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ago, we met a mother and her 1s-year-old daughter at Meherabadfrom the States. The mother told us that her daughter had never shown much interest in Baba, until she read Growing Up With God. After finishing it, she wanted to accompany her mother to Meherabad, and the girl has since become a Baba lover. Now, after receiving your letter, it would not be exaggerating to say that the book appeals to anyonefrom 15 to 7s!! I know what you mean by feeling "separated " from Baba from time to time, and to know that our book was able to assuage that feeling to some small degree is praise indeed! In His love, David

We still have plenty left - half a thousand were ordered!

A nother very popular little book, way .r1Jess expensive-only S8-are the ones written by Rustom Falahati, which he titled The Real Treasure. He is now up to volume three, but since we have to rely on returning pilgrims to bring these books back for us, we don't have many. He worked for and with the Mandali for quite a few years, and he learned the lessons such service taught him, very well. One such gem is the following, learned from Eruch: Overcoming Resentment Through Remembrance "The following incident happened when we were fighting to close down a polluting chemical factory on the Meherazad approach road... Eruch would try to calm me by saying "Why do you get angry, Rustom? Do what you have to do; be firm, but not angry." I would reply that anger kept the fight going for me. "W ithout it," I said, "I won't be able to carry on the way I am doing." Eruch would just sigh, nod his head and say nothing more. On another occasion, when I was angry with the factory owner Eruch commented, "Rustorn, get over the anger in your heart for the factory owner. Do not resent him like this. If you don't do this, the two of you will end up being husband and wife in your next life." I laughed and so did the others who were around. Eruch then said very seriously, "You have to get over your resentment. When you don't do that, then Baba puts you into a relationship in your next life where you are forced to face the resentment, overcome it and love one another. Usually such people end up as


husband and wife and often fail in their relationships and end up divorcing one another. The resentment from the past life continues in the present life resulting in divorce and now will be carried forward in the next life into a relationship as mother and child where they will be forced to love one another. Here, too we find children having differences with their parents and breaking off the relationship. This goes on and on until the two souls learn to love one another. It is like that." After Eruch narrated this I asked him, "What should they do if the situation becomes intolerable as years pass by and their dislike for each other increases?" Eruch paused and said, "Try to remember Baba more and more and bring Baba into the relationship. That should help overcome the dislike and resentment." I persisted, "What if the resentment persists? What should you do then?" Eruch sighed and said, "Well if, through remembrance of Him, you succeed in working out the resentment and creating love, that would please Baba. But if the situation is absolutely intolerable, then one should live separately or separate from one another. However, it's important that you harbor no resentment after that, and maintain a friendly and harmonious relationship. Be loving towards each other, at least from a distance. You have to love everyone, no matter what their personalities, if you reallywant to love Baba and feel His love for you." The Real Treasure III p.1? $8


boOk that was very popular for many years before it finally went out of print was While the World Slept. Written by the Mandali member that Baba chose to be His night watchman-Bhau Kalchuri-it recounts stories from his years of sitting outside Baba's bedroom door from 1953-1969. In this short book we get a glimpse into a deeply private, often unfathomable side of the Avatar's internal work. Gripping, moving, sometimes outright disturbing, we find the Master at work with both Universe and disciple, occurring in the middle of the night, as the world was sleeping. Paperback, 120 pages $14






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next on your pilgrimage (be-

VV sides bringing some books back for

usl) you might be planning a side trip to Pune - birthplace of the Avatar. If so, I know you will find this little pamphlet invaluable. In His Footsteps tells you all the places that were important in the life of the Avatar and gives you good directions on how to reach each place. $3

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

AMBCSC ARCHIVES Rare Print Literature Publication

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

AMBCSC ARCHIVES Rare Print Literature Publication