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A reader sent us this article that appeared in window on the right and a roof above.Me- along with them returned home three days her Baba used to spend long hours inside later. How I reached the place and how I the South Asian Tribune


ew Delhi: Today is February 7, 2010. It was on this day in 1969 the physical body of Meher Baba was interned in the tomb atop Meherabad hill. That day also marked the birthday of the Avatar according to the Parsi calendar. What a symbolism it was? Births and deaths are an illusory phenomenon. And for the Avatar there is no birth; there is no death; he remains eternal. The tomb shrine came to be in the twenties. For the Meherabad residents of the day, as Bhau Kalchuri points out in his magnum opus, Lord Meber, it was just a pit room - a room with a pit in the centre, a

the pit. Over the next couple of decades, the pit room's significance became a matter of public knowledge. And there were occasions when Baba 'conducted' his lovers to the tomb and even asked a lucky one or two to stay inside the pit. My mother and my two kid brothers were at Meherabad along with our younger sister as Babas body, that had been lying in the pit, disappeared from public view. How lucky they were!They were able to have the last mass darshan. I still, even at this distance of time, find it difficult to resist the temptation to feel envy of them. You see, I reached the Hill by Feb 2 night along with a group of Baba lovers from Guntur and

survived the biting cold in the night with no warm clothes, and with no thick blanket, is a story for some other day.This journey marked my life'sjourney, awayfrom the protective care of my parents. It may be amusing to read what I am going to say. Father never allowed me to venture out of our village to Guntur, the district headquarters town (distance some 30 km). Not even to see a district level science exhibition, lest this 19 year old could get lost in the mad, mad world. Yet, here I was boarding a bus for Meherabad, some 700 km away, all alone. Those days there were no cellular phones. Telephones were also not ubiquitous. You simply booked a


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