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Light of Ink- Chinese Contemporary Art’s Restart In recent years, “contemporary Chinese ink” has become a brand-new direction of Chinese contemporary art. Such phenomenon exists in the large amount of exhibitions held by Chinese art museums, galleries and art fairs, and also manifests in the high price of auctions. During the “Light of Ink- Chinese Contemporary Art’s Restart” of the National Exhibition of China, we would like to introduce a group of excellent contemporary Chinese ink artists to the audiences from all over the world. Among these artists, Li Gang combines the traditional Chinese ink’s concept with Western art’s abstraction to form his unique art style. Through his art works, Li Gang tries to research the changes of traditional Chinese ink within the contemporary cultural context. He underlines that the Chinese ink should say goodbye to ancient taste, and should be reconstructed under contemporary context. Furthermore, artist Zhuang Yujun has reconstructed the traditional Chinese figure painting into huge art works with Pop Art concept. He changes the individual scholar painting into public art. Through the “monument” of well-known celebrities, Zhuang Yujun tries to express the special value of traditional Chinese art concept in the contemporary society. And in other young artists’ paintings, the old Chinese ink has become rich and colorful. Among these works, there are private feelings about daily life, contemporary reconstruction of traditional Chinese ink skills, and mixture of Renaissance style and Chinese culture as well. Through these hundreds of paintings, we try to present the most typical and creative Chinese contemporary ink paintings.



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LA Art Show Catalogue 2015  

LA Art Show Catalogue 2015