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I didn't know I was in His school. It was not like the otherschools. Here I was taught about theplanes oflight, the masteryofthought andfeelings, about the nothing and the everything. and most ofall aboutyou and me. I always knew there was a school like this but I didn't know where. The schoolmaster was no ordinary man. He knew each ofus, and loved us. He was kindly and knew exactlywhat he was doing. I couldtrust this Master ofletterswith my life. I was safe here. My mind became very sharpsoI didn't have to study hard. The schoolmaster awakened my intuition. I couldanticipate what was to be and remember what was. First grade was the best. He taught /IS how to readsentences in a book. Then to read what was between the words. He showedthat silence can speak. How to read what was unspoken. We would go onfield trips. In moreadvanced courses they couldseewith the mind. That was a lot offUn. Touring the world this way. Visiting thepast orfuture couldbe surprising. Things were often different than what was in the books. In the last gradesyou can see the source ofall things. Be they ofthis world, or beyond. Everything is known. Thefinal test is whetheryou can walk in everyoneelse's shoes. Once the schoolmaster is satisfiedthat you know all he taught, then you graduate and become a schoolmaster yourself whetheryou teach others or not. What a great schoolyou have. lin glad you let me come. There is nonelike it. YourAvataric school.

We waited in the darkness before sunrisewith a

Irwin Luck February 23, 2010 Myrtle Beach, SC

plan, A plan that bordered on the realms ofinsanity As ifit werepossible to dashinto the aperture of daybreak And stealthe living daylight ofthe sun! Those who try get burnt. We conspired to lie in wait all night Toensnare the luminousmirrorofthe moonand make it ours. With such an abundance oflight in the heavens We shouted, why shouldwe not take our share? Why shouldwe heedthepoets'words, That the mirror's shards ofglasscancutyour heart And make it bleed! Then we werein the crowdthatformed to share Thegrowing brilliance ofcomets in the sky. Longing heartsreached out to capturefalling stardust Just a handful even But even these heavenlybodies weresnatched away, Compelled by what imperative, by what cosmic law Tobe takenfrom oursight? Seehowyou makeyour lovers weep! Hearts arecut open by such intransigence! I've seen how mothsburn in the candle'sflame But mothsdon'tbleedlike this Or shedsuch tears. Sarah McNeill England

Eooe, the :lire Love, thatfire which ignitesand tempers all things If it is not the bestofliving, what is? And God, thatfire within us, Melting andfUsing /IS with time itself. Love isan awesome reality The truest ofthings even unseen And while itsfire givesform, Love is birth, the seedwithin That knows itspurpose. Ruth Brandon, Missouri

Creation is a woman everybody knows Gives Goda lot oftrouble, you'dwonder why He chose To have heraround, to have heraround. Must be cos He likesher, thinks she's mightyfine; Must be cos He needs herfor the oldproduction lineTokeep thingsgoin'and the business sound Maybe cos sheis a woman - He never knows how sheblows, Keeps Godeverguessing and always on His toes; Maybe that is what He hasfound. Maybe cos sheis a woman and knowsjust how topleaseThat's when she's notfussin' orgone into deepfreeze, Or to Everest's peak, or underground. But sure Godloves creation Lookat all His children thereareAll us men and women and the most distant star: And he likes baoin' us all around.

From:Let UsThePeople Sing, page38. Š Francis Brabazon: Avatars Abode Trust, Qpeensland, Australia

Call1ou~ane I thought I wantedsomanythings but really theywereall masksfor You. Lovefor anyone oranything ismerely a disguise, a camoziflage for loveofYou. Indeed, what isthisentire world, but make-believe? Andyouhidesowell No wondersomanyhavelostsightofYou. You don't gofor ratings. OnlyYou could beso indifferent topopularity. You arenotsatisfied until we arehappy tohaveourhappiness stripped awoy. Until we can register thefaceofLove in thedust ofloss. Until we know the words earth andheartarethesame lettersfalling differently. os. my Beloved. Helpmesee through thisveil ofYourpretending. Peel away thelayers. I want You to him thiscostume ofmyselfinside out. I want You to tease outthethreads ofdivinity which You once sewedintothe veryseams ofme and makethemspellYour name soI am nothingbut Love.

Š RosieJackson England

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

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