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\Welcome to the ,Love Street ~ookstore! 'DtnÂŤ Snow Bibson


ell now, its been a few years since I have written the Bookstore report. Time to dive back into it again and let you know about all the new goodies we have. So here follows items we have received since the last LampPost issue. When Msaneh and I were in India a few months ago we arranged to finally have made up the beautiful pendants with the Beloved's face on them so many of you have been asking for. We have them in square, oval and round - the last two covered with rounded quartz, the first one with glass. Although our photographic representation here may not be the sharpest - rest assured the photos in the pendants are crystal clear. They are set in solid silver and each one is $40. The square ones with the rosettes at each corner are I" square, the oval, 9/10th of an inch wide and 1 and 2/10th long, and the round are II/10th across. We also have solid silver chains of varying lengths and styles from which to hang them.


e have just received a book that I think almost all of you will want to get, once you have read the review in the next section: Meeting God in Human Form by Rick Chapman. It's first on my list of things to do once I get this issue put to bed. But that is not all from Rick Chapman.




book. The additional chapters reflect the experience of the thirty-five years that have passed since the first book: Suffering; Health And Success, The Truth About; Pilgrimage; Sex; What Is God?, and Channeling, the chapter that actually prompted

the re-issue of the book in its expanded state. What I experienced in writing and proofreading this new version of the book was surprising to me: I still very much enjoy reading it despite my years with Baba and my familiarity with what I have written. I see this book as primarily an introduction to Meher Baba and His concepts as they pertain to the spiritual path, but it may well be that established lovers of the Avatar find it enjoyable and useful as well, given that, explicitly or implicitly, Meher Baba is the sole focus of every chapter. Hard cover $24, paperback $15

Rick M. Chapman An A-Z Guide

to True Spirituality

Many of you 'old timers' will remember the book from the early 70s (perhaps it was the first one you read about Meher Baba?) titled How to Choose a Guru. Well Rick Chapman, the author, has this to say about that : Introduction To Reality is a reincarnation of How To Choose A Guru, with

over twenty new chapters added to make it essentially a completely new

A nother oldie but goodie that just arfirived, but probably needs no review, is Steve Klein's Praise in Complaint. It has been out of print for many a long year,but we have it back in stock again. An excellent insightful writer, Sheriar puts Steve's essays on their website and we publish them in the LampPost too. The book consists of both prose and poetry. Steve told me one of the nicest reviews he ever got

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

AMBCSC ARCHIVES Rare Print Literature Publication

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

AMBCSC ARCHIVES Rare Print Literature Publication