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PTC Corporate Officers

Providing leadership and financial support for the Parents Television Council are the members of its Board of Directors. The PTC’s Board meets at least three times each year and currently includes nine members, each of whom is vital to the continued success of the PTC’s mission of protecting children from harmful media influences.

Board of Directors

Michelle D’ Amour

Pat Boone

Rev. Delman Coates, PH.D.

Margie Hunter

Gary Lesser

D. Scott Plakon

Bob Zeidman

Don Noblitt

Patty Leonard

Company Officers

Tim Winter President

Margie Hunter Secretary

Bob Zeidman

Brad Tweten


Chief Finance Officer

Advisory Board

Although our membership now totals well over 1.3 million Americans, the Parents Television Council also has the support of many prominent leaders – inside and outside of Hollywood – who are taking a strong and visible position to help us in our mission. Members of the PTC’s Advisory Board have supported the PTC’s mission of protecting our children – and our culture – from graphic and gratuitous violence, sex, and profanity in entertainment. Steve Allen National Honorary Chairman Emeritus

Phil Baron William Bennett William Blinn Governor Sam Brownback John Carvelli Nicole Clark Tim Conway

Marybeth Hicks

Coleman Luck

Mel Renfro

Susan Howard

Jerry Mathers

Cheryl Felicia Rhoads

Dave Alan Johnson

Holly McClure

Connie Sellecca

Gary Johnson

Michael Medved

Mary Streep

Dean Jones

Jim Otto

Patrick A. Trueman

Naomi Judd

Fr. Val Peter

Ken Wales

Blanche Lincoln

Robert W. Peters

Susan Wales

Paul Porter

Letter from the PTC’s Leadership Every parent knows that television is an incredibly powerful force in our children’s lives. More than a thousand scientific and academic studies confirm what most parents also instinctively know to be true: explicit entertainment media can have a harmful impact on children. Children who consume large quantities of graphic media violence tend to be more aggressive, more likely to use violence as a resolution to conflict, and more fearful of their surroundings. The Parents Television Council was founded to protect children and promote a media culture safe for families. The PTC diligently monitors the media industry – and through a balance of research, education, and advocacy programs, we strive for positive change. We help parents protect their children from media content that can do them harm by documenting and opposing instances of such content, holding those who produce and sponsor it accountable for their actions, and pushing for change. And we help promote family and the interests of children by recognizing those in entertainment and private industry who produce and sponsor genuinely family-friendly content, and encouraging them to make more. Among our initiatives are those encouraging companies to be responsible in refusing to sponsor inappropriate programming, promoting Cable Choice (the right of customers to pay only for the networks they actually watch), supporting the enforcement of broadcast decency laws, and working to reform a TV ratings system operated by the very people putting our kids in harm’s way. We don’t accept government funding or solicit donations from the entertainment industry. We are supported only through tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations that share our commitment to children and families. We ask you to add your voice to ours. Our children need an advocate on their behalf. Please consider helping us protect children from being exposed to inappropriate content. Help us protect families from being exposed to inappropriate content — Because Our Children Are Watching. Please join us…

Tim Winter President

Michele D’Amour Board Chair


Television can be a Positive Experience for Children and their Families ✴

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2015 PTC Annual Report


Ratings Reform If you watch TV, at the beginning of most programs and after most commercial breaks, you’ve probably noticed a program rating – something like “TV-PG L” or “TV-14 DLSV.” That’s the content rating of the program you’re about to watch. Like the familiar movie ratings, they tell you the content of the show, and they also trigger the “V-Chip” to screen out programming harmful to kids. Or they’re supposed to. In fact, ever since it was introduced in 1996, the TV content ratings system has never worked correctly. According to surveys, most parents don’t know how to program their V-Chip, and don’t know what the various ratings mean. Even worse, the networks who produce TV shows are the same ones who rate the shows – AND they control the board that is supposed to oversee the ratings process! So the same people make the shows, rate the shows, and oversee the ratings of the shows. This is a huge conflict of interest…especially since, the lower the age rating on a show is, the more people (including children) will be able to watch that show. And since TV is all about attracting large numbers of viewers, the networks have an incentive not to rate their programs accurately. Here at the PTC, we believe that parents ought to be able to depend on the content ratings to provide a real guide to the show’s content. The TV content ratings should be accurate and consistent – the same content should receive the same rating, no matter what network it’s on. And the way the system operates should be transparent and accountable to the public: parents should know who is rating programs and why, and they should have a voice in how shows are rated. This is why we’ve launched our newest initiative: Ratings Reform. In the future, we’ll organize a symposium of America’s top media scholars, to make the case for the need for reform. We’ll meet with members of Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, and urge them to reform the ratings system. And we’ll challenge the TV Ratings Oversight Board to make the television content ratings system one that actually meets the needs of parents, and helps them protect their children from harm. 6

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2015 PTC Annual Report


4 Every Girl Not every negative message is obvious. Every day, our girls receive subtle messages from entertainment: Are you pretty enough? Do boys like you? Remember: the most important thing about you is how you look. Young women, teenagers, and even little girls are constantly deluged with media messages encouraging them to act and dress, and even think, in ways that are “sexy.” According to the American Psychological Association, the three most common mental health problems for girls – eating disorders, depression, and low self-esteem – are linked to the use of girls and women as sex objects in media. We think girls deserve better. One of the most important ways we stand up for children is by promoting positive images of girls in the media through our 4 Every Girl (4EG) campaign. Through 4EG, we uphold a positive image of girls by advocating for a media environment where they are honored, valued, and represented by healthy, respectful depictions. Our 4 Every Girl website has raised tremendous awareness of this issue; and through our work with TV sponsors and advertisers, we encourage advertisers to support – and programmers to create – more television programs and movies that show girls and women in their best light: strong, smart, brave, and compassionate. Through 4 Every Girl, we stand with – and stand up for – our nation’s most precious resource…because the girls of today are the women of tomorrow.



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TV Safe for Your Family

In most business enterprises, a few large interests dominate. There may be a number of smaller concerns in the same business, which may provide more specialized services; but it is the large conglomerates that control most of the field. This is true of the entertainment industry, too. The production, marketing, distribution, and airing of the vast majority of television programming is controlled by one of six conglomerates: Comcast-NBCUniversal, ABC-Disney, Time Warner, CBS, Viacom, and Fox. Most of these control movie studios and theme parks as well; and Comcast also controls a major cable company. Because of this, when it comes to TV programming, the playing field isn’t level. The conglomerates each own multiple TV networks. For example, Disney owns ABC, Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC Family, ESPN, Lifetime, and more. This means they’re able to flood television with programming that emphasizes unhealthy content. But there are other, smaller networks devoted to creating and airing truly inspriational and family-friendly programming. But because these networks are independent of the big conglomerates, they operate at a disadvantage: they are given less desirable channel slots and are charged more by cable or satellite systems – and sometimes, cable and satellite refuse to carry them altogether. We at the PTC believe that these networks – the ones devoted to providing programming safe for families and children – deserve a fair shake. We urge the Federal Communications Commission to ensure that child-safe networks are given a chance to succeed, free from unfair competition. We’ve dedicated ourselves to standing up for the “little guy”…whether that means a small network struggling to do the right thing, or parents looking for TV safe for their family.


i ✴

Events Raising awareness of the proven harm caused by graphic and gratuitous media violence, sex, and foul language is key to the PTC’s mission. To help parents and the public become aware of our work to help protect children and promote positive messages in entertainment, we hold a number of events each year. Last summer, we met with concerned and influential citizens in both Denver and Chicago. And in November, jazz musician Kenny G performed at a gala concert, which introduced nearly a thousand representatives of corporations, media companies, and others to the PTC’s mission.

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Advertiser Accountability Our Advertiser Accountability program engages directly with our members and the viewing public, empowering them to communicate with TV show sponsors and urge them to cease sponsoring harmful programming, and to encourage advertisers to sponsor more family-friendly shows. We also contact advertisers directly, and cite the kind of program content (graphic sex, violence, and profanity) they are underwriting. As a result, each year advertisers stop sponsoring harmful programs, sending a clear message to the entertainment industry. By deciding which television programs to sponsor, advertisers help determine what options you’ll have in television programming. Holding advertisers accountable for the program content they make possible with their ad dollars is the cornerstone of the PTC’s Advertiser Accountability campaign.



Best/Worst Advertisers of 2015 Every year, the PTC releases its annual Best and Worst TV Advertisers list, applauding companies that sponsor family-friendly TV programming, and criticizing those that underwrite violent, sexually explicit, or profane content. The “Best” companies on this list have demonstrated willingness to support positive TV programming. Those companies on the “Worst” list have supported TV shows that routinely feature sex, violence, and profanity, and have not responded to calls to reevaluate their sponsorship behavior. INDUSTRY







Nestle; Mondelez International

Mars; Wrigley

(Trident, Dentyne, Bubblicious,



Sanofi; Johnson & Johnson

Bayer; Merck

Consumer Brands

P&G (Cover Girl, Luvs, Swiffer,

Unilever (Dove, Axe,

Bounty, Tide, Crest, Pampers, Olay,

Lipton, Suave, Vaseline,

Duracell, Gillette, Always, NyQuil)



Coca Cola

Red Bull

Fast Food

Wendy’s; Dunkin’ Brands

McDonald’s, Burger

King, Pizza Hut, Taco

Bell, KFC




Office Supply

Office Depot



Helzberg Diamonds

Kay Jewelers


TJX (Marshalls, Home Goods,

L Brands (Victoria’s

TJ Maxx)

Secret, Bath & Body

Works, La Senza)

General Retail

Sears, Walmart

Target, Best Buy

2015 PTC Annual Report


Broadcast Indecency Protecting children and families from sex, foul language, and media violence is the core of our activism. We at the PTC document every act of violence, sexual act or reference, and use of profanity on prime-time broadcast network TV and selected cable networks, and produce multiple studies of harmful trends in entertainment, so that we can educate, inform, and engage with members of the public about the dangers posed by media. But we don’t stop there. Under federal law, broadcasters are required to operate “in the public interest.” That means, in part, not airing obscene or indecent material between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. We urge the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the law. We also make it possible for members of the public to file comments with the FCC, so their voice can be heard. Our most important focus is on helping parents protect their children from violent and indecent media.

Cable Choice Pay-TV services like cable and satellite TV force consumers to pay for dozens of channels they don’t want, in order to get the handful of channels that they do. Many of these channels show content that is harmful or offensive to many viewers – yet those viewers are forced to pay for them. As a result, major cable networks receive hundreds of millions of dollars every year from families who don’t want that network in their home. The PTC’s response to this unfair situation is to promote a la carte Cable Choice, under which customers would pay for only those channels they actually watch. Thanks to the PTC’s unrelenting emphasis on this issue, we are recognized across the nation as the driving force in the public policy sphere for Cable Choice.


Negative, violent and offensive television does nothing to brighten our souls.

2015 PTC Annual Report



PTC Seal of Approval The Parents Television Council also recognizes outstanding family-friendly programs through our PTC Seal of Approval®. The PTC Seal upholds the highest standards in decency, appropriateness for children, and artistic achievement in entertainment. This award is given to worthy television programs, made-for-TV movies, and motion pictures suitable for the entire family. If a product has been given the Seal, consumers can be sure it reflects their values – and is a safe and family-friendly choice for their children. MOVIES Cinderella Little Boy Max Monkey Kingdom The Peanuts Movie Tomorrowland TELEVISION Angels in the Snow Bringing Up Bates My One Christmas Wish Noah’s Ark The Christmas Note Away & Back Brush of Honor Christmas in the Smokies


(UP) (UP) (UP) (UP) (Hallmark Channel) (Hallmark Channel) (INSP) (INSP)


2015 PTC Annual Report


Donor Acknowledgement The PTC’s Diamond Patrons, Platinum Patrons, Gold Patrons, and Silver Patrons comprise an exclusive and distinguished group of some of the best-known and most influential philanthropists in the country. Bronze Patrons members donate $5,000 or more annually; Patron members donate between $1,000 and $4,999 annually. Diamond Patrons - $100,000 and Up Mr. and Mrs. Donald D’Amour The Louis & Gladyce Foster Family Foundation The G. A. Foster Legacy Foundation Ms. Virginia James Mathile Family Foundation Stuart Family Foundation Mr. Jack C. Taylor Platinum Patrons - $50,000 - $99,999 Anschutz Foundation Coordinex LLC Dodge Jones Foundation Microsoft Corporation William E. Simon Foundation Mr. Timothy J. Stabosz Gil and Dody Weaver Foundation Gold Patrons - $25,000 - $49,999 Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Friedmann Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hester Mr. and Mrs. Don Noblitt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Sachs Dr. and Mrs. William R. Weaver Silver Patrons - $10,000 - $24,999 Mr. Edward M. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Prestley Blake Jr. The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Mr. and Mrs. T. Bondurant French Thank Heaven Foundation Mr. Charles Humbard Margie and Dave Hunter Mr. and Mrs. Wendell A. Hurd Mrs. Diana L. Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. Loren A. Jahn Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murphy Strake Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Workman Mr. & Mrs. Robert Zeidman 18

Bronze Patrons - $5,000 – $9,999 Mr. Pat Boone Mr. Larry Cole Robert W. Garthwait, Sr. Robert W. Garthwait Jr. Grizzard Family Foundation Mr. Leif Jacobsen Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Koscielny Mr. Ben M. Patterson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Halvor L. Rover Patrons - $1,000 – $4,999 Mr. Dale Ardizzone Ar-Hale Family Foundation, Inc. Ayco Charitable Foundation The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta Mr. Craig Awad Capt. and Mrs. Stephen M. Bailey Mrs. Teresa J. Battaglia Mr. and Mrs. David L. Brochu Mrs. Karen A. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brown Jr. Mrs. Mary E. Butler Mr. Robert Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Charles Merrell Calhoun Mrs. Christine Carguello Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Chakerian Rev. and Mrs. Delman L. Coates Mr. John Colis The Raymond E. and Ellen F. Crane Foundation Mr. Calvin C. Crittenden Mr. Clifton D. Cullum Jr. Dr. Robert Culpepper Ms. Charlotte Danly Mrs. Rosemarie C. Decker Drs. Dayna and Steve G. Diven Mrs. Lois W. Dyk ✴ Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Dykman U.S. Charitable Gift Trust Sears Real Estate

Mrs. Anne M. Everson Mrs. Judy Scott Feldman Dr. Marian C. Finan Mr. Lawrence J. Gibson Dr. Eleanor Gorsey Mr. Nick Hackstock Mr. Thomas W. Havey Dr. and Mrs. Jackson Herring Gerard and Patricia Hipp Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Charles Horak Jr. John E. and Sue M. Jackson Charitable Trust Mr. W. R. Jackson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Jennett Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnsen Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Rosanne Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Kapetansky, MD Mr. Daniel Kaputa Mr. Christopher W. King Ms. Melly Kinnard Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Kitch Mr. and Mrs. Richard Korpan Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Kovac Mr. and Mrs. Don G. Laws Mr. Alexander N. Lenard Bruce and Michele MacNeal Matthew Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McDermott Mr. E.R. McDonald McDonnell Foundation Mrs. Priscilla R. McDonnell Dr. and Mrs. David J. McGill Mrs. Mornette A. McShane Mrs. Judith L. Miller Muller Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Murdy

Mr. Frank Noonan National Christian Foundation Ohio Mr. George O’ Neill Mr. and Mrs. Reed Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Roberts Dr. Robert K. Roney Mr. Robert Roundtree Mr. Walter J. Schell Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schilling Mr. and Mrs. Warren Schlinger Mr. and Mrs. Phil F. Schneider Mrs. Beryle A. Schreck Mr. Paul Sears Mr. Daniel Singleton Mr. Nicholas A. Skaff Barbara Owen Smith Family Foundation Mrs. Barbara Owen Smith Mrs. Elizabeth B. Stadler Mr. Jimmy Stallings Mrs. Mary K. Stine Mrs. Mary M. Thompson Ms. Karen Griffin Tinsley Mrs. Norma J. Vankuiken Mr. Terrence E. Walden Mrs. Mildred Wanja Mr. John G. Waterbury Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. West Mrs. Alice Wheatley Mr. and Mrs. James T. Whiting Ms. Marjorie Williams Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Winter Mr. Gerald D. Wood Mr. Randal H. Woods Mr. and Mrs. David J. Workman Mr. Jerry Van Wyk Mr. and Mrs. David J. Younggren

In Memoriam Mr. W. S. Radgowski

2015 PTC Annual Report

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Parents Television Council Expense Allocation

P S a

Year ended December 31, 2015 Programs Research and Publications



Grassroots and Membership



Special Projects



Total Programs






Management and General



Total Support Services





Support Services

Total Expenses





* Research and Publications * Grassroots and Membership * Special Projects


Year ended December 31, 2015

Temporarily Unrestricted



Revenue and Support Contributions

$ 1,839,324

In-kind contributions



$ 2,709,824




Special events revenues




Rental and other




Investment income, net




Net assets released from restrictions




Total Revenue and Support




Expenses Program Services Research and publications




Grassroots and membership




Special projects







Total Program Services Support Services Management and general














Total Support Services Total Expenses


Change in Net Assets


Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year












Parents Television Council Statement of Activity and Changes In Net Assets

Parents Television Council Statement of Financial Position Assets Cash and cash equivalents




Pledges receivable


Prepaid expenses


Property and Equipment - net


Deposits Total Assets


15,882 $


Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Accounts payable



Accrued expenses


Deferred rent


Deferred compensation liability

30,000 430,426

Total Liabilities Net Assets Unrestricted


Temporarily restricted

169,835 216,303

Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets




2015 PTC Annual Report


An Invitation to Share in a Pioneer’s Legacy Comedian, author and composer Steve Allen spent more than 50 years in show business. He was the founding host of The Tonight Show, a true television industry legend and a national treasure. In 1998, Steve launched a public campaign to clean up the medium that made him a legend. In his capacity as Honorary Chairman of the Parent Television Council, Steve lent his name to a nationwide advertising campaign urging concerned parents to hit the networks where it counts: in the pocketbook. In the ad, he said, “TV is leading children down a moral sewer, but you and I can end it….by reaching the TV sponsors whose ad dollars make it possible.” The first 500,000 members of the Parents Television Council were the people who clipped Steve’s ad out of newspapers across the country, sent a donation, and signed a petition addressed to network executives. The message was simple, “Clean Up TV Now!” Now eighteen years later, Steve Allen’s legacy lives on. The Parents Television Council is alive and strong. Our mission is to protect children from proven harm that comes from exposure to graphic violence, sex and profanity on television. The Board of Directors of the Parents Television Council invites you to include this organization in your estate planning. If you notify us that you have made a provision for the Parents Television Council in your will, you will be proudly welcomed as a member of the Steve Allen Society. For your convenience, I have provided you with language you can share with your estate planning attorney on the Parents Television Council website Estate gifts are held in a reserve account and are only used for strategic purposes and at the discretion of the Parents Television Council Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Timothy F. Winter President, The Parents Television Council


✴ We all desire to lead happy and fulfilled lives surrounded by family and friends. For many of us, there is a compelling need to make a difference—to leave a lasting impact on the people most dear to us and the world in which we live. The search for significance and desire to plan for the future leads many to ponder their legacy.



Every year, approximately 65% of Americans who pass away do so without having prepared a valid last will and testament. State and federal laws provide significant incentives designed to make it easy for very personal wishes to be known and followed. In many cases, a carefully planned will serves to actually minimize costs related to settling an estate. GIFTS THAT HELP AVOID TAXES A charitable bequest is a bequest written in a will or trust that directs a gift to be made to a qualified exempt charity when you pass away. One benefit of a charitable bequest is that it enables you to further the good work of an organization you support long after you are gone. Better yet, a charitable bequest can help you save estate taxes by providing your estate with a charitable deduction for the value of the gift. With careful planning, your family can also avoid paying income taxes on the assets they receive from your estate.


AN EASY GIFT TO MAKE A bequest is one of the easiest gifts to make. With the help of an advisor, you can include language in your will or trust specifying a gift to be made to family, friends or charity as part of your estate plan. A BEQUEST MAY BE MADE IN SEVERAL WAYS GIFT AS A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR ESTATE GIFT OF A SPECIFIC ASSET GIFT OF THE RESIDUE OF YOUR ESTATE GIFTS THAT GENERATE INCOME


CHARITABLE REMAINDER TRUST The most versatile charitable giving tool, the charitable remainder trust (CRT), can help you avoid capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated assets, generate regular increased income for you, provide you with a charitable income tax deduction and fulfill your philanthropic objectives.


Philanthropy is an expression ✴ of your generosity with the understanding that your gift to us can make a difference. There are many ways in which you can make a gift to further our important work and provide tax and income benefits to you. Contact us today, and will be happy to provide you with further information.


CHARITABLE BEQUESTS A bequest is a gift that is made through your will or trust and can establish your wishes today without relinquishing needed assets during your lifetime. For more information on bequest giving options or to request our Guide to Planning Your Will & Trust, please contact us. We can refer you to a qualified estate planning attorney if you are looking for someone to draft your plan. CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY You transfer your cash or property to us and we promise to make a fixed payment to you for life at a rate based on your age. In addition to the security of fixed income, you receive a charitable income tax deduction and a portion of each of your annuity payments may be tax free. UNSPENT RETIREMENT FUNDS While most people would like to care for family members after they are gone, the problem with giving your unspent retirement savings to your

family (other than your surviving spouse) is that the majority of your savings will be taxed. First, the asset will be included in your estate and may be subject to estate tax. Family members will pay tax at their ordinary income rate resulting in very little of your remaining money actually going to your family. If you are looking for ways to save on estate tax, your retirement assets actually make a better gift to charity. This is because a charitable organization like ours can receive the entire asset tax free and make use of it to further our mission. Please contact Parents Television Council Planned Giving for more information regarding specific strategies that benefit us at some point in the future while offering immediate benefits to you. PARENTS TELEVISION COUNCIL Jon Dellaria, Jr. Chief Development Officer 213-403-1313


Steve Allen Society

PTC’s full-pa ge advertis ement and appeal to ad vertisers as seen in new spapers natio nwide

Parents ... Gr andparents ... Families

... This is for Y OU

TV Is Lead ing Childr en Down A M oral Sewe r H o w Y o u A n d I Can Stop It Are you as disg usted as I am

Steve Allen

at the filth, vulg Are you fed up arity, sex and vi olence TV is se language, violen with steamy unmarried sex nding into our situations, filth ce, killings etc homes? y jokes, perver .? Are you as outra sion, vulgarity ged as I am at ho , foul to have pre-mar w TV is un dermining the ital sex ... enco morals of child uraging lack of to the lowest sta re n ... encouragin respect for auth ndards of dece g them ority ... and shap ncy? Well now you ing our country and I can end it. down Yes we can, ac sponsors whos tually and liter e ad dollars mak ally. We can do e it possible. An it by reaching th d here's how: e TV

A Parents ' Appeal T o

TV Spons ors Look At T he E

• •

These Are vidence Some Of T he Tragic C F il th , onsequenc Sex And V Since television es Of The T iolence You started around 1,000 studies, the impact of TV V S e nd Into Ou reports, etc. co violence have nc ern ing be r Homes en published. Th e Na tio na l TV sponsors: In sti tu te of M Th is is jus ta en

or ga ni za tio ns ta l He al th an d 7 m or e na tio sa y th er e is ov na l er wh el m in g ev entertainment causes violent id en ce th at vi behavior. ol en t • An ABC ne twork study fo und 22 to 34 imprisoned for percent of yo violent crimes ung felons said they had co techniques lea nsciously imita rned from watch ted crime ing television • Homicide rat programs. es doubled in 10 to 15 years after into specific are TV was first introdu as of the U.S. and Canada. ced • In a survey of 10 to 16-year old s, 62 percent sa their peers to ha id sex on TV inf ve sex when the luences y're too young.

small sampling showing the ter of the massive rible damage yo evidence u are causing filth, sex, and by paying to se violence into Am nd TV eri sponsoring it. can homes. W e beg you to sto p Please don't tel l us to take our complaint to the network official TV networks. For s went to Washin years gton and prom on TV. Janet Re ised to reduce no, U.S. Attorne violence y General, calle less". We know d their promise , and YOU know s "worth, that without yo the TV program ur advertising s that are desens dollars itizing an entir lence, promisc e nation to killin uous sex and vu g, violgarity WOULD N'T BE BROA DCAST.

We Want I t Stopped !

A Message From Steve Together W Allen e Can Mak e It Happen I'm asking every person who ag spe

rees with this ak to DOES) to ad (virtually EV send in the Ap Parents Televisi peal To TV Sp ERYONE we onsors below. on Council will Every month we total the numb They're going er received and at to KNOW that notify the sponso we, their custo to stop sponso rs. mers, are angry ring sex, filth, violence and sle and we want the in the kinds of aze ... and instea m decent, family d put their ad do -safe programs The heads of the llars that are getting se companies are huge ratings. ents. The troub fin e pe op le. Many are paren le is they have ts and grandpa been letting the which programs rir ad agencies to sponsor and and others decid they are unaware We can really e of the harm they get them to sto are doing. children and ou p sponsoring the r country. All TV that is so it takes is for en ha Here's proof: rm ful to our ough of us to ma ke our voices he Recently viewe ard. rs critical of jus t one TV progra anger, and over m let the sponso 35 sponsors can rs know of the celled their ads! So please, mail ir This project is YOUR Appeal going to succee To TV Sponsor Please don't pu d! s to me today. t it off. Our ch We'll do the res ildren and our any one of us to t. country are being remain silent. hurt too badly Mail your Appe for al to me NOW . Parents Telev ision Council Washington, D. C. Office • 32 5 South Patri ck Street Alexandria, Vi rginia 22314

An APPEAL To T o The Head s Of Every TV

TV P Company Su Prro og grra Mail to: am ms That Un pporting dermine Am Steve Allen erica Parents Televi sion Council, Department, 325 South Pat Washington rick Street D.C. Office Alexandria, Vir ginia 22314 Yes, Steve, I want to be cou nted as one wh sewer. I think o agrees that it is unconsci onable for fin TV is leading filth, vulgarity e companies us down a mo , coarse humo to use their ad ral r, pre-marital into American dollars to sen sex living rooms situations, vio d TV and children’ lence, killings, s bedrooms. and all the res Name ______ Let’s bring ba t ____________ ck Fam ily-Safe TV. ____________ ____________ Address ___ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ___ _____ ____________ City _________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ____________ ________ ❑ I’d also like _____ State to help you run _______ Zip ____________ with the numb more ads like _______ this so you can er of these Ap peals you rec contribution overwhelm the eive. Enclosed to he sponsors is my tax-dedu payable to: Par lp buy another full-page ctible ad in anothe ents Televisio r city. (Please n Council.) make checks ❑ $100 ❑ $50 IMPORTANT: ❑ $25 You don’t need ❑ $10 to send any mo ❑ Other we report. Bu t we do need all the help we ney to have this Appeal ad ads cost up to ded to the tot can get. This $36,000.00 eac al is a grassroo h. Every penn the sponsors. ts campaign. y you send wil We will not giv These l go for the ad e your name The Parents to s and notifying the sponsors. Th Television Co ank un s. cil is a projec nonprofit org t of the Media anization. Co Re ntributions to PTC can be acc search Center, a 501(c)(3) and are tax-de epted for unlim ductible unde ited amounts r 501(c )(3) tax laws.


Because our Children are Watching™…

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PTC Annual Report 2015  
PTC Annual Report 2015