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Americana Combination See page 4.

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Vegetables 1/15/13 9:43 AM

Your Dream Garden Starts Here!



We are proud to present our most innovative and exciting annual and vegetable plant collection ever. You will love our wide assortment of trialed and tested garden ready vegetables! Our new captivating combinations provide the perfect floral recipe for all of your patio planters and baskets.

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Why we are so excited: • • • • • • • • •

Each plant is hand grown in our exclusively designed Elle Pots We've used world-class greenhouse technologies and environmental controls Our special blend of growing media produces stronger roots Perfectly balanced pH levels offer superior water retention Each annual is individually inspected by a team of quality experts You will love the extremely well-branched top growth Always delivered with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Garden Fresh Express Shipping upgrade at no extra charge Order over $99 and your order ships completely FREE!


Tomato Nectar Hybrid NEW!

The Absolute Sweetest! 65 days. Indeterminate. High in sugars, low in acids, and very heavy-bearing, this stunning new cherry has it all! Very vigorous, disease-resistant plants set clusters of nearly 2 dozen ½-oz. fruits all season long. The honey-sweet crunch is simply delectable! The most popular new cherry of the season . . . and one bite tells you why! 87863-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $12.95 | 3 trays $11.95 ea | 6 trays $10.95 ea








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Order Early quantities are limited!

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Cotton Candy Combo NEW!

The Perfect Pair for Nonstop Blooms! Create a beautiful combo planting instantly with this combination of Petunia and Bacopa! Flowering in waves from spring through fall, these two plants look great together and withstand heat, humidity, and even drought without losing a petal! Great for hanging baskets, planters, and windowboxes, they're easy to grow and offer nonstop color! 87810-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea



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Tomato Nectar


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Cotton Candy Combo

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Add a Whole New Dimension NEW

Calibrachoa Superbells®

This gorgeous series is an improvement in so many ways! The flowers are larger, and they drop neatly after blooming, so you need never deadhead. More heat-tolerant and vigorous than other Mini Petunias, Superbells® bloom nonstop for months and months, trailing extravagantly from baskets, windowboxes, and tall planters. Although the heaviest flowering occurs with regular feeding and watering, they will tolerate periods of drought. And best of all, their color combinations are unique and brilliant! 87781-PK-6—Blackberry Punch. PPAF. cv. 'USCAL68604.' Magenta-purple blooms with a large near-black halo. 8 to 14 inches high, trailing up to 3 feet long.

87782-PK-6—Cherry Star. PPAF. cv. 'USCAL91001.' Fuchsia-crimson petals thinly edged in creamy yellow. 6 to 10 inches high, trailing up to 4 feet long.

87644-PK-6—Coralberry Punch. PPAF. cv. 'USCAL66501.' Salmon-coral blend with a darker halo. 8 to 12 inches high, trailing up to 3 feet long.'

87813-PK-6—Lemon Slice NEW! PPAF. cv. 'USCAL87502.' Bold yellow blooms with narrow white stripes. 6 to 10 inches high, trailing up to 2 feet long.

Any Superbells® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $24.95 | 3 trays $22.95 ea


Calibrachoa Superbells® Lemon Slice





Calibrachoa Superbells® Blackberry Punch

Calibrachoa Superbells® Coralberry Punch

Calibrachoa Superbells® Cherry Star


Impatiens Patchwork Cosmic Orange NEW!

Meet the Amazing Tri-colored Impatiens! PPAF. cv. 'Balpacorg' The only one of its kind in the world, the first-ever tri-colored Impatiens is an amazing blend of bright colors, dark foliage, and a lush habit that both trails and mounds! Perfect for the garden as well as your very best hanging baskets and planters, Patchwork Cosmic Orange brightens the shade with deep reddish-orange blooms starred with lavenderblue and white. Super-abundant, the flowers last and last, beginning in mid-spring and continuing through summer without drawing a breath. Super well-branched, this plant reaches 10 to 16 inches high and spreads 12 to 14 inches wide, every inch a gorgeous color show. Low maintenance, unique beauty for any shady spot! 87814-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Impatiens Patchwork Cosmic Orange

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Captivating Combinations



Americana Combination


Pink and Ink Combination

Instant Color, Perfectly Arranged!

Dynamic Duo NEW! Includes 3 each: Begonia Big Red Bronze

Paint the patio, porch, deck, and garden in bold bright hues this season with Exclusive Combinations, available only here! You receive just the plants you need for the ideal mix of colors and textures in your best planters, window boxes, and hanging baskets. It's an economical and fuss-free way to kick-start your growing season with foolproof beauty that lasts and lasts!

Americana NEW! Includes 2 each: Lobelia Hotwater Blue, Petunia Potunia Yellow, and Verbena Empress Flair Dark Red 87815-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea


Leaf and Heuchera Pink Lipstick. 87817-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea

An 87 1 tr

Pink and Ink NEW! Includes 2 each: Verbena Lanai Upright Bright Rose, Petunia Fame Salmon Pink, Ipomoea Sidekick Black. 87816-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea


Go 87 1 tr

Ready To Wear Milan NEW! Includes 2 each: Calibrachoa Catwalk Lipstick Pink, Pure Cotton, and Pure Purple 87818-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea




Lover! Dynamic Duo Combination


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PA13.004-005.indd 4

Ready To Wear Milan Combination

Cultivated with State of the Art 1/15/13 9:48 AM


Show Stopping Designs Exclusively Yours!





Fondly Yours Combination

Devil May Care Combination

Fondly Yours NEW! Includes 1 each: Lantana Anne Marie, Angelonia Sungelonia Deep Pink, Petunia Mambo Pink. 87821-PK-3—Each tray contains 3 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea

Devil May Care NEW! Includes 1 each: Petunia Surfinia Red, Ipomoea Sidekick Black, Iresine Blazin Rose. 87819-PK-3—Each tray contains 3 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea

Spice Is Right NEW! Includes 1 each: Basil Purple Ruffles, Salvia

Fiesta Time NEW! Includes 1 each: Canna Tropical Yellow, Potunia Lemon Drop, Begonia Exotic Bonfire Orange. 87820-PK-3—Each tray contains 3 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea

Golden Delicious, Pepper Chilly Chili. 87822-PK-3—Each tray contains 3 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea






Spice Is Right Combination

Greenhouse Technology PA13.004-005.indd 5

Fiesta Time Combination

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1/15/13 3:11 PM

Let the Sun Shine on Your Impatiens with SunPatiens!


Su SunPatiens® Orange

My SunPatiens were nothing short of fantastic! They were everything they were advertised to be and more. -Jonathan S., FL

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875 874 877

SunPatiens® Magenta SunPatiens® Lavender


An 1 tr


Also grows in 50% shade! One SunPatiens plant covers more area than 3 regular impatiens!


Wh les pa mo bri pla var inc to Su

SunPatiens® Landscape Series The best SunPatiens® for bedding, these rounded 2- to 3-foot plants are lush, heavy-blooming, and adaptable to a wide range of climates in any exposure from full sun to half shade. Space SunPatiens 14 to 20 inches apart for nearly 2 square feet of coverage from every plant! 87470-PK-6—White Improved. PP19,616 ‘SAKIMP010’ 87468-PK-6—Orange. PP17,663. ‘MISATO FG2’ 87469-PK-6—Red. PP17,708. ‘MISATO FG1’ 87467-PK-6—Magenta. PP17,662. ‘MISATO FG3’ 87455-PK-6—Lavender. PP19,501 ‘SAKIMP006’ Any SunPatiens® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea


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An 1 tr

SunPatiens® Red

Perfect ph levels promote Strong 1/15/13 12:51 PM



The Revolutionary Heat-and Sun-Tolerant Impatiens! SunPatiens® Spreading Series Bred especially for hanging baskets, tall planters, and windowboxes, this extraordinary plant combines bright, abundant blooms with a trailing habit 20 inches wide! SunPatiens® Spreading flowers nonstop from late spring 'til frost. And 2 colors — White and Salmon — are beautifully variegated, with golden leaves edged in deep green! Best of all is the well-branched, lush habit, reaching 18 inches high in full bloom. Fill your sunny to partly shaded containers with this super-vigorous, long-blooming SunPatiens®! 87563-PK-6—Spreading White PP21,768. ‘SAKIMP018.’ 87493-PK-6—Spreading Salmon PP19,500. ‘SAKIMP005.’ 87704-PK-6—Spreading Carmine Red PPAF. ‘SAKIMP022.’ 87823-PK-6—Spreading Corona NEW! PP21,014. 'SAKIMP008'

Any SunPatiens® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

SunPatiens® Spreading White




SunPatiens® Spreading Salmon

SunPatiens® Spreading Carmine Red

SunPatiens® Spreading Corona

SunPatiens® Compact Series When you want the bushy fullness of SunPatiens® in less garden or container space, rely on the Compact series! Just 24 to 28 inches high, these tightly mounded plants offer masses and masses of large, bright blooms over 3 long seasons. Although the plants are smaller than the SunPatiens® Landscape varieties, the flowers are every bit as big — 2 to 3 inches wide and vibrantly colorful! If you’re looking to blanket a smaller space or fill your flowerpots, SunPatiens® Compact is the form to use! 87592-PK-6—Compact Deep Rose. PPAF. ‘SAKIMP017.’ 87628-PK-6—Compact Magenta. PPAF. ‘SAKIMP016.’ 87630-PK-6—Compact Orange. PP19,498. ‘SAKIMP011.’ 87629-PK-6—Compact White. PP19,605. ‘SAKIMP014.’ Any SunPatiens® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Deep Rose White



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Roots & Explosive Growth PA13.006-007.indd 7

SunPatiens® Compact

jac kso n an d p erk i ns. com


1/15/13 3:13 PM

This is the Year of Bold, Dramatic



Double Wave® Blue Velvet

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Double Wave® Red

Double Wave®— A customer favorite!

Twice the Flower Power of Any Other Wave®! The only plant in the world more colorful than a Petunia Wave® is a Double Wave®, and we've got the richest, hottest colors! These plants are both mounding and spreading, with nonstop blooms from spring through fall among lush foliage. Just 6 to 8 inches high, they spread up to 2 feet wide, with no empty centers and plenty of fresh buds arising every day. You simply can't equal the flower power of a Double Wave®! 87756-PK-6—Blue Velvet. PP17,675. 'Kirimaji Double Blue Velvet' 87757-PK-6—Red. PP22,441. 'Kirimaji Double Red' 87755-PK-6—Purple. PP14,283. 'Kirimaji Double Purple' Any Double Wave® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 2 trays $15.95 ea



Double Wave® Purple

Bacopa Boutique™ NEW!

Blooms Tirelessly, Spring - Fall! Thousands of flowers wow you month after month on Bacopa Boutique™! An absolute must-have, it's the most exciting new series of the season, with a nonstop confetti of blooms that stand up to heat, humidity, and more! Combining perfectly with Petunias, Calibrachoas, and foliage plants of all kinds, Boutique™ is just 6 to 8 inches high and wide, wonderfully dense and colorful. 87812-PK-6—Blue. Gold-eyed bright blue.' 87811-PK-6—Tie-Dye White. 3 rings of color on every bloom: white, deep pink, and sunny yellow!

Fil It's fas red mi Th 10 Ve spr 87 1t


Any Boutique™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Big on lus hig ver int 87 1t



So flo Th cat fol an sea 87 1t

Bacopa Boutique Blue


c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.008-009.indd 8

Bacopa Boutique Tie Dye White

Order Today — 1/15/13 3:14 PM





Colors for Sun and Shade! Petunia Supertunia® Pretty Much Picasso® PP21,649. Just a few years ago, who could have imagined the wild beauty in store for Petunia? Each violetmagenta bloom is scored with darker veins and neatly framed in lime green, creating an utterly unique look. And the flowers keep coming over an extra-long season, appearing on stems that trail over the sides of planters, hanging baskets, and windowboxes. Just 8 to 12 inches high, it will spread 2 to 3 feet wide. Very tolerant of heat and drought, it needs no deadheading. Butterflies and hummingbirds adore it, and so will you! 87665-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $24.95 | 3 trays $22.95 ea

Petunia Suncatcher Pink Lemonade PPAF. 'Balsunpade.' Unforgettable watercolor-clear tones of yellow and pink grace each bloom of this exciting new Petunia! Unbelievably floriferous, it begins the season early and stays late, setting more blooms than you can imagine on full, dense plants that trail from baskets and windowboxes and mound up in the garden. They will spread to fill available space, but never invade neighboring plants. The perfect "plant it anywhere" Petunia, it reaches just 8 to 12 inches high and wide. 87787-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Suncatcher Pink Lemonade

Supertunia Pretty ® Much Picasso®


Petunia Sweetunia® Orange Flash New!

Fills in Fast with 1-of-a-Kind Color! It's not called Flash for nothing — these blooms start fast and just keep coming! Incredible numbers of intense red-tinged orange flowers bring butterflies and hummingbirds on the wing into your sunny, patio or deck. This plant fills in very quickly, forming a dense 8- to 10-inch high mound that spreads up to 2 feet wide! Very heat-tolerant, this is an unstoppable presence from spring through summer and well into fall. Don't miss it! 87824-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Calibrachoa Kimono™ Tokyo Sunset New! Big blooms of brightest gold sport a deep orange center on this stunning new Mini Petunia! Filling in quickly with lush green foliage and masses of flowers, these 8-inchhigh, 12-inch-wide plants bloom all summer even in very hot, humid, or dry conditions. And no color is more intense than the sunset hues of Kimono™! 87825-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Sweetunia® Orange Flash



Petunia Panache™ Molten Magenta New! So versatile, this weather-tough Petunia sets huge flowers of glowing fuchsia with intense deep blue eyes. The petals are slightly rippled and held wide open, eyecatching even from a distance against the fresh green foliage. A quick grower, this plant mounds 8 inches high and about 9 to 12 inches wide, flowering heavily over 3 seasons. Great for garden or container use! 87826-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Panache™ Molten Magenta

Limited Quantities Available! PA13.008-009.indd 9

Kimono™ Tokyo Sunset

jac kso n an d p erk i ns. com


1/15/13 9:53 AM

Ultra-bright, Super-bold MiniFamous™!


Calibrachoa MiniFamous™ Series

Gold and Bold Collection

• • •

Deep Yellow

• •

Royal Blue

MiniFamous™ is out to win your heart with early blooms in the most vibrant colors on ultra-vigorous plants! Just 6 to 10 inches high, this powerhouse trails up to 2 feet long, spilling over low walls and cascading from baskets. Thousands of 1- to 2-inch blooms arise over 3 seasons, never needing deadheading. MiniFamous™ is always dependable, blooming despite extreme weather. Just ask the hummingbirds! 87642-PK-6—Dark Blue 87638-PK-6—Deep Yellow 87651-PK-6—Electric Purple 87660-PK-6—Peach Evolution 87671-PK-6—Perfect White 87663-PK-6—Pink 87667-PK-6—Royal Blue 87669-PK-6—Scarlet 87674-PK-6—Tangerine 87676-PK-6—Vampire Any Calibrachoa on this page in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea

Electric Purple

Gold and Bold Collection 6 each of Deep Yellow, Electric Purple, and Royal Blue. 18 plants in all. (A $50.85 value) 82100— Only $32.95

Single Assorted Pack NEW!

2 each of Deep Yellow, Electric Purple, and Royal Blue. 6 plants in all. 87828-PK-6— Only $16.95

Hot Tropical Colors!

Bestselling Mini Petunia in North America! Great in any climate Tightly mounded — no "flat tops" Covered in blooms for 3 seasons Super drought-tolerant

Caribbean Cocktail Collection


6 ea Pink 284


2 ea Pink 878


6 ea Roy 30 p 821

Dark Blue



Caribbean Cocktail Collection 6 each of Dark Blue, Scarlet, and Tangerine. 18 plants in all. (A $50.85 value) 82101— Only $32.95

Single Assorted Pack NEW!

2 each of Dark Blue, Scarlet, and Tangerine. 6 plants in all. 87827-PK-6— Only $16.95

1 0 c al l to day 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.010-011.indd 10

Sturdy Crush-Proof 1/15/13 3:08 PM



America's Favorite Calibrachoa! Candy Shop Collection 6 each of Dark Blue, Deep Yellow, and Pink. 18 plants in all. (A $50.85 value) 28408— Only $32.95

Single Assorted Pack NEW!

Deep Yellow

Dark Blue Pink

2 each of Dark Blue, Deep Yellow, and Pink. 6 plants in all. 87829-PK-6— Only $16.95

rt nt


ts. ise -

e !


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Candy Shop Collection

MiniFamous™ Collection 6 each of Deep Yellow, Electric Purple, Royal Blue, Scarlet, and Tangerine. 30 plants in all. (A $84.75 value) 82102— Only $59.95

MiniFamous™ Pink

MiniFamous™ Perfect White

Packaging see page 39 PA13.010-011.indd 11

MiniFamous™ Vampire

jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 1 1

1/15/13 3:08 PM

Twice the Petals, Twice the Color!



AC Co Hu gro mo ma We he lus on sup tai lov

878 NE 877 877

Calibrachoa MiniFamous™ Double Collection

An pla 1 tr 6 tr

6 each of Double Amethyst, Double Lemon, Double Rose Chai and Double Pink Evolution. (A $67.80 value)

Calibrachoa MiniFamous™ Double Lemon

82103— Only $45.95


Double Pink Evolution

Calibrachoa MiniFamous™ DOUBLE! Spectacular double-flowered form of America's favorite Mini Petunia. Low-growing with a tight, neat habit that spreads to 2 feet wide, this plant absolutely covers itself in bright blooms for months! 87635-PK-6—Double Amethyst 87654-PK-6—Double Lemon 87657-PK-6—Double Pink Evolution 87830-PK-6—Double Rose Chai NEW!

Any MiniFamous™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea

Verbena Estrella® MiniFamous™ Double Amethyst

MiniFamous™ Double Rose Chai


Perfect for Baskets, Pots, and Garden Growth! Let these stars shine brightly in your favorite garden spots! The biggest, bushiest, largestflowered Verbena yet, Estrella® is a semi-trailing, mounding plant with a versatile habit and nonstop color. Very tolerant of powdery mildew, it blooms heavily all summer long in any sunny to slightly shaded place, setting full, rounded flower clusters in 2 bright shades! Expect it to reach 6 inches high out of bloom, 12 inches high when the flowers appear. It will spread or trail up to 20 inches! Very easy to grow, it's absolutely irresistible!

87796-PK-6—Voodoo Star. Flaming scarlet with creamy-white stripes. 87831-PK-6—Voodoo Red NEW!

Verbena Estrella® Voodoo Star

1 2 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.012-013.indd 12

Verbena Estrella® Voodoo Red

Any Estrella® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea

Hand grown in our special 1/15/13 1:35 PM



Th mo 2½ mo sun sel old


An 1 tr




Brilliant Double-Flowered Favorites! Dahlia Dahlinova

A Cutflower Lover's Dream Come True! Huge, ultra-bright flowers that grow quickly and keep coming month after month are the hallmark of this exciting new Dahlia. Well-branched and tolerant of rain, heat, and mildew, these plants are lush and healthy, setting flowers on short stems that seldom need support. Ideal for garden or container, they're simply a cut-flower lover's dream come true! 87832-PK-6—Hypnotica® Dark Knight NEW! 87702-PK-6—Hypnotica® Rose Bicolor 87700-PK-6—Hypnotica® Yellow

Any Dahlinova above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea

Hypnotica® Rose Bicolor

NEW Hypnotica® Dark Knight

Hypnotica® Yellow


h e,



ng, nt


Petunia Sweet Sunshine™ Lime

Petunia Sweet Sunshine™ Nastalgia

Double Lisianthus Echo Mix

Petunia Sweet Sunshine™ Compact

Double Lisianthus Echo Mix

The first double-flowered, tri-colored trailing Petunia is also one of the most beautiful! These petal-packed, powderpuff blooms are about 2½ inches wide, blanketing the dark foliage for months. These plants mound only about a foot high, but spread several feet wide in the sunny garden or container. Self-cleaning, the blooms maintain themselves — all you add is water, food, and plenty of sunshine! Their frilly, old-fashioned form is simply irresistible!

Clusters of big 3-inch blooms resembling rosebuds open to an eye-catching Tulip look and finally mature to look like bright Poppies. Echo Mix is so carefree and easy to grow, with colorful flowers that continually open in unbelievable abundance for up to 2 months. Best of all, the blooms repeat again in late summer! And did we mention how great they are for cutting? These flowers remain beautiful for a full two weeks or more in the vase! Pest-free and long-blooming in full sun, they are resistant to heat, drought and rain damage. 18 inches high, 10 inches wide. 43678-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea



Any Sweet Sunshine™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

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blend of Growing Media PA13.012-013.indd 13


jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 1 3

1/15/13 10:34 AM

Lantanas Bloom Best in the Heat and Drought


Tough and Lovely Lantanas! Summer Popsicle A cascading plant with hundreds of blooms that change colors over time! Stays smaller than most, too, at only 1½ feet tall. Wonderfully citrus-scented, these bright red, pink, orange, and yellow blossoms tumble 1½ to 2 feet from containers and fill the garden with bold color all summer. This plant loves heat, humidity, and drought — you just can’t go wrong! 4-inch pot. 40645—$8.95 each | 2 for $7.95 each

South Beach™ Compact Hot Pink NEW! Creamy Sherbet Tones All Summer! A pastel rainbow of warm hues from hot pink to orange, yellow, ivory, and peach decorate these long-lasting blooms, visited constantly by butterflies all season long! The latest look in Lantana, South Beach™ is super-compact at just 12 to 18 inches high and wide, and blooms nonstop as long as the warm weather remains. Use it as edging along the driveway — it doesn't mind heat, drought, or humidity — and fill your finest containers with this well-branched, gorgeous plant. It livens up the annual bed, makes the patio pop, and really brightens up the porch steps! Perennial in zones 8-11, it is a hard-working annual in all climates, never needing deadheading, pruning, or special treatment to continue its colorful show month after month. An absolute must-have, it belongs at the top of your list! 87833-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Summer Popsicle


Lucky Lemon Glow

South Beach™ Compact Hot Pink

Lucky Lemon Glow

'Balucemlow.' Eager to bounce back from rain, indifferent to heat and humidity, and able to withstand periods of drought, Lucky Lemon Glow is the most adaptable Lantana yet! It's also among the most beautiful, with dark green leaves offsetting the dainty butter-and-sugar blooms. Endlessly colorful, bushy and mounding, this plant grows just 12 to 16 inches high and 12 to 14 inches wide, making it the ideal choice for containers of all kinds as well as garden bedding. Hummingbirds and butterflies adore it, while deer keep a respectful distance! Feature it prominently in your sunny garden this season. 87786-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea


Am wh It's ing wit the bo be the ers ne ne go han


87 An 1 tr


Th • • • • (Pe Sup lon Cal late rain bas gar hig kee

876 875 877 874

An 1 tr

Bandana™ Boasting the largest flowers in the Lantana family, this compact, mounding, very wellbranched series is renowned for its full habit and unusual colors. The blooms open yellow, then mature to distinctively bright shades on plants 20 to 26 inches high, 24 to 32 inches wide. They soak up heat and sun, flowering over many months in garden or container. 41473-PK-6—Pink 87680-PK-6—Orange Sunrise Any Bandana™ in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Bandana™ Pink

14 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.014-015.indd 14

Bandana™ Orange Sunrise

Perfectly balanced 1/15/13 10:53 AM


lly , m

nd ot.









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Beautiful and Never out of Bloom! Geranium Calliope A multiple award-winner, the Calliope series is a whole new type of annual Geranium! It's a cross between ivy-leafs (which are usually trailing plants) and zonals (which are mounding plants), with the best traits of both! Just 12 to 14 inches high, these plants trail up to 20 inches, tossing out big, bold semi-double blooms all the way! Best of all, they begin flowering early and keep going right through the worst summer heat and drought, when most others take a rest. They bounce back from rain and never need deadheading to keep setting new buds! There's never been a Geranium like Calliope, and you're going to love these bright beauties in flowerpots, hanging baskets, and windowboxes! 87805-PK-6—Dark Red. PP20,245 cv. 'Amri Trared' 87834-PK-6—Lavender Rose NEW! Any Calliope™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

SuperCal® Lush, Long-blooming The best annual we have ever seen for containers! • Stands up to rain, wind, and cloudy weather! • Semi-trailing habit works in the landscape, too! • Vigorous, lush, and long-blooming! • Hundreds of blooms — in unique colors! (Petchoa) Grow the best of both worlds with thrilling SuperCal®. These quick, easy-to-grow, very heavy- and long-blooming plants combine the best of Petunia and Calibrachoa. They flower early and continuously from late spring through fall, even on sunless days, through rain, and in extreme heat and humidity. Perfect for baskets, windowboxes, and flowerpots (as well as the garden bed), they form a giant ball of blooms 12 inches high, 24 inches wide, that cascades freely and just keeps flowering. 87604-PK-6—Blue. PPAF. 'SAKPXC006' 87595-PK-6—Cherry. PPAF. 'SAKPXC007' 87779-PK-6—Pink Ice. PPAF. 'SAKPXC009' 87472-PK-6—Velvet. PP18,824. ‘KAKEGAWA S88’ Any SuperCal® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Geranium Calliope™ Dark Red


SuperCal® Pink Ice

Geranium Calliope Lavender Rose


t w, n

lor ea


SuperCal® Cherry

ph levels PA13.014-015.indd 15

SuperCal® Velvet and Blue Inset

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1/15/13 3:22 PM

Grows to Amazing Lengths

The Surfinia Revolution! ®

"Plant them and stand back!" ­— Allan M. Armitage The first spreading Petunia ever grown was Surfinia®, and it remains the best of the cutting-grown varieties, with a near monopoly on the Petunia market in Europe! Bred from wild Petunias crossed with cultivated seed varieties, the Surfinia® Petunias are sold only as plants — never as seed — to ensure the strongest, most vigorous and free-flowering growth over a long season. These plants spread up to 8 feet within a single season, creating a pillar of living color. And they’re great for warm climates where many varieties struggle, offering a late-season surge of blooms that no other Petunia can match! One plant easily fills a hanging basket, while six plants will blanket 20 square feet of garden beds.

Surfinia® Deep Red

The Unique Advantages of Surfinia® Petunias

• Big, easy-to-grow plants that take off from the very first day you transplant them • Quick-growing and so vigorous they can spread 8 feet in a single season • Super-floriferous, thanks to the shorter space between buds on every branch • Longer-blooming, with the heaviest show in late season, when many other Petunias wind down • Far more heat tolerant than other Petunias, flowering right through the hottest summer weather • Super-colorful, with rich, intense shades hard to find elsewhere



Ea Su blo tig flo ear ha be no the ver inc wid yo Do it a fre pe do

878 878 878

An of 1 tr 6 tr

Where to Use Surfinias® in Your Landscape These giant trailing plants create garden color on a grand scale, so use them to transform the look of your landscape and to solve garden dilemmas!

• Living drapery for a balcony or second-storey deck • Lush groundcover for a sunny bed or border • Cascading color for terraced gardens 80052-PK-6—Blue Veined. PP17,735. 'SUNsurfbv' 87746-PK-6—Deep Red. PP16,803. 'Sunremi' 80057-PK-6—Purple Picotee. PP16,805. 'SUNsurfbupa' 87780-PK-6—Rose Veined. PP16,468. 'SUNrovein' 87404-PK-6—Wild Plum. PPAF. cv. 'SUNsurtpafure'. Any Surfinia® above in trays of six plants of one color

1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

AlgoFlash Fertilizer 09221All Purpose $11.95

Surfinia® Blue Veined

Surfinia® Rose Veined

16 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.016-017.indd 16

Surfinia® Wild Plum

Surfinia® Purple Picotee

Completely FREE Shipping on 1/15/13 10:01 AM




— a atny





Now with Impressive Double Blooms! Surfinia® Summer Double NEW!


Early, Neat, and So Very Tough! Surfinia® goes designer with double blooms in big clusters all over neat, tightly mounded plants terrific for flowerpots large and small! The earliest-blooming double Petunia we have ever seen, these bright blooms begin in spring and just keep coming, no matter how hot, humid, or rainy the weather gets. Well-branched and very dense, these plants reach 12 to 16 inches high but spread up to 30 inches wide, filling even big containers. But you can also plant a single Summer Double in a pot as small as 4 inches — it adapts to the available space! Neat, free-flowering, and vigorous, it's the perfect container Petunia for nonstop double color all season long! 87836-PK-6—Rose 87837-PK-6—White 87835-PK-6—Pink

Any Summer above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea


Surfinia® Summer Double Rose




Surfinia® Summer Double White

orders of $99 or more! (see back cover for details) PA13.016-017.indd 17


Surfinia® Summer Double Pink

jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 1 7

1/15/13 10:01 AM

Create a Lush Tropical Oasis



Fam bo oth sum to 8 tra 87 87 87 An 1 tr

Lofos™ Creeping Gloxinia White


Creeping Gloxinia Lofos™ Bring the beauty of the tropics to your garden or patio with this lush Mexican vine! Very easy to care for, it grows vigorously in full sun to part shade, setting large, long tubular blooms! Train it up a trellis or along a fence, or let it trail alluringly from hanging baskets and windowboxes. Within a single season it reaches 7 feet long, 1½ to 2 feet wide. And its large, richly-colored blooms arise on all parts of this well-branched plant, each measuring 3 inches long and nearly 2 inches wide. Very eye-catching, it is destined to become the signature plant of your garden! 80030-PK-6—Wine Red. PP15,532. ‘Sun-Asaro’. 87754-PK-6—White Any Lofos™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Allamanda Brazilian Red Wine NEW!

Lofos™ Creeping Gloxinia Wine Red


Giant Fragrant Blooms All Season! (Allamanda cathartica) Treat your garden to the fragrance, beauty, and carefree growth of this magnificent South American vine! Actually a shrub that can be pruned small or trained up a trellis, this evergreen delight sets masses of fruit-scented flowers 5 inches or more wide. The blooms stand out beautifully among the big, leathery 4- to 6-inch leaves on this massive vine, filling the sunny garden with nonstop color from late spring through fall. Frost-tender, it takes off at the first hint of warm weather and continues flowering all season! Zones 10-11. 87838-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $24.95 | 3 trays $22.95 ea

Butterfly Flower NEW! Everblooming in Part Shade! (Clerodendron ugandense.) Exquisite butterfly-shaped blooms of two-tone blue, 1 inch wide and borne in huge numbers, dangle from gracefully arched stems all over this vigorous, easy-to-grow vine for partial shade! Let it drape over walls, train it up a trellis, weave it through a fence, or keep it pruned to a neat shrub — you can trim Butterfly Flower all season long if you like, because it blooms on new wood and won't stop setting new blooms from summer through fall. Absolutely showstopping, this evergreen tropical reaches 10 feet high and wide if you let it — or can be restrained to exactly the size you want! Easy and gorgeous, it's a must-have. Z 8-11. 87839-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea | 6 trays $16.75 ea

Allamanda Brazilian Red Wine


Glo so fro clim ora flo sum rea sm 87 1 tr


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(Se 1-in it q Use po win like it s att 87 1 tr

Corkscrew Vine

Butterfly Flower

Corkscrew Vine

1 8 c al l to day 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.018-019.indd 18

Boasting the sweet fragrance of Hyacinths, these silvery 1½- to 2-inch blooms are touched with primrose and lavender-pink with coiled and curved petals that look like a nautilus shell. They arise in great bunches up to a foot long, beginning in midsummer and continuing ‘til frost. This sun-lover is very fast-growing, reaching 20 to 25 feet long. Perennial only in tropical climates, it’s perfect to grow as an annual. Just let it climb a sturdy support! Loves warmth and humidity. Cannot ship to HI. 4-inch pot. 44842—$9.95 each | 3 for $8.95 each

All plants shipped at 1/15/13 3:16 PM



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with Magnificent Tropical Vines! Mandevilla Sun Parasol®

Famous for its huge 4- to 6-inch bloom size, Sun Parasol® boasts greater color-fastness and an earlier bloomtime than other Mandevillas. Very vigorous and free-flowering from early summer 'til mid-fall, it is cold-hardy to 32 degrees F, reaching 6 to 8 feet tall and 1 to 2 feet wide in containers. Let this climber transform your garden or patio all season long! 87778-PK-6—Giant Crimson 87859-PK-6—Giant Pink 87860-PK-6—Giant White Any Sun Parasol™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $21.95 | 3 trays $19.95 ea | 6 trays $18.75 ea

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Red Orange NEW! Glowing Sunset Tones Over 3 Seasons! So easy to grow, so beautiful to behold! This Black-eyed Susan vine tumbles from baskets and windowboxes, threads through fences, and climbs trellises with ease. Every inch is studded with brilliant orange-red blooms, dark-eyed and intensely colorful. The flowers begin in late spring and continue nonstop through summer and even into autumn! In the garden this vine will reach 3 to 5 feet long and 2 to 4 feet wide, but it will stay smaller in containers. Loves sun and heat! 87841-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Giant Crimson

Blue Sky Vine Hundreds of bright 2- to 3-inch azure blooms fill the garden on this carefree, fast-growing climber! All it needs is sturdy support and good garden soil to take off super-quick! Its large, leathery heart-shaped leaves form the perfect backdrop for the brilliant blooms, which add a rare source of pure blue color to the garden. This lovely plant flowers all summer long, and will return next year in zones 8-11. 87804-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $29.95 | 3 trays $27.95 ea

Mexican Flame Vine (Senecio Confusus) Butterflies and bees flock to the brilliant 1-inch blooms of this evergreen tropical vine. Very fast-growing, it quickly covers any support with long-lasting, pest-free color. Use it to conceal an unsightly fence, blanket the mailbox or porch railing, or create a curtain of color from baskets and windowboxes! The blooms are followed by small dandelionlike seedpods, equally charming. Great in sun to light shade, it spreads up to 10 feet in a single season, and always attracts attention and admiration! Perennial in zones 9-10. 87670-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Giant White

Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Giant Pink




o mth


Mexican Flame Vine

the proper planting time PA13.018-019.indd 19

Thunbergia Blue Sky Vine

Thunbergia Sunny Susy® Red Orange

jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 1 9

1/15/13 10:04 AM

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African Daisy ......................... 27 Agastache ............................... 28 Alamanda ............................... 18 Alternanthera.......................... 22 Angelonia ............................. 27 Angel’s Trumpet ................... 26 Bacopa...................................... 2 Begonia ................................ 26 Blanket Flower ..................... 28 Blue Sky Vine ...................... 19 Brugmansia .......................... 26 Butterfly Flower ..................... 18 Calibrachoa ....................... 9-12 Coleus ............................. 22-23 Coneflower ........................... 28 Corkscrew Vine .................... 18 Creeping Gloxinia ................ 18

Dahlia ................................... 13 Dichondra ............................. 22 Echinacea ............................. 28 Eggplant ............................... 30 Gaillardia ............................. 28 Geranium .............................. 15 Gerbera ................................. 27 Gossamer Grass ..................... 23 Grafted Tomatoes ............ 36-37 p Heliotrope ............................¨ 27 Impatiens ......................... 3, 6-7 Ipomoea ................................ 23 Joseph’s Coat ....................... 22 Lantana ................................ 14 Lemon Grass ........................ 30

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Leucanthemum ..................... 29 Lisianthus ............................. 13 Lofos .................................... 18 Lophospermum .................... 18 Mandevilla ........................... 19 Mexican Flame Vine ............ 19 MiniFamous .................... 10-12 Mother of Thyme ................... 29 Osteospermum ..................... 27 Pepper .................................... 30 Persian Shield ....................... 22 Petunia ......2, 8-9, 13, 16-17, 24-25 Plox ........................................ 29 Rudbeckia ............................ 29 Shasta Daisy .......................... 29

Strawberry ............................ 30 Stevia .................................... 30 SunParasol ............................. 19 SunPatiens™ ........................ 6-7 SuperCal® ............................ 15 Surfinia® ........................... 16-17 Sweet Potato .......................... 23 Thunbergia ............................. 19 Thymus .................................. 29 Tomato ........................ 31-37, 39 Verbena .................................. 12 Wave ............................. 8, 24-25 Supplies Combinations ........................ 4-5 Planters................................... 38


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Your Garden is Never Out of Bloom



Bone Fish


Gold Anemone

Coleus Under The Sea™ Combination

(Solenostemon scutellarioides) Plants that look like crustaceans?! Each large, beautifully colored leaf on these Coleus has secondary leaflets that stick out all over the edges, creating never-before-seen silhouettes in brilliant shades of red, pink, gold, chocolate, and green. Very compact at just 15 to 18 inches high, they are also quite sun-tolerant, thanks to thicker, more durable leaves. Each pack contains 2 plants each of Bone Fish, Langostino and Gold Anemone. 87843-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Coleus Under The Sea™ Combination

Coleus Rustic Orange


Coleus provides some of the longest-lasting color in the summer garden. Warm sunset-orange leaves, neatly edged in yellow—gorgeous in sun to partial shade! They reach 18 to 24 inches high and wide. 41677-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Ta am fri an co

Th Dr inc mo wi

On ch cas inc Al six 1t 6t

Coleus Honey Crisp NEW!

Coleus Rustic Orange

Coleus Honey Crisp

Rarely (if ever) Flowers! PPAF. 'Balconisp.' Each creamy-gold leaf on this handsome Coleus is flecked with green and edged in rosy-red. Turn it over and it reveals a bright red underside! Flowers either very late or not at all, concentrating all its energy on producing more neatly serrated leaves on well-branched plants 18 to 30 inches high and 24 to 28 inches wide. Ideal for containers and the partly shaded garden! 87842-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Coleus Wasabi NEW!


Rugged and Ultra-dependable! PPAF. 'UFO843.' Exceptionally tough and quick to grow, this brilliant chartreuse variety offers beautifully fringed leaves that keep their color all season without fading or spotting. The perfect complement to yellow, pink, and purple tones, Wasabi reaches 18 to 30 inches high and 16 to 28 inches wide, its size depending upon the space available to it. Gorgeous! 87844-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Dichondra Silver Falls Coleus Wasabi

Dichondra Silver Falls

Fast-growing and just 2 inches high, this trailing beauty tumbles over the sides of containers, offering great contrast to tall and spreading plants. Dichondra is a snap to grow, tolerates heat and drought, and looks terrific from spring through fall! Tiny ½-inch silvery leaves on elegant stems up to 6 feet long make it a great groundcover, too! 46361-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Purple Persian Shield

(Strobilanthes) Few foliage plants are as dramatic as Persian Shield, with its metallic sheen on purple, pink, and green leaves! The iridescent foliage gleams on 2- to 2½-foot plants that are equally at home in sun or part shade. 43550-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Joseph’s Coat Red Threads

Purple Persian Shield

Joseph's Coat Red Threads

22 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.022-023.indd 22

(Alternanthera) Tolerant of full sun, it needs only ordinary soil and water to grow and look its best. Versatile, too — use as groundcover, edging, in baskets or pots, or among other plants in your bed. 18 to 24 inches tall and 6 to 12 wide. 46348-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Order Today 1/15/13 10:13 AM


Tri (An ing wi ele co gre bu thr an de ing 87 1t 6t


Be (Ip fol wi of bro the to inc to ac 87 1t 6t







with Easy Foliage Plants in ALL Colors! Bold Dramatic Foliage 40851-PK-6—Coleus Red Ruffles. Talk about eye-catching! The leaves are a mix of dark to iridescent red with a tiny fringe of light green. 24 to 30 inches tall and 2 foot wide, it is outstanding for beds, containers or patio gardens. 40573-PK-6—Sweet Potato Blackie. The top choice for a foliage accent! Dramatic blackish-purple leaves, 4 to 7 inches long, cover cascading plants that mound 8 to 10 inches. 24 to 36 inches wide. Cannot ship to CA. 40582-PK-6—Sweet Potato Margarite. One of the best companion plants! Striking chartreuse leaves up to 7 inches long glow on cascading plants 8 to 10 inches high. 24 to 36 inches wide. Cannot ship to CA. All foliage plants above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea


Bold Dramatic Combination


2 each of A, B and C. 6 plants in all.


42889-PK-6— Only $16.95


nt to



, 24


Gossamer Grass Sirocco NEW! Tricolored Ornamental Grass! (Anemanthele lessoniana) The perfect finishing touch to any combination, plant Sirocco with any favorite flowering annual.Each long, elegant leaf of this lovely grass is tinged with copper and pink tones among the purplegreen! The strongest color is in cool weather, but the variegation remains from spring through fall on plants just 14 to 24 inches high and wide. In the breeze, the leaves shimmy delightfully, adding movement as well as varying color to any display! 87845-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea 6 trays $13.25 ea

Bold Dramatic Combination



Sweet Potato Mardi Gras NEW!

Better Heat Tolerance, Brighter Leaves! (Ipomoea batatas) The brilliant parti-colored foliage of this ultra-vigorous, sun-loving vine will delight you with its constant changes of hue. The large spade-shaped leaves sport bronze, purple, and bold pink tones among the dark green, the perfect complement to just about any garden color. Eight to 10 inches high, this quick-growing vine trails 3 to 4 feet from baskets and spreads rapidly across the annual bed. 87846-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea 6 trays $14.95 ea

Sweet Potato Mardi Gras

Limited Quantities Available! PA13.022-023.indd 23

Gossamer Grass Sirocco

jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 2 3

1/15/13 1:36 PM

Petunias of Every Shade


Petunia Black Velvet PPAF. 'Balpevac.' It took 4 years of breeding, and was worth every day of it! The only black Petunia in the world has now arrived, and is already sweeping up awards and winning hearts. This upright, mounded plant is very compact and tight at just 8 to 12 inches high and wide, covering itself from early summer until frost with big, sweet-scented charcoal-black blooms. The perfect combination planting with white, red, yellow, and orange flowers, it is just as easy to grow and tirelessly blooming as other Petunias. You must try Black Velvet this season and admire its inky-dark color up close! 87640-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Petunia Phantom Petunia Black Velvet

Petunia Black Bloom Combo NEW

3 plants each of Black Velvet and Phantom

87861-PK-6—Only $18.95

PPAF. 'Balpephan.' When this blindingly bright cream-and-black striped wonder won the 2010 Fleuroselect Award, the 28 judges agreed that its main merit was "the wow factor." We think you'll have to agree. Tightly branched plants 8 to 12 inches high and wide need no pinching to bear masses and masses of big, brilliant blooms from summer 'til frost. Great for formal plantings, it "dresses down" beautifully for informal settings, too. Try combining it with Black Velvet (above) for color that really pops! 87662-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Tidal Wave® The most versatile Petunia ever seen, with growth that can be either upright or trailing. Big 2½- to 4-inch blooms blanket the plants from late spring through summer. Expect it to reach 16 to 22 inches high and anywhere from 2½ to 5 feet wide! Use on trellises, in bedding or baskets, and even as edging! Space the plants close together for a tight screen of solid color, or farther apart for a mounding groundcover.

87591-PK-6—Hot Pink 87602-PK-6—Silver

Petunia Phantom



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Any Tidal Wave above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 2 trays $13.95 ea

Tidal Wave® Hot Pink

Tidal Wave® Silver

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PA13.024-025.indd 24

Tidal Wave® Purple

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Bursting with Blooms

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Shock Wave® Coral Crush

Shock Wave® Red

Shock Wave® Coconut


Shock Wave® More Flowers than Ever! The Wave® phenomenon continues with this exciting early-flowering, weather-resistant, self-cleaning beauty. Bold 1½- to 2-inch blooms simply cover compact plants 10 inches high and up to 3 feet wide. The flowers arise from spring through fall, giving you 2 extra weeks of blooms! 87735-PK-6—Coconut 87584-PK-6—Denim 87738-PK-6—Pink Shades 87707-PK-6—Red 87848-PK-6—Spark Mix NEW!

87706-PK-6—Coral Crush 87329-PK-6—Deep Purple NEW! 87736-PK-6—Purple 87737-PK-6—Rose

Any Shock Wave® above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 2 trays $13.95 ea

Shock Wave® Pink Shades

Shock Wave® Deep Purple

Shock Wave® Denim Shock Wave® Rose

Shock Wave® Purple

orders of $99 or more! PA13.024-025.indd 25


Shock Wave® Spark Mix

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Hot Tropical Color



Angel’s Trumpet Cherub

Cassie's Curls

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Angel's Trumpet Collection

Intoxicating Aroma!

1 each of all three Angel's Trumpets on this page. (A $29.85 value))

42444—Only $19.95

Lemon Twist NEW

A Begonia Solenia® Dark Pink

Begonia Bonfire®

Begonia Santa Cruz® Sunset

Amazing Angel’s Trumpets

Begonia Solenia® Dark Pink

(Brugmansia) Far more floriferous and weathertough than older varieties, this exciting new trio of Angel’s Trumpets is absolutely essential for the fragrant sunny garden! Developed at Park Seed by Doc Alston, each of these varieties adds something entirely new to the family. Very free-flowering and ultra-fragrant, with unique colors on umbrella-shaped plants that thrive in semi-tropical climates. Zones 9-11 in the garden, and anywhere in containers. 3-inch pot.

An exciting sun-tolerant series with excellent resistance to powdery mildew, heat, and wind, Solenia® blooms in part shade to full sun, setting large 3-inch double blooms on well-branched plants that never topple. Perfect for bedding or containers, they reach 10 to 12 inches high and 18 to 24 inches wide, with nonstop flowers from early summer into autumn. Great houseplants, too! 80076-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea 6 trays $16.75 ea

46054—Cherub. Astonishing 9-inch blooms of rosy-

pink with peach overtones! Thick and waxy, these petals last far longer than others in humid or rainy climates. This 5-foot-tall, 6- to 8-foot-wide plant is a landmark in any sunny garden. 49908—Cassie’s Curls. The most compact Angel’s Trumpet yet, it’s just 2½ to 3 feet tall, yet covers itself with glorious apricot blooms 5 to 6 inches long, each petal tip reaching another 2 inches into a slender, elegant spidery curl! 41444—Lemon Twist. Merry white stripes decorate these lemon-yellow petals! The blooms are 8 to 10 inches long and nearly as wide. 3 feet high and wide.

Any Angel’s Trumpet of one color: $9.95 each | 3 for $8.95 each

(B. boliviensis) The absolute best for hot, dry climates, this trailing beauty sets big 2- to 3-inch orange-red blooms over 3 magnificent seasons! The foliage is handsome too on lush plants that stand up to heat, rain, and even drought. Showstopping color no matter what the weather does! An American Garden Award nominee. 87849-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea 6 trays $16.75 ea

Begonia Bonfire® This beauty is a neat, very bushy, trailing Begonia 18 to 36 inches high and 24 to 36 inches wide in sun or part shade. Against a backdrop of olivegreen foliage, hundreds of 2-inch flame-colored blooms dangle in giant clusters all summer long, then repeat in autumn. Irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds! 87542-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $18.95 | 3 trays $17.50 ea 6 trays $16.75 ea

26 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.026-027.indd 26

Begonia Santa Cruz® Sunset NEW! Unbeatable Heat Tolerance!

Water Soluble Bud and Bloom Fertilizer. Ideal for all indoor and outdoor blooming plants. 96961—$11.95

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for Garden and Patio! Like fields of vanilla!

Heliotrope Iowa The perfect treat for the eyes and nose, Iowa provides an incredible display of bloom clusters that transform from lavender-purple in cooler weather to royal purple in summer’s heat, filling the air with the deliciously sweet scent of vanilla! Equally at home indoors as a houseplant, or planted outdoors in containers or beds, it reaches 10 to 15 inches tall and wide. 4-inch pot. 40564— 1 for $8.95 each | 2 for $8.50 each

Heliotrope Iowa







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African Daisy Zion Copper Amethyst

Angelonia Serenita Raspberry

Angelonia Serenita Mixed

Angelonia Serenita NEW!

Compact, Long-blooming, Super-tough! Even more colorful than its taller parent Serena, this ultra-compact sun-lover is destined to be the brightest spot in your garden or on the patio! Unappetizing to deer and rabbits, delighted by heat and humidity, and blooming tirelessly for months, this annual needs little water and no attention to perform its very best. Just 6 to 10 inches high and 4 to 6 inches wide, it's a showpiece in any setting. 87850-PK-6—Mixed


Any Serenita above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

African Daisy Zion Copper Amethyst Early to flower, very well-branched, and super long-blooming, this African Daisy is ideal for garden or container alike! You'll love the long-lasting flowers in colors so unusual and neonbright they scarcely look real! Upright plants 6 to 8 inches high (14 inches when flowering) and 12 inches wide bloom all summer in cooler climates, spring and fall in warmer areas. 87643-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Gerbera Festival Mix

Everyone’s favorite cut-flower, this super easy-to-grow plant blooms steadily for 5 months or more in most climates! Huge 5-inch blooms in all shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and white top sturdy 12-inch stems. Hardy only in zones 9-10, they're happy to winter indoors farther north. 80028-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Satisfaction Guarantee PA13.026-027.indd 27

Gerbera Festival Mix

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Long-lived Flowering Perennials



Echinacea PowWow Wild Berry

Agastache Astello Indigo

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit NEW!

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit


(E. purpurea.) Stands Up to Rough Weather! Big daisies in all the colors of the prairie cover these compact, vigorous Coneflowers! The winner of multiple awards, this amazing mix withstands rain and wind better than just about any other Echinacea, needs very little water to thrive, and lasts a long time in garden or vase. It never needs deadheading, setting new blooms to replace old ones from midsummer through early fall. Well-branched, uniform plants 18 to 30 inches high and 12 to 20 inches wide set blooms of cream, yellow, gold, orange, scarlet, red, and purple. THE perennial of 2013! 87852-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $16.95 | 3 trays $15.95 ea | 6 trays $14.95 ea

Echinacea PowWow Wild Berry

(E. purpurea.) 2010 AAS Flower Winner. This amazing Echinacea offers a bold flower color, extensive branching (for even more blooms than ever!), and compact size. Big, petalpacked 3 to 4 inch blooms of deep rose to purple open ALL OVER this plant. They keep coming all season without deadheading, attracting butterflies and bees in summer, birds in fall. Very tolerant of heat, humidity, drought, poor soil, and cold, this native perennial is tireless, needing only well-drained soil. Unbelievable! Z 3-9. 87744-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Blanket Flower Red Shades

Agastache Astello Indigo Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner! This compact, fragrant Hummingbird Mint has received Europe's top honors! Tall spikes of deep blue blooms, redolent of mint, shoot up from this easy-to-grow plant, calling to every butterfly and bee around. Cut all you like for the vase — this deer-resistant, disease-free perennial has color to spare! Great for containers as well as the sun-soaked border! Z 6-9. 87743-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea Blanket Flower Arizona A tireless bloomer that returns year after year in any climate, the Arizona series is one of the best investments you can make in your sunny garden and containers! From early summer all the way into fall, 4-inch blooms simply cover compact plants. Hot sun and poor soil actually improve its performance! Left alone by pests and diseases, it reaches about a foot high and 10 to 14 inches wide. Z 3-10. 87636-PK-6— Red Shades. Brick-red blooms with a darker burgundy cone and occasional flashes of bright yellow at the petal tips. 87681-PK-6— Sun. Rich orange blooms with goldenyellow tips and an amber-red cone. 87751-PK-6— Apricot. Red-flecked

Blanket Flower Sun

28 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.028-029.indd 28

Blanket Flower Apricot

Any Arizona above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea 6 trays $13.25 ea

Our Packs are big, beefy 1/15/13 10:22 AM

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Add Permanent Beauty to the Garden! NEW

Phlox Paparazzi™ Paris



Phlox Paparazzi™ Lindsay

Phlox Paparazzi™ Gaga

Phlox Paparazzi™ NEW!

Big, Fragrant Blooms over a Long Season! This dreamy new Phlox is the perfect blend of 3 species, combining early bloomtime with larger, more intensely fragrant flowers over an extra-long season. Low-growing and very willing to spread, this perennial forms a dense mat of fresh green foliage in sun or part shade, topped with wide-open blooms in soft pastel shades. Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds, it is left alone by deer, doesn't mind drought, and even tolerates dry and clay soils. Five inches high, 12 inches wide. Z 5-8. 87853-PK-6— Gaga. Pale lavender with a purple eye. 87855-PK-6— Paris. Lavender-blue with a deep blue eye. 87854-PK-6— Lindsay. Solid pink.

Any Paparazzi™ above in trays of six plants of one color 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Rudbeckia Cappuccino Once a humble American wildflower, Black-Eyed Susan has stepped up in the world with this splendid mahogany-and-gold variety! The blooms are huge — 4 inches wide — and very, very profuse from late spring well into fall. And the plant is compact, giving you more flowers and less big, rangy foliage! Perfect for containers as well as the sun-soaked garden. 18 to 20" high and 12-18" wide. Z 5-10. 87593-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy

Rudbeckia Cappuccino

Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy A fantastic new look for Rudbeckia! Huge 3- to 4-inch daisies of bright red, deep maroon, and gleaming black keep coming all summer and into autumn on award-winning 2-foot plants. Perfect for cutting. Z 5-8. 87601-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy (Leucanthemum) No two blooms on this plant are just alike! Some are quilled, others frilly; all are stunning! They reach 2½ inches wide on bushy 2-foot plants, opening from late spring through summer. Z 5-9. 87580-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Shasta Daisy Crazy Daisy

Mother of Thyme (Thymus) Creeping plant, ½ to 3 inches tall and 3 feet wide, with fragrant foliage and purple flowers. Ideal to plant between flagstones or as a groundcover. Z 4-9. 87588-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

and ready to plant! PA13.028-029.indd 29

Mother of Thyme

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Vegetables — From the garden to your plate! Pepper Sweet Rainbow Blend

The home gardener's favorite for years, this mix gives you big, sweet bells of every color on vigorous, disease-resistant plants. At first they will all be green, and then, as they ripen, these blocky bells will turn bright colors! You'd pay top dollar for them in the market, but they're just as easy to grow as green bells! Jazz up your plate with Rainbow Blend! 40472-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Pepper Colossal Hybrid

Extra-large, thick-walled rich green bells have a delicious sweet flavor with no bitter aftertaste. The blocky fruit is at least 6 inches long and wide, and because it sets vertically on the stem, the bells keep their beautiful shape. 87596-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Pepper Sweet Rainbow Blend

Pepper Karma Hybrid

Our customers have made this our most popular pepper for nearly a decade! Huge harvests of absolutely delicious 6- by 4-inch peppers, with thick walls and bright red skin, arise on every plant. The yield is so heavy that you should stake these 25- to 35-inch plants just to hold them up! 87445-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Eggplant Park’s Whopper Hybrid Pepper Colossal

Pepper Karma

62 days. These lovely, mild fruits mature nearly 3 weeks earlier than Black Beauty, and the vigorous, easy-care plants are 50% more productive! Harvest the shiny purple, teardrop-shaped fruits at 6 to 8 inches for best flavor. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus. 87650-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Lemon Grass

Eggplant Park's Whopper

Lemon Grass

(Cymbopogon citratus) The leaves of this easy-to-grow plant are very aromatic when brushed or crushed, and evergreen in warm climates. A mainstay of Asian cuisine, Lemon Grass will become a staple of your herb garden! Lovely in containers with flowering plants. Perennial zones 9-11. 87573-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Stevia Sweet Herb (S. rebaudiana) The healthy alternative to processed sugar AND to chemically-derived, metallic-tasting artificial sweeteners, Stevia is 20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar cane, yet is non-caloric and does not promote tooth decay! Float the leaves in hot drinks, crush them into concentrate, or extract the oil. Stevia is easy to grow, allnatural, and delicious! 87753-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Strawberry Tarpan Hybrid

Strawberry Tarpan

30 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

PA13.030-031.indd 30


Grow this day-neutral strawberry in hanging baskets, windowboxes, and tall planters! The huge 1- to 1½-inch flowers put others to shame, and the long, bright red fruit (small to medium size) is juicy-sweet and very abundant. The blooms continue all summer, and the berries arise from midsummer 'til frost. The perfect edible ornamental, Tarpan fruits heavily even outside its hardiness range, and can be grown for years if its runners are rooted in the soil. Z 5-8. 87803-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $14.95 | 3 trays $13.95 ea | 6 trays $13.25 ea

Grown with Innovative 1/15/13 2:16 PM



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Robust Heirloom Tomatoes Cherokee Purple

This scrumptious tomato is beloved not only for its history and unusual deep purple color but for its stunning flavor. Huge, ridged 16-oz. fruit offers a rich tomato tang on vigorous 8-foot plants that bear heavily all season. 87597-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Big Rainbow

This heirloom turns from a green-shouldered, yellow-centered, red-bottomed young fruit to a mature gold-and-red sunset of color. Absolutely enormous, it reaches 2 pounds before you know it, and has a flavor as over-the-top as its size and parade of colors. Resistant to foliar diseases, it keeps producing till frost. 80059-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Costoluto Genovese

Cherokee Purple

For intense tomato bite with a high acidic content, there is no better variety than this Italian heirloom. The fruit is deeply lobed and irregular, but the flavor is unbelievable! A good choice for warm climates, it thrives in summer heat and then continues setting new fruit well into the cooler fall days. 80061-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 3 trays $11.25 ea

Heirloom Rainbow Blend

A mix of 6 indeterminate varieties: Aunt Ruby’s German Green, a chartreuse 12- to 16-oz. beefsteak; Big Rainbow, a gold-and-red fruit up to 2 lbs.; Black from Tula, a flattened dark brown to purple fruit, 8 to 12 oz.; Brandywine Red, a deep red up to 2 lbs.; Cherokee Purple, a purple/pink/brown combo on 10- to 12-oz. flattened fruits; and Dixie Golden Giant, a golden-yellow slicer up to 2½ lbs. with sweet mild flavor. Six packs contain a random combination of the above varieties, however, may not contain all of the varieties listed. 87717-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Costoluto Genovese

Big Rainbow


This American classic is a large beefsteak type, weighing up to 2 pounds. Colored a rich yellow-gold and often boasting red stripes, this colossal tomato is sweet and fruity with a tangy, meaty afterbite. Few seeds and more solids give you an extra bite or two. Dependably high-yielding plants. 87727-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea



This English hothouse variety is especially well suited to the warmer parts of the U.S. Expect BIG yields of deep red, 7- to 8-oz. fruit on vigorous vines. 87723-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea


This favorite yields deeply-lobed, ultra-flavorful purplish-red fruit weighing 12 ounces or more. 80060-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Heirloom Rainbow Blend


Kellogg's Breakfast Giant sunny orange globes weighing 1 to 2 pounds appear on this vigorous heirloom. Their sweet, tangy flavor is legendary, and a single slice is more than enough for a sandwich! Slightly flattened, the fruit has a great mix of solids and juice. 87599-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Environmental Controls PA13.030-031.indd 31

Kellogg's Breakfast


jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 3 1

1/15/13 2:17 PM

Cherry and Grape Tomatoes


Sweet Baby Girl

Sweet Million


Sunsugar Hybrid

62 days. Indeterminate. Don’t let its name fool you — this tomato is packed with sugars, yes, but it’s also got that authentic tomato “tang” that so many other cherry types lack. Early to mature and very heavy-yielding, it offers armloads of ½-ounce golden fruits with thin skins that resist cracking. Delicious! 87607-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Supersweet 100 Hybrid

Cherry Sweetie

65 days. Indeterminate. This delicious cherry tomato replaces the old favorite, Sweet 100, with extra sweetness and improved dis­ease resistance. Same great flavor and amaz­ingly high yields of the sweetest 1-inch fruits with higher Vitamin C con­tent than any other tomato. 46407-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid The Most Crack-Resistant Mini Plum Ever Grown! 65 days. Short internodes. The sweetest, most delicious Cherry yet, with HUGE yields on plants just 3 to 5 feet high! These plants yield 2 pounds of fruit a week at the peak of the season! Attractive ½- to 1-oz. fruits. 87728-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea


Sweet Million Hybrid

A Park High Per­former®. 65 days. Indeterminate. Large clus­­ters of smooth, red, 1- to 1½-inch fruit on vig­or­ous plants. Sweet Million produces through­­out summer, to the delight of kids of all ages. 87729-PK-6 —Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Cherry Sweetie

65-70 days. Indeterminate. An open-pollinated alternative to the popular Sweet Million. This super-sweet variety sets firm, grape-like clusters of fruit with deliciously high sugar content. 87712-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Tinkerbell Hybrid Plump, Sweet Baby Plums! 60 days. Indeterminate. Very early and absolutely delicious, this heavy-fruiting baby plum is the snack- and salad-lovers' favorite! Well-filled oblong fruit weighs just over half an ounce — perfectly bite-sized! Looks as good as it tastes. 87732-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea


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Cupid Hybrid

65 days. Indeterminate. We were blown away by the taste of this tomato! 1-inch fruits resist cracking, hold up well, and delight with a sweet (8.2 BRIX) flavor! 87714-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea


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PA13.032-033.indd 32

Supersweet 100

1/15/13 2:20 PM



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for Sweet Snacks from the Garden



Chocolate Cherry

Mountain Magic


Orange Paruche


Golden Gem

Sugary Hybrid

60 days. Indeterminate. Super-high sugar content (9.5 on the Brix scale) and unique shape make this THE cherry Tomato to grow! Winner of a 2005 All-America Selection award, Sugary is a sweet, delectable bite-sized treat.These ½-ounce fruits are dark pink and arise in incredible numbers on plants so vigorous that you may want to prune them back in mid-season just to keep them within bounds! Arising in big bunches, these tomatoes are pointed on both ends — an unusual and fun look! 80018-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Nugget Hybrid

The Most Crack-Resistant Mini Plum Ever Grown! 65 days. Determinate. TF1A. With all the rich, meaty flavor of a beefsteak tomato, this plucky little mini plum sets huge quantities of bright golden-orange ¾-oz. fruits. Crack-proof and resistant to blossom-end rot, the 1- to 1¼-inch diameter fruits have the perfect balance of sugars and acids for an unforgettable bite! 87724-PK-6 —Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Tomato Fertilizer Spikes


Chocolate Cherry 70 days. Indeterminate. If this smoky purple cherry tomato weren’t so attractive, it would be popular for its rich, tangy flavor. 1-inch fruits appear in clusters of 8 all over bushy plants 5 to 6 feet high. Harvest a few days early and ripen indoors if needed. 87456-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Mountain Magic Hybrid

Incredible Disease Resistance Means Huge Yields! 66 days. Indeterminate. Masses of bright red, perfectly round 2-oz. Campari tomatoes all season long! Resistant to early blight, late blight, and cracking, this ultravigorous plant sets sweet, meaty, juicy fruit. Must be grown (and tasted!) to be believed! 87740-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Juliet Hybrid

1999 AAS Winner! 60 days. Indeterminate. You’re in for a treat! Heavy yields of sweet, true red, 1-ounce fruits are produced in clusters. Best of all is their crack resistance; skin remains attractive and glossy longer on the plant! 40691-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Shop our entire collection of plant nutrition products online— just search 'fertilizer'

orders of $99 or more! PA13.032-033.indd 33

Orange Paruche Hybrid

Brilliant Color and Incomparable Sweetness! 67 days. Semi-determinate. An orange cherry tomato like no other, glowing with super-bright color and packed with sweet juicy flavor. Measuring 9 on the Brix sweetness scale, these 1-inch diameter globes ripen all over this vigorous plant. Certain to be the best-tasting cherry in the garden! 87659-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 3 trays $11.25 ea

Ildi Hybrid

53 days. Indeterminate. The earliest, highestyielding grape tomato in our trials is also the most attractive and delicious! Globeshaped fruits mature quickly and are borne in huge clusters. They have great staying power on the vine or after picking, lasting for weeks! 5 -to 6-foot vines, 16 to 24 inches wide, set fruit early. 87454-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 3 trays $11.25 ea

Golden Gem Hybrid 65 days. Indeterminate. Huge clusters of 20 to 70 golden fruit, round to globe-shaped and very crack-resistant, arise on this heavyyielding plant from China. The sugar content of 10% makes this one of the sweetest cherries, yet the flavor also combines a rich, fruity bite that is unique and delicious. A strong producer all season long. 87715-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 3 trays $11.25 ea

jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 3 3

1/15/13 2:20 PM

Easy to Grow in Pots on the Patio!


Tumbling Tom Yellow

Mega Bite

Tumbling Tom Red




Golden Rave

If you've got a big flowerpot and a patch of sunshine, you can grow a vegetable garden! All of the varieties on these pages were chosen especially for their ability to stay small and produce big crops. Transplant them into your container using good-quality potting soil, a stake or other support to hold up those heavy crops, and plenty of food and water. Veggies grown in containers often have fewer problems with pests, look terrific, and are easier to harvest at just the right time. Have fun growing a tomato garden on your city balcony or an entire "veggie patch" right on the back deck!


Totem Hybrid

65 days. Determinate. This dwarf cherry tomato sets 1- to 1¼-oz. fruits that refuse to crack, tumbling merrily over the side of hanging baskets on strong stems. Heavy-bearing and vigorous, it's the best patio tomato yet! 87721-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Determinate. Just 12 to 18 inches high, this robust little bush covers itself early in the season with sweet crimson fruit in giant clusters. If you love gourmet cluster-grown tomatoes, this is the one to grow! 87664-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Mega Bite Hybrid

Sweet 'n' Neat Scarlet Improved Hybrid

70 days. Determinate. Harvest up to 60 tomatoes on every plant. The fruit is exceptionally large — 4 to 6 oz and 3 to 4 inches in diameter! — and delicious, with a meaty, juicy, firm bite. 87656--PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Lizzano Hybrid

63 days. Semi-determinate. The plant stays compact while the delicious cherry tomatoes just keep coming, much later than most others. 16 to 20 inches high and 20 inches wide, fitting perfectly into planters and hanging baskets. But although the plant stays compact, it continues to bear all summer long! Highly disease-resistant plants are even tolerant of late blight, the first tomato ever to demonstrate such tolerance! 87719-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

60 days. Determinate. Just 10 to 12 inches high, this hardworking patio tomato sets masses of juicy-sweet ¾- to 1-oz. cherries all season long! Stake it to hold up the big bounty of fruit! 87730-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Tumbling Tom

70 days. Indeterminate. This weeping-form Tomato trails up to 2 feet from hanging baskets, every inch studded with 1- to 2-inch fruit! A very heavy producer with good branching, it’s perfect for the space-saving veggie garden!

87733-PK-6—Red 87734-PK-6—Yellow

Any Tumbling Tom above in trays of six plants Mix n' Match 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

34 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

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Sweet 'n' Neat Scarlet Improved


Roma Tomatoes - A Chef's delight! Agro Hybrid 95 days. Indeterminate. F1TV. When it's time to make tomato paste, what you want is plenty of ripe, delicious fruit, preferably all about the same size so they will cook down evenly. That's exactly what Agro provides. This San Marzano type is well adapted to different climates, and sets enormous numbers of firm, bright red fruit that won't burst on the vine. It is one of the best indeterminate varieties for huge yields all summer long. 87708-PK-6 —Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Golden Rave Hybrid

67 days. Indeterminate. A delectable "Romanito" type combining the meaty bite of a Roma with the super sweet flavor of a grape tomato! Just 2 inches long, these glowing gold grape-shaped fruit have twice the sugar content of a Roma — perfect for salads, sauces, and more. The plant is very adaptable and resistant to cracking, with good disease tolerance. 87716-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Margherita Hybrid 70-75 days. Determinate. The best cooking Tomato in our trials, this elongated 5- to 6-ounce saladette is delicious fresh but indescribably good when roasted. The cylindrical, thinskinned deep red fruit ripens uniformly on 2to 3-foot plants with dependably heavy yields. 87720-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Order Today 1/15/13 2:25 PM




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Classic Tomatoes for your Garden

Park's Season Starter

Early Girl

Better Bush Improved

Park's Razzleberry

Better Boy Hybrid

AAS Winner. Indeterminate. Here's the one you want for big, meaty tomatoes! With earlier maturity and superior disease-tolerance, this Beefsteak-type bears at least twice the number of 9- to 12-ounce tomatoes of other varieties. 87639-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Early Girl Hybrid 57 days. Indeterminate. VF1F2. Our earliest slicing tomato! Vigorous plants yield a prolific crop of 4- to 6-ounce globe-shaped fruits all summer. Rich red, smooth-skinned, and delicious, Early Girl is a reliable favorite! 40779-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Park's Season Starter Hybrid Determinate. Grow the first tomato in the

neighborhood! These 6-ounce fruits are bright red, appearing in huge numbers on compact plants. These fruits will remain on the vine without cracking! Superb for canning or fresh eating. 87726-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Park’s Razzleberry Hybrid

Determinate. Mild and sweet, these 6- to

7-ounce fruits melt in your mouth! A favorite in taste tests, it’s also a hardworking, strongstemmed garden performer, 4 to 5 feet high and 2 feet wide. 46506-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Better Boy

Better Bush Improved Hybrid

Short Internodes. Luscious 4-inch fruits with

that “real tomato” flavor. Plants grow to about 4 feet; strong central stem needs little staking. It bears early and keeps going all season. 87711-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Mater Sandwich Hybrid

The Perfect Slicer! Indeterminate. These large, 10- to 16-ounce tomatoes are slightly flattened, making them even easier to slice. Perfect for sandwiches, they hold together nicely, offering a great tangy tomato bite and dark red color. This is a giant tomato you must taste to believe! 87722-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Mater Sandwich

Park’s Early Challenge Hybrid

63 days. Indeterminate. VF1F2NT. Tops in flavor and dependable early fruit set! Tall, vigorous plants set fruit uniformly, with no green shoulders. The attractive globe-shaped tomatoes, 4 to 4½ ounces, hold well and become more tasty with maturity! 87725-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Park's Early Challenge

Big Beef Hybrid

AAS Winner. Indeterminate. Here's the one

you want for big, meaty tomatoes! With earlier maturity and superior disease-tolerance, this Beefsteak-type bears at least twice the number of 9- to 12-ounce tomatoes of other varieties 87646-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Big Beef

Limited Quantities Available! PA13.034-035.indd 35

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1/15/13 2:25 PM

You Can Double Your Crops

Bigger Fruit,



and more of it! Tomato Graft

Hig set lig sw


In the photo above, the grafted plant has been pruned to 2 main shoots, making it easy to train up the trellis and harvest.

Why Grafted Tomatoes are Better:

• More fruit in less space • Vigorous growth

• Larger, more flavorful fruit • Fewer pest and disease problems

Grafted Tomatoes are simply easier to grow, more productive, and have fewer problems with pests and diseases than any others. Here's how they work: The Best of Both Worlds The top part of one plant is attached to the root system of another, more vigorous variety. As they grow, their tissues fuse, giving you the robust health of the rootstock combined with the delicious fruit of the variety you have chosen.

Reliable and Easy to Grow Feed and water your grafted tomatoes as you would any others, but prune off any shoots that grow out below the graft. This will improve air circulation and actually increase your yields! Support these vining plants as you would any other tomato!


Grafted Heirloom Trio

1 plant each of Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple & Pineapple 87857-PK-3 — Only $24.95



Favorite Grafted Trio

1 plant each of Early Girl, Beefsteak and Juliet 87856-PK-3 — Only $24.95

PA13.036-037.indd 36



You'll love the results — plenty of big, healthy, delicious tomatoes all season long! 36 c a l l to d ay 1 -8 0 0 -2 9 2 -4 7 6 9

Th blo red pla

Each plant is individually 1/15/13 10:37 AM




With Grafted Tomatoes!



Amish Paste

Cherokee Purple



Amish Paste

Cherokee Purple

Highly productive, this heirloom sets masses of 4- to 5-inch, lightly ribbed red fruit with a sweet, meaty flavor.

Weighing at least 12 ounces each, these purplish-red tomatoes are deeply lobed and packed with oldtime tomato flavor.

Bright red 8- to 12-oz. plum tomatoes from near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Juicy and meaty, with complex tomato flavor.




Grown by the Cherokee 120+years ago, these 16 oz. deep purple fruits have a sharp tomato tang. Heavy yields.







Early Girl


Mortgage Lifter


Early Girl


Mortgage Lifter


The classic "first tomato on the block," this slicer sets 4- to 6-oz. red fruits on super-vigorous plants. So reliable!

This award-winning red grape sets 1-oz. fruits in big clusters, with great crack resistance and luscious flavor.

Developed in 1930's West Virginia, with huge, meaty, mild fruits weighing 2½ to 4 lbs! Pinkish-red with very few seeds.

An heirloom beefsteak with 1- to 2-lb. red-striped golden fruit, highly aromatic and deliciously meaty.





All varieties are indeterminate (they keep growing and bearing fruit all season long) and are sold in packs of 3.

one pack of 3 plants (of the same variety) for $24.95

inspected prior to shipping PA13.036-037.indd 37

jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 3 7

1/15/13 1:45 PM

Containers that work for You Trio Cottage Planter


• Weatherproof • Lightweight • Shatterproof • UV-resistant • Easy to clean • Frost-proof Caring for Your Plants has Never been Easier! Grow 3 tall, healthy plants side by side in the Trio Cottage Planter! This innovative design is perfect for anything from tomatoes to Clematis, beans to Black-Eyed Susan Vines. The 39-inch-wide planter holds 3 roomy containers, each 13 inches high, which you fill individually with soil (and can easily remove). Watering your Trio Cottage Planter is a snap, thanks to the special Water Gauge in each container, which lets you know when your plants are at optimal moisture levels. There's never been an easier or more effective way to grow vining vegetables, flowering plants, or a quick privacy screen. The water reservoir in the base of the planter keeps your patio clean and dry, and the Trio Cottage stands up to frost, UV rays, strong sun, and other stresses. Its wicker design is durable and attractive, blending in well with any decor from casual to formal. Easy to clean, the Trio Cottage Planter will delight you for years! Highly recommended. Coordinating trellis sold separately. 34332—Granite (shown) 34334—Black 34331—White 1 for $199.95

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Trio Cottage Planter Coordinating Trellis

The cross-pieces on the sturdy trellis are movable, so you can adjust their height as your plants grow! 96935—1 for $49.95

Cottage Hanging Basket NEW! Self-watering Basket Holds

Trio Cottag Coordinati e Planter ng Trellis

100 Pounds! Here it is — the one hanging basket that won't crack, warp, or snap its chain! This amazing stainless-steel basket is 10 inches in diameter, with a 20-inch hanger and chain that holds up to 100 pounds of weight. In the base of the basket is a reservoir for 12 weeks' water and food, keeping plants hydrated all season long! It also has an interchangeable liner that makes replacing plants a breeze. Use it for your heaviest tropical vines, place it fearlessly in areas of high wind, rain, and even ice, and don't worry if the cat jumps into it for a quick nap! This basket withstands it all and looks great year after year! 9 inches high. 34046—Granite 1 for $44.95



of On 40 1 tr

Trio Cottage Planter (Granite)

Nelumbo Window Box NEW!


Lift your garden up to eye level! Add a fresh layer of color to your garden display with this heavy-duty, extra-deep window box. Measuring 8" wide and 8.75" deep, it is fitted with a coco fiber liner and equipped with both an over-the-rail hook and a knockout for surface installation. With plenty of room for all your bright annuals and trailing plants, this window box is the ideal finishing touch to any home, patio, balcony, or porch. 34619—24-inch 1 for $38.95 34621—36-inch 1 for $54.95

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Cottage Hanging Basket


Nelumbo Window Box

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1/16/13 3:07 PM



fitut nts,


Bestselling Tomatoes Park’s Whopper CR Improved Hybrid The Home Gardener’s Absolute Favorite Tomato! Indeterminate. An American classic! Even if you've never grown a tomato before, you will be successful with the Whopper. It's simply the most disease-resistant variety on the market. And if you like a lot of tomatoes, you'll love its huge yields and long season. But most of all, it's delicious! These big, juicy, crack-resistant tomatoes, 4 inches or more across, ripen evenly with a rich, juicy, substantial bite you'll find nowhere else. And they keep right on coming in huge quantities until frost — no smaller, greener end-of-season fruits here! Resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Root Knot Nematodes, Tobacco Mosaic Virus, 2 strains of Fusarium Wilt, and cracking. Set plants 2 to 2½ feet apart and stake or cage them for support. 41422-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

E! V A S Tomato Sampler Pack

Park’s Beefy Boy Hybrid

Indeterminate. The only serious challenger the Whopper has ever had! Everything about this tomato is larger-than-life, from its succulent flavor to its generous yields! Bred specifically for maximum flavor, the taste is sweet yet meaty, with more solids and less gel, despite its walloping 12- to 16-ounce size. This is the tomato you must grow this year for fresh tomato sandwiches and salads! And although you get a huge crop, less space between each fruit means a more manageable, space-saving plant for the home garden! Superior disease protection, too — Beefy Boy is tolerant of Stemphylium and resistant to Verticillium Wilt, Fusarium Wilt races 1 and 2, and Tobacco Mosaic Virus. Gorgeous globe-shaped tomatoes boast deep red skin and smooth shoulders (thanks to uniform ripening). 41266-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Park's Whopper

2 each of Park's Whopper, Park's Beefy Boy, and Better Boy NEW 87858-PK-6— Only $14.95

12 to 16 ounces each!

Celebrity Hybrid

AAS Winner. Indeterminate. Strong plants produce a bounty

of firm 8-ounce fruits that resist cracking. A classic favorite! One slice covers a whole slice of bread. 40680-PK-6—Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Beefmaster Hybrid

Indeterminate. A mouth-watering, giant red tomato! Beefmaster yields unbelievable quantities of delicious beefsteak-type tomatoes, up to 2 pounds apiece. 87710-PK-6 —Each tray contains 6 plants 1 tray $11.95 | 2 trays $11.25 ea

Thank you for such healthy and large starters! -Tess P., IL

Park's Beefy Boy Beefmaster

What to Expect: • Shipped via Garden Fresh Express Delivery • Sent at proper planting time • Arrive safely in our crush proof packaging • Strong root systems and a well-branched top growth ensure success • Order Early quantities are limited!


jac kso n an d perk i ns. com 3 9

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