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Patricia Anne McGoldrick

Š 2011 Original text and photos by Patricia Anne McGoldrick.


Poetry! It is everywhere, not just in school! It is all around us, especially during April, National Poetry Month, in lullabies and ballads, iPods &

If you have a poem or plan to write one, be sure to publish it in a small “green� book.

iPads. This is a great activity for all ages! In April, or any other month, you can celebrate poetry by making a book for one of your original

Have fun!

poems or the words of your favourite poet. Got poem? Book it! These small books are ideal for gifts or to carry in your pocket on Poetry in Your Pocket Day or any other day!

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There are many ways to make a small book but I prefer make a “green” book by reusing and upcycling some paper or card stock that is only printed on one side. The reverse side of a flyer or poster is an excellent surface on which to print by hand or paste a typed copy of one of your poems or the words of your favourite poet. These “green” books in Figure 1 are made out of recycled items that you may recognize. Figure 4 Hotdog booklet folded

The finished book is shown here in Figure 4, along with two more “hotdog” books that I have made.

igure 1 Handmade "Green" Poetry Books



There are various types of handmade books that I have used for poems as pictured in Figure 2: o Hotdog booklet o o Step book o o Stick and elastic book.

Here, to celebrate the National Poetry Month and Poem in your pocket day, I will share one of these book formats that I make frequently, the Hotdog book. It is easy to make using the blank side of a printed paper and very portable to carry. Figure 3 To make your own hotdog book, select a paper to reuse. 1. First, fold in half, lengthwise—hotdog fold! Open. 2. Second, fold in half, horizontally, the hamburger fold. 3. Third, take one open edge & bring back to the middle fold. Press. 4. Fourth, turn over and take the other open edge, press back to the middle. 5. Fifth, open slightly –will look like a “w”—cut along the mid section fold line. 6. Six open out paper and fold into a book. 7. Add your poem, some sketches for the cover and inside book.

Figure 2 Hotdog, Stick & Elastic, plus Step booklets

Figure 3 Hotdog booklet unfolded



Got Poem? Book It! booklet  

How to make a small poetry booklet.