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Krabis ’ Nature Trial

Lets explore the nature trails of Krabi, Thailand which is located on the Andaman Sea Coast, around 814 kms from Bangkok. Covering an area of 4,708 s q u a r e k i l o m e t e rs , c o m p r i s i n g mountains, islands, highlands, lowlands, and mangrove forests. The best of nature and adventure can be digged in the small but beautiful village in Krabi named Koh Klang. Koh Klang Village is a charming, peaceful island, located 5 minutes by boat from Krabi town, populated mainly by Muslim small-fisher families which they are proud to share with visitors searching for an insight into authentic southern Thai culture, away from the crowds and tourism traps of nearby resort islands. The Hands on with Local fishers and Farmers In Koh Klang , allows guests an i n s i g ht i nto l o ca l , a g r i c u l t u ra l livelihoods, and the relationships between culture and nature, faith and family which define Koh Klang. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves with great bird watching opportunities. Some Fun Filled activities in Koh Klang Clam and Shellfish Digging - The villagers come to the beach during low tide to dig for clams and seashells. The most common types found in Koh Klang include the Spotted Babylon, Tongue Shell, Scabies, Brackish-water snail,

Blood cockle and many more. To find each one different techniques are used. One can also try hand on shallow-water fishing. The local guide will teach you how to scoop out fish, prawns, crabs and other seafood. After this, you will carry your catch back to cook a simple but tasty seafood lunch. Koh Klang Rice Farm - Learn about their inspiring efforts to support organic agriculture, and the farming cycle. And a visit to rice mill, where you can have a go at de-husking organic rice. (July and October rice planting, November and

January rice harvesting) Koh Klang Patae (Batik Paint Workshop) You can try hand on batik designs, which are printed onto plain white cloth, with hot wax, using a heavy Patae stamp. Colours are painted into the cloth by hand. Designs are a mixture of traditional and inspired adaptation. Kayaking Along the Mangrove Forest The mangrove forest of Koh Klang is located at the mouth of Krabi River and is considered the 1,100th most important wetland in the world. Truly an interesting eco attraction, you can hire a tour boat to the mangrove forest at Khao Kanab Naam, Koh Klang up to Baan Taling Chan. Long-tailed boats are found at Chao Fah Pier or Tha Hin Pier. For kayaks, these are available for hire at Tha Hin and Khao Kanab Naam Piers. Visit to boat making workshop - Koh Klang is the place where the long tail boats or the traditional Hua Tong boats (long tail boat symbol of Krabi) originated. In the workshop the same technique is used to make these small model boats. DIY packs are also available for tourists to try there hand on boat assembling which is just add superglue to the cut pieces and your Hua Tong boat is ready. CAVES - Khao Khanap Nam which is a large cave close to mainland Krabi. We walk up the steep steps into the cave which is famous for bats at night time, and step into a slightly

surreal world where scenes of how the caves have been used during prehistoric times right through to war times are depicted with models of caveman and soldiers placed throughout the cave. TREE TOP ADVENTURE - Thailand's tropical rainforests provide a unique setting for adventure activities while

enjoying pristine natural environments. Almost hidden beneath a dense jungle canopy and enclosed by piercing limestone cliffs lays Tree Top Adventure Park. The newest attraction at Ao Luek, its discreet integration into nature contrasts to the exciting and thrilling sensations adventurers will experience. From one platform to another and from tree to tree, adventurers balance themselves through an assortment of games such as rope bridges, tarzan swings, flying skateboards, a tight rope walk, and giant zip lines. Tambon Khlong Thom Nuea, Composed of lowland forest, this area features the Emerald Pool or Sa Morakot, which are three hot springs with a temperature of 30–50 degrees Celsius. The forest is home to varied flora and rare birds like G u r n ey ' s p i tta , r u fo u s - co l l a re d kingfisher, and black hornbill. There is a 2.7 km nature trail known as the Tina Jollife (Thung Tiao) Trail, named after an English conservationist. It is the last remaining fertile lowland forest in Thailand, a source of the largest biodiversity, comprising several types of forest including evergreen rain forest and the ecology of a large peat swamp forest, with water flows in the midst of the forest, a habitat of the gurneys pitta once thought to have been extinct it is also the location of as Morakot the emerald pool a well known unseen site, consistining of s e v e r a l connected

pools, some with deep green algae under water, some vast pools of crystal clear water, but the one dubbed as sa morakot is a large round basin with tiny cascades flowing in , as a pool to dip in and relax sa morakot can be found, filled with unbelievable bright blue water, a riddle which u cant miss by clapping

WAREE RAKSHA HOT SPRING SPA Waree Raksa which has been awarded the title of The Amazing Day Spa and Traditional Thai Experience in the 2012 Thailand Spa and Well Being Awards. There are some natural hot springs water which are rich in beneficial minerals and is therefore an ideal condition for bathing and hydrotherapy Each hydrotherapy pool contains 3 different temperature zones; hot, warm and cool designed for hydrotherapeutic activities, water exercises and relaxation providing 3 levels for the body to adjust to the heat of the water, starting from foot bath, knee height and full body bath. Best place to stay - Islanda Eco Village Resort - a peaceful, comfortable resort, woven seamlessly into the natural and cultural tapestry of Klang island. Built in the style of a southern Thai fishing village, Islanda is infused with easy going, southern culture. The resort’s 30 stylish bungalows are spacious, simple, tastefully decorated and equipped with modern amenities. A tranquil retreat for nature lovers, who can listen to the waves lapping and birds singing, breathe in refreshing sea air, and kayak along nearby mangrove forests with their fantastic birds and animals. The resort is also a haven for couples and families seeking insight and inspiration in Southern Thai culture. Getting there -

By bus - From Bangkok there are daily buses departing from the Southern Bus Terminal, Borom Ratchachonnani Road to Krabi province. The trip takes approximately 12 hours. By train - From the Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong), take a train to Surat Thani, Trang or Thung Song, Nakhon Si Thammarat. From there, take a bus or taxi to Krabi. By air - There are daily flights between Bangkok and Krabi.

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Shailendra Publication is a Mumbai-based publication house, publishing newspapers and books related to Tourism industry, since 1999. Under t...

Safari Plus - July August 2015  

Shailendra Publication is a Mumbai-based publication house, publishing newspapers and books related to Tourism industry, since 1999. Under t...