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Come join us under the Love Street Lamp Post. Like us, you have been drawn w this lane aI. the end ofthe world by events and experiences you did not always understand; by the inviting glances ofyour companions-w-be; and by the delical.e scent ofa most irresistabk wine. Come. The Master's wines/lOp is but around the comer. He has 1IOl yet thrown open its doors for the evening, so we are passing the time here in happy, aimkss anticipaJion. Come. Join us. The Love Street Lamp Post is the newsletter of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California. We are blessed here witb a large and active Baba community, and we bope to reflect its vibrant life in tbese pages. Although our reportage of activities and events will be focussed on items of immediate interest to tbe Soutbern California Baba community, we solicit stories of contemporary life with Meber Baba from the entire readership. We also enthusiastically solicit artwork, poetry, and letters. We hope all will be well pleased with tbis newsletter, and that you will come to consider it your own. Please share your experiences of Meher Baba witb all of us.

I belong to no religion. Every religion belongs to Me. My own personal religion is of my being the Ancient Infinite One, and the religion I teach to all is of love for God. MeherBaba

Meherabad Medicine Bob Street, familiar W Western pilgrilns to Meherabad, practices homeopaJhic medicinefuU time. He works five days a week aI. the Meher Heal1h Center in Arangaon and one day a week aI. Dr. Goher's clinic aI. Meherazad. He also dispenses remedies from his own room aI. Meherahad next W the room ofMohammed the Mast. In the following interview Bob discusses homeopaJhy and other "na/ural' medicinesfrom a medical perspective he has gained in the basecamp oftire Post: How did you become interested in homeopathy? Bob: In 1974 I came to Ahmednagar with the intention of spending the last eigbt months of my travel visa there and then returning to my job in Amercia working for James Cox. During this period Adi had a heart attack and became bedridden. He asked me to look after the work at tbe office, registering pilgrims, attending to their flight, bus, and train reservations, telegrams, and so on. I ended up doing that for three and a half years, beginning in 1974. It was a very high stress job, and I developed severe migraine headaches. Maybe three of four times in the period of a year I got headaches tbat would run two or three days. During a particularly difficult night in one of these periods woke up in excruciating pain. It was 2:30 am and it would be at least four hours before I could possibly see any doctor. I was taking Baba's name over and over,

Bob: No, not that I know of. But Goher would encourage us to study it, among others. Post: Any more stories about Baba and home-



Bob: Feram Workingboxwalla, who had been with Baba since the 20's, and who worked as a secretary for Adi, related the following story to me: "I [Workingboxwalla] was present when Goher's brother lal came to Baba with his wife. lal's wife had an ailment that was not responding to orthodox treatment, and lal asked Baba, 'What do you think? Is homeopathy a good thing? Should

Bob: Yes, Padri told me stories. Baba used to ask Padri for homeopathic medicine. Baba would take the medicine; then - literally a minute later he would complain, "I don't feel any better." Padri would explain to him then, "Baba, it takes some time." "I see," Baba would say, nodding His head. Then, after another one or two minutes: "I still



we try itT "Baba's response was: 'Homeopathy can bring the dead back to lifer However, he went on to qualify this statement, saying, '...but this requires a

wondering how I would ever survive that four hours, and thinking to myself, "This is a case for morphine injection!", when Adi appeared, having been roused by my distress. When I told him what was the matter, he said, "Wait a minute, I'll give you some medicine." He returned with a few homeopathic pills. I remember thinking to myself, "Well, these pills are fine, but this is not a case for general medicine. This is going to take an extreme remedy!" Nevertheless, within 10 seconds after taking the pills, the headache was 90% gone! I had great respect for those medicines from that time forward. Adi encouraged me to study homeopathy. I told him I didn't have any interest in medicine, that I didn't have any background in science, and that it wasn't my subject. He said, "Well, this is a science of a different type." But still I didn't have much interest. Six months later Adi gave me some books and said, "Here, you should study this. It will not only be helpful to you, but to many other people also." I started reading the books and became quite interested. It was a science of a different type a simple science, but a science, yes! So I studied with Adi for about three years. At the same time I would ride my bicycle out to Meherazad every morning and sit with Padri for about half of his clinic; then I would go back to open up the office. In 1978 I moved to Meherabad to take up the study and practice of medicine full time. I studied for another four years or so with Padri. For the last five or six years I've been going to the Meher Health Center five days with Dr. [Khambatta] Alu, and spending one day at Meherazad with Dr. Goher. Post: Did Baba ever say anything about home-

master ofthat science.'" What I take Baba to mean by "bring the dead back to life" is that perhaps cases that had no hope with conventional treatment could be cured by homeopathy. In my own experience, some cases that were considered hopeless and terminal have been cured. But Baba said, "It requires a master of that science." It takes a deep study to master homeopathy. Homeopathy was there from the beginning around Baba. Along with Padri and Adi Sr., Baba's brother, Adi lr. was a homeopath. So were Dr. Ghani and Baidu!. There was another homeopath named Morley. Chaganmaster practiced herbal medicine along with homeopathy. Throughout Baba's life he had many different styles of medicine practiced all around him. There was ayurvedic medicine, allopathic, homeopathic, biochemic...and he had Goher familize herself with and keep a few of these medicines. Goher has always had a great love for homeopathy and some of the other things, but she doesn't have time to study them all, and so has encouraged many of us others to study them: study homeopathy, study the Bach flower remedies, etc. In general, Baba enjoyed teasing all the doctors. His sign for doctor was [here Bob draws the edge of his extended forefinger down across his cheek]...which is the sign for "barber". Post: Did Baba ever say anything specifically

about the Bach flower remedies?

don't feel any better!" This went on so often that eventually Padri told Baba, when He asked for homeopathic medicine, "Baba, these medicines don't work on you: they're not effective." But then Baba would protest and - for example - rub his throat and gesture, "Well, you know I have this throat infection, and Goher's given me this, and she's given me that, and Donkin has done this - all these strong drugs - and nob<xly can make me any better. I really think that homeopathic is the best for me." So Padri would eventually be led to believe that Baba was really quite serious about taking homeopathic medicine, and again he would give Him a dose. Baba would take it: in fact, He would sometimes take the entire vial at once! Then, after a very short period of time, He would protest that He felt no better, and would say something to the effect that "Ah, you're all barbers. What do you know? Nothing!" This was a recurring amusement with Baba. On January 31, 1969, when Baba was severely ill and having convulsions, he was being treated by Donkin, Goher, and Padri. Dr. Ghindy from Bombay was called, as was Dr. Nilu. All were attending Baba with whatever treatment they

THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly publication of the Avatar Meher Baba Cenler of Southern California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angetes, CA 90025 (213) 474-9454 This newsleller is designed 10 keep the Southern California Meher Baba community and friends abreast of Center activities, and to provide a forum for contempory accounts of life with Meher Baba as Guide.

Editors: Greg and Gay Dunn COfItributors: Teri Adams, Will David, Brian Drygas, Dina Franklin, Lois Jones, Karina Page, Christi Pearson, Adele Wolkin, Linda Zavala. Pktue settd aU IIrnkttn- matnial to: Greg and Gay Dunn 22100 Erwin Street #221A Woodtand Hills, CA 91367 (818) 719-9113

Published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) All contents copyright @ 1988 by the Avatar Meher Baba Cenler of Southern California, except where noted.

thought was indicated. Padri was administering his homeopathic medicine. As usual, Baba was teasing Padri. Every five minutes Padri would give him a dose. Baba would say "Your medicine is not affecting me. I'm not any better. Your homeopathy is useless. You're all barbers. What do you know!" Then Padri said to Baba: "But Baba, you haven't taken the last dose [in the treatment series of six doses]!" Baba said "Oh...right! Give me the last dose!" So Padri gave him the final dose, some sort of powder. Within a few minutes of taking the "last dose", Baba dropped the body. Post: Can you relate other stories about Baba and health? Bob: I think it's important to bear in mind that, although Baba encouraged people to take treatment, not just neglect their health, he always stressed that He was the most important thing. If you have a health problem, fine, tend to it -- be practical. But don't let it consume your life, don't let it be the focus of your life. Try to keep Baba there in the center. I think the reason Baba wanted people to look after their health was so that they could focus on Him and be attentive. When people would come for His darshan, He would always inquire, "Was the food all right? Have you slept well?" He wanted people to be comfortable, and to be in good health and relaxed so they could payattention to what he was saying. That's what I gather from Goher. She has a balanced outlook, that you leave everything to Baba, yes, but it's your responsibility to do something about your health, also. That's where our sense of discrimination comes in. Padri would tell me, "Neither pamper the body, nor neglect it. Don't go to the extremes." Post: Ifyou were here in the West, and came down wilh, let's say, psoriasis -- what sort oftreatment would you seek? Bob: I would take homeopathic treatment for any kind of skin condition. I don't think allopathic treatment is effective in curing chronic skin conditions, and I don't think it's totally ~fe. The suppression of skin conditions can lead to other problems. You see so many instances of children with eczema and asthma, and you hear the story of

. I


the asthma getting worse after the skin cleared up, and then the asthma gets better and the skin gets worse. In my own experience I've seen two people contract severe kidney disease after the suppression of a skin disease by allopathic treatment. After taking natural treatment, the skin conditions came back, but the kidney condition improved. Post: What specifically was the allopathic

treatment given? Cortisone? Bob: Well, yes, cortisone is one of the favorites. There are zinc ointments. There are many treatments. AU the other doctors in our clinics refer the skin cases to me for homeopathic treatment. There's a spirit of cooperation in our clinics, of rcally wanting to help the patient. Post: Are there particular ailments that get re-

ferred to the ayurvedic doctors?


Bob: Ayurvedic treatment is sometimes extremely beneficial for asthma. It's also used for digestive problems, and women's complaints menstrual irregularities, urinary tract infections. Coughs. I don't know too much about ayurvedic medicine, although I do use an ayurvedic remedy for asthma. Actually, there's not much real, authentic ayurvedic medicine practiced in India. I mean the kind where the doctor takes the pulse of the patient and then prescribes a specific herb, or a combination of specific herbs. Ayurvedic medicine is somewhat similar to Chinese medicine. Unfortunately, India did not record that system of medicine as well as the Chinese did. The knowledge, although it has not really been lost, is in so few hands that it's taking time to rejuvenate. What you're left with mostly today is a lot of ayurvedic patent medicines. In other words, "take this medicine for all joint pains, or take this for all asthma problems." What is really required for more widespread effectiveness is more specific diagnosis. Allopathy is practiced on about 3/4 of the patients at the Meher Health Center, and homeopathy on 1/4. The center there sees about 80 patients a day. There's a small ayurvedic practice there, but not much. In Meherazad there's a more eclectic approach, because pilgrims come through. What-

NOTES FROM THE BOARD - Brian Drygas, President Since one purpose of this newsletter is to report about the activities of the various committees that make up the LA Baba Group's working structure, a short introduction to that structure seems appropriate here. The Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1969. Its business is coordinated by a nine-member Board of Directors elected by the membership yearly in January. All other committees report to this Board. The Center's largest and most active committee is the Sahavas Committee. This group plans and coordinates the Annual Silence Day Sahavas ("Company of the Master"; a camp retreat) held in July. The Service Committee coordinates public service activities; in addition, its chairperson or members send cards and flowers, on behalf of the group, to individuals in times of special joy or sorrow. The Permanent Site Committee makes its business the locating of a new center site and the raising of money to purchase such a site. The Program Committee plans the Saturday night meetings and special program activities. In addition, there is a lot of work performed on an individual basis, and in other committees. All meetings are open to anyone. All work is on a volunteer basis. A copy of the by-laws is available simply by contacting the Center.

ever service they have, Goher lets them practice that. We've seen chiropractic, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy... Post: Baba took chiropractic treatment, for ex-

ample, after his automobile accidents? Bob: Yes, Dr. Kenmore treated him. Post: Ben Hayman? Bob: Yes. Post: Are there particular ailments that you

have noticed seem to lend themselves to treatment by acupuncture? Bob: Well, yes...again, except for homeopathy my exposure is somewhat limited. However, it

DECEMBER BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MEHERA AND MANI Happy birthday to Mehera J. Irani (December 22), and Mani Irani (December 3). Adele Wolkin provides the followino0 mformatlon about Mehera and Mani: "At our Sahavas in Myrtle Beach in 1958, I was there when The Beloved told us: 'Mehera loves me very much. She loves me as I ought to be loved.' Baba has said that Mehera 'radiates love and purity. "Mani S. Irani, Baba's sister, has always been totally devoted to Baba. As Chairperson of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, Mani carries the responsibility of carrying out in word and deed Meher Baba's will, along with the other members' cooperation. In 1958, during Baba's visit to the U.S., He said of her that 'She loves Baba and works for Him from morning to late at night with correspondence and other details.' Baba has said of her that she loves Him, and has surrendered to Him one hundred percent. (See Meher Baba and His Mandali, by Naosherwan Nalavala, p.67.)"

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LETTER FROM BOAU KALCHURI [Christi Pearson provides the following excerpts from Bhau's letter to her, November 1988:] The rain is quite good this year, and everything is green at present. The school is running very well; the afforestation program is in full swing; the veterinary aid center is doing

seems to me that acupuncture is very useful in cases of patients who are oversensitive to medicines, who can't tolerate it, whose nervous systems are in a state of hypersensitivity. I think acupuncture can make the system more normal in its sensitivity to stimulus. Certainly, afflictions of the nerves, paralysis, etc. - wherever the nervous system is affected, acupuncture can be helpful. My little exposure to it makes me feel is has a great range of possibility. For some of the more chronic problems, it's always complemented with herbs. continued on page 8

very well; the construction of hostel A is going on; the new pilgrim's camp will be ready by December; the road is constructed to join the pilgrim's camp; good water is struck in the well on the new property for the future pilgrim's camp; and at the top of it, the new tax law is postponed for one more year! Therefore this is a very good picture I am giving you. An Eye Clinic went off very well and the patients were discharged on 12th October. They will again be examined on 16th November, and will be given glasses. We are also thinking of having dental, child care, and other types of clinics from time to time between the months from April to October. In this way the hospital will be running. For the present there are facilities for acupuncture and physiotherapy, and we will include more facilities in the hospital. We are now old and therefore such facilities as we now have will be only during our lifetime. Then there will be full-fledged hospital for the new trustees to take care of. . The land we have purchased very recently IS really very useful, and we are intending to purchase more acres at that site to develop for the Pilgrim's Camp for the Amartithi. The development work has already started on this land, and if no other piece is purchased it will become an ideal place for the pilgrims to be during Amartithi All the pilgrims can then live together in one area. We will utilize the night soil for manure to grow more and more trees -- of course, shade trees, no fruit trees. The school is running very well; second grade is introduced this year. It will grow to high school grade and then we will construct the building for the college so that the students have not to go out for further education. We have sufficient area for educational facilities and also medical facilities, but there is difficulty about residential quarters and facilities for the Amarthiti gathering. If we don't acquire sufficient area for this purpbse the future will blame us and the doors of hell will rmtain open to receive us! I will defmitely be coming to LA in my next birth if I don't come there either in 1990 or 1991.




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I Calendar I ~

All events are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (213)454-9454.

JANUARY EVENTS January 4 (Wednesday), 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Beginning tonight, there will be study group meetings at the Center on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. We will begin with Volume 1 of The Discourses. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin. January 7, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Films of Beloved Meher Baba. Prayers and Arti in Farsi. All are welcome! January 7, 8pm. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY! "When understood, life is a jest." Tonight we will explore the true meaning of these statements. Adele Wolkin leads the discussion. Your jests are welcome!







be a member to vote. Questions? Please contact Adele Wolkin (213) 540-8404.

January 28, 8pm. FILMS OF MEHER BABA. Tonight we will present "Meher Baba's Call", narrated by Darwin Shaw, and "Nasik", the classic which features film footage of Baba in the 1930's. The films will be preceded by a brief introduction to Meher Baba. Charlie Morton is our projectionist. January 30, 8pm. AMARTITHI. Meher Baba dropped his physical form on January 31, 1969. Let us join in commemorating the 20th anniversary of the event of His passing. Slide presentation, and sharing of Amartithi stories. Refreshments served 8:00 to 8:30. Observance of Silence 10:30 to 10:45, corresponding with Meherabad (India) time of January 31, noon to 12:15. Coordinated by Christi Pearson.

January 14, 8pm. "MASTERY IN SERVITUDE". Meher Baba said that the karma for the west is selfless service. Let's talk about our opportunities to serve and how we apply Baba's motto in our daily lives. Coordinated by Lois Jones. January 18, 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin. January 21, 8pm. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Tonight we will elect the Board of Directors for 1989. Also, reports on all Center activities for 1988 will be presented. All are welcome to attend this meeting, but you must

Flowers for Meetings We now have a table for Baba's sadra box, along with vases for flowers. All are encouraged to bring flowers for the Saturday night meetings. 6

FEBRUARY EVENTS February 1, 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin. February 4, 8pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Films of Beloved Meher Baba. Prayers and Arti in Farsi. All are welcome! February 4, 8pm. MEHER BABA AND SPORTS. Steve Myhro joins us from San Diego. Steve is a professional runner who is currently the American record holder in the


5K (single age group 42) and USTAC Master 15K national champion. Steve will discuss Meher Baba's influence on sports in relation to his life. February 11, 8pm. THE GAMES MEHER BADA PLAYED. - Learn about Baba's "playful" side. Tonight, play the games He played, induding "Hearts" and "Seven Tiles", among others. Find out how and why Baba played these games. Pris Haffenden is our "gameshow" hostess. February 15, 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin. February 18, 3pm. ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS. The works of many of our talented artists will be on exhibit today, beginning at 3:00pm. February 18, 8pm. Join a panel of artists as they discuss Meher Baba's influence on their work. Refreshments will be served throughout the day. Bring your friends! Coordinated by Diane Lafleur and Lois Jones. February 25, 8pm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEHER BADA! MEHER BADA'S 95th BIRTHDAY CELEBRA TION. A festive evening of music, films of our Beloved, birthday cake, and...A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! Coordinated by Teri Adams.

MARCH EVENTS March 1, 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin. March 4, 8pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Films of Beloved Meher Baba. Prayers and Arti in Farsi. All are welcome! March 4, 8pm. HER LIFE WITH BADA. This evening, Jeff Maguire will interview Marguerite Poley. Marguerite will describe the events in her life which led her to Meher Baba, and she will talk of her life with Baba. Marguerite is an artist whose beautiful

painting of Meher Baba graces the front wall of the Ccntcr's mecting room. March 11, 8pm. HOW I CAME TO BADA. Several members of our "Baba Family" will share their stories of coming to Baba. Coordinated by Marc Brutus. March 15, 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin. March 18, 8pm. ST. PATRICK'S DAY GUTTA NIGHT: "LOVE AND GOD". Many paths lead to God. Let's discuss ours. Refreshment will be served. Coordinated by Fred Stankus. March 25, 8pm. MOVIES WITH MEHER BABA. Tonight we will dip into our treasure chest and show "surprise" gems of Baba on film. Charlie Morton is our projectionist.

Santa Barbara Baba Group The Santa Barbara Meher Baba group meets every other Tuesday. For meeting times and locations call Donna Bayet at (805) 682-1877, or Leslie Tejada at (805) %7-4796.

San Diego Baba Gr-oup The San Diego Meher Baba group meets the last Sunday of each month at 4 pm for sharing and potluck supper, and the second and fourth Thursdays of the month at 8 pm for reading and discussion of the Discourses. For meeting locations, call Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 481-2941. The senior members of the San Diego group are Marvel Skeels and Zelia Wall Mcpartland. Marvel resides at Point Lorna Convalescent Home, 3202 Duke Street, San Diego; she welcomes visitors. (In the Los Angeles area, please contact Adele Wolken (213) 540-8404 if you want to visit Marvel.) Zelia hosts the Sunday meetifIgs. 7



Dina Franklin has graciously agreed to take over management of the bookstore. She welcomes suggestions, and in particular needs someone willing to take over the mail order business. Her phone: (213) 837-6419.

...continues to be your resource for placing books on or by Avatar Meher Baba for circulation in public or university libraries. Guidelines for placement should be requested from the Coordinator Chris Stahlberg (Box 1028, Forestville, CA 95436), or from the L.A area coordinator, Adele Wolkin (213) 540-8404.

New Books now available at the Center, and by mail: Lord MeIJer, Volume III by Bhau Kalchuri, covers Baba's life from July 1925 to August 1929: Beginning of His Silence, Meher and Prem Ashrams, Toka Ashram, Baba's Return to Meherabad. $40. When He Taluis Over by Bal Natu. Inspiring stories of life with the Avatar. Includes "Beloved Baba", "My God, My 'Big Daddy''', "He Not Only Changes Us, He 'Charges' Us", and more. $5. The Beloved Is All in All. Ghazals by Francis Brabazon. First publication of these devotional songs by Francis to his Beloved. $8.50. Determined To Be His, stories from Eruch Jessawalla told in Mandali Hall, edited by Steve Klein. $3.50. The Wayfarers by Dr. William Donkin. Just released Second Edition of a wonderful chronicle of Meher Baba's "Mast" tours - an important and fascinating aspect of the Beloved's Universal Work. Many excellent photos of the masts (GodIntoxicated soulS). $30. Glow Magazine. Back issues on sale now for $2.25. Call, write, or visit Center for a complete list. Naosherwan Anzar edits and publishes this beautiful magazine filled with Baba articles from around the world.



Finally, after two years we have a new catalog! It contains 48 talks, 11 of them being new for 1989, and there are now 27 speakers to choose from. Three of the new talks were donated by Filis Frederick, and a talk by Faredoon Driver (Padri), one ofthe earliest of Meher Baba's Mandali, was donated by Meher Lahar, Inc. Uyou would like a free information packet containing the catalog, write to: AMBC-CL, POB 3233, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

AVATAR MEHER BABA TRUST Did you know? In the course of the Trust's history since 1969, it has been called on to purchase the land for the path from Beloved Baba's tomb to lower Meherabad (in 1977); Meher Nazar (the Trust compound in Ahmednagar), which was on lease for 50 years from the military to Adi K Irani's family; the land on which the Meher hospital lies; and other areas surrounding the tomb and lower Meherabad. The estate at Meherabad has grown from 16 acres in 1959 to 220 acres in 1987, and still needs 200 more acres in order to fulfill, in time, the objects given in the Trust deed. Uyou would like to donate to Baba's ongoing

Meherabad Medicine continued The aim of all natural therapies is to stimulate the vital force. The chiropractor says "we have to align the spine and get the energy flowing in the body." The homeopath says "we have to stimulate the immune system in a very specific way. The health is deranged in a certain way, and we have to mimic that derangement to cause a response against it" The acupuncturist stimulates or rebalances the energy of the body by needles, and then nourishes and treats the nerves with herbs. The idea behind all of these natural therapies is that the patient cures himself. That's why they claim that they can be curative rather than just paLLiative. We want to make a permanent change in the constitution of the person, not just mask the symptoms. Goher treats primarily with allopathic medicine, but she uses a lillie bit of ayurvedic, a lillie bit of homeopathic. She often refers chronic cases to me.

work through the medium of the Trust He formed, please make your contribution to "Friends of the Avatar Meher Daba Trust" and mail it to Karina Page, Trustwalla, 2016-A South Garfield Avenue, Monterrey Park, CA 91754, for onpassing to India. As Mani reminds us, "Giving from the heart in Baba's love is what counts."

NOTES FROM PUBLIC SERVICE On November 12th the Center held a benefit dance in the lovely Garden Room at the Culver City Memorial Hall. All proceeds from the event were used to purchase food for the needy. Lynne Maguire provided the idea for the dance; Teri Adams and Diane Lafleur provided beautiful decorations; and Christopher Franklin as DJ kept the very danceable music going all night. Home-baked goodies and sodas were provided by many for sale. Barbara McReynolds very generously donated lunch for two at the City Restaurant for the first prize of the raffle, which was won by Stephen Hinkey. Lueky Leslie Tejada took second prize, and will soon be sporting a pair of designer sunglasses from the L.A. Glass Works! Many people made donations far above the $5

I'ost: [fyoll an路ived in a weslern city loday and were looking for a doctor, or a group of doctors, what sorl would yOll look for, and how would you go about it? Bob: It depends on your complaint. Each system has something to offer, and it also has its limitations. Allopathic treatment has major failings in the treatment of chronic illness. But antibiotics are life-saving drugs; surgery has saved lives and has rehabilitated people and made life livable...there's a place for allopathic treatment. But if I were looking for a doctor, and I had a chronic problem, for instance joint problems, or chronic digestive problems, or whatever, I would seek out homeopathic treatment, or a naturopathic treatment, or Chinese treatment. These natural therapies can be extremely beneficial if they're practiced by someone who is adept at them. They take a deep study - no less, and perhaps even more, than conventional medicine. It's something that

admission to the dance, and to our great joy we found we had raised $805!!! Lois Jones, Dina Franklin, Lois's niece Monique Lampkin, and Chris Haffenden used the proceeds to fill eight huge pushcarts with food! Each of 33 recipient families received a l2-pound turkey with all the vegetables and trimmings, plus bread, mayonnaise, and peanut butter for the days following Thanksgiving. John Stout, Patti Thorn, and Pat Griffin carried the nearly 100 bags of groceries from our Center to the Second Baptist Church downtown, which handled their distribution. All who participated came away with a wonderful warm feeling knowing how happy (and stuffed!!) the recipient families would be come Thanksgiving Day. Plan on attending the '89 dance! - Dina Franklin

MEIIERMAS '88 SWEEPSTAKES Our Center thanks everyone who lovingly participated in the Fly-to-India Sweeps. The winners will be announced with the next flyer, as the drawing will not be performed until after this newsletter's mailing. THANK YOU!

takes the deepest thought and concentration. A chronic disease is chronic because it's difficult to get over. Whatever medicine you're using, whatever therapy, it has to be someone that really understands the root of that disease. It's not something you can pick up in a few months. If you've got a chronic problem that's been going on 10 years, it's not unreasonable to expect six months of treatment. I've seen 30-year problems cleared up in six weeks. But they're not all like that. It takes a longer period for .some people and some ailments. As Baba lovers, the most important thing is to take His name. Then use your brain, try to understand a little bit about your condition.

Post: Would you mix therapies? Bob: I would want to try one thing, and give it a chance. Sometimes therapies can be mixed beneficially, though. I wouldn't mix allopathic and homeopathic treatment unless you have a condi-


pathology, because their treatment is going to be directed towards that specific pathology - using strong drugs. Of course, the doctors do make mistakes, but diagnosis is often a very difficult matter. Post: You're saying that one advantage ofal-

lopathic medicine's non-holistic approach to medicine is that it has led to exceptional skills in the diagnosis ofspecific pathologies? Bob: Yes. Medical training in the West is pretty thorough. I have a deep respect for the amount of knowledge that Western doctors have. I might disagree sometimes about the manner of

Eruch on Medicine and Healers [Editor's Note: The following comments were made by Eruch in Mandali Hall, December 1987.] Post: How can we separate real therapies

from bogus ones? There are so many different kinds ofmedical treatment being offered now in the West, and it's hard to know what has real substance and what is simply voodoo. Eruch: Baba Himself made use of allopathic medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, and ayurvedic medicine. The greatest thing a healer - any healer can do for his patient is to empathize with his condition. This is the most healing thing. God laughs when a physician thinks he has healed someone. The physician takes on sanskaras, and also gets involved with the patient's sanskaras, when he takes credit for results. Post: What advice would you give some-

one with a chronic health problem who has experienced many disappointments in seeking to be healed? Eruch: It is good to seek help, but reliance on Baba means that you resign yourself to His wish and will with respect to tbe resolution of the illness. Resignation does not mean tbat you cease trying to correct or improve your situation. It just means that you leave the results to Baba, and remain content with the outcomes He ordains.

treatment. I like working with allopathic physicians because of their understanding of pathology and physiology. Dr. Alu Khambatta, an allopathic physician, is the head of the homeopathic department at Meher Health Center. (Her name used to be spelled"Aloo", but Baba would tease Dr. Aloo by spelling her name "Alu", which is the Indian word for "potato". That's how she spells it now.) Dr. A1u has an interesting history. Baba at one time ordered her not to practice fact, "not to do anything", and this was an order that stood for several years. This was a difficult order, as she was a very active person. To pass the time she learned to play cards and things like that. Around 1952 she asked Baba about studying and practicing homeopathy. Baba said "all right", and gave her some money for books and to go to Bombay to study, where she worked in the homeopathic wing of a large Bombay hospital for four years. For a number of years she was head of the TB sanitarium in Arangaon. She retired there, and has for the last five or six years been practicing at the Meher Health Center. She's 85 years old, gets on the back of my scooter five days a week to go down to the health center, and works there for 3-4 hours. Dr. A1u has an order from Baba to take His name whenever she gives medicine. For her to remember that, she's formed a habit of having the patient take Baba's name with the medicine. I try to remember Baba or repeat his name when I give treatment, and I encourage my patients to take his name with their treatment. Padri used to say, "Take His name, then this powder, and if you die, good!" Post: How does Dr. Goher's allopathic treat-

ment differ from what yOIt might get from, say, an average western physician? Bob: Goher's connection with Baba makes her unique as a physician. She expresses some of the compassion that Baba expressed for humanity. She is an inspiring example of what a physician should be. She has a genuine concern for the patient - so much so, that I never tlifnk of her as being "an allopathic doctor", as opposed to "a homeopathic doctor", etc. - I think of her as a real example of what a physician should be - gentle, kind,


caring. I can't help but think that Baba himself has given her these qualities. Not to say tbat other physicians don't have these qualities, but she expresses tbem in a way that touches people very profoundly. Otber doctors路 not necessarily followers of Baba - have come to ber clinic, drawn by its humanitarian work, and have been just overwhelmed by the atmosphere of compassion that prevails there. Goher can give the same drug that another doctor might give, and the effect isn't tbe same. If I really felt that some doctor was tbe kind of person I wanted to treat me, I might overlook tbe fact tbat, say, maybe I felt I didn't really like allopathic drugs. I might take his treatment anyway. I feel that what is in the mind and heart of the physician can cure people, regardless, to some extent, of his style of medicine.

Post: Emch made similar comments to me last year - about the importance ofthe healer's attitude.

"I am the only One who loves everyone."

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Bob: Yes, I really believe that the results that we're getting in our homeopathic department are better than the knowledge of tbose of us that are practicing homeopathy there. I think it's a demonstration of what can be done when medicine is given with His name, and in that spirit.

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Meher Baba, The Divine Sportsman by Steve Myrho Steve Myhro from San Diego is a professional ronner who currently holds the American record in the 5K (single age group 42), and is national champion in the Master (over 40) class in the 15Kron. Sports played an important role in Meher Baba's early life and throughout his advent. He was active in sports as a child, cricket being his favorite game. Baba formed a field hockey team and a soccer team; both were disbanded when the same boy was injured on two different occasions. In high school at St. Vincent's, Baba competed in running, high jump, and was the star player in cricket. His records are still unbroken to this day.

Whatever you do, do with all your heart.. 'Put your whole heart into it, whether it is a game or work. MeiJer Baba, during games at Meherabad, 1922 From the time Baba was quite young he was very disciplined in everything he did, having fixed times every day for sports and study. One day Baba's childhood friend and later early disciple Baily, who was lazy by nature, found his name on the list to participate in the annual sports competi. tion. Baily went to the principal to explain that he had not signed his name to the list, but the principal said, "Either play, or be expelled from school!" Baily played, though not very well. He later found

out that Baba wanted to change his friend's lazy nature, and had put his name on the list. In 1922 Baba's early disciples gathered at a place called Manzil-e-Meem. One day Hormuji Vayifay, a famous cricket player of India, visited Baba, and soon became one of the group. Since cricket was Baba's love, this was a special joy for Baba. One day Baba, along with the men, went to see Hormuji playing in a cricket match, but found that Hormuji's doctor had ordered him not to play because of an illness. After a time, with Hormuji's team losing, Baba himself gave Hormuji permission to enter the game. Hormuji scored many runs and his team won, with Baba and the mandali cheering from the sidelines. A year or two later, under Baba's orders, Hormuji could be found selling Upasni Maharaj's biography to fans at cricket matches. The fans felt sorry for this once great cricketeer, and purchased Upasni's books from him! Also in the Manzil, games were played by the men mandali, such as cricket and Thumps-andBumps (a game involving tossing tennis balls at each other's heads). Baba, in reference to their playing, said, "It refreshed the mi~d and spirit of all participants. With their concentration entirely focussed on the game, they forgot all their cares." Cricket was played in the early morning in the


Manzil courtyard, and Dr. Ghani, being a late sleeper, would not take part in the games they were playing. His room faced the courtyard with windows above his bed. Baba would throw the ball against the window to wake Dr. Ghani up. Once day Baba threw the ball so hard he broke the window, and glass shattered all over Dr. Ghani's bed. He awakened and shouted to Baba, "How can I sleep while you throw the ball against the window. I know you are doing it on purpose!" Baba replied, "The only solution is for you to rise early with the rest of us, and sleep in the afternoon." This Dr. Ghani soon did. Once in 1922 while playing cricket, Adi Irani and Vishnu got into a heated argument. Baba intervened and said to Adi: "As the cause, so the effect. The cause may be big and important, or small and insignificant, but the result will be definitely according to it. The woes of this world are imaginary, and are the self-created result of our own ignorance; having no cause, they are therefore unjustifiable. If there is no reason or cause, then it naturally follows that the result is unreal, insubstantial, and meaningless. So why worry about the happiness or misery of this world, which has no cause behind it, except imagination. Just go on observing things as a passive spectator, as they go on around you, keeping the mind free and happy. As Hafiz says, 'Both the happinesses and sorrows of the world will pass away. So it is better to remain peaceful throughout.'" From 1925 to 1928, sports and games were part of the curriculum at the Meherabad school, the Hazrat Babajan High School, and the Prem Ashram. Facilities for every type of game and sport were available, with scheduled cricket matches held in which Baba himself participated. Throughout Baba's travels and seclusions in the

40's and 50's, he would encourage others to participate in sports activities, and he himself would take part in the game, even while in seclusion.

A SERIOUS CRICKET GAME In July 1956, Baba, who was in seclusion in Satara, expressed his wish that a game of cricket be played very seriously by all present. Baba played on both sides; the score was equal, and the game went on for hours, until all were physically exhausted. Later, just before Baba's accident in November 1956, Baba reminded the mandali as they passed the site of the match about how all had played such hard cricket there. It was across the street from that same site that the accident occurred. Later, after the accident, upon passing the same site on the way back to Meherabad, Baba again remarked how they had played such hard cricket there. Baba's love for cricket remained, and one year Baba blessed the Indian cricket team as they were on their way to England. Baba embraced each player, and Eruch read out a special message, which was printed in the English and Indian newspapers. They all took part in Baba's arti, and each was given a copy of his message which he gave that day. Baba told them to "take My love with you, and you will shine well." In 1%3 Baba was requested to present the Poona District Cricket Association awards, which were held in Guruprasad. Baba gave out awards along with his blessings of love. They also received his darshan. Baba said, "I am happy to present these trophies today. When I was a boy in school and college I played cricket. Now I play my Divine Universal Game, which includes criCket, so I am still fond of that game." continues p.10

Hopelessly, Helplessly...His Steve and Zorah Taylor, along with their daughter Shireen, recently relocated to Orange County from Houston, Texas. The following is the wonderful story oftheir Baba's allenfolding embrace. "In 1977 I left my home in Myrtle Beach to enter the Peace Corps," Steve begins the story. "Having known about Baba for some eight years at that point, I had narrowed my choices of service location to countries close to India, finally picking Afghanistan on the recommendation of the welltraveled Hermes Reiter." "In the same year," says Zorah, "I graduated from the university in Kabul and took a position as an Administrative Assistant at the Peace Corps Office there. "On one occasion a man I did not know came into the office, identified himself as Steve Taylor's cook, and said he had been sent by Steve to pick up his mail. It was a believable story, but I asked if he had something in writing to that effect. He said no, he didn't. After trying without success to telephone Steve, I told the man we could not

THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly publication of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 (213) 474-9454 This newsleller is designed to keep the Southern California Meher Baba community and friends abreast of Center activities, and to provide a forum for contempory accounts of life with Meher Baba as Guide.

Editors: Greg and Gay Dunn Commillee Reporler. Diana Goodheart Contributors: Teri Adams, Steve Berry, Dina Franklin, Eruch Jessawala, Jeff Maguire, Steve Myhro, Georgene Tarbox, Adele Wolkin, Linda Zavala. Mailing: Pris Haffenden PIIas, s,ttd aU n,wslett,r mat,riDt to:

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release it without more tangible identification. "As it turned out, that batch of mail included a cashier's check sent to Steve from the States. Such things are easily negotiable on the black market in Afghanistan, and apparently a dishonest postal employee had seen the check and tipped off this man. This money later proved quite important. "Steve seemed different, somehow, from most of the other volunteers. At first I just noticed that he was a very nice guy. Later I came to know that his orientation was quite a spiritual one: most unusual among the westerners we saw in our country." Steve remembers that "I always enjoyed seeing Zorah when I would go in for my mail. She was always so cheerful and happy." Over the course of several months Steve and Zorah had many friendly conversations at the Peace Corps Office. Dates, on the other hand, were another matter. Afghan women are not permitted to date. In the conservative and traditional Eastern style,marriages are arranged between families, and there is little contact between the fiances prior to the formal union. Secondly, for an Afgha路n Muslim woman to entertain any sort of relationship with a nonMuslim was (and is) quite forbidden. And finally, the same held true for relationships with foreigners. Therefore, on three major counts, this was an impossible relationship. Nevertheless, the attraction existed, and the conversations continued. After six months in Afghanistan, Steve took a short leave and made a trip to India. While at Meherazad, one of the themes of his personal search was the question of marriage versus celibacy. After much soul-searching and discussion with Eruch, Steve determined that it was not, after all, up to him. He determined to give the matter over to Baba. If he was to marry, Baba must show him that...and also guide him in finding his partner. ~ Two days before Valentines' Day in 1978, Zorah asked Steve about the Valentine's Day cards that a number of the volunteers had been


making around the office to exchange with friends. Steve explained about this holiday. Zorah found it charming and interesting, but didn't fully understand its significance, trying as she was to understand through barriers both of language and culture.

*-;; "\1 i





On Valentine's Day Steve came to the Peace Corps Office to pick up his mail. He was enormously surprised to find, among his letters, a valentine from Zorah. "I took it to a private place before opening it. When I read the card - which included lines of poetry handwritten by Zorah - I received a shock: a jOlt, almost as if being physically struck by lightning. I knew, instantly, that this was the woman I would marry." After many months of a secretive and quite platonic relationship, Steve and Zorah arranged a date: dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul. "We were looking over our shoulders the entire meal," Steve recalls. Another Peace Corps volunteer had been arrested on a trumped up charge after being seen with a woman the authorities thought to be an Afghan. There could be many bad consequences for Zorah's family as well. But careful preparations were made, an(1 the dinner took place. Afterwards Steve took Zorah back to his home - they could go to no public place - where he served her tea, and told her about Meher Baba. "There's something you should know about me," he said. "This man, Meher Baba, is the most

important thing in my life." Zorah, by this time, had not only a highly favorable opinion of Steve, but also a great respect for his spiritual beliefs. She felt that Baba was probably either a Pir or a Saint: the existence of such people was widely recognized in her country. Steve then asked Zorah to marry him. She said yes. Remember, this is still the first date! In the blush of love, the plan was made, but there were immense obstacles to be overcome. Steve had initially hoped they could marry in Afghanistan, but Zorah's family was completely opposed to their union. Beyond their personal feelings, such an act would make them social outcasts. Zorah began exploring the procedures for obtaining a passport to travel from Afghanistan, only to discover that University graduates were not permitted to leave the country even on a visit until they had worked and served their country for at least a year. But within a few weeks even that obstacle paled into insignificance, as a Communist coup was successfully launched against the Afghan government. "The entire climate of the country changed overnight," Steve and Zorah recall. "Suddenly there were tanks - and tank fights - in the streets, and soldiers everywhere. Travel was severely restricted. Countless people with connections to the former government were jailed and worse. As Americans were considered the particular enemy of the new government, it became dangerous for natives even to be friendly to them. Passports ceased to be issued except to those with connections to the new government." Although most Peace Corps volunteers left Afghanistan within days or weeks of the coup, Steve stayed. Zorah continued to explore possibilities regarding the passport. A brother-inlaw who had been a pilot in the military attempted to intercede in her behalf, but after a number of weeks, the plan fell flat. After some months, with the new government firmly established, it was announced that a limited number of passports would be issued for pilgrimages to Mecca. A lottery of sorts, using colored balls in a large bin, was held. Zorah's brother Rohallah went to represent her -- had Zorah gone herself, many suspicions would have

been raised. However, it was not Baba's plan for the roller coaster ride of hopes and dashed hopes to end so soon: Rohallah drew a red ball, and no 1 passport was forthcoming. A few weeks after this, it was arranged for Steve to have dinner at Zorah's house, and to meet her mother for the first time. Zorah's father, who had been a government official, the Afghan equivalent to our position of Senator, had passed away a few years before. For this dinner even to take place had required months of gentle wearing through of family resistance. Zorah's mother saw that her daughter could not easily be dissuaded from her love with the American. Zorah's eldest brother, who by Afghan tradition was regarded as the family's head, remained adamantly opposed to the idea, anticipating the scandal it would bring upon the family. But the heart of Zorah's mother was touched by Baba at the meeting. She took a great liking to Steve, and became an ally in their quest. She approached a former neighbor, now the head of the Ministry of Internal Security - the Afghan equivalent of the Russian KGB - and asked for his intercession in obtaining a passport for the Mecca pilgrimage. Although it was not spoken of, this man knew of the love between Steve and Zorah, and knew the real purpose of the passport. Nevertheless, he did intercede, and obtained a special passport marked for processing with a minimum ofred tape.2 Even with this finest of passports, many bribes were required as Rohallah made the rounds of thc officials who had to sign off on the passport. If an official was reluctant, or placed the application on a stack of papers with an injunction to "come back in a few days", Rohallah would include a bribe in his parting handshake (so others in the office would not see). At this, the official would remove the application from the stack, apply the required signature, and send Rohallah on his way. Through a Peace Corps volunteer who worked for an airline, Zorah secretly obtained an air ticket from Saudi Arabia to the United States. She also had to purchase a round trip ticket to Jiddah for the "pilgrimage". For this she used the money shc had prevented Steve from losing by her firmness

with the imposter at the Peace Corps Office. "In spite of the circumstances," Steve recalls, "1 never felt completely comfortable with the fact that we were using the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) as a pretext for Zorah's escape. But we could think of no other way."

Trust God completely and He will solve all difficulties. Faithfully leave everything to Him and He will see to everything. Meller Baba Steve contacted Alfred Dubbs, the American Ambassador to Afghanistan, who was most sympathetic and helpful, sending a cable to the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia, explaining Zorah's plan and arranging for help.3 All arrangements were now made: Steve would fly from Kabul to West Germany, wait a day, then fly to New York. Zorah would leave from another city, Kandahar, a day's drive from Kabul. During her layover in Saudi Arabia she was to go to the American Embassy. Zorah's brother-in-law was a pilot for Ariana Afghan Airlines, and arrangements were carefully made to get her on his ptane where he could keep her separate from the other pilgrims so she would not be missed when she departed during the layover in Saudi Arabia. That was about the last thing that went smoothly. Somehow the Afghan government got wind of the plan, and by the time Zorah's plane landed in Saudi Arabia, they were meeting every plane from Afghanistan, looking for her. A friend of her brother-in-law (the pilot) who was to help

continu-es on page 10 1 Rohallah has also recently joined us in Los Angeles. 2 This man, some time later, was pulled from his car and machine-gunned by a rival Communist group seeking power in Afghanistan. 3 Dubbs was later abducted by the KGB and killed just before the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, some three months after Steve and Zorah left. His deep knowledge of Russian a1fairs apparently was regarded as a potential source of problems for the invasion effort.


All events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (213)474-9454.

APRIL EVENTS April 1, 12n()()O. APRIL FOOLS: A Wedding at the Baba Center! Patty Thome and John

Stout - two fools in love in His love - will be married at Center at high noon, and all are invited. A reception will follow immediately. Please bring food to share - NO GIFfS.

April 1, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. April 1, 8pm. A NIGHT OF BABA MUSIC. Relax and enjoy an evening of music with local artists. Coordinated by Cookie Jessica.

April 5, (Wednesday) 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Harry Thomas.

April? DR. HOSHANG BHARUCHA & FAMILY will be visiting Los Angeles as part of a tour ofD.S. Baba groups. He'll be giving a midweek talk while in L.A The date and time are unknown, but will be communicated via meeting announcements and the phone tree. Be ready! April 7,8,9. JOSHUA TREE CAMPOUT Contact Chris Pearson (213-377-0572) for details of this campout at the Joshua Tree National Monument, Cottonwood Group Camp No.3.

April 8, 8pm. MEMOIRS OF "THE FRIVOLOUS THREE" In September 1988, Delia DeLeon left her home in London to visit the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. To preserve the occasion, a one-hour video was made starring Delia, Kitty Davy, and Margaret Craske - a trio Baba once referred to as His "Frivolous Three". We'll see that video tonight! Videowalla: Charlie Morton. 6

April 15, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses,

in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

April 15, 8pm. FRED'S CABLES TO THE MASTER. Highlights of presentations about Meher Baba and His Mandali that have appeared on local cable television. Enjoy those special programs you may have missed on IV. The Myrtle Beach Sweepstakes drawing will be held at the close ofthe meeting. Coordinated by Fred Stankus. April 19,(Wednesday) 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Harry Thomas.

April 22, 8pm. HOW I CAME TO BABA STORIES FROM IRAN. Several members of our Baba family from Iran will share their stories of coming to Baba. Coordinated by Marc Brutus and Art Ajang.

April 29, 8pm. INTRODUCTION TO MEHER BABA; FILMS OF MEHER BABA. Tonight we will present "God Man" and "Avatar", with a brief introduction to Meher Baba. Coordinated by Brian Drygas.

MAY EVENTS May 3, (Wednesday) 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Harry Thomas.

May 6, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. May 6, 7:30pm. RECEPTION for Leatrice Johnston and Renae Shaw, with refreshments. May 6, 8pm. OUR LIFE WITH BABA: LEATRICE JOHNSTON AND RENAE SHAW. Leatrice and Renae met Baba in May, 1952, at the Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach, with their parents Darwin and Jeanne Shaw. It has been several years since Leatrice and Renae have given a talk together, making it a

special evening for them as well as for us. Coordinated by John Stout.

May 7, (Sunday) Ipm. POT LUCK BARBECUE with Leatrice and Reruu. Join

God", will follow an introductory discussion of Baba's work with the God-Intoxicated souls he called "masts". Coordinated by John Stout.

our guests at Chris and Christi Pearson's, 6979 Grove Spring Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, (213) 541-0059. Maps available at the Center.


May 13, 8pm. THE AUSTRALIAN CONNECTION: FRANCIS BRABAZON AND MEHER BABA - a talk by DIANA SNOW. Diana, a long time friend of Francis, will

in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the meeting's end. All welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

tell us how Francis brought Meher Baba to Australia. Diana resides at Avatar's Abode, and is the mother of our own Dina Franklin.

May 17, (Wednesday) 8pm.STUDYGROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Harry Thomas.

May 20, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the meeting's end. All welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

May 20, 8pm. JESUS, SAINT FRANCIS, and MEHER BABA - a talk by LARRYPESTA. Larry shares his thoughts after a recent visit to Assisi, Italy. Coordinated by Patty Stout.

May 27, 8pm. FILMS OF MEHER BABA. Irwin Luck's lovely film, "The Human Side of

June 3, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses,

June 3, 8pm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FILlS! Tonight we honor Filis Frederick, our center's founder and Baba's chosen editor of the Awakener journal, 1953-1986. Filis dedicated her life, and her gifts, in Baba's service. Share a memory or a favorite Awakener selection. Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Terry Lucas.

June 7, (Wednesday) 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin and Harry Thomas.

June 10, 8pm. GUTTA NIGHT. Meher Baba said that cheerfulness is a Divine art, and that it helps others. Tonight we'll discuss how we share Baba's cheerfulness with others. Refreshments will be served. Coordinated by Fred Stankus.

June 17, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the meeting's end. All welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

June 17, 8pm. BHAU KALCHURI -- LIVE!

Santa Barbara Baba Group The Santa Barbara Meher Baba group meets every other Friday. For meeting times and locations call Donna Bayet at (805) 682-1877, or Leslie Tejada at (805) 967-4796.

Bhau, in transit between Australia and Europe, stops for a visit! Other Baba centers please note: Bhau requests us to inform all that he will, regretfully, be unable to visit other U.S. cities this trip. Call Christi Pearson (213-541-0059) in June for Bhau's full itinerary.

San Diego Baba Group

June 18, 2pm. BHAU at Jacko's. Be there!

The San Diego Meher Baba group meets monthly. For meeting times and locations, call Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 481-2941.

June 21,(Wednesday) 8pm. STUDY GROUP. Discourses, Volume I. Bring your copy! Coordinated by Adele Wolkin all'! Harry Thomas.

June 24, 8pm. FILM NIGHT. Surprise gems of Baba on film. Coordinated by John Stout.


SoCal Center Newsbeat


Sahavas Committee. The Sahavas Committee is pleased to announce its guest list for the 1989 Sahavas: Viola Farber, Virginia Sidowsky, and Elizabeth Socalis - all from New York State - and Kusum Singh from Delhi. Viola is a dancer who performed for Baba at Myrtle Beach; Virginia and Elizabeth are sisters who met Baba in New York in 1956. Kusum Singh is a singer whose family met Baba in 1953 when the GodMan rented a bungalow near door to their property. The Committee is working to blend past program favorites with new ideas gathered from last year's questionnaire. A new focus this year is to provide more opportunity to relax and renew Baba friendships in the afternoons. Linda zavala reports that there will be a workshop for artists at Sahavas. If you're interested, please bring a piece of your workeither an original or a reproduction - to share with your fellow artists. There will also be, as always, an art auction at the Sahavas to raise funds for the Center. Donations of artwork for the auction will be greatly appreciated. Behind the scenes, a striking development is that the committee is functioning without cochairs. This is an experiment with a new structure which should enhance sub-committee functions. Plenty of work lies ahead and the committee welcomes extra loving hands in the process. If you feel inspired to contribute from near or far, call Volunteer Coordinator David McNeely at (213) 258-9887. Center Redecoration. Plans to redecorate the Center are under way. Linda zavala will coordinate this effort, which should begin in the near future. If you have ideas about how you want the Center to look, call Linda at (818) 7958322. She welcomes your input. New Plwne Tree. A new phone tree list has been issued. This is a great service to those of us who regularly contact the local membership about program changes and recent important Baba news. Please notify Shirley Kelley, our new membership person, when you change your phone number or address.

Audio Cassette Library. The Center Audio Cassette Library has several new titles which may interest you; "Piercing the Veil" (Jane Haynes), "How I Came to Baba" (Ann Conlon), and "Spirituality and Intuition" (Filis Frederick) are mentioned here to encourage you to look through the updated catalog. Librarian Marc Brutus reminds us that cassettes can be borrowed for 50 cents each. For a free catalog of available talks write to: AMBC-CL, POB 3233, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Bookstore. The big news from our bookstore is that video tapes of Avatar Meher Baba are on order. In the coming months look for "0 Parvardigar", "The Ancient One", "Avatar", and "Meher Baba's Call". Prices will range from $25 to $75. Look around also for favorite books which have been re-ordered. The recent inventory of our bookstore has uncovered many old treasures which are now available for sale. In particular, matted photos of Beloved Baba and unique pieces of jewelry, all on display, may tempt you. Many free posters, such as "I Have Come to Sow the Seed of Love In Your Hearts", are also available. Our bookstore manager, Dina Franklin, urges, "If you don't see what you want, ask for it!". Watch the shelves! - Diana Goodheart

Permanent Site. The Permanent Site committee has taken major steps in the last year. We have made offers to purchase on two possible sites. Neither one of them has worked out, but we are all learning lots of vital information. The Committee is continuing to check prices and locations, zoning laws, space and parking requirements, and remodeling feasibility. A survey is now being prepared to determine what Center member preferences are in a new center. Please help us by expressing yours! Ten years ago we started collecting funds, and from the most meager of beginnings -- $0 -- we now have amassed, through the generous support of our Baba family, $41,000. Although additional funds will likely be necessary for purchasing, it is very exciting to have come so far! - Georgene Tarbox and Steve Berry

Congratulations Best Baba wishes for nuptial bliss from all of us to Ralph and Kebi Boose Brown (December), and to Fred and Gisele Dreissen Stankus (January). Congratulations and bon voyage to Mehermas '88 Fly-to-India Sweepstakes winner Sarah Dwyer of Los Angeles. Congratulations also to our second and third prize winners, Angelenos Barbara McReynolds and Adele Wotkin.

Tehachapi Baba Lovers Randy Buck and Marta Hores extend a warm invitation to Baba lovers passing through Tehachapi (forty miles southeast of Bakersfield on Hwy 58) to ring them up for a Baba meeting at (805) 822-6426. "Any evening you come up..." Marta writes, "...we are country folk and extremely flexible." Overnight accommodations can usually be arranged.

Home for Sale Near Baba ~ Myrtle Beach Center Although the Post does not ordinarily run ads of any kind, the following is presented as a public service of potential interest to Baba lovers: Judy Schoeck of New York reports that her parents, Eloise and Eugene Schoeck (of North Carolina) have a home for sale on Surfside Beach, 20 minutes south of the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach. The home, purchased new three years ago, is described as "2 bedrms., 2 bath, loaded kitchen, L-shaped living/dining rm., 1152 sq.ft., washer/dryer, deck overlooking lake. It is a . manufactured home in a community (not retirement) setting, with pools, a clubhouse, and beach access. A maintenance fee of $157/mo includes taxes, utilities, and amenities." Los Angeles area Baba lovers will be both amused and chagrined to know that the asking price is $39,900 - almost enough, as we say, to buy an outhouse in L.A! Uyour Southern California impressions are winding down, contact Judy (516) 845-7421, or her parents (919)443-3192.

Trust Donations: A Clarification from Eruch (AU Pkase Note!)

Eruch, writing also for Mani and Bhau, has requested that we clear up a possible misunderstanding which may have been created by a short piece on the Trust that appeared in our last Lamp Post. In this article, a report regarding the acquisition of land at Meherabad was immediately followed by a request for donations to Baba's "ongoing work through the Trust." Eruch writes: "Readers may misconstrue that the Trust is requesting donations for acquiring land and this is entirely incorrect. The purpose of purchasing land has been served and no more donations are required for this purpose. Therefore, please note that no more specific donations for acquiring Trust land should be encouraged nor sent to the Trust. "Donations to the Trust should not be earmarked for land purChase, but be sent, as usual, either for Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust or for Avatar Meher Baba Trust, (FIRSTLY), for the Beneficiaries of Avatar Meher Baba Trust. Also please note that if your donation to Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust is more than $100.00, it should be marked for the CORPUS FUND of Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust even if it is a group donation." Uyou would like to contribute to the Trust, please contact Karina Page, Trustwalla, 4530 Starling Way, Los Angeles, CA 90065, (213) 2253910.

Contributions Sought for the Lamp Post' Please share your artwork, poetry, letters, articles, and ideas with us. Send to Greg and Gay Dunn, 22100 Erwin St.#221A, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, or call us at (818) 719-9113. Deadline for Summer 89 issue: June 1.


There is no such thing as failure on the journey towards Truth or God. It is merely a question oftime. Meher Baba .


Divine Sportsman from page 2

BABA AS CARD-PLAYER In reference to a question during a game of

La Risque about Baba's playing cards, Baba said, "My reasons for playing are three-fold: (1) The burden of my universal work is lightened. (2) The minds of players are focussed on Me in a natural manner. (3) Those who lose have to rub noses on the carpet before Me, the Highest of the High. This is a privilege filled with significance. Then the losers become winners." Meher Baba is the Divine Sportsman, playing his role to perfection in his universal game of creation. His playing is the play of love on the playing field of earth where He allows us to participate actively in his love with all our Shortcomings, attachments, and inabilities to follow him completely. Just as with sports and its required repetition and practice leading toward excellence, Baba gives us this life discipline, to think of him

Helplessly His from page 5


Zorah get to the U.S. Embassy managed to board her plane just ahead of the government agents. Walking casually down the aisle past Zorah, he whispered to her, "'They know!" Within moments the agents had boarded. One of them found Zorah and confronted her: "Are you going to the U.S.?" he demanded. Zorah denied it. She was searched. Thanks to her friend's warning she'd had just enough time to hide her plane ticket in her underclothes. Nevertheless, the agents confiscated Zorah's passport and health certificate, effectively immobilizing her in Saudi Arabia. Zorah's brother-in-law, meanwhile, had no choice but to fly the plane back to Afghanistan he was, after all, its pilot! Zorah was sent to the Afghanistan Embassy, where things went from bad to worse. The embassy officials, upon inspecting Zorah's identification -- which included an American Embassy I.D. obtained for her job at the Peace Corps office .. formed the opinion that she was a spy!

constantly and love him wholeheartedly, which helps to break old habits and desires that get in the way of our loving him and pleasing him. We then make a change to grow in love, and life begins to change for the better. He allows us to make an effort to go against our nature and desires, and as He manifests we feel his love, which transforms our life through his grace.

God always existed; God will always exist. He is never changing, ever the same, and Illusion is His eternal game. Meher Baha, 1968 The achievement of excellence in sports is an expression of one's discipline and dedication. When the basis of this dedication is centered in Baba, then all we do in life, whether work or play, is given a hundred percent to him, and we find the real goal of all our achievements, to think of him more and more and to make him our constant companion.

Zorah was taken to a small storage room outside the embassy. It was more than 100 degrees outside, and the storage room had little ventiliation. For many hours, Zorah was given neither food nor drink. At length, she was allowed a trip to the bathroom. On the way she happened to meet the MD assigned to their pilgrim group by the embassy. This woman proved to be the aunt of one of Zorah's best friends in Afghanistan! This woman arranged, covertly, for Zorah to phone the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia. Zorah referred to the cable sent by Alfred Dubbs, but was refused help because, "You're neither an American citizen, nor do you have a passport." She asked if they would at least forward a message to Steve at the airport in West Germany, to which they agreed. The cryptic message he received: "Your fiance Zorah unable to keep to travel plans." It seems that Baba, or the Perfect Masters, or a team of angelS, or a combination of the above, were working behind the scenes, as Zorah next

met an elderly, religious man named "Aji" who worked at the Afghanistan Embassy and who, although he was very private about it, had little affection for the communist regime. Zorah confided in Aji, who consoled her and contacted her aunt who resided in the country. He learned that she was making a pilgrimage of her own to Jiddah in 10 days. Afghan Embassy officials told Zorah she must wait until the Ambassador, who was ill, returned to work and issued an order to have her returned to Afghanistan. Upon hearing this ambassador's name, some light of recognition came on in Zorah's mind, but she could not be sure of its validity. After three days in the storage room .. they did eventually did bring food and water •• Zorah, feeling she had nothing to lose and that she could continue no longer in such an intolerable situation, insisted upon seeing the ambassador. She would not brook a refusal, and somehow prevailed. The ambassador was summoned. Upon hearing Zorah's family name he arose, hugged her, and said, "You are just like my own daughter." The good gentleman, it so happens, had been a close friend of Zorah's father while they were serving together in the Afghan senate! The ambassador immediately ordered Zorah's passport and other papers returned to her, but this could not be effected immediately due to the resistance of other embassy officials, who remained unconvinced of Zorah's innocence. In the meantime, Zorah was taken to the home of the former Attorney General of Afghanistan where she stayed until her aunt arrived. As Zorah's passport remained in the hands of embassy officials, there was nothing to do but to proceed with the Pilgrimage! It seems she had been telling the truth all along about making the Hajj! Zorah remembers this time in Mecca, in spite of the circumstances, as "a wonderful and intensely spiritual experience. Near the Kabba, one is literally swept away by an ocean of humanity, and simultaneously I felt as if I were being swept away by events utterly beyond my control. I was in the hands of a power far greater than myself, and had, quite literally, no choice but

to surrender to it." Having been a prisoner at the embassy, she was now securely sequestered among friends, being transported around Mecca in a limousine, and a spirtual pilgrim in every sense of the term! Her joy would have been quite unbounded - except for the small fact that she continued to have no idea whether she would ever see her fiance again. This was a great battlefield of impressions, indeed! Finally·· as the Pilgrimage was ending -Zorah's passport was returned. She went immediately to British Airways, on which her flight to New York had been originally scheduled, only to hear that there was "no way to get a flight out of here this time of year!" There was a long waiting list for seats. Again Baba provided critical assistance, in the form of a friendly woman at the American Consulate who, listening to Zorah's story, became most sympathetic. As it so happened, the woman's boyfriend's worked for British Airways assigning berths for the in-flight attendant crews. There happened to be a crew member missing for the next day's flight to London, and therefore a seat, although not, by regulation, a seat available to a non-crewmember. But what regulation can withstand the heat of High Romance under the direction of the Avatar! Zorah went to the airport and obtained the berth.

When union is attained, the Lover knows that he himself was all along the Beloved whom he loved and desired union with; and that all the impossible situations he overcame were obstacles he himself placed in the path to himself. Meher Baba Crowding in Jiddah was such that getting a hotel room was impossible, so Zorah, accompanied by her uncle, found a corner at the airport and embarked upon a fitful night's "sleep". The next day, as boarding time approached, Zorah bid an appreciative goodbye to her uncle, and took her place in the line for the flight. Minutes later she"spotted the un~ of another good friend from home, who was also boarding the jet. In the course of their conversation she learned that her Pilgrimage visa was good only for


a return to Afghanistan! To go anywhere else required an Exit visa! Zorah had no uncle, no money, and no time to correct this final, and perhaps fatal, problem. Stay tuned... Meanwhile, in New York, Steve had met every flight from London for three days running. Finally, with no way of knowing when, or on what airline -- or if -- Zorah would arrive, he went to his parents' home in South Carolina, knowing Zorah had the address and phone number. Weeks passed. Steve was in a state he describes as "hopeless and helpless - the only way to describe ill" Having caned an relevant Congressmen and exhausted an other possibilities he could think of, he made a most heartfelt prayer to Baba: "Please deliver my Zorah from this situation!" Literally moments later, the phone rang: it was Zorah, calling from...London! In the Saudi airport, she had switched from the Pilgrim to the Tourist line at the boarding gate, and with the grace of God in veiling the passport inspector's eyes from the impropriety of her documents, made it on to the plane! After briefly exchanging stories, the Present's pre-eminence over the Past re-emerged, and Steve

asked Zorah, "Wen, then...when do you want to get married?" Zorah, in a bit of a blur not only from the events of the past few weeks, but also from a notable lack of sleep, simply answered, "Wen, when I get there, I guess!" Within an hour of her arrival in South Carolina the next day, Zorah, who had by then had almost no sleep for three days, fonowing upon a month of nights with four hours of sleep during the Pilgrimage, found herself arm in arm with . Steve before a York County judge who began the marriage ceremony. "1be Judge peppered the ceremony with stretches of unintelligible gibberish I later learned were some sort of esoteric masonic blessing," Steve recans. To Zorah it was alI gibberish -- although joyful and exhilarating gibberish! On the way home from the ceremony, with her head resting on the shoulder of her new husband and Baba companion, Zorah fen asleep - and so she remained through the wedding night. Steve did not complain. He was united with his beloved, and was himself only too happy to surrender to the gentle and nurturing arms of Sleep. The Divine Beloved, who eternally writes the happiest of endings to His ongoing story of Creation, had seen to everything.

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Our Last Letter From Mehera [Editor's note: The following message from Mehera was given by her to Gulnar Sukhadwalla for reading to Baba's Western lovers as she visited us during her recent journey here. It was read out to our group by Gulnar at the Los Angeles Meher Baba Center on April 22.] Beloved Baba's dear children gathered here today, I am happy to wish you all through Gulnar a most loving Jai Meher Baba. It is so heart-warming to know of your love for Baba who, as Avatar of the Age, came on earth to awaken all hearts in love for God. Beloved Baba loved us all very dearly and now we must love Him with all our hearts. In so many different ways you can show your love for Meher Baba who is omniscient and omnipresent. Remember Him in all you do and He will guide you to do what is right. It may not always be what you want, but in your love for Him you must ask yourself, "What would Baba want me to do?" -and the answer from within you is always forthcoming. Baba says, "The voice of intuition is My voice." There are so many guidelines to help you do what would please Baba. When you are loving

and helping other people you are loving and serving God. And when you love Meher Baba pleasing Him and obeying Him are most important and dear to Him and should be dear to you. When each of you tries 100 percent to do as Baba wants He is surely near you helping you. To do so is often not easy, but with Baba's help it is not impossible. Beloved Avatar Meher Baba's coming on earth as man was to help us on our spiritual journey. Know that He does help and guide us on the path to the Goal, which is to Himself. And each one of us, sooner or later, knowingly or unknowingly, must undertake this journey. It is our journey to God. And by offering us His Daaman to hold Beloved Baba is making the journey so much easier for us. So hold on fast to Meher's Daaman with both hands and love Him more and more. You are all so fortunate to love Beloved Baba for it is His love that you reflect in your hearts. Much love to you each and all our dear family, ever in Beloved Baba's eternal Love.


"She Is My Very Breath..." A Short Biography of Mehera by Linda Zavala


[Editor's note: The following history was prepared and read by Linda at a memorial service for Mehera held May 24, 1989, at the Meller Baba Center in Los Angeles.] Mehera Jehangir Irani was born on December 22, 1908 in Sukkar city, now in West Pakistan, into an upper middle class Parsi family, with all the luxuries of that life. Her father died when she was very young. Mehera, with her mother and sister, moved to Poona when she was six, coinciding in time with Meher Baba's momentous kiss from Hazrat Babajan. Mehera and her sister Freni were nurtured in a warm, caring home. It was decided that Mehera and Freni would attend Catholic boarding school, '~nd it was near the school that Mehera had her first encounter with Babajan. One afternoon during recess, a friend, Zeena, suggested they pay Dabajan a visit. "She is a great person and can . give you anything you ask for," Zeena told her. They found Babajan sitting by the roadside outside the wall of the Convent. Mehera shyly approach Babajan, who asked her, "What is it, my child?" Mehera, without any forethought of what she would say, blurted out, "Babajan, I would like to have a nice white horse." Babajan looked at her, smiled and turning her ear sidewards, gazed intently up at the sky. Then nodding her head she said "Very beautiful and fine. All the world will look on him in admiration and love." In reality, Hazrat Babajan had referred to "the White Horse Avatar," which in Hindu mythology is termed Horse-head, a form assumed by Vishnu to recover the Vedas when they were stolen. Mehera later joined Meher Baba's ashram in fulfillment of her desire and recognition of Babajan's boon. Mehera's mother, Daulatmai, heard of Meher Baba through Parsi friends in Poona. She introduced Mehera to Baba at the ashram of Upasni Maharaj for the first time in 1922 when she was 14 years old. For a year or so Daulatmai and Mehera visited Baba as often as possible and

began carrying out Baba's wishes, such as sewing clothes for the poor. When Baba permitted women to join his ashram Daulatmai and Mehera, now 16 years old, were among the first to come, leaving for good a life of comfort and luxury. Baba told them they would have to live a very strict and secluded life, wearing simple clothes, working hard, and maintaining steadfast obedience to His orders. For the next 64 years of her life Mehera devoted herself completely to serving the Avatar. Mehera was always shy. Early on in ashram life it was noticed that she was shy of being looked at by other men. After a while Baba made this into an order -- that she was not to look at or be touched by any man other than Baba. This was the rule for many years. In the beginning Mehera was considered equal to'the others in the ashram, but at one point Baba indicated that she was, of all his lovers and mandali, the most beloved of the Eternal Beloved. It was her destiny as a human soul to fill the post of the spiritual consort to the Avatar of this Age. Baba said of her that she was "the purest soul in the universe". Mehera was to Baba as Sita was to Ram, Radha to Krishna, and Mary Magdalene to Jesus. Mehera and the other mandali lived in various ashrams Baba had set up, under strict discipline, each having specific guidelines from Baba. They ate very simple meals, usually vegetarian, often eating just once a day. They were given instructions to fast or keep silence, to repeat Baba's name thousands of times a day, and other disciplines. If seen from the outside world, Mehera and the other women mandali lived an extremely harsh life, but Mehera said many times that they did not mind it because they always felt sustained by Baba's love. Mehera travelled to Europe, New York, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with Baba. On May 24, 1952, while Baba's party was travelling from continued on page 11

FOR MEHERA'S BI~THDAY Most fortunate are you through all the ages, Meheramai, you who alone do reign Within God's heart and feel and know His pain More intimately than others; great sages And saints are not so blessed. All the world rages For sight of Him -- seeking in passing gain His face; or weeps, '0, where is the lover's lane?' Or through hard penance seeks to know the stages. And I among men am most blessed indeed In that I write these lines to celebrate The birth of one to whom all women cede Love's honor-seat, and patiently await Their turn; one, whose pure beauty's grace Poets will sing as long as lasts our race. - Francis Brabazon

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Cables, Letters On Mehera's Passing The following cable from Mani and the Meherazad Family was received by the Meher Center in Myrtle Beach, May 19, 1989 (U.S.A.) "Beloved Meher Baba has taken Mehera, His beloved unto Himself on 20th May, 1989. Mehera's body is being buried next to His Samadhi on Meherabad Hil~ as specified by Baba. The light ofMehera's pure supreme love for her only Beloved will forever illumine the Earth, in the hearts ofHis lovers everywhere. " (signed) Mani and Meherazad Family Mehera expired at approximately 9:45 a.m. India time on May 20,1989. Our cable from the AMBCSC sent May 19, 1989 at approximately 11 p.m. PST: ''At last Mehera is free, merged in the Embrace ofthe Eternal Beloved, Meher Baba. All aliI' love to Mani and all the Mandali." - AMI3CSC Excerpt from a letter to all "Dearest friends and lovers of beloved Meher Baba," from Kitty, Margaret, and Jane in Myrtle Beach: "We at the Center will gather together tonight to remember the beautiful life and the matchless love of Mehera for her Beloved, Avatar Meher Baba. How Compassionate is the Compassionate One to give all of us the jay of seeing His Mehera with her Beloved on film and video: treasures for all time. The greatest treasure that He has given us is the picture in our hearts forever: the memories of all the joy and love and remembrance of beloved Baba that she gave selflessly and unstintedly to all for the past twenty years. And the gifts of gifts from the GodMan: the example of the "purest soul in the Universe" whose every breath was for Him; who loved Him as He ought to be loved. We will help each other to be happy for Baba's Mehera, who so longed to join her Beloved. But our Beloved will understand our tears of mixed joy and grief. And He will surely give all our hearts' overflowing 10Je and deepest consolation to Mehera's Sisters, to each of our loving Meherazad family; for this love comes only from Him and by His Grace. "


WHY I MADE THE FILM MEHER BABA -AVATAR OF THE AGE by Irwin Luck, Director of Production [Editor's Note: Irwin Luck's film highlighting the work ofMeher Baba with God-Intoxicated masts premiers publicly in Los Angeles at the NuArt Theatre, 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, W.Los Angeles, April 18-22. In its press release the film is described as follows: "Meher Baba - Avatar of the Age is a film portrait of eternal significance for posterity, containing the wisdom and love of the ages as given from God to man. TIle viewer is swept away on a mystical and enchanting journey with Meher Baba, following him as he travels to remote places - into the jungles, rainforests, mOlintains, villages, and marketplaces - where he contacts advanced souls, the God intoxicated, pilgrims ofthe higher planes ofconsciousness, and saints in the state ofillumination. TIle film 'provides a rare peek at his work, his suffering5, his silence, his Masters, his boyhood, his humor, his mission, his love, and his glory." Meher Baba has already played publicly to audiences in many cities across the U.S. Irwin says, "To see Meher Baba on the big screen with a theatre's great sound system surrounded by

The film world cannot escape its obligations to the larger world on which it makes so substantial an impression; and these obligations demand that its spiritual potential take precedence over the desire to make money. The script writers, the producers, and the actors should realize their spiritual potential instead of looking at their art as merely or mainly a business. The more vividly they realize this, the more dignified and satisfactory will the result of their efforts be; and their inner account with themselves will be vastly gratifying, even though the same might not be said of their account in the bank. If the film world cannot or will not give the greatest importance to this spiritual potential, it is a failure. • Baba on the Film World (from The Path of Love, edited by Filis Frederick, p.12S):

hundreds ofpeople hearing of Meher Baba for the first time is a stunning experience." Describing one particular showing, he says, "People became deeply absorbed by the film portrayal of Meher Baba. Many wept profusely and the theatre rang with applause after the show. " In a letter to Irwin concerning the film, Mani has written: "Your vivid description and those manlelous photos ofHis Name on the marquee [at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore} and the lines of people queuing up for the show really gave us the feeling of this exciting new 'scene' in Baba 's Peifect Play ofgoing public these days. We also appreciate how much work you have put in behind the scenes dear Irwin to bring it all about -- Behind yOIl, of course, is the Master Producer Himself, turning the key to open up hearts around Amercia." Here Irwin talks about his own reasons for making the film. } I had met Meher Baba in 1960 and was deeply impressed by his life, actions, and statements. For 10 years I had contact with him through visits and correspondence, until he left his mortal body on January 31, 1969. This led me to travel around the world over a period of seven years directing film crews to film and document those who had met Meher Baba and to record first hand accounts of what Meher Baba said and did with them. Hundreds of interviews were done throughout the USA, Australia, India, Europe, Israel, Persia, and other countries. This work filled 1/4 million feet of film and an equivalent amount of videotape, but most important of all was that I also collected many films of Meher Baba himself taken by the people I was interviewing. One particular film was deteriorating rapidly and would soon become a lost film due to its condition. This is the film which later became the movie Meher Baba -Avatar of the Age. Not only did it contain rare film footage of Meher I3aba but it also contains the only existing film footage ever taken of "Masts". I decided to engage in directing a work to not only correct the physical and optical problems of the original film, but also to develop methods and teChniques, both artistic and technical, to turn the continued on page 10

Good News from the Bookstore We now have a large selection of videotapes of and about Meher Baba. How wonderful to be able to see our Beloved's form on film in our own homes. These are available at the Center, or you can order them by mail. There are 12 in all. Prices vary from $25 to $75. "The Ancient One" is a 30-minute video, most of which is from film taken at the Last Public Darshan given by Baba in Poona in 1%5. The sound track features Meher Baba's Universal Message in the 64th Family Letter. "Avatar" is an excellent introductory film about Baba to show your friends when they ask, "Just who is this man anyway?" Made by the Australian group, it has footage of Baba in the 50's and 60's at the Poona Center, and also with the mandali at Meherazad. It has music and narration, is 15 minutes long, and is $45. "8eloved With Us". This color film features scenes of Meher Baba in Guruprasad. Meherabad and Meherazad in 1959 and 1960. The soundtrack includes some of Baba's favorite western songs. The film is 10 minutes long and costs $40. "The Future With Meher Baba". This is a 45minute interview with Eruch Jessawalla taken -at Meherazad in 1981, reflecting his life as a close disciple of our Beloved. The cost is $25. "Godman". This is a film of the 1976 Amartithi at Meherabad, taken through the eyes of pilgrims from all over the world, and including interviews with Rano, Padri, Eruch, & Mani. $55. "The Lord of Love" combines four short silent films of Baba with an added soundtrack of music dedicated to Him. "Dehra Dun 1954", "The Avatar in Australia 1958", "Happy Birthday 8aba 1958" celebrating His 64th birthday at Meherabad, and finally "Walking with the Master 1961" showing Baba at Bund Garden, the zoo, and childrens' day at Guruprasad. $65. "How to Love You". Someone once asked Baba "How can I love you?" Eruch tells us the story of Baba's reply at Mandali Hall, Meherazad in November 1984. It's 45 minutes long and costs $35. "Mani in Meherazad Garden". This color video ofMani was taken in February 1982, and

she tells us about her childhood and life with her brother, the Godman. 35 minutes long, it's $35. "Meher Baba's Call" is a major film production taken from the original 35mm footage shot during the 1954 period known as the Three Incredible Weeks. Darwin Shaw narrates and it gives us a feeling of what is was like to be in the presence of Meher Baba during such gatherings. 3S minutes long, it's $75. "0 Parvardigar" is Peter Townshend's (of "The Who") wonderful selling to music of the Master's Prayer, with excellent footage of Baba. At 10 minutes long, it costs $45. (Beautiful to play each night before bed.) "Padri". This is an hour's compilation of various interviews with Padri. $35. "Welcome To My World". This is a marvelous talk with Mani at Meherazad in 1983, wherein she explains and demonstrates Meher Baba's unique hand gestures. Only $25. - Dina Franklin

Avatar Meher Baba Trust [The following has been excerpted from the Friends of tlte Avatar Meher Baba TnLSt circulars.} "Lovers of Avatar Meher'Baba who are familiar with His Tomb at Meherabad, His disciples, and His home at Meherazad often hear of Avatar Meher Baba Trust and wonder, 'What is the Trust? What is it for? Who set it up?' "In 1959, at Guruprasad, Poona, Meher Baba summoned some of His disciples and expressed His Wish to form a trust with the sole property which remained in His Name at that time. This property is comprised of an area of land on Meherabad Hill with all its buildings, including Baba's Tomb. Incorporating Baba's specific instructions, the Deed of Avatar Meher Baba Trust was drawn up. "The primary purpose of the Trust, though of a temporary nature, was to provide for those of Baba's disciples dependent on Baba whom He named in the Deed as 'beneficiaries.' Its long range purpose was to maintain th\< existing Trust properties, particularly Baba's Tomb, and to develop and expand them for the time when Meherabad would become a center of pilgrimage for the world. continued on page 8


All events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (213)474-9454. If you have ideas or requests for future programs, please contact John Stout at (213) 454-2447.

JULY EVENTS July 1, Saturday. NO MEETING, DUE TO SAHAVAS. See you next week. Jai Baba!

July 8, Saturday, 8pm. "I HAVE COME NOT TO TEACH, BUT TO AWAKENnNfEHER BABA. What does Baba's silence mean to you? Awakening is a chalIenge. Come share your experience or read your favorite selection. Coordinated by John Stout. .July 10, Monday, 8pm. SILENCE DAYl ~me in silence and see the Beloved on film.

July 15, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. July 15, Saturday, 8pm. A NIGHT OF BABA MUSIC. Relax and enjoy an evening of music with local artists. Coordinated by Cookie Jessica. July 22, Saturday, 8pm. LEELA INQUIRER. An entertaining look at what's happening in Baba's world. Join us, with Editor-Host Marc ofHollywood.

July 29, Saturday, 8pm. FILM NiGHT. Tonight you choose the movie! Coordinated by Charlie Morton.

AUGUST EVENTS August 5, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. August 5, Saturday, 8pm. POETRY, MUSIC, VISUAL ARTS, AND FUNl Come share your latest triumph or tragedy in Baba's world of shared heartful art. Talk, whisper, sing, recite. Will David is the host. August 12, Saturday, 8pm. NEW UNSEEN VIDEOS OF BABA'S MANDALIl See Mani in Meherazad Garden and Eruch JessawalIa in Mandali HalI. Coordinated by Dina Franklin.

August 19, Saturday, 8am-6pm. YARD SALE AT THE CENTER. Save up goodies and expendables for this fund raiser. Please note: Items you wish to donate can be left at the center no earlier than August 12. If you would like to volunteer, please contact coordinator Behnaz Lorkalantari evenings at (818) 363-8254.

Santa Barbara Baba Group The Santa Barbara Meher Baba group meets every other Friday. For meeting times and locations call Donna Bayet at (805) 682-1877, or Leslie Tejada at (805) 967-4796.

San Diego Baba Group The San Diego Meher Baba group meets monthly. For meeting times and locations, call Scott or Anne Makeig at (619) 481-2941.

Flowers for Meetings We have a table for Baba's sadra box in our meeting hall, along with vases for flowers. All are encouraged to bring flowers for the Saturday night meetings. 6

August 19, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

SEPTEMBER EVENTS September 2, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang. September 2, Saturday, 8pm. "HOW I CAME TO BABA": HAYEDEH R. GHASWALLA SHARES HER STORY An inspirational evening awaits! Coordinated by Linda Zavala. September 9, Saturday, 8pm. SPECIAL GUEST TONIGHT: ANDY MUIR! Andy will visit us from the East Coast, sharing his experience and love with us. He previously delighted us as a Sahavas Guest Speaker. Coordinated by John Stout. September 16, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. All are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

(;c . .~/路



. ,/~'" - ' <-"!~-.,.

September 16, Saturday, 8pm.

/If God were to appear !let once again in Iillllll1ll form,

MEllER BABA. A unique question and answer session in which Baba, through transcripts of 1934 interviews, will field audience questions regarding career, creativity, health, and spirituality. Emceed by Jeff Maguire.

Wliat would He sa!l? Wliat would He do? How would we know?

August 19, Saturday, 8pm. BABA FILM AT THE NU-ART! Meet at the center as usual, where we'll discuss the latest news about Irwin Luck's film, Meher Baba, Avatar ofthe Age - The Human Side ofGod. Then as a group we all will go to the Nu-Art Theatre and see the film on the big screen! Refreshments served at the Center after the movie. Coordinated by John Stout. August 26, Saturday, 8pm. A GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO MEHER BABA - HIS LIFE, HIS MESSAGE. Public meeting and movie. Coordinated by Bryan Drygas, John Stout, and Marc Brutus.


September 23, Saturday, 8pm. PERFECT MASTERS. Tonight we discuss some interesting things about the Perfect Masters who brought Baba down from the Beyond Beyond state. Coordinated by Adele Wolkin.

September 30, Saturday, 8pm. FILM NIGHT! Our projectionist Charlie Morton picks tonight's feature. There will also be a brief discussion on Meher Baba's Final Declaration given in 1954. < 7

AMBCSC Bulletin Board Contributions Sought for the Lamp Post' Please share your artwork, poetry, letters, articles, and ideas with us. Send to Greg and Gay Dunn, 22100 Erwin St.#221A, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, or call us at (818) 719-9113. Deadline for Fall 89 issue: September 1.

Congratulations Congratulations to Karen Blackmore, winner of the Center's recent Ry to Myrtle Beach sweepstakes, and to runners-up Kevin Docherty of Los Angeles and Jack Beymer of Santa Rosa. Thanks to all ticket purchasers for your contributions in this fund-raising effort! Congratulations to John and Patti (Thorne) Stout on their April 1st marriage; and to Ellie and Brent Drygas on the birth of their new baby sister, Lauren Melanie. Lauren arrived April 27th to the . delighted welcome of parents Brian and Karen.

Thanks . Special thanks to David McNeely and Chris Pearson for constructing and finishing lending library shelves in the Center office; and to Larry Retcher and Chris for their ongoing work with the tape cassette lending library, which is appreciated by its many users across the United States.

U.S. I am hoping that some of you may know of others going to India around that time [November] that I could get in touch with...Thank you and Jai Baba." You can write Stephanie at 1166 E. Ellis Street, Tucson, AZ 85719.

Mail Order Cassette Library If you would like a free information packet containing a catalog of available talks write to: AMBC-CL, POB 3233, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.

Northeast Gatheringfor Meher Baba Featuring guests Charles Haynes, Kusum Singh, and Peter Saul, this gathering will be held August 25, 26, and 27 at Camp Lenox in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. The program will include talks, panel discussions, entertainment and children's programs, films and slides, and an arts and crafts sale. Recreational facilities include swimming, canoeing, windsurfing, kayaking, hiking, tennis, baseball, volleyball, football, weight training, and Seven Tiles. Adult registration for the gathering is $100; teenagers (13-17) are $75; and children 3 and up and $55. For"more information contact Don Eucker at (201) 239-Q965, 131 Sunrise Terrace, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009.

Volunteers Needed Volunteers are needed for the following service opportunities: (1) a monthly cleanup of the Center; (2) setup of the book lending library at the Center; and (3) to do promotional work for Irwin Luck's film Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age, to be shown publicly at the NuArt Theatre in August (see related article in this issue). Please contact Adele Wolkin if you would like to volunteer for any of these jobs. The Love Street Lamp Post needs a reporter or reporters to cover Center events. Call us!

India Travel Companions Needed


Stephanie Sheppard of Tucson, Arizona would like traveling companions for her first trip to India, planned approximately for November of this year. She writes: "I am a young Baba-Iover...very inexperienced in traveling, especially outside the

Trust News

continued from page 5

"The development of Meherabad was thoroughly detailed by Meher Baba in 1959; now it has become a place of pilgrimage in the eyes of the public and the scope of its facilities is widening to encompass more and more of humanity, as was His wish. "From the Trust Office comes a loving JAI BABA to each and all the lovers whose remembrance of the Beloved helps fulfill His wishes for His Trust." [End ofexcerpt. ] Trust donations may be sent to "Friends of the Meher Baba Trust" c/o Karina Page, Trustwalla, 4530 Starling Way, Los Angeles, CA 90065. If you have any questions about the Trust, please call Karina at (213) 225-3910. . Karina Page

Mehera By Mehera J. Irani An Excerpt From the New Book One day Baba came up a little earlier than usual for His lunch. We rushed to quickly prepare His tray and to be ready to wash His hands, but Baba instead put His hand in His pocket and told me, "Take this!" I put out my hand, and Baba placed a baby bird in it! "Oh," I said, "It's so ugly, Baba!" It was a green parrot, but it had not a single feather, only this skinny, scrawny neck, and a big, red beak. And it looked very, very ugly. Baba replied, "But when its feathers grow it will be very beautiful. Just wait, you'll see." Then again Baba put His hand in His pocket, and He brought out another little bald bird for

Painting by Charles Mills of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Reproductions of Charles's paintings are on sale at the Center bookstore.

Mani. And yet again Baba's hand went into His pocket, and out came a third one for Khorshed. As we were holding these little, bald birds they started to cry. "They're hungry," Baba told us, ''we'll feed them." We kneaded some chick pea flour with a little ghee and gave it to Baba. he was sitting down with the three parrots perched in front of Him, and they were crying and crying for food. Then they opened their beaks very, very wide like open suitcases, and Baba put some food in one baby's beak. The second one cried, "Me too," and Baba fed that one, and then the third one. And by that time the first one was crying very hard again; he wanted more. So Baba hurried to feed him, and so it went on. They ate and they ate, until they just sat in front of Baba and groaned. Baba said, "Now they've eaten too much, and they'll get upset tummies. We'll give them a walk." So Baba set them down on the kitchen floor, and you cannot imagine how ugly they looked without their feathers and covered with this awful pink skin, and with big red beaks and scrawny necks. "Now let's push them forward," Baba said, and He pushed them with one finger. But because they had eaten so much, they did not want to walk. But Baba told us, "No, we have to make them walk." So we walked them all the way to the far wall of the kitchen, then Baba turned them around and pushed them forward for another walk. Two or three rounds of the kitchen later Baba said, "Now they'll all right; put them in the basket. They'll be fine." They were fine, and in the evening they were hungry again! These parrots grew up to be very beautiful birds, and Baba brought them a lovely large, brass cage... Later, when we began to travel, Baba gave them to some Baba lovers to keep.

Mehera, by Mehera 1. Irani. Illustrated with 95 photos in black & white and color, 320 pages, cloth cover with jacket. Order from Beloved Books, c/o Glow Intemationa~ Box 10, New York, NY 10185. Price: $40, which includespostage.


Avatar ofAge film frampage 4 raw footage into a smooth flowing documentary love story. This film was orignally shot with one 16MM hand-held camera. From the 25 minutes of silent film footage, a film of one hour and twenty minutes was created, complete with sound track, using optical techniques so precise and demanding that it took seven years of work to develop the raw material into a finished motion picture film. Many techniques were utilized in creating a movie from the fragmented scenes taken by an amateur photographer so long ago. Each frame of the film had to be worked on and individually corrected. Every frame had to be re-centered to correct shakiness and shrinkage caused by the passage of time. Heavy scratch marks were removed with light diffusion optics. Both overexposed and underexposed scenes were , restored to make an acceptable or perfect image.

Special effects, techniques, optical work, and editing in many key scenes give the film the appearance of being filmed with three to six . cameras aimed from different vantage points. Adjustments of the film speed allow the viewer to follow the subtleties of mood, action, and expreSSion in each scene which would otherwise be missed. Finally, the film was given a musical score and natural sound effects that tell the story of the Divine Romance that Meher Baba lived. All the film's words belong exclusively to Meher Baba. No interpretations are given. Meher Baba is seen as presenting himself the way he did in his life and the blending of music, film, and words reveals Him in His advent as never before. [Ifyou would like to help with publicity for Meher Baba, Avatar of the Age, please contact Adele Wolkin at (213) 540-8404. Showtimes are as follows: Weekdays 5:45-7:30-9:15; Sat.& Sun. 2:15-4:00-5:457:30-9:15, August 18-22.J

A Song to the Beloved from His Mehera Mehera J. Irani Meher Baba, Lord and friend My Beloved to the end. You are my heart, my life, my soul. You are my all, my only goal. Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End. Beloved, I am by Your light: Your love's sun makes my moon bright. Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End. All day long for you I long, Sing your name and your love song. Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End. Though my heart weeps all the while For your sake I wear a smile. 10

Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End.

Your dear pleasure is my joy. Mine is not to question why. Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End. You who play the Perfect Game, Shape my heart into Your name. Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End. Make me, Lord, Your song of praise. Fill all hearts with Your dear grace. Jai, jai, jai, Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End. Meher Baba, Lord and friend, My Beloved to the End.

[Along with these words Mellera composed music for this song. You can find it recorded on the allium "In His Love".J

Biography of Mehera from page 2 South Carolina to Meher Mount in Ojai, California, they met with an auto accident in Prague, Oklahoma in which Baba and Mehera were seriously hurl. Baba later explained that, through her injuries, He had given Mehera a lillie bit of His suffering to share. Previous to this accident Mehera had been carefully secluded from anything mundane or relating 10 the physical body. In the course of being treated for her injuries, Mehera was touched by Dr. Burleson, the allending physician in Prague. This was the first time in many years she had been touched by any man besides Baba. After this time she slowly began having more contact with the world. During the next 15 years she and several others of the women mandali travelled with Baba, primarily in India. They began having much closer contact with the western women mandali, attended many of Baba's Darshans, and wrote many communiques to lovers all over the world to inform them of Baba's activities. Mehera could not remember the 1952 accident after it happened, and Baba instructed those around her never to mention it to her. When Meher Baba dropped His body in 1969 it was as if Mehera's world had collapsed. She suffered beyond human comprehension and yearned day and night for her Beloved. For the last twenty years she rose above her own personal longing, greeting all the lovers coming 10 visit their Beloved's Home in the East, year after year. She lived and served until the very day that he called her back to Him. When Adi K. Irani was in San Francisco in 1979 Murshida Duce asked him about Mehera and her role in Baba's work. He replied: ''It is very difficult for me to answer, because certain questions are to be answered by Baba alone. Opinions are our own conjecture, and anybody who has seen Baba and who has seen Mehera -who has read about Baba and who has read about Mehera -- can themselves try to understand the relationship between Mehera and Baba. As for me, I feel that with Baba as God, Mehera really represented for Baba the whole Creation. I remember that Baba once made a remark, 'I love Mehera for my sake, but I love you all for

your sake.' What does it mean? Would you try to understand this? His saying 'I love Mehera for my sake' means 'I am God, and I love the entire Creation because 1 have work 10 do with that Creation,' and '1 love you for your sake' means 'for your benefit 1 love you, to redeem you from illusion.' "One day 1was really astounded to hear Baba say, 'Do you know that 1 love Mehera the best?' 'Yes, Baba.' 'But do you mean to say that I am going to give her God-Realization?' "It is very astounding. Does Baba need GodRealization? He has God-Realization already, so if Mehera is a part and parcel of Baba, naturally she is there with him. You can interpret this any way you like, because except in a very few cases Baba never bothered to give any comments or interpretations of his messages and declarations, unless he was very pointedly asked and he was in a mood to give il."

One day when the blind chiropractor, Dr. Harry Kenmore, was with Baba, Baba said: "Harry Kenmore has a very good heart. He is 100 percent for Baba, and is the only man to whom Mehera was permitted to speak, for five minutes. I have not permitted Mehera to speak to any man." Baba then asked, "Harry, what did you feel about Mehera?" Harry replied: "Mehera radiates love and purity. I felt she was the feminine counterpart of Baba." Baba turned and gave him a kiss. A tremendous feeling of love which flows from Mehera to the hearts of all those who met her, can be described in 'Mani's words, "I never understood the word 'holy' ,until I met Mehera. There is a depth in her eyes. She sees one thing: Baba." In the forthcoming biography of Mehera by Naosherwan Anzar, Mani states in the forward: "As Sita was for Ram, Radha for Krishna and _ Mary for Jesus, for this advent of Meher Baba, it . is Mehera who plays the leading role. This role of • being the chosen counterpart to the God-Man amounts to the highest, purest, most spiritual relationship, consisting of Divine Love which the world cannot imagine." Baba said, "She is my very breath without which I cannot live. Mehera loves me as I should be loved."

.-------~ehera----------, by Teri Adams Mehera -- Our Beloved's Beloved. Mehera -- the lovely Rose of Baba's heart, Pierced by Her perfect love for Him. He has come to pluck this most precious Rose And remove its thorns of separation, Drying each tear of longing with its petals. He has arrived on His white stallion, His arms open for her; As they at last embrace The universe sings the song of Mehera's joy. In every soul there is a measure of sweet Mehera, A yearning for completeness, A lovely Rose longing to bloom Forever in our Beloved's Heart garden. Thank you, sweet and gentle Mehera.

Non-Profit Organization

AVATAR MEHER BABA CENTER OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90025

Redondo Beach, CA Permit No.196








01 ~','





On The Subject of Fault Finding, Backbiting, and "Telling It As It Is" by AdeLe WoLkin Meher Baba has said that "Words that proceed from the Source of Truth have real meaning. But when men speak these words as their own, the words become meaningless."l The words, the teaching, the awakening we need above all to reap from the universal harvest of His wisdom pertains to How To Love Him. The Protector of All, Meher Baba, dispenses the one and only panacea that can remedy the human predicament that erects obstacles to love. Love for God is the only remedy and He has shown us and told us in infinite ways how to love Him. Why must tbere be a "human predicament" - and why is it so persistent when the Protector of all has provided us with all the antidotes, remedies, and strategies to overcome it? The Avatar's work and teaching has always been to awaken us to our birthright which He described as a state of joy and fulfillment. Yet, there are hurdles that prevent the soul in human form from realizing its birthright. "The expression of the divine life... is distorted by the sanskaras, which weld consciousness instead to the...falsephenomenal." Love is the only remedy...and Grace alone leads to this Love. Our Object is to love God more and more and still yet more; then how do we act? The

Compassionate Awakener has given us the "Dissertation on Love,,2 as a guide: "To give and never to ask." "Wishing well for others at tbe cost of one's self." "Never backbiting." "Tolerance supreme." "Trying not worry." "Thinking more of the good points in others and less of their bad points." F.H. Dadachanji included in his "Notes From My Diary,,3, in 1939, a most outstanding quote from a discourse that Baba was giving that described tbe enemies to grace and love: "Of the three most important things to be eliminated before attaining God realization: greed, lust, andninda, the last, meaning 'backbiting', is tbe worst and most disastrous. One can overcome greed, or even lust, thougb both of these are very hard to get over; but the worst and the most difficult of all to eliminate is this habit of ninda. Speaking ill and trying to find faults or flaws of others, because this particular act or vice incurs the burden of sins, or what are technically termed sanskaras of others, which are spiritually very

1 Everything and the Nothing, g.113 2 The Path ofLove, discourses by Meher Baba compiled by Filis Frederick, p.98. 3 Meher Baba JournaL, Vol. 1, February, 1939, p.93.


derogatory and reactionary." "The habit of criticizing our fellow-beings is a bad one. At the back of it often lies selfrighteousness, conceit, and a false sense of superiority. Sometimes it indicates envy or a desire for retaliation. Those who criticize should first look to themselves. They will find greater faults within themselves than in others."'! "You can counteract a disease only by its antidote. Love is the antidote to hatred. When you feel like hating a man try to remind yourself that he is a form of your own Self." "For real spiritual service the disciple has to be prepared for all eventualities... When met with aggression he should be like the football that is kicked, for the very kicking raises it aloft and propels it onward till the goal is reached... True humility is strength, not weakness. It disarms antagonism and ultimately conquers it."S "To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow beings If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones we love God." "If instead of seeing faults in others we 6 look within ourselves, we are loving God." "Neither despise any being, nor look with contempt on others; but attempt, if you can, to give all a helping hand; for Oneness is the secret, and the journey is towards the same goaL" Sincere self-examination is integral to honesty. "God is infinite honesty. To love God you must be honest. When hypocrisy comes into play it works much greater havoc within one's own psyche than in the outer sphere. The perceptible damage in the outer sphere is great, but the unperceived damage in the spiritual realm is stupendous." In further review of some of the things Meher Baba said about backbiting, Kitty Davy quotes him as follows in Love Alone Prevails: "Don't criticize. The habit of criticizing our fellow-being is a bad one. At the back of it often lies selfrighteousness, conceit, a false sense of superiority. Sometimes it indicates envy or a desire for retaliation"? In the Prayer ofRepentance, Baba cautions us in many ways against backbiting: "We repent, 0 God most merciful, for all our sins...for every thought that was false, or unjust, or unclean..Jor every word spoken that ought not to have been spoken..Jor all slander and

backbiting..Jor every action tbat has brought ruin to others...for every word and deed that has given others pain, and for every wish that pain should befall others." And yet, in the same section of Love Alone Prevails referred to above, Kitty provides the following account of a meeting among the Western women at Baba's Nasik ashram: "Norina brought up the question of food--how to cater to all and still be economical. Baba Himself took up the subject, and each was asked to give his or her

continued on page 14 4 From Love Alone Prevails, by Kitty Davy. 5 Gleaned from various writings of Meher Baba. 6 From "How to Love God" by Meher Baba.

7 Love Alone Prevails, p. 164.

Kitty's 98th Birthday Celebration by Adele Wolkin and MOlY Lloyd Dugan Kitty was born August 28, 1891 in England and has served her Creator from her first meeting with Him, in 1931. Aside from Birthday celebrations for Baba or Mehera, I have never experienced a birthday as splendid and colorful. The main program coordinators were Dennis McCabe, Mary Lloyd Dugan, and Lois Breger, They were successful in weaving enormous talent most harmoniously into presentations of songs, slides, skits, readings, and film. Mary Lloyd provides the following description of the event:

"While Kitty kept wondering, 'Why all the fuss?', we pressed on with our surprise plans. Three days of celebration marked her 98th birthday. From children's skits to comedy routines, from puppets to poetry to song and

THE LOVE STREET LAMP POST A quarterly publication of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90025 (213) 474-9454 This newsletter is designed to keep the Southern California Meher Baba community and friends abreast of Center activities, and to provide a forum for contempory accounts of life with Meher Baba as Guide. Editors: Greg and Gay Dunn Commit/ee Reporter: Diana Goodheart Program Chairperson: John Stout Contributors: Mary Lloyd Dugan, Larry Fletcher, Dina Franklin, David McNeely, Danny Maguire (for babysitting!), Lynne Maguire, Andy Muir, Karina Page, Christina Riley, John Stout, Adele Wolkin, Linda Zavala. Mailing: Pris Haffenden Please und aU newsktler material to:

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Pris Haffenden 3616-1/2 S. Centinela Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90066 (213) 390-2779 Published quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) All contents copyright @ 1989 by the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California, except where noted.

dance, a good time was had by all! "The Saturday night festivities were poignantly framed by Friday and Sunday's showing of a twohour interview with Kitty, taped several years ago. In it, Kitty recounts her first meeting with Baba, her early years with Him, and the stages on the path of her close discipleship. The video material alone provided enough for a rich storytelling festival! '''Love Alone Prevails', the Saturday surprise program, focussed on Kitty's life with the Master and stressed her example of love and service. This theme was introduced with a slide presentation and went on to include songs, stories, readings, and films. The mood was humorous one moment, devotional the next. Rainbow streamers and bouquets of roses turned the meeting place into a sea of color. "Sunday's activities began with an evening community picnic on the Center, climaxing in a musical round of 'Happy Birthday!' as a gigantic, multi-tiered cake was paraded out to Kitty. Then the crowd Slipped back into the meeting place for a children's program of skits and music and a play performed by children decked out in magic rainbow capes. When the play was finished, the children proudly stood in line to recieve little birthday presents from Kitty. Then all were treated to Part II of the video. "Best of all, the overall feeling of love, warmth, and good will -- toward Kitty and toward everyone present -- was yet another experience of the Beloved's bounty and His gifts as he draws us closer to Him (and to our own Real Birthday!)" Kitty looked more radiant and lovable than the bevy of multi-colored roses that surrounded her. Love Alone Did Prevail both in Kitty and the celebrants.

Contributions Soughtfor the Lamp Post! Please share your artwork, poetry, letters, articles, and ideas with us. Sel)d to Greg and Gay Dunn, 2616 Vargas Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, or call us at (213) 371-6321. Deadline for Winter 90 issue: December 1.


Poems By Andy Muir Hermitage Cabin, Meher Spiritual Center Myrtle Beach, South Carolina May 1988

WHERE? OR, WHEN? Where shall the arrow of this life fall? What land alien to the present will the shaft bury deeply and sprout again? Which man and woman will join? Will I know where I have come? In tropic or what climate shall I play? What length of night or day? How shall I find your daaman? In what tongue shall I cry to you? Will I be woman? Man? Will I live in wealth or starve with flies? Drunk in alley lay? Gracefully ballet? Plant rice or follow plow? Be tycoon? Poet seeking rhyme for Moon or June? Teacher, nurse or other sort of saint? Artist with brush and paint? Will I know again and love again those I've loved the most? Breakfast on cheese and olives, berries from the vine -Cavier and wine, or eggs and toast? Will I live at sea? Be PHd? Pick tea? Eat fast food or fast? Be murderer or thief? With scalpal give relief? A life of joy or grief? How shall I know where to go? Or whom to be? No choice but leave it all to Thee. You have brought me to your homes East and West where all are blessed. We were face to face in the Barn and you declared our love. Looking in your eyes -- Paradise. I cannot but wonder how another life could be -- as sweet as this to me. You said that Somewhere, Somehow, Sometime -- so I wait... Baba, Dear Beloved, I stand at the locked gate. You hold the Key. I don't care where or who I might be. Early or late, luck or fate. Place the arrow when you will and with your perfect aim and skill Send this soul beneath your feet. If this may be your gift of Grace to me -- or not. I am in your net caught. I'll happy be and worry not. 4

MEHERBABA The Movie (An Impression) by Christina M Riley


I was rushing through traffic to the Nuart theater on Friday, August 18. It was beginning to get dark; the moon was bright and clear and seemed huge even though it was a day from being full. Tonite was the opening night of Irwin Luck's film, MEHER BABA - Avatar of the Age. Some of the people who had worked to promote the film would be there already. I had been feeling stressed out and frustrated by some of the events leading up to this day. One night, weeks prior, sitting at my computer composing a release at 2:00a.m, I wondered "How did I get so involved in this whole thing? Why am I putting myself through what some might even consider selfabuse?" And then, very clearly and succinctly I heard myself silently answer, "I am doing this for Meher Baba." Simple. But it hadn't been that much a straight matter of fact before that moment. And now it was exciting to experience the fruit of the efforts, all our efforts, and finally see the film shown publicly. It was a very special night. I flashed that just the day before had been the full eclipse of the moon. (Linda Zavala would know what this meant.) Not surprisingly, there were no long lines at the ticket booth. The local critics had been harsh regarding the film's entertaiment value, but acknowledged it as "highly devotional". The dramatic question posed in the movie's flyer, "If God were to appear yet once again in human form, What would He say? What would He do?" was provocative enough to elicit an expected critical challenge. It was initially disturbing to read one reviewer's response: "Would He have made a film like this?" But when I got into the theater and heard the trailer right before Irwin's film ask the question, "What is HEAVY PETTING?", it occurred to me that Baba was taking this whole business very lightheartedly. Attendance started out light and grew with the film's run. It was a diverse crowd -- the curious, seekers. I was surprised to see how many who

came had heard about Meher Baba at some time in the past. Some lovers who don't come to meetings turned up. People had a chance to renew acquaintances and discover who else knows of Meher Baba. Watching and listening to the gathering in the Nuart lobby between shows on Saturday night, the animated discussions between those new and curious and those older lovers, it seemed more like a gallery opening or a book signing. Saturday night was the most highly attended by the Baba community, with each night after bringing greater and greater numbers of people from the general public. The last day, Tuesday, saw 150 people apparently drawn by word-ofmouth in spite of the reviews. People had very extreme reactions to the movie. When asked, some were confused; some walked out before the film was over. Some people

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Letter from Meheru ..."Thankfully Baba keeps us busy in so many different ways, and talking and thinking of Him and Mehera our days are full. The Pilgrim season since July 1 has opened in a big way with a large influx of both Western and Eastern Baba lovers. ...In this New Phase of our life with Baba may we love and remember Him more and in His dear Mehera's footsteps play the role He asks of us. Much love to you ...

Nargis Rejoins Baba Nargis Dadachanji passed away into Beloved Baba's embrace on August 31 iJI Meherabad. Nargis, who for many years housed pilgrims in her Bombay home, was the sister of mandali member Arnavaz Dadachanji.


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Painting by Jurgis Sapkis. Done especially for the 1989 Sahavas in lovely Saba colors, the painting is currently on display in the Center, and is for sale.


New Look allhe Center. Our hearty thanks to Mark who painted the Center downstairs and to Chris for providing the paint. The same to Nancy Merwan, our new Decorating Chairperson, for her very lovely work coordinating the Center's redecoration, which we all now enjoy. If you have ideas or donations relating to decorating please call Nancy at (213) 650-5481. Finally, thanks to Jurgis Sapkus for loaning his beautiful large painting of Baba (above) to hang in the Center. CongralulaJions to Joy Miller of Myrtle Beach on winning the Sahavas Fly-to-India sweepstakes. Jan Soto of Westlake Village took second place,

winning a copy of MeherBaba Manifesting. Elizabeth Heaney of Tucson had her ticket drawn third and received a rosewood-framed photo of Baba and Mehera. As a fundraiser for the Center, this sweepstakes was our most successful ever. We all win! Audio Casselle Library. The Center Audio Cassette Library has several new titles which may interest you; "Piercing the Veil" (Jane Haynes), "How I Came to Baba" (Ann Conlon), and "Spirituality and Intuition" (Filis Frederick) are mentioned here to encourage you to look through the updated catalog. Librarian Marc Brutus reminds us that cassettes can be borrowed for 50 cents each. For a free catalog of available talks write to: AMBC-CL, POB 3233, Redondo Beach, CA90277. Serving Baba by Serving Others. A particular thank you is due Dina Franklin for her indefatigable work with the bookstore, and in many other capacities related to the Center. Dina's traveling to Australia in September, where among her objectives are video projects portraying Avatar's Abode. Ongoing opportunities naturally exist to help those in our own community who suffer misfortunes and ill health. Many people have recently joined to reach out to those particularly in need. We are all grateful and appreciative. At this time Richard Nimmler has heavy medical expenses, and the prospect of more. To help defray these, Richard's large painting of Baba by Lyn Ott is being raffled. Tickets are $50. Contact Linda zavala (818) 795-8322 for details. Sahavas Committee. The 1990 Sahavas will be held from June 30 to July 4th. BRAD KALCHURI has already made plans to come...have you? Other guests are still being selected and invited by the Sahavas Committee. If you would like to participate in this process your input is welcome! Also, remember that many contributions can be made by people living out of town; for example, last year the Fresno Group designed and made the wonderful name tags by which we all got to know one another. If you feel you don't have the time to participate throughout the year but would still like to serve, there are some committees which require

work only during the Sahavas. If you have the inclination to join our Sahavas effort this year, please don't hesitate to write the Sahavas Committee, c/o the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California, or call David McNeely - 213 258-9887 for further information. Membership Gentle Reminder: October is the month for our annual membership mailing. Southern California Baba lovers, please return your membership cards promptly after the mailing. This helps us maintain our non-profit status. Thanks.

At the Bookstore Mehera. More Good News From The Bookstore: Mehera Arrives! For months now I have been besieged with enquiries "when are you getting the Mehera book?" I'm very happy to say I have recently received 100 copies from the publisher. n has been a long labor of love for Naosherwan Anzar since his first interview with Mehera in 1%9. In 1986 he started in earnest collecting all her talks with many people over a great period of time. These were then lovingly compiled & edited by Janet Judson, (an Australian who has lived in Meherabad for over 15 years) with the assistance of Shelley Marrich. The entire book is written in the first person, actually making it the autobiography of the most important woman in the world... the Most Beloved of our Beloved. As Baba said, "Only Mehera loves me as I should be loved.... she is my very breath." Her words are a wonderful example for us as to how, so single-mindedly, to love God. We read how, from her teen years on, her pure focus was entirely on Baba. n is truly an amazing story, & one that should be read by every Baba lover throughout the world! The book contains 95 photos, 17 of them in color, many of them previously unpublished. The photos that show Baba & Mehera together, illustrate more clearly than words could ever say, the Love Divine between them. Mehera herself supplied the captions for all the photos. The color photo on the book jacket radiates such pure beauty & love, I can see it being framed & placed next to a favorite picture of Baba. This book will

make a treasured addition to your own collection, but what a wonderful gift to give a loved one. Cost is $40 (including shipping) Extra Copies of the Glow. Fo{ those of you who don't subscribe to the Glow ,I have a number of copies of the May issue which is devoted to Mehera. It has many beautiful photos of her, plus an excerpt from the above mentioned book, and is available for $5.50 plus $1 postage. Also just in is an exquisite water color of the Samadhi by Maude Kennedy. It is a beautifully printed 5 X 7 foldover card (no inside writing), with an envelope. Wonderful to send to that special friend, but absolutely beautiful matted and framed on your wall. $2.25 each or 6 for $12.50. Lord Meher. At press time we are expecting . Volume IV of Lord Meher, the incredible biography of our Beloved, by Bhau Kalchuri. It has 386 pages, and 100 photographs of Baba and His mandali in India, England, and America. This volume includes Meher Baba's extensive travels throughout northern and southern India, two journeys to Kashmir (where Baba tells us Jesus is buried!) two journeys to Persia, the first trip to Europe and America and his four meetings with Mahatma Gandhi. $40. T-Shins. Last but not least, notice the beautiful new T shirts we now carry. As not all colors are in all sizes, please, with mail orders, give a second and third choice for color. The Bookstore is very happy to handle orders from anywhere in the Baba world. See you...At the Bookstore! - Dina Franklin 1 The Glow International is a quarterly magazine, compiled, edited and published by Naosherwan Anzar (at Baba's explicit instructions!) It features current happenings in the Baba world, stories from the Mandali of their days with Baba, and sometimes it will even have a previously unpublished discourse of Baba's! You will also find reproductions of the latest works from our Baba artists. Mr. Anzar uses many of Charlie Mills' and Lyn Ott's p~intings on the cover, all of which are very frameable! To subscribe, send $22 to Glow International, c/o The Meher Baba Work, P.O. Box 10, New York N.Y.


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AIl events, unless otherwise noted, are at the Center, 10808 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (213)474-9454. If you have ideas or requests for future programs, please contact John Stout at (213) 454-2447. Please note: AIl are invited to share at the Saturday night meetings. If you have music or other art to present, or ideas to share, please contact the coordinator listed for each meeting. Your participation is desired!

October 28, Saturday, 8pm. PUBLIC MEETING AND MOVIE NIGHT. Tonight we have a special slide presentation: "The Ancient One", created by Cheryl Dreyfuss and Michael LePage. The story of Baba's life is beautifully described through slides, music, and narration. This has been seen in Mandali Hall, Australia, and The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, to name a few. Excellent for those new to Baba. Discussion and more movies follow. Coordinated by John Stout.



October 7, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. AIl are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

November 4, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. AIl are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

October 7" Saturday, 8pm. GUEST SPEAKER VESTA CLINTON will share her experience in India last May during Mehera's passing. Meher Baba had said, "In trifles take no risk; in business take a few risks; and in spirituality take every risk." After tonight, this may have greater meaning for all of us. Coordinated by Patti Stout.

November 4, Saturday, 8pm. EVENING BECOMES ECLECTIC. Karen Drygas will be your D.J. to God. Bring your favorite cassette tape, CD, or record with that special tune that brings Baba to your mind and heart. AIl kinds of music welcome. Coordinated by Karen Drygas.

October 14, Saturday, 8pm. IN MEMORY OF ADI X.IRANI. Stories, highlights, and discussion lead by Steve, Lynn, and Virginia. Adi was a close mandali for over six decades, and personal secretary to Meher Baba.


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November 11, Saturday, 6-7pm. HELP PLAN NEXT QUARTER'S MEETINGS! Have you any creative ideas to share? Meet at the Center to plan next quarter's Saturday night meetings. Questions? Contact John Stout. November 11, Saturday, 8pm.

October 21, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. AIl are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.

DIMENSIONS OF THE WORD: POETRY & BABA. Poetry inspired by Baba and poetry that inspires you to think of Baba. Song lyriCS, flights of inspiration, expressions of the heart. Please bring your favorite Baba words. Coordinated by Regi Sadono.

October 21, Saturday, 8pm. GUTTA NIGHT. Baba lovers in love with God. The Divine Romance, we all experience this in our own way; come and share in Baba's Divine Game. Coordinated by Fred Stankus.

November 18, Saturday, 6pm. FARSI LANGUAGE MEETING. Study of Meher Baba's Discourses, in Farsi. Prayers and arti at the end of the meeting. AIl are welcome! Coordinated by Dr. Mahmoud Ajang.



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Avatar Meher Baba Trust Reprinted with permission from Is That So?, edited by William LePage It was early in the morning, before the darshan program began for the day, and Baba wanted a bath. I looked everywhere but I couldn't find a big vessel for heating the water in. I also couldn't find any kindling to make a fire. There was nothing in or around the house. Baba was waiting and I was becoming desperate, how could I arrange for Baba's bath? Just at that moment, as I was trying to warm the water, I saw someone approaching from a distance. It was a man with a big brass pot on his head. It turned out that the man was one of the local Baba lovers. I asked him what he wanted and he explained that he had brought some hot water for Baba in case he wanted to bathe. I was wonderstruck at how timely this man's intervention was--Baba had just expressed the wish to have a bath and within minutes this man appeared with a large pot of hot water on his head. Not only that, but I learned later, he had come from quite a distance carrying the water. No one had told him to bring the water, he had just felt prompted to do it. I thanked the man

Announcementsfrom the Trust.


Meherazad Mandali Needs -- Goher responds in a letter dated August 5, 1989 to receiving some Dispensary supplies that the L.A. group sent: "Dear Adele - We received the supplies which you and the L.A. group so lovingly sent and I send my appreciation to every one who made this gift possible. We are grateful to all who feel so inclined to help tbe poor here, for every gift goes a long way to help the people who come to this dispensary for medical care." ..."What we do need are aspirin, tylenol, multivitamins, calcium with magnesium, strong Bcomplex and vitamin C. Other than that we can always use antibiotics, both adult and pediatric. Our pediatric are a bit low..." "My loving thanks to you Adele for organizing these supplies. We appreciate all your dear efforts." Questions regarding coordinating or sending

sincerely, as you can imagine, since this hot water had come just at the right moment and I sent him home and then immediately took the hot water in to Baba so he could have his bath. At the time I was deeply impressed that the man had brought hot water at precisely the moment Baba wanted it, but I thanked the man and forgot all about it. Years later, when the Avatar Meher Baba Trust Deed was being drawn up, Baba named the various beneficiaries of the Trust. Most of these people were well known to us. They were those who had surrendered their all 10 Baba and, being perfect in every detail, Baba was now seeing to their needs in the event that he dropped his body. As I said, we were familiar with all of the beneficiaries, but suddenly Baba added a name that surprised us. It was the name of this poor man from Andhra who had brought the hot water so many years before. He was one of only two Baba lovers from all of Andhra to be named as beneficiaries. See how the Lord is. I had thanked the man and forgotten all about him. Man thanks and forgets. The Lord does not always thank, but remembers.

of supplies may be sent to Adele Wolkin c/o AMBC-SC. Photographs or slides taken prior to October, 1971 showing the wall paintings inside Baba's Tomb are requested by the Avatar Meher Baba Trust in India for their records. Materials should be sent to Pat Sumner, c/o Avatar Meher Baba Trust, Post Bag 3, King's Road, Ahmednagar (M.S.), India 414 001, or to Sheila Krynski, c/o Sheriar Press, 3005 Highway 17 N. Bypass, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Mani's recent letter about Mehera has been printed by Sheriar Press as a 20-page booklet. Free copies are available from Friends of the Avatar Meher Baba Trust, P.O. Box 11356, Washington, D.C. 20008. For information or donations to the Trust, please write to "Friends of the Meher Baba Trust" c/o Karina Page, 4530 Starling Way, Los Angeles, CA90065

Poems By Andy Muir (cont.)

JAIBABA When done with love He does it -when done with greed the world does it. Ego beckons, come this way! -- the highway becomes a road. Anger says, strike back! -- the road becomes a path. Lust sings! -- the path becomes a jungle of thorns. Love takes our hand leading to the Rose Garden! Where the Gardener serves the sweet wine of forgiveness, heals the thorn-wounds giving the awake-sleep of Grace. No longer hooked by the barbed lures of I-me-mine but a sweet surrender in the soft net of the Fisherman in the Ocean of Love. The flies of fear and falsehood no longer conceal the barbed hook of desire. The worm of wanting is a martyr sacrificed in vain. Then by His will, the Seven Torrents are overcome and the Final Chasm is crossed. The Pool of Beyond-the-Beyond is Eternal Bliss. Jai Avatar Meher Baba. Ki Jai!!!

CONFUSIONISM A child wants to be adult, the elderly dream of youth. The curious join a worthless cult. Ice melts to chill the warm verouth. A squirrel searches in the tree, for nuts fallen to the ground. The gambler risks his all. The short want to be tall. Musicians play with sound. Land may turn to desert sand.

Rain falls on the lake. Snow softly finds the glacier, flake by flake. The ostrich runs but cannot fly. The weary sick prays to die. A lake of fire becomes a rose garden. The hanging judge gives pardon. We fail to understand but trying is such fun. Illusion's path toward the Ancient One.

Telling It As It Is from page 2 opinion on the subject of food and menus. Once and for all Baba wanted these points clear. He said: 'You all have promised to try your best to die, so let us begin with food. Let us have no more clashes. Let Norina go on giving the same as before. As all say, you, Norina, manage wonderfully well but what you lack is gentleness. You are much too blunt. And for the role of Mother you ought to be more gentle. Be one without duality. Be gentle and listen to all suggestions. !fyou can fall in with them, good, if not, kiss and say no, gently. This is tact. It hurts if you are too frank sometimes. And this I do not want. So all begin to try now, or seriously I will tell you all to go. Real harmony, love and peace--not forced. Don't keep the door closed [pointing to the heart]. Keep it open so that when I want I can enter. Every time I intend entering find a closed door--all because of useless wants.''' From the above account it is clear that Norina's fellow ashramites were speaking very frankly about aspects of her personality which they found lacking -- they were "telling it as it is". To say that they were criticizing her would fall within the accepted use of the word. Yet this meeting


was instigated and orchestrated by Baba, who in the same meeting gave the previously quoted instructions "Don't criticize." What then, is the course we should follow? I think from this example, and from the story of the discussion at the Nasik ashram, and by our "common sense" and intuition we may infer then that sometimes it is necessary to relate certain facts about another person, which may be critical in nature, either for the good of others, or for their own good. When doing so, we must, however, examine our own motivations very carefully, to make sure that our remarks or actions do not spring from "self-righteousness, conceit, a false sense of superiority...envy, or a desire for retaliation." There must be no wish that pain should befall the object of our criticism, and every wish not to bring pain to that person, insofar as it can be avoided. Baba, also warned during the same discussion at Nasik: "Do not get angry, but be pleased with he who backbites you, for he thereby renders service to you by diminishing the load of your sanskaras; and also pity him for thereby he makes continued on last page

8 Love Alone Prevails, p. 163.

Meher Baba with disciples, including Kitty and Norina, near Bangalore, 1940.

Meher Baba, the Movie from page 5 were fascinated and many were deeply moved, with tears in their eyes. Some said they would have liked to have heard stories about how different individuals came to Baba. Still others felt it was simply a documentary that didn't adequately describe its subject. Others commented that it was "wonderful", "overwhelming", "a masterpiece, beautiful." "It feels so wonderful to see such a full, complete face." One person even said he was going to use Baba's image for meditations. Most said they wished there was an introduction to the film. After each screening, many from the audience were prompted to ask about Baba's life and work. Some were baffled by the concept of 'masts', others still had only a vague idea of who Meher Baba is and wanted to know more. I remembered what Fred Stankus repeated: We are all vessels needing filling -- each to their capacity and in their time. Sales of the movie book and tape were brisk. The table, which also held information about the Baba Center, was (wo)manned by the indefatiguable Dina Franklin and the inspiring Fred S. Deborah Ash (Campagna) toiled, scheduling a veritable batallion of ushers who worked diligently handing out programs and answering questions after each show. Each person, in their way, communicated their feelings for Meher Baba. Around Sunday night I decided to see the film myself. Having seen it a few times before in small meeting rooms, I was looking forward to it in a real theater. I'd had mixed feelings about the movie, but the importance of Baba's work -- giving of himself to the lowest and the highest -- was clear to me. Baba's love and his total generosity had always come through in the film. As it turned out, seeing it there enabled me to compare it with other commercial films I've loved and loathed, and to realize why I felt the way I did about this one. But I was still struck by the fact that Meher Baba's face and words were on the big screen, playing for general audiences, in the commercial film capitol of the world! Sitting in the theater, the largeness of Baba's

image and the impact of the words and sound track grabbed all my senses. His face was luminous in the dark. It was so familiar to me; I feel more comfortable looking at him than my own reflection. After sitting and watching for just a couple of minutes, the focus of my mind gently and naturally moved to thoughts of Baba's life, his words and his message. Without my even trying, I felt my heart open, my frustrations and stress melt away. I wasn't worrying; it had all been for this. My heart, my mind, my senses were loving him. I was becoming immersed in Meher Baba and it's where I wanted to be.. Afterwards, I realized it was a testament to the greatness of Baba's words and presence that this film moves and touches the heart in spite of a failure of direction. Every phrase, every sentence was (is) potent and profound -- words from the Source. As I left the theater that night I thought this film was a great gift from Baba, in so many ways. I looked at the marquee. What a gift to those who

I would like to thank everyone in the southern California Baba community who participated in promoting and publicizing the film, MEHER BABA Avatar of the Age, for their help and support. I appreciate all the work, love and effort that has gone into getting the word out so that people can come to see MEHER BABA on the big screen and hear his words in the sound track -spreading the word that God has come as Meher Baba. I feel the most important thing that all of us are doing is in spreading Meher Baba's message of love and truth. Through this film, your efforts already have and will continue to touch so many people's hearts who have come to know of Meher Baba for the first time. -Irwin Luck, MBA Productions 15

even drive by! I feel sure that this is just the first of many commercial films to be made about Meher Baba. It seems natural that more and more, people will want to express their feelings for Baba -- telling others who he is, each in their own way, just as we all do all the time, in our daily life. All of our gestures of love for him, all our attempts to plan and execute projects, and all of our successes and failures are Baba expressing himself experiencing himself, in unending ways. Baba said he alone does his work.

The life of everything and everyone is an open book to me. It is like a film show that I enjoy at my own cost. I am the sole Producer of this ever-changing and never-ending film called the universe. Avatar Meher Baba Driving home in the dark under the nearly full moon, I thought how glad I was to have been able to be involved in this project... and how nice it would be to get back home and get some sleep.

Telling It As It Is from page 14 his load of sanskaras more burdensome." At the same meeting at Nasik, Baba said, according to the account in Love Alone Prevails, "Petty things take up all your energy, thoughts, and time. So no more of that. Love and forget. This is the only thing that matters. Love, always try to love. You don't like Norina being blunt. -love her all the more. She needs it. If she finds you weak in your wants, then she too must love you -- you need it." "If a mother found her child sick or weak, she would fondle it more, love it more. By weak, I mean taken up with desires. Anger is weakness, pride is weakness, and so on. So all try. As Kaka says, 'No discuss, just try.'" Baba also told us, "We are all One and irritations are only surface ones -- they cannot affect the love we have for each other deep down.,,9

9 Love Alone Prevails, p. 164.

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