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NVCI is working harder than ever

coordination of their care under one roof. This

team. It is the single largest dedicated medical

to meet its mission of reducing the

proven treatment model gives our patients,

research facility in the state.

burden of cancer for Nevada, the nation

their family members and friends full

and the world.

confidence that we are delivering the most

In this last year alone, we added many

efficient, well-coordinated, and personalized

The future of modern medicine and the

new renowned physicians and researchers to

care available today. NVCI is also proud to

quality of healthcare in any community is tied

our faculty, employed new therapies and

offer our patients unique access to more than

to the education of men and women who

treatment approaches, opened new offices to

70 clinical trials at our flagship facility. These

demonstrate the intellectual curiosity and drive

better serve our population, and embarked on

novel drugs and procedures, not otherwise

required to advance scientific knowledge.

innovative research projects designed to help

available in Nevada, give patients new

That’s why NVCI recently launched its first

detect cancer earlier, treat it more effectively

options for treatment and are at the heart of

fellowship program, which accepted its

and improve the lives of those living with the

NVCI’s mission to find more effective

inaugural round of trainees from the University

disease. Although we have accomplished a

therapies for cancer care.

of Nevada School of Medicine last year. NVCI is also collaborating with local educational

lot during our short history, our work is far from finished. We are committed to further MICHAEL JORDAN CELEBRITY INVITATIONAL


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Exceptional Education




Pioneering Research

institutions to train nurses and allied healthcare


As a research-driven institution, NVCI is

professionals in oncology care and research


committed to helping improve patient

support—two areas of critical importance to


outcomes by answering important questions

our state’s effort to mature into a world class

educational programs, which together will

about the genesis and progression of specific

destination for cancer care. In addition to

ultimately save more lives every day.

cancers. Our committed team of researchers is

training the next generation of professionals,

making important contributions to science that

NVCI is also committed to strengthening the

will, ultimately, lead to more targeted and

community through cancer-related seminars,





programs, efforts,


Innovative Treatment Since opening in 2005, NVCI has treated

effective therapies that increase long-term

continuing medical education, support groups,

more than 15,000 patients from across the

survivorship and cure rates. NVCI’s Ralph and

and educational programs for all Nevadans.

state, the region and the country. Through our

Betty Engelstad Cancer Research Building

Along with our many community

multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, we

contains more than 187,000 square feet

partners and you, NVCI is working toward a

strive to significantly ease the already

dedicated exclusively to research and designed

future where cancer is no longer defined by

overwhelming burden of a cancer on our

to house up to 40 individual laboratories as well

the lives it affects, but rather the fight we

patients by keeping the communication and

as shared resources to support the efforts of our

wage to defeat it.