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STUDENT POPULATION Approximately 500 boys, ages 8 to 18, go to school and live on George Junior Republic’s campus at any one time. Boys from throughout the United States are placed at George Junior Republic through the family court system as delinquent or dependent.

George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania Tucked away in rural western Pennsylvania, the 450-acre campus has the feel of a small college, with modern buildings for classrooms and housing, a library, several athletic facilities, an equestrian center and numerous sports fields. As white fencing rolls along roadsides and woods, the open campus environment provides opportunities for peace and tranquility. In this setting, students live in a family environment with counselor/parents who provide structure, support and supervision. From the classroom to the sports field, each boy receives positive instruction and mentoring from bachelor-level childcare staff and master-level therapists. With every contact - from teachers and counselors to social workers and counselor/parents - youth experience structure, firmness, fairness and consistency. Eventually, the young men learn these people truly believe in their potential and will not give up on them.

Accredited educational programs A boy’s formal training at George Junior Republic begins with an intensive orientation and assessment to help each student understand the basic principles, motivational system and goals of the school. Regardless of a boy’s academic placement following evaluation – whether it is remedial work in reading and writing or college preparatory courses – all classes are taught by teachers from the neighboring Grove City Area School District and are fully REMEDIAL EDUCATION Youth of all ability levels are enrolled at the George Junior Republic school. Included are youth needing remediation in one or more areas. The George Junior Republic school offers various courses to meet the needs of these students. During the school day, students are provided with courses at their ability level that are aligned with grade-appropriate Pennsylvania state standards.  In addition, before and after school programs are offered daily.

accredited to state standards.


Prior to placement at George Junior Republic,

George Junior Republic’s school includes seven vocational/technical programs, including:

many boys often feel like failures in the classroom,

Autobody Repair Technician

Individualized instruction

unable to focus and apply themselves in a traditional academic setting. Here students experience individual guidance and support with their schoolwork, as well as in vocational and trade courses. With constant involvement from our dedicated faculty, each young man begins to see and develop his potential for success.

Automotive Mechanic Technician Building/Property Maintenance Computer Networking and Telecommunications Electronic Service Technician Institutional Food Service Welding Technology

COLLEGE PREP In conjunction with the Grove City Area School District, a wide variety of instructional strategies are implemented. Students may take college preparatory courses in a variety of academic areas, and in some cases may be mainstreamed into classes at schools other than George Junior Republic.

Opportunities to build confidence A boy’s positive progress in the classroom and group home yields opportunities to participate in recreational activities and competitive interscholastic sports. In these settings, boys gain confidence from newfound talents and experience the value of teamwork.

The realities of competition At George Junior Republic, boys can earn the privilege of joining one of the school’s varsity athletic teams. Coaches provide the framework of proper training and positive instruction to help the boys prepare themselves for competition. Success is measured in the pride of doing one’s best and lessons learned from one’s shortcomings.

GEORGE JUNIOR REPUBLIC’S ATHLETIC PHILOSOPHY Playing sports is considered a privilege. The program is not based on winning or losing; rather it is based on helping kids to get their lives back on track.

Success based on accountability Working closely with judges, probation officers, case workers and school officials, our staff of counselor/ parents, teachers, psychologists and social workers provide a secure web of guidance. The treatment team uses a proven system of accountability, and communicates regularly about each boy’s issues and progress. While negative behavior carries consequences and restrictions, positive behavior results in additional privileges and opportunities.

Focused on individual needs Individual treatment plans ensure that each young man confronts his own issues. Special programming is available for youth with individual needs, including: Special Needs Units; Diagnostic Services; Drug and Alcohol components; Community-based Group Homes; and Preventative Aftercare Programs, all of which provide a continuum of care.

RESIDENTIAL AND SPECIALIZED TREATMENT OPTIONS Most boys placed at George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania are part of the open residential program and live with seven other boys in one of the 45 ranch-style homes on campus. Additionally, Special Needs Units offer self-contained, higher-level treatment for youth who cannot function in an open setting.

AVERAGE LENGTH OF TREATMENT Students stay at George Junior Republic an average of nine to twelve months. Significant improvement is shown during this concentrated period of education, therapy and support.

Family rules Within the family setting led by the counselor/ parents, each young man learns the importance of how his actions affect himself and others. Through


the reinforcement of three basic skills - follow

Follow instructions

instructions, accept criticism and take “no” for

Accept criticism

an answer - youth are taught the skills needed to sucessfully adjust to their homes and communities. Realistic expectations and standards of behavior are taught along with independent living skills to prepare each young man for return to his home, community and school.

And family roles From helping to prepare meals and doing the dishes, to cleaning their rooms and practicing good hygiene, boys actively participate in family life. There is time for homework, time for talk and time for reflection. Most importantly, the young man comes to understand that in his George Junior Republic family, there are people who care about his welfare, believe in his potential and anticipate his success.

Take “no” for an answer

George Junior Republic’s Story Philanthropist William Ruben George founded George Junior Republic in 1909 as a private, nonprofit, residential treatment community for disadvantaged youth. The organization was, and continues to be, driven by his dream of creating an environment where youth would receive the guidance, the education and the skills needed to become productive citizens in a democratic society. For many years, George Junior Republic operated according to the standards of the day, helping boys mature into responsible young men. However, as society evolved, it became clear the methods employed were not the most effective ways to reach youth. New, more positive behavioral modification concepts were studied, and in 1979 a treatment model that included husband-and-wife counselor/parents was introduced. The older three-story homes that formerly housed between fifty and sixty boys were razed, and were replaced by ranch-style homes, where the counselor/parents lived with the youth. Additionally, the administrative structure was changed, vocational and academic courses expanded and a partnership established with the Grove City Area School District, which afforded students the opportunity to earn a Grove City High School diploma. Throughout George Junior Republic’s historical transformation its mission, “To help troubled youth become successful, well-adjusted adults, capable of achieving a higher degree of citizenship, and a better understanding of his reponsibility to society, his family, and himself,” has remained unchanged.

George Junior Republic today George Junior Republic is charged with providing opportunities for youth from a wide variety of backgrounds to ensure their ongoing success in society. We never stop believing!

George Junior Republic is a nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. There is a per diem rate for a boy’s placement at George Junior Republic, which is funded by each boy’s referring agency, in addition to state and federal sources. Foundations, corporations, and individual donations provide significant support for projects and programs, as well as scholarships. To learn more about philanthropic opportunities, please visit under the “Support” category or call the George Junior Republic’s Development Office at (724) 458-9330.

233 George Junior Road, P.O. Box 1058, Grove City, PA 16127 Phone (724) 458-9330 Fax (724) 458-0389

George Junior Republic - Overview Brochure  
George Junior Republic - Overview Brochure  

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