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Banish bullying at home & school Shyness? Or is it really

selective mutism?

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SPECIALIZING March 2014 Volume 31 • Number 3 IN PIANO, KEYBOARD & VOICE Birthday Blowout......................................................... 37

March 2014 Volume 31 • Number 3

Camp Coverage


Cool Campers........................... 16

Eyes of March Photo Contest.................................... 44

Camp Directory............................ 18


Summer programs have myriad benefits.

P. 16

Ages 2-4 with parent participation. Plant the seed of music in your child!


A look at leading summer programs, along with health and special needs spotlights.

Ages 4-5 with parent participation. A delightful experience for Mozarts of the future.

Don’t Miss...................................................................... 6 MuSIC fOR LIttLE PEOPLE

This month’s and activities. Ages 5-7 with parententertainment participation. Unique Russian-Japanese method. Experience the Magic of Music. ADVENtuRES IN KEYBOARD Health............................................................................ 34

Ages 8-12. Tradition a new’s Piano Instruction Insight and itemsonfor your care. for the child of the new millennium.

Special Needs

Bring out the musical talent in your child!36 Update........................................................................... Essential products and information for your brood.


In Season........................................................................ 42

Selective Mutism......... 14 What to do when when it’s more than mere shyness.

P. 27

Celebrate the highlights of the changing season. White Plains: Scarsdale: Yonkers: 1088 Central Park Ave. 283 Tarrytown Road 1537 Central Park Ave.

P. 14

Bonus Calendar of Events........................................................ 37 Come The classes, Difference A comprehensive listing See of your neighborhood’s performances, and events.

Health & Fitness

Year-round Montessori

Cover Credit: Coleman Country Day Camp/American Camp Association, childcare for childrenNY/NJ

All Ears............................ 27

Publisher Steve from Elgort3 months to 5 years

Teach little listeners to turn down the volume when they tune in.

Editor-in-Chief Rachel Kalina of age in beautifully

designed Montessori Managing Editor Donald McDermott environments on the Associate Editor Samantha Chan

pastoral grounds of the Editorial Intern Jordan Brueckner


Burke Rehabilitation Art Directors Margaret Baldauf, Susanne Kimball, Ilana Rispoli

Hospital, in White Plains. Director of Web Development Kristen Jankowski

Bully Prevention Begins at Home.. 10 Build a strong foundation for your family.

Pregnancy Q & A: Part 1................ 12

Accounting Pinargote Experienced, trained MontessoriTeresa teachers provide supportive, joyful, Contributing Writers American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and nurturing classrooms for learning and development during your Scott Lisa Druxman, Dr. Louise Hart, Dr. Carly Orenstein, child’sArizala, early years.

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With OB-GYN Dr. Aron Schuftan.

Dr. Aron Schuftan

Spring Style...................................... 28

A Advertising full AMS Managers Deirdre Antoniello, Karen Gibofsky, Bill Scalzitti member school. Advertising Sales Representatives Licensed by Karin Mikelis, Jacalyn Rose, Susan Rush, NYSOCFS.

Welcome warmer weather with great garments.

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Mommy Fuel.................................................................... 30

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How to eat and move to take off the baby weight.

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table of

March 2014 Volume 31 • Number 3

March 2014 Volume 31 • Number 3

Camp Coverage We are a school!


Birthday Blowout......................................................... 37

Cool Campers........................... 16

Eyes of March Photo Contest.................................... 44

Ages 2.9 to 5 years old Summer programs have myriad benefits.


Camp•Directory............................ 18 • Physical Education Music • Dance A look at leading summer programs, • Drumming • Science along with health and special needs spotlights. • NY State Certified Curriculum P. 16

Don’t Miss...................................................................... 6 This month’s entertainment and activities.

Health............................................................................ 34 Insight and items for your family’s care.

Special Needs

Update........................................................................... 36 Essential products and information for your brood.

In Season........................................................................ 42

Selective Mutism......... 14 What to do when when it’s more than mere shyness.

Celebrate the highlights of the changing season.

P. 14

Tom Thumb Preschool and P. 27ThumBelina - School for Two’s Open House Health Sunday, March 2 & Fitness from 12-2 pm All Ears............................ 27


Calendar of Events........................................................ 37 A comprehensive listing of your neighborhood’s classes, performances, and events.

Cover Credit: Coleman Country Day Camp/American Camp Association, NY/NJ

Publisher Steve Elgort

Teach little listeners to turn down the volume when they tune in.

Editor-in-Chief Rachel Kalina Managing Editor Donald McDermott

Come and see the difference!

Associate Editor Samantha Chan Editorial Intern Jordan Brueckner


Art Directors Margaret Baldauf, Susanne Kimball, Ilana Rispoli

Both programs now10registering Bully Prevention Begins atare Home.. Build a strong foundation for your family. for September


Pregnancy Q & A:Full PartDay 1................ 12 Programs

Director of Web Development Kristen Jankowski Accounting Teresa Pinargote

P. 28

Contributing Writers American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Scott Arizala, Lisa Druxman, Dr. Louise Hart, Dr. Carly Orenstein, Dr. Aron Schuftan

With OB-GYN Dr. Aron Schuftan.

8:45am - 2:15pm OR 3:15pm dismissal

Operating Hours: 7am28- 6pm Spring Style......................................

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For information on these programs call


1949 E Main St., Mohegan Lk, NY Mommy Fuel.................................................................... 30

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How to eat andNancy move to take off Owner/Director the baby weight. Brophy,

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Feeling Good, Looking Good......................................... 31 Products and accessories to make your life extra fabulous.  I parentguide News I March 2014


Letter from the Editor U

by Rachel Kalina

Spring arrives this month, and we area programs are now hosting open houses so you can can finally start to look ahead to check out their myriad options. Whether you’re seeking a warmer weather. While I enjoy sleepaway or a day camp for your brood, you’ll find great cozying up in my homestead dur- tips and insight about the benefits of such programs in exing winter’s long freeze, I’m eager to pert Scott Arizala’s “Cool Campers.” The author discusses spend more time outdoors in the coming weeks with their the value of kids feeling “cool” due to their sense of belonger bouts of daylight. longing to a camp community. Plus, strike it rich with the PARENTGUIDE News, too, is blooming in the spring. plethora of day camps, sleepaway camps, and summer proOur Calendar of Events has tons of extraordinary events grams in our Camp Directory. and special, new highlighted happenings for you to explore Are you concerned about your child’s lack of speech in with your family. March’s WoMom and Update columns, social settings? Rather than mere shyness, your child may • 212-213-8840 featuring great giveaways, have been given a makeover, be experiencing something else entirely. Learn how to help too, along with the Health and Travel columns. We’d love with Dr. Carly Orenstein’s “Selective Mutism.” to hear your thoughts about the new looks on our FaceAlso gear up for the lion-to-lamb seasonal transition with book page at; and our “Spring Style” fashion spread this month, and have a while you’re online, check out the Eyes of March Photo marvelous March! Contest at for the chance to Cheers, win a fantastic prize. Sunnier days also conjure thoughts of camp, and many



Image Credit: Maggie Susse-O’Connor

SK-March 2014

Summer Fun Program

make your child’s summer special at alcott School • Experienced Montessori trained staff • Half or full day classes for 2-6 year olds • Art, nature, outdoor and water play • Afternoon enrichment activities • Indoor gym & equipment • Outdoor playground

your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 

DON’T MISS Out of Time

A talking dog with a genius IQ and his adopted boy, Sherman, hurdle through time in Mr. Peabody & Sherman. This big-screen CGI adventure from 20th Century Fox follows the duo throughout history as they interact with legendary characters and race to save the future. The flick opens on March 7.

Under The Big Top

Performers from all over the globe come together to showcase their talents when Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus presents Legends! The once-in-a-lifetime show brings together elephants, tigers, acrobats, and aerialists of the finest caliber to provide an edge-of-your-seat circus production for one and all. Catch all of the action and excitement on March 1 and 2 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York; March 5-10 at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York; and March 19-23 at the Izod Center in New Jersey. For more information, go to

Leap into Letters

Join Leap, Tad, Lily, and friends on a brand-new, problem-solving adventure in The Letter Machine Rescue Team. Based on LeapFrog’s best-selling Letter Factory series, the insightful animated story is perfect for children ages 4-7. Lionsgate Home Entertainment and LeapFrog Enterprises bring The Letter Machine Rescue Team to DVD and Digital HD on March 4.

Kong Returns

The barrel-blasting, mine-carting action of Donkey Kong is back in Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Designed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U, the game enables players of all ages to journey across six distinct islands filled with dynamic levels and non-stop action. The game is available in stores and online now.

Musical Messages

Kindie band Jungle Gym Jam tackles positive themes for young listeners in its new album, Everyone’s Invited. The release takes parents, grandparents, and children of all ages along on a wonderful musical adventure with topics such as friendship, kindness, anti-bullying, imagination, and play. Purchase your copy today at


by Donald McDermott

Get Bizzi

Children ages 3-7 are invited to become the stars of their very own story in the new I Imagine app! Bizzibrains proudly presents the free book app, which encourages kids to play independently, make choices, and open their imaginations. I Imagine is available now for all Apple devices. Find out more at

More Muppets

Kermit, Fozzy, Miss Piggy, and all of your favorites are back for a brand-new adventure in Muppets Most Wanted. Walt Disney Pictures presents a wonderful blend of puppetry and live action in the film, which finds the Muppets wrapped up with jewel thieves led by a Kermit the Frog lookalike. Opening on March 21, Muppets Most Wanted has a human cast that includes Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, and Ty Burrell.

Join the Squad

Maximum Games invites families along on a special rescue mission in Putty Squad. The action-packed game offers the best in old-school gaming while bringing you even more exciting features and immersive play. Appropriate for players of all ages, Putty Squad is available for purchase now.

Keeping Kids Current

The TIME for Kids magazine that school children have been enjoying for decades is now a fun, easy-to-understand app. Full of exciting photos and stories, The TIME For Kids Family Edition App offers a great way to encourage family conversations and keep little ones aware of current events. Download it now for your tablet.

Animal Kingdom

Everyone’s favorite furry red monster takes part in plenty of barking, chirping, and galloping fun in Elmo’s World: All About Animals. The new DVD release from Sesame Street and Warner Bros. Entertainment offers more than two hours of esteem-building lessons and fun facts that revolve around birds, fish, horses, penguins, and other members of the animal kingdom. Pick up your copy beginning March 4. Donald McDermott is the managing editor.

 I parentguide News I March 2014

LOVE What You Do...

Continued on page 32.

your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 


by Samantha Chan

Feast of St. Joseph

One Sweet Party

Celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center with a cooking class: Zeppole di San Giuseppe. On March 15 at 2pm, children of all ages and their families are invited to make zeppoles and sfingi, traditional fare for the feast, which takes place on March 19. Explore Italian culture while baking! Registration is required and can be done by calling (914)771-8700 or visiting The Italian Cultural Center is located at 1 Generoso Pope Place in Tuckahoe.

Westmoreland Sanctuary hosts Sugarfest 2014 on March 8 and 9 at its 260 Chestnut Ridge Road location in Mount Kisco. Families are invited to enjoy programs, demonstrations, and the staple all-you-can-eat Pancake Feast! Seating times vary. Learn to tap a tree for syrup and explore the history of harvesting techniques used by Native Americans. For a full schedule of events, visit



419 ParkMagnifique Avenue South, New York,Music NY 10016 •for 212-213-8840 • Fax 212-447-7734 Spring is in C’est the Family 419 Park Avenue South, New the York, NYAir 10016 • 212-213-8840 • Fax 212-447-7734

Mark your calendar for March 22! Greenburgh Nature Center hosts the Spring Fling Fun beginning FAx # at 2pm. The property at 99 Dromore Road is home to a vast array of trails From: iSSue DAte: that guests are invited to explore. Additionally, guests get to make andPlease take home welcome call aorcraft faxto your comments and/or oK. spring! For more information on this other nature programs, visit SigNAtureand oF APProvAl: or call (914)723-3470.


Celebrate Mardi Gras at Hoff-Barthelson Music School, 25 School Chappaqua Public Library Lane in Scarsdale, TO: FAX # hosts Family Weekend. on March 4 at 4pm. Make Kick off the weekend on March 28 with your way to 195 S. Greeley the Children’s FROM: ISSUE Corner DATE: Concert, approAve. in Chappaqua for a priate for children ages 6 and older, at magnificent time! Children 6:30pm. The next day, Family Concerts Please call or fax begin your atcomments and/or in kindergarten through 3:30pm. The school OK. provides the grade 2 make music and community with quality musical programmasks andOFenjoy cake! Call ming, and this is the public’s chance to SIGNATURE APPROVAL: (914)238-4779 to make a take a peek into its rich musical history. required reservation. Questions? Dial (914)723-1169.

Samantha Chan is the associate editor.

K MB 3/14

Over the Moon Music and More, LLC, Presents



SIMPLY THE BEST SPORT & GAME PARTIES IN WESTCHESTER in Briarcliff ✮ Chappaqua ✮ Dobbs Ferry Mount Kisco ✮ Scarsdale ✮ Tarrytown ✮ Tuckahoe for Children and the Adults Who Love Them

Free Demo Classes Available 914-722-2025  I parentguide News I March 2014






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Birthday Parties Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Sweet Sixteens Girl Scouts Check out Brownies our online All Occasions! store!



for this Log k o o Lo Th rou g

hout the Is

! e su

This is your opportunity to win some very exciting products and/or services featured in this issue’s Womom and Update columns. Log onto, find the “Win This Product” logo on our homepage, follow some simple directions, and good luck.

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March 2014 I parentguide News I 

n o i t n e v e r P y l l u B e m o H t a Begins

Build a strong foundation for your family. by Dr. Louise Hart Today, many schools have anti-bullying programs. These work best when parents are involved, and information is reinforced at home. Through their families and time spent in childcare centers — long before the first day of kindergarten — kids learn skills and behaviors that establish how they will get along with others. Adults can superpower their kids with inner strength by: • Boosting self-esteem, self-care, and self-regulation. • Teaching them how to communicate more effectively and assertively. • Creating a family culture where respect is modeled and mean words and behaviors are not tolerated. Parents have more power than they realize to prevent and stop bullying. Childcare providers and other caring adults are also in the position to “nip meanness in the bud” and teach pro-social skills. Parents can create a solid foundation for healthy, positive development. They have the authority to make rules to ensure survival, safety, and constructive connections. Parents have enormous power to promote respectful attitudes and behaviors and discourage disrespect and meanness. They can create a positive, bully-free family climate based on respect, connection, and belonging. It is the job of caring adults to teach kids what is acceptable and unacceptable, what is right and what is wrong. It is their job to hold kids accountable. If kids can get away with bad behavior early in life, they are more likely to lack empathy, to continue behaving badly, and to bully others when they are teens and adults. 10 I parentguide News I March 2014


There has been enormous confusion in recent years since certain “normal” parenting practices have been found to actually increase bullying! Parents with the best intentions are undermining the wellbeing of their children. Without realizing it, they may be teaching the bullying dynamic. Profound cultural shifts have been challenging families over the last two or three generations. Greater permissiveness in families and society, for example, plus the tech tsunami and widespread consumer culture all contribute to the bullying epidemic. Disrespect and incivility have been on the rise, while kindness, empathy, and courtesy have eroded. For more than 35 years, Dr. Dan Olweus studied the causes of and solutions to aggression and violence. He concluded that, contrary to popular belief, bullying behavior is not a “normal” behavior, nor is it “just a stage” that kids “get over.” Olweus also found that widespread child-rearing practices are linked to the development of “hostile reaction patterns” and other antisocial behaviors in children. Olweus noted the following points of interest in his research:

• Negativity on the part of the primary caretaker. When a caregiver exhibits a negative emotional attitude instead of the warmth and involvement that healthy child development requires, children become emotionally insecure. This increases the risk that they may become aggressive and hostile toward others.

• Permissiveness of a child’s aggressive behavior. If the primary caregiver is generally permissive and does not set clear limits on aggressive speech and behavior, the child’s aggres-

sion level is likely to increase. Parents, therefore, are tacitly teaching that hostility and aggression are okay.

• Use of “power-assertive methods.” When parents don’t know what else to do, they may try to resolve conflict with power, aggression, and violent emotional outbursts. Children raised with spanking and physical punishment are more likely to become aggressive. During his decades of research, Olweus also found a set of key qualities among adults in school and home environments that successfully limit or prevent bullying problems in youngsters: • They convey warmth and positive interest. • They set firm limits for unacceptable behavior and enforce them. • They use discipline positively and consistently when dealing with unacceptable behaviors and rule violations. Parents must continue to educate themselves. All we do to prevent and curb bullying today will create respectful, bully-free homes and families tomorrow.

Dr. Louise Hart, Ed.D., an internationally recognized speaker, has a doctorate in the prevention-based field of community psychology. Her third book, The Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life (Hazelden), helps parents prevent and curb bullying in their children. For more information, visit

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March 2014 I parentguide News I 11





What are the major differences between delivering at a hospital and a birth center? Where can you learn more about these options?


A birth center is staffed by midwives and/or obstetricians for mothers in labor who desire a more natural, home-like experience. They may be assisted by doulas and coaches. Compared to hospitals, birth centers typically provide more options during labor: food, drinks, music, and the attendance of family and friends if desired. Other characteristics can also include birthing tubs or showers for water births. The decor is meant to emphasize the normality of birth. In a center, as opposed to a hospital, women may be encouraged to act more spontaneously during their birth, such as by squatting, walking, or performing other postures that assist in labor. Active birth is encouraged. The length of stay after a birth is shorter at a center than at a hospital; sometimes just six hours after birth, the mother and infant can go home. C-sections cannot be done at birth centers.

Birth Center Resources:


It’s been said that having a glass of wine a day while pregnant is okay. Is this true?


At this time, alcohol consumption during pregnancy is not recommended.


When should women start taking prenatal vitamins: before or durwith OB-GYN Dr. Aron Schuftan ing pregnancy? What kinds of them are best? e asked parents and future parents


what they most wanted to know about pregnancy. Read on for expert answers from Dr. Aron Schuftan. 12 I parentguide News I March 2014


Ideally women should start taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant as good nutritional support is important at the time of conception. Any prenatal vitamin with at least 400mcg (0.4 mg) of folic acid is recommended.

Over on and Over 22 Articles on For how33 long Articles should my partner Q

I try to conceive before we should look into possible infertility issues?



It really depends on your medical history. Traditionally, however, additional insight may be needed after one year of actively trying to achieve pregnancy without success for women younger than 35 and after six months for women older than 35.


Is it normal to feel cramping, even early in pregnancy?


Yes, your body is changing and that can cause cramping. Also, the corpus luteal cyst (which is a normal cyst of pregnancy) can often cause cramping in early pregnancy. However, if you have severe cramping, always contact your healthcare provider to make sure you don’t have an ectopic pregnancy (a pregnancy growing in your fallopian tube).

So much more...


So much more...

Dr. Aron Schuftan is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who received his medical degree from Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico and his specialty training at Boston Medical Center. He is also the co-founder of EmbraceHer Health, creator of the Pregnancy Companion app. The app provides advice, pregnancy tips and tracking tools, an Ask the Docs feature, a contraction timer, and much more. Find out about the app and other EmbraceHer Health initiatives at

190 on Over Over 33 Articles

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Discipline Recipes

Child Allergies Development

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So So much much more... more... March 2014 I parentguide News I 13


Mutism What to do when it’s more than mere shyness.

by Dr. Carly Orenstein

Children with selective mutism are fully capable of speaking, and they generally communicate normally at home and in situations where they are comfortable. These children are not willfully refusing to speak. They actually are unable to speak or effectively communicate in certain social settings, most notably school. Almost all children with selective mutism also have social anxiety disorders. While an inability to speak might not present itself until a child is exposed to social situations (most kids are diagnosed between ages 3 and 8), in hindsight, the child likely showed earlier signs of severe anxiety, timidity, and fearfulness but was simply considered shy. Kids with selective mutism are often talkative and even boisterous at home but fearful and anxious in settings where there is the expectation of social interaction and communication. Some of them freeze in these situations and become expressionless, withdrawn, and completely mute with both peers and adults. Others seem relaxed and are able to communicate with a few select children, sometimes in a whisper.

Causes It is thought that most children with selective mutism have inherited a predisposition to anxiety. Some children who are affected have one or more family members with a history of selective mutism, extreme shyness, or anxiety disorders. It has been hypothesized that the timidity and fearfulness that characterizes individuals with anxiety disorders is caused by a low threshold of excitability in the amygdala, a part of the brain involved in controlling emotional responses. When a child is in an uncomfortable or fearful scenario, the nervous system sends danger signals to the amygdala, which sets off a protective reaction. For children with selective mutism, this is manifested withdrawal from the social situation. About 20 to 30 percent of children with selective mutism have speech or language abnormalities that place additional stress on the child and increase the anxiety in situations where there is an expectation to speak.

Tips for Parents


any young children approach a new classroom with a fair amount of trepidation. For some, their shyness and anxiety initially manifest in a failure to speak. However, as the days and weeks go by, these children gradually come out of their shells. But a few — perhaps as many as 7 out of every 1,000 children — continue to be silent throughout the school year. These children may have a disorder known as selective mutism. 14 I parentguide News I March 2014

Children with selective mutism should not be expected to simply grow out of it. The earlier a child is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis. Left untreated, the mutism may become habitual, and those around the child will stop expecting him to speak, reinforcing the social isolation and increasing the child’s anxiety. Consider the following advice for parents who suspect selective mutism in their child. • Do not pressure the child to speak. Convey understanding of the child’s fear and frustration, and let him know that you can help. Offer positive reinforcement for the child’s efforts and successes. • Excluding the first month or so of school, if

Over 5 Articles on

For further reading about selective mutism, check out:

Stuttering P

the child’s failure to speak in specific situations continues for more than a month, talk to your pediatrician or consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. An experienced professional will be able to differentiate selective mutism from other disorders for which it is sometimes mistaken, including autism. • The goal of treatment is to reduce the child’s anxiety and build up his confidence in social situations. There are several therapeutic approaches that have been successful, including behavioral therapy, in which the child is gradually introduced to social environments in a non-threatening way. With cognitive-behavioral therapy, the child’s fear and anxiety are redirected to positive thoughts. The appropriate therapy for each child depends on individual factors such as age, other conditions that may be present, and the duration and severity of mutism. • Avoid any treatment plan that sees the child’s behavior as controlling or manipulative and recommends a disciplinary or punitive approach. This will only increase the child’s anxiety and reinforce the mutism.

So much more...

The most important thing for parents to realize is that selective mutism is caused by anxiety. Pressure to speak from parents, teachers, and peers simply intensifies the child’s fears and makes things worse. But with early intervention and a supportive environment, children can successfully overcome selective mutism.

Over 5 Articles on

Dr. Carly Orenstein is a clinical psychologist with the Morris Psychological Group in Parsippany, New Jersey, who practices cognitive-behaviorial therapy with children, adolescents, and adults through individual, family, and group therapy. Learn more at

Over40 6 Articles on Over

Stuttering Potty Training Autism

So much more...

So much more... So much more...

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March 2014 I parentguide News I 15

by Scott Arizala

Cool Campers

Summer programs have myriad benefits.

Attending camp is a cultural rite of passage, instrumental in developing skills like achieving independence, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, the ability to compromise, and leadership. Day and sleepaway camp experiences are crucial for creating strong, diverse social experiences outside of school. They can help kids hone a passion for particular sports or hobbies, too. But of all the reasons to enroll a child in a summer program, the real value of a camp may be found in the sense of belonging and community it fosters. American Camp Association studies highlight all the skills and benefits that campers get. And for every anecdote out there about how a summer camp experience changed a life, there are thousands of kids that simply feel “cool” being campers. Well, what’s so great about kids feeling “cool?” There is a power in “cool” that the rest of world doesn’t take seriously. At summer camp, we know what it really means. We don’t think of being “cool” in terms of popularity or having the right style, but rather in a sense of belonging, excitement, uniqueness, and acceptance. Counselors and directors are directly in charge of creating a nurturing culture at camp. They control the schedule, programs, living situations (at sleepaway camps), and meals, as well as the legends, myths, and routines. This all adds up to control over the values of a community and the cultural expression of those values. Camp counselors and directors actively create a space where campers thrive and are, in short, encouraged to feel “cool.” How do they do it? Summer camp is all about fun. Creating a community is pretty easy when it is wrapped in excitement. Most parents of campers will tell you that their kids tried something new (probably exciting), met new people (probably different from themselves in an important way), and are more responsible now thanks to their summer programs. The exposure to new activities,

16 I parentguide News I March 2014

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people, and responsibilities can lead to kids discovering hidden talents in sports, the arts, academics, or even socializing, which ensures they’ll feel great about the camp experience. Most camp staff members go above and beyond their assignments, turning regular activities into spectacular adventures. They dress up for no apparent reason, sing songs at the top of their lungs, and are ready with games and fun ideas at a moment’s notice. But if you were to ask them what they hope their campers experience, they would talk about the value of camp and its affect on the character of their kids. They understand that the activities are just the vehicle for the real experience. I want you to send your kids to camp. I think it’ll be one of the best experiences you could give them because when kids go to camp, they feel connected. Isn’t that what everyone wants? When you are considering a sleepaway camp, day camp, summer program, or even a combination of these options, there are a few inquiries you may want to keep in mind. • What are the mission and values of the camp or program? • How are its activities related to the overall summer experience and camp mission? • What is the return rate among the staff? Staff members not only deliver the experience, but they also create the culture. If the majority of them return, there will be some consistency. • What’s the schedule, and does it allow for downtime? • Can kids choose activities? • Where do kids hang out? The more opportunities kids have to be together during structured activities and when just hanging out, the better connections they will have.

Peruse these tips if your child will be going to camp for the first time. 1. Speak confidently and positively about the upcoming experience. 2. Practice overnight sleepovers for sleepaway camp. 3. Avoid making “pick-up deals.” 4. Investigate the possible worries on your future camper’s mind. 5. Contact the camp to talk with the staff. 6. Talk to other parents and campers. 7. Go to open houses. 8. If your child has a friend already attending camp, that’s even better. Scott Arizala is a leading expert, trainer, and consultant in the summer camp experience. He is the camp director for Camp Tall Tree, a resident camp for kids with unique challenges; Dragonfly Forest, a camp for kids with serious illnesses; and Camp Kesem, a national organization for kids whose parents have cancer. He is the author of the best-selling book S’More Than Camp. For more information, visit

your needs, your neighborhood

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Discover Some of the Area’s Best Summer Camps and Programs Day Camps and Summer Programs

Acres of Adventure Summer Camp at Ann and Andy’s 2170 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY 10523 (914)592-3027 Ann & Andy’s, one-to-nine summer• camp program 419 Park Avenue South, NewaYork, NY 10016 •week 212-213-8840 Fax 212-447-7734 with an emphasis on outdoors. Situated on 5 acres with 14 playgrounds, the outdoor program includes TO: FAX # baseball, soccer, climbing wall, bocce ball court, zip line, mini-golf, color games, kickball, basketball, dodge ball, drama and more. Campers age ROM: ISSUE DATE: 11-14 take fun recreational, educational and cultural trips weekly, that include trips to Lake Compounce, Mountain Creek, white water and off Broadwayand/or theater trips, Please callrafting, or faxonyour comments OK. Liberty Science Center and Maritime Museum. Customized schedules, SIGNATURE individualized OF APPROVAL: attention and hot lunches are offered daily as well as Barbeque Fridays. All buildings are air-conditioned, and there is also a new computer lab. Acres of Adventure Summer Camp at Ann & Andy’s is licensed by the Health Department

and have experienced counselors. The camp is family owned and operated since 1973.


Alcott School 535 Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 46 Fox Meadow Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 27 Crane Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 The Alcott School Summer Fun Program offers a variety of full- and half-day programs for children 2-6 years of age at its Scarsdale and Dobbs Ferry locations. The program begins on June 27 and run through August 5 or 12, depending on the class. Children have the opportunity for outdoor water play, art experimentation, computer work, hands-on science activities, nature exploration, cooking, gardening and so much more! Afternoon classes include a variety of activities including soccer, t-ball, cooking, art and other summer fun. Classrooms are staffed with experienced teachers who are able to provide your child with a warm, supportive environment for developing social skills,

Located on the Spacious Masters School Campus

MER M U S 014 2 OPEN HOUSE March 15th 11AM-3PM

PRIMARY Grades K-3

CHOICE Grades 4-9

Camp Sessions Session 1 June 30th - July 25th 2014 Session 2 June 28th- August 15th 2014 Offering Stimulating Courses Like...

• LEGO Design • Swimming • Robotics • Project Runway • Digital Photography • Field Trips• Jewelry Design • Polymer Clay • Tennis • Web Design • International Cooking • Rocketry and much more!

(Co-ed ages 6-15) • Baseball Academy • Tennis Academy • All Sport Academy

The Masters School

Extended Day Available • Hot Lunch Included • Transportation Available


Dobbs Ferry, NY • e-mail:

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CAMP DIRECTORY independent learning skills and play skills while having fun! A class with extended hours for working families is available at the Crane Road location. The Kidz Club, a small group after school program designed to teach social skills to children between the ages of 3 and 5 years, meets at the Crane Road site. Toddlers do not need to be toilet trained. Call for more information or to arrange a tour. Destination Science (888)909-2822 Build. Learn. Create. Explore. Let your imagination soar! Experience firsthand fun this summer at Destination Science. Summer sessions are designed for boys and girls in grades k6 who have big imaginations and a desire to stir up science. Each week-long topic discovered at Destination Science includes 20 hands-on activities to take home, plus fun games and great teachers. Topics: Crazy Coaster Science & Sea-fari Park, in which participants become crazy coaster scientists; RoboDragon Extreme Techno Challenge, where children bring a motorized robo-dragon creation to life; Rocket Powered Mars Expedition lets rockets rule as children build and blast off the all-new “Xcellerator� land rocket; and Wild Extreme Physics Fun, which includes the chance to create 3D electric-powered games that light up and buzz in order to solve the camp mystery! Destination Science offers many locations throughout Long Island and Westchester: Garden City, Jericho, Manhasset,


Merrick, Old Westbury, Oyster Bay, Seaford, Wantagh, Westbury, Babylon, Centerport, Commack, Huntington, Port Jefferson, Sayville, Setauket, Smithtown, Stony Brook, Bedford, Chappaqua, Larchmont, Purchase, Rye, Scarsdale, Tarrytown and White Plains. Save when you enroll early, enroll in three- or four-week sessions, and enroll siblings. Harvey Cavalier Summer Camp 260 Jay St., Katonah, NY 10536 (845)677-0491 Located on 125 acres in Katonah, the Harvey Cavalier Summer Camp boasts “a program that is exceptional as your child.� This limited enrollment program provides each camper from 4 to 14 an enriching experience in a wide range of electives that include fine arts, crafts, theatre, dance, science, computers, swimming, ice skating, gymnastics, martial arts and more! Professional instructors share their talents with the children in activities that maintain an average camper to staff ratio of 3:1. The campus woods, sprawling playing fields, an outdoor pool, the Evarts Ice Rink, a new 22,000-square-foot gymnasium, and the state-of-the-art Walker Center for the Arts featuring a black box theatre, dance studio, music rooms and computer labs, all serve to provide area youngsters with extraordinary opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun! The six-week session begins Mon-

Proof • 212-213-8840

Harvey Cavalier Camp A Summer Camp as Exceptional as Your Child


Join SaturdayOpen OpenHouses House Joinus us at our Saturday on March 1 from 10am-2pm on February 1 and March 1 from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. date March 8) 8) (snow(snow dates February 8 & March

your needs, your neighborhood

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CAMP DIRECTORY day, July 1 to Friday, August 9. The Little Cavs Program for children entering pre-k through 1st grade in September 2013 offers several options for a daily schedule. Chris Del Campo, who began the camp in 1996, continues as its director and is ably assisted by talented professionals whose specialty is educating and nurturing children. It’s a program that allows campers to take ownership of an individualized schedule. So much to offer and so much fun this summer!


Ensembles, Simple Symphony and Wind Serenade, Piano for non-Pianists, and Visual Arts. Students at all levels of advancement receive instruction in a program individually tailored to their needs and interests. The basic program operates from 9am–noon, with several different Extended Day options available, June 30-August 1, 2014. Visit www.hbms. org for downloadable enrollment forms, e-mail hb@hbms. org or call (914)723-1169.

Hudson Country Day Camp Hoff-Barthelson Music School 40 Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle, NY 10804 25 School Lane, Scarsdale, NY 10583 (914) 636-6202 (914)723-1169 Hudson Country Day Camp provides campers with an opportunity to engage in a host of academic, artistic and For nearly forty years, the five-week Hoff-Barthelson Sumathletic pursuits that develop new interests and increases mer Arts Program has provided an ideal setting for a stimuself-esteem and confidence. Each summer a new theme for lating and rewarding summer experience for students in children ages 15 months through 12 years allow them to 2nd–10th grade. Centrally located in Scarsdale, the school explore the world in a safe, structured, joyful environment. offers a structured but relaxed daily program. The exceptionThemes are supported by an array of fun, creative activities, al faculty, boasting some of the top performers and music interesting guests, field trips and related music, food, crafts educators in the country, provides a quality summer experiParkgames. Avenue South, New York, NY • 212-213-8840 • Fax 212-447-7734 Intertwined is a10016 strong athletic program where ence of music, arts and crafts and musical theater to students 419and children develop skills and tone muscle while learning to who take daily lessons, play in ensembles, and participate to: FAx # swim, play tennis, practice gymnastics and karate under in visual arts and drama programs. The program includes the watchful eyes of certified, experienced instructors. The Mu-sic Technology Lab, HB Rocks! Advanced Guitar EnFrom: dedicated summer staff is largelyiSSue DAte: of the teachers comprised semble, Chorus, Orchestras, Musical Theatre Workshop, who possess an in-depth knowledge of the social, emotionWorld Drumming, Advanced Jazz Workshop, Chamber • 212-213-8840

Proof • 212-213-8840


Please call or fax your comments and/or oK.


SigNAture oF APProvAl:




All Ages All Skill Levels Junior Camps Junior Elites After School

Juni o Reg r Golf S istra u tion mmer C Now a (800) 733-1653 Ope mp n! 975 Anderson Hill Rd., Rye Brook, NY

Family Owned & Operated Since 1973! Liscensed by the Health Department Experienced Counselors

Serving children 2 months. - 14 years. Age Appropriate Activities Including: Tween trips, Bowling, Swimming, Golf, Drama, Sports, Water slide, Zip-line, Climbing wall, Train rides, Arts & crafts, Computers, Air castle & More! Call for a Tour & Appointment!

at Ann and Andy


Call Open House forFeb. a tour & Sat., 11, 2012 appointment! 10am-1pm

2170 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY •

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CAMP DIRECTORY al and psychomotor development of early childhood and elementary aged children. For more information or a tour, call Hudson Country Day Camp, (914)636-6202. Jodi’s Gym 25 Hubbels Dr., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 (914)244-8811 Fax: (914)244-8833 244 E. 84th St., NYC 10028 (212)772-7633 Fax: (212)772-9558 Jodi’s Gym Camp is all about active, healthy children! Now in its 30th year, Jodi’s Gym 3 hour camp for 3-5 year olds includes a full hour of structured gym where the fundamentals for gymnastics (and all sports) are developed as children improve their skills on balance beams, bars, rings, tumbling, vault, tumble trak, the space bouncer and so much more! In a camp filled with giggles and laughter, your child will develop self confidence while experiencing the joys of gymnastics. Other camp activities include music, art, story time, zany games and lunch. You just won’t find a more attentive, experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff anywhere! Jodi’s Gym also offers the most flexible scheduling around. You choose any 2-5 days each week, you choose the weeks…no minimums! New this year...optional 1 hour Lunch Bunch add on!

your needs, your neighborhood

Mount Tom Day Camp 48 Mount Tom Road, New Rochelle, NY 10805 (914)636-8130 Serving Westchester and NYC families since 1955, Mount Tom provides a safe and supportive environment for children ages 3-14 to learn, grow and have fun. A positive camp experience enhances a child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. “The Mount Tom Difference” is its proven staff model featuring experienced educators spending the entire camp day working directly with campers. As a result, campers are better able to learn life skills such as building and maintaining friendships, taking healthy risks, overcoming fears, teamwork, self-confidence, and determination. Children participate in a well-rounded schedule of activities including daily Red Cross swim instruction, team and individual sports, cultural and performing arts, nature, outdoor adventure (rock climbing, ropes course, zip line), electives, and wonderful special events. Short, safe commute on supervised, air-conditioned vehicles is available. As are healthy and delicious hot lunch and snacks. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call. The Mitchell Spearman Junior Golf Academy Doral Arrowwood 975 Anderson Hill Road, Rye Brook, NY 10573 From June 9 to August 29 the Spearman Golf Academy is

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CAMP DIRECTORY offering the chance for junior golfers to learn vital skills necessary for success on the golf course and in life. At the academy, they believe that a good golf game is the product of a positive learning experience and strive to build a solid foundation that creates a true appreciation for the game. Beyond the game students learn valuable lessons from core values such as sportsmanship, respect for others, integrity, self-confidence, and responsibility. Golfers span the range of skill levels from brand new beginner to club champion and the ages of 7 to 16, the only requirement being the desire to learn as much as they can about the game. Golfers are grouped by ability using age and skill, utilizing a round-robin style training on the different aspects of the game such as full-swing, short game, putting, and bunker play. Additionally, each golfer gets an opportunity on the golf course and all have their swing viewed and analyzed by Top 100 Instructor Mitchell Spearman. Many campers spend several weeks at the academy throughout the summer, learn more online and plan a visit today! Registration is open!


in grades 1-6. In this program, campers enjoy instruments, arts and crafts, chorus and musical theatre. Half-day, full-day and extended options are available. Campers in grades 7 and up have different programming in which they are allowed to choose their electives. Select from winds, strings, piano, voice, guitar, jazz/rock, theory/composition, music technology, dance or the visual arts for a fulfilling musical summer. Three session in these programs are available. Session I runs July1-July 12, closed July 4; Session II runs July 15-July 26; and Session III runs July 29-August 9. Don’t wait, these programs fill up quickly! Beginners are welcome. Registration is always open! Oasis Summer Day Camps in Manhattan Central Park, 3 W. 95th St., NYC 10025 (646)698-1800 Downtown Manhattan, 219 Stanton St., NYC 10002 (646)519-5058 With two locations, Central Park and Downtown Manhattan, Oasis Day Camp offers campers the summer of a lifetime in New York City! Both locations provide campers with a traditional summer day camp experience. Oasis features a variety of engaging activities inclusive of athletics, yoga, cooking, fine arts and instructional swim. Both locations feature tennis and basketball courts, softball fields, soccer fields, nature trails, swimming pools, and ample indoor facilities. Experienced staff • 212-213-8840

Music Conservatory of Westchester 216 Central Ave., White Plains, NY 10606 (914)761-3900 Summer at MCW has never been better. This summer, the Music and Arts Program offers music, art and theatre for children

11 Westchester Locations Great Programs for Ages 5-11!

Bedford ‡ Chappaqua ‡ Larchmont Mt. Kisko ‡ New Rochelle ‡ Ossining ‡ Rye Scarsdale ‡ Tarrytown ‡ White Plains ‡ Yonkers

Build. Learn. Create. Explore. Let your imagination soar! Experience hands-on fun this summer er at

Destination Science! March Special! Save $30/wk!

Ends 4/01/14 or call 1.888.909.2822

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CAMP DIRECTORY members are dedicated role models and are college age or older. Oasis is for children ages 4-11. Oasis Early Start is offered for 4-year-old campers. In this program the camp day is designed to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of junior campers. Oasis also offers a popular Teen Travel program for young people ages 12-15, which gives teens the opportunity to take unique daily trips while forming lifelong friendships. Oasis bus service picks up and drops off campers from a number of convenient locations. Daily hot lunch service is also available. Online registration is fast and simple, so don’t wait. Visit the website today!


The Play Group Theatre One North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10601 (914)946-4433 PGT Summer Theatre provides an artistically dynamic and creatively challenging summer experience, within a supportive, nurturing and collaborative environment. Three week and six week options are available for the Teen Conservatory for ages 14 and older, the Young Actors Ensemble for ages 11-13), the PGT Kids for ages 7-10, and Little Theatre for ages 4-6. Half of each day is spent in classes, including acting, musical theatre, dance and movement, Shakespeare, stage combat, on camera and more. The other half of the day is dedicated to rehearsal. Each program culminates in a performance. A trip to Broadway, an improv workshop with Chicago City Limits and weekly spe-

cial days complete the PGT Summer experience. A one week Improv program is also available the first week of August. PGTs professional staff is dedicated to providing an artistic haven for children and teens of all ages and levels of experience. Purchase College at SUNY 735 Anderson Hill Road Purchase, NY 10577 (914)251-5939 Here’s a program that shows a “stroke” of genius: aquatic classes for children and adults. After all, swimming is a skill that saves lives, has total-body exercise benefits and can enhance the quality of life. Children generally take to the water with ease, yet adults are never too old to learn the skill. While beach and pool time with kids becomes safer and more fun when parents master swimming, aquatics improve aerobic endurance and flexibility without impacting the joints. So, swimming keeps the entire family healthy! Held in a sparkling six-lane pool and diving well, heated for swimmers’ comfort, the Purchase College Aquatics Program runs year-round. The summer session is offered in one- and two-week sessions, weekdays only, from June 3 through August 16. Programs include children’s group lessons, adult lessons— including infant and preschool aquatics with a parent— and specialty programs. All lessons are taught according to American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim guidelines by certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. Most

Proof • 212-213-8840

summer Camp Opencamp House open April 21 • house 11am - 2pm march • 10am noon (Rain22date April- 22)

340 Quaker ridge road, new rochelle, nY 10804 • 914-636-6202 • your needs, your neighborhood

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CAMP DIRECTORY classes are given during each daily session so siblings of varied abilities may be in different classes at the same time. Specialty programs include scuba certification, springboard diving, private and semi-private lessons and adult beginner swim lessons designed especially for those who feel uncomfortable in or around the water. Register now!

age and ability. Squire All Sports Academy, ages 6-13, allows for daily instructing and playing of different sports that include tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball and flag football. Squire Tennis Academy, ages 6-15, is fun and challenging, where beginner to experienced players hone skills while learning new and valuable techniques. Hot lunch is included and transportation is available. Contact for more information.

Squire Advantage and Squire Sports Camps P.O. Box 885, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591 Tom Thumb (914)328-3798 1949 East Main St. Mohegan, New York 10547 (914)528-5600 Squire Advantage and Squire Sports Camps at the Masters School, is celebrating its 37th anniversary. The Squire AdvanNancy Brophy, director of Tom Thumb Preschool in Mohegan tage is divided into two programs based on grade level. The Ad-419 Park feelsSouth, summer is a very unique time in children’s ThereAvenue New York, NY 10016 • 212-213-8840 • Fax lives. 212-447-7734 419 Park Avenue South, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10016 • 212-213-8840 • Fax 212-447-7734Lake vantage Primary, grades k-3, allows campers to choose a track fore, her Catch Us if You Can summer camp, on the Tom Thumb in Music/Theater/Crafts; Cooking/Crafts/Computers; ComputCampus, offers an experience that enable children to make social to: FAx # TO: FAX # ers/Science/Jr. Builders and Legos/Science/Jr. Builders. When decisions by choosing new friends. Part of each day gives children not working on track-oriented projects, campers enjoy games, the freedom to choose the activities they wish to participate in. From: iSSue DAte: FROM: ISSUEDinosaur! DATE: all sports and Splashy the Water The Advantage Campers ages 3 ½ to 10 enjoy age-appropriate games and sports, Choice, grades 4-9, allows campers to design their own schedplaygrounds and pool activities. Extra hot or rainy days offer a fully ule to fit call theiror specific interests and talents by choosing five airPlease conditioned building with acomments stage for performing arts and a 10call or fax your and/or oK. Please fax your comments and/or OK. courses in the fields of computers, sports, fine arts, science, foot TV screen as well as an inside gym and arts and crafts. Mrs. cooking and much more! Squire Sports Camps is divided into and her staff understand that structured and unstructured SigNAture Brophy oF APProvAl: SIGNATURE OF APPROVAL: three different sports programs. Squire Baseball Academy, ages play is vital to intellectual and emotional growth. All counselors 7-15, is an all-encompassing baseball instructional program and teachers are highly experienced in camp programs. The Catch with Junior Minors, Minors and Majors, grouped according to Us if You Can program is a continuous learning experience, with

Swim Programs Offered

Levels 1-6 Learn-to-Swim Springboard Diving Parent/Child Classes, 6mos. - 3yrs. Beginner & Intermediate Lessons for Adults SCUBA Certification Private & Semi-Private Lessons Snorkeling Classes Lifeguard Certification

Our instructors are ARC trained Water Safety Instructors.

Children’s lessons are 30-45 minutes long.


3/15/14 - 5/11/14 Summer Intensives Start In June WSI & Lifeguard Course • Adult Lessons

.30!&1#!-**#%# 13,7 Div. Of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics 735 Anderson Hill Rd. • Purchase, NY 10577

914-251-5939 • Fax: 914-251-6533 24 I parentguide News I March 2014




The Play Group  Theatre


Westchester’s Theatre for Children and Teens

Spring & Summer Theatre Programs Enrolling now . . .


CAMP DIRECTORY the safety and security of the child always in mind. Westchester Circus Arts 105 Wildey St., Tarrytown, NY 10591 The new Westchester Circus Arts Center in Tarrytown announces Circus Summer Day Camp 2013, June 24–August 2, in its air-conditioned facility at 105 Wildey Street, conveniently located three blocks north of the Tarrytown Metro-North RR Station. The first year-round regional circus center of its kind in NY, professional circus trainers from Big Apple Circus, Cirque du Soleil, Royal Lichtenstein Circus, Cirque Le Masque, Ringling Bros. and Cirkus Smirkus will teach your kids ages 5-18 all aerial and ground-based circus skills in a fun, safe and exciting camp environment. Every two-week camp session ends with a big Showcase of Talents in which campers perform for their parents and peers all the skills they have learned at circus camp. The Showcase is a complete show with costumes, choreography and make-up. Camp ages: 5-18. Camp fees are based on two-week sessions. Discounts for siblings and early registration is available.


dents in third through ninth grades who desire to improve their skills in reading, writing, study and organizational skills, math and science. Classes are taught by Windward instructors trained, via the renowned Windward Teacher Training Institute, in the School’s research-validated multisensory methods of instruction. In addition to academics, the Summer Program also offers opportunities for students to socialize via sports, art, drama or computer activities. The Windward School, based in White Plains, is the premier school for children with language-based learning disabilities, transforming their lives through a proven way of teaching. YMCA of Central and Northern Westchester Summer Camps 250 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains, NY 10605 (914)949-8030 Summer camp options include White Plains YMCA Day Camp, White Plains (ages 3-15); Camp Combe YMCA Day Camp, Putman Valley (ages 4 and up); and Community YMCA, Somers (ages 3 and up). Summer camp programs at the White Plains YMCA are as unique as the campers themselves. Programs focus on developing the whole child through supporting the children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. This is achieved by designing programs that help youth develop communication skills, engage in problem solving, learn through critical thinking, and contribute to designing the programs they participate in each day. The White Plains YMCA also aims to build self-esteem and a young person’s develop-

Proof • 212-213-8840

The Windward School 13 Windward Ave., White Plains, NY 10605 (914)949-6968 The Windward School Summer Program is designed for all stu-

Learn and Grow This Summer at The Windward School.

The Windward School Summer Program is designed for students in third through ninth grades who want to improve their skills in reading, writing, study and organizational skills, math or science. Classes are taught by Windward instructors at the School’s beautiful Red Oak Lane campus in White Plains.

JuneJuly 30 - 1-30, July 25, 2014 2013 Half-Day and Full-Day Sessions Available

Space is is Limited! Limited! Register Space Registerby byMay May15, 15,2014 2013

Contact Christopher Eberhard

Christopher Eberhard Assistant Head ofContact Middle School/Director of the Summer Program Assistant Head of Middle School/Director of the Summer Program (914) 949-6968, ext. 1250 • (914) 949-6968, ext. 1250 • your needs, your neighborhood

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CAMP DIRECTORY mental assets through our camp programs by focusing children on their strengths. Financial Assistance is available.

Special Needs Abby Gitlin, MS, OTR/L (516)457-1821 A Certified and NYS licensed Occupational Therapist with many years of experience working with children of varying developmental levels, Abby Gitlin is certified to teach handwriting programs, including Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) and Preventing Academic Failure (PAF). Gitlin is very excited to bring her private Occupational Therapy practice to Northern Westchester. With her experience and knowledge, Gitlin’s goal is to develop each child’s full academic potential. Years of experience working both privately as well as in the school settings, she has built a strong knowledge base of what is necessary to support the individual child, and how OT can help with so many facets of a child’s daily life. Through participation in sensory experiences that enable appropriate motoric responses, children develop necessary sensory skills. They also develop fine motor skills through activities that activate and strengthen the muscles of the hand and upper extremity. Improve your child’s handwriting as he has fun. Engaging drills and practices help your child work on a necessary foundational skill.


Social Butterflies P.O. Box 235 (914)930-8623 Hartsdale, NY 10530 (914)382-7091 / (914)382-7103 Social Butterflies is a social skills group working with preschool and elementary aged children who have a variety of communication and social/emotional delays including ADD, ADHD, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, social anxiety, Sensory Integration Dysfunction Disorder, high functioning Autism, PDD-NOS and Asperger’s Syndrome. Social Butterflies is also for children who have no specific classification and are struggling to communicate and interact comfortably with the people and world around them. Children are grouped based on functioning skill levels. Skill levels are assessed during every session so that by the end of ten weeks there is data to determine if improvements are being made and if a level of generalization has been achieved. Social Butterflies teaches the rules of social behavior and the rules of social language, and then puts these skills to use in everyday experiences through the development of themes. Social Butterflies runs year round, in ten-week cycles of one-hour sessions. Call or visit the Web for details. Locations throughout Westchester County. Additional programs include karate, cooking, science and community field trips. The staff looks forward to working with you and your children.

Proof • 212-213-8840


White Plains Child Care, Camp, White PlainsYMCA YMCA Child Care, Afterschool and Afterschool andTeen TeenPrograms Programs PROGRAMS: Arts & Crafts | Music | Sports Theme Days | Team Building Field Trips | Swimming Homework Assistance

WHITE PLAINS YMCA 250 Mamaroneck Ave., White Plains (914) 949-8030


26 I parentguide News I March 2014

CAMP COMBE YMCA 684 Peekskill Hollow Rd., Putnam Valley (845) 526-0808


All Ears

Teach little listeners to turn down the volume when they tune in. Courtesy of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


ith the skyrocketing use of smart mobile devices among children, it is critical for parents to instill safe listening habits early in their lives. Early intervention can prevent the long-term, irreversible hearing damage that can result from unsafe use of devices with earbuds and headphones. According to Common Sense Media’s 2013 study on mobile media use, 75 percent of kids ages 8 and younger have access to a smart mobile device at home, a statistic that’s increased from 52 percent in 2011. Almost 40 percent of children younger than 2 have used a mobile device, an increase of 10 percent as compared to two years ago. Many children listen to music, watch television shows, and play games on cell phones, tablets, and gaming devices at dangerously high volumes. This could lead to them paying an unfortunate price in the form of noise-induced hearing loss. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) urges parents to help protect their kids with a few simple, safe listening tips: • Keep the volume down. A good guide is to use half the available volume. • Limit listening time. Everyone’s ears benefit from a break. • Model good listening habits. Practice what you preach for your kids’ sake and your own. “Mobile technology use is pervasive in today’s society, and it is becoming ingrained in children at younger and younger ages,” says Patricia A. Prelock, Ph.D., ASHA’s 2013 president. She adds, “Parents have a tremendous opportunity to start children off right by establishing safe listening behaviors early.” Hearing loss in young people is on the rise. A 2010 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association showed one in five children between ages 12 and 19 is suffering from hearing loss. This number presents an increase of 31 percent since the late 1980s/early 1990s. Hearing loss can affect academic achievement, vocational choice, and social functioning. Those who experience hearing loss may feel isolated or unhappy in school. Hearing is critical to a child’s development, and the earlier hearing loss occurs, the more serious is the effect on speech and language development, communication, and learning. Identify the Signs of Childhood Hearing Loss It is essential that, in addition to teaching preventative habits, parents learn the early signs of hearing loss so they can seek help if needed. The earlier hearing loss is identified and intervention begins, the better the outcome. Early warning signs include: • Lack of attention to sounds. • Failure to follow simple directions. • Delays in speech and language development. • Difficulty with academic achievements, especially in reading and math. • Persistent ear discomfort after exposure to loud noise. More signs and treatment options are available at The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is a national professional, scientific, and credentialing association for more than 166,000 members and affiliates, comprising audiologists, speech-language pathologists, scientists, students, and others. ASHA empowers and supports its members by advancing science, setting standards, fostering excellence in professional practice, and advocating for them. Learn more at your needs, your neighborhood

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From head to toe, you r family ca fashion wit n rock insp h help from ired these top d e s ig n e rs. trendsetters to

reat your the vibrant collection from Appaman. From morning to evening, playground to the beach, this season’s exciting collection has your energetic child covered. Appaman threads include the sweetest ruffles and pleats for girls and throwback influences and classic looks for boys. —

as rs, as well s and colo s, le n y o ti st ra ic st ss ing cla imal illu n a d n a n ncompass a s hoez, d silhouette les, Mini S o S ft o whimsical S f n stay com ez lines o n. Childre so ta o the Robe se fo is id th k e n-s a must-se exible, no hosiery are safe in ultra-soft, fl nd fortable a ww.myro w — r. a e w



op off your kid’s outfit with the adventurous vests and jackets from Pop Out Clothing. The items in the line feature “pop outs” of fun shapes and creatures, like hearts, dragons, stars, and unicorns, to reveal the clothing underneath. Color combinations are endless for the bold, cute, feminine, or quiet child. —

28 I parentguide News I March 2014


f you seek n loud patte eutral, sophisticated rns and pal ettes, look style in lieu of Estella. D kis or lam on’t worry, you wo no further than n’t find bo e rin Chic and jumpers anywhere with this d g khasubdued se esi unique pers lections al o low your gner! don’t forg nality and style to et about th shine thro child’s ugh. And ette and e Estella B th am — www.e e Estella Organic C boo Baby Laystella-nyc otton colle .com ctions.


ou can never start accessorizing too early in life. Mia Baby by Mia Beauty provides endless possibilities with bows, headbands, and barrettes that boast floral, crown, and even skull detailing. Show off your little girl’s personality with aid from Mia Baby. —


ring a bit o collection f the British countr yside to th from Jou and b les. E e state rain witho old prints for him mbrace classic flo s with the lush . And don ral prints ut a selec tion from ’t footwear fo the Joules find yourself stuc r her has been k in the m li different lo ne of rain aking a sp b oks. — w ww.joule lash on both sides oots.The line of of the po nd with


s the world turns green again, go green with Wee Urban’s spring collection. Hailing from Canada, the company’s designers not only cater to your child’s modern style, but they also serve up comfort with organic cotton produced in a conscious manner. From bibs to baby and toddler apparel, Wee Urban items ensure your little one looks his best in green. —


oms and daughters can rejoice in their love of fashion together with the spring collection from Lilly Pulitzer. The girls-only designer provides the ladies in your life with sweet and timeless prints. —

y shoes ring in qualit comfy this sp et ren age fe ild e ch tl lit eep ewborns to N s. ful id K s eakers in play from Clark ndals, and sn sa g , in ts id fla ov rt pr o has been 12 can sp . Clarks Kids rs m lo o .c co sa ht ig su lark pastels and br s. — www.c for 170 year fun footwear



amily-owned and family-operated KicKee Pants caters to the freedom of childhood! Whether casual or formal, the designer’s philosophy is that children’s wear should be unrestricted. This season’s collection offers comfort through breathable materials with bright and energetic colors and patterns. And for the first time, KicKee Pants provides clothing for boys and girls in sizes 5-10 with the Catch a Tiger clothing line. Stay relaxed and fashionable with endless possibilities. —

Samantha Chan is the associate editor. your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 29

y m m o MFUEL

Woman oman mom

For the Woman behind the Mom

How to eat and move to take off the baby weight. by Lisa Druxman

I’ve yet to meet a mom who is happy with her body after the birth of her beautiful baby. She may be overjoyed with the new arrival but uncomfortable with the still-needed maternity clothes when she leaves the hospital. What do I tell these moms? First off, realize you have the rest of your life to get your body back. These initial months with your baby are precious and go by extremely fast. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get you on track to start taking off the baby weight. Here are ten tips for getting your body back while still being able to enjoy your baby!

1) Start moving. As early as your hospital stay, start recon-

necting with your body. Do pelvic tilts and abdominal bracing to start waking up those core muscles. Begin walking as soon as your doctor gives you permission.

2) Fuel your body. You will need good food to take care

of your baby, so eat a bountiful amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. If people are kind enough to make your meals, don’t be bashful about requesting healthy meals. We are not talking about dieting, just eating clean. When you eat whole foods, you don’t have to worry about portion size.

3) Sleep when your baby sleeps. A lack of sleep can

cause hormone imbalance, especially with fat-related hormones such as ghrelin (tells your brain to eat) and leptin (tells your brain you are full and regulates metabolism). Regular sleep is not in your near future, but grab it when you can!

4) Hydrate. Water can curb hunger, increase energy, and help flush out toxins. Fill up a 64-ounce jug at beginning of the day, and make markings on it for every hour so you can track your water intake. Stay hydrated throughout the day! You will need even more water if you are nursing.

5) Tummy time = workout time! Your baby will spend lots

of time on the floor working her little arm and head muscles. Lie down beside her, and start your own workout. Try a plank and crunches.

6) Stroller workout. Get out with your baby each

day. The fresh air will do you both some good! Start slow, but each day, increase your travel distance or pace intensity, monitoring how you feel. The added weight of the stroller makes any walk a workout. See if there is a local stroller workout class in your neighborhood.

7) Veggie up! Eating a diet that is filled with vegetables aids in weight loss. You get high volume for less caloric density. Vegetables also help curb food cravings. Plus, they are packed with nutrients that you need. Eat a rainbow of veggies throughout the day.

8) Wear your baby. Many people wear weighted vests to

increase their workout. You can just wear your baby! A supportive front-pack carrier is a great tool. Be mindful of your posture, and choose safe exercise moves! Just walking while wearing your baby will burn extra calories, but you can also lunge, squat, and wall sit with your baby in a carrier.

9) Protein power. Aid your weight loss by adding protein

to your meals and snacks. A fruit by itself will quickly affect your bloodstream, causing an insulin spike. When you add a handful of walnuts or a tablespoon of peanut butter to it, the effect slows and keeps your blood sugar stable.

10) H.I.I.T. your workout!

Once you’ve been cleared for exercise and have regained some energy, increase the intensity of your routine. High Intensity Interval Workouts can burn fat and keep your metabolism revved all day long! High intensity exercises might include jumping jacks, squat and lunge hops, sprints, etc. Do a burst of exercise, rest, and then do it again. You can get great results with even just 20 minutes of effort!

Lisa Druxman is the founder of FIT4MOM, the company that invented Fit4Baby, Stroller Strides, and Body Back. She is the author of Lean Mommy (Center Street) and the creator of the Mama Wants Her Body Back video series. Discover details at 30 I parentguide News I March 2014

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Woman oman mLike omUs on Facebook

by Jordan Brueckner

For the Woman behind the Mom


for Chances to WIN Exclusive Prizes


1 When’s mask sheets contour to the shape of your face and hydrate skin with an abundance of liquid nutrients.

Like 2Us on Facebook Pattern Box: 100 Postcards by Ten Contemporary Pattern Designers from Princeton for Chances to WIN Architectural Press features an array of chic postcards to dazzle up your correspondence. Exclusive Prizes


3 Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil for Women ensures a close shave without irritation.


4 Mixed Media Masterpieces with Jenny & Aaron: Create Incredible Art Journals and Handmade Mixed Media Treasures with Two Master Crafters (Page Street Publishing) will get your creative juices flowing thanks to authors Jenny Heid and Aaron Nieradka.




5 Rewined Candles are inspired by your favorite wine aromas and created from re-purposed wine bottles.

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March 2014 I parentguide News I 31

Do you love your children, love the web, love to schmooze and love living in Westchester? If you answered yes to these questions, we’d love to share a BIG secret with you...

Continued on page 41.

32 I parentguide News I March 2014

  "# #!#"! ! 


%#"'$,%#&"%.'(")$(*'$%+',)$)&()(-#%$)(#.(* ))%,)$ &'%%').$$'%""$ "")"*((,""&$%$.%*'%*(%"$%#$)'(%$.%*'"'$ "%()#&"%.'(%+'%'#%'$%'#)%$%*)$ '"",%'! %)    %'#%'$%'#)%$%*)$ "")"*("",%'!")&)%$()    %"'$#%'%*)&&".$%'")$(*'$)'%*))%"))"")"$'!)&"+() $.())%")$.%+%'""



your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 33

HEALTH Over 6 Articles on 2


Potty Training 3



So much more...

by Jordan Brueckner

1 NurturMe’s certified-organic, fruit and veggie meal pouches for babies and toddlers are rich in nutrients and intended to be mixed with breast milk, formula, pasta, or yogurt for added protein. 2 Baby Elephant Ears is a multi-purpose headrest that provides ultimate comfort and encourages correct spine and neck alignment when your child is in a stroller, swing, or car seat. 3 The Yoga Beginners Kit includes two workout DVDs with expert instructor Rodney Yee, a mat, and a yoga strap. 4 The Muscle Therapy Foam Roller helps to release tension and stiff muscles while aligning and elongating the spine. 5 The Hot/Cold Trigger Point Massage Ball has a textured surface to stimulate blood flow, ease pain, and relax muscles.


Over 28 Articles on

Over 73 Articles on

Obesity Nutrition A

So much more...

So much more...

34 I parentguide News I March 2014

HEALTH 6 Oh My Devita Baby’s skincare products — including shampoo, body wash, powder, balm, and lotion — are certified vegan and perfect for ensuring your little one’s delicate skin remains free of harsh chemicals.



7 Shield your child’s eyes with JBanZ sunglasses, offering 100-percent UVA/UVB protection for kids ages 4 to 10.



8 Grain Brain:The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar • 212-213-8840 • 212-213-8840 — Your Brain’s Silent Killers (Little, Brown and Company) by Dr. David Perlmutter explores misconceptions about healthy diets and the effects of certain foods on your brain. Find within it a four-week-plan for better nutrition and cardio regimens.



9 FlipBelt offers a hands-free, and fashionable way to store everything from keys to cell phones during a workout.

Jordan Brueckner is the editorial intern.

“A delight for both kids and adults - AMAZING!” Stage and Cinema

Now live in the heart of Broadway! 212-239-6200 New World Stages, 340 W 50th St. your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 35

Update 1

by Jordan Brueckner





8 10




1 tommee tippee presents the Colour My World line of bottles and the 360° sealer™ diaper disposal System. the Colour My World line of the Closer to Nature feeding bottles features an easy-latch-on nipple and an anti-colic valve, and the diaper disposal System seals diapers all the way around in antimicrobial film to lock in odor. 2 prevent the spread of radiation to your baby during pregnancy with the help of the Belly Blanket from Belly armor, which creates a barrier between baby and radiation from laptops, ipads, and cell phones. 3 Mom and dad, if you need help relaxing at night, you’ll love Sleepphones.these soft headbands have removable speakers that can comfortably play any type of music, white noise, or audio book while you sleep. 4 Improve your babies’ diaper experience with the high-quality, moisturizing blend of seed oils found in the Rear Gear Ultra absorbent diapers from BabyGanics. 5 the dohmie Bundle from Marpac can help moms and babies get much-needed rest. It includes a white noise machine, a story book, and the Sleep 101 guide.

6 protect your apple laptops and teach your children how to type with the new protouch Kids from iSkin. this skin features color-highlighted sections and easily overlays your keyboard, protecting it from spills, dirt, dust, and more. 7 aquaskin’s new aquapal bottles encourage your child to stay hydrated with their fun animal shapes. they can sip from a frog, monkey, pig, or elephant and then fold up the bottle for easy transport. 8 adorable Ulubulu Baby Bibs are made from 100-percent silicone and come in animal forms like hippos, tigers, sharks, and more. 9 For all your parent-on-the-go needs, turn to the BUILt Baby Collection, which includes the Convertible diaper Bag and the Baby Buddy: essentials Caddy.the chic bag unzips into a built-in changing station, and the colorful caddy can hold bottles, toys, and other essentials. 10 dyson’s dC50 is compact for easy storage, powerful on all types of floors, and highly maneuverable in even the most inconvenient of places. Keep your home spot free with help from dyson.

Go to for a chance to win these great prizes! 36 I parentguide News I March 2014

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Calendarof Events


MARCH 2014

safety, and instill a sense of pride and accomplishment. All kids get to keep their craft and receive a free Kids Workshop Apron, commemorative pin, and certificate of achievement. 9am-noon.

Westchester Open Houses


March 2: Tom Thumb, 1949 East Main St., Mohegan, (914)528-5600,, noon-2pm. March 15: Squire Advantage and Squire Sports Camps, P.O. Box 885, Sleepy Hollow, (914)328-3798,,, 11am-3pm.

March 1: We’re All One-of-a-Kind, with Kurt Gallagher, Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road, Scarsdale, (914)722-1300, www. Children with special needs are invited to enjoy songs, fun, and laughter with Kurt Gallagher. All children of varying abilities are welcome, of course. 11am.


March 2: Sugaring Sundays • 212-213-8840

March 22: Hudson Country Day Camp, 340 Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle, (914)636-6202,, 10am-noon.

March 1 - 7 March 1: Kids Workshop, Home Depot: Hawthorne, 1 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, (914)593-7110, Kids are 512 are encouraged to come along to learn to build or create a useful, fun product. Workshops teach children do-it-yourself skills and tool

Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining, (914)762-2912, There is sugaring fun to be had this month at Teatown! Head to Warren’s Sugar House at the Reservation. Learn the whole process from tapping to collecting, boiling to bottling. All ages are welcome, but programs require pre-registration. This program occurs again on March 9. 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm.

Win $100

our Y d r a w o T rty! a P y a d h t t Bir x e N s ’ d l i h C Calling All July Birthdays!

PARENTGUIDE News wants to help make your child’s next birthday the most memorable ever!

This month’s Birthday Blowout Contest highlights children’s birthdays that occur in July. To enter, go to and click on the March 16: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Birthday Blowout Contest box for details. The winner receives a Tomaseen Foley’s St. Patrick’s Irish Times, Academic $100 gift certificate to spend toward a chosen party place or entertainer Arts Theatre, SUNY/Westchester Community College, for the ultimate birthday bash. 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, www.sunywcc. edu/smartarts. Laugh, dance, and revel in

stories and music with Tomaseen Foley and his Save BIG at

entertainers. Hear Turn your child’s special day into somethingfolk spectacular. the sounds of fiddles, your needs, your neighborhood

bodhran, tin whistles, and pipes. This is a great St. Patrick’s March 2014 I parentguide News I 37 celebration for families and audiences members of all ages. 3pm.

March 29: 19th Annual 100.7 Kids Fair Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave., White Plains, (914)995-4050, Fun and learning abound for children ages 3-13 and their families. Enjoy healthy activities, computer education, public safety tips, games, sports, environmental education, and so much more. Proceeds benefit H.O.P.E. for Youth Foundation. 11am-5pm. March 2: Arctic Fest: Wings and Wolves, Wolf Conservation Center, South

Calendarof Events

Salem, (914)763-2373, Winter offers families a unique opportunity to visit the wolves. Learn about the harsh habitat that some very special animals call home. Master falconer, Brian Bradley, of Skyhunters in Flight, presents his beautiful feathered ambassadors who perform a flight demonstration. Space is limited. Dress for cold weather. Noon. Opening March 2: Young Artists, The Katonah Museum of Art, 134 Jay St., Katonah, This annual program for local student artists gives aspiring artists an opportunity to participate in all aspects of a museum exhibition. The exhibition features artwork by nearly 400 local high school seniors from more than 40 high schools in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, and Fairfield counties. Noon. The exhibition continues through March 9. March 5: Pajamarama: Dr. Seuss Bingo, White Plains Public Library, 100 Martine Ave., White Plains, (914)422-1476, Get dressed in your pajamas and join in Dr. Seuss bingo, a game for the whole family with famous characters from Dr. Seuss books as the theme. Tickets are distributed 30 minutes in advance. 7pm. March 6: Thursday Morning Storytime: The Toe Show, Barnes & Noble City Center, 230 Main St., White Plains, Toe, bookseller and entertainer extraordinaire, invites little ones for stories, singing, and lively fun. 10:30am. March 7: Golden Dragon Acrobats in Cirque Ziva, Tarrytown Music Hall,

March 8: Charlotte’s Web Emelin Theatre, 153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, (914)698-0098, E.B. White’s classic tale of unlikely friendship comes to life on stage. Audience members are invited to delight in the fun and meaningful interactions between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider. 11am and 1:30pm.

13 Main St., Tarrytown, (877)840-0457, Danny Chang and his Golden Dragon Acrobats continue to dazzle with their fast-paced, technically innovative, and beautifully presented new show. The large cast and spectacular set designs illustrate artistic merit, high production value, and solid commitment to cultural exchange. 8pm.

March 8 - 14 March 8: Mamacon & Papas too!, The Voracious Reader, 1997 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, (914)630-4581, This morning all about loving connection with your baby. Learn about Baby Sign Language with Debra Aronson, Infant Massage with Gabrielle Mason, Reading with your baby with Francine Lucidon, and Baby Yoga with Beth Gibney-Boulden. This is appropriate for families with babies 8 months and younger. Expectant families welcome. 11am-1pm. March 8: 24th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Main Street, Mount Kisco. The whole family will enjoy the 24th Annual Mount Kisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade featuring more than 60 groups and organizations including Irish step dancers, bagpipe bands, military bands and re-enactment groups, dance schools, and more. 2pm. March 9: The Winter Farm Market, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, 630 Bedford Road, Pocantico Hills, (914)366-6200, www. Head to the Hay Barn to pick up farm-fresh salad mix, Swiss chard, baby carrots, baby spinach, parsnips, field spinach, and more. 10am-4pm. March 9: Castle in The Clouds: Shadow Puppet Theater, JCC of Mid-Westchester, Bendheim Performing Arts Center, 999 Wilmot Road, Scarsdale, This is the newest shadow puppet musical for children, which celebrates the immigrant experience with warmth and wit through original music and lyrics by retelling the stories of our parents and grandparents. This state-of-the-art production, which uses a uniquely designed spherical “bubble” as its stage, will appeal to children and adults alike. 2pm. March 9: Piano Master Class, The Hoff-Barthelson Music School, 25 School Lane, Scarsdale, David Dubal presents a Piano Master Class featuring HBMS piano students. The class is open free of charge to the public. Master Class coaching by distinguished guest artists has been a part of the Music School’s curriculum since its founding in 1944. 2pm and 7pm. March 10: Mother Goose Time: Happy St. Patrick’s Day, White Plains Public Library, 100 Martine Ave., White Plains, (914)422-1476, www. Babies through children age 2, along with their caregiver are invited to enjoy songs, rhymes, and stories that encourage early literacy skills. Tickets are distributed 30 minutes in advance. 11am and 1pm. March 12: Storytime at the Museum: Rivers, Philipse Manor Hall State Historic Site, 29 Warburton Ave., Yonkers, (914)965-4027, www. Kids ages 3.5-5 and their parent or caregiver are invited to this story time featuring picture books, songs, and fingerplays, followed by a hands-on museum activity. 10:30am.

March 15 - 21 Top (L-R): Rhett Ransom Pennell, Larissa Paige Kokernot, Cullen Douglas. Bottom (L-R) Robert Chew, Fred Mailiszewski. Photo by Jean-Marie Guyaux

38 I parentguide News I March 2014

March 15: Neighborhood Nature: Signs of Spring, Larchmont

March 16: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Tomaseen Foley’s St. Patrick’s Irish Times, Academic Arts Theatre, SUNY/Westchester Community College, 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, www.sunywcc. edu/smartarts. Laugh, dance, and revel in stories and music with Tomaseen Foley and his folk entertainers. Hear the sounds of fiddles, bodhran, tin whistles, and pipes. This is a great St. Patrick’s celebration for families and audiences members of all ages. 3pm.

March 8: Charlotte’s Web Emelin Theatre, 153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, (914)698-0098, E.B. White’s classic tale of unlikely friendship comes to life on stage. Audience members are invited to delight in the fun and meaningful interactions between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider. 11am and 1:30pm.

ervoir, Sheldrake Environmental Center, 685 Weaver St., Larchmont, (914)834-1443, With the vernal equinox less than a week away, the natural world is starting to stir. Hit the trail 21: Storybook Pajama andMarch look for swelling buds, migrating birds, and otherParty signs that spring is approaching. 10-11:30am.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children, 303 West Nor- Chabad of the Rivertowns, 303 March 16: Purim FamilyAve., Celebration, walk, Connecticut, Broadway, Dobbs Ferry, (203)899(914)693-6100, Celebrate with world class entertainment, including an interactive reading of The 0606, www.steppingstonesMegillah, or “Book of Esther,” complete with a multimedia Enjoy a reading tion and, of course, plenty of “groggers” for everyone to participate in of the story of Olivia, and revel the story. There will be a full array of refreshments and snacks, includher antics! Guests enjoy a inginhamantashen. 11:30am. craft activity, a snack, and a March 16: parade. Sugaring6-8:30pm. Off Party, Muscoot Farm, Route 100, Somers, musical (914)864-7282, Get ready to party and go on a scavenger hunt! Guests are also given the opportunity to taste the difference between real and artificial syrup. No registration required. 1-3pm.

Top (L-R): Rhett Ransom Pennell, Larissa Paige Kokernot, Cullen Douglas. Bottom (L-R) Robert Chew, Fred Mailiszewski. Photo by Jean-Marie Guyaux

March 16: Hungarian Folk Arts Event, Pelham Art Center, 155 Fifth Ave., Pelham, Hungarian National Day is celebrated on March 15 to pay tribute to the Revolution of 1848. Learn more about the culture and tradition with music, watch traditional dancers, and participate in a Hungarian Easter Egg Decorating Workshop. 1:30-3:30pm. March 19: Music and Merriment, Yonkers Public Library, Crestwood Branch, 16 Thompson St., Yonkers, (914)337-1500, Come enjoy interactive stories and songs for children ages 1.5-4 years. No registration required. 11-11:30am. March 20-23: A Chorus Line, Harrison Performing Arts Center, 255 Union Ave., Harrison, (914)630-3110, Audience members of all ages are invited to hear the story of dancers auditioning for a spot in a show, all desperate for a chance to perform and to secure a job for themselves. Throughout the show, the audience gets glimpses into the personal lives of the performers and the reasons why making it on “the line” is so important to each individual. 7pm.

March 22 - 28 March 22: Spring Fling Fun, Greenburgh Nature Center, 99 Dromore Road, Scarsdale, (914)723-3470, Spring is here! Explore trails with a naturalist to see who’s awake after a long winter’s nap. Meet some live animals and learn how they welcome spring. Take home a craft to get spring started at your house. 2pm. your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 39

March 2: Sugaring Sundays Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining, (914)762-2912, There is sugaring fun to be had this month at Teatown! Head to Warren’s Sugar House at the Reservation. Learn the March Sugaring Sundays whole 2: process from tapping to collecting, boiling to bottling. Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining, All ages welcome, but pro-There is sugaring fun to (914)762-2912, March 22: Woodcock and Peepers, Audubon Greenwich, 613 Riversgrams require pre-registration. beville hadRoad, this month at Teatown! Head to Warren’s Sugar House Greenwich, CT, (203)869-5272, http://greenwich.audubon. This program occurs on Enjoy indoor/outdoor explorations to learn all about the sights and at org. the Reservation. Learn again the sounds of 9. animals that are active at the edge of night, including woodMarch 1pm, and 3pm. whole process from2pm, tapping to cocks and peepers. RSVP required. 6:45-7:45pm. collecting, boiling to bottling. AllMarch ages are but pro- for Special Kids, Scarsdale Public 24:welcome, Yoga-A-Go-Go-Yoga grams require pre-registration. Library, 54 Olmsted Road, Scarsdale, (914)722-1300, Yogaagain can not This program occurs on only aid in teaching a child focus and balance but even more important, March 9. 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm. self-acceptance and confidence. Tra-

Calendarof Events

March 29: 19th Annual 100.7 Kids Fair Westchester County Center, 198 Central Ave., White Plains, (914)995-4050, Fun and learning abound for children ages 3-13 and their families. Enjoy healthy activities, computer education, public March 19th sports, Annual 100.7 Kids Fairand safety 29: tips, games, environmental education, so much County more. Proceeds benefit H.O.P.E. Youth FounWestchester Center, 198 Central Ave.,for White dation. 11am-5pm. Plains, (914)995-4050, Fun and learning abound for children ages 3-13 and their families. Enjoy healthy activities, computer education, public safety tips, games, sports, environmental education, and so much more. Proceeds benefit H.O.P.E. for Youth Foundation. 11am-5pm.

ditional yoga poses and practices have been modified into a playful, non-judgmental format for fun and relaxation. No knowledge of yoga is necessary. 11am.

enjoy this annual, low-key reading program that has been around since 1983. Fourth, fifth and sixth graders form teams of three-four friends and read books from a list of twelve over the next four months. Then they write questions about one of the books.

March 26: Music with Dawny Dew, Bronxville Public Library, 201 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, (914)337-7680, Children’s songs, stories, and rhymes are turned into fun-filled activities for children ages 6 months-6 years. Dawny Dew and her puppets Sonny, Googoo, and Gaga enchant and delight children of all ages. 1:15pm.

March 30: Indoor Farmers’ Market, Westchester County Center, 198 Central Park Ave., White Plains, (914)995-4050, www.countycenter. biz. Live music and vendors sell a variety of items including winter fruits and veggies, wine, cheese, jellies, breads and baked goods, honey, and more. All produced by New York State farmers and vendors. 10am-3pm.

March 27: Play, Move and Sing with Sukey Molloy, Eastchester Public Library, 11 Oakridge Place, Eastchester, (914)793-5055, www. Sukey Molloy provides fun, interactive activities for families with children ages birth-5 years. Sukey is an award-winning recording artist who specializes in movement songs to invite interactive play with puppets, scarves, balls, bells, stix, and more, for all to March enjoy. 10:30am. 16: St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

March 31: Peekskill Tale Waggers Storytelling, Field Library, 4 Nelson Ave., Peekskill, (914)737-0847, A program featuring seasoned and new storytellers. Have a tale to tell? Good listeners and storytellers of all ages are welcome. 4:30pm.

March 28: Meet YA Author Marie Irish Rutkoski, TheAcademic Voracious Reader, Tomaseen Foley’s St. Patrick’s Times, 1997 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, Young Arts Theatre, SUNY/Westchester Community College, adult author Marie Rutkoski appears boasts her newest book The 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, www.sunywcc. Winner’s Curse. Set in a richly imagined new world, it’s the story of edu/smartarts. dance, revel deadly games whereLaugh, everything is atand stake, and in the gamble is whether March you will16: keep yourPatrick’s head loseDay your Celebration heart. and Best his for ages 12 and stories andSt. music withorTomaseen Foley older. folk6:30pm. entertainers. Hear

March 8: Migration Charlotte’s Web Every Day in March: Narratives, Pelham Art Center, 155 Fifth Ave., Pelham, (914)738-2525, This Emelin Theatre, 153 Library Lane, Mamaroneck, exhibition features kinetic sculptures, installations, drawings, paint(914)698-0098, E.B.artists. White’s classic tale ings, and video narratives by six contemporary Runs through friendship comes to life on stage. Audience March of 29.unlikely Times Vary.

Tomaseen Foley’s St. Patrick’s Irish Times, Academic sounds of fiddles, Artsthe Theatre, SUNY/Westchester Community College, bodhran, tin whistles, andwww.sunywcc. 75 Grasslands Road, Valhalla, pipes. This isLaugh, a great St. Patrick’s edu/smartarts. dance, and revel in celebration for families and audistories and music with Tomaseen Foley and his March 29: Chappaqua The Chappaqua Library, 195 S Greeences members ofChallenge, all ages. 3pm. folk entertainers. Hear ley Ave., Chappaqua, (914)238-4779, Come the sounds of fiddles, bodhran, tin whistles, and pipes. This is a great St. Patrick’s Marchfor21: Storybook celebration families and audi- Pajama Party ences members of allMuseum ages. 3pm. Stepping Stones for

March 29-31

Children, 303 West Ave., Norwalk, Connecticut, (203)8990606, www.steppingstonesMarch 21: Storybook Pajama Party Enjoy a reading of theStones story ofMuseum Olivia, and Stepping for revel in her303 antics! Guests enjoy a Children, West Ave., Norcraft activity, a snack, and a walk, Connecticut, (203)899musical parade. 6-8:30pm. 0606, Enjoy a reading of the story of Olivia, and revel in 40 herI parentguide antics! Guests enjoy News I aMarch 2014 craft activity, a snack, and a musical parade. 6-8:30pm.

All Month Long

members are invited to delight in the fun and meaning-

March 8: Charlotte’s Web Every Day in March: Mixed Messages, Hudson River 511 ful interactions between Wilbur the pig andMuseum, Charlotte Warburton Ave., Yonkers, (914)963-4550, In the Family the spider. 11am andand 1:30pm. Emelin Theatre, 153hands Library Lane, Mamaroneck, Studio, come move your your body! A computer tracks your (914)698-0098, E.B. White’s classic tale moves via a video camera and then translates it into an “experience.” Inspired by the friendship great video games ofto thelife laston 40 stage. years, John Morton and of unlikely comes Audience David Simons,are sound artist to anddelight composer, create a video experience for members invited in the fun and meaningyou and your family. The exhibit runs through May 18. Times Vary. ful interactions between Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider. 11am and 1:30pm.

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Submit family activities and events FREE of charge at or e-mail Samantha Chan: Top (L-R): Ransom Pennell, Larissa Paige Kokernot, Cullen Douglas. Bottom (L-R) Robert Chew, Fred Mailiszewski. Photo by Jean-Marie Guyaux

Top (L-R): Rhett Ransom Pennell, Larissa Paige Kokernot, Cullen Douglas. Bottom (L-R) Robert Chew, Fred Mailiszewski. Photo by Jean-Marie Guyaux

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your needs, your neighborhood

March 2014 I parentguide News I 41

IN SEASON by Jordan Brueckner March Celebrate the highlights of the changing season.

Woman’s World

Educate your child about the importance of equality this National Women’s History Month with Women’s Suffrage: A History Just for Kids by KidCaps. The book captures the extraordinary tale of Inez Milholland during the Woman Suffrage Parade of 1913, and it is available for purchase at



Luck of the Irish

March is National Irish-American Heritage Month. Teach your children about the customs, traditions, and history of Irish immigrants with The St. Patrick’s Day Shillelagh (Albert Whitman & Company) by Janett Nolan. The book tells the story of Fergus and his family as they emigrate to America during the Great Potato Famine. Determined to take a piece of Ireland with him, Fergus cut a branch from a Blackburn tree and whittles it into a shillelagh. Find this amazing story at

Mother Earth

International Earth Day is observed on March 20. Show your children the importance of conserving energy with the Light Saver project, courtesy of This unique craft can hang on your child’s door to remind him to turn off the lights while leaving the room. What you’ll need: -scissors -scrap cardboard -glue -marker -ribbon How to make it: From the cardboard, cut a light bulb shape (about 3½ inches wide and 6 inches tall). Next, create the base of the bulb by cutting out a 1½-by-3-inch cardboard strip. Wrap the strip around the neck of the bulb, and glue it in place. Paint the light bulb. When it’s dry, use a marker to draw threads on the bulb base. Write your conservation proclamation on the craft: Lights Out. For the hanger, tape a loop of ribbon to the back of the bulb. Proudly display the bulb, and start saving energy!

Yummy Goodness

March 1 is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day! Indulge in your favorite peanut butter treats this holiday with the Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe, courtesy of Ingredients: -½ c. sugar -½ c. packed brown sugar -½ c. butter (room temperature) -½ c. peanut butter -1 egg -1¼ c. flour -¾ tsp. baking soda -½ tsp. baking powder -¼ tsp. salt Directions: Beat the butter for two minutes, or until it’s creamy. Add the sugars, and beat for two more minutes. Mix in the egg and the peanut butter. Next, mix together the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. Then, stir this mixture into the sugar-butter mix. When finished, wrap the dough in plastic and refrigerate for at least three hours. To bake, preheat the oven to 375°F, and shape the dough into 1¼-inch balls. Place the dough balls 3 inches apart on a cookie sheet without grease. In crisscross patterns, flatten the balls with a fork. Then, bake them for about 10 minutes or until light brown. Let the cookies cool on baking sheets for a minute, and then transfer them to a rack to cool completely.

Rockin’ Shamrocks

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 by whipping up a batch of yummy shamrocks made from yogurt-covered pretzels with this unique Clever Clovers recipe from What you’ll need: -wax paper -yogurt-covered mini pretzels -¼ tsp. vegetable oil -¼ c. white chocolate chips -green icing -decorating sugar How to make it: Begin by covering your work surface with a sheet of wax paper. Arrange three yogurt-covered mini pretzels and a curved, broken section of pretzel (as the stem) for each clover you make. Next, combine ¼ tsp. of vegetable oil with ¼ c. of white chocolate chips, and melt them together in the microwave according to the package directions. Adhere the pretzel pieces by dabbing this melted mixture between them. Let the chocolate harden. Next, work with one clover at a time, and pipe the edges and “stem” with green icing. Sprinkle the pretzels with decorating sugar (preferably white, light green, and dark green) to complete the clovers. 42 I parentguide News I March 2014

MB 3/14

Jordan Brueckner is the editorial intern.

HANDWRITING HEROES Back To Basics Handwriting Specialist

Abby Gitlin, MS, OTR/L trained to help develop: Fine motor strength and coordination Visual perceptual skills Proper letter formation Language and literacy


readiness Approaches used: Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) Preventing Academic Failure (PAF)

**Make an appointment with (516) 457 - 1821

“Structured handwriting lessons lead to improved writing performance, academic success, and overall student self-esteem.� 1


Graham and Harris, 2005; Graham, Harris, and Fink 2000; Berninger et al. 1997; Jones and Christensen 1999.


Tickets to See Blue Man Group Reveal the wonders of your child’s eyes by sending in a snapshot that highlights your kid’s incredible peepers. Log onto by the end of March to submit one photograph per family. We’ll post select submissions the following day for viewer voting in April. Encourage relatives and friends to vote for the best chance to win! The winner receives the chance for four family members to see a performance of Blue Man Group .

Visit for contest details.

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