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Fall Planting 2011

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Peony Celebrity (see page 4 for details)



• Great New Plants for American Gardens! • Bulbs for All Seasons Delicious Fruit • Hardy Perennials, Shrubs, and Trees • Cool-season Annuals

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5/20/11 4:58:33 PM

The Hottest and Best Coneflower Hot Papaya


(Echinacea purpurea; PP#21,022) More than a decade of breeding was dedicated to this stunning double orange Echinacea. The 3- to 3½-inch flowers are nearly red — utterly new to the family — with some deep pink, lilac, and yellow mixed in for good measure. They arise in great numbers on maroon-streaked stems, with as many as 10 blooms present at once. And like all Echinacea, this plant stands up beautifully to heat, humidity, drought, cold, and poor soil. The flower color is very stable, and it won’t fade even in brutal August sunshine! From Dutch breeder Arie Blom. 1-quart container.

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Z 4-9; mid summer-mid fall; sun; H: 30-36”, W: 24-30”


The First-ever Double Orange-Red Coneflower!

48923-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea


(Echinacea purpurea; PPAF) New colors and big doubleflowered form make this new Cone-fectionTM Echinacea a joy! The 4-inch blooms open strawberry-peach, with a single layer of rayed petals around a chocolate-brown cone. But as they mature, a dense pom-pon of darker rosy-pink petals arises, creating a thick flower with a dollop of brown at the center! Very vigorous, resistant to heat, humidity, drought, poor soil, and deer, and quite compact. 1-quart container.

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Z 4-9; mid-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 28-32”, W: 20-24”

48928-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Coneflowerr Raspberry Truffle


(Hemerocallis) Everyone’s favorite Designer DaylilyTM, this powerhouse outlasts nearly all others in the garden! The lightly ruffled peachy-pink blooms, 4¾ inches wide, sport a wide wine-red eye and pretty triangular shape. They open the night before their “day,” giving you extra hours of enjoyment! A multiple award-winner, this Daylily simply works harder! Bareroot.

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Z 3-9; early summer-early fall; sun-part shade; H: 22”, W: 18-24”

Daylily Wineberry Candy

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49149-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea



New! Daylily Wineberry Candy

Blooms Early, then Repeats Longer than Others!

Coneflower Hot Papaya


New! Coneflower Raspberry Truffle

Grows a Big, Petal-packed Pom-pon as it Matures!

First Ever Orange-Red Coneflower!


5/20/11 2:43:43 PM




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New Plants of the Season! New! Hydrangea Pistachio

Compact, Reblooming, and Ever-changing!

(H. macrophylla ‘Horwack’; PPAF ) The only one of its kind in the world, Pistachio offers brilliant green, purple, red, and blue blooms, no two just alike! These big, rounded flowers arise on very compact plants, suitable for containers as well as the shade border. And the best part? They rebloom, so even if a late spring frost nips back the first blooms, you’ll get plenty more in summer! Part of the Next GenerationTM series, Pistachio gives you much stronger flowering stems and better disease resistance, too! 2-inch pot.


Z 5-9; late spring-late fall; part shade; H: 24-36”, W: 3-5’


49275-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea



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New! Honeysuckle Peaches and Cream A Real Treat for Hummingbirds!

(Lonicera periclymenum ‘Inov 86.’ Syn. ‘Caprilia Imperial’; PP#21,839) Dark red buds burst into pale yellow bloom on this ultra-fragrant, compact everblooming Honeysuckle! So tolerant of heat, humidity, and drought, it flowers nonstop in mild climates, attracting hummingbirds in droves. Simply the most beautiful and unusual Honeysuckle we’ve ever seen, it’s perfect for the trellis, fence, arbor, and mailbox! 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; early spring-late summer; sun; H: 5-6’, W: 20-30”

49279-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

New! Salvia New Dimension Blue The Deepest Blue Yet — and So Compact!

(S. nemorosa) Just the right size for containers, edging, and the front of the border, this super heavy-blooming Meadow Sage is a carefree pleasure! It stands up to heat and drought, is left alone by deer and rabbits, and acts as a magnet for butterflies and bees. Cut or deadhead the first blooms and they just may encore for you in autumn! 4-inch pot. Z 5-8; early-mid summer and fall; sun; H: 8-10”, W: 10-12”

48786-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Ever-changing Color! Hydrangea Pistachio TABLE OF CONTENTS

Featured Items ............................................................. 1-13 Shrubs and Trees ....................................................... 12-23 Vines ............................................................................. 10-11 Annuals and Vegetables ............................................ 24-27 Groundcovers ............................................................. 30-31 Sun Perennials ........................................................... 32-39 Shade Perennials ....................................................... 40-43 Fruit ........................................................................... 6-7, 44 Gardening Supplies .................................................. 46-49 Bulbs ...................................................................... 45, 50-55

Honeysuckle Peaches and Cream

Salvia New Dimension Blue

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5/20/11 2:48:42 PM

Fall is the Time to Plant New! Peony Celebrity


(P. lactiflora) Deep raspberry-red with a ribbon of creamy white stands out beautifully in the garden on these huge 6-inch blooms. Intensely fragrant, this tall, vigorous Peony is among the very last to bloom each year. What a delightful way to end the season! Bareroot.

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Enormous, Wonderfully Fragrant Blooms!

Z 3-8; early summer; sun-light shade; H: 32-34”, W: 36”

49272-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

Peony First Arrival

Marvelously Fragrant, and Very Rare!

Layers of Soft, Petal-packed Color! Peony Celebrity

(P. lactiflora x lemonei) A rare and highly desirable Itoh Hybrid, this plant looks like a Tree Peony but is herbaceous, bringing you the vigor and beauty of both types of Peony in one! Giant semi- to fully double blooms reach 6 to 8 inches wide and boast an incredibly strong, sweet fragrance. This is a Roger Anderson introduction, so you know the quality is top-notch. 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; late spring-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 24-30”, W: 24-36”

41902-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

Peony Singing in the Rain (P. lactiflora) Each flowering stem of this marvelous Itoh Hybrid bears several side-shoots laden with blooms, making it the heaviest-flowering Peony we’ve ever grown! The flowers are semi-double, 6 inches wide, and a splendid combination of soft creamy yellow and salmon peach, with a faint, sweet scent. Best of all, heavy rain won’t faze this Peony, which simply covers itself in pink buds before bursting into multicolored pastel bloom. 2-quart container. Z 4-8; early spring-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 36-40”, W: 36”

48169-Y1K—$34.95 ea 3 $31.95 ea 6 $29.95 ea

Peony Sorbet

Peony Singing in the Rain Peony Kopper Kettle

Peony Sorbet

(P. lactiflora) Frosty pinks, whites, and creams combine on 5-inch double blooms, creating layers and ripples of icy color. Delectably lemon- and rose-scented, the blooms arise in midseason on very hardy, compact plants. Bareroot.

40327-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Peony Kopper Kettle

Rare and Hard to Find — But So Easy to Grow!

(P. lactiflora) A rare and beloved variety, this plant combines the vigor and beauty of garden and tree peonies in one! Semidouble 8-inch blooms offer layered petals of red, orange, and gold, which merge into a coppery shine from a distance. Resistant to peony blight and sometimes even reblooming if the first flowers are cut promptly, Kopper Kettle is a treasure you must not miss! Bareroot. Z 3-8; late spring-early summer; sun - part shade; H: 32”, W: 24”

40326-Y1K—$49.95 ea 2 $44.95 ea 3 $42.95 ea

Peony Gardenia The Most Fragrant of All!

(P. lactiflora) The most fragrant peony we have ever grown, this splendid creamy-white with a butter center arises late in the season. The blooms are quite large and fully double, perfuming the entire garden. Introduced in 1955 and never bettered! Bareroot. Z 3-7; early summer; sun; H: 34”, W: 30”


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Tremendous 5-inch Blooms!

Z 3-8; late spring; sun-part shade; H: 36”, W: 30”

Peony Gardenia



Heavy Rains Don’t Bother It!

Peony First Arrival


49106-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

5/20/11 2:55:13 PM

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Peonies and Knock Out® Roses! Rose Double Knock Out®

Superb Disease Resistance — Especially to Blackspot!

(cv. ‘RADtko.’ PP#16,202) Knock Out® is one of the greatest landscape Roses ever grown, and its double-flowered sister is even more exciting! Double Knock Out® has a tighter, more compact habit, fully and semidouble 2½-inch blooms in great numbers, terrific blackspot resistance, and a nonstop all-summer bloom schedule! Unbeatable for use in the landscape, it often keeps flowering right up ‘til frost. The foliage turns deep burgundy for autumn, and bright orange-red hips keep the shrub glowing all winter. This double-flowered beauty comes from the same parents as Knock Out®. Also resistant to Japanese Beetles, leafhoppers, and rose midge. Z 4-9; early-late summer; sun; H: 36”, W: 36”

48775-Y1K— 4-inch pot $14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea 45318-Y1K—1-gallon $26.95 ea 2 $24.95 ea 3 $22.95 ea

Rose Knock Out®

Contender for Greatest Landscape Rose Ever!

(cv. ‘RADrazz’; PP#11,836) The best landscape rose for four-season interest! Breathtakingly beautiful, with great clusters of lightly fragrant, 3- to 3½-inch blooms of fire-engine-red that arise for months and months, followed by burgundy-violet fall foliage. Orange-red hips provide color into winter. Crown-hardy to -20° F, this super-vigorous little shrub sneers at drought, humidity, and most rose pests, especially the dreaded blackspot!

Rose Double Knock Out®

Z 4-9; spring-fall; sun; H: 3½’, W: 4-5’

48776-Y1K— 4-inch pot $14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea 45801-Y1K—1-gallon $26.95 ea 2 $24.95 ea 3 $22.95 ea

Rose Sunny Knock Out®

Soft Two-Toned Butter-and-Sugar Blooms!

(cv. ‘RADsunny’; PP#18,562) Held in small bouquets all over this large, well-branched shrub, these blooms reach 3 inches across. They open soft yellow and then mature through shades of cream and ivory to pure white, creating a lovely butter-and-sugar look on a fully blooming plant. Redolent of sweetbriar, this rose freely repeats blooming and boasts the same superb blackspot resistance and disease-fighting capability for which the Knock Outs® are famous. Z 5-9; late summer-frost; sun-part shade; H: 4-4½’ , W: 3-4’

48777-Y1K— 4-inch pot $14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea 48719-Y1K—1-gallon $26.95 ea 2 $24.95 ea 3 $22.95 ea

Rose Pink Knock Out®

Colorful for Three Seasons and Easy-to-Care-for in All Four!

(cv. ‘RADcon’; PP#15,070) This bloom-happy shrub rose resists blackspot, Japanese beetles, mildew, and even drought! The 2-inch blooms of dark pink arise in clusters from spring till hard frost, self-cleaning so you never need to deadhead. Perfect as a hedge, foundation plant, or border standout.

Rose Sunny Knock Out® Rose Knock Out®

Z 4-9; spring-fall; sun; H: 3½’ , W: 4’

45073-Y1K— 4-inch pot $14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea 45791-Y1K—1-gallon $26.95 ea 2 $24.95 ea 3 $22.95 ea

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Rose Pink Knock Out®




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5/20/11 2:57:14 PM

Berries for Every Garden! New! Blueberry Pink Lemonade A Delicious Sweet Yet Mild Bite!

(Vaccinium corymbosum) The quintessential ornamental edible, Pink Lemonade offers year-round beauty for the sunny border! In spring, the glossy green foliage is dotted with small, sweetly fragrant shell-pink blooms. By May in most climates, the first crop of berries is dotting this dense, well-branched shrub. The mid-sized fruit begins pale green, then gradually blushes pink before ripening to a deep rosy shade. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI. 1-quart container. Z 4-9; mid spring; full sun; H: 4-5’, W: 4-5’

The Incredible Pink Blueberry! Blueberry Pink Lemonade

48449-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Blueberry Chandler Berries the Size of Cherries!

(Vaccinium corymbosum) Huge, rich, ultra-sweet berries ripen over a long season, so you get to enjoy fresh blueberries from your garden for up to two months! Not only are the berries exceptionally big, but the leaves are, too, and the bush is quite full and dense. This means it looks great in your flower bed, if you don’t have room for a vegetable garden. The blazing fall color of the foliage is an extra dividend! Very easy to grow, blueberries like an acid soil; they will be happy if you add some peat to your soil when you plant them. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI. 3½-inch pot. Z 4-7; early-mid summer; full sun; H: 5-6’, W: 4-6’

46076-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Blueberry Reka Outproduces All Others!

Blueberry Sunshine Blue

Blueberry Reka

(Vaccinium corymbosum) Perfect for canning and freezing, this Northern Highbush from New Zealand grows super-quick, delivering a staggering crop early in the season. The berries are medium to large, dark blue, and bursting with rich sweet flavor. In autumn, the foliage on this upright shrub turns rich shades of burgundy. Absolute tops for big yields every year! Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI. 3½-inch pot.


Z 5 (with protection)-9; early summer; sun; H: 3-4’, W: 3-4’

48092-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea


(Vaccinium macrocarpon) So easy to grow in any acidic soil amended with organic matter, this prostrate vining shrub reaches only 6 inches high and 3 feet wide, making a great ground cover! Creamy-pink blooms in spring are set off by tiny, evergreen leaves, and burgundy fruits form in fall — just in time for Thanksgiving! Fruit is great for drying, too! Extremely cold-hardy. 3½-inch pot.

48011-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

PK11.06-07.indd 6




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Cold-hardy and Evergreen!

Z 2-7; late summer-late fall; sun; H: 6”, W: 36”

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47952-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

(Vaccinium corymbosum) This dwarf plant boasts attractive pink (not white!) flowers; an easy-care habit, and silvery evergreen leaves. Each plant offers 5 to 10 pounds of sweet, dime-sized berries. A self-pollinator with a low chill requirement, it is ideal for the south, though it thrives as far north as Chicago. Cannot ship to CA, OR, WA, MI. 3½-inch pot.



Z 3-8; early summer; sun; H: 5-6’, W: 4-6’

Dwarf Habit, Pink Flowers, and Dark Blue Berries!

Vaccinium macrocarpon Cranberry

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Or dee sw fre aut

Blueberry Sunshine Blue

Blueberry Chandler


Find Complete Growing Instructions Online at

5/20/11 4:31:54 PM



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Darling of the Old South!

Apple Carolina Red

Delicious Heirloom Apples! Grow the apples known and loved by early Americans! We’ve secured a limited quantity of bareroot trees suitable for fall planting in zones 5-9. For best polination and heaviest crops, plant them near another apple tree of any variety. Cannot ship to CA, OR.

New! Apple Carolina Red 2 Crops a Year from this Early Bird!

Originating in the South more than 200 years ago, this conical deep red apple harvests months before many others, with a crisp, sweet flavor ideal for snacking and pies. Bushy, upright tree frequently reblooms in summer, bearing a second, smaller crop in autumn. Perfect for fresh eating! Bareroot. Z 5-9; may rebloom, fruits in early summer-fall; sun; H: 8-12’, W: 8-12’

48693-Y1K—$49.95 ea 3 $44.95 ea 6 $42.95 ea

New! Apple Grimes Golden

The Sweet-and-Spicy Parent of Golden Delicious!

The far more flavorful ancestor of Golden Delicious is an American apple from the early 1800’s, renowned for its sweet (19% sugar content!), spicy flavor and rich aroma. A medium golden-yellow apple with crisp, sweet yellow flesh, it’s the perfect dessert variety, and also makes good sauce, cider, and fresh eating. Far, far more flavorful than its famous descendant, it must be tasted to be appreciated! Bareroot.

Apple Grimes Golden Apple Roxbury Russet

Z 5-8; blooms in spring, fruits in early fall; sun; H: 12-15’, W: 10-15’

48694-Y1K—$49.95 ea 3 $44.95 ea 6 $42.95 ea

New! Apple Roxbury Russet America’s Oldest Apple!

The first apple ever bred in North America, “the Roz” (as it used to be called) is a crisp, tart variety that originated in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 17th century and was eventually grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Excellent for storing, this red-blushed green apple is delectably “russeted” (has a rough textured coat). Famous as a cider and juice apple, it is crunchy and sweet when eaten fresh, and the flavor actually improves with storage! With a sugar content of nearly 13%, “the Roz” is simply delicious! Large trees are very heavy bearers over a long, late season. Bareroot. Z 5-9; blooms in spring, fruits in early-mid fall; sun; H: 8-15’, W: 15-25’

48692-Y1K—$49.95 ea 3 $44.95 ea 6 $42.95 ea

PK11.06-07.indd 7

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5/20/11 4:32:10 PM

Park’s Hemerocallis & Lilies Daylily Mix


(Hemerocallis) Our exclusive mix of ultra-hardy, longblooming plants in shades of yellow,orange, red, and purple, including bicolors. The easiest and most economical way for you to try a large number of different varieties and see which ones you like best for your garden! Great for groundcover and mass planting, too Bareroot (Pack of 5).

(H Da No reb Da

Big, Brilliant, Beautiful Daylilies at a Great Price!

Z 3-9; summer; sun-part shade; various heights

49273-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

New! Daylily Ruby Spider (Hemerocallis) These flowers introduce a whole new look for Daylily, and they’ve got the awards to prove it! Long and spoon-shaped, they open so wide they’re nearly flat, making the flower an amazing 9 inches long (the size of a dinner plate!). Ruby-red with a soft yellow throat and slender stripe, they will simply wow you. Bareroot. Z 3-9; early summer; sun-part shade; H: 34”, W: 18-24”

48986-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

New! Daylily Nosferatu

Big, Sweet-Scented Blooms for Mid summer!

(Hemerocallis) This dramatic Designer DaylilyTM sets dozens of buds, the flowers strongly fragrant and sunfast from their pie-crusted edges to their bright chartreuse throats! Semi-evergreen and very tolerant of heat, humidity, cold, and drought, it is one of the most boldly colored Daylilies. Bareroot.

Daylily Ruby Spider

Daylily Nosferatu

PK11.08-09.indd 8




(H 4½ bur An hum yet Da

New! Daylily Primal Scream


(Hemerocallis) The “gotta get” plant of the season is this remarkable sunset-toned beauty. Huge 7½- to 8½-inch blooms with slim, twisted, bent-back petals lend a really distinctive look to the Daylily display! Winner of the Stout Medal (the highest honor a Daylily can receive), this “gold-dusted” tangerine delight steals the scene in any setting! Bareroot.

(H cot exp are Un

The Daylily Everyone’s Asking For!






(Hemerocallis) Fully double and so packed with ruffled petals you might not even notice its band of rosy-pink around the eye, these 6-inch blooms can only be described as breathtaking. Colored a soft peach with gold accents and a shimmery “diamond dusting,” they appear heavily in mid summer, then repeat. And they’re extended bloomers, opening the night before their day of glory! Bareroot.

(Li rar the spe ref per col So

Z 3-9; mid summer-early fall; sun-part shade; H: 18”, W: 18-24”


49148-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea


Daylily Stella de Oro


(Hemerocallis) This classic Daylily is popular for its reliably long bloom season and garden toughness. Gold flowers begin late spring and rebloom until frost; a large planting is rarely out of bloom. Stella is the longest-blooming Daylily, and it can stand up to a great deal of rough weather and stress. Use in the border or as a groundcover, spacing plants 12 to 18 inches apart. 1-quart container.

(Li wa our wit sea the gar

America’s #1 Daylily!

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The Daylily that Thinks it’s a Peony!


(H op and tha we

48975-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

New! Daylily Siloam Peony Display

Daylily Stella de Oro



48979-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Daylily Siloam Peony Display


Z 3-9; mid summer; sun-part shade; H: 26”, W: 18-24”

Z 3-9; mid summer; sun-part shade; H: 34”, W: 18-24”

Daylily Primal Scream



Spoon-shaped 9-inch Blooms!

Daylily Mix



Z 4-9; late spring-fall; sun-part shade; H: 12”, W: 18”


43355-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea


5/20/11 4:05:36 PM


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Perennial Garden Flowers Daylily Woodside Romance

Big, Fragrant Blooms that Encore in Fall

(Hemerocallis) An abundantly blooming, well-branched Daylily that dazzles with fragrant 5-inch ruffled blooms. Not only are its colors rich and unusual, but it often reblooms briefly in fall! A very dependable, heavy-budded Daylily. Bareroot. Z 5-8; mid summer; sun; H: 27”, W: 30”

41240-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Daylily Cherry Candy

A Lightly Fragrant Extended Bloomer!

(Hemerocallis) The pretty 4½-inch golden-orange blooms open the night before their day of glory, sweet scented and nicely pie-crusted. This Designer DaylilyTM sets more than 30 buds, keeping you in bright red-eyed blooms for weeks! Bareroot. Z 3-9; mid summer; sun-part shade; H: 30”, W; 18-24”

48782-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Daylily El Desperado

Laughs at Heat, Humidity, Drought, and Poor Soil!

(Hemerocallis) A breakthrough in hardy Daylilies! Big 4½-inch blooms of deep yellow sport some of the showiest burgundy eyezones and edges known in the Daylily world. And they arise heavily on plants superbly tolerant of heat, humidity, and even drought! As fancy as a hot-house flower yet as hardy and easy to grow as a weed, this is the perfect Daylily for busy gardeners! Bareroot. Z 4-9; mid-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 28”, W: 30”

43426-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Daylily Apricot Sparkles

Daylily El Desperado

(Hemerocallis; PP#13,223) Up to nine 4-inch flowers of apricot on each stem! Blooms continuously, summer into fall; expect 5 months or so of color each year. The apricot petals are overlaid with a silvery sprinkle that catches the sunlight. Unique and very long-blooming Bareroot. Z 4-9; early summer-early fall; sun; H: 12-18”, W: 12-24”

40929-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Double Tiger Lily

Rare and Highly Sought, it’s a Breathtaking Beauty!

(Lilium lancifolium ‘Flore Pleno’) An absolute treasure, the rare and highly prized double-flowered Tiger Lily displays the same deep orange-scarlet color and dark chocolate speckles as single-flowered Tiger Lilies, but adds layers of reflexed petals on 4- to 5-inch blooms. Stamen-free, they are perfect for allergy sufferers. It doesn’t require as much of a cold period as most Lilies, so it is particularly well-suited to Southern regions. Bareroot (Pack of 3).


Z 4-9; late summer-early fall; sun; H: 5-6’, W: 12-18”

7797-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

her g

Daylily Cherry Candy

Silvery Highlights Make the Blooms Shine!



Daylily Woodside Romance

Daylily Apricot Sparkles

Double Tiger Lily Lily Flora Pleno

Asiatic Lily Mix

Asiatic Lily Mix

Bigger and More Plentiful Every Year!

(Lilium Asiatic hybrids) Boasting all the mellow pastels and warm tones for which they are beloved, the Asiatic Lilies in our exclusive mix sport blooms fully 4 to 5 inches across, with a wide-open form and saturated color. Selected for season-long bloom (with heaviest flush in midsummer), these Lilies are a reliable, economical way to create years of garden enjoyment. Bareroot (Pack of 10). Z 3-8; late spring-mid summer; sun-part shade; H: 3-6’, W: 18-24”

8883-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

PK11.08-09.indd 9

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5/20/11 4:06:00 PM

Park’s Classic Clematis Clematis Niobe


Simply the best red Clematis we have ever grown, this deep, claret-colored bloom measures 4 inches across and delights over a long late spring to early fall season. The vine is a nice size for trellises, mailboxes, lampposts, and even large containers. You MUST grow Niobe to appreciate its smoky-red brilliance! 3½-inch pot.

(Lo gre blo spl gro des Ind dry

Compact Vine with Outsized Color!

Z 4-9; late spring-early fall; full sun; H: 8-10’, W: 2-3’

48791-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea



Clematis Henryi


Dazzling White Flowers All Summer!

Black Buds Open to Red Velvet! Clematis Niobe

Making every other color near it glow more brightly, these giant 6- to 7-inch white flowers gleam for months on end! The new spring leaves are bronzy-burgundy, but soon turn green and nearly disappear beneath the bounty of big, beautiful blooms. A classic favorite that always performs reliably, Henryi deserves a place of honor in your landscape. 3½-inch pot. Z 3-9; summer; sun-part shade; H: 6’, W: 24”-36”

Rare Color and Form — Exquisite!

(C. ‘Evipo033 N’; PP#16074) Sweet semi-double blooms sport an outer layer of wide magenta petals and an inner “bow” of lavender petals. Flowering over a long season, you can expect the 2-inch blooms right into Fall. Vigor and relaibility make this variety a great choice for trellises and other supports. The perfect Clematis for a beginning gardener, it is weather-resistant and easy to grow. Bred by Master Clemetarian Raymond J. Evison. 3½-inch pot. Z 4-9; mid summer-fall; sun-light shade; H: 10’, W: 3-4’

Clematis Jackmanii

46856-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea



(W onc foo dan por





(G in sup of and


Clematis Jackmanii


Everyone’s Favorite Clematis!

The sight of these incredibly numerous 4-inch blooms gracing a trellis, arbor, fence, or other support is truly breathtaking! Jackmanii was introduced 150 years ago, yet remains the signature Clematis of many a fine garden. The rich purple color, long season of bloom, and unstoppable flower power of this beauty are simply too wonderful to miss! It improves with each passing year, so find a place for Jackmanii in your landscape this season and begin enjoying one of Nature’s finest plants! 3½-inch pot. Z 3-9; early summer-early fall; sun-part shade; H: 10-12’, W: 4-5’

48790-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Park’s Clematis Collection One each of Niobe, Henryi, and Jackmanii. (A $44.85 value)

30217-Y1K—Only $29.95 SAVE 33% 10 Visit The All New

PK11.10-11.indd 10

(H flo wh all


Clematis Avant Garde™

Clematis Avant Garde™



48789-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Clematis Henryi


5/20/11 4:03:26 PM



(Lo and cov scr




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Bold Vines and Climbers! Honeysuckle Harlequin

Fragrant “Lipstick” Blooms and Gorgeous Foliage!

(Lonicera periclymenum) Here is a color lover’s dream plant, its green leaves splashed with pink and cream, its big clusters of blooms boasting bright rosy tones. And all of that occurs before the splendid fall foliage appears! Unlike wild honeysuckle, Harlequin grows slowly and neatly, happy to be pruned to just the size you desire. Butterflies and hummingbirds flock to the fragrant blooms. Indifferent to heat and humidity, it’s the vine you want for those dry, difficult spots. Cannot ship to MA. 4-inch pot. Z 4-9; summer-fall; sun; H: 8-10’ , W: 5-6’

46799-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Climbing Hydrangea

A Rambling Delight that will Transform the Landscape!

(H. anomala ssp. petiolaris) Truly spectacular in midsummer flower! It climbs without support up walls and along fences, its white flowers, deep green foliage, and exfoliating bark creating all-season interest. 4-inch pot. Z 6-8; mid summer; sun; H: 60-80’, W: 10-12’

46710-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Honeysuckle Harlequin

Wisteria Blue Moon

Reblooms Frequently and Thrives Even in the Far North!

(W. macrostachya) This amazing native American Wisteria blooms not once, not twice, but three times every summer! Huge, richly fragrant foot-long clusters of lilac-blue blossoms perfume the sunny garden, dangling from sturdy vines on pergolas, arbors, and other strong supports. It needs no pruning and is a vigorous, quick grower. 4-inch pot. Z 4-9; early spring-late summer; sun; H: 25’, W: 5-6’

49280-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Carolina Jessamine Margarita

An Improved Version of the Classic Heavy Bloomer!

(Gelsemium sempervirens) Evergreen, superbly fragrant, and covered in 2- to 3-inch clusters of yellow blooms over a long season, this super cold-hardy Jessamine twines freely up any support! Tolerant of heat, humidity, poor soil and even drought, it is left alone by deer and rabbits, and looks great year-round! 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; late spring-mid summer; sun; H: 8-10’, W: 5’

49574-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Honeysuckle Dropmore Scarlet

Gorgeous, Easy to Grow and Low Maintenance!

Climbing Hydrangea Wisteria Blue Moon

Carolina Jessamine Margarita

(Lonicera x brownii) This fine Canadian hybrid is extremely hardy and almost everblooming. Its long-tubed, brilliant scarlet flowers cover the vine, making it a spectacular specimen as well as a fine screen or groundcover. Cannot ship to MA 4-inch pot. Z 3-9; early spring-late summer; sun; H: 5-6’, W: 20-30”’

47192-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Honeysuckle Dropmore Scarlet

See more online at 11 PK11.10-11.indd 11

5/20/11 4:34:10 PM

Evergreens for Nonstop Color Ilex Sky Pencil

Never Needs Pruning or Shearing!

(I. crenata) This small, upright Japanese Holly remains lustrous year-round. A living column, it makes a dramatic garden accent! Cannot ship to AZ. 4-inch pot. Z 6-8; evergreen; sun; H: 8’ , W: 18”

48743-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Japanese Plum Yew A great foundational plant!

(Cephalotaxus fastigiata) Shade-loving conifers are rare indeed, and this columnar Japanese Plum Yew is a superb find, tolerating any light from nearly complete sun to deep shade. A very slow grower, it adds about 6 inches a year, the new growth is a lovely shade of lime against the very dark green, glossy mature foliage. Use it in formal settings, as an accent, or even in containers. 2-quart container. Z 6-9; evergreen; sun-deep shade; H: 8-10’, W: 6-8’

49287-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Boxwood Green Velvet

A Perfect Little Accent for Garden or Container!

(Buxus) The hardiness and compact growth of Korean Boxwood with the luxuriant, deep green leaf color of English Boxwood! Best of all, it keeps rich color through winter. Its rounded habit shears beautifully. Great in foundation, or as a hedge. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; evergreen; sun; H: 12-24” , W: 24”

48724-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

New! Falsecypress Amaize n’ Blue™ Soft Foliage on a Dwarf Evergreen!

Ilex Sky Pencil

Japanese Plum Yew Boxwood Green Velvet

(Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Minlem’; PPAF; PBRAF) The bright blue-green young foliage of this easy-care little tree turns blue with silver undersides as it matures, then bright gold for autumn. Left alone by deer and beautiful right through winter, it’s the perfect low-maintenance accent for container, foundation, edging, or border. Add a touch of elegance to any setting with Amaize n’ Blue™! 1-quart container. Z 6-9; evergreen; sun-part shade; H: 12-48”, W: 12-36”

48732-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Falsecypress Amaize n’ Blue™

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PK11.12-13.indd 12

(fall color)

5/20/11 3:05:32 PM



(T. p gree shea to g pest sun, settl ers’

Z 5-9 W: 1




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Ordering is Quick and Easy Online at

Thuja Green Giant

Thuja Green Giant

Thuja North Pole

New! Thuja American Pillar

(T. plicata x standishii) Dense, fragrant evergreen foliage from the ground up never needs shearing. Ideal for a privacy screen, it is easy to grow and very long-lived, with good deer-, pest- and disease resistance. Best if grown in sun, but tolerates light shade. Give it a year to settle in, then watch it take off! Our customers’ all-time favorite tree. 4-inch pot.

(T. ‘Art Boe’; PPAF; CBRAF) A columnar Arborvitae that resists winter burn beautifully, tolerates severe weather to -40° F, and grows slowly and symmetrically, with a dense, lush habit. The perfect specimen or accent, it occupies little garden space yet makes an imposing figure. Evergreen and carefree, this North American native resists most pests and diseases and is very long-lived. 4-inch pot.

(T. occidentalis; PP#20,209) This fast-growing evergreen makes the perfect privacy fence, tall hedge, or elegant specimen. A U.S. native that keeps its rich green tones right through winter, it stands up to deer, heat, humidity, drought, snow, and ice loads. Never needs pruning to keep its telephone-pole shape! You will love its carefree, disease-resistant growth. 4-inch pot.

A Fast-growing, Carefree Screen!

Z 5-9; evergreen; sun-light shade; H: 30-50’, W: 10-12’

44988-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Thuja North Pole

Never More than 7 Feet Wide!

Narrow as an Arrow and So Dense!

Z 2-8; evergreen; sun; H: 12-14’, W: 5-7’

Z 3-8; evergreen; sun-part sun; H: 20-30’, W: 5-7’

48273-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

48779-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Thuja American Pillar

See more online at 13 PK11.12-13.indd 13

5/20/11 3:30:50 PM

Colorful, Easy-care

Azalea Candy Lights Pink

Azalea Girard Crimson

Acer Corallinum

Acer palmatum Sango Kaku

New! Azalea Candy Lights Pink

Acer Corallinum

(Rhododendron) Exceptionally hardy, this lovely University of Minnesota introduction covers itself with big bouquets of 8 to 10 fragrant pale pink blooms streaked with pastel yellow. A deciduous shrub, it remains compact and very heavy-blooming, with disease-free foliage and terrific cold-hardiness. Fantastic in the foundation, as a hedge, or along the driveway! 1-quart container. Z 4-9; mid-late spring; sun-part shade; H: 3-5’, W: 3-5’

(A.palmatum) Remember the old saying about the weather -- if you don’t like it, just wait 5 minutes and it’ll change? Well, that’s about the case with Corallinum, too! The leaves change more frequently than the seasons on this splendid little Japanese Maple, making it one of the most beloved small trees for the home landscape. This semi-dwarf tree has pink foliage in early spring, turning to red and light green through summer and then to scarlet in the fall. 1-gallon container.

48788-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Z 5-8; early spring-fall; full sun-part shade; H: 5-6’, W: 4-6’

These Fragrant Blooms Don’t Mind the Cold!

Azalea Girard Crimson


One of the Most Beloved of All Japanese Maples!

46026-Y1K—$49.95 ea 3 $44.95 ea 6 $42.95 ea

Acer Sango Kaku

Z 5-9; spring; part sun-part shade; H: 36”, W: 32”

(A. palmatum) The famous Coral Bark Maple displays a sensational coral tone on its twigs in winter, making a fabulous display in an otherwise subdued landscape. The coral red contrasts beautifully against snow, sky, or grass. Delicate foliage is light green during the growing season, bright yellow, gold, and orange in autumn. 1-gallon container.

48781-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Striking Yellow and Orange Fall Color!

Z 5-9; spring; part shade; H: 10’, W: 10’

49007-Y1K—$24.95 ea 3 $22.95 ea 6 $21.95 ea

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PK11.14-15.indd 14

(B. dec Py is d bra





Creates a Rosy Display!

(Rhododendron) Girard Crimson produces a magnificent spring bouquet of large, rosy-red crimson flowers 2½ inches wide. Its tight and compact habit is coated in glossy green foliage. For our money, this is the best hardy red Azalea. Space plants 1 to 2 feet apart for a lovely long line of color. Cannot ship to WA. 2-quart container.


5/20/11 4:35:29 PM

(B. off cyl in sum unt




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Trees and Shrubs

Berberis Crimson Pygmy

Berberis Helmond Pillar

Berberis Crimson Pygmy

Betula Fox Valley

Cornus Golden Shadows®

New! Betula Fox Valley

Deep Crimson Leaves plus Brilliant Red Berries!

A Compact River Birch for Garden Settings!

Z 4-8; spring; sun-part shade; H: 24”, W: 36”

Z 4-9; mid-spring; sun-part shade; H: 8-10’ , W: 9-12’

(B. thunbergii var. atropurpurea) This highly adaptable miniature deciduous shrub offers bold crimson to purple foliage. Crimson Pygmy exhibits small yellow flowers in the spring, but its true beauty is discovered as it flaunts bright red, bead-like berries that decorate its branches from fall through the winter months! 4-inch pot.

48718-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Berberis Helmond Pillar

A Column of Vibrant Purple Color!

(B. thunbergii f. atropurpurea) This purple-leaved European Barberry offers three-season interest and an easy, adaptable nature. It is a cylindrical plant broader at the top than the base, with yellow blooms in spring, followed by red fruits. The burgundy foliage of spring and summer turns glowing red in fall. Pollution- and drought-tolerant, it is untroubled by pests or disease. 4-inch pot.

(B. nigra ‘Little King’) This multi-stemmed dwarf river birch tree is perfect for smaller landscapes. The most striking feature is the bark that peels from a cinnamon color to reveal a cream color underneath. Resistant to the birch borer pest. Prune or shape in the summer for best results. 4-inch pot.

46134-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Dogwood Golden Shadows®

(C. alternifolia ‘W. Stackman’; PP#11,287) This Pagoda Dogwood offers bright two-tone leaves on branches that fan out horizontally, creating a lovely tiered look. Clusters of fragrant white blooms arise for several weeks, followed by lovely blue-black berries. Ideal for small spaces. Cannot ship to FL. 4-inch pot. Z 3-7; early summer; partial shade; H: 6-8’ , W: 6-8’

48736-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Z 4-8; spring; sun-light shade; H: 6’ , W: 24”

46823-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

See more online at 15 PK11.14-15.indd 15

5/20/11 4:36:29 PM


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(C. blo yel gro Cle


Caryopteris First Choice



New! Caryopteris Sterling Silver Stunning Color Combo, Super-easy Care!

Caryopteris Sterling Silver

(C. x clandonensis ‘Lissilv’; PPAF) Unique silver foliage on a compact, rounded habit makes a charming presence in the sunny border. The intense blue flowers in late season add to its beauty. A fine companion to perennials. 4-inch pot.


48729-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea



The Densest, Most Floriferous Yet!

(C. x clandonensis; PP#11,958) A great source of blue in the late summer garden. It’s more floriferous and grows more densely than others, so the blooms make a bigger impact over a longer season. Its compact size is great for containers and in the garden, it won’t over grow other plants. As a bonus, the silvery-green foliage is very aromatic. Very easy to grow in most any well-drained soil; drought tolerant, too! 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; mid-spring; sun-part shade; H: 24”, W: 30”

46129-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Callicarpa Early Amethyst

The Branches are Ideal for Thanksgiving Bouquets!

(C. dichotoma) Few shrubs can offer the combination of spring blooms and summer-to-fall fruit that Purple Beautyberry boasts! Early Amethyst is a very heavy-fruiting, early-maturing variety with long, elegant canes just crammed with luscious lilac berries for weeks and weeks of rich color! 4-inch pot. Z 5-8; mid-spring; sun-part shade; H: 4’ , W: 3-4’

48727-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Camellia Coral Delight Brilliant Winter Color!

Camellia Coral Delight

Flowering Quince Crimson and Gold

(Camellia) One of the most floriferous Camellias, this beauty blooms reliably all winter, setting big semi-double fuchsia blooms among evergreen leaves. Perfect for the foundation or as a stand-alone focal point. 1-gallon container. Z 8-10; early-late winter; sun-part shade; H: 6-8’, W: 6-8’

49233-Y1K—$24.95 ea 3 $22.95 ea 6 $21.95 ea

Flowering Quince Crimson and Gold A Very Unusual Color for Flowering Quince!

(Chaenomeles x superba) The richest red Quince we’ve seen, with large 2-inch flowers that keep coming from early spring until summer! Quite compact, it makes a virtually indestructible small hedge. Drought-tolerant and not picky about soil, it thrives in most settings. Cannot ship to OR. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; early spring; sun; H: 24-36” , W: 4’

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PK11.16-17.indd 16


Z 5-11; late summer-early fall; sun; H: 24-36” , W: 36”

Caryopteris First Choice

Callicarpa Early Amethyst

(C. wit you aut

46673-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

5/20/11 4:40:04 PM

(B. Lo int we yet nee




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g, ed r!


New! Buddleia Miss Molly

(Buddleia; PPAF; CBRAF) The color of sangria, these long bloomspikes beckon to butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to come visit. A compact Butterfly Bush that turns ever redder in hot climates, Miss Molly is certain to become your favorite for late-summer color in garden and vase! Cannot ship to OR. 1-quart container. Z 5-9; mid summer-frost; sun; H: 5’ , W: 5-6’

48722-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Clethra Ruby Spice

(C. alnifolia) Selected for its non-fading deep rosy-pink blooms, this multiple award-winner also delights with bright yellow fall foliage. It is marvelously fragrant and easy to grow. Rely on it for the deepest, richest flower color in the Clethra family. 1-gallon container. Z 3-9; mid-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 3-6’, W: 3-4’

46709-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

New! Clethra Sugartina™

(C. alnifolia ‘Crystallina’; PP#21,561) Neatly rounded and dense with no shearing needed, this dwarf Summersweet regales you with late-season blooms of pure white. When they pass in autumn, the leaves turn bright yellow! 1-quart container.

Clethra Ruby Spice

Z 4-9; late summer; sun-part shade; H: 28-36”, W: 3-4’

Buddleia Miss Molly

48734-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Buddleia Lo & Behold® Blue Chip The First-Ever Miniature with Bright Blue Blooms!

(B. ‘Davidii’; PP#19, 991) The first in the exciting new Lo & Behold™ series of miniature Butterfly Bushes introduced by the Raulston Arboretum, this mounding, well-branched plant reaches less than 2 feet high and wide, yet flowers continuously (rather than in waves) and never needs deadheading. Cannot ship to OR. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; early summer-fall; sun; H: 20”, W: 20”

49281-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Cotinus Royal Purple

(C. coggygria) Create a new look for every season without replanting! Spring foliage opens a warm red, only to deepen to rich purple in the summer heat then mellow to a deep goldenorange in fall! As if all this weren’t enough, in midsummer the plant is festooned with feathery purple plumes. 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; mid- to late summer; full sun; H: 8-10’ , W: 10-12’

49107-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Crape Myrtle Red Rocket®

(Lagerstroemia indica; PP#11,342) Cherry-red bloom clusters, 12 inches long or more, plus crimson spring foliage and orange-red fall leaves. Greatly improved in disease resistance and bloom strength over older varieties. No pruning necessary; just water during dry spells. Cannot ship to AZ. 4-inch pot.

Clethra Sugartina™

Buddleia Lo & Behold® Blue Chip Cotinus Royal Purple

Z 6-9; early summer-fall; sun; H: 20-30’ , W: 8-12’

48745-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea


Crape Myrtle Red Rocket®





See more online at 17 PK11.16-17.indd 17

5/20/11 4:40:23 PM

Daphne Eternal Fragrance

Daphne Carol Mackie

Daphne Eternal Fragrance


(D. ‘Yolande’; PP#16,029) Great clouds of these 2-inch blooms of blush pink with raspberry centers arise each spring, perfuming the garden. And year-round, the dense, silvery green foliage makes a carpet for that bare, dry spot. Very easy to grow in any well-drained spot with lots of sun! 1-quart container.

(H ove can com del a lo

Heavenly Scent Heralds Spring!

Z 4-9; spring-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 10”, W: 12”

Burning Bush Fire Ball®

41537-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea


Magnificent in or out of bloom!


Daphne Carol Mackie


(D. x burkwoodii) This dense, rounded, evergreen shrub is most unusual and highly prized for the spectacular gold band on the edge of each of its small, rich green leaves. For many weeks the foliage is set with masses of star-shaped, richly fragrant, pale pink flowers, often subtly flushed with deeper hues. 1-quart container.


46548-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

(H dou cen ant car bea

Burning Bush Fire Ball®


Z 4-8; early summer; part shade; H: 3-4’, W: 3-4’


Compact, Dense, and Absolutely Blazing with Color!

(Euonymus alatus ‘Select’) Masses of small leaves hold their bright scarlet hues for weeks in fall, then emerge fresh and green again in spring. Far more tightly branched and petite than older selections, it is also winter-hardy in the far north. The perfect size for a foundation planting, hedge, barrier, or back-of-the-border standout. Cannot ship to AZ, MA. 1-quart container. Z 4-8; mid-spring; full sun; H: 5’ , W: 4’

47157-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Forsythia Golden Peep™

Compact Enough to Grow in Containers!

Forsythia Golden Peep™ Gardenia Kleim’s Hardy


(H cus can blo jus siz bud are you


Z 5-9; early spring; full sun; H: 30”, W: 24-36”

(H not bea kno aga you con

New! Gardenia Kleim’s Hardy

Heavenly Fragrance on a Cold-hardy Mini!

(G. jasminoides) Nothing equals the fragrance of a Gardenia, and now you can enjoy these starry blooms on a shrub so compact it’s perfect for containers as well as the border. This evergreen shrub stays attractive with handsome dark green foliage on a bushy, mounded plant. Ideal near the patio and walkways! Cannot ship to AZ. 2-quart container. Z 7-11; late spring-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 24-36”, W: 24-36”

PK11.18-19.indd 18


(F. x intermedia ‘Chourdijeau’; PP#13,050) This dwarf is so compact you can pop it alongside the walkway or driveway as edging, ring the sunny beds with dazzling color, or dot it among the spring-flowering bulbs. Every inch of these clustered stems is laden with bright blossoms, enough to compete with any larger variety! 4-inch pot.

49707-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

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49150-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

5/20/11 4:44:22 PM







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Hibiscus Boule De Feu

New! Hibiscus Peppermint Schnapps Red-on-Pink Stripes Create a Candycane Look!

Hibiscus Peppermint Schnapps

(H. syriacus; PP#18,939) Giant 8- to 10-inch flowers unfurl over a long season, their bright pink petals striped in red for a candycane look! Very heavy-blooming, this shrub is far more compact than many others, with a bushy, dense habit that it delightful in containers as well as the border, as edging, or as a low hedge. 1-quart container. Cannot ship to AZ. Z 5-9; mid-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 40-48”, W: 24”

48933-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Hibiscus Boule De Feu

An Heirloom Hibiscus with a Contemporary Look!

(H. syriacus) This is a splendid heirloom variety with giant double blooms of raspberry-purple tinged with maroon in the center. Upright, very well-branched plants are highly tolerant of heat and humidity. These flowers look like enormous carnations, and a fully-blooming plant is an unforgettably beautiful sight. 4-inch pot. Cannot ship to AZ. Z 5-9; mid summer-fall; sun; H: 8-12’, W: 10’

46383-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Hibiscus Jazzberry Jam

Blooms Reach 9 Inches Long . . . and Counting!

(H. syriacus; PPAF) An entire zone cold-hardier than other Hibiscus, this exciting shrub is not to be missed! Even in zone 4 you can enjoy a long, lovely season of stunning 9-inch (or more!) blooms of brilliant magenta, easily the size of dinner plates and just stunning in large numbers on this compact plant. Half the size of most others, it is well-branched and very, very heavy budding. These gently ruffled blooms with overlapping petals are a tropical delight, opening over a long lovely season. Treat yourself to this treasure! Cannot ship to AZ. 1-quart container.

Hibiscus Jazzberry Jam Hibiscus Blue Satin®

Z 4-9; mid summer-fall; sun; H: 4-5’, W: 6-7’

48924-Y1K—$15.95 ea 3 $13.95 ea 6 $12.95 ea

Hibiscus Blue Satin®

Absolutely the Finest Blue Hibiscus!

(H. syriacus; PP#12,680) This vigorous, bloom-happy shrub not only gives you plenty of flowers, but boasts the most beautiful coloring in the Hibiscus world. It simply doesn’t know when to quit blooming, the 3-inch blue flowers glowing against magenta centers and ivory throats. Find a place in your sunny garden for this fade-proof, tireless shrub! 1-quart container. Cannot ship to AZ. Z 5-9; mid summer-early fall; full sun; H: 8-12’ , W: 10-12’

48737-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

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PK11.18-19.indd 19

See more online at 19 5/20/11 4:44:41 PM

The Best Hydrangeas New! Hydrangea Pistachio


A Kaleidoscope of Colors!

(H. macrophylla ‘Horwack’; PPAF ) Utterly unique, this super-compact, reblooming shrub offers big blooms of green, purple, red, and blue — all together, in every combination, with no two flowers just alike! Disease resistant, too! 2-inch pot. Z 5-9; late spring-late fall; part shade; H: 24-36”, W: 3-5’

49275-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Hydrangea Limelight®

Blooms Progress Through Four Different Colors!

Hydrangea Pistachio

Four different colors on one plant!

(H. paniculata; PP#12,874) Limelight begins its show color in early to midsummer, when plentiful flower clusters of rich chartreuse arise all over the large shrub. As they mature, they turn pure white, then darken to pink, finally settling on a rich rosy hue! When you cut the blooms for indoors, you can easily find 4 different colors on a fully blooming shrub! 1-quart container. Z 4-8; summer; sun-part shade; H: 6-8’ , W: 6-8’

47784-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Hydrangea Nikko Blue

The Classic Blue, a Favorite for Generations

(H.macrophylla) Enjoy a wealth of attractive, deep blue, globe-shaped flowerheads all summer with Nikko Blue! This is the most reliable blue Hydrangea, with exceptionally large blooms of true blue in a wide range of soils. (In neutral soil, both pink and blue flowers appear.) And it’s so easy to grow! 2-quart container.



(H Hy dee Th oth for 16 nea ste




A Double Lacecap with Nonstop Flower Power!

(H. ‘Dancing Snow’; PP#21,052) Just a few feet high but covered in bouquets of huge double blooms, this reblooming delight gets Hydrangea season off to its earliest start ever, then repeats all the way ‘til frost! The flowers are held in large double rings and make excellent fresh or dried arrangements. Great for the north! 4-inch pot.

(H litt blo of mo





Hydrangea Annabelle

America’s Favorite for Old-fashioned Elegance!

(H. arborescens) A very popular old-fashioned shrub for American gardens, Annabelle is far more cold-hardy than most Hydrangeas. It produces enormous globe-shaped snowy white flowerheads which increase in size, reaching 12 inches by mid- to late season. A spectacular landscape plant that never gets out of bounds, it tolerates heat and humidity. 4-inch pot. Z 4-9; early summer; sun-part shade; H: 4’ , W: 4’

48742-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10 .95 ea

Hydrangea Annabelle

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PK11.20-21.indd 20



49282-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Hydrangea Double Delights Wedding Gown


48950-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Z 5-9; mid-spring-fall; part shade; H: 24-36”, W: 3-5’

Hydrangea Nikko Blue

(H tru sen pet blo giv ing ren Dr.

Z 6-9; summer; sun-part shade; H: 6’, W: 4-5’

New! Hydrangea Double Delights Wedding Gown Hydrangea Limelight®


5/20/11 4:09:12 PM

(H cho wh pee Th tall Ab



, all e

n for ub!

d ue ge



he d


Newcomers and Classics! Hydrangea Lady in Red 3 Seasons of Changing Color!

(H. macrophylla; PP#15,175) The first Hydrangea that can truly claim 3-season interest, Lady in Red is certain to cause a sensation. This exciting lacecap treats you to bright red stems, petioles, and leaf veins from spring through fall, plus large blooms that open appleblossom-white and mature to deep rose, giving way to fall foliage of rich reddish-purple. An ever-changing color show from a shrub that is compact, eager to grow, and renowned for its mildew resistance. Bred by master plantsman Dr. Michael Dirr. 2-gallon container. Z 5-9; mid summer; part shade; H: 36”, W: 4’

49046-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

Hydrangea Pinky Winky™ An Entirely New Look for Hydrangea!

(H. paniculata ‘DVPpinky’; PP#16,166) A splendid cold-hardy Hydrangea that displays large, two-toned flowerheads of deep pink and white, blooming reliably regardless of climate. These huge blooms mature from white to pink, but unlike others, they keep setting new flowers along the same stem for weeks, the trusses simply getting longer and longer (to 16 inches!) with new white blooms at the tip, older pink ones near the base. The trusses point straight up on colorful red stems. Spectacular! 1-quart container.

Hydrangea Lady in Red

Z 3-8; mid summer-fall; sun-part shade; H: 6-8’ , W: 6-8’

48931-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Hydrangea Cityline® Paris Compact Enough for Flowerpots, with Huge Blooms!

(H. macrophylla ‘Paris Rapa’; PP#10,906) This super-vigorous little shrub never needs pruning, stands up to mildew, and bears blooms of bright reddish-pink (or blue in acidic soils) with tinges of green when young. Cut all you like for the vase; there’s always more on the way! Very easy to grow. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; early summer-early fall; sun-part shade; H: 24-36”, W: 36”

40282-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Hydrangea Pee Wee

Beautiful Dwarf Version of Snow Queen!

(H. quercifolia) Bold foliage in spring and summer turns chocolate-burgundy in fall; 10-inch elongated panicles of white flowers mature to pale pink; and dried flowerheads and peeling, cinnamon-colored bark enliven the winter landscape. This dwarf of the popular Snow Queen only grows a few feet tall, is pest- and disease-resistant, and thrives in any location. Absolutely indispensable for the garden! 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; mid summer-fall; sun-shade; H: 4’ , W: 36”

Hydrangea Pinky Winky™ Hydrangea Cityline® Paris

46546-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Hydrangea Pee Wee

See more online at 21 PK11.20-21.indd 21

5/20/11 4:10:21 PM


Potentilla Mango Tango®

Blooms So Bright They Nearly Glow!

(P. fruticosa; PP#12,258) Brilliant bicolor blooms of orange and red simply cover this compact, tidy little shrub for months! Very cold-hardy, it is ideal for poor soils — wet or dry! The 2-inch blooms are lighter in warm weather, deeper orange-red in cool. Deerresistant and very adaptable. 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; early spring-late fall; sun-part shade; H: 24”, W: 24”

46410-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

New! Prunus Little Twist®

Zigzagged Branches and Masses of Blooms!

(P. incisa ‘Kojo No Mai’) Its Japanese name means “flight of the butterflies,” and that’s exactly what these charming ½-inch pink-centered white blooms look like, closely set on twisted, zigzagging stems held almost horizontally. A splendid dwarf Fuji Cherry, this slow-growing tree offers dark purple fruit following the blooms, plus brilliant orange-red fall foliage. In the garden or on the patio, it is simply breathtaking! Cannot ship to CA, OR. 4-inch pot. Z 5-8; early spring; sun-part shade; H: 3-4’ , W: 4-5’

Prunus Little Twist®

Potentilla Mango Tango®

48762-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

New! Pieris Passion Frost Two-tone Foliage and Bold Blooms!

(P. japonica) Every leaf is neatly outlined in creamy white on this exciting new Andromeda, and this elegant look lasts right through the heat of summer. Six-inch flowerheads of rosy-red cascade from the shrub for several weeks, creating unforgettable interest in spring. Very compact, this shrub is ideal for the border, as a specimen, or in accent plantings. 2-inch pot. Cannot ship to AZ. Z 5-8; mid-late spring; sun-part shade; H: 4-4½’, W: 24-36”

49283-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

New! Physocarpus Lemon Candy Golden Foliage From Spring Through Fall!

Pieris Passion Frost

Physocarpus Lemon Candy

Baby Lilac Shrub

(P. ‘Podaras 3’; PPAF) Put aside all your ideas about Ninebark — Lemon Candy is an entirely new variety! Instead of being huge and sprawling, it is so compact you can grow it in a container. And the foliage is pure gold, turning chartreuse in summer but keeping those yellow tones right up to frost! White flowers complete the show on this heat- and drought-tolerant beauty. What a stunning accent! 4-inch pot. Z 3-7; mid-late spring; sun; H: 24-24½”, W: 24-36”

41790-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Baby Lilac Shrub

A Sun-Loving, Easy-to-Care-for Dwarf Shrub!

(Leptodermis oblonga) An agreeable small shrub with 1-inch lavender flowers scented like Lilacs! This shrub is the perfect size for edging a walkway or driveway, as well as gracing the front of the sunny perennial or shrub border! Needs no pruning, resists drought, and fits nicely into small spaces. A charmer! 4-inch pot.


(W rea late ma fal fou tub




(V. beg and Wh the 1-q




Z 5-8; spring-fall; sun; H: 24” , W: 24½”

(W wil out eas hum

46454-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea


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PK11.22-23.indd 22


5/20/11 4:46:31 PM






Weigela Spilled Wine™

Viburnum Brandywine™

ed ply


r. e

al gs.



t ty! ct

Variegated Weigela

Rhamnus Fine Line®

New! Weigela Spilled Wine™

(W. florida ‘Bokraspiwi’; PPAF; PBRAF) Compact, very full, and ready to spread, this purple-leafed shrub turns nearly black by late summer. The small, wavy leaves are beautifully offset by hot magenta-pink blooms in spring, repeating throughout summer and fall. Hummingbirds and butterflies adore it! A great choice for the foundation, driveway, and sunny border, it’s petite enough for patio tubs, too. 1-quart container. Z 4-8; spring-fall; sun; H: 24-36”, W: 24-36”


48780-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea


Viburnum Brandywine™



(V. nudum ‘Bulk’; PPAF) The heaviest-fruiting Viburnum of all, it begins setting green berries in early fall. The berries quickly turn white and then all shades of pink and blue, remaining through most of winter. White blooms in 2- to 4-inch clusters and deep red fall foliage complete the all-season beauty of this lovely native shrub. Cannot ship to AZ. 1-quart container. Z 5-9; late summer-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 5-6’ , W: 5-6’

41365-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Variegated Weigela

(W. florida ‘Variegata’) Every hummingbird in the neighborhood will flock to this super-hardy, beautiful shrub! Each leaf is neatly outlined in cream, and the flowers range from pink to rosy red. Very easy to grow even in clay and dry soils, this rounded shrub loves hot, humid summers! 2-quart container. Z 4-8; late spring-early summer; sun-light shade; H: 4-6’, W: 5-7’

41339-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Viburnum Winterthur

Spiraea Snow Storm

Rhamnus Fine Line®

(R. frangula ‘Ron Williams’; PP#14,791) A compact Buckthorn that can be used as a formal privet, but is compact enough for containers! Boasting beautiful, airy, fern-like foliage, is heat- and cold-tolerant, and needs no pruning or shearing! Pair at garden entrances or front doors for an easy-care formal look. 1-quart container. Z 3-7; light shade; H: 5-6’, W: 24”

48774-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Viburnum Winterthur

(V. nudum) Possessing all of the desirable attributes of other Viburnums, including a multi-branched, rounded, upright habit, clusters of white flowers, and a “stop them in their tracks” late-summer display of blueblack berries. Berries are especially dramatic against fall foliage that phases from green to maroon to deep-red purple. Cannot ship to AZ. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; mid-spring; sun; H: 8’, W: 4’

41841-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Spiraea Snow Storm

(S. x media ‘Darsnorm’) Covered from tip to base in giant domed flowerheads that begin early and continue over a long season, this compact Spiraea is a superb all-purpose shrub. In autumn, the leaves turn from green to orange-red and gold, extending the season of beauty. Perfect for attracting butterflies, the giant 6- to 8-inch flower domes are eyecatching from across the garden. 1-quart container. Z 4-8; late spring-midsummer; sun-part shade; H: 3-5’ , W: 3-5’

48778-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

See more online at 23 PK11.22-23.indd 23

5/20/11 4:46:51 PM


Flowering Annuals and Veggies To complete your fall and winter garden, we have selected the most exciting flowering annual plants, ornamentals, and cool-season vegetables. Especially useful in moderate and warm climates (where many can be grown throughout winter), these plants are shipped mid-September for the South and mid-August for Northen zones. See for details.

New! Pansy Plentifall Mix

Trails From Baskets and Windowboxes!

(Viola x wittrockiana) A super-vigorous trailing Pansy that overwinters in mild climates and bounces back strong in early spring, Plentifall is terrific for hanging baskets, flowerpots, windowboxes, and as a spreading groundcover in the annual bed. Lightly whiskered 2-inch flowers of white, yellow, and blue, including bicolors, withstand rain and wind beautifully. The most “garden tough” Pansy we’ve ever grown! Pack of 6. Sun/part shade; all fall/winter; H: 6-8”, W: 18-24”

87683-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

New! Pansy Freefall Yellow

So Bushy that Fewer Plants Fill a Basket!

(Viola sp.) This trailing pansy begins life as a low, mounded plant, then begins spreading and cascading as it grows. Intense golden 2-inch blooms with small whiskers beam from your best baskets, pots, and windowboxes. Frost-tolerant, it continues all winter in mild climates. Pack of 6. Sun/part shade; all fall/winter; H: 6-8”, W: 12-15”

87685-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea The Fanciest Pansies on the Block!

(Viola x wittrockiana) They look so delicate, but these splendid double-flowered beauties from Italy are weather-tough and very long-lasting! Each flower measures 2½ to 3 inches wide, with jewel-rich color and lots of ruffles. Super-compact plants are ideal for windowboxes, pots, and baskets. Upgrade your pansies to the finest in the world: grow Bolero! Pack of 6.

Pansy Freefall Yellow

Th wa the Fro wi



(Pr fin wi Pa

Early fall-late spring; full sun-part shade; H: 10-12”, W: 6-7”


87502-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea


Pansy Bolero Hybrid Mix

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PK11.24-25.indd 24



Pansy Bolero Hybrid Mix

Pansy Plentifall Mix


5/20/11 3:38:38 PM




rg, xes, slors,

ant, n ts, n

d y

eal he

Kale Glamour Red

Dianthus Telstar Burgundy

New! Kale Glamour Red

New! Dianthus Telstar Burgundy

There’s never been a Kale like this one before! Instead of being waxy, the leaves are bright and shiny, from the hot-pink center of the 10- to 12-inch-wide plant to the dark blue-green outer layers. Frost just improves the pink, purple, and red tones! Stays colorful all winter in mild climates. Pack of 6.

87686-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

(D. barbatus x chinensis) Here’s a Dianthus specially bred to deal with awful weather and rough garden conditions! Brilliant deep red 1-inch blooms cover the needle-like foliage two seasons a year, glowing bright in garden or flowerpot. And this super-tough little plant is ready to tackle rain, wind, heat, humidity, and even frost! Subtle sweet fragrance. Pack of 6.

Primrose Danova Mix

87684-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Prettier Than a Flower -- and Much Longer-lasting!

Blooms Through Both Heat and Frost!

Z 6-10; spring/early-mid fall; sun; H: 6-8”, W; 6-10”

The Best Varieties, in Every Color of the Rainbow!

(Primula acaulis) The 13 Primroses in this mix represent the very finest available today. Their fragrant flowers are 2¼ to 2½ inches wide on compact plants. Ideal for containers as well as the garden. Pack of 6. Z 4-7; late winter-early spring; part-full shade; H: 4-6”, W: 6-8”

Swiss Chard

Vibrant Color That Lasts and Lasts!

No matter the weather, these brilliantly-colored stalks stand up nicely! From base to tip, this Swiss Chard is elegant and eye-catching long past first frost! Vigorous plants reach 20 inches. Pack of 6.

87688-Y1K—Ruby Red—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 87690-Y1K—Yellow—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

87696-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Primrose Danova Mix

Swiss Chard Yellow

Swiss Chard Ruby Red

See more online at 25 PK11.24-25.indd 25

5/20/11 3:39:08 PM

Cauliflower Graffiti

Keeps its Purple Tones Even When Cooked!

Move over, dull cauliflower -- Graffiti is here to challenge your colors! These big, full heads deepen to purple with exposure to sun (no wrapping needed!) and cool fall temperatures on vigorous, downy mildew-resistant plants. Very flavorful and nutritious, they actually keep their color if steamed, sautéed, or lightly boiled! Pack of 6.

87691-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Cauliflower Amazing

Great Staying Power in the Garden!

Don’t rush to harvest all of this cauliflower at once; it will wait, holding incredibly well in the garden. Bright, dense heads with thick leaf jackets spread 10 inches across, their wrapper leaves protecting the heads from sun, cold, and insects. Heavy production of big heads on extremely vigorous plants. Pack of 6.

87519-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Cauliflower Veronica

A Romanesco with Mild, Sweet Flavor!

Romanesco is perfect raw or cooked. This hybrid is a vigorous grower with beautiful lime green peaked heads of small towering florets with a milder, sweeter flavor than white cauliflower. Are best eaten when the heads are small. Remains green when cooked. Heat tolerant. Best for fall harvest. Pack of 6.

87692-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Cauliflower Graffiti Cauliflower Amazing

Find Growing Instructions at Cauliflower Veronica


La 16



Th ield pro tho



Sim ma rou nin



Yo ma bec ma end


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PK11.26-27.indd 26

5/20/11 4:30:26 PM

ur o r-


t, h


Cabbage Kaboko

s r.


Spinach Renegade Cabbage Tropic Giant Broccoli Packman

Cabbage Kaboko

Large, dense, very sweet Chinese Cabbage with heads measuring 16 inches high and 12 inches wide. Harvest it all season! Pack of 6.

87517-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Broccoli Packman

These huge heads are 8 to 12 inches wide! Producing abundant yields, ields, and super-sweet flavor! The dark green, rounded leaves arise profusely on compact plants. Great for beginning gardeners and those let down by other Spinach! Pack of 6.

87689-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Spinach Renegade

Simply the best all-round Spinach, with great adaptability, early maturity, heavy yields, and super-sweet flavor! The dark green, rounded leaves arise profusely on compact plants. Great for beginning gardeners and those let down by other Spinach! Pack of 6.

87525-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

Cabbage Tropic Giant

You won’t believe your eyes when these humongous heads begin to mature! 12 inches wide and weighing 15 pounds, they are certain to become the sensation of the veggie patch! And after you harvest the main head, you may be treated to smaller side-heads until season’s end! Frost-tolerant; grows all winter in warm climates. Pack of 6.

87518-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea

See more online at 27 PK11.26-27.indd 27

5/20/11 4:30:44 PM

Carpet the Garden Red Creeping Thyme


(Thymus praecox ‘Coccineus’) An easy-to-grow groundcover forming low mats of evergreen foliage topped by crimson blooms. The leaves are highly fragrant when touched, making this plant ideal between stepping stones and along garden paths. 1-quart container.

(L. the sha the wo ext

A Carpet of Color!

Red Creeping Thyme


48940-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea



Vinca Alba


The Largest White, Spreading Vigorously!

(V. minor) Known for its adaptability and low maintenance, Vinca thrives in heat, humidity, drought, cold, and poor soil. The glossy foliage is evergreen, and the plant spreads by rooting along the stem, quickly forming a dense, glimmering mat! Perfect for naked slopes and freshly-turned soil, it establishes rapidly and looks good year-round. 4-inch pot.


Delicious Wintergreen Scent!

(Gaultheria procumbens) A low-growing evergreen with year-round appeal. Its wonderfully aromatic foliage turns a rich burgundy in fall; it offers petite white bell-shaped blossoms in spring; and delivers ½-inch bright scarlet fruits from mid summer to the following spring! 1-quart container. Z 3-8a; spring; shade; H: 6”, W: 36”

Bluest Flowers and Groundhugging Form.

(Rosmarinus officinalis; PP#9,124) Wonderful to scramble across hot, dry, water-starved patches of soil, this edible herb bears lovely deep violet-blue blooms in spring which last even through the summer heat! This plant is a trouble-free groundcover as well as a splendid choice for containers, retaining walls, the cracks between stones, and other dusty, droughtridden sunny spots! 4-inch pot. Z 7-11; early spring-summer; full sun; H: 12-18”, W: 18-36”

43064-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Ajuga Black Scallop

The Ebony Hues Darken in Sunshine!

(A. reptans; PP#15,815) Large, shiny, scalloped leaves of such dark purple they gleam black simply cover this quick-spreading plant. Sporting deep blue flowers on crowded spikes, it scrambles across soil, its foliage darkening with more sun. Widely adapted to differing soils and moisture levels, it is carefree in garden or container. Evergreen in mild and warm climates. 4-inch pot. Z 4-11; late spring-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 4-6’ , W: 36”

PK11.30-31.indd 30




Rosemary Irene™

30 Visit The All New

(Ib op spr ma wh


46604-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Ajuga Black Scallop

Z6 W:


Creeping Wintergreen

Rosemary Irene™

(L. Tu abo ber exq to gar


43850-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Creeping Wintergreen


Z 4-8; early summer; sun; H: 18”, W: 15”

Z 4-9; early-late spring; part-full shade; H: 5-6”, W: 24-36”

Vinca Alba


47672-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

5/20/11 4:12:46 PM

(O blo res so for





(S. lus tall ag me wit (pr gri 1-q





er ll



ers ge ng

in Bright, Living Color! Liriope Pee Dee Gold Ingot

Stays Golden to Chartreuse Year-round!

(L. muscari) Why settle for plain green Liriope when there’s gleaming Pee Dee Gold Ingot to brighten the shade? This stunning yellow-edged variety is just about the brightest thing to hit the edging-and-groundcover world in years, standing up to rough weather and extreme temperatures beautifully! 4-inch pot. Z 6-10; late summer-early fall; sun-shade; H: 12-15”, W: 12-24”

40998-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Liriope Pee Dee Gold Ingot

Liriope Monroe White

The Rare White-Flowered Variety!

(L. muscari) A classic but seldom encountered Lily Turf, Monroe White offers gleaming white flowers above narrow evergreen foliage. Spikes of shiny black berries follow the blooms. This striking plant makes an exquisite specimen or groundcover, and is indispensable to formal plantings, pathways, and other parts of the garden where uniform edging is called for. 4-inch pot. Z 6-10; late summer-early fall; sun-part shade; H: 12-15”, W: 12-24”

46452-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Candytuft Tahoe™

Flowers Open Early and Stay Late!

(Iberis sempervirens) Giant clusters of 1-inch blooms open early and stay for several weeks on this quickspreading plant. Once it feels at home, it is very low maintenance, tolerating drought and needing only a trim when the flowers pass. 4-inch pot.

Liriope Monroe White

Z 3-9; mid-late spring; sun; H: 8-10”, W: 24”

48784-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

New! Evening Primrose Innocence Carpet the Ground in Snowy White!

(Oenothera pallida) A native American groundcover that blooms freely all summer long, it is easy to grow and reseeds itself readily. The flowers are subtly fragrant and so showy atop plants that spread up to a foot wide. Great for poor, dry, and sandy soils 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; early summer-early fall; sun; H: 8-20”, W: 8-12”

48785-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Sagina Pearlwort

Mossy Foliage Fills Cracks Between Rocks!

(S. subulata) This mosslike, evergreen perennial boasts lush emerald-green foliage that forms a compact 1-inchtall mat. Excellent for planting between flagstones or as a groundcover, it creates the effect of a moss-covered meadow. During early to midsummer, it is covered with small white flowers. Adaptable to sun or shade (preferable in the South), it needs moisture retentive, gritty, well-drained soil. Space 6 to 8 inches apart. 1-quart container.

Candytuft Tahoe™

Evening Primrose Innocence Sagina Pearlwort

Z 4-7; early-mid summer; sun-part shade; H: 1½”, W: 20-30”

48939-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Ordering is Quick and Easy Online at See more online at 31 PK11.30-31.indd 31

5/20/11 4:13:09 PM

Sun Perennials New! Agastache Astello Indigo Grow Hummingbird Mint on the Patio!

(A. hybrida) The first Agastache compact enough to grow in pots, this deep blue variety has taken Europe by storm, winning highest honors! It’s long, mint-scented spikes attract bees and butterflies, plus its disease-free, deer-resistant green foliage smells just like root beer! 4-inch pot. Z 6-9; full sun; mid summer - mid-fall; H: 20”, W: 14”

48787-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea


New! Agapanthus Black in Black A bold new look for Agapanthus!

Agastache Astello Indigo

Agapanthus Back in Black

(A. africanus; PP#16,244) Deep blue blooms are set on long, sturdy stems of gleaming ebony-black, standing out dramatically in summer garden. After the blooms have passed, there’s a second season of beauty with handsome black seedpods that can be left on the plant or cut for Everlastings. 2-quart container. Z 6-9; mid summer- late summer; full sun; H: 26”, W: 12”


New! Aquilegia Winky Double Red/White


(A. vulgaris) One of the first perennials to bloom each year, this one-of-a-kind double-flowered variety is simply spectacular! The flowers face upward in the garden, and make stunning bouquets. Rabbits won’t eat them, but butterflies and hummingbirds adore them! Certain to be the star of your border! 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; mid-late spring; sun-part shade; H: 24-30”, W: 12”

Asclepias Cinderella

(A. tuberosa) Cinderella’s heavy nectar production attracts all kinds of good bugs to the garden (the kind that feast on the insects that nibble your plants!), and the fragrance is delightful. Best of all, this perennial is super-easy. 1-quart container. Z 3-8; mid summer-early fall; full sun; H: 28”, W: 24”

New! Achillea Strawberry Seduction 2 Beautiful Flowering Forms Every Season!

(A. millefolium; PP#18,401) Large clusters of strawberry-red blooms with a golden center form a domed canopy over the graygreen foliage on this sun lover! Irresistible to butterflies (and left alone by deer), these blooms dry out to a pure buff-yellow. So easy to grow and rewarding! 1-quart container. Z 3-8; summer; sun; H: 18-24”, W: 28-32”

48798-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Alcea Old Barnyard Mix Alcea Old Barnyard Mix

Amsonia hubrichtii

(A. rosea) Selected from an old Vermont barnyard and bred to eliminate rust and create bigger, bolder blooms, this is a unique mix of dark jewel tones, color-drenched brights, and soft pastels. The flowers are 3 to 5 inches wide and crowded along the stalk 4-inch pot. Z 3-9; early-mid summer; sun; H: 4-6’, W: 24”

43462-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Amsonia hubrichtii

Z 5-9; late spring-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 36”, W: 22-36”

PK11.32-33.indd 32



(Ec blo wi ste



(Ec lon Ide and




(Ec for gra or




(Ec com sur you


(A. hubrichtii) Familiarly known as Blue Star, this splendid native offers willowly foliage topped with clusters of tiny light blue star-shaped blooms. The foliage turns golden and amber for fall, creating a dramatic display that remains for weeks. Left alone by pests (including deer!) and free of disease, it is truly a carefree wonder not to be missed. Bareroot.

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(Ec ext pet and


48809-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Achillea Strawberry Seduction



48723-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Asclepias Cinderella

(C. com to b win ten

48132-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea Spectacular Flowers in a Completely Unique Form!

Aquilegia Winky Double Red and White




(Ec ma flo It’s


48799-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea


5/20/11 4:16:09 PM

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Calluna Lady in Red

Coneflower PowWow Wild Berry

New! Calluna Lady in Red

(C. ‘Nr 5163’; PP#20,527) Brilliant red wands dazzle in home and garden on this compact, super long-blooming evergreen Heather. Left alone by deer, irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds, and determined to hold its blooms right through winter, adding interest to the dormant garden. As a houseplant, it flowers intermittently year-round. 4-inch pot.

Coneflower Meringue

Z 6-10; late summer-late fall; sun; H: 6-18”, W: 8-14”

40058-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Coneflower PowWow Wild Berry

(Echinacea purpurea) This amazing Echinacea offers a bold new flower color, extensive branching (meaning more blooms than ever!), and compact size. Big, petal-packed 3- to 4-inch blooms of deep rose to purple open all over this plant, and keep coming all season without deadheading. 4-inch pot. Z 3-9; early summer-mid fall; sun; H: 30-36”, W: 12-16”

48783-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Coneflower Meringue

(Echinacea purpurea; PPAF) Each of these charming white-and-primrose blooms begins as a flat daisy, then grows upward into a giant gumdrop! You will love this compact plant from the Cone-fectionsTM series with short, strong stems and an abundance of blooms. 1-quart container.

Coneflower Summer Sun

Coneflower Virgin

Z 3-9; mid summer-early fall; sun; H: 15-18”, W: 15-18”

48926-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

New! Coneflower Summer Sun

(Echinacea; PP#18,684) Wonderfully exotic-looking but so easy to grow, these long-lasting blooms open reddish-orange, then gradually acquire golden shades. Ideal for cutting, they are lightly fragrant, irresistible to butterflies and hummers, and determined to repeat right into fall if cut or deadheaded. 1-quart container. Z 4-8; mid summer-early fall; sun-part shade; H: 40”, W: 12-15”

48932-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Coneflower Virgin

(Echinacea purpurea; PP#18,684) Virgin is the only white Echinacea you will want for your garden. It combines a compact habit, double row of petals, sweet fragrance, and long bloomtime into a tidy package that is simply irresistible in garden or vase. Selected by master garden designer Piet Oudolf. 1-quart container. Z 3-8; mid summer-early fall; sun; H: 20-24”, W: 12-18”

49431-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

New! Coneflower Tangerine Dream

Coneflower Tangerine Dream Coneflower After Midnight

(Echinacea; PP#21,773) Charming 4-inch blooms of zingy orange cover this compact plant for months on end! Sweetly fragrant, they offer curled-back petals surrounding a handsome brown cone full of seeds for the birds. A must-have for your sunny border and best vases! 1-quart container. Z 4-8; mid summer-early fall; sun; H: 23”, W: 30”

48935-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Coneflower After Midnight

(Echinacea ‘Emily Saul’; PP#18,684) A dwarf for the Big Sky™ family, this magenta-hued plant offers large, very fragrant blooms on super-compact plants. The flowers arise on pure black stems, and the central cones bear traces of black as well. It’s ideal for containers and the front of the border. 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; summer; sun; H: 12”, W: 10-12”

49857-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

PK11.32-33.indd 33

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Coreopsis Creme Brulee’

Super-easy Source of Nonstop Flowers!

(C. verticillata; PP#16,096) The most floriferous Coreopsis EVER, with layers of blooms all up and down the stems! Flowering like crazy for many months, this sun-lover defies heat, humidity, drought, poor soil, and cold to give you hundreds upon hundreds of blooms. Butterflies flock to it in the sun-soaked garden, but deer and rabbits leave it alone. The needle-like green foliage is attractive, but don’t expect to see too much of it once those blooms start coming! 1-quart container. Z 4-9; early summer-mid fall; sun; H: 12”, W: 30-36”

48921-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Coreopsis Early Sunrise Bigger, Earlier, and Longer-Lived!

Coreopsis Creme Brulée

(C. grandiflora) What a show-off this Coreopsis is — its blooms are enormous (a full 2 inches across), stuffed with brilliant golden petals surrounding a honey-brown eye, and crowded atop neat, compact plants! You might think all this bloom power took some extra effort on your part, but no — Early Sunrise is as easy as pie, springing up in the sunny garden in early summer and staying colorful til frost! It’s even self-cleaning, so you don’t have to deadhead! 4-inch pot. Z 4-9; summer-fall; sun; H: 18-24”, W: 18”

43911-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Yellow Foxglove Much Longer-lived than Others, and So Beautiful!

(Digitalis grandiflora) The rare yellow Foxglove — a true perennial! Its moonlight-yellow blossoms light up shady borders and wildflower gardens. Long-blooming and very dependable, it belongs in every shade border. 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; early-late summer; part shade; H: 24-36”, W: 12-18”

43055-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Dianthus Siberian Blues Super-easy Source of Nonstop Flowers!

Coreopsis Early Sunrise

Yellow Foxglove Gaillardia Arizona Sun

(D. amurensis) Jazz up the sunny bed with this richly-colored, long-blooming blue! Masses of lavender-blue blooms (each ½to 1-inch across) arise in big clusters on tough, vigorous plants. The needle-like blue green foliage offers great contrast to the vibrant blue flowers. 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; late spring-frost; sun; H: 16”, W: 12-15”

40305-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Gaillardia Arizona Sun

Begins the Bloom Season A MONTH EARLY!

(G. x grandiflora) Expect hundreds of bright gold-tipped orange daisies on this powerhouse of a plant, each 4 inches wide and ideal for cutting. This compact plant flowers tirelessly over 3 seasons, offering brilliant color despite heat, drought, cold, and other hardships. 4-inch pot. Z 3-10; early summer-early fall; sun; H: 12”, W 10”

47856-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Dianthus Siberian Blues Gaillardia Ring of Fire

Gaillardia Ring of Fire

The Biggest Blanket Flower of All!

(G. aristata) Huge blooms as much as 4 inches across shine in the garden with their brilliant gold petals and ruby red centers, AND they keep coming over the entire summer! Their stems are sturdy and strong — no flopping here! Takes heat, humidity, and drought with a smile, doesn’t mind salt spray or seaside locations, and needs only well-drained soil to keep delighting you for years. Bred here at Park, it has become a favorite among gardeners in all parts of the country. 4-inch pot. Z 4-10; early summer-early fall; sun; H: 18-24”, W: 18”

43210-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

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PK11.34-35.indd 34

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5/20/11 4:18:24 PM


(H Am mo but




(I. Iris eac pla enc mi Bu




(La En ic, in E blo De in f


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Bearded Iris Mix

New! Helenium Red Jewel

(H. autumnale) Merry dics of rusty red top this vigorous selection of an American native. Perfect for the back of your deer-tolerant border, and more than willing to give a second display with dead heading. Attracts butterflies, too! 1-quart container. Z 4-8; mid summer-early fall; sun; H: 24-36”, W: 12-24”

48936-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Bearded Iris Mix

(I. germanica) Ideal for the sunny to lightly shaded border, Bearded Iris is adaptable and easy to grow, with multiple flowering stems each bearing several “sockets” that open to beautiful flowers. These plants increase over time, and should be divided every few years to encourage heavier flowering. Find a place of honor for this splendid mix and begin enjoying the very best in large-flowered, beautiful Iris! Bulb (Pack of 5).

Helenium Red Jewel

Lavandula Ellagance Ice

Leucanthemum Becky

Lavandula Ellagance Purple

Z 4-9; early summer; sun-light shade; H: 36”, W: 18”

48111-Y1K—$34.95 ea 2 $31.95 ea 3 $29.95 ea

New! Lavender Ellagance

(Lavandula angustifolia) Petite enough to use as edging, this bushy English Lavender flowers longer than all others, is wonderfully aromatic, and stands up to rough weather beautifully! Winner of top awards in Europe, it offers aromatic silvery-green foliage and sweet-scented blooms that make lovely fresh cuts, everlastings, potpourri, and sachets. Deer leave this plant alone, but butterflies and bees come flocking! Best in full sun and slightly dry soil. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; mid summer-early fall; sun; H: 12”, W: 10”

48409-Y1K—Ice—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 48877-Y1K—Purple—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95

Leucanthemum Banana Cream

(L. x superbum; PPAF) Opening lemon-yellow and then maturing to a creamy white, these 4-inch blooms look even larger than they are thanks to an extra row of petals. Superb for cutting, they last 2 weeks in the vase, and bring butterflies into the sunny garden. Side-shoots are covered with buds, particularly if the first set of flowers is deadheaded promptly, giving you the longest season yet! Vigorous and disease-resistant, it’s the star of the cutting garden. Cannot ship to MT. 1-quart container.

Leucanthemum Banana Cream

Z 5-9; late spring-early fall; sun; H: 15-18”, W: 18-24”

48401-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Leucanthemum Becky

(L. x superbum) Winner of the 2003 Perennial Plant of the Year Award, this Shasta Daisy blooms profusely for months! Big, strong-stemmed 4-inch daisies make long-lasting cutflowers. The more you cut, the faster new buds arise! It is an excellent choice for hot, humid climates, where it appreciates a bit of shade. Cannot ship to MT. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; mid summer-fall; sun-light shade; H: 36½” , W: 36½”

43538-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

PK11.34-35.indd 35

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Magic Lily

Large Clusters of “Magic” Blushing Blooms!

(Lycoris squamigera) In late summer, with no warning, bare flower stalks spring from the ground almost overnight, opening big, very fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers of lavender-pink. Next, strap-like foliage appears, surviving over winter and finally disappering in summer. Excellent in the middle of a sunny border. Bulb. Z 5-9; late summer-early fall; full sun; H: 24-36”, W: 6-12”

7918-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Yellow Spider Lily

Elegant Blooms Dress Up the Late-summer Garden!

(Lycoris aurea) Lovely stalks bear 5 or 6 golden-yellow blooms each, their color so strong it can be spotted from across the street. After the flowers, grassy foliage arises and stays attractive all winter. The yellow Spider Lily prefers wet winters and hot, dry summers, but thrives in many conditions. What a lovely way to end the summer in your sunny garden! Just plant and forget! Bulb. Z 7-10; late summer-early fall; sun; H: 12” , W: 6-9”

8452-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Spider Lily

Almost TWICE the Size of the Competition!

Magic Lily

(Lycoris radiata) The classic red Spider Lily, America’s favorite for decades! This lovely autumn-blooming bulb sets masses of big, frilly blooms with a “spidery” look long slender stems, followed by attractive, grassy foliage that stays fresh all winter! Expect 10 to 20 blooms (borne in clusters) from every one of our bulbs, which are almost TWICE the size of our competition’s! Best in areas where summers are hot and dry and winters fairly wet, Spider Lily is easy to grow and very long-lived. Bulb (Pack of 3). Z 7-10; late summer-early fall; full sun; H: 12-16”, W: 6-9”

7911-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

New! Lupine Gallery Red


The Reddest Red — Just Ask the Hummingbirds!

(Lupinus) Fiery red to magenta blooms, pea-shaped and very abundant, crowd along tall spikes on this beautiful Lupine. Each plant bears up to a dozen flowering stems, wonderful for cutting and irresistible to butterflies and hummers in the garden. Selected from a type of Lupine native to the Pacific Northwest, it is happiest in rich, moist soil and cool-summer climates. Like all Lupines, needs deep soil for its taproot, so avoid containers. 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; late spring-early summer; sun-part shade; H: 18-24”, W: 12-16”

Yellow Spider Lily Spider Lily

48746-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Lupine Gallery Red



(M fre stri lea but it’s





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5/20/11 4:20:15 PM



Zebra Grass Zebrinus

ers a nt

Pink Muhly Grass



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r o



Penstemon Red Rocks™

Prairie Mallow Partygirl

New! Zebra Grass Zebrinus Year-round Interest from a Carefree Sun-lover!

(Miscanthus sinensis) Your garden deserves a nice stand of this troublefree, beautiful ornamental grass! The dark green foliage is horizontally striped in golden-yellow. And 2-foot plumes of pinkish-white top the leaves in late summer. The flowers and foliage fade in color come fall, but remain erect and beautiful all winter long. Heat and humidity tolerant it’s content in any moist soil, even waterside settings. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; late summer-late winter; sun-light shade; H: 6-8’, W: 4-6’

48962-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

Pink Muhly Grass

A Cutflower-lover’s Dream Come True!

(Muhlenbergia capillaris) As summer is winding down and with it your beautiful blooming annuals and perennials, Pink Muhly Grass is springing up — giant puffballs of cotton-candy pink, so airy you expect a breeze to carry them away! An absolutely showstopping source of late-season color, this native grass is also effortless to grow and tolerant of just about anything Mother Nature throws its way! Planted in groups of at least 3, it forms a nice little hedge, edging, or middle-ofthe-border ribbon of color from spring through summer, but when the rosy-pink plumes arise on 4-foot stems, it grabs the garden spotlight! These plumes are so finely-cut and richly colored that they almost look airbrushed in. Stunning! 4-inch pot. Z 6-10; late summer-early fall; sun; H: 4’ , W: 36”

48052-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

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PK11.36-37.indd 37

Phlox Shockwave

Penstemon Red Rocks™

(P. x mexicali) Everything about this plant makes it essential for your garden. The blooms — an inch long and wide, tube-shaped, brilliant magenta-rose, and irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds — begin in late spring and rebloom very heavily until frost nips them back. The foliage is evergreen on this compact, super-vigorous award winner. Drought tolerant, it flowers best if cut back after the first blooms pass. 4-inch pot. Z 5-9; late summer-late fall; sun-light shade; H: 12-18”, W: 12-15”

49843-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

New! Prairie Mallow Partygirl

Like Dozens of Little Hollyhocks All Summer Long!

(Sidalcea) A lovely selection of our native Prairie Mallow, with white-eyed rosy-pink blooms that boast a satiny sheen and upturned posture. Like mini Hollyhocks, they crowd along tall, slender spires, set above lobed foliage. Superb in cool-summer climates, it repeats all summer if deadheaded promptly. Butterflies and hummingbirds adore these blooms, which at 2 inches are larger and more richly colored than the species. 1-quart container. Z 5-7; early-late summer; sun; H: 2-4’, W: 12-18”

48481-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

New! Phlox Shockwave

The Only Truly Stable Variegated Phlox!

(P. paniculata; PPAF) At last, a Phlox that keeps all the colors of its leaves, even in summer heat! This vigorous plant begins spring with brilliant golden-edged foliage that gradually matures to a quieter shade of cream. Lavender-pink blooms with a tiny white starburst complement the foliage nicely. Highly mildew-resistant. 1-quart container. Z 4-8; late summer; sun; H: 12-18”, W: 12”

48518-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

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Scabiosa Fama Deep Blue

Scabiosa Fama White



Scabiosa Fama Deep Blue

Salvia Eveline

(S. caucasica) Far and away the largest-flowered Pincushion Flower of all, the Fama series offers double blooms that begin in early summer and just keep going, often into autumn in warm climates. Superb as cutflowers (they last a week or more in the vase!), these blooms open on 12-inch stems above dense, tufted, bright green foliage that looks good even when not in flower. Find a place in the sunny garden for this heavy bloomer today! 4-inch pot.

(S. pratense; PP#14,905) The sunny garden in summer should exude a magic combined of fragrance, soft color, and interesting texture. Well, this splendid Sage possesses all three! Perfect for cutflowers, it is a butterfly magnet and a fine companion to blue-flowered perennials. Easy to grow in any well-drained soil, it is long-blooming, profuse, and enchanting. 4-inch pot.

Showy Double Blooms All Summer Long!

Z 4-9; early-late summer; sun; H: 20”, W: 12-18”

48414-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Scabiosa Fama White

A New Color for the Famous Fama Pincushion Flower!

(S. caucasica) Large blooms of pure white have neatly-spaced, rounded petals in several layers held straight out. The blooms are held above bright green, divided, fern-like foliage. Fama White should be deadheaded promptly to encourage the next flush of gorgeous blooms. Give it well-drained soil, pamper it the first season to get its roots established, and you’re off and running! 4-inch pot. Z 4-10; early-late summer; sun; H: 20”, W: 12-18”

48407-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Rudbeckia Goldsturm Strain

Dreamy Fragrant Wands of Deep Pink!


Z 4-8; late spring-early summer; sun; H: 36”, W: 16”


46982-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea


Rudbeckia Goldsturm Strain


Big, Colorful Blooms Bring in the Butterflies!

(R. fulgida var. sullivantii.) One of gardeners’ favorites for long-lasting, lush color that brings home the butterflies, Goldsturm Strain is a troublefree, floriferous native perennial. The long, sturdy stems, each bearing a 3-inch bloom with a prominent black center and slightly recurved golden petals are ideal for cutting! Very easy to grow in any sunny spot, Goldsturm Strain is long-lived and free blooming. 4-inch pot.

(V. ma Per bor In sum con

Z 3-9; late summer; sun-part shade; H: 18-24” , W: 24-36”



43802-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Salvia Eveline

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(S. La me is a tha cen ag

5/20/11 4:24:46 PM

ea ell,

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Stokesia Blue Danube

The Blue-and-White Beauty that Refuses to Flop!

(S. laevis) Lovely, large 2- to 3- inch Aster-like blossoms of delicate silvery-blue appear over a very long season (all winter in Florida!). One of the finest cutflowers, its bold, heat- and drought-tolerant drifts are valuable in beds and borders. It is superb when planted among other low-growing, long-blooming perennials. Give it excellent soil drainage and it will ask for very little else to thrive for many seasons. 1-quart container. Z 5-9; mid summer-fall; sun-part shade; H: 12-18”, W: 12-18”

43799-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Tanacetum Robinson’s Red

Long-Lasting Red Daisies for Spring and Summer!

(Pyrethrum) A delightful melange of magenta and pure red, these 2½-inch daisy-shaped blooms last more than a week after cutting, making them among the very best for the vase. Attractive to butterflies and bees but left alone by nibbling deer, this ferny-leaved plant reaches up to 3 feet tall in flower. 4-inch pot. Z 3-7; late spring-early summer; sun; H: 18”, W: 18-24”

48037-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Stachys Helene Von Stein

Silvery Lamb’s Ear Stays Neat in Hot, Humid Summers!

(S. byzantina) We believe that this ultra-soft, silvery-green Lamb’s Ear is the best choice for growing in hot, humid summers where some Stachys can lose their form. Helene von Stein is a very full, bushy plant, with masses of velvet-textured leaves that stay crisp and look fresh all season. A wonderful cool accent for the bright greens and colors of the summer garden, it is a good companion for roses. 1-quart container.

Stokesia Blue Danube

Z 4-9; late spring-early summer; full sun; H: 12-18”, W: 12-18”

43784-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

New! Viola Starry Night

Ultra-fragrant Blooms on a Lush, Trailing Plant!

(V. ‘Lord Primrose’; PP#18,253) Each soft lavender bloom is marked with a central golden “star” on this lovely new trailer. Perfect for hanging baskets, windowboxes, flowerpots, and the border, this Australian introduction is very heavy-blooming. In warm climates it flowers in spring and fall (cut it back in summer for even more blooms!), while farther north it blooms continuously for up to 6 months. So beautiful! 4-inch pot. Z 5-8; mid spring-mid fall; sun-part shade; H: 6-8”, W: 8-10”

48960-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Stachys Helene Von Stein

Tanacetum Robinson’s Red Viola Starry Night

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5/20/11 4:27:14 PM

Distinctive Shade Perennials New! Dicentra Burning Hearts


(PP#20,797) These delightful flowers have a lovely locket shape and two bright colors: rich rosy red surrounded by a clean white edge. They appear above handsome, ferny blue-gray foliage on compact, nicely mounded plants just perfect for the shade border. A lovely Bleeding Heart with richer color than many others, it’s certain to become a favorite! 1-quart container. Z 4-7; mid-late summer; part-full shade; H: 10-12”, W: 15-18”

(H lov as of acq late

48096-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea


Incredible Vigor and Flower Power!


(A. chinensis) Packed with raspberry-pink plumes, this late bloomer extends Astilbe season brilliantly with flower-packed 12- to 15-inch stems atop finely cut, handsome foliage. More tolerant of drought and poor soil than many others, it’s vigorous and esy to grow. Bareroot.


Z 4-8; mid-late summer; part-full shade; H: 24-30”, W: 18”

41004-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Astilbe Gloria Purpurea

(A. arendsii) Super-floriferous and eye-catching from across the garden, this Astilbe boasts foot-long plumes of richest rose, plus purplehued foliage from spring ‘til frost! Happy in moist, even boggy soil that rots out other perennials, Gloria Purpurea is a must for the partly to fully shaded garden. Deer and rabbits leave it alone, and the blooms make lovely cut flowers, fresh or dried. 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; mid summer; part shade-shade; H: 24”, W: 18-20”

46920-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea



(H cap cre



(B. macrophylla; PP#13,859) 2012 Plant of the Year! Glinting silver and blue accents really stand out in the shade garden on one of the most exciting new perennials in years. These round leaves face up and out, while the small clusters of bright blue blooms dangle above them. Distinctive and so easy to grow! 1-quart container.

Th in Set ion sm in


40295-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Brunnera Looking Glass




Bold Silver Foliage Starred with Blue!

(B. macrophylla; PP#17,829) This exciting Brunnera has huge, showy leaves that turn from apple-green-veined silver to pure shimmering silver as the season progresses, PLUS showy little blue flowers. One of the most beautiful accents ever grown for the partly shaded garden, this delicate-looking perennial is actually quite hardy and long-lived. 1-quart container. Z 3-7; mid-spring; part shade; H: 12-15”, W: 18”

48435-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Brunnera Looking Glass

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Z 3-7; early spring; part shade; H: 12-15”, W: 14”

Brunnera Jack Frost

(PP lov lea red abo Giv

Brunnera Jack Frost

Frosty Elegance for the Shade Garden!

Astilbe Gloria Purpurea



Dark Foliage and Deep Rosy-red Flowers!

Astilbe Visions


New! Astilbe Visions

A Grand Finale to Astilbe Season in the Shade Border!

Dicentra Burning Heart


5/20/11 4:23:36 PM


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for Cool, Soothing Garden Tones New! Heucherella Yellowstone Falls A Trailing Heucherella for Baskets and Terraces!

(Heucherella) Spring is definitely the season of glory for this shadeloving perennial, though it remains lovely through summer and autumn as well. But in spring, the new leaves unfurl a rich amber-apricot shade of golden, each dusted with scarlet at the center. As they grow they acquire chartreuse tones, and the combination of old and new foliage in late spring and early summer is breathtaking! 4-inch pot. Z 4-9; mid spring-late spring; part shade-shade; H: 6-10”, W: 36”

46981-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

Heuchera Pistache

3 Seasons of Glorious Color!

(PP#19,585) Simply the best chartreuse-leaved Coral Bells yet, this shadelover begins its year with bright golden foliage. By summer the maple-like leaves have acquired a chartreuse tint, and in autumn they sometimes add red edges to their display. Creamy-white blooms appear in midsummer above the 10-inch-high foliage, but the real star is those beautiful leaves! Give it a bit more shade than other Heuchera varieties. 4-inch pot.

Heucherella Yellowstone Falls

Z 4-9; mid summer; part-full shade; H: 18”, W: 14”

41078-Y1K—$18.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

Heuchera Brownies

Curling Leaf Tips Reveal Bright Red Undersides!

(H. x villosa) Huge, crinkled, red-infused leaves of chocolate-brown capture the eye and the heart on this large, vigorous coral bells. Small creamy-white bells top the plant over several weeks. 4-inch pot. Z 4-9; mid-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 10-15”, W: 24”

47827-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

New! Heuchera Venus

Heuchera Pistache

Brightens up those Shady Garden Spots!

The large silvery-white leaves of this mounding plant positively gleam in the shade garden, lightening and brightening everything around them. Set with deep green to nearly black veins, they make lovely companions to purple-leafed plants, and are visited by hummingbirds when small white blooms bob on slender stems. Very easy to grow; evergreen in most climates. 1-quart container. Z 3-8; late spring-mid summer; sun-shade; H: 15”, W: 10-12”

48937-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Hellebore Royal Heritage Strain Blooms for Months — in Winter!

(Helleborus) Uniquely superior for its wide range of sumptuous colors (purple, red, near-black, white, green, pink and even yellow) captured by 2-inch flowers with overlapping petals. The strain produces flowers for nearly 5 months, from winter through spring. Cut and floated, they make an excellent centerpiece, lasting up to two weeks. 4-inch pot.

Heuchera Brownies Heuchera Venus’

Z 4-9; early winter-early spring; sun-part shade; H: 18-24” , W: 24-36”

44368-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Heleborus Royal Heritage Strain™

See more online at 41 PK11.40-41.indd 41

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Hosta Blue Angel

Hosta June

Hosta Queen of the Seas

No need to worry about snails nibbling these giant leaves! Huge and very heavily textured, this foliage stands up beautifully in the garden, even when the plant is young. The plant forms a graceful mound, topped by tall spikes of midsummer flowers. 1-quart container.

Considered by some the very best Hosta available, June offers leaves with blue-gray edges and bright cream interiors, ringed by a splash of lime-green. The plant forms a tight, dense mound, covering the ground beautifully. 1-quart container.

An upright, fountainous Hosta that adds architecture to the shade garden as well as rare blue tones, this majestic variety improves each year. Its powdery blue hues are distinctive, and its foliage substantial and beautifully textured. A standout in any setting! 4-inch pot.

Bye-bye, Slugs and Snails!

Z 3-9; midsummer; part-full shade; H: 4’, W: 4’

48925-Y1K—$13.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

New! Hosta Empress Wu A Hosta on Steroids!

A Groundcover Hosta!

Z 3-8; mid-late summer; part-full shade; H: 9-12”, W: 24-30”

48938-Y1K—$13.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Hosta Sum and Substance

(PP#20,774) What will the neighbors say?! One of the largest Hostas in the world, this shade lover offers leaves 18 inches wide and beautifully quilted, topped by lavender blooms on 5-foot stems! Empress Wu simply astounds all passersby from spring through fall! Expect it to improve in size and beauty with each passing year. Spectacular! 1-quart container.

An Imposing Presence in Half Sun!

Z 3-9; midsummer; part shade; H: 4’, W: 5-6’

Z 3-9; early summer; part shade; H: 36”, W: 5’

48927-Y1K—$16.95 ea 3 $14.95 ea 6 $13.95 ea

43938-Y1K—$13.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Huge, rounded chartreuse leaves with a very thick substance discourage snails and slugs from nibbling this very large, dense Hosta! The pale lavender midsummer blooms are fragrant and eye-catching, but it’s the lovely tricolored foliage that steals the show. Best in groups of 3 or more. 1-quart container.

Rippled, Twisted, Pie-crusted Foliage!

Z 3-9; late summer; part-full shade; H: 24”, W: 4’

48866-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Hosta The Razor’s Edge

Scarlet Stems Brighten in Summer Heat!

An upright, fountainous Hosta with an elegant vase shape and interesting rippled look, this wonderful miniature is just the ticket for the front of the border or container. Its red stems only become more vibrant as the weather warms in summer, making it stand out marvelously in the shade. Small flowers top the foliage, and the long, slender leaves acquire more “quilted” texture with each passing year. 4-inch pot. Z 3-9; mid summer; part-full shade; H: 9”, W: 14”

48867-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea




Hosta Blue Angel

Hosta June

Hosta Queen of the Seas

Hosta Empress Wu

Hosta Sum and Substance

Hosta The Razor’s Edge

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(L. and brig inv spre nor ing late silv fall 4-in

Z 3H: 6


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Christmas Fern

Lamium Orchid Frost

Tricyrtis Taipei Silk

Ligularia Bottle Rocket

Pulmonaria Diana Clare

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

Christmas Fern

Tricyrtis Taipei Silk

New! Ligularia Bottle Rocket

(Polystichum acrostichoides) The last thing we might expect to encounter during a mid-winter walk in the woods is a fern, but the Christmas Fern is a hardy evergreen that keeps its fountainous shape and lovely color year-round! This very low-maintenance, dependable shade lover brightens the landscape in all seasons, delighting with its long, finely-cut fronds 4-inch pot.

(T. hirta) Not only are these 2-inch flowers larger than other Toad Lilies, they arise continuously over many weeks instead of in waves! Very showy with a gleaming purple base and washes of lavender and white — plus red freckles! The foliage is better too, dense and fresh from spring till frost. Give this plant rich, moist soil, or grow in containers for up-close enjoyment. 4-inch pot.

The most compact Ligularia yet, this charming groundcover reaches only 2 feet tall until 12inch flowerspikes of brightest yellow arise by the dozen! The serrated, heart-shaped foliage is pretty from spring through fall, while the flowers are so bright you’ll spot them way down the street! Content in very moist, even wet soils, it’s a butterfly and hummingbird magnet. 1-quart container.

The Best Hardy Fern for Winter Beauty!

Z 3-9; part-full shade; H: 12-24”, W: 12-24”

44780-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Lamium Orchid Frost Exquisite Silvery Foliage!

(L. maculatum; PP#11,122) Finally, a heatand humidity-tolerant Lamium with bigger, brighter blooms and a vigorous but never invasive habit! This 6-inch-high groundcover spreads up to 3 feet wide in full sun (in the north) to partial shade (farther south), sporting eye-catching clusters of 1-inch blooms in late spring and early summer. Green-edged silver foliage glows from spring through fall on disease-resistant, easy-as-pie plants. 4-inch pot. Z 3-8; late spring-late summer; sun-part shade; H: 6”, W: 36”

46978-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

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A Lovely as Orchid, and So Easy to Grow!

Z 5 (with protection)-9; late summer-mid fall; part shade; H: 25”, W: 24”

47695-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Pulmonaria Raspberry Splash

Great in Boggy or Wet Soils!

Z 4-7; mid summer; part shade; H: 36”, W: 28”

48941-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Pulmonaria Diana Clare Doesn’t Mind Heat or Humidity!

Brilliant Spots of Silver for the Shade!

(PP#12,538) Grown for its large, silversplashed leaves, this fast-growing groundcover also sports big clusters of showy raspberry-red blooms in spring. Ideal with hostas and happy even in full shade, it needs only rich, moist soil to thrive. Resistant to powdery mildew and to slugs, it’s perfect for adding bright color to the darkest garden corners! 1-quart container. Z 4-9; mid to late spring; shade; H: 12”, W: 12-18”

48351-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

(P. longifolia) These super-early spring blooms of rich violet appear above silvery leaves, greeting the first daffodils. Then the leaves spread into neat mounds, shining all summer and fall in shade garden. Diana Clare makes a wonderful contrast to Hostas, Ferns, and other shade lovers. Untroubled by rabbits and deer, it spreads over time, giving you more flowering stems each year. 4-inch pot. Z 4-8; early spring; part-full shade; H: 8-10”, W: 18”

46980-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

See more online at 43 5/20/11 4:22:12 PM

Grow Fruit on the Patio! Banana Dwarf Cavendish


Z 9-10; fruits early summer; sun; H: 5-10’, W: 3-8’

(Fr blo ste pla fill ors

47895-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea


A Mini Banana Tree for Home or Garden!

(Musa acuminata) Bears more than 90 bananas in a single season! Excellent for sunny spots in large containers, it tolerates heat and humidity and is very easy to grow. Cannot ship to AZ, HI. 1-gallon container.


Citrus Lemon Meyer Improved

A Gourmet Delight in the Home or on the Patio!

(C. limon) Pucker up for tasty lemons year-round! So easy to grow, this dwarf is perfect for growing in containers indoors or on the patio! Sweetly-scented blooms are followed by clusters of up to 6 green fruits (thin to 2 or 3 per cluster for biggest lemons!) They ripen with thick rinds and lots of juice to add zing to any beverage. Perfect for large containers in any sunny location — the foliage is evergreen, so just bring it indoors and enjoy as a winter houseplant! 1-gallon container. Cannot ship to FL, LA, TX, AZ, CA or HI.

Find Complete Growing Instructions at

Banana Dwarf Cavendish

48022-Y1K—$29.95 ea 2 $26.95 ea 3 $25.95 ea

Z 9-10; fruits year round; sun; H: 6-8’, W: 6-8’


(H xxx xxx xxx xxx



New! Miracle Fruit

An All-natural, Calorie-free Sweetener!

(Synsepalum dulcificum) Miracle Fruit is a most unusual plant with most unusual properties. This evergreen shrub from tropical West Africa sets masses of bright red berries that, although they have no strong flavor by themselves, turn everything you eat after them sweeter and more delicious. 4-inch pot. Z 10-11; year-round; full sun; H: 24-36”, W: 12-18”

48661-Y1K—$29.95 ea 2 $26.95 ea 3 $25.95 ea

(H Bra doz and ma aft




Washington Navel Orange Nothing Beats Tree-ripened Fruit!

(Citrus sinensis) Early-maturing, seedless, sweet oranges on a small, evergreen tree. Great citrus for small-sized landscapes or large planters. Fragrant flowers are followed by fruit that takes about 7 to 10 months to mature. Remove fruit the first year so energy goes to developing the trunk and branches. Provide consistent water and fertilization. Prune to maintain smaller size. 1-gallon container. Cannot ship to AZ, CA, FL, TX, LA or HI. Z 9-11; year-round; sun; H: 8’, W: 4’

40084-Y1K—$29.95 ea 2 $26.95 ea 3 $25.95 ea

Th dou Th inc Gro




(G shr blo 2-q



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49541-Y1K—$29.95 ea 2 $26.95 ea 3 $25.95 ea

Washington Navel Orange



Grow Delectable Fruit Year-round!

Miracle Fruit



(C. aurantifolia) Fragrant flowers of cream edged in purple dot this little tree year-round, producing exquisite 1- to 2-inch bright yellow key limes with that unique tart flavor. Content in a bright window indoors or the sunny garden when temperatures remain above freezing, this evergreen tree is a handsome accent that also happens to be a gourmet delight! 1-gallon container. Cannot ship to AZ, CA, FL, TX, LA or HI.

Citrus Key Lime

(H blo 15 lay on

(H eve lon

Z 9-10; fruits year-round; sun; H: 8’, W: 10’’

Citrus Key Lime

Citrus Lemon Meyer Improved


5/20/11 4:43:00 PM


Indoor Winter Beauty Freesia Double Mix


(Freesia) Stupendously fragrant, these upturned 3-inch blooms appear in clusters of up to 8 on every sturdy stem. Garden-hardy only in the warmest climates, this plant flowers freely indoors anywhere in bright light, filling the winter home with sweet scent and bold colors. Bulb. Pk of 10. Z 8-10; winter; bright light; H: 18-24”, W: 9-12”

8165-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Amaryllis Blossom Peacock


(Hippeastrum) These huge, petal-packed double blooms are astounding in both size and color! Boasting 15 to 18 petals and a width of up to 7 inches, they offer layer after layer of stunning color. Expect 4 to 5 flowers on every stem. Bulb.

Freesia Double Mix

Z 8-11; winter; part shade; H: 18-24”, W: 12-18”

8175-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea



Amaryllis Evergreen

(Hippeastrum) Easily the greenest-flowered Amaryllis ever grown, this magnificent new variety is ideal for the holidays. The large single blooms are substantial and long-lasting on sturdy plants. We give this cultivar our highest recommendation, and encourage you to order promptly. Bulb. Z 8-11; winter; part shade; H: 18-24”, W: 12-18”

7444-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

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es ng


Amaryllis Pink Impression

(Hippeastrum) Pink Impression boasts rich, rosy-pink color and cheerful striping, for an untraditional holiday look. The flowers reach 10 inches wide, stealing the show in any setting, and they remain fresh for several weeks on the plant. You can’t ask for an easier-togrow, prettier-to-look-at houseplant! Bulb.

Amaryllis Blossom Peacock

Amaryllis Evergreen

Amaryllis Pink Impression

Amaryllis Butterfly

Ranunculus Mix


Z 9-11; winter; part shade; H: 18-24”, W: 12-18”

8661-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Amaryllis Butterfly

(Hippeastrum papilio) Native to the rainforests of Brazil, this very choice amaryllis sports up to half a dozen 6-inch-wide blooms on every stem! Long-lived and improving in size with each passing year, it is marelously beautiful houseplant to be treasured season after season. Bulb. Z 10-11; winter; part shade; H: 24”, W: 18-24”

7576-Y1K—$14.95 ea 3 $12.95 ea 6 $11.95 ea

Ranunculus Mix

The largest and most magnificent strain ever, with giant double and semi-double flowers, 2 inches and more across. The peony-shaped blooms come in a wide range of colors including yellows and golds, salmon, scarlet and deep red. Grow in a cool sunny room. Bulb. Pk of 10. Z 7-10; winter (indoors); sun; H: 10”, W: 6”

7720-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea


(G. jasminoides) The heavenly scent of this evergreen shrub perfumes the entire home! Expect waves of bloom year-round against glossy deep green foliage. 2-quart container. Z 8-11; year-round; sun/part shade; H: 18-24”, W: 18-24”

48849-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

PK11.44-45.indd 45

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America's Favorite Seed-Starting System! Seed Starting Kit

Bio-Tray Heavy-duty plastic tray with grooved base for bottom watering and improved air flow.

Bio-Sponges Well-aerated sponge-like rooting medium that encourages the growth of sturdy, healthy seedlings.

Park’s Improved 60-cell Bio-Dome Seed Starter

OUR Bestselling Product of All Time!

Park’s Improved 60-cell Bio-Dome Seed Starter

Park’s Double Bio-Dome Seed Starter

Contains everything you see (except seedlings): the Bio-Dome, Planting Block, 60 Bio-Sponges, seedling food and complete instructions.

Whopper Bio-Dome. Base measures 20½” long, 16½” wide, 3½” deep. Clear top, with 4 adjustable vents, has same length and width, but is a generous 6 inches high. Two 60-Cell Planting Blocks. Complete with 120 Bio-Sponges. Seedling Food. Park’s 20-20-20 soluble seedling food.

6529-Y1K—$24.95 ea 2 $44.95 4 $79.95

8 $149.95

Adjustable Vents Slide them open or closed to control heat and humidity in the Bio-Dome. 60-Cell Bio-Planting Block Removable, re-usable Styrofoam block with 60 planting cells. Humidity Dome—Improved! Sturdy, removable clear plastic dome that fits snugly onto the Bio-Tray— now with a vaulted roof for better climate control.

Shop Our Entire Selection of Seeds at Park’s Double Bio-Dome Seed Starter

96038-Y1K—$44.95 ea 2 $84.95

We Guarantee Your Success. If you are not completely delighted with this high-quality product from Park Seed, just let us know within one year of the ship date, and we will happily replace it or provide you with full company credit. Nothing works better than the Bio-Dome!

Everything you need to get started . . . REFILL SPONGES FOR THE ORIGINAL 60-CELL BLOCK — Pkt of 120. 6565-Y1K—$11.95 ea 2 $19.95 REFILL SPONGES FOR THE 40-CELL JUMBO PLANTING BLOCK — Pkt of 80. 6452-Y1K—$16.95 ea 2 $29.95 REFILL SPONGES FOR 18-CELL PLANTING BLOCK — Pkt of 36. 9323-Y1K—$14.95 ea 2 $24.95 60-Cell Planting Block with 60 Bio -Sponges. 1” W x 2¼” D 96601-Y1K—$14.95 ea; 2 $27.00 40-CELL JUMBO PLANTING BLOCK WITH 40 BIO-SPONGES. 96605-Y1K—$17.95 ea; 2 $30.00

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18-CELL WHOPPER PLANTING BLOCK WITH 18 BIO-SPONGES. The biggest cells yet! . 9322-Y1K—$14.95 ea; 2 $24.00

5/23/11 12:35:26 PM

Grow Bigger, Healthier Plants for Your Garden with Greenhouses!


Snap n Grow™ Greenhouse

Supplies for Your Garden Snap n Grow™ Hobby Greenhouse Easy, Economical, and Weather Tough!

Venting Double and Single Coldframe

50 square feet of growing space! Suitable for any climate, this heavy-duty aluminum structure mounts to a concrete floor, level gravel, or soil surface with a kit (included). Assembly’s a snap with the SmartLock connector system and crack-resistant SnapGlas™. Adjustable vent, split-style door, weather-stripping. 6’ 9” H x 6’ 3” W x 8’ 4” L. Easy instructions included.

91500-Y1K—$799.00 ea

” h,

Venting Coldframes

Protects Tender Plants from frost!

SeedHouse Portable Coldframe

StarterHouse Portable Coldframe

Farmhouse™ Pop-Up Greenhouse


External Zippers

Overwinter your tender plants and harden off seedlings in spring with these super-durable, easy-to-assemble aluminum and polypropylene coldframes. With adjustable SnapGlas™ roof panels for ventilation, they offer heat, light, and protection from rough weather!

96872-Y1K—Single Coldfame $59.95 ea 96871-Y1K—Double Coldfame $109.95 ea

Portable Coldframes

Protects Tender Plants from Rough Spring Weather!

Features End-to-End Zip-Together Design

Completely self-erecting with no tools required, these UVresistant, waterproof Gro-Tec™ coldframes withstand 60 mph winds, protect plants from frost, and help harden off seedlings. Complete with stakes and tie-downs, they assemble in minutes and fold flat for storage. 3-year warranty.

9049-Y1K—SeedHouse Portable Coldframe $64.95 ea (Single Flowerhouse 4 feet wide, 3 feet tall, 4 feet deep)

9092-Y1K—StarterHouse Portable Coldframe $99.95 ea (Double Flowerhouse. 8 feet wide, 3 feet tall, 4 feet deep)

Farmhouse™ Pop-Up Greenhouse Makes Composting as Easy as Salad Spinning!

Portable and self-erecting, this greenhouse assembles in just minutes and lasts for years! Nine feet wide, 9 feet deep, and 8 feet tall, it offers 4 windows, fully screened doors, ground stakes, tie-downs, a shade cloth, and carrying case. Use it to start seeds, store frost-tender plants, and as a year-round potting bench. Hose it clean and roll it up to store. Highly recommended.

6941-Y1K—$399.99 ea

See more online at 47 PK11.46-47.indd 47

5/24/11 9:16:58 AM

New! Collapsible Plant Protector

Begin the garden early and protect those tender plants from late frosts with this easy, effective plant protector! Made of flexible polyethylene, they slot together in seconds, forming a cone-shaped dome over your plant. Simply mound up dirt around the outside of the cone, water the plant in well, and close the top of the dome for cold or windy weather. Open it on sunny days. Washes clean in seconds and stores flat for next season! Set of 2.

New! Planket

Never Lose Another Plant to Frost!

Put this at the top of your “gotta get” list! The Planket is a plant blanket made of breathable, lightweight protective fabric that fits over your tender seedlings, annuals, perennials, and shrubs in seconds. A drawstring secures it tightly around the base, and it can remain in place for weeks without damaging the plant. Made of the same fabric growers use, the Planket is perfect garden protection!

96923-Y1K— 6’ Diameter $39.95 ea

(pack of 4—Best with plants less than 2 feet high and wide)

96920-Y1K— Small $9.95 ea

(11” high with a base dia. of 9”)

96930-Y1K— Large

$14.95 ea

96918-Y1K— 8’ Diameter $39.95 ea

(pack of 3—(Best with plants less than 3 feet high and wide)

(18” high with a base dia. of 15”)

Park’s Plant Protector

Extend Your Harvest — Effortlessly!

This porous plant cover lets sun and rain through while maintaining a 3- to 4-degree higher temperature than outside, offering frost protection. Start spring crops earlier and grow fall crops longer! Light enough to cover most crops with no support. Easy to cut and reusable many times!

Collapsible Plant Protector

New! Plantskydd Shaker Rabbit and Small Critter Repellent Biodegradable, and Safe for Pets!

Keep those rodent-sized nibblers from eating your garden without chemicals that harm plants, pets, or the environment. 100% nontoxic, this OMRI-listed granular repellent deters small creatures safely and effectively.



Ma hav qui to r tem tod


96931-Y1K— 1 lb. Canister $11.95 ea 96938-Y1K— 3 lb. Bag $24.95 ea


New! Leaf Collector


Ingenious Design—Stays Open for You!

As if you’re working with an invisible buddy, this tricornered hod stays open while you rake leaves or other garden debris into the wide mouth. When it’s full, just grasp the handles and to carry it to the curb or composter! Made of indestructible polyethylene U.V. stabilized for a longer life, it measures 46” at the mouth, tapering to 39”, and stands 24” high. Lightweight and easy to clean, it rolls up to 3” diameter for storage!

96925-Y1K—$19.95 ea

9240-Y1K—72” Wide x 30’ Long $14.95 ea; 2 $28.00 9242-Y1K—35’ Wide x 35’ Long $54.95 ea; 2 $99.95



If y fal tos dow




An flex wh for ove wa of div wa

96 96



Leaf Collector

New! Haxnicks Fleece Tunnel

Keep the Garden Going Longer!

Planket 6’

Plantskydd Shaker Rabbit and Small Critter Repellent

Park’s Plant Protector

Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Instead of fiddling with hoops and canvas and clips and anchors, this all-in-1 system telescopes out 10 feet long, the heavy nonwoven polypropylene netting helping plants retain warmth while admitting light and air. Galvanized steel hoops sink into the soil, and a drawstring either closes or opens the ends of the tunnel. Great for preventing new transplants from scorching in summer heat, too! 12-18” high x 18-24” wide.

96924-Y1K—$39.95 ea

96 96 96



He “R wh and ven you ere


Haxnicks Fleece Tunnel


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PK11.48-49.indd 48

Ga sim Ma the buc me

5/24/11 9:32:25 AM


New! Aeroquick Compost Bin Award-winning European Design!

Made from recycled materials, these super-strong composters have an active aeration system that breaks matter down more quickly, producing compost in less time than ever. With 2 doors to remove the finished compost and a critter-proof locking system, these are the easiest and most foolproof bins on the market today! Available in 3 sizes..

96919-Y1K—77 Gallon Small Bin $139.95 ea (31½” tall x 28 1/4” wide and deep. 21.9 lbs)

96921-Y1K—110 Gallon Medium Bin $199.95ea (42” tall x 31½” wide and deep. 30 lbs)

96922-Y1K—187 Gallon Large Bin $275.95 ea (43” tall x 37” wide and deep. 49 lbs)

New! Jute Leaf Composting Sack Don’t Waste those Nutrient-Rich Leaves!

l, e e

If you don’t have a compost bin but want to break down your fall leaves into soil, fill these 100% biodegradable jute sacks, toss them into a corner of the garden, and let the leaves break down for a year. 28” high x 16” wide. Set of 2.


93929-Y1K—Jute Leaf Composting Sack $12.95 ea



s .

w ,

Aeroquick Compost Bin

New! Collapsible Rain Barrel Lightweight, Durable, and So Easy!

An economical alternative to pricey plastic barrels, this 3-layered flexible polyester bag folds flat, yet holds 60 gallons of water when attached to the downspout. UV-resistant PVC coating lasts for years, while screen prevents debris from entering the water, overflow tap doubles as a connection to other rain barrels, and water tap offers a quick-release garden hose attachment. Best of all, it stores flat during the off-season! Optional downspout diverter comes with a 20-inch garden hose and spigot to divert water directly from downspout into the garden. 28”x 24”.

96889-Y1K—Collapsible Rain Barrel $69.95 ea 96878-Y1K—Downspout Diverter $29.95 ea

Jute Leaf Composting Sack

Collapsible Rain Barrel

New! Bos Bag and Sheet

The Amazing Garden Helpers from England!

Gardeners are raving about these products! They sound so simple, but what a difference they make in our garden chores! Made of tightly woven polypropylene with a U.V. stabilizer, they are lightweight and virtually indestructible. So toss those buckets and tarps and discover what a difference great equipment can make!

96926-Y1K—Bos Bag $19.95 ea (22”x22”x18”) 96928-Y1K—Bos Sheet $17.95 ea (7’x7’) 96927-Y1K—Bos Sheet $14.95 ea (5’x5’)

Bos Bag

New! Watering Blanket

Now You Can Water, Weed, and Feed All in 1 Step!

Rain Barrel Downspout Diverter (in use)

Here’s a product whose time has come! This revolutionary “Rainweave” fabric mulch contains a drip irrigation system, so when you lay it down in your garden, cut holes for the plants, and attach it to your hose, it not only keeps down weeds, prevents nutrient leaching, and stops soil erosion -- it also hydrates your plants using about 75% less water! Lasts 5 years if uncovered, 20+ years if mulched over. 8’ x 10’.

96932-Y1K—$49.95 ea

Bos Sheet

PK11.48-49.indd 49

Watering Blanket

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Brilliant Bulbs for Easy Color Allium Globemaster


Fluffy Violet Blooms as Big as Soccer Balls!

Early in summer, 2½- to 3-foot stems are topped by gigantic violet-pink flowerheads — some fully 8 inches wide! This terrific Dutch hybrid blooms for up to 3 weeks, repeating more reliably than its cousin, Allium giganteum. Because it’s sterile, it puts all its energy into producing more flowers instead of making seeds — and you reap the benefits! Ideal combined with low-growing, mounding perennials. Bulb. Z 4-8; early summer; sun; H: 36” , W: 18”

8743-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Allium Mount Everest Allium Globemaster

Giant Summer Snowballs for the Sunny Garden!

Like giant snowballs in summer, these massive 6- to 8-inch flowerheads are astonishing! A superb contrast to the pinks and purples of most other Alliums, Mount Everest complements any garden design or indoor arrangement. Stems reach 45 inches tall; space bulbs 15 to 18 inches apart. Allium’s huge, round flowerheads covered with bright stars are dramatic in the garden and very long-lasting (fresh or dried) in the vase. Easy to grow and very heat-tolerant, they bloom readily during early summer in full sun and welldrained soil. Bulb. Z 4-8; early summer; sun; H: 45” , W: 4-5”

7057-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Fall-blooming Crocus

Like Giant Easter Eggs Tucked into the Fall Garden!

Allium Mount Everest

Fall-blooming Crocus

(C. speciosus) Nestle these little bulbs among your groundcovers in the border, along the driveway and garden paths, and in the foundation. When fall arrives, you will be amazed by the pops of violet-blue color! Naturalizing easily, this Crocus forms large colonies that return each year. Bulb (Pack of 10). Z 4-9; early-mid-fall; sun-part shade; H: 4-6”, W: 4-6”

8089-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Crocus Economy Large-flowered Mix

Eager to Naturalize and Bursting with Flower Power!

(C. vernus) Even before the snow has melted, these 2- to 4-inch blooms have popped up! They bloom for decades, naturalizing into huge colonies over time. Our large bulbs offer up to 4 blooms each. Be sure to get extras — these are bulbs to plant by the dozen! Bulb (Pack of 10). Z 3-8; late winter-early spring; sun-part shade; H: 3-5” , W: 2-4”

Crocus Economy Large-flowered Mix Colchicum Waterlily

8119-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Colchicum Waterlily

Petal-packed Blossoms Like Floating Waterlilies!

Magnificent double-flowered lavender-pink blooms dazzle in the autumn garden on leafless stems. Among the most elegant of Colchicum, Waterlily carpets the garden floor with soft color. The foliage appears from spring until mid summer, then vanishes, making the sudden appearance of the blooms in autumn all the more delightful. Bulb. Z 5-8; early-mid-fall; full sun; H: 4-5”, W: 6”

8088-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

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that Remains for Years! Hyacinth Mix Tall Wands with Indescribably Sweet Fragrance!

(Hyacinthus) Fill the spring garden with color and fragrance from these easy, very long-lasting plants. Studded with dozens of small flowers, they hold up beautifully after cutting, their interesting shape a lovely complement to daffodils and tulips. Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 4-8; late spring; sun; H: 10-12”, W: 6-8”

7521-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Hyacinth Crystal Palace Double Blooms of Deepest Navy Blue!

(Hyacinthus) This stellar Hyacinth is simply brighter and bolder than others, each slightly bent-back floret packed with twice the normal number of petals. Marvelously fragrant, very easy to grow, and irresistibly beautiful, it belongs in your sunny beds, borders, and best containers! Bulb.

Hyacinth Mix

Z 4-8; early-mid spring; full sun; H: 8-10”, W: 6-8”

48112-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Feathery Hyacinth

Plant it this Season and Enjoy it for Years to Come!

(Muscari comosum plumosum) The plumed blooms open lime-green, gradually turning lavender-blue with silvery highlights. A sweet, fresh fragrance wafts from these flowers, delectably perfuming the spring garden. Quite long-lasting, the blooms make nice companions to daffodils in the bulb garden, yet also thrive in shadier spots, such as beneath trees. Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 3-9; mid-late spring; full sun; H: 8-12”, W: 6-8”

7794-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Hyacinth Hollyhock

Hyacinth Crystal Palace

Feathery Hyacinth

Rare Double-flowered Deep Pink!

(Hyacinthus) With a distinctively double-flowered, Roselike appearance and heavenly fragrance, these blooms are magnificent! The ultra deep pink blooms are excellent in beds with early tulips and midseason daffodils, and also force well. Double Hyacinths used to be quite the rage, but are rarely seen today. Park is pleased to bring this treasure back to American gardens! Bulb. Z 4-8; early-mid spring; full sun; H: 8-10”, W: 6-8”

7007-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Muscari Blue and White Mix

Greet Spring with Fragrance and Rich Color!

(M. armeniacum) Grape Hyacinth is one of the most delightful spring-blooming bulbs, offering fragrance as well as stately conical color. The blooms arise in white and blue in this merry mix, brightening the garden with graceful towers that last and last in garden or vase. Plant it this season and enjoy its increasing beauty for many years to come! Bulb (Pack of 15). Z 4-8; mid-late spring; sun-shade; H: 6-8”, W: 4”

Hyacinth Hollyhock

Muscari Blue and White Mix

Muscari Armeniacum

Grape Hyacinth!

7527-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Muscari Armeniacum

Fragrant Blue Spires in Sun or Shade!

Spikes are filled with large, deep cobalt blue flowers. Wonderfully fragrant, they are beautiful planted in borders and under trees, where they may be left undisturbed to become a blue carpet each spring. Easy for indoor forcing, too. Bulb (Pack of 15). Z 4-8; mid-late spring; sun-shade; H: 6-8”, W: 4”

8312-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

PK11.50-51.indd 51

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Daffodil Exception

A Trumpet Proclaiming the Arrival of Spring!

(Narcissus) Greet spring in unforgettable style for years to come with this early-blooming, large-trumpet yellow Daffodil. Brilliantly colored, it may remind you of the classic ‘King Alfred,’ but its blooms are even larger and begin opening a bit earlier in the season. Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 3-8; early-mid spring; full sun; H: 26”, W: 32”

48423-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Daffodil Suzy

An Early-blooming Jonquil!

(Narcissus) While most jonquils bloom in late spring, ‘Suzy’ is up and at ‘em in mid-spring, each stem bearing 2 to 6 lovely blooms. Just 10 to 16 inches high, ‘Suzy’ creates a big impact in gardens large and small, thanks to its exceptionally bright colors and strong, sweet scent. Jonquils are the most fragrant and floriferous type of Daffodils, and ‘Suzy’ is among the hardest-working and most beautiful member of the family! Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 5-9; mid spring; full sun; H: 10-16” , W: 6”

8516-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Daffodil King Alfred Daffodil Exception

The World’s Best-loved Daffodil !

(Narcissus) Since 1899 ‘King Alfred Improved’ has been the world’s best-loved Daffodil, and our selection is an improvement on the classic! 16 to 18 inches tall, vigorous, and better than ever with a 4-inch perianth. Single, early-spring blooms whose coronas (“trumpets”) are as long as or even longer than their perianths (“petals”). The all-time classic! Our high-quality bulbs each produce at least two strong flower stems — providing immediate satisfaction the first year and even more as they increase over the years. Plant about 5 bulbs per square foot. Great for forcing. Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 3-8; early-mid spring; full sun; H: 12”, W: 18”

8450-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Daffodil Paperwhite

Grows in Pebbles and Water in the Winter Home!

(Narcissus) Cheer up gloomy winter days with these fragrant, 3- to 4-inch flowerheads of white blooms on 16-inch stems. Extra-large flowering bulbs produce big, healthy blooms that can be forced to bloom anytime between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day! Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 8-10; mid fall-early winter; sun; H: 16”, W: 6”

Daffodil Suzy Daffodil King Alfred

8486-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Daffodil Paperwhite



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Naturalizing Daffodil Mix

Park’s Top of the Line Daffodil Mix At Least 2 Blooms on Every Stem!

(Narcissus) The varieties in this special mix were chosen for their ease of culture, rapid increase, and long life. Just plant these bulbs and, year after year, they’ll increase in number for an ever-growing impact of fragrance and beauty. Our selected mix contains fifteen or more premium varieties with a balance of color and bloomtime (for the longest possible show in your spring garden!) Plant them in fields and along the edge of the woods to naturalize. These top-quality bulbs produce at least 2 blooms each! They also make excellent cut flowers. Bulb (Pack of 12). Z 4-9; early spring; full sun-part shade; various sizes

8279-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Naturalizing Daffodil Mix

This trumpet daffodil radiates warm sunny tones in the early-season garden!

(Narcissus) This yellow- and golden-hued mix will gladden your heart all spring, and its beauty increases each year, for unsurpassed landscape effect. Our hand-blended, large, bulbs are chosen for vigor, beauty, rapidity of increase, length of bloom, and ability to naturalize in the widest climate zones of the United States. Bulb (Pack of 25).

Double Daffodil Mix Park’s Top of the Line Daffodil Mix

Z 4-9; early-late spring; full sun; various sizes

8481-Y1K—$19.95 ea 3 $16.95 ea 6 $15.95 ea

Double Daffodil Mix Twice the Petal Power for Double the Beauty!

(Narcissus) Begin the Daffodil garden of your dreams with this mix of all double-flowered varieties! Each bloom has twice the petals for a truly elegant, showy display that makes the most of even small spaces by packing every stem with gorgeous color. Double-flowered types are far less common than single-flowered, setting your Daffodil garden apart from all others in the neighborhood! Bulb (Pack of 5). Z 3-8; early-mid spring; full sun; various sizes

89660-Y1K—$9.95.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

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Scilla Siberica

Snowdrop Flore Pleno




Z 3-8; early spring; sun-part shade; H: 4-8”, W: 4-8”

(Tu ora as Hy pro (w

(S. sibirica) An excellent cutflower as well as a garden or container standout, Siberian Squill is unpalatable to deer and other nibbling creatures, very cold-tolerant, and a snap to grow. Each bulb sends up 3 or 4 flowering shoots, and each of these shoots in turn produces up to 3 blooms, so even a single plant is a bouquet of color! Bulb (Pack of 15).

48114-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Snowdrop Flore Pleno

(Galanthus nivalis) A showy early-blooming doubleflowered Snowdrop, 4 to 5 inches high. The nodding white blooms open wide to show off the cluster of green and white petal segments at their center! Naturalizes freely and thrives in sun or part shade if kept moist during winter and spring. It requires little attention and returns reliably for years. Great under shrubs and trees, in the lawn, or in the woodland garden. Bulb (Pack of 6). Z 3-8; late winter-early spring; full sun-part shade; H: 4-5”, W: 2-4”

8978-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Tulip Little Princess Tulip Toronto

Tulip Little Princess Tulip Lady

(Tulipa) Brilliant watermelon-red blooms with a yellow heart cover this vigorous little Tulip, which lasts and lasts in the garden. A great companion to Muscari! Bulb (Pack of 10). Z 3-8; mid-spring; sun; H 8-10”, W: 4-6”

7165-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea (Tulipa greigii) One of the most beautiful of all, with deep orange tips, a yellow halo, and black base markings. When these blooms are finally open wide, they reach 4 to 6 inches wide on ground-hugging, super-long-lasting plants. Much longer-lived and more tolerant of adversity than most other Tulips. Bulb (Pack of 8).




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Z 3-8; mid-spring; sun; H 4-6”, W 6-8”


8629-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea


Tulip Lady

(Tulipa clusiana) Lady Tulips love to make themselves at home where they are happy, so from a single planting you can expect many decades of descendants. They spread not by seed but by offsets, which you can hurry along, if you like, by digging up the bulbs every few years in autumn and gently separating the young bulblets from their parent. Generous gardeners will share these bulblets with friends; the rest of us will replant them quickly, and revel in the glorious increase of color next spring! Bulb (Pack of 10). Z 3-7; early spring; full sun; H: 6-12”, W: 6-9”

PK11.54-55.indd 54



Tulip Toronto

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8740-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

5/23/11 3:01:29 PM

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Mayflowering Tulips

Clockwise from left — Menton, Hocus Pocus, Big Smile, Pink Diamond, and Renown

Tulip Darwin Hybrids

A mix of Darwin Tulip Hybrids in bright and pastel solids and bicolors.

(Tulipa) Hand-blended for vivid complementary colors, this mix of festive reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and bicolors is perfect for the border, in front of shrubs, or as companions to Daffodils. Spectacularly colorful and generously sized, Darwin Hybrids are standouts in the midseason garden. Park’s top-quality, Dutch-bred bulbs produce 4-inch blooms on sturdy 20- to 24-inch plants. In the garden or the vase (where they lst a full week), they remain unsurpassed! Bulb (Pack of 8).

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix

Z 3-8; mid spring; sun-part shade; H: 20-24”, W: 8-10”

8907-Y1K—$9.95 ea 3 $8.95 ea 6 $7.95 ea

Tulip Parrot Mix

As Brilliant as a Flock of Exotic Birds!

(Tulipa) This spectacular hand-selected mix transforms the landscape with enormous blooms in a spectrum of brilliant colors, including many bicolors. Their blooms reach 8 to 10 inches wide and are fantastically curled and frilled -- stunning in floral arrangements! Blooming mid- to late season atop strong, sturdy stems, they need a sunny spot in good soil, sheltered from harsh wind and rain to extend the life of their blooms. Bulb (Pack of 8). Z 3-8; mid-late spring; full sun; H: 12”, W: 20”

8926-Y1K—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Mayflowering Tulips

A Spectacular Finale to the Spring Bulb Season!

The final Tulips to bloom in spring, the May-flowering varieties are prized for their ability to withstand warmer temperatures and offer long-lasting beauty to garden and vase. Bulb (Pack of 8).

8218-Y1K—Menton—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea Combining all shades of pink from pale violet to salmon, this ultra-strong bloom stands tall on sturdy stems. One of the best for cutting! Z 3-7; late spring; sun; H: 25-27”, W: 8-10”

25034-Y1K—Hocus Pocus—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea Soft primrose outer petals streaked with a rosy-pink rib open to bright canary and scarlet interiors! One of the tallest tulips, it offers excellent holding power. Z 3-7; late spring; sun; H: 24-30”, W: 8-10”

8623-Y1K—Big Smile—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea Charming egg-shaped blooms of brightest amber-gold open wide to greet spring! A very long-lasting tulip, it combines well with all other colors. Z 3-7; late spring; sun; H: 20-22”, W: 8-10”

8956-Y1K— Pink Diamond—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea Luscious rosy-pink blooms edged in lighter pink sport a wide, bowl shape as they open. One of the most popular varieties, it never disappoints. Z 3-7; late spring; sun; H: 18-20”, W: 8-10”

7019-Y1K—Renown—$12.95 ea 3 $11.95 ea 6 $10.95 ea

Tulip Parrot Mix

Mayflowering Collection One pack of each of Menton, Hocous Pocus, Big Smile, Pink Diamond, and Renown (Total of 40 Bulbs — A $64.75 value)

30220-Y1K—Only $59.95

Unusual reddish-pink flowers with lighter edges unfurl slowly on tall, majestic stems. A vigorous tulip, it flourishes even in gardens where others are unhappy. Z 3-7; late spring; sun; H: 25-27”, W: 8-10”

PK11.54-55.indd 55

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PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID Park Seed Co. 1 Parkton Avenue, Greenwood SC 29647-0001

Fall is the Time to Plant Bulbs, Perennials, Shrubs, and Trees! Mayflowering Tulips

Excellent for cutting, and long-lived in the garden. (See p. 55 for all our Tulips)

1-800-845-3369 PK11.01-56.indd 2

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