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Ancon awarded BBA approval for insulating wall tie L-Tie’s independent strength and durability test data, and its robust manufacturing controls. “BBA product approval provides additional reassurance to users, specifiers, building control, local authorities and insurers as to the quality and suitability of the innovative basalt-fibre TeploTie range, which is outside standard wall tie CE marking legislation,” says Ancon’s Annabelle Wilson. Like the original BBA-approved TeploTie cavity wall tie, launched in 2009, the new Teplo-L-Tie comprises a pultruded basalt fibre body set in a resin matrix. This material, with its thermal conductivity of just 0.7 W/mK, minimises heat loss across an insulated wall cavity, which is an essential consideration in low energy construction.

Ancon has been awarded BBA Certification for its Teplo-L-Tie basalt-fibre low thermal conductivity wall tie. The certificate was presented to Ancon marketing manager Annabelle Wilson, by BBA’s head of client accounts,

Gary Dicker, at the 2015 Ecobuild exhibition in London.

Unique to the new Ancon Teplo-L-Tie, however, is an ‘L’ shaped stainless steel upstand, mechanically and chemically bonded to one end, which allows it to be securely tied to steel, timber, concrete or masonry using a range of standard fixings. Available to suit cavity widths up to 300mm, “It’s ideal for today’s super-insulated building envelopes, whether new build or refurbishment,” Wilson said.

The BBA’s widely recognised third party approval follows thorough analysis of the Ancon Teplo-

(left) The BBA’s Gary Dicker presents product certification to Annabelle Wilson of Ancon

Ecological Building Systems launch Elka Strong Board Ecological Building Systems has introduced an “innovative” new wood particle board, Elka Strong Board, to Ireland and the UK. Elka Strong Board is a high performance, diffusion open, structural wood particle board. It is suitable for external or internal application. The board is intended for use in load-bearing structural elements in humid conditions, and categorised as a P5 racking board in accordance with EN 312. It is produced by German manufacturer Elka-Holzwerke.

OSB3 boards. “This in turn significantly increases the ability for walls and roofs to dry out in the event of unforeseen moisture entry. Due to the board’s exceptional low vapour resistance, they may be used as an internal racking board in conjunction with intelligent vapour checks, such as Intello Plus, without inhibiting the performance of the membrane from a vapour diffusion perspective.” As the boards utilise exclusively virgin green wood chips from a neighbouring sawmill, minimal processing is required. “This in turn ensures the boards are practically odourless due to their low VOC emissions, which in turn contributes to a healthy indoor climate,” Crosson said.

Elka Strong Boards were successfully introduced to the German timber and building materials trade in 2009. “The boards have considerably less risk of swelling compared to OSB3, a critical property in our humid climate,” said Ecological Building Systems senior engineer Niall Crosson. “They also feature superior transverse tensile strength compared to OSB3 (approximately 40% more). This ensures superior screw and nail extraction properties. The bending strength and modulus of elasticity of ESB boards are the same in both directions, unlike OSB panels where the value is halved across the width. This in turn greatly simplifies the installation process and minimise errors on site.” The boards may be applied internally or externally, and are compatible with diffusion open breathable

The board may also be applied internally as a surface finish, and has a sanded and virtually sealed surface, enabling water-vapour-permeable varnishes, paints and adhesives to be directly applied. The wood required to manufacture Elka Strong Board is sourced from sustainably managed forests and the boards are PEFC, and CE certified. More information regarding Elka Strong Boards may be viewed on wall and roof structures. With a µ value of only 24, Crosson said that Elka Strong Boards are over six times more diffusion open than many

(left) Elka Strong Board, available in the Ireland and UK via Ecological Building Systems

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Passive house plus issue 11 (UK edition)  

Passive house plus issue 11 (UK edition)