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Block It Out

Did you know that during World War I block parties were held to honor residents of that particular street who had gone off to war? Neighbors would rope off the block and sing patriotic songs while holding a small parade. Today many block parties are held on either Independence Day or Memorial Day – an ideal way to observe two important national holidays.

Safety in Crowds

BRINGING YOUR KIDS TO EXCITING EVENTS OR NEW PLACES CREATES MEMORIES AND FAMILY FUN, YET CROWDS CAN BE OVERWHELMING FOR ANYONE, LET ALONE PARENTS TRYING TO KEEP EYES ON THEIR CHILDREN. Kids love to explore once something has caught their attention, especially without letting their parents know they are going to wander. It only takes a second for a child to separate from the group — causing panic in both children and adults. Even though busy places may make parents anxious, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying new adventures as a family. The following tips will help your children stay safe and give you peace of mind.

• Teach older children about safety in crowds. Once you arrive to the event/place, point out recognizable landmarks, such as an information desk, large statue, etc., to use as a meet up spot if you were to be separated. Come up with a plan about reaching the designated spot in the event of separation.

• Bring a stroller or wagon for younger children. If you have young kids, keep them physically near you by containing their busy bodies in a stroller or wagon. If they ask to get out, make sure they know they must hold your hand until they get back in.

• Make sure your kids have your phone number. With young children, you can put your name and contact information on a piece of paper in their pocket and let them know when they might need to use it. There are also safety items, like bracelets and temporary tat-

toos, available for sale to be used for identification purposes. With older children, practice reciting your phone number with them prior to the outing until they have it memorized.

• Dress to impress. Plan outfits for your kids that are easily visible and stand out in crowds. For a day time outing, pick bright colors or even matching colors/outfits. For night time, consider clothing articles that light up or buy glow-in-the-dark bracelets to easily spot your child.

• Take a photo before heading out. In the unlikely event your kids get separated, taking their picture will allow you to have the most recent photo of what they look like that day to show employees and police. In times of stress your own memory may get fuzzy, so this will even help you remember key identifiers on your child that day.

• Identify safe people at the event. Point out where employees may be stationed (ticket booth, restaurants, etc.) and show them what their uniform looks like in case they need to ask someone for help.

• Be mindful but relaxed. Being constantly worried about crowds will make the outing less fun for you and the whole family. The best thing you can do is always be prepared in crowds and remember these safety tips!

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Good to Know
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Good to Know

Screen Free Summer

Is a screen-free summer possible? Andy Crouch, author of The Tech-Wise Family, offers some tips for reducing the amount of time kids spend with their devices this summer:

• Create a low-technology living space, whether at home or in a vacation dwelling: Fill it with things that reward creativity, skill, and active engagement: board games, books, journals, Legos and other building toys, art supplies, musical instruments, sports equipment and pool or beach toys. Push technology and cheap thrills to the edge.

• Protect the rhythms of life: If an entirely screen-free summer seems daunting, commit to regular tech-free times: one hour each day, one day each week.

• Put devices to bed before you go, and don’t reach for them first thing in the morning. Your children—and you—will have a much more restorative night’s sleep.

• Sing. Crouch is a big advocate of learning to sing well—not in the sense of singing in perfect tune or like a professional, but in the sense of bringing heart, mind, soul, and strength to our singing. Get some songbooks or print out lyrics for family sing-a-longs.

• Spend time outside, in nature, without phones or cameras to hand. If you need a picture, sketch it rather than shoot it.

• Allow time for boredom. Don’t attempt to keep your kids entertained every second. The fact is, the more you entertain children, the more bored they will get! Allow them time to use their imagination and creativity to explore the world around them, instead of filling all their times with screenmediated entertainment.

Crouch, a senior strategist at the John Templeton Foundation,


wrote about his philosophy on technology and kids in his book, The Tech-WiseFamily:EverydayStepsforPuttingTechnologyinItsProper Place.

Get Cuddly

Fourth of July is very clearly the big winner in July in terms of holidays, but you won’t want to overlook another special occasion – Teddy Bear Picnic Day. The holiday occurs on July 10 and it’s the perfect time to pack up a basket and your child’s favorite stuffies, and head to the park for a little lunch al fresco.

According to a recent survey between $500-$700 is the average kid’s birthday party budget for parents. When you factor in food, goodie bags, activities and decorations, this sounds about right to us. And considering the same survey found that there were approximately 84.3 million kids’ parties in 2021 alone, that’s a whole lot of dough going toward the birthday industry.

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9 Things Every Child Should DoThis Summer

Schools out for summer! It’s summer vacation and the kids are free of the early morning rush, after school homework, and have the freedom to enjoy warm weather and time with family and friends. Many parents find that with this freedom comes the battle to keep their kids off electronics. Here are some screen-free activities every kid should do this summer.

1. Take it outside.

Some kids may enjoy playing outside without having to be pushed out the door but others may need a little encouragement. Instead of simply telling your child to “Go play outside.” Try having them design and build a kite,

then go outside to fly it. You could also do a “Park Tour” by making a list of great parks in your area (ask friends for recommendations) and visit a different park each week. Have a picnic, explore the neighborhood, set up an obstacle course, play with sidewalk chalk, toss a ball, play on the swing set, pick flowers, or take a family bike ride. The possibilities are endless and can be catered to your child’s interests.

2. Be a night owl.

No school means no early mornings. While staying up late every night may not be the best option for young children, allowing a few late nights on lazy summer evenings can be a great way to make memories. Use a projector to watch a movie outdoors, catch fireflies in the backyard, or watch a firework show. There’s something special about a warm summer evening and getting to stay up late. If you are lucky, the kids might even sleep in the next day.

3. Go jump in a lake.

It wouldn’t be summer without some swimming. Take the kids to the lake, pool, sprayground, or set up the sprinkler in the backyard. Nothing feels better than cooling off in the water on a hot summer day.

4. Plant a seed.

A great way to get kids outside is to have them work in the garden. This allows for plenty of outdoor time and can sometimes include daily maintenance for watering, weeding, and checking on the plants. “Grow something!” says Heather Allen of Olathe. “Anything, be it a tree, vegetable, or flower, there is something really rewarding about getting your hands in the dirt, and growing and taking care of a plant.” If you choose to have a vegetable garden, get the kids involved in cooking with ingredients they have helped to grow.

10 Parents Press | May 2023
July 2023 | 11 Montessori Elementary Intermediate School of Alameda – MEISA Right now, we need responsive schools that respond to injustice and teach children how to be culturally responsive – MEISA creates change-makers. WINNER BEST OF Parents Press 2022 ’ 510.521.0595 1400 6th Street • Alameda At MESA, Montessori is mind-changing education Award-Winning Montessori Elementary/Middle School A COLLEGE PREP SCHOOL LIKE NO OTHER We pair the challenge of a college preparatory curriculum with a supportive environment and faculty relationships that ensure student success, connection, and confidence. In our intimate and open-minded community, students develop strong voices, deep compassion, and the skills and confidence they need to have a powerful impact on the world. AT HOLY NAMES, STUDENTS THRIVE. Inquire for more information, schedule a shadow visit or request a private tour.

5. Family campout.

Camping is a great summer activity to get families outside together. Some families may enjoy taking the tent to a nearby campground and unplugging for a day or two. Other families may prefer camping in the backyard so they are close to the comforts of home. Either way, put away the electronics for the day, roast marshmallows on a campfire, and enjoy the time together outdoors.

6. Complete a project.

Family projects are a great way to keep kids busy. Decide as a group what projects you would like to focus on this summer. Some ideas could include cleaning and remodeling (or rearranging) their bedrooms, collecting food for a food pantry, planting a garden, scrapbooking, reading an entire book series, or running a 5K.

7. Learn something new.

“I tell the kids, the school year is for learning what your teacher wants you to learn and summer is for learning what you want to learn.” says Amy Cameron, mom of three. She suggests making a list of 2-3 topics of interest and plan to pursue them by reading books, attending camps, or doing research. Moms Erin Lorton and Stephanie Loux both suggest keeping a daily journal. “They write a few sentences about their day. It’s always fun to look back on previous years.” says Lorton. “We keep daily math,

reading, and summer writing journals.” says Loux. You can print pictures and create a keepsake for them to look back on.

8. Cool off with a sweet treat.

Ice cream should be on every kid’s summer bucket list. There are countless ice cream and snow cone shops to visit in the metro area. Create a list of new shops or old favorites you would like to visit this summer. You could also try making ice cream or popsicles at home.

9. Get moving.

It’s great to be outside in the summer but sometimes it’s too hot or rainy and you need to find an indoor place to burn off energy. Consider getting the kids moving by visiting an indoor trampoline place, a skating rink, rock climbing facility, or indoor aquatic center. If you want to save money and need some indoor ideas, have a dance party in the house, find Go Noodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube, or have a push-up and sit-up challenge.

It’s unrealistic that kids will stay off of their electronics the entire summer, but with these tips you can increase their outdoor and exercise time. They may have so much fun they forget about their tablets. A parent can dream, right?. Y

Sarah Lyons is a busy mother of six children. Lyons has been published in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine KC Parent, Austin Family, Creative Child and over 140 other parenting publications.

12 Parents Press | July 2023

t’s summer! You’ve got your kids’ sunblock, goggles, hats, towels and floaties, plus a lounge chair in a coveted location near the pool. You are the picture of summer perfection … almost.

While we offer you kudos for hauling all of that gear around in style and protecting your family’s skin and eyes, there’s one thing you may have missed on the summer safety checklist – their ears. Often disregarded until it’s too late, proper ear health is especially important during the summer months as kids are swimming up a storm weekly, if not daily.

“Our ears serve an important role and if they’re not healthy, that can lead to conditions that have a significant impact on our lives,” says Jocelyn Joseph, M.D., M.P.H., chief of pediatrics at MIT Medical, Cambridge. “For example, fluid in our ears can cause hearing loss and, as a result, a child’s speech and language development may be delayed. Also, if fluid is persistent, it may lead to chronic ear infections and continued need for antibiotics.”

What Is Swimmer’s Ear?

No one wants to be sidelined at camp because of swimmer’s ear, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that 2.4 million health care visits are attributed to the infection annually in the United States, resulting in almost half a billion dollars in health care costs.

Swimmer’s ear (or otitis externa if you want to get fancy), specifically, is an infection of the outer ear canal and rears its ugly head when water stays in the ear canal for an extended period of time, offering germs a play area to grow and infect the skin. Common in children who love to swim, symptoms can include itchiness inside the ear, redness and swelling, pain when the ear is tugged and

puss drainage. The moral of the story? You want to avoid this at all costs. Joseph advises parents to prevent swimmer’s ear by wearing a swimming cap or ear plugs, but if your little one simply isn’t having it, drying the ears as best you can after swimming is helpful.

“Use a towel, washcloth or even a blow dryer on the lowest setting,” she says. “Hold the blow dryer about a foot away from the ear.”

Another option, Joseph says, is to use a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol before and after swimming. Pour a teaspoon of the mixture in each ear and let it drain out if, and only if, the eardrum is not ruptured.

In the event your child starts to complain of ear pain, Michael Cohen, M.D., a pediatric otolaryngologist at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, encourages parents to visit an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor as soon as possible.

“Swimmer’s ear is treated with ear drops; usually antibiotic or a combination of antibiotic and steroid drops are used,” he explains. “Sometimes the swelling can be so severe that drops cannot get into the ear canal, in which case an ENT doctor can put a small sponge, called a wick, into the canal to help the drops get in further. Several ear cleanings may be necessary to remove infected debris and to facilitate healing.”

Is Your Child Prone to Ear Infections?

If your child swims regularly, particularly in water with high bacterial counts at recreational water venues, chances are he is at increased risk for developing an outer ear infection, but there are other factors to consider as well.

Joseph cites children with small ear canals as an example of kids who are more susceptible to this kind of illness, as well as those who use hearing aids or wear headphones. Even irritants like hairsprays can put a child at increased risk for infection.

When possible, ask pool operators if disinfectant and pH levels

July 2023 | 13

are checked twice a day. If the levels are within a normal range (which is 7.0 – 7.6 for pH), the water is less likely to spread germs.

Middle ear infections (otitis media with effusion is the technical term) is when fluid builds up in the middle ear and doesn’t offer any signs of acute infection like pain, pus or fever. According to the CDC, these infections can be caused by viral upper respiratory infections, allergies or exposure to irritants such as cigarette smoke.

“Due to [children’s] anatomy, they may have more dysfunction of their Eustachian tube,” says Joseph as to why children may be more susceptible to middle ear infections. “As they grow, this tube changes its position and allows for better drainage of the fluid that naturally collects into the ear tube to drain into the nose.”

Ear Cleaning 101

Those cotton swabs sure do look inviting to little ones, so first and foremost, keep them out of their reach. The only person who should be in charge of cleaning ears is a grown-up, and even then it should be done gently and not as often as you might think.

“The ears are generally self-cleaning,” says Cohen. “Wax produced within the ear canal is normal and serves a protective purpose as it has both moisturizing and antimicrobial properties. Wax gradually comes out on its own as the skin of the ear canal grows outward.”

So how can you safely and effectively clean a child’s ears? With great care and caution.

“Any visible wax can be gently wiped away with a washcloth, but parents should not try to clean within the ear canal using cotton swabs or other implements as this often pushes wax in further and can damage the delicate skin of the ear canal,” he explains.

Joseph concurs, encouraging parents to avoid sticking anything into the ear, even those seemingly innocent cotton swabs. It’s easy to mistakenly dive too far into the ear, which is delicate and may cause the rupture of the tympanic membrane (the eardrum). And don’t even think about trying to get creative. It should go without saying that pen caps, hair pins and the like shouldn’t go anywhere near the ears.

“Avoid cleaning the ear canal,” she says. “If a parent suspects it needs to be cleaned, please call and make arrangements for your child’s ear to be cleaned at their provider’s office.”

If your child is complaining of ear discomfort or pain, Joseph advises not to ignore it. Also, take note if they are speaking loudly or listening to the TV or radio louder than what you think is normal. These can be signs that their ears should be checked by an ENT.

So as you pack up for the pool this summer and round up all of that gear to keep your children safe for the duration of the season, don’t forget about the ears. Ear plugs and swim caps may not be the most glamorous of accessories, but your kids (and their ears) will thank you.

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Coaching for the Kids

Afriend of mine recently took to social media, asking for input regarding coaching his young child’s baseball team. His chief concern was his own “old school” style (yelling) when it comes to lack of hustle, dumb mistakes, etc.

I heard that. My first thought was that they should make chew toys for adult humans who coach kids 10 years old and younger - something on which you can bite down when you’re frustrated to the point of wanting to gnaw off your own tongue.

I’ve been there. I’ve coached two of my daughters’ softball teams. I think I once actually ripped out some of my own hair in frustration, something a middle-aged man should never do, as he has no assurance that hair will ever come back.

I’ve also been that parent who’s ready to go headbutt one of their child’s coaches to let them know their excess aggression on his part is not acceptable.

Yes, irony can sometimes be so ironic.

My friend’s concern seemed to mostly be about how other parents might view his coaching style (yelling). Which I get (see above example of self-abuse). But what gets lost in that approach, I realized while aggressively being an example of it, is that it discounts the important part: how the experience affects the kids.

No, really … it really is supposed to be about the kids.

My daughter’s coach is a very nice guy. And he knows the game very well. On paper, he’s a great coach … for 18-year-old college players.

Some of his players haven’t hit five feet tall. Some haven’t hit chronological double digits. This is my daughter’s fourth season. She’s a veteran on her team. She’s also a bright kid who loves playing. And she still doesn’t fully understand that one team wins, and one


Which is great. She’s having fun … despite the fact her coach has her doing drills you see in movies about marines struggling to get through boot camp. I keep telling myself that, as long as she enjoys it, it’s good for her.

Then I take a leisurely eight-minute walk to my car and back, where no one will hear my teeth grinding.

It’s a classic dynamic, of which I’ve seen both sides. It’s a balancing act, trying to teach kids the game and that life, like it or not, is competitive. The harder you try, the better you’ll be. Theoretically.

But the chasm between I-know-something-you-don’t-know adults and easilydistracted children, who think a dugout is a place to hit each other on the head and make up new dances, is as weighty as ever.

One thing that has changed is the number of recreational choices kids now have. Recreation now comes attached to their hands, in the form of computerized multi-dimensional imagination factories called cell phones. When I was that age, many centuries ago, the

biggest threat was those extra 11 channels from the regular three television networks –a problem that was remedied, my grandpa once demonstrated, by one angry yank on the cable line leading into the wall. As the choices move faster, real sports – especially baseball and softball – move slower. As a coach, I’m far more sensitive than my coaches were, to the possibility of doing something to turn a kid off to playing real sports. In the 1970s, quitting a sport wasn’t much of an option, when the only alternative was playing with other kids … most of whom are too busy playing sports.

I’ve found that a good rule to follow when running out of solutions is to read the room. Or, in this case, the dugout.

Tony Hicks is a newswpaper columnist and the father of four daughters.

20 Parents Press | July 2023

Summer Art Camps

The magic of Summer Art Camp begins this year on June 12th!

We limit each summer camp session to 12-15 students, so that each student receives individual attention. Making art develops problem-solving skills, encourages creativity, and develops self-confidence. Our goal is to provide the materials, structure, and guidance to spark creativity in each child, allow them to explore and investigate their own ideas, and have lots of fun in the process.

Schedule for Summer Art Camp 2023

Week 1: June 12-16 Drawing

Week 2: June 19-23 Paint: Color

Week 3: June 26-June 30 Animals & Imaginary Creatures

Week 4: July 3-7 People & Faces

Week 5: July 10-14 Drawing

Week 6: July 17-21 Landscape, Still Life & Oceans

Week 7: July 24-July 28 Animals & Imaginary Creatures

Week 8: July 31-August 4 Paint: Color

Week 9: August 7-11 Landscape, Still Life & Oceans

Week 10: August 14-18 Drawing

Week 11: August 21-25 Animals & Imaginary Creatures

All art materials are safe and non-toxic. Ages 5-13, regular campers, and 14-17, counselors in training. Camp options are from 8:30am to 4:30pm each day, or 9am to 3pm each day, depending on different families needs. On Friday, camp ends at 3pm. Daylong Immersion Days are also available. Questions?

Our camp is located at the Marigold School, on 62nd St, in Oakland between California and Market.

Please call 510-604-0036 or email Register at

July 2023 | 21

Youth Camp is Back! June 19–23, 2023

Your camper will love all the fun-filled traditions of overnight CAMP! Campers will enjoy Canoeing, Crawdad Fishing, Hiking, Archery, Volleyball, Swimming, Beach Fun at Lake Tahoe, Skits, Arts & Crafts, Tye Dying Shirts, and Campfires with S’mores.

Roundtrip bus transportation from Concord to South Lake Tahoe included.

Ages: 9–13 (at the time of camp)

New Camper Registration Opens March 13, 2023

Space is limited to 149 campers. To register: or contact us at:

22 Parents Press | July

STEAM Summer Camps


Summer camp provide an environment in which encourages children to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, action-takers, and global citizens. Children can begin putting the real-world pieces together that they have learned throughout the school year and start applying those principles in a fun and engaging manner during summer. A STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) approach summer camp allows your child to explore different areas of study and provides them with an understanding of how each subject is connected. Here are five reasons why you should consider a STEAM focused summer camp for your child.

1 2


The dreaded “summer learning lose” has plagued classroom teachers for decades, and often contributes to wasted instructional time come Fall. A growing body of research indicates that summer programs can help students retain and build upon their learning from the previous year, especially if those programs are specifically aimed at enrichment. Camps that focus on arts and science enrichment offer a powerful combination of interactive, individualized instruction to provide children with an opportunity for focused reading, practical mathematics, as well as the lively interaction that children crave when school is out for the summer.


Summer is a great time to encourage your children to pursue new interests that they may not normally be attracted to, including the sciences. A study of high school and university age students enrolled in a summer science internship program revealed that

July 2023 | 23
on page 26 >>>

the majority of the students reported extracurricular exposure to the STEAM fields had encouraged their interest in science.

Actively applying science concepts outside of the classroom seems to have a lasting effect on children, and summer camp is a great place for them to start exploring in a fun, supportive environment.


While summer camp may seem like the last place that children should be thinking about their career goals, it’s never too early to give them enrichment experiences in the STEAM fields to ignite the kind of curiosity that often leads to a fulfilling and meaningful work life. A two-year study of middle school students across the country revealed that “students who once participated in science summer camps were more likely to later report a career interest in the science and engineering fields”. It’s clear that enrolling your child in a STEAM focused camp is an ideal way to provide them more options as they start considering their path through high school, college, and beyond.


Summer camp can be a nice way for children to experience the joy of academic achievement in a more supportive, low stakes environment. A few weeks at camp can give your child the chance to feel safer and more supported while learning, which can, in turn, lead them to feel more confident and take on greater academic challenges once the school year resumes in fall.


Quality arts instruction, especially when coupled with the sciences, gives children the opportunity to play, create, and learn in non- traditional ways that emphasize individual expression as well as real- world collaboration skills. Giving children the opportunity to learn how to create 3D drawings or movies isn’t just fun, it encourages children to use their “big picture” visioning skills to imagine new possibilities and outcomes.

STEAM summer camps offer children the chance to learn, grow, and explore new modes of thinking and doing. A STEAM summer program can not only boost academic performance during the school year, it can also build confidence, creativity, resiliency, and ideally, will be fun! Y

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Jean Abernathy is the mother of two teenagers and has contributed to Parents Press for over 10 years.
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Giving children the opportunity to learn how to create 3D drawings or movies isn’t just fun, it encourages children to use their “big picture” visioning skills to imagine new possibilities and outcomes.
July 2023 | 25 *Camps offered vary by location. Preschool State License Numbers: 013420588, 013423042, 434404890, 434413440, 434410816, 434408056, 013420939, 414004014, 384001837, 384004006, 434407977, 434408877, 434410807, 434404336, 434406722. Copyright © 2022 Stratford Schools, Inc. WESTERN A SO ATON F CHOOLS AND COLLEGE DAY CAMPS AC ADEMIC CA MP S SPORTS CAMPS SP ECIAL TY CA MP S Bring out their best this summer! Spark curiosity. Discover new skills. Make friends. Stratford offers the perfect summer camp for your child, complete with all the fun, enriching activities that inspire learning and promote independence, in a safe, nurturing environment. With more options to explore, you can build a one of a kind Summer@Stratford experience for your child! CAMPS Preschool THROUGH Grade 8* Sign Up Today! Locations throughout the Bay Area

Summer Camps & Programs Listings



Day Camp • 510-893-3132

Ages 9 & up

The Academy at Oakland Ballet Company offers classical ballet training with one of the leading Bay Area professional dance companies. The Academy at Oakland Ballet’s focus is on developing the whole dancer through classes that not only teach ballet technique, but explore artistic expression and build self-confidence - all in a fun and nurturing, yet challenging class environment. https://oaklandballet. org/education/theacademyatobc/ summer-intensive/


Day Camp • 510-337-1929

Ages 4-11

No experience necessary! In addition to a daily dance class, children learn about and watch a different famous classical ballet each week. They explore their own creativity through exercise in movement concepts. Students also learn valuable lessons about anatomy, nutrition, dance history and vocabulary.


Day Camp • 510-981-5140

Ages 5-13

Berkeley Day Camp is one of the best traditional outdoor day camps in the Bay Area. It is a fun, engaging and exciting experience as campers explore shoreline habitats, canoe, make arts and crafts and play at the acclaimed Adventure Playground and go on special adventures. Many of our former campers are now part of our awesome team of staff, providing a safe environment for children to spend their summer days at play. berkeley-day-camp


Overnight & Family Camps • 510-981-5140

Ages 7-14

Escape to the Sierra Nevada with the City of Berkeley: we have summer sleepaway camps for youth, families, adults, and seniors. You can swim in a lake, hike in the forest, enjoy meals cooked for you, or let your children explore the wonders of

the high sierras with counselors. When you join us at either Echo Lake Camp (near South Lake Tahoe) or Tuolumne Camp (near Yosemite), you can participate in traditions shared by generations of Berkeleyans, or create new ones of your own with family and friends. Households and individuals of all backgrounds are welcome to share in Berkeley’s rich diversity at camp. community-recreation/parks-recreation/ camps/overnight-camps




Day Camp • 510-577-9100

Grades 6-9

At O’Dowd’s Summer Academy, students develop social-emotional, creative, and intellectual skills, all while getting to know the O’Dowd campus. We offer a flexible morning and afternoon schedule, and free lunch for students who enroll in 3 or more classes.For grades 6-9, Summer Academy offers robust academic and enrichment courses, from Math and Spanish, to Drama and Gardening. Held on O’Dowd’s friendly campus, with small classes, hands-on learning, and

26 Parents Press | July 2023

Summer Ballet Camps & Classes

Pre Ballet - Pre Professional

Ages 4 & Up

Jul 10-14 Sleeping Beauty

Jul 17-21 Swan Lake

Jul 24-28 Hansel & Gretel

Oakland Ballet Summer Intensive July 10-21

Girls Summer Program

Join us

June 20-July 14, 2023

No camp on June 19 and July 4 All camps: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

For 4th, 5th, and 6th graders

Creative Expression

(June 19-23: $400)


(June 26-30: $500)

Math Magic 6th grade only

(July 3-7: $400)

For 7th and 8th graders

Science & Nature

(July 10-14: $500)

For more information: Liz Campbell

Julia Morgan School for Girls 5000 MacArthur Blvd., #25 | Oakland, CA 94613

July 2023 | 27 Listing information provided by
info: |

Dates: June 20 to August 4 2023

Early Bird Rates Available Until April 15th!

fun activities. Come be a Dragon this summer! https:// summer-academy


Day Camp • 510-604-0036

Ages 5-17

Making art develops problemsolving skills, encourages creativity, and develops self-confidence. Our goal is to provide the materials, structure, and guidance to spark creativity in each child, allow them to explore and investigate their own ideas, and have lots of fun in the process! Our philosophy is to encourage students to explore and express themselves with an emphasis on practice over product, without judgment, comparison, or criticism.


Overnight Camp • 925-232-1530

Ages 9-13, CIT 14-17

At Youth Camp at Camp Concord, campers will experience a break from the digital world with time-worn traditions of camping in the Sierra Nevada as kids canoe, kayak, go crawdad fishing, hike, swim, play volleyball, archery, and do arts & crafts, including creating their own tie-dyed t-shirt. Campers have fun at the beach around majestic Lake Tahoe, not to mention enjoying the magic of storytime around the campfire under the starry night sky. Boundless days of activity and exploration await your youth 9-13 years at Camp Concord, where memories are made to last a lifetime. https:// youth-camp/


Day Camp • 510-839-5777

Ages 6-13

Join the Junior Center of Art and Science this summer for one-week and two-week day camps that explore art, design, and technology on the

beautiful Lake Merritt! http://


Day Camp • 510-549-3867

Grades 1-6

We are pleased to announce the return of Le Camp D’Été for summer 2023! Our camps are open to the public for rising G1 to G6 students while our mini-camp (preschool and entering K) will still be for incoming and current EB students only. In addition to our super fun-filled French Immersion Camp we will also be offering Riveropolis Maker Camp, a two week maker camp (English Only), for rising G3 to G6 students. https://www.



Day Camp • 415-334-3333

PreK-8th Grade

Basketball, All-Sports, & Volleyball Summer Camp. Legarza programs give children the knowledge and motivation they need to achieve their personal best in sport and life. Over 400,000 of the Bay Area’s youth have experienced and benefitted from our 33-year, proven and tested system. Our program is tailored to help your young athlete succeed on and off the court in a safe, professional and encouraging environment of learning and fun.

http://www.legarzasports. org/


Day & Virtual Camps • 510-438-9702

Ages 3-12

We offer kids full-day and half-day camp experiences that are sure to entertain and delight! They will be wowed by green glowing liquid, messages written in secret code, autonomous robots, and mystery substances that change from solid to liquid in seconds. There’s something for everyone!

28 Parents Press | July 2023
July 2023 | 29 Our camps are packed with awesome, hands-on experiences that allow your child to discover new skills and talents while having fun and making new friends! Specialty Camps Day Camps Sports Camps Scan to View Camp Programs Academic Camps Merryhill Schools Pre-K - Grade 8 • 408-945-9090 750 North Capitol Avenue, San Jose & 1500 Yosemite Drive, Milpitas SUMMER @Merryhill Schools Learn More Day Camps Academic Camps Sports Camps Specialty Camps It’s not just a camp. It’s an EXPERIENCE. MH_ParentsPressSiliconValley_Mar23_Camp_6.75x4.687.indd 1 2/15/23 9:30 AM

We are also offering interactive virtual camps! Kits will be delivered to you! Early-bird discount ends soon. Material fee and delivery charges included. https://thebayarea.


Day Camps • 855-722-8938

Grades Pre-K - 8

At our camp, every activity is a chance to learn, grow, and have fun. Whether it’s scoring a goal in soccer, setting off a rocket, or making new friends, your child will enjoy awesome experiences here. Watch their confidence grow as they conquer new challenges and pursue new interests. https:// camp/summer-camp/



Grades 1- 12

Ohlone for Kids & Teens

(OFK) offers a unique blend of academic and special interest enrichment classes for students in grades 1-12. Students will be engaging in hands-on learning activities that stimulate their interest and growth. Students can participate in a variety of classes including Arts, Performing & Language Arts, English, Math, Reading, LEGO Robotics, Electronics, Engineering, Science, Social Studies, and SAT/College Preparation. https://www.


Day Camp • 808-769-7664

Ages 5-10, CIT 11-18

An outdoor music and dance camp for ages 5-10, and a CIT program for ages 11-18:

Berkeley Day Camp

West African Dance and Hand Drumming, Cuban Dance, Body Percussion, Brazilian Capoeira, and hiking! Kindness, community, and culture through music and dance. Featuring some of the best music and dance teachers in the Bay Area! Through music and dance, incorporated with games, outdoor exploration and hiking, our children learn about kindness, community, and culture. https://www.


Day Camp • 650-260-3805

Ages 2-17

Open Minds is a servant leadership organization. We co-create programs with families and students to meet the right balance of challenge and support. Open Minds space is the home of active and vibrant fun. There’s a lot to love at OMS, and not just the warped walls, balance beams, and

jump mats of our epic Ninja Warrior gym. Our dedicated, kind and experienced staff are the backbone of Open Minds and are the reason families come back again and again. Kids of all ages and (dis) abilities are welcome to sign up for camps on a daily or weekly basis, with early drop off and extended care options available. Siblings join programs free of charge to meet the needs of larger families in the Bay Area. Want to have your child spend the day with us in between seasonal camps? No problem! We offer Day Passes Monday-Friday year-round, drop in open gym times, and facility rentals for private birthday and events. Camps and Day Passes are just some of the programs offered through Open Mind’s services.

https://www.openmindschool. org

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(Search: Berkeley Day Camp)

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30 Parents Press | July 2023
Register for Family*, Youth, Counselor, and Leader-in-Training *Weeklong, weekday, and weekend options Program details available on our online registration portal: Scholarships Available Berkeley
AGES 5-13 A summer’s worth of adventure, hiking, and outdoor fun packed into every week!  Nine 1-week sessions  Extended AM/PM Care  Counselor-in-Training  Scholarships available
Tuolumne and Echo Lake Camp


Day Camp and Hybrid Options


Ages 11-17

Ripe Fruit Writing one-week summer camps bring together 8-10 students to gain confidence in their writing voice, aerobicize their imaginations, and develop strong writing skills using exciting and imaginative writing exercises in a safe space. Voted Best Teen Focused camp in SF by Parents Press in 2015. Middle School camps run from 9am12:30pm M-F. High School camps run from 2:30-6pm. Camps take place on the bottom floor of a 120-year-old Edwardian in Dolores Heights and are taught by awardwinning author, Leslie Kirk Campbell, who has over 30 years of experience teaching creative writing to students of all ages. All camps are offered in person. A few are offered as hybrid camps for outof-towners. Healthy snacks included. Students love these

camps. Many return summer after summer.http://www. teen-writing-camps/


Day Camp • 408-867-3785

Ages: 5-14

Do you want to learn how We foster personal growth for children by providing them a fun, safe, and educational environment on our 10-acre campus where they have the opportunity to make lasting memories and new friends.

Whether your child is a budding scientist, a future artist, or a sports enthusiast, the Saint Andrew’s Summer Camp is the perfect place for them to spend their summer. Our programs are designed to be engaging, educational, and most of all, fun. So sign up now and give your child an unforgettable summer camp experience!

July 2023 | 31 Summer is made forkids! 2023 Jr. K- 8th Grade 7:00am- 6:00pm Action Day Elementary School 3500 Amber Dr, San Jose, CA 95117 • 408.248.2464 West Valley Middle School 801 Hibiscus Ln, San Jose, CA 95117 • 408.985.2138 Save 20% when you enroll by the month! SPECIAL OFFFER
CONFIDENCE FOR DYSLEXIC MINDS June & July Summer Academic Camps


Day Camp and Virtual Programs


Ages 11-18

Join us this summer for a variety of programs that explore all angles of the industry and artistry of film. All in-person camps will take place at the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center. All online camps will be hosted on our CFI Education Online platform and open to students anywhere in the U.S. Times listed are Pacific Time Zone. Need-based scholarships are available for all programs. summerfilm


Day Camp • 408-248-2464

Grades Jr. K - 3rd

Our summer camps provide each child with the opportunity to fill his or her summer days with diverse experiences and activities. Creative play, arts & crafts, academic review, sports, and picnics, will provide all students with a memorable summer. https:// www.actiondayprimaryplus. com/summer-camp


Day Camp • 650-543-4560

Ages 8-13

Summer at Athena Academy is offering two, week-long skills programs, June 26 – June 30 and July 24 - July 28 for dyslexic and twice-exceptional students with language based challenges, grades 1-8. Our program is specifically designed, utilizing Athena Academy’s unique teaching approach, to help our students build an understanding of the way they learn and grow their confidence. summer-camp/


Day Camp, Virtual Camp & Summer Programs

Grades TK-5 • 510-767-0898

Grades 6-12 • 510-878-4464

Join Us For A Summer Full Of Possibilities!At Basis summer camp, every activity is a chance to learn, grow, and have fun. Whether it’s scoring a goal in soccer, setting off a rocket, or making new friends, your child will enjoy awesome experiences here. Watch their confidence grow as they conquer new challenges and pursue new interests.

It’s not just a camp. It’s an EXPERIENCE. student-life/summer-program/




Day Camp, Virtual Camp & Summer Programs • 408-351-6159

Grades TK - 12

Join Us For A Summer Full Of Possibilities!At Basis summer camp, every activity is a chance to learn, grow, and have fun. Whether it’s scoring a goal in soccer, setting off a rocket, or making new friends, your child will enjoy awesome experiences here. Watch their confidence grow as they conquer new challenges and pursue new interests.

It’s not just a camp. It’s an EXPERIENCE. student-life/summer-program/


Day Camp • 408-244-4073

Grades: Preschool - Middle School

Summer@Stratford is back with our academic camp favorites and all NEW day camp programs! This summer, children will have a wide range of options to explore new interests, discover a world of wonder, and enjoy a summer to remember at Stratford!


Day Camp • 510-325-6498

Ages 10-18

Summer Conservatory is an ensemble based program for training in singing, acting, movement, theater and music history and theory, languages, and professionalism taught by industry professionals on the campus of San Francisco Opera. Students ages 10-18 participate in masterclasses and rehearsals that focus on the individual and ensemble. The program culminates in an opera performance at the end of the three week program. summerconservatory


Day Camp • 510-642-5132

Entering 1st-6th Grades

Explore, discover, and invent in Summer Camps at The Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley’s public science center! Campers become budding scientists, engineers, astronauts, and more in our exciting hands-on science camps for 1st–6th grade students. summer-camps/


Day Camp • 415-453-1000 x19

Ages 7-11

WildCare’s Summer Nature Programs provide young people with an unforgettable wildlife and nature experience! This summer we are offering Nature Hikes and Virtual Wildlife Classes. summer-nature-programming/



Ages 8-13

Youth Camp at Camp Concord is a weeklong overnight camp

in South Lake Tahoe for kids 8-13. Enjoy the outdoors with detachment from the digital world. Your child will love all the fun-filled traditions of overnight CAMP! Over the 5 days/4 nights at Camp Concord in South Lake Tahoe, campers Agesd 8-13 will enjoy Canoeing, Crawdad Fishing, Hiking, Archery, Volleyball, Swimming, Beach Fun at Lake Tahoe, Skits, Arts & Crafts, Tye Dying Shirts, and Campfires with S’mores. Your child will be disconnected from the digital world (although texting is possible with some providers). Roundtrip bus transportation from Concord to South Lake Tahoe is included, plus all meals, a Camp Concord tee-shirt for tye dying, and all activities.


Day Camp • 510-595-5514

Grades 7-12

Summer Musical Theater Workshops for 7th to 12th grade. YMTC is offering 3 in-person workshops this summer appropriate for 7th grade to 12th grade students at its Aquatic Park campus in Berkeley. Class size currently limited to 14 students.

http://www.ymtcbayarea. org/ Y

32 Parents Press | July 2023

An outdoor music and dance camp for children ages 5-10 plus Counselors in Training

Through music and dance we learn about kindness, community, and culture.


West African Hand Drumming

West African Dance

Brazilian Capoeira

Cuban Dance

Body Percussion

Storytelling, Hiking, and More

Hiking and more…!

Sign Up Now!
Bird Available!
program for older campers
Discounts and Early
Join us Summer 2023! 1 and 2-week Sessions: June 5- July 14

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