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Corporate Office : DLF Infinity Tower "A", IInd Floor, DLF City II, Gurgaon - 122 001 India. Tel.: 1-860-500-2345. For any further information, please call: Mumbai - 91-22-65974144; Hyderabad - 91-40-64596487; Bengaluru - 91-80-64559009; Kolkata - 91-33-64570400; Chennai - 91-44-64616051 A unit of Sahara India Pariwar

Whisk(e)y Trails

Custom-made luxury vacations by appointment only

Custom-made luxury vacations by appointment only

Corporate Office : DLF Infinity Tower "A", IInd Floor, DLF City II, Gurgaon - 122 001 India. Tel.: 1-860-500-2345. For any further information, please call: Mumbai - 91-22-65974144; Hyderabad - 91-40-64596487; Bengaluru - 91-80-64559009; Kolkata - 91-33-64570400; Chennai - 91-44-64616051 A unit of Sahara India Pariwar

On the Whisk(e)y Trails

Corporate Office : DLF Infinity Tower "A", IInd Floor, DLF City II, Gurgaon - 122 001 India. Tel.: 1-860-500-2345. For any further information, please call: Mumbai - 91-22-65974144; Hyderabad - 91-40-64596487; Bengaluru - 91-80-64559009; Kolkata - 91-33-64570400; Chennai - 91-44-64616051 A unit of Sahara India Pariwar

Whisk(e)y Trails

Custom-made luxury vacations by appointment only

Corporate Office : DLF Infinity Tower "A", IInd Floor, DLF City II, Gurgaon - 122 001 India. Tel.: 1-860-500-2345. For any further information, please call: Mumbai - 91-22-65974144; Hyderabad - 91-40-64596487; Bengaluru - 91-80-64559009; Kolkata - 91-33-64570400; Chennai - 91-44-64616051 A unit of Sahara India Pariwar

Whisk(e)y Trails

Custom-made luxury vacations by appointment only



Paradiso, is the outbound wing of Sahara India . It is dedicated to provide luxury holiday experiences with highly –experienced travel & relationship managers. It is the ultimate utopian escape for the elite, where luxury is a necessity, and indulgence is a weakness. Paradiso, believes in offering the best to its customers, whether it is breath-taking locales, enchanting castles, opulent villas, luxury hotels & fine dining or spectacular customized vacations. Paradiso, has been selling experiences in India,

Corporate Office : DLF Infinity Tower "A", IInd Floor, DLF City II, Gurgaon - 122 001 India. Tel.: 1-860-500-2345.

Middle –East and Asia, and has been received quite well by its target audience. With, repeat customers checking –in, it was time to showcase, from the

For any further information, please call: Mumbai - 91-22-65974144; Hyderabad - 91-40-64596487; Bengaluru - 91-80-64559009; Kolkata - 91-33-64570400; Chennai - 91-44-64616051

loads of inspiration to indulge in.Paradisolaunches,

A unit of Sahara India Pariwar

for the first time in India, Whiskey Tourism!!! With

magical world of Paradiso, a new experience with

trails in over six countries, we provide you enough reasons and requisitions to soak in the “liquid sunshine”. The countries included in the trail are Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, the United States of America, Canada and Japan.


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Voyage Pour Rye

Canadian whiskey is often offered to the drinker who has ordered ‘rye’. Some Canadian whiskies are even designated as rye on the label. This is an accurate, but confusing description. Whatever their labels say, all Canadian whiskies are of the same style. Their classic method of production is to blend rye and other whiskies with relatively neutral spirit. Indeed, these are rye whiskies - but as blends. They are quite different from the traditional straight rye of the United States. That is the original ‘rye’. The Canadian whisky industry began in the early 19th century. Canadian whiskys are light in body and flavour and are always blends of both highly-flavoured and neutral grain whiskys. They are made from mashes composed of combinations of corn, rye, wheat, and barley malt prepared according to the formula of the individual producer. There are other types of whiskies made in Canada, such as the single malt and Quebec Maple whiskies. Most Canadian whiskies are blended multi-grain whiskies and are usually lighter and smoother than other whiskey styles. Although rye is often a primary component in Canadian whiskies, the use of rye is not dictated by standards.

Whisk(e)y Trails

Maison des Futailles, in Montreal, produces two so-

accommodation, Montreal possesses numerous

called maple whiskies. The first one, Fine Sève, is made

illustrious brands of luxury hotels. To the west of

from the distillation of maple wine (which is then aged in

Canada, what many call it the “enigma” of whiskies and

oak barrels, giving it a distinctive taste). The second,

with a distinction from Jim Murray as one of Canada’s

Sortilège is a mix of Canadian rye whiskey and maple

finest, Alberta Premium at the Alberta Distilleries Ltd in

syrup. While, these two products are not whiskies per

Calgary, would certainly make for an intriguing tour.

se, they have often been described as such.

The Calgary Stampede, which bills itself as The

One of the many attractions that Montreal has to offer is,

Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, is a large festival,

Just for Laughs, a comedy festival, which is held

exhibition and rodeo held in Calgary for 10 days. It is

annually in Montreal. It is the largest festival of its kind in

one of Canada's largest annual events, and the world's

the world with larger than life performers. Paradiso has

largest outdoor rodeo. Paradiso brings to you the

exclusively collaborated with Just for Laughs, to provide

Calgary Stampede, the event well-suited for corporate,

you premium services. With exhaustive options for

family and social gathering.

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Discovering Uisce

Irish whiskey is nearly as old as St. Pat, one of the patron saints of Ireland. And the credit for developing whiskey distillation techniques go to Emerald Isle monks who developed these methods around 6th Century AD. And undoubtedly, since its inception, Irish whiskey has been fascinating people around the world. “Of all the wines, Irish is the best,” said Peter the Great, Czar of Russia, who described whiskey as “the blessed elixir of the Gods.” Anglo-Saxon invaders were no less impressed; as they anglicized the Gaelic term for it -- uisce beatha (ish-keh ba-ha) or water of life. There are several types of whiskey common to Ireland:

The best way to start your Irish Whiskey Trail is to visit the

opened its doors in 1608. Visitors may volunteer to do

Single Malt, Single Grain, Pure Pot Still and Blended

Old Jameson Distillery, which is so much more than just

free comparison tasting or can schedule one by paying


a tour. It is an exciting and fascinating experience. At this

a premium.

Unique to Irish whiskey is pure pot still whiskey. While

tour, all visitors are rewarded with a Jameson Whiskey

single malt from both Scotland and Ireland is distilled

signature drink, and a few lucky volunteers are selected

only in a pot still, the designation ‘pure pot still’ as used

to participate in a tutored whiskey comparison and earn

in Ireland generally refers to whiskey made of hundred

a much coveted Personalized Jameson Irish Whiskey

percent barley, mixed malted and unmalted, and


distilled in a pot still. The “green” unmalted barley gives

While on the voyage, one gets to stay at the Clontarf

Resort in Limerick, which comes with a complimentary

the traditional pure pot still whiskey a spicy, uniquely

Castle in Dublin, simply one of the best places to check-

Irish breakfast.

Irish quality. This is sure to give the feeling of real Irish

in. And that’s not all!

whiskey. The taste is fantastic and you would not regret even after spending huge bucks on the drinks.

Whisk(e)y Trails

Also, book a premium tour, which is about special tasting moment. While in Bushmills, dine at the Bushmills Inn, one of the most romantic inns in Britain. And make sure, not to miss the luxurious accommodation at the Adare Manor Hotel & Golf

The scheduled daily activities include: Wine or Whiskey

To get the authentic taste of whiskey's history, visit the

Tasting, Historical Tour and Heritage Walk or Cookery

first recorded distillery, the Old Bushmills, which


06 - 07




Oriental Whisky

It was believed by many that whisky made in the Scotch style, but not produced in Scotland, could not measure up to the standards of the traditional Scotch distilleries. Until recently, the market for Japanese whiskies was almost entirely domestic. However, in recent years, a number of blind tasting events have been organized, which have included Japanese single malts, along with malts from distilleries considered to be among the best in Scotland. On more than one occasion, Japanese single malts (particularly those of Yoichi and Yamazaki) scored higher than their Scotch counterparts.

Whisk(e)y Trails

Whisky production in Japan began around 1870, but

This is a premier Paradiso trail and probably the most

Kyoto also holds the distinction of possessing about

the first commercial production was in 1924, when the

sought after. With rich orient history, a distinct cultural

20% of Japan's National Treasures and 14% of

country's first distillery - Yamazaki - opened. Broadly

manifestation and a fine cusp of contemporary

Important Cultural Properties exist in the city. The

speaking, the style of Japanese whisky is more similar

development, the Oriental Whisky Trail is a definite go-

UNESCO World Heritage Site, Historic Monuments of

to that of Scotch whisky than Bourbon whiskey, and


Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji and Otsu Cities) includes 17

thus the spelling typically follows the Scotch convention

Kyoto, formerly the Imperial capital of Japan, now one of

(omitting the letter ‘e’).

the most coveted travel destinations in the globe is the

There are several whisky-producing companies in

place to be. A stay at the Screen Hotel, the first boutique

Also, enjoy the tour of Yamazaki Distillery, the first

Japan. Perhaps, the two most well-known are Suntory

hotels in Kyoto, is like being in your own private design

whisky distillery, built in 1923. The first domestic whisky

and Nikka, which are known for its blended as well as

house, with each of the 13 rooms conceived by a

‘Suntory Shirofuda’ (blended) went on sale in 1929. The

single malt whiskies

different designer. This hotel is located just minutes

distillery is situated at the foot of Mt. Tenzan on west-

from the Imperial Palace. The Adonis Spa offers several

east of Kyoto where three rivers meet to form the River

treatment packages to best suit your needs.


locations in Kyoto. The site has been designated as World Heritage in 1994.

08 - 09

New Zealand

New Zealand


Whisky ‘n’ Wine

New Zealand has a long connection with Scotland, with Scots being part of the first group of settlers in the country. The city of Dunedin has come to be associated with Scottish settlers and is also the location of New Zealand’s first and most famous whisky festival around the world - Dram Fest. So, make sure you get to attend this happening festival. iWilson's took over the mantle of serious whisky distilling in New Zealand, producing its first whisky in 1969. Wilson's spirit had a variable reputation, but when Seagram took over the distillery and changed the stainless steel stills to copper, the whisky produced -

With overwhelming revelations of the beauty of Mother

Lammerlaw - had a more respectable flavour. But the

Nature, New Zealand serves as a memorable travel

distillery was mothballed altogether in 1994.


Further down South Island, move into the gateway of Fiordland National Park, spectacular Queenstown,

With the last stocks of Lammerlaw recently having been

Start with a visit to Christchurch, internationally famed

which offers exhaustive choices for outdoor activities.

bottled, it seemed that quality New Zealand whisky was

as ‘Garden City’, which offers an understated elegance

Make sure to go on a short drive to Central Otago, NZ’s

soon to be relegated to the history books.

that speaks of an era gone by. Extravagant

fastest growing wine region and enjoy a languorous

New Zealand Single Malt Whisky is pot-distilled malt

accommodation at the Kingsdown Manor, is a

lunch along the way.

whisky. Its blended whisky is a mix of domestic malt and

complete luxurious boutique accommodation. It’s

grain whiskies, malt and grain whiskies are double

worth touring the Southern Distillery in Timaru, one of

distilled in pot stills.

the few whisky distillers in NZ. Located in Timaru, South

New Zealand currently only has one operating whisky distillery in Dunedin on the South Island.

Whisk(e)y Trails

production from the North.

Canterbury the new distillery complex takes over all the Hokonui Moonshine production, previously centered in Otago and combines the rum and corn whiskey

Rudyard Kipling previously called it the eighth Wonder of the World, Milford Sound - a fjord within Fiordland National Park and the Te Wahipounamu World Heritage site - has been adjudged as the world's top travel destination in an international survey.

10 - 11




On The Scotch

Scotch Whisky, Scotch or Whisky (as opposed to whiskey) has captivated a global market. Scotland has internationally protected the term ‘Scotch’. For a whisky to be labelled Scotch it has to be produced in Scotland. If it is to be called Scotch, it cannot be produced in England, Wales, Ireland, America or anywhere else. Excellent whiskies are made by similar methods in other countries, notably Japan, but they cannot be called Scotches. They are most often referred to as ‘whiskey’. While they might be splendid whiskies, they do not captivate the tastes of Scotland. The basic types of Scotch are malt and grain, which are

The dramatic surroundings of Scotland offer various

exclusive’ whisky tasting with one of the whisky experts

combined to create blends. While the market is

outdoor pursuits including various Scotch tours. You

in the library. This Scotch tour would also provide you

dominated by blends, the most highly prized of Scotch

have the options of indulging in various Scotch trails

the opportunity to try your golfing skills at The Kings,

whiskies are the single malts. Scotch whiskies are

including an amazing 7-day trip around this paradise.

Queens or the PGA Centenary Course.

This suggested tour starts with a little relaxation at the

Other important visits during this Scotch tour include a

divided into five main regions: Highland, Lowland, Islay, Speyside and Campbel town.

magnificent Inverlochy Castle or another similar

private tour around Edinburgh Castle. This tour

Scotch whisky is very characteristic, and the taste of it is

luxurious accommodation. During this Scotch tour, you

promises endless fun apart from the luxurious living and

rather different from one distillery to the other one. For

can enjoy a private tour of Talisker Distillery, located on


those reasons, the selling of whisky has been confined

the shore of Loch Harport on the Isle of Skye and

to Scotland for many years. People outside Scotland

indulge in privileged tasting in the casking room. Make

were not really interested by this beverages. To be

sure you visit Oban Whisky distillery, established by

successful on international markets, to major problems

Stevensons in 1794 and learn more about scotch-

had to be solved

making. If you are staying in Inverlochy Castle, don’t miss the chance to experience your very own ‘rare &

Whisk(e)y Trails

However, please note that the use of helicopters and seaplanes is weather dependent and an alternative solution will be provided where necessary. All car transfers would be in Luxury Mercedes MPV or Saloon cars. So, brace yourself for the voyage!

12 - 13




The Bourbon American blended whiskeys combine straight whiskey with un-aged whiskey, grain neutral spirits and flavourings and colourings. The ‘named types’ of American whiskey must be distilled to not more than 80 percent alcohol by volume. ‘Named types’ must then be aged in charred new oak containers, excepting corn whiskey. Corn whiskey does not have to be aged but, if it is aged, it must be in new un-charred oak barrels or used barrels. How Famous Bourbon Whiskey Got Its Name? When American pioneers pushed west of the Allegheny Mountains following the American Revolution, the first

The land of free and the brave offers the Kentucky

produced. After being welcomed by friendly staff,

counties they founded covered vast regions. One of

Bourbon Trail, which is a patchwork of paths that lead to

visitors are given the opportunity to tour the plant

these original, huge counties was Bourbon, named

eight well-known Bourbon distilleries in Kentucky:

grounds, a working rack-house and cooperage, the

after the French royal family and established in 1785.

Buffalo Trace (Frankfort, the oldest continually

ancient art of hand crafting barrels. Besides, travel

While, this vast county was being carved into many

operating distillery in the United States), Four Roses

across in the ‘My old Kentucky dinner train’ from

smaller ones, early in the 19th century, many people

(Lawrenceburg), Heaven Hill (Bardstown), Jim Beam

Clermont to Bardstown.

continued to call the region Old Bourbon. Located

(Clermont), Maker's Mark (Loretto), Tom Moore

within Old Bourbon was the principal Ohio River port

(Bardstown, producer of the 1792 brand), Wild Turkey

from which whiskey and other products were shipped.

(Lawrenceburg), and Woodford Reserve (Versailles).

‘Old Bourbon’ was stenciled on the barrels to indicate

Kick start your expedition with your visit to Jim Beam’s

the World. The Kentucky Bourbon Festival gives you a

their port of origin. Old Bourbon whiskey was different

Clermont Distillery, which allows Bourbon enthusiasts

weekend full of smooth Bourbon, delicious food, and

because it was the first corn whiskey most people had

to take a peek into how America’s Native Spirit is

great entertainment.

Since 1776, the people of Bardstown, Kentucky have been making Bourbon. Their dedication to the fine art of distilling earned Bardstown the title - Bourbon Capital of

ever tasted.

Whisk(e)y Trails

14 - 15



For more information about the whisk(e)y trails, e-mail us at :

Canada pixs: Dennis Jarvis Japan pixs: Soc Catala Ireland pixs: Brian Yap Cover pix: Orient Image Express Whisk(e)y Trails

Whisk(e)y Trails

Whiskey Trail with Paradiso  

whiskey trail brochure by Paradiso for the Whisky Live Event on Jan 31st 2009.

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