prevent sex trafficking and forced labor. Thai Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said he was grateful for the improved assessment as it “reflects the determination and sincere intentions of the Thai government and our continued hard-work to tackle the issue of human trafficking.” Thailand has faced global scrutiny for the use of slave labor on fishing vessels and for being a transit hub for traffickers from nearby nations. The State Department report cited the government’s convictions of traffickers and complicit officials, including 11

involved in the trafficking of Myanmar’s Rohingya migrants. Judy Gearhart, executive director of the International Labor Rights Forum, said although Thailand had made some progress, the upgrade came too soon, “potentially releasing the pressure on the Thai government at a time when we are still waiting for them to take concrete actions to protect migrant workers.” She said that migrant workers who power Thai export production do not have the legal right to organize and bargain collectively for better working conditions, which makes them afraid to speak out. “It’s impossible to stop human trafficking in such a context,” she said.

SME Bank tells guesthouse owners to create boutique hotels Jetsada Homklin At a workshop in Pattaya, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Bank of Thailand explained how owners of ordinary guesthouses can boost business by transforming them into boutique hotels. Pattaya Deputy City Manager Ittipat Pungsiritanyarat opened the June 30 seminar at the Grand Bella Hotel Pattaya. Over 100 inn and guesthouse operators and other tourism executives and officials attended. Featured speakers were Woraphan Klaamphaiboon, an architect and creative designer who owns the Samsen 5 Lodge; Nattawuth Teerawuth, director of arts and culture promotion in the Pattaya Tourism Promotion Office, and SME Bank executives. SME Bank in cooperation with the Department of Industry Promotion, Ministry of Industry and Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration organized the workshop to increase the country’s income. Attendees learned how small- and mediumsize accommodations can be customized into unique destinations that are both sustainable and fashionable and draw upon culture to attract guests. Woraphan explained that inn operators need to analyze their location to determine the best selling points for a new boutique hotel.

Featured speaker Woraphan Klaamphaiboon, an architect and creative designer, explains how he converted a guest house into a boutique hotel. Panelists reviewed business models for various types of hotels and shared experiences in operating small- and medium-sized hotels on a small budget. Chatchai Sangcharoen, manager of SME Bank’s Pattaya branch, said the bank is ready to support and help various kinds of businesses requiring investment. The bank is willingly to listen to problems for approval consideration. Loans are available from 50,000 to 15 million baht, he said.

Japan’s Astro Products opens Pattaya store Jetsada Homklin Japanese specialized-tool maker Astro Products opened its first branch in Pattaya, its first Thai outlet outside Bangkok. Managing Director Shinya Nakazawa, General Manager Junya Noguchi and board member Ken Sasaki cut the ribbon on the Sukhumvit Road store about 100 meters from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya July 1. Astro Products imports professional and specialized technician’s tools for vehicle maintenance, including spring hooks, wrenches, clippers, levels, jacks, pushers, compressors and sprayers. With 170 locations in Japan, Astro expanded to Thailand

(L to R) Board member Ken Sasaki, Managing Director Shinya Nakazawa, and General Manager Junya Noguchi celebrate the opening of Astro Products first branch in Pattaya. after seeing increasing worldwide demand and vast opportunities in the do-ityourself market. The firm

has opened four outlets in Bangkok since 2016. The store is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In this Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, file photo, Rohingya Muslim women, who crossed over from Myanmar into Bangladesh, stretch their arms out to collect sanitary products distributed by aid agencies near Balukhali refugee camp, Bangladesh. Thailand’s military government is praising the U.S. State Department’s decision to upgrade the country in its annual report on efforts to fight human trafficking. (AP Photo/Dar Yasin, File) “Instead of being treated as the victims they are, trafficking survivors who report problems risk punishment for not having proper documentation,” the group said, citing a recent report by the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime and Thailand Institute of Justice saying the workers may even face detention until the conclusion of their legal proceedings. In February, hearings began for 14 Burmese workers in Thailand who escaped from a Thammakaset poultry chicken farm in Lopburi

province, where they had worked 20 hours a day for nearly five years, the group said. Rather than receiving compensation after their escape from forced labor, the workers face criminal defamation charges from the owners, and could be fined or imprisoned for speaking about their experiences. Myanmar was downgraded from the watchlist to the report’s lowest ranking, tier 3, primarily for trafficking and other abuses of its ethnic minorities. The report said officials and government-backed

militias were increasingly recruiting and using children as soldiers in ethnic areas long affected by civil conflict. The report also cited a trend toward forcing Burmese women into marriages in China. Children of the Rohingya minority are being kidnapped and sold into forced marriages in Indonesia, India and Malaysia, it said. North Korea has remained at the report’s lowest ranking, tier 3, for years due to its use of forced labor and state-sponsored human trafficking and “negligible” anti-trafficking efforts. The report said the many North Korean refugees living in China are vulnerable to traffickers who force women into prostitution, forced marriages and domestic service or other labor. But even in Japan, a wealthy, democratic nation listed as a tier 1 country, young women living in poverty are forced into prostitution by organized criminal networks that sometimes entrap them with promises of well-paid work as models or actors, the report said. Affluent Singapore, likewise, is a hub for sex trafficking and forced labor, facilitated by visa laws that make migrant workers vulnerable to exploitation by their employers and recruitment agencies, it said.

8 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018

I have written many times about your producing ‘impact’ in your photographs, and not just ‘record’ shots. I have also written about choosing your best shots for display. Helmut Newton believed that his photographs were meant to be seen – not stored away forever. Newton was one photographer whose work is characterized by ‘Impact’. He turned fashion photography on its ear in the 1960s with his extremely confrontational images, and has left the world the most amazing photographic book, called “Sumo” - a tome which weighs in at 66 kg and costs USD100. Even some of his previous works which are


now out of print can fetch large sums. I have one of his books published in 1984 called “World without men” which is currently valued in the USA at $50. And, no, it is not for sale! Newton is a unique character. Born in Berlin in 1920, he was the son of well to do Jewish parents and was apprenticed to the studio of Yva when he was 16. However, two years later with hostilities looming and his father arrested by the Gestapo, Newton was sent to Australia in 1938. After the war he resumed his photographic work gaining some international clients and then moved to Paris in 1961. His hard edged approach to his fashion shoots stood him apart from the others of the day, as well as his exacting perfectionism in the actual taking of the photographs. In 1971 he suffered a heart attack and gave up the impossible time schedules he used to take upon himself

Dear Hillary, Can you recommend any Indian food places in Pattaya? We do not mean the commercial pizza companies, but real Indian food. We read you each week on the web and will be coming for a vacation this fall and we are all Indian addicts. Where do you recommend? Alice Dear Alice (in Wonderland?), I am delighted that you are coming over to Pattaya for your holidays, and, yes, I adore Indian food too, especially when taken with French Champagne. The Indians really haven’t got a handle on champagne, do they Petal, but they do have a good handle on some other aspects of life, like selling suits! Miss Terry Diner (you can get her on the Pattaya Mail’s web site too), has given Ali Baba high recommendation. Try it and if you find any others let me know and I’ll join you (with the proviso of copious amounts of bubbly). Dear Hillary, I have noticed that every time you walk near an upmarket restaurant some young person tries to drag you inside. Surely this cannot be good for business as I find it turns me off the place, rather than make me want to eat there. Why do they do this, as surely they would be better off serving at the tables inside the restaurant? Can you tell me why? Toothsome Terri Dear Toothsome Terri, These young people are called “Greeters” in the trade, and their job is just as you said: to entice people inside. Just take it all in your stride Terri and go and eat at the places you want to go to. Check Miss Terry Diner’s Dining Out column each week for different places to go.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

Helmut Newton

with the fashion houses’ showings, and embarked on a style of photography that was personally pleasing for him. That style was even more confrontational, with women fighting often being a recurrent theme, and erotic images and cynicism showing through in his fashion shots. Some of Newton’s work has been labeled pornographic, but he refused to admit to a definite demarcation between the erotic and the pornographic. He just has an eye for the image that will produce the most impact, and even the fashion shot published here has that powerful presence about it. A portrait done by Helmut Newton will not be an airbrushed soft focus beauty shot, but will be something like the one of Paloma Picasso - powerful and traffic stopping. As I wrote at the start of this article, Newton’s work has “Impact”. Now while many will say that Paloma’s portrait is

“art”, Newton himself had no time for the “Fine Art” school of photography. Speaking about those photographers he said, “I admire their steadfastness but often find their pictures boring. I have to thank the ‘consumer society’ for whatever success I have had, not foundations, museums or grants.” He spoke further, “When I take pictures I don’t do it just for myself, to put away in a drawer. I want as many people as possible to see them.” In his lifetime, Helmut Newton the photographer has become an icon for many, and the legion of photographers who have copied his style are also a tribute to him. When Newton adopted the ring flash, used in medical photography, to his fashion shots, sales in ring flashes went wild. However, none have the sharp edged way of presenting the subject matter as did Helmut Newton. Initially, he worked in Black and White, but in later years showed that he could

Dear Hillary, My Thai girlfriend and I want to buy some land upcountry where she comes from near Nong Khai. The price seems reasonable and in a few years I would be happy to retire in that place. The other day she went up country and rang me to say that we could buy some land OK, but it would take two months for the deeds to be transferred into my company’s name. If she were to buy it in her name then the deeds could be transferred in two days. This doesn’t seem right to me, Hillary. Do you think I am being taken for a ride here? James Dear James, First off, James my Petal, is to decide whether it is “my Thai girlfriend and I” who want this land, or is it your Thai girlfriend? I must say I do not know too many farangs who have successfully retired to Nakhon Nowhere, approximately 20 kilometers this side of the Laos border. Since you want the title deeds in your company name, I take it that you want to retain control over it. Buying it in someone else’s name does not fit in with that does it? Go and talk to a lawyer. Dear Hillary, I think my wife was born in a tent because she never shuts doors behind her. When we lived in America this was not really a problem, but here in Thailand it is, because we have to run the air conditioners very high to keep the house cool. I have tried to tell her that the air conditioner has to work overtime when she leaves the doors open and that means more electricity is used, so our power bills are so high, but it doesn’t seem to have got through. I cannot spend my life closing doors behind her. What should I do? Desmond

produce just as much impact in color. Newton’s images remain as some of the most

powerful shots of women ever published and every one full of impact.

Dear Door Closing Des, Some people do get their knickers right properly knotted, don’t they, Petal. Instead of wasting all that time and effort and worry and emotion and excess money on the electric bill there was one easy answer. Buy some automatic door closers, then she can swish in and out all day and the doors will close behind her. Now wasn’t that easy? Sometimes I worry about you people with the tunnel vision, or perhaps it is the glasses you wear. Dear Hillary, I spend three months every year here in Pattaya. My young Thai girlfriend and I were getting along so well I decided I would help her out and buy a condominium for her, where she could stay for the rest of the year so that she did not have to live in rented accommodation any more, where I had been staying with her. When I told her I would do this and get the condo she began to ask for money for telephone calls I had made, electricity I had used and even demanded a sum for excess water I might have used in my showers. This to me seemed to show a very grasping nature so I cancelled the purchase and said goodbye. Do you think I was correct, or was I too hasty? Fergus Dear Fergus, You were not too hasty, my Petal, you were too slow. Gift horse and teeth springs to mind. Now if the condo’s a luxury one on the beach, I will happily look after it for you for the nine months, but please leave enough French champagne in the fridge to last.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 9


Depressed again? We are not positive all the time. We do, and naturally I might add, get depressed. Depression is unfortunately an integral part of life and living, and there cannot be many people who can say they have never been depressed in their lifetime. Does this mean we are all mentally disturbed? Fortunately, no! The opposite of depression is elation and whilst we all sail between depression and elation (which we medico’s call Euphoria, just to be different), it is only when the mood stays down in the depths that it becomes a problem. So how much of a problem is it in the community? When we begin to look at the various incidence rates the whole situation can become quite interesting. Did you know, for example, that women get depression twice as much as men, but the suicide rate for men is five times that for women? Did you also know that the World Health Organization (WHO) is predicting that by the year 2020 depression will be the major contributing factor to the burden of disease in the developing world (and that could be us, if the POTUS ever stabilizes)! What a depressing thought. Other interesting facts emerging from the world-wide studies of depression in women, the highest rates of

depression occur in the 18-24 year age group, while in men it peaks in the 35-44 year age group. Men really are from Mars and Women are from Venus perhaps? Of course, the statisticians have managed to come up with other associations, which may or may not be relevant. Such as the statistic that 50 percent of people with depression also suffer from some physical problem or illness. For me, it is a case of the chicken and the egg. Which came first? Are these people depressed because they have an illness or does the depression make them more prone to illness, or does the illness cause the depression? The answer is probably a bit of all of them. For example, the risk of Ischemic Heart Disease (Angina and the like) is three times greater in men diagnosed as having depression, and it has also been found that depression is present in 45 percent of patients admitted to hospital with a heart attack. Chicken and the egg once more. So what kind of person gets depression? Is there an algorithm we can use to pinpoint the depressives? The personality profile includes those who are “worriers”, perfectionists, shy and socially anxious, and those with low self-esteem. It also includes people with low thyroid function, infectious diseases, cerebral (brain) blood vessel disease through to

diabetes and increased blood pressure, chronic pain and cigarette smokers. Smoking to settle yourself down may be sowing the seeds of depression. Another interesting fact: The apparent differences between women and men may also be more imagined than real. That females report twice as much depression as males may be a reflection of the male upbringing, where boys are taught that it is “weak” to show their emotions, which subsequently results in under-reporting their symptoms, whereas women can express their emotions much better. So what can be done about this depression epidemic? Fortunately modern treatment is producing some worthwhile drugs which can elevate the mood without making the person into a zombie. However, medication should not be thought of as the only way to go about it. A pocketful of pills and you are instantly better is not what happens. There should also be careful psychological assessment which takes time, and assistance given with the planning of activities, the sleep cycle and structured problem solving. Early intervention is important too, so if you are getting depressed, now might be the time to do something about it by seeking professional help.

Compulsive video-game playing could be mental health problem Jamey Keaten & Maria Cheng Geneva (AP) - Obsessive video gamers know how to anticipate dangers in virtual worlds. The World Health Organization says they now should be on guard for a danger in the real world: spending too much time playing. In its latest revision to a disease classification manual, the U.N. health agency said Monday that compulsively playing video games now qualifies as a mental health condition. The statement confirmed the fears of some parents but led critics to warn that it may risk stigmatizing too many young video players. WHO said classifying “gaming disorder” as a separate addiction will help governments, families and health care workers be more vigilant and prepared to identify the risks. The agency and other experts were quick to note that cases of the condition are still very rare, with no more than up to 3 percent of all gamers believed to be affected. Dr. Shekhar Saxena, director of WHO’s department for mental health and substance abuse, said the agency accepted the proposal that gaming disorder should be

listed as a new problem based on scientific evidence, in addition to “the need and the demand for treatment in many parts of the world.” Dr. Joan Harvey, a spokeswoman for the British Psychological Society, warned that the new designation might cause unnecessary concern among parents. “People need to understand this doesn’t mean every child who spends hours in their room playing games is an addict, otherwise medics are going to be flooded with requests for help,” she said. Others welcomed WHO’s new classification, saying it was critical to identify people hooked on video games quickly because they are usually teenagers or young adults who don’t seek help themselves. “We come across parents who are distraught, not only because they’re seeing their child drop out of school, but because they’re seeing an entire family structure fall apart,” said Dr. Henrietta BowdenJones, a spokeswoman for behavioral addictions at Britain’s Royal College of Psychiatrists. She was not connected to WHO’s decision. Bowden-Jones said gaming addictions were usually best

A man plays a game at the Paris Games Week in Paris. The World Health Organization says that compulsively playing video games now qualifies as a new mental health condition, in a move that some critics warn may risk stigmatizing its young players. (AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu, File) treated with psychological therapies but that some medicines might also work. The American Psychiatric Association has not yet deemed gaming disorder to be a new mental health problem. In a 2013 statement, the association said it’s “a condition warranting more clinical research and experience before it might be considered for inclusion” in its own diagnostic manual. The group noted that much of the scientific literature about compulsive gamers is based on evidence from young men in Asia. “The studies suggest that

when these individuals are engrossed in Internet games, certain pathways in their brains are triggered in the same direct and intense way that a drug addict’s brain is affected by a particular substance,” the association said in that statement. “The gaming prompts a neurological response that influences feelings of pleasure and reward, and the result, in the extreme, is manifested as addictive behavior.” Dr. Mark Griffiths, who has been researching the concept of video gaming disorder for 30 years, said the new classification would help

FDA OKs first drug made to reduce excessive sweating Linda A. Johnson U.S. regulators on Friday approved the first drug developed specifically to reduce excessive sweating, a common condition that can cause people anxiety and affect their social lives. The Food and Drug Administration approved Qbrexza for excessive underarm sweating and will be available in October. The drug is inside a cloth wiped over the skin daily to block sweat glands from activating. Its manufacturer, Dermira Inc., refused to disclose the price, as drugmakers normally do. An estimated 15.3 million Americans have some form of excessive sweating,

but only 1 in 4 get treatment. Current treatment options include Botox injections, surgery to remove sweat glands, procedures using lasers and other devices, and drugs approved for other conditions that block the body’s chemical messengers to reduce sweat production throughout the body. Side effects of Qbrexza include blurred vision, constipation, burning and itchy skin, head and throat pain, and dry mouth, eyes and skin. Dermira said in one study, 53 percent of patients reported Qbrexza reduced sweat production by roughly half, versus 28 percent in a comparison group using a nonmedicated cloth. (AP)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Qbrexza, the first drug developed to reduce excessive sweating, a common condition that can cause anxiety. (Dermira Inc. via AP)

legitimize the problem and strengthen treatment strategies. “Video gaming is like a non-financial kind of gambling from a psychological point of view,” said Griffiths, a distinguished professor of behavioral addiction at Nottingham Trent University. “Gamblers use money as a way of keeping score whereas gamers use points.” He guessed that the percentage of video game players with a compulsive problem was likely to be extremely small - much less than 1 percent - and that many such people would likely have other underlying problems, like depression, bipolar disorder or autism. WHO’s Saxena, however, estimated that 2 to 3 percent of gamers might be affected. Griffiths said playing video games, for the vast majority

of people, is more about entertainment and novelty, citing the overwhelming popularity of games like “Pokemon Go.” “You have these short, obsessive bursts and yes, people are playing a lot, but it’s not an addiction,” he said. Saxena said parents and friends of video game enthusiasts should still be mindful of a potentially harmful problem. “Be on the lookout,” he said, noting that concerns should be raised if the gaming habit appears to be taking over. “If (video games) are interfering with the expected functions of the person - whether it is studies, whether it’s socialization, whether it’s work - then you need to be cautious and perhaps seek help,” he said.

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FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


Odds and Ends The Associated Press

Zsa Zsa, the English bulldog, wins World’s Ugliest Dog title Petaluma, Calif. (AP) - A 9-year-old English bulldog was named the winner of the 2018 World’s Ugliest Dog contest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Zsa Zsa won the title Saturday night at the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in Petaluma. The dog’s owner Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, will receive $1,500 for Zsa Zsa’s win. Brainard found Zsa Zsa on a pet-finding site, according to the contest bio. Dogs in the annual competition flaunt their imperfections - some have hairless bodies, others have lolling tongues. The dogs and their handlers walk down a red carpet. The dogs are evaluated by a panel of judges. The contestants included a blackhead-covered Chinese Crested-Dachshund mutt, a bulldog mix with excess wrinkly skin and a Pekingese named Wild Thang. Last year’s winner was a 125-pound (57-kilogram) gentle giant named Martha - a Neopolitan Mastiff with gas and a droopy face. The contest is in its 30th year. It is usually held on Friday nights, but organizers moved the competition to Saturday in an effort to draw a bigger audience.

Crossword No 1302

VOL. XXVI No. 28

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Across 1 Bushes (6) 4 Finished (6) 8 Broadcasting medium (5) 9 Leaf vegetable (7) 10 Liberty (7) 11 Drive back (5) 12 Penitential attire (9) 17 Fire-raising (5) 19 Hug (7) 21 Pouch worn with kilt (7) 22 German fairy-tale brothers (5) 23 Resides (6) 24 Chess piece (6)

Down 1 Conflict (6) 2 Compensation (7) 3 Offspring (5) 5 Trading ban (7) 6 Rascal (5) 7 Profoundly (6) 9 Confess all (4,5) 13 In the middle (7) 14 Title at top of page (7) 15 Stopped briefly (6) 16 Muppet frog (6) 18 Range (5) 20 Commence (5)

Last week’s answers Across: 1 Abet, 3 Despotic, 9 Puppies, 10 Gorge, 11 Rayon, 12 Easter, 14 Tartar, 16 Cattle, 19 Sprawl, 21 Sable, 24 Cause, 25 Warbler, 26 Overturn, 27 Fall. Down: 1 Asperity, 2 Empty, 4 Easier, 5 Pages, 6 Torment, 7 Chef, 8 Vienna, 13 Deferral, 15 Rapture, 17 Absurd, 18 Slower, 20 Avert, 22 Balsa, 23 Echo.

Ten-Minute Sudoku (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Bank robbery suspect gives ID, easily tracked by police Columbus, Ohio (AP) - Police say a quick-thinking bank teller in Ohio convinced a suspected robber to hand over his own license. Authorities say the man walked into a Huntington Bank in Columbus on June 4 and gave the teller a note saying he was armed and demanding money. The teller gave the man a stack of cash, but then he demanded more money from the electronic cash recycle machine in the bank’s lobby. Police say the teller told the man the machine needed a driver’s license to dispense cash, so the man handed his own license over. The license led police to the 51-year-old man who was arrested June 15 and charged with aggravated robbery and threatening with a deadly weapon.

An easy Sudoku puzzle that should not take long to complete. The rules of Sudoku are simple. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Each row must contain one of each digit. So must each column and each 3x3 box. Answer next week.

Last week’s answers:

Indiana police say they seized ‘Trump-shaped ecstasy pills’

No. 205

Peru, Ind. (AP) - Some drug traffickers appear to be using President Donald Trump’s image to brand their illegal wares. An Indiana State Police news release about 129 arrests in a series of drug busts in northern Indiana includes a photo of what police describe as “Trump-shaped ecstasy pills.” They are orange and stamped with a face. On the back are the words “great again,” an apparent reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Traffickers sometimes produce uniquely shaped or colored drugs as a marketing technique to encourage buyers to return for more. Friday’s release doesn’t provide details, including how many of the pills were seized. The six-day operation in June involved traffic stops by state and city police, as well as sheriff’s departments. LSD, cocaine and other drugs were also seized.

Person, ‘feeling guilty,’ pays 44-year-old parking ticket Minersville, Pa. (AP) - A person has cleared their conscience by paying a 44-year-old parking ticket. The Minersville, Pennsylvania, Police Department received a letter last week with $5 and a note inside. The return address was “Feeling guilty, Wayward Road, Anytown, Ca.” Police Chief Michael Combs tells WNEP-TV the note said, “Dear PD, I’ve been carrying this ticket around for 40 plus years. Always intending to pay. Forgive me if I don’t give you my info. With respect, Dave.” The fine for the 1974 parking ticket in the eastern Pennsylvania town was $2. But the person added $3 for interest. The same ticket today would be $20. Combs says the ticket was for a car with Ohio license plates, but the department did not have the technology to track out-of-state vehicles.

Answers next week.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018



Chicago airport plan is 1 of many Some Amazon investors side Musk dream projects with ACLU on facial recognition Sally Ho

Michael Tarm

Seattle (AP) - Some Amazon company investors said Monday they are siding with privacy and civil rights advocates who are urging the tech giant to not sell a powerful face recognition tool to police. The American Civil Liberties Union is leading the effort against Amazon’s Rekognition product, delivering a petition with 152,000 signatures to the company’s Seattle headquarters, telling the company to “cancel this order.” They’re asking Amazon to stop marketing Rekognition to government agencies over privacy issues that they say can be used to discriminate against minorities. Amazon said it’s an object detection tool. The company through a spokesman said it can be used for law enforcement tasks ranging from fighting human trafficking to finding lost children, and that just like computers, it can be a force for good in responsible hands. But a group of 19 investment managing companies, including Harrington Investments, Inc. and Walden Asset Management, expressed concerns about the tool. John Harrington, president and CEO of the Californiabased Harrington Investments, Inc., said the investors collectively manage about $10 billion in common voting stock among thousands of individual investors. They account for a small percent of shareholders, between 5 and 10 percent, for the online behemoth. Harrington said there are concerns Rekognition could open the company up to lawsuits. In a letter last week, the companies told Amazon

Chicago (AP) - A newly announced project by billionaire innovator Elon Musk for a tunnel transit system that would carry travelers to and from Chicago O’Hare International Airport at up to 150 mph (241 kph) is just another project on a growing list of Musk dream projects. A look at some of the SpaceX and Tesla CEO’s most ambitious projects, where they stand now and some hurdles to their completion:

Shankar Narayan, legislative director of the ACLU of Washington, left, speaks at a news conference outside Amazon headquarters, Monday, June 18, 2018, in Seattle. Representatives of communitybased organizations urged Amazon to stop selling its face surveillance system, Rekognition, to the government. They later delivered the petitions to Amazon. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson) to stop expanding, developing and marketing it until it could demonstrate there was adequate fiduciary oversight. They also want Amazon to place appropriate guidelines and policies in place to protect citizens, customers and stakeholders. “We don’t know of any restrictions or parameters or policy decisions that Amazon made in going ahead and marketing this. We’re concerned about some serious privacy right issues and also we’re concerned this may be litigious,” Harrington said. It’s not clear how many law enforcement agencies have purchased the tool since its launch in late 2016 or since its update last fall, when Amazon added capabilities that allow it to identify people in videos and follow their movements almost instantly. Privacy advocates are worried that it could have potentially dire consequences for minorities who are already

arrested at disproportionate rates, immigrants who may be in the country illegally or political protesters, they said. On Monday, the advocates against the product cited the dangers of blanket police surveillance in front of Amazon’s Spheres building. The demonstration happened steps away from where young tech workers sat eating lunch and lounged on giant bean bags in a courtyard. “We know what surveillance can do. Surveillance can kill people,” said Garry Owens of the Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing. Amazon previously noted that some agencies have used the program to find abducted people, and amusement parks have used it to find lost children. British broadcaster Sky News used Rekognition to help viewers identify celebrities at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last month.

Mars Missions Arguably Musk’s boldest or most far-fetched project, depending on who you ask, is one to send manned missions to Mars. He’s even spoken about colonizing the red planet. According to the SpaceX website, the “aspirational goal is to send our first cargo mission to Mars in 2022.” The first unmanned Mars mission would seek to confirm the presence of water and identify other resources that could help sustain human life. And the manned Mars mission? Musk’s goal is for that to happen just two years later, in 2024. By contrast, NASA has spoken about the mid2030s as a realistic goal for sending humans to Mars. A powerful new rocket capable of making it to Mars is already being developed. The Los Angeles harbor commissioners in April approved a permit for SpaceX to build a facility on port land to manufacture it. Among the unresolved challenges: How to protect humans from radiation on Mars, which lacks the atmosphere

SpaceX delivers AI robot, ice cream, mice to space station Marcia Dunn Cape Canaveral, Fla. (AP) - The International Space Station got its first robot with artificial intelligence Monday, July 2, along with some berries, ice cream and identical brown mice. SpaceX’s capsule reached the station three days after launching from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Station astronaut Ricky Arnold used a large mechanical arm to grab the Dragon capsule as the spacecraft soared above Quebec, Canada. The nearly 6,000-pound (2,700-kilogram) delivery includes the round robot Cimon, pronounced Simon. Slightly bigger than a basketball, the AI robot from the German Space Agency is meant to assist German astronaut Alexander Gerst with science experiments. Cimon’s brain will constantly be updated by IBM so its intelligence - and role - keep growing. There are also genetically identical mice for a study of gut bacteria, and super-caffeinated coffee aboard the Dragon to go with the fresh blueberries and ice cream. “Looking forward to some really exciting weeks ahead as we unload

This undated artist’s rendering provided by The Boring Company, shows an electric public transportation vehicle that is part of a proposed high-speed underground transportation system that will transport passengers from downtown Chicago to O’Hare International Airport. A spokesman for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel confirmed Wednesday, June 13, 2018, that The Boring Company, founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been selected to build the transportation system. (The Boring Company via AP) of Earth. There are psychological challenges, too. Humans on Mars, especially before a full human colony is established, would have to grapple with a sense of extreme isolation - and boredom.

Tunneling Chicago is one of several cities where Musk has spoken about using tunnel-boring technology developed by his Boring Co. for transportation projects. Among the furthest along is one that would scoot commuters underground on electric sleds called skates to the Los Angeles International Airport. Weeks after tweeting last year that snarling traffic was “driving me nuts,” Musk said work on a tunnel was about to start. Last month, he said a portion of a tunnel was almost finished under an LA suburb and would soon be ready for testing. Among the challenges for any such project is to secure the necessary approval from state and municipal governments. Last year, a suburban city council approved an approximately 2-mile (3.2-kilometer) test tunnel from Musk’s SpaceX rocket plant to a point east of LAX.

Hyperloop Musk also wants to overhaul the entire U.S. transportation system. He envisions an ultra-high-speed hyperloop system that involves nearly

The AI robot Cimon, pronounced Simon, slightly bigger than a basketball, is meant to assist German astronaut Alexander Gerst with science experiments. (File photo: Jan. 29, 2018/T. Bourry/ESA/DLR via AP) the science and get started on some great experiments,” Arnold told Mission Control minutes after snaring the Dragon. When informed it was the 30th cargo ship to be captured by the station’s robot arm, Arnold said, “It’s hard to believe ... how far we’ve come. It’s quite an accomplishment.” Most of those visiting vessels have

been provided by private U.S. companies hired by NASA to keep the space station well stocked. Mission Control said it was fitting that the latest capture occurred over Quebec; the station’s robot arm is Canada’s contribution. Besides Gerst, the 250-mile-high (400kilometer-high) lab is home to three Americans and two Russians.

airless tubes that speed special capsules over long distances at up to 750 mph (1,200 kph), using magnetism and solar power. It would carry both people and cargo. It’s an idea many states are taking seriously. Several have said they are conducting feasibility studies, including Colorado, Texas and Missouri. Missouri was looking at whether such a system could be installed to move people between St. Louis and Kansas City in a half-hour’s time.

‘Better’ Brains Musk in 2017 announced a new venture called Neuralink, which is developing “ultrahigh bandwidth implantable brain-computer interfaces to connect humans and computers,” its website says. Implants could treat neural disorders. Musk has also raised the possibility of artificially intelligent computers posing a threat to humanity in the future, and he says linking brains to computers could put humans’ abilities to process data on par with supercomputers. Linking technology directly to the human body is already happening, including to help deaf people hear. At least some neuroscientists say putting the timetable for actually hooking up brains to computers in terms of several years is overly optimistic.

12 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Last straw for GIS students

Students became more aware about the world’s plastic problems on Humanities’ Day.

Mark Beales Photos by Ritche Guisona Students from Garden International School (GIS) have been using plastic to help build a new world. To mark Humanities Day at GIS, Primary students

tackled the subject of Global Waste with a series of exciting activities. Single use plastic and paper waste from 3 days of school was cleaned and sorted. Students then used it all to create a ‘Plastic World’. Those in Year 1 to 3

A recycled paper world was made to highlight the need to help the environment.

A massive beach clean was arranged by GIS teacher Ms Lucy.

created a recycled paper world with Thailand at its centre while students in Years 4 to 6 created some amazing sculptures of famous buildings using all recycled materials. T h r o u g h o u t t h e d a y, students from Year 2 also

families, coming to see the installation and starting a discussion about how we can reduce single use plastic in our school and community. In addition, more than 130 people helped out at Phala Pier Café for a beach clean.

Thai, Laos private schools seek partnership

made surprise presentations across the school. They popped in to classes, the canteen, office staff and even Principal Mrs Hawtree, letting them know that ‘We Need To Use Less’’. It was fantastic to see the response of students and

Organised by GIS teacher Ms Lucy to celebrate her birthday, the event saw more than 100 people collect more than 100 large black bin bagsfull of trash. It is hoped this will become a regular event. GIS is based in Ban Chang, near Pattaya.

Technical school students given CPR, first aid training Jetsada Homklin

Education officials from both Thailand and Laos signed an agreement at the Diana Garden Resort agreeing to help private-school educators bring more Laotian students to Thailand for vocational training.

Jetsada Homklin Pattaya will help privateschool educators bring more Laotian students to Thailand for vocational training. Officials from both Thailand and Laos’ offices of private education and Lao schools signed an agreement July 4 at the Diana Garden Resort with former MP Poramet Ngampichet, representing city hall, and a

large group of private- and non-formal trade schools offering educations in dance, beauty salons and nursing. The Correlation ASEAN Private Education group suggested the memorandum of understanding that will allow students to secure a path to carry on with private studies in either country. The impetus for the agreement is the Thai government’s

Eastern Economic Corridor initiative, which aims to bolster vocational schools to develop specialized workers in high-tech industries. While Thailand’s education system is woeful by western standards, it’s still better than what is available in Laos and the Laotian officials said there is substantial interest among students across the border in studying in Pattaya.

Banglamung Hospital taught Technical College Pattaya students lessons in emergency first response in case of heart attacks or serious injuries on campus. Prayong Thapthim, head of the hospital’s Emergency Department, presided over the June 28 class for teachers and students at the vocational school. Prayong said the most-common emergency situation is a heart attack. Students were taught CPR and rescue breathing and advised how to contact authorities. Trauma cases also were

Banglamung Hospital staff teaches Technical College Pattaya students lessons in emergency first response in case of heart attacks or serious injuries on campus. presented, including how visit various schools and to stop bleeding and conduct communities and spread first aid. knowledge on these basic Banglamung Hospital will procedures and tips to help be sending out teams to save lives.

Pattaya students immunized Warapun Jaikusol

The Thai government’s Eastern Economic Corridor initiative aims to bolster vocational schools to develop specialized workers in high-tech industries.

Pattaya’s Public Health Department provided free diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations to students in the city’s primary schools. Nurse Anya Jantrakard led the team that inoculated pupils in grades 1-6 at Pattaya School No. 3 July 5. Diphtheria and tetanus are serious ailments that lead to respiratory and nervous problems. The shots are given annually, but each youngster requires boosters after five years.

A brave student from Pattaya School No. 3 takes his diphtheria and tetanus vaccination shots with a smile.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 13


RMA Group hosts Driver Recognition Program Finals The first ever Driver Recognition Programme Southeast Asia, a road safety competition to recognise the pivotal role of humanitarian drivers, was held on 29-30 June 2018 at RMA Automotive Assembly and Distribution Center in Laem Chabang. Key Sales and Marketing account manager Ratchaphon Sirayobhas

and staff welcomed EFP Nepal, Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Mercy Corps, Save The Children, WFP Thailand, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank, World Food Programme (WFP) Indonesia and UNFPA to RMA Automotive Assembly Distribution Center (ADC) to the Laem Chabang Industrial Park on June 30 when the finals were held.

Activities kicked off in the morning in the industry hall at the ADC with inspections of vehicles and motor standards, a 30-minute written test on the knowledge of the 40 basics of using a vehicle, changing tires, sharing experiences with different accessories, test drives and more. Experts observed and gave points for each team that moved from one station to another.

Participants of the ten humanitarian-assistance organizations give the thumbs up during the DRP Finals 2018.

Destination LONDON



19000 41000 17000 14000 19500 11000 24000 11000 14000

++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

3M 3M 12M 12M 2M 1M 21D TILL 25JUL 12M 2M

The afternoon activities were held at the Sriracha Airfield focusing on the physics aspect of safety. These included brake testing, test runs, driving safety, lane changing, gymkhana driving, parallel parking and ways to prevent accidents thus reducing the number of accidents to zero. All the teams put in a tremendous effort thus receiving top scores in the test-driving exercises. Driver Recognition Programs or DRP are focused on engaging, educating and inspiring drivers to reduce road traffic accidents, improve automotive fuel efficiency ensure a healthy working environment, increase service levels to programs, improve driver health and increase driver engagement. The program also aims to improve data collection on driver performance, engage, educate and inspire staff members of aid and development agencies worldwide, as well as beneficiaries, suppliers and subcontractors,


91000 ++ 82000 29000 89500 68000 147000 86200

++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

13000 ++ 14500 ++ 7500 ++

1M 1M 6M


75000 ++ 12M 72000 ++ 12M 44000 ++ 5D/2M


16599 ++ 21000 ++

21D BY 25JUL

94000 ++ 90000 ++

6M 6M

7D 7D 1M 14D

13500 ++


14000 ++ 19000 ++

1M 3M

14D 12M 14D BY 25 JUL

28000 ++



4700 5900 6500 5800

++ ++ ++ ++

The Laem Chabang site also houses the RMA Academy, an industry-leading training and personal development solutions provider. It works with RMA’s automotive and equipment divisions serving customers across the globe to enhance important operational skills. The overall winner of the program was the Catholic Relief Service (CRS) from the Philippines. The farewell dinner and prizes presentations were held at the Mercure Hotel Pattaya.



how to drive in rough


2M 12M 6M 2M

An expert demonstrates terrain. to play a role in supporting an d h e l p i n g t o a c h i e v e the broader mandate of the organizations. RMA Automotive is a world-class producer of specialized vehicles used for humanitarian aid, emergency response, industrial and security situations. As a distributor of leading brands including Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda and others, RMA provides extensive retail sales, parts distribution and aftersales service networks.

THAI PASSPORT HOLDERS 5 WORKING DAYS 3,600.EUROPEAN PASSPORT HOLDERS 5 WORKING DAYS 6,400.Need: Passport, 2”x2” photos Permanent residence permit/Work Permit/Retirement visa ALSO. Assist with Vietnam. Myanmar,India visas. Application assistance for US, UK, Schengan visa ADVISE ON ALL THAI LEGAL MATTERS BUSINESS REGRISTRATION WORK PERMIT EXTENSION OF VISA ETC


7500 ++ 6000 ++ 15500 ++


22000 22000 26500 56000 13500

++3D/1M ++ 3M ++ 3M ++ 3M ++ 2M INST.PUR

117000 ++ 59000 ++


120000 ++


43000 ++


64000 ++



9000 ++ 14000 ++ 14000 ++

12M 12M 6M



14 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Made in England

The Royal Albert Hall at the 2008 Proms. Friday the Thirteenth may have sinister overtones for some people, but this month it marks the start of what’s been described as “the world’s greatest classical music musical festival.” I refer of course to the Proms, an eight-week summer feast of orchestral concerts held mainly in London’s Royal Albert Hall. With over ninety orchestral concerts the Proms will draw some of the world’s greatest classical musicians to the capital. The word

“promenade” comes from the French verb promener, meaning “to walk”. It was used to describe the openair concerts that were given in London’s parks and pleasure gardens since the middle of the 18th century. The present day Proms began 123 years ago in 1895, inaugurated by the impresario Robert Newman and the conductor Henry Wood. The concerts were held at Queen’s Hall, a massive Victorian building in Central

London with room for about 2,500 people. In 1927 the British Broadcasting Corporation took over the concerts and has continued to the present day. Queen’s Hall was destroyed during a wartime air raid in 1941 and the Proms moved to the Royal Albert Hall which has a capacity for over five thousand people. The season culminates with the popular concert known as The Last Night of the Proms famous for its British patriotic music accompanied by flag-waving and audience participation. All this shenanigans is in total contrast the other concerts which are much more conventional. The Promenaders are those who stand throughout the concert either in the large area directly in front of the stage or in the gallery at the top of the hall which, if you don’t suffer from vertigo, can offer a bird’s-eye view of the stage. There are well over a thousand standing places available for each concert and tickets are a mere Bt 500; half that if you are under eighteen. The hall also has comfortable seating for those who are prepared to pay extra. Last year 300,000 people attended Proms, though millions more heard the concerts on radio and television. All the concerts are broadcast live on UK national radio or streamed on the Internet and many will be

televised on BBC Four. So this week, let’s hear two works that will be performed on the opening night of Friday the Thirteenth and recorded at previous Prom concerts.

Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958): Toward the Unknown Region. Irish Youth Chamber Choir, National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and Youth Choir of Great Britain cond. Vasily Petrenko (Duration: 12:20; Video: 240p) The evocative title is from a poem by Walt Whitman, whose writing influenced many young artists and musicians during the late nineteenth century. Vaughan Williams was fascinated by Whitman’s poetry and the collection of poems Leaves of Grass was a constant companion. The Sea Symphony of 1910, written for choir and orchestra uses Whitman’s poetry throughout. Toward the Unknown Region was first performed at the Leeds Festival in October 1907 with the composer conducting. It was his first major choral work, though it’s rarely performed today. This is a shame for it’s a

wonderful setting of the poem with superb choral writing, brilliant orchestration and soaring melodies. This splendid performance, recorded at the Proms in 2013 is as fresh and captivating as ever, with excellent audio quality too.

Gustav Holst (18741934): The Planets, Op. 32. National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain and the CBSO Youth Chorus cond. Edward Gardner (Duration: 55:33; Video: 720p HD) Scored for a huge orchestra, this seven-movement orchestral suite may not have been written if Gustav Holst hadn’t gone on holiday to Mallorca in the spring of 1913. During the visit, his friend Clifford Bax (the brother of composer Arnold Bax) introduced Holst to astrology and this gave him the idea for this work, which was finally completed in 1918. The concept is astrological rather than astronomical and the music portrays the supposed emotions and influences

of the planets on the human psyche. The first movement Mars, the Bringer of War has five beats to the bar and an ominous insistent rhythmic pattern dominates the entire movement. At the opening, the strings play this rhythm col legno which involves hitting the string with the wood of the bow, producing an eerie percussive sound. The fourth movement Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity includes a memorable tune that the composer later adapted as a hymn. The last movement, Neptune, the Mystic was one of the first pieces of orchestral music to have a fade-out ending. It uses a female chorus which in this performance remains hidden up in the gallery. Holst didn’t write a movement for Pluto because the planet wasn’t discovered until 1930. This however, hasn’t stopped other composers from trying. In 2000, the Hallé Orchestra commissioned the English composer Colin Matthews, an authority on Holst, to write a new eighth movement, which he called Pluto, the Renewer and it’s included in this performance.

To watch these YouTube videos, either use your Smartphone to read the QR codes or go to this article online, click on the “live” links and go direct to the videos. If you have a laptop, sound quality can be improved significantly by using headphones or external speakers.

Martial arts icon Bruce Lee shines in new book Douglass K. Daniel Martial arts icon Bruce Lee wanted to be known around the world, and he built the perfect platform to do so as an international film star. A new biography by Matthew Polly explores with unusual depth the private life of this unlikely movie star, whose screen legacy relies on just a handful of films. Lee is best remembered for the movies “Fist of Fury” (1972) and “Enter the Dragon” (1973), released the month he died. Filled with recollections from colleagues, friends and family, Polly’s “Bruce Lee: A Life” is proof that dogged research and sharp insight lie at the foundation of any successful biography. Its 600-plus pages suggest a definitive work to satisfy Lee’s fans and spark curiosity in a new generation. Lee (1940-1973) was born in the U.S. and appeared in Hong Kong films as a child. A natural charmer even as a youngster, his antics away from the cameras threatened his future as he cultivated a reputation as a street

fighter and bully who couldn’t control his temper. Martial arts became his passion as well as a tool for self-discipline. Sent to Seattle as a teenager after his expulsion from private school and trouble with the law, Lee matured and found a sense of purpose — to revolutionize martial arts. He did so by mixing traditional kung fu with his own superfast, freewheeling fighting style. On the West Coast he developed a following as a competitor and as a teacher. His Hollywood connections — actors Steve McQueen and James Coburn and screenwriter Stirling Silliphant — were among his students — led to the role of Kato on the shortlived TV series “The Green Hornet” (1966-67). Few roles followed in an American entertainment industry that had little use for Asian actors beyond stereotypes. Stardom in Asia and beyond came via Hong Kong action films like “The Big Boss” (1971). Lee used that surprising success to start calling the shots on his films, though he made only a handful before his death at 32.

Lee’s accidental death was linked to brain swelling caused, some concluded, by a drug reaction, but Polly makes a convincing argument for heat stroke. What could have been a singular presence in world cinema instead became an endearing cult figure. (AP)

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 15


‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’ punches above its weight

Jake Coyle Los Angeles (AP) - Not since Animal against the advice of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker ingested InstaGrowth pills has a movie had as much fun with scale as “Ant-Man and The Wasp.” Among the greatest threats to the shape-shifting heroes of the Marvel sequel are windshield wipers, salt shakers and seagulls. This is surely the first movie to weaponize that most fearsome of terrors: a giant Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. In one of the film’s finest moments, a loud, careening chase culminates in a dramatic fall into the ocean sounded not with an explosive splash but with a tiny ripple and a “Plink!” In both scale and ambition, “Ant-Man and The Wasp” is an altogether more modest affair, and it’s so much the better for it. Most Marvel movies strenuously insist on how much they matter

— how much a carefully stitched together comic-book apparatus hangs in the balance — with only an occasional aside to acknowledge their inherent silliness. But slapstick is in the DNA of “Ant-Man and The Wasp.” For some Marvel devotees, “Ant-Man and The Wasp” will be a clever enough diversion in between the more main-event releases. But it’s pretty much exactly what I’d want in a superhero movie: a funny cast, zippy action scenes and not an infinity stone in sight. The Marvel product has, it should be noted, grown more dynamic and varied in recent years. But if you’re not going to reach the mythic heights of “Black Panther,” the light-hearted antics of “Ant-Man and The Wasp” are your next-best bet. As different as they are, the two films have one crucial thing in common: No outer space. Just as “Black Panther” styled itself after a spy thriller, “Ant-Man” takes from the heist movie. The first installment in 2015 was a somewhat muddled franchise debut, thanks to a

This image released by Marvel Studios shows Paul Rudd in a scene from “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” (Disney/Marvel Studios via AP) late director shuffle. Peyton Reed, who took over production on the first one, is back here, and he has carved out a real identity for Paul Rudd’s character, among the most self-contained in Marvel’s “cinematic universe.” And more than its predecessor, “Ant-Man and The Wasp” has adopted the goofball charm of its leading man. Coming a few years after “Ant-Man,” Rudd’s Scott Lang is now under house arrest for his involvement in the Berlin showdown of “Captain America: Civil War.” When his 10-year-old

daughter Cassie (Abby Ryder Fortson) isn’t around, he passes the time playing drums and learning magic tricks. With just days to go before Randall Park’s S.H.I.E.L.D. agent is to remove Lang’s monitoring device, he’s summoned by the brains behind their last adventure: Dr. Hank Pym (a sometimes in-the-way Michael Douglas) and Pym’s daughter Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly), whose winged Ant-Man-like suit has earned her the Wasp moniker. Pym believes his wife,

Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer) has for the last 30 years been locked away in the “quantum realm,” a mind- and matter-bending subatomic limbo that, it turns out, has predictably done curiously little damage to the indestructible Pfeiffer. A Technicolor blur of floating blobs, the quantum realm looks like a lava lamp’s dream of heaven. To send someone into the realm on a rescue mission, Pym and Van Dyne have built a sophisticated laboratory many stories high that, with a click of a remote, they can shrink down to carry-on size. Their plans bring them into contact with a black-market dealer (Walton Goggins) and an old academic colleague of Pym’s (Laurence Fishburne). It also attracts the interest of the film’s villain, Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), whose tragic backstory has left her burning (figuratively) and blurry (literally) with anger for being robbed of a bodily existence. The plot is fine but many of the pleasures of “AntMan and The Wasp” come from its digressions. And no

one better breaks down the molecular structure of a Marvel movie than Michael Pena. Every time he takes the screen, he threatens to destabilize it with his chatterbox excitement. When Pena’s Luis (Lang’s friend and business partner at X-Con Security) is given a truth serum, you pray for the movie to just let him keep talking until the end credits roll. Just as good is Park, who steals his scenes with a quieter deadpan. There are more gags, too. A malfunctioning Ant-Man suit turns Rudd enormous or embarrassingly childsized. A Hot Wheels-riff on the “Bullitt” car chase tumbles down the hills of San Francisco. None of this is earth-shattering stuff, but that’s part of the fun of it. Here, for once, is a Marvel movie about saving one life, not a billion. “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” a Walt Disney Studios release, is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for “some sci-fi action violence.” Running time: 118 minutes. Three stars out of four.

Peruvian restoration center rescues art from ruin Franklin Briceno Cuzco, Peru (AP) — The old colonial palace high in the Andes and crowded with treasures from Peru’s bygone golden age feels more like an emergency room than a workshop for recovering damaged artwork. But sculptures of decapitated Roman Catholic saints, dismembered angels and charred paintings from remote churches across the spine of the Andes all find their way here, where a team of dedicated specialists works to restore them after catastrophic fires and centuries of neglect. “They are like patients suffering terminal cancer who we are bringing back to life,” said Erwin Castilla, head of canvas conservation at the Ministry of Culture’s

Restoration Center in Cuzco. The facility, which opened in 2003, claims to be the only one of its kind operating in Peru and has already made major contributions to the country’s cultural heritage: Between 2015 and 2017 it rescued more than 500 paintings, sculptures, and ceramic pieces. The center’s teams of more than 50 conservationists wear surgical masks and use modern technology — like X-ray and ultraviolet machines — to uncover images that over time have faded away on canvases that average 300 years old. Cuzco was the capital of the ancient Inca Empire, and from the 16th to 18th centuries it became an epicenter for Catholic-themed art under Spanish colonizers. Paintings from the “Cuzco School” reflect a rich blend

An art restorer works on a sculpture of Jesus Christ in a studio of the Ministry of Culture’s Restoration Center in Cuzco, Peru. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia) of European influences with indigenous imagery and homegrown artistic techniques that later spread throughout South America. In the meticulous workshop, conservationists keep detailed records of each piece,

as if they were a patient’s medical chart. A board of experts then pores over the records to determine how to bring the works back to life. The center receives calls for help from small churches in remote Andean villages that

Ramayana performance in Myanmar celebrates diplomatic ties with Thailand The Thai Ministry of Culture has held Ramayana performances to mark the 70th anniversary of Thai-Myanmar diplomatic relations. The four act performance, which included epic battle scenes, took place in the three Myanmar cities of Yangon, Naypyidaw and Mandalay between June 19 and 23. Minister of Culture Weera Rojpojanarat said that the Ramayana is a high form of art and performance that has been revered for many generations and has become a symbol of Thailand. He noted the three performances in Myanmar were all sold out and helped enhance relations between the two countries in all regards, including tourism and economics. (NNT) Thai performers staged the Ramayana epic in Myanmar last month to celebrate ties between the two countries.

have existed for centuries, and many of the paintings have endured punishing rain, sun, mold, nibbling moths and even flawed repairs by untrained hands. “We have to advance bit by bit,” Castilla said. “Sometimes it takes us years.” One restored painting by the indigenous artist Diego Quispe Tito was scorched in a 2016 fire at a Cuzco church along with more than 30 other works. Authorities estimate losses from that fire at nearly $2 million.

The team also restores delicate sculptures depicting Catholic martyrs made from wood and cloth that are often missing heads or arms. The workshop struggles to run on a shoestring budget of $700,000 a year, said Nidia Perez, an art historian who heads the workshop. But the team never loses sight of its mission. “We are keeping alive the memory of Andean art,” she said. “We must fight every day to keep it from disappearing.”

16 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Mott The Hoople turn up the heat at Ramblin’ Man Fair Scorching hot English summer weather welcomed the ‘ramblers’ to the fourth Ramblin’ Man Fair in Mote Park, Maidstone, Kent, England on June 30, but not to worry, the beer and cold cider were in plentiful supply as usual, as was the shade. Before the festival there had been some grumbles among ramblers about this and that but the organization of the event went like clockwork and everything that had been promised was there present and correct. The beautiful weather was a bonus. There were too many bands and performances to give

deserved long and flowing reviews to, but Gorilla Riot, if I dare say (many people had different favorites) just about edged it on the Rising Stage. Among the other more established acts that went down well were No Hot Ashes to be followed by great sets in no particular order from Myles Kennedy, Steve Earle, Cadillac Three, and Skinny Molly (their version of “Free Bird” sent shivers through the festival site.) Steel Panther pleased those who like that sort of thing and there were many other great bands but space restrictions here make me keep it short. Headlining the Main Stage, nearly 50 years after forming, were the incomparable Mott The Hoople. There have been two previous goes at reforming the band, but with original members. This time it was the turn of Ariel Bender, A.K.A. Luther

Mott The Hoople perform at the 2018 Ramblin’ Man Fair in Maidstone, Kent, southern England, Saturday, June 30. (Photo/Harpic Bryant) Grosvenor, and Morgan Fisher to join main man Ian Hunter on stage. On the first two rounds the band had played down their Glam Rock image of their later years. This time they brought the Glam with them, sauntering on stage with Morgan Fisher to your left as you looked at

the stage in his keyboard collared jacket and Ariel Bender to the right in his snazzy suit, beret and low slung guitar. Ian Hunter commanded the centre with his ever-present shades, hat, two piece suit and shoelace tie, even the Maltese cross guitar was brought out for

Jerusalem backlash casts shadow over Eurovision contest Tia Goldenberg Jerusalem (AP) — When the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Israelis hoped other countries would follow suit. Instead, the move has created a backlash. The latest setback threatens the contested city’s hopes of hosting the 2019 Eurovision song contest — an affair that has become something of a national obsession. “There is a greater concern this year than any other year I can remember about the political backdrop surrounding Eurovision,” said William Lee Adams, who runs a popular Eurovision blog. “Many Eurovision fans build their whole year around a trip to Eurovision, and just given the nature of what’s going on their ideal has been tarnished.” Israel won Eurovision in May with a flashy pop tune called “Toy” by the charismatic, previously unknown singer Netta Barzilai, who dazzled viewers with her feminist lyrics, unconventional appearance and signature chicken dance. Her victory won Israel the right to host next year’s Eurovision contest. But the celebrations were

In this May 12, 2018 file photo, Netta Barzilai from Israel celebrates after winning the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon, Portugal. (AP Photo/Armando Franca) tempered by continued sponsor, to boycott the bloodshed along the Gaza Eurovision contest in Israel border, as well as the con- next year. troversial move of the U.S. “This contest must be boyEmbassy to Jerusalem two cotted to avoid complicity and days later. business-as-usual with this More than 120 Palestinians regime and to avoid irrevershave been killed by Israeli ibly tarnishing the Eurovision fire since weekly protests brand with Israel’s egregious began in the Gaza Strip in human rights record,” the March. Some 60 people were group said. killed on May 14, marking a Activists had targeted jarring contrast to the Israeli Barzilai and her song ahead jubilation over the embassy of this year’s contest with a move and the Eurovision campaign calling on voters victory. to award her zero points. But The so-called BDS group win she did. — for Boycotts, Divestment The winning country tradiand Sanctions — has called tionally hosts the contest the on the European Broadcast- following year. But exactly ing Union, the contest’s where the show will be held

remains an open question. In Europe, capital cities have usually played host. But the city Israel considers its capital — Jerusalem — is not recognized as such by most of the international community. Just two countries, Guatemala and Paraguay, have followed the U.S. and moved their embassies to Jerusalem. Hosting the competition in Jerusalem could present a predicament for the public broadcasters that make up the European Broadcasting Union, sparking criticism that they are taking sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Israel is expected to present four cities as potential hosts, including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Israel held the Eurovision contest in Jerusalem following its previous victories, most recently in 1999, without incident. Israel’s outspoken culture and sports minister, Miri Regev told Kan Bet radio, “the state of Israel has the right to decide where Eurovision will be held. I will recommend to the government and to the prime minister that it won’t be right to host Eurovision if it will not be held in Jerusalem.”

“Walkin’ With A Mountain.” Behind them was the might of Hunter’s full time solo band, the Rant Band, allowing the stars up front full reign to add their own personal glitter to the show. The band started deceptively quietly with the opening to Don McLean’s “American Pie” until the volume rocked up when the lines rang out, “the day that music died”, or did it? When with a mighty blast, “The Golden Age of Rock’n’Roll” rent the air asunder and any thoughts that these guys were too old to headline a rock show (Ian Hunter has just celebrated his 79th birthday) were scattered to the winds. As in the old days, Ariel Bender scampered across the stage like a man demented, ripping solos from his guitar at will while enticing the audience to higher fever pitches. Morgan Fisher meanwhile hammered the keys on his piano as if he was determined to make sure the poor instrument would never make it through the night. All the favourite tunes were performed but perhaps the best was kept for last when

the band let it all hang out to a twenty minute medley of their most rocking songs, followed by their biggest hit, the David Bowie penned “All The Young Dudes” and finally, as can only be appropriate as it was Saturday night, the band left the stage to “Saturday Gigs”, leaving the crowd singing “Goodbye” long after the band members had exited the stage. Set List: Introduction/Jupiter American Pie/Golden Age Of Rock’n’Roll Lounge Lizard Alice Honaloochie Boogie Rest In Peace I Wish I was Your Mother Pearl’n’Roy Roll Away The Stone Sweet Jane Rose Walkin’ With A Mountain Marionette Medley (Jerkin’ Crocus/ One Of The Boys/Rock’n’Roll Queen/Crash Street Kids/ Whole Lotta’ Shakin’ Goin’ On/Violence) All The Young Dudes Saturday Gigs Note: Written by Mott The Cat.

Paul McCartney ready to release his 17th solo album

Paul McCartney is shown performing in this July 26, 2017 file photo. (Photo by Rob Grabowski/ Invision/AP) Los Angeles (AP) — Paul McCartney is inviting fans on a musical journey as he prepares to release his 17th solo album. The former Beatle, who turned 76 last month, announced on social media that “Egypt Station” will be released on Sept. 7. The title comes from the name of one of McCartney’s paintings

and it will be his first full album since “NEW” in 2013. McCartney posted the singles “I Don’t Know” and “Come On To Me.” In a statement, McCartney says he thinks of the album “as a dream location that the music emanates from.” “Egypt Station” was recorded between Los Angeles, London and Sussex, England.

VOL. XXVI No. 28


Active sex life reduces risk of prostate and breast cancers The Pattaya City Expats Club held their Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, July 1, which was then followed by their guest speaker, Dr. Frank F. Mallory, PhD, on the topic of “Prostate and Breast Cancer: How to Reduce Your Chances.” During the brief AGM, PCEC Treasurer Judith Edmonds presented her financial report for the fiscal year ended May 31, 2018, and Chairman Roy Albiston presented a report entitled “Success” highlighting the Club’s accomplishments during the year. Electoral Officer Bob Smith then announced the 5 members (2 incumbents and 3 new) nominated to the Governing Board would begin their 2 year terms without need for an election as the nominees equaled the number of vacancies. In closing the AGM, Chairman Roy Albiston noted there would be a meeting of the Governing Board immediately following the regular club meeting to elect new officers.

Dr. Mallory recommends a more active sex life as a natural way to reduce the risks of prostate or breast cancer over drugs often taken for that purpose. Dr. Mallory, a Full Professor and Past Chair, Department of Biology, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, gave an interesting talk about reducing your risk of getting prostate and breast cancer, primarily through ways to improve the levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body; noting that both sexes produce these hormones, testosterone is primarily associated with the male (prostate) and estrogen with the female (breast). Based on many studies, he concluded that an active sex life is more beneficial in having a healthy life and reducing the risk of these two types of cancer than using drugs. Most of his talk looked at changes in prostate cancer and breast cancer with age and associated biochemical and behavioral changes and discussed natural options that people have to reduce their chances of having these debilitating diseases. Dr Mallory’s talk focused primarily on testosterone, its importance in normal male function and its natural decline in men as they age. To offset this decline, many men turn to anabolic steroids to restore a more vigorous

Dr. Frank Mallory describes the relationship between the hormones Testosterone (male) and Estrogen (female) and prostate cancer and breast cancer, respectively. lifestyle, especially in the love department. But to the surprise of many, Dr Mallory mentioned that research studies have shown that watching lots of pornography is a natural way to increase testosterone and avoid all the short and long term pitfalls of steroids. He said this research shows viewing pornography regularly can increase hormone levels by a whopping 100%. Though an enlarging prostate is an inevitable prospect as we grow older its potential for cancer and the seemingly endless night trips to the toilet can be avoided by having more sex. Studies have shown that men who don’t have sexual intercourse are twice as likely to develop prostate cancer. Other studies seem to indicate that men with 20 or more partners have their risk for cancer reduced by 28%. He did mention that his could also be less partners, but more frequency with fewer partners. So, the conclusion of the

matter seemed to be self-evident from the research, use it or lose it. If you want to keep up your testosterone levels and at the same time reduce your chance of prostate cancer, watch more porn and have more sex. Now that was an interesting bit of information, especially when presented in a talk about clinical studies. Though he has taught university for the past 40 years and teaches a course in Biological Aspects of Human Sexuality, his primary research focus has been wildlife management and animal behavior specializing in the evolution of predator/prey systems in large mammals. He has published papers on wolves, bears, caribou, deer and moose, and worked in the Canadian Arctic and Boreal Forest and in Mexico and Thailand. More recently he has worked on Human Liver Infection in collaboration with faculty from Khon Kaen University studying the ecology of species that are alternate

reservoirs for this infection, which is so common in northeastern Thailand. Needless to say, there were lots of questions and comments for Dr. Mallory at the end of his presentation. After Dr. Mallory answered many questions or addressed the comments, MC Roy Albiston brought everyone up to date on upcoming events which was followed by the Open Forum where members and guests can ask questions or make comments about Expat living in Thailand. For more on the PCEC and their activities or to subscribe to their weekly newsletter, visit After the presentation, Member Roger Fox interviewed Dr. Mallory. The video can be viewed at: https: // qhhluYfj2o0&feature= A video of Governing Board Chairman Roy Albiston giving his annual report can be seen at: .com/watch?v=SaEEjbLDWg&

The current PCEC Governing Board poses for a photo after their 1 July 2018 meeting and election of officers. Front Row Left to Right: Richard Smith (Vice Chairman), Robert Smith, Allan Riddell, and Darrel Vaught. Back Row Left to Right: John Morris, Ron Hunter, Anne Smith, Roy Albiston (Chairman), and Judith Edmonds (Treasurer). Far back: Terry Albery (Secretary). Board Member Tom Loughney was in the USA and unavailable for the photo.

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 17

18 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

It’s a mira

Daring rescue saves all 12 boys & soccer coac

Richard Stanton, left, and John Volanthen arrive in Mae Sai Tuesday, July 3. The two British divers first found the 12 boys and soccer coach on Monday, July 2. They recorded video of the boys talking with them. (AP Photo)

In this image made from video, Chiang Rai acting Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn speaks to the media during a briefing on the cave rescue plans. (AP Photo)

Kaweewit Kaewjinda & Stephen Wright Mae Sai, Thailand (AP) - A daring rescue mission in the treacherous confines of a flooded cave in Thailand has saved the 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped deep within the labyrinth, ending an 18-day ordeal that claimed the life of an experienced volunteer diver and riveted people around the world.

The leader of Thailand’s cave rescue says the medic, 3 SEALs who stayed with the boys also made it out of the cave. Thailand’s Navy SEALs, who were central to the rescue effort, said on their Facebook page that the remaining four boys and their 25-year-old coach were all brought out safely Tuesday. Eight of the boys were rescued by a team of 18 Thai and international divers on Sunday and Monday.

Thai soldiers searching for the missing children and their coach march out of the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai on Friday, June 29. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Australian Federal Police and Defense Force personnel on Thursday, July 5, talk about extraction plans to get the 12 boys and their soccer coach out of the flooded cave. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit, File)

Thai rescuers prepare for diving July 3, after the 12 boys and their soccer coach were found alive. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Jedsada Chokdumrongsuk, center, permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry, speaks during a press conference at a hospital in Chiang Rai July 10. Thai health officials say the rescued boys will be staying in hospital at least seven days. The boys are in “high spirits” and have strong immune systems because they are soccer players, he said. (AP Photo/ Vincent Thian) “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science, or what. All the thirteen Wild Boars are now out of the cave,” the SEALs said, referring to the name of the boys’ soccer team. “Everyone is safe.” Cheers erupted at a local government office where dozens of volunteers and journalists were awaiting news of whether the intricate and high-risk rescue mission had succeeded. Helicopters taking the boys to a hospital roared overhead. Payap Maiming, 40, who helped provide food and necessities to rescue workers and journalists, said a “miracle” had happened. “I’m happy for Thais all over the country, for the people of Mae Sai, and actually just everyone in the world because every news channel has presented this story and this is what we have been waiting for,” she said. “It’s really a miracle. It’s hope and faith that has brought us this success.” The plight of the boys and their coach has captivated Thailand and much of the world - from the heart-sinking news that they were missing to the first flickering video of the huddle of anxious yet smiling boys when they were found 10 days later by a pair of British divers. They were trapped in

the Tham Luan Nang Non cave on June 23, when they were exploring it after a soccer practice and it became flooded by monsoon rains. Each of the boys, ages 11 to 16 and with no diving experience, was guided out by a pair of divers in three days of intricate and high-stakes operations. The route, in some places just a crawl space, had oxygen canisters positioned at regular intervals to refresh each team’s air supply. Highlighting the dangers, a former Thai navy SEAL died Friday while replenishing the canisters. Cave diving experts had warned it was potentially too risky to dive the youngsters out. But Thai officials, acutely aware that the boys could be trapped for months by monsoon rains that would swell waters in the cave system, seized a window of opportunity provided by relatively mild weather. A massive water pumping effort also made the winding cave more navigable. The confidence of the diving team, and expertise specific to the cave, grew after its first successful mission. Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, speaking before the final rescue was completed, said the boys were given anti-anxiety medication to help with their perilous removal from the cave.

International rescuers prepare to enter the cave on Thursday, July 5. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

This photo tweeted by Elon Musk shows rescue efforts underway. Musk tweeted early Tuesday, July 10, he visited the cave and left a mini-submarine there for future use. (Courtesy of Elon Musk via AP)

Thai rescue teams arrange the water pumping system at the entrance to the flooded cave complex on 7 July. (Royal Thai Navy via AP)

Rescue personnel search for the missing children and their coach on Wednesday, June 27. (Thailand Department of National Parks and Wildlife via AP, File)

VOL. XXVI No. 28


A day-by-day look at the Thailand cave ordeal

ach from treacherous cave

Family members pray in front of a Buddhist statue near the cave July 7, where 12 boys and their soccer coach have been trapped since June 23. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit) Asked at a weekly press conference Tuesday if the boys had been sedated, Prayuth said: “Who would chloroform them? If they’re chloroformed, how could they come out? It’s called anxiolytic, something to make them not excited, not stressed.” Prayuth said the Tham Luan Nang Non cave would be closed for some time to make it safe for visitors. The eight boys brought out by divers on Sunday and Monday were doing well and were in good spirits, a senior health official said. There were given a treat Tuesday: bread with chocolate spread that they’d requested. Jedsada Chokdumrongsuk, permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry, said the first four boys rescued were able to eat normal food, though they couldn’t yet take the spicy dishes favored by many Thais. Two of the boys possibly have a lung infection but all eight are generally “healthy and smiling,” he said.

“The kids are footballers so they have high immune systems,” Jedsada said. “Everyone is in high spirits and are happy to get out. But we will have a psychiatrist to evaluate them.” It could be at least seven days before they can be released from the hospital, Jedsada told a news conference. Family members have seen at least some of the boys from behind a glass isolation barrier. It was clear doctors were taking a cautious approach. Jedsada said they were uncertain what type of infections the boys could face “because we have never experienced this kind of issue from a deep cave.” If medical tests showed no dangers, after another two days, parents would be able to enter the isolation area dressed in sterilized clothing and staying 2 meters away from the boys, said Tosthep Bunthong, a public health official.

Buddhist monks pray Sunday, July 1, for the 12 boys and their soccer coach. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit, File)

In this July 3, 2018, image taken from video provided by the Royal Thai Navy Facebook Page, the boys smile as a Thai Navy SEAL medic helps the injured shortly after they were found. (Royal Thai Navy Facebook Page via AP) John Tangkitcharoenthawon, a local village chairman who was working as a volunteer translator for the tourist police, was bursting with happiness at the successful rescue. “If this place had a roof, the morale has gone straight through it,” he said. President Donald Trump

joined those paying tribute to the rescuers. “On behalf of the United States, congratulations to the Thai Navy SEALs and all on the successful rescue of the 12 boys and their coach from the treacherous cave in Thailand,” he tweeted. He added: “Such a beautiful moment - all freed, great job!”

In this grab taken from video provided by the Chiang Rai Public Relations Office, emergency workers carry a stretcher with one of the rescued boys to be transported by ambulance to hospital, on Sunday, July 8. (Chiang Rai Public Relations Office via AP) Two ambulances with flashing lights leave the cave rescue area. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Thai rescue teams walk through rushing water inside the cave complex July 2. (Tham Luang Rescue Operation Center via AP, File)

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 19


A helicopter believed to be carrying one of the rescued boys departs for the hospital Tuesday, July 10. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

Mae Sai, Thailand (AP) - A day-by-day look at the ordeal of 12 boys and their soccer coach, who were trapped deep inside a flooded cave in northern Thailand for more than two weeks: June 23: After a morning practice, 12 members of the local Wild Boars youth soccer team bicycle with their 25-year-old coach to the Tham Luang Nang Non cave to explore, when heavy rains begin. When none of the boys return home after dark and cannot be contacted, parents report them as missing. Their bicycles are found parked and locked at the cave entrance as a search begins around midnight. June 24: Search and rescue teams comprising local authorities, police and rescue workers find soccer shoes and backpacks left behind by the boys near the cave entrance. June 25: As the search expands, handprints and footprints thought to belong to the boys are found farther from the cave entrance. Parents holding a vigil outside begin prayer sessions. June 26: About a dozen Thai navy SEALs and others searchers penetrate the cave, but Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda tells reporters they are seriously handicapped by muddy water that has filled some chambers of the large cave to their ceilings. June 27: More heavy rainfall stymies search efforts, flooding underground passages faster than water can be pumped out. A U.S. military team and British cave experts, along with several other private teams of foreign cavers, join the operation. June 28: Efforts begin to drain groundwater from the cave by drilling from outside into the mountain. A search for other entrances to the cave intensifies as diving is temporarily suspended for safety reasons. June 29: Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha visits the cave site and urges relatives of the missing not to give up hope. Efforts to drain the cave with pumps make little progress. June 30: The effort to locate the missing picks up pace again, as a break in the rain eases flooding in the system of caverns and more experts from around the world, including Australia and China, join the rescue mission. In anticipation of finding the boys, an evacuation drill is held to practice how they will be sent to a hospital after leaving the cave.

July 1: Rescue divers advance into the main passageway inside the flooded cave and set up a staging area inside. Thai navy SEALs reach a bend where the kilometer-long passage splits in two directions. J u l y 2 : Tw o e x p e r t British cave divers locate the missing boys and their coach. They record video of the boys talking with them. July 3: The videos are released and show the boys taking turns introducing themselves, folding t h e i r h a n d s together in a traditional Thai greeting and saying their names. The boys also say they are healthy. July 4: Seven navy SEALs and a doctor join the boys with food and medicine. Options are discussed about whether the boys should be taken out of the cave with divers soon or kept in place until conditions improve. July 5: The boys continue with diving lessons in case a decision is made to extract them through a route that is partially underwater. The effort to pump out water in increased. July 6: Officials indicate that they favor extracting the boys as soon as possi b l e , f e a r i n g f u r t h e r danger if they are forced to stay inside by more rain causing additional flooding. Concern increases about falling oxygen levels inside the cave. A former navy SEAL aiding the rescue effort dies from a lack of oxygen during his mission. July 7: Officials suggest that an underwater evacuation will be made in the following few days because of predictions of a rainstorm. However, they say the boys’ diving skills are not yet where they need to be. July 8: The official heading the rescue operation declares that “D-Day” has arrived as he announces the start of the operation to bring the boys and their coach out of the cave. Divers take four of the boys out through tight passages and flooded caverns. July 9: Divers take four more boys to safety during the second day of the rescue operation. This leaves four boys and their coach still inside the cave. July 10: On the third day of the rescue operation, divers bring out the remaining four boys and their coach, ending an ordeal that lasted more than two weeks.

20 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Silverstone turned on an epic F1 race (with a little help from the Stewards room)

Automakers, manufacturers oppose Trump call for auto tariffs Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany, right, steers his car followed by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton of Britain during the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone racetrack, Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 8. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

In this Tuesday, June 12, 2018, photo, trucks cross the Ambassador Bridge from Windsor, Ontario into Detroit. In nearly a quarter-century since NAFTA was approved, a complex chain of automotive parts makers has sprung up on both sides of the U.S.-Canada border. About 7,400 trucks cross the bridge between Detroit and Windsor every day, many laden with auto parts. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Paul Wiseman Washington (AP) Automakers, manufacturers and classic-car enthusiasts are coming out against President Donald Trump’s plan to consider taxing imported cars, trucks and auto parts. General Motors warned in a filing last week with the U.S. Commerce Department that the threat of auto tariffs “risks undermining GM’s competitiveness against foreign auto producers” by driving up the cost of imported components and raises the risk that GM will face retaliation in other countries. The National Association of Manufacturers said in its filing that that the tariff plan would “put the U.S. manufacturing sector at a global disadvantage, undermining growth and job creation throughout the United States.”

And Toyota Motor North America said the tariffs “would have a negative impact on all manufacturers, increasing the cost of imported vehicles as well as domestically produced vehicles that rely on imported parts” - such as the company’s Kentucky-built Camry. Friday was the deadline for public comments on Trump’s call for a Commerce investigation into whether auto imports pose enough of a threat to U.S. national security to justify tariffs. The president has cited national security concerns as the reason for slapping tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, drawing retaliatory tariffs from the European Union, Mexico, Canada, Turkey and India. Car collector Guy Mace of Springfield, Missouri, was one of many classic-car enthusiasts who wrote in to

call for used cars and parts to be excluded from any tariff. “Antique and classic cars (have) nothing to do with national security,” Mace wrote. “A wide ranging industry is involved the collection of antique and classic cars, and literally thousands of car enthusiasts, auction houses and repair/ restoration shops derive their livelihood from this industry.” Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the department had received 2,500 comments and expected more by Friday’s deadline. “The purpose of the comment period and of the public hearing scheduled for July 19th and 20th is to make sure that all stakeholders’ views are heard, both pro and con,” Ross said in statement. “That will enable us to make our best informed recommendation to the President.”

Autotrivia Quiz Last week I asked, would you be happy to drive a forward-firing M1895 Colt-Browning machine gun with armored shield between the front wheel and steering tiller, operated by the front passenger? What was this car? It was the Davidson-Duryea Gun Carriage of 1898. Major Davidson converted a passenger Duryea into the armored car. The conversion was devised by inventor Major (later Colonel) R.P. Davidson, of the Illinois National Guard, then commandant of the Northwestern Military

and Naval Academy, Highland Park, Illinois. So to this week. What was different about the power train of a car called Gregory? For a free beer at the next car Club meeting (August 13) at Jamesons Irish Pub, be the first correct answer to email automania@ or And in addition, if you are a Pattaya resident, the closest correct answer will win a free voucher for Casa Pascal’s Breakfast BBQ. Good luck!

With Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) the hometown favorite, being bumped from first to last at the third corner, the collective groan from 340 thousand British spectators was audible. Much Finnish epithets were also heard, amplified by the stewards awarding Kimi Raikkonen a 10 second stop-go penalty for giving Hamilton a helping hand into the shrubbery. Driver of the day was Hamilton, though Raikkonen’s drive to overcome his penalty was also a sterling effort ending up three seconds behind the Brit. Some close racing at the top end bodes well for the next race in Germany on July 22. The race was half way through the 2018 calendar and already there is jostling for seats with some current drivers just not making the grade. First among

these is Grosjean (Haas) – is there any driver left that he hasn’t managed to hit? But on the plus side he can say “sorry” in several languages. Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) does not deserve an F1 seat, as does Brendan Hartley (in the other Toro Rosso). The Williams pair of Stroll and Sirotkin are a joke (well-heeled jokes) and are a laughing stock. Vandoorne who has been outqualified every meeting by Alonso is another who should look for alternative employment next year, they are short taxi drivers in Brussels I am told. Ericsson (Sauber) is being consistently shown up by the talented novice Leclerc, who only lost out on a top 10 finish after his crew sent him out on three wheels. Objectively, half the field does not deserve to be there.

The teams should start looking at the talented F2 drivers. Result 1 S Vettel Ferrari 2 L Hamilton Mercedes 3 K Raikkonen Ferrari 4 V Bottas Mercedes 5 D Ricciardo Red Bull 6 N Hulkenberg Renault 7 E Ocon Force India 8 F Alonso McLaren 9 K Magnussen Haas 10 S Perez Force India DNF M Verstappen Red Bull 46 laps R Grosjean Haas Accident 37 laps C Sainz Renault Accident 37 laps M Ericsson Sauber Accident - 31 laps C Leclerc Sauber – loose wheel 18 laps B Hartley Toro Rosso Accident

Yet another “Super Car” The written world is running out of superlatives as the motor industry continues to produce limited run stratospheric cars. The latest is the McLaren 600 LT. Based on the 570S, the 600LT is the fastest and most powerful model in the history of the entry-level Sports Series range. McLaren has boosted power for the 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 by 22 kW/20 Nm to 441 kW/ 620 Nm, thanks to an uprated cooling system and reduced back pressure in the exhaust system, which is shorter than that in the McLaren Senna. As the name would suggest, the 600LT’s body length has been increased by 74 mm, and features an extended front splitter, lengthened rear diffuser and a fixed rear wing. Much attention has been given to weight saving and the 600LT checks in at 1247 kg dry, 96 kg lighter than the 570 S Coupe, with 23 percent of parts changed for the 600LT.

Weight saving is achieved with new carbon-fiber bodywork and the special exhaust system, which exits on top of the 600LT’s rear, in front of the fixed wing spoiler. Options from McLaren Special Operations (MSO) such as vented carbon-fiber front fenders and a carbon-fiber roof to further reduce weight. To enhance on-road performance, the 600 LT gains the aluminium double-wishbone suspension and lightweight brakes borrowed from the 720S, sharper throttle, brake and steering response, firmer engine and exhaust mounts and Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R rubber. The weight-saving measures continue inside with a minimalist cabin featuring carbon-fiber racing seats borrowed from the P1 hybrid supercar, and extensive Alcantara trim throughout. Those looking to further reduce weight can option super-light carbon-fiber seats taken from the Senna. McLaren has described the

production of the 600 LT as “strictly limited”, so Thailand allocation will be very slim. Local pricing is yet to be determined, but a price tag somewhere between the 570S Coupe ($395,000 before on-road costs) and the 720S ($515,080) is likely. Production of the 600 LT will begin in October and last for 12 months, meaning the new model will likely be released in 2019. The LT badge began in 1997 with the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, a GT racecar based on the F1 GTR that was over 100 kg lighter compared to the original, and finished the 1997 Le Mans 24 Hours GT1 class in first and second place. The nameplate was revived at the 2015 Geneva motor show with the 675 LT, based on the 650 S Super Series model which was followed by a drop-top Spider version due to the demand of the coupe. As such, the creation of a 600 LT Spider is not out of the question.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

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22 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


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VOL. XXVI No. 28

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VOL. XXVI No. 28

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FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 23


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24 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Low season highs at Laem Chabang PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf Society Monday, July 2, Laem Chabang Stableford A Flight 1st Tommy Marshall (6) 36pts 2nd Kevin McEntee (8) 34pts 3rd Jay Burns (3) 34pts B Flight 1st Andre Van Dyk (16) 39pts 2nd Colin Service (17) 37pts 3rd Toby Glass (15) 35pts C Flight 1st Barry Oats (25) 39pts 2nd Terry Mangan (24) 37pts 3rd Mike Firkin (24) 34pts The Pattaya Links Golf Society began July with its second largest field of the year when they visited the sumptuous Laem Chabang to play a stableford competition in three flights, divided at fourteen and under and 21 and over. The course, more especially the B and C nines, at the moment is in wonderful condition and a hot day, refreshed by a constant cooling breeze helped the golfers to enjoy the experience. In the top flight, threehandicapper Jay Burns collected 34 points from his best gross round (77) to take third place on countback from Phil Davies, with Kevin McEntee also benefitting from c/back to take second place. The flight winner was Tommy Marshall who took the victory with 36 points. In the second flight Toby Glass came good at last with a sparkling 35 points for third place, a couple behind a resurgent Colin Service on 37 points. The flight winner was

Andre van Dyk with an excellent 39 points matching the best points total of the day. The third flight saw Mike Firkin’s newly re-shafted driver do the business (most of the time) as he made his way to a third place of 34 points. In second was Terry Mangan with 37 points and the flight winner was Barry Oats with 39 points. Near pins were won by Nigel Harrison (B5), Brock Jensen (B8), Barry Oats (C5) and John Pierrel (C8). Consolation awards went to Phil Davies for his best front nine of 22 points and Ken Hole for his best back nine of 19 points.

Wednesday, July 4, Pattana – Stableford 1st Phil Davies (12) 42pts 2nd Wayne Peppernell (16) 38pts 3rd Terry Mangan (24) 38pts 4th Derek Phillips (19) 38pts Today we played another quality golf course in Pattana and have previously used so many words to describe how good this course is, I am scratching for some new way to say how beautiful are the freshly cut fairways, or the speed and true run of the greens. Three weeks ago we played at Pattana and Phil Davies wore the green jacket after scoring 40 points. Today he once again took all before him, this time with magnificent 42 points. Yes, in case you ask, his projected handicap has lowered.

Davies back with a bang PSC Golf from Siam Country Resort Pattaya Tuesday, July 3, King’s Naga Stableford On Tuesday we went to King’s Naga with only one group as many members of our society are on holiday in Europe or elsewhere. A few months ago we were enthusiastic about the improvements of this course, but this changed today completely as it was in poor condition and the greens very bad. Let’s hope they can improve it again. Paul Davies was back from holiday played a steady round to win with 34 points.

Paddy Devereux came second with 29.

Thursday, July 5, Plutaluang Matchplay Plutaluang was our venue on Thursday and the course was, as always, in very good condition. We had nice weather, partly clouded with a nice breeze and decided to play a matchplay competition. Jonathan Pratt beat Willem Lasonder on the last hole while Dave Smith beat Paddy Devereux 2-up. Next time the winners will meet each other.

Burns (A3), James Hudson (A8), Tom Herrington (B3), and Tommy Marshall (B7)

Friday, July 6, Khao Kheow - Stableford

Barry Oats (left) with Phil Davies. There was a logjam for second place with a four -way tie on 38 points. Winning second spot was Wayne Peppernell from Terry Mangan in third and Derek Phillips taking fourth. The unfortunate one to miss was

“hot and cold” Tip Briney. However, Tip had a small consolation by winning Best Front Nine with 21 points. Maurice Roberts scored the Best Back Nine with 19 points. Near pins went to Jay

A Flight 1st Anand (9) 35pts 2nd Phil Davies (12) 34pts 3rd Maurice Roberts (13) 33pts 4th Mitchell Carlon (9) 33pts B Flight 1st Mike Tottenham (22) 35pts 2nd John Anderson (28) 34pts 3rd Jim Galendez (18) 33pts 4th Dave Arataki (29) 33pts Thirty one golfers made the short trip to Khao Kheow Country Club which was not in its best condition but still provided a tough test. No player was able to play to handicap, but A Flight (017) winner Anand came close by scoring 35 points, and B Flight (18+) winner,

Mike Tottenham matched that points score. In A Flight, Phil Davies continued his run of form, as he took second place with 34 points, while Maurice Roberts nudged out Mitchell Carlon in a countback, to grab third, both on 33 points. The B Flight saw similar scores as John Anderson, in a rare display of good form, made second place his with 34 points. Two players on 33 points had to be separated by countback, and it was Jim Galendaz taking it over Dave Arataki. Near pins went to Maurice Roberts (B3), Toby Glass (B8), Derek Phillips (C3), and Phil Davies (C8). Best consolation nines came from Tip Briney (front, 18pts) and Wayne Peppernell (back, 19pts).

Gilroy goes full gas at Burapha The Tara Court Golf Society Sunday, July 1, Green Valley Stableford A Flight 1st Craig Hitchens (13) 41pts 2nd Paul Pavloff (6) 39pts 3rd Jerry Sweetnam (11) 38pts B Flight 1st Donal McGuigan (17) 39pts 2nd Joe McArdle (18) 36pts 3rd Terry Mangan (21) 35pts 2’s: Peter Henshaw, Terry Mangan and Stuart Brown (2). We had a good group out today and so we had two flights with the cut for the A flight coming in at fourteen. We also had very good scoring, especially in the A flight and with some people playing to their handicaps and not getting in the prizes. Craig Hitchens celebrated his birthday today and he gave himself a very good present by winning the A flight with an excellent forty one points, which means that even though he is a year older now his handicap will be coming down. Paul Pavloff also played very well today, going round in three over gross for thirty nine points but after Craig’s performance that was only good enough to get him second place. Jerry Sweetnam played very well but his thirty eight points was only good enough for the third place today.

Donal McGuigan. In the B flight the scoring wasn’t quite as good but Donal McGuigan had an excellent thirty nine points to win it. Joe McArdle has had an enforced lay off from for golf for a while but the rest seemed to do him good as he came second today with thirty six and Terry Mangan got the third with one point fewer.

Tuesday, July 3, Pattavia – Stableford 12 players headed up the 331 to Pattavia for today’s game. We arrived and had the course to ourselves. We tee off early under a fairly hot sun & high humidity. This course is in excellent condition and one of the

Russell Gilroy.

best value for money in the area. Once again the tricky greens got to a lot of players but if you can keep the ball below the hole it is a much easier task. The winner today and only one to play to handicap was Donal McGuigan (17) with 36 points. There was a 3-way countback for the minor places all with 34 points; Glenn Armitstead (17) was second, Pat Carty (20) took third and Seil Pete (7) had to settle for fourth.

Thursday, May 5, Burapha – Stableford 1st Russell Gilroy (18) 45pts 2nd Pete Seil (7) 39pts 3rd Joe McArdle (18) 35pts

Burapha A and C nines combination today as B was closed for renovations. It was a hot day for golf but not as hot as the scoring as we had what I think was our best ever score here and also one of the best ever scores on any course. Russell Gilroy was the man on fire and despite a very silly blank on one hole he still scored an excellent forty five points to win with a six shot margin. Pete Seil had thirty nine points, a score which would normally win here but today it was only good enough for second. Joe McArdle got the third place with thirty five points, beating Pat Carty on countback. Bernie Stafford got the only ‘2’ of the day.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 25


Gardner sparkles at Crystal Bay Wan in hot form at King Naga

The Jomtien Golf Society Monday, July 2, Crystal Bay Stableford The A course here is still closed and the management are uncertain when it will reopen again, so we played the C nine first with some very slow greens and rough tees, but the B course was a lot better all round. Bruce Gardner recorded his highest score ever with us, winning division 2 with 41 points. Ray Daws was second on 31 points and John Carlin came third with 30. A cut of 12-18.7 in division 1 and there were three 37pointers in and on a 22/18/ 16 countback Paul Butler was declared the winner ahead of Willy Van Heetvelde in second and Nik Evans third. Near pins went to (Div 1) Nik Evans and Neil Gamble, and (Div 2) Leo Adam, Paul Butler and Willy Van Heetvelde. There were no ‘2’s in either division.

Wednesday, July 4, Pattana - Stableford It was the A and B nines today with an equal cut of 11-18 and 19+ in the two divisions.

PSC Golf from The Growling Swan

Wan Makmul (left) with Lorraine Percy. Bruce Gardner with Harry Vincenzi and Tim Hake.

Monday, July 2, The Khao Yai lad Tim Hake 16/13/11 countback. third with 33 and of course Greenwood – recorded the highest score Near pins were claimed by Paul Butler fourth on 32. Stableford of the day, winning division 1 with 38 points. Chris Slota came second with 35 and on a 7/6 back three countback Ian Speirs beat Paul Butler for third after they both came in with 34 points. John Doyle with 35 points won division 2, Ray Kingwell was second on 31 and then three 30-pointers came in with Bill Kana edging Bruce Gardner and Ray Daws on a

(Div 1) Neil Gamble, Tim Hake, Chris Slota and Ian Speirs, and (Div 2) Paul Butler (2), John Doyle and Harry Vincenzi. Tim Hake birdied B3 and Paul Butler A3 and B3 for the only ‘2’s of the day.

Friday, July 6, Eastern Star Stableford On arrival here the weather looked very dismal but we took a chance and by the time we teed off it did appear so bad. Five groups out today with the equal cut at 11-18.8 and 18.9+ and Chris Slota scored 38 points to win division 1 ahead of Colin Aspinall in second with 35, Jerry Sweetnam

Joe Kubon returned 37 points to win division 2 and Glyn Evans and finished second with an even par 36. Frank Kelly took third place on 35 points and Leo Adam was fourth with 28. The greens here are improving each week and becoming very slick and there were some very unusual pin placements here today that we have never seen before. Only four near pins were claimed, by Ian Speirs on the signature 13th and in division 2 by Paul Butler (2) and Frank Kelly. Jerry Sweetnam birdied the 3rd with a rollover from last week and in division 2 Paul Butler the 6th.

Carter at the double PSC Golf from The Bunker Boys will be a force in the future with a freeflowing swing and an ideal temperament for golf. Alan Sullivan, who had an excellent back nine, took third with thirty-five points after beating Robbie Watts on countback. Newcomer Chris Della-Mare took two near pins and Jimmy Carr and Geoff Parker took the other two.

Monday, July 2, King Naga – Stableford 1st Peter Allen (32) 37pts 2nd Stuart Mann (23) 36pts 3rd Les Cobban (9) 35pts A new month of golf kicked off at the King Naga course where a field of eleven participated. The weather was fine and the course in good condition with the exception of the greens which had recently been cored and sanded and provided a real challenge with variable speeds and very bumpy surface. The sand had not been brushed in properly and some areas were covered totally by sand while others received none. The speed of play was just about right with no delays and the round completed in under four hours. Peter Allen took top spot with a round of thirty-seven points. Peter is starting to regularly return some excellent scored so a cut in handicap may be imminent. Second place went to Stuart Mann one shot adrift while the ever-reliable Les Cobban took third on thirty-five points. Near pins went to Takeshi Hakozaki, Frank Quinlan, Geoff Parker, Les Hall.

Wednesday, July 4, Khao Kheow – Stableford 1st Neil Carter (12) 38pts 2nd Kob Glover (31) 36pts 3rd Alan Sullivan (14) 35pts A field of twelve made their way to

Friday, July 6, Pattavia – Stableford

Neil Carter. Khao Khoew Country club for our midweek round. Conditions for golf were almost perfect with moderate temperatures, bright skies, and a pleasant cool breeze blowing. We were allocated the B and C nines where the course was in excellent order except for the tee boxes which were a bit ragged and could do with some attention. Neil Carter took first place today with a score of thirty-eight points an excellent score by any measure on this challenging layout. Our only lady member Kob Glover took second place with a fine thirty-six. Kob is relatively new to golf and already showing signs she

1st Neil Carter (12) 38pts 2nd Les Hall (23) 37pts 3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 36pts Despite a few notable absentees, today’s role up of fourteen was an excellent low season turnout for a round at the popular Pattavia course. As always the course was in fine condition, the greens are now back to the speed for which this course became renowned. When someone is on their game it doesn’t seem to matter what the conditions are as was the case today with our winning group. Neil Carter took top position with an excellent round of thirtyeight points for the second time in two days. Second, went to Les Hall who is now starting to appear in the winner’s circle with monotonous regularity on a score of thirty-seven points whilst Jimmy Carr rounded out the winner’s circle in third on thirty-six points. Near pins went to Stuart Mann, Les Hall, and two to Les Cobban.

A Flight (0-17) 1st Steve Lynch (4) 39pts 2nd Chris Lim (1) 37pts 3rd Sa (8) 37pts B Flight (18+) 1st Gordon Clegg (24) 38pts 2nd Lorraine Percy (35) 36pts 3rd Rudy Regenass (19) 35pts Near Pins:A2 Keith Buchanan, A6 Steve Lynch, C6 Sok. Long Putts: A9 Craig, C9 Chris Lim. Two buses and a couple of cars loaded with enthusiastic golfers departed the Swan for the trip up the highway to Greenwood Golf Club. We played courses A & C and we were playing from the front tees. The course was in good condition as it always is, with fairways in good nick and the greens playing true. Two flights were the order of the day with 3 places in each flight. In A Flight, Steve Lynch took the honours with 39 points while second place went to a countback between 3 golfers, with Chris Lim edging Sa and Keith Buchanan. B Flight saw Gordon Clegg continue his fine form, taking first place with 38 points

while in second was another in form golfer, Lorraine Percy with an even par 36, and Rudy Regenass took third one point further back.

Thursday, July 5, King Naga Stableford 1st Wan Makmul (26) 41pts 2nd Keith Buchanan (15) 38pts 3rd Don Richardson (17) 38pts 4th Dick Braimbridge (34) 37pts Near Pins: #5 Wan Makmul, #7 Mashi Kaneta, #12 Denis Steele, #16 Marty Kempton. Long Putts: #9 Allan Ray, #18 Bernie McCart. A good field of 18 golfers headed out to the infamous King Naga Golf Club and if only they would revamp the facilities here this is a course that, at the pricing they are charging, you would have to book months in advance to get on. The course itself was in great condition, other than some of the front nine greens that still had sand on them. We attacked the layout from the yellow tees and the winner today was Wan Makmul with a great score of 41 points. Keith Buchanan took second three points further back on a countback over Don Richardson.

26 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


Kim shatters LPGA scoring records, wins by 9 shots

Sei Young Kim reacts after making birdie on Hole No. 5 during the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic golf tournament Sunday, July 8, in Oneida, Wisconsin. (Jim Matthews/The Post-Crescent via AP)

Bill Huber Oneida, Wis. (AP) — Sei Young Kim watched her 12foot birdie putt break toward the hole and disappear into the cup, putting her in territory no one had ever been on the LPGA Tour. She reached 30-under par in the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic. And she wasn’t finished. Kim added yet another birdie, closed with a 7-under 65 and wound up her historic week last Sunday in Wisconsin at 31 under for a nine-shot victory. “I never thought I’d shoot 31 under,” Kim said. “I really feel incredible.” Kim’s 31 under broke by four shots to par the record

she had shared with Annika Sorenstam. Kim won the 2016 Founders Cup at 27 under, while Sorenstam won the 2001 Standard Register Ping at 27 under, the tournament where the Swede shot 59. “After the Founders Cup, I got new goals,” she said. “I wish I could break up the (tour) record. It’s really unbelievable.” Kim also set the 72-hole scoring record at 257, finishing with three straight pars to break the mark by one shot. The 25-year-old from South Korea opened with a 63, followed with a 65 and shot a 64 on Saturday to reach 24 under, which tied Sorenstam’s 54-hole record in 2003 at the Mizuno Classic in Japan, a 54-hole event.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

Greenaway gets gold at Phoenix PSC Golf from The Billabong Bar Monday, July 2, Phoenix Gold Stableford Phoenix on a beautiful day for golf and the only thing that spoiled it was the rough for most of us. However, in saying that, there was a men’s professional tournament played there the previous week and finished Sunday, so it was set up tough. The management here said the rough won’t be cut but in fact it will be grown a few more inches for the next tournament, coming up in three weeks time. Only one of our golfers played one shot better than his handicap and another couple played two shots over and the rest of us had scores to forget. Taking third was Bill Marsden with 34 points, being beaten by Andy Butterworth with 23 points on the back nine. The top spot went to Paul Greenaway with a fine effort to score 37 points. The only ‘2’ of the day came from Mark Walter.

Wednesday, July 4, Green Valley Stableford For once the weather forecast was spot on, cloudy, humid and no rain, well

Friday, July 6, Burapha - Stableford

Bill Marsden, Paul Greenaway and Mark Walter. hardly any. Green Valley is looking immaculate at the moment but the only problem is the inconsistency of the bunkers. The machines that are used are not friendly to golfers for many bunkers are so compressed it is similar to playing off concrete, whilst others have soft sand that allows an impressive splash of sand and an impressive exit onto the green. I make it sound like I know what I am talking about. There were some impressive scores from the ladies today, Miss May being but one for she had 8 pars and 2 birdies in her 37 points and

had the only ‘2’ of the day. But that was not good enough to catch Miss Ooh who claimed second place with 38 points. Miss Pin was the star player with 42 points, mainly due to a shifting of gears at the turn and 23 points on the inward stretch. A game of two halves certainly applied to Neil Fidele with 7 pars on the front nine but a major breakdown on the back with only 13 points which left him in third place, 3 points behind Peter Thomas in second. The winner, Sel Wegner, deserved all the accolades with a splendid 41 points.

What pleasant change today at Burapha, playing A and C loops in perfect conditions for golf with high cloud cover to keep the heat away. The course was in fantastic condition, with fast but true greens and the fairways were like hitting off carpet. We had 5 groups playing an d w e r e a w a y a l i t t l e early for the perfect start to the day, no holdups at all and we just flowed along. The scoring was also extremely good with countbacks needed to decide the minor podium places. The first countback between Peter Seil and Glenn Smith, both on 38 points, saw Glenn getting the nod for fifth with 14 points on the back 6 holes to Pete’s 13. The countback between Bob Lindborg and Miss Porn, both on 40 points, had Bob in third spot and Miss Porn getting second. The top man today was Rick Culley just taking the win by one point with 41 in total. There were two ‘2’s, coming from Gary Ritchie and Helmut Hebstriet.

Shane stops the Swedes Traveller’s Rest Golf Group Scandinavians, improving by two shots on Wednesday’s round.

Monday, July 2, Khao Kheow - Stableford 1st Karl Eidevik (9) 36pts 2nd Jacob Cummings (6) 36pts 3rd Greg Bates (15) 30pts With Sweden making it to the quarter finals of the World Cup, their golfing counterparts emulated their success at the Royal and Ancient game of golf. This week we had four out of six first place finishes going to the Scandinavians. We commenced the week at Khao Kheow where Karl Eidevik got the ball rolling with a splendid round of 36 points, narrowly beating his fellow Swede on a count-back and scoring his first TRGG victory.

Tuesday, July 3, Green Valley – Stableford 1st Christian Boysen (9) 38pts 2nd Freddy Starbeck (12) 38pts 3rd Neil Wilkinson (12) 37pts Green Valley was the venue for Tuesday’s match and the Scandinavian dominance continued. This time it was Christian Boysen who stepped up to the penalty spot and went goal for goal with Freddy Starbeck. At half time it was Freddy 21, Christian 20 but the pressure got to the Old War Horse and by the end of play it was all tied at 38 and once again a count-back was required to determine the winner.

Wednesday, July 4, Bangpra - Stableford 1st Robert Bjorkvist (14) 34pts 2nd Ito Akitoshi (11) 33pts 3rd Karl Eidevik (9) 33pts Bangpra saw the Scandinavians score their first hat-trick since beating Cuba 8-0 in the 1938 World Cup quar-

Friday, July 6, Burapha – Stableford

Shane Te-Lee. ter finals in France. Robert Bjorkvist did the treble with 34 points and will almost certainly receive a hero’s welcome when he returns home to Sweden. He will probably be on the same plane as the rest of the squad as England were poised to eliminate any hope of them advancing in this year’s World Cup!

Thursday, July 5, Phoenix Gold – Stableford 1st Robert Bjorkvist (14) 36pts 2nd Michael Prideaux (11) 35pts 3rd Michael McCluskey (15) 33pts Phoenix hosted the Ladies EuropeanThailand Championship on the 21st of June and the course is still in magnificent condition. The only complaint on this day was that the pin positions where about a meter in from the side of every green which didn’t allow you to appreciate the hidden undulations and contours. Undeterred though, Robert Bjorkvist made it back to back wins for him and four in a row for the

1st Shane Te-Lee (16) 44pts 2nd Bob Cannon (23) 41pts 3rd Eddie Townsend (20) 40pts Friday at Burapha and the Scandinavians expectations were high for five wins in a row. It was Sweden versus the rest of the world, and as many great sporting nations know, staying number one isn’t easy. With two thirds of the field scoring thirty three points or better and thirty nine points not even making it into the top three, it was going to take an exceptional score to win the day. The Scandinavian mythical “Narcken”, who is said to have lived in the sea, must have drowned as a couple of Aussies and Shane Te-Lee from the land of the rising sun obliterated the Swedes and carved out some amazing scores. Bob Cannon, only one shot of his personal best with 41 points thought he’d done enough to take first place but only managed second as Shane’s 44 took the day.

Saturday, July 7, Pattavia – Stableford 1st Richard Talbot (18) 43pts 2nd Robert Bjorkvist (13) 37pts 3rd Colin Smith (12) 33pts On Saturday there was more rewriting of the history books as England beat Sweden 2-0 and reached the semi finals of the World Cup for the first time since 1990. Amazingly, today, Sweden’s Robert Bjorkvist also lost to England’s Richard Talbot at Pattavia. Richard, returning from an injury was like poetry in motion as he netted 43 points.

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 27


Mashi dominates Pattavia scorefest PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group down a bit for a few weeks, the greens are back up to their slick reputation. Because of recent rain the ‘lift ‘n clean’ rule was called, but probably not needed. There are winners and then there are big winners! This day Mashi Kaneta (c/h 16) had an amazing game and carded a

Mashi Kaneta (right) with Andre Van Dyk.

Tuesday, July 3, Khao Kheow Stableford Khao Kheow is a Pete Dye course that usually beats you and every shot has to be played well and with thought as recovery is difficult. I once kept a record for several hundred rounds and found that to get, say over 40 points was at least one in a hundred. Maybe it has been made a little easier these days but to beat your handicap here is


something to be proud of. On this day it was still damp from the rains of late, but the carts were allowed on the fairways. We started on the B nine followed by the C layout and, as usual on B8, the island green, with a wind blowing many of us were in the water. One weird thing that I have never seen before on this course was the appearance of a very large and very aggressive male monkey. This is the first I have seen at Khao Kheow and it was not

FRI 13

Apple’s Irish


Bunker Boys

Crystal Bay

SAT 14

John Pierrel. to be scared off, even with 3 male golfers waving golf clubs at it. Only a thrown banana saw it retreat, to eat. We had a countback to decide the winner, with John Pierrel edging out Brian Parish after they both scored 35 points each. In third place with 34 points was Derek Brook and in fourth was Mashi Kaneta with 33.

Friday, July 6, Pattavia – Stableford Pattavia is usually in good

SUN 15

condition and the price quite reasonable, so on this day twelve Tropical Golfers decided it was too good a deal to pass up. We opted for four 3-balls (highly recommended) so play was nice and steady, and greens less crowded. As usual Pattavia was in good to excellent condition but to search for a negative, many bunkers are as much gravel as sand, so anyone with a shiny new wedge would not be happy. After slowing

MON 16

TUE 17

WED 18


Crystal Bay

Green Valley


Le Katai Lewiinski’s The Links



Crystal Bay


Siam Old Coures

Green Valley Khao Kheow

Green Valley

Eastern Star


Treasure Hill

Khao Kheow

Siam Country Sugar Shack



Valley View Hackers

The Emerald

PSC Monthly


PSC Monthly


PSC Monthly


PSC Monthly Burapha


PSC Monthly PSC Monthly PSC Monthly

Soi Dao

The Players Lounge Tropical Golf

PSC Monthly

PSC Monthly

Soi Diana Sports The Golf Club

PSC Monthly

Siam Old Course

Pattaya C.C. King’s Naga

PSC Monthly PSC Monthly

The Emerald

I Rovers Retox Game On

PSC Monthly


Bangpra Burapha

FRI 20 PSC Monthly


Growling Swan Billabong Golf

THU 19

Khao Kheow

Cafe Kronborg Colin’s Golf

stratospheric 45 points. Next came Andre Van Dyk (18) who scored a normally winning 42 points, followed by Alan Sullivan (16) with 39 and Mick Coghlan (25) took the final bow with “only” 38. Best 9 (non winning) scores went to Don Carmody (21) and Bob Britton (20).

Green Valley

Pattaya C.C.

Green Valley

PSC Monthly

Pattavia Green Valley

PSC Monthly

Bangpra Green Valley

PSC Monthly Green Valley

PSC Monthly

The Bunker Boys meet at the M-Club off Pattaya 3rd Road for golf outings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ( Transportation leaves from Cafe Kronborg on Soi Diana Inn at 8:15 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, (contact Dave on tel. 038 602 2117). Colin’s Bar plays golf Sun/Mon/Wed & Fri ( The Growling Swan plays golf on Monday & Thursday ( Lewiinski’s departs from Soi Pattayaland One (Soi Pattaya 13/3) at 9:00 a.m. on its scheduled days. of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday/Wednesday and Friday. The Pattaya Links Hotel Golf Society departs from Soi Buakhao on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Call Phil on 0625 933 380 or visit The Golf Club is located on Soij LK Metro. Call Phil on 090 769 3778. Tropical Golf meets at BJ’s Holiday Lodge at 8am on Tuesday’ & Friday. Call Derek on 089 034 0629

28 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

India beat England in 3rd T20, win series 2-1 Bristol, England (AP) — Opener Rohit Sharma scored an unbeaten 100 as India beat England by seven wickets in the third Twenty20 cricket international last Sunday to clinch the threematch series 2-1. India reached 201-3 with

eight balls to spare in reply to England’s 198-9 at the County Ground. Virat Kohli scored 43 before he was caught and bowled by Chris Jordan, and Hardik Pandya (33 not out) shared a 50-run unbeaten partnership with Sharma.

Joshua lines up Wembley for fights in September and April

Pandya hit the winning runs with a six over the longon boundary. England were sent into bat after India won the toss and got away to a positive start. Jason Roy blasted 67 runs off 31 deliveries, including seven sixes, and Jos Buttler hit 34 off 21. The opening pair put on 94 before Buttler was bowled by Siddarth Kaul (2-35) at the end of the eighth over. Roy was caught behind shortly after off the bowling of Deepak Chahar. Pandya was India’s most successful bowler with a return of 4-38 from four overs. In reply, Sharma moved to exactly 100 off 56 deliveries - with 11 fours and five sixes

India celebrate the series win after the 3rd IT20 Series cricket match between England and India at the Brightside Ground in Bristol, England, Sunday July 8. (Mark Kerton/PA via AP)

- and joined New Zealander Colin Munro as the only two players with three international tons in the sprint format. Sharma — man of the match and series — said conditions and size of the pitch were ideal for his assault on the England attack. “We always knew it was going to be a good pitch,” Sharma said. “The idea was to hold the ship and try and play big shots and that’s exactly what I did. I tried to spend some time in the middle, took my time and then went on to play those shots.” India won the first T20 by eight wickets at Manchester before England leveled the series with a five-wicket win at Cardiff.

No. 1 Halep calls self ‘unprofessional’ after Wimbledon loss Howard Fendrich World Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua is shown in this file photo dated Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein) London (AP) — World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s next two fights are at Wembley Stadium in September and April. Joshua will defend his WBA, IBF and WBO belts there on Sept. 22, and return to Wembley on April 13. His promoter Matchroom was in negotiations with WBA mandatory challenger Alexander Povetkin for September after dealings for a unification bout with WBC champion Deontay Wilder stalled. Joshua’s successful challenge against Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley drew a British post-war attendance record of 90,000

in April 2017. He has since twice filled Principality Stadium in Cardiff, defending his belts against Carlos Takam last October before taking Joseph Parker’s WBO belt in March. Both events pulled in a combined 150,000 fans. “I am returning to Wembley after two mega fights in Cardiff,” Joshua said in a statement. “Being north London born and raised it is in my blood. The opportunity to fight in such an iconic stadium is normally a oncein-career opportunity, so to be given the chance to fight there again is amazing. Wembley just added a fourth lion to the den.”

London (AP) — Simona Halep was ready for a vacation. It started a week earlier than she wanted after she gave away a big lead, wasted a match point and lost at Wimbledon, joining the procession of top women on the way out. Ranked and seeded No. 1, fresh off her winning first Grand Slam title at the French Open, so sure she had figured out how to overcome the big-moment anxiety that was so problematic for so long, Halep chastised herself as “unprofessional” after bowing out in the third round at the All England

Club last Saturday, dropping the last five games while being beaten 3-6, 6-4, 7-5 by Hsieh Su-Wei of Taiwan. “I just was too negative to myself, talking too much. I think because I was tired, because I’m tired, I couldn’t stay focused for every ball,” Halep said. “Mentally, I was tired. Also physically, I feel tired. My muscles are gone.” For the first time in Wimbledon history, none of the top five women’s seeds reached the round of 16. Only one of the top 10 seeds went through to Week 2: No. 7 Karolina Pliskova. The only past champion at the grass-court tournament left was Serena Williams.

Simona Halep of Romania loses a point to SuWei Hsieh of Taiwan during their women’s singles match on the sixth day at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London, Saturday July 7. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Qataris considering a 48-team option for 2022 World Cup Graham Dunbar Moscow (AP) — The organizers of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar are open to talks about a 48-team tournament, and can see a format to host it alone. FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s wish to add 16 extra teams to the tournament was seen as pushing Qatar toward letting other states into a co-hosting plan at a time when some Persian Gulf neighbors enforced a hostile, year-long boycott of the tiny emirate. In Moscow last month, pressure on Qatar was eased when the Infantino-chaired FIFA Council agreed that the host nation’s consent was a “precondition” for change. A senior Qatari official said last Saturday a 48-team tournament could be staged using only the eight stadiums in and around Doha. “Yes, it’s doable, we just need to figure out how it is done,” said Nasser Al Khater, the assistant secretary general

for organizers Tournament Affairs. “If the format is done right, it could actually be an edition that is exciting.” Although Qatar is willing to negotiate, the veto power it apparently gained is key to any progress on the tournament expansion. “If we feel that it’s not in favor of us or of football, we won’t go for it,” Al Khater said at the opening of a Qatari hospitality house in Moscow’s Gorky Park. “If the format of a 48-team World Cup is an exciting format, and it doesn’t follow the traditional type of format, yeah, why not? It might add an exciting new element.” One option stands out. A playoff round involving 32 nations from which 16 winners would join 16 seeded teams in a traditional group stage. “Maybe it’s a sudden death, one game sudden death and you’re out, and maybe it happens before the rest of the teams come,” Al Khater said.

That format was rejected in January 2017 by the FIFA Council when it agreed to expand the World Cup. The 48 teams at the 2026 edition, which is set to be staged in the United States, Canada and Mexico, will play in 16 groups of three teams. FIFA said last year that the playoff round idea was disliked because suddendeath losers would feel they were going home before the real World Cup started with 32 teams. A further barrier to 48 teams in Qatar is any format would add to the 28-day World Cup program already agreed to for NovemberDecember 2022, which is already a departure from the regular mid-year schedule. Europe’s top leagues have said it would be unacceptable for them to lose another weekend of play in November to add extra World Cup playing days. “Everything we have done is toward a 32-team World

Cup,” Al Khater acknowledged. FIFA and Qatari organizers have said final decisions about the 2022 tournament are needed before the worldwide program of qualifying games starts early next year. Negotiations at the highest level could take place this weekend when the Emir of Qatar arrives in Moscow to attend the World Cup final. The opening game last month involving Saudi Arabia was attended by its crown prince. The Saudis have been hostile toward Qatar and its World Cup hosting status during the regional boycott. Qatar suffered just “a bit of a disruption” last year to supplies for World Cuplinked projects, Al Khater said. “We don’t have any delays in any of our stadiums, we don’t have soaring costs impact,” he said. “The political situation has not affected us at all.”

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 29


Vettel puts neck on the line to beat Hamilton in British GP Ciaran Fahey Silverstone, England (AP) — After laboring with neck pain on Saturday, Sebastian Vettel found the perfect tonic 24 hours later — matching Alain Prost’s total of 51 Grand Prix victories and denying main rival Lewis Hamilton a recordsetting win in his home race. The German defeated second-placed Hamilton last Sunday to win the British GP in front of a partisan crowd and extended his lead in the Formula One championship standings to eight points after 10 of 21 races. “Sebastian drove a great race, fighting like a lion despite the pain in the neck,” Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said. Vettel had been hindered by neck pain in the last practice, and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to compete in Saturday’s qualifying session. He acknowledged he had been concerned ahead of the race itself. “I will feel it a little bit tonight. It doesn’t matter. It held up. The race was fantastic,” Vettel said after claiming his fourth win of the season. Vettel moved level with Prost on 51 F1 wins, trailing only Hamilton (65) and Michael Schumacher (91). Hamilton, who started in

pole position after setting an electrifying track record to beat Vettel in qualifying, was going for a fifth straight victory in his home race and his sixth overall to beat the record of five he shares with Jim Clark and Prost. But a poor start and disastrous first lap all but ended his hopes, despite Hamilton’s valiant fightback to finish second. “Just got wheel spin and lost ground to the others and then just got a tap from behind and that was that,” Hamilton said. Hamilton’s aggressive start allowed Vettel and his Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas to streak ahead. Then Vettel’s Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen bumped into the British driver at Turn 3, sending the Mercedes off the track and leaving him last. “Interesting tactics, I would say, from their side,” Hamilton complained immediately afterward. Later he was quick to say it wasn’t an issue: “I don’t have any concerns.” The British driver managed to fight his way back after a Mercedes-Ferrari duel developed with Bottas leading until Vettel hit the front again with five laps to go. Vettel finished 2.264 seconds ahead of Hamilton.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel of Germany celebrates after winning the British Formula One Grand Prix at the Silverstone racetrack in Silverstone, England, Sunday, July 8. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) “It was a super start, a super race and, yeah, a hammer finish,” Vettel said. Raikkonen, who completed the podium for Ferrari, was handed a 10-second penalty for the early incident involving Hamilton. “That’s how it goes sometimes. Not a straightforward race,” said the Finn, who said he deserved the punishment. That was no comfort to Hamilton, who quickly worked his way through the

Knox wins Irish Open in playoff after extraordinary finish Donegal, Ireland (AP) — Scottish golfer Russell Knox rolled in almost-identical birdie putts from around 40 feet on the 72nd hole and the first playoff hole to win the Irish Open last Sunday. After Knox made birdie on No. 18 to set the clubhouse target at 14-under par, Ryan Fox of New Zealand missed an 8-foot birdie putt that would have won him the Rolex Series event. They went back down the 18th hole for the playoff and Knox pitched from 131 yards to virtually the same spot on the green. His long birdie putt curled left to right and into the cup. Fox failed to match the birdie, his putt agonizingly lipping out, and Knox put his hands to his face. “Tough to describe how amazing this feels,” said Knox, who shot 6-under 66 in his final round. “It’s why I play golf — all the practice days, all the misses, all the bad moments, all are taken care of with putts like that ... Making two of them from almost identical positions. I mean, that’s a bit of a bonus. Unbelievable.” Knox is set to climb into the world’s top 50, having tied for second place at the French Open the previous week, and is fifth in the Race to Dubai. He has boosted his chances of making Europe’s Ryder Cup team for the match

back-runners as he posted the fastest lap times. Vettel pitted for new tires while the safety car was out following Marcus Ericsson’s crash. The Sauber driver spun off across the gravel into the

barriers at high speed. He was able to emerge unaided. Vettel was left stuck between the two Mercedes drivers as Bottas took the lead. Hamilton expressed doubt about competing against

Ferrari’s new tires but was told over team radio: “Lewis, you are the fastest car by miles. Don’t give up, mate. It’s all there.” However, questions will again be asked about Mercedes’ tactics after deciding not to pit to replace the tires. Mercedes’ errors cost both Hamilton and Bottas in the Austrian GP the week before when neither finished. The safety car was out again after Romain Grosjean and Carlos Sainz collided. Vettel finally pounced to take the lead on lap 47. Bottas then let Hamilton past to challenge the German. Bottas, still on medium tires, was soon struggling, and Ferrari was celebrating when Raikkonen went past to go third. Bottas finished fourth, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hulkenberg and Esteban Ocon. Ricciardo’s Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen was battling with Raikkonen but his race ended at lap 48. Note: For more on the F1 British Grand Prix, turn to Automania on page 20.

The 20th Annual Canadian Jackalope Open Entry Form Burapha Golf & Country Club Stableford Format

August 3rd 2018 Official Shotgun Start at 12:00

Entry Form Players’ Names (required)

Group Contact Phone / E-mail (required)

Handicaps (required) IPGC IPGC IPGC IPGC


Entry Fee Entry fee(s) enclosed for _________ Player(s) at THB 3,500.00 Total _______________________ Date _________________ Entry fee includes: green fee, caddy fee, golf cart fee, 20th anniversary shirt, giveaways, and Canadian Caesars kick starters at sign up, on the course and the evening buffet. A limited open bar is once again offered this year, but BYOB is recommended, corkage and mixers are provided free of charge. For more photos and history of the tournament follow this link:

General Information & Inquiries

Scotland’s Russell Knox celebrates with the trophy after winning the Irish Open at Ballyliffin Golf Club in County Donegal, Ireland, Sunday July 8. (Niall Carson/PA via AP) against the United States in France in September. “To make the Ryder Cup team, you have to win tournaments,” Knox said. “This is a heck of a start but I feel I have more to go.” Fox, who had a 68, secured a place in the British Open

at Carnoustie, Scotland, later this month. Jorge Campillo (65) was in third place, a shot further back, and defending champion Jon Rahm was in a share of fourth after a 66. Rory McIlroy shot 71 and was 2 under overall.

1. Courses to be played are Augusta and Belfry with the field limited to 128 players 2. For handicap inquires and sign up details, contact John Emmerson at, Rob Kennedy at or Mark Gorda 3. Entry fee must be included with entry form unless prior arrangements have been made with one of the organizers. On completion of your entry form and fee, contact John Emerson at 089-095-8631 and one of the organizers will collect your entry; (payment on the day is acceptable). 4. Men and Rabbits play off WHITE tees, Ladies play off RED tees. 5. Local rules and technical prize hole details will be made available on the day. 6. Your spouse is welcome to attend the Buffet & Awards presentation, compliments of the Jackalope Open. Please inform the organizers when you sign up, so we can make sure of the numbers. Email : 7. Website: Contact RobKennedy John Emmerson Mark Gorda Numbers 0871270790 089-095-8631 087-141-7878

30 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


Sweden’s Pontus Jansson (left) challenges for the ball with England’s Kyle Walker during the quarterfinal match between Sweden and England at the 2018 soccer World Cup in the Samara Arena, Samara, Russia, Saturday, July 7. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

Britain’s Chris Froome carries his bicycle after falling into a ditch during the first stage of the Tour de France cycling race in Fontenay Le-Comte, France, Saturday, July 7. (Jeff Pachoud, pool photo via AP)

Belgium’s Axel Witsel celebrates after Belgium defeated Brazil in their quarterfinal match at the 2018 soccer World Cup in Kazan, Russia, Friday, July 6. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

VOL. XXVI No. 28

Serbia’s Novak Djokovic returns the ball to Kyle Edmund of Great Britain, during their men’s singles match, on the sixth day of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London, Saturday July 7. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Austin Cindric (top left) flips during a multi-car crash in the NASCAR Xfinity Series auto race at Daytona International Speedway, Friday, July 6, in Daytona Beach, Florida. (AP Photo/Dow Graham)

Sei Young Kim lines up a putt during the final round of the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic golf tournament on Sunday, July 8, in Oneida, Wisconsin. (Jim Matthews/The Post-Crescent via AP)

A Brazil football fan in Rio de Janeiro watches a live broadcast of the Russia World Cup quarterfinal match between Brazil and Belgium, Friday, July 6. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)

VOL. XXVI No. 28

Phoenix rises for Open challenge

Thai kids shine at the Football for Friendship programme in Russia In the run up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the Football for Friendship (F4F) programme was held from 8-15 June and brought together young football players aged 12 years from 211 countries and regions. The young footballers were united in 32 International Teams of Friendship and were accompanied by young journalists who were selected to report on the Football for Friendship events. Thailand joined the programme for the first time this year and was represented by Ittipolchana Kaewsawad and Preechayan Piyachatiwongs, who were selected as the young footballer and young journalist respectively. Ittipolchana was a part of the “African Elephant” team, joining his 12 year old teammates from Puerto Rico, Andorra, Sao Tome E Principe, Swaziland and Nepal. Ittipolchana put on a stellar performance in his role as a defender by making critical tackles and restricting numerous goals, in the qualifying games. However, the African Elephant Team were just a few goals short of qualifying for the quarter- finals. Speaking about his experience in Russia, Ittipolchana said, “I am happy to have been given the opportunity to represent my country in the F4F programme in Moscow which has helped me to make a lot of friends from different countries, and discuss, practice and play football with them. I was also given the opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup which is an experience that I will never forget. This has been an amazing journey and I hope to keep in touch with all my new friends

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 31


Richard Talbot

Young Thai journalist Preechayan Piyachatiwongs (front left) poses for a photo at the F4F International Friendship Camp in Russia. international media houses and published daily issues of the children’s Football for Friendship newspaper. The F4F program consisted of a three day International Friendship Camp in Moscow, for the young ambassadors. The training camp was followed by the final championship that was held on 12th June at the Sapsan Arena Stadium. The Championship which consisted of multi-cultural 12-year old Ittipolchana teams acted as an effective Kaewsawad plays for the tool in promoting mutual African Elephant team at respect, understanding and the F4F Championship support among all the participating kids. in Moscow, Russia. The programme ended with from around the world.” the International Children’s It was no different for Forum during which children Preechayan who acted as shared their experiences and the young journalist and held discussions with their covered all key events on peers, famous footballers equal terms with the adult and journalists. The forum reporters. The young ambas- was addressed by Deputy sador from Bangkok also got P r i m e M i n i s t e r o f t h e a chance to learn from the Russian Federation, Olga well-known journalists rep- Golodets, legendary Spanresenting the leading Rus- ish goalkeeper, Iker Casillas sian sports media outlets, as and Chairman of the Board a part of their workshops. of Directors of Gazprom The young journalists pre- Victor Zubkov among other pared news for renowned renowned delegates.

It is always a proud moment when a golf club can boast that it is sending a player to the Open Golf Championship in the United Kingdom. To be able to do so for both the men’s and the women’s championship in the same year is beyond the means of the majority of golf clubs. Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club will be one of the few golf establishments anywhere in the world that in 2018 will see two of its members gracing the courses of both Carnoustie in Scotland and Royal Lytham and St Annes in North West England, for the men’s and women’s Open tournaments. The victory of Kanyalak Preedasuttijit in the Ladies European Thailand Championship won her entry to the Open at Royal Lytham and St Annes in Lancashire, and she will start her journey by competing in the ASI Ladies Scotland Open at Gullane Golf Club near Edinburgh. She will then join fellow Thais Ariya Jutanagurn, Moriya Juntanagurn, and Atthaya Thititkul, to compete in her first “major” championship. Meanwhile Danthai Boonma has won a place at Carnoustie courtesy of finishing in 4th place in the Singapore Open.

(From left) Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club General Manager Nathawat Askornchat, Kanyalak Preedasuttijit, Phoenix Gold Golf and Country Club President Chanya Swangchitr, and Danthai Boonmer. He will be part of a Thai contingent of himself, Kiradech Apibarnrat and Jazz Jaynewatananond, and in a field that will also be graced by the likes of Rory Mcllroy, Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth it is likely to be an experience that he will never forget. This current season has already been a busy year for Phoenix with both the Ladies European Thailand Championship and the Men’s Asian Tour’s Queens Cup holding events on the Pattya course. With the Royal Cup also due to take place later this month, there is no doubt that hosting these prestigious events is starting to pay dividends, as reflected by the performances

of these two young stars who are “Open bound”. Both Kanyalak and Danthai have been honing their skills at Phoenix for several years, and have been able to use the outstanding facilities to put them into the position where both of them are now competing in the world’s premier golf competitions. They will need all of this experience in order to master the challenges that both of these testing British links golf courses will set them. However whatever the outcome of the events that will follow, the 2018 season will be one that will live long in the memories of these gifted young local players.

City gears up for this weekend’s Pattaya Marathon

Winai pots his way to snooker title

The 27th Pattaya Marathon takes place Sunday morning, July 15.

Jetsada Homklin

Players, referees and tournament organizers pose at the conclusion of the 6 Reds Pro-Am tournament at the Infinity Snooker Club in Pattaya, Saturday, June 30. Both amateur and professional players took part in the 4-day 6 Reds Pro-Am tournament at the Infinity Snooker Club in Pattaya,

which reached its conclusion on Saturday, June 30. The eventual winner was Winai, who was one of two Thai amateur players to contest the

final. Both talented players received trophies and cash awards for their efforts, with Winai taking the top prize of 50,000 baht.

City authorities have been busy making preparations for this year’s 27th Pattaya Marathon, which is scheduled for Sunday, July 15. Organizers are expecting up to 10,000 road warriors to attend the event and compete in 6 categories, including the full marathon (42km), half marathon (21km), quarter marathon (10.5km), micro marathon (student race), micro marathon (fun run) and a wheelchair race.

The full marathon race will start from Central Festival Pattaya Beach at 03:30 Sunday, with the route taking runners south along Sukhumvit Road as far as the Cartoon Network Amazon water-park before returning back to the city’s Beach Road. The half marathon and quarter marathon will also start at Central Beach at staggered time intervals while the other race categories begin at 06:00 in front of the Imperial Hotel Pattaya (formerly Montien Hotel).

One lane each of Second Road, Beach Road, Jomtien Second Road and Sukhumvit Road will be blocked off from 02:00-08:00. Security will be present throughout the routes, along with medical assistance and race stewards providing water and other beverages for competitors. The city apologizes to other road users for any inconvenience caused during the event. For more details, call 038-253-127-28 or visit

32 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Thai coach apologizes to parents as boys write they’re OK

Tassanee Vejpongsa and Kaweewit Kaewjinda Mae Sai, Thailand (AP) The youth soccer coach trapped in a partially flooded cave in northern Thailand with 12 members of his team apologized to their parents last week in the first letters they sent out through divers, with the boys saying (at the time) they’re doing well and missing their families.

Earlier efforts to pump out water from the cave have been set back every time there has been a heavy rain. Chiang Rai acting Gov. Narongsak Osatanakorn said rescuers are “at war with water,” and that experts told him flooding from new rain could shrink the unflooded space where the boys are sheltering to just 10 square meters (108 square feet).

The body of Saman Gunan, a former Thai navy SEAL who died during an overnight mission, is carried during a repatriation and religious rites ceremony at Chiang Rai Airport in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, in northern Thailand Friday, July 6, 2018. The Thai navy diver working as part of the effort to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave died Friday from lack of oxygen, underscoring risks of extracting the team. (AP Photo) The local governor in charge of the mission to rescue them said Saturday, July 7, that cooperating weather and falling water levels over the previous few days had created appropriate conditions for evacuation, but that they wouldn’t last if it rained again. Thai officials have repeatedly said that a quick underwater evacuation of the boys, aged 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach was needed because of the possibility that access to the cave could soon close again due to flooding from seasonal monsoon rains.

There are also concerns about the percentage of oxygen in the air at the boys’ safe space falling, and carbon dioxide content increasing, posing a serious health hazard. The boys and their coach are accompanied by several Thai navy SEAL divers. Rescuers were unable to extend a hose pumping oxygen all the way to the boys, but brought them some oxygen tanks. Divers Friday night, July 6, brought out poignant letters written by those trapped inside.

Handwritten notes by, from top, Tun (boy), “Mom and Dad, please don’t worry, I am fine. I’ve told P’Yod to get ready to take me out for fried chicken. With love.” Coach note to the parents, “To the parents of all the kids, right now the kids are all fine, the crew are taking good care. I promise I will care for the kids as best as possible. I want to say thanks for all the support and I want to apologize to the parents.” Coach note to his aunt and grandmother, “To my aunt and grandmother, I am doing well, please don’t be too worried about me. Take care of yourselves. Aunt please tell grandmother to make vegetable dip and pork rind. Once I’m out, I’ll go eat. Love everyone.” (Thai Navy SEAL Facebook Page via AP) Ekapol Chanthawong, the coach of the Wild Boars soccer team, wrote: “To the parents of all the kids, right now the kids are all fine, the crew are taking good care. I promise I will care for the kids as best as possible. I want to say thanks for all the support and I want to apologize to the parents.” One boy wrote: “I’m doing fine, but the air is a little cold, but don’t worry. Although, don’t forget to set up my birthday party.” Another, identified as Tun, wrote: “Mom and Dad, please don’t worry, I am fine. I’ve told Yod to get ready to take me out for fried chicken. With love.” The name reference could be of a waiting relative.

Top note: Pong (boy), “Love you mom and dad, you don’t have to worry, we’re safe. Love you all.” The message below reads: Nick (boy), “Mom and Dad, I love you and Toi. If we get out, Mom and Dad please take me out for some Pork Pan BBQ.” (Thai Navy SEAL Facebook Page via AP) The rest of the scribbled letters on pages from a notebook struck a similar message of love for parents and telling them not to worry. A boy named Mick wrote: “Don’t be worried, I miss everyone. Grandpa, Uncle, Mom, Dad and siblings, I love you all. I’m happy being here inside, the navy SEALS have taken good care. Love you all.” The boys and their coach have been trapped since June 23, when they went exploring in the cave after a soccer game. Monsoon flooding cut off their escape and prevented rescuers from finding them for almost 10 days. The only way to reach them was by navigating dark and tight passageways filled with muddy water and strong currents, as well as oxygen-depleted air. Rescuers pursued other options to extract the boys, hoping that finding a shaft or drilling into the mountain in which the cave is located would lead them to a sort of backdoor entrance. Authorities were waiting for two big groups of volunteer foreign divers to arrive later Saturday and Sunday, after which they would be ready to act quickly to bring the team members out when the conditions are right, said Gov. Narongsak.

Family members pray in front of a Buddhist statue near the cave. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

A rescuer makes his way down muddy steps past water pump hoses at the entrance to the flooded cave complex. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit, File) “The plan that I’ve held on to from the beginning is that we have to bring the kids out and the determining factor of this plan is to have as little water as possible,” he said, adding that floodwaters have been drained as much as possible. The death last Friday of a former Thai navy SEAL, Saman Gunan, underscored the risks of making the underwater journey. The diver, the first fatality of the rescue effort, was working in a volunteer capacity and died on a mission to place oxygen canisters along the route to where the boys and others sheltered. The strategically placed canisters allowed divers to stay underwater longer during the five-hour trip to reach the stranded team. Late Friday, July 6, Narongsak ruled out any immediate rescue attempt, saying the boys “cannot dive at this time.” He said the

boys were still healthy and had practiced wearing diving masks and breathing in preparation for the diving possibility. Cave rescue specialists cautioned against an underwater evacuation except as a last resort, because of the dangers posed by inexperienced people using diving gear. The path out is considered especially complicated because of twists and turns in narrow flooded passages. Tech billionaire Elon Musk has sent a team of engineers to Thailand to see if they can help in the rescue effort. Musk’s Boring Company digs tunnels for advanced transport systems and has advanced ground-penetrating radar. A spokeswoman for the Boring Company who declined to be named said it is in talks with the Thai government and people on the ground to determine how they could best assist their efforts.

Thai soldiers drag pipes to divert mountain runoff water away from the cave where 12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped since June 23. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

Soldiers carry a pump to help drain the rising flood water in a cave where 12 boys and their soccer coach were trapped since June 23. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

The flooded cave complex entrance is lit at night for easier access. (AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit, File)

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 33



Events The next meeting of Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) will be on Sunday, July 15. Gio from the Take Care Kids Foundation Thailand will talk about his foundation. what it does, and how it benefits local abused children in Pattaya. The program starts at 10:30 a.m. with a buffet breakfast available from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. on the 4th floor of the Holiday Inn’s Executive Tower, located behind the Holiday Inn’s Bay Tower on Beach Road. A Joint Chambers Eastern Seaboard networking evening will be held at the Hotel Baraquda Pattaya on Friday, July 20 from 6.30 p.m. – 9 p.m. (last drinks at 8.30 p.m.). Entrance cost is THB 500 on the door for members and THB 1000 for non-members. Admission includes free-flow drinks and finger food. For more information send email to office The 2018 Pattaya Marathon will take place on Sunday, July 15 with a start and finish point on Pattaya Beach Road. The categories of competition include a full marathon (42.195km), half marathon (21km) quarter marathon (10km), miniwheelchair race, student race and fun run. For registration, sign up at the Tourism and Sports Development Office, 1st Floor, Pattaya City Hall during 08.30-18.30 before June 15 or via website: www. Pattana Golf Club & Resort in Sriracha, Chonburi province will arrange a Kids Triathlon Training for children 7-14 years who are interested in developing their skills in triathlon. The course will take place on July 28-29. Leader coaches are Coach Sueng – Sawangjit Saengow and Coach Chang – Thanongsak Hongcharoensri, together with experienced coach assistants. For more information, call 038 318 999 ext. 11212 / 61015 or email:

A Farmers’ Market takes place every 2nd Saturday of the month at the Holiday Inn hotel on Pattaya Beach Road from 10.30 am - 3.30 p.m. Products range from wellness items, jewelry, freshly prepared food, organic vegetables and fruits. The next market will be held July 14. A stamp market is held every Sunday from 10.00 a.m. till 3.00 Rahnpintang Moe Kata Restaurant, Panji Place, on Soi Ponphraphanimit 7 (200m from the Bangkok Highway underpass). Here can you exchange stamps from the whole world. Call 089 091 3418 for more information and directions.

Dining Hilton Pattaya introduces savory dishes from tea throughout July. Flare Restaurant offers ‘Unagi Ochazuke’, cooked Japanese rice topped with grilled Unagi in teriyaki sauce served with Japanese pickles and hot Sencha green tea at THB 550 net. Drift Lobby Lounge & Bar recommends an array of mouth-watering desserts and appetizer including ‘Yum Bai Cha’, crispy tea leaf with minced pork, chicken, shrimp and cashew nut in Thai spicy sauce at THB 350 net, and ‘Sunlight Pattaya Sundae’, Thai tea and cookie and cream ice-cream with banana and mango with mango-lime puree at THB 350 net. Horizon Rooftop Restaurant & Bar’ presents ‘Green Tea Crusted Gindara with buckwheat noodles in miso cream sauce’ at THB 950 net. For dessert, do not miss a ‘Homemade Earl Grey ice-cream with chocolate mousse’ served with almond praline, poached cherries and mandarin at THB 450 net. For more information or reservation, please call +66(0)38 253 000 or or Hard Rock’s Pattaya’s World Burger Tour is back and ready to take guests’ taste buds on an international

Fax: 038-427596

flavor experience. In July, enjoy a choice of English Breakfast Burger (England) – Schnitzel Burger (Germany) – Tango Salsa Burger (Argentina) – and Riviera Burger (France). Hard Rock will also showcase the brand’s world-famous beverage menu made up of refreshing cocktails and non-alcoholic options. For more information on World Burger Tour and to contact Hard Rock Cafe Pattaya for menu details, call 038 426 635 or visit www. Special culinary nights at Persimmon restaurant, Pattana Golf Club & Resort: Pizza Pasta Night on Tuesday at only 299 Baht or 399 Baht including sangria or wine, customers can choose ingredients for their pasta and pizza. Seafood Night on Wednesday at only 399 Baht, customers can choose varieties of fresh seafood cooked to order in our open kitchen. Carnivore Night on Friday at only 499 Baht offers a free flow chicken, lamb, beef or pork BBQ direct from the charcoal grill. In addition, for only 100 Baht customers can choose or combine lots of ingredients and level of spiciness to create your own Som Tam, all day, every day. Call for reservation at 038 318 999 ext. 11212/11230 or email Oasis, the all-day restaurant at Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, has launched a new Sunday brunch buffet, with a large selection of Thai, Asian and international food, and a combination of hot, cold, and live serving stations. Served every Sunday between 12.30 and 15.30 hrs, the price is THB 1,250++ for adults and THB 625++ baht for children up to the age of 12 years. Children under six years eat free of charge. The

buffet includes seafood on ice including tiger prawns, Australian black mussels, snow crab and oysters, with a selection of dipping sauces such as tartar, chilli, and wasabi mayo. The Japanese station includes sushi and sashimi, there is a choice of salads and garnishes, a live egg station, and a section devoted to European cheeses and cold cuts. For further information and reservations, call 038-714981. The Bay Grill & Buffet at Dusit Thani Pattaya: Dine with a sea view and enjoy seafood and meat barbecue accompanied by Thai and international items from soup, appetizers and main courses to dessert for only THB 1200++ per person. Free flowing beverage for additional THB 599++ per person. The Bay is open daily from 18:30 22:00. Call 038 425 611-7 ext. 2149 0r 2150 for more information and reservations. Big Fish restaurant at Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya enhances its seafood buffet with a Thai marketplace theme: live stations offer traditional Thai cuisine in a unique atmosphere and include Thai salad, papaya salad, lemongrass & shrimp salad, Thai noodle served with beef/chicken and meat ball, pad Thai, fishcake served with chili-pickled cucumber and Thai dessert of mango with sticky rice, luk chub, woon bai toey, tup tim krob and more. All you can eat only at THB 400 net per person and enjoy a special welcome drink from the antique jar. Promotion daily from 12pm – 2.30pm. For more information and reservations call 038 930 600 or email to fbsec@ The Thai Garden Terrace Restaurant offers nightly dining presentations with

different themed “all you can eat” buffets at the resort poolside: Monday – Italian buffet; Tuesday – BBQ buffet; Wednesday – multi-cuisine buffet; Thursday – German buffet with roasted pig; Friday – Thai buffet; Saturday – international buffet; Sunday – steak & skewers buffet. The buffet starts from 6 p.m., runs until 9 p.m. All this for just 399 baht net per adult. What you see is what you pay, no additional service charges or VAT. For reservations call 038 370 614 or make your booking at www. under “buffet reservation”. Thai Garden Resort is located on North Pattaya Road, 200 meters from the Dolphin roundabout and 200 meters before Tesco Lotus.

Yupin’s Restaurant in Jomtien Complex offers some fabulous culinary options including slow roast soft pork stuffed with garlic and coriander, and served with an onion and red wine sauce, vegetables and a choice of potato at only 395 baht or delicious fresh from the sea, jumbo tiger prawns served with a cream, parmesan and Malibu sauce, and vegetables or a choice of potato at only 495 baht. Special promotions include two set menus plus a bottle of wine for only 1,295 baht or order a two course meal between 6-7 PM and get a free glass of red or white or rosé wine or 250 baht off a house bottle Continued on page 35

34 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

Kung and Pinky – the dynamic duo How do you become a legend in four years? Easy, you open a restaurant with your best friend, serving quality meals at sensible prices. That is the story of Kung and Pinky, two lovely Thai ladies who have overcome some difficulties, including those nice men who authorized digging up Soi Siam Country Club, bankrupting businesses let alone making passage impossible. Now coming up for four years, we decided we should drop in and see how they were getting along. The answer was apparent: “very well, thank you”. So, how do you find Kung and Pinky? Now that Soi Siam Country Club can be traversed without 4-wheel drive or a tank, coming from Pattaya, go straight on after the Mitkamol intersection (AKA “Chicken Intersection”) for about 1 km, passing the Planet Football stadium on your left until you see

A very special special! Pi-Poh and directly opposite is a small soi, which you go along for about 20 meters and take the left fork and 50 meters along you will see Kung and Pinky on the left. The restaurant has air-con and is spotless and seats around 40, but there is also an outer section under cover for the smokers, seating another 16 people. Plenty of sauces on the table and serviceable cutlery.

Spotless interior.

Gammon steak fills the plate and the belly.

The menu begins with rotating daily specials, all at B. 150. Monday is gammon, Tuesday sausage, Wednesday pizza, Thursday restaurant closed, Friday fish and chips and finally Saturday pie. All with very satisfactory portions. The menu proper begins with breakfasts (B. 100-150) and followed by their soups and sandwiches (B. 80-150). Burgers are next up (B. 140-170), followed by pastas (B. 140-220) and omelettes at B. 150. While the cuisine is predominately European, Kung and Pinky have not disregarded the British love of Indian food, offering a choice of popular Indian items, all at B. 250 complete with yellow rice and naan bread. There is a page of specials (not to be confused with the daily rotating specials) with gammon steak at B. 200, fish and chips (B. 240), salmon steak (B. 250) and a lamb shank (B. 380). Continuing on, there are several pork dishes also generally around B. 200-240

Carbonara – another large helping.

chunky chips, was given two thumbs up by Madame. My pizza was thin and crispy covered with pineapple chunks on top of the ham and covered the plate. So filling that I was unable to finish and had to ask Madame to help with the final slice. Every customer also gets a little “extra” with fruits in season such as watermelon, pineapple and paw-paw.

including Weiner Schnitzel, Cordon Bleu and a pork chop. Steaks (250 gm) at around B. 300 (a fillet steak is B. 320) and you have a choice of four sauces. Kung also does an extremely popular Sunday lunch which comes with a final dessert. The Sunday lunches are beef (B. 200), pork (B. 190), chicken (B. 190), lamb (B.250) and lamb shank (B. 380). These come with roast and mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and vegies including Brussel’s sprouts. Get there early! Kung and Pinky in person.

Choose your Sunday Roast.

That was just the European menu, there is also four pages of Thai items (B. 80-100). Beers are standard prices and a good sized glass of wine is B. 110. The Dining Out Team went for the gammon steak for Madame and I decided on trying the Wednesday special which was a Hawaiian pizza. The gammon steak, which came with an egg as well as pineapple ring and

A very pleasant and inexpensive evening with good food, properly cooked, good portions and a fun evening. When you meet the laughing Pinky you will see why. (Kung is in the kitchen!) Kung and Pinky, (off Siam Country Club Road), open 8.30 a.m. until 9.00 p.m. six days (closed Thursdays), with Sunday roasts noon till 2 p.m., telephone 087 043 3905, plenty of on-street parking. (Photos by Marisa Corness)

VOL. XXVI No. 28

FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018 35



From page 33 of wine at 545 baht. For more information or reservations, call 038 250394 or visit website: New 7 savory chocolate recipes are now available at Pebbles Bar and Grill, Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa throughout July. The chefs at Pebbles have gathered the best chocolate recipes to make you see chocolate in a whole new light. Starting from THB425++ - try Cocoa rubbed baby back ribs with cinnamon and ginger; Rich pork ragout set on dark cocoa pasta; Chocolate ravioli filled with vanilla cream and fresh berries; Warm chocolate sponge with a hint of chili double chocolate ice cream and sauce; Trio of chocolate trifle with mascarpone and rich coffee chocolate soil and chocolate caviar; Rich dark chocolate tart mascarpone ice cream; or White chocolate mousse with cannoli espresso foam. For more information or reservations: Tel. 038 259 099 or visit website: www. Linda’s Restaurant is large with seating for 200 people, with a covered al fresco verandah outside for those who wish to smoke. Inside, in air-conditioned comfort, there are comfortable chairs and decent sized tables, with white starched napery. The menu is large and covers

northern European items, Scandinavian dishes and several pages covering Thai cuisine. Linda’s Restaurant, 315/177-180 Moo 12, opposite the Jomtien Complex. Thappraya Road, Jomtien. Open seven days from 7.30 a.m. until late. Tel: Reservations: 038 252 726, www., streetside parking. Email linda@ . GPS 12.901655 N 100.869. Jameson’s Irish Pub offers daily food specials from Mon-Sat as well as fabulous Sunday roast dinners with all the trimmings, priced from 340 baht – 400 baht. Jameson’s Irish Pub is located on Soi Sukrudee (Soi A.R.) in Central Pattaya. Call 038 361 874 for more information or visit Yamato Restaurant located on Soi Yamato has been around for more than 39 years and the soi was named after its oldest tenant. Just look for the Japanese characters on the blinds outside. You cannot miss it. The menu is pictorial, which is a must when trying a different cuisine/language. This is a restaurant to take a few people with you. The prices are certainly not over the top, and the quality is superb. Yamato Japanese restaurant, 219/51 Soi Yamato (13/1), close to Beach Road end, telephone 038 429 685 or 038 421 618. Open 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m.

BBQ Pork steak, beaten not stirred A confusing title to this week’s recipe, but the result is positively delicious. This can be cooked with beef steaks, but the extra expense is not worth it. The cheaper pork steaks are just as good, as well as saving you money.

Cooking Method Place steaks on a grill about 4 cm above medium-slow coals. Cook for about 4 minutes on each side. Do not overcook pork as it will get tough. Meanwhile, stir together remaining ingredients in a small bowl. Brush steaks with this sauce and continue cooking 2 minutes more, turning and brushing with sauce. If you do not have a grill, this can be cooked in a heavy based skillet. Check degree of BBQ when there is a little pink left. Best served with mashed potatoes or long grained rice. Ingredients Serves 4 Pork blade steaks, 2 to 3 cm thick 4 Bottled barbecue sauce 1/2 cup Honey 1/3 cup Milk 1 tbspn Cooking oil 1 tspn Prepared mustard of your choice 1/2 tspn

Fax: 038-427596

to 10 p.m. for dinner. On street parking (or do some shopping in the Avenue or Royal Garden Plaza).

Yamato’s mixed sashimi plate which had octopus, salmon, tuna, crab sticks, sea bass, squid and mackerel. The legendary Somsakdi Restaurant has been in operation in Pattaya for more than 40 years. Proprietor and Chef Somsakdi is still cooking and running his amazing restaurant at 78 years of age. The menu is probably the largest in Pattaya, with 374 individual items. Each dish is in Thai with an English explanation underneath. Rather than be swamped by choices, let Somsakdi guide you. After all, who knows his dishes better than he? Somsakdi Restaurant, Pattaya Soi 1, tel. 038 428 987, 038 423 284, 038 429 869, limited parking plus onstreet parking in the soi. Hours 11 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days.

Spa & Hotel Promotions AVANI Spa offers a spa buffet package: 90-minute AVANI signature touch massage and International Buffet Dinner at Garden Cafe for one at only THB 2,700 net. Advance reservations required, contact AVANI Spa at Tel. 038 412 120.

Round and Gypsy Lou Blues. Additional entertainment includes an adult bouncy castle, children’s zone, foot massage, face painting and more. For more information call 081 865 9060. Sport Point Pattaya off Sukhumvit Road offers free use of its outdoor 20-meter swimming pool on the first Saturday of each month from Saturday 07:00 – 22:00. All ages are welcome but any children under 12 must be supervised at all times. There is also a large seating area, a playground for young children and a café. For more information, directions and to sign up for free use of the pool, please call 0641 488 001. Enjoy great music from Thomas Reimer, one of the most famous European Jazz guitarists, playing live every evening (except Tuesday) from 6.00 p.m. 10 p.m. at the Sugar Hut restaurant on Thappraya Road, call 038 364 186 for details.

Community Services The North Star Library on Sukhumvit Road, north Pattaya holds regular Thai language classes Mon - Fri from 10.30 a.m. till 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. till 2.30 p.m. Cost of admission is 100 baht per session for library members and 200 baht for non-members. Private lessons are also available for 200 baht per hour. In addition, the library also holds Yoga training every Tuesday from 1 - 2 p.m. at the Father Ray Foundation. Cost is 1200 baht for 6 sessions (first session free). For more information, call 081 575 4854 or email


Groups & Associations

Baan Na Garden Restaurant & Bar in Hua Yai will host the FireFest music festival on Saturday, July 29 from 4pm. Two stages will feature live music from the likes of Goober Gun, The Blues Machine, The Riffs, Fiddlin’

Post 12146 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America (Ban Chang – U-Tapao, Thailand) meets the second Saturday of each month at 13:00 on the second floor of the Camel Pub in Ban Chang. If

you are interested, please contact Membership Chairman Dan Morgan at banchang vfw12146membership@gmail .com or visit website: www. The Royal British Legion Thailand meets the last Saturday of every month from 2 p.m. at the Tropical Bar on Soi Khao Noi (Watboonsampan near the Temple entrance) in East Pattaya. You do not need to have served in the Armed Forces to become a member and can join in the many social events arranged throughout the year. The Legion’s primary aim is the care and welfare of those who have served and/ or their dependents. For general enquiries send email to, Alcoholics Anonymous: The Pattaya Group meets Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 5 p.m., Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 p.m. All meetings are closed (alcoholics only) and are held at Soi Skaw Beach (off Pattaya 2nd Rd). Contact Carl 08-456-31-671. The Good Morning Pattaya Group meets 9 a.m. every morning. All meetings are ‘open’: contact 084 564 8479. The Jomtien Group meets every day at noon at Jomtien Long Stay Hotel: Contact, Andrew 086 107 6631. The

Scandinavian Group meets on Tuesdays and Fridays 6 p.m. at the Norwegian Seaman’s Church, Thappraya Road Soi 7: contact Hans 085 135 7755 or Rune (Rayong) 089 754 9515. 10.30 a.m. meetings every day at Satree Pattana Centre on Soi Skaw Beach off Second Road. Call 084 564 8479. The Samaritans of Thailand English Help Line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support to the expatriate community. Englishspeaking staff, trained in crisis intervention will provide active, non-judgmental and empathetic listening services on the phone. All calls will be handled on an anonymous basis and are free of charge. (02) 713-6791. Overeaters Anonymous The ‘Up to You’ group meets Wednesdays 9:30-10:30 a.m. in the housing area just behind Pan Pan Restaurant in Jomtien on Thappraya Road. Call Steve at 038-364-207(h) or 089-250-1359 (cell) for directions or more information. Narcotics Anonymous Hotline: 082 811 2686. 3 English speaking meetings in Pattaya near Central Festival and 2 in Jomtien each week. Also regular Thai speaking meetings at 12 noon every Sunday, and Persian Farsi speaking meetings at 5.30 pm on Thursdays. Please call the Hotline for details.

36 FRIDAY JULY 13, 2018


VOL. XXVI No. 28

PATTAYA MAIL is edited by Nopniwat Krailerg for Pattaya Mail Publishing Co., Ltd. Printer, publisher and owner Offices: 62/284-286 Moo 12, Thepprasit Road, Pattaya City 20150. Advertising and Administration Office: Tel: 038 411 240-1, 413 240-1, Fax: 038 427 596, E-mail:

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Pattaya Mail E-Paper Weekly English-language newspaper that provides unbiased news, politics, business, local sports, restaurant reviews, an...

Pattaya Mail - FRIDAY JULY 13 - JULY 19, 2018 (Vol. XXVI No. 28)  

Pattaya Mail E-Paper Weekly English-language newspaper that provides unbiased news, politics, business, local sports, restaurant reviews, an...