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2fappy fBirthday fBaba :february 25, 20IO By Irwin Luck February 17, 2010 - Myrtle Beach, SC

Meher Baba is throwing a birthdayparty. Come one, come all. Everyone is invited. What a celebration. How grand it is. Yourparty includes the whole world. Once everyyear, the earth completes its orbit aroundthe sun. In that time, everyone on theplanet has a birthday to celebrate. Now the maker ofsuns and planets has invited us tojoin his celebration. What goodfortune has come to us. To celebrate with the makeroflife, His birthday on earth. Whenyou wereborn, a new agebegan. A new birth oflove and truth, divine light and music, tv and cars. Your party includes all ofmankind and angels unseen. Eve1y011e is invited, to come and enjoy, Devils and Saints, high and low, however rich orpoor. There is nopretenses here. No oneis left out ofyou1' come asyou areparty.

Whoever comes, will not leaveempty handed, You havejust the right gift for each one. Neither will anyoneleave, the sameas they came. Yourali-pouserful Ioue; transforms the mind and heart ofthose who enter. This grand birthday, gives birth to an amazing new life, for all those who accept your invitation . What an extraordinary present. I would not missthis birthday celebration oftheAncient One. The truth is, your birthdayparty never stops. It has been going onfor ages. In every advent, your Birthday celebration gets biggerand betterthan ever. Youplay your music and we dance toyour tune. No onecan rock the world likeyou. What a ball we are infor. Happy, Happy Birthday Baba. I was born to come toyourparty.

Love Street Lamp Post 1st Qtr 2010  

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