Editorial (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)

Page 27


This Glossary contains På¬i, Sanskrit (Sk) and Sinhalese (Sn) words occurring in the book other than those found only in phrases for which translation is provided. The Glossary is arranged according to the På¬i alphabet: a, å, i, ⁄, u, ¨, e, o, k, kh, g, gh, π, c, ch, j, jh, ñ, †, †h, ∂, ∂h, ~, t, th, d, dh, n, p, ph, b, bh, m, y, r, l, ¬, v, s, h, µ. A akålika — timeless, intemporal. akusala — unskilful. ajjhatta — inside, internal, subjective. (Opp. bahiddhå.) ajjhattakkåyå — internal body. ajjhattikåyatana — internal base. añña — other, another. (Opp. sa.) atakkåvacara — not in the sphere of reason or logic. attavåda — belief in self. attå — self. attåni r¨paµ — (regards) matter as being in self. adukkhamasukha — neither-painnor-pleasure. adhigama-saddhå — confidence due to undergoing. adhivacana — designation. adhivacanasamphassa — designation-contact. an- — without. (prefix) anattå — not-self. ananto åkåsa — infinite space.

anågåm⁄ — non-returner. anicca — impermanent. anupådisesa — without residue. anuloma — with the grain, in conformity. (Opp. pa†iloma.) anulomikåya khantiyå samannågata — endowed with acquiescence in conformity. abbhånakamma — an act of rehabilitation, pertaining to Vinaya. abhijånåti — to recognize. abhidhamma — higher (or extended) Teaching. abhibhåyatana — sense for transcending (form). abhisaπkharoti — (to)determine. abhisaπkhåra = saπkhåra. abhisañcetayati — (to) intend, will. arañña — forest. ara~a — non-conflict. arahat — one who is worthy. (Usually untranslated.) ariya — noble. (Opp. puthujjana.)


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