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v4 ~essage[from the 'Board of fDiredors newsletter into a global presence and are to be commended. Due to some questions about copyright law, editorial content, and other concerns that needed clarification, the Board of Directors was unable to distribute the magazine. We are pleased that we recently found sufficient resolution and the magazine was finally delivered to AMBCSC; you now have the printed magazine in your possession.


he Love Street Lamp Post (LSLP) has been devoted to sharing information about Avatar Meher Baba's Life and Teachings for nearly 30 years. Our mission has been to contribute to a sense of spiritual community, in remembrance of Avatar l\ileher Haha.

Vie recognize that it is all of you, the readers of the magazine, who have been the pillars of its existence. You have sustained the magazine through donations, shared articles, and your readership. The Board of Directors of AMBCSC offers our apology to all of you for the delay in sending you the LSLP; thankfully, we are able to place it in your hands now. The Love Street Lamp Post was started by Greg Dunn, the original editor; Greg was ably assisted by his wife, Gay. The magazine began as a local newsletter for the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California in 1987. Editors who succeeded Greg were Christina Riley, David McNeely, and Dina Gibson. Thanks to Dina's enthusiasm and focus, the LSLP expanded into an international magazine with people contributing to the contents of the magazine from around the world. VVe want to thank Dina and the LSLP staff ofPris Haffenden, Cherie Plumlee, Tom Hart, Ray Madani, and all those who assisted in various tasks, for their heart-felt service and dedication to the Love Street Lamp Post over the years. Collaborative efforts nurtured a local

For all of you who have been supporters and donors to the LSLP, we want to thank you! Your love offerings were the source of publishing the LSLP, ensuring it was distributed world-wide. Please know all donations from last year, and additional funds, were used to print and publish this issue you now have and paid for needed corrective measures and postage. We want to take the time to clear up some misinformation regarding your love donations to AIvIBCSC for the LSLE 'rVe have reviewed several years records and cannot find any donations marked for the LSLP that were deposited into our General Fund. VVe were diligent in our duty to those who contributed our of their love for Meher Baba to make sure contributions to the LSLP were used as directed by the donor. Dina Gibson has launched a new magazine, Love Street Breezes, as an independent venture. Ifyou would like to find out more about her publication you may contact her at 310-837-6419 or by email We wish Dina and all those working on this new project much success.

become a Meherabode "Angel".VVe have beautiful pendants with Baha's image. There is much being offered from our Archives: CD's and DVD's featuring talks of Eruch, Mani, Mehera, Bhau, Filis Frederick, Dr. Goher, 'KT', Meheru, Adele Wolkin and others. Intimate talks and discussions with His close ones offer so much insight into His Teachings and His Love. Plus, you can join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or just browse the largest inventory, worldwide, of books by and about the Avatar of the Age. vVe feature several books penned by Meher Baba written in other languages, including Farsi, French, and Spanish . In His Love and Service, The Board of Directors, Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California email: Please connect with AlvIBCSC Facebook.comlAMBCSC


for qui,' Dome-s-a piau

devotionand darsban at HISChair

We look forward to sharing with you the ongoing efforts of AMBCSC to communicate Meher Babas Messages of Love and Truth. When you are in the Southern California area, please visit His Home, Meherabode. What's Happening at Meherabode? We have much to share!

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