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August , 2015



ACROSS THE DESK By Whitey & Robin Noll

What a whirlwind July was. Time seems to go faster and faster the older one gets. We went down to 24 pages this month due to loosing some advertisers but we also gained a few new ones. Immersed In Music school has joined us this month. Music teachers are creating their own schools so that those who want to pursue a musical career in life have more opportunities to learn the ins and outs without having to go to the “School of Hard Knocks”. Music is such an integral part of our lives and is everywhere one goes. If you’re a collector of musical instruments or maybe you’re curious how a guitar is made than you need to head to the Inn at Reading on August 22nd to enjoy the Guitar & Bass Expo. Go to page 13 for all the details. August means it’s time for the Annual Central PA Jazz Festival. It’s their 35th year of bringing this great event to Harrisburg. You can read all about it on page 12 and go to their website for further details. For those who want to experience a great outdoor festival don’t forget about the 10th Annual Bear’s Picnic August 6th thru the 10th. You can go to or if you have questions you can call 570.898.5525. August 8th Dale’s Drum Shop in Harrissburg is hosting DW Drum Day with John Good. For all drummers young and old looking to mingle with other drummers it is an event you don’t want to miss. I do appreciate all of our faithful advertisers but due to the summer “slow down” we eliminated 8 pages. It is a jammed pack issue of schedules and events happening throughout the state so be sure to check out the entire mag. My dream and hope is that everyone would want to place their information in our pages so we can unite the music community no matter what genre of music one performs or likes. We are solely funded by our advertisers and we THANK YOU for your continued support. If you appreciate what we do please let us help you market your business. Give me, Robin a call at 717.444.2423. Love you Whitey!

August, 2015

July 4th - Whitey and I were blessed to reconnect with our great friends, Joseph and Violet at the Greene Annual 4th of JulyPicnic. Left to right: Steven, Patrice, Violet, Joseph, Robin, Whitey, Pam & Tim. You know it’s great friends when it seems like no time has passed. It was 20 years ago we last saw them. Joseph helped the PA Musician Magazine get their first Mac & Laser printer. Saving us thousands of dollars in typesetting fees.



Happy August everyone! I finally have a full month of music to tell you about, so I’m just going to get crackin! by RACHEL ROCKS! I hope you all had a super fun wet/hot/awesome July! The month all started off back on the 4th of July at the Miami Nights (Greene Family) Annual Event. The Greene family which is my sister’s in-laws always host a big blow out every 4th of July, and this year was no different. They always have tons of food, and of course, live music. They love playing music so much they built a covered stage in their yard! It all started off with Steven Greene playing the electric guitar to our National Anthem, what a great kick-off to a music filled night. Next up Marc Greene took the stage and played a laid back acoustic set, with many different types of music, he was the first musician I heard cover Ed Sheeran and he did an amazing job! John Lark was the multi-instrument man! He played his guitar, harmonica, and banjo, plus he of course sang. John is an amazing story teller with his music. I love listening to his lyrics and watching him play. Next up was lots of fabulous karaoke singers including Karis Greene. My sister and I even sang Madonna! The party ended with an amazing backyard band, The Crazy Lane Band. There were at least 7 people on stage, including Newville’s own Chubadiah and Steven Greene on drums The band is made up of a bunch of amazing musicians that just want to jam and have a good time, and we all had a great time! The Crazy Lane Band helped keep the party going and the “dance floor” hoppin’! They were a great ending to an already amazing day! The following weekend started out with a special trip to Appalachian Brewing Co.’s Abbey Bar for Timmy & The Creeping Thyme opening for Hank & Cupcakes. Timmy himself played on my adult kickball team last Fall and I’ve been wanting to get out and check out his band, and I’m glad I finally did. TTCT are only a 3 piece, but they have one heck of a sound. Tim has great vocals mixed in with their unique sound that is intertwined with pop, jazz, punk, rock and just a bunch of fun! These guys were a great choice to open for Hank & Cupcakes. I have definitely become a “creeper” and hope that I can come creeping around again soon. I’ve seen Hank & Cupcakes once before as part of the MMC, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Hank & Cupcakes don’t just play music, they make their whole show an experience! It all started before they even took the stage when they made sure the majority of the crowd had 3D glasses. They had crazy colorful stage props, plus their insane outfits, with the 3D glasses and their music, you did sort of feel like you were trippin’! Sagit and Ariel have an amazing energy that compares to nothing you’ve ever seen. When Ariel tried to “slow it down” she stood on top of her bass drum and sang an amazing song. They started their journey together in Israel and then moved to Brooklyn, they’ve recently moved out of their Hank & the Cupcakes at the Abbey Bar apartment and they are officially homeless, going on tour, and maybe hopefully they are going to wind up somewhere warm (down south) for their next place to settle. Hank & Cupcakes are bouncing all around the U.S. and when they come through your town make sure and go check them out, you definitely won’t be disappointed. The Abbey Bar show was over at midnight, so I decided to bop out of there and head over to Blue Moose for the tail end of Nate Myers & the Aces. The show was in full swing and the dancers were definitely doing their thang! I knew heading out to Blue Moose was a good choice, because I always Jack Russell’s Great White at Tubby’s leave their shows with a smile on my face. Nate Myers & the Aces have been getting a pretty crazy and full schedule. You really have no choice, but to check these guys out for yourself. Every Tuesday they play the Grotto Pub from 8-10, plus they play at venues all over the state and beyond on Fridays and Saturdays. Their website is currently down for maintenance, but make sure check them out and become their “friend” on Facebook so you know when they will be playing next. This month I had the privilege of being the photographer for my friends’ wedding. Huge congrats go out to the new Mr. & Mrs. Brett and Jen Wolfe! You had an amazingly beautiful wedding! I have to give a huge shout out to DJ Jason Forest. He was extremely professional and easily catered to


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Steel- Aaron, Chris & Dave at Tubby’s August, 2015

Out & About continued... all of the needs and desires Brett and Jen had flawlessly. I have unfortunately had a few bad DJ experiences at weddings, so it was nice to finally see someone so top notch! If you need a DJ for your own special event, check out DJ Jason Forest! Unfortunately after the beautiful wedding we were all decompressing around a camp fire drinking some adult beverages, and I tripped and fell into the fire. Luckily due to a quick thinking friend, Raini, I was dragged out of the fire, and my hoodie, that was still on fire, was pulled over my head, without ever catching my hair or face on fire, by Gretta and Raini, and the only major injury was my knee. Some of my Facebook friends saw the nasty picture I posted. It’s been a very painful recovery, but I’m thrilled to say I’m now 2 weeks out, and it is healing amazingly well. Lucky for me, Jen the bride, is also an RN so she had me lathered up and wrapped up in no time, the first few minutes are crucial after a burn, and she took GREAT care of me. Many thanks to Raini for yanking me out of the fire and for her and Gretta’s quick response to pulling my hoodie off. I am one very lucky girl and forever grateful to my friends for having my back. Thanks to Shelly too for pulling my phone out of the fire. After 10 minutes in the very hot fire my Galaxy S4 still worked even tho it only had a cheap Five Below case! Miracles were everywhere. God is so good! Even though I was pretty beat up, I was determined to go to the Great White show at Tubby’s. I couldn’t miss supporting Steel and LeadFoot getting a chance to open for Jack Russell’s Great White. Steel started the night off in full force fashion as usual. They rocked the faces off the crowd and definitely gained some more fans in the process. LeadFoot continued the madness rockin’ the stage and playing some obscure songs the crowd wasn’t expecting, but instead of scaring the fans away, I think the shock factor thrilled them even more. When Jack Russell took the stage he looked physically pretty rough. He just underwent foot surgery so they had to bring up a stool for him to take breaks and sit down, he also had a brace on his wrist. It was a perfect example of don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Even tho he looked a little rough, he could still sing with excellence! I didn’t think I would recognize many of the songs, but they played a lot of their older fan favorites, that got the crowd going crazy. Besides for his one guitar player, Robby Lochner, the rest of the band is pretty new, but they are all amazing musicians putting on one heck of a show! I’m so glad I made it out, but my leg, not so much… it was definitely a little too much too soon. I laid low til the following Friday when Nate Myers & the Aces were playing their tribute show to Big Jack Johnson at the River City Blues & Dart Room. Jeff Cameron was there playing with them adding to their already amazing sound. It was cool to hear Jimmi singing a lot more, allowing more time for Nate to play the harmonica. It was a great show and a great tribute. I’m sure Big Jack Johnson himself was up there playing along! I’ve been wanting to check out River City for a while now, but it is very intimidating going to a new venue when I travel alone. When I saw the guys were playing there, I knew it was finally a perfect opportunity. The River City Blues & Dart Room is right down Cameron Street right pass Paxton Street. They have plenty of well lit, free parking in their nice, big parking lot. The room itself is huge with plenty of comfortable seating and a great dance floor that was being taken full advantage of. If you like Blues or Jazz you definitely want to check out this venue soon. After Nate Myers & the Aces I zoomed down to Chick’s in Hummelstown for Nacho Daddy. I haven’t heard these guys for a while, so it was great to check them out again. When I’ve seen them before I usually got there in time to hear their second set which is a more acoustic set, but their third set is rockin’ right from the start! Their fans were up dancing and having a great night out on the town. Nacho Daddy is still working hard to get their name out there and play some new venues. If you are tired of the same old bands at your venue, liven up your rotation and give Nacho Daddy a call. You can check out their ad in this issue to see where and when they will be rockin’ next. The final night of the month started out at Tubby’s for Fell From Zero. Tubby’s is an amazing venue for these guys. They have a great stage presence with energy that is off the hook! Bob’s vocals are so clear and distinct, it’s awesome to watch and hear them all perform. Jake, on drums, does a great job backing him up and helping keep the energy at top notch! Fell From Zero plays a lot down more towards York, it’s continued on page 1 0 ...

August, 2015



Out & About continued... always a special treat when they make their way up here. You can check out their schedule in this issue to see where they will be playing next. Last but not least, my final band of the night and the month was S.O.S. at Johnny Joe’s. Johnny Joe’s is pretty much S.O.S’s hometown bar and their fans were there to support them! The dance floor may be small, but it’s amazing how many people can squeeze up there. S.O.S does a great job at bringing the party to the show. It’s quite fitting that Johnny Joe’s is their hometown venue, when three of their members are named Jon, or Jonny. S.O.S. plays more alternate/modern rock with a few great classics thrown in because their fans love them. They even play a few country songs too. You never know what these guys will play next, but one thing for sure is you are bound to have a good time! You can also check out their schedule to see where they will be bringing the party next! Well that’s all for this month, and my day job starts very soon, so I guess I better get moving! I hope you all have a super August. Enjoy the last month of Summer. Get out there and party all night long, but whatever ya do, don’t fall in a fire, trust me, it hurts!! If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me at Don’t forget you can see all of my Hot Shots and MORE in color at Thanks for supporting LIVE music and for supporting and reading the PA Musician Magazine. Without you, we wouldn’t be!

SANE ADVICE By John Kerecz

Summer is in full swing and that means summer music festivals are happening almost every weekend. Festival gigs are one of the best ways to get your live show in front of a large crowd. However, these slots are competitive. The larger the profile of the festival the more competition there is. It’s not uncommon to see as many as 1000 submissions for a small to medium-sized festival and even more for larger events. And each festival only offers anywhere from 20 to 400 performances. If you want to get booked at music festivals, you need to stand out. Remember you are not just selling your music or yourself, it’s really your live show that festival promoters are interested in. Be sure your social media presence is robust and authentic. Some professional photography will go a long way to portray a professional image. YouTube videos of recent performances can really give promotors a taste of what your live show could bring to their festival and what your fan base is like. Include a solid bio that contains things like: What is your story? How is it relevant? What does your music sound like? Who are your key influences? What are the most relevant highlights of your career? Add to that a few great tracks that can be easily streamed or downloaded, and you’ll have the kind of social media presence that indie labels, major labels, promoters, and agents can look at and see how serious you are about your success. To improve your chances of being selected to fill one of those summer stages, make it clear from that first online impression that you are a dedicated, professional musician with a killer live show!



August, 2015

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ‘N’ Rollers! For the second year in a row, Rusted Root returned to downtown Harrisburg for another free show at Tom Sawyer’s. A crowd of over 1,000 spilled into 2nd Street and had fans watching from many levels of the parking garage. Sawyer’s has brought several similar free shows this summer including artists Shaggy, Jordin Sparks, Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock, C+C Music Factory and Katy Tiz. July included my annual visit to Los Angeles for their great music scene. L7 the female grunge band from the 90’s reformed for the first time in 19 years with original members. L7 performed two sold-out shows at LA’s Fonda Theatre. An awesome rocking show of classic L7 songs like “Pretend We’re Dead,” “Andres” and “Shove.” My thanks to Frank Phobia for the after-party invite to hang with L7. The band will visit the East Coast in September for reunion shows in New York and Philadelphia. The following night it was off to epic punk venue Doll Hut in Anaheim to see The Stitches. A band I’ve been a fan of for years but never had the chance to see. The Stitches were incredible! Energy beyond belief and fantastic songs. The Stitches are a 1970s-style punk rock band formed in 1994 in Orange County, CA. The next day it was off to Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, CA for an all-day punk event consisting of 6 bands, and most importantly Duane Peters Gunfight. Peters is best known for his band U.S. Bombs. He is the epitome of punk rock and his DIY ethic is revered. It was then back to East Coast for the return of U2! The iconic Irish band is currently on tour for their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. U2 performed 8 sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden. A concert experience like no other, possibly revolutionary in terms of a live performance. The stage ran through the middle of the audience from end to end,

August, 2015

along with a massive Led Screen suspended above. And don’t forget the unbelievable catalog of U2 music in which they played 23 songs including, “With or Without You,” “Pride (In the Name of Love)” and “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Bono and company visit Europe next for 34 shows well into the month of November. NATIONAL NEWS: Bruce Springsteen gave a surprise show in New Jersey on July 18th, that lasted for nearly two hours. The Boss performed 15 songs at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, mixing in favorites that spanned his career. He concluded the show with “Light of Day,” which he dedicated to the huge crowd of people watching from the sidewalk outside the venue because they couldn’t get in to the packed bar. Many country music acts have quietly abandoned the Confederate flag. A familiar symbol in country music, for artists such as David Allan Coe, Hank Williams Jr., Alabama and Charlie Daniels. The recent controversy has also brought rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock and Tom Petty to distance themselves from the emblem. Kid Rock has not flown the Confederate flag during his shows since May 2011, when he accepted a “Great Expectations Award” from continued on pg. 1 2 ...


Donita Sparks of L7 & Eric


Nationals continued...

U2 at Madison Square Garden

Detroit’s NAACP. Florida native, Tom Petty, recently said of his use of the flag in the past, “I wish I had given it more thought. It was a downright stupid thing to do.” Petty concluded, “People just need to think about how it looks to a black person. It’s just awful. It’s like how a swastika looks to a Jewish person.” David Gilmour returns to North America in 2016 for a quick run across the continent kicking off on the West Coast in March. Supporting his new album, the Pink Floyd guitarist will play Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago and New York on April 11th. Gilmour’s latest album, ‘Rattle That Lock’, arrives September 18th on Columbia Records and this trek mark his first time on the road since his 2006 “On An Island” tour. Janet Jackson has announced the second leg to her “Unbreakable World Tour,” for early 2016. Touring in support of her new album coming out in autumn, Jackson has already released the disc’s first single, “No Sleeep.” Jackson’s visit to Bethlehem’s Sands Casino on February 19th is the smallest venue of her tour. Keith Richards will release a new solo album after 20 years this fall. The Rolling Stones’ guitarist announced the September 18th release of ‘Crosseyed Heart’. It’s his third solo album. The first single, “Trouble,” was released July 17th. Richards plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and piano on the album. Numbers coming in on the Grateful Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” concerts at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California and Soldier Field in Chicago support the notion that the 50th anniversary/farewell run was one of the most successful events in live music history. The Levi Stadium shows June 27-28 grossed $21.5 million from attendance of 151,650, and the Soldier Field shows July 3-5 grossed a whopping $30.7 million from a Soldier Field record attendance of 210,283. The Dead also set the record for the biggest music pay-perview event of all time, with more than 400,000 cable/satellite subscriptions and online streams. UPCOMING SHOWS: J Roddy & The Business Harrisburg Abbey Aug 6. George Wesley Harrisburg Abbey Aug 8. Psychedelic Furs Silver Spring Fillmore Aug 9. HR (Bad Brains) Harrisburg HMAC Aug 15. Maroon 5 Hersheypark Stadium Aug 15. Social Distortion Philadelphia Festival Pier Aug 19. Rick Springfield Hershey Theatre Aug 21. Dirt Cheap York Fat Daddys Aug 21. Van Halen Hersheypark Stadium Aug 23. AC/DC NJ MetLife Stadium Aug 26. Future Islands Baltimore Pier Six Pavilion Aug 29. S. Hoffman.

Michael Lohrman of The Stitches 12


August, 2015

Susquehanna Valley NEWS By Jeff Kreitz Jr. Hey music lovers! August has arrived along with the heat, on with the news! The 6th Annual Life is Beautiful Project and Motorcycle Ride takes place on the 1st at The Angus Inn in Hughesville with live music by Aftermath. The Montgomery Wine Fest takes place this month at Montgomery Park on the 8th with local faves Audio Box. Prairie Dogma shows this month include stops at The Avenue Coffee House in Lock Haven on the 15th and at The Sticky Elbow in Williamsport for a Lycoming County SPCA fundraiser on the 19th. Jeremy Hummel’s Into the Spin makes their return to the Lock Haven area as part of their Floating Stage Concert Series on the 2nd. Tony Harlan’s Random Axe pulls double duty this month on the 22nd with a afternoon show at Basstress Mountain Winery in Nesbit then at the American Legion Post 617 in South Williamsport that night! Classic rockers Seven 2 Ten return to the Lock Haven American Legion on the 8th and they head out to the Huntington Elks Club on the 14th. Dustin Douglas & the Electric Gentleman have a busy month of August with stops at Bar Louie inside the Mohegan Sun Casino in Wilkes Barre on the 6th, The Turkey Hill Brewing Co. in Bloomsburg on the 9th, a return trip back to The Mohegan Sun Casino inside their newest bar Club Elixir on the 13th and a stop at Irem Temple in Dallas on the 19th. Williamsport’s favorite classic rockers, The Flu Shots invade the American Legion Post 104 in Montoursville on the 7th and The Trout Run Hotel on the 22nd. Speedy”s Place in Milton welcomes in Ascension on the 8th. Congratulations to former Pennsylvania native Ben Burnley and the rest of Breaking Benjamin for their new album “Dark New Day” landing at number one on the charts! Big thanks to the guys at Waynes World in Dallas for helping to keep music alive and relevant! That”s all for this month. send any news, info to me at or hit me up on Facebook. Get out and support live music as well as the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine!

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August, 2015



J.J. BEAUVAIS… Spreading the Love One City at a Time

By Rachel Rocks Jeffrey Beauvais is a musician on a mission and that is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music, beginning in the USA and eventually extending around the world. Jeffrey is currently in several bands, each designed to help spread the love and share the Good News of the Gospel. He is obviously a solo singer/songwriter, better known as J.J. Beauvais, but he also has a rap persona known as Chase Nafta. (Chase Nafta is the easiest search to find him and his music videos on YouTube.) He is also the lead vocalist for the contemporary Christian band Best Day Ever, and the blues rock/rap band, Weeping Sons. Jeffrey is also a skilled worship leader and minister. J.J. originally picked up a guitar when he was 16, but never did anything too serious until two years ago when he was on a missions trip in Africa and he picked up a guitar and started playing. He quickly realized, along with his wife, Melissa, that music is a universal way to reach out to the lost and help those in need. Music is a universal language and soothes the souls of people all around the world. Without much debate, J.J. and Melissa both decided when they got back to the States that J.J. was going to become a full-time musician and keep spreading the love throughout the U.S. and beyond. As soon as he got back from his missions trip he began booking gigs and promoting himself wherever possible. Venues quickly found out that J.J. can easily provide hours of good, clean, fun entertainment for nearly any occasion. Lately he has been most requested for his wedding services because as a capable DJ, he provides the sounds you need to get the celebration going, and as the night winds down he soothes the guests as he performs live with his amazing vocals and acoustic guitar. He is the perfect one-stop shop wedding/event solution! When you are a full-time musician you start doing everything you can to get the gig, so he’ll even play during the week at retirement homes, where his biggest hits are more from the Country Western Gospel Bluegrass genre. (lol). J.J. has a library of 100s of songs in his head, but there are always a few requests that throw him for a loop, lucky for him because of his ability to be able to freestyle, and do improv from his rapper side of music, as long as he can get the tune, he can pretty much make something happen that makes his audience happy. He plays all genres of music, one of his biggest fan favorites is James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”. Not only does J.J. amaze people by covering so many different genres, he also has his own record label, Sweet Freedom Records where you can purchase his original music. J.J. and Melissa work together to write songs to help spread the love. Their latest original CD titled appropriately, “Love All Around,” plus J.J.’s other CDs can be purchased through their label’s website, They are looking to sign more bands under their independent label, please check it out for yourself, and see what J.J. can do for you and your band. If you watch “America’s Got Talent” and you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of J.J. this season. He entered a “Line Skipper” contest for the AGT Tryouts in Las Vegas through, and he won! He made it through a few steps of the audition process, and spent some time in Vegas where once again he had a life changing revelation. While touring the area he found out about the people living in the flood tunnels of Vegas. Literally thousands of homeless people live in these tunnels, that are called flood tunnels for a reason. It is a very dangerous and scary situation. J.J. found a group called CityReach Las Vegas East, that are planning on starting a 14

Church Plant in Las Vegas. CityReach is reaching those who are far from God and helping them to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ, pretty much the same exact philosophy as J.J. and Melissa. Now they’ve purchased a travel trailer and at the end of August they are hitting the road on their “Love All Around Us” Tour. You can check it out at They will be hitting cities throughout the US on their way to Vegas. One of their first shows on the tour is Saturday, September 19th in Nashville, TN. It is an Active Heroes Benefit, and they are more than thrilled to be helping to support our troops. You can check out their website for yourself where you can see more in detail what exactly they are doing and where they will be going. “Love All Around” is a tax exempt non-profit charitable organization. They do have a link on their site where you can easily donate to support J.J. and his family on their mission. They also have two beautiful children, Eliana, 4, and Samuel who will be 2 in November. You can also simply sign up for their Newsletter to stay in touch with the Beauvais’ and join their prayer group. For as long as they possibly can they will be touring the country to bring revival to the church and bright hope to the communities of America. They exist to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who need the hope of salvation through loving care, compassion, and music. On their tour throughout the Fall they have worship/prayer events and youth/adult revival services preaching repentance for the forgiveness of sins. They are not a church themselves, they just work along side churches as an outreach. They join hands with different ministries while using music as a tool to proclaim the Gospel Message. The Beauvais’s biggest belief is if you pour your life out on others, God will bless you. Another major law that is in effect in their lives and everyone else’s who is a hard worker in today’s world, you have to sow if you want to reap the reward. They will continue to sow their seeds of love and in the end they will definitely be reaping the reward! Please consider donating and supporting J.J. and his family on their “Love All Around” Tour, we all know how much we need to spread the love throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. If you call J.J. today you can also still get him booked at your venue or private party before he leaves at the end of August. You can call him directly at 570-728-5382 or email him at


Samuel, Melissa, J.J. Eliana August, 2015



“LIVE REVIEWS” By Jim Price Where has this summer gone? The summer outdoor live music season starts to enter its homestretch this month, with numerous fairs, festivals, carnivals and concert events. Enjoy these events while they’re here! Most of my live music adventures in the past month have been outdoor ones. Heading into the July 4th holiday weekend, “Hollidaysburg’s Downtown Live!” summer concert series took a bluesy turn, courtesy of The BlackSnakes. Nice weather resulted in a great turnout, as many folks showed up to support the music and community. The BlackSnakes responded by celebrating electric blues from the lexicons of Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Junior Wells and others. They also tapped the blues-rock catalog, scorching out renditions of numbers from ZZ Top, the Allman Brothers, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, plus a few original tunes such as “Walking Dead Blues” and “It’s Not Me (It’s You).” Singer Brian Elliott confidently howled and growled on the microphone, while Jason Feathers displayed total mastery on the six-string on everything from B.B.’s “The Thrill Is Gone” and Muddy Waters’ “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” to the Allmans’ Whipping Post” and Robin Trower’s “Too Rolling Stoned,” backed by the tight rhythms of drummer Nate Woods and new bassist Jamie Smith. “The Downtown Live”! concert series resumes August 27th with Chris Vipond & the Stanley Street Band. Thousands of people again converged on State College to celebrate Independence Day at the annual Central PA 4th Fest, featuring live performances on three different live stages, plentiful food and refreshments, and one of the state’s largest fireworks displays. I again participated as a performer and a spectator, catching live performances between and after performing two sets with the Backyard Rockers on the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC) Acoustic Lawn Stage and the Independence Stage. Following our first set on the BJC stage, I saw the next performers, acoustic duo the Corner Brothers. Named for being frequent flyer performers on State College street corners, Tyler and Matt Greer demonstrated great vocal harmonies as they played a selection of favorites from Florida Georgia Line, Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, Blues Traveler, Old Crow Medicine Show and more. I then caught part of Mama Corn’s set on the Independence stage, as they mixed traditional folk and bluegrass numbers with original songs from their two CDs, including - given that this event was in Centre County - upright bassist Bryan Homan’s ode to an actual 1800s Centre County murder case, “The Hanging of Alfred Andrews.” Following the Backyard Rockers’ second set, I returned to the BJC Lawn Acoustic Stage to see several performers. I caught the tail end of Chris Good’s performance as he performed pop and rock favorites, followed by country performer Joe Quick and his performance of favorites from Eric Church, Toby Keith, Luke Bryan and others. After assisting Chris Kepler with production duties on the BJC Lawn stage through much of the day, “Sgt. Bob” Timney performed a strong set of classic rock, pop and country hits, plus a few originals from his just-issued CD “Papa’s Moon”. Bob demonstrated a clear, bold voice on tunes from James Taylor, Bill Withers, America, Jim Croce, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Buffett, the Eagles, Bob Seger and more. Prior to the fireworks, country star Craig Morgan presented a concert at the Independence Stage. Flanked by a full band, Craig did his popular hits such as “International Harvester,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “I’m Country,” “Wake Up Lovin’ You” and more. Craig’s voice was in fine form, and he was cordial and conversational with the audience, even wandering off the stage and into the crowd during one song. Following the fireworks, Chris Vipond and the Stanley Street Band provided musical entertainment for anyone who didn’t want to deal with the ensuing post-fireworks traffic gridlock leaving the grounds. With Rogan Allen filling in on guitar, the group triggered some dance and groove action as they generated new and old original tunes and funk-geared takes on numbers from Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, Dr. John, G. Love and Special Sauce, Bill Withers and more. The musicianship was stellar, and the recent addition of keyboardist Nate Beatty not only bolstered their overall wall of sound, but Nate’s trumpet now adds a brass component to the Street Band’s lethal grooves. continued on page 1 6 ...

August, 2015



The Professor continued... Five days later, I attended and performed during the first day of the 23rd annual People’s Choice Festival of Pennsylvania Arts and Crafts on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Military Museum in Boalsburg. This would turn into an interesting and unpredictable day. With the weather forecast calling for the possibility of severe weather later on, I first performed with my Backyard Rockers bandmates on the festival’s South Stage early in the afternoon. At this point, the weather was muggy but tranquil. Following our set, I stuck around to see new State College-based rock group The Wreckers, also on the South Stage. Evolving from the Mark & Roy acoustic duo, The Wreckers feature singer/guitarist Roy Long, guitarist Alex, bassist Chris, drummer Kirk and singer Kasi Damiano. They performed a nice variety, mixing tunes from Matchbox 20, Oasis, the Eagles, Foster the People, Bruno Mars, a few country numbers and more. After The Wreckers’ set, things got interesting…Prior to the next scheduled performances, I took the opportunity to browse arts and crafts vendor tents, working my way around the oval circuit of vendors toward the North Stage tent, where The Strayers were preparing to perform next. As I got near the North Stage, I saw darkness developing on the horizon, as the predicted stormy weather was starting to take shape. With a tornado watch in effect for the region, I joked with The Strayers that should a tornado hit while they were performing, I would incorporate it into any pen sketch I did of them. That quip turned out to be not far removed from reality. Moments after I seated myself in the front row of seats under the tent and as The Strayers had instruments in hand ready to start their performance, a major gust of wind impacted the tent, lifting half of it into the air and collapsing it - with band, audience members, the sound engineer and me underneath it! As I was close to the front portion of the tent that did not collapse, I was tapped on the head with some of the falling tent tarp but otherwise emerged from under the tent unscathed; a few people toward the rear of the tent suffered minor cuts and bruises. This abruptly ended the day for entertainment on the North Stage, and suspended entertainment on the South Stage while production coordinator Chris Kepler assessed his equipment and staff for damage and injuries. The North Stage was not up and operational again until the middle of the following day; South Stage entertainment resumed nearly two hours later with Pittsburghbased country performer Justin Fabus and the day’s final act, Velveeta. Despite the earlier weather and ensuing scattered showers, some folks did arrive and stick around to enjoy this night’s dose of Velveeta’s “80s cheese,” as singer/guitarist Brian Kriley, singer/bassist John Matthews, keyboardist/singer Brent Martin and drummer John Harper celebrated ‘80s era gems from Soft Cell, the Romantics, J. Geils Band, the Knack, Journey, Kenny Loggins, Tom Petty and more. When the sun appeared and fans demanded an encore, Velveeta dug out some ‘70s-era cheese: the Blue Swede version of “Hooked on a Feeling,” complete with “ooga-chaka” choruses! Centre County’s other big arts festival, the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, also took place during that same week in downtown State College. I was able to attend on Saturday and Sunday; my Saturday Arts Festival music experience began with Philadelphia’s Reckless Amateurs as they performed on the Sidney Friedman Park stage. Together 14 years, Reckless Amateurs - singer (and Hollidaysburg native) Rebecca Thornburgh, guitarist/singers David Thornburgh and Wainwright Ballard, bassist Bruce Koch and drummer Buck Buchanan - played a tasty mixture of light rock, blues and country flavors. They mixed original songs with hidden gems from such names as Michelle Shocked, Rodney Crowell, Nick Lowe and more. As I browsed craft tents afterward, I briefly watched Below Centre as they demonstrated the joys of low-toned brass instruments in harmony at the Municipal Building Plaza, and then caught the last few songs of Pure Cane Sugar as they delivered sweet harmonies to a jam-packed crowd at the Allen Street Stage. A taste of jazz was next in order, as I headed to the Festival Shell stage to check out the Big Coronas Band. Six musicians strong this day, the Big Coronas Band displayed dazzling instrumental chops as they performed a mixture of classic and modern jazz from such names as Horace Silver, Herbie Hancock, Average White Band, Dizzy Gillespie, Weather Report, Tower Of Power and more. Toward the end of their performance, the group welcomed guest singer Natascha continued on page 1 7 ...



August, 2015

The Professor continued... Hoffmeyer to belt out voice on two numbers. I then returned to the Allen Street Stage to see one more group this night, Arts Festival frequent flyers the Ultra Kings, who proceeded to tear it up on their blend of roots rock, country, rockabilly and surf rock sounds. I enjoyed the firestorm of sounds that frontman Rick Kuebler was pulling from his Gretsch guitar, the hearty thump of Zoots Szmigel’s upright bass, and the rowdy beats from drummer Carl Ehst as they did original numbers plus select covers from Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochran and others. I then returned for the Arts Festival finale on Sunday, first arriving at the Allen Street Stage to see local Americana/bluegrass group The Feats of Strength. Comprised this day of guitarist/singer Brad Fey, mandolin player/singer Kevin Briggs, banjo player Jeremy Frank, and Jim Baughman on upright bass; The Feats of Strength mixed up catchy and likeable original songs with select classics from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and more, including a great encore rendition of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon!” Toward set’s end, special guest Chris Rattie joined in with electric guitar for a few numbers. I next headed to Penn State’s Old Main to see Arts Festival tradition reprised as local reggae institution The Earthtones played the Festival Shell Stage finale. Thirty years running and still fronted by group founder Rodney “RT” Thompson, The Earthtones - this day RT, drummer Jordan Thompson, guitarists Paul Andrew Young and Noah Figlin, bassist Jon Keller, percussionist Andrew Jackson and sax man Jack Ray - quickly triggered a stage front dance and hula hoop party with their mixture of original numbers plus select songs from Bob Marley and others. I always enjoy the togetherness vibe that The Earthtones inspire, as audience members of a diverse range of ages and backgrounds unite into a dancing, hula-hooping and grooving community - always a beautiful thing. The final performers at this year’s Arts Festival were Biscuit Jam, who wrapped up the music on the Allen Street stage. Singer/multiinstrumentalist Mark Hill, singer/guitarist Kelly Countermine, bassist Chip Taylor and drummer Michael Cleveland showcased a unique acoustic blend of classic rock,

August, 2015

blues, country and more; spanning tunes from Johnny Cash, Blind Melon, Janis Joplin, The Band, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Steve Earle and more. Biscuit Jam kept the presentation fresh, as Mark and Kelly shared lead singing duties, and Mark switched between playing guitar, cuatro and mandolin. At set’s close, Biscuit Jam was called back to do two encores to end the weekend, finishing with CCR’s “Suzie Q” and the Grateful Dead take on “I Know You Rider,” with guest Richard Sleigh chiming in on harmonica. I first encountered New Jersey-based Fleetwood Mac tribute group Tusk two summers ago when they performed on the J. Doyle Corman Amphitheater and Floating Stage in Lock Haven, and I was impressed that night with the group’s fun, airtight celebration of Fleetwood Mac’s hit song library. Tusk paid their first visit to Altoona last month as part of the Railroaders Museum’s Alive at Five Summer Concert Series. Their show turned into an incredible and memorable evening where band and crowd fed off of each other’s energy to push the experience to soaring heights. Local dance-rock favorites Shallow 9 set the table with their upbeat blend of hits spanning the 1980s to present. Ecstatic to witness Tusk herself, singer Erika Marino delivered her powerful voice and charged personality, leading guitarists Eric Milinchuk and PJ Kelly, bassist Mitch Neuder and drummer Todd Harshbarger on dance floor favorites from Lady GaGa, Joan Jett, Katy Perry, Cee Lo Green, Fallout Boy, Pat Benatar, Hall & Oates, the Pretty Reckless and more. Tusk then delivered a performance that left the huge Railroaders Museum audience awestruck and amazed! Some quotes I heard from onlookers following the show included: “I saw Fleetwood Mac during their last two tours in Pittsburgh. This band definitely does them justice!”…”The best tribute band I’ve ever seen at the Railroaders Museum!”…(and my favorite) “I had to pee, but I held it in until they finished their performance, I didn’t want to miss anything!” Tusk celebrated Fleetwood Mac’s hits with emphasis on the 1970s Fleetwood Mac and Rumours albums, providing tightly-executed hit song after hit song. Over two sets, Tusk covered the Mac catalog, including “The Chain,” “Dreams,” “Say You Love Me,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Over My Head,” “Big Love,” “You Make Lovin’ Fun,” “Gypsy,” continued on page 1 8 ...



The Professor continued...

Velveeta “Hold Me” and many more. Each member of this band was supremely talented: singer Kathy Phillips in the Stevie Nicks role and singer/keyboardist Kim Williams in the Christine McVie role, guitarist Scott McDonald’s attention to tone and detail in the Lindsey Buckingham role, bassist Randy Artiglere and drummer Tom Nelson. Highlights were plentiful; including the extended edition of “Rhiannon” to end the first set, Randy’s freewheeling bass solo during “World Turning,” Kathy and Kim’s duo edition of “Landslide,” the Scott-fronted side journey medley of early Fleetwood Mac blues favorites “Oh Well” and “Black Magic Woman,” Kathy’s powerful take on Stevie Nicks’ solo hit “Edge of Seventeen,” and Tom’s amazing drum solo during “Tusk,” where he referenced a succession of famous classic rock song drum intros! When the audience called for more at show’s end, Tusk answered with a rousing crowd singalong edition of

“Don’t Stop” to finish the night. The Railroaders Museum’s Alive at Five concert series continues and concludes this month with Massachusetts-based Aerosmith tribute Draw the Line with guests 7th Gear. Indoors, West Virginia heavy hitters Defending Cain paid their first visit to the stage of McGarvey’s last month, sharing a double-bill with Hate Grenade. Guitarist Jeremy Dove is an alumnus of former West Virginia hard rockers Stuck In Kaos, who graced this stage when the venue was Aldo’s; the rest of the group features singer Brandon Wright, guitarist Jason Hurst, bassist L.G. Thompson and drummer Mike Snyder. Defending Cain’s overall style and sound hinted at Sevendust, and mixed doses of melody, rage and a few hip-hop overtones. The group did original songs from their CD’s, including their latest, ‘The Perception’. Some of their songs this night included “Rawhide Rodeo,” “Vanguard,” “Against All Odds,” “Shiva” and “Katfish.” When the crowd demanded an encore, Defending Cain answered with their lone cover song of the night, a version of the Deftones’ “Bored.” It was just three years ago when I first saw Josh Gallagher perform as he showed up for open mic events in the area. Now Josh calls Nashville his home base as he pursues the dream of making it in the country music industry. He still visits his home area from time to time, and last month Josh and his band of local hired guns performed at Altoona’s Four Dees Lounge. Flanked by guitarist Brad Lego, bassist Mike Lakovich and drummer Matt Stephens, Josh entertained a packed house with a mix of original songs, modern country favorites and a few surprises thrown in. Josh’s voice was in good form as he sang numbers from Garth Brooks, Cole Swindell, Randy Houser, Jason Aldean, Eric Church and more. Among the surprises was a feisty read of Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” during the third set, and a fiery version of

The Ultra Kings Blackfoot’s “Train Train.” One of the rewards I get to enjoy after writing for PA Musician for more than a quarter century is getting to write about the new generation of young musicians whose parents I wrote about years ago! I saw one such group of teenaged young guns last month, when Tin Foil Cap took the stage at Pellegrine’s. Guitarist Shawn Brown, drummer Matt Bidoli and singer/bassist Dylan Forr all carry on the lineage of area musical dads, and trailblazed their own path this night with a mix of hard-hitting covers and original songs. This trio was tight and enthusiastic as they slammed forth versions of Alice In Chains’ “Would?” Black Sabbath’s “Symptom of the Universe,” Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” and more. Since this show, Matt has departed Tin Foil Cap and is looking to start another project, while Tin Foil Cap seeks a new drummer. As new musicians arrive on the music scene, longtime musicians sometimes step aside. Felix & the Hurricanes bid farewell to longtime bass player and singer Jeff Clapper at the end of July, as Jeff steps away from full-time performing. I saw Jeff during one of his final appearances with the Hurricanes last month at Altoona’s Belmar Hotel. Jeff, lead Hurricane and guitarist Felix Kos, drummer Bob Watters and keyboardist/singer Dave Villani also welcomed guest singer Steve Oswalt this night. Jeff’s bass rumble was in excellent form, and his voice nicely soared on both his lead and backing vocal performances. With many devout “Hurricaniacs” in the house to bear witness this night, the Hurricanes did many of their cover favorites, including tunes from Boz Scaggs, Loverboy, a medley edition of the Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues,” the Allman Brothers, Badfinger, Led Zeppelin, a funk medley, ZZ Top’s “Heard It on the X” into Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold,” the Outlaws’ “Green Grass and High Tides” and more. After the Hurricanes closed out the show with Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots,” Steve and Dave extended the night with one more tune, their rendition of Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” Thanks to Jeff for being in the center of many great Hurricanes memories I’ve experienced over the past two and a half decades; and good luck in your post-Hurricanes endeavors! Tony Mollick takes over the Hurricanes’ bass helm starting this month. continued on page 1 8 ...

“Sgt. Bob” Timney



August, 2015

PA MUSICIAN REVIEWS THE ANDY TOLINS REVUE WITH STEVE BUCKALEW “SUE’S RAMBLE” (no label) “Sue’s Ramble”, the latest CD by State College-based folk/bluegrass favorites The Andy Tolins Revue with Steve Buckalew, is dedicated in memory of Tolins’ wife, Susan Kemper-Tolins, a popular and gifted singer and songwriter who passed in 2005. According to the disc’s liner notes by album co-producer Mark Ross, the album was recorded live with the band members - Andy Tolins on vocals, guitar and dobro, Steve Buckalew on vocals and fiddle, Adam Laird on mandolin, Vinny Searfoss on banjo and John “JK” Kennedy on bass - positioned in a circle and using three microphones in a State College living room. Bill Filer, who engineered the recording with assistance from Chris Younken, captured the spontaneity and spirit of the moment. Folk and bluegrass are the primary flavors through the disc’s 10 tracks, as the musicians mix songs and instrumental exercises. The instrumentals include the frisky title track, “Sue’s Ramble,” and the mildly groove-driven “Peat Moss”; both showcasing dazzling musicianship and interplay as the musicians seize the moment. The songs range between traditional-flavored bluegrass hoedowns like the fastfiring “Unclaimed Love” and “Knockin’ on Your Door,” the Texas swing-toned “Georgia Boys,” and the darker story ode “Aaron Kelly.” The group also performs the rustic waltz “Nay Sayers,” displays a gospel flavor on “Moan You Moaners,” and strums folk blues on “Honey Babe Blues.” A 1994 performance by Susan Kemper-Tolins, singing “Careless Love” at Acoustic Brew in Lemont, closes the disc and tribute. The performances are spirited yet laid back, and the set’s mood is uplifting. Andy Tolins’ distinctive baritone is front and center, but all of the musicians get frequent moments to shine during the course of the songs and album. Also helping out are


guest backing singers Cory Neidig (Grain), Melanie Morrison (Miss Melanie and the Valley Rats) and Aileen Querry. The recording is clean and crisp, and the mix is balanced and consistent from start to end. “Sue’s Ramble” is a pleasant listen that nicely pays homage to Susan KemperTolins, and fans of Americana and bluegrass will find plenty to celebrate here. (The CD can be purchased at Webster’s Bookstore in State College.) —Reviewed by Jim Price JEFFREY J. BEAUVAIS - “LOVE ALL AROUND” (Sweet Freedom Records) Tamaqua-based minister and missionary Jeffrey J. Beauvais is a multi-faceted musician who uses his music to try to make the world a better place. He fronts the band Best Day Ever, practices his lyrical rap persona in the project Chase Nafta, and exposes his diverse musical persona on his solo album, “Love All Around”, which is also the name of his evangelical ministry with his wife, Melissa. Through the disc’s nine tracks, listeners will experience Beauvais’ musical palate as he performs acoustic folk and blues, piano pop, hip-hop and light rock. Displaying a variety of vocal styles that run the gamut from savvy raps to gentle crooning, Beauvais’ words are thoughtful, as he muses on themes of concern and hope with today’s world, the human condition and more. The acoustic title track “Love All Around” suggests that everybody can be a force for positive change by projecting that change from within. He tackles social issues, exploring creationism vs. evolution and its impact on the troubled state of the world with the hip-hop-laced album leadoff track, “Ain’t Pushin’ My Religion,” and addressing the plight of the homeless on the stern blues-toned “Streetwise”; sandwiching his stripped-down positive message variation on Bo Diddley’s “Before You Accuse Me” between both songs. Beauvais demonstrates his gentle side with two reverent acoustic ballads, “The Vine” and “Unless the Lord Builds,” and demonstrates his keyboard talents on the disc’s last three numbers; first resolving to survive and stay the course on the boisterous piano romp “Martyr’s Anthem,” before channeling his experience as a


missionary in Namibia on the keyboard ballad “Song from the Womb,” and then closing with the powerful and devotional piano piece “Well Done.” Beauvais sounds authentic on all of it, offering a convincing, bold cadence on the more urbantoned numbers, as well as clarity, soaring vocal range and tenderness on the disc’s more gentle moments. The arrangements tend toward basic, and the production keeps things simple and clear, allowing the strength of Beauvais’ performances, voice and words to shine through. “Love All Around” provides a comprehensive gateway in to Jeffrey J. Beauvais’ creative world, introducing listeners to his wide expanse of styles and revealing the forces that drive and guide him. (The CD can be obtained through the website —Reviewed by Jim Price ROADSIDE FUNERAL - “ROADSIDE FUNERAL” (no label) Forming last year from the remnants of Even As We Speak and other previous projects, Roadside Funeral is a power trio that defines their distinctive heavygeared rock sound on their self-titled CD. Singer/drummer Mr. (Jeremy) Bratton, bassist Mr. Washell and guitarist Mr. Long root their sound in the tradition of early Black Sabbath, with booming beats and crushing power chords driving many of the disc’s 11 tracks. But the group’s songwriting tendencies tap influences from more modern heavy rock purveyors like Faith No More, the Deftones, System Of A Down and others. The songs are short and compact for the most part, with tight riffs that hook the listener in. “Roadside Funeral” explores topics of life, survival and soul-searching issues with most of the songs; survival of the fittest seems to be the prevailing theme on the Sabbathy “Parliament,” while an intense sexual encounter informs the words to the jazz-informed “Peg.” The creeping arrangement of “To the Worms” ponders equality for mankind as worm food, while the hard-driving “Enjoy the Show” offers a metaphor for living life. The group crafts a multi-tempo exercise with the opening track “Andromeda,” and explores a bluesy riff on “Dried Leaves.” Roadside Funeral sounds continued on page 21...

August, 2015

PA Reviews continued... tight, enthusiastic and confident on this set, and their execution and fullness often make them sound much bigger than broader than their trio format. Bratton’s vocals are clear and consistent, and fit the group’s style perfectly. Recorded at CobbleSound Studios in Pittsburgh, “Roadside Funeral” sounds lean and mean, capturing the band’s thunder and jagged edge without excess bells and whistles. This is a strong debut; Roadside Funeral introduces a band with a direction and focus, and provides a sturdy foundation for Roadside Funeral to continue to build and develop upon. (The download or physical CD can be obtained through the group’s website, —Reviewed by Jim Price CELL15 - “CHAPTER ONE” (no label) Cell15 is the brainchild of Hybrid Ice singer and keyboardist Robert Scott Richardson, and the seven-track debut CD “Chapter One” presents an expansive musical journey through themes of mistakes, accountability and atonement. Handling lead vocals and most instrumentation, Richardson takes the progressive rock direction of his nine-minute Hybrid Ice original epic “Faith Without Works” off the group’s 2009 “Mind’s Eye” CD and expands upon it, both in progressive rock flavor and lyrical theme. The result is a detailed, majestic sound rooted in the traditional progressive rock tradition of Styx, Kansas, Yes and Alan Parsons Project; with captivating melodies, dynamic and dramatic twists and turns. Lyrically the story documents life’s errors, their consequences, and the eventual lessons and wisdom learned through two decades of personal recovery. Opening the disc, the title track “Chapter One” ponders the forces of good and evil, light and dark in a person’s life, arriving at how temptation can tip one’s hand as the song reaches its powerful climax. “Man with a Gun” then documents a life-changing mistake and its immediate impact, while the disco-beat powered “Shadow Over Me” addresses the experience’s long-term social stigma. Turning into a slower blues-based direction, “Manny’s Gone Home” examines selfreflection and coming to terms with one’s inner demons, before “Long Way Down” reflects on the fall from grace. In the context of this set, Richardson’s updated edition of “Faith Without Works” then expresses atonement for the mistakes made, but resolves that such mistakes shape what we eventually become as people. The disc-ending exercise “The Messenger” considers common sense and the challenge of listening to the voices of reason within one’s cranium. Richardson’s arrangements are complex and elaborate, incorporating plentiful nuances in tone, intensity and direction. His keyboard wizardry shines throughout the disc, and his vocals sound sincere and impassioned. Recorded in Richardson’s own After 7 Studios, “Chapter One” sounds appropriately sharp and full, with all components of this lavish musical mix sounding clear and distinct. Cell15’s “Chapter One” successfully tells an important story and shares a correspondingly important lesson about following common sense, with a masterful musical backdrop to drive it home convincingly. Highly recommended. (The CD can be obtained through the website —Reviewed by Jim Price

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August, 2015



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FOR SALE: Studio apartment refrigerator. Keep your drinks cold while you rehearse! Small Sanyo refrigerator. $50. 610-4880914

FOR SALE: DAT Recorder. Panasonic SV-3500 in very good working and cosmetic condition. Includes power cable, wired remote and original shipping box. Records at 44.1 khz. 610488-0914

FOR SALE: Compressor/ limiters. Aphex 720 Dominator II, DBX 266XL, Drawmer 241L. Leave message. 610-488-0914. FOR SALE: Microphones. (2) AKG C-391 B


FOR SALE: Mic stands and tons of cabling. Mic cables, instrument cables, snakes (RCA, ?”, XLR etc),,monster speaker cables, balanced EDCO to multi-pin etc.


Leave message. 610-4880914 FOR SALE: Hammond Proline 860 Leslie, With foot pre-amp and Leslie 11 pin cable, All in great condition! $600 Phone 717-248-8739 Email: FOR SALE: Peavey LB1200 par 64 midi and dmx controled lights with gels, 2 bars with 4 lights each. work great $250 Ph. 717-248-8739 email:

MUSICIANS WANTED WANTED: Singer and Bassist for Christian metal band. Album recorded, video to follow. Looking to go on the road. Rehearse in Schuykill County. 570-3853681. WANTED: Autumns Golden Oldies a working 50’s, 60’s, elvis show, few 70’s tunes is looking for steady lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist. Call randy. 570-898-6888. Northumberland area WANTED: Singer, guitarist/, drummer to work on new music that I have written. Looking to get very serious with it, playing out and recordings. The music is easy listening as well as Christian. If interested please contact me at 717- 249-5204. My

name is Sid. WANTED: Serious musicians call or text Bobby at 570590-7991. WANTED: Death Metal band forming. Influences, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Candlemass. Image and dedication. Mainly originals. 717-770- 9621 WANTED: Lancaster based, original Christian metal band Axiom Inherent seeking lead guitarist. Our music is posted on YouTube and Spotify. C o n t a c t u s www.axiom.inherent@gmail. com SEEKING DRUMMER: Established roots and blues band seeking full time drummer. We’re looking for a team player, not a hired gun. We’re looking to grow with a new member. If you can play a variety of feels and are willing to adjust your volume based on the requirement of the show give us a call. If you have a bad attitude about: music, rehearsals, originals, occasional travel and are not open to collaboration or constructive dialogue this won’t be a good fit. Leave your name and a number and we’ll get back to you. Thank you. 717- 418 3633. WANTED: MUSICIANS. Country Singer, Brandon Paul, (York, Harrisburg, Lancaster) looking for: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, continued on next pg...

August, 2015

Bass Guitar, Drums. Email: WANTED: Vocalist. We are a York based band in need of a female singer or male . We do songs form the 60s to today’s music call 717-449-2606. WANTED: Bassist and Drummer for all originals band on the Harrisburg / West Shore. Must be pro with chops, equipment, and experience. Indie-label backing provided. Email:

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE: Guitar Player, some keyboards, strong vocals, top equipment available in Lehigh Valley / Pocono area. Can travel. Original classic rock. I have rehearsal sace,. Experienced. 610-588-1640. AVAILABLE: Bass Player, 30 Years experience looking for band or acoustic act that’s performing classic, modern

rock variety. Have good strong vocals, equipment, transportation. Reading area. 610-451-3824. AVAILABLE: Rhythm Guitar into The Stones, Stooges, NY Dolls and The Clash. Looking to start mostly original band. Contact: 717-576-7082 AVAILABLE: Classic rock lead vocalist in Northumberland county available, many years of stage experience. I have live video available, contact: frontman_classic_rock@yaho

To find out how to have your group or business in our Next Issue call Robin, I would like to talk to you in person. We can take care of placing an ad on the phone or I can come to your place of business to establish an account.

717.444.2423 Rnoll @

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August, 2015



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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine August 2015  

The PA Musician Magazine is a FREE publication distributed with 12,000 copies throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We support local music a...

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine August 2015  

The PA Musician Magazine is a FREE publication distributed with 12,000 copies throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We support local music a...