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Polis and Latchi Scene Issue 80

August 2010

Update from Jason & Katherine aboard Crystal Stream

Village People Profiles

Socrates of Simou


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Welcome to the August edition of the magazine.

First Created and Published by

Sandra Westwood in July 2003

I hope that you're all coping with the hot and humid weather and spending as much time as you can relaxing on the beach or taking a dip in the pool.

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Life at the PALS office is as busy as ever. We are continuing with our series of portraits of village life and this month Caroline writes about the traditions of Simou Village. If you have any places of interest or interesting people you think should be featured in the magazine, please let us know. Finally the Tourists have arrived at the Harbour and so have the locals with many of them taking their boats out to visit the local areas of beauty. We have had many comments from readers about the pollution and state of the harbour. Some of these we have been able to pass on to the local and port authorities but at the end of the day it is up to us to treat our surroundings with respect. It's going to be another hot month, enjoy, try to keep cool and enjoy the magazine. All the best,

Did you Know The longest recorded flight of a chicken was 13 seconds. DISCLAIMER The views expressed by contributers are not

The photographs below from last month’s Village Portrait article and those in this month’s edition on page 6 were taken by Debbie Scanlan of Rogue Photography Take a look at her website

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4 Cover Story News from Katherine & Jason Aboard Crystal Stream Katherine Dance Well, it has been nine weeks since we cast our lines free of Latchi and set sail from Latchi Habour on our planned 2400 nautical mile round trip from Cyprus, via Turkey, Greece and Italy, to Croatia. With the lack of monthly editorials to fill my time, Andy at PALS asked me to update all his readers with our progress. Setting sail for this distance is not without its challenges, but add two very sea-savvy cats and a husky, ready for action, and you are guaranteed an interesting spin on a normal sailing log. Our departure was delayed by a mini-mutiny by the two cats, Gizmo and Gypsy, who decided that they really were not quite finished with their goodbyes around Latchi. In the end, four hours after we planned to leave, they were tempted back as full time crew by a large portion of cod and chips from Tammy's. As we sailed from Latchi in almost perfect conditions, we were fortunate enough to see two beautiful turtles that swam with us for a while. Twenty-two hours later, and the Turkish coast was in sight. As we prepared to have breakfast, our morning came close to taking a turn for the worse when two dolphins joined us along-side, jumping and whistling their greetings. This would have been one of those idyllic moments… if it was not for the fact that Gypsy the cat was leaning over the side when, at just that moment, a little over a metre away, the world's biggest kitty take-away appeared! Great, our first m a n overboard drill, and it was about to involve a cat attached to a two metre dolphin (he has always had ideas above his station in life). Thankfully, I caught his back leg just as he was about to leap, and hauled him back into the safety of the boat. A close call! In the last nine weeks away, we have had our share of adventures travelling over 1200 nautical miles, so far –

visiting Turkey, Greece, Italy and finally reaching our furthest point for the summer in Croatia. Most people ask us how the animals manage in bad weather. In truth, they often manage a lot better than the human contingent: in three weeks of sailing we have only had one seasickness incident, and to be fair to the cats, it was rather bumpy. After our most recent bumpy leg, Gizmo, who can be one for the dramatic, bounced off the boat, threw himself on the floor and did a very good rendition of Pope John II kissing the ground. His amateur dramatics were quite short-lived, though, as his bounced back on the boat, sat by his bowl and declared it was a good eight hours since he last ate! We have also had our share of beautiful sailing weather, with days where we have been able to fly all eight sails at once, and glide along in beautiful sunshine surrounded by up to fifty other sailing yachts, all under sail too. We have rescued a Dart 16 sailing-catamaran, complete with tourists, which had capsized and was in difficulty (old habits die hard!!!) and the animals have loved visiting different harbours and, in Gypsy's case, visited plenty of restaurants!! The second most popular question concerns the biological habits of Deifer the Dog. As a husky, he has an amazing constitution, and will go up to eighteen hours in-between visits to a lamp post. He rarely needs to use the 'dog-tray' that we have installed on deck, and has mastered the art of sitting on our canoe to be paddled ashore. We have travelled through the Corinth canal – which was spectacular – through swinging bridges, across salt marshes, under a massive suspension bridge and anchored in tiny hidden bays where the views were incredible. It has been a fantastic journey. As I write this we are just getting ready to cast our lines off again and start the return trip to Latchi, where we will see everyone in September. Until then, fair winds to you all!

PALS Magazine August 2010


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6 Village People Profiles

Socrates of Simou

Caroline Grossmith Photographs by Debbie Scanlan - We heard the fiddle first – then we saw him - tall and broad as an ox, laughing and pushing his mother as she sat shelling peas outside their Simou family coffee shop. Socrates had invited us to join the village in the traditional prewedding Resi grind. Suddenly the melody of the fiddle climaxed it's crescendo above the bazouki and they came into sight on the main street – a tumbling procession laden with wooden troughs of wheat and trays of olive bread - a joyous medley of young and old, colourful and sombre black, meandering their way through the newly renovated square, bustling with cherry sellers and coffee shops. At last they set down their heavy burden and the women got to work - many hands mixing the corn with water and salt. The village elders began the grind and soon had the metal plated stones spinning on the moist corn – a concoction of generations taking turns on the yoke, the dizzy falling away, replacements eagerly stepping up, the wooden pole, relentlessly turning.

“The traditional wedding Resi cooks for 10 hours” Socrates told us setting a metrio down in front of me, “and will feed the hundreds of guests”. It will be Socrates' turn next June, his mother already enthusiastically tatting his wedding bedspread, once the peas are shelled, that is.

the corn from the straw which is in turn chopped and used as animal feed. Remember, you heard it here first, in PALS Magazine! Socrates is the second son of Demetris and Panayota, and the family are the life and soul of the village. Kyriakos, his brother is a gifted mechanic, working al fresco behind the coffee shop, practising his violin in the cool of the evenings, his gentle melodies wafting on the scented summer breezes and mingling with the village bustle. His sister, Georgia, now married and living in Paphos, still comes and helps on their traditional Friday restaurant nights - you are all invited to join these happy, delicious, fun and still seriously inexpensively wonderful village evenings. Socrates' father, Demitris still runs the village bus and postal service; there are now thirty people over the age of 63 in Simou and the government takes the responsibility of providing the twice a week bus to Paphos as well as transporting the eighteen school children to the senior school at Polemi. The sixty students of fifty years ago have now diminished to just fifteen at the village junior school.

Twenty nine year old Socrates runs the Co-Op Agricultural Supplies Depot with style and panache – it is the hub of Simou village. His five year degree at the Athens University of Agriculture has injected vital expertise and worldliness to the village; he is able to advise and supply local farmers and gardeners – his fluent English being a huge advantage to the many expats who have settled in the area and now throng to his shop for advice.

You'll notice the new and affluent feel of the village which has just taken advantage of the 90% Government incentive scheme to upgrade public areas. 'Newly marrieds' are encouraged to settle in Two years ago Socrates invested in a beautiful blue New Holland the village with €35,000 tractor – no really, it is beautiful …. and polished! With it he grants and low interest practises his skills as a contractor for local land owners and loans for new builds under 200 square meters. landscapers – ploughing, sowing, spraying and harvesting. He has a brilliant innovative machine which cuts and ties corn into So why not pop up to Simou village for a meze night or buy Socrates 'bunches' – you will have seen fields of these this year and his favourite cool Keo while you choose a handle for your yard wondered why not the usual oblong bales? Well, these broom and pick his brains about the spots on your beans and bunches are offered up to a threshing machine which separates where to get horse manure! PALS Magazine August 2010

Cookery Corner 7

Heavenly Halloumi Halloumi (Greek χαλούµι) is a traditional Cypriot cheese which is also popular in the Middle East and Greece. It is traditionally made from a mixture of goat's and sheep milk although some contains cow's milk. Because of its high melting point, it can easily be fried or grilled. Halloumi is an unusual cheese in that no acid or acid producing bacteria is used in its preparation. Halloumi cheese was initially made during the Byzantine period and became very popular throughout the Middle East. It has a layered texture and a salty flavor. It is stored in salt water and can keep for a long time if stored in this way in a fridge. Traditionally the cheese was wrapped in mint leaves as a preservative and many packaged cheeses contain flecks of mint on the surface. Because of its high melting point it can be fried or grilled until brown without melting. It is very popular as an ingredient in salads or served with vegetables or couscous. Cypriots love to eat halloumi with watermelon in the Summer and of course halloumi and lountza is a popular dish here. The reason why halloumi is so resistant to melting is because the curd is heated before being shaped and placed into brine. It is sometimes known as “squeaky cheese” because of its

Although halloumi is made all over the world, it is currently registered as a protected Cypriot product within the US but not the EU. This delay is due to a conflict with producers and sheep and goat famers as to whether halloumi should contain cow's milk or not. It if does become registered as a protected produce then it will join the ranks of Feta cheese!

Fried Halloumi with Lemon & Lime Vinigarette Serves 4

Halloumi Kebabs Serves 4

Ingredients 1x250g halloumi cheese 2 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Black pepper to season the flour Black olives and coriander to garnish

Ingredients 1x250g halloumi cheese Small button mushrooms 2 red peppers cut into chunks 2 tablespoon olive oil 2 garlic cloves crushed Juice of 1 lemon Chopped rosemary Cut the halloumi into 4cm cubes. Place in a bowl with the mushrooms and peppers. Mix together the remaining ingredients and allow to marinade in the fridge for about an hour. Thread onto skewers and barbecue for 810 minutes until the mushrooms are tender and the cheese is golden brown. Delicious served with pitta bread and tsatsiki.

firm texture and the effect it has on our teeth!

For the vinaigrette Juice and jest of 1 lime Juice of 1 lemon 1 clove of garlic crushed 1 desertspoon capers 1 teaspon wholegrain mustard 1 tablespoon fresh coriander leaves chopped 2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Black pepper Make the vinaigrette by stirring all the ingredients together. Dry the halloumi with kitchen paper and cut into 8 slices. Coat in the seasoned flour and fry in olive oil over a medium heat until golden brown. Serve two slices to a plate and drizzle with the vinaigrette. Garnish with olives and coriander. Serve immediately.

PALS Magazine August 2010

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PALS Magazine August 2010

11 God Speaks... Through His Word Michael Wright

“You praised the gods of silver and gold, of bronze, iron, wood and stone, which cannot see or hear or understand. But you did not honour the God who holds in His hand your life and all your ways.” (Daniel 5:23)

St.Andrew's Plaza (Opp Papantoniou Supermarket)

Join us for Praise and the Preaching of God’s Word

every Sunday at 6:00pm Bible study and fellowship

I was reading this just this morning. It is in the middle of a story set in Iraq more than 2500 years ago. A King (Belshazzar), had a father who had come to know God personally, and acknowledge Him as the Most High God, sovereign of all. But this king had not followed the God of his father. He lived for power, wealth, and pleasure. The only problem was that the God he had rejected, held his future, his ways and his life in His hands – and this God had decided, tonight was the end. You can read the story for yourself in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible. Today is 2500 years later – a different era, this is Cyprus – a different country, technology abounds, and yet…. is it so different? The gods of silver and gold (money, investments, pensions, business), the gods of bronze, iron (cars, satellites, mobiles), the gods of wood and stone (property). So much takes up our thoughts, our time, our worries, our lives, and really….. can these things see or hear or understand? There IS a God who holds in His hand, our lives and our ways (futures). Do we honour Him? What place does He have in our lives? Many of us heard about this God from our parents or

Every Wednesday at 4:30pm Everybody Welcome! Also the Polis Ladies Bible study group meets every Monday at 4:30pm ChristChurch is an international, non-denominational fellowship of Christians For more details, phone Michael at 99105324

others in our past, but we have decided to leave Him out of our lives. We blame hypocritical christians, old-fashioned church, no time, etc etc. We have forgotten that He, the Most High God, holds our lives in His hands. Is it too late? God says no. God is waiting for you to turn to Him and trust Him right now. He told that to the philosophers of Athens (Acts 17). He is waiting for men and women to seek Him, and reach out for Him, and find Him. He is not far – “your life is in His hands” His own words….. “If you seek Me, you will find Me, if you seek Me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13) It was too late for King Belshazzar, who would die by the sword that night. But not yet too late for you…..

EN.A.D.FC (Polis) Your Local Professional Football Team

Local Sports News Keith Dutfield

The EN.A.D.FC AGM was held on Tuesday 6th July 2010 at 7-00pm in the Cultural Centre. A presentation of the clubs accounts was made and the election of Team Council Members took place. This year in addition to myself, an English speaker I have been joined on the Team Council by Dave Buller as Web Master to look after the Website currently under construction and Alan Saunders a former Director of Leyton Orient FC as Commercial Manager to attract additional funds for the Club. Squad Update The first Training Session took place on Wednesday 14th July 2010 under the supervision of Team Coach Costas Socratous. The Squad will be finalised between now and the end of August. Some notable new arrivals include Andreas Nikolaou a mid field player who has played in the Cyprus First Division with Andromides and mentioned but not named in last month's edition. Tudor Michael a Romanian attacker who last year was playing in the Romanian 2nd Division and also Noiko Buktanov a big strong centre back from Bulgaria living with his wife and family in Paphos and who played for Kissos in the Cyprus Third Division last season. Supporters Club The Supporters Club continues to meet monthly on the first Monday of the month at the Village Tavern at Latchi. All are welcome, members and non members alike. Anyone requiring information regarding the activities of the Supporters Club should contact Ivan McOwans on Tel No 99948941 or E Mail

EN.A.D.FC Friendly Home Fixtures in August/September:Now that the World Cup is finally over your local football team gets underway. All Kick Off at 5-30pm Wednesday 11th August 2010 EN.A.D. FC v Foynikas Agia Marina Wednesday 18th August 2010 EN.A.D.FC v AEZ Limassol Saturday 21st August 2010 EN.A.D.FC v Anagennisi Germaisogia Limassol. Wednesday 8th September EN.A.D.FC v Akritas Chlorica Paphos Saturday 11th September Fixture to be agreed. The 2010/2011 Cyprus Third Division Kicks Off on the week end of the 18th September 2010 when EN.A.D.FC will be away to Spartakos (Larnaca)The first home game of the season will take place in the Polis Stadium on Saturday 25th September 2010 EN.A.D.FC v Kuklia (Paphos). Admission Prices in the Cyprus Third Division for season 2010/2011 has been increased by the Cyprus FA to 6 Euros (Adults) and 3 Euros (Children over 14 years). Season Tickets for the 2010/2011 season priced at 50 Euros are now available through all Team Council Members, the Supporters Club or you can contact me direct on Tel No 96219966 or E Mail keith.dutfield

PALS Magazine August 2010

12 The Journey The Journey - Part 6 Sue de Groot

A day in Jerusalem, Tarot Cards and Avi the guide loses a Tourist There is a saying that “There are ten measures of beauty in the Universe, nine belong to Jerusalem, and one to the rest of the world. Whoever has not seen Jerusalem in her glory has never seen a beautiful city in his life”. The ship is still berthed in the port of Ashdod, Israel. Today the alarm has been set for 05.45. and off we go again. Today is going to be a once in a lifetime experience. We are going to Jerusalem. Panic in the restaurant since Dottie the cruise director who drives everyone dotty with her daily “Good Morning Folks and here are the rules you must follow today”, has not yet called her early morning diatribe of ‘Time to Get Up’, so nobody knows and wouldn't dare think for themselves, whether or not they should get ready for their excursion. However……. We (i.e. June and Sue) still have to pick their tarot card for the day. Therefore, we go back to our Stateroom (love that word) number 7083 and pick a card. June's card is indecipherable, and Sue's is quite canny. Sue's says that if she can accept that someone will say ‘No’, she will learn better herself how to say ‘Yes’. Quite cryptic, but as it turns out, quite true. The next instructions from Dottie are that we should wait in the Nautica Lounge, with our excursion tickets, where we should all sit patiently until our bus number is called but as we feel like we've been up ages, Sue goes to the juvenile staff member handling bus numbers and asks if she could go down to the bus now. The answer is a curt ‘No’. First shock of the day. Well, June and Sue do not take much notice of this since we are experienced travellers, so we go down the gangway clutching the bus tickets in our hands, and proceed to Bus No. 7. A girl comes up and informs me that ‘No, we should not be down here already since no one has given the word.’ Anyway we are first on the bus, so we get the best seat to take photographs. The sleepy looking driver turns out to be our guide for the day, and his name is Avi. As the coach starts off, Avi has his first problem of the day. The list is passed around and everyone signs their name, but when he gets it back there are 32 signatures, but only 31 passengers. Avi's really not sure what to do, but we suggest he passes the list round again, and ask everyone to place a tick against their names and ONLY DO THIS ONCE, and see what happens. And, lo and behold (getting into the religious frame of things here) a timid voice pops up shortly afterwards. “Er, we signed twice.” Typical, a couple sitting separately both sign for each other. Relief all round, and we carry on with our journey. We arrive in the middle of the City, which is surrounded by walls, old and new. Holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem, the city of one hundred names, and one thousand faces, is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown that

Is Israel. There is not another city that has been the cause of so many armed conflicts as this. Jews the world over pray in the direction of Jerusalem. Christians associate Jerusalem with Jesus. Here He taught, was arrested, crucified and resurrected. Moslems associate Jerusalem with El Aqsa, the point from which Mohammed is believed to have ascended to the Seventh Heaven. After Mecca and Medina, it is Islam's third holiest site. We visited all of the Holy sites. We walked the Via Dolorosa and we visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, venerated by Christians as one of their holiest shrines, which terminates the way of the Via Dolorosa. We visit the Eight Gates to the City, of which the Golden Gate situated in the east wall of the Temple Mount enclosure, sometimes also called the Gate of Mercy, and sealed many years ago by the Turks, is the Gate that Jewish tradition holds through which the Second Messiah will enter Jerusalem. It is difficult to describe the feelings which overcome us as we walk through this City. It is humbling to stand at a spot where the guide says “You are now standing in the Garden of Gethsemane.” The Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall) is all that remains of the Second Temple (completed in 517 BC). During the years of 1948 to 1967 the Jordanians controlled Jerusalem and access to this wall was forbidden. We visit a Museum dedicated to the relief of the siege of Jerusalem from the Jordanians and the Brits and the subsequent division of Palestine in 1948 with a pencil drawn at random across a map. We next pass by a huge cemetery where we hear that here lies Oskar Schindler, whose life was portrayed in Spielberg's film 'Schindler’s List'. Our guide Avi proves to be totally disinterested in escorting groups around and as time goes on, he gets quite agitated about losing any of us in the busy sites. And indeed, as he predicts, we lose someone. A Canadian lady goes missing. Avi stamps his foot in temper and tells us to stay put. The husband of the missing lady appears to be nonplussed and cannot remember where he last saw her. Avi is getting very angry now. He gets a phone call from the Police asking him to come and collect a lady. Avi has had the foresight to hand out maps of the city with his mobile number on them. The missing lady went straight to the police and asked them to call her “leader”. Some of the people in our group start to go walkabout, and Avi loses it now. He waves his flag wildly in the air, gathers his flock (suitable words for where we are) and we virtually run to the Wailing Wall, through the Souk, where we are under strict instructions not to stop. We are allowed to stay 15 minutes at the Wailing Wall, and the queues are separated into men and women, and I write a little note to put in the cracks of the wall, along with thousands of others, and retreat backwards, and watch everybody bowing and wailing with the Torah. It is a truly moving experience.

PALS Magazine August 2010

Of Interest 13



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Book Review Carmine Glover, Hearns Bookshop Shanghai Girls by Lisa See Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (5th July 2010) One of the best things about reading a book is that it can transport you to a time and place that you could not visit any other way, and with Lisa See's latest book, Shanghai Girls, I found myself completely immersed. A historical novel, set between 1937 and 1957. A tale of two sisters, Pearl and May, “Beautiful Girls” their faces are used to sell everything, from cigarettes to soap powder. They live the high life in the Paris of Asia, Shanghai, the centre of beauty and modernity. Their lives come crashing down in a split second when their father tells them they have lost everything, he has gambled their wealth away, and more. And so he is forced to sell his Rickshaw business, and his two daughters, marrying them off to Chinese American sons of his lender. The sisters are expected to marry and leave for Los Angeles to live out their lives.

Journey of a lifetime, taking them through the Chinese countryside into the grasp of brutal Japanese soldiers and merciless men, and across the pacific to the shores of America, where they must learn to love the strangers that are their husbands, and embrace the American life, as they fight against discrimination, and the way and rules of Chinatown. A gripping tale of the bond of sisterhood, one that I couldn't put down from the first page. It is obvious that a lot of research went into this book and it is one that I would definitely recommend.

Days before they are due to leave, Japanese bombs begin to fall upon their beloved city, and Pearl and May are sent on a PALS Magazine August 2010

14 Letters to the Editor Dear Editor,

to interface it with his computer. The up date log should be asked for as old up dates can do more harm than good.

My husband and I moved to Cyprus three years ago and have used the Polis Internet Cafe since our arrival. It was a delight to visit and to be greeted by Chris and Nitsa. I know things have to move on but to my dismay our Internet Cafe has now been turned into Online Gambling not quite the image for Polis Square. The Square is a tourist attraction visited by many people from many different countries who I am sure do not want to be greeted by the sleazy facade. I really think that a place like this in such a popular area is not a good example for the younger generation - visitors and residents alike. If this is the start of a new trend what else can we expect to see in Polis Square?

Forthcoming EU legislation will root out these ‘nearly’ Mechanics, and this can only be good for the Industry Should you ever need a qualified honest mechanic , consult an authorized company in Latchi, of which there are 3. A Concerned Sailor. Dear Editor Reference to the recycling in Polis/Latchi, I would like to emphasise that since 2006 the charity CANS FOR KIDS have cages for aluminium at 6 places in the area. I have organised numerous events for them to highlight my concerns for the environment and got the cages installed. They are sited at: The Camp Site, the Wood Yard near the Sandwich Van, Opposite Go Karts (Argaka Rd), T Junction at Drousia Road, Entrance of Latchi (on the left), near La Plage Restaurant (new).

Sue Saunders, Argaka Dear Editor, We all like to save money when our boats have a mechanical problem, however, please don’t fall into the trap by employing one of the many plausible so called ‘Marine Mechanics’ that tout their services around our Marina. Many are jobbing car mechanics from the UK, with no formal Accreditations/Qualifications, eg. City & Guilds and certainly none for Marine work. Ask to see their Social Insurance number plus their Liability Insurance. You will obviously want a receipt for all the work that has allegedly been completed for your records, should you ever come to sell. You should also ask for a VAT receipt, plus ask for the old parts, its your money !!! Do they also have the finances to hand, should their work go wrong, and are they able to put it right? A big ‘No No’ is don’t pay up front for parts. He should have an account with his suppliers. I know of one case where a boat owner was kept waiting 4 months for the part to arrive from Never Never Land....?? Another problem can arise should he test drive your boat. Ask to see his Boat Licence, (has he even got one?) At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Caveat Emptor springs to mind. As does ‘a fool and his money are easily parted.’ You, your boat and also your family are at risk from these parasites and you could be breaking the law by giving them work. He may appear to have all the Technical Software, however most of this may have been acquired illegally. Diagnostic Kits for many modern Marine Engines are only given to authorized Marine Mechanics and this has to be updated every 2 months by taking the kit to an Agent who has

With regard to other rubbish, I have previously asked the Municipality why Green Dot Bins are not in the area and was informed that the Municipality did not have the money to put these bins there. I am sorry to say they are not very concerned with environmental matters. The new lighting system along the walk way/cycle path at the camp site will probably disrupt the turtle hatchlings and cause them to go away from the sea and die. They should be hatching soon and continue to do so until September. The Green Turtle is extremely rare and the Logger Head is also losing numbers. When I recently mentioned the possible problem to the staff at the Municipality I was rudely informed that there were plenty of turtles and the lights would make no difference! I have found dead baby turtles at Pissouri near the Columbia Beach Hotel where the lights set into the walls have disorientated the hatchlings and sent them in the wrong direction. I think that this situation is shocking. There is no Environmental Officer in Polis! Shirley Spratley

PALS MAGAZINE PALS Magazine now offers an in house graphic design service to our advertisers. If you would like an advertisement designed by a talented and professional Graphic Design Artist we can arrange this for you at very reasonable rates. For more information please give us a ring on 26 322453.

PALS Magazine August 2010

Interesting Info 15 Did you know?

10% discount with this advert! (Does not include drinks or meal deals)

Cytamobile-Vodaphone have launched a Program for Recyling and Re-use of old mobile phones and their accessories which began on 8th July 2010. The program will be involved with the reusing and recycling of mobile and landline phones, batteries and mobile phone accessories (charges, hands free kits etc). There are bins located at all Cytashops and CytamobileVodafone retailers. By recycling these items we can all help with the reduction of polution of the environment and they can either be reused or recycled to manufacture other products.

The Homemade Experience! Doner Kebab (Gyro) €5.50 BBQ Ribs €0.50 Chicken Wings €0.50 Cheesy Chips €2.50 Burgers (4 varieties) from €3.75 Hot Dogs (7 varieties) from €3.00 Sandwiches, jackets, pasta, salads from €2.50 Muffins, flapjacks, loaf cakes, oat bars from the UK.

All food prepared in minutes in our open kitchen While You Wait!

All revenue from this programme will be donated to charitable organisations. Before you return a mobile phone for recycling make sure that all personal details stored on your phone has been removed and that you have removed your SIM card.

We aim to provide a fresh and homemade fast food experience to every person in every family every time

Call: 26 322593

Open 8...ish till Late...ish every day ...ish More information can be found at

Akamandos Street, Chrysakama Village, Shop No 5, Latchi 8820




FOR RENT: Short or long let, luxurious one bedroom spacious apartment. Fully furnished with own private garden at the quite village of Messa Chorio. Call 99171120 FOR SALE: Motor Boat. 8.5 meters, single Volvo engine. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a very sound boat. In need of some loving attention hence sold at the very attractive price of Euro 14, 750 Call Paragon Marine for further details 26323538 or 99171120 CARPENTER/JOINER: Time serviced Carpenter/Joiner - fencing, pergolas & all carpentry requirements. Villa Maintenance, tiling, painting and decorating. Call Bill on 99713395. LONG TERM RENTAL ARGAKA: 1st floor 2 bed fully furnished apartment. 1 bathroom, 1 cloakroom, air con, balcony, allocated parking. 5 minutes to sea. Euro 350 per month. Contact Keith on 99269314. MAZINE ENGINE FOR SALE: Volvo Penta 200HP. Very little use. Call 99171120.


Did you know All the blinking in one day equates to having your eyes closed for 30 minutes.

We are looking for a full time member of staff to work at our busy office based at Latchi Harbour. The post will involve working in our Chandlery as well as general office duties, so some knowledge of boating would be an advantage. Must have excellent computer skills. Excellent English and a good standard of written and spoken Greek is required. If you are well organised, have excellent people skills and that “can do/hands on” approach to your work then we would like to hear from you. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO SUBMIT YOUR CV PLEASE CONTACT: or 99 171120

PALS MAGAZINE We are looking for a new member of staff to join our PALS Team to promote our magazine and to recruit new advertisers from the Paphos area. If you have a bright and bubbly personality and are goal orientated we would like to hear from you. Please contact: editor@palsmagazine. Or 99 171120.

PALS Magazine August 2010

16 Local Adverts


Art & Craft Group, Steni Village (next to the Church) every Thursday 2-5pm A new business soon to open in the centre of Polis, close to Alpha Bank. Maria is a well known and established character in the Polis Chrysochous area. She will be stocking a full range of Dead Sea products and giving you lots of opening offers. See next month PALS Magazine for further information. Tel 99418926

Bring your own project and meet with like minded people for help and exchange of ideas. Mosaics, painting and many other crafts being done. Classes held some weeks when demanded. All welcome. â‚Ź2.00 per week to support the craft museum of Steni. For more information call Joanna Burgess on 99175988.

For the relief of unwanted and abandoned animals.



Alterations of Clothes & Home Textiles and more ...

Newspapers and anything that could be used for bedding (like towels, sheets, pillowcases). Remember animals don't mind if it has a hole in it!

All fabrics worked with

All donations can be dropped off at Karen's Cafe or the PALS Office.

Pick up/drop off service Call for Info: 99420574 (after 14:00 hrs)

email: PALS Magazine August 2010

Local Adverts 17 Glass & Stainless Steel Systems

GSS Systems

For more information Tel: 99 918546 or email:

Glass railing systems systems Glass &7 stainless stainless steel railing available in in grades 304 available 304 && 316 316

ASTRAPI SECURITY Long Established Company • Wireless Security Sytems • Fixed Cable Security Systems • Fire Alarms • Door Entry Systems Special Offer • Electronic Gates for Readers • CCTV Surveillance Systems 20% off • Biometric Systems • 24 Hour Monitoring • 24 Hour Rapid Response Control • Designated Area Night Patrol • Personal Bodyguard


SPECIAL READERS OFFER: 20% Discount on Catalogue Prices 1 Year Free 24 Hour Monitoring and Patrol Service 1 year FREE Maintenance

For a FREE Property Survey/Quote/Demonstration CONTACT US ON: Office Tel: 26949572. Greek Speaking (Nicos): 99606589. English Speaking (Andy): 99171120 email:

PALS Magazine August 2010

18 Local Adverts Asimo’s Unisex Hair Design

Skin Care Make Up Consultant

Price List Women Hair cut Blow Dry Colour Perm Hi-lights

From From From From

€15.00 €15.00 €25.00 €60.00 €60.00

Skin care consultation Recommendation of products for a healthier & younger skin

Make up application

Price List Men Hair cut Shave

Complete makeovers, designed to suit your lifestyle, profession or special occasion

€10.00 € 5.00

Complete Instruction Step by step skin care and colour application Eva Charalambous - Chrysafis TEL: 99056111

For the Look of the Future


London - Vancouver - Paphos

PARAGON MARINE SERVICES LTD Marina Latchi Complex Block C, No 10 & 11 Latchi, Polis Chrysochous, Paphos, Cyprus Tel: +357 26323538 Fax: +357 26323539 Mobile: +357 99171120

From 1st August, Paragon Marine will be offering a Chandlery Service from our office at Latchi Harbour, for all your boating needs. PALS Magazine August 2010

Local Adverts 19

The 'Bespoke' Landscape Gardening & Design Service For a free, no obligation quote, please telephone 9911753 or 26632160 Stone Walls Wooden Trellis Wooden Pergolas Irrigation Decking Patios Rockeries Iron work Paths & Steps Planting Gravel Driveways Water Features Glorious Gardens Tel: 99117553 or 26632160 Fax: 26632167

PALS Magazine August 2010

20 Local Adverts “Purveyors of High Quality Meat” Pork Shoulder

Ä2.50 per kg

Your local family butcher right here... in Polis, for you!

OPENING HOURS MON-SAT 8am-6pm WED 8am-2:30pm SUN 8am-12pm

Tel: 26322158

Lambs Liver €7.00 per kg


Antrias Hobby Shop

1& 2 bed flats

26 99 1113

Call 2 see availability

@ Petra Court – Polis


€325 fully furnished To Include Solar Heating, Air Con Units, Pressure System, Washing Machine Plus More


99 48 95 30

Polis Chrysochous next to Akis Express

Air Modelling, Remote Controlled, Aircraft Boats, Cars and Bikes

PALS Magazine August 2010

Interesting Info 21 News from Snake George David Carbine

They say that no news is good news so on that score it is good news that Snake George has not yet been told one way or another whether he has been appointed to run the grass snake project at Peyia. On the other hand it very much looks like the reptile park at Tsada will not be going ahead as planned. George however does not let set backs like that dent his enthusiasm and already in his mind he has alternative plans. Watch this space for more news as it breaks. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of little furry friends that are around at the moment? Having gone many years without seeing a live Rattus rattus in our area I have seen at least 3 in the past week or so. I have also noticed that more and more orchards are being tidied up, fields that have been left dormant for years ploughed and new crops planted and irrigation systems being renewed. Food and water together in the same place what else could Rattus rattus want for? Now a question for you.

Still available in some local shops is a book written by Snake George in 2003. This is an excellent hand book for anyone wishing to learn more about the 'Snakes of Cyprus' and its many pictures allow simple if not absolute positive identification of them. The Reptile Society still hold a few copies so if you want one but cannot source one locally please contact myself or Linda Crossley. Our contact details are David Carbine or telephone (00357) 97801520 or Linda Crossley or telephone (00357) 99118945

If you are faced with the choice between one of the following, Black Rat, Blunt Nosed Viper and/or Large Whip snake living in your yard and/or garden which one would you chose? Fact – Large Whip snakes turn from olive green(ish) to black after about 2 years of age and can grow to two and a half metres in length making it not only the longest, largest but most obvious snake to see and identify here in Cyprus. It is non venomous and its natural prey is rodents, of all sizes, including rats, lizards, and other snakes, including venomous ones, and especially it eats young vipers. If ever there was a more user friendly snake in Cyprus then surely the Large Whip snake takes the gold medal. Perhaps one could say that it is a homeowner's best friend. Why then do we see many of these snakes dead on the road? Yes some will be accidentally killed by fast cars on blind bends but surely there is no reason to kill them on straight roads when simply slowing down for a few moments will allow it time to escape off of the road. Remember that when snakes were first evolved hot, slippery, Tarmac surfaces were not invented. To snakes these surfaces are like you and I taking to an ice rink for the first time. Did I forget to mention that in a single year a single pair of rats can give birth to up to 50 babies in three broods and a single pair of the babies can also produce at least one more brood themselves. Sorry.

Cyprus Samaritans We offer confidential Listening Therapy using Trained Volunteers. When unhappy or depressed, talking can help you cope. We don't give advice but we will help you look at options. Call our helpline 77 77 72 67 any everning 6pm-10pm or email In Confidence.

PALS Magazine August 2010

22 Cyprus Vanishing Cyprus Andreas C Chrysafis It is often said that greed breeds corruption! It is ugly and it certainly undermines democracy and the rule of law. The abuse of entrusted power for private gain hurts everyone, especially those less fortunate who depend on the integrity of people in a position of authority. But what is corruption? Why does fighting corruption matter? It certainly does matter, because if not snapped at its root, corruption swells into giant proportions to devour social consciousness. It harms the poor and vulnerable the most. One may suddenly come face-to-face with this virus in places were they least expect it; it is elusive, cunning and lurks in the private and public sector, nibbling away at peoples' rights and aspirations. In accordance to the EU Council of Ministers' working definition of corruption, provided in Article 3 of the Civil Law Convention on Corruption (ETS 174), it is described as: “corruption” means requesting, offering, giving or accepting, directly or indirectly, a bribe or any other undue advantage (to any public official), or prospect thereof, which distorts the proper performance of any duty or behaviour required of the recipient of the bribe”. As a member of the EU, Cyprus is a signatory to that commitment and has a legal obligation to make an effort and wipe out corruption on the island. Has the government been successful so far? Not quite. Peoples' experiences speak of a different story! Whenever the public has to deal with bureaucracy and the public sector, regrettably, there is a perception that “one must grease the wheel” if they want to get things done. In fact, citizens recognise that corruption and bribes paid to Mr Fifteen Percent Man, are as common as a day. Accustomed to such socially eroding practices, Cypriots are prepared to hand out their hard earned cash in brown envelopes as long as their problem is resolved. It may well be for medical treatment; having their planning application seen to; acquire a license or a permit for one thing or another; or, see that a suitable job position is secured for their kin. Even worst still, to get ahead in Cyprus it's not what one knows that matters, but whom he or she knows! The lists of opportunities for bribes are endless. Given that the public cannot fight the labyrinthine system of corruption, unwittingly, people have become part of the problem, by tolerating and nurturing its existence. Law-abiding nations like the Nordic countries, Switzerland, New Zealand and others, have low to non-existent corruption practices due to their powerful and vigorous law enforcement agencies. The rule of law is firmly established in their societies, and citizens have learned to respect the rights and space of others, including law and order. Actually, those nations enjoy tough democratic policies that monitor even the behaviour of

their own government. Laws are sacrosanct, and they are protected by an independent judiciary system that hails supreme above all others: well above the politicians, the parliamentarians, the government, and well above wealthy and influential individuals! Within the echelons of their political structure and public sector, accountability and transparency is held to its highest esteem; something that Cyprus is very short of! According to Transparency International – an organisation leading the global fight against the practice of corruption – corruption, claws away nearly $40 billion annually worldwide at the expense of the poor, mostly due to bribes, cartels, monopolies, nepotism, patronage, cronyism along with kickbacks, black market and bad government policies that do not resist corruption. The 2009 Corruption Perception Index (CPI), which is based upon the perceived public sector corruption, New Zealand scored 9.9 out 10.0, as the least corrupt country globally, while Cyprus scored 6.6 out of 10.0, and is ranked 27th place. Greece scored 3.8 and is ranked 71st place out of 180 countries. Britain scored 7.7, USA 7.5. Australia & Canada 8.7, while Somalia scored 1.1, as the most corrupt nation of them all. Even at a score of 6.6, it clearly indicates that Cyprus has a long way to go before it can truly claim, that, no serious corruption exists on the island. The causes and effects of corruption are issues that are increasingly on the national and international agendas of politicians and other policymakers. The World Bank has come around to the view that, economic development is closely linked to corruption reduction (World Bank 1997). It was also recognised that corruption jeopardises sound governance and ethics in the private and public sector. The less corruption a nation displays, the greater it's growth potential - alongside a fairer society. There is a public perception that Cyprus functions under a weak rule of law, weak enforcement agencies, a weak form of justice and weak judicial independence. Combined all these together, and the obvious becomes apparent. As a result of that, a large portion of the population has become suspicious of a system that displays so many weaknesses, and many choose to opt out for the safest alternative – pay up the bribes… get their job done… and join the ranks of the silent majority! Attempting to minimise or wipe out corruption on the island, it demands time, political commitment and education! At present, the law and the government, both illustrate that they have not matured enough to deal with this phenomenon, but remained negligently passive. Indeed, there are at least as many forms of corruption as there are human institutions that can be corrupted. It is also important to take into

PALS Magazine August 2010

Cyprus 23

account that the present financial instability, may play a major factor as to how corruption unfolds in the future. The obvious signs are there for interpretation… Without a doubt, corruption is widely viewed as part of life and can be found everywhere; it is not simply endemic to Cyprus alone. It takes the form of favours for cash, commissions, bending the rules or turning the other way to obvious illegalities, especially when it involves property and land deals, which tops the list of corruption. Unfortunately, laws have also become victims of corruption. They are forever being broken and abused by corrupt officials under the very noses of the authorities, and yet, those responsible to uphold the law, frequently refuse to take positive action on prosecuting the offenders. The reason for this is a simple one: nepotism and corruption! Paying for favours is not the way forward… But, until the public starts to demand changes to a bad system and zealously insist for the absolute respect of their civil rights, entrenched in a Civil Charter of Rights, corruption, bribes and favours for cash, will continue uncontested by a social system, that has deep roots into the murky waters of corruption. Andreas C Chrysafis (

Published Author of: ANDARTES – Historical Novel WHO SHALL GOVERN CYPRUS – Brussels or Nicosia? – Political analysis PORPHYRA in PURPLE – Adventure/Metaphysical novel All books are available from bookshops, the Internet including Other articles of the VANISHING CYPRUS Series include: EU and Cyprus Switzerland of the Med Immigration: A New Peril The Environment Politicians & Plutocracy Gathering Storm Think Tanks Media & Manipulation

Did you know A hummingbird’s heart beats at over 1,000 times a minute.

Charity No 1721 Texas Hold'em Poker Join us for a SUNSET CRUISE on FRIDAY 27th AUGUST Only €30 per person to include food and local drinks. Leaving Latchi on the Demetris Chara Boat 4.30pm for 5.00pm departure A RAFFLE WILL BE HELD ON BOARD - ALL PROCEEDS GOING TO GOAL. Closing date for bookings 14th August. Contact Wendy on 99016890. Every Tuesday 7.30pm at The Fly Again Irish Bar in Argaka. Join us for a fun evening. Only €3.00 to play. Contact Jackie 99 067608 Car Boot Sales will recommence in September. Watch this space and also Papantoniou’s notice board for dates. Bric a Brac and saleable items urgently required for the car boot. Please contact Wendy on 99 016890.

Thank you to everyone for their continuing support.

PALS Magazine August 2010

Pafos Workshop 1 Roumelis Street 8061 Shipshape Building Paphos Town

Mosaic Courses Wed 15th Sept - 20th Oct (limited availability) Sat 18th Sept - 23rd Oct (limited availability) Wed 27th Oct -1st Dec (limited availability) Sat 30th Oct - 4th Dec

Glass Cutting Courses Private & Public Commissions (Large scale designs)

Open Workshop Once a month for all students

Mosaic Supplies Discount for all students

For bookings & enquiries: Tel 26 930330 Mob 99 603782

24 Coffee Break Crossword

Answers in Next Month’s issue of PALS!

Maths Square


PALS Magazine August 2010

Great OuTdoors 25 Glorious gardens Sandra Dobson

Mmm a natural succession you might think. We village dwellers look forward to our grape festivals with great anticipation. For those of you who have attended such events, you will recall the quiet flurry of work with lorries arriving during the hot sunshine of the morning, with endless tables and chairs which are set out in the Church square. Later in the evening, gridlock in the local lanes when family members arrive from far and wide to meet up with their loved-ones to enjoy the evening of feasting, drinking, music and traditional dancing and large free bags of grapes on each and every one of the tables. Well that's how it is in Kathikas –come and join us! I know, I know, you are thinking she has gone off on a tangent again. Well, not quite, there is a link, because I thought it might be useful for you to know a bit about growing your own vine. Do you have a pergola which could be enhanced by the dappled shade created by a grape vine with the added bonus of delicious fruit to be harvested in the height of Summer, or perhaps a raggedy odd corner that with a few carefully placed wires for support could be transported into a secluded arbour? Also as the vine is deciduous, it will not block the sun during the Winter, but do be careful not to plant it near a swimming pool! The vine is quick to grow and will in time grow into an established plant with beautiful gnarled stems. If such thoughts had occurred to you, but you need a little encouragement and advice, read on. In warm climates like our own several varieties will thrive such as Golden Muscat, Concord, Fredonia, Delaware and Niagara of which are self-fertile. Yes I know we are in Cyprus, and your garden centre may not be able to give you such choice but make sure you ask for a dessert grape vine and they will be able to help, they should also be able to offer you a seedless variety. Once you have your vine, don't worry about the soil particularly as they will thrive on poor soil as long as it is well drained and a sunny site. Plant in Autumn or early Winter and it you have two or more, make sure they are around 5ft apart. You only need to consider feeding, annually with some donkey manure which you should be able to get hold of, if not and growth seems poor, you could feed with some blood, fish and bone-meal at the rate of two handfuls per square metre/yard.

Vines can be grow up against any structure, but if you only have a sunny wall, that will do fine, just as long as you create a post-and-wire support. Depending on your personality, you could just let it do it's own thing, but you risk it becoming an awful muddle, and not producing the best fruit that it could if trained properly. However it you want to give it the best chance……….. Immediately after planting cut the main shoot back to leave three strong buds. In the first Summer, three shoots will grow up. These should be tied on to the stake. In the Autumn, pinch back the growing point of the main stem. In the second Winter, tie the two strongest shoots to the bottom wire, one either side of the stake. Prune them back to 2ft 6in. Prune the central shoot back to leave three buds. In the second Summer the central shoot will again produce three shoots and these should be tied to the stake. Pinch back any side-shoots which may develop to three leaves. Over the Summer, the shoots which have been tied in horizontally will produce side shoots – these will bear the fruit and should be tied to the wire above. As they grow longer, tie them in to the top wire and pinch off their tips. Pinch back any secondary shoots to one leaf. In the first fruiting year only four bunches of fruit should be allowed to develop, but in subsequent years allow one bunch per shoot to grow. Cut out the fruited shoots after harvesting. The following season, tie two shoots from the central stake to the wires, cut back the middle shoot and start the process again. The Grape is prone to attacks by wasps and birds, the latter can only really be deterred by netting as they will get used to tricks like silver foil or old c.d's tied to the vine. Wasps can be a nuisance. You could try a beer trap a bit like the old jam jar trick, covering the jar with polythene with a hole in it and filled with water, once inside, they find it difficult to get out and drown. (Poor things!) Mildew can be a problem too, it this does occur, remove affected leaves immediately, since they will not recover and will spread the disease to the rest of the crop. Mildew is more likely to attack when the soil is dry, so make sure the plants never go short of water. Spray with copper fungicide. Well I hope I have given you food for thought and possible your tums as well. Do let me know how you get on with your vine, and should you have any thoughts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Neil on 99177553 or email Sandra at

PALS Magazine August 2010

26 Prize Sudoku Competition Win an EXCLUSIVE PALS Magazine Mug plus a unique Euro Keyring! Winner is first correct entry out of the hat Closing date for entries is 12:00 pm 16th August 2010

July Solution Winner: Richard Webb from Argaka

Send competition entries to: PALS Magazine Latchi Marina Complex, Block C, No 10 & 11 Latchi, Polis Chrysochous, Paphos or Fax +357 26323539 or Scanned Entry by email: or by Akis Express: PALS, Polis Chrysochous or by Hand to PALS Office, Latchi Harbour

Local Adverts 27 Platres Chocolate Workshop


Offers you the chance to

OWN A FRANCHISE Full training, support and supplies given by Master Chocolatier, John Adams Make and sell your own chocolates Including a full licence to make and sell Cyprus Chocolates using the NEW FLAVA CHOCOLATE FOR DETAILS CALL: 99 766446


Polis & Latchi Scene Advertising Rates

All prices are per month.

Black & White


1 Month

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Classified Section . . 30 words . . . . . . . . . € 8.50 . . . . . € 8.00. . . . . € 7.75. . . . € 7.50 Business Card . . . . . 90 x 60 . . . . . . . . € 20.50 . . . . . € 19.50. . . . . € 18.50. . . . € 17.50 Quarter Page . . . . . . 90 x130 . . . . . . . . € 43.00 . . . . . € 41.00. . . . . € 39.00. . . . € 36.50 Third Page . . . . . . . 180 x 90 . . . . . . . . € 60.00 . . . . . € 57.00. . . . . € 54.00. . . . € 51.00 Half Page . . . . . . . . 180 x135 . . . . . . . . € 85.00 . . . . . € 81.00. . . . . € 76.50. . . . € 72.00 Full Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . A4 . . . . . . . . € 137.00 . . . . . € 130.00. . . . . € 123.00. . . . € 117.00

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Quarter Page . . . . . . 90 x130 . . . . . . . . € 85.00 . . . . . € 81.00. . . . . € 77.00. . . . € 73.00 Half Page . . . . . . . . 180 x135 . . . . . . . . € 205.00 . . . . . € 195.00. . . . . € 184.50. . . . € 174.50 Full Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . A4 . . . . . . . . € 290.00 . . . . . € 275.50. . . . . € 261.00. . . . € 246.50 Inside Front Cover . . . . . . A4 . . . . . . . . € 375.00 . . . . . € 356.50. . . . . € 337.50. . . . € 319.00 Inside Back Cover . . . . . . . A4 . . . . . . . . € 375.00 . . . . . € 356.50. . . . . € 337.50. . . . € 319.00 Back Page . . . . . . . . . . . . A4 . . . . . . . . € 410.00 . . . . . € 389.50. . . . . € 369.00. . . . € 348.50

All prices include VAT – Payment due at time of booking. See Page 3 for deadline date of next publication.

28 Caption Competition

Come up with the funniest caption (in the opinion of the PALS Magazine staff) and win yourself a plate of COD AND CHIPS at Tammy’s Traditional Fish ‘n Chips in Latchi! Send competition entries to PALS, see page 3 for details.

Latchi 99377443




Friends’ Hospice Paphos One large cod & chips and 2 cub portions please. Drive Thru’s aren’t what they used to be!

Strong men needed for Friends’ Hospice Volunteers Hours few, rewards fewer Gratitude immence Contact Jane 26 654115

Claire Hester from Latchi



To mark World Hospice Week Friends’ Hospice Dinner & Dance 2nd October, Annabelle Hotel The Minster of Health and F Hospice Patron Dr Adamou are invited Euro 40.00 pp includes Three Course Menu, welcome drink and water 10% discount on drinks Entertainment & luxury raffle Booking Essential Caroline 26911641

PALS Magazine August 2010

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News from Dipper Roger Gibson

Hello everyone, it's me Dipper the Guide Dog. I left off last time where I left my foster home, (puppy walkers), to go for harness training. Again I had to pass a medical, then I was put in to a brown leather 'coat', with a metal handle attached, called a harness, only fully qualified Guide Dogs get a white harness. I was taught to judge distances and how soon I would have to take action to avoid an obstacle, (plan ahead). I also learnt to judge widths so I knew if there was room for myself and my handler. I also learnt to watch for 'hanging' obstacles such as tree branches and hedges growing over the footpath, a little bit of each at a time, so I didn't become bored with the same routine. It was during this time that I felt a bit off colour, and my tummy turned a bright red. They took me to the vet who did a load of tests and declared that I am Atopic, i.e. I have allergies. Yes we dogs can be allergic to things, just like you humans. One of my allergies is cats, the shame of it!! I was put on some treatment and I had a few days off, much to the disgust of my kennel mates. I then had to catch up on what I had missed but that was no problem for a smart lad like me. I then started 'walking the streets', learning about traffic and crossing roads safely. We went in to shops and restaurants where I was taught to 'find the counter' to enable my handler to ask for assistance, no queuing for Guide Dogs, Post Offices on pension day - straight to the front!! It was at this time I learned the most dangerous manoeuvre a Guide Dog has to do, this is called an 'off kerb manoeuvre' and involves me deliberately taking my handler in to the road and traffic to get past an obstruction on the pavement where there is not room for us both, or either of us sometimes, usually it is a selfishly parked car, (I have noticed there are a lot of these in Cyprus). If I meet a lady with a push chair coming the other way, we have to go even further in to the road and traffic to allow her to pass safely. I am a proper gentleman! It was about this time that GDBA looked for a blind person 'on their books' that I could help. They don't just give us to any old blind person they match our abilities with the blind persons needs. They said they had one lady who had an extra problem which meant that she could not have a dog working on the left side, as we are all taught to do, but as I was such a willing worker and quick to learn, I was to be given extra training to teach me to work on the right hand side, which I quickly mastered,

being a clever dog. They then took me to meet this lady, it was mutual, love at first sight. It was decided that this would be my new 'Mum' and I was not to worry because she knew all about my allergies and she was capable of caring for me. A date was set for our working together to become a unit. I now had a target to work towards. Anyway folks, more next time. See you soon. Dipper

Sam Ellis passed away on 24th June 2010. Sam was a kind considerate man with a very wicked sense of humour. He loved his books, Sudoku, big band music and Frank Sinatra songs. He liked meeting and talking to people and he loved his friends, family and home and life in Cyprus. We wish to extend our appreciation for the kind expressions of sympathy we received for my great loss and sincere thanks to everyone for their thoughts, cards, poems, floral tributes and kind donations to the Friends’ Hospice, Paphos. I would especially like to give thanks to the Doctors, Sister and all the staff at the Hospice who looked after Sam. I cannot

PALS Magazine August 2010

30 What’s On CANCER PATIENT'S SUPPORT GROUP – PAPHOS Association's Day Centre, 9 Dimitriou Mavrogenous, 8510, Paphos. (road alongside Constantinidies Bakery, opposite CYTA) Tel: 26952478 Fax: 26221986 – INFORMATION HELP LINE The Cancer Patients Support Group, Paphos, The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society, the Friends' Hospice and Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF)

TELEPHONE: 97 760989 Trained volunteers who will listen and assist anyone needinginformation, emotional support, befriending or referral to anappropriate professional. Available from 9am – 1pm Monday to Friday .

ALZHEIMER SELF HELP GROUP Offers dementia sufferers and their carers the opportunity to meet others with this condition, share feelings and exchange experiences. Every first Wednesday of the month at 10am, LATIN PARISH HALL, Costal Road, Chloraka. For Information telephone 26 621530 or 26 622234


raising funds for local humanitarian causes

polis animal rescue AUGUST 2010 Helping local animals in need QUIZ NIGHTS at ‘THE FLY AGAIN’ . Will restart in the Autumn on 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. . BOULES Now at the ArGaka picnic site for the summer, EVERY TUESDAY STARTING AT 9.30am. No experience needed. 2 Euros. Tel 96537205. Come and joint the friendly group. Country & western night, planned for 3rd July has been postponed until 3rd September. Tel 99205752. Duckpond market stall, Chlorakas, every Sunday and Wednesday 8.30am to 1.00pm. Books, DVD’s, clothing, bric a brac and much more for sale. (Phone Irene to collect stuff for our stall on 99855980).

help polis animal result group to help the animals; PLEASE put donations into our jars around the area and leave DRY CAT FOOD at: KAREN’S CAFÉ HOLITEC OFFICE (By Crystal Marine Office, Prodromi); EASY SHOP MINI-MARKET, Latchi. Not PALS Office please. WE URGENTLY NEED your help whilst our regular volunteers are away on holiday We have many lovely kittens that need good homes. If you can help in any way please call 99205752

AUGUST EVENTS Bookshop Open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 1.00 pm. Although predominantly English books and magazines, we also have a selection of German, French and Greek. Also on sale are Greetings Cards, CDs, DVDs and jigsaws. Phone – 99 077352 – shop hours. Scrabble Every Wednesday at the Latchi Village Tavern, 10.15am for 10.30am start. €2.00 entrance – highest scoring word wins 25% of the Pot. For more information - phone Jackie on 99 067608

DARTS! TUESDAYS 7:30pm for 8:00pm Prompt Start


In aid of H.O.P.E. (Hospital of Polis Equipment Fund)

Entrance fee €3.00 incl LUCKY PRIZE TICKET


The Village Tavern Latchi Harbour

99805771 / 99408911

BINGO Fortnightly at The Village Tavern, Latchi Harbour 8.00 pm for prompt start 8.30 pm New LOWER Prices Entry fee of €1 Contacts 99408911 and 99805771

Quiz Nights (the original and still the best!) Recommences 16th September.

PALS Magazine August 2010

Ladies Page 31 News from Elegant Hair and Beauty Denise Caskey Many people suffer from lower back pain as a result of sitting or being on their feet for long periods or period pain.

New Minx Nails

Minx is a solid film with an adhesive back that is heat activated. The heat gives Minx the conformability to fit over the compound curves of the nails and seals it onto the nail bed. The patent pending proprietary material which Minx is made of can be easily removed with heat by either the manicurist or the client. When applied to the toes it will last up to 6 weeks. There are a number of designs to choose from. Please call into the shop so we can show you how your toe nails can be transformed using Minx. There is no chipping and you can swim every day without having to worry about it coming off. It would normal cost €35 but we are doing a special offer for only €30.

Neck and Shoulder Massage €20.00 After this massage you will feel very relaxed. 30 mins. Muscle strain and stiffness in neck and shoulders occur as a result of stress, which makes all the muscles very tense. Tropical Wrap €30.00 Papaya, mango or pineapple wrap. An intensive moisturizing treatment for back, arms and legs to rehydrate and nourish the skin. The enzyme in the fruit breaks down dead skin cells and allows all the oil to soak in. A tropical paradise. 1hr.

Monday and Thursday We are open on a Monday and Thursday by appointment only for massage. My shop phone will be diverted to my mobile so you can still ring to make an appointment. We have done this so that the shop will be quiet whilst you're having your massage and you'll be able to enjoy your massage without the noise of hair driers the phone ringing and people going up and down the stairs Listed below are some of the treatments Jo will be doing. Full Body Massage €30.00 With or with out oils – head, shoulders, back, leg, arms and feet. 1hr 30 mins. A very relaxing experience to relieve everyday stress. Cellulite Rub €20.00 A vigorous massage with grapefruit essential oil on thighs, buttocks and upper arms. 30 mins. Rose Hand Treatment €20.00 A hand massage to help tired aching hands. It increases the blood flow. Helping to clear adhesions from muscles and tendons. 30 mins. Scalp massage €15.00 An intensive scalp treatment to stimulate the blood flow. Very relaxing. 20 mins. Lower back massage €20.00 A very effective hot massage to relax the muscles. 30 mins.

Luxury Body Scrub €25.00 For back and feet. 1 hr. Strawberry: cleanses and brightens skin. Peppermint: nourishes parched skin, helps rough dry skin. Apricot and Orange : Loosens dead skin cells and revitalizes the skin. Kiwi: moisturizes and cleanses to leave the skin silky smooth. Selection of Essential Oils Essential oil creams and oil mixtures, blended especially for you. Plus various healing crystals. Special Offers for August Due to the success of the Gallino facials we are carrying on the special offer. Book a Gallinio facial for only €15. This would normally be €25. Loyalty cards Our loyalty cards are proving a great success. Some of our clients have reached their 10 points and now get to choose which treatment they get free. I will explain our loyalty cards. For every €10 you spend on hair or beauty treatments you get one point. When you have 10 points you get to choose which free treatment you want. See inside the shop for list of the free treatments. You can not get points on your loyalty card on retired ladies day or against any special offer. Denise, Maria and Gemma xxx 26322455/99380027 (We are down the road from the Post Office and the Alpha Bank)

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32 Learning Greek Learning Greek Andy Papaiacovou

T ??? ep?s ?? ???? ? ? µ? µe ß??t??? ?a? µ??? Thelo episis ligo psomi me vutiro kai meli I want some bread with butter and honey, too.

Τσάϊ/Tsai/Tea ???a? ?t??µ? t? ts ? ?? Ine etimo to tsai? Is tea ready?


???a?. Se?ß??ete t? ts ? ? pa?a?a?? ? Ine. Servirete to tsai parakalo? Yes, it is.Serve the tea please T ??? ???? ?? ?a a??µ? Thelo ligo gala akomi I want some more milk T ??? ep?s ?? ???? ?af ? µe ?? ?a?? Thelo episis ligo kafe me zaxari I want some coffee with sugar, too Γόνατο ? a?a?a?? f ??te µ?? ??a p?at? ?? Parakalo ferte mou ena piataki Please, bring me, a saucer

???a??s t? ?, ????e Eyxaristos kirie with pleasure, sir

T a s a? ta f ????µe aµ?s ? ? Tha sas ta ferume amesos we shall bring them to you at once ???a??s t? p? ?a p??? Efxaristo para poli thank you very much ? ?t? e??a? p??? e??e???? e? µ????? s a? Afto ine poli evgeniko ek merous sas that's is very kind of you

Answers for last Month’s Puzzles

THE BEST ‘DEAR JOHN’ LETTER EVER A Marine stationed in Afghanistan received a ‘Dear John’ letter from his girlfriend back home. It read as follows: Dear Dave, I can no longer continue our relationship. The distance between us is too great. I must admit that I have cheated on you twice since you’ve been gone and it’s not fair to either of us I’m sorry. Please return the picture of me that I sent to you. Love Becky. The Marine, with hurt feelings asked his fellow Marines for any snapshots they could spare of their girlfriends, sisters, ex-girlfriends, aunts etc. In addition to the picture of Becky he included all the other pictures of the pretty girls he had collected from his buddies. There were 57 photos in that envelope ..... along with this note: Dear Becky, I’m so sorry but I can’t quite remember who you are. Please take your picture from the pile and send the rest back to me. Take Care. Dave.

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Finance 33 Stop Banks from Cashing in on Your Overseas Transfers - Part 4

Charles Purdy

Many British ex-pats in Cyprus send or receive money to or from the UK and in the process they unintentionally lose money. In some cases, losses can be up to tens of thousands! This is part 4 of a special 4-part series that has been written to outline how the bank-to-bank international payment process works, the specific areas where ex-pats are losing money and definite actions that can be taken to mitigate losses. At the end of the article, there are details on how you can download the full series. In the previous three parts, I explained that expats can save money by using an international payment provider rather than using a high street bank. Compared with the mark-up supplied by the banks on a £100,000 transfer clients can save up to £4,000 by using a currency specialist. And on a regular payment of £1,000 a month, a saving of up to £40 per month can be made (that's £480 a year). The other way to save is by enlisting the help of a specialist to reduce and/or eliminate fees. When using a specialist, it's possible to save up to £50 (by avoiding fees) for every transfer!

however market analysts think that the Euro to Sterling rates may improve over the next few weeks.' The trader explained the concept of an 'Order to Buy' – this allows clients to outline a rate that they'd like to achieve and if the exchange rate hits that designated rate, the specialist buys the currency on behalf of the client. Nick wanted to achieve a rate of €1.10/£1.00 however it was currently at €1.143/£1.00. After speaking with us, he realised that if the rate fell to the amount he wanted, he'd get and extra £14,900, so not being in a rush, Nick put in an 'Order to Buy.' Fortunately, the rate increased and we purchased the currency. Nick was very pleased - he didn't just buy the funds on the day he called. This concludes my series, however if you'd like to read the previous 3 parts, you can download the w h o l e s e r i e s a t from our website.

I also explained that rather than being forced to take the exchange rate on the day that the money needs to be transferred, there is the option to buy a 'Forward Contract.' This allows people to reserve an exchange rate over a period of say, 1 year, fixed. So – if you have regular pension payments and you are happy with the exchange rate, you can fix it so that the value of your pension doesn't decrease over the course of the year.

Charles Purdy is a Director at Smart Currency Exchange Limited – the International Payment Specialists. To move money between Cyprus and the UK go to for more information – or if you prefer to speak to us in person, we're only a local call away on (00 357) 26 030 213.

Something I haven't covered, however, is repatriation. Occasionally, people decide to move back to the UK from Cyprus. It doesn't happen often; however, due to illness or family reasons, people sometimes do have to move back home. Usually, a move back is not wanted and can be an uncomfortable process. During the move, things are done quickly and often in haste. One of the largest mistakes people make, however, is to simply send money back to the UK through a bank rather than using an international payment specialist. When doing this, it's possible to lose a substantial amount of money in the transfer process. For example, Donna and Nick had three properties in Cyprus. Two were for investment and one was their main residence. Due to Nick's mothers failing health it became unmanageable to keep flying between Cyprus and the UK. After many discussions, the couple decided to sell their main residence as it wouldn't rent very well due to its remote location. By selling they could afford better health care for Nick's mum and rent in the UK for a while. If they decided to stay in the UK, they would also have the flexibility to buy a property if they wanted to. Regardless as to how long their stay in the UK would be they both knew that they'd return to Cyprus to either live in one of their investment homes or buy another property. For the time being, they had to move over €437,000 from Cyprus to the UK. After hearing about International Payment Specialists, Nick contacted us because his friend used us in the past. He explained his situation to us and said that he'd like to move the €437,000 soon, but it wasn't necessary to do it immediately. We explained that, 'no one can predict where the exchange rates are going,

PALS Magazine August 2010

34 Must Read A Guide to Funerals in Cyprus - Part 4 Kim Brown

Last month was the third edition in a series covering funerals in Cyprus, where I outlined information about where burials can take place and the costs involved. Moving forward, this edition will cover repatriation. How much does it cost to repatriate the deceased to the UK? I spoke to Helena at Othello Health Services in Nicosia regarding this issue. Othello Health Services are used by The Ministry of Defence here on the island and are regulated to the highest possible standards. The costs for repatriation are about the same as being buried in Cyprus, so you should look to budget at around €3,000. This can vary slightly due to the airline used and the weight of the body, but will include insurance and VAT. In addition to this, you will also need to remember that you will have the costs of the funeral in the UK, which vary according to area and to whether a cremation or burial takes place. Helena can be contacted on 00 357 99 60 6601. Sincerest thanks to Helena at Othello Health Services for this information. What happens when the body arrives in the UK? ¢ On arrival at the UK airport, the body will be collected by the chosen UK Funeral director and returned to their premises ¢ All documentation will need to be given to the local Coroner. They will establish whether a post-mortem examination will be necessary. (Often the paperwork has insufficient information regarding the cause of death – so a post-mortem is automatic – this will also depend upon the circumstances of the death. For example, an accident will automatically be referred to the Coroner). ¢ Alternatively, if the cause of death is clear – then a Home Office Licence for Cremation (if that is the preference) needs to be obtained by the Funeral Director. This will involve a trip to London with all the paperwork, which takes about a day. ¢ The sealed coffin is opened and the deceased is transferred to the local hospital for the examination, if necessary. ¢ Upon completion, the body is returned to the Funeral Directors premises. It would be usual for another coffin to be chosen, suitable for the local cremation or burial. Viewing the deceased will depend upon the family wishes and the suitability following the flight and examination. ¢ The family choose either burial or cremation. ¢ Local costs for this will depend upon whether there is an existing family grave in a churchyard or cemetery. (Grave deeds will be needed for a local authority cemetery). Alternatively, a new grave will need to be purchased or agreed. ¢ A church service may be wanted before the cremation or burial. ¢ Registration of the death is different following a death abroad. Copy death certificates will be from Cyprus (not from the UK – unless a formal inquest is necessary by the Coroner – again, unusual unless it is an accident). Again, the Funeral Director may have to visit the local Registrar to obtain a “No Liability to Register in the UK” form to authorise the funeral.

¢ T h e re st o f t h e l o ca l f u n e ra l arrangements will follow local customs, as if the death occurred in the UK, for example, notices in the newspapers, flowers, charitable donations etc. ¢ Fees will be paid on behalf of the client for all disbursements. Many Funeral Directors now ask for these fees in advance of the funeral. These fees will be for the Crematorium, church fees, cemetery fees etc. ¢ Fees vary from location to location but just using an example, for Basingstoke or Southampton Crematorium they are around £460, Church Fees would be around £160 (including the organist). There will be no doctor's fees payable (as would be the case for a UK cremation) as the Home Office or Coroner's form replaces these. ¢ Cemetery fees would be about £2000 in for example Winchester; alternatively churchyard and grave digging fees would be about £600. Additional fees could be flowers, obituary notices, service sheets, memorials etc. Cemetery fees, again, vary from area to area as do Churchyard and grave digging fees. ¢ Funeral Directors charges vary around the UK

An example of costings follows: Professional services, collecting from Heathrow Airport, liasing with the Coroner or Home Office, transfer to hospital for examination (if necessary), hearse and bearers, simple coffin and care of the deceased will amount to approximately £1,800-£2,000 pounds plus the disbursements mentioned above. Important Note: There is no truth in the rumour that separate fees are paid as the body is transferred by road through each county to get to its destination. There are no such fees. Unfortunately it is not possible to write about all the variables possible, but this should give you a guideline. Sincerest thanks to Iain Steel from Richard Steel & Partners in Winchester for this valuable information. In next month's publication, I'll outline information about returning ashes to Cyprus, how funerals are conducted and additional hints and tips you may not be aware of. However, if you'd like to get the series on 'A Guide to Funerals in Cyprus”, b e f o r e h a n d p l e a s e g o t o w w w. C y p r u s - B u y i n g to obtain your complimentary copy of the full report. Kim Brown is the author of the Cyprus Buying Guide. The guide is a publication dedicated to exposing poor practice, property buying pitfalls and providing an educational instruction manual to buying and/or investing in Cyprus property. Go to for your free copy of the mini-guide.

Copyright © 2009/10. All Rights Reserved. The Overseas Guides Company

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MAXUM 2400 SC3 2004. 5.0 LTR Petrol. Only 130 hours use. €35,000 with mooring at Latchi & trailer. €29,950 without mooring.

SELVA 6.4, Year 2007. Yamaha 115 HP plus Yamaha 4 HP. With mooring at Latchi.


SEASWIRL 2301 Very good condition. An extremely capable fast fishing or day boat. 24ft. €39,990

MAXUM 2400 SCR, Year 2000. 5.0 Mercruiser. Only 183 hours. With mooring at Latchi. €30,000.

AZIMUT 62 , a very luxurious Motor Cruiser with every kind of equipment you can think of. €1,100.000

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