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August, 2019

Come Party with us... Friday, Aug. 16th at CHICK’S TAVERN! Hummelstown, PA


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Aug 17th Double K Tavern 9:30-1:30pm Aug 31st Appalachian Harley Davidson Noon-4pm Sept 20th White Circle Club 8-11 PM Sept 28th Rockin on the Ridge 7-11pm




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Editor’s Ramblings By Josh Noll / photos by Jeff Soloman

The Magazine that keeps on giving over 36 years later!

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July was so hot it fried my brain; like an egg on a hot tin roof that’s on fire, in the desert, near area 51, with a million people watching as an alien spacecraft flies off shooting laser beams. This month started with a nice bike ride along the C&O Canal from Cumberland, MD to Washington, D.C. It was just over 200 miles of cycling, in 3 days, during the first heat wave of July. Missy and I had a great time with overnight stops in Hancock, MD and historic Harper’s Ferry. The path was full of mud and grime and we got rained on once or twice, but it was a great trip and riding into DC after the long adventure is a pretty cool feeling. It really makes you think about how people lived and survived in the “olden days”. It paints a picture of what it took for them to build and conquer the land in front of them to make a place they called home. I would recommend this one for people looking for a little adventure. It’s not a nice smooth trail like the Gap trail (Great Alleghany Passage) or Pine Creek, so be prepared to get muddy and swat some bugs. There is a lot of history along this trail, so taking your time and reading about how the canals worked and operated was really interesting. The small towns along the way rely on tourist dollars and although we didn’t get to hear any local music, we did get to stop at some interesting places and meet some real characters. Bill’s Place in Little Orleans, MD is right off the trail and is a biker bar/grocery store/ watering hole/ local legend’s place. They have cold beer, food, water and some smart ass comments all waiting for you inside, so if you are in the area, stop in and ask some dumb tourist questions and see what answers you get. Places like this really make a trip. After recovering from our ride, it was business as usual and back to the daily grind of covering live music. It’s a tough life, but somebody has to do it. First stop I made this month was up to the Route 61 Roadhouse in Sunbury to see something a little different in the way of a Songwriter’s Showcase hosted by Bob Randall. The way this differs from an open mic is that each songwriter takes a turn, talking a bit about the song before performing it and then they each take turns in rounds of original songs until the set is complete. It was a nice spin on the regular open mic and everyone had some great originals to play for the receptive crowd. Jeff Mammet was up first with his story telling songs about the struggles of life. Sporting the big mustache and southern country accent (think Sam Elliott), he really made you feel like you were at the Boar’s Nest listening to music and talking about out running Roscoe. Second up was Jason Yoder. This is the second time I caught one of his shows and I really like the style with which he performs his songs and plays the guitar. It reminds me a lot of what I wish I could sound like and play like, but his talent far surpasses my attempts. Third was Michael Lundy who, if you’re not familiar with, is the lead singer for Prairie Dogma. Mike was playing a 12 string, so class and style points for that! He also claimed to be “comedy relief” and although he did supply us with some laughs, it didn’t stop there as he had some great stories about the songs he was singing and how they came about. He is another great musician and you should make it a point to get out and see Mike as a solo act or with his band Prairie Dogma. The fourth songwriter was Leo Armbruster. Leo was coming off of hand surgery and had some issues with his fingers which unfortunately cut his performance short, which was a bummer because what we did get to hear was very promising. Hopefully I will get to catch a show once he heals up a little more and gets back “on the horse” so to speak. The final performer was Bob Randall, who if you have never

heard of, is a country singer/ songwriter who plays out with a full group as Bob Randall & Wanted. He also has a new album coming out soon entitled “Outlaw”. You can find his schedule on page 2 and make plans to catch a show and check out the new album. Bob is an outlaw country kind of guy, right down to the hat and boots and his songs tell stories about things he has lived and seen along the way, including one about the ex-wife. One Mike Lundy thing about Bob’s songs is there is always a part that we can relate to, that makes you think about past experiences in your life, good or bad, they all make great songs. If you get a chance to see any of these great songwriters please do so and remember, that without original music, there wouldn’t be any music at all. So when you hear someone singing an original, pay attention, you never know when you may be listening to the next big hit. Another notable night was a trip down to Reverb in Reading. It has been awhile since I have been to the area and Missy really wanted to see David Allan Coe. So we loaded up and headed east. Along with DAC, the openers for the night were Zach King & the Keystoners and Aaron Parker. We got there just in time to catch the last two songs of Zach King & the Keystoners and they had the packed house already pumped up and rockin’. I really wish we could have seen the whole set, but hopefully we get a chance to see them again soon. Next up was Aaron Parker and his band, which was a country/rock band with a little more rock than most country bands. So maybe we could call it Rocking Country cause that’s what it sounded like. Great energy from these guys and an awesome set. Last was the man himself, DAC. Which yes, he is getting up there in age and like I tried to explain to Missy (as we waited for him to straighten out his amp and take the stage for over an hour), with age it takes time. You have to get your mind in the right place and sometimes that can take a bit. Once his mind and amp were set he did take the stage to the cheers of the full house. He started out slow but picked up pace and finished with his classic’s along with the crowd singing along in support. Cheers to DAC for doing it for so long. A true living and performing legend. We had a great night at Reverb and if you’re in the area or need something new to do, I highly recommend checking them out. Flip back to page 2 and check out Reverb’s full schedule. They have a little something for everyone with The Bullet Boys on August 14th, Black Flag on the 16th, and on the 17th is KOHLFEST 2019 featuring Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain, Impending Doom, Kublai Khan, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Full Blown Chaos, No Zodiac, Boundaries, Born a New, The Cambion and more. Check out the ad in this issue for more info on Kohlfest and get your tickets now. Now lets talk about August 17th. If you don’t, or can’t find something to do on the 17th then let me help you out. There are so many shows that I couldn’t talk about them all here, but I will touch on some of the big ones. First, is the 11th Annual Drunken Puppet show, which is Suicide Puppets yearly cook out fan/friends party and is always a must for me. Second, we have The Hot August Music Festival Featuring Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Turkuaz, Billy Strings, Melvin Seals & JGB, Samantha Fish, Cedric Burnside, The Lil Smokies and more. Check out the ad on page 12 for the full event list. The third, which is a real big new one for our area, is the Finding Freedom Festival taking place on City Island in Harrisburg. It’s been awhile since I remember hearing about music on City Island and with a star studded cast of local bands I was curious to see what this was about.

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

August, 2019

Editor continued.... So I sat down and talked to the man behind it all, Ron Duszak. Ron and his team are getting ready to rock City Island on the 17th with some great bands and all proceeds from the Finding Freedom Festival going to start up a dream of Ron’s. His dream is offering support for recovering addicts through strength and hope with music. Ron, now 22 years sober, fought a hard battle to remain sober and found early on that music, (specifically through playing guitar) could help keep his mind occupied and away from the same old thoughts that haunted his past. The first year was a tough one for Ron, after leaving rehab a week early and being back home alone, the voices of his counselor and some of the people at rehab, echoed in his head. “You will NEVER make it”. He used the doubts from his past to push forward with his sobriety, filling his time by being in the woods and through support meetings to keep his mind off the drugs. This included learning to play guitar with songs like “Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains and “Crystal Ball” by Styx being some of the songs he remembers carrying him through it all. Upon reaching his first year, he reflected back thinking, “how dare my counselor ever doubt me by saying I will never make it”. Upon calling the clinic one day in an attempt to tell her she was wrong, he realized that what she had done was just help him along by setting the challenge and knowing that Ron would take Bob Randall

additional support will be onsite to insure success. While JFT works closely with Vets, this program will be for everyone and not just drug addiction but also for people suffering from depression or family loss. So let’s all get together for the Finding Freedom Fest and help support the cause. The stage will be set up on home plate, with the crowd seated in the grandstands with Reserved box seating, Reserved seating and General admission available. They are offering a T-shirt for anyone who brings a Guitar to swap to help drum up some instruments for the basement. If you have an old axe laying around that plays but doesn’t get played, please consider donating it to a good cause. This is an all day event from 11am-10pm, with the hopes that it can also show Harrisburg and City Island that music needs a return to the Island. So we need to get the local music community out in force if we want to see these things continue to happen. Ticket info is available at and with bands like Road Case, Penntera, Maiden America, August, Buzzard Luck, Alice in Sane, Brian Davis, the M80’s, Trio De Janeiro, and Rosey & The Naturals its going to be an action packed day on City Island. Bring the family and friends and enjoy a day of music. The cover story this month is BIG BANG! Find out what they are up to this month on page 13 and be sure to make plans

for August 10th as they take to the stage with HYBRID ICE at Buddy Boy Winery in Duncannon PA. Hybrid ice gets a ‘PA Musician Living Legend Award’ for rocking the local scene for years and even appearing on the cover of our second issue back in 1982. They are a must see, so this is an event not to be missed. Well, that’s it for this month. Don’t forget that MMC is accepting submissions for this years 2020 Conference, so get your submission in early and

Jason Yoder

secure your spot in central PA’s best music conference. What else?? Well look through the issue, read the stories, check out the schedules and get out there and enjoy all that your local music scene has to offer. If you would like to be part of the PA Musician send me an email: or give me a call: 717-636-4203. Take care and see you out on the road.

it. Fast forward to 2019 and Ron is living his life a better man and looking for ways to help people that are maybe in the same boat as he was. He reached out to JFT “Just for Today, Recovery & Veteran’s Services”. For those that don’t know, JFT occupies the former location of the famous Triple R Guitars. This might seem incidental but for musicians in the area this building is considered sacred ground and for many years was a place to hang out and talk music for the local scene with Rockin’ Randy. What Ron hopes to do, with the help of JFT and the community, is offer a place for people to go to fight addiction through learning music. They are setting up a spot in the basement that will house some amps, a drum kit, and who knows what else for Ron to give lessons and offer support for people that need it in our community The building also hosts NA/AA meetings, so

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Original & Covers of Hard Rock/Classic Metal

“The Red Album”, “Wolves” & “X-Nihilo” CDs at: Wayne’s World, 419 Memorial Hwy. Dallas, PA,

August 24, 2019 Agape Palooza 10th Anniversary Celebration Bloomsburg Town Park - Market St. Bloomsburg, PA. 11:00 - 11:45 AM. All Ages Event “EXPERIENCE THE POWER” Available at CDbaby

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August, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


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August 14th: Susquehanna Valley Hd Bike Night, Harrisburg, PA 6-8pm

August 17th: FINDING FREEDOM FESTIVAL City Island, Harrisburg, PA August 17th: CLIFF’S TAVERN, Camp Hill, PA 9pm September 7th: TOURIST INN, Hallam, PA 9pm

w/special guest IN THEORY & HOT & DANGEROUS

September 12th: Blarney’s, Mechanicsburg, PA 105.7 The X Bike Night 6p-9p. For Booking Info, Contact Lisa Weaver of Triumph Entertainment @ 717-856-1678

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Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

August, 2019

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merely players

DJ HALO 9pm-1am W/

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DJ STU 9pm-1am

SUNDAY, 08/25 Acoustic

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August, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


OUT ‘n’ ABOUT By Rachel Rocks

What an amazing Summer month! July was a perfect amount of steamy and rainy with a beach trip right in the middle, and plenty of music all around! The month started a very long time ago with Swisher Sweets at Duke’s Riverside in Wormleysburg. They have live music every Thursday night out on the deck. The deck is set up perfect to be able to keep the bands covered and safe in bad weather, but yet plenty of seats along the outside of the deck to listen to music and enjoy the beautiful sunset. This night it was my first time catching Swisher Sweets, even though these three: Joey, Phil, and Swish have been playing together for quite a while now. All three of them have been playing in various bands for years, so they obviously know what they are doing and have a wide range of music in their arsenal. It was a gorgeous night on the deck and a perfect place just to sit back and listen to the music. My next stop was for a last minute gig for RJ Conrad and Jake at Boneshire Brew Works on Derry St. in Harrisburg. RJ and Jake were scheduled at another venue, but they cancelled on them last minute. RJ heard before that Boneshire is pretty flexible, so he gave them a call, and sure enough they responded and let them come play. RJ invited me over and I was glad to stop by and finally check them out. You can also catch these two in Rascal Revival, a 6 piece band! RJ and Jake played a few originals and a few covers too. They quickly transitioned between songs and did a great job and going with the flow of the chilled out vibe of Boneshire. You can catch RJ and sometimes Jake and other guest musicians at quite a few breweries and wineries throughout central PA in August. So many breweries and wineries have live music now. Please make sure and let the musicians know how much they are appreciated, and let the venue know, the music is why you Paul Cochran / Defiant /XL Live are there.

The next weekend I headed to HMAC for Smile Empty Soul that was headlining the Evening Sun Festival, hosted by 717 Entertainment. Nick Myers again outdid himself with a day full of music alternating on technically three different stages throughout HMAC. Smile Empty Soul put on a great show. They’ve been touring all around the US since March So I can’t imagine how exhausted they all were, but you couldn’t even tell. Their energy was intense all night long. To end the night they had an official “After-Party” with the acoustic version of The Curly Jeffersons. Darrin and Chris took the stage and kept the party going with popcorn and all! It was a great ending to a great night of music. I was actually around for the 4th of July Holiday weekend, so I headed in to XL Life for the Freedom Fest featuring Small Town Titans as the headliner. It was a full night of music with a 4 band line-up of all Central PA Bands. The night started with Dreams of Eden. I can’t image how hard it is to Ariana of Throwback 202 be the opener of any show, but Dreams of Eden came out ready to rock! Their stage presence and their vocals were on point, and they started melting our faces off early! Lasciate had big shoes to fill after Dreams of Eden’s set, but they kept the high energy vibe going strong and continuing to melt faces. Next up was our advertiser, Defiant. I’m so glad they’ve been given the opportunities to open for various bands at various venues throughout the midstate. Their energy and enthusiasm to sell tickets before a show is unlike any other band out there, and their enthusiasm pays off. It was cool to see so many Defiant shirts in the crowd and see how much their fan base has grown. In July they released their debut EP “The Anarch-EP” including their first single “4 Year for Nothing,” along with a video and t-shirts, and all the fun stuff. Do yourself a favor and stream it, download, and just have some fun!! Defiant rocked the stage and kept the energy soaring for Small Town Titans. After Defiant it was time to head over to Road Case at Blarney’s. Even tho their show was “Humiditypalooza” somehow the “Train Kept Rollin” all night long! (Side Note: HUGE kudos to all of the bands that played shows in the heat this past month. I heard a few stories of people blacking out, including myself. Remember even tho beer is 70% water, it does NOT keep ya hydrated! Drink WATER, and don’t forget to build back up your electrolytes.) You know their fans are dedicated when they still had the dance floor packed on such a hot night. Sweat was pouring off of everybody just as fast as the rock n’ roll was pouring off the stage. Road Case will be playing in the Finding

Freedom Festival on August 17th on City Island. That’s right! Music is coming back to City Island, and the show is going to be right in the baseball stadium!! So buy your tickets and reserve your seats!! With at least 10 bands playing from 11am-10pm, it’s definitely going to be one heck of a party! Check out the ad in this issue and read all about it Josh’s “Editor’s Ramblings.” On a Friday night I headed to Chick’s in Hummelstown for Element 22. They were playing as a full band which is rare these days, so I wanted to check them out. The line-up sometimes varies, but lately they seem to be sticking with the one original member Jeff on lead vocals, Nate on bass, Wade on drums, and Darrell on guitar. It was a hilarious night of shenanigans and requests, and the Class of, I believe, 1985 was there for a class reunion, so their music preference was right in Element 22’s wheel house. Saturday night was a trip to Cliff’s Underground for Steel. After humiditypalooza I was really dreading heading underground, but surprisingly enough the new owners have the air conditioning running top notch down there. I was actually COLD. It was awesome! After Chris sweated in places he didn’t know he could sweat in with Road Case, he took no chances for this show and his outfit was priceless!! Make sure and check the pics, it’s worth it! Steel really does a great mix of all the Rocks: Hard, Heavy Metal, Classic, Modern, and of course Original; overall I say for sure, they definitely rock! Steel is one of those bands that I know I’ll be letting loose and having a good time, and definitely a sore neck the next day from banging my head! Check out Steel’s schedule and come out and bang your head with me! Sunday was a special Open House/Community Day at Rock Mill Industries. I’ve seen these guys doing there thing at the MMC, but I never REALLY knew the extent of their business. When I arrived Derek Henry was just finishing up an acoustic set, I’m so glad he’s out there playing his music however and wherever he can. I had the privilege of getting a tour by Logan Summey the founder and owner of Rock Mill. It was like the building never ended. They have the recording studio, then a separate video production room, they can put your logo on anything, t-shirts, stickers, embroidering, etc. They also have a ginormous rehearsal space available for rent. It is massive, plus they have backline, etc you could use if you wanted to. Hershey AV Solutions has his own room too where he can display some of his fancy light equipment. I tried to steal all of the red bulbs, but digital doesn’t work that way! It’s so cool to see what these guys have going on. So many cre-

Chad Salvaggio/ Nate Myers & the Aces

cont. on next page 9...

Keeping The Blues Alive in PA

8/10- Hiawatha Paddlewheel Riverboat 9-11pm Williamsport 8/17-The James, 9-11pm Williamsport 8/24-Happy Acres Resort & Campground 8-11pm Waterville

For gigs: Call 570-651-5014


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine August, 2019

OUT & ABOUT continued... ative minds in one building making everything a musician could possibly need. Rock Mill Industries is definitely a one-stop shop for any musician big or small. The following week started with a crazy day Thursday at work, and then a crazier night Thursday Out and About. It all started out peacefully with a trip back to Duke’s, this time for the Nate Myers Trio. It was gorgeous out and after a stressful day it was nice to just sit on the deck and watch the sunset on the river and listen to the guys play some music that definitely feeds my soul. Nate, Pete, and Chad keep the music flowing with a perfect amount of music and laughter. They played a fine mix of originals and covers and kept the crowd boppin, swaying, swinging, and dancing along! Nate Myers and his duos, trios, and all of his Aces can be found playing all throughout PA and beyond. Check out their website at and see where they are playing next! After a set of The Nate Myers Trio it was time to head to XL Live for a crazy night of flashback to the 80s music! Michele and Chris were there covering the show for us too, it worked out perfect because they were there in time to see the openers, Time Bomb and LeadFoot. You can read all about their show in Michele’s article. I did get there in time for Bang Tango and Faster Pussycat. I have not known either band for the past 30 years like most people in the room, but I knew anything coming from the Sunset Strip was going to rock and it truly did. I heard a few complaints from people because of the limited amount of original members, but that’s to be expected for a band on a 30 plus year run. Overall I think both bands sounded amazing. It’s awesome they are both still touring so much and still creating music with amaz-

John Rossi/ Cold Spring Union ing guitar riffs that make your head turn! You really have to keep a close eye on XL Live’s schedule. They get amazing bands on all different nights of the week, it all depends on when they are passing through town. Maybe you see a band on their schedule you’ve never heard of before.. do yourself a favor and Google them!! You might actually discover the “mystery” bands and performers turn out to be your new favorites! Every band I’ve seen pass through have all gotten rave reviews. XL Live doesn’t mess around, they bring us the best of the best, show after show! Check out their schedule in this issue and plan your night out on the town! I took the night off on Friday, still recovering from Thursday, but I more than made up for it on Saturday. Saturday started at 11am for a trip up to New Berlin for Gilson’s Summer Snow Day! Another free community event to let the locals know what’s going on. Gilson’s makes amazing skis and snowboards all year long. Some of the boards and skis have even been seen used by continued on next page10...

Deck Stage

5401 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg

Info & Tickets:


APPEARING LIVE AT THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS: Aug 11th 8pm Sands Casino Molten Lounge, Bethlehem PA Aug 31st 8pm Burning Bridge Tavern, Wrightsville PA Sept 1st 8pm Deer Run Camping Resort, Gardners PA Sept 20th 9:30pm Racehorse Tavern, Thomasville PA Sept 21st 8pm Hanover Moose, Hanover PA

For Bookings Contact: 570-687-8827

August, 2019


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Corina Rose... 8/02

Sat. 08/03~ Fri. 08/09 ~

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

Katz 22...8/10

Time Bomb... 8/31


OUT & ABOUT continued...

Olympic Athletes. To celebrate they bring in a full day of bands, vendors, and FREE Beer and Bourbon! They had kids activities, and a strong man competition. One of the coolest attractions is the “Snow Hill” where they bring in tons of snow and pile it on a ramp and snowboarders get to practice their tricks in the Summer time! Pretty cool and lots of fun to watch!! The first band I saw there was Throwback 202 from Duncannon. I saw a few familiar faces, and met a few new ones. They threw out a lot of the favorite party hits and had the crowds attention. They also had Ariana a secret weapon and front girl with a wild set of pipes. Next up was Christian Porter. He kicked off his fame back when he was on Season 4 of The Voice! Pretty amazing opportunity for any musician. I’m glad to see that Christian still has plenty of fans adoring him and all of his songs. He just played solo acoustic, but it sounded amazing! The last band I caught a glimpse of was The Roof from State College. They played more of your Jam Band Rock music, which was the perfect vibe for Gilson’s. Every one was just chillin’ and having an amazing Snow Day in July! I know one thing I definitely can’t wait for next year! Saturday wasn’t over yet, though.. after a quick 3 hour power nap, I was rockin’ and ready to go! I headed over to Johnny Joe’s for the opening set of Hot and Dangerous. They have really gained some notoriety in the scene, but have still mainly played as openers. Hopefully they soon get the Headlining Spot they definitely deserve. Erica has amazing stage presence and an excellent set of pipes. Reggie is laying down some serious riffs on guitar and then Lauren, and their new permanent drummer Corey are holding down the line! I was very excited to see Corey back on the scene after about a 10-year hiatus. He used to play in Rhea Silvia. I had a blast with those guys! I love seeing musicians come back out of the shadows of busy life! They did a great job kickin’ things off for Smileyfoot! I would’ve loved to stay and see those guys, but alas, duty calls. Next up the final band of the month was Cold Spring Union at Blarney’s. The first time I saw these guys it was like “love” at first sight! We don’t have very many good old rock and roll, with plenty of soul and as some would say Americana music in the area. Hearing these guys put their own spin on covers, but even better yet, hearing their crazy awesome originals, will make ya yell! “I JOINED THE UNION!” Seriously.. ya have to hear it to believe it. They are starting to make their mark on the area and are picking up quite a few gigs throughout the area. Do yourselves a big favor and give these guys a listen, you won’t be disappointed. Welp, I think I finally made it through another month of running around Out and About. August is filled with even more amazingness. Check out the pages of this magazine, and make your plans NOW! Bands are everywhere, all different nights of the week! There are still festivals to be seen and heard, or even just a little local open mic. Get out there and support local music! Support local venues! Connect with your friends, live and in person!!! If you see me, please stop me and say Hi! Don’t forget sometime during the 1st week of the month I do usually get our website updated,, and I also share all of our “Hot Shots” on our Facebook page, pamusicianmagazine. It’s unfortunate that we can’t fit ALL of the pictures in the magazine, but I know I saw 19 bands this month, JP saw 54, and who knows how many Michele saw! That is a lot of pictures!!! Thanks so much to all of our advertisers. We wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for all of you!! Want to find out how YOU can get your band or business in our pages?!? Give Josh a call or text him at 717-636-4203.


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

August, 2019

NATIONALS By Eric Hoffman

Greetings Rockers ’N’ Rollers! The iconic Rolling Stones began last month bringing their ‘No Filter Tour’ to FedEx Field in Landover, MD on July 3rd. A truly memorable experience from the pit, seeing the 55-year old historical band merely 20 feet away. Of course it was expensive… $600 for general admission, $60 to park, $15 for a beer… but its the biggest band in the world, quite possibly the greatest in rock and roll music ever. The band’s energy was incredible and didn’t even strike me that all four core members are all in their 70s. Keyboardist Chuck Leavell (37 years in the band) and bassist Darryl Jones (25 years) have both earned recognition, but it’s funny when Mick Jagger still calls Ronnie Wood (44 years) the “new guy.” History was made when the band played the song “Have Mercy” for the first time in 50 years. Jagger noted to the audience, “It’s a long time ago, so we’re going to try to remember it.” It was nice to meet with Cedar Cliff graduate Harrisburg native, Dave Natale, who has been FOH Engineer for the Rolling Stones for 13 years. Blink 182 and Lil Wayne visited Hersheypark Stadium on July 5th. Blink 182 celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album ‘Enema of the State’ by playing it in its entirety. Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson played the PPL Center in Allentown on July 10th. The co-headlining tour ‘Hell Never Dies’ included an encore featuring both Zombie and Manson singing ‘Helter Skelter’ together. Heavy metal band, Ratt, rocked the Keswick Theatre in Glenside on July 13th. Singer, Stephen Pearcy, and bassist, Juan Croucier, are the only two members from the original band but continue to rock with hits, “Way Cool Jr,” “Slip of the Lip” and “Round and Round.” The highlight of the past month and best show of the summer, was that of Australia punk band, Amyl & the Sniffers. The quartet has only been around three years but are gaining huge momentum with massive recognition at SXSW Music Conference in Austin, Texas and putting on unforgettable live performances. The band recently released their debut album May 24th and are in the midst of a 16-date sold out US tour. Fortunately

I caught two unreal performances in Washington DC and Philadelphia. Singer, Amy Taylor, may be reminiscent of Plasmatics’ Wendy O Williams and their music of their fellow country natives AC/DC. Its fantastic punk rock with notable songs, “Some Mutts (Can’t Be Muzzled)”, “Gacked on Anger” and “I’m Not A Loser.” Harrisburg native, Jeffrey Gaines, returned home for an intimate performance at HMAC’s Stage on Herr on July 19th. The singer/songwriter shared funny memorable stories in between songs of growing up in Central PA. Since his debut album in 1992 on Chrysalis Records, Gaines continues to sing beautifully and play frequently. His confidence allows him to conform to any given situation and engage the crowd closely. On this night, seating was set back from the stage in which Gaines left the stage and joined fans on the floor, stating “If you’re not going to come to me, I’m going to come to you.” Gaines began the night with Michael Giblin on bass and Paul Murr on drums and finished the show solo. My thanks to HMAC owner, Chris Werner, for a special evening. NATIONAL NEWS: Ringo Starr surprised fans and joined continued on next page12...

Amy Taylor - Amyl and the Sniffers

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Queef band members reunited on June 29

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August, 2019

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NATIONALS continued... Paul McCartney on stage for the encore of his “Freshen Up” tour finale. The sold-out show took place at Dodger Stadium on July 13th. Sir Paul announced the unexpected guest and the two former Beatles exchanged hugs while a Ludwig drum kit was rolled onto the stage. The two began with Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart’s Club Band and then lead into Helter Skelter. The 77-year old Macca “Freshen Up Tour” has grossed $40.7 million and sold nearly 370,000 tickets in the 6-month trek. Singer R Kelly, already facing sexual abuse charges brought by Illinois prosecutors, was arrested in Chicago after he was indicted by a grand jury on 13 federal counts including sex crimes. “The counts include child porn, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice.” The 52-year-old Grammy winner, whose real name is Robert Kelly, was arrested earlier in February on 10 counts and was released on bail. On his current arrest a federal judge ordered R&B singer to be held in a Chicago jail without

Calling OFF Doug

Friday, 08/02 - CHICK’S, Hummelstown, PA 9:30pm Saturday, 9/07 - BLARNEY’S, Park Inn, Mechanicsburg, PA Saturday, 09/21 - Debut at MCKAY’S CAVE, Carlisle, PA 9pm

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bond. Prosecutors argued that Kelly would be an extreme risk if released, especially to minors, and that he might flee. Twenty One Pilots have announced a new U.S. leg of its global “Bandito Tour,” with more arena dates including Baltimore’s Royal Farms Arena on Oct. 15th, State College’s Bryce Jordan Center on Oct. 18th and Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on Oct. 20th. The band also broke a record recently with their album, Vessel, reaching gold status. Their 2015 album, Blurryface, was the first album from this era to have every track go gold or platinum. Twenty One Pilots is now the first group to have every song from two separate albums certified gold or silver. Taylor Swift is not staying silent over the sale of her masters to Scooter Braun. The pop superstar says she is “sad and grossed out” that her music catalog now belongs to Braun, whom she accuses of subjecting her to years of incessant and manipulative bullying, “This is my worst case scenario.” Braun’s Ithaca Holdings acquired Big Machine Label Group, which released all of Swift’s studio albums and owns her masters. Swift left Big Machine and signed with Universal Music Group in November because she says she knew that re-signing with the group that had managed her since she was 15 would only result in her not owning her future work. She writes that now Braun has “stripped her” of her life’s work that she “wasn’t given an opportunity to buy.” Taylor Swift’s new album, “Lover” will be released on Aug. 23rd. After 26 years since their last studio album, The Kinks, are preparing to release unreleased material, including unfinished songs and 100% new ones. “This has really been going on for a couple of years,” Dave Davies stated. “We keep going backwards and listening to a lot of old stuff Some of that is very good, and some of it needs a bit of work.” The Kinks are one of the most important names in British rock but were always marked by the stormy relationship between founding brothers Ray and Dave Davies. As for touring, “Interesting question, I really don’t know. I think its possible. It’s not out of the question. But at this stage, it’s far too early to say. It would be fun though, wouldn’t it?” UPCOMING SHOWS: The Dollyrots - Lancaster Lizard Lounge Aug 1. Tom Keifer - Glenside Keswick Theatre Aug 2. Aerosmith - Baltimore MGM National Harbor Aug 8, 10, 13.

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Dave Natale - Harrisburg native FOH Engineer of Rolling Stones Menzingers - Baltimore Ottobar Aug 10. Bouncing Souls / The Bronx - Pittsburgh Mr Smalls Aug 11. The Distillers - Philadelphia Union Transfer Aug 14. KISS - Hersheypark Stadium Aug 21. The Ocean Blue - Philadelphia Underground Arts Aug 23. The Wallflowers - Hershey Vineyard Aug 24. Bush / Live - Allentown Fair Aug 27.

August, 2019

full of energy on stage and bass player James came out to the crowd several times during their performance at Juniata Valley Winery to get everyone engaged. They are always open to song requests and did a good job covering one of my requests from the band KISS. At one point they covered the song Zombie but in a bit of a Slayer style. When asked what songs they themselves like to perform, it was unanimous as they all agreed on Metallica and doing any kind of mashups of different songs. They did a good mash up of “My Sharona”, “Anyway you want it “ and “You May be Right.”

Todd Smith

Jimmy Leaman By Michele Kelley / photos by Chris Rider

If you like 80’s Rock music, you will like this month’s featured band, Big Bang! Big Bang is a four-piece band from Central PA that really likes to party and have a good time. It was a bit difficult to get these guys to stand still to answer a few questions for our interview before they hit the stage at Juniata Valley Winery in Mifflin. They were running around doing all the pre-show preparations and were getting pumped to get the party started for their fans. When I asked drummer Harry to describe the band, he stated “We are just four good ole boys playing rock-n-roll. We strive to put on a great show every weekend to the hardcore weekend warriors who continuously come out and support local music”. Members of the band include Jimmy Leaman: Vocals, Todd Smith: Guitar, James Foltz: Bass, Harry Bleyer: Drums. All four of these guys have been performing for years in various bands. Jimmy, was in the band Gash, Todd was in Siogo, James in The Remnants and Harry was in the band Wiskerbisket.

Harry Bleyer Another one performed was “Stacy’s Mom” mashed with “Jesse’s Girl” and others including songs by Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi and Joan Jett. Catching one of Big Bang’s shows should not be a hard task to accomplish since these guys seem to be playing out every weekend around Central PA. Upcoming events include a show with Hybrid Ice at Buddy Boy Winery in Duncannon on August 10th. Big Bang will kick things off at 6pm and it is sure to be a rockin’ good time. August 17th they will be at Port Royal Lions Club for their Fish & Shrimp Bash. It looks like a great line-up there as well. including our good friend Ed Varner. Big Bang will be closing the night and will hit the stage at 6:30. This is B.Y.O.B. and rain or shine event, Ticket can be purchased in advance through their Facebook page. Last but not least for August, Big Bang will be playing Riverbilly’s Grill and Bar in Huntington on August 24th. For more information on upcoming shows or to book this band, email harrybleyer19@gmail. com or find them on Facebook @bigbangpa.

In the 3 years they have been playing together they have only had one change in their lineup. When they first started playing as the Big Bang band, they were playing cover songs from the 80’s and 90’s but found that their fans really enjoyed the 80’s Rock A special thank you goes out to George and Coleen cover songs, so they gave their fans what they want- Hazzard and their wonderful crew at Juniata Valley ed and stuck with the 80’s Rock covers. The band is Winery for having us and for supporting LIVE muAugust, 2019

sic every weekend! They also have Wilson House Bed and Breakfast which is a really cool 19th century stone house. If you haven’t made it out there yet, please make it a point! It is a gorgeous country drive to their beautiful place with an outdoor stage, firepits and lighted trees. So, go listen to some live music and book a room to stay overnight for a nice little getaway. Juniata Valley Winery always does a great job hosting live music! Check out their Facebook page @JuniataValleyWineryWilsonHouseBedBreakfast. Thank you guys for having us and see you again soon!

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James Foltz 13


enjoying the music together. A huge shout out to Michelle, Tom and the whole crew at Spyglass for making this a memory they will treasure forever! The following day we headed to the Selinsgrove Farmers Market and caught up with Jason P Yoder playing. We have seen Jason play a few times now and its so fun to see the friendships forming. He is a such talented guy that you should make a point on going to see if you have not done so yet. The Selinsgrove Farmers Market happens every Saturday in the center of town from May until October from 9am–1pm. They have musicians every weekend. Be sure to check out their schedule online and pick up some of those fresh fruits and veggies! And go see Ja-

By Michele Kelley

What is your favorite summertime hobby? Mine would be kicking back and escaping reality with a good read. I love reading books but have not had a whole lot of extra time, so I have resorted to reading silly articles online. Let me tell you, my head is spinning with all that is out there. One article read that people who attend concerts live longer than those that don’t. Another read that musicians tend to have shorter life spans than the average person, up to 25 years. Yikes! My question is, what exactly is an average person? While you’re pondering that, let’s move on to what Chris and I got out to see in July. We caught a few bands at the end of June that I promised to include with my July’s article, so let me start with those. On June 28th, Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury had us over for a killer line-up as part of their Backyard Concert Series. We had a short notice visit from my awesome father-in-law, Mike in Colorado. I started to panic since we were to cover this show and now had company, but my friend Michelle at Spyglass hooked us up and all was well. In fact, it was perfect, as Mike is also a music lover and this lineup was right up his alley. Of the three legendary bands that were on the bill I wondered who would be on stage first. To kick things off for this Southern Rock party was Molly Hatchet. Playing since the 70’s, this band has certainly had its share of member changes, but after 40 years of playing, what band wouldn’t! I have to say; they were awesome and I am so glad they continued the tradition of supporting our troops. After their performance we were able to meet them back stage and they were so open to talk to us and hang out. It was awesome to bring Mike and our friend, Alex, back stage with us to share in the experience. Next up, The Outlaws. When I am stuck on how to form my

The Outlaws

The Marshall Tucker Band words, I look to the web. Sometimes there is just too much to say about a band to put into one paragraph so after reading their website bio, my words don’t matter because this was worded perfectly. “it’s always been about the music” and “It’s about a band of brothers bound together by history, harmony and the road. It’s about a group that respects its own legacy while refusing to be defined by it’s past. But most of all it’s about pride”. The Outlaws were outstanding on stage! I am so glad I had the opportunity to see them play. I have much respect for these bands that have been together so long and still cranking out the tunes on stage much like they did years ago. It was truly an honor to see them play.

Bret Michaels

The Marshall Tucker Band closed the night. Probably the band I was most excited to see on stage. To hear them play songs that I literally grew up listening too since I was a little kid was amazing. They have released 29 albums since 1973! The latest being in 2013. The surprising member of the band to me was Marcus Henderson, playing keyboards, flute, sax, in addition to singing both back-up and lead vocals. Phenomenal musician. I was able to meet some of the guys as they were leaving the stage. After 40 years you would think a band would blow you off, but after introducing myself, Doug Gray gave me a hug and thanked me for coming and covering them and was so appreciative. He also went home with a few copies of June’s issue. He said he loves reading about local bands so there you go guys! These legends are reading about your bands! It was such a neat experience to see Chris and his father

Stop in for dinner, check out our beer selections, and then stick around for the area’s greatest entertainment! LIVE ENTERTAINMENT • 8/24 - Midnight Days 9-12

Runaway Stroller

son! He’s awesome! The following Friday we landed at Que Brew in Selinsgrove to see Runaway Stroller. This duet always blows me away. Johanna Kodlick and Anthony Latt are both outstanding musicians. It has been a while since we got out to see them play but they have only improved. The couple covers songs from the 1960’s to today including Rock, soul, funk, blues, folk and R&B.

They are so much fun. Go see for yourselves! On July 6th we headed south to XL Live in Harrisburg to check out Freedom Fest. The first band to take to stage was Dreams of Eden. They are a New Cumberland band that is heavily influenced by nu-metal, thrash and groove metal doing all original songs. Members include Adam Goudy: Rhythm Guitar,

Lasciate Jeremy Nealey: Drums, Tom Mehail: Bass and Dave Moore on Vocals. The band has been together for nearly a year and are planning a self-recorded demo EP this summer, so be on the lookout for that! Lasciate was up next. They are a 5-piece metal band from the Hershey area that formed in 2017. Members include Tanis Pellegrini: Vocals, Aaron Perry: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Sam Hart: Rhythm Guitar/ Backing vocals, Kevin Abt: Drums and

• 8/30 - Special Friday Performance • 8/8 - Ben Ginder 6-8 Jess Zimmerman Band 9-12 • 8/10 - DMC Duo 9-12 • 8/17 - Irish Music Session 5-7 • 8/31 through 9/2 CLOSED • 9/6 - 1st Friday Karaoke 9-12 Tara Weilacher 9-12 Follow us on Facebook for upcoming specials and events

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Dreams of Eden August, 2019

Faster Pussycat Josh Mercado: Bass/Backing Vocals. The band has been working on some new originals that will be coming out soon. Defiant was the third band to take the stage and did so with a vengeance. They are a 4-piece band playing original, high-octane hard rock and they are not messing around. These ambitious guys have only been together for about a year and already have their first EP completed, “4 Years For Nothing”, which was just released July 19th and released their first video! Members include Al Halterman: Vocals/Guitar, Joe Defiant: Guitar, Paul Barlowski: Bass and Paul Cochran: Drums. If you are into this type of music, they are a must see! These guys are on fire right now and show no signs of slowing down. You don’t want to miss them! Their new EP is available for download on Amazon, Apple, Google, Spotify and YouTube. Check out their next local show on August 3rd at HMAC where they will be opening for Green Jello. They will also be performing in the finale for the Summer Breakout Competition in Winchester, VA on August 10th. Best of luck to you guys in this competition! Show them what PA Musicians are all about!

Bang Tango The last band of the evening was local favorites, Small Town Titans. There is no denying that these guys love playing to their fans. This band has made their shows all about their fans and have a huge following of “Titan Army” members on Facebook to show for it. Members of STT includes Phillip Freeman: Vocals/Bass/Harmonica, Ben Guiles: Guitar/Vocals and Jonny Ross: Drums/Vocals. They are such an impressive group of musicians who somehow muster up a ton of energy for every single show. Their music is classified as Hard Rock but they are so versatile that they can pretty much cover and pull off anything from gritty rock to beautiful ballads. Finally, word on the street, XL Live has some great bands in the works. Keep an eye out for what’s to come! July 19th marked the last of competitions to form the Finale line-up for Whitaker Unplugged in Harrisburg. July’s singer/songwriters included Keeley and Chris from The Jayplayers, Matt Tarka, Corina Aucker, Cody Wilt from Cold Spring Union and RJ Conrad and Jake Joyce from Rascal Revival. All did an outstanding job and once again it was a close race. So close that Whitaker Unplugged experience their first tie for first place. Amy Piper from Whitaker Center let the crowd decide the tie-breaker between Corina and Cody. With slightly more hollers, Corina took the cash prize and paid gig at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg. Because it was so close, both Corina and Cody will be advancing to the Finals on August 16th. Congratulations to both of you on a job well done! You DO NOT want to miss the Whitaker Unplugged FINALE! The talent is going to be ridiculous! The line-up will include Antonio Andrade, Josh Krevsky, Justin Angelo, Indian Summer Jars, Corina Aucker and Cody Wilt. August 16th, 5pm-7pm at The Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. Street parking is free after 5pm and they will have a cash bar on site. Admission in only $5 in advance or $8 at the

August, 2019

door. So, come check out this spectacular event that is sure to give you goosebumps! July 25th, we headed back to XL Live in Harrisburg for another four-band line-up including Time Bomb, Lead Foot, Bang Tango and Faster Pussycat. Time Bomb kicked things off covering some great 80’s rock songs and did a great job. Followed up by Lead Foot. This was my first-time seeing Lead Foot play. They also did a great variety of 80’s/90’s cover songs. To close their set, they did a killer mashup of “Bang Your Head, Jump Around, One Week and It Takes Two”. Very impressive! I loved it! And if that wasn’t enough, Bang Tango came out and rocked it next. Followed up by none other than, Faster Pussycat. It was a fun night spent with some great people! Thank you XL Live! You Rock!

been over the years. From the front man in Poison to Entrepreneur, TV star, Philanthropist, movie director and actor of his movie ‘A Letter from Death Row’, and most importantly, father. Bret is on his Unbroken World Tour and performed the song “Unbroken” that he co-wrote with his

Corina Rose (Aucker)

Small Town Titans Sweet, aka: The Sweet, opened for Bret Michaels Band on July 27th at Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury and they were outstanding! The band was high energy and got the crowd on their feet in no time. After doing some background on this band, I found it interesting that there are two bands with the name and both have an original member of the original band from the 70’s. I hope you followed along. The original band formed in the 70’s in the UK and didn’t make it to the U.S. until a few years later. The band split up around 1981. Both Andy Scott and Steve Priest started their own “Sweet” band. Scott’s in the UK and Priest’s in the U.S., which is now based out of LA. You may remember their songs that topped the charts in the 70’s and still played today. The U.S. band Sweet played 3 of my personal favorites, ‘Ballroom Blitz’ which has appeared in several movies including Wayne’s World and The Sandlot. The others they played were, ‘Love is Like Oxygen’ and “Fox on the Run” which can be heard on the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. Awesome job guys! I had a great time hearing you play! Bret Michaels closed the night at Spyglass. Thinking back, my first-time seeing Bret perform was with Poison back in 1991 when they played with Slaughter. Probably one of the best stage performances and light shows I have seen to date. I was able to catch Bret about two years ago at Spyglass when he shared the stage with Lita Ford as well. It has been a while, so when googling Bret’s name, I was remembered how diverse he has

youngest daughter. Raised in Mechanicsburg, he has come a long way and never tires in giving back to non-profits and charity. In addition, he is a huge supporter of our military folks and first-responders. Before I close, I need to send a sincere thank you to Michelle at Spyglass for going the extra mile for us this

month. Tom, Michelle and the whole crew and volunteers at Spyglass, do such an outstanding job with their Backyard Concert Series, as well as the indoor local music they host. As most of you know, the reason we do what we do is because we love live music and really believe in supporting local musicians. I feel it’s important to mention the venues that share the same beliefs. Without you, there would be no place for these musicians to show their craft. Please know that your establishments are just as important to us as the musicians we support! Hope to see you all very soon! ~All photos by Chris Rider Photography


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For me, the summer outdoor season is always the busiest time of year for covering live music in PA Musician. The period between mid-June and Labor Day gets crazy, with numerous multi-band festivals, concerts, fairs and other outdoor happenings taking place, often with several happening on the same day or weekend. I try to get to as many as I can, and as such, my monthly writs during this season tend to be chaotic as I attempt to fit all these events into one column. As I embark on this month’s writ, I will attempt to cram at least 54 bands and solo musicians seen during recent weeks into my monthly space, and not go insane doing it. Wish me luck! The fourth weekend in June was busy, with several motorcycle-themed events with live music happening in Cambria and Blair Counties, and one of my favorite events of summer – the Smoked Country Jam Bluegrass Festival – happening north of I-80 in the Pennsylvania Wilds. I split the weekend between one of the motorcycle events and Smoked Country Jam. Before heading northward for the latter, I caught the first night of Altoona’s Pennsylvania Roundhouse Rally, which featured Fuel performing at the Railroaders Museum. My broadcast employer, 105.9 Qwik-Rock, provided an extra treat before the main event, as national recording group Eve to Adam performed an unplugged set under a tent outside the Museum. Eve to Adam mixed new songs from their latest album, “Ithaca,” with established original song favorites such as “Straitjacket Supermodel,” “Run Your Mouth” and “Immortal,” which singer Taki Sassaris dedicated to veterans; the group is involved with the nonprofit 2 Vets OAM, which works to help at-risk veterans. Inside the Railroaders Museum, Helter Skelter 67/70, featuring a who’s who cast of Altoona area musicians, opened the night with their tribute to late 1960s-era Beatles. Singers Steve Oswalt and Matt Pletcher, guitarists Ben Eberhart and Randy Rutherford, bassist Joe George, keyboardist Phil Steele and drummer Randy Servello did great work bringing to life such Beatles classics as “Come

Together,” “Revolution,” “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” “Helter Skelter,” “I’ve Got A Feeling,” “Abbey Road Medley” and more. Fuel soon arrived on stage, kicking off with “Untitled” off the “Sunburn” album. The current roster of singer and guitarist Brett Scallions, drummer Shannon Boone, bassist Phil Buckman and lead guitarist Jason Womack mixed established song favorites with material from their latest album, “Puppet Strings.” Fuel fired up the crowd with numbers such as “Song for You,” “Bad Day,” “Shimmer” and “Bittersweet,” before an arriving thunderstorm sent fans scurrying for shelter and a close lightning shot prompted a temporary halt to the set midway through. After the storm cleared, Fuel returned for several more songs, including “Puppet Strings,” a rendition of Tom Petty’s “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” and the crowd sing-along edition of “Hemorrhage (In My Hands)” to close the night. The next day, I headed north into the Pennsylvania Wilds to enjoy the final two days of the four-day Smoked Country Jam Bluegrass Festival, held at Quiet Oaks Campground near Cross Fork. My decision to arrive Friday turned out to be a good one; because while the aforementioned Fuel concert in Altoona was impacted by a moderate thunderstorm the night before, Quiet Oaks Campground was hit by a much more severe thunderstorm at the same time. The story was shared throughout the weekend; the Lehigh Valley-based bluegrass group Serene Green had just begun their set on the Quiet Oaks stage when that thunderstorm arrived, and frequent lightning and torrential rains prompted organizers to shut down power to the stage. With audience members taking shelter on and in front of the stage while rainwater pooled and cascaded around them, Serene Green proceeded to perform their entire set without power or sound system. As they then waited for the waters near the stage to recede, Serene Green and several other musicians kept their captive audience happy by jamming until the wee hours of the morning. Serene Green was the third group I saw after arriving and setting up my tent; featuring guitarist Michael Johnson, mandolinist Quentin Fisher, Shane McGeehan on unright bass and Steve Leonard on banjo, the group performed a pleasant mix of original songs plus bluegrass staples from Del McCoury, Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers. Serene Green was one of 16 of the festival’s 21 bands and performers I got to see. As they did last year, North Carolina’s

Fireside Collective captivated audiences throughout the festival with their progressive folk and bluegrass sounds. Audiences grew as this group played three sets during the festival. Mandolinist Jesse Iaquinto, guitarist Joe Cicero, dobro player Tommy Maher, upright bass player Carson White and banjoist Alex Genova blended their intriguing newgrass original songs with their innovative takes on popular songs – including grassed-up reboots of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love,” the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby,” the Eagles’ “One of These Nights,” the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” and more. Another favorite was singer, songwriter and educator Van Wagner; during his onstage performance and a morning workshop, Van shared songs and stories about Pennsylvania, its people, culture, history and curios. He performed numbers from his 25th album “Shortleaf Pine,” and did other songs and requests from throughout his discography. Van also offered for sale special “Ash to Ash” skateboards made from salvaged dead ash trees, to bring awareness to threats to PA forests from the Emerald Ash Borer beetle. Also popular this year was Philadelphia’s Man About a Horse with their blend of traditional bluegrass and adventurous newgrass…Altoona’s Mama Corn with their mixture of folk, bluegrass and wit…Pittsburgh’s Well Strung with their playful brand of bluegrass and folk…West Virginia husband-andwife duo Meadow Run, featuring Hillbilly Gypsies alumnus Ty Jaquay on fiddle with wife Lindsey on vocals and guitar… And I also enjoyed sets from Harrisburg favorites Colebrook Road, New Jersey’s Bug Tussle, Doug Forshey with State College’s The Crooked Line, North Carolina’s Songs From The Road Band, Boston folk rock group Cold Chocolate, Danville’s Strawberry Ridge, and West Virginia’s Silas Powell & the Powell Family Band. Again part of Smoked Country Jam was the Pennsylvania Heritage Songwriters Contest, as songwriters were invited to submit their song creations about Pennsylvania, its people, locations and history. Three winners were announced; Boalsburg’s William Ryan captured first place and performed his winning entry, “Four Mile Road.” Although not present, Lemoyne’s David Fishel won second place with his song entry, “Meriwether Kinsman,” and Tennessee’s Kevin T. Hale took third place with his song “Pennsylvania Brookie.” continued on page 17....


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Aug. 17 Joulwan Park, Pottsville 2:00 PM Aug. 31 Taste of Hamburg-er, Hamburg 12:45 PM Sept. 1 Pinnacle Ridge Winery, Kutztown 1:30 PM Sept. 15 Rockin’ The Hill VII, Friedensburg, 2:00 PM Sept. 22 Stone Mountain Winery, Pine Grove 1:00 PM

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August, 2019

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The music, fun and festivities all led up to the Saturday night finale, hosted by festival headliners and favorites The Hillbilly Gypsies. The group welcomed a new fiddle player recently, Robbie Mann, who joins founding couple Trae and Jamie Lynn Buckner, banjo player Levi Houston Sanders and upright bass player Ryan Cramer. With festival-goers crowded in front of the stage, the Gypsies opened the set with a bluegrass medley tying together Doc Watson’s “Mama Don’t Allow No Music” and “New River Train,” and the traditional numbers “Mountain Dew” and “Cotton-Eye Joe.” The group also did songs such as Don Reno’s “Limehouse Blues,” the Grateful Dead’s “BrownEyed Women” and more. Trae then invited musicians from the festival’s other groups to join them, and a large crowd of musicians soon populated the stage for the jam finale, which commenced with Mama Corn’s Johnny Stevens singing the tune he wrote about the festival, “Smoked Country Jam,” followed by “Foggy Mountain Breakdown,” highlighted by a circle of six different banjo players taking center stage. The jam continued with Bill Monroe’s “Y’all Come,” before an extended singalong version of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” – with each musician soloing or singing a verse – brought the festival to its end. As always, proceeds from this year’s Smoked Country Jam benefited the Lupus Foundation of PA. Thanks to organizers Ron and Teresa Kodish, George Powell and GP Audio for the excellent job on production, all the volunteers, the bands and musicians, and all the friendly fans, families and dogs for another great weekend! With Altoona’s Lakemont Park reopened for business this year, the amusement park’s 4th Of July celebration returned as well. Two bands performed on Independence Day leading up to fireworks. Zach Wade & the Good Grief kicked off music during the afternoon on one of the park’s two performance stages. Despite a temporary downpour during their first set, namesake Zach on lead vocals and guitar, lead guitarist Rogan Allen, bassist Devin Pierce and drummer Keegan Allen played their mix of acoustic-rooted original songs and select covers. They mixed new original songs from their forthcoming recording with tunes from their “@ the Bitter End” EP, as well as numbers from The Cure, Gin Blossoms, Stevie Wonder, Rusted Root and

others. Following them on the park’s other performance stage was Stephanie & the Wild Hearts, who entertained with their blend of original rural-flavored numbers, plus modern and classic country and rock favorites. Over three sets, singer Stephanie Onkst, singer and guitarist Bob Onkst, guitarist Greg Larrimore, drummer Doug Fetter and new bassist Chad Morral performed a few newer originals plus numbers from their Chrome Hearts CD “Oh No” such as “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” and “We Got It All Goin’ On.” They also kept the audience cheering with country favorites from Miranda Lambert, Jeannie C. Riley, Don Williams, Dwight Yoakam, Gretchen Wilson, Jason Aldean, the Eagles, Georgia Satellites, Johnny Cash and more. Fireworks fans enjoyed twice the pleasure afterward, as nextdoor People’s Natural Gas Field set off fireworks after the Altoona Curve baseball game, before Lakemont Park set off theirs. Eight different bands and performers took the stage during the annual Wam Bam Mountain Jam, which took place early last month in a rural location near Port Matilda. With a thunderstorm threat looming, the event was moved inside a large garage, with music happening on two adjacent stages. Nothing Much kicked things off with a strong set that blended hard-rocking favorites spanning the 1970s to 2000s. Lead singer and guitarist Jay Ammerman, guitarist Kyle Myers, bassist Andy Wixom and drummer Charlie Hullihen set the day’s energetic tone with numbers from Flock of Seagulls, Greg Kihn Band, The Darkness, Loverboy, Foo Fighters and more. I was both spectator and performer this day, as my Backyard Rockers bandmates and I did our

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August, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


THE PROFESSOR continued.....

Alex Meixner

J. Roger Davis

Brett Scallions of Fuel

Jean Violet of Kashmir (Led Zeppelin tribute)

Dan Diviney / Across the Pond

Jeff Glace / Hate Grenade

Bill Besecker & Justin Dorsey Triple A Blues Band

Carson, Tommy & Jesse of Fireside Collective

The Crooked Line w/ guest Doug Forshey

John “JT” Thompson of the Triple A Blues Band

Veronica Alger /of the JR Mangan Band


The Hillbilly Gypsies

Stephanie Onkst / Stephanie & the Wild Heearts

Jeff Scheller / Well Strung

Kel Marie

by Jim Price / See all JP’s Shots at Musician Magazine Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

acoustic thing on the second stage between first stage bands. Our first set – including numbers from Rod Stewart, The Band, Tom Petty, Neil Young and more – led up to the next group of the day, State College’s Gelatinous Cube. Guitarist and singer Tom Harper, guitarist Graham Colby, bassist Ed Colby and drummer Eric Rozzi introduced onlookers to their adventurous original sound, which merged elements of progressive and jam rock with funk, jazz and even worldbeat flavors. Some of their numbers showed a 1970s-styled experimental rock sound rooted in early Santana and Pink Floyd, and one number, “Night Train to Shymkent,” displayed a world folk-geared edge. Third on the main stage was new Port Matilda-based group Homegrown, who fired up the crowd with their fiery blend of blues, soul and rock. Tabby Wilson, guitarist Billy Wilson and bassist Nate “Tubz” Eisenhuth shared lead-singing duties, with Caleb Mitchell on guitar and Ray “Bink” Eisenhuth on drums. Homegrown let loose with feisty takes on numbers from Willie Dixon, ZZ Top, Eddie Floyd, Tracy Chapman, the Beatles, CCR, Sam & Dave, Jimi Hendrix and more. Tabby displayed a powerful voice on numbers such as Everly Bros./Linda Ronstadt’s “When Will I Be Loved” and Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” and she and Billy slammed the lid on Homegrown’s set with an excellent take on Ike & Tina’s version of “Proud Mary.” The event’s host band, Donny Burns & the 3rd Degree, rocked the house with their mix of original songs and classic rock favorites. Donny Burns Jr. and Nick Stahlman on guitars and vocals, James Arroway on bass and Rob Chisholm on drums kept things exciting with tunes from the Foo Fighters, Guns N’Roses, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and what is becoming this group’s specialty – Led Zeppelin. They also did original tunes from their forthcoming recording, including their update of “Hooterville U.S.A.,” a song written and recorded by Donny’s dad, Donny Burns Sr. An additional highlight was young Alex Shumaker sitting in with Donny and the 3rd Degree on both drums and guitar. Next up on the second stage was Luke Cimbala, who played acoustic guitar and sang a short set of original songs and select covers. Some of Luke’s original songs included an acoustic take on “Shook_Spark,” “Sexually” and a song jingle from his day job (selling cars); his covers included Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” and Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Jampact then fired up the party with their uptempo classic rock mix. Singer and guitarist Ryan Clark, singer Lisa Bock, bassist and singer Steve Treado and drummer Jamie Shumac stirred up dance floor action with tunes from AC/DC, Billy Idol, Blondie, Bob Seger, Eddie Money, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Billy Squier and more. And from north of Harrisburg, Broken Fayth closed out the music with set of original tunes plus 80s, 90s and modern rock/metal numbers. Four members strong, Broken Fayth rocked well past midnight with numbers from Beastie Boys, Bullet for My Valentine, Godsmack, System Of A Down, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Rage Against the Machine, Theory of a Deadman, Pop Evil and many more. They also did some of their own tunes such as “Sexual Psycho” and “Over Me.” Wam Bam Mountain Jam was well-attended; hats off to Jerry Martain for great work on the production, and organizers Donny Burns & the 3rd Degree for another fun event! Another highlight of July was Arts Festival week in the Centre region; I was able to attend the Thursday portion of the 53rd annual Central PA Festival of the Arts in State College. I first headed to the Festival Shell stage in front of Old Main on Penn State’s University Park campus, where Central PA’s Across The Pond was presenting Celtic-geared folk sounds. Featuring Dan Diviney on whistles and bodhran, Mike Morrison on guitar and vocals, Chuck Krepley on fiddle, Marilyn Dolly on vocals and step dancer Emily Warren, Across The Pond performed a variety of traditional-flavored Celtic numbers, including “Star of County Down,” “The Banks of Spey,” fiddle numbers and more. Next on that same stage was the Triple A Blues Band, presenting their spirited mix of classic blues. Andy Tolins on guitars and vocals, John “JT” Thompson on keys and vocals, Tom Gallagher on sax, Justin Dorsey on bass, Stubby Stubbs on drums and Bill Besecker on vocals did classic blues numbers from Sonny Boy Williamson, Otis Rush and others, plus songs such as “Telephone” and the JT-fronted “Baby Won’t You Please Come Back.” Their musicianship was top notch, and Triple A’s enthusiasm was infectious – you could tell this group was having fun making the music this day! I then headed to the Allen Street stage to catch the latter part of the JR Mangan Band’s set. JR on acoustic guitar and vocals, singer Veronica Alger, bassist Jason Ebersole, guitarist Mark Toci and drummer continued on page 19...

August, 2019

THE PROFESSOR continued..... John Lynch entertained the large audience and passers-by with hits from Amy Winehouse, Tom Petty, Don Henley, Jefferson Airplane and many more. I returned to the Festival Shell stage for my first look at the Alex Meixner Band. A Lehigh Valley native and Penn State graduate; namesake, singer and accordionist Alex and his band now call Palm City, Florida their home base. Declaring his love of polka music early on, Alex took the audience on a happy-go-lucky, polka-based musical journey, mixing original numbers, traditional polkas, and polka-fied takes several surprise numbers. Some of those surprises included giving Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” mash-up polka rides, as well as his zydeco-toned “Baby Say Maybe,” Aaron Copland’s “Hoedown” and more. Closing out the Allen Street stage was The Ultra Kings. The Lehigh Valley based trio of singer and guitarist Rick Kuebler, upright bassist Rich Freese and drummer Carl Ehst fired off early-flavored rock’n’roll, surf rock and rockabilly, performing original songs and select covers. I journeyed west last month to catch the second day of the 7th annual Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival, which took place at Cooper’s Lake Campground near Slippery Rock. During this event, presented in part by The Rock Station 97.7 in Butler and Shady Lady Productions, 20 different bands and artists took the stage including 13 this day; I got to see nine of them. Anger the Ant was finishing up their set as I arrived; this Butler-based four-piece group closed their performance with a version of Led Zeppelin’s “Hey Hey What Can I Do.” Following them were popular Pittsburgh-based country-rockers The Shiners, who energized the crowd with their mix of originals, country and country-rock favorites. The group roused fans with original songs such as “Heart Talkin,’” “Before Too Long” and “Way Back Home,” as well as a version of the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling.” The group capped their set with an excellent read of The Outlaws’ “Green Grass and High Tides,” with their pedal steel player joining guitarists Jim “Slim” Varhola and Rob Keller for a classic three-guitar army finish. Next was solo artist J. Roger Davis. A North Carolina native now calling Pittsburgh home, he performed a set of original folk and soul-rooted original songs, offering a heartfelt presence and smooth voice on songs such as “Money Ain’t Everything,” “Runaway Train” and “Misery Loves Company.” From there, Sophie Lockhart performed her original numbers. Accompanied by Jason Anthony on cajon, Sophie played acoustic guitar and sang songs such as “Wish You Were Here,” “Heart on Display” and “Blue Sky Day,” as well as John Mayer’s “Waiting on the World to Change.” Acoustic Fingers, the side project alias of singer and

songwriter Rob Rouse, followed with an acoustic set. Rob did numbers off his new album, “Look Before You Leap,” along with a set-ending take on Led Zeppelin’s “I Can’t Quit You Babe.” Full bands then returned for the homestretch, starting with Pittsburgh’s Justin Wade Band. Four members strong, they displayed a sound that merged elements of country, rock and blues as they mixed original songs with country and rock favorites. Namesake Justin displayed a strong voice and personality as he led the group on original songs like “Come My Way,” the darker “Hard Black Water” and the hard-driving “Story to Tell,” along with numbers from Jason Aldean, John Mellencamp, Marshall Tucker Band and Brantley Gilbert. Next was Butler’s Highland Brothers Band, who displayed a gritty, hard-driving sound merging rock, blues and a slight twist of country. The group showcased original songs with a slight emphasis on their newest album, “Nowheresville,” featuring numbers from that album such as “Roll Your Windows Down” and “Diesel Train.” Pittsburgh’s Wine and Spirit Band followed with their exciting set, delivering an enthusiastic Americana rock sound as they mixed original songs and select covers, including numbers from their latest album, “Animal.” Singer Paul Joseph shared a story about one of the songs, “Drew,” written about a friend. A woman who had heard the song on local radio contacted the band, as her own son named Drew had recently died. She connected with the song and has become friends with the band – an example of the power of music to connect and become special. The festival then ended in a heavier-rocking vein as Pittsburgh’s Homicide Black took the stage. Singer and guitarist Sean Nestor, drummer Jim “Jazz” Byers and bassist Ralph McCartney made it fun, beckoning fans to come down off the hillside and join them in front of the stage. They blended blistering hard rock and classic-styled metal with audience sing-alongs, touches of humor and more. They delivered a classic metal sound rooted in the traditions of Black Sabbath and Ronnie James Dio as they mixed original songs and covers. They did songs off their new EP “The Road to Hell” and older originals, plus did numbers from Black Sabbath and a powerful crowd sing-along take on Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love.” I had the opportunity to see not one, but two Led Zeppelin tribute groups recently. First, New York-based Led Zeppelin tribute Kashmir returned to Altoona’s Railroaders Museum last month. Local rockers Downshift opened the show with their mix of mostly 1980s and 90s rock and metal, with a few unexpected twists thrown in. Guitarists Jordan Ferraro and Rob Lynn dueled solos on opposite sides of the railcar stage during Downshift’s heavy take on Hall & Oates’ “Maneater,” and the group also did a rocking read of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.” They also fired up a Metallica medley, and sounded impressive

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on tunes from Foo Fighters, Billy Idol, Alice In Chains, Ghost, Ozzy Osbourne and their set-ending version of Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell.” Kashmir then got the Led out with their celebration of Led Zeppelin classics over two sets. Starting with “Good Times Bad Times,” the group took the capacity Railroaders Museum crowd on a journey throughout the Zeppelin catalog, capturing an authentic Zeppelin vibe and providing numerous highlights along the way. In the Jimmy Page role, guitarist Andy Urban generated guitar effects with a theramin during Kashmir’s version of “Whole Lotta Love,” and drummer Paul Cooper paid homage to John Bonham during “Moby Dick,” soloing with drumsticks and his bare hands. Singer Jean Violet was strong in the Robert Plant role, demonstrating power, vocal range and soulful intensity; while bassist Felix Hanemann delivered stern bass lines in the John Paul Jones role. Among Kashmir’s other highlights were “How Many More Times,” “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” the acoustic mini-set of “Tangerine,” “Going to California” and “That’s the Way,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “Kashmir” and – for the encore – “Rock and Roll.” Six days later, California-based Led Zeppelin tribute Zoso headlined during the weekly Tussey Wingfest at Tussey Mountain Amphitheater near Boalsburg. Donny Burns & the 3rd Degree kicked things off with an enthusiastic set as they did numbers from Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Billy Squier, Black Crowes, the Beatles, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, original songs and more. Zoso then presented their ‘Led Zeppelin Experience’ to the chicken wing-eating crowd. Launching with “Rock and Roll,” Matt Jernigan as Robert Plant, John McDaniel as Jimmy Page, Adam Sandling as John Paul Jones and Bevan Davies as John Bonham celebrated songs from throughout the Led Zeppelin catalog as well. Some of their highlights included their acoustic mini-set pairing of “That’s the Way” with “Going to California,” their deep and extensive take on “No Quarter,” “Moby Dick” with Bevan also hammering the drums with sticks and hands, “Stairway to Heaven” and the night-ending rendition of “Kashmir.” Zoso accurately captured the realistic feel of live Led Zeppelin, and successfully transported the crowd – including a lot of younger folks who never got to experience a live Zeppelin concert – into a legendary era. Other performances I enjoyed recently included a continued on page 20

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THE PROFESSOR continued..... special Wednesday Jam Night at Altoona’s Unter Uns Musical & Entertainment Society, highlighted by the onstage reunion of Dewayne McKnight and son John McKnight (visiting from his current base of Atlanta), plus a reunion of original members of the U.S. Hotel House Band…My first look at new Altoona-based rock group Faded Flowers – featuring three Rain Must Fall alumni – along with the PennSoulvanians during a triple-bill at McGarvey’s…Hate Grenade as they slammed the lid on a hard-hitting band triple-bill at McGarvey’s…Johnstown’s Silver Screen as they rocked Slammin’ Sams in Johnstown… Florida-based area native Kel Marie and Dave Hopkins as they provided acoustic music enjoyment during a recent “Friday Wine Down” performance at Altoona’s Oak Spring Winery… And Pittsburgh-based singer and songwriter Bill Young, performing a nonstop four-hour marathon of at the Castle Pub in Ebensburg. News and notes…Gin Blossoms, Cowboy Mouth, Bill Kirchen and Davina & the Vagabonds are among the spotlight performers during this year’s AmeriServ Flood City Music Festival, happening Aug. 2-3 at People’s Natural Gas Park in Johnstown… The fourth annual Vets Fest happens at Altoona’s Unter Uns Musical and Entertainment Society on Aug. 4; presented by the Vietnam Veterans of America Blair County Chapter 967, proceeds from the event will help veterans in need in Blair County. Performing will be Flashpoint, Kickin,’ Skye 2.0, M.F.G. and This Albatross…The annual Rails & Ales fundraiser for Altoona Community Theatre happens Aug. 24 at Altoona’s Railroaders Museum…Changes coming for Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats, as guitarist and founding member Mark Ross steps away from the group in mid-September, and singer “Miss Melanie” Morrison-Zeigler and other Valley Rats will take a funkier musical direction with a new project…State College’s The Crooked Line has issued their new self-titled CD…Johnstown’s Black Cat Moan is finishing their new CD, to be released next month… Zach Wade & the Good Grief are recording their next album in Philadelphia. The area and regional music scenes have lost several members

in recent weeks – including Harrisburg area musician Joe Glasser, who passed away unexpectedly on July 19 at age 53. Joe was a prominent bass player on the Harrisburg scene, and played in many bands, including Lovestomp, Stomp’d, Insane, Siogo, Rock View, Sugar Muscle, Sister Stryc-9, Cheez, Duck Down Boulevard and others…Steve Mitchell, a renowned Susquehanna Valley drummer whose career included nearly 30 years as one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s busiest studio drummers, passed away on July 25 at age 73. Arriving in San Francisco during the “Summer of Love” in 1967, Steve went on to play and record with such names as Van Morrison, The Coasters, Lou Rawls and the Smothers Brothers, and his drumming can be heard on TV shows, commercials and more...Gary Strickland, longtime Williamsport area guitarist and member of the Dirty Mojo Blues Band, died on July 26 after an extended illness. A celebration of Gary’s life takes place Aug. 11 at the Trout Run Hotel in Trout Run…And Harry Pellegrine Sr., co-founder of longtime restaurant and music venue Pellegrine’s in Altoona, passed away on July 25 at age 83…We at Pennsylvania Musician share our heartfelt condolences with the families and friends of all four men. Please send correspondence and recordings to: Jim Price, 1104 S. Catherine St., Altoona, PA 16602. You can also e-mail me at And if you’re into social networking, look me up on Facebook. SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!


DREW BENTLEY – BOLD HORIZON (no label) Drew Bentley has been an active part of the Pittsburgh music scene during the past two decades, performing in various bands and also co-founding the regionally popular band (and these days, acous-

tic duo) J.D. Strum. Drew has embarked on his first solo album venture, Bold Horizon, an album where he explores frontiers of rock, jazz and blues, armed with his guitar. An all-instrumental album, Bold Horizon features 10 distinctive compositions that blend and vary between genres, and through the fusions capture a myriad of moods. Backed by drummer Brian Edwards, bassist George Elliott and keyboardist Scott Anderson, Drew works his guitar strings, turning his instrumental displays into an extension of his personality at any given moment. He can clearly shred, demonstrated on the opening album title track “Bold Horizon,” “Carpe Diem” and the swaggering “Muscle Car.” Drew stretches out and tests bold horizons with his multi-flavored, explorative rocker “Distant Worlds” and the jazz-rock fusion tendencies of “Maiden Voyage.” Blues becomes his frontier on “Cloak and Dagger,” while milder guitar jazz informs “Daydreams.” Through it all, Drew shows obvious fluency and prowess with his guitar work, which is tasteful and serves each composition, never becoming overindulgent or obsessive. He smoothly merges styles, making the album a cohesive listen from start to end. Recorded using several studios and engineers, and produced by Drew, Bold Horizon sounds clean, clear, vibrant and full. While Drew’s guitar is the prominent voice, the sound is balanced, and all four musicians sound distinctive in the mix. Drew Bentley’s first foray into the solo album bold horizon is a successful one, and Bold Horizon provides an inspired, invigorating listening journey for guitar proficionados and casual fans alike. (The CD can be purchased through Drew’s website, www.drewbentley. com.) THE DARK COUNTRY – KILL CLOCK (Murder Chapel Records) The Dark Country formed five years ago out of the Lewisburg and Bucknell University community. Six members strong – two of them Bucknell professors – The Dark Country introduces a wild, wide-ranging, blues-rooted sound on their

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August, 2019

12-track debut CD, Kill Clock. Fronted by the co-ed singing tandem of Derek Scott and Brianna Healey Derr, The Dark Country also features guitarists Maria Balcells and Jeff Halkowicz, bassist Steve Gibson and drummer Pete Groff. Numerous flavors inform The Dark Country’s sound, from roots blues, Memphis soul and gospel-styled flourishes to early Led Zeppelin heavy blues rock to punk rock vinegar and more. The mixture of flavors enables each song to approach the listener from a different angle, making this album an intriguing listen from start to end. The disc-opener “My Buddy Blues” channels a strong Led Zeppelin “Black Dog” vibe, while “Liar’s Blues” offers feisty, uptempo blues with both singers increasingly letting loose as the song moves along, complete with cheering section and gang shout vocals. “Elbow Room” pushes in a harder rock direction, with jangly guitars adding a punk-geared bite, and “Das Ees” offers rowdy R&B. Another song highlight is the ominous-toned “Free,” which builds off a swamp blues calland-response arrangement as both Brianna and Derek sing of escaping temptation, with gospel-like backing choruses helping to escalate the song’s intensity. “U Gon Pay” displays a slow heavy early Led Zeppelin blues flavor, “Nobody’s “Help” is funky and sassy, and the driving rocker “Crazies” slams the lid on the album with escalating tension and a manic homestretch. Kill Clock is an exhilarating listen from start to end, as the varying angles of attack and the go-forbroke vocal performances of both Brianna and Derek keep the excitement level steady throughout. The band is tight, and the performances are enthusiastic and emotion-packed. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Pail Smith at 8 Days a Week Studio in Northumberland, Kill Clock sounds full, sharp and edgy, and enables The Dark Country’s energy to radiate. This is a strong debut album – The Dark Country’s Kill Clock offers innovative songs and fresh musical angles and blends, and provides a vibrant, action-packed listening experience. (The CD can be obtained through the group’s Facebook page or at shows.)

efficient performances and accents serving to support and shape each song. Recorded at Audible Images Studio in Port Matilda and engineered by Bill Filer, this album sounds clean, punchy and authentic, and flows along smoothly from start to end. Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er Do Wells capture the magic of early roots music with Country-Billy Collision, a pleasant collision of styles sure to bring smiles and get toes tapping. (The CD can be obtained through the website

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KRISTI JEAN AND HER NE’ER DO WELLS – COUNTRY-BILLY COLLISION (Gal Records) This thing we call rock’n’roll music started coming together in the early 1950s, as traditional steel guitar-brandishing country artists started colliding with rowdy rhythmand-blues and jump jazz players. That initial stew of sounds that evolved into rock’n’roll provides the playground for State College’s Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er Do Wells, who cel-

ebrate that musical collision on their debut CD, Country-Billy Collision. Group namesake Kristi Jean sings and fronts a group of seasoned area honky-tonk and rockabilly players, including Steve Branstetter on guitar, Jimmy Baughman on upright bass, Dave Mudgett on steel guitar, Mike Russell on acoustic guitar and Sean Hershey on drums. Helping out along the way are several special guests; including guitarist Chuck Hughes from the Hillbilly Hellcats, guitarist and singer Sophia Johnson, Bill Wilgus on mandolin, Nell Hansen on backing vocals, and Centre County doo-wop group Rama-Lama helping with backing vocals. Kristi Jean and Her Ne’er Do Wells present their bright and rollicking takes on 10 different numbers from rock’n’roll’s formative period. With the disc dedicated to 1950s female rockabilly pioneer Charline Arthur, the group does two songs she performed; the upbeat breakup song opening track “I’m Having a Party All By Myself” and Winfield Scott’s “Burn That Candle.” The group also taps into the Patsy Cline catalog for renditions of “Stop, Look and Listen” and “I Love You Honey.” They interpret tunes by two of the influential Hanks of that early 1950s period, offering versions of Hank Thompson’s “Cryin’ in the Deep Blue Sea” and Hank Williams’ “Your Cheating Heart,” and Kristi Jean applies her yodel to 1950s country legend Lefty Frizzell’s romantic “I Love You a Thousand Ways.” The group also has fun with Johnny Tyler’s 1947 Western swing number “Oakie Boogie,” and delivers a punchy read of Jimmie Rodgers’ “In the Jailhouse Now.” The performances are upbeat, highlighted by Kristi Jean’s bright and clear voice and her obvious enthusiasm for this era of music – she even makes the breakup songs sound happy! The band is solid and skillful, with their

August, 2019

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FOR SALE: Gretsch 7Pc Catalina Maple - Deep Cherry-Remo Roto drums -Zildjan A Series - 4pc 14HH/16/18/21 Sweet. Serious Inquires only - sold as set - no deliveries/no shipping. $2750. 570274-3429 FOR SALE: 2 - 24” REMO Powerstroke P3 Clear Drum Heads NEW - $35 for BOTH, Pickup in Lititz. 717-940-0066 FOR SALE: Fender Princeton Chorus guitar amp, used little, sounds great, corners little rusty, one foot missing, original effects pedal included, $140. 814-6694443. FOR SALE: Fender Princeton Reverb Amp, hardly used, never gigged. $800, Call Doug at 570713-9149 FOR SALE: Tascam 380 24 track recording board with V.U. meters, $500. Call 717-627-4800. FOR SALE: Mastering cassette recorders like new, $35 each. Call 717-627-4800.

FOR SALE: PA system Peavey XRD 8 channel, $195; Band /DJ Lights, pair, $150; Two Fender Squire black electric guitar with cases, $150 for both. Call 717379-8010. FOR SALE: ‘64 vintage Gretch Tennessean Chet Atkins walnut 6119. Excellent condition. Small 1” crack on pickguard. Original good HSCase. $4200 text 484995-4151 for info FOR SALE: ‘13 Washburn WJ45SCE jumbo cutaway A/E solid Sitka top, Flame Maple back/sides. Abalone/maple binding. TDS Systems bridge truss, graftek nut/saddle.$565 incl TKL HSCase. 484-995-4151 FOR SALE: Tascam DA-88 multi-track recorder with SY88 sync card and RC-848 remote control. Well maintained. Includes sync/digital dubbing cables. Much more…. 570-6063677 FOR SALE: Littlite gooseneck task lights. Desktop/tripod mic


the SEPTEMBER issue...

Thursday, AUGUST 22nd!

holders. Pair of AKG 391 B condenser mics. 570-606-3677 FOR SALE: Onkyo 6-disc carousel automatic CD player with remote. Model DX-C320. One owner, great condition. 570-6063677 FOR SALE: t.c. Electronics M5000 w/ADA-1, DSP-1 and Digital Toolbox. Professional high-end multi-effects unit with mastering package. One owner, studio-kept. 570606-3677 FOR SALE: Fender Model Stage 185, 450 watts 120v 60hz used 6 times $200.00 call 814-349-5641

MUSICIANS WANTED: WANTED: Drummer seeking dance R&B funk classic rock 70s to 90s excellent equipment modern sound seasoned player will travel. 717-576-6320. WANTED: MUSICIANS, Bassist and vocalist looking to form metal band. Cover mostly big 4 and others in that trash era. Practice in Berks county call 484-794-9734. WANTED: Bass player with serious metal chops needed to round out Metal cover band. We play anything from Sepultura, Ozzy, Queensryche, Slayer, Metallica, Testament to Dream Theater, Opeth, and Children Of Bodom. Practice in Dillsburg. Interested? Hit us up. V divinemizery@

WANTED: Janelle Verones Band is looking for a very experienced and professional keyboardist. The band plays out about once per week. Please call Janelle if interested! 717-623-2764 WANTED: Reliable Bassist for Lewisburg 5-piece lite Jazz, Pop, Rock Swin, Latin, R&B, mostly cover band. Playing 2-3 times per month. Skilled group but fun. Call Rick 570-716-1210. WANTED: Musicians. I’m an aspiring lyricist seeking a musician to write songs with. My words, your music. If interested, please email me at mikeefacc@gmail. com” WANTED: Autumn’s Music Box needs musicians and one lead/ backup singer for variety band Mount Union and surrounding area, call 570-898-6888. WANTED: ‘Old school’ Bassist and Drummer to do 60’s style music to do benefits for those with cancer etc. Practice Marysville area. 717-379-8010. WANTED: Experienced Extreme Metal/Hardcore vocalist looking for a band or to start a band. Dying Fetus, Hatebreed, Anaal Nathrakh, Nails, is what I want. Text or Email 484-877-1773 WANTED: The Weathercocks seek a drummer proficient in

classic rock, with a yen towards prog and retro. Practice originals, covers weekly in Dillsburg. WANTED: People to help with fundraisers for people with cancer and for suicide prevention awareness. Needed: Co-producers, event planners, cooks, security, sound, lights. please call 717379-8010

MUSICIANS AVAILABLE AVAILABLE: Guitar Player. Experienced in Classic RockBlues-Oldies-older Country(Stones- SRV-Cream-AerosmithPetty-AC/DC)- etc. Looking for a working or very near working situation. Pro-equipment and reliable. AVAILABLE: Drummer available for gigs. If you need a drummer to serve the music call Bryan at 717-710-0379 or jakey027@ Available: Drummer looking for working band or startup, classic rock, funk, R&B preferred. I am a seasoned musician, great equipment modern sound available for freelancing also. call: 717-5766320 AVAILABLE: I’m a Guitarist that’s looking to form a Deep Purple or Rainbow Tribute band. Jeff 919-606-3443 forsburg@reagan. com

REPAIRSStarts Here”.... “Your Music Journey

~Specializing in REPAIR & SERVICE~

• VINTAGE • USED • BUY • SALE • TRADE • LESSONS 58 West Main Street • Mechanicsburg, PA •

717.691.3659 / Email:


Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

August, 2019

August, 2019

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine



VIP LOFT Seating Available with Bottle Service

AU G U S T 2 0 1 9 801 S. 10th Street • Harrisburg, PA 17104

Box Office Hours: MONDAY thru FRIDAY 11:30am-1:30pm and on Event Nights Tickets can also be purchased by phone with a credit card, Call 717-409-8975

Doors open at 7 p.m. except where noted • Patio Open/Smoking Section Available • Snack Bar • Pool Tables •Parking for over 500 cars • Also Available for Private Parties & Special Events

FRI. 08/09

C u l t u re Fe st

plus GlassBeard

& Humandala

After Pa rt y w/

SAT. 08/02

DJ CA RA BY Cover $5 / 21+ Drs. 9pm/ show 10pm


GA adv. tx $10 /dos $15 Dr. 7pm/ Show 8pm / 21+

SAT. 08/10

FRI. 08/16

MARCH FOURTH 7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+ GA $15 adv. / $20 dos

GOBBO, Flapjack Jones & The Bender Brohs


GA Adv. tx: $15/ DOS $20 7pm drs. 8pm show / 21+

SAT. 08/24

THE STONEWALL VESSELS & HOT & DANGEROUS & NINE D TX tba/ Drs. 7pm/ show 8pm / 21+



“Rapper’s D elight 40th Annive rsary

Sugar Hill gang w/DJ CARABY

7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+tickets tba




GA Adv. tx: $10/ DOS $15 7pm drs. 8pm show / 21+

FRI. 08/30

“Album Release”


Observe the 93rd

7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+ GA $15 adv. / $20 dos



FRIDAY 08/23

ROOTS NplusABIGPALP360,YWindchill & Machine Life

& the Charm City Rhythm Band

~End of Summer 90’s Jam~



WEDNESDAY 07/24 Cover $10 / Drs. 7pm/Show 8pm 21+


with/ The Hangmen

GA adv. tx $10 /dos $15 Dr. 7pm/ Show 8pm / 21+

Pennsylvania Musician Magazine


Doors 8pm/ 9pm show/ 21+No Cover


with/ Kobra &

The Lotus

Adv. TX $22 Get closer to stag e w/ Early Entry $4 2

7pm/ 8pm show/ 21+ GA Advance Tx. $22

August, 2019

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