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Celebrating 25 Years of Health IT Leadership Drawing on Palm Beach County’s deep pool Technology Architecture, or VistA. “We talked with of talented professionals, DSS has achieved physicians and clinicians about their needs and built a position of national leadership in the an imaging and records system that matched their dynamic field of health information technology (IT). workflow,” Missroon said. “We also integrated their Now, the innovative Juno Beach company is billing, coding and back-office systems.” This VistA celebrating its 25th anniversary by reaching out to modernization effort provided the VA with needed functionality while still providing a way to keep all international markets as well. “Better use of technology is one of the ways to patient information in the system of record. VistA – an improve clinical outcomes, address costs, improve innovative, award-winning system that now includes patient safety, increase clinician productivity and nearly 160 integrated software modules for managing manage health, not just healthcare delivery,” said clinical care, financial functions and infrastructure. Today, DSS’ systems are used Robert L. Missroon, Jr., chief financial throughout the VA system, including officer and director of operations. 153 medical centers, 172 hospitals “We focus on interoperability – and more than 1,000 outpatient connecting health IT systems with each other – so providers can make and high-bandwidth connections clinics. “In some ways, this to sophisticated distribution, government system is still ahead of well-informed decisions, avoid service, and support providers, the private sector,” added Missroon. duplication of resources and improve Palm Beach County benefits “For instance, the system introduced operational efficiency.” from a deep-rooted information electronic ordering of lab tests back Founded in Colorado in 1991, technology and in the 1990s. The integrated system Document Storage Systems (DSS), telecommunications sector. also reduced pharmacy errors to a Inc. originally focused on document fraction of 1 percent.” imaging services. After completing a DSS also provides a commercial health successful project for the Watts Health Foundation in Los Angeles, DSS was asked to help the Veterans information system to meet the needs of other public Health Administration (VHA) develop the world’s first health agencies and private-sector clients. “vxVistA is “paperless” hospital in West Palm Beach. “The hospital an open-source system in the public domain with a was designed without a file room on purpose,” said modest licensing fee,” said Missroon. “It’s a very Missroon. “But everyone was surprised by the volume sophisticated solution that avoids the disadvantages of patient charts, lab reports, prescriptions and other of having your data locked in to one vendor’s platform. We don’t build the huge, health IT systems documents that needed to be handled.” To concentrate on the West Palm Beach VA that the large firms do. Rather, we bring plug-and-play Medical Center, DSS moved its six-person team to solutions that quickly make large systems better, and the county and began designing an imaging and customized solutions for niche markets like public and records system fully integrated with the hospital’s behavioral health. We provide the implementation, comprehensive electronic health record (EHR), and training and maintenance services for our customers.” In the past decade, DSS acquired Sage Health the Veterans Health Information Systems and

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PROFILE, now in its 26th year of publication, is recognized as the business annual of record for Palm Beach County, Florida. This premier, a...

Profile 2016-2017  

PROFILE, now in its 26th year of publication, is recognized as the business annual of record for Palm Beach County, Florida. This premier, a...