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Vancouver’s New Asian Convenience Store

Why have one ‘y’ when you can have three? Angel Peng, the founder and president of THIRSTYYY, explains the origin of the Vancouver-based convenience store’s name. “It is memorable, easy to recognize, simple and fun. It makes you feel thirsty with the extra y’s.”

THIRSTYYY is a newcomer to Kerrisdale. The Japanese culture based Asian snack and convenience store opened in January 2022, with five other locations now open in Dunbar, Kitsilano, Point Grey, downtown Vancouver, and inside the UBC Nest. Additional stores are planned for West Broadway, and the company has its sight set on opening shops in Richmond and Tsawwassen.

Angel points out that the Kerrisdale shop is larger than the Dunbar location. It sells almost the same products; however, the Kerrisdale store carries more cosmetic products and living necessities.

The convenience store’s concept is built on a Japanese style of marketing, management, and presentation with its clean and organized feel.

Angel says, “The way we present and serve products is as important as the products themselves.” She adds, “THIRSTYYY is based on a condensed version of FamilyMart, which is found everywhere in Japan and Asia.”

She adds, “The neighbourhood and frequent shoppers are very excited to have a THIRSTYYY in the community where they can often find very popular and unique products, and some of them are exclusive. “

Our Japanese products represent taste and quality at a very competitive price. Our goal is to have and present fun and fresh things.

Lining the shelves, you will find many snacks such as sweets, biscuits, crackers, chips, cups of noodles, and grilled fish in foil packages.

True to the store’s name, THIRSTYYY customers are delighted to find many popular Japanese energy drinks, such as Pocari and Lemon CC, some of Japan’s most sought-after beverages. The store often runs out as people will purchase eight to 12 bottles at a time.

“Best selected” fresh food is also available, with more selections coming soon. Products vary depending on the size of the store. Angel mentions, “Our daily fresh food always sells out before early afternoon.”

Sushi, bento, and Japanese “Sandos” (a Japanese nickname for a sandwich) include A5 Wagyu ribeye steak with handmade Hokkaido milk bread and house-made umami sauce, as well as fruit, egg Tamago, pork tonkatsu, and chicken Nanban Sandos.

“Coming soon by pre-order only, directly imported Japanese fruit such as Crown brand melon will be available. We also sell the highest quality New Zealand king salmon and different kinds of sashimi fish, uni, and Japanese Wagyu beef, which is very famous and has the best taste,” says Angel.

In addition to snacks, the store sells some noteworthy cosmetics.

Angel says, “Cosme creates award-winning Japanese cosmetics. Pola is a Tokyo-based company, and their limited-edition osmanthus blossom-scented body wash is currently available. People see these items on social media and YouTube and are excited to find them here.”

Customer feedback has been positive. People frequently say they feel like they are in Japan.

Beautiful ceramic ramen bowls and plates come in a variety of patterns. Angel describes the dishes as “Quality, but not high priced. All are handmade and are sold at the convenience store due to their connection with food and daily uses.”

Both Angel and a colleague in Japan do the ordering for all the THIRSTYYY stores. She concludes, “We do not have time to rest. We need to keep ourselves updated to find the best products for our customers.”


2253 W 41st Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6M 2A3

Phone 778-833-4517