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CREATIVE OUTLET Donald Fowler lends his talent to usher in new artisans for an evolved Nasher Store.


world-renowned art institution deserves a museum store that reflects a portent place in Dallas culture. Enter Donald Fowler, the director of retail for the Nasher Sculpture Center, with his extensive retail experience and discerning eye for the unexpected. His vision for the all-new Nasher Store is to illuminate the progressive mission of the museum. With a recent unveiling of the highly curated store, Fowler introduces us to exciting new artists who reflect ideas and trends that are current and enhance the Nasher experience. “I want the store to feel like an enjoyable vacation where the visitor can be surprised and amused, and maybe learn something at the same time,” describes Fowler. Most of the featured artists are novel to Dallas and exclusive to the Nasher Store. Here are a few of them: The Esque Studio produces a super glam 90s approach to glassware with colorgradated glass in surprising shapes like a votive bomb, a log vase, or a glass eyeball. An exclusive collection for the Nasher includes a skull decanter. Glasses from Gary Bodker have a distinctive midcentury style with architectural shapes, in clear and colored glass, some incorporating cork in the designs. Hand-blown glass vessels by Caleb Siemon of the Siemon and Salazar Studio display the iridescence and shiny, happy color of southern California. Their design aesthetic reflects the evolved craftsmanship of Murano glass with the restraint of Scandinavian design. Yves Klein Blue, the modern and on-trend color that is permeating the design world with its highly saturated ultramarine pigment, finds itself in an unusual application at the Nasher Store. The Greek design studio Sophia, whose motto is “Enjoy Thinking,” has created classical bookends and busts with Greek statues and Aristotelian quotes that come in



this compelling color as well as black and white. New jewelry designers have an architectural approach to their products. Local artist Elizabeth Wimpress uses inspiration from her world travels to incorporate organic products in her designs like iridescent beetle wings in combinations with gems, leather, and salvaged nails from Hurricane Katrina. German artist Bernd Wolf creates simple minimalist designs using precious and semi-precious stones in combination with high-grade gold plating on silver. A highly polished lapis lazuli piece continues the playful Yves Klein Blue story in the store. From one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, the store brings Universe Majoral. From their collection, Fowler has selected organically shaped jewelry pieces—bracelets evoking waves or boats, a cloud necklace, or planet-shaped earrings that take inspiration from Mediterranean culture, creativity, and art. The Brooklyn-based artist Mia Lara finds stimuli where the beauty of nature and handmade creation meet. She uses semiprecious stones from India in loose connections on gold. To round out the jewelry assortment, the MIE Collection has simple earrings and rings in fun, whimsical shapes like lips, lightening bolts, and eyelashes. Even with these new offerings, an exciting new place to shop, the store has a spare, clean feel with fewer fixtures. The book collection is pared down to very special issues—like a tome on Andy Warhol or a children’s book illustrated by Salvador Dali; also, Esopus—which is a limited-edition annual featuring contributions from artists, writers, and musicians. In Fowler’s words, “Edit, edit, and edit some more. I want the store to have the feel of the Nasher itself—spacious and elegant, with breathing room around to let each special piece be seen.” P

Patron's 6th Anniversary Issue  
Patron's 6th Anniversary Issue